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By: LazerKim


Some of us might have already been confused with the nonsense multiple lawsuits that Choi filed against Kim Hyun Joong as he fought back by filing Criminal Case against her. There were at least 3 cases that Choi’s camp filed against KHJ in two different court of law, the Civil Court and the Family Court. While Kim Hyun Joong filed various Criminal Cases against Choi at the Criminal Court.

Let’s not get mixed up, the criminal case that KHJ filed is still on going procedure which I believe is closed door to the public. The court hearings that we have read from June 3rd to Oct 30th 2015 were all about the 1.6BW damage lawsuit on miscarriage by assault filed by Choi as she claimed she had miscarriage cause by KHJ’s beating on her in 2014!

I’m not a lawyer however, allow me to iron out one by one on how I understand this cases as a layman and allow me to share it with you. Here’s a run down of those cases filed by both parties as follows:

** Choi’s litigation on Civil case and Family Lawsuits against Kim Hyun Joong:

 1.  Civil Case on Miscarriage by Assault 2014 (1.6BW Lawsuit) – Filed in April 7, 2015

  2.  Family Case on Paternity – Filed in Sept. 24, 2015 after so-called childbirth

  3.  Family Case on Child Custody Rights – Filed in Jan 9, 2016 by Mrs Choi

** KHJ counter charge Criminal Cases against Choi  filed in July 23, 2015:

1. Criminal Case on Extortion

 2. Criminal Case on Defamation

 3. Criminal Case on False  Accusation

 4. Litigation Fraud



** Civil Case on Miscarriage by Assault (1.6BW Damage Lawsuit filed by Choi)

This lawsuit was filed by Choi in April 7 2015 demanding for 1.6BW damage saying she had miscarriage caused by assault in 2014. This is the case we’re currently talking about which has an on going series of court hearing that was postponed 3 times.

The court hearing started in June 3rd to Oct 30th, 2015, having series of 4 court hearings. On the 5th scheduled court hearing which was set in Dec 23rd 2015 pertaining to the same I.6BW lawsuit, the court potponed it to Feb 3rd, then postponed it again to Mar 18, and now postponed it again for April 22 this time upon Choi’s request with no specific reason stated in the news.

According to Atty Lee, the 5th hearing should have been the last chance for Choi to present all their evidence to the court pertaining to the said miscarriage by assault. Next should have been KHJ’s turn to present his witness and evidences. Here’s Atty Lee’s statement in Dec. 14th 2015 in connection to the supposed 5th court hearing which was postponed 3 times, here it goes:

About the damage suit (1.6BW Lawsuit), it has NOT been proven that there was miscarriage by assault or forced abortion, Choi’s side provided no evidence.    After the 5th hearing on the 23rd Dec our witness will testify, after that KHJ will testify about circumstances he gave 600MW and the trial expected to be over.     

(Atty Lee’s statement Trans credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky  Fr my article “Case Update”) source:

** Family Case on Paternity       (Filed by Choi)

This case was filed by Choi in Sept 24, 2015 weeks after her so-called childbirth. Choi was accusing KHJ of denying the so-called baby which we all know was a lie, and so a week after the published childbirth in Sept 10, KHJ had his DNA test taken in Sept 17 in a private forensic lab.

However, Choi refused to comply in this DNA forensic lab where KHJ took his DNA test and filed this Paternity Case to be able to secure a court order for DNA test both on KHJ and the child in a forensic lab designated by the court which transpired in Dec 14th on DNA testing and the result was release in Dec. 21st 2015.

** Family Case on Child Custody Rights     (Filed by Choi’s mother)

After the DNA test results on both KHJ and the child was released, which turned out positive that KHJ was the father, Choi’s mother filed for family case on Child Custody Rights in Jan 9th 2016 and the 1st court hearing was held in Feb 26, 2016. The next court hearing pertaining to Child Custody Rights shall be on April 18th at the Family Court.

** Take Note:

Atty Seon was saying his camp will sue KHJ’s legal team for defamation but that was just all press releases, which was unintended! In short, Atty Seon doesn’t have the guts to sue Atty Lee for real, knowing he himself is in the wrong track!

All the cases that Choi filed against KHJ was all about money, as she demanded for 1.6BW damage lawsuit on the fake miscarriage by assault 2014 and the most recent lawsuit was Child Custody Rights, as her mother filed the case demanded for child custody and child support, I suppose.



** KHJ Criminal Case filed against Choi

KHJ filed criminal case on July 23rd 2015 and in July 28th, the Criminal Court released a travel ban on Choi as ordered by the procecutor, as she was deemed guilty as charged based on the preliminary investigation.

** Criminal Case on Extortion – KHJ claimed that he was threatened by Choi into exposing her alleged miscarriage by assault in 2014. After filing for injury damage 2014 which was already settled, Choi continued demanding for money till 2015.

** Criminal Case on Defamation – Choi exposed scandalous private messages to the public thru the media which were all fabricated with the purpose of destroying a man’s integrity and public reputation.

** Criminal Case on False Accusation – Choi accused KHJ of Miscarriage by Assault and bringing it to the public with no solid proof which remained damaging to KHJ’s reputation.

** Criminal Case on Litigation Fraud – Choi filed a case against KHJ with all fabricated text messages and fake medical records!



In Aug 2015, Atty Lee reported as to why KHJ filed a counter charge Criminal Case against Choi which I have posted under my article Crime Headline. Also please take note that KHJ is definitely going after those who are involved in this conspiracy particularly media outlets in destroying KHJ which was stated by Atty Lee from this statement translation below. Allow me to post Atty Lee’s report again so that we can further understand this case. Here as follow:





(Trans Cr: Sunny @sun_sunsky, thanks for sharing!)



There’s one thing that I’m not clear about that I would like to share with you. Allow me to refresh our memory back in Aug 22 2014, as Choi went to the police station and reported that she was assaulted by KHJ. After the police made inquiries and investigation on KHJ and choi, the police reported that there was no sufficient evidence that choi was assaulted by KHJ!

Then why did Choi still filed the assault case at the Civil Court if the police already reported that there was no enough evidence of assault by KHJ back in 2014? He was fined by the prosecutor since he admitted to mutual altercation but definitely not assault!

And I’m wondering as to why the SK civil court of law accepted the lawsuit that Choi filed on Miscarriage by Assault if there was no assault which was proven by the police in 2014, then what else is there to prove? I’m sure those bruised arm and leg photos shown by media was not brought to the court since those were proven to be all fake!

Aside from the fact that so-called Choi’s pregnancy in 2014 was not proven since there was no medical record that she can produce until at this time, except for stupid fabricated text messages and yet the court accepted the case?

Again this is just an innocent question that makes me wonder! Was the police report on Assault in 2014 being disregarded? I’m sure those judges do watch the news, and during that period in 2014, this news was all over SK and worldwide! I’m sorry I don’t mean to mock around, I’m just wondering that’s why I brought this up!



As Atty Lee stated in Aug 2015 report, Choi threatened KHJ on exposing the miscarriage by assault in 2014. However, I think this blackmailing even started back in 2014 since Atty Seon was openly threatening KHJ in his statement to the media saying this:

STATEMENT FROM “A” LAWYER    Sept. 12, 2014  ( Fr article: Scandal diary)

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.” source:

This statement came from the news in 2014 and was a very clear threat on KHJ, pushing him for public apology even he’s not guilty of Choi’s accusation in 2014, or they will bring out additional documents to pin him down to the public. I have speculated that those documents he was pertaining to were those fake miscarriage abortion medical records which the media posted!

It hurts every time I read this statement from Atty Seon and that letter of apology that they forced KHJ to write and published to the public knowing he’s innocent! He was totally crucified by this evilness that Choi created until at this time that I shall never forget. Who wouldn’t wait and rejoice when she finally heads to the jail where she deserves to be?



I know this civil case will drag on, however, I appeal to all not to forget this case until it’s over and I shall remain faithful to my updates pertaining this case. If there may be some info that I may have missed from this article please feel free to bring it up and I shall be adding it up in our gathered info.

I shall be notifying everyone by this post “LK updating blog” thru Tweeter and WordPress subscribers which lands thru your email, having the same article main title, below article shall be my updates at this same page that you may check it out. I think this is easier to follow thru without getting lost on whatever is going on pertaining KHJ’s case.

Before I end, I shall be posting important dates and events below this article and my old articles from my archive in which I have written informations pertaining KHJ case as I invite you to go over those articles, just to refresh our memory about the case since this will be even confusing as the case get deeper along the way.

When KHJ comes back on track, for sure the first thing he would ask from us is to foget and leave all of these behind us and move on. I shall be waiting for him to say that to us. But until then, I shall remain focus with my updates on this case until the case is over and that he has clear his name to the public.

And with that I bid everyone a good day! We move on with our daily lives as usual, but we never forget!         Missing you Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, thanks Ms.D, thanks to @oaewma06 and kim yin!

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Here’s a run down of important events and its dates that I do not want to forget simply because Choi’s camp and the media has always been twisting news and statements that’s making the public forever confused.

Jan 5, 2015…… After the Aug 2014 nightmare which ended in Sept settlement, the pregnancy fiasco behind the scene started and Choi demanded for money from Hyun Joong again before his departure to Japan for Gemini concerts. However, Hyun Joong declined to her demand.

Jan 6, 2015…..Choi met with KHJ’s dad about pregnancy 2015

Jan 9…..KHJ departure to Tokyo in preparation for Gemini concert

Feb 22…… Hyun Joong arrived Seoul after Gemini concert series. Choi’s interview with Women’s magazine was published. Choi’s pregnancy 2015 fiasco started!

Feb 23……KHJ denied Choi’s claim in reconciliation and marriage.

Feb 25.…. KHJ, parents and Choi at the hospital for ultrasound after Choi letting the kim waited since Choi kept postponing the hospital schedules for check up.

Feb 27 – KHJ’s parents first interview with media pertaining Choi’s so-called pregnancy. Interview link>

March 2015……Choi continued media play exposing fake text messages to media

April 7, 2015…..Choi finally filed the 1.6BW lawsuit on miscarriage by assault 2014,

May 3….. Choi filed for multiple lawsuits on KHJ Korean fans on malicious comments.

May 11, 2015….. Choi came to the media again and exposed numerous text messages between her and Hyun Joong pertaining the alleged miscarriage and assault!

May 12, 2015…..Hyun Joong started his Military training and as Atty Lee already preparing for Criminal Case against Choi Hye Mi on defamation, false accusation, extortion ect.

June 3 …. 1st civil court hearing Miscarriage by assault (1.6BW lawsuit) proceeded…….

July 22 …….2nd civil court hearing proceeded…..

July 23….Atty Lee formally filed for Criminal Case against Choi

July 28, 2015….. Travel ban was imposed by the Criminal Court to Choi Hye Mi and is still effective at present which means the criminal case is still on going. However, I understand the criminal case investigations and proceedings are closed to the public.

Sept 10… Choi was reported to have allegedly given birth to a baby boy and did not even informed Hyun Joong’s parents about it!

Sept 17….KHJ took his DNA test in a private forensic lab which Choi’s camp refused to comply.

Sept 23….3rd civil court hearing proceeded….

Sept 24….Two weeks after the alleged childbirth, Choi filed for the Paternity Lawsuit at the Family Court in Seoul.

Oct 30…. 4th civil court hearing proceeded….

Dec 14….Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby had their DNA test as per court order by the Family Court on Paternity lawsuit filed by Choi.

Dec. 21…. DNA result was released, and positive on Hyun Joong as father of Choi’s child

Dec 23….5th Civil court hearing postponed by the court for Feb 3.

Jan 9, 2016…. Choi’s camp filed for Child Custody Right at the Family Court

Feb 3…. 5th Civil court hearing postponed by the court to Mar 18.

Feb 26….1st court hearing on Child custody Rights filed by Mrs Choi at the Family Court.

March 18, 2016…..5th Civil court hearing postponed to April 22 as requested by Choi!

April 8…..Family court 2nd hearing on Child Custody Right.

April 22… 5th Civil court hearing on Miscarriage by Assault proceeded. All evidences by both parties presented.

April 25….3rd court hearing on Family Court on Paternity Case. Proceeded. Case closed but parental rights, custody and child support shall be decided in another case.

June 3rd… Civil Court witness cross examination on KHJ camp witnesses.

July 8th…  Civil Court cross examination on Choi and KHJ. Upcoming.



I started covering KHJ’s case from day 1 in Aug. 2014 by gathering facts from news translated by KHJ fans and from the trash media to write about it. However, a lot of news info were not published or misleading news items which are all biased reporting on choi’s camp, and so I relied on KHJ fans who has been so kind to translate the news from SK.

Since we do not have so much updates pertaining the case specially on the Criminal Case against Choi filed by KHJ, which I think the proceeding is not open to public, may I humbly suggest that we go over with those info which I have written in my previous articles. I hope it can be a help to us to be guided since Choi has the motive to confuse the public!

LK articles dated from Feb 23, 2015 to the present are the ones I covered these cases. Here are just few out of those articles as followed, you may click after the arrow.

Crime Headline link>

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Scandal Diary 2014 link>


(Info cr: Nadzyvy Kim, thanks for sharing)

POSTING INFO    (Mar 26, 2016)

Just dropping by to post this info above for those who might not have read it yet. This info pertains to the 2014 fake assault. Quoted from above post re: Police Findings.

What is “No-Right-To-Sue?

It is a ‘drop-charge disposal’ for a case lacking legal establishment for indictment. This is for the case that law enforcement agencies *may not and must not make substantive judgement of guilty or not guilty on the case.* The 3 out of 4 accusations by the accuser lacked legal establishment for indictment and were already determined that no further investigation was required to judge guilty or not guilty.

Namely, the evidence for the 6 weeks injury presented by the accuser turned out to be unacceptable by police and the charge was determined as n0-right-to-sue (The case itself was not establish.)

                                         HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!



One of my readers posted this news pertaining the family court case KHJ vs Choi on child custody rights which was scheduled today April 8th ending up with no development since Atty Seon was not able to talk to his client prior to the court hearing! Here’s that news:

The second plead date between Kim Hyun Joong and Choi was held on April 8 at Seoul Family Court, and much like the last time, the two sides fought for custodial rights over their child.

The plea date progressed without any significant developments in the overall lawsuit; Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney expressed his desire to be finished with the lawsuit as fast as humanely possible while Choi’s attorney relayed that he was not able to meet with Choi, and requested for more time.

Without any new advancements in the case, the courts announced the next plea date to take place on April 25. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing drama!

(News Info AKP shared by Caroline, thanks for sharing!)


(Trans cr: sunny thanks for sharing!)


This news of another delaying tactic is nothing new to me anymore, and I think I’ve gone used to it! The way I understand, this Family Case on child custody was filed by Choi’s camp, be it whoever within her family filed the case it was Choi’s camp litigation, but why are they delaying their own litigation? Don’t you find this weird? Is this normal to plaintiff?

For me, Choi is getting what she wanted. To press all possible charges against KHJ, bring it to the public and to the SK court of law to make her lies appear legal, as she dragged those cases forever until everyone gets tired of it! Thinking she can still get away from the criminal case being filed against her!

We may never know she really doesn’t have a case after all and just trying to buy for some time before she faces the criminal court which for her was totally unexpected that KHJ would fight this legal battle till the end! This is how I see this circus right from the start! And take note of the silence within her camp!

And so, we have 2 court hearings to wait on April 22 at Civil court and April 25 at Family court. I wonder what could be Choi’s next alibi to delay these following court hearings? Gosh these courts are indeed very kind to Choi!! LOL just my thoughts!!


CIVIL CASE UPDATE          (April 22, 2016)

(Info trans cr @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing)

The 5th court hearing on civil case KHJ vs Choi finally transpired yesterday April 22nd as both parties completed submission of all evidences pertaining the 1.6BW lawsuit (miscarriage by assault) filed by Choi in May last year!

The first witness from KHJ camp shall take the witness stand for cross-examination scheduled on June, though there was no specific day stated from the news article as Atty Lee shall be presenting two witnesses on this case. No witness on Choi’s camp accepted by the court! After all witnesses has been presented, both parties KHJ and Choi shall be cross-examined.

From LK

Atty Lee remained consistent with his statement as he requested for Choi’s medical records from 5 hospitals OB Dept, however, statement of facts showed NO evidence of miscarriage in 2014 as Choi claimed!

Since miscarriage is a medical issue, I believe pregnancy and miscarriage can only be proven by medical records. I think this is a simple common sense as it is so easy to say “I was pregnant and had miscarriage” but proving it is another story.

Or giving the benefit of the doubt, if ever she got pregnant in 2014, who could be the father?  She may have submitted those fabricatd text messages just to prove she was still seeing HJ in July 2014 after they broke off in May, but those text messages still proved nothing from her claims.

And by the way, I didn’t hear anything from Atty Seon commenting on yesterday’s hearing! Choi’s camp had been silent for months now, have they accomplished their aim with their nonsense media plays?  I think the good lawyer had already sensed that every time he opens his mouth, Atty Lee is just prepared to take scores on offense to bring to court! Or he can already sensed that the more he talks, the more damage he create to his client!

This is all for now, as we wait for another court hearing from the family court on April 25 Monday. Let’s see what Atty Seon has got to say! I shall be keeping you update as to the next court date for June on civil case.


The next court day shall be on June 3rd Friday, and it’s been exactly 1 year as Choi filed this civil case against KHJ in June 3rd 2015! Gosh time flies so fast! It felt as if all of these lawsuits transpired yesterday.

Now we can imagine how this civil case dragged us for a year! But as for me, I learned a lot about this case which never occurred in my entire life for real! Choi’s drama is an epic I would say, but she’s bound to lose this case and bound to be jailed! She may think she succeeded in her evil plot in damaging KHJ, but not a bit as far as KHJ fans is concern!

Today April 25 is another day in the family court, I just hope there will be further development on this child custody rights!



(Info trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)

Atty Lee:  Paternity confirmed and case ended. Parental rights, custody has not been decided as yet, but it will be decided by a separate case.

Atty Lee:  Future case will show KHJ’s position about parental rights, custody and child support. 

Atty Seon:   Nothing to inform yet about future case!        (In short, No Comment!!)

From LK:  

This is all I got as info translated at the moment and shall be waiting for further development pertaining the family case.

Of course paternity was confirmed based on the DNA test in Dec 2015, still my stance remain consistent. Unless the hanging questions at the back of my mind has been truly answered, only then I shall be convinced. I sure do hope HJ gets the child custody if there is any, and have a private DNA on the child on his own privately just to make sure and protect the child from Choi and her family.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the child if there is any. What I’m against is how he was brought out to this world by his mother and making this child her money bag right after he was born. Is this normal to a mother? Regardless whether this child is truly HJ’s or not, an innocent child was involved in this mess created by a selfish woman! And this is unforgivable!



I’ve been waiting for any news article pertaining the April 25th court hearing but there was none at all! The trash media knew very well about this hearing since they published it in April 8th, up there in this atrticle! And it surprises me that until now there’s no news pertaining this Family Case except a translation from one of KHJ fan Sunny, who posted further clarification on her translation pertaining the April 25th court hearing. Allow me to iron this out on Family Case.

There are two family cases filed by Choi’s camp as I have written up there in this article. The Peternity Case and Custody Rights, and these two cases are connected with one another. Meaning before the court can accomplish the Custody Rights, Paternity should be established as to who the child’s biological parents particularly the father. And thru the DNA it was confirmed that KHJ is the father of the child.

Having established the child’s parents, the Family Court ordered for joint custody or joint parental rights and ordered the plaintiff Choi to drop the case on Custody Rights. However, any of the party can make an appeal to revease the Court Order and both parties are given 2 weeks to submit their appeal before the Family Court makes its final ruling.

Joint custody would mean KHJ and Choi has every equal right over the child, and both KHJ and Choi shall take its own responsibility to raise the child probably in separate ways since they are not married.

This Court Order is contrary to what Choi wanted, since she was demanding for sole custody and child support at the price of 5M Won monthly from KHJ. I think if I’m not mistaken, Choi’s dream for long lasting money bag is about to collapse! Good for her!!



Choi has been claiming that she was pregnant in 2015, gave birth to a baby boy and claimed KHJ was the father of her child. Now that the Family Court recognized the father of her child (in her way), she should be happy! What’s wrong with the Court Order on Joint Custody? After she had proven that KHJ is the father of her child, this only mean she herself gave him every right over the child.

And so I was expecting her to be out in the media and scream to the world that she’s right after all! On the contrary, it seems Choi is sooo silent and so with Atty Seon and the trash media! Is she scared now that joint custody would mean KHJ has the right to see, to hold, to take care of his son? Or the money bag is slipping from her fingers? Or Choi is so scared of both? LOL

If indeed there is a child, I sincerely hope this matter would be cleared even just for the sake of that child, who’s identity still remain questionable because of what this woman has been doing, dragging him to this circus with no shame at all. I honestly feel for this child who doesn’t deserve to be dragged this way, be it KHJ’s child or not, this child has got nothing to do with Choi’s evilness and she doesn’t have any right to use him.

(Info Trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)



CIVIL CASE UPDATE    (April 28th)

Choi’s Nightmare Begins!

KHJ vs Choi Civil Case witnesses shall be attending the first court trial scheduled on June 3rd as the court had already issued a summon yesterday April 27th. There shall be two witnesses from KHJ’s camp while none from Choi. I think it would be better not to identify the said witnesses at this time until the court day. According to Atty Lee this 1st day in court shall be open to the public.

Well this is it, the beginning of Choi’s nightmare!! Let no delaying tactics be allowed by the civil court please, since we have waited for over a year pertaining this civil case to get done! And a chance for KHJ’s camp to reveal the truth over this nonsense case of psychological damage on Choi’s fabricated fantasy on miscarriage caused by fabricated assault that she filed!

Choi still has a month to fabricate her own illness to excuse herself since she’s bound to face the civil court in the presence of the SK public and the person whom she wrongly accused of her own fantasy! After this civil case is over and done, hopefully the criminal court day would start. And I would say this is gonna be Choi’s worst nightmare! Remember, KHJ will never go for any settlement on all the criminal cases that he filed against Choi!




381 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CASE REVIEW

    • no she’s not proven innocent, the DA dropped the charges against her because “there aren’t enough evidence” and HJ will continue the case (or start it again) in a higher court. let’s claim justice in prayer for him let’s claim and not accept anything else other than it for him okay? we really need to be one hand in supporting him and giving him the FIGHTING spirit that he needs now. I know he can feel our love and our prayers regardless of whether he reads all the messages we send him or not.

      • Thank you Tina for explaining. I hadn’t time for internet ,so your message gave me better picture. Now I understand why he is taking one new layer more. See you 🙂

    • Ya I Jst nw saw dey consult to one global fame lawyer consultancy.. It’s good to hear dat… I don’t knw how dey proved her as innocent.. Though choi hye mi als didn’t hav enough proof fr suing kHj.. But als she was successful.. I don’t knw Hw she was nt proven guilty… I feel sme one big person is der behind her.. R else it’s nt easy fr a commoner to do like dat… Let’s hope fr d best… I wish truth should cme out…

  1. Thank you for taking the time to catalogue and explain KJH’s ongoing legal battle. It helps to have a more comprehensive look on thr matter especially to someone like me who is just discovering KJH (I just started watching Korean Tv last April 😓 and not into Kpop that much. Sorry bout that.) Had I just read news from Mainstream sites, I would be in a totally different mind track now.

    Something in the timeline is confusing me, though. Choi supposedly gave birth on Sept 2015. So that means she and KHJ had sexual contact Dec 2014. Is that right? The scandal started in Aug 2014. So they were already tangled up in this mess but still slept with each other?
    My brain and heart cannot process the fact that he still slept with her after what she did. I’m so confused. Would appreciate if someone can enlighten me. Thanks. 😞

    • well, nobody knows what exactly happened, someone said he went to jeju island with her in dec 2014 to comfort her for the breakup and then she would leave him alone but i’m not sure,but if we try to guess what happened it’s still just a guess and may not be the truth, i’d rather let go of what happened and focus on what should happen and that is justice be applied as fast as possible.

      • Nobody knows what exactly happend . All we could say this is speculation, guesses, so it makes no sense to do this. Certainly, keeping the any relationship with Choi after the first attacks seem to,to say the least, stupid. The only thing I can do now is keep our fingers crossed that KHJ came out of this as the least broken. Good day for you 🙂

        • Thanks for the the replies. I have just read LK’s previous post about it and got better understanding.

          Was he too forgiving? too naive? Or was she that manipulative? that irresistable? As you both said, we can only guess.

          I love the guy but for that I want to give him a quick smack on his beautiful head, “what the f were you thinking, Hyun Joong?!”. Hayst.

          • Good idea. You are not alone with this ;), but…. but it is possibly that he wasn’t think. At all…… In my private opinion this is the most probably.

  2. Hello everyone, I just want to say something comforting, today the father of our church came to visit us and we talked about that trials are like a surgery done by a poor doctor what he said was its like us is a child who is hurt while playing and the doctor doing the sewing of the wound is the trial and God is the parent (mother and father) who is holding the child so tightly in hopes it will help relief the pain, the child is at pain due to the doctor needling the wound and wants the parent to take him away from the doctor but the parent (God) can’t stop the doctor because it will be dangerous to keep the child bleeding with an open wound, so God really loves us and doesn’t want us in danger either so he allows the trials so we can become stronger but never stop loving us.

    I really liked this way of explaining God’s love and it gives strength I hope it give you too some comfort and strength

  3. Good news fr kHj fans
    on Monday, as the embattled former boy band SS501 main rapper celebrates his 30th birthday, a record label had good news to help Kim Hyun Joong restart his flagging showbiz career. Universal Music Japan announced on the same day the release in fall of a new album titled “The Best of KIM HYUN JOONG – 5th Anniversary.”

    The album not only celebrates his birthday but also commemorates the fifth anniversary solo debut. The music label said it would provide more details about the album later. The rapper is actually serving his compulsory two-year military service as a border patrol which he enlisted on May 12, 2015. He will be officially discharged on Feb. 11, 2017.

    On Twitter, his fans posted greetings and photos of Kim Hyun Joong. The fans used the hashtag #HappyHyunJoongDay to celebrate his birthday.

    Henecia India made a donation to an orphanage on behalf of the Korean celebrity. KPop Radio would feature the singer and actor on its Sunday 8:30 p.m. show and Monday 7 a.m. show.

  4. Trash Media is at it again, Another new Drama for KHJ, and Fans and Anti-Fans are
    kicking it.
    How is the Investigation going for Choi? Any News on her yet? Is Choi still Spreading Lies again
    to the Media or Someone Else take her Place?
    I think Choi’s Mother should be Investigated because she is also Involved in it to.

  5. Is it a strange thing that’s people in Sk accept the lies !! very quickly but they find so much difficulty to accept the truth !! I think khj has a rights to defend himself like any other human beings in this world maybe the truth is so painful for the haters but we are so thirsty for this . happy birthday jazu God bless you and all your family members.

      • Hi Anonymous , it’s me @Akemi012hyun as you replied for my last comment maybe they are exhausted or lost their interest but you don’t notice that’s since 2014 until now still close minded!! they want to dress khj a criminal suit l!!! but he is innocent man , you can’t put a good man down , Sk culture is so difficult .

    • Here’s my theory on why Koreans are slow to forgive what they perceive as transgressions. Although roughly 50% of the population is now considered non-religious, their cultural values are still deeply rooted in Buddhism and Confucianism. They have a deeply held belief that if trouble comes to a person’s life, they must have done something, directly or indirectly, present or past, to cause it. King Yeongjo sincerely believed that his people suffered from famine, due to drought, because he did not live his life virtuously enough. With this belief, even if people doubt that KHJ actually abused Choi, they would feel that he brought this on himself by the way he lived his life, and he needs to atone for his actions before he is forgiven. Maybe even KHJ is having these thoughts. Just think of how often we have heard him say, “I will work harder. I will live better. I will become more mature.” Actor Choi Min-soo committed an actual crime. He beat up an elderly man, ran into him with his car, and drove two hundred yards with the man on the hood of his car. The victim did not press charges, but because of the public’s strong damnation of his actions, he apologized and promised to live in exile, away from his family, for a year. When he returned, he was accepted back into the acting profession and has worked steadily ever since.

      Again, this is my theory, and though I sometimes have a hard time processing the ways of the Korean culture, I also find hope in it for our KHJ.

      • Thanks alot mightymom for this info abt their culture. At least something to ponder regarding how SK community reacted everytime to Khj’s case/situation.

      • Hi mightymom, I want to say that not only buddhists and confucianists think that if something bad happens then it’s your fault or you have done something but christians too fall into this trap that God is punishing them sometimes they think because they were not good enough, he is punishing them, the father in my church once said: the punishment of sin is death so if God is truly punishing you he would take your life but that doesn’t happen so this can not be punishment. the thing is in christianity also Jesus did not promise a life without pain so bad things will happen but if we hold on to him we will not only get through it but learn from it and grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. yesterday i was reading psalm 34 and in verse 19 it says: “The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all;” and actually the psalms are full of talking about bad people doing tricks and tell lies about good people in an attempt to destroy them BUT GOD will not let them be he will turn their evil on them, David waited so many time to be a king as God promised him, people israel waited 40 years before they reached the promised land, so yeah life is hard but I’d rather wear my Jesus shield and go face it and live it happily and with positivity as Hyun Joong always say ^ ^

  6. Happy Birthday Jazu!! I was checking the status of this ridiculous case and thank God you’ve provided all the more info. I’m already against the ex for God sakes, but this is much severe than I thought.
    Oppa I’m so sorry that you had to go through this hell. No one should have to take this crap from anyone.
    I pray that all will be settled properly and that justice will be served.
    형중 오빠 사랑해요!!!!!!!!<3

  7. Nw kHj getting hatter of sjk fans… D fact is dey even didn’t say d name of sjk… Bt these media ppl wrote wat dey want… Some media like allkpop and others even didn’t mention about d ‘l’ wittiness.. It’s so wrst… Dey r trying make kHj to suffer more…he saw so much love… Every1 ll praise him bcoz of his good manners and respect.. He hav d fame of perfect and good boy image in all over d wrld.. Bt nw bcoz of dis media it’s changed… If d truth cme out als.. These media ppl won’t let dat happen… I feel little better bcoz he is in that he can b little far Frm all dis false June 8th der is testimony fr choi r fr both of kHj and choi… Fingers crossed hopes fr d best

  8. I am crying again by thinking about his mental pressures… just think about it. How can she do it?? What type of girl she is??? To me she never deserved to be in this world… He never deserved any of this. Just imagine how it will be like when none of it happened… He did those said concerts and the said serial and lot more than that. But now because of that stupid he suffered and is suffering. And that lawyer of hers, what did he told for the statement from witness “L”, that she wore different color dress from he said. Seriously, they can’t even make a good come back for anything not even this trivial thing. The lawyer is saying like he did seen her and with her… They think that they make us fools bt they are the one who is going to burried down in the hole they digged… How long the court going to give the time and make them freely walk in the world. I just wish when hyunjoong come out of army he never sees that women and anybody related to her. Although these all makes me sad, i never lose my hope towards the god and him. Everything will be alright i have this hope that though he lost all of the previous concerts and assignments he will come back with excellent strength and energy. And he will reach the place which he deserves… God will definitely protect him… Leader, you are the best and you are having us with you. KEEP SMILING AND BIG BIG FIGHTING TO EVERYONE!!!

  9. I don’t knw y sk media is like dis.. Wat d hell kHj done fr dem.. Y dey r nt letting d truth cme out… Y dey r making d case side track..

  10. Kim Hyun Joong’s side claimed today in court that his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, caused the singer-actor massive financial damage.

    At the first court hearing held today, June 3 KST, in the 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.3 million) damage claim suit between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Kim Hyun Joong’s side – the defendant – called two witnesses. Mr. Yang, CEO of Keyeast Entertainment was called as a witness by Kim Hyun Joong’s side to explain the damage caused by the scandal to the defendant. Keyeast manages Kim Hyun Joong. The second witness, referred to as “L,” was called to speak to the validity of Ms. Choi’s claims of miscarriage.

    Mr. Yang claimed, “They say Hallyu star Song Joong Ki achieved a financial gain in the trillions of won, and if it hadn’t been for ‘A’s’ disclosure (referring to Ms. Choi), there was potential for Kim Hyun Joong to have achieved more than that.”

    Mr. Yang explained that between the first report by “D” (referring to news outlet Dispatch) about Ms. Choi charging Kim Hyun Joong of assault that was released on August 22, 2014 KST and September 2, 2014 when Kim Hyun Joong was questioned by the police, 1,690 articles were written by the media.

    He continued, “The defendant knew that if the issue wasn’t settled, more would come out. I saw the defendant shake in fear. So 20 days after the news about the assault, he gave 600 million won to Ms. Choi as settlement.” Mr. Yang explained, “The damage from contract cancellations and the like reaches billions of won as the pregnancy and assault were made known through the news media.”

    Mr. Yang also revealed, “(I/We) found about about the assault charge through the first and exclusive report by news media ‘D’ in 2014. I called ‘D,’ which was releasing more suggestive exclusive reports. I said to the the ‘D’ company’s department head, ‘Why are you reporting only after listening to the woman’s side and none of ours? Will you only stop if Hyun Joong commits suicide because of the one-sided reports?’ The department head said, ‘What has gone out is only the tip of the iceberg; we have more information.’”

    He continued, “There was a lot said, but in sum, it was about the pregnancy, assault, and miscarriage, and he said there was a massive amount of material and wouldn’t it be better if the case was quickly settled amicably.”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s legal rep, attorney Lee Jae Man, stated, “For around three years, as news about the lawsuit, pregnancy, and assault were reported, Kim Hyun Joong was fatally damaged. The likes of 300 million won (approximately $253,000) as guarantee for the Mexico concert and Bejing concert, 600 million won (approximately $506,000) for the contract as a duty free mall model, the cancellation of his appearance in a 16-episode Chinese drama, he saw damages in billions of won.” He added, “The plaintiff dated the defendant, who is a celebrity, and she knew the news would fatally damage him as a celebrity.”

    “L” was called as a witness by the defendant in regards to Ms. Choi’s claims of miscarriage, and he claimed that he/she saw her drinking sometime in the period between May 30 and June 2, 2014, the period during which Ms. Choi is said to have had surgery after her miscarriage.

    “L” said, “‘A’ looked very happy and there was no bruises on her body. Because my friend is Kim Hyun Joong’s fan, I also knew what Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend’s face looked like. I sent an email to the defendant’s lawyer to say I wanted to be a witness because I saw her and what she looked like during the time she claims to have been assaulted and had a miscarriage.”

    Ms. Choi’s lawyer countered that Ms. Choi was wearing different colored clothing than the one that the witness is claiming she wore that day. Also, Ms. Choi drove home on June 2. The lawyer questioned whether “L” really saw her, saying other people saw the bruises on Ms. Choi’s arm at that time.

    The chief judge said the court will call the plaintiff for questioning on July 8, then the defendant, and if necessary, call them together.

    In April of 2015, Ms. Choi filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for damages worth 1.6 billion won due to physical and psychological harm. soompi

      • Happy birthday Jazu. I’ m sure your wish will come true.
        Have a good health and enjoy all good things that will come to you.

        The truth behide the scandal of the infamouse woman , choi hye mi started officially revealing in court on your birthday. It is a very good sign to hear what KE said about the immoral media ” D ” .

        • Happy Birthday Jazu!! May all your wishes in life come true and more blessings to you my friend! Thank you so much for dropping by so that we can greet you on your big day!
          Few days from now it’s gonna be KHJ’s birthday to come, so I’ll soon be leaving this page and move on to another article title since there’s a lot to discuss again pertaining KHJ’s case.
          Have a wonderful day and enjoy your birthday!! God bless…
          LazerKim here!

          • THANKS DEAR LK
            It is incredible how my birthday comes to be so important for me since there will be something about my son KHJ. I really dont like to wait till the next year to know about the end of this nighmare.
            May l recommend you to write various pages as you did in the past. The last ones ended to be sooo long and with different topics and dates. Jejejeje
            Love you girl you are so nice always remember me.
            I will send you a big hug.
            God bless you

  11. Hey everyone, there is something I wonder about and I would like ask you about help with understanding. Perhaps you will know or you will have any ideas about this how understand this: on Twitter I found info that KHJ : ” was assigned to serve as border patrol(1 of d most challenging work) “. This is something I don’t understand. From what I know, until last year, celebrities and stars were in the army treated a little differently than others. ( not so heavy and more safe ) . Last year it was changing – there is no any special unit/place for stars or special treatment. Ok. But …but I don’t understand idea of sending any celebrity/star for such dangerous work so I wonder about the policy pursued by the army. In this same moment the other stars are in army also f.i. Jaejoong. And all time he takes part in ceremonies, concerts etc. Many the others also. But there is no KHJ at any army concert. There is no any star/ celebrity on border patrol ( as I know, perhaps I am wrong ), But KHJ there is. I wonder why? Is this efect of KHJ decision? Perfect way for showing his value or is this efect of anty KHJ policy ( i do not think about Choi in this moment, but about bad atmosphere around KHJ, disseminated rumors, jealousy and so on. ) What is your knowledge/ thinking about this ? I will be grateful for your response

    and tomorrow we keep our fingers crossed ! 🙂

    • after hj finished his basic military training he was sent to paju (the northern border), I am not sure what the policy is and I am not sure whether he choose it or not, it’s possible, but what I know that the korean army does not take there any soldier, they have to be mentally very strong and very attentive to be able to catch any unusual activity there, so no they can’t choose him so they punish him, the army is dead serious about every soldier’s life.

      • Hi there! As everyone here noticed I don’t write anything about Hj’s current MS situation since I don’t have the reliable source fr the army camp, so I chose to ignore and all I know is that he’s in his MS, I pressume he’s doing ok and yes I agree I believe celebs are not easily sent to a dangerous assignment. So I think those are just rumors, nobody knows for sure though.

        • Thank you Tina and Lazer KIm for reply. I know that choosing is impossible for any soldier . But soldier can ask, especially if he is a good soldier, with all the necessary features and capabilities …. I know that army is very serious about carrying of soldiers life. And in this way there is very important for army not loose any soldier, but celebrity – soldier espaccially, because loosing celebrity – soldier is too noisly, too much comentry etc. But I know also that army is not an anonymous creature, but is made up of ordinary people, and people (like people) have some odd ideas. About KHJ in army I didn’t notice any info or any rumors. Silent. Only that now he is corporal, he is on this border and that japanese henecian visited him, but there is no any pic of his face ( pic made during this visit). Generally there is not too much his pics from army time. But this is the other matter. Back to main – looking at how the his military service and how it differs from military service of other celebrities I began to wonder what was going on. I do not find answer which satisfied me. That KHJ not take part in military concerts I understand. But exposing him to such danger I do not very understand . That’s why I ask. The only thing that comes to me as sensible to mind is that he had to ask for it or to volunteer. Of course this is just my speculation. ….Once more thank you for reply. For few hours 3 June will start in Korea so …. I am sure we will in touch 🙂

          • One more thing. I don’t want to dive into topics of politics but even if we agree border patrols are more exposed to “dangerous situations” than other military units, I don’t like the concept of celebrities being more valuable than other people. I believe a singer could do more for the country, if he kept singing than when he’s watching the border but should I fear for the men in DMZ, I care for all equally – even for those on the Northern side of the border. They all do their work. If there’s tension, then that’s the fault of politicians. Human life as such is invaluable.
            Practically speaking, if ROKA could have KHJ singing at their events, I trust they’d love the idea of having there a largely popular performer for under 200 bucks a month. Yet when it wouldn’t be of much use for him to interact with the public atm, we see he was still able to land an elite position due to work ethics and capabilities. I’d take it as such.

          • I can’t find the post but the DC gallery released the address of HJ’s unit in case you wanted to send letters that only he reads, but I can’t really navigate the DC site and was shared on henecia usa facebook page as well

            • Thank you Tina. if you find this address I will be very grateful to you for sharing it with us. Wish you… hmmmm…. I have evening now, so should I wish you godd night or day? 😉 Ok, the best will be – wish you beautiful time 🙂

    • Not sure whether it was KHJ’s choice or not, but I know they do have very specific qualifications for who is chosen, like all soldiers (Korean) assigned to the DMZ must be a minimum of 5’9″ and have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I think KHJ would chose the assignment if given the chance because he’s a man that likes to be challenged. And, although the DMZ is a dangerous place, it just may be the safest place for KHJ right now.

      • Mightymom, I have same things + one more. This place also can give him satisfaction, feeling of his value (self-esteem ) . I think he need this very much now. He can check himself . For people opinion about him this is also good. And I … I wanted check if someone feel this situation similary like me 🙂 Thank you for your reply 🙂

          • I agree with you ania z 😀 HJ is 1,82 m and has black belt in taekwondo, so I think KHJ asked to go to DMZ to be isolated from press and psybitchchoi (even his family and friends can’t talk to him easily). He always said he wanted to do in active military service. He is a very courageous man so he went in DMZ. That’s our leader!! Even haters can’t critizised him about his MS because he is in a very dangerous zone : korean men and all soldiers in the world shouldn’t support critics about another soldier in this zone!!

    • Hi there.
      First off you mentioned JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s MS “and others”. Well, Jaejoong is in an army band which does not make his service any easier, it’s just another task on top of all the duties regular soldiers have to do. So his service is not different from others, he just does more work. Yes, he gets to participate on concerts and events in the army but as far as I know he (despite being a professional performer) auditions just like others do. Of fan accounts and SNS of soldiers/their families and regular people who encountered him or saw him performing, he is not getting any special treatment whatsoever. I’m saying this to make things clear for those who don’t follow other celebrities except for KHJ to avoid misunderstandings (and as a fan of JYJ I don’t like them being presented in a bad light when there’s no fact just rumours). There used to be a military unit “celebrity soldiers” that doesn’t exist anymore, now there is police promo team which to my understanding is for entertainers who are physically capable of active service but don’t do it for reason unknown to me. These guys do promo events, meet with commercial sponsors, with authorities etc. Currently there are e.g. DBSK’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae. I don’t follow them but there’s a clear difference between military band in active service and a promo unit.

      As to KHJ, I bet his fans would like to see him perform during his MS if just on a festival accessible to the public. Unfortunately given the circumstances I can’t imagine that. With the witch hunt against him, can you imagine the incidents that could arise between the audience and performer who is so hated at the moment? I don’t wish him to go through something like that. Another thing is soldiers at the border have a very responsible work to do yet that environment practically disables intruders – Choi or obnoxious trash media – from trying to come closer or confront KHJ. That way they can’t make up any further stories about what happened when Choi and KHJ met during his MS. I hope to see him performing again but better after this mess of lawsuits is over. I can see how cruel people would be to him and that would not help. We heard he suffered from depression and I’m afraid that might reccur. Whether it was him who asked for this position or he was sent there according to results of training, I believe it was a good decision. At least we know he is safe from further harm and badmouthing.

      • Dear Nemezis, as first I want thank you for such long , with a lot of info reply 🙂 but now I would like clear some details :). I didn’t want write any bad word about any other celebrities in SM and I think I didn’t , especcially about Jaejoong ( I am JYJ fan too 🙂 ) . My knowledge about SM is not too big so I was just asking. In the case of Jaejoong and KHJ compare the course of MS was natural. They both do the same job, both are very popular, they serve at the same time and they are friends. But their SM is so different so in natural way I started think about this. The second thing – I sometimes use mental shortcuts, which can be variously understood, so now I will answer you without using them 😉 . Just like you I can not imagine this to KHJ he gave some concerts in the course of MS. And it is precisely for the same reasons about which you write. You wrote about how you perceive the value of the life of every soldier. I think so too, but the world, and especially the media world works a little differently. Accident or (God forbid !) the death of a “soldier celebrity” is something the media hyenas immediately catch. They will write about it as long as possible, on all sides, from all possible points of view ….. In the case of a soldier “private” look like it will be quite different. Of course, the first case for the army will be much more detrimental than the second, regardless of how much respect the lives of their soldiers and how evenly the same way they treat. Politics, about which I wrote earlier, it is not just a party politicians who sit in government, but also it is taking into consideration such circumstances in deciding. Instead of the word “politics” you can use the word “strategy”. Meaning will be the same. As before I wrote my knowledge of the Korean SM is very small. In my first mail I showed that how the service KHJ in MS looks may be the result of different circumstances. Gently I outlined and I asked you about the comments with the knowledge or with yours own thoughts. Having no knowledge, based on what I know about KHJ, his character and his problems I assumed that he was trying to get on to the unit. And because he has all that is needed for that this he succeeded. And it seems to me that for many reasons, this is the best solution for him, even if this service is dangerous. And I do not be surprised if he will again promoted. Because this is KHJ :). But it was only my speculations, very deep in my heart, so I wanted check it asking about your help. And from ll my heart I thank you and the others for all replies. Generally we all think in this same way. It makes me sure that it was not ” my secret wishes”, but probably it can be truth. 🙂 Thank you :)))))

        • I simply felt the need to explain about Jaejoong to those who possibly read this thread and don’t follow JJ’s updates or they don’t follow other celebrities but KHJ, so it was to avoid misunderstandings. As a fan you surely know people have been spreading rumours about JYJ for years and even in the army it occured that JJ became a victim of malicious rumours, even impersonation on SNS. I guess it’s better to make this clear right away that he’s not leading an easy life during his MS. (In this case the difference between “MS” and “SM” is abysmal.) In fact his family don’t share anymore photos with him and if a fan asks him to take a selfie even during vacation, they are supposed to not share it with the public.

          Back to KHJ – Korean men finish their mandatory military service with the rank of Sergeant (Byeong Jang). However as far as I know they can earn special awards during their MS. KHJ is currently a Corporal (Sang Byeong).

          Cheers and let’s wait for July 8th. 🙂

          • I would like add something, because I didn’ notice this in any other country, only in Korea – history of JYJ and their fans is full of completely unimaginable situations. It is known that there are fans and anti-fans, but in the case of JYJ were still …. sorry, I loose this word. Nemezis, help, please! Begining is with “s” letter – the type of fans who love and they are able ( because of this love ) almost kill or hurt his idol . They were such situations as: hitting the idol bag full of stones, causing car accidents, installing cameras in gifts, controlling telephone conversations, sneak into houses and many, many others. Something absolutely terrifying.
            Nemezis, thanks for all info you gave. And back to KHJ – so being Corporal he can advance to Older Corporal, next sergeant? In my country there is one step more between older corporal and sergeant, but translator do not translate name of this . How it is in Korea ?
            wish you and all on this blog good, still spring weekend 🙂

            • For Korean mandatory service there are 4 ranks – Private – Private first class – Corporal – Sergeant. It’s different for professional personnel. Yet Hyunjoong needs to be promoted one more time before he gets discharged and that’s it 🙂

              Those “fans” are called sasaengs and they’re scary as hell! I find it terrifying that many people ignore this problem saying these maniacs will eventually grow up. They’re teenagers up to 40/50 y.o., just recently fans of Jang Hyunseung pointed out a middle aged sasaeng who has been creating controversy about said singer to force him out of his group B2st. Now when is she supposed to grow up? Also Jang Geun Seok became a target of these fans years ago and he rather deliberately chose to work less and spend more time in private/overseas to escape the pressure. Sadly certain entertainment companies encourage this sick behaviour of “fans” hoping when the fandom becomes crazy enough, they’ll be easy to manipulate and buy more products/send expensive gifts to their biases. Bleh :/

              • Thanks , now I understand :).
                This sasaengs is something horrible. I can’t understand how law can accept it? In Europe such things are impossible. We protect our right to privacy much more. And our understanding of human dignity is different also. I heard some people wrote that ” this is price of beeing famous, so no problem”, but for me it is inexcusable and unacceptable. As I know JYJ was fightening with one of them and won, but this is just beging….
                Example of this and Choi show very deep diffrences between Korea and Europe in respecting human being and how diffrent for us is line between being public person and private live.
                But today is KHJ birthday so I would like wish all of us have a meeting of his concert after his MS. Let it be truth :))))

  12. A prayer for the case to be adjourned with no more reschedule . blessing over his life and the progress tomorrow . Hopefully these will bring more joy on his birthday.

  13. I hope KHJ doesn’t become to Soft Hearted at the Court. Never know when Choi Carrying a Baby Around. What KHJ need is for his Heart to become Strong and Fight back to the Fullest.
    Don’t let the Demon Control your Heart.

  14. I am never tired to say ¨Thanks God he didnt married her¨. in less than a year we would have seen their divorce. Think that he saw it that is why he STRONGLY REJECTED her. She was not a girl to marry, point. Probably she will get money from him for the baby, no more and it could be fair for the baby´s sake, even if she takes advantage of it. Hope that the court works well in this case. Hope that Chois mom´s messages will be check by the court too.
    Seeing other cases l know how girls take advantages, Artist are not angels but not as bad as how they try to show them. We girls also hit men in a raw but it is ok for someones. Girls always lose in this cases because of our weakness but they are not exempt of culpability. It is stupit to argue with a man violently, that is why l think that she could provoke intentionally his reaction. ahhhh it really bothers me so much. When a good man discontrol himself it is not comun but could happen, l saw it many times.

    My boy KHJ l undestand you so much, l saw you as one of my sons, you are a normal young boy, enjoying your life as you wish, maybe having not serious GFs, but can you see that these kind of easy girls, who drinks with you as a friend, at the end they end hurting you. Time to setle down my boy and i wish you could get a good woman for you. Take care of and love your son as a good father that you will be, and live your life free of this toxic girl.
    Hope that everything will be ended soon and we can see you in 2017 on the scenary with your big and beautiful smile again. I will be waiting for you. my boy.

    • Thank you Jazu for a heartful and meaningful comment. I really hope the court will give justice to HJ.and his family.

      A few important things I learnt from HJ’s case.

      The first one is the evil woman who is truly unbelievable shameless does exist in the real world. Choi hye mi is a living example for that.

      The second one is most of online medias and its editors are dishonest to its readers . They are irresponsible for what they wrote. They are quite immoral . Twist the truth to gain more traffics to their sites are their common practices. They see their readers as their followers who they can easily manipulate. It is also sad to realize that many readers are more than ready to be their victims .

      The third one is quite sad to realize that people can easily condemn the other base on what they read rather than using their brain and their logical thinking. Their achivemant in life seem to relate to how the other’s life is deatroyed or how far they can say bad thing about the other . Some of them go as far as ignore the official evidence and the professional comments.

      I pray for no more victim like HJ and pray for jail tome for the heartless criminal, choi hye mi. In my view the haters on line are truly real criminals who see their criminal actions as a Fun game on line like who can destroys more.

    • Hi Jazu, I just want to say that I don’t think that HJ is the type of guy who dates more than one girl at the same time but maybe has a lot of girlfriends as friends only, and even if he did I think most celebrities date this way because they would like to know many girls’ personality first before committing to something that may cause pain more later on, but I still don’t think he’s that type of guy because I saw a video of “Happy together – handsome guy special” that he’s the type who goes all in a relationship and all other relationships he had before it was the girl who dumped him first, here is the link in english sub in case any of you girls haven’t seen it it’s a 1hr show by the way:

      • Dear if you asked me what vídeo i lost? Any. I saw almost all. I could say that as a young adult as he is as well as my sons l could tell you how boys think about women . What kind of women they like. A boy really handsome has all chances to know any girl around. He said also that he has a GF even if he said no just because he apreciates privacity in his life. He always protected GFs names and his relationships. Boys have GF but dont lose the chance to know others and it is normal specially if they are single . Even girls do the same. It is something that we cant cover. Yougers enjoy their lives and try to have many ezperiences . He is not an exception. Knowing how he enjoy of the challenges . His quotation _ We only live one_ says all. He could not be a womanazer but could get what they offered. His charming is his major and l think that he didnt know how strong it is. Well provably he liked her a lot in his bed but in his heat l really doubt. Who knows. Well hope that it ends soon.2 years is a lot. God bless him.

        • Jazu, about KHJ I think very similary. But …do you have birthday today? If answer is ” yes” I wish you everything the best, a lot of health and a lot reasons for smile. And if today is not your birthday …. I wish exactly this same + one smile more because of my mistake 🙂

    • Agree with you. Now he see a girl who drinks with you is out for something else and does not make for a lasting girlfriend/friend. Also, I am sure you have matured and realize that drinking in excess is not good for you. Love you, God bless and looking forward to your return.

  15. Hello LK and fans. The upcoming civil case hearing on June 3rd almost here. Both KHJ and Choi will be present? Yes? LOL, I’m sure Ms.Choi will come up with some medical issue and need to continue case. Isn’t that common practice in SK to avoid court hearings or punishment? Or if she does show up (doubtful) what will she do, what act will she put on in front of KHJ? I hope KHJ doesn’t even look at her or give her any attention. Ms. Choi will show up with the “baby” to get sympathy from the court. Mama Choi will also be in attendance showing her grieving heart for her poor poor daughter. It is such a theatrical family. Only when it suits them will they show up and act for the media. I’m praying for swift justice for KHJ. I wish there was a way for us fans to show our support in person. This can’t be another media show. This is a very important case that will show, hopefully, that SK courts can’t be swayed by media giants, money, manipulations, etc. Do you know when the criminal case will be set for trial? Or is this the criminal case? Sometimes I get confused 🙂 Stay strong, KHJ. We will always support you in whatever you do.

    • What I read, although I can’t remember where is that two witnesses for KHJ will testify at the June 3rd hearing. One is a person that was with Choi a few days after she claims to have been beaten, almost to death, but did not appear to have any bruises. The other is a Key East Exec who will testify about the blackmail threat made on KHJ. Then, if the judge feels the need for more testimony, KHJ and Choi will be called to a separate hearing. I think these hearings will also be open to the public.

      • Hi there! The June 3rd civil court trial is on Choi’s litigation 1.6BW lawsuit (alleged miscarriage by assault) I think the criminal case trial will start after this civil case. Though I believe the criminal investigation is on going which started in Dec last year I think as Atty Lee mentioned it.

  16. About Johnny Depp’s divorce, psychoi is emulated: same “bruises”, etc… These “women” do wrong to real victims of men.

    • Amber Heard probably want Money from Johnny Depp.
      Maybe that was her Plan from the Beginning. We will probably have to wait cause no one knows the whole Truth yet.

      Look at Mel Gibson, His Ex-German GF did the same thing
      and she Plan it all out. She sees Dollar Sign in Him and
      This was way back then when the Scandal comes out. The
      Baby was also part of the Scandal and he has to pay Child Support. His Ex-Wife Divorce him and His life went Down Hill
      after that.

      • I remember now the case of Mel Gibson, it is very sad for him. And now Johnny Depp!! At last, KHJ isn’t married with this demon. But hélas, far too many people still believe what she said and they insult KHJ. This really hurts every time I read this nonsenses.

        • Yeah, some Crazy Haters out there like to Ruin people Lives. Pretty soon Karma will come Knocking on there Door Step.
          Keep that up they won’t be able to have a Sucessful life in the Future.
          Me to, I’m glad KHJ isn’t Married to Choi. Probably KHJ got Suspicious of Choi’s Behaviour and Dump her after 2 Months of Dating.

          • That ‘ s what i thought too. Obviousely choi hye mi could not hide her obsession and her greedy . After 2 months of dating the evilness of her realself was surfaced. KHJ is lucky enough to see that early on. At the least he knew she is bad for him and not a married type of girl.

  17. Hi lk… I want sme help…. Am trying to join in heneica… Am giving crct password Hw it’s showing bt als I can’t able to register in it… Is der any guidelines?? Anybody pls help me fr to join heneica

  18. Hi everyone, HJ!’s birthday day is near he will be 30th for many of us but will be 31st by Korean carlandar . It is exciting to see KHJ in the 30th . When i first knew him i have never thought that I will follow his works and his life for this long . I had never been interested in anything about Korea before I knew HJ. He is the one who introduced me most of possitive thing about Korea. However I also feel that he is more special and more unique than any other Korean man in a way.

    I have stopped watching Korean dramas and variety shows for a long while now. Basicly because I felt so upset that it seems the Korean did not care much if their celebrities have been treated injustice or are condemned or their lifes are destroyed because of wrongly accused. They seem to enjoy seeing a celebrity fail down especially from a scandal . In my opinion they did not care to know the truth they enjoy reading trash medias and bad mouth about others people. The entertainment industry there seem not to care about justice and fairness and accept blackmail. HJ is very lucky that he has Att. Lee who is willing to fight for justice. I think he is more than a lawyer because he seems to understand what is justice means and what is dignity means.

    I admire HJ ‘s korean fans so much . They are so brave and great that have never left him and have been in his side since day one. They are smart people who refuse to be fooled by a criminal and bad medias. I hope there are more people like them in South Korea and everywhere in this world.

    June 3rd is around the conner. Hope there will be somethings are really progress in this case.

    • Hi Bella, when they are looking at singers as “happy pill” and not human !! scandal = expired, this is how people in SK react toward such type of situation !so they don’t care about the truth or if you are suffering , I hope what happened to khj impact on people in better way in their thinking and stop judge others . Really one of the most powerful words that LK wrote in her all articles ” A dancer will die as dancer ,a singer will die as a singer and musician will die as a musician ” you are genius LK .

      • Choi hye mi and soeun and whoever behind her probably knew so well the mentallity of the Korean regarding ” happy pills ” and ” scandal= expried ” . That ‘s why they planed to destroy him this way and never bother about the evidence.

        It’s about time that they should start to see a celebrity as an human before their country will be full of blackmailers and criminals. To be honest beside the idols from k-pop and K dramas the Korean people in general have not been appreciated by many. I knew now why it is so.

        However i hope what you said …..” what happened to HJ will impact people in the better way in their thinking and stop judging others ” …..become true. It is really ironic to feel that how easy to be a crimonal and be accepted in South Korea . It seems very difficult for a celebrity to be accepted even when he does the right thing or did the same thing as any other human beings would do . I wish HJ’s case will give them big lesson and bring them a change before the country soon will be full of wrongful thinking and acting.

        • Hi guys, you so much right about everything here. The crowd can be blind and cruel – ‘The king is dead, long live the king!’. Some people consider the scandals as a part of any entertainment that give them excitement and fun,so they easy get drugged by tabloids and press and don’t bother go beyond the headlines and rumors. That’s why before crucify others we better remember – ‘Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone’/ John 8-7/. Anyway, our HJ is gonna be just fine coz he is gifted by God and blessed with guys like you.

          • Cant help not to comment here! I agree with you guys and i call it sk primitive way of thinking as i wrote in one of my old articles. Sk celebs are becoming slaves of sk public! If celebs caught by media simply dating they make a big deal out of it as if celebs are not human and unnatural to date that eventually losing their popularity. Dating for them is already a scandal! lol I understand in each country we have different culture that i respect unfortunately sk showbiz culture is one thing i could not understand and cant dig logic out of their culture!! sigh…

            • Hi LK dear, I keep my hopes high that one day we will live in a free-spirited, open-minded world without any prejudice and people like you and all HJ fans are working hard on it already. I love totally Korean art, dramas, music and so much impressed how many multitalented actors, musicians and artists they have. God bless them.

              • I agree with you Ella, Korea has so many talents and the government is supporting the industry well thankfully

                  • My I ask a question? Yes I do too agree that they are awesome, but is this all they live for, to appease their fans? The government and their mangers go home to a family but what are they left with? I see so many of them having short relationship or denying that they are even dating, why ? What happens when the game fade? I don’t envoy them and their talents I feel sorry for them. In America even the greatest with talent in the entertainment area have someone they go home to. I usually look up these talented individuals and find that in their thirty and forty they are not married or list someone in their lives they are dating . Are they really that afraid of loosing their fan base? If so I really hope that ,we, the true fans of Kim Hyung Joong has proven something, false fans may go but
                    True fans remain constant.

                    • you know Marrion, I’m not sure if they are hiding it because they are afraid of losing fans or because they are afraid of the relationship being analyzed by everyone in public, they could be just want to keep it to themselves.

  19. Hi guys, could you please continue to vote on the World Star Popularity Vote station site, even if it’s not a big deal of award still it feels good to see HJ and SS501 on a top of international favor. Tnx

  20. Hi LK,
    It’s been one year he went for MS, bt the time moves very slowly… We need to wait for him till Feb… Really miss him a lot. Thank god for keeping him safe till now in army… Please keep him safe, strong and healthy god. I am eagerly waiting for his return and I am sure he is going to rock everything after his return, and we are going to cheer for him. This is my one of the dreams. Keep smiling and big fighting to leader and everyone 🙂

  21. Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year since our beloved one went into MS. Praying HJK and his family are well. Haters gonna Hate, but there will come a time when it’ll get shoved down their throats & I hope they choke on every evil thing they’ve said. ROCK ON HJK NATION!!

    said. Rock On HJK Nation!!💚

  22. Was just checking out website and there’s a blog there posted by a Widney that is dogging KHJ again and calling his fans “dickmerized”. What made me so sad and angry is how this Choi bitch already marred HJ’s reputation no matter what truths come out. She’s already done her damage. I can’t wait until she goes to jail!!!

  23. I was browsing on the twitter account of the ROKARMY I sawYanhoo did well too. But my consern was he came after HJ and has so many photos and videos in the MC as a feature memories. Our HJ is there behind the scenes I’m thinking these case with Choi might have overshadow all the joy of being in there.
    Honestly these woman was so evil. I dnt have mercy for her.Really she partly destroyed him but i won’t say totally coz I can see the light at the end of these tunnel.


    I would like to appeal to everyone, if it’s not too much to ask, to please say a little prayer to one of us here who passed away quite recently in April 17th. Her name is Blue Ribbon. May she rest in peace with our creator and be with Him in eternal happiness.

    This message to Blue Ribbon:

    Dearest sis,
    I know you have stopped writing on my comment box but I know deep in my heart you’re still reading from this site as a silent fan, as I have confirmed it from one of your friend who informed me about you leaving us. I know how much you love KHJ and that you never left him as you promised me you would stay with him no matter what happen. Thank you so much for fulfilling your promise. Now that you’re up there, please watch over him specially at this time. Pls take care of him and pls stay with him wherever he is. I shall miss you, be happy now….I love you sis! Thank you so much for being you…

    Sincerely, LazerKim

    To everyone here, pls allow me just to share my thoughts of her. I’m sure my long time pioneer readers are familiar with her name from my comment box back in 2012 from my daily articles. She’s been a very loyal fan of KHJ and we both started at the same year being a his fan. She’s very cheerful that even she’s fuming with anger to hj’s haters, she always manage to play jokes just to calm me down and cheer me up! She stopped leaving comment from my box though when I was being attacked at this site, joking to me by saying she doesn’t want to have a heart attack just bcoz of those people who dislike KHJ! I laughed at that and let her be!

    It really shocked me to have read a tweet from one of KHJ fan about her sudden death since she has been healthy to my knowledge and still very young at her late 30’s I think. I could not believe such news so I have to confirm before mentioning it in this site since she was also a part of this site, and a part of KHJ family just the same as everyone here.

    This is such a sad news for me, however, I’m happy to know that until her last days of her life on earth, she was able to maintain her support and stayed with KHJ specially during high storm. From the buttom of my heart, thank you BlueRibbon! Please guard this blog as you always did!! See you again my friend!

    • Oh I’m very sad. BlueRibbon, rest in peace and protect KHJ and everybody who love him like you loved him with your spirit from where you are now.

      • God bless Blue Ribbon! Even if we never met, you will be one of us and with us forever. Please watch after HJ with your love.

    • Dear Blue Ribbon ,

      I remember you and your love toward KHJ very well. We’ ‘ve never met in person only through your comment. However I can feel love and trust you have for him. Now you are up there you know well how we are so right about him since the scandal broke out.. Please look after him as you always do. RIP Blue Ribbon I will remember you always..

      • Rest in peace Blue Ribbon, nice memories stays forever and nobody can’t get them out., Your love and support for khj will stay with us forever.

    • Rest in Peace Blue Ribbon!
      Sorry to read this Maybe Hj lost an earth fan but he gain one from Heaven watching and guarding him! 🙏🏻

    • It is sad to hear one of our family member leaving us… May god bless her soul and rest in peace… BlueRibbon Sister, Please take care of KHJ and our family…

    • Dear LazerKim, I sorry for this what happend. Thank you for writting with info, even if this is very sad it make us more family, because we can share it together. I am with you .

    • Dear Blue Ribbon.
      We never meet but I want to thank you & to remind me how it is being a fan of our Hyun Joong & stand by his side till the end. I say that’s Loyalty & I respect & admire you for it. Go Rest in Peace. God Bless Everyone.

    • Thanks Lazerkim to share this new. I remember another fan who died in 2014 just after it broke. Now Blue Ribbon.
      Rest in peace Blue Ribbon, i really remember you, we were here for years just for loving him, just a request , please takecare of him from you are and care his family too.
      God is with you now, and the happiness stars for you.
      God bless him and us too.

  25. Hi LK,

    Thank you and the fans for being so nice to me on here and Twitter. 🙂 I just had to write this. I know yesterday I was in conflict w/ myself cuz I just stand by my last comment I wrote on here (please disregard it) and that’s not me. I can stand behind everything I say but this morning at 5:00am, I woke up and a light bulb went off in my head.

    Everything clicked, the reply you and Elza-Elizabeth wrote on my last comment, everything I read on both sides, and what I read on Twitter. Can’t believe I didn’t see this before.

    Thanks again (all of you) for having patients with me. I couldn’t see how obvious it was and still is that she made up the so called proof, events, situations and lies and she that she believes them and also wants other people to believe them (public and media).
    Later on everything she lied about will be known and she is the one will be exposed and then there isn’t turning back.

    Here in the US, we have TV movies (I’ve seen my fair of these movies) made based on women like her and they exaggerate on the story because it has to be made for entertainment purposes but it’s always the same ending. Girl that lied about everything and the people that supported and tried to help her to bring down the guy ends up being the person exposed and is seen as a liar.

    Still can’t believe it didn’t click, it never takes me this long lol. Now I can start feeling good about being a fan again. Felt so bad, I couldn’t listen to his music or any music from SS501, SS301 and the individual members’ music.

    • Thank you so much to write down your thought here. I hope there are many more people see how you see it and made it known world eide that such actions are not acceptable. The English outlet medias on line and the blogger who obviousely show their intention to twist the fact should be punished and put behind bar.

      In my opinion these people are criminal as much as choi hye mi. What they wrote clearly shows how inmorral they are. They are truly a bunch of coward people and the worst kind of human being. What kind of heart they have to keep destroying a person they knows well he is wrongly accused and a victim of obsessive blackmsiler woman who is a proven liar.

      • Hi dear Zooey! I’m from California LA and I don’t know KHJ in person or his friends or relatives to be close with them and get detailed information about this case. But I don’t feel I need it coz I don’t really care about his private life whatever it is. He is not much different from any other boys in his age with all his ups and downs, it’s totally natural to him to experiment with life, try and test the love. I know him from the screen only but I can see him with my heart what kind of person he is because he is sincere and open with his trust and love to this world. His bright, elegant and noble nature don’t need any comments, he doesn’t need any PR or artificial image, he is perfect even in his imperfections coz he is who he is, always great and awesome. It’s impossible for celebs have even a little privacy, they work overhard to get where they are and give us free gifts and incredible possibility to enjoy their talents. Dear Zooey please listen to your heart, treasure your believes and help your chosen star to shine.

          • My dear Ella , as usual your comments are attractive me ” but I can see him with my heart ” yeah the big problem in the life to carry a blind heart inside your body ,some people like choi with their blindness They destroy the life of others ,

              • Ania ‘s comment is so nice , I remember at beginning of khj story they called khj fans are delusional !! If we are delusional, khj is our medicine and should be take this regularly LOL ,honestly I am proud of All of you here .

              • Hey, thank you for such good word. Girls , in my country we say ” The way you have Monday is way you will have all week ” so wish all of us absolutly beautiful Monday :)))

    • Hey Zooey02, I couldn’t answer for your first mail earlier, sorry. I see you change your opinion , so fine 🙂 Now I would like back to yours first mail . It is nothing personal, because I think that probably you are very romantic and nice person :). And fine, but being too much romantic can be dangerous for us in our real life, don’t you think? Sometimes we need analise things around us, forgetting about dreams and wishes. If you will look at KHJ case leaving dreams/wishes/expectations what you will see? Let’s try to do it, ok? 🙂 Even using not too much “media knowledge”. The first was info about beating. Suprising thing! KHJ beating? I didn’t believe. But let’s wait what will be next, because every public info can be false. Specially about famous person. Media loves making huge info about celebrities ( even false, just for making selling/reading grow up ) so I decided wait for next events. Next was his apologize , agreement and money for Choi. In apologize I didn’t notice any word about beating. So for me it was only one thought – ok, it was couple, doesn’t inmportant 5 seconds or 5 years couple, with great love or without any love couple. Not my bisnes, it was KHJ private life. Perhaps it was about broken Choi heart, or perhaps it was about money. Every possibility was possible. But finish. Ok. I wasn’t too much interested in this, because it was crossing line of privacy . I didn’t believe in beating so any media couldn’t change my feelings. This case couldn’t also change my way of thinking about acting, dance and music of HJ, because for me this is separete thing. If you look for great artist we have in our history ( starting from Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, going to Proust, Cobain etc. ) almost nobody was ok 🙂 But their works are great….. So story was close. But … effect it wasn’t. It was begining. And in this moment I started look at this very carefully. You wrote about fury rejected, but very loving women. I analised this also. Tell me – where is the limit ? Going to media, showing private life without any evidence? Text message as evidence? Pregnacy test as evidence? Darling, in any case it can not be any evidence of nothing. A lot of words saying by layer and nothing more.Have you ever seen like looking for gold sifted sand through a sieve to see the gold? Analyzing the information to do the same. If you reject the word round and look only at the hard evidence that there was almost nothing. Photos of bruises (no face personally beaten), anonymous Choi, and nothing more … It was making only impression. Nothing more. So in this moment I started think that it is not love. First – such kind of love? So when Choi hate someone what she is doing if her love look in this way? Wow! Even satan is not able imagine this 😉 From KHj side in this momet I saw not too much words, but all time same. And all info I was treating exactly in this way. Like with gold. If you start do with info about anything, you will always find truth. Your truth. Not media or the other people. Of course sometimes will be things you will not know But in this moment you will not judge. You will wait for next info 🙂 I hope you will forgive me such long ” teacher’s ” mail, but I really would you believe in KHJ because of your own thoughts, heart and brain, not because of our mailing or LazerKim blog ( sorry LazerKim 😉 ) . And now wish you beautifull Sunday 🙂 Take care 🙂

          • ania english doesn’t matter, we understand and feel you, that’s what all that matters! english is not my 1st language too, I’m just trying to communicate by heart which is easiest way to be understood!
            Oh Bella thanks for your concern over the earthquake, im doing ok not affected at all. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you! Thank you!

            • LazerKim, thanks 🙂 From heart to heart is always the best, with everything 🙂 May I ask which language is yours native? Of course if this is too private question do not answer me and everything will be ok 🙂 Take care

              • Hi dear Anya, great review. The point about “to find your own truth’ is the best. Brilliant!!!

  26. Thank you LK for this latest update. Are the clouds starting to part? Waiting patiently for the sun to shine. LK & Sunny, I truly do thank you both for keeping everyone informed. I Do Not read any other blog as it infuriates me, so I’m really glad how quickly you post the info. Keep up the great work!! HJK fan 4ever!!

  27. My god again JUNE 3
    i am going to wait this day, lately a very important day for his family
    Gad bless him from now
    JAZU is in chicago for vacations now jajaja see you later

  28. Hi LK , while I am reading the article of the blogger you mentioned I tried to take deep breath to finish my reading really so disgusting,I don’t know why she is writing such lies nobody forces you for writing something you don’t know it seems all the people nowadays wants to be celebrity!!! I don’t know LK if you agree whit me or not we all know that media and fans are important thing for the singer and as we saw the power of media played a big role in khj story some people are still so old in their information about khj they judges him and they dislike to up date anything about him “khj is abuser as choi wants to see him so everything is end “there’s a lot of new kpop groups nowadays and here I want to talk about the role of fan! media always present but fan can change his or her idols and that’s their rights and I am not against this ,love the person you want!but only one person you will stay or take place in your heart so the fans are unstable! Only loyal one stay! choi and her boss tried to destroy khj through the media by publishing their lies and showed khj for the fans and non fans that’s khj is a bad and stupid person as they can so nobody will stay with him, but they forget something that khj fans are not like others fans khj fans they all like one family ,and I think that’s the reason why we still see such type of articles filled with lies until now the war of media still present ,even if you are talented person you need for someone trust you and believe you to continue in your path.we with khj forever.

  29. Hello girls and boys
    I hope you’re all doing well. First off I must say at this time more than ever I’m thankful for this site; if not for a couple unbiased people who choose to share real updates rather than misinform, one would think KHJ has been losing in his legal battle. I find it absurd how some sites twist the situation so that their readers can believe KHJ was forced to take DNA tests those proved him guilty of fatherhood and whatnot.

    This inevitably brings series of comments like “take it, abuser!” to which fans and better informed people logically respond “no abuse was proven here” followed by brilliant “but he beats women” (you see the nonsense, right???). As sad as it is, this is all over the place and I can’t help but wonder what akp, soompi, netizenbuzz and all those blogs think will happen, once KHJ starts suing them. Because he should sue them and he probably will have to do that, if he wants his life back.

    A person is innocent until proven guilty and it’s the plaintiff’s responsibility to come up with evidence and witnesses reliable enough that it’s obvious the suspect did wrong. I don’t see why it should be any different in KHJ’s case. Is he not a human and citizen like everyone else? Apparently the figures behind Choi knew the nature of their fellow Koreans, I noticed they tend to quickly jump to conclusions and vent their own frustrations through online activity. Once the word “scandal” was brought up, the case was over for the forever angry group of netizens.

    We were supposed to think the case was over before it even started, so that KHJ would get ostracized and become an easy target of further blackmail. BUT this time around he has good lawyers and his large fanbase still stays by his side 🙂 We already can see some advancement with the recent ruling of the family court. Some believe Choi has a baby and some find her inconsistency too suspicious (mismatching statements about the length of pregnancy; pregnancy just a couple weeks after alleged abortion that was proven false; blurred sonogram pictures without name and date or with wrong time on them; unknown time and place of birth of the child; unknown blood type of the child etc.).

    This problem should come to an end soon, as KHJ now legally obtained parental rights of the child that might or might not exist. That means he can demand seeing the child and if there is any, he’s free to take another DNA test on his own. How is this not great news? Why are we pressured to believe this is in any way bad for KHJ? I clearly remember KHJ himself, his parents and attorney assuring the public over and over again if the child is his, he’d take responsibility. Now he can do that.

    On the other hand Choi didn’t get any money this time around, as equal rights mean equal responsibilities. Obviously the court didn’t fancy her preferred way of parenting – force the father of a child nobody’s ever seen buy her a house, give her money to be wasting all of her life and feel miserable about how that superwoman outsmarted him. LOL, not in this universe.

    In fact, parental rights in this case mean more than just a chance to see the child. They give KHJ access to all medical documents regarding the pregnancy and birth and he’s entitled to make decisions regarding the child. Honestly, what made me most suspicious about the whole pregnancy/birth problem was that Choi was desperate to make everyone believe KHJ was the father but she somehow failed to prove she was the mother.

    Do you remember her attorney’s past remarks? – she couldn’t come to court because “she was spending her time educating the child before birth” (ehh???); she suffered emotional damage by online comments etc. as “pregnant” woman… but to prove that you need to show the court (and in this case the people too, I’ve had enough of dummies saying “she doesn’t need to prove anything to you” – hell yeah, she has to prove everything to me because she meant to use me as a part of the public against KHJ, she needed me to side her and she fed me false information. she did the same to you and you and everyone.

    hence she’s obliged to prove stuff to us, I demand it of her!) at least 2 papers – one from the gynaecologist and one from the psychiatrist. Where’s any of them? If this is the point of her civil lawsuit against KHJ and against nameless netizens, then she’s screwed. I don’t care who KHJ is going out with and if not for this mess, I would not care about Choi at all. She made this public, she took her dirty laundry to Dispatch and the moment she pulled us all into this disgusting matter and asked of us support and to turn away from KHJ, she created a situation where she MUST show and prove to us every single thing she wants us to believe.

    I’m sorry to say this but if someone says fans who trust KHJ is innocent are blind and delusional, then how stupid is a person who doesn’t know anything about Choi but parrots word after word of what she said without thinking about what those words actually mean. If you tell them “she lied about taking 600k bucks, she lied about miscarriages and abortions… and it was proven”, they tell you “but she can’t be lying in everything and he’s an abuser” – and we’re back at it. We have a right to know what the heck this whole thing means, why she made up those things and who is behind her. When we became a part of the media play, that right arose. So yes, miss Choi will have to deal with us when she created this case. It’s not like once she finally starts losing, we’ll pretend it was a joke and let it be.

    Let me say, she’s losing big time! For the civil lawsuit she had a year time to gather evidence and list witnesses. Her evidence were text messages where she only proved her mother plotted blackmail with her before the first allegations against KHJ. No witnesses from her part were accepted. Is this supposed to be the strong evidence? NOTHING? She could not even bring medical certificates of medical problems? Is she even sane to drag a lawsuit for a year, waste taxpayer’s money, force KHJ to pay loads of money for legal representation and bother the public to bring nothing to court and prove nothing?

    No wonder the criminal investigations go on for so long, I can only imagine what the prosecutors dug out about her when she’s so shameless. No wonder she couldn’t ask for custody of her alleged child – apparently the threat of her going to jail is not considered an advantage in front of the court. So again, where is she winning over KHJ? Most of the media those were helping her with her smear campaign before now pretend they never did anything wrong, they just write a couple sentences to make it look like the court forced KHJ to accept this and that. But in the end they’re much less daring after attorney Lee informed them lawsuits against media will follow lawsuits against Choi. It seems it became less fun to badmouth him all of a sudden.

    I reckon if I was KHJ’s attorney, I would sue Choi for denying the father access to the child. I remember her babbling about her human rights when KHJ suggested a top lab to take DNA tests for them. But she seems to have forgotten – and her attorney as well – that when she started with the whole “I’m pregnant and it’s KHJ’s” thing, again she made herself obliged to make him a part of the pregnancy, birth and let him raise the child with her. If she really was pregnant, she could have kept that to herself and not tell the alleged abuser. She most certainly could have kept her mouth shut and not bother us, the public, with her private matters.

    But – I believe her motive as usual was money – as much as she kept going about what KHJ must give her when she’s pregnant with him, once she claimed him to be the father, he had the right to see medical certificates, to know what she feeds his child (we know there’s a big difference between a mother-to-be who eats vitamins and one who smokes and drinks) and have a say in this, to help pick the hospital for her to give birth etc etc. She called him out for not doing anything for the child but she gave him no chance to do something (don’t get me started about nonsense of house for her).

    She – when she publicly demanded him to take responsibility – was supposed to prove him the pregnancy and his paternity as soon as possible – after 3rd month of pregnancy if I’not wrong it would be possible. Yet to this day KHJ had no chance to even meet her demands and take responsibility and if he has a child, to start building any bond with him. How cruel and inhumane is that? In what world Choi has human rights and KHJ doesn’t? And the child? We can doubt but she says the child is his. Does the child have no right to know his father? Wouldn’t you sue her? I would!

    To sum it up, I really don’t see where we’re losing. I trust attorney Lee will be ready on June 3rd as always and this whole thing will end well for KHJ. Soon enough all those articles those meant to damage his reputation will be used as evidence – all Choi and Seon said there can be used against them and will help prove their lies. I guess fans who take screenshots of hateful articles and comments about this case will be welcome. E.g. sites like Soompi like to delete their comments relatively fast, so if you see something that you think could help, please take a screenshot and save it. Hwaiting! 🙂

    • Hello girl!!
      LOL thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, hey I miss reading from you! You got good points here thanks! And this slipped from my mind. Pls allow me to use this space I just have say this….
      Yes as Choi claimed psychological damage over her fabricated miscarriage caused by fabricated assault, which by the way also needs medical record from a psychiatrist proving she was mentally and emotionally damaged in 2014! I wonder if she has psychiatric medical record too? Unfabricated I hope!
      LOLI think she was already mentally damaged long before she met KHJ in 2012 as she claimed her fantasy!
      BUT to Choi, “it’s too late for you to declare temporary insanity as your escape goat from your upcoming criminal charges!!” I hope Seon won’t use this alibi coz no one will buy it! LOL
      Thanks again Nemesis, Have a great weekend! God bless…

      • As far as I know “gold digger” nor “permanently incapable lawyer” are a diagnosis XD
        Yoo too have a great weekend Miss Lazerkim!

    • Thsnk you so much for such a nice long comment. i enjoy reading it . What you have said it’s not far from the truth at all.

    • Thanks Lk as usual you are correct bitchoi didn’t like the outcome of the court decision, hence the silence, this is actually a good decision. If she will try and contest the decision of the court will be like she is refusing to accept Hj is the father, isn’t it? She lost her meal ticket here anyhow because now – Hj has rights!
      Anyhow I think till now Hj has followed the court orders to the dot!

      Nemessis girl, you’ve naild it so right. Obvious Hj human rights been trashed by their Media since this saga started, Yes scandal sell and obvious frustrated little people like to believe a nobody from nowhere who is splashing lies in trash media, those people who have no common sense and live in their little world can’t see what is really screaming of scam.
      I really do hope after Atty Lee will finish off bitchoi and her gang of monsters including that joker pig lawyer he will go and sue all trash Media including the English sites who done so much damage.
      You are not alone in wanting to sue thet bitchoi I want to do the same.

      Lk that blogger who posted that brainless and stupid so called article I thinks she was writing sci-fi or she was on drugs because simply is not an article is just blubbering for attention she wanted more views on her blog that is all, well she got it because Real people and real fans don’t take it nicely to trash being thrown at an innocent man.
      Yes I am fan of KHJ and will stay!

      • Hello Noya 🙂
        I noticed attorney Lee doesn’t speak a lot in public but when he does, he acts according to his own words. He said they’d sue the media those lied about the case, so I trust they will later on. Until then all contradictory claims in the articles, all pressure those articles were meant to put on KHJ, those will become evidence against Choi. She has the right to speak but not to speak just whatever. She will learn.

        • Hello Nemesis,
          Oh yes Atty Lee is acting like a REAL Lawyer should weighing his words carefully in front of media, as it should be.
          let the other party talk, no need to learn, every time the pig or her open their mouth is actually good, disclosing more and more discrepancies in their own lies…let them speak, they are digging that hole deeper.
          as you rightly said, more evidences against themselves and I would call that hand made job.
          Happy Weekend!

        • I will patiently wait to see those immoral medias try to defend themselves in court. I wish there will be more people sue them. The money they got from destroying people will destroy themselves at the end. I have seen quite a few examples of the same kind before.

      • Nemesis – Thats one Hell of a Long Written Article you wrote there. lol

        I’m waiting for Att Lee going After the Media, Bloggers, Trolls,
        Haters or Maybe International freaks out there who spread
        Lies about KHJ that totally ruin him.

        I don’t know, Do you think Att Lee will going after the International Bloggers, Social Media cause usually they only go for Korean Netizens.

        • I can’t tell what they will do to a point but I’d strongly suggest them to sue every site that spread wrong and malicious content about KHJ, his family and this case to a wider base of followers. Individual cases of hate are different but extremely hateful comments (some suggested KHJ to commit suicide or expressed hope he’d be bullied to death in the army) should be punished too. That’s way over the line. Things can get tricky with international sites but honestly I’d include them for 2 reasons – online world comes under international law, so certain behaviour is considered inacceptable no matter where that person is from – and Hallyu celebrities aim for career not just in SK but also abroad. E.g. KHJ has a wide fanbase in Japan, so he needs his name cleared there also. Last but not least of what I see international fans have been very active in defending KHJ’s position in this case while he got many haters from abroad because of the recent situation. That’s why I’d certainly include bigger international sites and blogs in these lawsuits (I saw articles implying KHJ forced Choi to stay with him and suffer abuse until she got pregnant because he threatened he’d commit suicide, if she left. That’s absolute nonsense to speak like that). He suffered so much damage that he needs to bring it to an end and exemplarily punish such rudeness. Otherwise he’ll be forever bullied by people who will keep saying he’s guilty no matter what the courts will say. And if one day he wants to start a family, he needs to be sure people won’t attack them.
          Stay well, friend.

          • Dear Nemezis, thank you for info you gave me. Horrible info, but info. I have no time for checking a lot in net, but ( for my happines ) I never found such opinions wishing KHJ death. JCH! What kind of people doing this? How is possible to wish someone death? Eventually I could understand this if people will comment such person like Hitler or someone other , who killed milions of people, but this? There is no way to accept this. Doesn’t matter in KHJ case or the other. How much of a coward, jealous, unhappy man, they have to be to write with such hatred? Theoretically, the internet is anonymous, so a lot of people in it unloads his anger, aggression etc., but there are limits which should not be exceeded. I hope that whoever it is, will be liable for such comments. I would also like to such a person has changed way of looking at the world, but it is only so idealistic wish…. Nemezis , take care and wish you good weekend 🙂

            • Thank you Ania 🙂
              I’ll dare to be optimistic here, as even though there are many reckless and cruel people, there are also many more good people in this world. The problem is the bad ones usually speak louder. That’s why us idealists need to stick together 😀 I like the quote “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” – I prefer to think I can.

  30. Hello,

    Love your blog. I’m in old Hyun Joong and SS501 fan but new to your blog. I’ve read everything you’ve written and read all the links. It’s great that you break it down for all the fans. After reading all the articles and news, the quote that comes to mind is, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” by William Congreve.

    No one be mad at me, please (I’m just stating my opinion) but both HJ and Choi are at fault here and even thought I’m a HUGE fan of his, hitting a man or woman out of anger and while arguing is not ok. I do believe everything she did by filing all those claims in court, making up lies, using the child and telling her version of the story to the media (instead of just dealing things in private) is because she is truly mad at him. Heck, she could still be in love with him and feels like she was wronged by him. She is attacking him the only way she knows how and that is by destroying his name and reputation.
    Let’s not forget they were in a romantic relationship before all this started. It’s terrible there’s a child in this mess but angry woman cam be vengeful and she is flat out attacking him where it will hurt him the most. It’s even worse because he is famous and in my opinion she couldn’t have him so she thought she could get money out of him. I understand why many people have turned against him and I also understand why fans stay by his side. The public will always want to believe the women and mother of a child than the man, even though one person is more to blame than the other. We only see what we read and hear from the media and blogs and we as fans decided were we stand even though the fans will never really know the whole story. All I know is that no one is perfect and people make mistakes.

    I read Diedra’s (The One Shot blog) article and it’s written in a negative bias opinion. If she wants to inform people about KPop news, she is doing it all wrong. First, she needs to make sure her facts are correct and not choose sides if she just wants to deliver information. Right off the bat the reader knows how she feels and she can’t complain if fans attack her and her blog.

    Sorry I wrote so much but thank you again for updating all the news. I look forward to all your updates and standing by KHJ.

    • Hi there, sorry to telling you this, but as an old HJ fan you should know better the real facts coz everybody does. Please go back to the heart of this drama and try to pay more attention to the details what really happened. First of all he never hit her, she did, he just shoved her coz she came to his place and attacked him that is what police report says and if somebody is victim here it’s him and she is an abuser – physical and moral. And there is no any sign of love there to be mad or angry about and go to revenge like crazy, he never loved her and he told her about, but she and her family trapped him with their money catching game and still scheming how to ruin his life. That Romeo and Juliet story you talking about is not the case. Please, take it easy what i’m saying, no hard feelings. Take care.

      • Hi Ella-Elizabeth

        Thanks for clearing some points for me. Like I said, I’m new to all this and trying to read everything. 🙂

        I see what you mean, I actually thought they were in a romantic relationship. Sigh…what people would do for money.

        • Thank you a lot Zooey! I’m happy u took it right coz nothing personal. I can see you as a nice and forgiving person with a kind and giving heart but that criminal doesn’t deserve your compassion, she is coldblooded gold-digger with no drop of humanity inside. Now about us – I tell u that every single KHJ fan is a very dear person to me and i’m sure HJ will gain more fans in the future when he will bring his new projects to the world. Tnx again for your understanding, please stick with us, we need u as much as HJ does. Stay with us and you will meet amazing people and join the greatest fan-family ever and u will not get lost in paradise forever coz that’s what LK blog is all about.

        • Hi zooey02

          I’m not trying to be bias but I justhink want to say if a guy finds u not what he wanted from u it’s hard to take but that does not send u to burn his car or house. Like chess you need to recheck ur self for the next one to find u better. One’s man trash can be someone s treasure. Choi is a bipolar kind of a person so u can understand why at 30 she was still single. How many guy’s dated and ditched her…? That’s ur puzzle to fit. It’s normal though painful to break up but u don’t punish a person coz he dumps u for someone better. Her mom should have couch her than what she did.
          These guy went back after the scandal gosh if she was smart she could’ve been with him by now but she lacked wisdom.

          • ooppss correction pls! The girl went back to the guy who dump her! Remember her mom’s text msg telling her to go back to him and stay till dec. as atty lee revealed the text msg from her evidences?

      • Thank you for your reply you were right on the money. Also, we must not forget that she followed him on this vacation stating that she was depressed and someone gave him bad advice to spend time with her. This was her mother and her trap, stay with the do call abuser until December. I will never forget that this came out in all those text messages they gave to the court. Also, how can she appealed this Family court ruling. Did she not say she didn’t need this money she could raise this child on her own, and that she did not want this child to have nothing to do with KHJ? If I mistaking please correct. Put one thing for sure, I agree with the commenter who stated, “if she appeal this ruling then she is stating that KHJ is not the father”. I am sure they are trying to come up with something, but this time it will not work. Sometimes people forget that there is so many tricks in a trick bag and you will run out and people will eventually catch on to your tricks. I thank LK and all you have furnished information on this case. Yes, LK you were right from your first article. I was floored when the truth started coming out, and I went back to read that first article. I still say you need to be an investigation. Let those who still believe, falsehood, believe until the truth and the whole truth comes out. God bless the attorneys, the Kim family, friends, fans, and especially LK and others who have kept us informed. Love and have a bless weekend.

        • Ps: now I understand why KHJ attorney did not contest the DNA testing, it was court ordered and he did not want him to go against the court.

    • Hello Zooey!
      Thank you so much for dropping by. I would just like to correct you that KHJ and Choi was never in a romantic relationship, may I clear this up to you. We’re not mad at you nor here to debate, we would just like to clear up some points from your comment that may seem untrue about KHJ’s relationship. As what Elizabeth suggested to you to please go over with my archives back in 2014 here you go >
      I wrote this article on day 1 of this nightmare 2014 “Simply Defending” and this article would explain that most of what I have written came out true and there are series of articles after this that I have written after that article.

      You are in free will to believe what you want. If KHJ and Choi indeed were in “romantic relationship” as you call it, Choi should not be out in the media with her dirty laundry to begin with. This was not love on both sides since the start, and I do hope we have realise that by this time.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and welcome to LK blog! God bless…

      • Hi LK,

        I’ll go back and read The article. Still trying to read everything. Thanks for clearing some stuff for me. 🙂

    • Hi Zooey!
      Here’s another article that you may read. These are all facts where this scandal rooted from media and other materials which was omitted from publishing specially the police report back in 2014. I know you’re confuse I’m here to help for you to better understand this case. Here you go
      We’re simply leading you to the right way, still this up to your prerogative what to believe. Thank you and have a good weekend! See you around!


    There’s another junk writer named Deidra fr THEONEDHOTS blog site who doesn’t know what she’s writing! And shame on her, the blog readers knew better than what she wrote on the blog!! LOL If anyone stumbled on a blog site THEONESHOTS, junk it bcoz the blogger Deidra is a junk from the junk shop to mislead readers.

    Have a pleasant weekend everyone and thanks for sharing your thoughts! God bless…

    • I am not sure if I exactly undersand what’s going on but I am sure that I can recognize you dear LazerKm. I think also that the other “members of this family” too. So do not worry please, we will stay with this what we believe in 🙂

      • Sorry guys, did I miss something? Could u please to help me out to get in tune with LK comment, though I don’t care about any negative opinions about this blog, HJ or whatever. I’m not interested what people take HJ for, I love the way he is from the first sight and forever.

        • Hey Ella Elizabeth, I have same feeling so this is why I wrote what I wrote. I found this:


          Here’s another junk writer who doesn’t know what she’s writing! And shame on this writer, the blog readers know better than what was written on the blog!! LOL If anyone stumbled on a blog site THEONESHOTS, junk it bcoz the blogger is a junk from the junk shop to mislead the readers.

          Have a pleasant weekend everyone and thanks for sharing your thoughts! God bless…

          so I reply as I reply. Perhaps I understand something in wrong way …take care 🙂

          • Hello Ella and Ania!
            My apology to you both, forgive me I might have mislead you guys with my comment since I was avoiding naming names as Deidra is also a blogger like myself, only she probably has a larger scale of readers which worries me for the sake of those readers who knew nothing about this case to be misled. I re-phrase my comment here to whom I was pointing out! Thanks!
            I’m just glad KHJ fans were there at that site to rescue against further misleading write-ups. Thanks to you guys! Have a happy weekend! see you soon!

            • Hey LazerKim, perhaps it’s too late ( 02:13 am after really hard day ) for me for correct using brain, because I still understand not too much 😉 But this is no problem, I will just forgett about this and will sleep, and then I will enjoy your blog as ussually. And it will be ok. So see you later :)))) Good day for you 🙂 And for Ellie Elizabeth, and for all also. See you 🙂

              • LOL it’s my fault, you’re doing good and I appreciate it very much to let me know if I’m being misunderstood so that I can correct myself. You’re doing me the favor honestly. Thanks again and go get some sleep! goodnight see you! God bless….

            • Tnx much guys for clearing this up to me. Sometimes I feel like it’s good to know what other people up to, but eventually I end up with our LK blog only, probably bcoz i’m oversensitive with all that blah-blah-blah trashy stuff which means nothing and just hurting real HJ fans.

  32. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work for KHJ. I am an older lady in the USA. If not for your site I could have believed all kinds of nonsense about Hyun Joong. I know I was sceptical from the beginning of these stories, since nothing I had watched seemed to even hint that he was a bad guy. But reading your site and the comments from people who refused to abandon him kept me steady. And now, more and more, little by little, you have helped us to see that his true fans were not delulu and that he really is the steady, kind, but human young man he has shown himself to be up until all of the horrible accusations. May God bless Kim Hyun Joong, Lazerkim, and all of his fans who have stood by him so fiercely. (And that poor little baby, whoever he belongs to.)
    This experience has also given me some insight on how many temptations and pitfalls are in the way of the entertainers in Korea. And how many people just want to use them.
    Thanks again!

  33. Am I reading some of these sites correctly, that a decision in family court yesterday was joined custody and at this time no money was awarded to choi?

  34. As always I’ve been regularly visiting your blog, thanks so much.

    Just would like to share a little of my thoughts on this whole saga:

    I’m still doubtful there’s even a legitimate pregnancy to begin with, KHJ’s only following court orders thus far. And to date, she has not been able to get her “evidence” in order (although she’s the one to file the lawsuits), no medical records of her pregnancy till birthing. IF she’s actually pregnant and had given birth in Sep 2015, WHY?! She has not submitted them to court to prove her claims are legitimate.

    Getting a child to take a DNA test and getting a 99.999% result MEANS NOTHING, this can be easily manipulated digitally in the lab. As we knew, the DNA test was done same day, same place BUT separately! Anything can happen (not to mention, it’s their choice of hospital). This is the same as their first hospital visit (also their choice of hospital), same day, same place BUT scan record showed time discrepancies! Until a second test is warranted by the criminal court, I’ll remain doubtful.

    KHJ has been known for his loyalty to the point of stubbornness. He’ll not say anything, even he’s being misunderstood. That’s just him, simply A MAGNANIMOUS MAN! I sincerely hope through this ordeal, he’ll come to realise sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind to the other person and oneself.

    I’M HIS FAN, AND WILL ALWAYS BE ONE! Regardless what’s the outcome (even though we already knew they’ll end up serving jail term) of these absurd, ridiculous lawsuits by the concluded gang of bandits!

    Therefore until our Rīdā, KHJ says something, will continue to stay patient and wait – just like him.

    Lastly, I believe truth will always prevail over the evil doers! Hoping Jun 3 will come sooner!

    Thanks lots once again.

  35. Dear LK thank you very much thousand and million times for this blog coz it’s still a war zone out there, where HJ fans still on fire against all haters and antis. We are very lucky with our privilege to be safe here from any harm or ugly discussions and enjoy such a high intelligent environment created by you and all amazing fans- family from the entire world. It’s only natural for each of us don’t give up on happiness. We learn to live with our scars and failures and move on with new hopes. The time will heal, the life will bring all answers. Our HJ is a tough guy. He dreams big. All we need it’s just let the music of his heart to warm our souls. Love and be loved. That’s the only reality of there is in the world. And we have it. All of us. Because we are fortunate, because we are KHJ fans. Forever and ever.

      • Tnx dear Ania, actually all I really care about is for him to be safe and healthy in that hot spot he is serving right now, that’s it. Would be nice though if all this madness could be stopped somehow till he is back.

  36. KHJ is truly blessed to have his loyal supporters backing him up for good or bad times. I’m also a fan since I started watching him from “We Got Married”. I’ve read everything you have written and I totally agree with you. Somehow there is something wrong with the judicial system there if freedom of that level was even awarded to Choi. Facts don’t add up and lies were piled on top of the other. Civil cases take a long time and I pray that despite the length of time it would take to settle this, true justice will be served and that Choi will be made to pay for everything she had against KHJ. I don’t know KHJ personally and I never even watched any concerts or attended any fan meetings seeing as I am from far away but I still like him. He was even the reason why I started with the Korean drama and everything. And so this is the second time I wished something bad against another person. My first time was for personal reasons and second one was against Choi. May her soul never get the rest she deserved.

    what we fans can only do for now is to continue showing our support. Hope to read more of your updates. It’s good to finally find a blog where I can follow the case seeing as I’m so behind with the news.

    • Hi dear friend! Wonderful comment, every word is so true. Please don’t be uncomfortable with your honest and objective judgment for that psycho- bitch.Our opinion is not influenced by unreasonable personal feelings or any prejudice against her, but it’s only based on real evidences and facts. All we ask for from SK system it is just bring to justice the criminals who deliberately ruins the world – famous Star life and we are not gonna stop till the great noble name KHJ is completely cleared from all gloomy clouds in the sky.

      • Dear Ella – Elizabeth, I agree with you in all you write, but…. I’m thinking that sometimes things take time and careful action, such step by step. Choi and her camp are unpredictable. They are able to think of every lie. Therefore, here KHJ need to act with extreme caution and protect his rights as first. Now he done this. Now officially has the right as father and if anything happens with Choi he will take care of the child. If this law is not secured, and as a result of criminal case Choi went to the prison, KHJ will have begin another matter for the rights of the child. And that again would take a long time …. but now his rights are safe. I also get nervous the dragging of cases in the courts, but I think it is a strategy of from the camp KHJ ( this accept for slowly court ) , because in this way opponents ( means Choi camp ) will can not deny anything, nor to make an effective appeal court. I hope that now the criminal matter become a better pace. Take care 🙂

        • Absolutely! And that ” walking on egg shells” situation is a very upsetting stuff. Anyway let’s stay positive. Tnx dear Ania, I always pay maximum attention to your thoughts.

          • Dear Ella – Elizabeth, thank you for such nice reply :). Let’s wait until June to see what happend next. See you. Take care 🙂

  37. Thank you for your updates LK, as always. I too, continue to have lingering doubts about the DNA results. But if the baby is truly HJK’s the thought of him being raised by “them” all this time is really sad. Thanks again for being the for so many.

  38. Paternity confirmed!! It seems we lost our way , all these delay in courts for which child !! I Asked myself if there’s child from the beginning , you can take any child call the media to take photo for him and say this is my child ,it is not difficult especially for choi and fabricated DNA test , the last delay was due to atty seon is not able to talk to his client why !!! I don’t know why I feel there’s something related for today up date and this confusion .

    • Hello there and to everyone here!
      I’m glad you have mentioned about the baby and media, thank you!
      To add up to your thoughts which I agree you are right in saying one can easily pull out a baby from any mother and shot pictures for the media saying “this is my baby”!

      If you have watched the news footage during that fiasco fr media on the day the baby took his DNA at the forensic lab in 2015, we heard the baby crying relentlessly! Many of you here are mothers, so please do correct me if I’m wrong.

      A baby would cry if the baby is not familiar to the person carrying him and this is one of their discomforts other than feeling hungry or in pain that makes them cry, am I right? That time the baby’s age seem to be on the stage where he can recognize and see, if I’m not mistaken.

      At the media vid footage, from the hall way where choi and her mother were walking towards the elevator going up to the forensic lab, the baby crying was clearly heard! I thought it was only I who noticed it but many mothers from the tweeter had the same thoughts as I had! That for me it was as if the baby was screaming for HELP! I felt for the baby as he was dragged in this circus!

      I’m really so sorry that no matter how I want to convince myself about the DNA, something is just not right along the way as this circus was shown to us. I’m not in denial just for the heck of denying, I may be wrong which I hope I am, it’s just that something is not normal about all of these! As I wrote in my other articles, it should have been easier for me to accept what is being fed to us by choi if only she acted normal as a mother of that child that can convince me, Akim we have the same thoughts!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts everyone! Have a great day! God bless..

      • You are right in all you said LK, what kind of a mother will put her kid through this, if you all remember and written by a SK journalist was that actually psycho invited the Media when they took the baby DNA with the invitation was said she will say few words. Now what kind of a mother will take out her child and put him through this knowing very well that Media , noise and flashes were there? I mean where is the instinct to protect that baby. If you remember psycho never said one word…why? maybe because Hj didn’t say one word to her and ignored her? (after all he said he never wants to be in same room with her…and I believe him) who knows, but Discretion is not something this psycho ever knew as we well know from her famous txt msgs and coming again at those famous trillions of txt msgs, as a real Fan of HJ is a well known fact that HJ hates txt msgs, by the amount it seems Hj was not working or doing his world tour but only sitting (even in middle of concert…lol) and txting which he hates…so people start using your common sense to the obvious fabricated story.
        not to talk about the famous US of the baby she sent to Media when she was supposed to be in 2nd month and US showed like a baby of four or five months in full development….just saying.
        I might be wrong when I doubt very much the DNA result even if accepted by the Kim’s but for me it smell like a big bluff that is about to burst.
        SK should be ashamed that they allowed this story to thus far and is not on a good note for them, because psycho done them more damage and those fake Hj fans and antis and haters who take for granted what ever that psycho and pig are saying I wish to see them eating their own hats…for crucifying a man without giving him the benefit of the doubt one moment.

      • Dear Lazer Kim, as first – thank you fr all your job here. Very often I have no time write, but I try follow everything here. The second – baby’s crying – it is very hard to say why baby was crying. Small children are like a sponge, can sense the feelings not only the person who holds it, but also the whole atmosphere around them. And there was not yet calm. Atmosphere nervous, probably hot (in the bag!), flashes etc. It’s enough to make a baby crying. If there really was a child …… But now KHJ has rights as father so earlier or later he will able make another test .

    • Dear Akemi012hyun, I think way is not lost. Oposite. At this what happened in court acknowledgment of paternity is not the most important. First – test was done. Efect we know ( doesn’t matter in this minute it was truth or not ), second – court has give official info that he is father, and ok, done. But the third is the most important – he has rights as father. And this is this court decision. Even when someone is father of baby who is born in unformal relation it doesn’t mean that this father will have father’s right. But KHJ received rights. I don’t know korean law but even in Korea it means that whatever happend with mother he will automaticly take care of baby. It also mean that now , officialy he can require meeting with the child alone, without Choi. Father’s rights are different, depend of country, but generally this is very good decision for every move . So don’t be confused or nervous please. Just keep faith 🙂

      • Hi dear ania z, Maybe you misunderstood we are not against khj to be as a father or getting his rights or against the presence of the child ,this is not our business we respect khj private life we are following him coz he is a talented person but we are doubtful!! But don’t forgot choi is a criminal and expect anything ! about baby ‘s crying I think when child be with her mother he is in a safe place and he will forgot all the people around him ! . thanks for being with khj and for sharing your thoughts ,God bless you .

        • Dear Akemi012hyun, I see we misunderstood each other 🙂 Of course I know and understand this what you write now. This is base for me. I always separate privacy and offcial things, in my and the other people life. Earlier, in my previous mail I didn’t write about this what you think about. You wrote that way is lost ,so I noticed that you worry. I wanted to improve your mood and show you good side of this what happend in court now. For better understanding I wrote step by step, started from test ( which gave info about KHJ as father, but it was not oficial,court judgment ) until this oficial judgment which give KHJ very good situation for future. It was a kind of analysis of the developments completed judgment and forecast for the future. As you know, Choi is a very dangerous opponent. KHJ and his camp have to be very careful at every step. Thanks to that judgment, if Choi go to jail, KHJ will not have to fight anymore about the child, but will automatically take over the care. This means that KHJ will save time, nerves, the money, he will not to have next court, and he will also be able to do another DNA test, if he wants. A child will finally have peace. I think that the analysis of developments in court and future consequences do not infringe privacy KHJ. The whole thing with Choi is based on his privacy and for this reason it is so heavy. But regardless of what happens in his private life, looking at court you need look no thinking about privacy, but about the legal consequences, that may be for KHJ good or bad. And these are good. And this I wanted to share with you for making you feeling better 🙂

        • My second reply – dear Akemi012hyun, after writting my first reply I started read your reply again and again. And now I really want understand correct, so please, answer me . How you found that I think you are against KHj as father etc.? I didn’t write any word about this so why you think about me in this way? The second matter , more about understanding english – what you exactly wanted say in this words: “But don’t forgot choi is a criminal and expect anything ! about baby ‘s crying I think when child be with her mother he is in a safe place and he will forgot all the people around him ! ” Who will forgot about who? Baby about father? Or KHJ about us? Or the other combination? And this” expect anything” From who and what ? Darling, I am sorry asking about explanation , but english is not my native language , and I really have problem with understanding what you wanted say to me. Could you be so polite and write this once more using full sentences, please 🙂

          • My dear ania , I am sorry if my comment hurts you , when I saw your comment “khj has rights as father ” and you repeated that for me and for LK when you replied , and your explanation way ,maybe as you said we misunderstood each other! Until this moment I still doubtful that khj is the real father ! so maybe this also reflect on my thoughts expression,about choi from the beginning until now all her evidence are fake so what about this child maybe also choi is not the real mother ! about baby’s crying I meant when any person with his or her real mother either infant or old age both they will be comfortable and they forgot the others (people ,media ,etc….) the last one ,I meant choi ,it seems choi and her boss they do what they wants . Ania enjoy your love for khj and forget my comment LoL !! again I am sorry, everyone here is like my friend , thanks coz you are worry about me ,and thanks for LK for this home which filled with love and honesty.

            • Dear Akemi 012 hyun, sorry for late reply, I couldn’t earlier. Everything between us ( you and me ) is ok 🙂 I don’t want forget your mail, because for few months we can remember this as funny situation with misunderstanding in the lead role 😉 Such memories are also nice 🙂 The second – I think that in future we can have some more similary situations because our way of thinking is a litlle different. It doesn;t mean that one or second way is better or worst. No. We are just litlle different 🙂 Perhaps I am not right, but I think that your way of treating whole KHJ situation is very emotional, full of love and compassion. And this is very beautiful. I also think that you are very sensitive and delicate person. This is beautiful also. I am very sensitive also, but only inside. My life experience tought me using brain for analising situation and making decisions. No heart, because sometimes we have make very hard decisions…. like KHJ now. So this is why I am looking at court, decision and I think about development of situation. The other matter is question about borders of KHJ privacy in this case. All of this is his privacy. This is one of the most private thing in life , this with who someone is and with who someone has baby. Now such private thing with KHJ life is in courts, in front of millions of people….. Of course, this is horrible, and because of this I would like make Choi ….( I will not write because they are very offensive things, and I would like use sharp vulgarity ) …. So…back to matter – darling, I think that sometimes you can feel uncomfortable reading my opinions, but I promise you – I always was and will respect his privacy. But remember that in this case border of privacy is very ….how to say ?…thin? Similary like you I would like believe that there is no any baby. That everything this is huge lie which will proof. But this is my wish. In life we have courts and decisions. I think that the effect of some of these decisions will have a tremendous impact on career development KHJ after leaving the army. I think that even if KHJ win in the courts to fight with the media and labels for a good return for performances can be very difficult. Honey, it is Korea …… opinion there is very important, regardless of how much KHJ is loved by fans. Also, I think that then KHJ will be very needed us and our actions, to show the whole world that he just needs to be found! So let’s stand together in our faith ready help him in every moment he will need. Even if sometimes we are a litlle different :)))) Take care darling 🙂

              • Dear ania z, I will be always happy for reading your opinions ,and learn from your experiences as you said our only one khj needs us ,and we with him forever.God bless you

  39. Again unfinished case. Dont know when all these cases fade away. LK thank you very much for your quick update. You are such a great fan, always your writings are good. Every time I read your website and every time I wl be touched your words. You can become a good writer. You will have a bright future or you just a write a book on KHJ inspiration fot several fans by collecting each fans story. Because he did a eonders in our lives. Even he given strenght to live to so many people. When started to follow him i use to read each single line in internet about him, at that time i read so many fans stories and it wss heart touching. Even mother fans also written how KHJ turns their life. So just you try to that , bcz your writings will be a energy for all of us. Atleast try to publish as weekend fan stories. Love u all henecians. Really i am very proud to be KHJ fan and being a henecian family with kind hearted friends.

    • Hi! Thank you so much for the compliment! I sure do hope somehow this site was able to help you in understanding what seem to be cloudy to all of us!
      Thank you for your good idea that I will consider. God bless…

  40. LK you are spot on with your comments! I also still doubt parernity regardless of DNA and court hearing. I think Atty Lee is agreeing to paternity to get custody of the child to get that poor baby away from evil Choi family. Then paternity can really be confirmed. OK, so paternity confirmed. Will the Kim’s Finally see the child? Doubtful. Bonding is so important in a baby’s first year. Keeping the child away just shows how scared they are that the truth will revealed. I find it very telling how piggy Atty is not commenting. Choi must do jail time! Maybe she is so scared of that possibility that she really did get sick!! When she loses her case, wonder who her next target will be? Because you know she and her family will not stop. Get a job, Choi. Support your kid! Stop being a freeloader. Where’s your pride? You keep doing tricks. (Oh wait! Tricks? What are women called who get paid for tricks?) KHJ, stay healthy, stay strong. You will always have our support and love. Thank you LK for keeping this confusing case clear.

    • Just my wild thoughts, I think choi will do everything in her power to avoid the Kims and to let the baby fall in KHJ’s hand….or she’ll be in bigger trouble!

  41. Hi lk am very much impressed by ur updates… I love kHj a lot… I knw wat a kind of person he is… Bt u r really grt fan… I really felt so happy by seeing u r hard wrk in kHj case… D way u collect info and u update dem so fast… Bt I hope kHj hav to b proved innocent.. I knw he is innocent… And kind heart… D ppl who blame kHj hav to down deir heads… Fr blaming him…

  42. Thank you so much for the latest update. To be honest i do not really understand what is going on with the case in the family court. They said paternity is confirmed and case ended. Why they need to be confirmed through the court when the hospital is already confirmed. Do they think when the court confirmed then nobody can say different about the result later ? choi hye mi and her family really obsess with money. They do everything to make sure they can suck money from him. The child is really just a tool to get money. This woman do nothing to protect her child if she really did get one. It is very risky to allow this woman to raise the child . The child will be important to her only when she thinks he can bring her money otherwise he will be in gteat danger. I hope there will be a child protection organization to intervine and looks after the child while the case is on going. The mother is really mentally unstable and her actions was proved she is not fit to raise any child.

    • Hello Bella!
      Anyone here pls do correct me if I’m wrong. Choi filed a paternity lawsuit in Sept 24th, could it be that today’s hearing pertains to the said paternity lawsuit? And that the child custody is another family lawsuit which was filed in Jan 9 by choi’s camp? Is it safe for me to say there were 2 separate family cases?

      Therefore it was the paternity lawsuit which was dismissed today. However, there was no mention about any succeeding court hearing pertaining custody rights which is another family case. This is how I understand these lawsuits. Just like you Bella I was a bit confused with today’s development.

      • Oh my you are right LK, just re-read your time line (up written) of the dates of law suits and this Dismissed case was filed last year Sept2014 for paternity which was actually a futile attempt from psychobitch to discredit Hj as he Stated and stood behind his words since Feb2015 IF proven child his he will recognize it! Which he did!
        You are correct the custody is another story….IF that baby is trully his , why I still have a gut feeling they’ve tampered with that result? Even if accepted something is not add up, but that’s my feeling. Even more Why is she hidding that kid fm the Kim’s? What is she afraid now? They can’t take the baby, only maybe to make a Real DNA to be sure maybe!
        Even the Court can make a mistake sometime with accepting mistaken results.

        Oh yes the pig got more than he chew in his plate he doesn’t know or start to realise that Atty Lee is in a League Way Above his level and he can’t compete with Real Lawyer and bark or oink his bullshit anymore!
        Psychobitchoi main aim most probably is the civil suit for those billions it seems!
        But there is also the Criminal suit that Hj filled, so let’s wait a bit more!

        Most of all I wish Hj and Family to stay firm in clearing his name and getting ALL THE TRUTH OUT!
        Fight till the end, child or not child involved is Hj peace in his future life to clear his name!

        • Seon lost credibility in terms of law and his lawfirm won’t be trusted by many SK ppl,allkpop and friends only realised now that the page they were playing to defame HJ has backfired on their face now they have stopped reporting lies thnks to them He is well supported thanks to their deadly scheme. Ppl are not stupid as they thought with their mind games. It’s now clear that choi and seon were digging their own graves.

          • Mr. soeun , choi hye mi’s lawyer , he has no credit since he advised his client to lie and allowed his client to violate HJ’s rights saveral times. As a humanity he fails as a lawyer he also fails. He is more like a troll or a criminal rather than a lawyer. Each of his interviews only shows how much he tried to get as much money from HJ using choi ‘s multiple lies. I think he did not realize he has no credit and no one believe in choi’s lies anymore even the haters.

            The one who continue bashing HJ and repeating choi ‘s old lies are the immoral trolls and haters who are born to be ignorant and only be happy if they can destroy someone. They are surely the worst kind. They do not believe in morality and do not care for justice . They seems to share the same ultimate goal as choi hye mi which means money is the answer for everything in their life.

  43. I hope things work out for KHJ, I will look forward to the updates on this until then KHJ should focus on his work and know that his fans are behind him all the way. I LOVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG.

  44. thanks LK for updates. I do have a nagging feeling that bitchoi didn’t take into consideration that KHj will stay Firm in his decision to unravel all the Truth as he said. all pig was oinking at media always was actually their modus operandi in throwing mud at Hj to distract all from the facts and to discredit Hj in the hope that Hj and Fam Kim will back off and get tired, Pig and bitchoi were aiming to get another settlement like back in Sept2014, well, it backfired now. They are deep in this because Hj will Fight now and never give up! Of course trash media will not print something that is not scandal or lies like the bullshit that Pig Seon was oinking every time! Truth Hurts and is seems is not selling to their little trolls that are antis of Hj.
    now waiting for 25th let’s see what excuse bitchoi will give now to delay again?
    what I really wonder how the Criminal case is going, but I hope we will have light one day!
    as always all for one and one for all!!

    • Let’s see what will happen on 25th i hope no more surprise from a family court. I hope the court well awares that they are dealing with a criminal suspected who is now investigated by the police for blackmaling , extortion , defamation and fraud.

      In the civil court the case was freezed for 5 months with nonsense reasons before the court finally took it forward . I must say it was unexpected to see such action from the court. However i ‘m awared that we must respect the court.

      I just hope HJ will be treated fairly . He and his family deserve to know the truth and to be treated with respect.

      • Those who have been once intoxicated with lies-ideas of money-power, and have derived any kind of profit from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They’re just trying to lay low for a bit to buy some time to create their know-how with full ignorance of the fact that a game is over and they can’t be so sure of their impunity any longer. I can’t wait for the day when this twisted psycho driven by greed and delusions of grandeur will be locked up behind the bars to pay for her evil ambitions coz we are really overdosed with all the stuff going on.

  45. I don’t know why justic system in SK feels shy to say that choi is a criminal!!! Your decision will protect a lot of victims!!! We are tired from the swimming in choi’s lies we need to take fresh breath ! My dear LK there is fire in my heart like your post for witness the justice .anyway we should be strong and positive , I think any delay will never bring khj down coz his fans will push him up with their love and support forever.

    • I believe there is fire in the hearts of every one who value justice especially when they withness a criminal controls the court game . However be patient and be positive are the best thing we can do now. Somehow it encourages us even more strong commitment to see justice for KHJ. Any delay might be annoyed with the clumsiness of the court but it ‘s also proved that choi hye mi is truly a real criminal.

      • Hi Bella ,she is a true criminal wear a victim’s dress !! For how long will continue in this game ,the truth so obvious and shiny maybe this shining hurts their eyes so they can’t see clearly!! never give up for something we believe.

  46. I am so over that Choi woman, I hope she goes to jail. You know, I’ve always thought that Leader should’ve done what Lee Byung Hyun did that time, and counter sued right away. This just proves what a kind person he really is, because he couldn’t hurt someone who was close to him despite the fact that she hurt him first. *sigh*

    I also find it very suspicious that allkpop and soompi and other news sights are not posting about the new court dates, and outcomes. It’s because of them that so many Westerners hate him now. If they properly posted maybe people would be more aware of what’s happening. When Double S 301 was promoting many inetz were bashing them for association and that really hurt me. Ugh. I just want that woman to go to jail so people can see the truth.

    • I don’t think westerns hate him, they are probably not as vocal as before. Remember, we westerns are not accustomed to court procedures in this manner, so we wait for the final outcome and his return. These court delays and her given the opportunity to continually be free to talk to the media and never once received an order not to speak to the media is beyond our comprehension. Hard to believe a court proceedings are held in this manner. But, I believe many are just waiting for his return, like me.

  47. Looks like the civil court allows choi hye mi to buy times for another few months, However the good thing is no more hearing. To be honest the hearing should end since Dec. last year because there is no more evident beside text message. What really frustrate about this case is for me it looks like the court allow the plaintiff ( criminal suspected ) to drag the case when there is no case at all. It must be really hurtful for people who seeks for justice and fairness. It ‘s also very hurtful for everyone who believe in justice.

    However i hope this case will end at no times since it was dragged for too long already. Otherwise it’s hard to be called justice.

  48. Hi, LK,

    I just saw your latest update post above that replaces a pic. of who we know a snake woman. That was exactly how I feel about this woman i remembered well my feeling then in 2013 . I can not find that clip anymore the clip that focus her face and her eyes stared at HJ . Her eyes then liked a wild animal staring at its target with culculation how to eat them. I had a goose bum with that vibration from her. It was very clear to me that if this woman has a chance to be closed to him she would do everything to trap him and will never let him go. When the scandal broke out she was the one that come to my head . The way it broke out I suspected the snake woman I saw from that clip and i was so shock but yet not surprise when i learnt that my instinct comes true
    Since then I feel afriad of my instinct but will never ignore it again.

    The way this case goes and all her actions and behaviors however it does not need the court to say so. It is very clear that she is guilty and she and her associate have planed to trap him for sometimes before setting the scandal and planed to get pregnant to free her from all her crimes. I do hope the SK police and its justice sustem know the way to catch a criminal gang and know how to stop this kind of behavior in SK society . I feel very sad and sorry for all public figures that they are the easy victims of the criminal like this snake woman.

    I wonder how the relatives of choi hye mi walk on the street when she is known as a national snake woman. It will be better if she confess because it is still a lot of room to forgive and will be better for her child ( if she really has one ) when he grows up.

  49. Let’s pray tonight that when we wake up tomorrow there won’t be any alibi that the Friday settings will be postponed again. Justice delayed is justice denied. Let God open that door of justice for him and shut down the mouth of lucifer against hj’.

  50. Hi LK,

    I just heard about the earthquake in Japan I hope you are safe and doing alright there. It’s a bit late to ask but I just realize it was a big disaster. I hope all the Japanese – HENECIA and their families are also safe . i will pray for people in Japan to be quickly recover from this disaster as they always do..

  51. greetings lazer kim.ive been working too hard.hope you are fine?my prayers go out to the nice people of japan.i hope everything will be good for you all real soon.
    As for my sweet baby Hyun JOONG .that female needs to get a life . I’ve had enough of her and her lawyer’s BS. Shame on them.
    leave him alone you haters . if you keep digging a pit for him to fall in,then get ready because choi,her lawyer and all the evildoers will drop in that pit first. watch and see. I love love love love love love you KHJ.stay mentally strong oppa. THIS TOO WILL BE OVER SOON . COME HOME AND MAKE MUSIC FOR US.

    • I just realize how much i miss his music . i remember well the feeling i always have every times he produces a new single …” what kind of song he will do next. ”

      I truly miss his music especially when watching his previous concerts.

  52. Dear noya sorry for late wishes happy birthday. Ya we henecians always have a same goal and wishes I.e. our prince khj. I feel that shortly we will get a positive result. As that chois manipulations we can see everything without digging. How she is trying to create everything. KHJ be happy when you return you will get all happiness. Your are the only one occupied a loving place in millions of fans hearts. Definitely our love protects you and your love gives life to us. You are my life. Missing you

    • thank you and may all our wishes and prayers became reality!
      Have Faith I believe God ways are mysterious but in the end Evil will not win!
      yes missing our KHJ.

  53. Hi dear Noya sorry for late wishes. Many more happy birthdays for u. Ya in our henecians family all we have one ultimate wish and goal I.e. khj. Definitely I feel very shortly we will get positive result. Bcz all that chois manipulations are in front of eyes and even normal people like us we can see those criminal manipulation s. But how come Korean court not able yo identify. K this is beyond our hands. Only we can pray to our beloved gods to protect our living god who is energy, giving happiness, giving life, he is everything for us. Our prince Kim hyun joong. Definitely our love will protect him and his sincerity and true heart will get success. KHJ missing u. Waiting for ur return and praying for to run days fastley. Even though I can’t see u, but your smile is my life. It gives everything to me. Hope to see you once. Of course this is the biggest dream of every henecians. Don’t know how my people dream comes true…

  54. Just my thoughts , I think what happens for khj not only kept us to see khj the ordinary person and his twin the celebrity one !! but also that’s reflect on his fans and keep everyone one kill the selfish fan inside everyone,the fan that’s wants always from his idol to keep him or her happy , khj helped to decrease the pain of a lot of his fans or keeps thier life more beautiful, I wish our love and support for him reach even 1% beside what he did for his fans ,he will be forever our only one in happy times and hard times .

  55. that freak and pig are procrastinating in purpose for sure. to put all in a limbo and playing with the SK courts and nerves of Hj’s family and all of us it seems. Maybe she forgot that her side sued here … many lawsuits she got confused, anyhow we all know she is a psychopath and her so called joker lawyer is such a liar….how the SK court gave him his license is still baffling! they are trying their best to get all tired and to give in to their demands.
    Well, psycho bitch choi this is not going to happen!
    Because I believe Hj when he said will fight till ALL TRUTH is out. I totally agree with you LK she didn’t expect that KHJ would fight this legal battle till the end!
    In the end she will have to face the Court if not during her own civil/family suits but at the CRIMINAL suit which HJ filled she will have to show her plastic….
    till then let’s have a bit more patience ….

    • There you are! Thank you so much for dropping by that gives me the chance to greet you on this special day of yours….HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!

      I know what your wishes are and you have my 100% support wishing those wishes would come true as in ASAP! Bcoz you and the rest of us here have the same wishes for KHJ to be able to get over with this trial and clear his name!

      Guys, Noya and Jazu here has been with me at this site since the day I started on my daily writing in 2012 until at present, rain or shine they never left KHJ just like the rest of us here.

      Thank you so much for your tireless support to KHJ as his loyal fans. I believe there’s a reason for everything and I believe there’s a reason why we are all here gathered together with him even in this highest storm of his life.

      Sis enjoy your day, may you have all the blessings in life. Love and hugzz from LK here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

      • Oh, thank you sunshine for the wishes (got me blushing here), it seems we all here have same birthday wishes, may they all became reality as in ASAP!

        As you know Aries are fighters and obstinate when it comes to unravel the truth so we never give up on our fight.
        More so when it is so obvious to all this is the weirdest “scandal” or story or whatever to be called, only in SK it seems they give credit to a liar and a blackmailer who is playing havoc with the courts of law, unheard of.

        As always sis, I am a Fan of Hj and will remain so!
        thank you LK for being HJ Guardian Angel and keeping this warm home for all of us. God Bless!
        Love and hugz sis…..

        • HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NOYA!!! Best wishes to you, Joy, Happiness, Health and Love, All your dreams come true!!! We love you so very much, you are such a bright and beautiful person. Thank you for your unbreakable confidence and faith in the truth and your strong will to defend your beliefs till the end. God bless.

        • Happy birthday Noya ,God bless your life, thanks for being with khj and lazerkim all these years ,both deserve much love ,thanks for being with us you are such nice gift , my best wishes for you.

          • Wow thank you lovely Ladies 💖🌹!
            We all can feel the Love in this beautiful family and this unique blog with all strong and faithfull Khj Fans! Awesome Fans for our only One as he wishes!

            May all our wishes became reality soon. I believe Truth always prevail and surface inspite of all lies!

            Love you all Ladies! LK you know how much you mean to us, thank you Sis for your Faith! 🙏🏻💖

    • Dear NOYA happy birthday
      Same birthday wish as l had my last birthday. Yes we are here for our ONLY ONE ofrecer. .God bless you SIS with all my heart.

    • Dear Noya,
      Wish you many more happy and wonderful birthday… Sorry for this late wish… KEEP SMILING AND FIGHTING SIS!!!

  56. Just to clear some points ,some fans here misunderstood my comment !!! I don’t say that choi sure present in ICU !! But I said it seems that she admit there ,I am sorry if my thoughts doesn’t reach to everyone as I mean it .

    • I think if she is not in ICU …..souen surely makes sure it closes to that situation because he said he is unable to see her. However i do not believe that she is physically sick but mentally yes.

      • justice system in Sk look for what’s inside the lawsuit or the persons who fill that’s !! I am sure that there’s cases in Sk more complicated than khj case but whene they only put their target just the name!! then anything you bring become unacceptable.

  57. Geez, broken record. Make sure you don’t have to go through the SK courts for justice you’ll probably be on S/S quicker, lol. I too am wondering about the Kim family and the”baby”. Shameful. We have a new baby in our family and can’t get enough of her!! Praying for justice & peace for HJK his family & Atty Lee. Happy Spring to all!!. Keep the faith, never stop believing!! Thank you LK, as always you are so on point 🌠

  58. Choi in ICU or Whatever there doing.
    Do you think Att Seon and Choi plan to Bribbed more people on her side to go up against KHJ and Att Lee to win the Case?

    • I believe thAt what they have been doing since the scandal started. I must admit seoun and choi are the expert on Bribbed skill as we can see what happen to the civil court and family court and the process of DNA testing. Now we are waiting for the result of criminal investigation.

      Choi in ICU …..Many criminals did admit themselves to ICU when they want to escape from facing the truth or avoid the court . I ‘m not surprise at all if this is also one of their tactic to buy times. They just need to make sure there is a hospital to accept them their stories or their money. .Choi hye mi and seoun have reached the point that no one trust their words . I wonder if the court believe what they said.

      The injustice that HJ are facing now not only hurt him and his family but also hurt everyone who believe in justice and fair trial. Therefore the justice system must be reliable. Being a popular celebrity is not guilt he deserves reapect and fairness and justice as much as other people and after all he is a normal Korean citizen as much as the others.

      It’s so contrast with choi hye mi what eles she does beside filing a few lawsuits that she can’t find one real evident to support her claims. She reported everything to medias but not the court and keep postponing the hearing to buy times. What she did is exactly what one criminal would do.

      It ‘s so painful to realize that justice and fairness are so hard to get for Kim Hyun Joong even though he has been trying his best to do the right thing since the started.

      However we can not give up because it is too dangerouse to the well being of society in general to allow a criminal enjoy her crime without punishment. At the least she must realize what she did is wrong and confess to the public she commited a wrong doing and no one should try the same.

      • I bet Choi also Bribe to the Criminal Investigation.

        Should Att Lee be able to have someone Watch her
        Bribing People?

        Can anyone tell me when will Att Lee go after the Haters,
        Troll and Social Media Web Page that Ruin KHJ? Will
        they take time to get them? What about International fans
        are they included to?

        KHJ needs to Man Up, Stay Strong and don’t be Pure Soft Hearted to a Criminal that Screw his Life up.
        Oh yeah, the Baby need to be handed to KHJ so they could test the DNA again in Private.

  59. Good afternoon everyone, yes,I too see a problem and can understand all these delays. If this is a case filed by choi and her attorney and has had several delays, why was it necessary for him to delay because his client was in ICU and he could not meet with her? After so may delays should he not be able to present the case without his client being present? Also, why is she in ICU? Maybe it is different in SK, but here in the states you are able to visit patients in ICU, especially if they are alert. Is she in a coma? Yes, they are playing pretty loose with the judicial system in SK. But, I am still going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are giving her every opportunity to get it together so whenever they rule and it does not come down in her favorite she will have no reason to call foul.
    The Kim family and their attorney just need to maintain the course. Also, when she loses I believe the cost for all of these delays the Kim’s attorney can get their cost from choi. In other words they were ready but they weren’t, and they filed the complaint.

  60. Another delay for custody… it seems to me like the court is also taking her side and give her what she wants. What she wants from this numerous cases against him is crystal clear money,money,money and in addition to that drag as much time as possible and make him wait for justice… This is too much like when in the first place he is not at wrong, still he is the one suffering the most… OH GOD!!!! Please save him and give him more and more strength. i don’t know when it is going to end, but i will stay beside him and all heneicans and support him and cheer for him… in the middle of this, he is serving in the ms and i miss him too much… KHJL, PLEASE COME BACK SOON. KEEP SMILING AND BIG FIGHTING!!!!!!

  61. What’s wrong with korean court? Is there anything like justice in that country? I’m really really sick and tired of hearing Choi’s name. Why are they doing this to KHJ and his family? So many things are wrong in Korea and i think the judiciary system is encouraging this gold digging evil women to continue blackmailing the innocent victims. I’m sick and tired of this. It’s disgusting and annoying.

    • I totally understand how you feel. I feel sorry for the Korean that their court did send out that message to the international communities who have followed how their court process the case. I hope I still can respect the court like everyone suppose to take the court highly. I hope the judicial personnels of this case are the respectful ones because now they are representing their country .

    • Hi Ella, It’s nice that we share the same name, same opinion and feelings as well. The whole stuff is pretty crazy, I can imagine how Kims feel. That bitch was pretending to be so thirsty for justice when she started this madness and now she is ignoring, avoiding and preventing it from happening. Well, isn’t it obvious that she is bluffing? The justice?! Are you kidding? Then what, money? The answer is Yes & Yes! And it’s funny or not but there are still some things that you can’t buy for money. But it’s required to be human to understand. /Ella – Elizabeth -that’s my full name/.

      • Hi Ella ,

        My name has ” B” infront of ” ella ” yes, we have similar name and we share the same thought. I totally agree with the point you made. We may not know much how choi hye mi , a criminal suspected is up to but one thing is so clear about her is she loves money , she wants more money from HJ , she will do everything to get money that is not her and her actions proved that she got pregnant for money not for loving a child.

        • she obsessed with money, sure she took from her boss double what she took from khj that’s her job,as Ella said there are still something’s that money can’t buy ,maybe choi she wants to get money as much as she can and that’s it seems keeping her feeling more better really she’s sick.(respect ,trust ,love ) can money buy you all theses things?!!!

        • Bella dear Hi, I know u and your name very well and not mistaken on that matter coz I’m a big fan of yours. I highly appreciate and admire your remarkable comments and our opinions always coincide. About my name- it was someone with the same name like mine above your comment, so I brought the subject up in case she is not happy if her comments will look like mine here. I will use my full name Elizabeth instead of nick one in future. My love to u. Tnx for giving me that great inspiration.

          • Hi Elizabeth,

            Really Sorry for my mistaken and thank you for the complement . I have just notice there are 2 ” Ella ” here thank you so much for mentioned it.

            I’ m so glad that we can share our frustration and our thought here . It is a kind of confirmation to me that that as far as justice is concerned we are still have a good strong community that will not give up to fight for the right thing .

      • Hi dear,we give free lessons for choi but she doesn’t understand !!! everything happens for a reason , and that’s good thing for khj to be away from her .so meaningful comment ,thanks Ella .

        • Hello my dear, I’m ‘in’ with every word you said. I’m so blessed with you guys here coz we share the same moral philosophy and learned the same lessons from our lives about the principles and knowledge of being human. Love u guys much. God bless all. Every time I watch HJ stuff, video etc., my heart is in pain. Why the best people who is greatly gifted and talented must suffer the most of all in this world? So frustrating. That’s why we need each other to keep our spirit up and hold our hands tight.

          • (Why the best people who is greatly gifted and talented must suffer the most of all in this world?) really my eyes tears !! I will tell you why ,coz God created them to be a unique persons and they should be that ,they never said we are tired coz God love them so much and God will be with them always. God bless you. our hearts all in pain but we should be strong and positive for khj ,he trust his fans as we trust him .

  62. As I see it choi is buying time with the delay so after the criminal case she will have the family court case for her bargaining chip.

  63. Delay Tactic will keep on going by the time KHJ gets out of MS.
    Criminal Investigation still on going right?
    Getting Dump by KHJ. Going Crazy for Revenge, This Woman is on Crack Along with
    Att Seon. Money, Money, Money, thats all she cares about.

    This Scandal kinda remind me of Mel Gibson. His Ex German GF plan all this
    out from the Beginning. The Media Totally ruin him and his Wife Divorce him.

  64. Choi is cancer whit palliative treatment or what ?!!!! And her useless lawyer, It seems choi admit to the ICU (intensive care unit ) and he couldn’t visit Her , really so funny .she is tired from her lies , I want to say for choi if you are really mother and I doubt !! Imagine all these things happens for your son what are you doing ?! if we his fans waiting to see any light in this darkness, what about khj ‘s mother ,but I know you don’t have feeling coz you are inhuman . Khj be strong don’t lost your faith.

    • Actually i was thinking this is what she will use to buy time from court. Many criminals do this even injure themselves to avoid apprearing in court. The thing is they conspiry with their lawyers. The same trick that choi and seoun try to do now . The problem is when the court will stop them and say it’s enough for creepy joke.

      The Korean court probably forget choi is a plaintiff not an accused. How come the delay always come from her side when she is the one who files a lawsuit. Does the court notice that ?

      In the civil court she also a plaintiff but she keep finding reasons to postpone the hearing. What ‘s really a painful joke is the 5 th hearing is supposed to be a final one but it is postponed for a few times since Dec23 of last year. Now we are in April 2016 almost 5 months already but the court still let the plaintiff play around . At the least the court should concern how suffer the one who was wrongly accused would feel if even the court allow the plaintiff plays game with no end. It almost like the human right violation has been done to HJ again and again. It seems to me even the court does not avoid to violate his right . Can the court ignore the fact that KHJ and his family have been mistreated and suffered from wrongly accused for almost 2 years now. If the court can give justice and fairness who will then.

      In my opinion choi and her lawyer show cleary that they do not respect the court and the judicial personal because they are still fooling them till now as if they are under their control . I must admit the Way SK court and their justice system handle the case made me feel that they are sending a message that criminal action can be done without punishment or do not bother to fight just pay the criminal what they want. I wonder is that a common practise in South Korea ? I feel sorry for the Korean by saying this but I can’t help how i feel considering what has been happening to this case since the start.

      • I mean if the court can not give justice and fairness to the one who was wrongly accused who in the system will then ?

        . I wonder if the Korean know how the people outside Korea who are following this case feel about Korea and its justice system. I say this with all respect toward the justice system.

        • Yes Bella , in this life always there’s the good things and bad things for balance but in Sk it seems so exaggerated or they lost the balance. The strange in this story nobody wants to take step forward either choi and her group or the justice system,for us khj is innocent since the first second of this story and for me I don’t need for any confirmation coz I trust and believe khj but at the same time I want from justice system to punish the criminals ,in this world not only khj and his family also his fans they live in this world but we are part from this world and khj name should be shining in everywhere ,its always shining and it will be that’s forever .

          • I think the court or whoever in justice system of SK probably did not realize that not only KHJ and his family that have been suffered while waiting for justice with no end . People from the International communities who have followed the case since the start are experiencing the same kind of suffering . It ‘s really painful to witness the justice become something hard to get for people who is honest and respect the rule of law. The way the court and the justice system handle HJ’s case are so clamsy in my opinion. They also gave quite a special previllage to a criminal suspected who is the plaintiff to prolong the hearing with no end. The way the court allows them to do that leaves me a lot of suspeciouse toward the action of the court.

  65. I wonder if the financial cost of all these delays will be calculated into the compensation that is due to our Sweet Boy. I do not begrudge Atty Lee one bit, as he and his team deserve to be paid for their commitment to KHJ. But, every delay pulls thousands of dollars, that he worked hard for, out of his pocket. I know that the most important issue is to get KHJ’s named cleared, but can this all PLEASE get over with soon so he can have peace of mind and come back to us with a smile on his face!

  66. The second plead date between Kim Hyun Joong and Choi was held on April 8 at Seoul Family Court, and much like the last time, the two sides fought for custodial rights over their child.

    The plea date progressed without any significant developments in the overall lawsuit; Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney expressed his desire to be finished with the lawsuit as fast as humanely possible while Choi’s attorney relayed that he was not able to meet with Choi, and requested for more time.

    Without any new advancements in the case, the courts announced the next plea date to take place on April 25. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing drama!

    • Who was sick? Gramma Choi, Mama Choi or both? Mentally sick? 😆. This is becoming a comedy reality show with the fate of innocent people on the table. Unbelievable the amount of continuances allowed by the court. Maybe they fear ruling in this case since it is a high profile case. Who knows what’s really going on. Thank you Atty Lee for your patience and professionalism. Will continue to pray for justice, health and happiness for KHJ and family. Thanks LK for your posts and a place for fans to support and vent.

    • Thank you for the update. After following the case for almost 2 years i can say that seoun , choi’s lawyer acts like a troll. I don’t believe one word from this guy. This guy is tricky and is hired to lie and do a media play to cover choi’s crime. i hope he can’t be a lawyer any more after this case.

      seoun said he was not able to meet choi is that means choi prepares to escape ? or later we will hear she escapes with the child ( i more and more do not believe about the child ). I wonder what reason seoun gave to the court he could not meet his client.

      I agree with LK that first choi and seoun see the court as their playground to play around and now they turn it to be a zoo for them..

  67. As I prophesied. Not the baby or the judge who are sick but choi is sick case postponed to 25 April Seon needs more time. Isn’t these play is becoming common and expected!!!? Anyway that’s SK ‘s tax money.

    • Did choi hye mi use a fabricated medical report again to proof to the court that she is really sick. I think the SK people really enjoy seeing somebody wasting their tax’s money.

      By the way you mean the case of today’s hearing ? If so, surely seoun need more times to find the reasons why he and choi need to extort money as much as they can from HJ. They probably plan not to work for the rest of their life .

  68. So far no update of tomorrow’s family court’s postponement because of the urgency of money from choi ‘s side but I bet u if no consensus is met about the payout s tomorrow the civil case is likely to be postponed again due to the judge having something or choi ‘s childish teething.

    • If the civil case is postponed again I believe justice system in South Korea has a seriouse problem with justment and morality. I can not believe even the criminal case is slow as if they are pulling the elephant. Or there is any elephant involves.?

      • IF the court rules in favor of Choi (God forbid!) then KHJ can appeal the decision. Hopefully, in the meantime, he won’t need to pay during the process. Praying for good news and justice for Kim family.

      • LOL Hello Bella! It’s not an elephant involve here but a snake, slow as it crawl but deadly one to bite with a serious intent to kill!! She’s that scary I would say!! I think this is no longer be called a playground but becoming a zoo with dangerous spicies!! LOL

  69. Dear ALL and KHJ and family

    Wishing you ALL A Happy Easter!
    Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones and celebrate this joyful time. Reach out to all your loved ones and share the love!

    In the hope for Truth and Justice as it should be for Hj and for a New beginning in life when he will come back!

    God Bless!

    • Such a beautiful greeting, Noya! Happy Easter everybody! Peace & Love !!!! Our motto is always – One for all and all for one – KHJ for fans and fans for KHJ! May God help us and be our guide of love to make this world a better place. The best Blessings to all.

  70. Friends, I need a help. Actually I heard most of the Kim hyun joong songs and all are heart touching, I feel something after listening to his heart beat increased whenever I listen to his music and I’m totally addicted to his songs. Now I need your help to find one music. Whenever I see Kim hyun joong tonight live concert video, after breakdown song there will be a music played with different khj photos. Starting it will be so cool beat and finally it turns to a fast beat. I don’t know but recently this music is very touching my heart. I want to know whether this music is from khj songs or albums and please tell me which song. Please henecia friends help me to find this. Love you so.. Much KHj.

    I am an Indian, I don’t know Korean language. But from past one year I left to listen our language songs bcz I’m that much addicted to khj and his everything. Whole day repeatedly I’m listening to his songs. But even for a sec I am not felt bored. Still at most of the moments my heart beat skipped bcz of his expression. Love you forever khj. U r energy and my happyness. I wish the whole happiness may come to you and all the worries of you will disappear. Don’t think about negative comments. Bcz those people are selfish. Usually in general, if any person don’t have a thing in him but the same thing if any some other person is having means, he will become jealous and try to blame the person who is having that thing. So the haters are just jealous of you for your good character, your dedication, your position, your achievement, your kindness, totally they are jealous of you because they don’t have those things. So always you proud to yourself for having those things.

    So never feel sorry or never feel apology for anything even for henecians. Bcz everyone will do mistakes and who realises their mistakes are the great personalities. You are such a great personality, always we the fans of you will tell proudly that we are the khj fans to the whole world. We feel that it is our great achievement in our lives to be your fan. I am very much proud to be your fan and really I want to shout to whole world the I am the fan of khj. Love u

  71. if choi without her boss sure she couldn’t stand even one day !!! Which type of loyalty this !! This question always in my mind khj isn’t a social person even his friends are limited ,at the end I am his fan and I don’t know all of them but at least we know his friends that khj like to share them whit us and the second thing khj is a good man and honest person but who’s this person?! Everything was planning but I wonder if the duration of this scandal also planned before or not . I am sure choi boss in each day he thought to destroy khj he destroy himself before that. his jealousy kill him while he is alive !!! I say for him please love yourself and be away from khj . i trust atty Lee and believe him ,he will bring the justice for khj even if this thing takes time I’ll be with him and waiting for that . I am not here to discuss to know the person behind choi , you understand me coz we aren’t lawyers, I am sure he will fall down at the end . Thanks LK for keeping your home always open for khj fans to share their thoughts .

    • Hopefully all scars will be healed some day. The time is working on it and will bring all answers eventually. We don’t know yet what kind of judgement each of the cases will face, but we have our positive moments already. First af all that bitch Choi and her monstrous Mother did well to expose their criminal minds to the world with their lies, forgeries of medical records and text messages exchanging, which is the solid evidence of how schemer-mother pushing hard her con- daughter for money extortion toward the man they labeled as a bad guy from the start. If it is so that he is not good enough for your daughter why u advocating her to screw him up with his life and extract his money as much as possible with the baby on the top of your black list. Every normal intelligent person who can observe the situation objectively would like to see the end of this story when the sanity could be restored and whoever is overmastering this plot is brought to justice together with all these pathetic low life freaks who were born as nobody & will die as nobody coz if they had a half a brain between them, they’d believe in a higher power of justice when the heaven might get involved. As always my thanks to everybody – KHJ, his Family, LK, all Fans who is unbreakable.

      • You mention so sensitive point in your comment when you talked about the baby ,I hope this baby doesn’t keep khj living his entire live a lie !!! You get my point , you all have the right if you disagree or agree whit me .

        • If the baby is real – we all still have some doubts on this matter – would be the biggest mistake to give one under those animals custody coz of their criminal nature and all that facts of setting terror against KHJ & Family and moreover they just using baby for their mercantile purpose. I think the point u ask me now didn’t reach the perfect timing to give the right answer. But HJ we know is a person who strong and capable to make his life meaningful and truthful, there is no way to drag him down with lies or whatever. Dunno if got in tune with your question…?

          • Maybe it’s too early as you said ,it doesn’t mean we give up rather than we care a lot about khj .God bless you Ella ,take care of your self.

            • The point of the baby is still the question in spite of the positive DNA, is it or isn’t it. Unfortunately, there are some people who would use a child in their scheme, but , a loving mother would not. How long has it been since the birth of this child and still nothing from her to the kim’s. She can clear this matter up in no time, provide the kims,not the public, with hospital records on the birth of the child. The public will know when the Kims acknowledge the child. Who put their child through this ordeal. The child has a stigma for life,not just the parents, will be known as that kid in the biggest scandal in SK. Child should remain innocent for as long as possible, hopefully the child will receive love no matter what.
              I agree they did not expect him to hold out this long nor that he would file charges. They realized too late that he nor his parents were easy marks

              • Yeah, they’re coldblooded vamps who’s playing dirty, hurting and sucking life and money from the innocent souls. They should be stopped for good. Tnx for feedback.

  72. yo ya me hice bolas con tanta demanda de uno y de otro lado, es para reírse de verdad, y de allí que que ahora se la pasan cancelando las audiencias, de veras que se resolverá este caso cuando el hijo de la choi tenga la mayoria de edad.

    • Ja ja ja ja tal vez; espero más bien que demore el tiempo de su MS para que pueda el mismo cuidar al niño cuando salga madurito y cambiado 😁 Dios le dé sabiduría para enfrentar este prob!lema ‘ Siempre con el por siempre-

  73. Thanks dear LK for your summary of the case, clear enough now.
    I agree with Marrion talking about KHJ´s way, he always dares to face and overcome challenges. When he followed his dream even against his parents desire of his future, when he worked hard with his group members to be the best being and shining as their leader, when he acepted to act in BOF proving that he could act to himelf and gained the heart on millons around the world till now(unexpected from hater), working hard alone as singer and got great success, even going to active MS choosing the most dangerous and difficult place to do it. When he faced the media any time he could and even now in this case, He never talks too much, specially about his personal life so it is clear his way for us.When he told openly about his weaknesses. Being stubborn in his position when he considers his ways is the true way knowing the concequences, but facing them no matter what. That is him whose quote is ¨We only live once¨ He always faces his problems with fortitude and we kown it well, that is why we will be always with him, Unbreakable for sure.
    Thanks Noya for the good news you share. Happy to know something new about him and wait for him stronger and more mature for sure.
    Always here.

    • Hello Jazu!
      Thanks a lot! I agree with all you said 100% no doubt! You have been following KHJ for years and you know him so well that I’m so happy proud you stayed with him all these years. And I’m thankful to you for always been here since the day i started writing all about KHJ. Rain or shine you never left me too, as you’re always been so cool that always help me ease my mind. I’m so greatful to you and to my other readers here for years who’s faithfully following KHJ thru this site, you know who you are, thank you so much! God bless..

      • Your wellcome dear thanks you for this site for us; he was who brought me here and be with you God bless you and him too

  74. Dears!
    Sorry Lk for taking this place but I am glad for Hj and is good to share this one piece of good news from TT, said that KHj will be promote to Corporal in April. That Means 3 stripes :
    상병 (上兵) Sangbyeong (Corporal/Petty Officer 3rd Class)

    So Congratulations to our soldier! To keep safe there in DMZ and to hear next promotion!
    One of a kind our KHJ truly!

    • Thanks for the good news. Yes , our number one shines every where he goes and he always apply the best in himself. He does not take an easy road. I wonder if this is why he has so many haters. He does not rely on his looks but prove that it is more to him then his looks. God bless you and keep you safe until it is time for you to shine even more.

      Love from Florida.

    • Geeezz!! Great news, thank you so much sis for sharing this news! No problem sis the floor is yours to share and we’re all pleased with your sharings and so with everyone here! Thanks a lot!
      I agree with Marion and Jazu here, KHJ always shines anywhere he goes! Knowing he’s always in his 100% in anything he does anywhere, he always succeed!
      Congrats to our soldier, we’re always proud of you! ALWAYS and unconditional!

  75. Hi dear friends, tnx for your amazing comments here. They are awesome. I think guys that this sociopath Bitchoi and Company made a huge mistake with all those waterfall – cases. And if you make a mistake, you pay the price. KHJ was considered by them as a very easy target to deal with, but they didn’t realize that they were messing with an ultimate fighter and their doing now causes them big discomfort, that is only because they did not anticipate that the Court would carry out the responsibilities that they themselves assigned to it. Isn’t it funny to be entrapped in their own crap and reach the opposite effect?! Now if even….only if.. they will get some luck somehow with their freaking money- nonsense then nobody cares any more coz they are gonna be remembered by entire world as The Greatest Losers in Korean History.

  76. Thank you Lazer Kim for this latest article…a real labor of love. Don’t worry, how can any of us forget the lies Choi has told? Funny how she keeps continuing this court case. If she really was telling the truth, wouldn’t she be anxious for her day in court? I hope from the bottom of my heart she ends up in jail.

  77. Well that was a lot to read. Being a new fan and being English I had not heard much of this! I am very surprised that it has gone this far, with no proof it should have been dropped . As for the text messages well they are disgusting and clearly not for public view. However, I feel that KHJ was naive when it came to that woman. She was and is clearly in it for the money and had no real feelings for him. I feel very sad for him, he should have been protected better. I wish him well and hope that it is over soon for him. Xx

  78. Dear LK I’d like to thank you for the fantastic, remarkable work you carried out on that issue. My appreciation is beyond words! Thank you a lot for your time and your brilliant mind. Whatever you are doing for HJ – you are doing for us, his devoted fans. May I hug you and bow to you for that! God bless.

  79. Thank you LK, for keeping everything in proper order for us. It really has gotten quite confusing. I would like to comment on why I believe the court accepted Choi’s suit, after police said there was not sufficient evidence. Initially KHJ was charged with assault for the May 2014 incident. That would be considered a criminal offense.

    Choi dropped the charges before an investigation could go any further than questioning. When Choi brought the charge forward the second time, I believe it was for “Psychological harm due to pregnancy and miscarriage due to assault”. The “Psychological harm” part turned it into a civil, rather than criminal, case. There is a lesser burden of proof for civil cases, so Choi would not need to provide the “evidence” that she released to the media in order to file a suit.

    In a criminal case the plaintiff must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that a crime was committed. In a civil case, the plaintiff only needs to prove a “preponderance of evidence”, or a likelihood that an event happened. This is based on the US court system, but I believe the SK system works the same in this regard. A well known example would be the OJ Simpson murder case. He was found NOT GUILTY of the crime, but was found liable to pay millions for “wrongful death”. Again, just pointing out here why I think the court accepted the case. Still don’t believe Choi has a chance of coming out of this unscathed.

    • Hello Mightymom!
      Thank you for sharing! Yes I understand what you’re pointing at, now I got it as to why her case was accepted by Civil court. I just have to swallow it that way!! LOL!!! What can I do even I scream out KHJ is not that kind of person! I have to admit I’m still doubtful on this justice system. Bcoz if this is the case at the civil court it seems like I can sue anyone even without evidence, right?

      Anyway this is just a school for the thoughts. I grew up believing this…”If I were to accuse anyone and putting him to the court of justice, I have to make sure I have solid sufficient evidence to support my accusation before bringing someone to any court of justice.” Bcoz this would mean his life even he’s my enemy! Which I think is fair enough to the person whom I’m accusing! *sigh*

      Well, except for Choi bcoz she had already shown her true color with an evil motive which is quite obvious to anyone following this case! I still think this civil case should be dismissed. Psychological harm?? She brought this to herself and to the public! Whoever has the right to demand for damage over psychological harm, that’s none other than KHJ, his family and KHJ fans specially the elder fans. Choi is such a pain in the neck!! LOL

      Thank you again Mightymom, thanks for responding to my question, answer accepted…. in close eyes!! LOL just joking! See you soon God bless…

      • As far as I know, the difference between filing a criminal and a civil case is that a criminal case is supposed to be investigated by the police/prosecutor and you need to give them solid reasons for starting investigations. Criminal cases are led by the state against a person and in these cases there tend to be stronger measures taken against the suspect – such as when court prohibited Choi to leave the country. You can’t do this to just any citizen, she could argue they limit her rights but apparently the court strongly believed limiting her rights this particular way would be for the good of the society at the given moment.

        A civil case is between a person and a person, the state gives them a space to present arguments. But here no matter what she accused HJ of, there’s no way he’d be detained for that as long as the authorities don’t find a solid reason to investigate him which would make a criminal case of the civil case Choi filed. Of course anyone can file a lawsuit but the outcome depends on what they’re actually able to prove. So if she proves nothing, nothing will happen which seems likely. That would just add up to her fraudulent actions – if she knew she had nothing to prove yet she used the court as a threat against HJ to further blackmail him, she made it worse for herself. Then any of her public statements become evidence against herself.

        I think her camp didn’t expect HJ to fight this hard, they were probably hoping he’d give up and pay. Their story kept changing all the time, so 2 things are for certain – what they say is not true, as when you speak the truth, you always say the same thing – and the story was not made up at once, they kept altering it to fit the current circumstances. But we know HJ refused to play along 🙂 I’d bet the investigation against Choi brought interesting information that required further work, attorney Lee expected it to be over around the end of 2015 and it’s still going on. And Choiers are quiet. They always had so much to say but now there’s nothing coming from them. One last delay of the hearing and then what? LOL. The bravest single mother of Korea didn’t even ask for custody, her mother did.

        The thing is once Choi goes to jail, do they really expect her mother keep milking HJ for child support? Choi’s direct family, people who she lives with and they have access to her and the child she claims she gave birth to will be held responsible for taking part in/not stopping her fraud. Imagine there’s no child, can her parents say they didn’t know she made it up? No way! And by no means her mother can get custody of a child that might or might not even exist and get HJ to pay big money but refuse to show him said child.

        If they think this could work, they must be insane. I wouldn’t be surprised, if the police were following Choi and related persons since summer last year, so they should know very well what she’s been doing. Can she get out of this? Hell no, I don’t believe that’s possible. In my opinion the problem in this case are the media, not the actual court or police – in 2014 they didn’t side Choi and they don’t seem to side her even now. If there’s a given number of opportunities the court must grant her to present her stance, they will. If she has nothing, the media play is obnoxious but HJ wasn’t found guilty of anything until now.

        I even thought about why the court let her speak so recklessly in public but what if it was a trap? She spoke and spoke and all those words are being used against her. It’s for sure that to be able to live a peaceful life, HJ needs to thoroughly uncover her lies and that takes time :/ I find it really unfair that the innocent person loses so much time clearing their name just because of someone’s greed. That’s why I’m grateful for attorney Lee, everytime he speaks, he sounds like a good lawyer.

        It’s so frustrating but after this whole case reached the public, honestly it doesn’t matter much to me if she said 2 wrong things or 3. The point is she and the media want us to think everyone is against HJ and he will have to pay but what did Choi achieve since 2014? Nothing! People argue online and that’s about it. Nobody proclaimed him guilty of anything. That’s what I care about. In spite of Choi’s greed, media witchhunt and kpop industry with all its bloodlust. They badmouth him but can’t do anything more. If they could, they would. As soon as the magic of blackmail stopped working, she lost. She knows it, so she tries using the child. It still doesn’t work. SHe can’t even come close to HJ anymore, he’s out of reach. She has nothing. 🙂
        HJ needs to win this and get his life back! Hwaiting!

          • Thanks a lot Nemesis for sharing your thoughts, I now understand. And I agree with you Choi wasn’t expecting KHJ would fight back and probably still waiting for the Kims to give in to her, which I very much doubt they will. And yes Choi’s camp has been silent even after the filing of Child custody right! Strange!

        • Here, here so agree with you. Have to take this article and comments a little at a time, lot to take in and think about. Thank you all,especially LK.

  80. LazerKim, Thank you so much for all of your hard work…I have been reading about this case for so long now, and I count on you for clarity and truth. I have noticed that during the last month or two the negative comments to articles about Kim Hyun Joong have almost disappeared. I think the truth has become so much more evident that people just have to see it. Anyway, thank you for your faithfulness,clarity and persistence. I have been praying for KHJ and his family and for you. May God bless you and KHJ and his baby and family. And may KHJ find a perfect partner to travel his life with him and be a mother to his child. May God help the Choi’s to face the truth and quit the insanity.

  81. Thank you for the update. You’ve done wonderful work, laying it all out perfectly. We would be “blind” without all of your hard work ~ Idaho, USA

  82. Hi LK..Hi all pretties…

    I’ve gotten through all HJ’s news tag in allkpoop and I found this law suit against KHJ…

    “The court date for Ms. Choi’s civil suit against Kim Hyun Joong has been set for June 3. It was previously revealed that the singer-actor’s ex-girlfriend is suing him for 1.6 billion KRW (~ 1.4 million USD) in compensation for psychological and emotional stress during her pregnancy.”

    I remember abt this, of how she really annoyed wth KHJ’s side ( HJ’s parent onto media talking abt her pregnancy, netizens/fans ‘malicious comments’ on her ) and decided to file law suit as “compensation for psychological and emotional stress during her pregnancy.”

    I wonder wht happened to this suit. Is it still ongoing or it had been change to law suit for ‘ miscarriage coz of assault” ?

    This bitch is really a mess.\She’s a disease to society n got to get jailed for a long long time.

    • Hello Atiq! I miss you!
      LOL I read this from AllKpop too and that made another confusing media play! Whoever has the right to demand for compensation over psychological and emotional stress, that’s none other than KHJ himself, his family and his fans specially his elder fans.

      She has no ground to file for lawsuit over stress, since she was the one who brought all this circus to the public! LOL that news was a trash media play to make KHJ appear the bad guy in the public eye!! Well she failed this time and she’ll finally be caught cornered over the truth which Atty Lee revealed. I tell you those English media outlet deserves to be in jail together with Choi and her cronies!! I can only wait for that time to come!

      Thanks Atiq for sharing, we shall not forget that statement from media as well! take care have a good weekend and see you again soon! God bless…

  83. Thank you so much for this article. I was really getting confused with all these postponements. I can not understand how Korea’s justice system can be so slow. It’s really frustrating that HJK & his family have to endure this nightmare still. LK, you are our light in this time of darkness, I am so grateful to you. Thank you!!

    • Thank you Patti! My pleasure here! As I was researching about SK civil and criminal courts I read that SK civil court is the fastest to compare from other countries!! It stated it last for 6months to 2 years at the most. I’ll look it up again and post it here! God bless…

      • Here you go..
        The trial is not conducted continuously, but may be held in a series of hearings, often two or three weeks apart. However, trials tend to be concluded more quickly than in the courts of any other country. The average duration of first instance trials is about 6 months before a panel of judges and about 2.5 months before a single judge. It is noteworthy that the fact-finding authority is vested exclusively in the judge

    • Thank you Ania and everyone here for bringing this up so we can help each other in clarifying whatever is not clear to all of us. This is your home exclusively with KHJ and family do help one another.

      If there are questions that you would like to ask pertaining KHJ case, pls feel free to bring it up. The goal of LK is to make sure that none of KHJ fan is being mislead and a victim of trash media in convincing false biased reporting by choi’s camp.
      Honestly, I’m not done with this article as yet since I got limited time and there are still events that i do not want us to forget before Choi’s camp pollute the mind of the public again.
      again Thank you Ania for this space, see you soon! God bless…

  84. Thank you for your wonderful article, I always enjoy reading them. The whole world is watching this case. After all, Hyun Joong millions of fans worldwide. It is painful to watch such injustice – gold-diggers and fraud Choi with his accomplices mocks the best artist of Korea. It seems that the court is doing everything he wants to Choi. Involuntarily there is a suspicion – may the court corrupt as the media? Who is behind Choi? Who benefits so long to pull the case – without a single proof lies Choi? I do not understand Korean laws. We have no evidence – it would have closed long ago. And this story is taking so long – despite the fact that Choi did not provide any evidence of its allegations. Even this child – his birth is very suspicious because there are no inquiries from the hospital. I do not know what way – but even if Hyun Joong father of this child. Then I have serious doubts that the Choi – mother. For the money it is capable of any crime. I really hope that the child will give parents Hyun Joong, then for him it is possible not to worry.
    Now I know some calculating gold-diggers make their money from scratch. It is confident that the case will be taken as an example by other gold-diggers. I feel sorry for idols in Korea – they apparently do not have any rights, so as any slut can use artist and earn a lot of money on him blackmailing her lies.

  85. Thanks Lazer Kim, now were back on track again. Actually I was on track, but they keep postponing it, so I was off a little bit because of the dates. Again thank you for your endless support of our Hyun Joong. Your AWESOME LK. I will continue my prayers for Hyun Joong & his legal team, VICTORY ALL THE WAY & TRUTH WILL COME OUT.. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. No matter what & how long I WILL REMAIN HIS FAN. We will ALWAYS be with him. We ALL be here waiting until he finish his MS. God will take care of our Hyun Joong. Keep Praying guys & Believe.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 Thanks again LK we love ya’… Nothing but Love from Toronto, Canada. “GOD IS GOOD”

  86. Thank you LK,
    thank you for this blog, thank you for being there in times of need for all Hj fans, thank you for your time and effort and keeping track of all these confusing stories. Your blog keep the chronology of this sordid story better than that freak bitchoi even remember, she and pig lawyer got so tangled in their own lies they lost track of what they’ve sued and for what I think…..such a pathetic joke of a woman this bitch Choi Hye Mi., the most famous Reject in SK and even in the world, rejected again and again and known as a rejected freak all over the world! The big shame of SK and the big blackmailer/ liar / psychobitch!

    Thank you LK for being the Guardian Angel to Hj and thank you for letting us all venting our thoughts here in your blog.
    We are here together till the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH will be out in the open as HJ asked Atty Lee!
    We all want to see HJ back on stage and back to the place he belong as the Star we know! We will never forget this ordeal he passed in his life because this will make him stronger and more determined to succeed even more! We are here supporting him always !

    • Thank you sis! I’m not done yet, there are still details I have to write that we should not forget so I’ll be back hopefully I can write this weekend! See you guys, thanks a lot it’s my pleasure to write and bring out KHJ’s piece to you!

  87. ok this mafia heading by some lowyers in sk is not going to stop ther activities against idols and hallustars beacos ther is big money to rich in .kim hyun joong is one case and no star is a saf .i’m realy scar that this beautiful side of korean culture is going on bcos of those stupid people siking just money of stars .kim hyun joong oppa love you so much.

    • I think it’s about times that Mr. seoun and his lawyer friends learn how to be a decent citizent and use their knowledges to stop crime not increasing crime . I believe this case not the only case that they directly support a criminal to blackmsil a celebrity. The police should investigate seoun ‘s working blackground as well. These group of lawyers have been using a gap of law and justice system to support a criminal to blackmail celebrities.

      We can easily see blackmailing message , twist information , missinformed and wrongly accused to discredit HJ in public in each of Mr. seoun ‘s interviews . His motive is so cristal clear as his client ,choi hye mi ,that both of them are after money not justice. There was a time I got confused is he a lawyer or a plaintiff . I feel uneasy to call him a lawyer because of his criminal behavior. Their behaviors are truly destroying and disgreat South Korean society.

  88. Thank you Ms Lazerkim for the time and effort you spend to keep us focused on the important aspects of this complicated case. Well, sadly what makes it complicated are often contradictory claims of Choiers and not actual events and circumstances. They (with help of certain media) want to make us frustrated with the amount of dates and related information, so that we forget this information has no value. If even their own party can’t be consistent in what they say, I’m not buying it and don’t consider their words valid.
    I’d like to ask – someone mentioned the case Choi filed against people who commented online – do we know how it all ended? Were those people forced to pay her the money she wanted (some 1000 bucks per capita if I’m not mistaken) or was it another attempt to get easy money that failed on her part? I’m just curious.

    In fact I wonder how she could sue people for hating on her as anonymous person – nobody knew her name or face by that time – but think the roles couldn’t get reversed. As I see it, once there’s a verdict from the court saying she’s guilty, all fans of KHJ should sue her for emotional damage. Why not? If she along with other persons purposely ruined a reputable man’s public image, haven’t the fans suffered? Is it acceptable for us to hear disgusting lies from media outlets who know they are misleading us or blatantly lying but they keep doing it anyway?

    How many fans got into nasty arguments with haters just becuse they showed support to the star they’ve known for years (if just through his work and charity activities, still fans know KHJ more than haters know Choi). I saw fans comenting under articles on social sites with just “oppa stay strong, we believe you” and they heard back they’re psycho, abusers, fanatics, idiots…

    I’m sure many of you experienced that first hand or at least saw that happening to others. And whose fault is it? Surely those anonymous people shouldn’t have engaged in primitive arguments but Choi and the media provoked them to. She presents herself as a victim and indirectly asks the public to fight for her against KHJ and/or against anyone who speaks in his favour. Even logical questions regarding her own words bring aggresive reactions against those who dare to ask. Should she not be held responsible? Should she not pay for her wrongdoings once the criminal lawsuit is over?

    • I agree with you. I lived very bad and insulting comments because I support kindly Kim Hyun Joong. Psychoi and “medias” like Allkpoop or Kpopartz, .. should pay for insulting them!!

    • I’m in agreement with you on the fans suing her a**-off for what she did to our KHJ & hence to all his fans too.
      Is there any way we could sue her & I’m being serious here because if there’s an avenue then I’d be more than eager to do so even if I’ve to get in line for it. We should give this psychoi the biggest scare of her life & she would so deserve it!

      • Count me in in suing that bicthoi for mental stress starting Aug 22, 2014.
        I want to see her in JAIL with her cronies and pig lawyer!

        Haters and antis = small minded people living in a limited world! Ignore them it is causing too much heart ache to read their disgusting comments…ignoring them is annihilating their power!

        • Hello Nemesis! Thank you so much the pleasure is mine really. May I just share which i posted at tweeter
          “If you are to destroy a celeb, be prepared that his fans will go after you and destroy you as well”
          This is a normal reaction of a huge fan of any celeb which a lot of people could not understand. That’s why there’s a saying in showbiz, “if your lover is a celeb start learning to embrace his fans regardless who they are!” Well Choi is less a lover for khj Im sure of that, otherwise we won’t be in this situation to begin with!
          Let me just say this…Those on-line KHJ haters have been there long before this cases exploded! And they were just waiting for someone to destroy him for real! Let’s not forget that! And You can’t fool me my dear haters I’ve been eyeing on you since this blog site first existed!
          Thank you Menesis! God bless…

          • I suppose it would be best to make this happen after Choi is proclaimed guilty of fraud. That would show she lied to the public and used common people to fight for her against any support shown to KHJ and thereby force him to give in to her blackmail. I believe her tactics of changing public opinion through the media should be used against her – it was her decision to make the case public, she can’t blame anyone for that.
            It might be useful to take screenshots of truly bad comments under articles on blogs and social sites (or screenshots of articles as such, if they sound blatantly biased) – hate comments on plain supportive fan messages etc. We know AKP or Soompi tend to delete all their comments once in a while and I am suspicious they could do that once KHJ really starts winning.
            I’d suggest to ask for money from Choi and related persons for emotional suffering from her wrongful acts and said money should be collectively donated to the charity – the coal bank or similar good cause that HJ’s been supporting. 🙂 For me it’s not a matter of money and it would be hard to pay off what she’s done just so but I trust paying money that they so love would teach them to not ever behave this way again.

            • Totally agree with you Nemesis! I love your statement on this, and may I quote “I’d suggest to ask for money from Choi and related persons for emotional suffering from her wrongful acts and said money should be collectively donated to the charity” very good idea!
              Thank you so much again, my hats off to you Nemesis for always sharing your thoughts that makes a lot of sense to all of us here. Thanks for responding on my question pertaining to civil case. Your comment up there and Mightymom made me understand further. Thanks to you both! I appreciate your well explained on legal issues. See you again. God bless..

              • You’re so nice, Miss LK 🙂
                As much as I find this whole case frustrating, it sparked many thoughts. In my opinion KHJ’s side could do a lot more than many people think (I understand his representatives decided not to fully disclose their strategy yet). I have a couple more ideas as to what I would do in their place, I’ll share them later on.

  89. Thank you for the detailed information on the court-cases, Ms Lazerkim…
    Appreciate them & will continue to pray for our precious boy everyday…

  90. Really a big thanks for you LK ,I appreciate the time you take to refresh our memories and clear each point !what happened for khj keep me concentrate about the date of the cases even more than the birthday of my friends LoL .but also at the same time while I am reading your article and I traveled through all these months and years since 2014 I am feeling proud that we are still positive coz we are trust and believe khj. everyone was touched by khj on different ways but we all share something that’s we are happy whit him and I wish khj find his happiness that stole soon.

  91. woooooooooooooow aloooooooooooooot of cases I am seeing the stars in day time lol. anyway I really do think the civil case can’t continue while serious criminal charges are against the prosecutor of the civil case it just doesn’t make sense. Let’s just keep praying for the best alright??

  92. Thank you LazerKim, I couldn’t agree more. I hate to say this but someone in that court system isn’t right. I thought the same thing. How if they didn’t charge him for abuse why did they aloud her to file charges in a civil court. I’m glad they did that because now we see there’s a conspiracy starting. This tells me someone bigger then Choi started this. Someone in there justice system help also. How come no one in the justice system didn’t catch this. Now after KHJ’s life has been rip apart now they see it. KHJ don’t admit to nothing you didn’t do, I notice this whole time they want him to do all this apologizing, and they’re in the wrong. They set you up from day one, because you didn’t have a lawyer. They pressure you into that contract, I just want to know whether they had that contract drawn up before the police station visit or after.

    • Maybe the law allows for the the people to file lawsuits without regard to police investigation as the police said there is no evidence but maybe the system is afraid they are wrong and so allowed choi to file the suit to recheck with higher detail, the police can be wrong sometimes so they allowed for it, this is just my thought, I mean atty Lee wouldn’t have missed that would he?

  93. first i must thank you LK for keeping us informed . What a mess .I can only say that I am praying for the KIm family and my sweetie hyun joong. KHJ stay strong and unmoved . hold your head up high . Your biggest mistake was to lie down with a mentally inept girl.she cannot be called a woman . This is a learning experience that you should not forget., But you will get through this storm.Fight,Fight t Fight for your right as a man. Dont let anybody ever intimidate you again. Fear no one but God. We your fans love you like kimchi. I will always love the artist Kim hyun joong. and I will forever love the new soldiet that will come home mature and strong. COME AND MAKE MUSIC FOR ME TO DANCE TO. I LOVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG,…GET THE BOY IF HES REALLY YOURS.

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