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By: LazerKim


From kim Hyun Joong’s side:   Choi, the accused is charged with extortion, false accusation, litigation of fraud and defamation!

The SK prosecutor’s office confirmed SUSPECT A is forbidden to leave the country from July 28th and that Choi is a suspect of serious offenses! A’s exploitation of Hyun Joong’s fear of being burried by the entertainment industry is a criminal act.  Atty Lee shall take strong measures against Choi’s exposing text messages in a scandalous and uncensored manner.

Currently in Naver, Daum there are commenters with the same ID that has repeatedly and continuesly slander on comment. Atty Lee has also filed charges against those cyber bullies!                   -END-

Atty Lee’s Press Release Aug 5, 2015  – below this article

(News Trans by Sunny and MichLui, thanks for sharing)



I’m sure the trash site will not publish Atty Lee’s press release so I’m doing the headline!! This is such good news as Choi’s travel ban has been impplemented in July 28th and that Atty Lee pressed more charges against Choi. If she had those additional text, then Atty Lee filed additional charges against her!

As I’m writing this article I’ve been waiting for those trash sites to publish this news, but as I have said, we’re on our own KHJ fans! We’re lucky to be blessed with KHJ fans who tirelessly translate updates from KHJ camp! To Sunny and MichLui whom I truly appreciate their hard work, thank you so much!

May I also thank all the KHJ fans who have been posting comments at those trash sites in defense for Kim Hyun Joong and for spreading the truth. Your effort is very much appreciated! Good job guys! I’m truly proud of you! You know who you are!



In Aug 3rd Monday, the trash site posted another statement from Choi. Let us not forget that Choi started all these media plays from Aug 2014 to the present and that Atty Lee was simply responding to her claims. May I just share some pointers on Choi’s statement as she’s trying to prove there was no break up back in 2014. Here’s what I believe:

There’s one specific fact that I cannot forget, and that’s Kim Hyun Joong’s first testimony at the police station back in Aug 2014, which specifically stated his affair with A (Choi) lasted only for two months and that he broke off with A in May 30th 2014 which caused the heated argument between them that lead to altercation as the first and the last iincident, simply because A could not accept being rejected!

I believe Hyun Joong have not changed his testimony the whole time last year therefore in July 2014, Choi was no longer his girlfriend much more NOT his wife! Having said this, she’s considered an intruder in getting into Hyun Joong’s apartment without being invited to his place!   I sure do hope a gag order on Choi may be imposed, so that she’ll STOP!



I got every reason to justify the blackmail that Choi created last year which she’s currently trying to reverse. She blackmailed and threatened Hyun Joong into publicly disclosing those fake pregnancies, miscarriage and abortion attached to the alledged assault!

She made Hyun Joong believe all that assault and pregnancy crap that lead him to fear, kept it to himself while she sucked up money from him in 2014. She already admitted to have taken money from Hyun Joong, even she defended that the said amount was for damage on assault which we all know it never transpired!

From behind the scene, I knew it something was wrong in Aug 2014 nightmare because everyone at KHJ side were silent, that he couldn’t even defend himself. I understand this, since the WT concert was on-going that time, plus Gemini planning process was already on the table. Knowing Hyun Joong never wanted to ruined what he worked hard on these concerts for his fans, I can only imagine the mental and emotional torture he’s been through, only to find out this blackmailing of Choi!

Back in time, I could not eliminate the obvious timing which was perfectly planned by Choi that made me believe someone was behind her!  Aug 2014 at the middle of WT concert and Feb pregnancy issue at the start of Gemini, I can say indeed Choi is some piece of work! So who could blame KHJ fans for hating her doings this much? It’s not only Hyun Joong whom she hurt, but his entire family, his name, his life and his fans worldwide.

I don’t think she can orchestrate this case by herself. Well, obviously the trash media is involved, her lawyer and I’m sure someone big who can finance the massive media coverage last year is also involved. Let’s not forget, Choi started all this circus who filed endless lawsuits against Hyun Joong and dragged his name to the media!

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I wonder, if anyone in SK authority ever noticed that something weird is going on around their showbiz industry? Here’s an unidentified woman who accused a star celeb of assault and countless charges just to gain money from the celeb!

Unfortunately, some SK public believed everything Choi stated without scrutinizing what they read! In short, they easily believed such rediculous story! The international community even accused KHJ fans as supporters of domestic violence! Do you know how painful this was for us KHJ fans? But we fans stood up no matter how high the tide!

Choi is confident in doing this crap like a professional con artist, because she got nothing to lose as she thought, since her identity remained concealed to the public! Now her travel ban has been implemented and I hope she’s still in SK. Because if not, I sure do hope her identity would be revealed by the SK court of law and hunt for Choi! A private detective has its magnifying glass to watch over!!

Even if this case ends up winning, I still think Choi has to be exposed after closing this case to avoid repercussion on Hyun Joong’s future and to other celebs too who may experience the same case.  Otherwise this scandal story will be implanted to the ignorant public blinded by lies, as I wrote in my article Controvertial Challenge.



In one of my articles Searching Justice, I mentioned that there are a lot of matters being attached to this scandal, not only Choi, the media and whoever is behind her. As this case unfold I sure do hope the South Korean Government would give some attention to this case. I think this is the longest scandal ever happened in SK showbiz so far.

My question, Who can protect the rights of Hallyu stars? Up to what level does SK laws can protect them? I’m just asking. This is not the first case transpired within the SK entertainment field, in fact blackmailing SK celebs is becoming rampant. How can the gov’t control such irresponsible behavior of these women like Choi and those SK tabloids?

South Korea I think is one of the most conservative countries in Asia and considering the fact that defamation is a criminal act based on SK laws, yet it seems to me SK tabloids fearlessly gone overboard in this case. I have read Dispatch has countless charges against them and yet they still work on wrong doings such as destroying celebs!

Media people hunger for scoops, and sensationalized stories they write is where they earn. But as I observe some SK media and those English site covering SK showbiz news simply write irresponsibly without even doing their homework to have a balance reporting. I think something has to be done in the field of SK journalism. Just my opinion.



As I’m writing this article I just read both Atty Lee and Atty Seon are suing each other for defamation!! LOL I knew it! Atty Seon considered Atty Lee’s press release to ruin Choi’s public reputation?? What reputation is he talking about? The world knows it’s Choi herself ruined her own reputation (if she has)! Does she even have an identity known to the general public? Isn’t it her identity is concealed? What reputation can be ruined?

Her own words already showed NO self respect at all! Who among decent women would dare shout to the world she had an abortion? This is short of saying “I just killed my child!” I bet you not even a certified prostitute would have the guts to go to the media and admit she committed abortion! Only Choi has the guts and she did in her latest statements!

This is the legal battle for real! But it should have been better if Choi and those behind her would come out front and let their presence be known! Choi and her associates are a bunch of COWARDS to be hiding behind media! And the good Atty Seon, the face mask of these cowards is being caught at the middle of the battle field!!

If only Choi is decent enough to face this case head on instead of hiding behind the skirts of media, I might give the least benefit of the doubt since I’m also a woman in a relationship but my biggest question is, “Is KHJ the only man on earth?” Why would she stoop down to her lowest degree of being a woman? Is it just for money that she’s most willing to give her soul to Satan to seek revernge?

I CHALLENGE CHOI TO EXPOSE HERSELF! That is if she seeks for public opinion to believe her claims! One liar cannot look straight eye to eye! That’s why she’s hiding!!



To Choi and her associates, all of these rooted from JEALOUSY AND ENVIOUS! Envious of what Hyun Joong had attained in his career who takes him as threat to their careers. And with Choi other than $$$ she’s jealous of any woman whoever Hyun Joong has in mind. Simply said “If I can’t have you, then I make sure no woman can!” So lowlife!!

What good can she and her associates get out of all of these? No matter what they do to destroy Hyun Joong, his fans would only bring him up to stardom again and again tirelessly even after two years! Haven’t they proven it? From WT at the middle of the scandal 2014, the concert was not even affected, not even an inch, and so with Gemini! His last album release even ranked top 5 at Oricon despite of the heated Feb scandal!

And now that Hyun Joong is in his MS, can’t they see KHJ fans still here supporting and fighting for him endlessly? Choi and her associates including the trash media should STOP! Because you guys are just increasing KHJ fans population worldwide out of this case! Specially at this period that the truth is slowly coming out! Can’t you see it?



I’ll say it again… “It’s not Kim Hyun Joong’s fault to be loved by millions worldwide!” This is a painful reality to his detractors including the jealous Choi! Yet they are trying so hard to bring him down! BUT I’m sorry to say they will surely fail! They have to kill KHJ fans worldwide before they can kill Kim Hyun Joong!

I’ll say it again… “Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, nothing change.”  However, I firmly believe the truth always win! And Kim Hyun Joong has always been the winner!

Here’s another truth in every single KHJ fan that his detractors should bear in mind. Even if he loses this case, he’s still the winner because KHJ fans will always stay with him be it in smooth or rough sailing, they remain ever loyal to Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!               News trans credit: Sunny thanks!

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Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend cancels charges on Kim’s lawyer Read more at:


Is Choi seeking for public sympathy now? She can’t take it that Atty Lee has been spilling out the truth on this case to the media that Choi started and her camp could no longer think of other alibi to hide their lies?? She ask for it therefore Atty Lee was simply giving facts to her!

Or did she decide to withdraw lawsuit against Atty Lee before she gets a gag order from the court which is even embarrassing!!??


Please prefrain from reading news update from allkpop. They twisted the news again pertaining Atty Lee’s phone patch interview. Remember, Allkpop, Dispatch are Choi’s associates and they will distort any news coming from KHJ side and confuse the public. This media outlet is really scary if the public would just believe what they write without thinking!  Here’s that news for better understanding as follows;

From KoreaHerald


Kim Hyun-joong claims blackmailed by ex-girlfriend and press

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong, who has been embroiled in acrid legal conflicts with his ex-girlfriend, claimed Friday that he has been blackmailed by his former girlfriend, surnamed Choi, along with a local news agency.

“Choi shared the documents related to her pregnancy and miscarriage with the newspaper, which then told Kim’s management agency that they have the files. This would have imposed severe strain on the actor,” said Kim’s attorney Lee Jae-man on Friday through a local news outlet.

As Kim and his agency felt pressured, they surrendered 600 million won ($510,000), after which Choi withdrew the litigation and the newspaper did not report the news related to Kim, according to Kim’s assertion.

Kim previously filed a criminal suit against his ex-girlfriend for “calumny, blackmail, defamation and fraud,” along with a petition to forbid her from traveling abroad, in response to Choi’s claim for 1.6 billion won in damages for physical assault and her pregnancy.

By Ko Ji-seon (


PETITION                                         (Shared by ella, thanks!)

I’m posting this petition in titled REVEAL THE IDENTITY OF MS CHOI. I support this petition which I have written in this article. However, my dear readers may I just would like to clear it up, you are not being forced to sign up and support, I leave it up to your own decision whether to support or not. Thank you!  Here it is link below:


Atty Lee’s Press Release  – Aug. 5, 2015       (trans credit: @sunsun_sky thanks!)







South Korea ready to respond to further ‘provocations’ as North’s deadline looms

AUG 22, 2015


S. Korea, U.S, military chiefs vow to counterattack powerfully against N. Korea provocation


(LEAD) S. Korea on high alert over N. Korea’s possible provocations


Praying and hoping for PEACE TALK between South Korea and North Korea. We pray for Kim Hyun Joong’s safety and we pray for his country fellowmen.



CHOI GAVE BIRTH    (News Sept 10th)

“She gave birth to the child last week at a local hospital,” said Choi’s close friend on Thursday. “We can not say the exact date of birth, as she wanted to avoid media exposure.”


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210 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CRIME HEADLINE

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  2. These whole company of choi I’m posetive that these ppl were close to him before and now couldn’t handle his blessings. Jelousy is the key player in these case. They found and unstable woman gosh and used her as an instrument of thought.
    My question is the SK judiciary system??? If honestly they will accept her law suit !! I rest my case on them. Meaning it’s not safe to be in that country as an artist. Hence the suicidal rate is so high.
    I pray for HJ’s parents to be calm trust in God. She is viewed by the whole world as unstable and she just prove it. For her lawyer gosh im speechless honestly. Is he realy a qualified lawyer ??.
    If they are granted to do a DNA test let it be outside SK for accuracy. These woman has a dangerous team behind her they will do anything to get hold of that specimen. In short their day is coming.
    God is above all these saga.

  3. Haters behind there Screen that supported the criminal or Trash People will one day have a Karma. Have you heard of a story when a person talk TRASH behind there screen karma will lead them the same way the person is doing. Whether your Family Member, Friends, or
    Haters, they will know how it feel when they see it. You’ll never know How long The Karma
    will last and it will Ruin You, your Future and Your Children Unless you wanted to start
    over and do Good Deeds.

    Isn’t anyone out there in SK ever Sued or Protest Outside against Choi cause this Woman is going on a Rampage and She’s Infecting everyone with her disease.
    Is It True that The whole Entire Media around the World Side with Choi or what? What about
    English Speaking Media? They have so many news on one side From Choi and there isn’t
    one side Enough news from KHJ.

    Somebody should go out there in public to Support Att Lee and KHJ, I think Celebs need to
    give them a Hand out there also, It would give them a Boost to Help them out a little.

    I read somewhere from a Social Media Site that Choi and KHJ both have Mental illness. Choi has it, what about KHJ?

    After September 23rd What will happen Next?

  4. It seems that all these confusions are going to end soon.. we just have to wait for the paternity test result. Hyun Joong must be feeling very anxious right now. I just don’t get the thing that how is Choi being able to file a lawsuit against Hyun Joong for something so unreasonable? And when in the earth did he deny to get the paternity test done? How can anyone file a lawsuit just like this??? I mean it’s getting crazy.. are they blind or what?

    • Not necessary. I think if the child is raised by choi I think he/she will suffer from the mother ‘s mentally unstable. The child will be used for choi ‘s interest forever. It’s better the child will be raised by other kind heart goddess . Definitely the child should not be raised by choi whether HJ is the father or not.

      • u know what Bella this bitchoi is behaving soooo fishy and so manipulative that I really wonder who actually gave birth? (I mean maybe her sister gave birth, her cousin her auntie ….lol) if there is really a child ? if she really was preggy because nothing was actually Firmly CONFIRMED only speculations based on her manipulative actions and so called “evidences” which were never Authenticated.
        I still remember Atty Lee said that some saw her in July 2015 and she didn’t look like a woman on her 7 month of pregnancy.
        Just my thoughts here …because there are so many twisted information and mixed details and mixed dates that they give and nothing Firm, doesn’t it seems they are literally drowning in their own lies both bitchoi and pig lawyer?

        I do not think as a Criminal that she is the Prosecutor will ban her leaving SK without very concrete and reliable evidences.

        I still give credit to Atty Lee that he knows what he is doing, 23rd Sept will be end of her law suit and then the REAL TRIAL of Hj law suit against bittchoi will start. Don’t forget there is a law suit for criminal charges for blackmail and libel etc… that Hj filled against this Criminal (NOBODY still).
        I think now they are playing the Media to get sympathy and to distract from the main issue …the DNA test that HJ requested from First day that news were out and that a Criminal Law Suit is pending over bithcoi head!

  5. Hey girls, just a thought, probably hyun joong thinks that it’s his fault this baby whether it’s his or not got involved in all this and if proven to be not his and choi and whoever is the father got arrested and went to jail he would probably take care of him/her in an orphanage. Don’t you agree, I just hope he doesn’t blame himself and stop his negative self talk.

    • If the baby is not his . i don’t think HJ will think that is his fault because he was the one who had wanted to separate and wanted to do nothing with choi since the started. choi was the one who got herself into this situation if she goes to jail with her associates partner her baby can be looked after by her parents or the father”s parents.

      He may be blame himself for getting involved with this woman and trusted this woman but times will heal all his wound. The unconditional love and trust from his fans also can slowly replace the wound in his heart. As long as his fans continue to support him and believe in him he will be fine.

      There are a whole lots of good reasons for me that I must support a good man who has been wrongly accused , blackmailed and defamed by an obsessive woman who has become a gold digger. No matter what Just don’t let the good man down.

  6. Choi filing case on khj’s paternity test refusal??? How could this be if choi hv not even showed solid proof of her pregnancy not to mention DNA test? If she gave birth last week then whats taking them too long to get thru w DNA test instead of rushing to the media and spilling about giving birth after hearing the news hj cancelled his brief vacation leave fr his ms?! Did she lost her way again??

    Really I hardly believe these people (choi’s camp) can easily file charges after charges without even solid evidence on her claims!
    Can anyone here pls tell me, is it that easy to play around with SK court of law?

    Apart to this, it seems to me SK people can easily go to the media and accuse anyone and publish! And that people easily believe such fairytales presented to them by their media??

    Im just wondering how come no one in SK seem to have seen choi with that big belly?? Not even her lawyer! Now it was said she gave birth but none stated when she delivered and if the baby is a girl or a boy! Dont you think this is strange?

    In the news choi’s so called “friend” said they could not say the exact date of delivery saying choi does not want to expose about her delivery??? LOL Do you believe this? This is really funny! Choi openly exposed her abortion issue but hesitant about child delivery? Her lawyer even stated there were media people at the hospital when choi gave birth but how come none of those media people knows the specific date of birth?? Not even the baby’s gender!!??

    Forgive me for saying but I find this news fr SK to be sooooo stupid!! Choi’s camp is making everyone such fools! Sorry but choi may fool the sk general public but not KHJ fans!

    • If it ‘s true the media people were there when this woman gave birth i suspect they are the one who corporate with her since the beginning to defame HJ and blackmail him.

      It ‘s very funny indeed that she invited medias to see her giving birth but it was the lawyer who gave the interview or gave the news about the delivery not the reporter. Normally the case like this if the medias were there they will report the date, the hospital and the gender of the child. If it was true that the medias people were there but did not report it. It means they are working for choi or paying by choi and they are hiding the truth from public. In another words they are a big part of choi’s game .

      Or in my wild thinking may be that particular media people is a father of the child that’s why he was there. I really can’t get it how come she can fool the SK public so easily and how come the medias there are so lacking of responsibility in reporting the fact to public. The worst think is the medias allow themselves to be used to defame and blackmail a person in a way. The public seems no problem with the corrupt medias. So, so sorry for the injustice toward HJ and I feel so lucky that I ‘m not living there.

    • Well I think that she is preparing an exclusive interview with the media who were there, saying the sex the date and the medic certificate, we will see her in the news showing her baby face, not herself and probably getting the DNA test results, her lawsuit for paternity is another game, I dont know but ATT Lee asked for the test inmediately the baby delivery but seems she hid and lawsuit him to make him seems that he doesnt like to take responsibilty. She is crazy, he will pay for the child grow but not what she wants, but also what the court decides after getting the test proving that the baby is his.
      ahhh it seems to be longer again till get the end of this drama. Poor KHJ she is really a pain in his neck ,
      GOD bless you boy . FIGHTING

      • I think ATT Lee has been aware of the long period lawsuit . If I’m not mistaken a few months ago after HJ entered the MSTT Lee said that the case will end by the time HJ release from his MS.

        Whoever the father it’s really poor baby to have a mother like choi. I hope she will be the last woman in this world who uses the baby as a ticket to get money for herself . I do not think she will get what she wants . However I believe choi will try to use the baby to negotiate with the criminal lawsuit she is facing and expects HJ’s side to drop the case. I hope he will not do that . If the child is his he choose clear his name for his child and he will have a family in the future his future children and his future family should not suffer because of choi’s lies.

  7. ็Hi everyone,

    This is the time that we have to pray hard and hope the best for HJ. Whatever it happens God will take care of that . We have prepared for today that whatever and no matter what we will continue to support him because we knew he is a good person and we knew the woman who accused him and trapped him is just a scorn woman who aimed to take advantaged over his sincerity and his trust.

    Not long now we will know whether the baby is his or not. If it’s his . It’s fine. We know it is very unfortunate that the woman had successfully set up her trap well after had been trying to set up fake pregnancies and miscarriage for a few times before. We will encourage him and support him to do the best for his life. This will not change the fact that this woman is a criminal suspected for blackmailing , fraud, extortion and defamation. If the baby is not his then we all will feel relief that finally he can breath the fresh air sooner. I ‘m firmly believe in him , in his sincerity and his goodness. The fact that has been revealed so far has proved that he is a real victim of the whole scandal.

    I find my commitment to support him is stronger because it won’t be fair if someone ‘s life has been jeopardized because he was too naive to believe a liar that has made a plan to blackmailed him and controlled his life. I think it is only fair when that criminal suspected has received a punishment for the crime she created.

    Well i hope we’ ll continue to pray for him at the least for the peace in his heart and mind. I do not believe this criminal suspected will enjoy her plan for long.

    Fighting everyone and hope for the best for HJ.

    • The latest crazy – she/her camp didn’t even tell him or his family that she delivered the baby, but her lawyer released a statement saying that he’s not cooperating w/paternity testing!!!!! I can’t stand this sleaze. Lawyer Lee took care of THAT immediately, bless him 😀 She’s beyond disgusting. I hope and pray every day, along w/his mother I’m sure, that the child is NOT his 😦

      • Hj’s father said baby or not they will continue with their law suit, don’t forget Hj sued her for Blackmail, libel, fraud extortion and the freak Criminal is banned to leave SK by Prosecutor. Furthermore heard SK Fans countersued her (Hurray….very well done) Can we sue her as well to add to the suits pending against her?
        I still doubt she gave birth Atty Lee said in July (she shud hv been 7 mths preggy) that she barely had a belly?
        Bitchoi and pig lawyer try to get Media attention and circus playing to get again symphaty?!? for what lying again? what a preposterous story with reporters being there when she allegedly gave birth and nobody printed news? who do they think they play with? do they take us all for morons with no brain?
        what a disgusting creature, I pity the child if really exist with such a freak creature as a mother…… !
        Still she will remain A NOBODY and trash and a Gold Digger.

        • Isn’t anyone out there in SK ever protest against Choi cause this Woman is going on a Rampage and She’s Infecting everyone with her disease.
          Seriously! SK Fans is suing Choi? Where did you hear that from? Are the Korean Fans and People around the world had enough of her yet?

    • Hi Bella!
      Honestly, I have a positive feeling that the baby is not Hyun Joong’s. And yes, prayers can cause miracles. We should always put our trust in God. What I’m Worried About Is Hyun Joong’s Career. If he’ll continue in the media or not, all depends on the outcome of the case.. I hope and pray that, Hyun Joong follows his heart and takes the right decision, no matter what…

  8. Wait a minute! I thought it was Sept 12. When is her baby due again?
    Some crazy person they are.
    Really! Did Someone find out that the Dispatch has connection with Allkpop, KoreaBoo and the rest of the Clan? When is Att Lee going to sue them? Are they going to Jail too?

  9. She gave birth already a week ago. I’m just wondering if it was not a premature birth coz she refused the parents to see the ultrasound pictures. Anyway let’s wait for the DNA test.

  10. Well… I’ve never seen any woman being so desperate! It’s not that she is the lone person on the earth to fall in love…everyone falls in love at some point of their life…but that doesn’t mean that we can take that person for granted…… I don’t see this as love… it’s rather her obsession she had for Hyun Joong….

  11. I don’t think that’s Choi… well…I don’t know but why would he bring her in public? Till now, Nobody had any idea about that woman…isn’t it so strange that she appears in the videos all of a sudden…that too with Hyun Joong…???? I feel like the person in the video is not even Hyun Joong…. 😯😯

    • It’s definitely Choi. It has been known for some time that these videos are of her. This was the extent of their relationship back then (2013). She would show up to his soccer games, friend gatherings and even IG filming locations, until she finally wormed her way in to his personal life in April of 2014. There were more videos of her hanging around KHJ, but they have been deleted.

  12. I only hope and pray that Hyun Joong gets over all these. Last night, I was going through some videos from his gemini concert…and I noticed his eyes were teary and he was unable to get hold of himself throughout all of the concerts… even his smiles were so if he doesn’t know what’s going on with his life… I felt so bad watching him break down to tears.. and the worse part was that he had a lot of things to say..but he was unable to say anything, maybe because of his agency and just buried down the pains and sufferings in his heart..
    But he was so naive during that time… thank God that he didn’t do any harm to himself…just thinking about his situation gives me goose bumps.. I just wander what Hyun Joong was going through… just hope that he’s okay now, doing much better… ♡ ♡

    • HJ just cancelled his September vacation. My feelings tells me there is no pregnancy therefore there is no need for DNA test. But to sue her for all the blackmailling that nearly took his life.

    • The last day, during the fans surprise singing your story was the most painful video l have ever seen from him. How hurt and touchable he was, how many regrets at that time.
      GOD BLESS HIM, l wish that God gives him strengh to support what is comming, it will be painful if the baby is his, how to keep the baby with him if it is his. How to fight without hurt the baby. l also wish that it ends soon winning or losing, l wish it ends for KHJ sake and health.
      God care of my baby

      • Yes. It was very hard for me to even watch the last concert of Hyun Joong… and I too ended up crying..
        Not only on the last day of his concert, but I noticed he was very pale throughout the gemini concert… and his sufferings were clearly visible in his eyes.. he was silently bearing the pain. As far as I know, Hyun Joong has always been an introvert kind of person. He’d never express anything..but this time, he couldn’t get hold of himself. I’m just thankful to the Almighty that nothing wrong happened to HJ… because he was so naive during that time…my heart was frozen,everytime I thought about his pain…ultimately he got grip of his emotions… thank God for that… for showing him light out of the darkness…

  13. Hi, friends. I would like to ask you something, because I don`t know whom to ask. A strange thing happened to me the day before yesterday /Thursday evening here/. On facebook I received an invitation from a person – Kim Hyun Joong /official facebook/. It was a new profile and the numbers of friends incresed quickly. All of them were fans. The preson /KHJ/ published a lot of pictures and videos of KHJ, some of them I haven`t seen before. I thought it was some kind of a fan, that is why I send 1 personal message, to thank for the invitation and to ask whether it was a fanclub. Yesterday, due to a lot of messages, there was a post on the page, where he / or she/ was apologizing for not being able to answer to our personal messages and to thank for the support. All of his friends on facebook ware talking as if they are talking to him directly. This morning /Saturday/, less than two days after I received the invitation, the profile was deleted totally. No trace at all. What do you think that was. I am very confused. I did not believe that it was him, although the other girls and boys obviously believed that. But after the profile was deleted I don`t know what to think.

  14. True or False
    What i read back then that Triple S doesn’t support KHJ, they only support the four
    of them but only KHJ fans only support KHJ. This is back then, How about now? Do they
    support him in this new era or they continue only to support four guys? I’m not trying to
    start a Drama i’m just asking.

    • After the scandal and after his presence in HYS concert in 2013 the things changed, many of the proyects to suport him are signed by henécias and triple ss fans., and some days ago KKJ talked openly about the members suport to him and told that they are in contact every time the News appeared, the funny thing is that his manager tried to stop his answer but he SAID it is ok since the scandal is knew for everybody. I like his way to stop his manager and SAID that KHJ always calm them when they talk. As l understand they are friends, khj is their leader and the fans felt it. Ss501 are still in the hearts of many people and they are supporting them and their leader even now.
      I am not triple ss or hénecias but l felt now that they are united for supporting KHJ.l can see in many coments.

  15. Hi Lazer kim. How are you doing? Can you please help me get the current mailing address for sending letters to Kim Hyun Joong..? I want the address where Hyun Joong receives the letters directly…can you please help me out? 😢😢

      • Thank you so much Tina… but I’m confused about one thing. I’ve sent a letter to Hyun Joong few months back, when he was in his basic training. I wrote the letter in English. I wander if he was able to understand it or not…. because I don’t know korean…..😰😰

        • well if you send it via the mail box they don’t translate it they send as it is but if you send it in the e-mail they ask them to translate it they usually do the only time they don’t translate when you actually tell them in the e-mail not to.

            • Then send an email, so they can translate it.
              OR use simple english in your writing, in this video he understood what the fan was saying in english:

              good luck 🙂

  16. Hi Lazer kim.. I wanted to send a hand written letter to kim hyun joong but I don’t know the address. Can you please help me out?

  17. Dear Lazer,
    Am glad to find this page and get to know the updates about KHJ. just signed the petition and i’ll support him to the end. KHJ fighting..!!!

    Could you explain me about KHJ promotion to first pivate class, Sunny showed it but l dont understand it.
    l need to read another post from you. as always hungry for news and your explanation.

    • Hello jazu!
      Now how can i explain? let me try. Let’s just say hj had reached the military requirement to be given a wage raise and was promoted within the military rank and file fr trainee to 1st class private (military rank). In short he’s a now a certified soldier after being a trainee.
      I hope Noya can read your question she can explain better having been in military training. Somehow I hope i was able to help!
      Forgive me i still cant find time to write articles! And if i write at this time im sure no one would wants to read current event that wld only lead to political topic wc im avoiding!! LOL therefore im cooling off for a while other than im really dead busy since peak season in my field is just facing me at this time! Take care and see you! God bless.

      • Hi Lk

        Good to hear from you again. I miss your article. The next hearing is approaching. Hope the court will give justice to HJ and his family.

        Well for sure summer is the peak season in your job, l forget it, sooner it will end in time to the next hearing about the case, l hope that everything will be good, we need too know the ADN test result, and with this the end of her blackmail and pushing him to be with her, she will stop to bother him.
        if the baby is his l will congratulate him since we know he loves children, she will be nobody and nobody will care of her.
        l am as he is, waiting for the results, nothing to see in their messages, which damaged more her than him, she is only reveling her sex way for him. He is a boy, normal enough to get what she let him. point.
        Hope to get a better explanation about this promotion, l hope somebody take a photo ………………………. ehhhhh.
        take care to the next post , take care.

        • Yes Lazer Ma’aM,
          Waiting patiently for your free time to write an Articles. 🙂

          What happen if Choi side bring in a fake DNA test? If
          its a Fake DNA test or His real DNA, KHJ will pay Child Support and pay money to her for the rest of his life until
          the Baby turn 18.
          Att Lee need to keep an eye on that to see if the Baby
          is KHJ or not.

          I hear all kinds of stories with Fake DNA Results and Using Money.

      • Dearest LK you explained it perfectly, after this he can move on to make some course for a higher rank, I expect he will go for it, I really don’t know how things work in SK army at least at the DMZ is not an easy task for sure. Proud of him to chose this, but no easy at all, you do need skills for that.

        Welcome back Jazu missed you dear. Can I say something without any offense please, I don’t ever believe that bitchoi is preggy with Hj’s child same as there was never like a “love” relation between her and Hj, mores so it seems she had a whole relation with herself with all txt messages more than she had with HJ…I still think and feel she was just a fling, a one night stand no more. Hj rejected her so she made up all the stories to damage Hj image and blackmail him using lies, libel, blackmail and all manipulations to get her name linked with Hj as “ex gf” I still doubt she was ever a real or true gf to Hj. Bottom line a plain gold digger!!
        All her txt msgs are so one sided and so unreal, like Hj’s dad said she did manipulated his txt messages she exchanged with him and the so called “evidences” so out of context with the dates that she basically drowned in her own lies.
        Yes I do believe truth will be out there and that HJ will fight till all the truth will be out there.

        How come that this bitchoi is trashing Hj name and for all those years he is in the lime light all his friends, people who worked with and for sure ex girlfriends, nobody had a bad word to say about him? No to talk about his fans who adores him?

        The real Trial will start after this, the trial that Hj filed Criminal charges against bitchoi for blackmail, extortion, libel, fraud, lies, after all the Prosecutor in SK banned bitchoi for leaving the country on solid evidences provided by Atty Lees. She is a Criminal for all she done and I do hope her punishment will be an example for all other gold diggers who are trying to follow bitchoi!

        • It is not offense, I also still think and feel she was just a fling or more than that the available girl each time he needed a girl l bet she knew of his real girlfriend. That is what she showed in the messages. But if she wanted him in her life she would do everything to get it.
          As naive as he is he could fell in her game, he seemed to trust her in any way, that let her take advantages, she really got them, any opportunity was good for her. Keeping text messages and the way that she talked through them, taking pictures and make up them, having the code of his house security, and others that lead me think that she was succeeded in her desire to get his baby. A ¨cunning and malicious¨ woman has the power in bed if she likes to have the man tide forever, l can see it around. He saw it later, unfortunately too late to stop her, she took the lead for a while blackmailing him and getting what she wanted but it ends now, he is free to fight. The girlfriend who he was protecting from Choi probably left him.
          The thing that bothers me is to read that she is considered by some trash media as his former ex girlfriend which l feel she was just his sex fling. who took advantage to be in his bed.
          well we will see if she was succeeded to get his baby or not.
          If she did, the court should consider to discount from the money that she got the pension of the baby, for sure he would save money and later have the custody of the child.

      • thanks Bella
        But l am always here, everyday, no matther you said l think , Hope the court will give justice to HJ and his family.
        After to think of this l could only say that she doesn’t realize how low is falling for her folly; it seems like she never loves him but his money. So many people do not believe her.
        Knowing his personality , l finally could say that MY BABY WAS DEALING HARD WITH THAT STUBBORN GIRL IN HIS LIFE.

  19. I read somewhere from a different site that Att Lee is Investigating
    KE sooner or later. What are they hiding that they don’t want us to
    know of and will it Bite them back?
    As for KHJ, He needs to change another company. I think he needs to start
    hanging with people at Work that doesn’t screw him over again because of his
    Maybe after MS KHJ will start something fresh, learning his lesson, not talking to
    people or dating someone he doesn’t trust. Anybody here worried what KHJ will
    do next when he comes out of MS?

    By the Way, Did SS501 Break-Up or There still together as a group? I haven’t
    heard any news from them signing a group contract together with any other
    Maybe the group need to create there own studio so they don’t have to worry
    about anything.

      • For KHJ Idea Girl Type, Would he still go for a girl
        who Drink so he won’t get Bored, A girl who would chase after him instead of him chasing after a girl? Choi does fit the Category, She stalk him and It does Suck the Life
        out of him to the point she become Dangerous. Girls who Drink and getting Pregnant don’t mix well for an
        unborn child. I’m just saying just to let you guys know.

        • I feel that he has learned his lesson, and being in the military will give him an extra edge on life experiences. He has and will have learned a lot in these two years and I feel he has grown up and will not repeat the same mistakes twice. Our boy has become a true man and has learned to fight. But, he will still have the smile and the heart of kindness, that will never change. Watch out world for here he comes,better than ever.

  20. HJ, please do not drop this case, for over a year we stood by you and now it is time for you to stand by us. This case is near the end, so keep going and see what the end will be. Please do not give up now. Stand Strong, let the courts decide.

    • Lol if international fans could have sue bitchoi the Sk court will not be able to cope with all cause this will come from too many countries …Hj fans are world wide! Lol i wish we can do that!

  21. I’m thankful to God for intervening in the dispute between NK and SK.I went to church to pray for Hyun Joong and his family. A special prayer was said for this very sad turmoil that he finds himself in.Both sides need to drop this case.Choi needs to move on with her life,baby or no baby. Hyun joong needs to make music because he is so talented. I played some of music Today. This guy has talent but he’s not lucky with the ladies. If we are all alive 2017, I need to be there when he gets out. I hope that he reads free board on his site.his fans say good things to encourage you baby. Staying safe is your goal. Fighting! !!!!!!!.you rock baby.l

    • I hope by God that Hj will not even think to drop this case! No way ! she done too much damage to his image and his life, the moment he will drop this will be like bitchoi won with her lies and like he admited to her accusations. This Nobody bitchoi is a very manipulative scorned woman who wanted all the world to know that once she passed through Hj bed, she loves to call herself ex-gf…which is not true and don’t believe ever was. People tend to forget bitchoi started this is her pre-trial hearings now. Afterwards will be the trial on the Criminal charges that Hj sued her, have patience all Truth will be out and Hj is the victim here not that freak. That bitchoi should be in Jail! If there is a baby is not Hj’s for sure otherwise she will have gone to make a pictorial to show her belly…..
      So let’s let Atty Lee to do his job and uncover the Truth and put that bitchoi in jail where she deserve to be together with her lawyer abd whomever back her lies!

      • Ah i remember hj’s dad was saying “even if hj wont do this to his career then do it for his name.” I dont think hj would ever drop this case against that choi.

          • What money?? Hj is suing her for blackmail libel for all she got….what money do uvthink she will get frim whom?? Not from Hj for sure!!!

            • KHJ Money.
              Choi Blackmailing KHJ.
              September is getting Closer.
              If Choi goes to Jail, What will she do? Will
              she pay all the Money back to KHJ for the Damage she cause.

              For example, when you get into a car
              accident, Police give you a ticket, The
              person Goes to Court and one of
              them has to pay back the damage they
              cause to that person car.

      • We need to get ready, September is getting closer and that is when Choi, Att Lee, Media and back-up Followers
        Spread whatever Disaster they come up with.
        When will they stop calling her an Ex GF? Will they reveal
        the truth that Choi isn’t KHJ Ex or Whatever?

    • What you are talking about ? . Why you think that the woman who lied to destroy a man ‘s career and humiliated him when thing is not going in her way should get away from the crime she did. Have you ever thought about justice ? Is it O.K for you that 10 years of his hard working can be destroyed by the liar.? How about his parents. Is it fair for them to accept that their son ‘s life and career can be destroyed by the liar and can be threatened by a blackmailer who acts like a gold digger. Using lies to threaten someone for money or to force someone to do something is certainly harmful to the society. It is a crime and it’s an act of a criminal. WE should never support a criminal ‘ s acts. The society should confirm that what choi has done to HJ and his family is a crime and must be punished. I think it’s a duty for members of the society to make it ‘s clear that the criminal ‘s act will be punished no matter what.

      In my opinion the damage choi has done to HJ ‘ life and the suffering she has caused to his parents are too great beyond any kind of compensation. Therefore she needs to realize that and reflect herself . She will never realize how harmful she has been if the case is dropped.

    May I appeal to all KHJ fans to please PRAY for Kim Hyun Joong’s safety, and to all Koreans from both south and north side, and everyone who are currently in Korea.

    Both SK and NK are in hightened alert preparing for war! Let’s pray for peaceful talk on both sides and restrain from guns.

    In any war it’s the civilians from both sides who are the victims and not the politicians who only wanted to gain power. Whatever disputes both sides has I dont think war is the best resolution. There’s nothing better than a peaceful talk than indulging to physical war at all cost. It’s both sides, their country and its people who are most affected.

    Why is this happening??? We all worry about khj of course. And all we can do is pray for him and his safety since he’s physically in the line at the border of war zone.

    We may all be busy with our lives but let’s spare time for prayers and include khj and his country in our prayers. Thank you.
    God bless Korea.

    LK here writing!

    • Thank you Lk for reminding us.

      Let’s pray for Hyun Joong and everybody who are endangered in this situation. No one need to die because of one crazy man or an ego of anyone. i hope SK-NK will find a solution to stop firing.

      • I know were all worried and praying for them but
        sorry for asking this.
        At what age will an army retired from the military service?

    • #PrayForKorea Trend is World Wide yes we pray for Korea! that this crisis may pass and the status quo will return and the quiet on their borders.

      I must say, trust Hj to go where danger is…typical Hj. Sigh…Leader in all.

    • I will pray for him and for the people from the both countries. Why did he go there? Now we have to worry not just for the trial, but for his safety as well. I am really worried….

    • My dear friends, all of u! I’ve been thinking what a terrific Guy our HJ is, that just with His single talent & personality He could bring together such people like u with sky high sense of Love not for The Only One, but for all environment – for people u don’t know, for countries u don’t live, for whole world u worry about. Big pleasure & honor to know u, to read your comments, to share your feelings specially in this dramatically & war edgy moment of history, when we all holding our breath on for Him, who is in extremely real danger right now & for thousands millions innocent people in both Koreas,US & other countries in Asia,each of them who was threatened for supporting SK. All our prayers for those who working hard in the moment to solve the issue & bring the Peace & common sense for good. God bless the Guy who united such great people like u in a huge positive unbreakable power to defend – LIFE & LOVE.

    • Lazer kim.I was in church the day I heard the news.I know that there’s a GOD because he has gotten me out of some dangerous situation. I’ll keep praying for my cutie.I usually write on his free board under Hyun am a big fan of his.I could be his big sister,but I love my baby boy. I will never leave him. He will always have my support.

        • Can you tell me whats going on in South Korea?
          Who side are they on KHJ or Choi?
          Haven’t heard any news from them yet.

          Bella – So Everybody who involved her evil plan will that be KE also in it to? No one isn’t answering my KE question so i’m asking for your permission.

          • If you ask me who is in KHJ’s side I would say those who believe in his sincerity and honesty , those who believe in justice and those who have taken all information in to account and think rationally..

            choi’s side will be haters , those who ignored rational thinking , those who benefit from seeing KHJ down with this scandal and those who did not care for justice.

            Who have involved in choi evil plan ?

            -I guess at the least media ” A ” who kept providing suspicious evident and false information from choi to manipulate public.

            – choi’s lawyer who let his client blackmailed HJ and let his client violated HJ’s right to defame HJ to public.

            – People around her at the least her family and her friends who knew well her behavior .

            – The one who is backing her acts who will benefit if HJ’s popularity is down.

            I ‘m not sure how KE involved with choi’s plan but what so clear was KE did nothing to support HJ in this scandal even though KE knew HJ was threatened by choi and media “A”.

            • Great explanation. It is now in the hands of the court, do let us just wait and see how the courts in SK will handle this. A gag order should have been issued from the first trail
              They knew she like talking to the press, but I believe that someone told her to be quite.

    • I believe their high court just convicted the Former Prime Minister of SK…so who is bitchoi to avoid the LAW? Have some faith Atty Lee is doing his job, patience is a virtue.

  23. Let’s pray for Kim Hyun joong.we want him to stay safe. News says that north and south are messing with each other. I pray for calm.

  24. Hi, I just read in the Bulgarian Henecia page in Facebook, that there has been a bomb near the border with North Korea. Luckily noone is hurt, but the soldiers are in high alert and the people living nearby are evacuated. Does anyone know something about this. I am so worried right now.

    • Yes, South Korea military is on the highest-level of alert after North Korea fired a rocket into Yeoncheon. SK responded by firing several dozen rounds of shells at the rocket site. Apparently Kim Jong Un was unhappy about the loudspeakers blasting propaganda messages across the border, which were reinstated after the land mine incident which injured two SK soldiers near Paju earlier this month. NK is now moving more troops toward the border. NK has used this method in the past, as a scare tactic, but they rarely go through with their threats. Let’s hope and pray that this is the case and that everyone involved stays safe.

  25. so much for the meaty information. The truth is slowly coming out. I will always pray for KhJ ,his family and all the supporters. I hope that everything gets settled in the near future. God bless everyone.

  26. Let’s just avoid Macoy for our own sanity as I said she is choi or her maybe her sister. Liying all the time triying to discourage the fandom. Let’s stay strong. Don’t believe her lies saying HJ triying to settle the case. HJ wants all to be exposed in court. She is using a strategy she used in 2014 to hurt him through fandom. We are up in to stand by him rainy or snow she can go to hell now.

    • I’m sure she said what choi wants. Last year choi and her lawyer also tried to settle the case by talking to medias and use her organized group to manipulate people on line to encourage HJ’s side to settle. choi wanted to do the same this time. Last year HJ did not know choi lied about everything she told him so he did settle the case but this year is different. he wants all the truth to be revealed.

      i think we knew better how choi is. However we just be patient . choi and her associates surely will try their best to settle . That’s why they have that person helping them in allkpop talks nonsense for the whole year. If this person not the relative of choi they probably paid to do so. Their aim are to discourage the fandom . We know better so do not fall in to their trap. Let them talk nonsense as much as they want we just keep talking the truth and be patient. I used to read a few comments from this person then i realized she/he keep repeating the same lies as choi did over and over again because that’s all they have. So I stop reading and just skip the comment.

    • Don’t take Macoy seriously. Just ignore the malignant madcowmacoy!
      Remember is her law suit right now on court! it seems they forget that!!

      HJ won’t settle. He said he wants the truth to be out no matter what. And he also filed a criminal suit against her. Doesn’t seem like he’s settling.

      IGNORE haters.

      • Got it! 🙂
        After HJ gets out from MS, I hope he learn his lesson not to talk to anyone that screw him over. Find a better Company or Have his own Studio, the right people and Hang out with his real friends.
        Forget KE! Karma will come after them when the right time comes. if that ever happens.
        Anyone who is involved with Choi should be arrested and hope she doesn’t come back and get KJ again or any other victim out there she’s after.

          • Hmmm….I don’t think KJ will leave Korea cause
            he love his Country and he has a family that he cares about. If He wants to move to Japan or any other places unless KJ needs to learn English
            more if he wants to live somewhere in the West.

    • you mean to say that macoy has not stopped yet. and now saying that KHj wants to settle the case with choi. who is this macoy? is she choi, and if not she/he is definitely a choi bias, never thinks and analayzes the issue, all she/he says are all against KHJ. Me, I always skip all his comments because you cannot get anything reasonable and logical, he/she is out there to provoke any pro-KHJ comments. Let us leave Macoy and let him/her live with illusions; and let us not mind his comments as if he/she does not live at all. Let him/her bark and bark. His/Her opinions will not affect the court’s decisions at all.

    • I hate to say this but it seems any one will be better than choi in my opinion. I must say I have never known of any woman who is worse than choi. Exposing personal text message and private matter to public to destroy some one is just proved that she has no dignity and do not respect herself..

      If Hj dated top star or a star we probably will never know because they respect their private life . Unlike someone who wants to be known and craving for respect but do not know how to respect herself and others.

  27. Someone mention abt Textmssge true or not? I think u read that in allkpoop right? Coz I went there ystrrday and guess who said that in comment box??! Its broken record crazy macoy!!! LOL
    Dear chingu, just to let u know, dat macoy is simply stupid choi bias. Heshe known as a broken record to keep saying the same crap abt Hj repeatedly thousand times. But we know lies can’t never bury truth forever. I suggest u to keep ur distance there from that freak in order to prevent u from crazycowmacoy disease……wahahaha

    • Agree. Before psychochoi’s scandal I often visit allkpop as a source of information about K-Ent. Since this scandal I found that allkpop is truly a trash medias online . I so not hesitate to say this to anyone because they have proved so evidently that they are not a good media that anyone can rely on. Their report is always distorted and misinformed. I really feel ashamed for whoever is its editor. It shows that the editor has corrupted and has some source of benefit from providing imbalance report.

      The one you mentioned this one is a real ignorance creature’. I have never read the comment of this one. I’m not surprise if this one is paid to do the dirty job since there is the media “A” beside choi . I really hope the media ” A ” will be exposed .

      • Dear Bella and Family,

        a wise man once said:

        You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
        Abraham Lincoln

        and that the truth shall prevail is true. So how many lies this bitchoi may concoct, but she can’t fool all the people all the time!

        • Exactly.

          She and her associates probably think that they had made the best blackmail plan that no one can catch them because HJ is too naive and she already made him felt guilty with her lies.

          The more i think about this the more i feel how destructive this woman is . How come she can be a mother. She is too full of herself and the thing she wants . She is definitely can’t make anyone happy even her own self. If she is really becoming a mother i feel really sorry for the baby. I hope children organization and a psychiatrist will look after the well being of the baby if she will have one.

      • I am so positive that madcowmacoy is paid for Choi dirty job in English section since allkpoop is the ‘famous’ media internet. “Famous” here mean imbalance and biased report onto certain artist. When they talked good or bad its all being paid by somebody. Know their pattern since Hj’s nightmare.

        • is there anyone else beside Macoy doing the dirty
          job for Choi from a different media site?
          Like i said before, anybody who is involved with Choi should also be in prision because she is the one that hire them for making KJ miserable. Do you think there
          Job is done or they still waiting till september for
          the Court report?

  28. Anything new lately?
    Is Choi and Att Seon Drama over yet or they continue talking Nonsense?
    I hope Att Lee will gathered more information after what KEYEAST did to KHJ.

      • didn’t see that …..Atty LEE never admitted such thing.

        please :Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth.!!!

        If it were admitted as true the case would hv been closed. BUT CRIMINAL bitchoi is BANNED to leave SK and all her so called txt msgs were rejected! ALL her so called “evidences” rejected so no such thing.
        Atty Lee said that what Bitchoi and Pig Lawyer done was playing with the media and trying to affect emotionally instead of presenting facts. They didn’t stick to the case and tried to move the media in their favor.

        Let’s let Atty LEE do his job he knows exactly what to do!!!

        • LOL! I read the word ” text message” AGAIN! 6,000 text messages!! This gave me a good laugh! I told you hj and that bitchoi are just textmates and nothing more than that!! lol
          Did i read it right she’s an acting teacher or something??? LOL LOL LOL
          I DON’T THINK SO!! She’s a disgrace to the world of arts in acting! I think whoever said it meant she’s a con artist!!
          Seriously, i dont think a decent person in a career will even think of blackmailing anyone nor even had the time to fabricate 6000 text messages!! With all the stunts choi has been showing it only proved she doesnt have a life!! Poor bitchoi!! Tagged as criminal bitchoi!

          • Lazer, What about KeyEast anything new that also involved with them? I guest we don’t know the Whole Story yet. Karma will probably come after them
            After KHJ comes back from MS i hope he will leave the Company and find another place.

          • Hi Lk

            I feel exactly the same as you that it’s truly impossible that she is an acting teacher. Even to say that she is an acting partner is too good for her quality . choi makes all acting teachers feel embarrass that she has brought their professional down by trying to be one of them.

            I believe at the least acting teacher would respect herself and will not be too cheap to lie to a man for his money and pretend to be pregnant when she was not just to keep the man with her. The woman without dignity can not teach no one.

            Everything this woman did just disgraced all women. She is really capable to destroy. However choi is a criminal suspected after all.

            • I wonder abt that too coz it first time for me to hear that info..Coz we know all this while she’s only a crazy stalker of HJ even until his soccer game field she follow him. She perverted with him in front of many fans. She really no shame to do such act in front of other people, even his fans around. She doesn’t seems like teacher at all. I hope the info abt her being acting teacher is wrong totally.

        • OMG! Thank you Noya! So many Scandals drive me up the Wall and i was this close to believing in text messages. LOL! Please let this be over i don’t want any more people believing this nonsense Crap.

  29. todo mi apoyo a KHJ… muy bueno este este articulo para todas las fans que estuvimos deprimidas por el momento angustioso que estuvo pasando KHJ…

  30. Love always wins in the end … ALWAYS! Love lifts up. This is what KHJ chose … fortunately, he’s got tons of LOVE surrounding him!

    Lies always lose in the end … ALWAYS! Lies bring down. This is what Ms. Choi chose … sadly, she had to bring others down with her, too.

  31. Thank you LazerKim for this article.
    You were right from the beginning and now that bit by bit the Truth is emerging even more so.

    Don’t you worry sister you are not alone HJ fans are there and all are fighting for the Truth and we all want him back to hear his voice and He did promise a Free Concert (for that I will really travel to SK, even though today SK is not on my wish list after what they done to HJ) and Hj always keeps his word!!

    I came about this video of our Hero Atty Lee is English translated and is a very good lesson, I really hope you don’t mind me posting it here, but it just show what a great man Atty Lee is:

    This I a good lesson for all.
    Remember the Truth shall prevail in thee end.
    Always a Fan! All for One and One for All!

    • Thank you so much Noya,

      He is really a wise man what he said is simple but the impact is beyond words and is a very good acknowledgement to everyone. In just 15 minutes talked he already gave his audience a great lesson for life . I truly admire him so much.

      I hope all the Koreans will be able to see this video if they have not seen it yet . I hope they have realized what is going on in their society and how much they can be used to support a crime by being manipulated by bad medias.

      What amaze me was he gave this talk a year or 2 years or so even before choi’s scandal took place . He was talking about his precious life experience through his work . What he said become real life experience before everyone eyes now. It ‘s really proved he did not talk out of nonsense . It shows that how destructive thought of oneself can lead to destroy another and others and lastly the one own self. We have seen all of these reflect clearly now in choi’s scandal when the truth started to be revealed. The truth has continued to reveal bit by bit till all truth come out. We have seen all parties involved in this scandal has been trying to block the truth from the public . In this case choi and associates intentionally broke the law to destroy KHJ further by exposing his very private matter through medias. This act itself showed that they did not respect SK’s law and underestimated their justice system and ( SK public.?? )

      However we knew now why they can keep using medias play. As it was revealed that some of the medias especially one of SK outlet media became the main actor here to ruin a life of the person they target until they get what they want.

      I hope all the Koreans will be able to see this video if they have not seen it yet . I hope they will realize what is going on in their society and how much they can be used to support a crime by being manipulated by bad medias.

      Lastly i truly want the Korean justice system to set a strong example for those medias who have been willingly be used to destroy and ruin the career of the person if they did not be part of the crime themselves.

      There are many online outlet medias that intentionally corporate with this crime by providing the imbalance information that lead to hatred the person and create the conflict between the supporters of both side. i wish they will be punish too. We have seen public opinion became a tool for the bad to avoid justice system of the country, i wonder if there is ways to prevent this unless the public itself realize the affect of injustice that has implanted in their society.

      • You are so right Bella, a wise man who knows how to handle this case from previous cases it seems. Lately I was browsing the net and I have discovered they really have like a “Pattern” in SK some gold digger is trying to get her claws in a famous male celeb and extort money via blackmail, all being premeditated of course, as we can see in this case from the beginning.
        But this freak takes the cake for sure as she is also obssesed with Hj as a man and those backing her just fueled her obsession more.
        I really hope after this some Law will be in Force to Protect their celebs from those fraudulous people like this freak.
        After all, those Celebs like KHJ just bring the name of SK to the world bring Tourism in SK i.e hard cash that us helping their economy. Destroying them, the celebs is like shoting in their own leg if you ask me!
        What this faceless freak brought to SK except a very bad name and a distorted face of the SK Society, she brought them Shame.
        A Lesson must be learned from here by all. If a law will be in force After Hj case, he is a real leader in all!!

        • Hi Noya,

          What you have mentioned is not far from truth. What I have seen so clear now is.

          Kim Hyun Joong has brought a lot of grace and honor to South Korea as a country . He has made a lot of people appreciate the Korean culture. Me included. He is one of the Korean that the country can be proud of. .

          The woman choi , she is not only disgraced South Korean woman but all the women . She has made the real victim of DV suffered a great deal because of her lies. i can’t forgive her for this. She has made South Korea known as a country of scorn women and blackmailing field.

          SK medias ???? i have no words for them . Are they really medias as a professional and career for real ? They did not have a gut to investigate the story they reported. The funny thing is they even blocked the information in order to hide the truth from public .

          Now , i have a lot of doubt and suspicious in the korean’s hypocrite attitude. I don’t want to believe that the country that seem to be well developed both in education and economic will be so rigid and closed mind without rational thinking. In this case they allowed their medias to manipulate them freely without any questions. They not even think twice when their medias kept providing imbalance report and black the information from KHJ’s side.

          I wonder what they will do when it is proved that their medias has been involved in blackmailing one of their most popular star for money.. Now we knew that Media ” A ” is a strong suspect for conspiracy with choi to blackmail HJ. We also know that SK medias tried to block information from KHJ’s side since they took down all report from his side. It is interesting to see how South Korean public will react to this. Is it lawful there to do this or is it O.K to allow medias to violate the right of its citizens.

          However I hope the South Korean court will still be the right place for its citizens that seek for justice otherwise South Korea will be the hopeless country in my view. Kpop alone is not enough to gain respect and admiration from international communities if inside the country suppression and violation its citizens became a common practice that their medias can do. Do their medias follow the order of someone ? here we are talking about SK right ? or NK ? I wonder .

        • Completely agree dear LK Noya , Bella.
          The media JUST said that they had the documents, didnt threat with words, just ¨it is a rutine¨, of couse those kind of media are doing this as a routine, Becoming in panic who listen to that.
          A Lesson must be learned from here by all. If a law will be in force After Hj case, he is a real leader in all!!
          Well said as always he is a true leader. His honesty is undeniable, he is well know for it. His silence had resons, resons to protect his people till he ended his commitments, because many people depended on him, not only his agent.
          She and the media (which has her exclusivity), just didnt expect his reaction, sure they thought to have him in her hands, they will see soon, after that he will get rid of her for ever and put a stop to that media.
          God bless KHJ, his lawyer and us ,his family

          • Very valuable video, information & comments for all fans. Appreciate it. I’m not much familiar with SK legislative system though, but seems u do. In what way can people participate in bringing laws like that u suggest to life for protecting such a national treasure like people who making history & culture? Would be nice they didn’t go to Army as well.

  32. i hope this is great news for u guys because now korean netizens who were verbally abusing hyun since last year have been writting apology letters to him for insulting and accussing hyun its like they are finally seeing the truth . Please note this are koreans! I guess choi is doing more harm than good to herself because even the koreans can see who she really is! Plus hyun lawyer (lee jae man) has an impeccable record in korea and is highly regarded. He is known to take up cases that he is sure to win! God bless him and help him all the way and thank God the korean netizens have finally openned their eyes. Praise God.

  33. HI GUYS! May I ask if anybody has any information about HJ. If smbd has any personal connection with Him. How s His health, is it possible to his family & friends to see him. Does He feeling better knowing that tremendous people around the world with Him. I just thinking all the time what else can we do to help Him get over, to cheer Him up, to bring more believers on His side, to let Him know how much He s respected, needed & loved. That He is the luckiest man alive having the best the greatest family of Fans ever by His side. Love u all. Take care. And tnx again to U LazerKim for broadcasting the truth, the facts, the good will.

  34. My Question is….

    ((No.1)) What happen to all the news report Articles they suddenly disappear for a second? I’m out of loop since i went out for a Summer Vacation. can you please tell me all the details on whats happening? Dispatch, KeyEast, Att Seon, Choi and whoever was involved with them.

    ((No.2)) How long will they continue doing this? There all Bunch of Freaks going on Battle Field Mode and Att Lee is the Man standing going against a Pack of Wild Hyenas.

    ((No.3)) As for the Non-Fans who side are they on now Choi or KHJ? Are they slowly coming through?

    Thanky Thanky Lazer for posting the Articles up!

    • Att Lee and KHJ got Fans to support them around the World. I’m thinking that someone else out there need to help them. There going against those Bozo Clowns and who knows what will happen next for the next strategy against these two innocent Men they’ll come up with. Who knows, The Court will probably be the next if that happen.
      I think His friends or Celeb Friends that KHJ hang around with need to go there and stop being a Coward, who care what the Fans or the Media says just go there and Help. Unless SK Fans, International Fans or Non-Fans Travel, go out there and Protest down the Street and fight back against the Media, Dispatch, Att Seon, Choi, KeyEast and Whoever involved with them. Since we don’t know the SK Law, The Fans will probably get in trouble for doing that.

  35. Let us stand strong cause it appears that the tide is turning and one thing for sure, God will make his enemies his footstool. God does not slumber nor sleeps, He sees all and He knows all, and He does not forget His own, Kim Hyun Joong, the Kim family, and the fans. Thanks again to all for what a great job you all are doing. Love and God bless.

  36. Once again, thank you for the article. I agree whole heartedly with almost all of it. My only area of contention is with the petition to reveal her identity. While I too would like to see her face and have her forced to face the fans head, on the one thing that sticks out to me is this: KHJ is a gentleman. Dispite all she’s put him through, he is still respectful enough to keep her identity secret from his end. While I don’t believe she deserves that respect, the very fact that he’s continuing to keep her identity hidden speaks volumes about him and I can’t help but admire him for it. I feel that if the media revealed her identity, it would be going against his, albeit misguided, wishes and I have a moral dilemma in supporting that.

    • on this dear you are dead wrong! fans can do that!
      Hj legal team will deal with that and all matters in due course! Is not his to disclose her identity.
      Yes Hj is a gentleman and a celeb and he will not lower himself to do that.
      But he is not Protecting her or is this his wish, rest assured on this.

      We as Fans have the right to disclose her as we are not bound by law in SK.

      • LK and mightymom explained my core misgivings very well. I mainly don’t want to make things harder for KHJ by petitioning for her identity to be revealed. ie. Giving her a known “reputation” to be considered ruined. Granted, with all the crap she’s done, I’m certain he’ll win unless the judge is an idiot or bought.

        There’s also a bit of the whole, “two wrongs don’t make a right”, floating around in my head. Yes, she deserves to be revealed, but does it solve HJ’s problem? No, not really. It only serves to make the fans happy. But as LK stated, it could also protect other celeb’s from her, because she could go after others.

        Which is why I’m having such a dilemma. I both agree and disagree with it. He may be better off DURING the legal proceedings if she remain unknown. However, AFTER he wins, I would have MUCH less restraint about it.

        • Well understood yr point.
          Well, not long now for the Truth to be revealed.

          But this freak must be Stopped cause she might try again to mess with Hj (as LK well pointed) once he will be out of the army!

          I hope by then will see her in all her “glory” on her way to Jail and fully exposed that way she will not try again same tricks with somebody else.
          What she done us inexcusable in playing with a human life, because Hj might be a celeb but he is a real person with a private life that she trashed and destroyed and insulted in every possible way!

          Can’t even imagine the anguish and pain Hj and his family passed because of this freak!

    • I want to be honest and say that I too have an issue with revealing her name and face, even though I have pointed her out on YouTube 🙂 It is not because I think that KHJ wants to protect her, but because of legal issues. Once she become well known in SK, whether positive or negative, it will make it easier for her to file charges of defamation. There are many categories of defamation in SK. Whether she becomes well known for being a saint or a sinner, she will be considered famous. In SK you can be sued for defamation even if you released the truth, if it is found to harm that persons “fame”. (i.e., very private text messages)

      • I agree with you this one reason why i mentioned it has to be the court to expose her or herself and not coming from fans. After this case wc i have strong belief it will win i think that’s the time to expose her not by fans though. Otherwise she’ll be doing the same evil ways either she hunt for another victim or mess up w hj again. So nothing is learned from this case! I still believe the guilty has to be convicted and the innocents has to be cleared. Only then i can say Justice is served.

        *sigh* i wish hj would migrate to japan after his ms. just my wild thoughts i dont think he’ll ever be safe in his own country anymore after what was done to him. Just my opinion.

  37. Thank you so much for this great article… It is really very supportive. I hope it reaches all the people it needs to reach and also reaches KHJ. I have always undetterdly trusted Hyun Joong Oppa. Yes he is a total dumbo & completely naive when it comes to other people’s feelings… But his heart is huge… He’s very honest in anything he does or says… That’s why we all love him. He would never treat someone to that extent. He loves kids too. As for her finding him cheating on her with another actress, there’s no reason for cheating as he had already broken up with her (Choi) right? Then why is she making pointless accusations? I pray that this nightmare will end for him in true victory. I pray that he never thinks of giving up this fight or his life itself. I also pray that Atty. Lee remains strong enough to fight for KHJ’s justice. I even pray that, that woman Choi doesn’t play serious games such as killing herself or something. She’ll kill not only herself if so, but also KHJ, his family, & all the people who truly love and believe in him… There are so many people who truly love & idolise him, & if something like this happens, imagine how many people may commit suicide in depression…

  38. I signed the petition.Always supporting KHJ! The fight continues, we must stay strong and united! Thank you,LK for your hard work and all the fans worldwide. I am really proud to be Henecia!

  39. Choi couldn’t possibly be able to concoct all of this on her own. This may sound outlandish, but what if KeyEast is helping pull the strings? This could be out of retaliation for Mr. Kim not renewing his contract and leaving. Mr. Kim is pretty popular and makes the company a lot of money and maybe Mr. Kim’s departure could be a big blow to them. I don’t know. It’s just a theory of mine.

    • whoever is pulling the strings i’ll say congrats but not too long they’ll be w choi behind bars! i dont care whatever KE gained or lose thats their business not mine. all i know they neglected hj last year period! Renewing contract??? What for? He’s already in ms right?

  40. Thanks again for a great post. I have a question. Why is Choi being protected by not revealing her identity, picture, etc.? Here in the USA if you are underage, your identity is not posted. She’s 30. She’s not a child to be hidden. Is she so rich and famous that she can’t be revealed? So now she isn’t “showing” a pregnant belly. There has to be a big $$ supporter behind all of this. I’m sure given all the lies, even a DNA test can be forged if enough money is paid out. Horrible people dragging KHJ through the mud. Time will reveal the truth. And if she is having his baby, then I hope for the child’s sake, he gets full custody.

    • Could it be possible she delivered already? Didn’t she say she was 5 weeks early January? Maybe she was already pregnant when she got with KHJ on 12/20/14.

      • I’ve been thinking about the same thing. This gal is interesting. She is too old for this bull##!.I saw my baby HJ crying at the concert in Japan. I’m am so mad with him and her .where did he meet this woman. He’s so naive. I love my baby boy. And I will always support him.

      • I think it’s more likely that she wasn’t pregnant at all and possibly got pregnant later from someone else. (Atty Seon, maybe) Her “supposed” medical certificate says that her last period was December 6, so that means if she was actually pregnant it would have been written as 4 wks as of January 3, not 5. As women, we all know that we start considering whether we’re pregnant after our periods are a bit late (if they are regular). According to her “perfectly timed periods”, she went to the doctor, got a positive pregnancy test and had an ultrasound before her period was even due! She also claimed to have positive home pregnancy test result, before her period was due! Atty Lee is aware of these facts, that’s why he said “If the baby comes much later than September 12, then it is definitely not KHJ’s.” Rather than have to deal with her counter attacks, they chose the “wait and see” method of proof.

        • wait a second ..they said that the date of conception was 20th December and on 12 march US showed 14 wks or smthg ..but if the date of conception was 20Dec no way in hell 12 march could have been 14-15wks. Simple math.
          she is doubious and confusing in all the blah blah she is barking.
          and lets not forget the pearls of her own lawyer who said in FEB that she was like 4 to 5 months pregnant. WE can all look up at soompi and alkp articles….so please explain how come conception 20 Dec ? US March12 to 14 wks and the Fictional of February 4 to 5 months by her legal counsel! Ahh and let’s not forget the famous txt msgs …the baby is moving in February…all can be found in all trash media!
          they think people tend to forget or they are taking all for fools.

          all recorded on the internet the confusion and lies.

          If she is pregnant, tbh i doubt it…but still for the argument sake, why do you think HJ asked for DNA? to call her bluff, for sure she thought she can play him again and extort money again with this. She went berserk when he refused and made the statement IF child his after DNA will take responsibility! Her plan didn’t work so she pushed harder with more txt & txt and lawsuit…..what a pathetic.

          Luckly Kim Family got involved and Atty Lee is on the scene.
          Truth always find a way!

          • Pregnancy due dates are counted from the date of last period, so that’s what they’re basing that particular claim on (Dec. 6 to Mar. 12 = 13 wks + 5 days). I’m sure they sat around a table to calculate everything out. But, there is still no way she could have gotten a positive pregnancy result, let alone and ultrasound picture by Jan. 3. An OBGYN has already confirmed that for Atty Lee.

    • But I’m asking myself one question about her action !! Was she so sure that she will milk him for life with these scam of pregnancies. I just read she left him in the car parking going inside doctors rooms to confirm a non exciting pregnancy not even once. He was so naive he never asked her for documents. Why did she always avoid the use of contraceptives. She was realy in business these girl.
      I’m sure too what her att said he hasn’t see her for some time coz she is due.she already deliverd. Now they are shopping for a doctor or hospital to support them with the DNA test.

  41. Thank you so much LK for the article. I’m glad you are here and wrote the article that we can come back to read it when everything is done.

    Today news about KE and Media ” A ” . No wonder why HJ did not counter-suit last year KE probably advised him not to and let him deal with it himself or they might advised him to pay. It is really hurtful to know that KE is actually a agency that can’t be trusted and rely on. i feel really really disappoint in KE’s action also today when they denied that they did not feel they was threatened by media “A” . They did not back HJ’s words when he said he feel threatened by media ” A ” and choi.

    Please anyone if you have the translation of ATT.Lee ‘s interview about this matter. i can not find it. Thank you so much.

    • Hello Bella!
      Good you mentioned that news is fr allkpop it’s twisted again. Pls read this from KoreaHerald for better understanding.

      From KoreaHerald

      Kim Hyun-joong claims blackmailed by ex-girlfriend and press

      Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong, who has been embroiled in acrid legal conflicts with his ex-girlfriend, claimed Friday that he has been blackmailed by his former girlfriend, surnamed Choi, along with a local news agency.

      “Choi shared the documents related to her pregnancy and miscarriage with the newspaper, which then told Kim’s management agency that they have the files. This would have imposed severe strain on the actor,” said Kim’s attorney Lee Jae-man on Friday through a local news outlet.

      As Kim and his agency felt pressured, they surrendered 600 million won ($510,000), after which Choi withdrew the litigation and the newspaper did not report the news related to Kim, according to Kim’s assertion.

      Kim previously filed a criminal suit against his ex-girlfriend for “calumny, blackmail, defamation and fraud,” along with a petition to forbid her from traveling abroad, in response to Choi’s claim for 1.6 billion won in damages for physical assault and her pregnancy.

      By Ko Ji-seon (

        • Lazerkim friend,
          I REALLY WILL STOP TO COMMENT THERE I PROMISE , but my hands are willing to write something there. Even I ask there to post another photo of him not the same ( be creative) each time as he has many beautiful ones, BUT WITH MY PETITION to accompanied this with her photo too.
          They have ones in their files l saw her there, we want to know the new famous in SK by the media as well as my baby is exposed. That would be a righteaous condition for him. I really enjoy how some fans are making some haters there turned angry.
          The funny thing is that they really change the photo. OMG.
          Thanks to share a reliable link.
          God bless you dear.

          • I thought that many people and new fans, will enjoy seeing his beauty with a serie of photos there since it seems to last more time.

  42. beautiful article lazerkim we his true fans will be with him. Some translated reports claim that hyun’s lawyer saw choi’s belly and it dint look like a belly of a woman about to give birth?? Are there any truths to that??

  43. May God bless Kim Hyun Joong and his family from the evil people!Russian with you! Kim Hyun Joong,faiting!!!

  44. Hi LK,
    It’s been a while since i posted a comment. Hope you’ve been well with all these circus play. i’ve been busy and just watching quietly. It is quite unbelievable what this woman keeps doing, but we all know that God does not let the innocent perish. They need to know that no matter what they do,will wait for KHJ till the end.
    Thank you so much for your updates.!!!!!
    Remain healthy and blessed…

  45. I have my eyes in tears after reading this article. We can’t feel how much KHJ has suffered and still he continued his concerts just for us, his fans! You are really a hero for us. We are always with you KHJ…

  46. Anneong!! all true fans of khj, we have all proved that we are indeed aliens, there is truly no fandom like ours.our prince is all out for this so we must support in every way, i advice everyone to sign the petition, by God’s grace hyun joong will win this case, there is nothing in the universe that’s greater than what God gives to u, and i have absolute faith that God will grant us His grace soon if we Contiune in sincere prayers. just like pharoah, GOD hardened his heart so through his stubbornness GOD did great things. watch and PRAY at the long run we will benefit, and look back at this times and joke about it. be HAPPY AND SMILE :-)…KHJ ORDERS ♬♪♥

  47. Thank you LazerKim!
    We will always be here to support our KimHyunJoong, NEVER TIRED to be on his side and fight for him!! I’ve signed the petition too hoping we will be as many as possible^^
    thanks to all of you dear friends~~ what a beautiful international family team that we are! Wow^^

  48. como es posible que esa mujer lo difame tanto lo unico que quiere es hacerle daño y sacarle dinero es una loca …………PERO TE APOYAMOS MUCHO KIM HYUN JOONG Y SIEMPRE CREEREMOS EN TI ….FIHGTING KIM HYUN JOONG…<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  49. Who would have thought that this trashy saga would still be going on. Ms Choi since you believe that Hyun Joong did wrong to you, on behalf of him, I apologize . Please try to move on with your life. Yes some men are ,for lack of a better word, D…OK .Now move on with your life. Don’t expect that Hyun Joong fan’s (the real ones) are going to leave him.IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
    Obviously you feel that you were disrespected. Everyone in life makes at least one mistake. Why are you lowering yourself like this.Woman HJ isn’t the only man in the world. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE WITH THIS DESPICABLE SAGA.
    GOOD or bad..I will be standing by my baby HJ.Now and Forevermore. Those of you who are without sin go ahead and throw your stones. LONG LIVE KIM HYUN JOONG.I LOVE YOU MY BABY.I WILL BE YOUR FAN FOREVER.

  50. it’s almost a year that the scandal broke out but my sentiments is always with kim hyun joong… a lot of fans wanted to go there to SK to have placards and rally on the streets seeking for his justice… if their laws does not protect their treasures which are some Halyu stars who brought pride and honor to their country definitely they cannot protect themselves from inner threats how much more the outer threats. hyun joong is in DMZ right now protecting his country eventhough he is also facing a personal threats… if i were an SK citizens i will brought this issue on the streets of SK where courts are blinds and people are deaf… THey just don’t know that their Hallyu stars are national treasures especially Kim Hyun Joong they introduce K-Pop and South Korean culture to the world … most of us non SK fans became interested in their culture and tradition and become hook to K-Wave because of these Hallyu stars. They have to protect them from these SK evil scheming suckers of women… i for one really wanted to learn K0rean culture and traditions and even Hangul because of kim hyun joong. i even wanted to go to SK right now and protests in the streets to let the SK people know what my feelings and sentiments are. oh if i have a lot of money right now i will really organize a support group there and bring placards on the streets so that justice will be heard. but again… i believe in God the Almighty God who will protect kim hyun joong his family and atty lee….justice will prevail…henecians we will unite in protest… in silent protest through our prayers… and our united efforts through social media… henecians UNITE!!!!

  51. WoW ….
    What can be more interesting than this !!
    Its such a joy and to my heart satisfaction going through your article …
    I usually go through your articles and really enjoys myself..
    Actually I’m also a die hard fan of Kim Hyun Joong … And I thank you very much for speaking out the truth and letting people know the truth …..
    Well… Its obvious the every relationship breaks .. And it clearly shows that this Choi is a real Bitch … No women who truely loves his man won’t betray him /exposed him to the world . we are all human beings n are unable to stand sometimes but this Choi don’t have any right to expose Kim Hyun joon’s story to the world . what if she gets pregnant just be happy that she atleast has Kim Hyun joong’s child … But inspite of that she took the money n yet not keeping silent .
    What does she think of herself… What is she exactly trying to prove ?
    Wants to become popular through this scandal?? ??
    Kim Hyun Joong’s fan’s all around the world hates you (Choi)
    You just can’t spoil a celeb’s image .. You are nothing n nobody to the world … Try as much as you want to bring his name down ,you can’t because we FANS are always by his side and we will support him till the end of our breathe.

    Dear Kim Hyun Joong … Whether you win or loss this battle .. we will always be with you n support you , for now the world knows that you are innocent … We always love you and we will support you forever .
    Lossers are always lossers … Even if at all you (Choi) win this battle you will never be happy because you win through unfair means .
    Every1 will curse you n you’ll die carrying peoples curse all around the world .
    So surrender yourself n live a happy and a blessed life . . .
    That will be best for you and your family …
    Surrender yourself before its too late …
    Good wishes for you future!!

    Fb #Victoria K khjoong (India)

  52. I agree with you ms. Lazer kim. The result will just clear khj’s name. But he will never lose because he has all of us. And you’re right, they can not stop khj’s celeb power, because his power is us. We are too many for ms. Choi & her cohorts. Khj, when he comes back, will be mightier than ever. They should be afraid of khj’s comeback. It will be explosive! 😊

  53. Отличная статья, мне очень понравилось. Надеюсь в скором времени всё разрешится.
    Kim Hyun Joong – российские фанаты с тобой!

    • Dear Alexandra please, let me translate your comment in English, coz Id like to all our fans get know that Russia votes for HJ. So u said” The great article, I like it very much. Hope that everything s gonna be aright, the problem get solved very soon. KHJ – Russian Fans with U!” Спасибо Александра. Tnx

  54. God bless KHJ, Atty. Lee, KHJ’s family, all Henecians, KHJ fans and those people who use their wisdom and LK. Praise GOD.

  55. Huge Tnx Dear LazerKim ! We r so lucky having U. I just admire all your articles. Such a great work. Informative, intelligent, accomplished. My favorite ” No matter win or lose, its gonna change nothing”. Terrific!!! Im your big fan now. I think U r fantastic person. The way u keep our spirit up is amazing. We all HJ fans so grateful to U for loving & protecting Him so much. We really don’t care about the way He lives. This is His Life & He already achieved enough to be proud of & be respected & loved as artman & person. I wish for Him to be tough & cool whenever life tasting Him, never give up like His Inspiring Generation character. Id like to thank everybody, all of u guys who stand by, with zero doubts, with full trust & unbreakable faith in Him, in your believes.You r the Best Fans ever. Great Honor to join your Family. God bless. Love u.

  56. foarte bun articolul scris LAZERKIM multumim ,oricum sunt alaturi de K H J ,el trebuie sa aibe acelasi zambet minunat sa continuie sa lupte pentru el si cei care il iubesc ,va fi bine trebuie sa fie, deocamdata armata usoara si o reintoarcere in lumea muzicala ,iar domnul avocat sa faca tot ce se poate pentru KIM HYUN JOONG si sa termine odata cu procesele astea obositoare.

  57. It’s been hard going to à couple of sites these past few days. I find myself getting so angry at those posting such terrible things. Right now I’m a little depressed about it again, so your article is helping me gain some strength. I ask “Why KHJ”, Why did she pick him to destroy? Why are people with money and power supporting her? And finally, Why have so many fools believed even one word of her lies? I don’t think there will be an answer to my questions. But my hope is that because of the things you mentioned in your article, the unfairness of this Korean system where celerities have been fair game of con artists with the press and public seeming to be enabling the con artists to cause so much pain, even to the point of suicide, will stop. I hope it’s possible that the Korean society may pause and hopefully stop this madness, So maybe someone in the future won’t be treated this way. Someone once suggested that after military service KHJ should move to Japan to live, where it would just be normal celebrity status, without the personal attacks, Part of me wishes he does that, even though I know he loves Korea so much. God seems to have chosen khj for a greater cause, and even though the cause is good, I wish God had chosen someone else right now.

    • Hello there! I think the suggestion came from me as I wrote it in some of my previous articles! Next to HJ’s home country Japan is another place he enjoyed working.

  58. HJ is allways a victor and he will come out victorious! I never doubted this fact cause i know that no matter is lies twisted it can never win over truth. God will win this battle for him

  59. I believe each and every word you just said in your article, Lazerkim. That’s:) all I can say for now. See ya. Have a good day.

  60. I have never do it but l really ejoy doing this video. it is my first time here –
    l also write
    No matter what, l will be waiting for you, if l will be the only fan to listen to your music, l promise to be with you . l have never paid attention of your private life , or who is in bed with you, lt was not important for me, it is your work what l admire, it is your way to be honest,(people always critic you for tha but l enjoy it so much). l admire your courage to face it even if your worse side of your personality was brought out because of that (Miss A) pain you neck, even if you decide to stop your career but dont give her money. When these days pass, you can feel relieve, because she wont have more tools to blackmail you, that is the positive thing for you facing this nightmare, you will really and FINALLY GET RID OF HER, She will not have weapons to hurt you.
    The video here is not mine but l dedicate to your pain in your neck.
    i hope you enjoy it
    Sorry but l enjoy comment there
    God bless you KHJ your family, fans and lawyer

    • First time excellent job. Enjoyed the video and your comment. It is hard for an entertainer to reveal his true self on the screen or in his work, and this is what has drawn me to HJ, his purity. No matter what she has reveled it will not stick because God sees and Hood knows. Blessings to you and family.

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