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By: LazerKim


Finally the long wait ended last Saturday Feb 11th as Kim Hyun Joong was finally discharged from his MS that really felt like New Year, as one of my readers described the festive mood created by KHJ fans from all walk of life from SK and from other countries! What was so amazing of all was that, there were over 1,500 fans out there in the cold to meet him early morning of Feb 11th which I’m sure more than what we all expected!

As early as 5am KHJ fans from tweeter were already busy tweeting that they were already on their way to see Hyun Joong and pictures started to pour out! Everyone was excited that for me it felt as if KHJ was holding a concert first thing in the morning!! I think this is the kind of mood we all have missed for 2 years as KHJ fan!

Every single fan out there knew it would only take minutes to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, and it’s already a bonus to us as spoke briefly to his fans! But the effort of those who were there who traveled to a remote area, was such an effort for a fan that I’m truly proud of! You guys are the best!! Thank you for your endless support and effort!

Watching him walking away from the camp felt like he’s walking towards his new life as a new man, and I bet you, it’s gonna be a new life for all of us too, as KHJ fans!


Hyun Joong wrote a letter to his fans together with this video clip posted at his official Youtube channel, and as I watched this video my heart just simply melt away! As I read the translation of his message, tears just fell and in my thoughts I knew it, he’ll be a much stronger changed man with total determination in facing his new life and challenges!

(Video clip fr Kim Hyun Joong official channel @YouTube posted Feb 12 thanks!)

Hello, it’s Kim Hyun Joong

I still cannot believe I’m no longer in the training camp when i opened my eyes today. I wanted to thank all the fans who came to greet me despite the cold weather…

The past 21 months had been a time for me to reflect on my shortcomings. It will be difficult to be a fan (or support) Kim Hyun Joong, just like in the past… There may be days when you may need to keep it low…But I have pulled myself together… That I will repay my gratitude to all the people who have believed in me… That I have become a stronger person.

As a fan of KHJ, please keep your expectation up! I will brave through the storm upright fair and square confidently. 

Once again, I want to thank all of you who came to greet me in the cold, as well as my fellow 30th division comrades whom I spent the past 21 months together.

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I’m happy to see a lot of silent fans on line came out visible knowing they too were just waiting in silence. In my previous articles, I’ve been saying “let’s not forget” and I was pertaining to KHJ’s case, but for once I feel like putting it behind me and look forward to being a fan girl again, like starting from scratches again!

Seeing Hyun Joong out there with a huge crowd of fans, all I can think of is our happy days with him during his concerts in the previous years!! I’m filled with a lot of hope that this next episode of our fan life with Hyun Joong is gonna be much bigger! I know it’s too early to speculate but then again, what’s next after storm is sunshine, right?

I got a big sigh of relief after watching Hyun Joong walking out from the camp with those big bright smiles to his fans that made me feel, the nightmare is finally over! What have I learned while Hyun Joong was away? I’ve learned the true essence of being a KHJ fan!

Being a KHJ fan is not always fun! A true fan is someone who’s there with him in his ups and down, who truly believes in him, and who shares his pain, sorrow and joy! As I always say, we KHJ fans will always be his strength, and it shall be as ever.

The future may be tougher, but it doesn’t matter at all, because we are much stronger this time. As Hyun Joong said, “I will brave through the storm upright fair and square confidently”   And so we are….. take it from him!

                         To Hyun Joong………Welcome back and see you on stage soon!!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

More updates and LK opinion to follow to be posted on this page, see you!!

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TREASURED MEMORIES     (posted Feb 13)

The photo above with the quote “You’ll never stand alone” remains true to this day and I truly believe it, through thick and thin Hyun Joong will never be alone! Some may have turned their backs on rainy days, but in their hearts they will always look back to those treasured memories with him and that one day they will walk in to that arena again!

Once the magic spell cast into you, you’ll never get away from him, and you’ll keep coming back to him…..remember? I wrote this five years ago and I guess this is true till this day!

It was in Feb 2015 month of hearts, that Hyun Joong promised to be back and he fulfilled it as he came out from the army camp just in time for Valentine’s day! I think this is the best Valentine present we got as a KHJ fan filled with even more love and affection than ever!

To Hyun Joong……Happy Valentine’s Day! May you find love and peace in your heart as you are surrounded by people who truly loves you from every corners of the world!

To KHJ Fans….Let’s rejoice and celebrate the love we shared with one another and the love we shared with Kim Hyun Joong over the years!!      

                                  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!


There shall be a fan meeting to be held in Seoul SK on April 29th. Information on this news at link below:


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First of all, please forgive me if I may spoil your Valentine, I just could not resist not to comment on this interview with Hyun Joong’s dad Mr. Kim. I don’t mean to be inconsistent since I just stated up there that I feel like putting KHJ’s case behind me which is what I truly feel, but after reading this translation, my blood starts to boil again, please forgive me!

RE: So-called child!!

If there is indeed a child that Choi claimed to have, this child might be over one year old and the grand parents of this so-called child have not even seen him? Gracious God, we are all women here I assume and if you are in the shoes of Choi, wouldn’t you show your child to the father’s parents if you are truly claiming that child was Hyun Joong’s child and be proud of their grandson?

If I were Choi, I would not wait for Hyun Joong’s parents to come to me to meet their grandchild, but instead, I would go to them and say “This is your grandson, whether you acknowledge him or not I’m letting my child know that he has grandparents!” Is this not the most normal and sensible way to do it?

On the contrary, nothing was heard from Choi! What is this? A complete bull…. of fooling everyone involving an innocent child as I have suspected after the so-called child birth, DNA show? Is she in the hiding already after the circus show she created and making the SK public leak her lies? I really think Choi needs to be taken to a mental institute after all if not in jail!! She’s a complete crazy and evil!


RE: Hyun Joong’s mother

I feel really really sad for Mrs Kim. I don’t mean to pry but I see Mrs. Kim to be an outgoing type of person, who loves people, in her kindness she easily connects with everyone, someone who’s dedicated career oriented in business and suddenly forced to be locked up in her home! What has the SK society done to her? Accusing her son out of a woman’s lies is just so crucifying! WAKE UP SK PEOPLE! You have basically turned into criminals out of  believing Choi’s evilness in falsely accusing an innocent son!

If I were Hyun Joong’s mom I would further file a case against Choi! Whoever has the right to sue, it’s not Choi as she claimed having been in emotional and mental depression which is a lot of bull!! This Choi deserves to be hanged in public and she deserves nothing less than capital punishment!! I hope! Just my out pouring opinion!

Now that everything else is turning tide against Choi, she must be held accountable for everything she did to Hyun Joong and his family as no amount of apology can heal this kind of pain! This is just too much to bear and Mr. Kim is right, even years would passed by, yes they can move on, but the scar that Choi inflicted to them will remain.

I don’t know what to say anymore even my mind is all filled up! It may not be easy to comfort a mother in pain since at this time no amount of words can really comfort her but we just have to listen to both parents Mr. and Mrs. Kim and feel for them.

I yield from here, and be waiting for further translation from the interview for more updates. Feb 14th cannot be changed, I’m just glad I already wrote my greetings for Valentine in advance!

Allow me to dedicate this day, the heart’s day for Hyun Joong’s mom and dad like a parents day, let’s try to fill their hearts with love as I believe it’s only love that can truly heal!


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Ticket Link:

To those who wish to attend KHJ’s fan meeting, please stand by for KE announcement on ticket purchase opening date. Thank you!


UPDATE    (Posted Mar 1)



Last week I had some discussion with some KHJ fans at Tweeter pertaining KHJ’s upcoming Fan Meet in Seoul that I would like to reiterate for fans who might have the same thoughts about KE and this fan meeting.


I read that some fans are having the impression that KE was somewhat mistreating foreign fans! Well I don’t put it that way! As what was explained in this message above it’s been 4 years since Hyun Joong had his fan meeting in Seoul, to the extent that some SK fans had to travel to Japan or other foreign countries just to watch their own artists, which is quite understandable since KHJ was groomed for international events. This time Hyun Joong has to start all over again after being out from the lime light in the last 2 years.

May I appeal to everyone to please extend our understanding as to why KE is giving priority seats to SK fans and I think this is reasonable enough. I’m sure there will be more chances to see him closer in other venues in the near future on concerts and other events if not in Seoul then in other countries near you.


I’m sure we are all familiar with the incident in China in the previous years that there were bulk selling of concert tickets and the buyers sold it to a higher rate to gain profit out of the bulk ticket purchase. I understand KE is trying to avoid another similar incident to happen again since there were complaints forwarded to KE in the previous years. This is to protect fans from purchasing over priced tickets from unauthorized ticket outlets.


I know many of KHJ fans were not happy with KE and count me in! However, at this point in time Hyun Joong obviously decided to stay with the company, and so I chose to leave the past behind me, move on and give KE another chance for Hyun Joong’s sake.

At this point in time, I can’t go burn HJ’s own camp which I think this is unnecessary! I prefer to respect Hyun Joong’s decision over agency matters! I’m just an ordinary fan having the trust and knowledge Hyun Joong can take care of himself in terms of KE internal matters.

I’m one of those who have been wishing that he’ll be able to go back on stage and KE gave that chance. Then I’d rather bite the bullet than contradict which is not even my business to begin with! My take here is that, was there any offers for him from other agent? If there was then why didn’t he accept the offer? Hyun Joong has a very good reason why.

Many fans are saying “KE is only for profit”! Of course why else do KE exist as a company, who doesn’t want profit? And I’m sure Hyun Joong does too specially at this period of his career that he has to start from somewhere after all he had been through. Let’s be open minded about this.

I can understand your feelings but if we bank on those frustrations over KE I don’t think it can even help Hyun Joong. In fact it can only discourage other fans who wishes to go and attend the fan meeting. I would rather advise you to stay low and calm because this is the most important event in Hyun Joong’s career life and I will support it at all cost!

Let’s bear in mind Hyun Joong’s future career will depend on the result of this fan meeting. Getting back on stage is always crucial to any celeb who’s been in long period of hiatus.

The most important thing for me this time is that, my wish for Hyun Joong was fulfilled, for him to be able to go back on stage and nothing else matter. I’m here to encourage, take it or leave it, but I’d rather go by the tide than go against it!  Leave the past behind me and move on!………. I hope you will too!


[News] Kim Hyun Joong To Open His Instagram Official Account

Keyeast Official instagram account have announced today that Kim Hyun Joong will finally open his Instagram account tomorrow, March 14, 2017.  Asking everyone to wait and anticipate the good news.  This must be a good news to all Kim Hyun Joong fans in Korea and worldwide. Where they can communicate with him regularly  and have the glipmse of his latest activities and photo.

Recently he was dicharged from his military service and few days after that, Kim Hyun Joong announced to his official website, his first Fan Meet. the theme is his fm is ” ANEMONE”, the online tickets are on sale on March 11 onwards.

Much attendance from fans from korea, and from other parts of the world is overwhelming. The fan meet is schduled on April 29, 2017.

Cr info:


I dedicate this message below to Hyun Joong. It’s true, we are the author of our life, which is a choice. This year Hyun Joong shall be writing the next episode of his life and we shall be with him as he writes it from this moment onward to a better life filled with happiness shared with his fans.

Many of us are already preparing to meet him in Seoul on his 1st stage after his MS, others may just be watching him on video footage after the fan meeting, but it’s alright, for as long as we’re watching and following him, giving time to him is already a support.

I may not see my readers from where I am but I can feel your smiles, I can feel your excitement, and this really feels good for me! I’m really happy to know he’s back and I think he’s finally recovered from the nightmare as we are.

Hyun Joong had finally turned the page of his book and starting his new chapter having his fans still around waiting for him! See you soon!!

FM SUCCESS  (April 30, 2017)

I would like to congratulate Kim Hyun Joong for a very successful fan meet, and to all KHJ fans both from home and from the international community! It’s really great to see Hyun Joong on stage again. As we already know he’s coming over to Japan for another concert tour around the country.

I’ve been out of touch from the fandom lately since I have been hooked by politics and current global events most specially global conflicts, such as the North Korea targeting US allies Japan and South Korea, territorial disputes over South China Sea between China, and other southeast regions in Asia including my homeland, the confusing conflict in Syria and internal political conflicts back home.

Tension in Japan is growing everyday and so I’m assuming it’s the same tension in South Korea because of a ruthless leader of North Korea who is more than a terrorist himself. Too much going on around the globe these past weeks and this has been occupying my thoughts at the moment.

And so if I may,  I’ll excuse myself from my blog for a while! How I wish that pig from NK would be roasted soon without affecting innocents in his country or from other neighboring countries!! This is all for now, I may not be around to update my blog for a while but I hope to be back to promote Hyun Joong’s Japan concert series 2017!!


To view the FM video footage, You may visit Hollis Hyun channel at YouTube, she has the best copy during the show. I’m sorry I can’t post the video in this blog since I don’t have her permission to do so! I tried to copy paste the video link but the video still appear in this site, and I don’t want that for courtesy sake to the video owner. Thanks!


To view the FM vid footage, You may visit Hollis Hyun channel at YouTube, she has the best copy during the show. I’m sorry I can’t share the video in this blog since I don’t have her permission to do so! I tried to copy paste the video but the video still appear in this site, and I don’t want that for courtesy sake to the video owner. Thanks!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG!          (June 6, 2017)

Kazaguruma – Rewind



Kim Hyun Joong [Article] WHITE HOLE



Here’s a video clip from Kim Hyun Joong official channel, shared by one of us here and I’m putting it right up here for those who have not seen it yet! Honestly, I can’t help having teary eyes watching this clip though it doesn’t say anything, in my heart it said everything what Hyun Joong may have been feeling the past years! I can’t say he’s been away from the lime light since he’s still within the eyes and heart of KHJ fans who loves him.

Together with this video, here’s Hyun Joong’s short note to his fans, here as follows:

“Hi. Long time no see. How are you? I have been wondering what to say. After a few days of pondering, I say hello. While overcoming those long and harsh days, I realized how vulnerable I am. Thanks to my family & friends whom I can rely on, I could hold [on] and felt thankful [for] my life. So, I just wanted to ask if you are good. How are you? I’d like to talk about [those] stories with you face to face.

Thanks everyone. Kim Hyun-Joong”

(Shared by Noya thanks)



After the long wait, here we are as finally Hyun Joong will be out from his MS on Feb 11th this year, I’ve read from somewhere that his Korean fans are already preparing to welcome him back from Paju that I’m glad to know they are still around as we all are waiting for this day too!

For two long years while Hyun Joong was in his MS, he was never far away from us and how time flies so quickly that somehow even the two long years passed by in pain, he never left and totally gone from the lime light. It’s the lime light headline news that media and Choi created to destroy him, but unfortunately their conspiracy FAILED!

Hyun Joong might have lost some of his fans who jump ship right after this scandal broke in 2014, but there were quite a number of new fans and patiently followed his case until this day! These new fans knew Hyun Joong as a person more than being a celeb because of the scandal! In short, he gained more fans than what he lost from those fans who jump ship and drown in the sea of lies!!

I read this morning as someone asking if KHJ still have his fans! As far as my blog site is concern, I believe we’re all still here intact based on my WP scale and even during my absence, everyday there were fans visiting this site! Thank you!

And so to the person asking if KHJ still have his fans, here’s my word to you!….In God’s time you will see KHJ fans….SOON!



The legal battle isn’t over yet but this time I’m sure Hyun Joong is much wiser as he will personally attend to this legal battle to fight for his innocence. Lessons are learned I hope specially his handlers and I’m expecting a different Kim Hyun Joong this time, a gentleman in battle gear who will not sit and be silent as he was in 2014! I never doubted his fate in this case from day one and he will win it!

The wounds may heal but the scars will remain! As we always say, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re approaching that end tunnel. I don’t think this is the right time for me to say, let’s leave everything behind us, not as yet!

But I’ll say, let’s not forget every details of the past to learn and face tomorrow with a smile with Kim Hyun Joong to fight what is rightfully his. The right to be heard, defend and win!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Note: Updates to be followed in the coming days! See you again!

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UPDATE ON KHJ  (Feb 7, 2017)

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As what we have been praying for Hyun Joong’s on home coming and his coming back on showbiz will soon be realized, as this message gave me a lot of hope! In SK, there’s this stupid showbiz culture that if a celeb was caught in a scandal, chances are they lose their popularity! Well, some matters has to be changed as time and people does, SK has to grow up as the whole world already had and it’s time for SK to say goodbye to their primitive showbiz culture! Do or die, KHJ is coming back on stage!! Soon!!

The clock is ticking and very soon we’ll be able to see Hyun Joong again!! It’s time for us to wake up, as the waiting days will soon be over, then it’s time for us KHJ fans to be visible in the eyes of the world that we have waited and that we are still at his side supporting him as always. This is one way of shaking the heads of those producers and book KHJ on a project as soon as possible!

Hyun Joong shall be out from his MS on Feb 11th Saturday! At last!!   See you soon!


ANOTHER UPDATE ON KHJ      (Feb 8, 2017)

(News info cr: Nadzyvy Kim, thanks for sharing)

SS501 leader-turned-solo artist Kim Hyun Joong is set to complete his 21-month active duty on February 11, according to Key East Entertainment.
The singer will leave the 30th Division of Recruitment Education, Pyeongjeong-dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si at 10 a.m. He is also scheduled to meet his fans on the site. However, the exact time and place of the the singer’s meeting with his fans may change depending on the situation on the site, according to the agency.
Warm tea and souvenirs will be handed to fans who visit the site starting 8 a.m. The agency also expressed their gratitude to the fans, who have patiently waited for Kim Hyun Joong.
A month prior to his discharge, the singer released a special video dedicated to his fans. The video, titled, White Hole, comprised of photos and videos of Kim Hyun Joong and a message.
Through the video, Kim Hyun Joong said hello to his fans, and relayed his thanks to the people who believed in him. Henecians have also expressed their excitement on the singer’s upcoming discharge, and left supportive messages for him.
Kim Hyun Joong enlisted last May 2015 as a border patrol.


(Info cr: Nadzyvy Kim thanks for sharing

This is Key East.

Coming 11-Feb (Sat), Kim HyunJoong will successfully complete his 21 months of military service and be discharged.
Kim HyunJoong will greet everyone who are present at the venue, at about 10 A.M. on 11-Feb after his military discharge ceremony.

We would like to thank everyone who has waited for Kim HyunJoong during this period, he will see you with a healthy look on the military discharge day.

* Date/Time : 11-Feb-2017 (Sat) About 10 AM
* Venue : Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Deokyang-gu Hwajeon-dong 30-Division Recruit Training Center 경기도 고양시 덕양구 화전동 30사단 신병교육대

– Exact time and meeting place may change according to the situation at that time.
– Hot tea and souvenirs will be shared from 8 A.M. onwards on that day.
– We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation so as not to have any safety issues since the space available is small.

Thank you.


To the person I mentioned above who was asking if HJ still have fans, the link below is just a few who have sent their welcome greetings to Hyun Joong. I sure do hope you’re reading this although I don’t intend to convince you but I can surely find ways to show you we are still here and had been waiting eagerly for Hyun Joong’s home coming! SK fans and a lot of international KHJ fans shall be meeting him upon his discharge from his MS hours from now!    See you!

Link: (

(cr: Art work below by Ms Lina, thanks for sharing!)



(Photos fr Tweeter, cr: to the owners KHJ fans from everywhere, thanks!)

Thank you to all KHJ fans who are currently preparing to meet KHJ and sharing with us these photos while on their way to Paju. I shall be updating until we all get to see Hyun Joong which is just minutes from now!!






























(Photo above) Paper cranes all made by KHJ fans from SK and around the world!!












On February 11 (KST), singer/actor Kim Hyun Joong returned from his mandatory military service, after actively serving in the ROK army’s 30th division in Gyeonggi-do’s Goyang city since May of 2015.

SEE ALSO: Kim Hyun Joong to only have a short greeting after military discharge

Over 1,500 domestic and international fans gathered with various signs, posters, and welcoming faces to greet Kim Hyun Joong.

He stated upon his return to the press, “Thank you for coming such a long way despite the cold. I felt a lot while in the army, and I was relieved of my duty feeling like it is time for me to begin anew, with the second half of my life. In truth, I’m still very worried and fearful about things, but in the army, I thought of ways to combat what I’m going through and vowed that I would, so I hope that fans will trust me and watch over me.” 

Welcome back, Kim Hyun Joong!

To Allkpop: I sure do hope you have learned a good lesson from that 2 years with KHJ! Just bear in mind, you can NEVER put a good man down and KHJ fans will prove it to you! Nevertheless thanks for the good news! At last you made it right!


(cr: Sunny thanks!)



Photo cr: various media, and KHJ fans posting @Tweeter thank you for sharing!



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Kim Hyun Joong [Article] HELLO MEDIA!



By: LazerKim

After months of long-awaited news pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case, finally was released which I’m glad to read our speculations about Choi’s evil ways of destroying Hyun Joong came out true! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I may be late in posting, still I would like to include this update in my compilation to start the year!! LOL

Over the years as we followed KHJ’s case, we already knew the truth behind his case therefore we cannot be swayed by further lies created by Choi! In fairness, she won in fooling the general public back in 2014 and the succeeding years, now it’s about time she swallow her own lies! As others said this was the longest running scandal ever made by SK media that indeed they have earned more than what they expected using KHJ’s name!

First court hearing on criminal case is scheduled on March 30, 2017.

Here’s the case update news as followed:



(Trans cr: @Sunny)


As I have always reiterated in the past, “it’s so easy to accuse anyone but to prove the accusation is a different story!” Who was fooled in this case? Of course the general public was fooled and obviously the media was on top of deliberately delivering the false accusations and lies of Choi, to the extent that media allowed the wide-spread lies of Choi in destroying a celeb!

I mentioned this over and over for years that the true criminal in this case is the media. If those so-called journalist are responsible enough to dissect what Choi had been spilling out then I don’t think anyone can use the media as an instrument in destroying a person.

As we have noticed, as this KHJ case was out in the media and earning readers who jumped to believing Choi’s lies, news on similar scandals with different characters were out in the public. Who suffered the most? Of course the celebs and their fans!

Yet these wrong doings were tolerated by SK authorities over the years until such fabricated scandals kept spreading worldwide! If there’s no trash media delivering such false accusations as Choi did, then there won’t be anyone to have the guts in spreading lies and extortion among celebs.



People worldwide do rely on reading news about what’s happening around us and it’s the responsibility of those journalists news reporters to deliver the right news without tampering or manipulating the truth about the issues. KHJ case did not only appear in the gossip columns but it was delivered by SK local TV networks that spread worldwide from 2014 till 2016, and more to come since the first court hearing on criminal case shall be on March 30! Indeed KHJ case is the longest running scandal ever made in SK!

Now the aftermath of the painful years should pay off. Let’s face it these are all media makings designed by Choi, her lawyer and someone behind in this particular case, so what should be done to those media outlets particularly DISPATCH as the main source of this conspiracy? I’ve read from somewhere that Dispatch earned court cases against them filling up their drawers but they are still doing the same foolish news scandals!

Hyun Joong is not the only victim of those scandals with women hunger for extorting celebs whom I don’t need to name drop and this is quite alarming! It’s like a news reporter will carelessly deliver a false report fed by those women without even considering the repercussion and it’s up the news readers if they believe their report or not, which should not happen.


Feeding wrong or misleading info is a crime, what more with fabricated evidence as what Choi did, not to mention using the court of law as her playground to justify her lies!? I’m not trying to single out South Korea since it’s happening in any showbiz culture around the globe, but my point is, why is this being tolerated by media networks or the authorities?

The fabricated text messages that Choi showed, the interviews media made with her, and sensationalized unbelievable fairy tales made those media a big stupid! Where had all their common sense gone while the glaring lies were there yet they believed it??

Now I can only laugh and laugh at them even more because there are more glaring lies to be disclosed in the coming days that the media failed to see or simply pretended not to see! Were they also fooled by Choi or the media had been a part in fooling the public?

I have not forgotten Choi’s pregnancy, delivery and DNA show in 2015 which I think is even bigger mistake that Choi played on, if indeed there was no child involved or if it’s truly HJ’s child if there was! I’m still giving the benefit of the doubt and with all the lies Choi made all these years, am I to be blamed if I doubted?

As I wrap up allow me to leave you with this bunny and quote below which reminds me of Choi and her lawyer! …”If you can’t convince them, confuse them!!” This was exactly what Choi did to KHJ fans and the public with the help of so-called media!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] JUSTICE SERVED



By: LazerKim


For two long agonizing years, finally Kim Hyun Joong was vindicated proving his innocence that the Civil Court judge ruled in his favor on Aug 10th, and this is really a big sigh of relief to him and to all of us here! We rejoice on Hyun Joong’s victory as his victory is ours too, indeed he’s always a winner, as justice was finally served and prevailed. The truth now has set him free!

However, this case doesn’t end from here, as this is only the beginning. Very soon from now there will be heads rolling to the ground starting off with Choi Hye Mi who shamelessly created this circus, as her nightmare KARMA starts from this day onward.

No amount of public apology from Choi and from the trash media can ever recover the cruelty she had done to KHJ, his family and to us his fans who suffered for 2 long years. Choi has to pay the consequences of her lies not only through monetary penalty as the Civil Court judge ordered her to pay KHJ, but to be behind bars  where she truly belongs.


As the presiding judge ruled that all allegations, accusations of Choi are FALSE as there was no sufficient evidence to her claims and a clear criminal act of defamation as she went to the media to spill out her false accusations! The civil court ordered Choi to pay 100 Million Won to KHJ, for defamation and damage she created using the media.

Will she be able to pay him back? If she won’t be able to do so, what will happen? Will she be imprisoned if she will not abide by the court order? These are just innocent questions. Money here may not matter since no amount of cash can compensate with the damage, mental and emotional distress that Choi inflicted to KHJ and his family.

Not to mention the cases Choi filed against KHJ Korean fans who bashed on her on-line that for me was a threat causing a lot of stress to his fans as well. Can a counter charge from KHJ Korean fans possible for the mental and emotional distress she created?



I got this news from the garbage, as according to the trash media the presiding judge stated this:

“However, the fact that [A] did an interview with KBS in which she gave false information with no evidence… Considering the criminal act the day before the defendant’s enlistment date, the severe defamation and damage to the defendant’s image, and severe psychological stress, the plaintiff shall give compensation in the amount of 100 million won to the defendant.”    (by: trash Soompi)

My apology that I cannot post the entire article from Trash media since it’s obviously twisted and meant to confuse readers again! I would just like to point out on SEVERE DEFAMATION and DAMAGE to the defendant’s image.

This shows that the civil court judge recognized and acknowledged the criminal act of defamation and false accusation of Choi Hye Mi against KHJ, which is enough ground to file a criminal case against Choi. Take note this is contrary to Mr. Prosecutor’s opinion on KHJ’s counter charge against Choi stating KHJ have NO sufficient evidence to press charges against Choi!

Oh and to the trash media who wrote this news, I hope you are aware that you and other trash media played a big part to defame KHJ together with Choi and Seon! Then may I advise you to start hiding since you are one of those heads to roll on the ground! SOON!



Now let’s go back to the recent past as Mr. Prosecutor REJECTED Hyun Joong’s counter charge criminal case filed against Choi in May 19th this year, stating that there was NO sufficient evidence on KHJ’s claim! I would like to chase after Mr. Prosecutor and let him eat and swallow the judge ruling!

Yes I agree we’re in two different courts of law, the civil court and criminal court, however, we have exactly the same story brought to both courts! The criminal case that KHJ filed against Choi rooted from this civil case that she filed, am I right? Who do you think has a better credibility, the judge or the prosecutor?

At this point, KHJ can easily re-file his counter charge against Choi, and I’m confident he will win this criminal case. Every single individual who has been a victim of wrong doings has every human right for a day in court, Mr. Prosecutor!

If a complete LIAR like Choi was given the chance to state her lies in the court of law then what more to an innocent person who’s holding the truth? Choi started this circus, therefore it is just right for her to end it…….in JAIL!…. Together with Mr. Prosecutor, Piggy Seon and trash media!



There’s something nagging in my mind as I can still remember Atty Seon’s statement to KHJ as…“You should NOT sue the mother of your child”  

So this was what KHJ trying to say last year “Do NOT pawn that baby…”  as Choi was intending to use this child as her money bag and shield from jail! Unfortunately, KHJ is determined to pursue with the criminal case against her, specially at this point that KHJ had proven his innocence.

Many of KHJ fans doubted the identity of the said child and I’m one of them in spite of the joint custody was ordered by the family court, his identity remained questionable to many. Now that KHJ was awarded with joint rights over the child, I hope he can take advantage of the chance to have another DNA test on the child and close the issue if indeed he’s the father of the child.

The existence of this child was exposed to the public and left its identity hanging in the air, that after the family court made its ruling, we didn’t hear anything about the child anymore! I have the same questions as others, were the Kims able to see the child for real? Did Choi abide with the court ruling and shared the rights with KHJ?



From day one that the 2nd scandal exploded in Feb 2015, I’m sure my regular readers witnessed on how Choi behaved from the alleged pregnancy to childbirth, that caused us to doubt!  Something just doesn’t seemed to fit in along the way as this case unfold. And with all the PROVEN LIES Choi made to the public, doubts will always surround her.

If she had gone this far lying about multiple pregnancy of 5 or 6 I lost count in just a matter of 7 months, then it’s also possible she lied over childbirth, can’t she? Remember, not even the Kims were able to confirm her Feb 2015 pregnancy, not even childbirth as they were not informed about it.

Choi made such a HUGE MESS involving an innocent child, be it KHJ’s child or not, the repercussion of what she had done is too much to the innocent. I hope this matter can be cleared as well, for the sake of the child, before Choi can further use this child as her shield in the public eye to avoid the criminal case against her.

And if KHJ may earn criticism from the SK public as he is pressing charges against the “alleged” mother of his child, well I would say…No one is above the law!



From this day onward Choi Hye Mi, Atty Seon and the trash media have a lot of consequences to face for what they did to KHJ and to this innocent child be it KHJ’s child or not. I just hope Atty Seon would not use temporary insanity as an excuse to his client in avoiding the jail gates!!

As to the fans who jump ship, it’s your prerogative whoever celeb you want to follow. But I do hope you have learned a lesson here. To walk out in silence can earn a better respect from others, than turning into a monster of hatred! Now go and eat your words! That’s all I can say to you!



To the loyal KHJ fans who stayed loyal for 2 long years of agony, my hats off to all of you as you are indeed true loyal fans and I’m very proud of you. Thank you so much for staying beside KHJ, I know you never doubted him and stayed believing in him.

To the loyal fans Sunny and PrincessMich who has been tirelessly translating a more credible news items, thank you so much your effort is very much appreciated!

May I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Atty Lee for job well done, I know he went out of his way professionally in defense to KHJ, in behalf of KHJ fans Thank you so much. This case is not over yet as we will be with you and shall continue to support in defending KHJ.

As for me, I learned a lot in this case, I learned how to defend an innocent man, as I learned to LOVE unconditionally, just as much as I also have learned the feeling of HATE! I’m not a hateful person and this woman Choi taught me how!!

But most of all, this case made loyal KHJ fans stronger than ever, as the pain inflicted to us made us confident knowing the truth is at our side and stood by it all through out.

As we face the next stage of this case, we are now stronger and we can now smile in fighting those monsters to be put to jail!

To Kim Hyun Joong….Congratulations on your victory!! Stay strong as you always are!

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged,  Ms D thanks!   MS Fanarts @oaewma06  thanks! Hazzell thanks

bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)

UPDATE   (Aug.12th)


(Trans cr: @Sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)




I can understand that most of you here are quite surprised by the news above pertaining Choi visiting KHJ in the camp and trying to reach out for settlement. This news doesn’t surprise me at all which I remember writing about it in my previous article. If you remember Choi has been delaying the court hearing for 5 times last year till early this year.

I think this is not the first time that Choi camp approached KHJ camp for settlement. Let’s analyze this matter, and this not speculation, this is simple common sense, let’s just say it’s norm! Why did Choi filed this civil case knowing she’s bound to lose since she doesn’t have any proof to her allegations? This is pure money and her intention to bring down KHJ

When she filed this civil case she was expecting to get money from KHJ to bend on her to drop the case similar to 2014. Unfortunately KHJ fought back this time and did not agree to any settlement which is contrary to her expectations. With those delaying tactics she was expecting the Kims would drain out and give in to her wishes for monetary settlement that did not happen which I already wrote.

As we notice she slowly shy away from media which showed that she was becoming desperate since nothing worked out to her favor anymore even using the so-called child did not work either! See this is a full proof that she’s not for justice as what she was claiming! This is her litigation so why would she plead for settlement if she’s after justice?

I sure do hope the criminal court judge would see her evil motive too that I hope Atty Lee can bring this recent camp visitation . Choi now is being cornered and I don’t think she has any way out.

And maybe just maybe she can still earn a better respect from those brainless people who supported her on-line if she comes out and ADMIT her evil motives in destroying KHJ which is unlikely to happen!! But who knows? Well either way she’s still going to jail so why spend so much time and money when she’s bound to go to jail anyway!!  LOL!


NEWS UPDATE       (Aug 23rd)

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CqfMz1UWEAAaIW6 (1)





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CASE UPDATE  Jan 18, 2017

(Trans cr: @Sunny)





Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CIVIL CASE



By: LazerKim


The July 20th civil court hearing on KHJ vs Choi pertaining to 1.6BW Lawsuit was the final plea for counsels of both parties to present their claims and defense before the judge can make a ruling on this civil case on Aug. 10th at 2pm. Argument and rebuttal from both sides were being heard.

I have been covering KHJ’s case from day one in Aug 2014 to the present and most of my readers have been following this case from this site. From day one that I’ve been writing on this case I believe all I have written were based from facts, on how this case unfolds and so more or less we have seen and equate the truth and the lies.

At this point I will not post any translation from the news articles released yesterday after the court hearing simply because I do not want to confuse any of my readers, since most of the info seem to me was misleading from facts that we already gathered over the years.

I have posted statements from witnesses of both parties, and with no doubts we have seen which of the witness statement is credible. I did not comment on Choi’s witness statement which I posted on my recent article simply because I do not want to be indulged in another set of lies that even I won’t dissect those statements to understand, my readers know very well where the lies fall!



Allow me to review and summarize this case in simple common sense and less complicated way in layman’s term for better understanding of what is going on. From day one I have stated in one of my articles this statement as I address it to Choi and Seon….

“If you are to accuse anyone and bring your case to any court of law, make sure you have substantial evidence to support your accusation and your case.” 

This civil case that Choi filed pertains to damage lawsuit on Miscarriage from alleged assault in 2014, that up until the last hearing Choi failed to present substantial evidence on pregnancy, miscarriage and alleged assault. Take note that these claims are medical issues, from alleged assault, pregnancy and miscarriage.

Here are my questions:  First, was there an assault on Choi? Second, was there pregnancy in 2014? Third was there miscarriage in 2014?

Choi’s camp presented evidence of purely text messages, fake pictures of assault and witness that can only state hearsay statement from Choi and NO specific eye witness that assault was being done to her. She was not able to present any medical records that can prove she was pregnant in 2014 and had miscarriage.

ALLEGED ASSAULT:    Choi failed to present any medical record since alleged assault was a physical harm said to be done to her and from the fake photos she showed those were supposed serious injuries and alleged broken ribs however, since Choi doesn’t have legit medical records, it was Atty Lee who provided it from the hospital where Choi went and proved she had an accident from the gym causing injury and not from alleged asault!

Aside from the fact that there was a police report in 2014 stating that there was no sufficient evidence that assault was done to Choi by KHJ, that I think this police report was totally disregarded for whatever reason no one knows!

PREGNANCY: The only evidence on her pregnancy was a pregnancy test kit which she kept for 2 years and NO medical record from an OB stating she was pregnant in 2014.

MISCARRIAGE:  Choi claimed she had miscarriage. If a woman experienced miscarriage it is necessary that Dilation and Curettage should be performed by a medical expert or OB in a hospital after a miscarriage, otherwise her life is at risk that may cause death. And Choi failed to present any hospital record that stated Dilation and Curettage was performed to her in 2014. Obviously she’s still alive after the alleged miscarriage 2014!

And granting she had miscarriage just for the sake of argument, still it doesn’t prove anything, because the next question would be, who was the father of the said pregnancy in 2014? To prove that KHJ cause her 2014 pregnancy, another set of lie was brought in!

These allegations are medical issues, and ONLY medical experts, valid legit medical records can prove her claims. And NOT the staffs of SK court of law who reads those fabricated test messages as proof of pregnancy and miscarriage not even alleged assault, which I find it stupid, unprofessional and primitive way of thinking!!



May I just point out that, until the very last minute of this civil case court hearing the pig Seon kept insisting that KHJ and Choi lived together in 2014, that he cannot even prove that they were indeed living together. While this is so easy to prove and here is why:

KHJ was living in a luxury service apartment or a condo. What can we find in a condo? A lobby receptionist, security staffs, valet staff, housekeeping staffs, building maintenance staffs CCTV on lobby areas corridors and elevators ect, not to mention the occupants of neighboring units close to KHJ’s unit.

If it’s true that KHJ and Choi were living together, it’s so impossible that none in the building had not seen her or know her even just by her face! I’m wondering why can’t Seon bring anyone from the staffs I mentioned to the court to prove they were indeed living together?Simple, it’s because KHJ and Choi NEVER lived together and I assume she neither was a frequent or regular visitor in KHJ’s apartment otherwise those staffs would recognize her!

Seon was tying to insist on this lie simply because if KHJ and Choi were living together Choi doesn’t need any medical record to prove her pregnancy on KHJ! They brought a witness who can testify on this but all she said were hearsay as Choi told her she’s living with KHJ.

However this best friend of Choi had never seen KHJ in person, his apartment and neither had she seen both being together not even dating! In short Choi’s witness did not prove anything at all except what Choi told her this and that, all Choi’s fantasies! HEARSAY!

Seon claimed that the address stated at Choi’s car registration address was KHJ’s address! Hello counselor, I can state anything in a car registration and those documents can easily be fabricated, knowing what you have in your country, all fake, come on!



In the end I find this civil case a roller coaster set in the playground of SK Court of Law played by Choi and her lawyer Seon! Whether they win this case or not, for them obviously doesn’t matter at all! Since their main goal is to put KHJ in the line of tabloid scandal news and put him to shame that can bring him down in SK!

From day one Aug 2014 nightmare, we knew all along the lies Choi brought the public that caused damage to KHJ’s image to the SK public. Again the entire world is the witness in this case how Choi made SK public seem damn ignorant to read and believe her story filled with lies.

May I just mention, that Seon was intending to sue KHJ’s witness as he stated the witness Lee is a member of KHJ fan club!  Well what’s new? Choi’s camp just love suing people who are telling the truth!  Between her best friend as witness and a KHJ fan, who do you think has a better credibility?

KHJ fan being an eye witness has brought with her in court substantial proof of evidence and smart enough to corroborate in the case. While Choi’s best friend as her witness brought nothing but hearsay and the statement I DON’T KNOW!

The civil court ruling is scheduled on Aug 10th, we can only wait for this day and with hopes to end this roller coaster which has been on going for 2 years now as the first scandal exploded in Aug 2014!



May I just mention, there was a news quite recently that an SK senior prosecutor was arrested by authorities as this senior prosecutor was found guilty of bribery. I just wrote it in my recent article as I speculated Mr Prosecutor handing KHJ’s criminal case was being paid by Choi! Now I can no longer doubt my wild thoughts! If a senior prosecutor can be bribed or paid, what more those prosecutors under the senior??

(Prosecutor News source:

If there’s smoke there’s fire! I sincerely hope that SK judges in this civil court are better than the SK prosecutors! Then let’s start crossing our fingers and pray! Because for 2 years that KHJ’s case has been on going, it seems to me in SK Lies have better listeners than the Truth and this is just so frustrating in this country South Korea!

After all of these roller coasters and it’s time Hyun Joong can get out from his MS, I sure do hope he would migrate to another country! With the two years he has been suffering, I came to realize his own country cannot protect him as a Korean citizen at all. This is painful for him I know since he loves his country but his country doesn’t love him at all! I’m sorry to say this but reality hurts!

Now I can understand as to why many Koreans migrate to other countries even to countries poorer than their own! SK only grew up by technology and probably country’s economy. But people from SK still in primitive way of thinking that made them the biggest hypocrite in the entire world! I’m simply expressing my thoughts in all honesty on how I see South Korea as a country and people within! Poor KHJ really, I pity him!

However, as the saying states, after a heavy rain comes the sunshine, in every dark tunnel there’s always light ahead, if there’s a beginning then there’s an end to everything…

Oh lastly here’s my message to CHOI….

To: Choi Hye Min

It doesn’t matter how many kids KHJ may have, his fans will stay with him…BUT If you Choi kept hanging on KHJ’s wings, we KHJ fans will always be on guard to make sure you fall down to HELL….see you and your KARMA very soon!!

                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

                                        MORE UPDATES BELOW

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STATEMENT FROM ATTY SEON     (July 20th court hearing)

Take note on no. 2   



Well, a new person now was being entangled in this case on its last trip, as Seon mentioned KHJ’s brother! LOL  Seon stated KHJ’s brother apologized to Choi on June 6th for the bruises KHJ inflicted on Choi!!  Was Atty Seon drunk during the court hearing in July 20th? I’m just asking! It seems to me Seon wasn’t in his right mind yesterday at the court hearing!

This event in Jeju transpired in June 2014, and this case has been on going for 2 years now and this is the first time he ever revealed such LIE again! If there’s a truth to what he was saying then this should have been brought up in the previous hearings! Why was he saying this on the last day of hearing? It seems to me he had run out of alibi to refute so the best he can do is to include another character from KHJ camp! LOL

Hey counselor Seon , this is not working, no one is buying that statement you made! You even dared change the date of event again! LOL  This lawyer is so inconsistent from the beginning and for the last trip he again proved his inconsistency! Honestly this pig and that snake has  the habitual way of fooling SK public! This Seon and Choi are great liars of the century and criminals by nature!   Such comedy show! LOL



Here’s a video clip entitled “KHJ did not Assault” link below stating the truth pertaining the alleged assault in 2014, for those who have not watched it. I’m putting this on record!

Video Link>

(Trans cr: @Princessmich123 thanks for your effort)

(Video cr: @jamkkuleogihj, thanks for sharing)


To my readers who have been following this case from this site since 2014 straight up till this day, may I call your attention to re-collect with me. It was in Sept 15th 2014 KHJ’s last WT concert series in Nagoya Japan, that the “shotgun letter of apology” was released as Choi demanded for and complaint was dropped after the letter was circulated and $$$ was delivered. Let us not forget that this letter of apology was even twisted by media!

Aside from the so-called Letter of Apology, there was monetary settlement AND a condition that KHJ reconcile with Choi till the year end 2014! Therefore this explains as to why KHJ came back to her which I consider another SHOTGUN agreement! I can still remember I have written my speculation pertaining the blackmail in 2014 that was ignored!


(Photo above taken Sept 17, 2014 KHJ leaving Nagoya fr last WT concert series)


Why did Choi continued blackmailing KHJ despite of the settlement in 2014? Is it because KHJ resist the idea of seeing her again? What else can there be a reason? She’s aiming to get hold of him forever and I got no doubt on her motive from day one 2014 “If I cannot have you, then nobody will”. …sigh…

Mark my word, KHJ shall be Choi’s WORST nightmare and as her KARMA shall start oozing in her dark future ahead of her, whether she wins this case or not, it doesn’t matter. She’ll never find happiness the moment she destroyed KHJ’s life…

May I just say this, as I can only speak for myself……To insult Choi in this site is not even a fraction to compensate with what she had done to me as an affected KHJ fan and as a person defending KHJ’s human right which was violated for two long years.

Basic lesson learned:

“A woman can NEVER force any man to want her with sincerity, be it with clean motive, or worst of all, with evil intent!”



On Civil Court ruling:  The court ordered Choi to pay 100M Won to KHJ to compensate for mental distress caused by false images and defamation.

KHJ won this civil case!!!  Congrats to KHJ!!   Details on this good news follows on my next article! See you soon!!

NEWS UPDATE    (Aug 10)

Singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong wins compensation suit against ex-girlfriend

(cr: Yonhap News Agency)

SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Yonhap) — A local court on Wednesday ruled in favor of singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong and dismissed a compensation suit filed by his ex-girlfriend after she alleged that she miscarried his son due to physical assault.

The 30-year-old has been locked in a legal battle as his ex-girlfriend, identified only by her surname Choi, filed a suit with the Seoul Central District Court in April last year, seeking 1.6 billion won (US$1.45 million) in compensation.

The plaintiff claimed that she miscarried his child in 2014 after being physically abused by the member of K-pop boy band SS501.

Kim filed a counter suit against Choi, saying she was actually not pregnant and that she spread false rumors about their relationship.

The court dismissed the suit filed by the woman, citing a lack of evidence while ordering her to pay 100 million won to Kim for defamation. It said there is circumstantial evidence to believe that she was not pregnant.

In December, Choi said Kim is the biological father of her son who she gave birth to in September, citing a paternity test conducted at Seoul National University College of Medicine. Kim has said he will take full responsibility of the child.

He has been serving in the military since May last year to fulfill the requirements of all able-bodied South Korean man.

(News source link)



Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SK INJUSTICE



By: LazerKim


Everyone here must be shocked by the latest development on Criminal Case KHJ vs Choi, however allow me to iron this out since there are a lot of matters that wasn’t clear to me. Last year sometime in Dec Atty Lee mentioned that the investigation on criminal case begun before the year 2015 ended. This was how I understand it.

In the trash news it was said that in May 19th the DA released its ruling on acquitting Choi of all 4 criminal case filed by KHJ. BUT a police report was released stating there’s evidence showing Choi guilty of these crimes. Well for obvious reasons the travel ban on her was granted! And here goes Mr Prosecutor acquitting Choi of all charges?

I got a million questions running in my mind like, Was there a court hearing on the criminal case filed? How did the DA came up to such ruling? What are his basis on such decision? There’s not enough evidence to corroborate the crime? The entire world already seen the evidences except  the prosecutor?? He must be joking!!!

From day one that Choi filed her nonsense lawsuits against KHJ I have already suspected that SK Court of Law is made into a playground and I was right as I wrote in my article! The SK Court of Law proved themselves to be right! They are indeed a playground that cannot be relied on, and cannot even be trusted! What kind of law does SK have? Is there justice in this country? I doubt!

I’m one step to be convinced that SK is the scariest country to live in, that an integrity of a person will always be at risk any time! This nonsense scandal is even worst than terrorist attack! The moment a hungry blackmailer like Choi is out there to catch her prey, in minutes his entire life is finish! And it seems to me that this act of blackmailing celeb is being tolerated by SK authorities! We can see that now I guess!

2zxDa-1U7L7-1 (1)


It’s so disappointing how the SK prosecutor handled this case that appears to me SK believed the obvious lies manipulated evidence right before their eye and disregarded the obvious innocent!

I mean, in defamation alone, the entire world had read those fabricated text message of Choi and her unbelievable fantasy from those news articles which is obviously intended to destroy the image of a celeb. The entire world is the witness in this case! What evidence does the stupid DA needs to prove the act of defamation? I wonder!

South Korea is such a big turn-off that I lost respect on this country for allowing these stupid scandals to get out of hand. And SK men in robes just believed in manipulated lies, that for me spells a big HYPOCRISY among them! And I really feel sad for KHJ on how he was being treated by his own country with absolute unfairness!

Not even a day in court to speak up that a crime was done to him was disregarded? What kind of country is this? SK kept promoting the Hallyu and Kpop to the world, but they cannot even protect their own artists? On the contrary, SK are even the ones destroying their very own treasure in exchange for money! Don’t you find this strange?



Indeed Mr prosecutor and the SK Court of Law are bunches of DEAF AND BLINDS. I wonder how they equate criminal cases like Defamation, False Accusation, Fraud, Blackmail not seeing the evidence when those evidences seen by the entire world are just in front of their ugly faces?? What kind of law does SK have?? Just asking!

Hence, they accepted text messages, manipulated evidences, photo shopped evidences created by Choi?? Well it’s a different case still we’re talking of justice here! But honestly I really find SK Justice to be hilarious!! I wonder now as to how much did Choi paid Mr prosecutor $$$??? Just my wild thoughts!

I knew it, no wonder Choi had all the guts to file lawsuits left and right with all fabricated evidences carelessly ! I was right, Choi and the pig knew all along they can easily get away from the scandal they created! I wrote about this, now I got my answers!! So this is how SK justice system works!! Hmmm…. at least I’m learning how evilness works in SK!

May I just clear it up that this criminal case filed by KHJ is NOT over yet since the case was brought to another court, at the same time KHJ changed his lawyers.

What else can I say?  Freedom of speech is my human right!….. If Choi and those trash so-called media can write their piece carelessly, then I get the same human right as they have!     I rest my case!

                “If justice is denied….let the law of karma takes its ride…”

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, Ms D thanks     @oaewma06 thanks!

bwiwu1hcuae3rku (1)


Kim Hyun Joong shall be testifying on the scheduled court hearing July 8th Friday at 2pm on  KHJ vs Choi civil case on the 1.6BW Lawsuit filed by Choi. However, it was said that this court hearing shall be held in close door, meaning this hearing shall not be open to the public nor to media.

Why am I worrying about this?? Well it’s understandable KHJ is a celeb and this court hearing could cause commotion among the media people having his presence. However, after the incident with Mr. Prosecutor I now barely trust anyone from SK court of law. Would I be blamed? I just hope someone from his camp would be kind enough to post for valid update pertaining the court hearing!

For a recap, in June 3rd civil court hearing, witnesses from KHJ camp testified pertaining the blackmailing conniving between Choi and the media as revealed by a KE representative. Another witness testified as an eye-witness who had seen Choi with KHJ in a restaurant in May 30th and had seen Choi in early June 2014 with no bruises as what the media showed in the photos showing the alleged assault.

I would just like to clarify pertaining specific dates that fans may be confused, since in May 30, 2014 KHJ flew to Tokyo on that date and the altercation or argument between Choi and KHJ transpired in May 30 2014. It may have happened at past midnight of May 30. It’s like a minute past 12 midnight is already May 30th.



Each of us here may have different opinion about KHJ case, but allow me to share my thoughts whether you agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter I’m simply sharing my 2 cent pertaining what I have written in the article above since the media used the term “ACQUITTAL” on Choi. Here’s the definition of the word:

 acquittalLegal Definition. n. In criminal law, the legal finding, by judge or jury, that an accused person is not guilty of the crime he is charged with. Once the acquittal is reached, the defendant may not be prosecuted again for the same criminal act or transaction.

This is why at the beginning of the article above I was asking if there was a court hearing on the criminal case filed by KHJ. The trash so-called media and that pig used the wrong term. How can there be acquittal if there was no court hearing nor court trial? This is a classic example on how those trash so-called media twist the news.

And the good lawyer Seon has to go back to law school and review his legal terminology! These people are so careless without realizing the impact of each word they use in disseminating information! Well obviously the trash media was intending to twist info, why else would I be surprise!!

Why would KHJ make an appeal if the criminal case he filed did not even reached the table of any judge or jury?? This was also why I stated “the criminal case was brought to another court.” at the end of my article. I would just like to clarify this. Simple matters, or even typographical error can kill a person!


UPDATE   (July 7th)

Henecia SinFronteras
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Kim Hyun Joong has added a fourth lawyer to its current legal team
According to previous articles, the 8th of July will be the last day of the hearing in the court before the judgement. In Principle, it is supposed that the court will announce the day of judgment tomorrow before adjourning the meeting. This is in theory, it’s not safe yet.
News articles mention that the side of Kim Hyun Joong has added a fourth lawyer to the current legal team, which is composed of three (the current legal team is formed by Kim Seohyun, bak seongmin, Lee Jaeman)
The new lawyer is a lawyer of one of the biggest law firms in South Korea, and previously worked as chief magistrate in the Seoul Central District Court.
Side of Kim Hyun Joong: “there is no change in the legal advice, just has become an additional appointment, and you will not have any effect on the case”. (the decisions made and the process will continue as until now)
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UPDATE   (July 8th)
UPDATE   (July 8th)
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By: LazerKim


Geez! This is the second year that Kim Hyun Joong shall be celebrating his birthday away from the lime light and physically away from his fans. But in spirit we fans are all with him all year round regardless of rough sailing, nothing matters for me as I stay dedicated to him and only in him I shall stay!

Many may be wondering and asking “Is KHJ’s career over because of this nightmare?” Well, as we can see, I may say this could be the longest scandal ever made in the history of SK probably, but it’s been two years and yet the media are still itching to write and twist the name Kim Hyun Joong! Which means he’s still salable!

Pardon my words but in terms of business this is the only way I can put it! A celeb will remain if he’s still being talked about and that’s how showbiz reality is. But honestly speaking, deep inside me, if this is the kind of showbiz SK has, I would probably be happier for him to live peacefully away from these monsters surrounding him in SK!!

I remain consistent as I wrote in one of my articles that I would love Hyun Joong to pursue his career outside SK after his MS, Japan in particular! Kim Hyun Joong has nothing to repent about to deserve this kind of treatment from his own country and in this nightmare, his ONLY mistake was to have a drink with that snake! And no matter how anyone twist the situation, KHJ is the victim in this conspiracy that I shall never forget.



Back in 2012 I wrote an article as I dream of KHJ singing with his guitar and surrounded by his fans from different nations and from all walks of life, in an open field like a desert away from noise, with just a stool, a microphone, a speaker and Hyun Joong singing to his fans! As I now recall what I wrote back in years, I now realize I was short of saying “LEAVE US ALONE!”

And now, this is exactly what I want to say to those monsters, to leave us alone, leave KHJ to his peace because no matter what they do to destroy him, those monsters will surely fail! And in any event after this nightmare that KHJ ends up singing in just a small bar, he will still be mobbed by his fans and will follow him wherever he goes. Please do remember what I said…

A dancer will die as a dancer, a singer will die as a singer, a musician will die as a musician, an actor will die as an actor! Can anyone stop Kim Hyun Joong?? I don’t think so!!! He’s a stubborn man, remember? As I wrote in the past, Kim Hyun Joong is destined to stardom and that is the only place where he belongs that no one can ever stop him. Period!


To Kim Hyun Joong,

I wish you all the love and happiness from every corners of the world because that’s where your fans are! One day we shall be together with you again and by that time we shall be screaming all together saying this…..”LEAVE US ALONE!!”

May you have many more birthdays to come and we shall always be with you even you turned gray and wrinckled, who cares! Our love to you remains unconditional!

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits, Ms D thanks!   

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