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RESTORED ARTICLE          (Sept 15th 2014)

By: LazerKim            I was able to restore this article and delete all the comments from the haters, I’m bringing this back and I still stand firmly on everything I have written in this article. I wrote this the night after the news scandal broke in August 21st that shocked the whole world, and this was the start of our nightmare. I decided to keep this article still as a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s story and how his loyal fans defended him no matter how the haters threw harsh words to them, they stand tall and defend him.

I would just like to clear it up that I’m a woman and I’m against violence but in this case I chose to defend Kim Hyun Joong from the first day this nightmare started till the end. My stance doesn’t change I know deep in my heart while I wrote this article, he is innocent until this day onward till this case is close. And in any untoward incident that may happen in the future, I would still protect and defend him. Not that I tolerate wrong doings if there may be, but I will not rush with my judgement on him.

I learned a lot of lessons out of this incident, and I’m just glad I did the right move and TRUST him with all my heart.

SIMPLY DEFENDING         (Posted article Aug 22nd 2014)

For today’s article I would say this one is different from what you have been reading from me recently. I would say it again and I guess I won’t get tired repeating this, I consider this space as my home, and I can say what I want, my thoughts and feelings. Forgive me if I may be too blunt as I go further writing this article, I would just like to breath out some irritating matters. I’m not in a healthy condition at this time, I got work but since I can’t focus, maybe this will help so I can move on. If others can write such bogus write up or news, then I can also do my own attack, I think that’s my right too. Forgive me but I just can’t sit and watch garbage being thrown to my idol without a word.


Let’s talk about showbiz scandals, I just notice that most of scandals written anywhere is about girl being raped or beaten up. And I have noticed that showbiz celeb particularly those who are gaining too much attention and earning so much success are the ones being placed in an ugly situation by the media. Not to mention I have noticed there’s pattern in the stories being brought up, in short they have the same script, the same type of character, and almost the same incidents. Well this is just personal opinion!

Can’t the media change a bit exciting story to come up with assault case?  I mean just for a change because this is getting boring!! And I hope they choose the right characters at least someone convincing to commit the crime. Just like in the dramas! And timing was so obvious magnificently done. Well whoever the director of this controversial  news was so genius in destroying someone who’s gaining!

Now here’s a scandal brought up yesterday morning. A girl allegedly came to the police station and filed a complain against a celeb having said she was beaten up by her celeb lover that it happened two or three months ago. And she said she was beaten up repeatedly by this celeb, like beating up and forgiven then after being forgiven the same thing happen she was beaten up again!!  My God I admire this girl, she has the strength to be a punching bag, and even claimed of broken ribs done by this celeb! Wow!



If I was beaten up, the first thing I would do is to go to the hospital and report the incident to the police right after the incident. But in the news it was said the girl was scared to come out so it took her some months before doing so. See this is the pattern I mentioned earlier, how come the victims let the incident passed by for months before airing their complaint? Because this is more believable, to come out as soon as the incident happened. Almost all assault cases have delayed telecast!!

And the accused, my God he couldn’t even kill an insect!! What more beating up somebody. At a drama shooting he took a lot of NG because he could hardly give a punch to his co-actor saying he would prefer to be beaten up than he doing the act of punching!! So how can I be convinced if the accuse couldn’t even execute a fight scene to give a good painful punch, what more in reality? According to the police report the victim suffered broken ribs!! LOL Wrong casting wrong script here!!

I think we can learn some lessons here. Again this is my personal opinion. Before a man can even lay his hand on me and intending to physically hurt me, I’ll be at the doorway leading me out of his sight long before he can hit me, simply because I have so much self respect to be beaten up by a man. This girl was hurt for the first time, then why would she allowed to be hurt the second time again? Is it because she loves that man? Excuse me but I don’t call that love I call it stupidity. Once a man hit a woman expect there’s gonna be another second round. Why would anyone allow herself to be treated in such manner to begin with.


And if this girl really loves that man why would she create a scandal? Is it for revenge? Blackmailing that failed to collect demand? What else is there for a reason? To teach other men not to treat women as such? But who’s choice was it to be beaten up? If she had walk away long before she was beaten up from the first time then I’m sure there won’t be second time, simply leave the man and move on to her life. It may hurt emotionally but it’s better than being hurt both ways physical and emotional.

You may say, this is simple to be said than done, YES simple common sense, have some self respect and don’t allow any man to hurt us physically. Leaving the men who hurt us is better than being having black eye!! Do I have sympathy to that victim in this scandal? I’m sorry but I don’t, how do you expect me to respect her if she did not respect herself and let herself physically abused, or maybe she allowed herself to be used!

My apologies but I can even ask her “how much were you being paid? Or would like to be a celeb of news headline too?” I wasn’t born yesterday nor I’m not someone new to this industry. A lot of people do destroy others just to gain something for themselves and that’s another reality in this showbiz.

And granting my idol is guilty, well it doesn’t still change my views about that woman. If you love your man you should take care of his reputation anyway you gain from him too. I even consider my idol to be the victim here because I think that scandal is some kind of conspiracy. Too many loop holes and such dirty trick to destroy a celeb. Too old for a story told, so patent!



Guilty or not guilty, take note NOTHING has been proven as yet, only one side of the coin had been heard. But just for the sake of argument, let’s argue. Since this is a domestic issue again it’s his privacy and I’m not personally involve to begin with. He is not my lover, he is not my husband, he’s an artist whom I admire period. It wasn’t I who was hurt, it wasn’t I who was beaten up and it wasn’t I who went to the police station and complain so why should I change my views about him?

For me he’s still an artist whom I admire irregardless who he is in person in his private life. Even I’m the only fan left to be admiring him I wouldn’t mind at all, I would still be there in his concert and enjoy his music, who cares!! Whoever calls me stupid to be following someone who has a bad image, I really wouldn’t care simply because I believe the person I’m admiring is not bad neither is he guilty of such assault.

I have embraced Hyun Joong for who he is and it shall remain to be that for me for the rest of his life. I don’t owe anyone for admiring him so who cares whatever others may say or think about me. We have different views I respect yours and hoping you would respect mine too. Neither would I need him to face me and prove his innocence which is such a waste of time, there are more important things that I want him to tackle and this is his concert, that’s how much I trust Kim Hyun Joong.

I stand by my conviction, and I wouldn’t care being criticized in this article. My idol is badly hurt here just because of that malicious news, well I don’t buy it. Too many people wants him to go down, why? Isn’t that obvious? He’s gaining again unstoppable. Well you can NEVER put a good man down. And whatever bad news, scandal, controversy there may be guilty or not I will still defend him and protect him.

Hyun Joong had been in this industry for almost 10 years, and he never had this kind of scandal and has been so careful with his image.  Hyun Joong has been busy from his concert 2013, BFF, IG, album releases, preparation for this concert, that he couldn’t even find time for himself what more with girls or he might just end up asking the girl “who are you??” So how would you expect me to be convinced about this trash?

From yesterday many people had already judged him without due process, this is so unfair specially from some fan’s hypocrisy and it truly hurts to the person being accused. So if the accuser had thrown garbage on him which is so disgusting and this guy doesn’t even deserve such scandal, so I don’t think no one can blame me if I may be harsh with my judgement on that woman. I’m a woman too yes, but maybe not as stupid as her. I rest my case… see you next time girl I really want to see your bruises!!



Maybe this is the first time that I’m writing with anger and sadness over what’s going on. But this incident only pushed me to defend and protect my Prince further. Let’s just say this is a test to Kim Hyun Joong and to his fans who are so closely knitted together. As they said there’s a light in the dark tunnel. I believe we will all surpass this trial for as long as we’re together behind Hyun Joong then nothing else matter.

For those fans who may be in doubtful stage, I’ll leave you on your own discretion. As I always say, we fans have our own choice whom to follow. But I strongly believe you’ll be back!!! Never under estimate Hyun Joong’s power, no matter what, guilty or not, nothing change we’ll remain at his side and keep remembering we are his strength. Many fans cried out yesterday out of sadness, anger and frustrated over the news. But we leave that for one day, let those tears be our strength to move on. No we will not ignore those news. We will make sure we have a say on that, to fleet the insects away! But let’s stop spreading those malicious news.  We wouldn’t want them to be happy, we should be the ones happy because Hyun Joong is there, LOVE is just everywhere!

All we have to do is continue to support him, be there for him, show more love, show more affection and let’s help each other in healing him. He will pretend that everything is ok, let him be, but we know the guy to his softest spot. He has been healing us all these times, so I think it’s our turn to do that. Give and take, we can handle this challenge. I believe he will rise up again even stronger than ever after this high storm comes smooth sailing. With our collective love for Hyun Joong we can surpass anything.

And lastly, prayer is the most powerful tool at this time. Prayers move mountains….I do believe in this and I sure do hope we can offer at least a prayer for Hyun Joong, this is what we need.  More power to all of us!

Hello Thailand the ball now is yours, keep Hyun Joong safe, cheer him up as much as you can, don’t let him cry on stage, you may never know the guy is so cheezy too even macho that’s only within his surface! I’m aware you’re planning something to surprise him! Thank you so much for your extended effort! No more tears, just smile and ENJOY!!


To Hyun Joong

Keep your strength and power, we’re just in some rocky road and in no time you’ll get over from all of these. Just bear in mind, no matter what happen your fans will always be at your side and bring you up to the heights of success as always. Nothing and no one can stop us. We had so many trials in the past along the way but we survived, right? So there’s no reason why we can’t this time. 

Keep the love on stage, break a leg, keep remembering,  we all love you………so much!


                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

This is my personal space I can write whatever I want to say.


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75 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SIMPLY DEFENDING

  1. OMO… i feel sorry 4 khj no matter how hard he tries to fix things it doesnt work out everythig back fires.hmm….were did he get that girl from she is totally a gold digger “1.6 MILLION WON” WHAT!!!! She is rily something.i dont trust her but i trust khj oppa *fighting* stay strong oppa we got your back cant wait 4 ur return oppa hope u gain custody of your oh my I CANT IMAGINE HOW HE FEELS NOW

  2. Thank you, LazerKim for always defending KHJ. We are all free to choose which side are we on, right? But I wish that I hadn’t searched for the recent news about Kim Hyun Joong today… If I can take it back, I will. I hate to see him like this… He must have been feeling broken and wounded. I wish that I can do something to ease his pain and burden… Most of all, I wish that this painful news wasn’t true.

    I wanted to believe him with all my heart. I wish that it was just all a misunderstanding between two consenting adults. I wanted to feel sorry for the girl; for she must have loved KHJ so much to endure those pains she’s claiming she experienced with him and KHJ must have loved her too, because according to the girl, he did those things to her because he didn’t want them to break up. It just crossed my mind, if KHJ didn’t love her, he would have just let her break up with him and be free with those women he wanted to be with. After all, they are not married, so what’s the use of holding on if it’s not Love? Maybe one of them had simply fallen out of love and that is the reason why the relationship doesn’t end well.

    Right now, I’m being sorry for all the women who had experienced violence. I know that it is no laughing matter and I sincerely empathize with them. I also believe that a man should take responsibilities for the things he has done wrong. It’s just that my heart is telling me to believe that Kim Hyun Joong can explain himself and that he will be responsible for his actions.

    Every accused person needs a defendant, which is why Lawyers are made. They try to defend people, may it be the accused or the victim. They don’t even have to believe their clients to represent them. Are they “Delusional” too? We shouldn’t judge things as they seemed. If we can do that, what’s the use of the Law itself? Some people are just too quick to judge. “Innocent until proven guilty”, the person who invented that word must have had this in mind when he wrote this. Maybe this is the reason why even our coins have two sides.

    Is it so wrong to defend someone or something you believe in? Am I delusional too? I think not. I am simply someone who chooses to support someone whom I admire and adore. KHJ for me is a very smart, talented and beautiful person. He also has a good sense of humor too, which is a very rare find these days. We are not stupid because we love him still. Love is not something you can control. It grows in our hearts and plants its roots deep down. If it fades away as time passes, it means that it has died a natural death, because I don’t even think that you can “unlove” a person just because of something he must have done. You cannot choose who you love; you can only choose who you hate. Right now, my heart tells me that I love Kim Hyun Joong, that is why I am willing to believe all the best of him. I am not saying that he could not commit a sin… he could, just like the rest of us.

    It’s just that I believe that he would be willing to do whatever he has to do to correct whatever mistake he has committed. There is no way for us to undo the things that is already done. All we can do is apologize, make up for it and be responsible for the outcome of our actions. I believe from the bottom of my heart that an intelligent and a fun-loving man like Kim Hyun Joong would be able to do that as well.

    Ang mensahe ko para sa minamahal kong si Kim Hyun Joong (My message for my beloved Kim Hyun Joong): No matter how painful it is, be strong. Find the happiness that is lost so that you can learn to smile again. Try to remember the best of you. You have to fill that emptiness in your heart with happy memories of the people who loves and support you. Don’t lose your way. In your darkest night, let our love be your shining light. Do not forget that there is a God who is always willing to listen and understand you; you just have to find him in your heart. Know that even if everyone turns their back on you, you would never have to worry about living a day unloved for the rest of your life, for there is someone who would always have you in her heart, 1,636.033 miles away from you. 

  3. Some points to remember:

    First… Although the KE statement did allude that an argument between Khj and A did get physical … It was not stated that Khj was doing the hitting… A physical fight can ensue between two parties with only one doing the hitting or both…physical could mean one person creating the aggression while the other could be defending ones self or trying to subdue the aggressor … In both instance it can still be physical but with lack of motive or lack of evidence to show unreasonable doubt that statement will not stand in court.

    Second…the broken rib… KE statement was pretty ambiguous but still not mitigating or crucifying … It came off to most as them downplaying something so serious or as being lame but in truth the statement merely acknowledged Khj knowledge and confirmation that A did injure her rib…Khj did not however admit to causing it as he stated that he knew about it a day later with A herself informing him about it . …fact it is… rib injuries can be caused by falling off a bed or even severe bouts of coughing ….a fracture would require more impact but would have been hard to ignore as it is severely painful.

    Third…we all have our cent worth whenever things like these come up and the most we can do is to learn to respect each other’s opinion for no matter how much we argue we will always differ in how we see each other’s point of view … That’s why we have people we like and people we hate… I believe that a flaw or a mistake made does not make the total person… I also believe that the purpose of the law is not Just to punish but provide for opportunities for reformation. I do not not in any way advocate violence in any form…I do believe however in the courts of law and until proven guilty without a doubt , a person should not be judged.

    Khj has gone through great lengths to protect his name and has always been highly spoken of by people around him… It would’ve been tough to live his life everyday if he truly wasn’t that person we all adored. If truly he has done something wrong , losing everything he has worked so hard and sacrificed for is enough punishment for starters. Until it is proven though , beating him up constantly with all these harshness will make us no different from the person we are accusing him to be.

    As for everyone bashing LK … This is her home … Respect it … If you do not share her views then as an educated guest give her the courtesy due and quietly leave. She is not imposing her views on anyone so we shouldn’t as we’ll and act like guest who come to visit expecting to run the household.

    Now if all these comes out wrong for Khj … I will pray that he finds the strength to keep on and the courage to seek help….and all we can do is rally behind him that he will do just that and wait when he gets back stronger and wiser.

  4. an artist I admire him..
    bt his personal life sometimes v can’t interfere in tht…
    may b wt tht girl tellin is true bt she waited like months and lodged tht case wen he was in a foreign trip..
    tht seem a lil suspicious…!

  5. I support lazerkim and definitely 100% behind KHJ. All celebrity has a private life and like any human being can sometime makes mistake but that’s not going to change the way I feel about this man. why should we even judge his private life ? tell me which famous celebrity hasn’t done any wrong ? no one is perfect so please move on. KHJ please be brave and strong, you are still the best!!!! all your true fans are behind you.

    • are you sure dispatch represent the Police here? are you sure their info is correct to the dot?
      by the way the pic on the right is from 2009 when he was with his group…are you sure that is the same woman?? some loopholes here. how about wait for the POLICE to conclude their report. I believe the Police will be impartial and TRUE in all.

  6. Some big company is insecure that Key East is getting bigger. First Kim Soo Hyun and now Kim Hyun Joong. Key East needs to do a better job to protect all their artists by getting more investment/partnership from big corporations or overseas project just like YG. Then they can not touch them.

    • are you sure dispatch is correct…how come on some on going investigation there are soo many leaks only from one part? Isn’t there a law of gag orders on ongoing investigations. who is leaking all to the media??

  7. and you know that for a fact? have you been there as a witness? are your sure what you say is true just because you read in the media. Media wants to sell stories…don’t take everything you read for granted. nothing was proven as yet.
    lets wait and see the outcome!

    • I am not buying anything till the Police investigation will not be completed. I believe there are laws and the Police will release their investigation in the end.
      But if you read the statement clearly he admits a physical argument only once but not the broken ribs part.
      Furthermore we only had one side of the story, I would like to hear the other side as well.
      That is why I’ve said let the Police do their job and see the outcome. Law is involved here and usually the Truth always find a way out!!

  8. LK! I have been so busy lately, have not had time to check on Hyun Joong! This morning, I finally have time to read my email and WHAT A SHOCK! I was heartbroken as I read a news write up on KPOP STARZ just to see what was going on. The article had an official release from KEYEAST with an official explanation. It stated the rib injury happened while the two were playing around, and they had only been dating a couple of months. according to the statement, they did argue, but it did not get physical. This is a bit more believable, but, my heart is still broken that anyone could accuse such a gentle, loving man of such a horrible thing!

    All I have to say is, do his past actions not scream out his INNOCENCE? Do we suddenly not know the idol we have been following for years? His gentleness, kindness and SINCERITY are what have kept us by his side. Hyun Joong has never hidden himself from us, and that is why we are so FIERCELY LOYAL! I will defend him until the day I die, so… these accusations can just go back to the hole they crawled out from under. LK, you are right, it is the same old, same old. I was hit by my celebrity boyfriend, and he’s a horrible person! I didn’t come out , because I was scared…blah blah blah. I will only believe it if Hyun Joong confesses it himself! It is far too convenient to be throwing mud at him while he is in the height of success. You are right, he probably refused to pay her demands, and she went public to get revenge.

    Kim Hyun Joong, your beautiful heart has always shown through. I believe in you and trust you. Please, don’t let this get you down! It has happened to just about every celebrity out there. False and damaging accusations just to have a juicy news story. I’d like to know how much the tabloids paid this girl to write her story. That would tell the truth behind it. Maybe she’s in a bad spot in life, and needs money or attention. I don’t know. I just want you to know that as your loyal fan, I don’t believe a word of it. You are still my ONLY ONE. I draw strength from you, and your past speaks for itself. Years of good deeds cannot be wiped out by the accusation of one ill deed. Keep your head up high knowing you are LOVED and PROTECTED by those that know your heart.

    What breaks my heart the most is that I know this is breaking YOUR HEART! What breaks my heart the most is seeing in action how your celebrity status makes it impossible for you to just have a fun and normal relationship with someone. What breaks my heart the most is that next time your heart feels a connection with someone, you will question it because you’ve been betrayed this way. I am truly heartbroken for you because I know you are heartbroken by the lies of someone you let your guard down with and trusted. I cry every time I think of how lonely it must feel to have this happen. I am heartbroken again. Please, know your true fans believe in you and trust you. I am praying someone will come into your life who is trustworthy and true. Someone who can give you the kind of love you deserve and not see only an opportunity to make their own money and fame off of your hard work. You deserve a sincere and true person. I will keep praying that person comes into you life. I love you like my own family and wish only the best for you. Keep being YOU! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH, words are not enough to say it. Thank you for being YOU.

    all my love,


  9. I didnt see the point of others who came to someone’s blog to read and leave the comments. (as they said they needed to express)
    None asked you for leaving cmt abt their opinion.

    very well said my dear sister Laser Kim.
    I told to my friend like this
    As in strong heart our Hyun Joong used to say “It’s the men who need to come to their senses.” – When asked how to help women protect themselves from sexual predators ”
    or in Inspiring Generation, he prefered to be beaten up than beating others….
    If he is pretending to be nice or gentlement how he can survive in the harsh environment as Kbiz without the revealation???
    I dont say that i can understand all HyunJoong person, cuz even I cant fully understand me 100%.
    But i have been his fans for 7 years and i have never heard ppl around him saying badwords or have negative comments about him.
    all the senior actors/ colleagues or staffs gave him compliments abt his behaviour.
    HyunJoong’s fans are not ppl who are in the middle dreamy teen or with immatured minds. We can distinguish who is good or bad.
    It is not easy for someone to spend their hardworking money for an artist who just has handsome face, right?
    HJ is different with the others. He has a good heart.
    A person can be good or bad, it is up to their living environment or being influenced by the ppl around them.
    back to this, quarrel is popular with couple and sometimes you cant control your emotion, it is easy to understand.
    He admitted that he had physical fighting with her, but be careful to whether that time, she really hurt or not?
    That is the case.
    Ppl just saw this line and made the STRONG conclusion that HE Assaulted his GF.
    and after the investigation, if he is really INNOCENT, will you apologize him eagerly like when you are bashing him.

    Till the end, i will love and support him as ever, even if he used to hurt her once like he said,
    But at least HE TOLD the truth.

    Thanks you as always for writing this ^^
    Love and hug,

      • Hi there,

        I didnt say that i totally understand/know him. i just said he has good heart.

        As you say we dont have the right to call others stupid. But just look back your comment.

        May i ask “Have you ever hit / beaten anyone up to now in your life?”

        If no, u are angel. I admired you for this.

        We- normal ppl- may do it once for self-defense or on own purpose.

        Bashing someone is one kind of mental abuse, too.

        Well, let wait for the final announcement from the Investigation Office/ Police station to see the truth.
        (no offense was meant)

          • it seems that for you the word stupid describing that jelous girl is really hard to be acepted, for me both were too stupid, and both need to face their stupidity. Both are guilty to let that sick relationship went so far, at least they stopped it which is good for them. Defending him and her blindly is bad as well as pretending to know the true about what really happened between them. Only them knew, as you defends her in that way which is a normal first reaction of this, but l know also that there are obssesed girls, l had a case at home with one of these passioned and obsessed ex girl of my son who was really scared. l dont know her but l think that the police did not manage this properly, how they can air this new before to investigate, and let paparazis and people to judge him in that way. I think the private life of any person is that private, so they must respect it.
            as you can see , here are many fans of KHJL, and Lazerkim is always objective about everything, if she called her stupid is as she clearly said it is her thought, as well as you have your own criteria about him, it does not mean to acept his behavior, is to forgive him, understanding that they are human beings , as all of us they make mistakes which nobody knows because simply we are not famous . the true is that nobody dares to judge anybody just for what the media said, the evidence will tell us the true, BUT, NOBODY SHOULD CARE about their private way to get relationships, we dont know who was she, but we know many good sides of his personality that is all. Personally l dont care so much to know about his private life, as he does not like to share it with us, l respect it too much even if l am really curious, so what l saw is enough for me.
            take it easy girl, l just hope that they faced it calmly, with not passion for their own sake, because both lost a lot, his carrier seems to be not much affected after seeing the last news which l like and enjoy so much the suport of his fans is great we would feel relief, but his future romantic relationships surely yes. a hurt in their hearts which they will never forget but which they need to embrance as a black part of their lives and continue their path as far as posible from eachother.
            l think it is time to stop it. their relationships is not our bussiness, the time will cure our and his hurt, together we will do, l am one of his fans, l am not blind. but l love him as one of my sons who l need to help when he did something wrong, that is why l love and suport him, take care

            • it is true, we dont know him totally and what we admire is the artist. YES, that is my point, l enjoy him more in that side, we admired him even if we know he is not perfect because some of his bad habits are public. l only said to take it easy, we all are neither only change our point of view nor acept more atacks, that is enough . We fans have our own choice whom to follow. seems you know her well, So, you tSTOP being delusional too please.
              TO EVERYONE IN THIS BLOG STOP DISCUSSING IT IS REALLY USELESS AND EXHAUSTING, NOBODY WILL BE CHANGED OR CONVICED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS FEEL , thanks Lazerkim to let fans and nofans give their opinions, but l start felling that some people start to be irrespectful for others point of view. l really hope the both in disccusion will fix it calmly TOGETHER and acept the punishment if it is given. since your next text dear

            • Thank you so much for your post. Agree with most words you have said. It ‘ s really thoughtful , peaceful , healthy and productive.

  10. I believe in you .
    Im also hes fans,
    When im reading this article,
    Im just crying and crying,

    If its true or not,
    I will still love him,support him no matter what happened,:(

    I really love him so much,.
    I dont care what are they going to say to me,.


  11. Years ago I was beaten up by my ex BF. We both drunk and we had a fight because I cheated him, with one of his close friend. He said sorry, I forgive him, we broke up but stay as good friend until now. He even taking care of me when I was sick and got my surgery. The same person who gave me bruise on my face is also the one who stayed up at night accompany me at the hospital helping on my needs, can you imagine? Just because he hits me once I won’t call him a woman beater. Another guy I know was beating his wife everytime they have a fight *thank God they divorced* but he treats me nicely as a friend. I legit call him a woman beater for sure, but it doesn’t stop me to be friends with him, as long as he respect me, who am I to judge? What I’m trying to say is… people makes mistakes, Hyun Joong could be the type of my ex, maybe he only did it once, or he could be that kind of guy just like my friend. But it doesn’t make him trash who treats everyone bad, no? He always treat his fans kindly, I still clearly remember that day on his fanmeeting when he did the handshake with hundreds of fans, I could feel his sincerity! Up till now we only get the media version and KE ‘weird’ statement, we don’t know what’s going on. Things must be bad if she got the broken ribs. Hyun Joong should take a responsible for that, like a gentleman. Fans have their right to stay, but please don’t blindly defend him, if he found guilty, accept, and forgive, that’s what I do 🙂

    • chill.. Why I feel like you attacking me just by my sentence: fans have the right to stay… – I’m not defending LazerKim either, blaming the girl is also wrong thing to do. I saw people talking about this post everywhere as a legit proof that all of Hyun Joong fans are stupid, I’m one of HyunJoong fan for years and I don’t mind to see him sent to jail if he really found guilty on charge. I just wanna share my story that it’s not as simple as black and white, I feel sorry for your Mom and honestly people like your dad need a psychiatrist. It’s just sad that people quickly judge a person… one mistake simply erase all the good deeds he has done in the past. I don’t think Hyun Joong could continute his career in Korea anyway, now matter how hard the fans try to protect him. This scandal will be the end of him and this fact really broke my heart….

      • dont worry kido he will be good, he is unbreakable, l really understand jas because l had the same with my parents, but that experience help us to be careful at the moment ot choose our husbands. lt doesnt happen to us. How many stories it takes from us, our expereinces touch our hearts at the moment to jugde them,
        but l am happy to see the suport of his fans now. he works too much for this , unfortunately he made a mistake and must face the concequence of that bad thing as well as she, they had to learn a lot in the bad way as many of us.
        god bless you

    • I’m the kind of monster who treats people equally cos I’m no God. Am I said that I proud the have woman beater as my friend? Nope. And I don’t have any rapist/murderer friend. Yes I’m absolutely sick person cos some of my friends are drug user, alcoholic and all bad stuff, because this is where I live, in the world that full of shit. You must be living in heaven or maybe you just need to log off from your computer and see how sick of this world outside your twinkle star?

  12. To all the people who are attacking Lazerkim,

    People everyone here vented her own opinion and her own view and anger, what Lazerkim done was just expresing and venting her own opinion.

    This is a free world and he own blog, you don’t have to agree but you don’t have to Insult LK.

    Not all of us have experience with domestic abuse or violence in relationships and for sure we all are against it, but you don’t have to go that low against someone who said what is in her mind.

    WE all for a FACT don’t know all what happened and usually is taking two to tango, in the end I am sure all details will be reavealed, don’t ever forget that media has ways of distorting things sometimes. I am not defending KHJ here, just to be clear.

    and the artist KHJ, I still would not crucify him as yet, there are things that he will have to come out and cler them by himself.

    For all out there have a nice and better Sunday ! 🙂

  13. Very well said. I agree with you . I understand your point and think it is the right way to handle this situation. Reading your post I feel difficult issue can be mindfully discussed. Never too late to judge other but never judge others from a pieces of information that you knew from social media or the press.

  14. I appreciate the things you wrote about Hyun Joong. I, too believe he couldn’t hurt anybody much more a woman. HJ is a very compassionate and a very kind man.
    Hyun Joong, please remember your fans will always be at your side and no matter what happen our loyalty and love will be there for always! You’re our Only One!!!❤️❤️❤️

  15. Dear Gina ‘

    I think this is a very sensitive issue from the news said that he admitted fighting. So we don’t really know that the particular fighting that he mentioned is the same one that the people understood.However my point is the investigation is not done yet. can we wait until then ?

    I think the fact that LK will support HJ no matter what’s the result of the investigation is her right . By saying that she is stupid does not make you look smarter either. I think to continue support HJ and to support domestic violence is two different issues. Plus the investigation is just starting . I will not surprise if the result of the whole investigation shows that the real victim here is not the girl.
    If it’s otherwise HJ has to accept the result of it.Accept

  16. dear lazerkim,

    Thank you so much for open your heart and express your feeling. I respect your opinion and guts. you probably having experience with this kind of issue more than anybody who made a comment here. Part of my job is working to empower women I come across with a lot of violence against women issues. Therefore I understand your point and respect that plus I don’t believe you are a person who will ignore domestic violent issue.

    From my experience a social figure or celebrities especially males are easily can be victim of this issue when the relationship get sour. I learn my mistake through some cases and it taught me not to easily come to a conclusion when you see the women injured or heard the story. Therefor in This case it’s not fair at all that the man was blamed and condemned before the whole story is revealed. there are a lot of story in the process which is not easy for the outsider to know. A lot of people who made the comment here acted as if they knew what was happening well and made judgement without hesitation. I think this is a big disadvantage of social media that people do not feel guilty for their action that can destroy other people life. If they think this is the way to protect women I say no because blaming and denouncing with out a proper proving can only destroy society and trust between people to People. If anyone want to blame can you wait until you hear the whole story and the investigation is finished ?

    I must admired HJ’s fans that they stood out beside him even they know they can be spotted as a blindly fan girls. To follow the guts is more importance than just show of as a women protector when you did not know the whole story. Who knows at the end the victim might not be the girl. In any legal case both side need support until you are proved guilty . Blaming and destroying others are not the way to protect women but understanding and listening is the way to end any violence in the society. .

    God bless yo

  17. I think you know well the different between being guilty and being accused. Thank you for your consideration and mindfulness not jump into a conclusion . I. Truly believe a person like you will come out and support a woman who has problem with domestic violence without hesitation but you also will not easily jump into a conclusion to blame the other without proper proving. Your attitude can help to empower women than jumping to blame and condemn a man.

    after read the keyest news about it, l am really happy to read that kim hyun joong is no hidden . He also acepted to have a really bad relationship with her, good from him to face it that is something that admire of him, for sure he will accept the punisment for it but with the true not with lies or exagerations. News said that they had seriuos fights because of other women and something like that, clearly showing that he landed in a very bad relationship with his jelous girlfriend. Anyone in any moment of our lives had suffered this kind of things.
    l have a very jelous husband and at the begining of our life together we had serious problems because of male friends, l really thought that he was really sick with jelousy, once he hit me, but with the time and after that day he really started to control himself in order to not spoil our relationship, now we live happily together.
    time ago l read an interview to KHJL where he said to prefer a calm and simple relationship , and that a passioned and suffocating spoils everything. clearly he was talking of his experiences. l am not shield him because he can defend himself but l understand well what could happen when we lost our control and when our patience finished, easily could have hit eachother in those moment believe me it is hard to be calm and controlled. l know he learnt too much of it, and also she. Nobody dares to judge him, we were not there, l just think that in fact she expected too much from him and lost her mind because she could not, instead she lost him. Now the judge will say the punisment he will acepte his mistake and her maybe get the money expected from him.
    There are many cases like this, but lets see if it is as hard as the media and people said, but even if l was really in shock now calmly and based on experiences,l just said life continues and his private life is PRIVATED. His work will be the same as always so l will continue enjoying it, with a little hurt in my heart but life is it, rizes and falls. full of bad decisions with bad concequences, the most important is TO FACE AND LEARN from them and be better the next time caring not to do it again.
    KIM HYUN JOONG takes care of you, and next time CHOOSE YOUR BEAUTY GIRL CAREFULLY AND CARE YOUR LITTLE BAD HABIT . Hope you can focus on your work due to this trouble in your life to deal with.
    thanks lazerkim to let me think about it, he is and will be my only one artist.

  19. Dearest Lazerkim,
    What a Pandora box you’ve opened here. I am still trying to give KHJ the benefit of the doubt, till proven guilty, even after the press release. I don’t condone violence but lets wait till the final enquiry will reveal all, always there is more to be found out, I don’t say it didn’t happen but usually there are two parties and the truth should be revealed in all in the end.
    I find it hard to believe that KHJ that worked so hard all those years in the showbiz with more or less spotless records of scandals will just jeopardize all just like that.

    For the woman involved, I feel pity if she stayed in a relationship that long and abusive, what were you thinking Woman?? Why didn’t you go to the police the first time, why didn’t you call the police at the same moment?? Where is her Self Respect?

    As a woman I strongly believe the first slap is more than enough!! and as for the guy he will sing falseto all his life because his dick will be chopped off and fed to the dogs!!

    No matter how much you love a man and give him all if the relation start to be abusive, and that include words abusive and that is considerred mental cruelty in the court of law, better walk away. It may hurt emotionally but it’s better than being hurt both ways physical and emotional and stay with all the pain.

    As women we have the choice to be with whom we want, so to all the people who are in an abusive relationship or been there…wake up, you only live once and you are your own master to decide how to live, there are ways to leave a guy who is abusive and there are laws.

    If a relationship is not based on Trust, respect of each other, compromise of course is not worth it to continue. Jealousy is known as a killer in relationships as well.
    I still hope that there will be a good ending here and KHJ will make a serious mea culpa about it and maybe he needs some counselling on how to treat women in general.
    LK dear is good you say what is in your mind and continue to do so please.

    • You are so judgemental! Of course this is a natural reaction of fans…We’ve been following him and have faith in him. Let the due process decide. If you can’t take our support for KHJ, then stay away from this blog. In a relationship, it’s 2 – way street. Me and my husband had few physical fights which I think is not uncommon in relationships. But he is not necessarily a wife beater. I did provoked him. Be realistic and not idealistic!

      • Grace dear,
        I did say i gave him the benefit of the doubt and and that are two ppl in this and lets wait for the final enquiry. I also said that all will end ok….so there is nothing judgemental just my opinion that women should not be there if something became abusive.
        there are worst reactions than this and those are judgemental more.
        Peace on you and wish you a happy life.:)

  20. So now that people are bashing him, try not to forget that this is still a one sided story. It’s good that people will always have their opinions but first DON’T JUDGE A ONE SIDED STORY.TRULLY WRONG and UNFAIR..It is not yet confirmed to be true, so please hold your tongues so you wouldn’t have to regret saying stuffs to someone STILL INNOCENT until proven otherwise….


    • The one who’s bashing him and turned their backs are the one who’s perfect. Who are we to judge him as if we’re on his shoes.

  21. My heart hurt..very pain..i cried..i trust KHJ..always..n always support him..thanks lazerkim..your article gave me strength..i love u so much Kim Hyun Joong..

  22. As far as I know KHJ will not do a single thing that he will regret it for the rest of his life… How can a man work so hard to the fullest to built a castle of success en a good name in the world of entertainment,then suddenly for no reason he himself will destroyed it?? What do you think guys where is the logic there?thanks LK for the article en the space to share our thoughts here.
    Take care en have a nice weekend.
    To our only one KHJ fighting!!!

  23. grief to break my heart into pieces , it’s not a disaster kHJ… Just remember we are behind you forever.
    No matter what happens, we trust you… So don’t be afraid…be strong and positive.
    Face the dangers bravely, and still head on.


  24. I totally agree with you. I find this so hard to believe. I just don’t think he’s capable of such things. I remember barefootfriends when he did the rap song. He has really no time out of the spot light. Please give im some space and the benefit of the doubt. I’ll keep supporting him and listening to his music. Stay stong!

    Reply ↓

  25. Leader-nim once said ‘just believe in us (as its for SS501 as well)’. And i simply keep his words in mind since then. Until it is proven as opposite, I will just believe and support my Hyun Joong.

  26. We have full confidence in Kim Hyun Joong, do not believe in false rumors that they want to discredit you in your successful career, personally and morally. We believe in his innocence. From Venezuela we pray for you and offer our unconditional support.
    From here we bless you and send you the best vibes for getting ahead of this evil and happy moment that you are going through. Kim Hyun Joong will always be proud of you, we will always be your Henecias.
    Att Venezuela Henecia Official FanClub Kin Hyun Joong

  27. If you followed KHJ You would know that there is no way he could do this, 100% I know He didn’t, so I have no problem with calling this woman a liar. Don’t defend her, you don’t know her,,,, but KHJ has been an Open book to his fans for Years, and this is terrible to accuse an innocent man. I don’t hope it isn’t true, I know,,, just like I know many things about those I know in my personal life, that He did not do anything, and she should be put in jail.


  29. If you really are a fan, you won’t doubt him even a bit. Please stop saying the word or entertaining the idea that he’s guilty! And even if he loves a girl or not, he’s not the type who would beat a woman. Common! This is a common accusation on a celebrity, I’m not surprised that it happened to him because he is that adorable and successful that someone crazy and desperate is capable of doing this.

  30. Guys we can do this!!!! Lets just support him and give our love, its sad to see people judge him unfairly. Especially the ones that didn’t even take time to know him first. We are each others strength right now, i just listen to his music and SS501 to comfort me. I know and feel it in my core that he is not that kind of person. If this thing happens to be real then i wont tolerate it as well and would agree for him to take the punishment. But i highly doubt this to be even close to a fact. Seeing that man grow the past years and being with him all the way, i can assert to that. Even the people around him could attest to his kindness an humbleness. We can to these HENECIAS and Triple S! Virtual hugs and kisses to everyone!

    • Like i said if this abuse is proven as true then i approve him getting the punishment. Cause to me abuse is never a good thing, i dont care if KHJ is someone i love. He has to pay for the consequences of what he has done. But the thing is, nothing has been proven yet so dont talk like he is already guilty. There are points in this article that i dont like either, especially the part of blaming the girl. Possibilities of what really happened are at an open, but right now im putting my trust on KHJ as a fan who have been with him thru the years. Please be mindful too, and stop talking like he is guilty. There is due process for everything, and not until everything has come to clear i am not gonna be doing the blaming. Cause not KHJ or the girl deserve that right now, both parties deserved to be heard.

  31. Same mind with you,sis. Your article gives me much more strength..This scandal is really nonsense..We all know that KHJ is not that kind of person..As a fan of KHJ ,spending last 6 years with hyunjoong,I trust him..No matter what,i’ll believe in him. I’ll always be here for him..I really hate that crazy girl..How can she made such kind of scandal to our HJ?Even if she was really beaten up, i won’t either feel sorry or feel poor for her..It’s her fault to get beaten.Just being beaten up and Die, Foolish girl.
    All I can do for now is Praying For My Hyunjoong..God, plz help our HJ..
    #keep calm & support hyunjoong

  32. Thank you very much Ms LK for your unconditional love to HJ…I’m crying like a river while reading your message as if Im reading my own heart.. I would like to write here few lines of my fave song. ——-

    Souls in the wind
    Must learn how to bend
    Seek out a star
    Hold on to the end
    Valley, mountain
    There is a fountain
    Washes our tears all away

    Words are swaying
    Somebody is praying
    Please let us come home to stay

    If we hold on together
    I know our dreams will never die
    Dreams see us through to forever
    Where clouds roll by
    For you and I
    To Hyun Joong,
    We can feel your pain.Please bear in mind that we are always here for you. May we not hear you now ,but We Trust your Heart. We are praying for you. We love you all the way. Ganbatte ne!

    Ms. Lk, Thank you for your space..

  33. We all know him way too well… deep in our hearts we know that something is amiss.. you are right… he has been too busy with his schedule & its a miracle that he has the time to do those things they say he did…. i for one do not believe this news the first moment a friend of mine showed me the article…. and that so called gf…… i agree, you had better show us some bruises before accusing anyone…. 😠😡

  34. I totally agree with you. I find it so hard to believe. I just don’t think he’s capable of such things. I really hope all this works out for his best and no matter what, I’ll keep supporting him and listening to his music. Stay stong!

  35. We love you Kim Hyun Joong! We will always be here for you. I never doubted his innocence. As a matter of fact, I had thought about this fear before that a girl can blackmail him. He is so lovable that there can be a crazy and desperate girl who would do everything to get him. I can imagine his pain at this time and he needs our love and support through this tough time. Fighting!

  36. I always read what you write though I never comment but this time I had to do it, this whole situation has me angry and feeling powerless to see how people condemn him without even hearing his version or wait for the investigations proceed. What you have said is exactly what I was thinking since yesterday, there are too many holes in this story and I say this because I have seen cases of this type and there’s always an antecedent of the man involved so how to believe this when we all know how is Kim Hyun Joong and I’m not saying this because I’m his fan, I’m saying because with the facts he has shown for years the kind of person he is, someone who is able to spend hours standing greeting each one of his fans even if there are more than 1000 in line, someone that is so worried and kind that he send bottles of water to the fans that are waiting for him enduring hot temperatures, someone who help anonymously to not receive media attention, someone who work till late at night filming a drama just to give his best.

    It is sad to see at those who claimed to be his “fans” now turning their backs when he most needs us, really for me they are not because as it says with friends the real ones are in good and bad times with us so as his friends and real fans support him and pray to God is the best. I suggest try to let Kim Hyung Joong know that he is loved by us and not matter what we always be there for him.

    • read it clearly, they were playing around and she FRACTURED her ribs and did not even know it until later. They fought, but it DID NOT get physical. Know your facts before you make a malicious comment!

    • I never pray,because I have issues with the Lord, but a pray for HJ, bcuz I believe in him and I too old for change or want to change that I ❤ him

      • I’m praying, because this is showing that there is evil in this world… I don’t know why this happened to him, who’s always tried to do the right thing, but I’m praying that his heart and soul isn’t crushed by this.

  37. I prayed that he will be healed with all the pain he has gone through. GOD knows the truth and as the saying goes, you can NEVER PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN…

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