Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONSPIRACY PLOT



By: LazerKim


What’s up? No updates on Kim Hyun Joong’s case, just silence……..strange silence! Then allow me to break the silence and let’s talk about digging behind the scene of Hyun Joong’s case, the untold story that KHJ Korean fans has been whispering around which I kept ignoring since I was busy gathering and writing facts.

I got a lot of questions running in my mind that for me KHJ’s case is like a puzzle which is starting to surface little by little forming a big picture of evilness in destroying a star celeb. Why was it seem so easy for Choi to frame up a big star? Here are my thoughts:

First, Choi could not have done all of this by herself, there must be someone big who can financially support this conspiracy in destroying Kim Hyun Joong and KeyEast.

Second, Choi has someone from the media outlet protecting her and her lies including a lawyer who is just prepared to use SK laws in hiding her lies.

Third, SK court of Law may be so linient that Choi has the guts suing KHJ bringing fake evidences with no fear knowing she can easily get away from the mess she created.

Fourth, SK people easily believe whatever they read from the tabloid with no questions on fake evidences and unrealistic circumstances being delivered to them by trash media!

Lastly, Choi’s greed for money pushed her to go all the way in blackmailing a star celeb as she succeeded on first strike 2014, and dared again on second strike 2015!.

This case started from a toxic relationship or a woman deliberately poisoned an innocent man, by seducing him and lured his trust until she was able to drain him out! Let’s start digging up roots where this whole circus started.



A man having all good qualities (looks, brain, fame, money ect) is bound to meet women who can offer and do everything just to have that man for herself. Women are men’s weakness by nature, KHJ is a man like any other normal gentleman who MAY find it difficult to reject a woman coming to him, to seduce him, unaware of her real motive other than having a relationship with a star and took advantage of his naiveness!

Choi is a 32-year-old woman who is totally sane capable of plotting a scandal conniving with her mother, a lawyer, the trash media and a big man behind her to be able to sustain such big scandal in putting down a star. She’s not a teenager to be said an underdog of her own mother, on the contrary she is the master mind in this conspiracy.

I’ve been ignoring these video clips below taken by KHJ Korean fans in 2013, because I would like the media to expose her identity and not coming from KHJ fans. KHJ Korean fans are not damn not to recognize a woman’s motive in stalking around KHJ. I wonder, was Choi already planning to seduce KHJ that time and trap him to be in this situation back in 2013? See for yourself!

(Take note of the guy in green shirt beside Choi, the pimp!! LOL)

Video Link>

Video Link>

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Based on KHJ’s testimony at the police station in 2014, he had known Choi for 2 years but only started dating her for two months in early April 2014 and Hyun Joong broke off with her in May 30, 2014 that caused argument ending to mutual altercation.

I have suspected she deliberately provoked the altercation that she could fake it to assault because she already had plans of blackmailing Hyun Joong. It took Choi 3 months before she reported the fake assault to the police station in Aug 2014, only to find out all those pictures medical certificate as her evidences were all fake as we all thought it was!

Blackmail had already started prior to Aug 2014 that I think KHJ refused to give in to the blackmail so Choi reported the fake assault at the police station! During those 3 months behind the scene, Choi was already cooking the miscarriage and abortion plot to blackmail KHJ further in 2015.

That later on, nothing was proven among those claims since Choi doesn’t have any legit medical records to prove the said miscarriage and abortion except the fake ones! Yet she had the guts to file her litigation just to convince the public of her lies. Don’t you think it’s so easy to file charges in SK court of law? I wonder!

It seems to me on Choi’s camp, it doesn’t matter whether her litigation win or lose. The important thing is that Choi and Atty Seon were able to ruin KHJ’s image in the public eye and they are being paid to do so by that big man behind Choi. This is how I see this circus!



Choi may have succeeded in her blackmail plot in 2014 at the middle of KHJ’s World Tour concert series and earned handsomely from KHJ, media and from the person behind her, whoever from hell that person was financing this conspiracy!

But hold it there…. Choi’s mother had a better idea! If Choi can have a baby in the play set, it can sustain Choi’s family financial gain from KHJ in the coming years! Choi was able to get away from her Plan A assault 2014 and succeeded in tainting KHJ’s name in the public eye! And so she proceeded with her Plan B, the baby maker! She came back to KHJ in Nov 2014 to finally trap him for the rest of his life!

This is such an evil plan involving an innocent child just to gain more money for Choi and her family in order to live. An innocent child now is their money bag for the future if they succeed on acquiring the huge amount Choi demanded for child support from KHJ.

Therefore, I would say this conspiracy did not happen overnight, it was well planned way back in 2013. From stalking, chasing and seducing KHJ, to the fake assault, and finally producing a baby!



In Feb 2015 when the 2nd scandal broke, I was nearly convinced that they reconciled for good! But after reading the news as KE admitted they met again in Nov 2014 stating this was a part of the agreement, I was at lost! Only to find out my wild thoughts were right that indeed Hyun Joong and KE were both blackmailed by Choi conniving with a media outlet!

Quite recently, I read from somewhere Choi mentioned that she has a connection with a section chief of a media outlet who is protecting her, which I speculated a guy from Dispatch! I wouldn’t be surprise by her connection with the said media outlet since it has been so easy for Choi to come up in a big scandal made out of all lies and was able to sustain it for over a year!

Another whisper that I can’t pretend not to hear, that Choi’s sister-in-law was pregnant at the same time Choi’s pregnancy fiasco which made KHJ Korean fans doubted her so-called pregnancy! If there’s smoke there’s fire! Well these are just speculations that I chose to wait and see if there’s a truth to those whispers!



You may say “Hey LK, this is all water under the bridge now, Choi already gave birth, there’s DNA, there were already lawsuits left and right,  there’s acceptance from the Kims so might as well accept it!” Yet, digging deep inside me, stubbornness in accepting is what you can read!! Sorry about that, I just have to be honest!!

As soon as the DNA result was out in the media, Hyun Joong’s parents came out accepting the DNA result. However, it seem like a “Damn if you do, damn if you don’t” kind of situation that they are suffering from to accept even they knew they were being lied upon by Choi!  Until at this time I’m still asking myself these questions:

** First, Did anyone from KHJ camp ever saw Choi pregnant with big belly between the months of July to early Sept?” These are 7th-9th pregnancy big belly months period.

** Second, Did anyone from KHJ camp ever saw Choi at the hospital giving birth? Did anyone from KHJ camp saw the baby the same day after delivery?

*** Third, Did anyone from KHJ camp saw Choi’s authenticated hospital records on childbirth stating her real name, baby’s blood type, date and time of delivery?

*** Fourth, Did anyone from KHJ camp guarded the forensic lab where DNA test was done? I read about DNA results can be acquired in 2 days upon submission of samples, so the result was sitting at the lab for a week? Anything can happen within that period!

If there are positive answers to all of these questions, then it should have been easier for me to accept the situation in this circus with open arms! All I know is that, even the Kims could not confirm Choi’s pregnancy back in Feb 2015. More so, they were not informed about Choi’s childbirth in Sept.  I have also read that DNA can be manipulated.

I don’t mean to discredit anyone from KHJ camp, please don’t get me wrong, I’m simply asking innocent questions. I just feel something is off with how Choi’s camp delivered the news on childbirth and DNA to the public. I still wish KHJ would be able to have DNA test on the baby in the near future. I really hope KHJ camp would read this article!



During the 2015 Choi pregnancy fiasco, I was telling my friend “I’m worried that Choi kept hanging on pregnancy issue and might just surprise us with a baby!” And it turned out the way I was worrying about, that’s why I wasn’t surprise upon hearing the baby!!

Forgive me if I seem to be skeptical, it’s just that, it’s so easy to declare “I’m pregnant” or “I gave birth to a baby boy” But proving it of course is another story! How was Choi behaving the entire months during the said pregnancy and after childbirth that has been causing us to doubt? You have the answers if you’re closely following this case!

Do you know what I think? I think Choi is just waiting for the Kims to get exhausted by all these media pressures and surrender to her huge demand for cash behind the scene and to drop the criminal case against her! I don’t think this will ever happen! What Choi did to KHJ and his family is definitely unforgivable, specially involving an innocent child.

With all the endless lies of Choi and her lawyer which was already proven to be lies, I really find it hard now to trust nor believe in anything she says. I think what I feel is just natural to anyone being lied to. Do you feel the same way too? I’m just asking!



Is Choi after justice? NO not at all! The main aim in this conspiracy other than money, is to ruin Hyun Joong’s image that will mark on his name in the public eye and in the showbiz industry forever! Knowing in the SK showbiz culture, celebs experiencing scandals, would find it hard to get back on track! Well, that’s what they thought!

In terms of money, there has to be a collateral. And to be able to succeed, Choi has to stay connected to KHJ by producing a child that she’ll be able to sustain financial support from Hyun Joong for the longest time through child support.

Unfortunately, Choi’s camp failed to realize that lies never last long! As we can see our case puzzle is nearly completed and the truth is coming out little by little by itself!  Hyun Joong may reflect on his mistake but his only mistake was knowing a bad kind of woman!

Despite of everything, Hyun Joong is blessed with good parents supporting him all the way. He is blessed with loyal fans. He is blessed with a brilliant lawyer to defend him. And most of all he is blessed with guidance from Heaven to lead him towards sincere people that he needs at this point of his life, we all have seen this in our journey with him.

He is truly blessed with a lot of love worldwide that will keep him strong to rise up again in the near future!  I still believe it’s Kim Hyun Joong’s fate to be a star and no one or nothing can take that away from him no matter what happens. Period!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

                       MORE UPDATES BELOW THIS ARTICLE!

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(Video cr: @namjachingju06khj, Trans cr: @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing)


The fifth court hearing on KHJ’s civil case filed by Choi scheduled for Feb 3rd has been postponed again for March 18th due to judiciary personnel changes!

(Info trans cr: @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)

This court hearing was originally scheduled on Dec 23rd last year was postponed for Feb 3rd and again postponing it this time for March 18th! As expected this case will drag on, and so be it! However, I hope this incident is not the typical quote that says “Justice delayed, is justice denied!” kinda thing!!

I may not buy the court’s reason to postpone again but what can we do, that’s how SK civil court of law goes! Be it the normal way or not, all we have to do is to wait! The playground is temporary close due to snow!! How about that!! LOL!

Whether this court hearing postponement is for good or not so good, let’s continue hoping for the best! It was said civil case takes time to be settled in general and this could be one reason why Choi’s camp filed for civil case to keep KHJ hanging in the air!

Waiting may be an ordeal to all of us, that this news may be annoying and may lead us to different speculations, but it’s alright, it’s a natural reaction! However, let’s keep our patience in waiting as it is a virtue. You are welcome my dear readers to pour out your thoughts and frustrations here so we can smile again in the coming days while waiting!

As I have stated in my article, it doesn’t matter how long this case may take, it doesn’t matter if this case takes the whole period while KHJ is in his MS, the important thing is we don’t forget details of this case, on how this fairy tale begins and how it shall end!2zxDa-2ZLyK-1


Just dropping by to bring you updates on the case KHJ vs Choi on child custody right which I believe case filed by Choi’s mother if I’m not mistaken! The playground is once again opened for Choi’s games! And Wow, we’re now filed up with lawsuits left and right!!

One of my readers is so kind to share with us with the news update from my comment box, which I’m posting up here so eveyone can read, here’s that update as follows:

On February 26, the first court hearing for the paternity case of Kim Hyun Joong versus his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi was held.

Alhough it was originally announced that it would be the first time the two sides have faced each other in court since the announcement of the paternity test results, neither Kim Hyun Joong nor Ms. Choi were present at today’s hearing. Instead, their respective lawyers presented their arguments to the judge regarding the parental rights and custody of the child, referred to here as O.

To begin, the judge asked whether it was possible for both sides to reach a compromise regarding the issue of parental rights and child support. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer replied, “There is no negotiation. Both Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi both want to raise the child themselves.”

A third lawyer requested that Kim Hyun Joong declare his assets on behalf of O, citing the need to prove that he can provide child support. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer rejected this request, stating that a declaration of assets has nothing to do with child custody, and that the matter of child support is a separate matter.

“Since the plaintiff (requesting the declaration of assets) is not Ms. Choi herself, we refuse to accept this demand. If Ms. Choi decides to request such information, it will be possible at that time.”

The judge then announced that he would examine the credibility of the documents and evidence provided by all sides, and would investigate all claims.

A paternity test previously revealed that Kim Hyun Joong is 99.999 percent likely to be the father of O. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has been serving his mandatory military duties since May of last year.

The next hearing date is set for April 8. Stay tuned for more developments on the matter. (cr: SOOMPI, Ann Caroline thanks for sharing!)



In this news it stated that both parties wanted to raise the child which is understandable as to who is the most capable of raising this child? And that Choi’s camp demanding for KHJ’s statement of assets! I must admit I’m a bit confuse now with this news!

As far as I remember Choi was demanding huge amount for child support and now her mother demanded for child custody! In short Choi’s camp wanted both the money and child custody! Hmm conflicting interest there!

My question: Why is Mrs Choi filling this case on child custody? Simply saying Choi wanted to raise the child, but is she capable of raising him? If you are demanding for child custody, then make sure you are capable of doing so both financially and morally! Then why was Choi demanding for chiild support if she can raise the child by herself?

Then I think Choi should be the one to prove the court she’s most capable, by declaring her financial statement since she’s the one demanding for child custody! Well, what has she got to declare to the court on her financial statement?

Is it the money she got from KHJ through her blackmailing schemes? And cash from civil lawsuits she filed with hopes she can win the other cases for more money? Not to mention the millions she demanded from KHJ for child support? This is just so funny!!

Oh yes, Choi has to fight with all her might for child custody at any rate, and do or die she should not allow KHJ camp to even touch the child or she’ll be in bigger trouble! LOL Just my wild thoughts if you get what I mean! I remain consistent, unless my questions up in my article are answered, only then will I be convinced!

However, I’ll take this ride on with this news pertaining the said child custody for time being which for me is another Choi’s crap! Well, the woman truly enjoys the playground, doen’t she?? LOL!

Next court hearing shall be April 8th and another court hearing is on the table for March 18th……if I may say, we got something to look forward to on this fairy tale! LOL



Just breaking the ice, I know a lot of us here start to miss Hyun Joong, and who doesn’t? He left us with so much huge unforgettable memories that I’m glad a lot of KHJ fans are tireless sharing his pictures of the past and lots of video clips! And this morning one of the fans shared this funny footage from one TV shows Must back in 2011 which is one of my favorites!

He was so candid immitating a drunkard singing a song and dancing drunk with it! LOL And this makes my morning really great seeing him in his good old days, this was just one of those crazy ideas of Hyun Joong in his most lovable character of candidness! I don’t need to sugar coat on KHJ’s image as he is a “what you see is what you get” type of guy!

We love him for what he is as a celeb and we love him still as a person for real which now we can see out of this case. It’s amazing though we love him even more this time! One way or another, I should say I thank those who has been trying to ruin him because I have proven to myself how much I love him! You guys (Choi’s camp) just did a wrong strategy in destroying KHJ! And the joke falls on you!! LOL!

(Cr: The Alien Prince, thanks for sharing)

DELAYING AGAIN!!             (March 15)

The 5th civil court hearing on KHJ vs Choi scheduled for Friday March 18th has been postpone again on April 22nd for the 3rd time around, upon Choi’s camp request for whatever reason, we’ll find that out later on. I’m just bringing out this news which came out today. (source: )

Wow, is this really how the justice system in South Korea is? That any party can just delay this case forever on whichever side’s convinience? Unbelievable! I have already suspected, Choi’s camp will do everything in their power to block KHJ camp in revealing the truth in court, or the fact that she doesn’t have a case at all, and that her camp has nothing to prove in court, which is so obvious!

I knew it, Choi’s motive is just for publicity in destroying KHJ putting him on bad headline, and as I have said she’s making the SK court of law her playground! I don’t mean to mock around with SK court of law, but I can’t help wonder as to why the court is allowing this delaying tactics? It’s pretty obvious to me now that this is Choi’s part of her plan, to prolong this case endlessly!

This can be annoying and no wonder Choi’s camp has been silent for months now! Ah let me guess, there’s a court hearing scheduled on April 18th pertaining custody right, will that be delayed too? Choi filed all those lawsuits and eventually delay the case in court until the public has lost interest to listen to the truth for KHJ to clear his name? Is this their motive? Such dirty evil tactics Choi’s family got and it’s so disgusting!

Geez I’m just wondering now what happened to the criminal case against Choi? Can’t that case proceed yet because of this civil case that Choi filed? I hope Atty Lee would come out and update the public whatever is going on with all these lawsuits and the criminal case that KHJ filed. I cross my fingers that these cases would not just get stuck up in the court’s filing cabinet!




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  1. Thank you so much for a latter. Lovely mrkhj. Fighting oppa.stay strong &healthy himself. blessing God’s from him.waiting for mrkhj.forever need u.wish u.lovely mrkhj

  2. Hey everyone I just wanted to share this with you from Henecia USA fan club page on FB, it says that when there is a civil case related to criminal case the civil case usually waits until the criminal one is done (according to DC GALL). My guess is that maybe the criminal one is ongoing but not allowed to be exposed to media.

      • Got it Tina thanks for the info! We have the same thought the criminal case will not be published to the public. And yes the civil case is connected with the criminal case since a counter charge against Choi’s claim. thanks a lot!

      • it struck at my mind also in yesterday when my mom say it happen in certain cases whereas not want to known by anybody except who is involve… maybe hj’s case is same whereas they had the trial yesterday but even media doesnt the case is solved and the pig cant accept it tell delay to media…..but im sure hj is winning and mr.lee jae man takes time to announce it to avoid something bad happens….haha…sorry for making wild story without evidence…just to share happiness that will might be happen…haha

        • Dear, I’m in with that, I mean being positive and hope for good things to happen while we don’t know anything about them (I mean maybe let’s hope for it)

  3. Hi girls, I just wanted to share that from ‘Henecia USA Fan Club public’ page it says that if criminal case is going on usually the civil one waits till the criminal case is done and my guess is that the criminal case is going on and not allowed to public.

    "When ders criminal case related2civil case, in general civil case waits till criminal case decision made…"Cr: @sunsun_sky by Henecia USA Fan Club – Public on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    • Tina, thank you for sharing with us this news 🙂 I thought this case from 18 March/22 April was this criminal one. Was I wrong?

      • Ania pls allow me to correct. March 18th/April 22 hearing pertains to the 1.6MW lawsuit case on miscarriage by assault. I think investigation on the criminal case is still on going process which cannot be published to the public.

        Anyway, I’ll have a run down of all the cases being filed and events dates by both parties on my next article so pls do stick around. I understand, with the multiple cases that choi has been filing nonsense cases, we’re all left being confused. So I’ll try to iron out everything pertaining KHJ cases including the criminal charges he filed against Choi.
        See you all on my next page! God bless…

        • Hi LK, tnx for clearing up, probably I got wrong info for that, could u plz list all cases that filled from the both sides with the dates if it’s possible. Tnx

          • Sorry guys to bring the question back, but I check this article again and it goes with ” Hallyu star KHJ filed a Lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Choi last year but the hearing date is continuously postponed by the court – first date was Des.23, then Feb.3, then March 18 and now Apr.22″ Plz verify if it’s not that. Tnx

            • oh no! dec 23 shld hv been the 5th civil court hearing on miscarriage by assault case wc was filed by choi in april 7 2015. Its ok ella thanks for bringing it up so i would know which of the case is not clear to us so i can do something about it by going over with my previous articles. This helps feeding right info. no prob we can clear this up.

            • Tnx LK, all my info correct or not i’m taking from the internet articles, even few of them have a chronological list with all dates recorded what’s happened and when for two years of this battle. But u know the Internet full of junk and trash Media is not reliable source. Can’t wait till u’ll clear up the issue coz i trust u above all others. Tnx and Tnx.

        • LazerKIm, Thank you for your answer. I will be very grateful to you for bringing it, because it is easy to get lost in all this. And I wish you and all of you a peaceful weekend 🙂

      • Hi Ania, as we know the 5th hearing of civil court case postponed by Choi’s request from 18 March on 22 April. That lawsuit KHJ filed in July 2015 is the Countersuit against Ex-Girlfriend for Defamation and Reneging on the contract of Agreement with him they made in 2014 which she broke. The articles said he was in a process engaging a civil law-suit but it turned out into criminal one. Others cases – The Child Custody and the Child support haven’t postponed. But I heard that Choi registered so called baby on her name already.

        • opps correction criminal case was filed in May 2015 as soon as khj got in to his MS. july 28 choi’s travel ban was implimented by the criminal court. ill iron out everything hang in there guys ill be back and clarify everything, promise!

          • Ella I’m Sorry my mistake here, preparation for criminal case started May that’s when Atty Lee started digging info fr hospitals for choi’s medical records and formally filed criminal case in July 23rd. Thanks for bringing this up! See you soon!

        • Hey Ella, thank you for clearing this for me this, but… I am still not sure if I understand well all this the intricacies of the process. I thought that there are two processes. 1 / Choi vs. KHJ – about money and baby. The next hearing is to be April 8 (if I remember correctly) 2 / KHJ vs. Choi – for defamation and damages. And this process of civil transformed into a penalty. And this just now been postponed. I will be very grateful to you for all the rectification 🙂

          • Dear Ania, I guess I’m lost totally coz this person well known as Bitchoi filed so many those nonsense lawsuits that it’s just driving me crazy. I’m trying to collect all I can about KHJ – info, pictures, video, etc. But it’s really hard to follow these races of trials. The Internet is an infinite space as u know and it’s not easy to fish and sort the real stuff out, 90% junk even from Media as we experienced. That’s why I stick with u guys coz LK blog is the only reliable one. But the more important thing is that any questions, doubts and feelings are answered and shared right away. Warm atmosphere, healthy climate and loving hearts, that’s what this blog about and that exactly what is HJ need from us – just be around. Always nice talking to u and get know your opinion. Tnx. Ye, one more thing – LK are working on The Chronological Full List of Lawsuits and Events, so coming up soon.

            • LOL hello ella! I bet you im still working on it on my break time and honestly also at lost LOL!!! This bitchoi really is a mental torture!! Anyway we’ll straighten this out!! LOL Thanks Ella! love you guys! don’t leave me with that bitch!! LOL!

              • God bless u our dear LK, u are really God- send Guardian Angel for HJ and it’s hard express with words our gratitude to u for that. Plz take care of yourself, we need & love u much.

  4. I wondered what Att Lee going through right now with Choi’s Family who keeps Postponing there Court Schedule?
    Will Att Lee and Kim’s Family give up or they will Continue the Case?

    • When Atty Lee said that HJ said that he wants all the Truth Out and the Criminal suit on, I believe Hj will not give up ever!
      Till bitchoi and her cronies go to Jail the Kim’s will fight to clear their son name as Papa Kim stated!
      So your question is not Valid!

      • Looks like the cases she cooked are falling into pieces and whole opposition caved in before all arguments even started. There is no way to let those schemers to slip away after such a huge damage done. They are criminals and they must be condemned and they must be stopped coz they have gone too far, this is madness nothing else. KHJ and his Family deserve their peaceful and normal happy life back.

    • Why you think that Kim’s family can give up ? I do not believe in this. It is too early for this. It is too close to winning. I hope they will not loose power.

    • I have no answer for you but a question . If you were them what will you do ? Let the criminal go away to look for new victim? I certainly will make sure the evil family get what they deserve .The Liar who lied to destroy a man’s life and to extort his money is very harmful to the society…She must be punished no matter what.

      • Well Choi has Power Connection,
        KHJ on the other hand don’t have one. He only have Att Lee, Family and Fans to Support him.

        Choi doesn’t know when to give up, She wants to Win the Case, Delay the Court Schedule and whats going to Happen next? Will she keep Rescheduling another Month again? Maybe Choi is waiting for KHJ to come out of MS till 2017 so he won’t end up going back to Work.

        I just hope Att Lee and KHJ doesn’t reach the Settlement, Choi’s Family will do it again like last time and Choi will keep bothering him for Money.

        Like you guys said ,Were all waiting for this to end, Choi deserved to be Jail, so KHJ could be at Peace.

  5. I too share the same feeling regarding SK courts and have made such comments but after looking at what just happened again I’m having second thoughts. I’m wondering if the courts are giving her everything she ask for so that when a decision is made and it does not come down in her favor she can’t blame the court by saying she was not able to present her case. I don’t know the workings of the court system in SK but I do find it very strange, and I do understand why most celebrates make the decision to pay their enemies instead of going through the system. My prayer is that the court system in SK will get this right and send a message to others, no more. I belive LK shared an article regarding the biggest crime in SK is blackmail, and I do not think that S K would like to be known around the world as a country based on lies. So right now, I am giving SK courts the benefit of the doubt.

  6. Choi still not ready to enter the jail or what ?! What’s her excuse? Choi and her boss wrote this drama and they want to put the end as they like and if someone stopped them , they will destory him and keeps him to beg them to put the end of their action !!!! . It seems there is no law in the country and do what they want .I think the chapter of choi drama now (to make khj exhausted!!)by postpone the courts . choi forgot that’s khj time to put the end but the difference that khj will be write the end with sincere words and he will speak loudy ,coz he is innocent . Khj be strong and don’t give up , I am sure that nobody can prevent you from showing the truth you broke your silence and you are the winner and you will be always the winner in my eyes . God protect you and help you.

  7. Well…another postponement…so dissapointed with SK justice system. Rightly said by Anon never heard or saw such an abuse of Justice!
    Is SK justice system so primitive? Giving the stage to that lying freak and her so called lawyer? So lenient? What court of Law in the World will give so much time to some fraud that has no proper evidences, txt msgs are not viable in a real court of law, and allowing them to Trial a person via Media interviews giving always their twisted lies? That bitchoi and so called lawyer are a Big Shame to SK!
    How come the court didn’t dismiss already this civil suit which is so full of loop holes? Are they all blind? Or money exchanged hands here?
    Isn’t there a watchdog like in all normal countries to see what is so Obvious to all normal people, that all is a scam to blackmail a celeb? A rejected woman who wanted revenge and who didn’t stop at all in her rampage to destroy a good man life! All for Money and revenge! Using a child, which is so doubtfull if really is his, I am sorry but that result , even if accepted by the Kim’s is soo much a big Question mark that I really doubt is true!

    Those leeches play dirty and try to wear the patience of the Kim’s with their bogus stories and suit laws left and right, that maybe out of weariness the Kim’s will give up the fight! That is how i see this.

    What I would really want to know is how the Criminal suit, which is more serious than the civil one, goes? At what stage they are, because for sure this one goes on!

    Can Hj and his family and All of us see real Justice in SK? Hope one day yes, because Truth has always a way to surface!

    To HJ and Kim Family- Please never give in to the demands of that nut freak blackmailer because you will never have peace! Even if you accept that baby, make sure it is yours now and not 20 years later!

    I know patience is a virtue and in this case they will drag bitch own civil law suit till 2017 for sure….why? Because with Hj in the MS is hard to make up more bogus lies!

    Hj please stand behind what you said: Never to set eyes on that freak ir be in sane room, said in your own letter when you done your own DNA test at human Pass! Keep your word as always and you will see light at the end of this tunnel!

    You are not alone we are all here supporting!

    God bless and may the Truth be out soon!

    • I agree with you. This all is ridiculous and unimaginable. My question is – what is the reason ? What power can so influence the court ? Money or fear ( kind of “look what we made KHJ, do you want be next one? “) . Or both? I know that no court in any country is not perfect, always it comes to the balance of power, but what happens in SK crosses all boundaries.

  8. Hello LK and fans. I worked in the legal system for 22 years, for a judge that had both criminal and civil cases. NEVER in any of the cases we dealt with was there such an abuse of justice! Maybe I’m being naive but I just don’t understand so much of what is going on, especially how one-sided the case appears to be. Granted, judges and lawyers in their chambers must review every single detail in order to make legal findings. However, at least with my judge, there came a point if a person kept on filing lawsuits, motions, etc., he would start denying them as “frivolous” and would fine the person who would file them. Do SK judges not see what is plain to the most casual observer that this case is simply a malicious attempt to destroy another human being to the extent of using a child as a means to get money? There are so many flaws in Choi’s statements which have been published for everyone to see. I’m glad that Atty Lee has the sense to remain silent and not play into their games. I pray that Choi receives punishment for the crimes she has committed. No one, not even a person with $$ backers to pay for manipulating the system, should get away with it. But, time will tell. Like I’ve said before, civil cases can take years to settle. Criminal cases should be quicker, but I don’t see that happening in SK. I hope and pray that in this particular case that what I’ve watched in Kdramas, Kmovies, etc. is not the reality but just fiction. Baby O is now 6 months old and have KHJ’s parents met the child? Of course not. That in itself shows that Choi fears that her lies will be found out. As many of your commenters have said, if we were pregnant with a world-famous star, we would show pictures of the pregnancy. She never did. Also that sonogram picture…no way it could be of a baby just barely a few weeks old. A fetus at 10 weeks old will show the hands and feet. That sonogram is not valid, in my opinion. Sorry to be so long-winded, but all these continuances have me concerned for KHJ’s welfare. Thank God he is doing his MS away from that Choi gang of thieves. Thanks, LK, for letting me vent!! Praying for KHJ, his family, friends, Atty Lee and his fans. We must stick together in this fight for justice.

    • Hi anon,

      Thank you so much for your comment. All you siad make a lot of sense and the way it should be . However i pray the SK court works the same way. I wants to believe the court in every countries have selected well the ones who do the job to give justice to people and can’t be manipulated by a criminal. If what we are afraid happens toHJ ‘s case it surely mean the the morality and justice in the country is already going down the drain.

      Don’t take me wrong with all respect to the SK court because I truly believe there are some good people who work for justice are sitting in there

      • I’m also sure that there is people who is helping a criminal choi hye mi and her gang is also sitting in there too . I do not believe there is a good reason to postpone the final hearing for 3 times in 6 months. The way the judge followed the request of seoun the tricky lawyer this time and the way the court changed the judicial personal in the middle of the hearing process of the case are showing that there is something going on inside the judical . It looks like they don’t want to take respondsibility to make a decision but would rather want to wait until choi hye mi and her mother can convince HJ ‘s side to settle and drop the criminal lawsuit.

        I read somewhere that the SK court especially the judge does not like people to criticize them. I find it is very hard not to question what is going on with this case and the way they handle the case and ignore the sufferring of the innocent. Do they realize how suffer the family and a person especially an innocent man who tries to do the right thing would feel when he has been treated injusticely and unfairly by the justice system..

    • Hey Anon, I think that this can last for years. Even after his military service. And that can effectively prevent KHJ continue his career. Can KHJ should start thinking about continuing a career in another country, for example in Japan. And when you regain its position back to SK. But this is only a my thoughts ….

      • Just one more thought. She wants millions in child support. Wouldn’t she want KHJ to keep his star status so he can earn money instead of spending money on attorneys? I know his fans will continue to support him in all his activities. They obviously don’t see beyond their greedy noses and want what he has now. Money and fame that he has worked for so hard and gone through so much to obtain. Money he has donated to charities, helped his family. Has Choi done the same? Doubt it!! Do you really think the child support money she would get be used strictly for the child? LOL! No one can predict the future. But we can stand together and pray for his safety during his MS and justice in this case.

        • Hi dear, great comment and my guess that they are not just after money, the purpose of scheme was to see HJ totally ruined. And u right about her why she doesn’t use Media anymore to show off with baby’s pictures she could make a fortune if all just about money, right?

        • hey Anon, logically looking you’re right. She should know that as destroy KHJ he will not be able to earn money. But….. is she logical person? I am not sure. I think that may be at least two different motives of her actions. The first – a version of “She is a person logically planning” – from the very beginning, it was just about the total destruction of KHJ. And in this case it is not important to her what he will do after finishing it. Will earn money or be a star and a celebrity – it does not matter, he will be destroyed so her objective will be achieved. The second version (I think more probable) is more complicated. The woman who wants to exist thanks to the relationship with the star is rejected, it generates a desire for revenge and humiliation KHJ. On the one hand, she wanted revenge, but on the other hand she wanted to create a relationship with KHJ strongly and irreversibly (in her opinion). If we add to this exuberant sense of her values and connections with important person in the media that created an explosive mixture. I think initially it was short-term thinking. An attempt to blackmail gave her money, but she did not received KHJ , so she pulled it away without looking at the consequences. And probably it began to “snowball effect”. Not only she wants to get something for herself by destroying KHJ. Her mother, a lawyer, an important person in the media ….. plus ordinary human envy and jealousy. But that’s just my speculation ….. Now the most important is to stop this and purify name KHJ . I hope that all these events will make him only stronger and that after finish this he will feel himself free and he will make what he will want .

  9. Hey girls, I want to leave you with these verses from psalm 89:14

    “The Right and Justice are the roots of your rule;Love and Truth are its fruits.” therefor don’t worry sooner or later justice will be served for our HJ.

    and psalm 94:19-23

    “16-19 Who stood up for me against the wicked? Who took my side against evil workers?If God hadn’t been there for me,I never would have made it.The minute I said, “I’m slipping, I’m falling,”
    your love, God, took hold and held me fast.When I was upset and beside myself,you calmed me down and cheered me up.20-23 Can Misrule have anything in common with you?Can Troublemaker pretend to be on your side?They ganged up on good people,plotted behind the backs of the innocent.But God became my hideout, God was my high mountain retreat,
    Then boomeranged their evil back on them:for their evil ways he wiped them out,our God cleaned them out for good.” Again God promised to deliver the good from the bad.

    Finally in Egypt we have this saying that “the more things are delayed, the more good they carry with them” meaning that they are taking that time to bring you more good. because sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing, actually most of the time haha, but at the end it will be “for the good of those who love him” so please everyone let’s keep the optimistic spirit up shall we?

    • Brilliant,Tina! Let’s hope the time is in our side now and it will work for us beneficially. U never know if some small loss can bring a big advantage in the future. But still It’s kind of disappointing that the justice can’t be served faster coz it’s a painful mental torture to all. So there we are again – fighting! OUR LIVES BEGIN TO END THE DAY WE BECOME SILENT ABOUT THE THINGS THAT MATTER. Martin Luther King Jr.

  10. Hi LK.

    I’m waiting for your new article. I can’t stand the SK court system. The justice system and the court keep supporting the criminal act. rather than trying to stop them. I really really disappoint in their justice system. I hope there are some good men in their justice system otherwise no one can find justice in this country.

    It looks like the way the court works will support more blackmailers and gold digger in SK and more real victims will scare to go to the court.

    However I still want to be positive that there are some good people sitting in the court and works to give justice to people not for money.

    The more i know about the system in SK the more they scare me.
    I truly believe God is in HJ’s side . Only the truth can protect him if the court is unfair/.
    If the SK court can not give HJ justice I’m sure God will.

  11. again postponed……..:-(( why they are delaying this?? her camp is complete evil camp…. why they requested postponed when they are the one who desperately wanted to file case again case against him?? now what happened? and how long they use this silly tricks to escape from the truth to be revealed. In fact by doing this, they proved they are the criminals and tortured our kim hyunjoong, and they are still trying to do that. Ok, i accept they have some reason for requesting postponed, but they can’t request again and again in front of god. But in reality the reason is crystal clear that there is no escape for them now, they are now blocked. But seriously why the court accepted their request? why?? She should know, by dragging it like this nothing will be changed, we are never going to leave his side. By her activities everybody could understood she is the criminal already, now we are waiting for court’s judgement. And i hope which will come out quickly and i am praying to god for quick justice for our star. Please god, be with him and make him stronger. Give him lots and lots strength in MS. Safeguard him and make him happy. KEEP SMILING AND BIG FIGHTING!!!

    • I wondered what Att Lee going through right now with Choi’s Family who keeps Postponing there Court Schedule?

      How long will they keep doing this?
      Do they need money to pay for the Lawyers to get money
      from KHJ?

    • I understand why choi hye mi the criminal suspected wants to postpone because as a snake woman she does not want the truth to be revealed before the family court ‘ s next hearing on April 8th. She wants to know how much the court can get money for her first. Will see how the SK family court interprets justice.

      What I do not understand is why the civil court allow choi hye mi to use them to continue destroying HJ’s life. It looks like the court give her authority to destroy KHJ and torture him as she please and as long as she wants. I wonder what justice means for them. I understood that the court everywhere in this world supposes to protect the innocent , punish the criminal and use the law to give justice to people . However what I saw from the court in SK in the last 10-12 months is the opposite. In my observation The SK court has been trying to delay the process even though choi hye mi does not have any evident to support her claim since the start . The court still give her almost a year to submit the evident she does not have and still allows her to use the court endlessly defame him. For me the SK court did ignore the suffering and damaging that continue to unfairly done to HJ . The court itself did help choi hye mi to destroy him. I wonder how the court can give justice to its people if the court ‘s action is also injustice.

      I truly hope HJ and his family will not give up even though the court is unfair to them. Justice delayed is justice denied . The SK court shows me so clear what it means when people say ” Justice delayed is justice denied ” . I believe probably injustice happens a lots in SK if their court works like what we have seen in this case. What happen to HJ’s case made me realize what is behind the country that try to show the world that they are well developed and well progressed . I think probably justice is not important in South Korea.. Just another life is destroyed become of a liar and a corrupted system it ‘s just a common thing for them ??

      I’m so glad I discover KHJ and I’m so sad that he lives in the society and the system that can’t give him justice.

      • That really doesn’t do any good for country reputation. I’m sorry for SK coz i’m in love with all great talents they’ve produced. But if it comes to reality when even The Big International Star can’t seek the justice, what about average person then. Whatever they do – trying to bury the case or make it gone with the wind – they are not gonna get away with that so easily, HJ is not like this criminal Nobody and her Support Group who is nothing but just a Disgrace for whole nation. KHJ Fan Club has people from all 196 countries in this world and they will regard KHJ forever no matter what.

    • Your comment made me think maybe the delays in the court hearing maybe due too investigating with choi, it’s just a thought.

      • I wondered what Att Lee going through right now with Choi’s Family who keeps Postponing there Court Schedule?

        How long will they keep doing this?
        Do they need money to pay for the Lawyers to get money
        from KHJ?

  12. Hello everyone, I just want to say let’s pray together that this court hearing won’t be postponed and that the judge sees through choi and sees that all the evidence she has are fake invalid evidence and judge that this whole assault case is invalid or at least judge that this is last hearing and that there will be no more hearings in this assault case. can I get an Amen?

    • Amen to your prayers Tina. I’m in. Even though only God can judge us we still need people to cooperate. I personally have my way to deal with the situation when my prayers have not answered, I try to count all blessings God gave me without asking. God is working in his mysterious way. All I believe that everything happens for its own reason to learn something that will make us stronger and better. I pray for HJ, his Family to be happy again.

  13. Happy to see it again dear LK, remember when l ask you for it to see him singing a drunk. All we need to do is to wait watching and listening his works, his interviews his dramas.
    Thanks for all dear, l am waiting for the next new about this case. The conspiracy will be shown and justice will be for him. He couldnt be a good partner but not parent. He rejected her, l admire him for that, nobody can push him to do what he doesnt like, and he fights for mantaining himself in his position even if it will damage his carrer. Eveything is said now lets see .
    One thing is sure that rejection will be the most famous in SK forever. I remember when she appeared in the media saying that the families are making arregments to marry. l would like to see her face when he and KE said THAT IS NOT TRUE. Pathetic girl.
    God bless him and you dear, we will suport him till the end.

    • Hello Jazu!
      LOL Oh yes I remember that news quite clearly! That was a big slapped on choi’s face to be publicly rejected by a man regardless of pregnancy! LOL I’m sure she was crushed into pieces that’s why she made this circus even bigger than ever, thinking she can still make a fool out of KHJ!

      That’s her biggest mistake in life that she can never forget till her last breath! And KHJ fans will never forget how she inflicted pain to us but made us even stronger as KHJ fans than ever!

      Allow me to use this space that I just want to share my thoughts….
      I think HJ is a good partner IF he is truly in love and that the right person comes along. I’m not trying to cover him up as I said I don’t need to sugar coat his personality even he made a mistake.

      Let’s just say he’s a late bloomer, that during his younger years it was all work for him to survive and when he found the right time to enjoy the fruits of his hard work, he stumbled crosswise and this woman took advantage. I’m very sure he’ll be a changed man when gets off from his MS.

      I wrote this in one of my articles, that no matter how he changes his surface image on cam, and no matter how he wanted to appear to be the macho man, his eyes can never fool me! And now he proved it again!

      Oh yes the next court hearing should not be postponed again I hope! That’s 5 days from now so expect me to be here again! Thank you Jazu as always!

      And to everyone here…thank you for the love! See you guys, take care everyone! Love you all…. God bless.

      • I also believe HJ is a good partner if he meets a right person for him . i believe cray cray choi knew well how good he is that’s why ahe did everything even lied just to keep him with her . She is obsessive and too jealouse and also get greedy for his money. I do not think she feels ashamed to be called A real snake woman of SK.

        I hope SK court realizes how unfair the person’s life has been on hold brcause of somrone’s lies.

  14. Thank you so much for the clip. I have seen this clip before and love to see it again and again. This is HJ that I always remember. He always adds up a cheerful and happy mood to the show he was a guess.

    I try to look for the clip that HJ was a guess in the variety show ” Night After Night ” with engsub. If anyone here have seen that clip Please kindly post the link here or post the clip. It was a very nice one of him.

    Regarding the lawsuit I pray for the best to HJ and his family . It ‘s about time to give him justice. It is already too long to let a crimonal enjoy playing with someone ‘s life… In my opinion choi hye mi as a criminal suspected and her gang have been allowed to use the legal system or justice system to destroy KHJ’s life and career. I understood that justice system is to give justice and stop wrong doing not otherwise. It ‘s really about time to stop choi hye mi ‘s criminal ‘s act.

    • Hi Ella,

      the below is also from Must …beautiful voice and song and lyrics :

      The more you watch this the more you miss this Charismatic Artist!

      He is One of a Kind and no matter what those low life criminals trying to do…they can’t ever bring a Good Man down! Bitchoi and Pig so called lawyer and the rest of company will reap what they saw! Karma is close!

      • Bella and Ella and all others meant …watch the clip you will enjoy it every moment….especially the lyrics have a real meaning ….

        • Tnx Noya I really like it! It’s so nice just watch HJ stuff when u can relax & enjoy it, feels so good. Probably my name sounds similar with Bella & a bit confusing here, so u guys can use my full name- Elizabeth, not nick one Ella.

    • Hi Bella, If you have access to Hulu you can view the Night After Night clip, and much more, on KHJ’s Kpop Hero segment. OMG!, the part where he is asked to act as a representative of South Korea and invite people to visit, then goes on to mispronounce “South Korea”. I won’t say what word he said, for those who haven’t seen it. I laughed so hard, my milk came out of my nose.

  15. khj il est et il sera toujours mon artiste préféré parce je touche en lui les qualités d’un artiste aux normes internationales, J’ai lu plusieurs article sur les scandales des stars mais cette histoire est unique il y a “trop ​​de détails cachés qui ont besoin d’être éclairer par l’ Équipe juridique BIEN que khj n’a pas besoin de se justifier vise a vis sa vie privé , mais cette histoire puisse touché sa carrière car il peut être interprété autrement c’est-à-dire: les médias peuvent dire qu’il est une histoire créée pour la couverture médiatique pendant le service militaire ( personnellement sa vie privée ne me concerne pas), vu que la personne qui est dernier ce scandale (je pense que la vrais histoire n’est pas une histoire de ex petite amie qui veut se vengé car je pense que le problème est plus sérieux que ça ) cherche à ruiner sa carrière et salaire sont image aux yeux de ces fans ,mais le plus douloureuse dans l’histoire,qui se présente comme une lame à double tranchant pour KHJ est pris entre deux feu sa carrière et ça vie privée, KHJ a fait PREUVES De maturité et de sagesse depuis le début de l’histoire ( mieux que scandale car je ne vois aucun scandale car KHJ EST un être humain qui a le droit l’erreur ) il a commencé par avoué les faits ; puis il a exprimé la volonté de prendre en charge son fils et de lui donne sont nom ,je ne blâma personne mais juste les détails présentés sont pas claires si on analyse les faits on trouve qu’il y’a un truc qui manque soit le vrai conflit entre Khj et son Ex soit a l’origine de se conflit mais je le redit je resterai Fidel a mon artiste préféré et comme je l’espère les choses vont se réglés pour KHJ …sont fils …ça carrière je souhaite dieu le protège et le guide sur le chemin du bonheur

  16. Hi LK, God bless you . I miss his smile so much he has such a healing smile, I wish our unconditional love keeping him always smiling and happy , always the pure and sincere thing enter the heart without permission and khj entered our hearts without permission,just beging khj that’s enough for us to stay with him .

  17. True lots of love in here and this wil always conquer everything! A Happy Women Day to all! 💖💖💖
    Always a Fan! Support Hj!

    • Tnx Dear Noya, Happy Women Day to u too! Woman is a final masterpiece of God’s creation. She is a symbol of Love and Beauty. Woman is the Queen of Art. For centures Woman inspired Man to achieve his Greatness. She is Madonna with Child to spark and protect life. But without men it makes no sense. So here we are again to propose a toast to LOVE! The love to one great guy HJ brought us all together from the entire world just to be next to him forever even if he’s far away now.

  18. Thanx everyone for the replies to my previous questions (I write a new reply to avoid a long thread that would be hard to read). I see many of us share the same questions and the belief the silence from Choiers implies they simply have nothing to say.
    Let’s hope for the best for Hyunjoong and the baby – if there’s any – and that everyone who partakes in criminal activities in this case eventually ends up in jail. I trust attorney Lee knows what he’s doing 🙂

    • …The darkest night – the brightest star…Because of people like KHJ, LK and all of u guys who really cares I can say “…Such a wonderful world!”!!!!!! Love u all.

      • “Thanks for the Love…” such sweet music to the ears…as he always say it!
        I posted this remark at Tweeter and I mean it by saying it to you and everyone here! Love you guys!!

        • WOW, tnx for clip LK, the whole thing and the song Fortunate are just awesome. And HJ is so great when he’s having fun, it’s a very cute side of him. He’s just terrific in every way and we are so very lucky fans ever.

  19. I was listening to khj song “imademo” and in each time khj doesn’t fail to keep my eyes tears !! there is a such feeling that’s I can’t escape it ,am I the only one ?! ,like I am traveling with khj journey. This song is SO precious as you said LK “memorable song “. Khj you are the best .

    • KHJ is Best of the Best for sure! I’m going through all his repertoire all the time trying to find every small piece he made in dramas, shows, concerts, interviews, …all I can get. And every single day I vote on the station of World Star Popularity Vote for him and SS501/ they SS301 for now/ and i’m very happy with the such a high rating they keep there which means that HJ has the biggest fan’s club ever.

      • Yes ,We can’t get enough of any thing khj touch it or did it ,his personality so catchy even sometimes he did stupid things!! But it adds some flavor for him LOL!!! He is a definition of cute person . Khj and his fans made a big and very tight knot between them that’s nobody can remove it . Every day his fans growing and become more stronger. I am proud of him and his fans worldwide.

        • Divan komentar .Podrška za KHJ iz Bosne i Hercegovine.Da znate i ovdje ima fanove.Volimo ga puno i želimo da brzo završi ovaj problem. I LOVE YOU KHJ .SARANGE

  20. i just think this……..
    this baby is not hyun joong’s and he is not for choi too
    he is just a poor baby that they are trying to show he is hyun joong’s and make money
    there is a big power behind choi because if it is not,till now the court should be finished……
    if it is so why they don’t accept first place for DNA?
    If she was really pregnant,of course she took photo from her self with her big stomach and gave it to medias!!!!!!
    all the things are obvious but they don’t want to see and accept these….
    and i just want to pray that this nightmare will finish as soon as possible…
    we are fans and it is more than a year that we don’t have calmness at all so how about hyun joong and his family….yes…he is unbreakable but till when?till where??he is a human too…he has feeling…but someone just say he is strong and unbreakable..I accept he is but we should be honest.he is a human too
    but i am so thankful that he has perfect parents that stayed by his side from the begining
    just pray for hyun joong and his family

    • Dear, if it wasn’t for God we wouldn’t all be standing today, he is the one who keeps on giving us strength.

      Long ago I decided that this ‘thing’ will end of favor of Hyun Joong and that he will have popularity just as he had before and even stronger and bigger and we all be back to how we used to be before but stronger and with more love for him, I just decided so and it’s gonna happen period.

    • Yes he is human too and he has a feeling but don’t forget he doesn’t want to give up also ,khj and his fans together showed the meaning of the word “unbreakable ” in real life. we are with him in his hard times and happy times , there is no pain forever! you can fight it with the help of others or by yourself if you have enough internal strength.

  21. Why did they ask about assets? and what, they need custody and child support? why she is playing these dirty games?? Can’t she come to the public and say directly that i need his money and i want to destroy him?? she and her whole camp must put in jail. I hope everything is happening for good!!!! “ALL IS WELL” Be Strong and Keep Smiling everyone!!

    • In my previous article I asked the same question, “what right does a grandmother has to file for custody right when both parents are still alive?” Well the grandma obviously wanted to be in the media picture as well LOL!

      For as long as KHJ stays in the court of law and ruined in the public then nothing matters to Choi’s camps, they will file all nonsense lawsuit as they can, that’s why I called SK court of law Choi’s playground! I’m just wondering if the court have not noticed they too are being played with by Choi!! I don’t mean to mock around but we have seen how this game by Choi is being played with from the start!

      • You and the others are right. I can’t speak about other countries but in the US grandparents can’t bring a custody case to the courts if the patents are alive. Second, the child protection agency would get involve and do visits at the homes and make a recommendation to the courts. Apparently, SK does not have such agency. Yes,SK courts leave a lot to be desired. I can understand why most celebrates pay before going to court. Unfortunately, HJ got a greedy one.

        • Allow me to use this space, I just wanna say If I were KHJ I’ll go after everyone who has something to do with this conspiracy like, Choi, mother, Atty Seon, the big guy behind this, and media who has been twisting the news including media outlets from the English sites! And if I were KHJ, I’ll take another DNA on that child again just to make sure it’s his before providing child support.

          And if it will be proven the child is not his after all then I think even that forensic lab where DNA was taken is in big trouble. Just my wild thoughts though! I think there are too many loopholes in this case that were disregarded really!

          • Your absolutely right LK- why is it that it seems Choi is getting everything her way…including the DNA testing. We support HJ if it truly is his child but given the events leading up to now there is no conclusive proof that she was even pregnant other than her word. I think that HJ deserves a bit more respect. He is a good person and has a good family support system.

            Also, if the child really is his I am surprised he has not yet been able to see him. the baby is nearly 6 months old already. He should have rights to see him

          • so…don’t you think that possibility of making the other DNA test is one of the reasons why KHJ and his family can’t see baby? If Choi or her family would like create strong bond between baby and KHJ and his family ,they ( Kim family ) could see baby, I think. But having contact with baby means possibility of making new DNA test …..

            • Choi and her family will stop at nothing to cause pain and heartache to others. Its sad. I can’t help but wonder what the original DNA test result would have been if it would have been allowed and why was Choi allowed to refuse it?

              • What happen next after KHJ Lawsuit?

                Will Att Lee go after the Big Guy next or Ignore it when he’s done till 2017 with Choi’s Family.

                If they don’t go after the Big Guy, He will do it again and Destroy KHJ through Media.

                  • or maybe Att Lee knows who the person is and keep it a Secret from the Public. I think KHJ need another Lawyer to help out together with Att Lee.

                    • Surely Atty Lee knows and so with KHJ. Only there has to be solid evidence to pin down the devil before bringing him out! Make no mistake on Choi and he’ll be her next victim!! LOL

  22. I see Choi finally learned how to keep quiet, yet something tells me it’s not because she matured, rather it would be about time to come up with all the strong evidence and all sorts of meaningful clarifications she’d been promising us all along.

    I have a question for those who are familiar with Korean law – do you possibly know if it’s common for the grandparents to ask for custody when parents are perfectly fine? And also if it’s normal for one party to ask the other to declare assets? I find this strange, as where I come from the court asks those who want custody to declare readiness for raising a child and the party who is ruled to pay child support commonly state their income for the court to set an exact sum the parent needs to pay monthly.
    But this here sounds illogical – someone – possibly Choi’s mother or the child himself asking KHJ to declare assets? The only thing that I find interesting is Choi probably doesn’t even have a chance to ask for custody – whether for material reasons or other. It’s hard to decide which case would be more fun.

    Oh, by the way. Don’t you find it strange CEO-nim has been staying abroad for some time now? His honeymoon seems to be going so smoothly that he could as well not come back home.

    • If Choi goes to Jail, What about Choi’s Mother?

      The Grandmother will take the Custody of that Child.
      Will Choi’s Mother Be in Prison to or be Free?

      • Hi dear Nemesis, I tried to get some info through Internet to answer your questions, but no big success on this matter. There are some facts from the real cases about child custody by grandparents which were finalized with conflicting decisions and brought up some public debate in SK about it coz for unwed couples the court takes on consideration many aspects of qualification for suitable adoptive parents, it’s all up to single judge. And about that assets request I did not find the law. But u know the legislative system is enough flexible for use. And my personal comment about assets – Who ask Who?, it’s nuts. All our hopes on Att. Lee Jae Man.

        • Child custody lawsuits are complicated sometimes and needs specialist lawyer in this field and that’s why there is other lawyers whit atty Lee .i think Fifth court hearing , it will be help a lot for khj side , especially in this topic . For me I stopped searching any thing about child custody LoL !!! We have Vague information !! Khj has the most nicest lawyers that’s really knows what’s the law ! and appreciate it .

          • Hi dear, plz don’t get me wrong coz it was an act of curiosity about the particular law existence, not some kind of intention to solve the case. We are not the lawyers after all. Always nice talking to u, like your comments.

            • Hi Ella, all my respect for you ,I like your curiosity for any thing about khj ,yeah we are not lawyers but at the same time khj is our only one ,so be generous to share any thing you know ,he deserves all these love from his fans worldwide , honestly even saying I am with you khj it means a lot for him , it’s not a simple word it carries a lot of power . All the best for you .

              • Tnx much, i’d like to share more useful info, but my main source of information this blog-tnx to LK and u guys. All I can do to HJ just send my good vibes of admiration and love.

    • As one veteran fan speculated, perhaps one of the main reasons why the grandmother filed for child custody is to ensure that her family would still have custody if crazy Choi were to be imprisoned. If she were to file for custody & ended up in jail later then our boy would definitely get the child. They are very crafty, this bunch of conscienceless leeches…

      • I also think about such reason. But it should be easy for broken I hope. Father contra grandmother…. father should win.

    • In my previous article I asked the same question, “what right does a grandmother has to file for custody right when both parents are still alive?” Well the grandma obviously wanted to be in the media picture as well LOL!

      For as long as KHJ stays in the court of law and ruined in the public then nothing matters to Choi’s camps, they will file all nonsense lawsuit as they can, that’s why I called SK court of law Choi’s playground! I’m just wondering if the court have not noticed they too are being played with by Choi!! I don’t mean to mock around but we have seen how this game by Choi is being played with from the start!

  23. I know everyone still doubtful DNA test result and don’t believe it and I am the first, I think it’s natural thing for the brain of human being to reject the non logical things we all know how the story of pregnancy is introduced!! But at the same time in those last months choi desires and her behavior doesn’t matching!!! There is something thing wrong , and that’s leading to ask ourselves why choi’s mother concerned about child custody more than her daughter, i know their goals is the money and the second thing choi is not fit for child custody at all but the question here choi wants to protect herself or her child ?!!!!! Yeah ,lazerkim I get it each words you wrote ! The same questions in my mind maybe we will find our answers in the next court why not , now just observe! At the end the child is innocent and all the best for this child ,God protect this child .honestly I wish khj repeat DNA test in future and if he wins child custody and yeah with all the specialist lawyers around him he is the winner ,I think this is chance for him . Khj we are with you , you are not alone .

    • They are really hilarious those outlaws-bunch, just extremely funny – I’m confused sometimes what exactly to do – rather cry or laugh or better just scream in disbelief of this craziness beyond everything. Who they think they are to play dirty and stay above the law? Is it really so easy to rob people in a broad day light and keep stripping them off for life? Unbelievable – they openly expose already with no shame their killer-plan to use HJ as they please. We can see the family motto – WE DON’T HAVE PROBLEMS, WE HAVE HJ. It’s like -‘ We are not after you dude, so don’t bother with kid, just leave us your money and we will set u free. Nothing personal.’

      • Exactly , I think the culture of Sk plays a big role in all these things that’s happened but the only thing that I believe the human is human whatever the place , but it seems only few understand this ,as you said cry or laugh I think we need both things LoL !! but keep smiling even if you are in pain !! We need to be positive , and also khj needs us ,choi wants to turn khj into Ash or nothing but I wonder if choi can burn khj the true one that present in our hearts and also the same person that present in real life , she will never success .

        • I believe ( I know this ) that no one can destroy the other person if the person is sufficiently strong and resistant. Someone can make life difficult, can make life very complicated, horrible, but to destroy – not. I believe that KHJ is strong enough that he will not destroyed. I believe that in spite of the obstacles to return. Maybe it will be different than it was, maybe it will be much more difficult and take more time , but it is possible. Everything depends on the internal strength of KHJ. So… KHJ ,if you will read this, take us as source of your power also 🙂 You can do everything what you will believe in 🙂

          • Yeah, there is end for everything in this life and khj choice to fight until the end .God be with him , he is a good and kind man .

            • End is always begining of something new. Perhaps it will be begining of new, stronger, no so naive and more free KHJ? It can be in this way 🙂

              • Ye, they say ‘ You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfection’… Easy. LOL. I was crazy happy for Leo DiCaprio these days, took ages for him to get there, so I look forward for our dear HJ – he’s not there yet, but closer than yesterday. Love u guys.

  24. so you think that if she will get money and custedy of the baby hj will not see or tuch the baby?is it possible in sk????never heard on father that need to pay but cant ever see the law in sk at all??? if hj would belive its his baby he would ask to see him or his parents.. i dont think hj belive in this dna test…yes hj need to be more strong and less naive maybe but he is not guy that drink all day and night..he trust his friends and he trust his boss. he trust him like u trust your own brother but he betray him.. big time sure now he know who realy like him in this celeb world..easy and fun?? no.. its not..guy in his age date girls, but in his world he need to hide it.. hj scared like every idol there from the media and crazy fans..thats why the bitches there can blackmail them so easly..the thing is that he should take lawyer from first time but i suppose he thought he can avoide all this alone.he never thought she will go so far.. i just thank to his parents that did the right choise to take atty we know someone is bhined her..easy case its not.who ever want to destroy him see him as big star that need to take him away from some reason..if we will discovr who work with her and help it might bring very big scanal to that person.maybe something he want to prevent .its industry with alot bitches. they can be femail or one guy there say we are surrounded with alot of evill people..
    this bitch is not hj type of girl.. never was and will never be..sorry but i dont belive in this baby and i dont care the dna test..
    as woman that have kids and know what u do when u think u are pregnant and sure when u want to ask some guy to give support to your baby.when u sure in that 1000% its his baby u are acting very different. sure when u know the father is so famouse. if she didnt know what to do im sure her mother would tell her..
    lazer kim u already asked thos question and i think u have the same answers.. just remember she love the media and what ever she could give them she would do it..

  25. Will Att Lee go after the 3rd Party after he is done with KHJ Lawsuit or He will
    be done after this and not go after the Mystery Person.

    I hope KHJ get the Custody of that Child so he can take that DNA test again.
    It would be Stupid for him to Pay someone elses Child that doesn’t belong to him
    If it was KHJ Child he will take that Custody and not let the Mother use him for a
    Meal Ticket.
    Choi will probably going to Prison soon. What about Choi’s Mother? She filed the Lawsuit
    to get Custody to be the Guardian of that child. Will she go to Jail to?

    Sound like KHJ wants to have fun and Party like a Rock Star.
    Being Young, Stupid, Having Fun, and get yourself Drunk until you Pass out not
    Remember anything what he did Last Night. When a girl doesn’t Drink KHJ
    will be Bored cause they’re not fun to Hang Out with. Maybe next time KHJ come
    back from MS he needs to get himself a Condom for Protection. He is in his 30’s, KHJ
    need to grow up and Slow himself down.

    • I’m sorry Anonymous but I think you are a little too hard on HJ, I don’t think he wants to party like a rockstar without responsibility, he’s a responsible man but everyone and I mean EVERYONE can fall prey to temptation we are not angels and we are not perfect everybody makes mistakes so is HJ, but I think I understand why he wants a girl to drink because girls tend to be very watchful of their acts around guys or anyone and he wants her to be herself and not hide any quirkiness (maybe) in her personality and the only way he knows to do that is that she drinks because alcohol makes you let your guard down you know, but anyway just because she drinks doesn’t mean you will have fun together HJ.

    • I think with a part of your thinking I agree. He should grow up , but in the other way . Good and naive young men ( speccially this full of energy ) do not expect betrayal and deception from people they knows. They can be ready for this but from company side. They protect and hide themselves with media, but with friends they want be a litlle free. After all they are really not free in their lives.. KHJ…near 30 years old …. this is young, full of energy and power of live man. Drinking too much. Also sensitive, naive , honest. Man protecting and controling his behavior all time. Use of its weakness and selling it in such a shameful way is not only muck. It is cruel.
      You’re right, he needs to grow up. I hope he grow up to not to believe anyone , but to be able to believe in anyone and himself. I wish him not to drink. And that he will not lose neither goodness nor honesty nor sensitivity during this lesson. There is very good sentence for this what I wish him: have the skin of an elephant, leopard alertness and sensitivity butterfly ( of course with KHJ and butterfly it is not very good relation ;), but this is such sentence ) .

      • I agree and I believe that being in the service of his country as help him with growth. He will be a better person, but like you hope he does not loose all of himself.

        • perhaps even not better , but stronger and more wise. I hope that army help him with drinking also…. Good day/nigt for you Marion 🙂

          • Yeah well, I apologize for being Harsh on him but KHJ does need to Learn is Valuable Lesson. He needs to understand whats going on around him.
            Somebody need to tell him straight up to his Face

            Being Naive and Gullible isn’t good for him, He could one day end up being Killed or Drugging him. KHJ is to Nice and To Easy being Tricked and Manpulated by people around him. Maybe Drinking cause him not wanting to Remember things he did back then.
            Entertainment Business isn’t all fun and dandy. Its a Dark Place.

            So, is Choi’s Mother going to Jail or is it just Choi going to Jail alone?

            • generally you are right. But… understanding lesson….? If you want someone understand something you need use simple, sometimes hard words. But it can not be making in such way which started anger. Because if student is only angry or only in pain he will understand nothing. I also agree with your opinion about drinking. I think that he has something in past he don’t want remember. Somethinging very painfull. And this is one of reasons for drinking. He will be really strong only if he will come face to face with his memories, pain and all that he afraid. Exactly in this same way like he made with sharks. Yes, entertaiment is not funny place. And this is why I believed that KHJ will able rebuild everything. He is great star. Is very hard to become so great star in this environment, but he made this. It means that he is strong, tough, stubborn, hardworking and capable. I hope he will not be now kept everyone apologized and tried to be a “good boy”, but apologized once, and then he will be just himself. Making such music he wants, playing in dramas he wants, dancing as he wants. Without any fear,only less naive ….

              • I’m Sorry girls but I feel like we are interfering way too much in his personal life I imagine if he reads our comments and see us analyzing everything in his personal life he would be really hurt, he’s very private with his private matters, so please everyone I beg you try not to speculate and analyze what happened, don’t increase his pain you he’s already too hard on himself.

                • I am sorry if you took our talk in this way. There is no intention of “interfering too much in his private life” in my sentences. But…. from the second side – his problems are taking from very private part of life, don’t you think so? He is not sweet boy from “Boys before flowers”, but real young man with private problems about which half of worls is talking. Very often in dirty, awfull way. But in our talk is a lot of caring about him, you didn’t notice this? He has huge problems and there is no sense to pretend that it is not. Of course, if you want to stay only with words like ” he is so beautifull” ok. You have right to do it and probably he will be very happy reading this. But will this sentence help him in future with no making mistakes? Of course he is beautifull , but now he need much more for rebuild career . For making my sentences clear – I respect your reply, and writting about ” he is beautifull” is just example, nothing personal to you. I hope this does not offend you 🙂
                  ps. we are his friends, so we can talk about this what we worry about, I think. After all, it has no impact on our loyalty and …. even proves it 🙂

                  • Don’t worry dear no offence taken from you or from anonymous I understand that you are saying your opinions and so is me, as for ‘he is beautiful’ talk I’m not saying that he doesn’t have shortcomings I’m just saying that we are speculating a lot about what happened who knows whether he really has something in his life that he doesn’t want to remember and there for he’s drinking or whether he just likes to drink and who knows whether or not he really was after a physical relationship or not we don’t know anything about what happened that’s what I’m talking about we don’t know even how he got involved with her so I don’t want think about things that only he knows and try to guess it, that’s what I mean by he would get hurt if read these comments because we are ASSUMING what happened without really knowing for sure that that’s what happened.

                    • Thank you for this reply 🙂 Of course I agree with this and this is why I do not write about all his problems About this drinking and “not remember” KHJ was saying, I saw this, but I don’t remember where it was. But…. thanks 🙂 Wish you beautifull day? night?…hmmm… both 🙂

                  • ok, I see you didn’t notice that this is also support. The other kind, but support. My best friend ( in my life ) is person, who always says me truth, even bad and bitter, push me ( even kicks ) to making things, in the moments of being down is not very sweet for me, but I know that this person will always with me , will protect me and will believe in me. So my friendship is same. And this kind of friendship I offer to KHJ. If you feel hurt I am relly deeply sorry. I didn/t want hurt you in any way. I think that KHJ will not hurt, because he will understand this, I think. But I will stop now, I don’t want you feel bad 🙂 So I am sorry one more time 🙂

  26. Now choi and her mother fighting for child custody !!! Khj is their bank accounts and the child is the credit card!! They forgot that’s khj is human .I wish choi understand those words carefully ,”money will buy you a bed,but not a good night’s sleep,a house but not a home , a companion but not a friend.”-zig ziglar.

  27. ️Thnx LK I was waiting for ur updates too yesterday. Lool. Love u gal.
    I just want someone to clarify something here. Choi was not raped. So why then asserts are brought into these case. The child is not handicap to need special institution to care for him. So why then they demand him to clear his assets. Is these child a different spices that needs extra care. On day to day bases maintance of the child will be sufficient excluding asserts. Wheretha he is a celebrity or not. These latest play shows that these relationship was price tag from the start and HJ was not awer. It was a plot to destroy his caree by using a woman. He was like any man when he is drunk he forgot to protect himself. He knew that these relationship was toxic but he kept it thinking he was protecting himself from the scandals not knowing he was digging his own grave.
    I’m a mother gosh I can’t rest untill he wins these case.

    • Thanks! I’m sorry for delay in posting since i could not follow the tweets at Tweeter yesterday to come up a more comprehensible details and waiting for the news to come out, it’s good Caroline here is kind enough to share with us the news. Anyway, I really think this case is a conflicting interest fr Choi’s camp! That’s my opinion.

  28. On February 26, the first court hearing for the paternity case of Kim Hyun Joong versus his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi was held.

    Alhough it was originally announced that it would be the first time the two sides have faced each other in court since the announcement of the paternity test results, neither Kim Hyun Joong nor Ms. Choi were present at today’s hearing. Instead, their respective lawyers presented their arguments to the judge regarding the parental rights and custody of the child, referred to here as O.

    To begin, the judge asked whether it was possible for both sides to reach a compromise regarding the issue of parental rights and child support. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer replied, “There is no negotiation. Both Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi both want to raise the child themselves.”

    A third lawyer requested that Kim Hyun Joong declare his assets on behalf of O, citing the need to prove that he can provide child support. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer rejected this request, stating that a declaration of assets has nothing to do with child custody, and that the matter of child support is a separate matter.

    “Since the plaintiff (requesting the declaration of assets) is not Ms. Choi herself, we refuse to accept this demand. If Ms. Choi decides to request such information, it will be possible at that time.”

    The judge then announced that he would examine the credibility of the documents and evidence provided by all sides, and would investigate all claims.

    A paternity test previously revealed that Kim Hyun Joong is 99.999 percent likely to be the father of O. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has been serving his mandatory military duties since May of last year.

    The next hearing date is set for April 8. Stay tuned for more developments on the matter. SOOMPI

    • Ana Caroline ouza, thank you for sending info. As I see very clear this case is exactly for money. Do you know any more details about this what was talking about?

  29. Can we assume the paternity hearing is a go for tomorrow? I wish KHJ the best of luck. I hope CHM doesn’t pull anything to harm KHJ any further. I hope its discovered either there is no baby or somehow its determined not to be his. I still question the DNA testing and how it was handled. Well all the best! If the DNA results stand I am sure Hyun Joong will do what is best for the baby.

  30. Just finish watching a K’drama remember. This drama was very interesting, need to watch and a lot of your questions may be answered. Is it true that art imitate life, is the judiciary, the police department really corruptible? Very interesting.

    Also, I think very one is taking a break, but they have not given up, be patient they will return.

    • Hi, the drama u’ve noticed what’s the name exactly?… The silence here is kind of …… hope everybody is well and ok! I miss everyone. I’m going now through all previous LK articles and all comments, very fascinating, can learn a lot from them. Miss HJ like crazy. Love u guys.

      • The name of the drama is “Remember “. It was an eye opener for me regarding the judicial system, government, and police in SK. Not far from Healer, Pinocchio, and others which revealed the same senerio. Does art imitate life or life imitate art.

    • you watched drama…. Yes, KHJ live started be similary to mix of ” Playfull kiss” ( horror version ) and “Wag the Dog” ( version about money )…….

    • Me too… Where are u guys? Is there anybody home? What’s up? No news – good news, anyway. The more time passes, the more I miss our dear KHJ. And my feeling of this emptiness increases day by day when I watch other actors in their actions and i keep thinking about HJ- how much he must be dreaming now for his exciting work and new performances. To cheer myself up i’m trying to fill those breakdowns with rewatching his stuff again and again – his pictures, shows, concert’s tours, etc. And I vote every single day on The World Popularity Vote Station, even if it’s not a big deal like some kind of the coolest award, but it’s nice to see how many of HJ fans are keeping his and Triple S images up, it feels so good. But it’s really hard though to have such a great person as HJ far away for so long, that’s power of amazing combination of talent and inner charm of him make this feeling that u can never get enough of it. HJ u are awesome! God bless your path. We love u KHJ – u are a gifted, talented, extraordinary actor, real man and the only one for millions of fans – they are waiting for u.

  31. Happy valentine’s day to all ! Thanks khj for all sweet memories you kept for us ,you get the most beutiful gift from God to be loved from millions people worldwide ,I wish our powerful love for you keep you always on the top ,you are the best .

    • I was just listening to this song called Money Grabber by Fitz and The Tantrums which reminds me a lot about khj situation. Wish we could put it in one of chois videos, here are the lyrics.

      Don’t come back anytime I’ve already had your kind.
      This is your pay back, money grabber.
      Don’t come back anytime, you’ve already run me dry.
      This is your pay back, money grabber.
      Teardrops fade.
      Then I saw, blue hands in the pocket.
      ‘Cause you were always made to want it all.
      But now you got to make it on your own.
      This ain’t your home.
      So I’m showing you the door.
      Wave goodbye now, it’s time for you to go.
      Don’t comeback anytime, I’ve already had your kind.
      This is you pay back, money grabber.
      Don’t come back anytime, you’ve already robbed me blind.
      This is your pay back, money grabber.
      Blue rhinestone glass.
      All I see.
      You talking double.
      Like the time you set fire to me.
      ‘Cause I’m in trouble.
      Here’s my advice.
      I don’t think twice for the price of a cheap time whore.
      Don’t comeback anytime, I’ve already had your kind.
      This is you pay back, money grabber.
      Don’t come back anytime, you’ve already robbed me blind.
      this is your pay back, money grabber.
      One. Two. Leave.
      One is for the money.
      Two is for the greed.
      And three times that I told you you’re the one,
      I just don’t need.
      Don’t comeback anytime, I’ve already had your kind.
      This is you pay back, money grabber.
      Don’t come back anytime, you’ve already robbed me blind.
      This is your pay back, money grabber.
      Money grabber.
      Money grabber.
      Don’t come back anytime, I’ve already had your kind.

  32. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone!!! Thanks a lot for this ,Love-zone’ blog where each of us, no matter what, making some time to be there – to read, to talk, to share, to experience that special kind of love we exchange here. Thanks dear LK for your generous welcome and constant hope for the best you give to us! Thank you all my friends for your warming words and loving hearts! Thank you dear KHJ for the beautiful gift we have from you – your talent, your trust and your love. And my greetings to all from John Lennon song – ” There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known, Nothing you can see that isn’t shown. There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be. It’s easy – ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”

  33. Hi LK ‘

    I know I have said what i’m going to say again but I can’t help it.

    Thank you so so much for updateting and reporting what is going on with HJ’s case. Each of your articles reflects actual situation at the time. Without your article I probably forgot Some of it it and forgot how painful it was to wittness constanly mistreated and injustice done to HJ for the past 17 months. In SOOMPI ‘s news forum they erased all the comments in HJ ‘s previouse articles but still keep the bias articles that show negative opinions toward HJ and false information that defamed HJ which is so unfair because all the comments that defended HJ had been erased but the article that contain negative opinion of its eiditers and distoreted information that defamed HJ are still show there. It’s a real painful to see how the medias and medias online intentionally ignore Human Right Violation Act. Even though SOOMPI now presents a more balance report on this case but they should erase / do something with all their super bias articles about this case in the past out of their blog . I have enough with SOOMPI needless to say Allkpoop and Koreaboo.

    Your articles of this case are showing that you have much more instinct of a reporter than whoever call themselves reporters but have exchanged their souls and their spirits with money . These reporters Sold their dignity to report lies as actual fact to ruin a person ‘s life and destroy his dignity. These reporters they knew well choi nye mi and her gang aim to defame HJ and to ruin.his career and possibly can lead to destroy his life but they did not care.. They knew well what they did are injustice and it’s a crime but they still do. What should we call these medias and its reporters ? Their families should be ashame that they can legally kill the person without being guilty or being punished.

    I went back to read some articles and comments in 2014 . I’m not surprise at all that what we have said , discussed and prediced then become true now. I wonder if just ordinary human beings like us who see from a far can see through the lies , the loop hole of her story , the suspiciouse actions and the situation created by the criminal suspected choi hye mi since the begining why reporters and people there could not see it. Is injustice and being manipulated by a powerful one are a very common in South Korea?

    Having said all above I truly want to believe that the court of justice in South Korea will do their best to find justice for KHJ as one of its decent citizen . What HJ has lost in the past 17 months I believe nothong can be compansated these tremendous value . Not only him who lost but his family and his clan . They have been mistreated because of the lies that medias helped to spread. Now I do hope they will not be injusticely mistreated by SK justice system . Everyone wittness the attemp to constantly try to defame him in public to pressure him to give them what they want. I think the court knew well if KHJ is not a public figure this case will end long time ago.

    People always say the court does not like to be critizised and I ‘ve never wanted to critizise the court and its system. I just honestly hope that we can still believe that we can find justice in the court and I pray for it.

    I do not want to repeat ” Justice delayed , is justice denyied ” ever again.

    • So…. Will the Media being Investigated to?
      Do you think Choi’s Family and the Media will Erase there
      Evidence so that the Police won’t search for Clues?

      Att Lee should go after the Social Media outside of SK like
      Koreaboo, Soompi and AllKpop. I don’t know what Att Lee is doing over there, Lee is only doing it in SK going after
      Anti Fans Critism and Choi’s Family.

      • I’m not very good familiar with Attorney Lee Jae Man exact profile is he Criminal Defense Lawyer or Civil and Human Rights as well? Coz for Press and Cyber Harassment and Defamation lawsuit u need that type of lawyer.

  34. LK, a quick comment. Just happened to listen to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Check out the lyrics! So similar to KHJ current situation. “She’s just a girl that claims that I’m the one. The schemes and plans. The kid is not my son. Billie Jean (Choi) is not my lover.” You can Google the lyrics. Too similar! 😉 Always keeping KHJ, his family, Atty Lee and fans in my prayers.

  35. 9 months passed very fast still one year for khj comeback, I think the best thing he did it beging away from choi coming in the top of the list LoL!! But also I wish the enlisting in the army feeds him mentally and physically beging away from the lights and the lifestyle of celebrities it’s not bad thing but it’s help him to discover new things in khj as a person and that’s will reflect on him in the future ,for development we should learning from the life, listening for the experience of others .i think that’s opportunity for khj ,his absence doesn’t leave space in our hearts coz he is always present there I don’t want to say I’ll waiting khj the new one coz we are love you khj just beging you just the way you are but i want to say I’ll waiting the polished version of khj .

    • choi hye mi ‘s scandal somehow made me love him even more as I can see him clearer as a normal human being not just a talent artist or a star and I admire so much what I see in him. Hyun Joong as a person is an honest sincere man who has a sense of compassion and sense of responsibility.

      It is really unfortunate that he happened to experience an evil woman who shamelessly sole her dignity for money. The greedy woman who constantly lied to extort his money.

      I’m sure he will be tougher and wiser after this nightmare.

      • Someone needs to try to get KHJ to Stop Drinking.
        It’s not doing him any good. He won’t live long if he
        keep that up. Maybe Rehab will do him.
        Celebrities Musicians and Actors have Trouble with
        Maybe he will Change after this Nightmare like you Said.
        Drinking Six Bottle isn’t doing you any good.

        • Problem is not with 6 bottles ( of course 6 btl is not too good ), but with ….how often someone is drunk and if life without alkohol is possible. I hope he just like drink. I want believe he is not alkoholic, because if he is he has huge problem. Alcoholism is an incurable disease. It can be stop only by treatment, support and willpower patient. So I really want believe that he just like this……..

      • Yes,our love for him growing every day coz we are following human being before an artist we are following him not because he is handsome ,I know he is the most beautiful one nobody doubt in this but all these things it will changing whit time but only thing that will remain is his talent and we believes in his talent,he is the best and also he has the best fans ever.khj be sure nobody perfect we all make mistakes and we learn from them that’s the life.

    • I agree with you. Staying in army can help him a lot. Perhaps it is very hard for him, perhaps even painfull, but it can make him much stronger.

        • so I do not worry about this 🙂 . More about a sense of powerlessness, ” benevolent ” comments, which hears, a sense of injustice and the other in this way.

              • Girls, plz just stay confident. Newcoming HJ 2017 is not HJ 2014. He is transforming from the angel boy into a real man right now for sure. He is not the quitter who gives up so easily, especially in the face of difficulties. He is tough fighter and he is gonna do just great as he always does. He knows how much we need him. We can’t separate our ways – not now, not in the future, coz he is our star and we are his sky.

  36. Hey girls, I just wanted to leave you with that psalm it’s psalm 64 and applies to Hyun Joong’s case and GOD will do what he promised in it, let’s just pray for it and live every day expecting it, here is the psalm:

    “1 Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint;
    protect my life from the threat of the enemy.
    2 Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,
    from the plots of evildoers.
    3 They sharpen their tongues like swords
    and aim cruel words like deadly arrows.
    4 They shoot from ambush at the innocent;
    they shoot suddenly, without fear.
    5 They encourage each other in evil plans,
    they talk about hiding their snares;
    they say, “Who will see it[b]?”
    6 They plot injustice and say,
    “We have devised a perfect plan!”
    Surely the human mind and heart are cunning.
    7 But God will shoot them with his arrows;
    they will suddenly be struck down.
    8 He will turn their own tongues against them
    and bring them to ruin;
    all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.”

    it’s so comforting.
    9 All people will fear;
    they will proclaim the works of God
    and ponder what he has done.
    10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lord
    and take refuge in him;
    all the upright in heart will glory in him!

      • yes it is bell when I read it I thought that should share it and with you girls and also Hyun Joong, I just hope he can access internet where he is and read my message on solider and his website I do both just in case he could access one of them only, but I just hope he could be reading them.

          • Amen! God will answer all our prayers when the time is right – ‘See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient’ James 5:7-8NKJV ‘So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own’ Matthew 6:33-34 NIV. God bless KHJ and all of you.

    • If you ask me.
      Nothing wrong with him but what happen to his neck is the result of someone ‘s wrong doing and the ignorance of people in his society that done to him.

        • I watched a Video of KHJ Waking up and Snap his Neck from Both sides.
          Its like raising your Arm up when you wake up in the Morning.
          Found a Video from Youtube and Twitter. I’m about to add the link in here until i lost it.

        • Hi dear ,I love it.but sometimes it’s our choices to go in this pain to reach what we want ,we need to pay sometimes and sometimes we find ourselves inside the pain no other choice,so when we following our hearts we should take our minds with us .

              • Tnx my dear friend, I went through your words several times to take them deeper into my heart. The choices we make… they shape our life, but they are not exactly who we are, they just multiple versions of us with different opportunities and chances, what do u think?

                • Coz we are always searching for who we are ,we pic up any opportunity in the road of life trying to make complete picture of ourselves .

                • I think that the choices, which we do, only in the course of their implementation, or even at the end, make us realize the truth about us. And then this truth we can see. Either accept it, or we want to change the …..And also in this moment this choices show who we exactly are, not what we imagine about ourself……
                  wish you very good, full of smile day 🙂

                  • Think u right in general and i agree theoretically. What u can say about ‘love choices’ – like example one side love. Can your choice be based on your wish only and present who u are? Dilemma. Tnx Ania. If the matter too serious let’s relax and have fun. Love u guys.

                    • Ella, for me nothing is too serious for taking about . The only limit is my possible ignorance 🙂 I think love has no too much connection with brain. Doesn’t matter one or two sides love. You ask: ” Can your choice be based on your wish only and present who u are ” – yes, choice present who u are, but on two leves I think. First level is who you love, second – what you do with this one side love. The second level show who you are, what’s your character and value system. One person with one side love will stay in silence, the other will faith for this love, one will be honest and fair play, the second one will not etc. This perfect show who you are. The first lovel is more complicated I think. That one person you love in, you do not choose deliberately. I think it is mix of wishes , dreams and needs. And , of course, there are your dreams, wishes and needs. You can not love because of someone’s wishes. So in this way it also show who you are 🙂

  37. While we feel so quiet from the medias and online medias either about the 5th hearing was postponed or about the update from Att. Lee , I wish they are quiet because some medias have been investigated as well. I hope my wish come true.

    Justice for Hyun Joong.
    The criminal and blackmailer must be punished.
    The cruel intention must not be ignored.

  38. Iam going to start off by saying what I’ve been saying since the beginning of this whole ordeal, That I don’t believe this woman’s story about him abusing her, she’s way too open about the whole thing from experience I know from experience that when a woman under goes domestic violence they don’t immediately come out with the truth due to fear and tell everyone around them their life story and experiences non the less media. Some of the statements she made about having several other abortions before this, just don’t add up either. To me this was just an act for her to get money and diminish this guys fame. I’m not saying hes an angel but, I am saying that I don’t believer her story

    • Thank you for sharing your thought . I believe anyone who have experience working or helping women in troible from DV will feel the same as you . Those who immediately jump to blame him as soon as she accused him and ignored his side of story are truly ignorance haters.

      Now I just wonder whether the SK justice system can find justice for KHJ for everything he has lost from the heartless wrongly accused of this woman.

      choi hye mi as a crimonal suspected of blackmailing and defamation lawsuit and her mother are suspected for conspiracy in a premeditated plan to file the lawsuit to defame him and used that to further force him to follow her set plan to extort his money.

  39. Thanks a lot Lazer K…for the continuous updates. It reminds we all…KHJ Lovers/Fans that “JUSTICE CAN BE DELAYED BUT NOT AVERTED” So, they can keep on postponing the dates all they want. Because we KHJ Fans are bonded in LOVE that can never be broken by anything not even Choi and her conspiracy . We will always be here from all over the WORLD quietly supporting him with our thoughts and prayers.

  40. I have these strong feeling all these case thing and hanging!!! It’s all about destroying the moral of the fan base. Guys let’s hold hands strong if u are feeling weak play his songs and watch his movies. Don’t forget the prayer above all.

    • Thank you so much to remind us to put ourselves together. You are so right. It’s so true that listen to his song and watching his concert or dramas can help to bring our spirit back. In whatever situation he is really a healer .

      I truly hope the love and encouragement from the fans can also heal his heart and his spirit as much as our hearts and spirits have been healed by his works and his spirit for years.

      Kim Hyun Joong keep fighting and never give up.
      We trust you and believe in you.
      We are very proud of you as KHJ , a decent sincere man , the famous and talent popular star just the attached of being you.

      Do not let a criminal be free and continue to ruin the other’s lifes.

      • Thanks guys for your ups! I’m totally in! It’s not just the fight of one man, it’s ours. We really have to show them that we are not a joke. We are not scared of those low lives criminals, we are gonna fight back and they should take us very seriously. We will go with HJ all the way until the end. We will use any possible means to support, to protect, to promote his achievements and help him to accomplish all his dreams in the future. Moreover, we will rise against those who shield us from the truth and we will not let them live easy life and avoid justice. We are not gonna leave them alone no matter who they are or how long it takes. Dear HJ, we are your sincere and loyal fans forever, there are so many of us u can’t even count, we love everything about you, we respect who you are, we trust you completely and we will continue this struggle for your human and civil rights to help you keep your proper rightful place as a fully respected man in your own country. And for us -the international family of your fans- you are a Great Talent, Remarkable Person and Excellent Citizen of our big green planet EARTH. Please just stay with us, we are waiting for you.

  41. Hi LK thanks for the very lovely article about our baby KH j, and thanks for prays from all the fans out there that make KHJ and family happy and feel loved. I am very disappointed to SK jurisdiction system right now. I am really really miss KHJ. May GOD protect KHJ and keep him stronger .

  42. They can change the date and they can change the judge and anything but they can’t change the truth and our love for him 🙂 Fighting to all!!

  43. What’s the benefit of changes if it doesn’t create any impact on the people in general!!! I don’t see any advantage for this delay if we are looking from khj side coz we aren’t confused or losers!just increased our threshold of stress,atty Lee is ready for clear and discuss any point related to the lawsuit and the opposite is true for choi!! We are thirsty for justic! we are waiting and the time never be barrier for us ,khj be strong don’t lost your faith we are whit you forever even if choi turned our hair colors is grey,don’t worry nowadays is trending LoL.

    • LOL!! I can’t help not to reply to your comment bcoz we have the same thoughts yet LK is trying to be modest lol! But honestly, how I wish to tell that court this statement….”Hey let’s be professional here, if you guys set a court hearing date, make sure to keep it bcoz a lot of people are being affected by this nonsense case waiting to get done with and move on!!”
      In Dec. court hearing was postpone with no reason stated, now the court is postponing due to staff changes! Geez this is not what I expected from a court of justice which I used to have high regard with in general! Hello SK!! Wake up!
      I just read a while ago the changes are judges and prosecutors!! Hmmm….

      • Every words you said really reflect my thought.

        Really really disappointed that the country like SK who present themselves as a civilized country or as one of the leading country in Asia allow a criminal gang to use its court of justice as a playground to destroy the person.

        It’s hard to describe how I feel but the respect for SK justice system has gone . .

        My last hope is the change is truly for the best of finding justice to the person . Even though I can not think of any good reason why they want to change it now not in Dec.

        I hate to negatively speculate that they want the judicial that can do something against the evidences or choi hye mi needs more times to convince HJ to drop the criminal lawsuit..

        • Yes precisely my point, why didn’t they make the changes in Dec or Jan? I’m sure those changes with judges didn’t happen overnight!! LOL It was said it’s not only KHJ’s case which was affected, well that’s expected of course. Then the more unprofessional this court may seem to be! Just my opinion!

      • I agree,even if the law is rules but to regulate and recognize the people in your country!! We aren’t in a forest!!!the citizens can’t get their rights.

    • ” Justice delay is justice deny ”

      The words from a wise man who I do not know but his words are very true.

      We have clearly witnessed the above saying through South Korean ‘s court and its justice system for the past several months.

      But we can’t give up even the system is corrupted..
      There will be some good people in every systems.
      God will find them.

      • To All,
        all said is true and is making one wonder “why now?” really they will drag this till Feb2017? Someone said this is a civil lawsuit and those drag…but I still wonder if SK law system is so archaic or so corrupt? I wonder if these changes in personne are regular all over the world?

        I still have hope that the Criminal suit still goes on, this one being much more serious charges.

        I still have Faith that Atty Lee knows very well what he is doing and knows what he is doing!
        Frankly so disappointed in their system, seems so unreal even accepting a suit for such stupid claims which are really obviously so fake….

        Yes SK is a big dissapointment such a contrast with what they project worldwide as a very forwarding and modern country when in fact they are so archaic in their thinking and their system……yes I really wish Hj will move to Japan to move on with his life and continue to do what he love doing, his music his acting….because he has soo much to give!
        Thanks sis well said….

        • So agree with you, so disappointed in their system nothing like what they appear to the world. No longer impresse nor no longer wish to visit.

  44. Just read the hearing has been postponed to March 18 because of “judiciary personnel changes” so now what? Just like the judge change in the recent drama Remember. Judge was removed because he wanted the truth and newly appointed judge was paid to go against defendant who was innocent. Life imitating fiction? Makes me wonder! This is just too much. Can’t imagine how KHJ, Atty Lee and family are feeling. Well maybe it is good news so Atty Lee can gather more evidence against evil Choi and her camp. Keep praying for justice.

    • Last year we knew choi hye mi said she knew the chief of medias and he will protect her. We have seen how the medias highly protected choi hye mi by giving one side information and ignoring and distorting the fact .

      Now , don’t tell me that she knew the Minister of justice too. That why we see many uncommon things in the process to faver choi hye mi . I might be wrong but it is truly frustrate to see this kind of thing keep going . Is justice so difficult to get in SK ?

      . I wonder if I should put SK on the big list of the country that their citizens are living in danger under the unpredictable system.

    • I’m honestly not happy with all these draMa in Korea. They are scared to tell the sponsors of chio that Hj is inocent they are busy changing judges coz it’s so obviouse. They won’t change the maintance court coz it’s about butting out HJ s integrity but if it’s for his welfare or anything that benefit him there is always changes. Honestly I wish I could have that power move him and his family to Japan.

      • Exuse me, but…. I’m not sure what should I think about this change. My knowledge is too litlle. Is this change only with this, KHJ case or they just work in this way with all cases. And if this is change with KHJ case only what we should expect? It will be better or worst? Until now I didn’t notice strong , justice decisions making by court…..This change is after showing efect of baby test in media first, before court. Media started slowly, but started ( as I see ) taking about Choi lies. So perhaps this change is not wrong for KHJ? I relly don’t know, but I want believe that it will be better for him. If you know more facts share with me, please.

  45. God bless us all and every one. Let us keep the Faith for our God is Faithful. Love you all and it is a bless day for all. Keep the Faith.

  46. Tomorrow is a 5th hearing. Lots lots of love to H J . He knew he is loved and trusted.
    The truth will protect him despite the conspiring evil actions against him .
    His sincerity and honesty will shine him through.
    He will be cherished with love and support.
    God bless him.

    God bless you Kim Hyun Joong.

    Haters will be haters . Let them be .
    The truth means nothing the lies they believed therefore mean everything to them.
    Haters need to hate because that is the way they feed their life .
    Their life is nothing if they can’t hate.

    I have learned to understand the haters .
    I therefore cherish my love and compassion toward HJ everyday because he deserves it.
    He deserves justice and deserves to be respected for his sincerity and honesty.
    I will cherish him with love, compassion and understanding .
    This unfortunate nightmare will pass and will retrun to the one who created it.

  47. While I am listening today for a song it’s name locked away by Adam Levine anyway i don’t know why i remembered khj .even if the person did mistake at the end love is always win,we trust you and believe you khj .you are my only one you are born to be on the top so nobody can bring you down!! The court is soon hope the truth is shining everywhere.

    • Absolutely! That’s it! Let’s pray for HJ, his health and his very good luck. And we should not be afraid of those criminals coz they are nothing but fake. Please dear HJ be strong, you are not alone – Your loving family, all your loyal friends and millions fans from the whole world are here for you. You are our brightest and beautiful star forever. We will always love you.

  48. These case realy breaks my heart. I use to jump and be happy when the hearing date is approaching but now it bleeds my heart. When u look at these case Seon Choi Sk intertainment and the justice system are all entwine together. HJ is alone broken hearted facing these giants of SK alone with his father and Lee. I’m realy hurting even though it’s obvious that he is innocent he might come back on the 3rd of feb face down due to another drama that group is cooking. They could have killed him but they knowi it will be obvious the blood of him will be on their hands. They broke his ribs before now they are hanging him on public using his personal life. When these case is over and the ms my wish for him is to workout his career in a different country out of Sk.
    I’m praying God to cover him with grace and be above all these gaints and be the real justice for him
    Honestly earthly persecution is live but God is above all.

    • It’s about time that the Korean should show the world that South Korea is not the country for the crminal to develop their skills. The South Korea court will take the criminal act seriousely.

      In the meantime we can pray and send loving kindness to HJ and his family. I believe in loving kindness ‘s energy I hope HJ will be covered with love and compassion from God and from all of us. The truth will protect him.

      Next week Feb 3rd will come soon. Get ready to show our support and encouraging him to do the best for his life . Nothing needs to be worry . Life is short.

      • KHJ should Hire a Bodygaurd to Protect him when he comes back. They will probably do it again to kick his Butt for another Plan.

        Him Moving out of SK? I don’t know about that. KHJ love his Country to Much to Move Out. If KHJ move out, will they Follow and go after him?

        • I think we should not speculate too much . We better save our energy to encouragie and strengthen HJ and his family to pass through this terrible nighmare with grace and confident. Let’s see what will happen on Feb 3rd.

          At the least through the process of fact finding and investigstion of Choi hye mi ‘ s lawsuit has indicated that CHOI HYE MI IS a LIAR , a BLACKMAILER and a GOLD DIGGER . Her actions and her attitude are no different from a criminal .There is a good reason why she is a criminal suspected and has been under police investigation . Her lawyer can not deny the truth that has been slowly revealed through her own actions , her own mouth and medical evidences. Seoun as her lawyer behaved unprofessionaly and discredited himself again and again through his actions and his medias play.

          Whoever follow this case closely have already seen the truth bit by bit . It’ s not hard to see that actually HJ is a victim of the premeditated crime done by choi hye mi and her supporters . We have seen the particular SK trash media plays the important role since the start as well as some trash medias online. I hope the trash media will be punished by law and by public trial as well.

          However we still have to see what the court will say in Feb 3 .

          The best thing we can do for now is praying and sending HJ and his family a loving kindness to nurture their strength and their spirits.

          I believe in good – deed and trust that whoever targeted to destroy the person ( KHJ ) will eventually end up destroying themselves. We have seen that before and we will see it again.

          • Hi Bella . We know the truth is floating up and so obvious in the river of choi lies but there is delay to pick up or stubborn from people in SK. I am sure God will help and protect khj cos he is good and kind man . I am fan for khj from 5 years and for me hj is still the same person I knew and I’ll stop love him when my heart beat stop !!

        • I believe that if he left korea because of them then he let them win, which we can not allow, he’s gonna stay in his beloved country and be successful and happy to the max beyond the will of those who don’t want him to be (choi, haters,…etc)

          • If KHJ ever give up, he will become a Loser for letting
            Choi and a Group of Bastard Win the Case.
            People will start Trashing KHJ for being Weak.
            In the Near Future Choi will Keep coming after him again and again for Money.
            Att Lee won’t let that happen, Will not give up
            until the Case is over.

            • I ‘ m sure choi hye mi and the Gang will try their best to get HJ to settle with them as they did once in 2014 . This time she uses the baby to pressure HJ to get the most MONEY she wants because that was the baby for to her. The baby to her is an ATM to get money that’s all.

              However I do not think It will be as easy as she and her lawyer thaught. In 2014 HJ was too naive he think he could trust her as one of his friend. He did not know choi hye mi is a liar and a criminal . He might sense choi hye mi is a crazy greedy woman but probably did not think she is a real evil gold digger but now he see her through the bone.

              I ‘m very sure HJ and his family determine for the truth ito berevealed no matter what the truth is. He will never back down unless choi hye mi confess that she has wrongly accused him , lied to him and lied ito public .

              • Choi’s goal is to get more money from khj nobody doubtful in this and she doesn’t care about the sequences but her boss!!! He doesn’t need money !! His heart still firing!!but be sure atty lee will freeze all of them,khj now with the right man and he will guide him to face his problems with his head raising up and no place and time for silence again !! Khj he doesn’t want to give up !! He doesn’t said that’s literally but i remember he said in Gemini tour (there’s thousands of fans today but I’ll continue to sing in my life time if ever only one person is here to listen my song) he realized the goal behind the people they want to ruin him !! such a strong message from khj to his fans and everyone know khj ,when I heard this I wase so happy with tears in my eyes, Just time and everything will be ok ,be positive , the love and the support he got from his fans overseas strength him and keep him more confident.

  49. He still a Star for me no matter what! Being a fan of Kim I will be one who will defend on him that he was a good man and just a victim of a greedy ambitious lady. There is always a way when all these dramas will come to an end and truths prevail in the end.

  50. What Choi did and how this conspiracy was planned Choi may have made a history of a perfect crime together with her cronies! l agree with those words a lot, she did her work getting his child to trap him pushing him to decide to marry her taking acount their culture. I am happy that he decided not to marry her for the baby even if people critic him so much.
    Dear remember that comment at the biginning of the scandal, where the girl told us that she dreamt him letting everything in showbiz to get married and have family? And that she wished him to stop and form a family or he would face lots of problems in showbiz, also that there was a fortune teller who said it to her?. also she said that he must give up to his carrer to form a family and be happy? it has been in my mind during this time. she said why not? he got money and fame time to stop. l bet it was CHM. I remenber to said her that ” if he gives up what he loves ( the music) he never will be happy, he will probably have a resentment at her for leaving what he loves.
    There are many ideas in my mind, l think they try to stop not only KHJ but also with the growth of his company, with this scandal it stopped and even tried to create another scandal to KE after this.
    Women need to be proud to be one, l always think that if a girl wants a baby, she will find the way to get it ( checking her miscarries and the said abottions) . Doesnt matter the condoms or what he say. We women have the power to decide what to do with our body, and she simply decided to get a baby from him and did it. She thought to know him well to manipulate as the first time. She didnt espect his response and his rejection to marry her, so her defense was to try to damage as much as she can as revenge.
    It shows a woman embittered by rejection of a famous loved artist, this is the most famous rejection in Korea, one that no one and her never could forget it.
    hope he will be strong enough now to face it till the end cleaning his name.

    KHJ figting

    • Hi jazu , khj story kept our minds searching for any key to find the solution for this mystery I mean not randomly but we become more care for the past history of khj as much as his future .the only question in my mind now how much the ghost ( the person) that support choi is powerful . Anyway God is the most powerful one God ,be whit khj help him and guide him

    • Hi dear Jazu!

      I was the person who said this!But you don’t remember well because I said a little bit different!I said I knew somebody will ruin his life before the all happened!If he will stop his career and establish a family,he can be happy but not with this selfish woman!I said this too!!!!I am NOT MISS CHOI!!!!!!So please don’t think what you wrote!I know why I said those things but not for ruin him,rather to helping him!I said too how rude this Choi,but I was a little bit rude so I never wrote again here!

      And I am so sorry to MS Lazerkim when I asked her to remove everything what I wrote because I received many disgusting messages from somebody.. because I said about Choi rude things!MS Lazerkim is a great person!!I like her!I respect her!I hope the God will bless her forever what she did for Hyun Joong in this terrible nightmare!I don’t wanna write here again,I just read this article and I wanted to clear I am not the monster Choi who can ruin a life for money!

      I just was a little bit stupid when I wrote those!So I am so sorry to everyone!I am a honest person so everybody can ask me to know me,how I look,etc.Again I am not Choi,just somebody who really worrying for him!God bless you all forever because you help Hyun Joong forever!Love you all!Be happy dear Hyun Joong!Bye! ❤

      • After KHJ Lawsuit is over, Will Att Lee go after An Unknown Person who is Behind the Curtain. Did Att Lee Knows who the Person is yet?

        • Hi anonymous,the person behind the curtain as you said his attendance in all these things was indirect way and we only see choi ! Atty Lee is clever person he doesn’t wait the people to clap for him .he wants to bring the justic for khj and not like other lawyers searching for money! Be sure even if he knows this person he will never go to the public and screaming his name at least recently .you should first delete the small one from the game to reach the big one .just trust atty lee (I am not lawyer just my opinion and atty lee knows his work better than me )

          • Att.Lee Fighting .

            Att.Lee is the light of thoese who value justice and he is the hopeful spirit of the Korean who have been injusticely mistreated and have been vitimized by wrong doing of criminals.

    • Dear anonymous
      I am really sorry for my thoughts, but let´s see those words that you wrote in the past , now seems like Choi, because of the idea to stop and form a family. I celebrate that it is not true, with the last inf we knew many things behind the scandal, he was silence for a long time, many things to speculate that time, but l think that we, fans, know him more than haters, maybe more than Choi. Even we knew his weakness, his way to face things, scandals, and media. l respect all of his decisions which seem more logical that hers.
      If l remember your words the FT even predict that after that he will be up again right? l hope for that, he chose it and we will support his decisions. He would never be happy with that horrible girl if he married her, maybe facing a hard divorce.
      Again girl sorry for my thoughts , thanks to clear it up and thank to be here yet, it is the best way to know about him, it is his real family.
      take care.

      • I am not mad at you!I just told you I am not Choi and I understand why you all are angry on Choi!Just you remembered wrongly,because I said a different way,if somebody remember I was really angry and hate Choi because what she did!I still say if he wants to be happy he never will be again in public,because the media always will say this scandal to him!That’s why I said!Thank you!God bless!Bye! 🙂

        • He loves to sing for people since he know how to sing. His dream is to be a singer that perform on stage. Recently he also loves to be an actor. I do not think he will ever be happy not doing what he loves .

          You said as if he will lose the case ..I think differently.
          I believe he can clear his name and will slowly come back on his path . The one who will never be able to face the public eyes or be in public is choi hye mi. Right now she still not dare to show her face to public or to face anyone .

          Regarding the medias i think this scandal cleary showed that how shameful they have been . I do not think facing medias will be a problem to HJ in the future. If they ask a question he just answers what is in his mind. From what i observe since the start of this scandal never once that he did not face the truth. HJ did not afriad of the truth he is afriad of lies.

          I truly beliieve HJ was born to be a proud man . In the mid of criticism , misunderstanding and harsh condemnation he has handled the situation with grace , polite and in very mature way. I even think the trash medias reporters will feel so ashame of themselves when they look at his eyes. HJ knows he is a good person , an honest loyal friend who believes in sincerity he will carry himself that way no matter what other think. We as his fan will surely reaffirm him .

          I believe the truth will be revealed before this case end and HJ is not afriad of the truth. He himself wants to know the truth behind choi hye mi ‘ s criminal actions as much as all of us. Therefore I think he can be and will be happy either he choose to leave entertainment ‘s life or continue to pursue his dream and be in public as an outstanding artist.

          • Life doesn’t always give us what we want!! But at the same time we can change it and moving on!! when khj searching for the truth and doesn’t want to be as a victim again!! That’s mean I want to be happy I want to be whit the people that believed me and appreciated me ,he is happy when he is on the stage just look at his eyes in Gemini tour don’t say fore me this is fan services!!! Our eyes whispers what’s inside our hearts at that time his heart was bleeding he wase in pain!! But he is happy whit his fans coz he is doing what he loves!!the key of happiness in the life do what you love !! If the level of media in SK is in the bottom !!khj level should be always in the top and he doesn’t listen for such trash media .

            • Akemi012hyun @ That is a very well said.

              What you said about the medias is such a painful fact.

              I already stop reading tradh medias and do not take what medias said seriousely without double check with reliable sourse. Mediads online are the worst they proved to earn a living by destroying people.’s lifes. In my opinion there are more and more reporters and medias are using their status to directly commit crime. Choi hye mi ‘s scandal is a big eyes opening for me to wittness how corrupted and immoral the medias and its reporters could be . They indeed the real criminal who earn a loving by supporting a criminal with all kind of techniques they find in their career.

              • I hope what happened for khj being a good reason for awareness for the public in SK coz if we don’t start changing from ourself we can’t change the others,even if we lost our trust and respect for those trash medias ,khj should never lost his confidence that’s the truth will be appears even if the criminals put their efforts to hide it . Khj atty Lee with you and don’t forget your home (lazerkim all about kim hyun joong ) also here for writing the truth so they never succeed.

                • You just remind me of HJ ‘s words when he told his father that it does not matter how much choi lied because people will know the truth sooner or later . This shows that HJ is truly believe and confident in the truth regardless what other think about him.

                • it is not easy change awareness for the public, in any country. People love sensation and stories about the collapse of others, especially about the beautiful and rich ones. I think the best method is a legal attack on the media. But it is also difficult. I read some articles and they were written with an awareness of protection against process. Terrible, odious, but probably defensible in a court. The best would be a spectacular process of proving the deliberate action of the media to the detriment of KHJ. But it needed to be something more than the same articles I think.

  51. Can someone clear one thing up for me? Did the most recent dna prove he was the father of her baby? Your right it seemed all media coverage was squashed after they went in with the test. I waited just like the rest but 2 weeks came and went and no difinitive answer seemed to be reported.

  52. Egy gondolat nem hagy nyugodni,hogy a Choi mögött rejtőző személy,HJ. közvetlen környezetében levő emberek közül való,csak nem gyanakszik rá senki! És azt sem értem,hogy eshet valaki pont akkor teherbe,amikor a kapcsolatuk,éppen véget ér,és ez az utolsó együtt töltött idő,utána már nem is találkoztak volna,lévén HJ. még be is vonult katonának!!Így időzíteni,hogy akkor, ott ,pont teherbe essen?Ez hihetetlen! Ezt nagyon ki kellett számolni,hogy mikor pont fogamzás képes,és valamilyen elősegítő gyógyszert,be szedni,de még így is bizonytalan az eredmény!Tudom,mert két gyermekem van.Hogy tudta ezt az utolsó pillanatban,így összehozni?Egyszerűen nem értem,mint sok mást sem!Érne már véget ez a borzalom,és HJ. élete rendeződne,végre!Fighting,and perseverance KHJ!

  53. I agree with you LK. I WISH.. I can pay for a elite detective to dig the shit out of this woman Choi. Some habits just cannot change. But then again, HJ is one in a million… not one can be him.. So Choi bite onto him.. Hmmm.. if the mastermind is out to destroy KE and HJ, it makes me wonder…. who will benefit most in the industry if KE has prob…

    • I think I can quest who . I can not erase my thought who will benifit if HJ is pushed out from the industry. I was aware of it since 2011 or 2012 when KE annouced that they are going to expand their business in China . After the scandal KE announced that they were no longer focus their activities abourd. I found it was very strange that the agency just imediately withdraw from their plan without warning. I can’t help but think the person tries to infamouse HJ not only in SK but also in the international market especially in China.

        • Good points!! Then I will speculate my thoughts more… so either the ‘so called’ Chief of the trashy media outlet has some connections with the overseas Company and conspired with Choi… Or KE/HJ might have offended this Chief in some ways. Of course, that Choi is plain greedy. Only the person supporting behind her is stronger. Since they are putting everything on court, I hope is a wiser Judge who takes on this case. Who is able to understand which evidence is real, which is fake. Slam those stupid questions/answers that are created by Choi’s lawyer just to smoke through the ‘Law’s Loopholes’. Make the fairest verdict for HJ and best for the poor child.

          • It just might be the SK company that conspired with choi hye mi because if HJ ‘s reputation is infamouse they will benifit more in SK and oversea now and in the future. They might as well conspired with an oversea agency who feel threatened with HJ ‘s populality there. However i’m sure this is not just a couple fight as the tricky lawyer seon tries to manipulate public with their confused stories but involeve big money for choi hye mi ‘s clan and whoever involed in this made believed scandal..

            The above might be a wide speculation but we never know . Look at this case as an example who ever think that the lies from a blackmailer woman will take this case to this far with the support from haters and medias. Whoever would dare to think that the SK medias would ignore justice and all evidence that proved she lied. All these unbelivable practices had happened. The medias who suppose to bring the truth and fact to public did not care if they have destroyed the life of an innocent person who was wrongly sccused. Then anything is possible beyond speculation.

              • Totally Agree with you, Bella. And when such disputes put on court, there is never justice.. across all countries. Is all about who has more money to preserve, thick skinned to lie all the way.. Let’s hope for the best. Can we go for the court hearing? Just to see how she acts… how convincing that will be. Ok. Just a wishful thinking… =(

  54. To get pregnant 5 times in 7 months that’s keep you asking yourself am I human? Or choi is she human?and also her lawyer brought as proof for pregnancy is missed period LoL what ?also single women can get missed period maybe due to stress or doing diet and that’s dosent mean she is pregnant .choi you got a lot of mistakes in your game not all people like you with low education cos they don’t have time to wasted to keep other person suffering.Even in this you fail, the power of lies you have will never sustain and you the first one you know why .

    • After agreeing to the settlement, and receiving the money, she still withheld her signature from the document. She demanded that he stay with her until December if he wanted her to finalize everything. Key East advised him to do what she wanted, thinking that she would following through with her promise to stop any further blackmail.

      • To anon: I’m Sorry I pushed on wrong botton, as I was saying…. HJ may not be expecting Choi would go this far and yes he may be naiive thinking his intention was for peace, while Choi has other evil motive, as I wrote Choi took advantage of his naiiveness and created another scandal to blackmail him again!

        This is Choi’s biggest mistake, I’m sure she wasn’t aware this time when he had accomplished his project before enlistment, HJ would fight back in court. After her litigation she has to face her own nightmare since HJ is determine to pursue his crminal charge against Choi regardless of anything including the so-called baby.

  55. LK I totally agree with you, good article. One would think that if indeed she gave birth wouldn’t she want to publicize the date, time and gender? When you become a mom you are so proud of the little baby that you have been given. Why has Choi been so secretive? Makes one think, she publicized all her lies why not the birth?

    To me this screams a premeditated conspiracy and manipulation on Choi’s part along with her so called attorney and mother. And I agree with you, why aren’t there any pictures of her being pregnant or witnesses ? You can’t tell me she was like a ghost those last few months. One would also think that if she was really carrying KHJ’s child that she would have wanted people to see her pregnant as proof……….

    Through all the pain & suffering KHJ has never wavered from wanting the truth to be known. He has worried about his parents & career which is natural but he also has worried about all of us fans. I believe that God has a special plan for Hyun Joong, that he will become stronger because of this suffering. That the truth will set Hyun Joong free and that Choi will regret ever starting this conspiracy. She will pay for her wrong doing!! As for me, I will continue to support, love and pray for KHJ!!!!! Let’s all stay strong and show our undying love, gratitude & support for KHJ.

    • There you go, you spilled it out! Thanks anon!
      If I were Choi, I would be proud carrying in my womb the child of a star! That is IF indeed I have no doubt who the father of my child is, anyway I have been out there in the media for too long, I might as well prove to everyone that it’s HJ’s baby that was in my womb and upon baby’s delivery, bring it out to prove I’m right! Unfortunately none of this occured at all! Those pictures of Choi taken by media hiding her face, proved how a guilty criminal looks like!

      You’re right, why else would Choi hide her pregnancy and childbirth if it’s true she gave birth? I don’t think this is the right time to be modest and decent since she already brought out her dirtiest dirt to the world!

      I’m sorry I don’t mean to be doubtful even with the SK court of law and DNA court order on specific forensic lab but the way all of this appeared is just toooo doubtful! What Choi did and how this conspiracy was planned is such a disgrace to SK. Choi may have made a history of a perfect crime togerther with her cronies! But maybe not too perfect for those who can analyze her evil motive! lol

      • Sis, exactly! why hide when she disclosed her most private and intimate zillion of txt msgs? acting coy …when looking at the reporters for her 3 min of fame….what a lame excuse of a woman…

        Indeed this nobody bitchoi is a Big Disgrace and shame to SK the way she is playing with Media and SK courts of law.
        Hope to see her and her family in JAIL…

  56. all the lies she has been plotting against khj will be exposed very soon by Gods grace, fighting oppa we are always there for u all the time ,though this is my first time of commenting but am khj fan.

    • Thank you for posting here.
      Thank you for believing in KHJ.
      Keep praying for justice for HJ and his family.
      Absolutely….The truth will be revealved soon by God’s grace.

      Fighting HJ you are not alone.

  57. Woow!!! Agreeeeeee with every word you said LK…
    I believe this tough challenges encounter makes Hyun Joong stronger and wiser…..
    God is not going to let you down…
    His loving arms will always be there to catch you…
    We’ll be there for you till the end..

  58. Lazer Kim, thank you for another enlightening article. I agree with you 100%. The moment I heard that she lied to KHJ about the pregnancy in May 2014, it was clear to me that the entire relationship was a set-up. She’s not doing any of this out of jealousy or revenge. She never had any thoughts of having a long term relationship. It is deliberate, premeditated blackmail from the beginning. I believe the reason that Choi is insisting that she will not allow KHJ to put the baby on his family registry, or have any custody, is because she knows that he will have the DNA retested. Until the DNA test is done again, I can not believe that it is his child. Nobody could get pregnant on Dec. 20, get a positive home pregnancy test by Dec. 28, and have an ultrasound by Jan. 3. NOBODY! If her “medical record” were true, and her last period was Dec. 6, then she wouldn’t even have missed her period before she was sending an ultrasound picture to KHJ. Choi is not trying to raise an infant with her ridiculous child support demand, but rather her entire gold digging, criminal family.

    • Hello mightymom!
      Oh thank you for opening up about this matter. I’m taking this question to you considering you’re a mom from your username, or any mother here to pls help me clear up the air on pregnancy in general.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, a woman can say she “might” be pregnant if she misses her period right? So I have doubted, if Choi said her last period was Dec 6 she’ll get to know she’s preggy on Jan 6 or on later date but not before the Jan 6th right? However Choi informed HJ of her pregnancy on Jan 3 2015 how could this be possible if she claimed she got impregnated Dec 20?! I just noticed all her stated 5 pregnancies were less than a month if I’m not mistaken!

      • For women that are trying very hard to get pregnant, you can take a home pregnancy test before your missed period, but Choi’s dates still miss the mark. If she wasn’t trying very hard, why would she have even taken the test. Abdominal ultrasound is typically not done until 18 to 20 weeks gestation. Early vaginal ultrasounds are usually done if there is concern for the health of the baby or mother. But, even then the earliest they are done is 3 weeks after conception. It takes another 7 to 10 days for the fetus to be visible at all. If Choi got pregnant on Dec. 20, the earliest a fetus could have been detected would have been Jan. 17. Yet she claimed that the fetus could be seen in the ultrasound picture that she sent to KHJ on Jan. 3.

        While it is possible to get pregnant soon after having a miscarriage or abortion, it is not likely. It takes the body time to heal and the doctors would have recommended that Choi be very careful for several months. It takes the average couple three months to conceive, if they are trying. With Choi being in her thirties, her odds are even lower. Her chance of being pregnant 5 times in 8 months would be astronomically low!

        • clearly she was always trying very hard to get pregnant. who goes to the doctor before they miss periods and have sonagrams when nothing could be seen at such a early stage if pregnancy even existed. I agree with you mightymom that doctors will suggest sonagram later if pregnancy was confirmed or if a medical reason to do so sooner. I never heard of sonogram as a means to diagnose pregnancy

          • LOL yeah you’re right! Why would a woman go to a doctor before she missed her period! LOL And why would she have an abortion 2 days within her period

            Last period Dec 6….Abortion Dec 8….Impregnated Dec 20….Pregnant Jan 3, nine days after sleeping with a man saying she’s 5 weeks pregnant! Who calculated this so-called pregnancy? Her good lawyer!! LOL Miraculous pig!

        • Friend, I’ve been wondering about the same things concerning usual medical practice. Just how come the common facts about pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are well known yet Choi as the person who says she’s been through so much seems to be unaware of how human body works, how things work at the doctor’s etc.? It makes no sense… unless… she’s been lying all along!

          • Every sensible human beings who read choi hye mi’s stories will question her claims,her actions and her motives. Therefore I absolutely do not understand SK public and its medias when they ignore her suspeciouse actions and just willing to believe whatever she said even though the evidence and the medical aspects showed she repeatedly lied. I think their practices are very harmful to all real VD victims in their country especially women. This case leave me the impression that seeking , searching for the truth and ability to analyze are absolutely not a quality of the SK medias and its reporters .

            It’s so sad to realize how easy to lie to destroy a person ‘s life in this country. I just hope the SK court and its justice system will be able to go beyond the mal function practices. I want to be able to have a full trust that the court jwill be the place that can give justice to people .

            • Unfortunately SK seems to be a country where the person who screams the loudest is “always right”. Especially the online community don’t really care about any evidence, they just gulp down scandals and the dirtier, the better. I guess they somehow fail to realize these “amusing stories” and “comments just voicing opinion” are actually someone’s real life. However whichever stance the reader here decides to follow, is there really anything amusing about a case like KHJ’s? There were horrible things said about an otherwise popular and well loved person, so either that person is fake and not nice at all (which I don’t believe) or someone viciously plotted destroying his public image (which I think is what happened here). But really, even for those who decide to believe Choi, how can they act like this is some soap opera? If they don’t act maturely throughout this process and don’t show respect to the law, authorities, public and related persons, then how can they expect us to take their words seriously? I’m not ready to sympathize with someone who presents herself as victim but at the same time acts an aggressive, cocky and generally dumb person. Choi should have chosen a while ago whether she wanted to be perceived as an oppressed and abused person lacking confidence or an arrogant and obnoxiously loud entity whose word is above the law. These features are opposites, so she can’t be both at the same time.

              • Choi hye mi that i saw in the picture and the clip is just an arrogance attention seeker . Nothing was natural in her behavior and her movement there. It’s quite embarrassing to watch.

                She acted and presented herself as an 18 years old girl when she was already a 30 + and quite experience woman.

                After 1.5 years of following the case we can firmly say that her supporters are either haters or the ignorance who do not care to know the truth and do not value justice. They chose to close their eyes and refuse to use their brains. The ones who are active in making negative comments in trash medias online i believe they are paid to do so. Their task are to repeat choi’ s lies and defame HJ. Now I laugh when I read their comments because it clearly shows how desperate they are . We just need to leave them behind really. Keep our heart and mind fresh sending loving kindness to HJ.

  59. En moorin school, un drama nuevo, se dio el caso de que la agencia debia renovar el contrato con su mejor estrella, y sabian que el iva pedir mucho dinero, ya que la agencia sobrevivia gracias a esta estrella, lo q hizo la agencia fue crearle un escandalo con una mujer para dañar su imagen, y asi renovar el contrato por menos dinero, eso me hizo recordar a KHJ y que talvez KE tambien tenga mucho que ver alli, quisa el corage me haga hablar de mas, pero este señor tan amigo de only one, el que salio en sonata de invierno, no me cae nada bien siento que nos buena persona…quiza por alli hay algo, pienso que hay algo mas atras de KHJ….que es con lo que realmente lo han chantajeado, por eso el no dice tambien toda la verdad de una ves, en cuanto a ese niño el abogado dijo que hasta que no se limpue la imagen de KHJ no habra acuerdo con peggy en cuanto a la manutencion, haber que se esta planeando con este largo silencio de ambos lados, quedra boda ahora la niña indefensa que se dejo engañar, que mujer mas despreciable

  60. Remember a while back someone said she use to follow him in school. Who was that and how did he know that. My question is was she working at KE when she had someone take her where he was filming IG. Why did he take her there in the first place, fine that person and question him again. If she didn’t work for KE why would this man take her there?

    If he did, why risk your jobs to giving out and show where the star’s at was without permission. In that video where she was sitting with KHJ team. The way it looked to me maybe that was a plan also. I notice she kept looking around why was that. She was looking dead into the camera. Whoever was video taping, they kept that camera on just those two not the team. I thought the media was their for the team. Not just KHJ and Choi. To show her with KHJ at his game. But one thing I notice she didn’t leave with him. The way she was swinging at him and hitting him what was all that. Choi was abusing him right in public.

    Seem like to me she was trying to make it look like she was with him. When KHJ started walking away heading to his car. He didn’t turn around or look back. I thought they was together. Was that another part of the set up. To have evidences, showing her and him together. Who was the guy in the green shirt. Was he a friend of hers, or was he working for the big person. Who was she with because it wasn’t KHJ. I have more question then answers. Who is this person, and what he/she have on her, or what she have on them to make them criminals along with her.

    They had to know these was lies but they still reported her evidences. My next question is, are they not only blackmailing KHJ maybe the other person also. Maybe they have done the big person the same way, and in order to keep their mouths shut about him/her. They help her with what she want against KHJ. Like I say I have more question then answers. Who hired her at KE, and what did they know about her. Right now no one is off limits until they catch who’s behind her and why. Seem like Choi and her family have something against people with money. Why did her mother say guys like him deserve it? The only way a big person would help her is family, or someone from her past. Why is Dispatch the one putting her information out?

    Who do they know in that company to let them just put what they want in the news? Also who is Dispatch working with also? Someone is paying a pretty penny to get KHJ out of music industrial. More question then answer. I said this once before is someone after KE. Also or someone in the same company as KHJ wanted him out the way or want that company. If someone in that company had something to do with this it would be sad. Besides them being a coward and not protecting their top star.

    What are they really hiding to come out and apologize for not protecting him. So who was they protecting it surely wasn’t KHJ. More question then answers. This is bigger then just KHJ this is only my opinion. But If I was KHJ I wouldn’t trust anyone right now. Maybe this big person is someone KHJ knew in the past. Like old employer’s he has work for. Maybe I’m wrong. Another who’s paying her lawyer for her. How is this child being taking care of, while the mother not working? More question then answers.

    • Hello Sandra!
      I think I have answered most of your questions if you’ll read this article above carefully. To pinpoint on names and characters behind this case I think Atty Lee already has those info however, I don’t think he will disclose it to the media or public for obvious reason since the Criminal case HJ filed against Choi is still on the table and we’ll just have to wait for the court hearing on criminal case to start probably after Choi’s litigations. He will probably disclose it in the right time.

      Pls allow me to clear it up that the photos that Choi showed the media in 2014 claiming she was with HJ at IG filming set were all fake or photo shopped which was already proven back in time. So how am I suppose to believe she was there at IG set or HJ took her with him? Which I very much doubted, remember, they only started dating after IG in April 2014! I didn’t see any video nor convincing picture of her at IG filming set. So these are all lies from Choi.

      In response to your question: I don’t think Choi was ever connected with KE as other fans thought so. KE’s ceo shall take the witness stand after the 5th court hearing in defense to HJ so probably we’ll know who was the media outlet who was blackmailing HJ and KE. Yes KE was blackmailed as I wrote in this article. It was when this media outlet approached KE showing so-called evidence from Choi which Atty Lee proved as all fake evidence!

      I have already written and attacked KE for being an incompetent company pointing out their faults. Now since KE still has the respect from HJ, I go with him, I think he knows better than us fans in terms of his agency whether we like it or not! I don’t want to end up eating my words as far as KE is concern so I’ll wait.

      However, I believe someone was pulling up the strings in bringing down KE too. I think someone fr Choi’s camp was pretending to be a KHJ fan may have infiltrated HJ’s fandom to spread false rumors against KE in March 2015. I’m just glad it stopped! Anyone who may have envied KE and HJ’s succeess surely is a suspect playing a character in this conspiracy behind the scene, that’s all I can say as of now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope I was able to respond to you correctly! LOL!

      TO EVERYONE here, I’m happy to know I’m not alone in my thoughts and in defense to HJ. Pls do stick around, forgive me if I may not be able to write anything cheerful at this time since this site still focuses on HJ’s case probably until HJ’s case ends. I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to stop writing about this case, I want to keep it right there at the internet still hoping those who were blinded from the truth can somehow be enlightened.

      Thank you so much for keeping me company, KHJ and you guys are my greatest inspiration in writing all about KHJ! Oh and I’ll keep up with my updates.

      Take care everyone, have a great weekend! See you again! God bless…

      • Girls that HJ dated after finish IG filming it’s not Choi.KE made that statement without HJ approval this was one of reason HJ angry with KE.Picture that Seon Piggy revealed to media were fake picture too,if you girls are really fans of HJ you should know girl in those two picture are different girls,and you can watch HJ’s “His Habit” MV to find out since Choi side used that MV to photoshop their fake picture. I’m sure unnie still remember that fake statement admitted HJ was beat that Plastic doll also but now proven all were lies,and HJ knows plastic doll in 2013 not as the statement said in 2012.I can not say more since everything still in investigation.
        My speculation about why her mom who is the plaintiff of Child custody case,if in this case proven as fake claim again,there will be more criminal case Choi HM has to face,maybe Mr.Choi is showing some mercy on her own daughter now doesn’t want her daughter face even heavier punishments .

      • Forced KE to make fake statement is important,without that statement other plans couldn’t go smoothly and make it didn’t make sense.So all of this was plan from the very beginning,inccluding the birth of the baby.

        • Your point makes a lot of sense invluding about KE. I ‘m syill so angry with this incompitant agency. I believe the rest of agents in SK can do much better to protect their number one star when he was wrongly accused and being blackmailed. I do hope KE’s CEO will be respondsible for the mistake they have done to HJ we will see on June 3rd in the civil court trial.

  61. Thank you LazerKim
    as always you put the accent on the right places. There are so many unanswered questions, all bitchoi done was confusing all. The trash Media that published her statements forgot what they’ve printed, because all her LIES they’ve printed and can be found in the archives, so the LIES are so easy to see if someone was using his head of course. Most of the netizens they just read what is printed and forgot what they’ve read the day before.

    Everything that bitchoi done or how she released her statements are so much in fog and nothing concrete …it is funny that people really go and take for granted all her obvious confusing lies. I mean really nobody is using a bit of their grey cells?

    So true if she was soooooooo sure that that baby is Hj’s from the beginning she should have gone to Human Pass and done the test or showed her big belly, look I am carrying the baby of the “hallyu Star” as the Pig so called lawyer said. Everything is in fog nothing seems real only their play with the media, how they got this far? Because in the end one day Hj is bound to re-check the DNA on that baby, I am sure that Hj will do that in the future. Maybe now the Kims accept the DNA results, but the moment they will get custody or that baby will be visiting they can do the DNA.

    bitchoi can’t just ask for money and deny Hj or the Kims to see the child, because she may try this ask for money but deny the visiting the baby or seeing him. She is so blinded by greed to get money that she will go lowest of the lowest just to torment Hj and his family.
    Frankly never seen or heard about a more low trash gold digger bitch like this freak Choi Hye mee (or whatever is her name…) she is still and Remain always a NOBODY a Nothing just a Blackmailer a Liar and a Gold Digger who put her claws on Hj as the jackpot to easy life.

    How the SK court allowed these things which are so obvious a Media Play to extort money and is really smelling of Blackmail, to go this far? How many lawsuits can this bitch sue? for what ever reason? She is suing right and left for everything…I wonder if she will sue pig lawyer in the end??

    How SK court of law didn’t even reject the zillion txt messages presented? I mean which court of law in the world will accept those? That pig so called lawyer is a joke which I still wonder if he really has a license. He is so sleazy and acting so smug ….just looking at him you can see his type.

    As you said and true it is, bit by bit Truth start to surface, so keep the FAITH all Truth will be out in the end. HJ is not alone and he will never be alone he has his loving family, his loved ones hi friends and his loyal Fans.

      • Hi Noya, u so right about stuff and all. God knows where is the end of this road, looks like we r in a middle, long way to go though. I wish the guy and family could stay healthy and tough. I went trough last video from LK, all I can see that the girl is a real stalker, she even looks like the leech with low brain activity, ugly in and out. Can’t wait till she is done.

    • Very well said Noya.
      Can’t agree more in every points you said here.

      I wonder how far and how long SK public will ignore the injustice in their society and allow a criminal suspected and an immoral lawyer to abuse SK justice system by seeing the court as their play ground to buy times for their next crime and getting more money.

      • Hi Bella, the situation is cruel for all. Hopefully SK will learn more about it coz people like HJ are the heart of their country, they are unique and irreplaceable, but also very vulnerable for all kind of sharks. Celeb’s life is not always what other people think it is.

    • Hello sis! Yes totally agree with you!
      I don’t think Choi will ever show that baby to KHJ and his family. If I were the Kims I can simply make a deal, no baby no child support. If Choi claims that baby is his then HJ has the right as a father to see the baby, since he acknowledged it even without physically seen the said baby!
      That would be the chance for HJ to have the baby re-take the DNA. Just for his peace of mind since nothing was concrete on how Choi proved her pregnancy and childbirth!

      • Hello sis!
        that is a very good idea, bitchoi want money bring the child to the Kim’s! Bitchoi & comp think most probably that all are blind and stupid and will buy all her lies….
        I do hope that Atty Lee has some aces up his sleeves to finish them off once for all.
        Hj must fight for his Truth till the end. Till that freak her cronies will go to Jail! NO Mercy at all baby or not!!

    • Well said, Noya!
      Choi really seems to believe she can ask for KHJ’s millions just so but never give the Kims access to the baby. If she didn’t want them to get involved in raising the child that is “theirs” as much as “hers”, she should have kept her mouth shut from the start and keep the baby to herself. However, she chose to let the world know she has a child and if so, the child has a father too, not just the mother (and grandmother for that matter).
      The level of delusion is extremely high amid her camp.

  62. Hi Dear LazerKim,
    Thank You for the article!
    I feel sorry for Kim Hyun Joong and His Family:
    Please Do Not Worry!!!
    We Believe You,
    Trust You
    and Wait for You !!!
    With Love

  63. I believe she got some of his blood Mr. Lee should’ve asked for two tests instead of one. Where KHJ first paid to go. The second where the judge told them to go. Was that the judge decision to go to that hospital. Or was it Choi lawyer that had them go there, behind closed doors. Or was the hospital affiliated with this big person Choi is dealing with. To have that test tamper with. Its strange how her lawyer one minute saying if his baby. Then right after they got KHJ go where they wanted. He was singing its KHJ kid he’s 100 percent sure. Then on another day says he’s 1000 percent and even put his job on that. Now at the rate they’ve been doing and lying. How we don’t know whether a test has been taken. What’s behind the reason this big person is helping her. I want to here about that. She said she was pregnant in Dec. and at the beginning of Jan. So why wasn’t she pregnant by Jan. 19, 2015. If she wasn’t before the 19th, how can she be pregnant after the 19th with KHJ baby If he never seen her after that. Then in Feb. to say the baby was moving by the 18 or 19 by her text. I still don’t believe her. KHJ needs a second opinion on that test.

    • The hope dies last. At this moment, all we can do is wait. There are still too many gaps in this story, but as LK said little by little, one by one the truth will come out. When the timing is right.

  64. totaly agree withe u but i’m realy choked by korean fans reaction please open your minds who can beleive women who date for bag and shoes and make baby whith boyfreind who beet her as she said ,the truth is clear ther is big complot against prince of hallyu khj .thank u lazerkim

  65. Dear lazerkim, what you said were like you had watched everything from your eyes and i believe that is the truth… But she choosed a wrong person to play with. She and whoever involved in this must pay their price for ruining and torturing our hyunjoong and his family. And i am sure hyunjoong is the winner at the end because he determined to prove himself and i can say one thing that once he determined about something he will achieve it and in this, the truth is also at his side so i am 1000% sure he is the winner of the battle. This battle will make him more stronger… I am praying for him. BIG BIG BIG FIGHTING TO KIM HYUNJOONG, HIS LAWYER, HIS FAMILY, HIS FRIENDS AND TO YOU AND ALL HIS FANS AROUND THE WORLD!!! Thank you so so so much for your doubts lazerkim, i also have many questions but with only one answer that hyunjoong is a great person and he is the victim and suffering the most and i believe atty lee will sent that evil group to jail,they are deserved for that for making him suffer.

  66. OMG!! LK you spoke my mind exactly, I kept wondering why specifically did she want to go to the dna test together? did she have someone there that can help her fake the results? but anyways I believe that truth will come out in full

  67. thanks again lazerkim you are very correct. i keep wondering each day why this case is lingering this way, I’m still doubting the fact that the DNA came out positive and i believe you completely. lets keep praying, God will surely give us the justice we seek.

  68. Dear LK, thanks very much for new share. Same questions here stick with my mind and keep bothering. How come nobody brought to the light any direct evidences about her pregnancy time, video or pictures or any other type of confirmation that she really was pregnant. It is also so unlike her not to show off about it; specially when she did the non-stop broadcasting even about her false stuff, but became so secretive about the real hit?!

    Why did she change her signature all of a sudden, when she already became such a pro in PR with her every phony scratch and all private messages; but there is no a single picture about being pregnant, giving birth in the hospital or even after with the baby. What happened that she went undercover since?

    I wonder if Kim’s camp possibly did some private investigation on this matter or they just follow all lawful procedures? How come her dumb-lawyer announced the 100% DNA test result before the fact, is it legal to make such an unprofessional airing? All about these scumbags so extremely annoying, that make me sick each time I think about it. Can’t wait till they’re brought to justice and get exactly what they deserve.

    • The video clips 2013 give us the absolute clear definition who she is and what she’s after. She looks so much unbalanced and unrelaxed with anxiety coz her mind fully preoccupied with scheming thoughts and hunting games. Even from the first sight u can see how her low brain works. It’s so obvious.

  69. lazerkim your thought process is interesting .I hope that what you’re saying about the Deviant CHoi comes to light. I am so sad to know that mama Kim is so stressed ,.i hope she reads this. Mrs Kim i want you to be strong. you are defending your cub
    KHJ. live day to day.dont worry.Everything is going to be fine. Good always conquer evil. To the kims hold up your heads you have nothing to be ashamed about. FANS OF KIM HYUN JOONG? LET US PRAY FOR Him AND HIS FAMILY ?
    HYun joong don’t Worry ABOUT ANYTHING ! Stay strong.SOlDIER. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO WORK OUT FOR YOUR FAMILY! Prayer changes things. believe these words. love my Hyun JOONG. FIGHT for JUSTICE. YOUR fans from the east,west,north and south love you. WE ARENT GOING ANYWHERE .

  70. …you know Ms.LK….at this point everytime i read about the said scandal i been always teary eyed..maybe because i witness the hardship of KHJ undergo about it and until now no words comes out to my mind just #WAITINGFORKHJ…sad and it hurts but like other some justice system it goes like that what happening to HJ…the best i can do now is pray that he is ok and not losing hope that the truth will prevail ..and have him again when he comes back..thanks for wonderful articles always…

  71. TQ LK 4 the great article…i just believe what you wrote only. another article from other source i can’t believe 100% anymore..and i can’t read bad comment abt KHJ, it makes me hurt. LOVE KHJ 4 EVER

  72. I really agree with these lines.especially I felt these lines “I think Choi is just waiting for the Kims to get exhausted by all these media pressures and surrender to her huge demand for cash behind the scene and to drop the criminal case against her ” you are definitly correct.coz, this is what I was exactly thinking. Things pass away soon. But our love for him is an endless sky. Thankyou for sharing. Have a good day.

  73. Antes de leer este articulo por mi parte estuve investigando sobre el tema y ciertamente hay muchas cosas que no concuerdan y se me hace una gran injusticia para dañar la imagen de Kim Hyun Joong..
    Para empezar.. no se como sean aya pero aqui en México, (segun por lo que conto ella que la hizo abortar varias veces).. aqui si tu novio te hizo abortar para que te vuelves a embarazar? .. segun que le pego y aborto nuevamente.. para que rayoz te vuelves a embarazar??.. que nuevamente el le pego salvajemente y que la humilló y no se que tanta tonteria.. para que carajos te vuelves a embarazar?? Por lo que e leido no es una jovencita.. ya está grande.. sabemos que hay tantos preservativos desde hace años.. o si el la obligaba y sabia como estaba el asunto.. existe pastillas del ayer.. todos saben eso.. si es como ella dice que paso. Para empezar ahi esta mi primera duda.. otra cosa, cuando a ella se le pidio que se comprobara su embarazo, por que se nego tanto?
    Como sabemos ella no era (por que ya lo es) famosa, por que recurrió a los medios y prensa para ventilar su circo?
    Hay tantas cosas que no concuerdan y realmente desaniman por que no podemos creer que exista una justicia tan mediocre (y paso diciendo tambien de las injusticias que ocurren en mi pais).. pero confio en que todo se aclare, y quien sea realmete culpable pague.
    Por lo mientras hay tantas cosas que no encajan, asi que mi apoyo incondicional A Kim desde México.
    Igual Se les pide a los medios de comunicación que si realmente no tienen algo veredicto se abstengan de mencionar algo respecto al tema.
    Voy En contra al maltrato a la mujer en cualquier sentido.. pero como exigimos igualdad, no me parece correcto que se lucre la imagen de un hombre agarrándose de ese tema.. en ninguna circunstancia mientras no sea verdad se debe de culpar a alguien para veneficio propio.
    Hay un dicho dicho aqui en mi pais (respecto al cuento de caperucita roja).. ..
    “Si solamente nos concentramos en escuchar las verciones de caperucita roja (choi) hacerca del lobo(kim).. el lobo siempre sera el malo”..

  74. I agree with u that choi n her disgusting family only want money n nothing else
    I still believe that the baby is not HJ or even it belong to choi
    I remember Atty Lee say that choi scratch HJ hard n he was blooding n I think she got his DNA in her nail n save it to use it
    This media chief that protecting her has to go to jail too because he also a criminal
    Piggy seon really need to be disbarred because he no way a lawyer he actual mocking real lawyer he should be a clown instead

  75. There is one thing about this whole case that I could never understand, is how is this case still going and she doesn’t have any proof or evidence? Every time they go to court Miss Choi’s side never have any support to show abuse/abortions/miscarriages from assult, yet they she is still suing/ruining his life. They say that they use celebrity gossip to hide bigger issues (like political corruption, bomb threats or secretly passing a bill that the public would not agree with). Every time I hear about Kim Hyun Joong’s case I wonder what are they covering up?

  76. I totally agree with you. Everything was premeditated. She is a big liar, but I don’t know whats happens with korea justice, because she does everything she wants. So all of us know about that woman, we know how looks her face and how is her reputation . Why korean medios don’t make public her face?

  77. Another question that I would like to have a answer to is,”Was and is there a investigator finding out things for HJ and his family? I heard that there was, but I haven’t heard anything since.

  78. Yes, I believe in all you are saying. With me, I have also had my doubts. DNA, papers, anything can be falsified. She is the type to do whatever she has to to get what she wants. As for KHJ, she might get money, but she want get revenge on HJ. His fans, true fans, will be by his side all the way. His career, right now, is just on hold. He will be back, stronger than ever. This, not human girl, will not win!!

  79. Another great post, LK! I think Choi is already getting something she craves….ATTENTION from the media! She wanted to be a model or actress but that didn’t happen. What better way to get yourself noticed than to attach yourself to a celebrity. Like you said, strange that nothing coming out from Choi’s side lately. Guess they are out of ideas to mess with KHJ’s life. Or they are planning yet another bomb to destroy him and his family all of course to be published in the media. I hope piggy Atty gets disbarred. He is bringing great shame to lawyers in Korea. If SK courts continue to believe his “evidence” then shame on them too. Next court date is coming soon. Let’s pray that the truth will come out. At first I was so sad to see KHJ going to the military. But now, thank God he is away from Monster Choi, Demon mother and pig Atty. I can’t imagine what his life would be like if they were around him.

    Thanks again for another honest post.

  80. I have more question then answers. First was this video put out to show KHJ with her or was she just there alone. When KHJ left he didn’t take her with him. Who was that guy in the green shirt? Was he the guy that took her to IG when he was filming. Or is this one of her friends, that took her there. She didn’t leave when KHJ left. Plus if she was with the other guy why would she be swinging and hitting on KHJ.

    That girl was stalking KHJ When he drop that bottle of water, he froze like I just drop this bottle on her or maybe not. Seem like she was trying to get to know him. By the way she was grabbing on him trying to make him sit by her. Plus the first thing I saw just looking at this video. She swung on him, also hit him. When did this video come out. How often did she do that. Who was recording this footage. Another thing I notice KHJ left by himself.

    I don’t want to get started on the on these pregnancy. In my opinion KHJ should ask for a second opinion on the paternity test. These people would in my opinion make this test out to be KHJ. Look how her lawyer said in early interviews if it was his child. Then he also said when he show KHJ’s lawyer. He said he never seen the baby personally. So how would he know if that’s his baby. He was at the hospital when she had the baby wasn’t he. But never seen a baby until the picture. Now after the KHJ take the test he’s singing KHJ is the father. How did he know that right after the test was taken he was 100 percent sure KHJ was the father.

    Then in another interview he was 1000 percent sure and bet his job on that. Not unless he knew it was going to be KHJ by someone tamper with the DNA sample. Or a test wasn’t taken. The way that court order paternity test came out. 100 percent sure, test 99.999 percent. It came out before the test was finish. So how do we know a test was taken.

    I’m only saying this is, before KHJ said if this is his kid without any shadow of a doubt. Even if she was pregnant in Dec. and at the beginning of Jan. Where is the baby by Jan. 19, 2015. Her hospital form said no pregnancy. Plus in Feb she was telling him about the baby moving video. Then in Feb. around the 27 says she’s 4 months. If she wasn’t pregnant before Jan 19th how can she be pregnant after the 19th. If her and KHJ never got together after January. How can she have a baby by September by KHJ.

    • Hello Sandra 🙂

      Your questions sound pretty legit, Choi is not telling one story but multiple different stories at once. And they all are lame.

      Would you please tell me where you learned about the medical record of January 19th that said Choi wasn’t pregnant? I heard it several times in the comments on this site but I don’t know where the news came from.
      Thank you

      • If I’m not mistaken, I think Sandra was refering to my previous article New Life, which I posted at the bottom of my article sub-title Pregnancy Proof, w/c stated: OB date visit 2015-1-19 – Pregnancy Zero.
        It’s impossible for Choi to get impregnated in Jan 2015, since HJ was already in Tokyo while she stated her last period was Dec 6 but had abortion in Dec 8 2014. LOL. In Jan 4, 2015 she informed HJ she was preggy! Liars can also forget their lies!! LOL! So who wouldn’t doubt her pregnancy, childbirth and DNA? By the way, DNA samples can also be switched inside the lab! Who knows??? With all Choi’s endless lies, whatelse is there to believe? We already know what she’s capable of doing!

        • Thank you Miss Lazerkim! 🙂

          I must have missed out on that part somehow, I’ll go back and look it up.
          This woman Choi is a miracle of nature indeed, national museum of biology should preserve her for her outstanding qualities XD LOL

          • One thing to be aware of when deciphering OB/GYN reports, the intake form or the nurse will ask, “How many previous pregnancies have you had?” That number can appear after the letters PP (Previous Pregnancies) or PG (Pregnancies). A PP – 0 does not mean the woman is not currently pregnant, it means she claims to have no previous pregnancies. Anyhow, this is how it’s done in the US. (I asked a friend that is a medical transcriptionist)

            • That can become one more sufficient evidence against her and show the full spectrum of her fantasies. And what Nemesis suggests it would be great addition to exotic private collection of her lies.

            • The good thing is when she claims to have been pregnant multiple times before, this information would have to appear in her medical records. After so many abortions and miscarriages she’d be at high risk of losing the child she allegedly gave birth to in August/September. In such cases it’s not unusual for the mother-to-be to spend the last period of pregnancy in hospital.
              Not pregnant in January or before, either way it’s another proof of her lying. As sad as it is, it’s good news.

  81. You amaze us as usual my dear lazerkim I love your thought not coz you are khj fan but it’s logic one I hope the people in SK realize all the points you said in your article and not only khj fans . They should stop to looking to khj story as story between two lovers and they want to break up the reality is different the truth is there is someone want khj to be down and not raise up again so he creat all this story to confuse the public and the nature in SK help him they believe everything and judge without thinking . about the pregnancy and the child just to complete the scene as two lovers if choi her mission to destroy khj and she sent for this I see it’s stupid to get pregnant ! keep your eyes and minds open ,choi doesn’t want to be a mother ! all the evidence about the pregnancy until now is fake , for DNA test they can paid for the hospital and everything will be ok they paid for the media for the people to say bad things about khj so this is not new thing for choi . Khj can repeat the test at any time he wants in the future I hope .

  82. Just want to leave you with Psalm 43 because this saga has been going on too long and we are getting tired of the dramatics.

  83. I have an online friend who summed up Choi Hye Mi’s problem VERY succinctly – Choi found out that KHJ did not consider her marriage material and has been out for blood ever since. I believe she tried to get pregnant in the spring of 2014, and thought she did, then when she went to the clinic & found out she was not, lost her mind. Now, it would not surprise me to find out that she’s had a backer at Dispatch this whole time. I heard that her lawyer Seon was the lawyer for that girl that got involved in the plot to discredit Park Si Hoon, in fact – he’s a known sleaze.
    LazerKim has been right on the money on this scandal – and I totally agree with her about all the strangeness involving this pregnancy/birth. I hope the courts just award custody to the Kims, & thrown Choi Hye Mi & her mother in jail, LOL

  84. Thank you so much LK for your research . Agree Agree Agree with everything you said here. I heave never doubt your instinct.

    choi hye mi showed herself she is such an attention seeker in the clip. I can’t help but feel almost want to laugh seeing 30 plus years old woman acted like an innocent girl. It is quite embarrassing to watch. Can’t help but think HJ once had a bad test..

    About the clip I think there is another one ( that not show here and I can’t find it any more ) took by his Japanese fan in the same day that closed up choi hye mi ‘s eyes when she looked at HJ . Her eyes showed how much she wanted him I think if I was HJ I would be goosebumps with that seduce eyes. She was so invited the way she looked at him and he was a bit shy there. I think this is probably in the very beginning that she openly showed her first move in public I have no doubt what she would do behind the public..

    I remember September 2014 I made a comment here after seeing the apology letter . In the comment I posted HJ should request the order from the police to forbid Miss A ( then ) not to come near him less than 5-6 maters. The reason I said that because I remembered the way she looked at him I could feel if she got a chance to be closed to him she will never let him go . Therefore after Sept 2014 I was sure then she would try to get pregnant with him if she can get a chance to be near him again. It ‘s so so sad and quite shocking that what I was concern become true.

    Watching her character and her gesture I have no doubt why she did what she had done. Honestly I can’t get good vibration from this character.

  85. Oh my goodness. LK you have been on the money since day one and I do agree with you. Man can not take away what God has ordained, he will be back because of all of the things you have listed.

    I have a question. Is Choi mother an attorney?

  86. Hey! My dreamy u so much and always pray for u and your health!god bless u dear~I want tell u agree with your words one by one…completly agree with u and pray 4 KHJ& his family till the end….I beleive the only winner in this ugly situation is KHJ…that’s it!
    …..plz take care yourself hny^^
    Always your fan _ Zara from Iran

  87. Hello dear i totally agree with you -KHJ is à victim and i pray for the truth !! Fighting KHJ and Henecia Family. For me -KHJ is the best and i support him always and forever.

  88. Bonjour LazerKim. I agree with you for all you write. I think she might have the occasion to take samples of the nephew of HJ (same DNA). All was premedidated!!! About the section chief of a media outlet, he may be blackmailed and forced to do what she and her lawyer wanted. I read somewhere she has 4 boyfriends before HJ (I’d like to know who) but this section chief may be one of them. I wish the truth will be revealed very quickly for HJ, his family and for us his fans: it’s so horrible what happened to him!!!!

    • Dear guys we are not very happy about how the current events progressing, but let’s remain patient and optimistic and continue to support and cheer up HJ and each other. What’s important for him and for us right now it’s just stay cool and unbreakable as we always did. HJ knows very well who exactly he can rely on – his loving Family, his loyal Fans and his true Friends. Just few months separate us from him. The time flies fast and we are gonna be together again soon. The name of SS301 new album is very promising for all of us – ETERNAL 5.

  89. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONSPIRACY PLOT | LazerKim

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