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By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here is aware of the Dec 14th DNA result that turned out positive on Kim Hyun Joong as the father of Choi’s child. If you notice, I didn’t write about it on my Case Update article report! I was not surprised about the DNA result, BUT I was shock by how this news was brought out to the public!

First, the result was out to the media provided by the hospital where DNA took place and was reported to the media, before it was reported to the family court! Is this normal?Second, according to the trash news the DNA result showed 99.9999% positive on KHJ paternity, is this result even possible for real? I’m just asking!

I can’t help but doubt the manner how the result was released before the court of law who ordered this DNA process, however, Hyun Joong and his family acknowledged the result in respect to the court order. This baby may be Hyun Joong’s first child, but why is his existence seem to be questionable?

Allow me to pour out my thoughts on this blog, so I can move on further from where I am!



From day one since this nightmare started in Aug 2014, until the present 2015 I have been writing about Hyun Joong’s case and its development, therefore, most of my readers are aware of what’s going on, not to identify the loopholes on Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth.

Prior to the DNA result release, Atty Seon was saying he was 1000% sure that Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s baby and was demanding for huge amount of money for child support! The following day he was accusing the public for taking his client as if she’s a National Swindler!! Why not? People judge you by what they see and hear from you!

As soon as this DNA result was released to the media in Dec 21st Atty Seon made another set of lies, stating this:  “During the two years she (Choi) lived with Kim Hyun Joong, she was impregnated 5 times…”  Come on Counselor, only in her dream!! The Kims refuted this false statement.

As I read this press release from Atty Seon, I was asking myself, is this another way of confusing the public?  I can understand that it’s so unbelievable for a normal woman to get pregnant 5 times within the period of 7 months with continous miscarriage and abortion which is clinically and humanly impossible, therefore Atty Seon has to change his statement!  How can I believe this lawyer if he and his client kept changing statements in every media interviews??

Then finally in Feb 2015, Choi suddenly announced she was pregnant then gave birth without even valid proof! Are we to be blamed as to why we are forever doubting Choi knowing she has been lying ever since this nightmare exploded?



I was all prepared to accept the DNA results even a part of me doubted it! Until this latest development came out from Mr. Kim’s translated interview posted yesterday! Here it goes:

KHJ Father:    “On July 13th, 2014 Choi’s mom directed Choi to maintain her relationship with Hyun Joong till the end of the year. To me it seems very premeditated. I’m sorry to the baby but we will follow legal decision. If Choi cannot raise him well.

Choi premeditated or planned out conspiracy with her mom by saying “Think of how you can get most out of him, you have to endure well and must keep it till the end of the year, though there are many mountains to climb over!”

To say to keep it till the end of the year even before filling lawsuit in Aug. 2014 is very odd! as Hyun Joong’s dad, I can’t help but take this as premeditated or well planned out!”

(Trans Cr:  @sun_sunsky, thanks for sharing!)



Reading from above translation, made me think this Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth had been planned since last year 2014! When I saw the picture of Mrs. Choi carrying the baby even made me doubtful of the baby’s age that seemed bigger than a 3 months old baby! Who is this child? Who are his real biological parents?

These are the questions nagging my wild thoughts! Am I to be blamed with such doubtful thoughts if from the start Choi’s pregnancy and childbirth was not clinically and legitimately proven? Well, I may be wrong which I hope I am because this is too much of a lied game to play with!

You may ask if SK hospitals can lie, Why not? If the hospital where the Dec 14th DNA took place had the guts to release sensitive DNA result ordered by the SK court of law to the media, then I don’t see any reason as to why they can’t falsify Choi’s medical childbirth records too! Do I make sense?

Well, this may be speculations on take it or leave it terms to my dear readers, I’m just clearing it up, I’m simply pouring out my wild thoughts whether I’m wrong or not! However, I have every reason to doubt this circus show that Choi presented to us!



In one of my articles, I wrote that Choi and her lawyer seem to be taking the SK court of law as their playground conniving with media! And this time they made me conclude, indeed they are taking the court as a playground in convincing the public of their lies!

Was the DNA fiasco in Dec 14th created by Choi’s camp their way of diverting the public attention away from the real issue that Choi doesn’t have a case in any of the charges she filed, be it the civil court or the family court? And so the least that they can do is relay on court of public opinion, that Choi and Atty Seon was making the public stupid by his inconsistent statements?

Is this their motive in this media play started by Atty Seon on revealing the Dec 14th DNA, exposing his client Choi’s identity and now making noise on its result? Is this how dirty SK media played their role to KHJ image demolition? I may just be writing  my wild thoughts out but this is how I see this big picture for real!!

Yes Atty Seon stated to have submitted multiple evidences! BUT what matters in any court of law is the veracity of evidence rather than numbers which contains nothing but unbelievable trash evidence! Is this how Atty Seon played with the SK court of law? I’m just asking since I’m having a bad impression on how this dirty game was being played!



In all this circus show there’s one important thing that Choi NEVER considered that I can call her “brain-dead mother” because she is not thinking and all she has in mind is REVENGE and MONEY! Choi Hye Mi and her family think she won this battle by proving the father of her own child is Kim Hyun Joong. Fine! I’m prepared to accept this.

However, she and her family never realize the future repercussion of this circus they created. I swear she can never have peace the moment she brought that baby to the public and made an innocent child the victim of her own foolish revenge.

It’s so obvious that she’s not after the child’s sake, hence, she made an innocent child her own money bag and bringing the child’s father downfall. Is this child will not grow up? Is this child will stay as he is, an infant who cannot understand? No of course not!

That child will grow up to an adult in the future and when the time comes he’s in his right mind, will he not question his own mother as to why she dragged him to this shameful scenario and pushed his own father to the quicksand?

Will this child never question as to why his mother said all those lies about his father that made the public look bad on Hyun Joong as his father? There’s a saying, “There’s nothing that can be hidden under the sun!”

Can a REAL mother and grandmother do such shameful thing to an innocent child? Now who is the victim in this circus that she created? Isn’t it the poor innocent nameless child who is the true victim here?



Now I can see a full picture of Choi and her family with a shotgun pointed at Hyun Joong and his family using this child in order to live! However, the Kims firmly stated that the criminal case filed by Hyun Joong against Choi shall proceed no matter what happen, I think this message was said loud and clear to Choi’s camp.

What kind of mother who would only care for herself and simply concern herself at present with what she can earn out of this circus? And what kind of a grandmother (Mrs. Choi) does this child has who is even pushing him to the public for money? I remember reading this part from the news on the Kim’s interview in Feb 2015 as follows:

According to the Kims, they met with Miss Choi’s parents on January 14. Miss Choi’s parents had an envelope with documents inside, but according to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents, they were unable to confirm what was inside the envelope because Miss Choi’s parents later left and took the envelope with them.

Ever since the first time that this second scandal exploded, I already had the impression that Choi’s parents are involved in this conspiracy that now it came out true! I really thought Kdramas are just fiction! Now I can see it does happen in real life in South Korea, that parents like Choi has, do sell their own daughter’s soul for money! Unbelievable!



We are now at a different stage in this nightmare and at this point whether we like it or not we start accepting what Hyun Joong and his family acknowledged, as Hyun Joong’s mother stated this….

“We admitted that he [KHJ] is the father and said that we will take full responsibility so I don’t know why they [Choi’s camp] keep trying to murder his [KHJ] reputation?” expressing her frustration.

I got the answer to her question. Choi simply wanted to bring down Kim Hyun Joong as her revenge for rejecting her! She will definitely be pulling him down the drain until he has nothing left for himself including his career!  While in the public eye, Choi’s supporters, simply wanted Kim Hyun Joong cast out from the SK showbiz industry!

Well, that will never happen, because no scandal can make KHJ fans move an inch away from him! And so to his detractors, may I just say it again, you are simply wasting your time and money in destroying Kim Hyun Joong! We are delulu fans who never give up, right? LOL

As Hyun Joong and his family fight till the end of this case, let’s pray for them for strength to endure all of these in the coming year 2016. May they feel that they are not alone and that we’re here for them and shall stay till all of this nightmare ends.



It doesn’t matter how long this case would take, KHJ fans stays with him until he can clear his name. In other countries, celeb’s personal lives may be exposed to the public which may be even have a worst case than Hyun Joong and yet they stayed in the lime light. On the contrary, SK may have a different showbiz culture which I think is a bit “primitive”.

Time change and I do hope SK showbiz culture would change too and go with the flow with the changing time. A celeb’s personal life has got nothing to do with his career being an entertainer. What people buy is their career and not their personal life. I do hope SK people start realizing this as fact in most of their neighboring countries!

For me as a fan, yes I shall be waiting until Hyun Joong gets back on stage after his MS. Regardless of the outcome of this case, I have his music, I have his dramas and I have those concert memories and it will stay with me fadeless. I don’t care whether he’s a bachelor father, I don’t care about his past, for me he’s still my only one star. Period!

2zxDa-2L7BY-1 (1)


Well, the clock starts ticking from this day to say goodbye to 2015 as we welcome the year 2016! This year 2015 may be such a challenging year to all of us KHJ fans, as there may be a lot of pain caused by this exhausting nightmare, however, I felt even a brave fan inside me and have learned to fight for justice to an innocent man the whole year round!

Being a fan, I think this is the most wonderful experience I had that instead of being driven away from my star Kim Hyun Joong with all the painful nightmare brought me, this nightmare even made me closer to him.

I’m done with tears in 2015, and in this coming year I shall take this case lightly, be entertained by comedians named Choi and Seon and laugh it out as I have written in my previous article, this nightmare is just a BIG JOKE!

And so be it this year 2016, laugh it out, to stay strong, to keep fighting for justice and keep the love within our camp here where I belong as I face my NEW LIFE being a fan of my only one star Kim Hyun Joong!!

                              HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

                               MORE COMEDY ACT BELOW!

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!

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PROOF OF PREGNANCY       (Info cr @Princessmich thanks for sharing!)

Choi’s statement on so-called pregnancy as follows:

Choi had abortion on Dec. 8, 2014

Impregnated on Dec. 20, 2014

Five weeks pregnant as of Jan 9, 2015

Four months pregnant of Feb. 23, 2015



From the picture above submitted by Choi’s camp as proof of pregnancy to the court, I can hardly comprehend an OB performing abortion on the 3rd day of her period!!?? How can a woman get pregnant 10 days after abortion? Can anyone here to please explain! I would like to understand just to give it a benefit of the doubt!

If you notice her statements above and the so-called proof of pregnancy does not jive with each other! This and many more incidents transpired from the time she came out with the news on her pregnancy in Feb 2015 till the present caused me to doubt her claims.

LK as a normal woman, if I get impregnated by a star, I would be very proud of it. If my lover’s parents ask me to be tested, I would gladly give in with no question and prove my pregnancy! The moment I give birth I would surely shout the news to the world! Again if my lover ask for DNA test on my baby I would happily do so, and I don’t need the media to be around in respect to my lover!

If he doesn’t want to take responsibility, then I will on my own, move on with my life happily with my baby and protect it. I’ll show my lover I can raise my baby on my own in the most proper way and be proud of it. I think this is a normal woman’s instinct of being a mother. On the contrary, I saw nothing of a sort from Choi being a mother. Just my opinion!



After reading the translation of Atty Lee’s interview with MBN, I would just like to say, I wish Atty Lee would dig deeper on this issue on Choi’s childbirth, I think there’s a lot more to this case, now knowing how manipulative Choi’s family is. And when the tide has calm down in the future, how I wish Hyun Joong would take another DNA on the baby on his own just for peace of mind before it’s too late.

I don’t know how can this be possible since Choi refuses to show the baby to KHJ and his family and she’ll probably keep the baby away from him.  If this happen, the more I will be doubting about the childbirth or the real father of this child.

Forgive me for being skeptical but as many of us here can see a lot of matters just doesn’t add up, and the more explanations from Choi’s camp turning out, the more I doubt!

                                                    To be continued!



(Trans Cr: Sunny @sun_sunsky   Thanks for sharing!)

CXaVHduUAAAypyP (1)





This may be my last post for the year 2015 as the count down starts at this 24 hours before 2016. Guess what? If this interview I posted above was broadcast on SK national TV in Dec 28, on-line news should be posting this interview by this time! Unfortunately the trash media remained silent! Well, no matter how these people kept the truth, their dirty game will stink and will surely come out in due time!

For those who are asking about the investigation, I’m sure it’s still on going. I don’t think Atty Lee will disclose the outcome of this investigation until the criminal court starts its trial which I think is the best. Sooner or later everything will be out in the open, as we can see the truth is slowly coming out from Choi’s camp itself out of clumsiness!!

As I mentioned in my article above Choi will never have peace anymore. And so be it, she did this to herself, and her mother even pushed her to go further towards the cliff! Mrs Choi has been an accessory to this crime. Therefore she has to go to jail as well! Shameless!

My last JOKE for this year 2015:

SK Judge:  “Miss Choi who is the father of your child? Remember you are under oath!”

Choi:   “Errr…My mother said it’s Kim Hyun Joong, but I’m not sure, because it was dark and I was told he moved out from his apartment! But I’m sure I slept with a man that night…I can’t remember his face, maybe it’s Hyun Joong or maybe not! I’m confuse!”

SK Judge:  “Case dismiss! On the ground that the plaintiff forgot to lie!”  LOL!!


BREAKING NEWS   (Jan 1, 2016)

First of all allow me to greet everyone here Welcome to Year 2016! I really would like to bring you my first news in the opening of this year with hopes it’s a good news! Unfortunately, it’s not so good news! Here it goes:


(Info cr: @501Wangja, thanks for sharing!)


We all know that the Jaksal IIsan branch is under the management of Hyun Joong’s mom and I think she have not recovered well from the last surgery she had in Jan 2015 that she needed much rest.

Many mother fans here can somehow feel the gravity of what Hyun Joong is getting through as a son for them. So you can just imagine the depression his mom really feels for her son being in such painful situation.

As a mother she has been suffering in this nightmare for over a year both mentally, emotionally and physically, as I remember she was newly discharged from the hospital after a surgery when the second scandal broke. And I think she has not recovered from her usual normal health ever since.

We cannot even physically comfort her since we’re all miles away from Hyun Joong’s mom and his family, and the only thing that we can do at this point is to pray for her that she will be able to regain her health and to be strong again for her son Hyun Joong.

My dear readers, my apology I don’t mean to spoil your New Year celebration, but please if I may be allowed air out and to say the following statements:

I hope Choi has gotten what she wanted from Hyun Joong and his family to suffer this much! But I swear she will NEVER be happy from now on and the rest of her life. She too has a mother, the big difference though is that her mom is just as evil as she is!

Now she’s a mother too as she claimed, and I won’t be surprise if one day she will suffer too because of her son. Indeed Choi did not only hurt Hyun Joong’s mother but a lot of mothers worldwide, and I hope she’s aware of it. I just can’t help putting the blame on her for doing this to Hyun Joong and his family who used to be a big happy family, that now they are facing this ordeal because of Choi’s greed for money!     I rest my case!

Thank you so much for all your greetings! Wishing all KHJ fan family here a good year, good health and prosperity all year round this year 2016!


TRASH FROM TRASH      (Jan 9, 2016)

Just dropping by to bring you a brief info news from the comedians Choi’s camp posted by the trash site as stated the following:

According to the legal circle, Ms. Choi’s mother will face Kim Hyun Joong at the first pleading date for the paternity suit on February 26. The paternity suit’s pleading date was set up by Seoul’s Court of Family Affairs.     (News fr Allkpop)

According to Atty Lee Feb 26th court hearing is for family court filed by Choi’s mom. This court decides paternity rights, custody and child support. (Info cr @sunsun_sky thanks!)


(Trans cr: SP@illiblue, Thanks for sharing!)



There you go, to confirm Mrs. Choi’s participation in this conspiracy as I have mentioned in my article above, is now loud and clear! I’m simply putting this on record and hoping for counter charge against Choi Hye Min’s mother Mrs Choi as accessory to Choi’s crime of blackmail extortion, fraudelism, dafamation ect!

Oh this is just fun for a comedy show to start the year 2016 by putting Choi’s mom to the drama cast! I wonder, what right does the so-called grandmother to file charges against Hyun Joong and demand for child support and custody if the so-called mother is still alive?

It’s pretty obvious now that Choi’s family is using the poor baby as their money bag to feed their low life style, since Mrs Choi I believe is filing this case to gain child support or Choi’s family support from Hyun Joong! It seems to me Choi’s family is acting prior to transpiring event in the near future!! This Choi family should get a life!!

How I wish KHJ’s camp would dig in to the background of this family and expose their dirty business, because I’m already having the impression that  this family lives the way we see them as great extortionists! As I mentioned earlier, how I wish Atty Lee would dig deeper on this Choi’s childbirth because something is just not right!

Well to confuse the public is Choi’s motive, that seems to me Mrs Choi is the master mind of this circus! But I still wonder who is behind this mother/daughter team showing another desperate move from a desperate Choi family! *sigh* Why is this happening in SK?


SCHOOL FOR THOUGHTS         (Jan 12, 2016)

One of my readers from my comment box here posted this info from an interview view points from experts pertaining KHJ’s case. I’m putting it up here so that everyone can clearly read. This info was posted at Tweeter on Dec 24th but I’m sure we can learn something out of the info, here it goes as follows:

CXD5BuuUkAA2nNR (1)

(Info tran. cr: @illublue thanks for sharing!)


In one of my articles I have written, that if a person is to accuse somebody and putting him to the court of law, there has to be solid evidence to support the accusations and not just mere text messages just like what Choi did in all her claims including her 2015 pregnancy!

(Quoted No. 4 above)  “From the court’s point of view various exchange of text messages, SNS, voice recording ect are generally not accepted for trials as they are easily edited. In addition, the content of such messages which are pending authentication by the court which are released to the press has a negative influence and this is something the lawyers on both sides need to take note of, as the court looks unfavorably upon such activities.”

I’m sure Atty Seon is not that stupid as a lawyer not to know this fact quoted from the law experts, learning from the law school where Atty Seon had been, right? But why is it that he kept bringing those Choi’s fabricated stupid text messages to the public and to the court of law to prove Choi’s claims? Well, a lawyer trainee is far better than him obviously!

As the law experts stated, that the financial demand from Choi’s camp is 3x excessive than the court may require! So what do we call these people demanding for this huge amount? Are they not qualified to be called extortionists?




193 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] NEW LIFE

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  2. I wonder what kind of compensation that the court can find justice for KHJ for everything he lost because the evil act of choi hye mi and her mother. One important thing that can benefit SK society is the the trash medias that help choi ‘s family to destroy KHJ’s character are punished .

    The SK society should be alert how dangerous and insecure their life would be if they allow the medias to act like a criminal or freely support the person to commit a crime . It is so obvious that SK medias and its reporters ignore the justice when they do not bother to find the truth but keep publishing imbalance report and promoting the story from choi hye mi’s lies. i do not believe as reporters they do not know how to find the truth . They surely had agenda to ignore the truth and distort the fact for their benefit. Immoral enough to destroy a man’s life without much thinking . It’s really shameful. ( For online medias allkpop , Koreboo etc. ( Soompi is better now) are proved they are immoral and unreliable.

    I truly wish HJ’s case can stimulate the SK citizens to make some changes in the morality of SK reporters and its medias. The medias that help to stimulate hatred and this mess to ruin the person’s life must be responsible for their crime especially the trash media like Dispatch.

  3. beging a naive man ,pure heart and rich is it keep you easy or good fishing from the other peoples.what if you are naive man and poor is it the same things will happen just i wonder if khj is poor i am sure choi she didnt look at him at all cuz she didnt know the meaning of true love and she is always hungry for money . choi i hope your mission ending into the jail soon .

  4. this is angie.thanks for your views on my message to choi.

    i wrote to choi because i wanted to appeal to whats left of her devious conscience . i wanted her to know that life is short and time is precious . she needs to move on. but, i think this farce is out of her hands. her mommy dearest is at the cunning wheels. be careful choi deviants. the pit youre digging for KHJ ,you will fall in it first.
    i dont hate choi or her devils. to hate someone means youve given them power to affect your emotions.nobody gets that power over me.

    To. hyun joong. when you come home,i want you to hold your head up high.i want you all to stay in the moment ,.dont think of whats to come. do Yoga.clear your thoughts as much as you or not. you must never let anybody control you. you are strong .you once lived on the takes a tough man to live on the streets. they cant take your talent. they can only take paper WON.they will never be happy again.
    millions of ladies love you baby .no man will ever want that gal because she is bad news. they will sleep with her and Dump her.

    • Thank you Angie for your sweet explaination. I understand the compassion you have toward everybody in this world. I really hope all good things and wonderful experient will come to you whenever you need . Have a good health and take care.

      My feeling toward choi hye mi is SHE IS NOT WORTHY TO HATE. I agree that we should never loose our energy with this woman. We can converse the exact same energy to send love and compassion toward HJ even more.

      I hope The encouraging message you sent to HJ will reach him and his family. Acrually I’ m it will reach him.

      I wish HJ and his family can touch all the love and encouragement we all send to them.

  5. My apology this is unrelated to Kim Hyun Joong’s case. However, just for once please do allow me to pour out my defense to another poor young female artist Tzuyu from the rookie female band name Twice who is currently under fire by the trash media. The group was formed by JYP Entertainment consisting of members with different nationalities. I’m not a fan of Tzuyu, i don’t know her either. But knowing another young artist is under fire again by the trash media, makes me boil with anger!

    On screen big or small there’s an authorized person called “show director” who makes the call that artists do follow instructions from in any show production, be it on TV, stage, or filming dramas and movies. I think everyone seem to miss this point.

    May I just express my personal opinion. I don’t think a 16 year old artist would act on her own in front of the cameras without being told to by the show director. I feel very sorry for Tzuyu as a young artist who is made a victim of political dispute that she knew nothing about!

    To the trash media: allkpop, koreaboo, soompi: You are really something, are you just fond of destroying people’s lives??

    • I totally agree with you. To show the flag of your native country it’s normal and all the other girls show both flags SK and their native country. As long as Taiwan has it’s own flag it should be shown. BTW the players of TW and HK participate to int’l games under their own flag (country) and not under Chinese flag even if HK is now under the gvt of China. Those netizens are just full of rage based on nothing. I never heard something similar against TW players.

    • Thank you Lk, another proof of how trash media can affect a person life without going onto the real details or even trying to understand.
      Media is a strong tool is right in this age, but we have to use our head and see what is Real Journalism and what is just gossip/trash/scandal selling without even an ounce of integrity….

    • Hello girls

      Honestly, I’m afraid this case currently circulating online has deeper background than just what we’re served by JYPE. This agency is infamous for their media play and they like to present themselves as victims of circumstances while on the other hand they claim to be one of the most powerful agencies in SK showbusiness. They tend to generate controversies and then defend themselves with the same strategy “we’re powerless, we make only enough money to survive, were no threat to anyone”. Yet as you mentioned Taiwanese national flag exists and there’s no problem with showing it. So what is this about? Recently JYP himself won best singer award at MAMA and he also earned the “most influential producer” award from Weibo which is a Chinese platform. Just days ago. There were also statements from the Chinese entertainment industry claiming they didn’t ban JYP artists. Also, 2PM’s member Nickhun (also from JYPE) is from Taiwan too, everyone knows that and it never caused problems to the agency. I’m suspicious the problem is not one 16y.o. girl, it’s just a good bait to gain more sympathy from the public.
      As far as JYPE, you may or may not know Park Jin Young’s second wife is from a family running a religious sect and they’re also related to the Sewol ferry tragedy – their company was responsible for maintenance of the ship that sunk. Yet they received large compensation money from the government unlike the real victims. JYPE had a problem with unpaid taxes as far as I know, but he had the guts to give media interviews saying his agency “unlike others have clear conscience and never had any problems with the law”. For me they’re one shady agency. I don’t want this to be a long rant, so I gave just a couple examples. If there’s a thing in the entertainment business to be outraged about presently (except for the mistreatment KHJ has been suffering), it’s how the law has been violated for years to enable SME chase after JYJ. The last incident includes paid voting where Xia Junsu earned 46.7% of popularity votes which was the highest amount ever on Seoul Music Awards, still after 24 years when winner of this category always got space to give acceptance speech and perform, he was not even invited (which broadcasting stations and other 3rd parties often do to JYJ members). That’s what I call a massive scam – take about 100k dollars out of fans’ pockets and then ignore the winner with a lame excuse.

  6. I have no sympathy for a grown woman to takes advantage of naive men, and HJ is one. He is very innocent since he does not believe that evil exist in people he trust too much. If she had stop the foolish along the way and admitted to her folly I would forgive but she hasn’t and she probably will not since it has gone to far and too long. If she is a mother, God bless the child. But she nor her mother or family will prosper with evil gotten gains, money. Remember, the sins of the parents are pass down to generations. I too, am waiting to see how the SK courts play this out because they were part of the problem. To see the effect that this had had on this family, especially his mother is inconceivable, no family should have to go through this. Again, not use to this Korean culture but am learning about it because of this case and I am not please with what I am finding out, very different from what is shown and talked about they have a long way to go.

    Angie, I love you and am praying for your health. Please don’t fret over evil doers, Psalms 37:1. God bless you.

    • I wonder what kind of compensation that the court can find justice for KHJ for everything he lost because the evil act of choi hye mi and her mother. One important thing that can benefit SK society is the the trash medias that help choi ‘s family to destroy KHJ’s character are punished .

      The SK society should be alert how dangerouse and insecure their life would be if they allow the medias to act like a criminal or freely support a person to make a crime . It is so obvious that SK medias and its reporters ignore the justice when they do not bother to find the truth but keep publishing imbalance report and promoting the story from choi hye mi’s lies. i do not believe as a reporter they do not know how to find the truth . They surely had agenda to ignore the truth and distort the fact for their benefit.

      I truly wish HJ’s case can stimulate the SK citizens to make some changes in the morality of SK reporters and its medias. The medias that help to stimulate hatred and this mess to ruin the person’s life must be responsible for their crime especially the trash media like Dispatch.

  7. Dear friends, probably i’m not such a soft and understanding person like Angie is. Maybe i’m all wrong, but when I went through that particular comment my first impression was that I got confused with the profile. Are we really talking about the same Choi or there another one is on the light?! Dear Angie, seems like u are super-nice, pure-hearted person or u just don’t follow the case from its beginning. I really respect your and other people opinion, but in my eyes the whole stuff went much beyond the personal matters between two long time ago already. The certain target was aimed and the third party was involved, the one, who was scheming, financing and orchestrating all this madness, but still remaining invisible behind the scene. That’s how I see things. And with all my consideration, I guess… that the forgiveness must be helpful to those, who is able to admit their wrongdoings, say Sorry and start fresh. But until then they need to pay their debts. And talking about love – from my perspective, there is no any love- related signs there, not even close. Thanks.

    • God bless you Ella. you are right in each word you said ,keep person enter in depression and stay alone in the dark with only one candle ! imagine this please and that’s what happened for khj .you called this is love!! Maybe this is definition of love in choi’s dictionary she is a big evil .

  8. This message is for the Choi clan.I understand that you really believe that you were in love with kjh.perhaps you still think that you are in love with him.I know what it’s like to love everything about one worship do everything for get pregnant and he tells you to have an abortion. You do because you love him.then he starts acting cold towards you. and one he just dump you for another girl.and to top it off you’ve got parents who are very strict.

    Your mother is about to kill you because you were raised to get married then have a baby. I know that I’m right. Ms Choi your mom is behind this vengeance aka pay back against khj. She want him destroyed right?he used her daughter right ? You are very afraid of mommy dearest. I know. She’s behind this entire mess.

    We are all blaming you but mentally you are not strong enough to stand up to your mom because you fear her.I got it. BUT NOW THAT YOU ARE A MOTHER,don’t you think that you should tell your mom to stand need to take control of your life for your child’s sakes. I understand that khj wasn’t nice to you,but you must understand that if you look back into your relationship, you were doing all the pursuing,all the loving and you weren’t mature enough to see it .had you been mature enough you wouldn’t have stayed in it.

    Khj is a star and you must have felt great to have a star acknowledge Choi look at yourself’s time to move on. KHJ might be a lousy boyfriend but he’s not a bad human. He worked hard for his money. He suffered a lot to get where he is now. Ask yourself if he were poor,would you have liked him .would you have even spoken to himMI can tell you the answer.NO,NO,NO. TELL YOUR MOTHER TO STAY OUT OF YOUR LIFE. She is making your future very dismal. NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GET OUT OF HYUN JOONG, HE’S NEVER GOING TO LOVE YOU OR MARRY YOU.BABY OR No BABY.

    You sealed your future when you allowed your mom to control you. I really feel sorry for you. The world knows what is goin on in your life.No man will want you.thanks to your mom. BUT a lot of women will always want KIM HYUN JOONG.BROKE OR NOT.REMEMBER HE’S A STAR….LISTEN MS CHOI.I’M TALKING from experience. Move difficult as it is to move on.Get yourself together for the baby’s sake. Stop the madness.

    Money is nothing.IT CANNOT BUY THE LOVE YOU SEEK.DESTROYING HYUN JOONG WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY.IT MIGHT MAKE YOUR MAMMA HAPPY BUT ONLY FOR A TIME. I WISH that you will stop this craziness now. Hyun Joong will rise every time because there’s a God who forgives.You should try forgiveness. I wish for you to find happiness.

    • im angie who is leaving this message for Choi because I know that her clan reads these comments . Stop the madness. as a fan who LOVES KIM HYUN JOONG,I DONT HATE YOUWE ALL SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR INABILITY TO ACT LIKE AN ADULT. ILL PRAY FOR YOU AND MY SWEET HYUN JOONG ,.

      • Hi Angie ,

        i agree with everything you said except 2 things . First the part that he told her to have an abortion. I believe she had never been pregnant before the latest one which she claimed HJ is the father. Second I think her mother supported her and helped her to plan the trick to trap HJ. In my opinion they both convinved each other to set up premeditated plan to trap him .

        If any of her clan come here to read please acknowledge that As a woman i feel sympathy toward her for her inability to accept rejection . Being rejected did not make her unworthy but her actions and her attitude did. As a dignify woman she can do much better than what she has done. What she and her mother have done to KHJ is very wrong , unlawful ,immoral and unacceptable.

        I hope choi hye mi will realize her wrong doing . There is a lot of rooms in the society for people who realize their mistake and admit it. However the one who lied to destroy the life of the other will never ever find happiness in her life and will live with guilt as long as she lives unless she learns how to forgive both herself and the other. Money can’t buy happiness and dignity .

        • Dear Angie,
          You seem to think Choi is just naive. My dear friend, Choi is far far far from naive, she is just evil, greedy and selfish. She is after his money and become resentful when Hyun Joong left her. My dear friend, being a fan of Hyun joong, I beg you to please follow the case, read the facts from LK’s articles. She is sueing HJ for 3.4 billion won . Is this just inability to act like a adult? She LIED to HJ about the pregnancies, and threatened and blackmailed him!!

          She just loved his money, don’t you see that. HJ is the one who is naive. He believed her and tried to pacify her and fell into her trap. My friends, HJ is the victim here. She is just a GOLD DIGGER. I feel sad that you have sympathy for someone who sets out to destroy others with no shame, especially she tries to destroy HJ , someone who has worked so hard, endured so much to achieve what he has got.

          Remember she has even pushed HJ and his mother to the verge of breakdown? See the damage and hurt she has done to his entire family? With her evil scheme!

          • Hi, Anon

            you have brought out all the key points in this case. I can’t agree more. However I understood that Angie tries to understand why choi did all the evil thing without shame or fear for sinness . In my view what choi hye mi did is a high degree criminal act because she not only aims to get most money of KHJ but also aims to destroy his career, his life and his family. It will be very interesting how SK court and SK justice system find justice to its citizen.

            • Anon and Wevee and Bella
              well said !
              I think Angie is to lenient with this bitch gold digger freak…bitchoi is a 32 years old, for sure she has enough discernment to know exactly what she doing …she planned all with her bulldog looking mom …to extort money from Hj …soft hearted and naïve in believing her bogus stories.

              I hope justice will be served and Atty Lee will expose the Bitchoi family from hell and all her lies in the open!
              for all the agony, stress the pain and the damage she done to Hj his family his loved ones and his Fans…who were there with HJ all the way …may bitchoi rot in Hell / Jail!

              • Att Lee Exposing Choi’s Family,
                The Mother and Daughter are out in Public and they can’t Hide anymore.
                What about Choi’s Father and Brother? There not out in Public.

                What will happen when KHJ gets out of MS?

                Will KHJ do the same thing, Being all nice and Naive, Fall for a Trap, Believing in Lies
                and Being Manipulate. He needs to stop doing this kind of stuff along with his Personality or else KHJ will get himself
                Killed whoever he meets.
                Become a Change Man with a Brain and Stop Letting people Screw him?

                Att Lee should Ban Choi’s Mother from Leaving SK, She’ll probably bring the Baby along with her. Since she is the person that Plan everything out.

                I hope the Court System doesn’t fall for this type of thing that Choi did.

      • Angie l understand your position, l am really pity for her as an adult woman, being manipulated yet. Her behaviour is like a child doing many tantrums anytime he rejected her. Her family took advanntage of that pushing her to bring out the worse from him, what l see is the genuine and sincere worry for her by him when he believed her lies, ahhh his naive personality full showed in it ..

        lt is not that you like her. it is absurd,everybody and even he recognized that he is not a good BF, he said not to be ready to marry but She in her tantrums tried to trap him in any way. He loves children, he could be a bad partner but not a bad father. lf only she recognizes her mistake as he did , she turned him desperated and depresed and l bet she could be the same in her stubbornness, the problem is that he was public exposed and she in the anonymity that shows it unfair.

        He shows to learrn his lessons as we read in his letters., and that makes me love him more than before. When today passes, we will get more of him OUR ONLY ONE . His story is unique and his fans loyal for ever.
        we will support him no matter what, CHOI read it well NO MATTER WHAT. get it.


      • Hello Angie!
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It somehow made me realize I have to write more about KHJ as a man, about this case he’s facing and about women in “relationship”.
        I hope you can drop by again on my next article and I’ll try to dissect the relationship between a naiive man and a greedy woman. See you again!

        • I ‘ m looking forward to reading your next article. I.m sure it will be a remakable one. I think HJ is known as a naive sincere guy among his senior friends. Kang Ho Dong often says this in many variety shows

    • I have to disagree with you here. If Choi is an adult person and mentally capable of having a relationship that she later took to court, she is not the victim here. A person of 30+ y.o. knows very well the difference between marriage and dating, she had sex with a man voluntarily and gave numerous interviews about it. What should we feel sorry for? That her family are parasites who want to profit of her former affair? If not for her falsely accusing an innocent person of horrible things, nothing would have happened. She is at fault here.
      If you really are a fan, then please be careful with your words, as even a good intention – to find some reason for her to have started this circus – can easily turn to KHJ coming out as a bad person who used a poor girl. He never announced this relationship publicly and even until now he wanted nothing from us, not even sympathy, although his family have suffered so much. That clearly shows he is not the type to use others for his own benefit. Choi is evil, some people are like that. There’s nothing we can do about it except for preventing them from doing further damage with their lies.

      • Thanks Nemessis
        As usual very well put! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
        Same thoughts here. All was premeditated in order to extort money! And i feel the pig lawyer has added further to her madness,after all is his modus operandi fm park shi hoo case… just saying👎🏻

        • Tnx Nemesis and Noya u just read my mind.Can’t agree more. Nothing great about her, just bitching around. And about our guy I keep my hopes high – as a strong person he’s gonna be happy again for sure. New 2017HJ will come back to us with his big dreams and interesting projects to make this world a better place.

        • I remember when Mr. Lee said HJ will file a criminal case against Choi, at the time HJ also ask Mr. Lee to sue Seonpig too. But Mr. Lee said at the time suing on going they can’t sue the lawyer ( Seonpig ) thou. They have to wait until the case settlement over then Seon can be sued. IMO, this situation shows HJ known better how Seonpig has influenced those Choi’s family to extort and threaten him even until to that horrible ( suicide ) stage. With all those stupid edited text messages being unnecessary exposed to public. All those have made HJ’s reputation damaged and in order to put everything back, stupid Seonpig has to be banned frm legal office.

  9. I have come to understand that SK is a young nation, but their history leaves them very little room for improvement. Their kings, queens, and political parties had no problems in killing family members, friends, and enemies. They showed no affection than or now, so how can they do otherwise. So, as I watch and read their history I am no longer surprise at what is happening and going on. They cant date or are discourage to date and show affection, but they must honor their eldest. May question is later in life when they are no longer on show business what life do they have? May prayer is for this nation as well, that they will turn things around. Right now for me, being black, no matter what I am happy to be in America and being a citizen. I ask God to have mercy on America and South Korea. Let us keep praying.

  10. It seems Jaksal Ilsan continues to operate by KHJ ‘s aunt. Feel Good to hear they decide to continue the business. Hope HJ’s mother will be perfectly well soon. I hope to visit this restaurant one day.

  11. In some points a criminal suspected choi hye mi and her mother , a suspected master mind behind the scandal are now representing women of South Korea worldwide . I’m not Korean and I wonder how South Korean women feel seeing these two women represent them internationally.

    The trash media like Dispatch and some others including online medias like allkpop have helped them to fool the public with their lies . Is this the common thing that the women and the medias do in South Korea to earn quick money without working ? It ‘ s hard to believe the SK medias are allowed to disrespect justice and its system .

    They have attempted to manipulate the court and justice system by publishing their fake evident and distored information to public for public trial . It ‘s truly a great shame to see SK public allow these trash medias to use their privilege to destroy a person freely without any control. It ‘s sad to see the SK medias are encouraging people to be a criminal instead of using their previlege to enlighten the public with the fact finding and the truth.. I can foresee there will be a bunch of criminals are waiting for their chance to do the same in SK society.

    The degree of wrong doing and the damage they have done to HJ is too great i believe the person behind choi’s family and her mother has a power to buy or control the medias and probably quite enfluentaul one. I do hope i can gain my respect back to SK as a country . I must admit this scandal help me to see SK in a deeper level. Whether they like it or not the trash medias and choi hye mi and her mother have disgreat the dignity of SK women a great deal in the eyes of international communities. They thought they only destroy KHJ but the truth is the damage greater than that they have destroyed the dignity of SK women. People will remember what the Korean women did to desrroy a man she can not get.

    Thanks God at the least there is a person like Att. Lee there who is willing to work very hard fighting for Justice and do not give up with the pressure from trash medias and the public opinion . His commitment to reveale the truth as follows the wish of HJ and his family is greatly impressed me.

    Fighting Att. Lee. Fighting KHJ .

    We have never stoped believing in you and we are proud that we have never been wrong about you. We know you are not perfect nobody are . I admire your pure heart your honesty and your sincerity. I like you even more after this nightmare . It proves that you are a true man and a real gentleman who deserves to be respected and admired.

      • Hello Bella!
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts which I truly agree. Last year I even go through unemployment rate, economic growth ect in SK lol! just for me to understand as to why SK women doing this kind of blackmailing celebs which we all know this was not the 1st time though the trash media made a big fuss and believed Choi.

        You are right the big man behind her may be that big and I could not understand SK has been promoting the Hallyu to the world yet they are the ones destroying it! I could not understand how SK gov’t is protecting what they are promoting! I hope this case may be an eye opener to the concern ones.

        May I just mention, the 5th court hearing was postponed to Feb 3rd, I’m hoping it has something to do with how the DNA result was brought out to the media. I shall closely observe how this case unfold and how SK justice system will roll.

        In another point, I read that it only takes 2 days to release DNA results upon submission of samples. I wonder how true is this? Pardon my being skeptical!

        • Hi lazerkim. I have feeling that atty lee know the person behind her but now he wants to fight the visible one as we know she is choi but since 2014 until now they didn’t get what they want just media game they are loser .i trust atty lee that will bring justice for khj.

          • Would be nice if the Human Rights laws for Privacy Violation could help. Coz it happens to be absolutely unprecedented fact now how completely and ruthlessly those outlaws – media alliance strip KHJ of his confidentiality on the private matter with nobody on their way to stop them from leaking personal and medical info to the press, from fabricating non-existent evidences and engaging all disgusting means and efforts to provoke and break down not just the greatest star, but putting his whole family under unbearable, undeserved suffer from the false accusations and malicious cyberattacks,hurting their feelings,dignity and bringing destructive harm to the life and health.

            How is it possible to repay now when such a horrible damage was done?! Living in the democratic society it’s only natural for us to expect that our human rights could be protected. And the basic human right is the Protection of Privacy by the law. KHJ is the public figure, who represents his country proudly and beautifully; who brought millions and millions fans to SK from the entire world; who serving now his military duty to protect people of his country with his own life.

            We love u SK! Even though we’re never met, but your bright, talented stars like HJ, made us love your culture, your art and your people. We are far away, but u are walking the same streets, speaking the same language and share the same roots with them. So just please protect and comfort them with your big and warm heart.

            • I agree. Honestly what happened for khj and how the society handling such problems give bad impression about Sk if khj as a star can’t get his rights what about other ordinary people’s better to die or what . Sk should know that the artists are also human and not only for money making and the art is massage .khj is a dreamer person and he isn’t his fault to live in such society but he can change it in the future I hope .

  12. My apologies. I didn’t mean for it to actually put the post here. I thought it would just leave a link. ;; I’m sorry for any page stretching or loading issues.

  13. Thank you so much LK for your great article.

    I hope the mother-daughter criminal suspected , choi hye mi and her mother will spend sometimes to reflect themselves in jail. They both deserve it . They are too dangerous to be allowed to live with other people in the society . Their attitudes are very harmful to other people.. So far HJ and the baby are their direct victims and there are many more indirect victims that have suffered by the actions of these two evil women since August 2014. They will do it again if nobody can stop them.

    I can not imagine how suffer HJ was and has been since May 2014. His family has also suffered greatly for almost 2 years now.. i wonder what kind of compensation that can compensate HJ”s lost financially , psychologically – emotionally and especially the damage that done to his character. I hope the court will give him a justice.

    I still not convince the baby is his even though there is a case in the family court and the paternity has been proved. Why I feel all the systems in SK are so easy to be manipulated. However I want to trust in SK court and its justice system and its investigation process.

    Lastly Dispatch and those trash medias should be sentenced to take responsibility to the crime they helped to create.

    • In my opinion allkpop has actively participated in the mission to damage KHJ’s character. I believe they are good friends of Dispatch the real trash media. I think allkpop and other medias online intentionally create an article that lead to defame HJ and his family . I wonder if they get paid to do it.The site like this should never been allowed to operate . I wonder who is the owner of allkpop . Why do i smell a criminal sitting behind this site.

  14. Dear LK, thanks for new latest details you brought up to us recently and I hope the tag ‘BEWARE of these Extortionist LIARS’ will change for ‘WANTED!” instead very soon. We all can see how carefully they are trying to cover and hide their faces / if only they have any /; what kind of fear makes them act in such a strange manner??? Coz it’s not like they are humble or can feel any shame or have a bit of conscience remained. Probably they didn’t realize yet that their own evil will destroy them eventually. It’s simple and classic scenario for all schemers and that’s what exactly we will call ‘the happy end’ afterwards. There is no other way.

  15. Am confident in GOD d evil ones can never go free..GOD’s light will illuminate and blind them…very soon all things will return to normal,like it never happened…am unable to send a message directly to hyun joong’s base in military…so i plead with u lazer kim dat u send a message in my stead.all i want is for u to send psalms 35 to him well written from d living bible and let him read it everyday 3times…its a plea..i want hyun joong to directly tell GOD what he wants…i feel pain for hyun joong and all but am sure our hyun joong will be victorious at d end of d race..

  16. Am confident in GOD d evil ones can never go free..GOD’s light will illuminate and blind them…very soon all things will return to normal,like it never happened…am unable to send a message directly to hyun joong’s base in military…so i plead with u lazer kim dat u send a message in stead.all i want is for u to send psalms 35 to him well written from d living bible and let him read it everyday 3times…its a plea..i want hyun joong to directly tell GOD what he wants…i feel pain for hyun joong and all but am sure our hyun joong will be victorious at d end of d race..

  17. Thank you very much because you’ve really bring all other Henecia trust, we can go forward with him on the road to the final truth even more difficult. Love you, get together at the side and support Hyun Joong! ❤

  18. I can’ t stop thinking that her lawyer involved in the plan to backmail KHJ and gave the advise to choi hye mi ‘ s evil mother to encourage choi to try to be around him till the end of Dec. Hope the evil mother and the tricky lawyer will be revealed in court. Beside the greedy liar Gold digger choi, the evil mother and the layer are also the immoral money hungers.

    Hope HJ will get out from the family of bandit gang very soon.

    • …….The evil mother of choi hye mi and the lawyer are also the money hungers as much as choi. Is that a surprise ? NO, abcolutely not.

      Hope HJ and the baby whether his baby or not will get out from the hook of this family of bandit gang.

  19. Greetings lazerkim.hope you are doing well. I am looking at you tube .it shows choi being clingy.she hits Hyun Jong and she tries to hold on to him. His body language shows that he’s annoyed. Fans you’ve got to see this video khj is at a soccer match and that psycho is trying hard to be up under hj. This gal is a piece of work. Very I see why khj was bored with her.too clingy. She’s trying to use video to show that she was in a relationship with khj. Any person with sense can tell that khj was not into her.she shows a pix. Of him hugging if a man is trying to get between your legs don’t you think that he’s going to be nice.khj was obviously bored with her and she was desperate to hold on to him. She used sex to trap him.but he’s not trapped. Dumb bitch. He’s not going to marry her. He should file for full custody of baby because this gal is mentally unstable. I think that she thought he loved her. Choi was just a bed warmer. Gals like her are out there looking for stars to marry.and they use their bodies to entrap the stars. What a price our HJ is paying for lying with a crazy bitch. Let’s pray for him.he will rise my baby boy.

    • I’ve watched that video and clearly he doesn’t want any interaction with her. Another old video I saw yesterday, an interview of the SS501 members on YouTube where they are asked what would they do if an ex-girlfriend called. The questions asked were hypothetical. KHJ was the first to answer. He said “…when I break up, I break up clearly. It would be hard for me to be friends
      afterwards.” He also said “…we broke up because I hate you…and I found someone else.” Maybe it’s a hint of things to come for KHJ. Even though the question was for fun in the interview, it shows what his reaction would be. I think he’s pretty honest in how he would handle a similar real life situation and dear Ms. Choi couldn’t handle the rejection. The video is: SS501 entrevista en la radio sub espanol e ingles submitted by venecitalis on March 28 2011 if you want to watch.

      I hope this year will bring good news for KHJ and his family. They’ve suffered enough. Unfortunately, civil cases can take a very long time to settle as do criminal cases. But if piggy Atty and Choi’s family keep filing law suits against KHJ, could take years!! Wonder who is paying piggy Atty? Question. Can the evil grandmother and the alleged baby be banned from leaving SK? I can see them trying to escape and there will be no end to this case.

      Thank you LK for all you do. And thanks too to all comments.

  20. is it strange that the lawsuit was filled by the mother and not choi her self may be she know that atty lee will throw her in the jail soon .i wonder how much they paid for real family to take the child role in choi drama.

  21. I think Mrs. Choi is working so hard to get custody because it is already her daughter-in-law’s child. If Hyunjoong’s family son custody, that would cause issues for Choi’s family because he would be getting custody of a child that doesn’t belong to either of them. Choi and her family are screwing themselves and they don’t seem to get that. Or they do see that so now they’re flailing around because they know they can’t win.

    Also, didn’t Choi’s mom try to play the saint last year by saying Choi was never pregnant prior to “this” pregnancy? And now suddenly she’s saying that Choi has been pregnant all these times and that Hyunjoong was responsible each time? Even the mom can’t get her stories straight now. What kind of circus is SK calling their legal system?

    • I agree 100%. Grandma is the one to file the suit, because it is her grandchild. If Atty Lee is successful in getting KHJ even partial custody of the child, I believe the real parents will come forward. Bless the poor infant, who doesn’t deserve to be dragged through this ordeal.

  22. Mother and Daughter comes out in Public.
    I don’t see the Father and Son, What about them?

    Sound like Mama Choi doesn’t give up, Nobody know whats going to happen next.
    Who knows what Mother Choi will do in Court.
    Wheres Choi at? Is her Mother taking Over for Her?
    I guess Badass Karma can’t come fast enough but its Slowly getting to
    them sooner or Later.

    Is SK People getting tired of Choi’s Family playing with the Media or they still
    BrainWash for there Sympathy?
    If Choi’s Family keep Pissing people off, they might as well get Eggs thrown at

  23. I am seeing on AKP that at family court KHJ will face Choi’s Mother. What is with this? Shouldn’t Choi be required to be there? What does her mother have to do with it?

    • I guess firstly, choi hye mi does not dare to face anyone ‘s eyes as she lied so much and she knew too well she has done many wrong things.. Secondly , choi hye mi might end up in jail for the crime she did. Thirdly , choi hye mi’s mother probably think she has more experince in manipulating the judge and the court.

      Considering the text message and her action and non action since the scandal started choi hye mi’s mother should also be a criminal suspected for setting up premeditated plan to destroy KHJ’s career , blackmaiedl him and trapped him with fake pregnancies and now using a child for getting more money.

      I wonder how Korean women in Korea think about these two women , the mother- daughter who seem to be so evil and shameless to lie. Both of them has abused woman’s dignity for more money and now using a child to get even more money. These two women have no love to anyone even to their own child.

      • I didn’t think I could’ve gotten angrier with this case but this new ploy? OMG! The mother, the co-instigator in this drama, has no business filing anything. It’s their kid (maybe) and the mother should be there. The SK courts will accept this? Incredible! I hope Atty Lee has some proof that the baby is not KHJ’s. Or will counter sue for further damage done to KHJ and his parents. What the beep do these two women and their cohorts want? It’s certainly not the welfare for the baby. Just money hungry whores. Continuing praying for the truth and justice for KHJ and his family. I hope his mom is doing better.

    • Well, according to sunny’s tweet it’s Choi’s mother who filed a family court suit. I have no idea why it wasn’t filed by Choi…

  24. OMG, I’m watching this episode of Elementary, where they suggested DNA was tampered with by bribing the worker who took the samples & double testing one sample twice; interesting isn’t it. Happy 2016 All.!!

    • That is interesting. Something is so unsettling about the DNA results. Choi and her team were sooooo certain what the results would be. But – I can’t help but think it was not that KHJ was the only guy with her BUT that something else went on regarding the DNA testing process. That matches are just too close. if they were so sure what the results would show Choi should have accepted KHJ DNA test from human pass as it would have shown a positive match is well. Double testing…that is indeed interesting.

      • …just wonder for what reason she made all this big fuss from the beginning if they were so confident about the test result…so crazy…


          I’ve read that Seon Pig was the “lawyer” who represented the fake gold digger who accused Park Shi Hoo of rape…in the end the girl recognized she was lying…but damage was done…what a shame for SK for allowing those gold diggers to target Celebs for their hard worked money and fame…they are playing with a real person Life!

          it seems this Pig modus operandi is fuelling Gold Digger Bitchoi & Family craziness for extorting and blackmailing for him and them HJ is the Jackpot it seems.

          I pray Atty Lee will deal with all of them as it should and maybe will help disbar that Pig Seon…and bitchoi family from Hell will go to JAIL!

        • If they were so positive the results would be positive why did they not do the test while she was pregnant? Why did she petition the court to throw out Hyunjoong’s sample from Human Pass and say that demanding the baby be tested was a “violation of the baby’s human rights”? I’m still not convinced Hyunjoong is the father. Sadly he can’t say he isn’t, with or without that test. If he denies it he looks like a deadbeat like on Jerry Springer. All he can do is accept it even if it’s a lie.

          • Did KHJ DNA test sample thrown out from Human Pass or its just still there?

            So Att Lee just going to Accept the DNA, just to say its KHJ Baby or Maybe wait for another time?

            • I had a Korean fan say that in the newspaper there a while back it was reported that she petitioned the court to have Hyunjoong’s sample from Human Pass thrown out. I’m hoping Atty Lee has an ace up his sleeve about the paternity test. Another Korean fan said that the test was paid to be positive by a certain powerful person, which would explain why they made sure the media was there and why Atty Seon was so positive in the results.

  25. Hello LK,
    First of all I would like to apologize for our previous arguments. Our fandom doesn’t need to be split down the middle anymore than it already is, and we need to stick together instead of arguing. So I give my sincere apology for any previous comments I made that caused us to fight.

    Second, I wanted to point something out about her notorious PT video. Am I the only one that noticed that they had no supplies with them that could be used for a child’s needs? No diaper bag? Did they assume the hospital would provide it all? And she looks like she never gained any weight if she actually did give birth. I’ve heard she is saying she had a C-section, and if that was the case she couldn’t have gone to the gym to lose all that weight she would have had to have gained during her pregnancy. Am I the only one that finds it peculiar that she didn’t even think to provide a baby’s needs? Not to mention, she didn’t even let Hyunjoong SEE the baby. Maybe he would be able to take one look and say “Yeah no that isn’t mine”?

    Also, why was she so willing to do the test THIS time, when before she said that demanding she do a paternity test is a “violation of the baby’s human rights”? I’m positive those results were fixed. In no way can I believe that Hyunjoong would be stupid enough to not only DATE the crazy bitch after the circus she has caused, but there is NO WAY he would have UNPROTECTED sex with her. Not to mention, if she had 3849393832 abortions or miscarriages in the past, why did she decide to keep this one? Also, do they not have the Plan B pill in South Korea? You take it after having sex when you’re worried the condom could have broken or something. It works only within 48 hours, so it isn’t killing a fetus, but the sperm before it can reach the egg.

    She’s just as full of crap as she has been since day 1. I can’t wait for karma to smack her in the face.

  26. Happy new year to all!! I love the spirit that we kept since 2014 and May God’s grace surround him and strengthen you all.
    My prayer is for the court to be fair and honest. If she is so much after his money and on the other hand she refuse him to see the baby then these should the taken to the international tribunal. Realy that mean the country has failed to protect its citizens.
    My question is which law under the son say if u impregnant ur girlfriend u should be charged. It takes two to tango. Why being pregnant comes with a high fine in Korea. Why ddnt she take contraceptives. She was not raped. She forced herself to be with him on that Nite.
    It’s true for peace HJ needs to re test the child prior paying maintance. The dumb lawyer said the child should recive more coz is a child of a star. I dout realy if these guy is a qualified lawyer. To increase depends on the feelungs of the parent. But they are planting hatred and animosity between the child and his father.

    They are realy ignorant bunch of F

    • Hopefully to HJ, his lawyer and camp are holding very much on the alert right now and carefully checking out all info. I wish the sober press will participate one day and dig those freaks backgrounds out to display their real faces to the public. I pray for that.

  27. I will pray for Kim Hyun Joong and his family. I believe that criminals and fraudsters will be punished for all the evil which they have done. Do Hyun Joong millions of fans around the world who are always waiting for him and believe in him.

  28. hi ella .nice comment and so touching we know the culture in SK is different and the plastic surgery like drinking glass of water and we are not against the plastic surgery but she was fake not only in her soul also her body and i remember the first words that khj said since 2014 sorry ,ill be honest. and he is still honest with us until now .our issue is she hurt khj deeply and never forgive her.

    • Hi dear, i appreciate that u got my words right. All I was trying to say that the personality as well important as your look, like HJ is – beautiful in and out and she’s total cheap fake as u said. Tnx

  29. The people who works in the hospital who release the results to the media should be fired. If this happen in US, the employees in the a hospital will sign a non-disclosure agreement especially involving a test done to a celebrity. They will all be fired. KHJ and his family has the right to sue the hospital. Only the family court judge can release this kind of information. This should be a private matter. Since the news is out, KHJ should demand a re-take to re-confirm the results. KHJ lawyer should seek the hospital where Miss Choi supposedly gave birth all the necessary documents and proof of the baby.

    For Ms. Choi, the reason why people are having a hard time believing her. She is a flip-flopper. In the beginning of the case, she said she only wants apology from KHJ. But in reality she took a large amount of money from KHJ. When she mentioned that she was pregnant, to gain public sympathy. She said she will raise the kid on her own without KHJ help. We all know now that she is suing him for more money. Who is behind it ? Miss Choi’s Mom ? Sounding more like the Lee Jung Hee scandals.

    I have this question before, whose idea was it for them to get together again in Dec 2014 which created this mess. Who advice KHJ to go back to Miss Choi ? That person should be held accountable.

    I hope in the future, KHJ will ask his future girlfriend or bride to sign a contract stating that she is a natural beauty and not someone who looks different before and after due to Plastic Surgery. Miss Choi lady friend looks better than her.

    KHJ and his parents need to stay strong and united. Don’t let Miss Choi and her family push them around. Does Miss Choi family related to anyone in the trash media?

      • You all correct on your points, just may I dispute one different thought if u ok with that – I think that the plastic surgery is not an issue . The Beauty is the heart of true art . But the natural basis of the human intelligence requires to reach the harmony between your ‘in’ and ‘out’, your body and soul. To be the real beauty u need both. That’s how the fusion of all elements in physical and spiritual worlds work. Tnx.

  30. Hello LK and everyone and Happy New Year! This is my first comment here, even though I’ve been reading your articles from time to time. I have to be honest that I’m not really a KHJ fan in the way that you all are. I like some of his and SS501 songs and have seen him in variety shows where he always made me laugh, but that’s about it. But seeing this case everywhere, I got intrigued and started reading about it. Unfortunately, my Korean is not so good yet so I can only read articles written in English, which in many cases are poorly translated from Korean. At first, I was shocked and honestly I believed that woman’s side. But as this story kept unfolding I started having serious doubts about her words. Plus the fact that a lot of “news” sites were only presenting her side of the story, barely mentioning anything from his side, really bugged me. I believe that journalists have to be objective, at least until the court has reached a verdict. Now, I am more inclined to believe his side of the story. Forgive me for not believing him 100%, I don’t want to make anyone upset and I’m not here to pick a fight. It’s just that this story is so unbelievably complicated! I just think that there are a lot of things that no one knows about besides the ones directly involved, and I prefer to wait for the court to decide, even though that may take a while since it is still in the prehearing phase if I’m not wrong. And then the hearing for his lawsuit will follow, so everyone has to be very patient.
    Ok, down to the point of my comment now. I actually have a question concerning that medical document that proves that she wasn’t pregnant on January 19th. I have seen it mentioned elsewhere too. I don’t understand how it proves that she wasn’t pregnant. And if so, why haven’t his lawyer or his parents said anything about that fact? I mean it’s been made public, so there’s no way they haven’t seen it. If this is true how come they accepted the DNA results? And also, what’s the date of the document? Because from my (as I said) poor Korean I can see that on the top line, at the end, it clearly says “third trimester: pregnant 14 weeks”.
    Again, I am not mentioning this to make anyone upset and I’m sorry if I did. I am just really, really curious and trying to understand what kind of a document that is. If anyone could answer my question, that would be great.
    I’m sorry for the long comment! Whatever happens, I think it’s great for KHJ to have such a loyal and supporting fandom. I’m sure you guys give him a lot of strength, which he definitely needs at this point in his life. I hope that this whole mess will be solved by the time he comes back from the army and he will have a great comeback for all of you to enjoy. And me too! Henecians fighting! 🙂

    • Hello! (I do not know English, so does not help Google translator)
      I made this collage, which drew attention to the fact that at the time your doctor otbrascheniya January 19, 2015 – she was not pregnant … that this is her first pregnancy, childbirth ended September 3, 2015 … ie with her words – she never had miscarriages and abortions! …
      and earlier (summer 2015), she claimed in the media – that lie to the doctors – a sin …
      so if she told the truth doctor January 19 – so her lawyer is lying about her five pregnancies in 7 months! .. LOL

    • Hello! (I do not know English, so does not help Google translator)
      I made this collage, which drew attention to the fact that at the time of treatment to the doctor January 19, 2015 – she was not pregnant … that this is her first pregnancy, childbirth ended September 3, 2015 … ie with her words – she never had miscarriages and abortions! …
      and earlier (summer 2015), she claimed in the media – that lie to the doctors – a sin …
      so if she told the truth doctor January 19 – so her lawyer is lying about her five pregnancies in 7 months! .. LOL

      • Thank you for your answer! So if I understood correctly this document doesn’t say that on January 19th she wasn’t pregnant. It says that on January 19th she said to the doctor that this was her first pregnancy, she had no previous pregnancies (so that is what P:0 means?) and that her last period started on December 6th while she claims that she had an abortion on December 8th. Which is indeed very weird. Did I understand correctly this time?

        • hello anon
          but your mentioned that on 19th it was written
          And also, what’s the date of the document? Because from my (as I said) poor Korean I can see that on the top line, at the end, it clearly says “third trimester: pregnant 14 weeks”.
          which will not add up at all with bitchoi claims that she got preg by 20th December 2014… which case just thinking that when Pig lawyer said in a barking interview beginning of Feb2015 that his client aka bitchoi is pregnant 4 months?! (all can be found in their good friends soompi and alkpop and dispatch archives) for once the pig was actually oinking the truth? …just using common sense here.

          in which case thee “fanthom” pregnancy of bitchoi doe not add up …..even if the Kim’s accepted the DNA results, I do hope they will re-test once they will have first chance to see or be near that baby.

          They sure love to confuse people those two and mom witch …but their own arrogance in spreading more and more distorted so called “evidences” they show their real greed.

          Karma is a bitch and tthey will meet it soon…..

          • Yes, I did say that and first of all, I have to make a correction, I just noticed I made a silly mistake. It doesn’t say “third trimester”, it says “first trimester”. Obviously, she couldn’t be in her third trimester at 14 weeks – lol.
            But the dates still don’t add up, if she got pregnant in December. That’s why I asked if someone knew the date of the document! I am not a doctor nor have I ever been pregnant so I have no idea what this document is about! Let alone I can’t read Korean medical terms! And if she was 4 months pregnant in February she would have had the baby in July, right? But then again why would she say she had an abortion in December if she was already pregnant? I just don’t get it.
            Ugh, I wish I could learn Korean faster! Maybe this is not from January 19th, but that date is mentioned there as part of her medical history? I don’t know, this is getting weirder and weirder.
            Who published this document, her side or his? And to prove what? Well, the part about the zero previous pregnancies is the most important probably, as far as the lawsuits are concerned. Maybe another DNA test is indeed needed though I doubt KHJ would be allowed to do so at this point. Seriously what a freaking mess!

    • I understand your post and I am not angry or anything like this. Quite the contrary 🙂 I respect your opinion. I have one question . You wrote : ” have seen him in variety shows where he always made me laugh “. Could you write me why? I am really deeply interested in this . See you 🙂

      • I am sorry I just realized that your comment is probably addressed to me! Well, he makes me laugh because I find him funny! I can’t really explain it! I like his out of the blue comments and I have the same kind of humor I guess! I can’t really remember a specific example from a show to give you right now. And his laugh is contagious, I’ll give him that!

        • thanks, it was to you 🙂 Do you have sometimes feeling that KHJ control himself a lot ? Perhaps now, after all this he will be more free ….:)))

      • I don’t really know how to answer to that cause sometimes he says things you would never expect a celebrity to say and sometimes he just stays quiet. But I don’t know him that well and the language barrier makes it harder to understand sometimes. But unfortunately, after all this mess, I don’t believe he will be more free. Quite the contrary I’m afraid he will restrain himself even more. It will definitely have an impact to the way he thinks and acts.

  31. its not easy to see all these things happen to your son please khj mom be strong for him . he needs his family his friends and we as khj fans more than before to help him to heal his wounds and dose not feel that he is alone and dont repeat same mistake by handle his problems by himself sometimes we need to share this whit people we are love

  32. to get a money from other people by destory their life its seem genetic disease in this family the mother use her daughter and the daughter do the same things whit her child .the plastic doll playing whit time to gaine more stupidity from people

    • I agree it is terrible what they are doing to KHJ and his family. I hope the truth about this case is known sooner rather than later. KHJ and his family deserve peace. I hope his mom regains her health. Surely the courts must see what is going on.

  33. Ya know? I was thinking how this last year would have gone if HJ were NOT in the Army. How Choi would have tried to get to him and accuse him of more things. I am actually glad he is where he is right now (and be safe of course) so he is protected from her.

    I wish him safety and success this year in clearing his family name. Also, if the child really his we know we are all ok with it, I hope he gets his rights to at least joint custody and visitation. If Choi goes to jail I would expect full custody for HJ. I believe he should and without any doubt support the baby (and we know he will) but I sincerely believe he should not be obligated to support Choi in any way. Unlike any single mother she actually would have a much easier time as the baby’s needs are taken care of. All she needs to do is support herself. Many many people have children and work as well. He does not owe her personally anything.

    • Many aspects of current affairs unclear right now: some ‘facts’ given by Choi’s camp still highly questionable and suspicious and all latest statements need sufficient proof. And about HJ u are totally right – to be far away is the best scenario for him now.

  34. Happy New Year 🙂
    2016, List of Good and Bad year for KHJ and Choi.
    Soooo….. What do you think Guys? Like the List, try making one for
    yourself here.

    Choi List
    (No.1) – Bad Ass Karma.
    (No.2) – Threat, Witness and Exes. Including Pictures clues.
    (No.3) – Bring out the Truth. People get Mad. People Reject Her Family
    (No.4) – Baby Doesn’t belong to KHJ.
    (No.5) – Court Decision and Jail Cell

    KHJ List
    (No.1) – Good Luck Year, If that ever happen.
    (No.2) – Real Friends Support, Show themselves, Had Enough nonsense.
    (No.3) – Whoever the Media Person is Will side with KHJ. Reject Choi.
    (No.4) – People around the World Side with KHJ.

    • Hey, anything can happen right? Even if it doesn’t work
      that way. Choi and Seon will be hard to Deal with for a long
      time till 2017.
      Having Faith and Supporting Att Lee and KHJ is the only thing we have right now.

    • Bitchoi greed and Pig oinking with bitchoi mom fm Hell will bring themselves the Karma very soon…their rush for gold will bury them…

      Truth always prevail one way or another…have Faith!! 🙏🏻🍀

      Hj is an amazing entertainer…. His Life is the stage he loves his music and we must support him to see him back on stage!

      Will not let that gold digger nobody destroy this life…

      All for our Only One!

  35. Hi lazer kim and happy new year for everybody.I appreciate the time you take to write about khj you are like our candle in this dark media i hope the person that still behind the scene also exposed you understand me.khj i wish to see your smile again i am waiting…..

  36. I’m a mom too. And you are right. The moms in this fandom have a different feeling of hurt for this young man. It’s like attacking our son. Now this. I can’t imagine how KHJ feels knowing his mother’s health is affected by all of Choi’s lies. If Choi wants money, then she should stop this game. If his status as an idol drops, how is he going to make money for her outrageous child support? Of course us fans will always be supportive of him. What I’m going to say next is a little out there but here goes. Could the court order Choi to have a ob/gyn check her to see if she really gave birth? You know what I mean? I know it’s invasive. But that would be proof that she did give birth once and for all. Or, is there a blood test to see if she is lactating. Oh, wait, she probably isn’t breastfeeding the baby. If she’s not, then the prolactin test wouldn’t work. I don’t think a woman’s body would return to normal within three months. Call me crazy. I don’t believe for a minute that she gave birth and IF she did, it’s not KHJ’s. I will continue to pray for KHJ, his parents and Atty Lee. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! I hope that black widow’s web is torn down by a strong wind of justice. Thanks, LK, for letting me vent. And thank you always for your posts and reader’s comments.

    • I agree that more proof is needed of Choi being a mother. I do think an OB/GYN check might be a little much though. I was thinking more in the line of lie detector test or additional mother/child DNA test done in front of a judge. I really believe that the reason Choi is so adamant about not allowing the child to be put on KHJ’s family registry, or for him to have any custody rights, is that the child is not hers. I think if KHJ will apply for custody then the real mother (sister-in-law?) will not let this game of theirs go any further, when she realizes that she may lose her baby. With that said, if the baby is truly KHJ’s, I hope he will get full custody, and I will support his fatherhood 100%.

      • Would you as a Mom want to have a hoard of media surrounding you while you go to get the DNA test? Wouldn’t you want to hold your child and not have the grandmother hold the baby? When I saw the picture of the grandmother holding the baby instead of Choi, I thought, a real mother would hold her own child to protect it from all those people. Guess I’m old-fashioned thinking a mother’s instinct should be to hold and protect her child. Makes me wonder if they truly bonded. Probably not, since the baby must be the sister-in-law’s. Don’t get me started 🙂 This is just too much of a “let’s get KHJ” game. They have no regard for the child or anyone else but themselves. Okay, time to give it a rest. I could go on and on! Take care mightymom and thanks for your input.

      • So agree, but the easiest way to prove she gave birth is hospital records. If the hospital was allowed to give the DNA result to the press than the hospital where she gave birth should be ordered to release the information on the birth. Aldo, since this test indicate that he is the father then he has a right to require the record on the birth of his child, mother’s provided nothing. Remember, the Kim family was never notified until they read it in the paper. He should have this right, however S K courts and laws are very confusing to me.

    • Believe me God sees and God knows. Everyone involved in this mess, which has affected the health of HJ mothet, will pay and money obtained from I’ll gotten means does not last. Just keep supporting and believing HJ, and then wait for it. This include every media and blogger, God does not forget for He can pass it down from one generation to the next. If you have children be careful, for their children children will receive the karma and they will not even know why. Remember, the sins of the parents can be pass down.

  37. happy new year to the ONE and all…love u guys a ton… hyun joong is on a mystery ride but soon enough the truth will be out and choi is on a bumpy ride to jail..

  38. Wishing a BLESSED & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2016 to ALL Hyun Joong’s Fans, Lazer Kim, Hyun Joong’s Family, Atty Lee & his legal team, & of course our Beloved Hyun Joong. In God’s time EVERYTHING will be REVEALED. JUST BELIEVE..GOD WILL PROTECT HIS PEOPLE. So let’s WELCOME 2016 WITH OPEN ARMS,HOPE, GLADNESS, LOVE, TRUTH & REJOICE WITH THE LORD ALWAYS. Love you guys ❤

  39. DECEMBER 31st


    • What a beautiful heartwarming comment from you! Thank you. Let us look forward together that this nightmare will disolve and the truths come to light to clear KHJ name. Good health to the baby and safety to KHJ. It is sincerely a pleasure to chat with you all. We share many many of the same thoughts and fears and it makes it a bit easier to handle having you all near.

      HAPPY New Year everyone!

      • Tnx to u, I always enjoy your comments as well. Great year to u and let’s put our hearts together again for our dear HJ!

  41. i’m speechless all thoughts i have in mind is unraveled here through your article SK…. i wish i have the power to exposed the things that we have in common in SK media … but i don’t have. All i have right now is the strongest LOVE and SUPPORT to KHJ and it never shaken nor faded….. as a year old fan it makes me stronger… see you in SK in 2017 guys…

  42. Lazer Kim: I’m too emotional to read every line in every comment. It just tears me up. But I did hear Choi’s sister gave birth at the same hospital, and on the same day. Is there anything to this? Could this child belong to her sister? And has anyone been told what day or hospital so it could be verified? They could split the child support every month and Choi of course would pocket the settlements. Wasn’t it her sister who was with Choi when she broke into KHJ apartment and assault him? Yes I believe staff at hospitals can be bribed, they are people. I think another DNA test is in order. If they ever get visitation they need to do a cheek swab.

  43. Hello friends 🙂

    LK brought up some interesting questions, so please let me ask too. First off – Choi’s lawyer Seon is persistently trying to persuade us this whole case is about arrogance of a celebrity who abuses his power to bring down his former girlfriend. But how come that all arrogance we see comes from Choi’s camp? One thing is for sure, between KHJ and Choi he is the famous and rich person with good reputation and she’s a nameless nobody. Yet after the years the public have known him as a kind-hearted and easy-going entertainer, he’s being treated poorly and has no space to defend himself while she presents herself like a queen and everyone listens to just her version of the story. So who is the arrogant side here and why?

    Does she perhaps have evidence so strong that we can believe her without a doubt? Has she ever – since August 2014 shown us anything that would convince an unbiased person she’s telling the truth? I saw no such fact or proof from her part, not even one. Everything starting with the “relationship” itself is suspicious here. She says they were together for 2 years. Given the popularity of KHJ and his busy schedule, considering how many friends he has, co-workers, acquaintances, fans… almost everyone in his country knows him (I know he is popular abroad too but this relationship is said to have taken place in SK), how come during those 2 years he didn’t mention a girlfriend and people around him – although some noticed Choi – apparently weren’t aware of a long term love story going on.

    The fact two people know each other doesn’t mean they live together – did they share the same address, was his house full of her personal belongings? Did both their families know each other, did all friends know there was a relationship? As far as I know KHJ never officially introduced Choi as his girlfriend, nor did he speak about marriage plans with her etc. So I wonder how Seon would like to prove they indeed lived together under the same roof when there seems to be nobody except for Choi who acknowledges that. We all live somewhere, there are neighbours, postal delivery, countless things that indicate if there lives one person in a house or there live two.

    The infamous settlement agreement which I hope will be publicly revealed in full length supposedly contains some clause forcing KHJ to meet Choi until December 2014. Let alone the question why a victim of abuse would take money while forcing further meetings upon the abuser, this seems to be a part needed by Choiers to show off the “couple” had know each other for 2 years. In this case it’s but funny that Dispatch itself didn’t help much when they publicized how KHJ looked for Choi at her home – at her family home – that clearly shows no such thing as “living together” ever happened here.

    I wonder who was the kind fellow that arranged heartbreaking meetings of “depressed victim” and the alleged abuser whom she pushed to the edge of suicide. If her mother said in July 2014 they “needed to bear this guy who kept pissing them off”, why did she allow her daughter to meet this horrible man until December? All around the world this woman would most certainly be called her daughter’s pimp at best when we see money is behind each piece of this puzzle.

    Obviously Choi’s mother ready to sell her daughter at any given time (according to her own text message) wants to present herself as some respectable person and Seon loudly defends her rights while KHJ’s parents deserve no respect from anyone, not even from Choi who’d have done anything to be able to get into their family.

    Amid abortions, impregnations and all those fantastic stories those have nothing to do with human biology or common sense she bombarded poor Kim family with messages about pregnancy, arranged meetings where she didn’t come or in other case she left them waiting in front of the hospital. Who cares about their health condition and mental state of the whole family? They were supposed to believe she was pregnant because she said so! Isn’t that enough?

    Until now she didn’t show them a legit proof of the pregnancy itself, of that she gave birth and seeing the DNA test fiasco, I’m sorry but the billion % result seems weirder than weird. Where I come from the paternity test includes the child, mother and supposed father.

    Authorities need to identify the child through biological relationship with both parents. It can happen a test shows the man is not the father but even the mother is not biologically related, then the court investigates the possibility of switching children at time of birth etc. It just works that way.

    Here KHJ ordered DNA test for all 3 – him, child and Choi at a reputable lab which wasn’t good enough for her, she preferred to drag him through another court for months to finally get the test done by a hospital that if indeed the information about results leaked from there handled the whole thing unprofessionally and ridiculously. How can a hospital dare to publicize someone’s private data like this? Should every patient be afraid to get treated there when potentially anyone could hear about the details? That’s nonsense!

    If the test was ordered by court, the hospital should have sent results to the court that was supposed to inform related parties. How come this could happen? And if it’s so common for private information to leak from hospitals, why don’t we know where Choi gave birth? Clinic A, B or C… no real place was ever named. Is it to protect her privacy? At this point I don’t give a dog’s poo about her comfort, if she is not ashamed to spit dirt on others in public, she deserves no privacy whatsoever.

    I’ve had enough of disgusting text messages and all that crap she’s been spreading to make KHJ look like some pervert and rotten guy. If she wants to insist on authenticity of those messages, then I refuse her twisted perspective of a conversation between 2 people that makes one look like a delinquent and the other like a saint. If he’s nasty, then what is she? Even if it was all true, by all means she’d be worse than him because she didn’t mind leading that conversation back then when today she cries over his rudeness.

    She’s an adult woman who all voluntarily got intimate with a man without an official relationship. She knew they were not married and of what we heard until now there were no hints about possible future marriage from his part (or does she want to play as dumb as to say “he abused me and sent me to abortions but I believed he’d eventually marry me and we will be happy forever”? I hope not), I’m sure if she had any way to persuade us he wanted to marry her, she’d put it on repeat.

    Did she get pregnant? How in the world did that happen after all he allegedly did to her before? I can’t believe with all the lust for money she’d let go of the opportunity to ask for child support, so all those abortions don’t sound real to me. If she managed to get pregnant in December, what does she expect us, the public, to do?

    They could have gotten married but one would guess that was not likely when she previously charged him of horrible things. She could have asked him for money. He might have nodded or refused. She could have had an abortion like hundreds of times before but apparently this specific pregnancy was so special for her, probably for all those good memories and nostalgia. If this case didn’t involve a famous celebrity, what would people say to an unmarried woman of 30+ pregnant with an abusive guy who does not care?

    As sad as it is, most would tell her she’s utterly stupid and it’s her own fault. Society can be so harsh to those who don’t lead picture perfect life and in SK it’s a reality most women who get pregnant out of marriage get an abortion, for they know they’d be ostracised.

    I’m not implying it is right or that people should be judgemental against single mothers but it surprises me Choi was not scared for a second of how people would treat her, her child and her whole family. On the contrary from day 1 she’s been bragging about her state and giving us unnecessary information when all the important information remains hidden even from KHJ and his family.

    The Kims agreed to support the child and raise it, if it’s really their own and it’s still not good enough. What more can they do? It seems leaving money at Choi’s door and never coming back would be ideal or at least comfortable for her greedy family. Again – she wants to be applauded for using a child for money and he’s meant to be condemned for his effort to support the child. How pathetic.

    I can’t but laugh at the fact that Seon likes to accuse KHJ, demand apologies and fight over Choi’s rights but while he whines over “unnecessary press conferences” – namely one single press conference where KHJ publicised his first DNA test – he never once complained about criminal investigation against Choi “and related persons” and that she’s prohibited to leave the country. Why oh why could that be? I’m looking forward to hearing names of all those related persons, that could be interesting.

    The bloodlust of the media pokes one in the eye and the craze over this case is so huge that I can’t help but ask what influential person ordered this witchhunt? Money or fame is not enough for starting mess of this level, I suppose the mastermind here is involved in various intrigues in SK entertainment industry, as not even politicians or enterpreneurs get the kind of special treatment from trash media that Choi is getting. Knowing Choi herself is no influential figure, nor famous nor rich, she could not afford such favour. Whoever that person is, they started an unfair battle against one man but now they have millions of people watching. At least as for the fans they seem to be willing to stay until the end.
    Hwaiting everyone, let’s not get discouraged! 🙂

    • Wow! Thank you Lazerkim for the article and for the enclosed Atty Lee’s interview! and thank you Nemesis 4 all your interesting reflections…I hope as many people as possible may read it! May I add…”as fans we are 200% sure/ willing to stay until the end!”

      • Terrific! Dear Nemesis u r so much in tune at what exactly is going on. It’s just beyond any wild imagination! I can’t believe i’m still in 21 century, the situation is so archaic and dreadful. The case sucks from beginning with all this bullshit in it. Who cares in our times about somebody’s hundreds phony-abortions and stuff? The entire universe keeps asking SK already – are u guys really all right with that, do u see what we see – the girl is completely nuts, she needs help coz her mental condition is critically questionable and she openly and loudly continues broadcasting it to the whole world by herself with all her sick family support… I’m asking again in what century we live, is this Choi HM era or somebody in this country gonna stop this outrageous nonsense-terror in which the greatest worldwide famous celeb and his family got stuck for ages, can some officials with authority bring their peace back and roadblock those criminals from them for good or rather fully isolate from the human society – the puppets or whatever they are or whoever they represent in a moment. Anyway, I hope the days of their showing offs are numbered and as all HJ fans said – God is still there and one way or another all those outlaws will be exposed and punished for what they’ve done coz there are no secrets in the world. The very best wishes for New Year, tnx again for your share.

        • Amen to all Nemessis Ella and Orhers said here!

          I still wonder when the SK Media will pull out their heads from their butts and use those few neurons that they may have and Print The Truth for Once?
          Ethics in journalism is not something that they heard of?
          Or …they are not journalists only paparazzi with no ethics or brains….

          Anyhow a New Year starts and may this year the Truth shall surface, light and love and happiness to All – Hj his family and All of us his Dedicated Fans!

          We are here to stay! All for our Only One!

          A Happy New Year 2016!

          P.s Karma is near …

    • I look at this all and sometimes I have wild thougts …this all looks like huge hunting for KHJ . Hunt for him as a donor sperm (nothing so well does not keep a guy like child), the hunt for him as the star (no shortage of people envious who would gladly take advantage of the opportunity to dig KHJ), hunting for artist (he finished his contract with record label ….). I agree with you that it is not only Choi hits KHJ. With all this I will not even suprise if we will find that baby is effect of in vitro…. because now everything is possible. I hope KHJ will hold this , and after he will more strong and free 🙂 I also hope that he will read this webside and will see how many people love him and suport 🙂

  44. I just read the interview by Atty Lee. I agree with you LK why did Atty Lee seem so accepting that she successfully got pregnant on 12/20 when we know its impossible according to the documents submitted showing she had abortion just days earlier. Surely he must know this also. Is he still continuing to investigate this strange pregnancy hospital records proof without letting the public knowing about it? I surely hope so. And what was with the text about Choi taking pictures secretly in Jeju? Where they ever posted? what were they of?

    Does anyone really think that Choi will admit that she lied this whole time to cleart kHJ? she really needs to be penalized for her actions. If anything terrible happens with KHJ or his family I blame Choi her mother and lawyer. They are simply aweful and are all criminals

    • I understood that she lied about all miscarriages and abortions therefore she can get pregnant in Dec. I still have a lot of doubt of her giving brith to a child even thought they said the paternity test indicate that HJ is a father.

      It is so clear that she kept threatenning HJ with the miscarriage that she lied to him therefore he had no choice but still had to bare with her when she came around him . I remember it was mentioned before in the press release of ATT. Lee sometimes ago that choi hye mi requested HJ to officially break up with her the end of Dec as a part of settlement agreement. i understood now why she asked for that. She had already planed ahead that she will try to get every chances she had to get pregnant then she probably thought she can ask him to support her as well. What a shameless woman.

      This is a very classic case . A heartless premeditated plan to destroy and rob a person because of greed and jealiousy. It is so obviouse that she kept trying to trap him with many fake pregnancies , threadtened him with big lies , blackmailed him for big money and think having a child with him she will be able to clear all her crimes.

      One thing very wrong here is the trash medias has actively involved in this criminal acts, Dispatch is an example. They not only published lies but also distored the fact and stimulated the hatred toword a person. Medias online actively defamed HJ with one side story and incompleted informations from the interviews which leads to misunderstanding. Allkpop and Koreboo are example of trash medias that manage by some imoral individual who are willing to commit the crime to get more money. We readers need to be aware and corciouse of all information that report by them.

      I’m sure choi hye mi and her mother will have a good lesson from the crime they did. This case can become the classic criminal case of the nation that publicly robbed the person and fool the court in fornt of the public.

    • Another thing that troubles me…Choi’s side still hasn’t publicly said the birthdate, blood group, or even what hospital the baby was born.

      • Yes, nothing has come out regarding the birth of the child, so how is one suppose to believe she gave birth just because she said so. Another question I have is, are they the only newspaper in SK?

  45. Just my wild thought, is it possible that court hearing should be on 23/12 was postponed by court itself to 3/2/2016 due to paternity result on 21/12? What I mean is they found it ridiculous that 99.999% Khj’s, how weird Seon reacted (he confident 100% its Khj’s n will resign if its not!!! ), on how choi n mom reaction giving all those information to reporters abt PT, how seon talking abt d branded bag, defamation of baby??! Maybe judges notices the weirdness of the case? Coz Mr. Lee said its not frm both attorneys request but court itself. I just hope they hve found something ( evidences) against Seon/Choi ( like someone in d hospital bribed by seon/choi!? Sigh… Until all that, i just think that court adjourned d other day bcoz of Xmas was around d corner n judges need for early holiday. Sigh… Hmmm

  46. Thank Lazer Kim for your articles.I think even if there that paternity test is positive I not believe it.In this case I hope Atty Lee can investigate pregnancy and delivery records bcs every pregnant woman when go to hospital to do investigations are registered and exist medical records.Even if Atty Lee will find evidences that pregnancy and delivery is true,maybe will find witnesses from medical world who was in that moments there.I still not believe that woman was pregnant and that baby is her or his.Not look like 3 months baby,look bigger.That persons work in mafia style and everything is possible.Even false pregnancy and delivery and false baby.Look like crazy story but is verry possible knowing how criminal are that woman.

  47. Shouldn’t Atty Lee or KHJ side request a copy of baby birth certificate (from official office of Korea and not Choi). I bet she did not contact KHJ side when baby delivered cause she was never in the hospital. Also her pregnancy dr visit records. i hope Atty Lee requests hospital records that would prove she did indeed deliver a baby. I am worried LK I want to find this Atty Lee interview you just mentioned. Is he just accepting of the baby simply relying on the DNA (which could have been tampered with)?

  48. I agree. Things about the paternity and birth just aren’t adding up, especially when you think about all the lies that have been told-the fake medical certificates, the strange dates, and fake photos and messages. It just doesn’t make sense.

  49. Wow she is really an expert in lying…tsk who would ever believe that a pregnancy would occur 10days after abortion(ohh have forgotten that some crazy pple blinded with her lies would believe)but no sensible person would believe it.
    Its a shame that a mother desires money than d well being of her child! The child would later grow to curse at you choi
    to(cHOi,Mrs Choi,fake Lawyer&Media):today you guys have messed with oppa without mercy,just remember that what goes around comes around and sinners will never go unpunished>u might go unpunished in d hands of the law but not with God<you guys have given us more reason to stand by him and MAKE HIM SOAR HIGHER THAN BEFORE.our love and support will always be with you,your families and your baby.

  50. someone on AKP said there was proof that Choi submitted a medical document that on 1/19/15 she was not pregnant so she could not have delivered a baby in September. 2015 Has anyone else read this and could it be true. This would be just what we need for those of us who don’t believe this child is KHJ. Something is terribly wrong. I feel just sick about it.

  51. Creo que si el no estaría seguro de ser el padre del niño no hubiera aceptado tan facil el resultado del ADN, al igual que sus padres, ademas el solo se busco este lio por haber regresado con ella…..tambien tiene culpa, aunque esa tambien es una interesada y sinverguenza perra loca.

  52. The title ” New Life” – I really -really like it – so much promising and optimistic, it’s exactly our main course in 2016. Thanks dear LK, your article is moving and excellent as usual – I got through every word several times. All shocking facts about witchy Godmother pandering matchmaking transactions and generating the inhuman ideas for selling her own daughter and the baby ( I still remain skeptical about the baby’s identity) – all this spooky stuff is no fun at all, gives me chills and driving me crazy.

    The good news, by the way, about this bunch of bloody money-suckers, that they are low enough to expose their own stupidity to the whole world. “Playground for adults” sure, but not for the cheap bullies like those bums. They are trashy and boring. All their “games of sex” with Media show the very vulgar taste from both sides and pretty good to be published as a book of goofy comics.

    But just one thing they can pretend to be good is to act as the high degree gang of criminals – trapping people down, blackmailing, harassing, defaming, making the false accusations, shamelessly bringing up the homemade forgeries to take us for the fools with zero empty brain, like themselves with absolute lack of human resemblance. But if… only if… the baby is real, he s gonna be the sword with two sharp edges to judge, I totally agree with u LK that losing the fight it is not like losing the whole battle yet.

    And same like u dear LK I’m not gonna cry again, i’m gonna be happy with our bitter-sweet 2015 which was filled with extreme emotions, with good and bad dramatic experiences,with deep testing of ourselves who we really are, with the great people around u can share your feelings and learn from them always trust our hearts and keep loving even if the sky is gonna fall. Welcome 2016, please come with Peace & Love, that’s all we need for our beautiful Star KHJ and for all of us. God bless.

  53. I am not sure if this girl i normal . Didn’t she heard for protection. That many abortions and miscarriages is not good for any persons physical or mental health. I could not just wonder what the hell is in her head. Get pregnant by any means and destroy somebody life. So what if he is father and have child. Child is no mistakes in life. The way I see his father is talking regarding the case and child I came to think it will be better for child to go and live in their house. But the most funny thing if she say that he was beating her and that she because of that had miscarriage and than again go back to him. Sorry sister if that is true which i doubt. She doesn’t have self respect or she is normal for me. Personally I would beat her until she comes to senses. What an idiot.

  54. tears keep falling reading this…this is my own feelings too….no matter what we will never leave you KHJ…we saw every step of your journey and we know how warm of a person you are…that kind of trash those people who harm you will never shaken our love for you..NEVER…if you ever read this blog and our comments…you will know how you are love so please keep fighting!!!! we will always support you…may we be enough reasons to keep you going and will never loose that beautiful priceless wonderful smile of yours…be strong oppa and remember Henecians were waiting for you..Saranghae oppa!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  55. Seriously. This Ms Choi is either stupid or just plain dumb. Wait…she’s both. I mean how can you get pregnant after 12 days after abortion and be 5 weeks pregnant from Dec 20 to Jan 9. Things don’t add up. I agree with what you say though.

  56. Es lamentable como una mujer puede caer tan bajo… y solo dejarse llevar por el dinero y la venganza por el rechazo… bien dicen que una mujer despechada es de cuidado…. lo mas triste es que quien va a sufrir con todo esto es su propio hijo… pues es visto que no piensa en ello,… por el contrario lo va a utilizar las veces que pueda y seguramente a medida que vaya creciendo lo pondrá en contra del padre… lo mejor seria que la custodia del niño la tuviera KHJ, asi el niño podra crecer mas sanamente junto a su padre y abuelos… por supuesto igual viendo a su madre los dias que se digan que ella lo podra ver….

  57. Thank you LazerKim. Once again your article/thoughts are right on. Everytime the media aka Seon makes a statement, there are more questions then answers. I keep hoping for more positive news regarding HJK’s dilemma and praying that 2016 will be one filled with good news for him, his family, and his fans All over the world. Don’t they (SK courts) know what gag orders are.? Thank you again LK!!! Never back down, will always support HJK!!!

  58. Another well analysis. For me, I’m convinced Choi, if she was ever pregnant and had given birth, the “baby” is confirmed not KHJ and her camp knows it too well. Though I chose to believe CHOI IS NEVER PREGNANT, thus there’s NO BIRTHING!!! Didn’t KHJ mentioned in his Sep press release letter that she has been lying to him about the baby and he cannot but to think it’s all about money again?

    It’s clear that from the start her family concluded with her lawyer (I seriously doubt he’s even qualified to be one) and media “A” a.k.a. Dispatch to blackmail KHJ, taking advantage of his magnanimous personality. Well, thanks to their own greed, they’re one up against themselves in their own game –– MEDIA PLAYING!!!

    With the paternity testing done and final “preponderance of the evidence” from Choi camp submitted to court, KHJ and the prosecutors can now proceed to request for the return of facts…. And it’ll all be revealed in due time!!!

    Let’s continue to help in any way we’d to support KHJ (Also like to give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ for sending Atty LJM to help KHJ refute these absurd litigations! And for keeping his promises that Truth will always win against evil!) in his fight against this concluded gang of bandits!!!

    Till then, God blessings be with each and everyone of you!!!

  59. Привет! Я полностью с вами согласна!!! Меня с первого дня, не покидают сомнения! Я не верю, что ребенок КХЖ! Такая лживая женщина может пойти на все! А была ли она беременной? Никаких фотографий с ее беременностью, докозательств, что она беременная! А может ребенка родила сурогатная мать? И оплодотворение состоялось искусственным путём? Поэтому и высокий % днк! Простите, сперму собрала в презервативе, заморозила и хранила для своих замыслов! Я НЕ ВЕРЮ чой!!! Она использует КХЖ в грязных своих замыслах!

    КИМ ХЁН ДЖУН удачи тебе в следующем году! Мы, твои фанаты, ВСЕГДА С ТОБОЙ!!!
    Лейли, Алматы,Казахстан.

  60. What I fear most right now? Choi will be given a slap on the hand and pay a fine and pay the fine with KHJ’s money. She won’t do any jail time. The courts are too lenient on women who have just given birth, sometimes. Whoever is behind all these lies, aside from Choi and her family, will certainly do whatever it takes to sway the court for no jail time. Praying every day for real justice. She must do jail time. Pay back the money she stole from KHJ. She and her family must apologize to KHJ, his family and fans. IF the baby is his, he should have full custody away from that pathetic Choi family.

    All those pregnancies in that short amount of time? LOL! Does anyone really believe that one. Atty Seon should be disbarred for discrediting the legal profession. In the end, the truth will prevail. Thank God for Atty Lee. Even though these cases may take months to settle, win or lose, I will always support KHJ.

    Thank you as always LK for your posts. Happy New Year to you and all KHJ fans.

    • for sure all those pregnancies are most unlikely. Especially given he was on tour for months at a time so that even reduces the likelyhood of her telling the truth. I do not know if she traveled with him. maybe she got pregnant via text message

  61. Thank you for the article Miss LazerKim.
    Dear Kim Hyun Joong,
    Eat well ,
    Sleep well,
    Take care of yourself!
    Look at the stars,
    and remember
    we are together !!!
    From your alien family member 🙂
    With love

  62. Lazer Kim merry Christmas and hopefully a better new year for all of us. I’m so sad about this madness between the Kim’s and the choi’s.first let me say that I’m forever a KHJ fan no matter what the outcome. But I have noticed in this fiasco that choi is mentally unstable as a 31yrs old woman. HYUN JOONG.was not mature either.

    Two mature people don’t stay in toxic relationship that are doomed. Choi wanted a star to marry and a baby would seal the deal. If she were sane why get pregnant ,as she claims,over and over again when you see that the guy is treating you poorly. She’s no victim. She’s a nut and a calculating one too. That’s not love.that’s a KHJ obsession.

    She’s a woman scorned. At her age she should have known that the relationship was going nowhere because, Per her , HJ kept telling her to have abortions each Time she got pregnant. I don’t believe that she got pregnant that often. I think she lied to HJ so that he would marry her.
    Listen abortions are no joke. Choi please go and get a life. He doesn’t want you especially now.

    HJ the next time you sleep with a woman wear a condom. And go check your health. Let the woman know what you want out of a relationship in the future. This way there won’t be any mess. As for the baby file for custody. Youll probably get joint custody because baby is young. SET up a trust fund and have the family manage it. You never have to see her again.A.neutral party can pickup child and drop off child.This happens daily in some countries.

    Oh HJ hold your head up high.Make music again . This too shall pass. Things happen and noone is perfect. Forget the haters.We are all sinners. Im sure youve mature now.Just be careful who you lay with at nights. She could be a psycho. I will always be a supporter of one of the best entertainer that ever come out of SK. Hold your head up high and let all the haters KISS YOUR ………LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME.

  63. Thank you LazerKim Kim! I am so tired/frustrated with everything always going Choi’s way. She doesn’t deserve to have his child. I just keep hanging on that the SK Court will see through and punish her for her lies and scams. I know I have to be patient, but it is so hard. Just imagine how KHJ must be feeling.

  64. Hi lazerkim, thanks for this article. It increases my confidence:-) I strongly believe there is much more to come agaist her. His hardwork and his fans won’t leave him no matter how long this battle goes. I wish justice and happiness for our star in this new year:-) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO KIM HYUN JOONG, HIS FAMILY AND ALL HIS FANS:-)

  65. I am proud of you, Lazerkim! Thanks for truly believing in HJ and keeping us informed. I also believe in what you say, I have had doubts also. The one question that I hope gets answered is: Is there anyone investigating her and her family for KHJ and his family? I also will be by KHJs side always no matter what!

    • Hello Marie thanks! Yes I’m sure someone is doing investigation, HJ’s camp is just silent about it which is a wise move by Atty Lee since the criminal charges that HJ files shall proceed.

  66. thank u for ur wonderful article,ms.Lk…
    im also have doubt about dna test and so on…but still as ms.noanoya said,clearing hj’s name is more important…. for me,choi and her family eventhough this is their premeditated action plan and they may had done this to other men before, but they had met their worst enemy that is kim hyun joong…they may think hj is soft,kind hearted and stubborn person(kyaa,stubborn??figure of speech..haha) but they dont think maybe not realized yet that they had met the worst enemy in their life! they thought hj will agree and follow their wish but its turn a table….serve them right!
    May God bless hyun joong, his family, ms.Lk and his big family fans….aameen…(^_^)v

  67. We share the same sentiment. No matter what the outcome of this case I will always be his fan. This is the reason why i always offer prayers for him and his family everyday. It is a never ending gesture of concern for his safety and welfare. I’m also praying that he will be given justice. Wishing you more power and may God bless you and your family. Happy New year.

  68. we same.. I’m not shock about the result because of what??because I believe in Kim hyun joong and I’m not buying any rubbish story frm that choi big famiLIES not like choi famiLIES Supporters..

  69. Despite the results of the paternity test, something in the back of my mind is telling me that there’s something more to this. After all, she was banned from leaving the country. Obviously, she did something shady, for the ban to be approved.

  70. The techniques of creating baster babies comes to mind right now to me ~sigh~ This creature Choi – but if netizens were not such eager little idiots waiting to jump on whatever bandwagon that catches their fancy without bothering to check out the facts, she wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as much damage. I just hope and pray that she’s taken to court and convicted, and that poor baby is given to his father to raise.

  71. The woman … huh !!! my heart aches for what when reading the comments of people about KHJ. Is she doing something with KHJ when they are on holiday in Jeju island first? This all their planning to drop khj..peguam he asked a lot of money for child care as KHJ hallyu star but they try to discredit her, kill her career. what they want is just money not for the sake of her child !!! sorry for bad english..

  72. Thanks so much Lazer Kim for your articles! They always give me strength and courage to stay a loyal fan of our Only One!
    As a human and a man I am aware that everyone makes mistakes. But I am also aware that he is a truly Good and kind man who puts the wishes of others ahead of his. And because of this I will always believe in him and continue to support him and love him unconditionally.
    Please keep strong Hyun Joong. I know that God will help a good person like yourself. After this nightmare has ended, I will be right here waiting for you to come back to us happy. And showing us your beautiful Smile! KHJ Fighting!!! 💗💗💗

  73. Thank you kim for your articles.They always fill me in with what i havent heard. My biggest worry is she has munipulated everything up til now to get what she wants. I am scared she will do the same to the SK courts and KHJ will lose, cause of her and her lawyers sneaky games.Hopefully the courts are watching and reading to see how many times they have changed their stories and lies.Hopefully they are smarter then them. I pray everyday that they will see the truth. She has no real proof. pray pray pray.

    • Fight for justice is never easy . This case is Premeditated crime therefore they have planed everything ahead and planing in every steps. They did not fight with fact but a set action plan. However don’t be scare because that what they want us to feel and give in. We need a determine heart and commitment to fight for justice. Their set planed has been revealed bit by bit we just need to be patient . What they most scare is the truth . We just need to repeat the truth and the proving fact .The whole truth definitely will be revealed soon.

      We have seen they desperately tried to convince the public to ship the focus from the criminal case against choi hye mi several times. Now not only choi hye mi that is a criminal suspected but her mother too if not the the whole family. The court and the police might have to deal with the family gang of bandit.

      Yes, praying and sending support to HJ is the best we can do now . Be positive and never give up to fight for justice. I think this battle is not justice for KHJ a superstar but KHJ a normal human being that has been famed by a criminal suspected choi hye mi who is proved a liar ..

      • Bella dear
        God never sleeps. They will get what they saw in due time!
        As truth start to emerge slowly bit by bit …soon we will have all the pieces of this puzzle that bitchoi and pig spread.

        I still have doubts about that DNA results as well about that baby…but all in due time it seems!

        I feel Most imortant now is to Clear Hj name and to expose in full the bitchoi family from hell …to see them going in front of media bitchoi mom bitch dad sob bro….because this is a Blackmailing Gold Diggers family …Shame to Sk and their Media for giving them the stage!!

        Big Shame to SK court of law for allowing that Pig to bark left and right so many lies and inconsistencies…

        As u see this is a complex story directed by bitchoi Family fm Hell most probably started 2012 or 2013. Bet u they eyed Hj long time saw his soft heart and played him like the expert con artists and blackmailers they are!

        Wishing All a New Year 2016 with Truth out in open and A good happy year with new beginings to All!
        May God Bless All Hj his family and this family of friends here! 💖🌹

        • Hi Noya,

          I agree in everything you said accept for the SK court I believe the pig will learn the lesson soon. I still want to give credit to the SK court since they are the one who can give justice to its people. seon might want to take a risk by playing trick hoping they can win the public opinion. It seems seon and trash medias did underestimate the public.

          I feel the same about the DNA. However if the baby truly really his I just hope he will have a full custody.

          Honestly I will not surprise at all if choi hye mi ‘s family turn out to be a gang of bandits of South Korea. Her actions in the past 15-16 months has obviousely indicated that.

  74. As they say “silent sea does not make a good sailor”. Our KHJ will survive this nightmare. . 2016 will be best for him. .

  75. Proud delulu fan here 😄😄 I just don’t get it..why are the media conniving with that bitch? Or why are they so convince with that good for nothing gold digger bitch? 😒😒😒

    But’re right..we will never move an inch away from him. 😊😊 Fighting, Leader!!

    And really can write 😄😇 @LazerKim Fighting!!

    • Thats why the family of bandits demand huge amount of money from KHJ, as payback to those media and to their followers.. So, the media in return have to defend those criminals because of the promised money…

      • It’s really amazing how powerful money can be. 😒😒 Best example is Choi. She changed her ugly face into a..well..she’s got a new face..but she’s become a money slave. Money really can do something big. 😴😞😞😒😒

        • I agreed with you. All her games are money $$$$. If Kim Huyn Joong is normal people like us, Her side ( family and lawyer) do not have to play games. Therefore, I just pray god to help Huyn Joong be lucky to success this case in 2016 and his life. Happy New Year to KHJ and fans

  76. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] NEW LIFE | LazerKim

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