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By: LazerKim

NEWS UPDATE      (Dec 14, 2015)

Today Dec 14th Kim Hyun Joong took another DNA test in compliance to court order that Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby has to take this DNA test in connection to Paternity Lawsuit that Choi filed against Hyun Joong. Here’s that news as follows:

Kim Hyun-joong receives DNA paternity test

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong took a DNA paternity test Monday in hopes of proving he is not the father of a child his former girlfriend gave birth to in September.

Kim was tested at the Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul at 2 p.m. along with his ex-girlfriend, surnamed Choi, according to a local news outlet.

The singer, who is currently serving in the military on active duty, used his leave to receive the test with the mother of the child, as ordered by a court earlier.

“We followed the court’s order (to go to the hospital with Kim’s ex-girlfriend). We are not sure if the two are going to be tested simultaneously or separately,” Kim’s lawyer told reporters before.

In April, Choi filed a suit seeking 1.6 billion won ($1.33 million) in damages for Kim’s alleged physical abuse and their relationship leading to pregnancy.

Choi had refused to hand over a medical certificate that proved her pregnancy and gave birth in September.

In a press conference, Kim accused his former girlfriend of being unclear about the pregnancy. Kim said he would “take full responsibility for the newborn baby” if the paternity test identified him as the father.

Kim began his two years of mandatory military conscription in May.

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Today Atty Lee stated that as soon as Hyun Joong complied with the DNA he left the hospital and went back to the camp. There were news reporters  around the hospital and so far I have not seen pictures of Hyun Joong except Atty Lee being interviewed and the other party! Here’s some brief translation from the interview.

Atty Lee:   KHJ was in the same place with Choi but they did not talk to each other at all. He didn’t see the baby as Choi has the baby.   KHJ will be responsible IF confirmed test results that would prove he is the father would be available in a week or two. Choi wanted to take DNA test together.

About the damage suit, it hasn’t been proven that there was miscarriage by assault or forced abortion, Choi’s side provided no evidence.    After the 5th hearing on the 23rd our witness will testify, after that KHJ will testify about circumstances he gave 600MW and the trial expected to be over.      (Trans credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky  thanks for sharing!)



(Trans cr: Karenkim thanks for sharing!)



On Dec 9th, I was surprised upon reading a trash news from Atty Seon announcing the court order that both KHJ and Choi’s baby has to take it together, stating the place, date and time of DNA testing! What do we expect? Of course media will not let this chance slipped by, so Choi and her mother was mobbed by media!

May I just clear it up to “Choi’s fan club” that it was Choi’s camp who revealed info pertaining to DNA scheduled today and that her name and photos were exposed by media and not by KHJ fans! Well, I’m just waiting for the media to do so to confirm her identity since KHJ fans already knew who she is!

For me this court order on DNA test is a good news, whether Choi’s baby is his or not, at least Hyun Joong can finally have some peace of mind pertaining the questionable childbirth of Choi since she have not submitted any proof to her pregnancy and childbirth. It’s just so sad that it took a DNA court order with media around before she can finally submit! This woman is indeed a true attention seeker trying hard to look like a victim!

However, may I remind you my dear readers that Hyun Joong specifically stated that if the child is his he’ll take responsiblity, BUT the criminal case that he filed against Choi shall proceed as is regardless of anything that goes.



From the photo above, there goes the criminal suspect Choi Hye Mi the blackmailer of Hyun Joong with her mother carrying the baby merciless to the poor crying baby for dragging him to such situation to the public!

Atty Seon announced today’s event to the media which I consider another desperate move in seeking media attention which Choi has been wanting! She’s such a loser and manipulator even to an innocent baby who is barely 3 months old being dragged to this circus! And may I just mention, Choi’s mother was there with her that made me think she’s been a part of her daughter’s conspiracy in destroying KHJ!

IF indeed the baby is Hyun Joong’s baby, until now I couldn’t understand why it has to take all this time even a court order to prove it? I couldn’t ignore her behavior right from the start of this so-called pregnancy and childbirth because I believe no decent mother would jeopardize her baby and allowed being mobbed by media, if Choi is a real mother!

From the start I never doubted her true selfish motive is solely for Hyun Joong’s money. Now I’m even convinced this is not the first time she ever did this to a man, meaning Hyun Joong MIGHT not be her first victim! Just my wild thoughts based on everything that transpired from last year’s scandal till today on how she orchestrated this whole conspiracy seems a piece of work by a real pro con artist conspirator!



I know we are all wishing the baby is not his, however if in case it’s his baby, I sure do hope Hyun Joong would fight for full custody, since Choi is obviously an unfit mother. Wishing just for an innocent child who doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment from a mother who obviously doesn’t care for the baby at all! We shall be waiting for DNA results.

Well, we still have a Dec 23rd court hearing to look forward to, let’s hope and pray that this case would end! At the same time, although today’s DNA is not related to the said court hearing I still wish DNA results would be available before the 23rd to at least shed light and give even a little peace of mind for Hyun Joong and his family.

Christmas is just around the corner and this is the first time that Hyun Joong won’t be around us for this season, however he’ll be with us in thoughts as always. How I wish all of these would be over soon and I wish for a favorable results for Hyun Joong!

Further developments and updates shall be posted on this page! Have a great season everyone! God bless Kim Hyun Joong….God bless all of us.


                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

                                MORE UPDATES BELOW THIS ARTICLE!

Photo credit as tagged, Ms D thanks!

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As far as I remember it was Atty Seon who first announced to the media about Choi giving birth in Sept. However, in this interview he was asked by reporters the exact date that Choi delivered the baby, but he responded he could not remember!!! LOL

Atty Seon publicly announced the Dec 14th DNA test and I’m sure he already anticipated there will be media around the hospital where the DNA test took place, so he should have prepared or he was expecting the media would mob on KHJ!! On the contrary, it was his client who was mobbed by media! Well counselor, your client asked for attention and so she had it all eyes of media on her exposure!!

I wonder if Atty Seon heard the baby cried along the way? But it seems to me the three of them simply didn’t care at all! I wonder if they ever thought if the baby was hungry that’s why he was crying? I didn’t even see a baby stuff bag with them which I think is natural for a mother to be bringing with her whenever the baby is out from his crib! Am I right?



I admire how Atty Lee handled such situation, anticipating the media would be there and so he took extra care for his client and protected him from the media and from Choi’s camp. He and his client used another route towards the lab where DNA was being done. I admire how he responded to the media in such precise and professional way.




(Trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky       Thanks so much for sharing as always!)


CHOI SPEAKING UP???   (Dec 17)

Yesterday there has been a brief statement from Atty Seon circulating around as he stated this……“My client Choi feels a need to step out and correct the Korean public’s misconception of her as fraudster or a liar and flower snake!”  May I correct Atty Seon’s statement! It’s not only the Korean public who takes Choi as a LIAR, but also KHJ fans worldwide and some non-fans who started to doubt her motive!

I wonder what is there for her to explain? For me, once a liar started her story with lies, she’ll be patching it up with another clumsy lies just to make sense to her fairy tale! I’m just glad that the SK public now has come to their senses and started to doubt her motive in this circus too!

Choi had gone over board with her nonsense accusations in destroying an innocent man to the point of mental and emotional torture, not only to Hyun Joong but to his family and us his fans for nearly two years now. How can she expect SK public to believe her?

Is she now being caught in the corner after the DNA circus that all of a sudden she wanted to speak up? Or does she wants another media coverage? Well, let’s see what she’s up to, I just read she’ll be attending the court hearing on the 23rd, of course she’ll be where the media is!! LOL Let’s see how true this is and what she has to say!

(Atty Seon staement trans cr: @MichLui Thanks for sharing!)


NEWS UPDATE   (Dec 22nd)

From KHJ side:   The 5th court hearing scheduled tomorrow Dec. 23rd is postponed on Feb 3rd, 2016 by court decision! Reason for the postponement remain unknown. This info came from KHJ’s camp as  Atty Lee stated that there was no request for postponement on hearing date. No explaination was given by the court but such postponement often happened.    (Info cr: @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)

Since this info came from KHJ camp I sure do hope Atty Seon won’t make up any stories out of this postponement. Although I have to admit, this will mean a long wait again from Dec 23rd to Feb 6th 2016 but we can’t do anything about it since it’s court order!


(Vid cr: @KHJ Supporters, Thanks for sharing, your effort is very much appreciated)


Mr. Kim [Hyun Joong’s dad] being interviewed at SBS and stated that the assault lawsuit premeditated or planned out by Choi together with her mom!! (Info cr: @sun_sun sky TY)

It’s a mother and daughter conspiracy all along! No wonder, we have been asking where Choi’s parents are, now we know her parents were just right beside her planning the assault ploy! Shameless mother, this is the worst news I’ve ever heard having Choi’s mother involved in this nightmare!! This really is epic!!!



(Tran cr: Sunny @sun_sunsky  Thanks as always!)


CW81B70UQAApAyk (1)




In Feb 2015 I can still remember how Hyun Joong clearly stated he’s not going to marry Choi. After Hyun Joong stated his rejection, she responded that she doesn’t want to marry Hyun Joong either, that she will take care of her baby by herself and will not ask for financial support from him!

So what do we have now? Choi is demanding 5 Million Won per month for child support and 100 Million Won for compensation or alimony! As far as I understand, alimony is some sort of financial support by court-ordered provision for a spouse after separation or divorce.

Hyun Joong and Choi was never married nor lived in together, so why is she demanding for compensation or alimony  even 100% higher than child support? What legal right does she has to demand?

May I just add up  Atty Seon’s statement after DNA result was released   “From now on, he (KHJ) will have to apologize and reflect upon his actions that murdered her character, and show responsibility as the father of a child and protect the rights of his child and the mother of his child.

My dear readers be the judge of character since Atty Seon was accusing Hyun Joong of murdering Choi’s character!! This lawyer is getting fond of twisting not only his statements but even situation!

Who is Choi by the way? Is she a nun? Is she a star celeb? Is she someone from the upper echelon, a figure in a high class society?

NO! None of the above! Instead Choi is a BLACKMAILER from a family of con-artists experts, a GOLD DIGGER, CRIMINAL, NATIONAL SWINDLER and an OVERLY OBSESSED woman with low life! That’s her character!

Geez I don’t want to spoil my Christmas Eve, so I’m gonna laugh out everything that I read from Choi’s camp!! Whatever happens Christmas will come in just hours from now. Hyun Joong is a Catholic so I’m sure he’ll be celebrating this season with hopes he can celebrate it with his family!

                                    HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!




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  1. Te deseo mucha suerte y que Dios te cuide y que todo salga a tu favor, mi amado Kim Hyun Joong yo tu fans te creo y te apoyo desde el otro continente te daré fuerzas. 😘😚

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  3. Happy Christmas in late, may all your wishes come true, and may 2016 be the year of triumph of KHJ and his family. Fighting Mr LEE, champion of Henecias!

  4. i can not accept this DNA results…..
    they do many confusing things but at the end he is hyun joong’s????
    can’t they change the results??

    • WHAT I find confusing is that she refused to do a DNA test unless Kim and her, and the baby were at the same place, same time same day…. makes me wonder why… It IS possible to minipulate DNA results… if you have DNA from the father….

  5. Hey LazerKim,
    I’m sorry, but how did the DNA results become public. I thought it was issued by the courts.? I’m curious if Korean hospital’s are as relaxed as the courts seem to be. I had honestly hoped the results would have come back differently, just feel like the baby will be a forever pawn used as a forever hold Choi-bitch will have over the HJK & his family. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far. Wishing for a brighter and happier 2016 to you LK and to all who support this incredible Alien 👽 Nation!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎆🎇!!!

  6. I just started being interested in Korea Drama….I really genuinely hope everything works in KJH favor. Thank you God for Blessing his family with favor in this situation.


    HI LK,

    Thank you so much for all your excellent articles including this one. I think I can not live my life peacefully without your articles. I’m so glad glad glad that we have all the record to read about CHOI HEY MI ‘s scandal. It has been proved that HJ’s fans are so dame right about this woman since the started. She simply acted like a hooker who became a gold digger.

    The shocking thing is choi hey mi’s mother . Actually it ‘s not so shock because no mother would keep quiet and let her daughter humiliates herself again and again running after money if she does not agree with the actions. The mother probably the head of this bandit gang who corporate with some medias figures. It was so clear to me when I saw choi hey mi’s mother carried the baby for DNA test. She probably did not realize that she actually has revealed herself as a conspiracy with her daughter to defame KHJ and humiliate the baby unnecessary. However at the end it has turn to humiliate herself and her daughter choi hey mi.

    choi hey mi’s scandal has confirmed that Allkpop , Koreaboo and a few others are really trash medias online. i have never realized that the news we read from allkpop has been distorted until this scandal. The morality of people who run the website are very low as much as none. These people earn money by destroying people or get pay to defame people by using their privilege as a media. It’s good to know that we can not believe whatever they report in Allkpop and Koreaboo. They are not real media but just a group of people who commit a crime everyday using their privilege to write the distorted report.. The other word they are a real criminal who hind themselves under the name of medias. They are as dangerous as the terrorist . They are killing people’s souls and stimulate the hatred among people. They intend to confuse public with their selective information. The medias like them will create uncivilized environment and injustice society to the world.I hope all the money they got from wrong doing will bring much more trouble to their business.

    Haters who keep supporting a criminal suspected choi hey mi and keep blaming HJ by ignoring the deviance that proved choi hey mi’s lies we can do nothing with this people. They have already decided that they will not take anything just choi hey mi and seon ‘s words . They have chose to believe the report from trash medias and ignore all rational thinking. in my opinion they do not know what is justice they just full of ideas about being abused without realizing they are the real abusers who keep abusing KHJ with distorted information and the false accusation from the proven liar choi hey mi. They are just truly unhappy people who deny to be rational..

    i believe by Feb 3rd 2016 everything will be much more clear . I know all of us here will keep supporting HJ and encouraging him to continue with his plan and live his live the best he can. We will always here for him.

    Thank you so much everyone here who shared your feelings and thoughts I really feel good every times I visit this blog.

    L.K and JAZU I’m quite sure your dream will come true soon.

      • Bella you are so caring
        My birthday dreams are comming soon for sure happy christmas and new year for you and everybody here
        KHJ be strong you need go till the end to move on

      • Hello Bella!
        Thank you so much and Happy Holiday! I think this wish will run in all season, Birthday wish, Christmas wish, New Year’s Wish, Valentine’s wish!! LOL!! Until the truth comes out and see that bracelet on Choi’s hand!!
        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and I say AMEN to everything you said that I share the same thoughts! On top of all of this circus, there’s something even more important in the future that this terrorist family never realize, and I shall be discussing it in my next article. Happy New year!

    • You described so well the sad reality of international kpop sites 😦 Even numerous blogs seem to be so biased in favour or against certain entertainment figures. Commenters blame fan communities for blindly siding their favourite artist but in reality it’s them who blindly spread hate. All that is unnecessary, articles are supposed to sum up facts, not just stir up controversy for any price. You can clearly see which articles were ordered for money. Still I believe eventually this immoral behaviour will backfire against those shameless “journalists”.


  9. Merry Christmas everyone. It is indeed a long wait for the next trial. But with our daily prayers this problem will surely be resolved. Always remember that prayers can moved mountains. I hoped that KHJ and family will be relieved with their anxiety the soonest possible time,so let us pray for them.

  10. Happy Holidays from the United States. God Bless KHJ, his family and all of you too! I have such an odd feeling of this whole situation. I am not confident in the DNA results and the way they were handled. We all know KHJ said it was possible and if she was soooo sure what the result would be why didn’t she allow his 1st DNA test with Human Pass and show to the world she didn’t lie…this time! I can’t help but wonder if it would have come back as not a match.It is just too odd that her sister in law had a baby at the exact time as Choi. Could those sonograms/testers have been her sister in-laws? Could Choi have snuck a hair from KHJ and submitted it as the baby’s. The results were way above the average positive. Almost too perfect. Now she wants alimony on top of child support not to mention the ridiculous amount. They never lived together. Even though she may have KHJ baby (still think he was set up) the requested amount is way more than what a baby needs. I doubt she would save any of it for him and his future. Do you guys think Choi and her lawyer are hoping he will cave in and just sign and agree to give the money? I doubt it will happen but they really should have gotten a 2nd DNA given the circumstances. I don’t trust her. I hope the courts give KHJ/family custody of baby. we could then be sure any money would be spent on the baby and not on Choi herself. Sure money helps but babies need LOVE from their family especially at this bonding age. I don’t think Choi has enough love to give. She loves herself way too much! I will support whatever decisions KHJ and his family make as they have the baby as a priority.

    • I think KHJ’s appa did state they are going to sue for custody of the baby & it’s all thanks to her greed, lol… If she hadn’t demand for such a huge sum including alimony the Kim family was going to let it go & pay for child support. So it looks like there’s a positive outcome due to her greed afterall… Hope the Kim family will pursue until they get the baby.Then, yeah, they should get another test on him at a reputable facility like HumanPass Inc & get a court order for that psycho female to be tested…

  11. I want to wish Hyun Joong, his Family, & ALL Hyn Joong’s Fans all over the world & to you Lazer Kim my kababayan, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & PEACE TO ALL,, MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU ALWAYS. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
    Let’s keep Praying for our Hyun Joong, Atty Lee & legal team without ceasing.TRUTH & VICTORY ALL THE WAY. Keep up the Faith & Believe that God will do the rest. GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US. AMEN.
    Let us continue to Love one another like a family because that’s what you are guys to me my Family ❤ ❤ ❤
    So for now let us enjoy this Holiday Season with our family & friends. And Keep Smiling :))

  12. Merry Christmas everyone ❤

    I'm glad Hyunjoong's father said they'd fight for custody because Choi belongs to jail. In my opinion that's the right thing to do! Also, how stupid must her lawyer be to give the court a text message proving Choi and her mother plotting false accusations against an innocent person? That whole family are sick! The good thing is KHJ's side doesn't need to agree with authenticity of the text messages Choi gave to the court but once she handed out the texts as evidence, she stated they were authentic. It's absurd but it comes handy at this point.
    If she wants to get a half of KHJ's assets claiming their relationship lasted for 2 years, I say she and related persons whould be sued for attempted murder, as from the beginning they have been putting KHJ and his family under unbearable pressure. Now that she claims she has his child, if she got KHJ out of the way, she's probably hoping the child = she would get all the money for herself. Such a psycho…

    • I remember, in the very beginning of this scandal, that a classmate of KHJ said Choi would show up to the class, demanding money and gifts. The person said it was Choi’s mother that put her up to it.

  13. Right now, I just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Yes, it is always darkness before a storm but after the storm that is light
    Just stay on the path and never give up. Truth will win I have Faith so for now.enjoy.the holidays and be safe. Thanks to.all. Love

  14. THE TRUTH IS NEARING! I still have this strong intuitive feeling that Choi has not given birth. The paternity test they took is a set-up, same as what they did back then during the hospital check-up. Will be calm, be patient (like our Leader, KHJ) and continue to support him. In time everything will come to light. So, let’s continue to stay strong, stay steadfast, stay healthy till then!

    KHJ, family, loved ones, friends, FANDOM and Atty LJM + his team –– FIGHTING!!! You’ll Never Walk Alone!!! We’ll Always Walk With You!!!

    Also I think the criminal court did the “right” thing to postpone the 5th hearing, seeing how Choi side has manipulated the paternity testing and tried to stir up public sentiments. I’m sure Choi side has planned to take this opportunity to once again confuse us all! Too bad for Choi, it backfired on them. I guessed in their haste they’ve “miscalculated” the criminal court course of action. Now that she exposed herself to the whole world, she can have a taste of her own medicine…hahaha! I’m actually laughing my head off after reading, seeing and watching all the articles, collages and videos made on her.

    On a hindsight, hopefully this extension would give a better advantage to KHJ. Well, will need to wait till 3 Feb 2016!

    Meanwhile, let’s continue to spread the good name of KHJ!!!

    Wishing everyone here a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!

    • LOL Hello TheLastPiggy! I die laughing at your username!! You’re the cuttest piggy ever!!! lol I share the same opinion with you! Thats a big AMEN there in your comment!! Merry Christmas to you!

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!! Love you all!! Huggzz to all…

      • And to you too! Also thanks so much for your blog….

        I guess with the paternity testing a done deal, KHJ side can now go full force and have the legitimate reasons to ask for return of facts from the “hospitals” she claimed she’s done her pre-natal and the place of her birthing.

        Kudos to LJM and his team!!! And if I could add….Kudos to us all, Fans of KHJ for our constant trust, believe, faith and support in him too! God has heard us and reciprocated our sincerities!

        Also at least for me, it’s cleared all my suspicions, can’t wait what’s becoming…HOHOHO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • I have that same strong, intuitive feeling. I feel that if KHJ attempts to get custody of the baby, the real mother will come out of the woodwork to keep her baby from being taken away.

      • you’re absolutely right. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I still don’t think that baby belongs to Choi or him for that matter. I think that the sonograms/tester belonged to her sister in-law or someone unknown. there are pix of her as you know late in pregnancy not looking pregnant at all. Any why would she deny KHJ’s Human pass DNA test if she was absolutely sure it would show positive match. I really in my gut think something was set up about the hospital DNA. And why would the hospital release its resultss without consent of KHJ himself. something is not right about this. I am certainly ok if it is really KHJ baby. I know he will love it and take care of it. If she keeps custody, I would guess she would be bothering him with every little issue. I am curious however, I thought babys need to be registered with in 30 days. Whose name was entered as the father? Why should KHJ pay support for possibly some other mans baby. If she did deliver this baby, I suspect she was already pregnant when she got with him in December 2014. She was telling him of pregnancy at a time when it may not have been possible to know of it yet. How could she have accurately known yet. I am not in denial that this baby may be KHJ, its just if you read everything it is just unsettling. sorry for lengthy comment….

  15. EN:
    1) 13Jul14 Bitchoi’s Mom msg her to tell her to ‘tolerate’ until they are able to extort money from HJ (l
    2) ->20Aug14 Bitchoi accused HJ of assault ->16Sep14 in actual fact they extorted 600milwon.

    Cr:@Princessmich123 and @mayzi1021

  16. Oh my God, how sad is this saga. KHJ this 31 years old woman has been playing you. She just can’t be mentally inept at her age. HJ I’m upset with you because you didn’t wear a condom. This girl didn’t protect herself because she has been trying to tie you down since she met you. You were not thinking either. You had only one thing on your mind,but Choi had other plans.she wanted to be Mrs Kim. Oh HJ.what a mess.
    OK shit happen in our lives that is regrettable.
    Now if baby is really yours, you need joint custody.Set up a payment plan for child.have courts distribute money. You Don’t need to see Choi until child reaches school ready. Have Third party pick up child and bring him to you so you don’t need to see her ever. Your relationship was too tumultuous. It was too toxic. Next time tell them woman what you are looking for. If it’s just sex,then say so.she will either say yes or no. Know who your enemies no one.and no more texting. Choi sold communication to media. Oh how sad. Well this is a learning lesson. You need be more mature now.I’m sure army gave you better perspective. I will always be on your side.forever loyal that’s me. Praying for you. Hold your head high. We are imperfect people. Curb your emotions. COME MAKE MORE MUSIC. HATERS LEA E HIM ALONE.

    • I’m possitive if he was in good conciouseness on that one day in Dec. he would certainly protect himself or never had sex with this woman ever again. We knew she had tried to trap him saveral times before and she greatly success to make him felt guilty withh her fake pregnancies therefore she would do anything to reach that point again. I remember one of his interview he said he likes woman who drinks well . i beleive choi took advantage of that and drunk him. It ‘s so sad to know that he had to live under thredtening for saveral months before knowing she lied to him. This woman is a real snake. She will never value any compassion she got she knows only what she wants…..MONEY.

      I agree with the rest of your comment. I believe in his goodness and pray for him to be strong and stay firm to reveal the truth. The whole case has just proved what a good person he is even though he is not perfect. Nobody is.

      If he indeeds the father of the child he has to clear his name from the false accusation for the sake of a father. The mother has to learn to responsible for her own action in order to be a better person.

      • Fans should Write a letter and tell him not to Drink
        anymore. Look at him, KHJ got Drug Drunk by Choi. KHJ body will be Effected with Brain and Body Damage,
        Keep Drinking, Might as well go to Rehab or End up

        KHJ need to Cut Ties with Yes People who he Hangs out with Get rid of his Connections along with His Friends, Fake Friends and Choi Friends. So there won’t be anymore Trouble.

  17. So, How does Att Lee feels right now going through Sh!! with Choi’s Drama?

    Choi and Att Seon has plans and there way ahead. Choi has all these people that
    can Help with her Plans. Choi’s Family Involved, Her Boyfriend who work for the
    Trash Media, Hired a Social Media like AllKpop, NetizenBuzz and Alot More.
    Maybe KE is on it to.

    What Plan does Att Lee and KHJ have? Do they have any Plans or Att Lee just going
    to stand there and Let them Ruin KHJ? 2 Men going against all these people that
    Gang them up.

    • Don’t be so sure that Atty Lee restrained silence is because he doesn’t have nothing to say!
      The Pig and Bitchoi Criminal modus operandi is as usual Confuse statements lots of noise prior any hearing! don’t u remember as usual “we have tons of proofs” …let them make noise, they go for public or media opinion …but all can see they are crocks! inviting Media under pretence of an interview ? and then running with a smug face?
      BUT Court …just decided to Postpone the hearing..I think here the losers are Pig and bitchoi…

      when Pig talks “want apology” remind me of last year when bitch wanted “apology” with settlement… is this = that they are seeing all their plays are not in their favour …so wants to settle?
      for bitch apology = money….

      To HJ and Family :
      Please NEVER apologise to that freak psychopath. YOU Hj and your Family have nothing to apologize for!

      Never give up to fight for the TRUTH to be OUT!

      Psychobitch should apologise to HJ and his Parents and to his fans for putting all in mental Torture for soo long.
      For stalking Hj for destroying his peace of mind and health and sanity !
      she should be closed in a mental hospital.

      I pity that baby for having such a psychopath as a mother ..who is using him for Greed and revenge for being rejected!

      Re results of DNA, ok now we know, move on and Continue with the Criminal Lawsuit to CLEAR HJ name and the stigma that Bitchoi inflicted on him and his family!

      I hope Hj will make in the future another DNA test on that baby…..they were too sure like 10000% sure??
      remember Hj has done his DNA test at Human Pas in September!

      A Merry Christmas to all! God Bless!

      • I am appalled as usual by the uninformed, pompous, self-righteous idiot netizens who are letting that bitch Choi Hye Mi lead them around by their noses. OMG WHAT in the WORLD does KHJ have to apologize for just because the paternity test came back showing he is that baby’s father? He certainly never denied that possibility. I am beyond fury at this point. His poor mother – crying on TV again. And people trying to smear his FATHER. It is horrendous.

    • If Atty Lee has plans why would he broadcast it? Why is Choi’s camp noisy? Is it bcoz they knew very well they don’t have a case so the least that they can do is go to the court of public opinion! If Atty has plans he’s doing it the prof way of not letting his opponent know what his plans are.
      Keep in mind evil never win! Only brainless people believe in Choi!

  18. Updated info:-
    1.Reporter said Bitchoi told media “if coming when & where DNA test is done. Said will say a few words for interview”

    Cr. @Princessmich123

    2.the baby was born on September, 3 2015
    (Cr. @illublue)

    3.Read this comment, and sign the petition. I believe Hyun Joong Forever ! MY ONLY ONE … you are best… … via @Change

  19. When i read about dna result news, i don’t know how to react… But i already prepared for this too. I am happy atleast now he knows it’s his child and he can take legal actions and at the same time i am very sad and scared that lady will give a lifelong torture to our leader… Please god let him have the custody of the child. I really wish that they will give custody to him and most importantly won’t allow her to see the child even for a minute, then only our leader and the child can live in peace. That lady still trying hard to damage him by asking an apology. I am sure that these all things she is doing to ruin an innocent soul will definitely return it’s payback to her…. But still atty lee need to reconfirm the dna test, b’coz we can’t trust them. I think we fans have to watch the test procedures when they do it,then only we believe it… But these things never going to change my love for him infact it is growing much more. I will always love him, respect him, support him and pray for him!!! FIGHTING!!!

  20. I think most of us agree that he should insist on having another DNA test as everything about her and her lawyer is untrustworthy. However, what would be the chances of getting DNA from the baby again? I am not certain that they used DNA from the baby. Could they used KHJ dna for both himself and as the baby to ensure a match? I still think that the reports of a match are TOOOOOO close to be realistic. Usually half of the markers are from each parent. In this care all but 1 marker is a match from what I read. It seems too close. This should be confirmed before he gives her any money.

    • Yes! You are absolutely right. She and her lawyer by saying this have proven that they are the biggest liars and FOOLS too!

  21. It’s a sad-sad situation … just thinking about it feels uneasy. Hopefully they will work this stuff out somehow for the baby’s sake. Just keep wondering about this woman if it’s really possible for a person to be like that – the people u hating the most- suing them, laundering them to the bones, crashing them to pieces, blame them for all your downs, displaying them with no mercy to the whole world with unspeakable lies and in the same time use all unimaginable means, including the babymaking series to drag everyone into the unsuitable lifetime relationships! Just because of the money? How much more money u need to remake u into a simple human being? Using your own innocent child as a hostage for your greedy ambitions, as a prize for your revenge, is it not megacruel or too-too much? Unbelievable. So much pain. So frustrating. It’s perfectly obvious though how many changes are coming up and I pray God to turn all those wrongdoings and mistakes to the positive path eventually. As people say – God will find the way were is no way. The only one thing will never change for us, no matter what – WE’LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU OUR HJ, ALWAYS WILL STAND BY. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU. PLEASE BELIEVE THAT THE NEW BEAUTIFUL LIFE AND YOUR FUTURE TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU. YOU ARE GONNA BE HAPPY AGAIN.

  22. Did the International Fans, Non-Fans and South Korea People believed in Choi yet?

    So, Whats Next? The Court is Due on the 23rd of December, Choi will probably do
    the same thing again, Choi is an Experience Woman, We Don’t know whats going
    to happen next and She talk to much Sh**!! Are you Sure Choi is going to Jail?
    We don’t know if she is going to Jail or Not.

    After Choi is done with KHJ, Choi will probably date another Male Victim and Milk him
    Dry to. Maybe Drug him Drunk like she did to KHJ.

    Since the Investigation is still on going,
    Do you think Choi trying to get Rid of the Evidence, Pay the Police Investigation to
    Ignore things Choi done or Install them for something?

    Att Lee is an Experience Lawyer throughout his Career. I thought this guy is Expert. or Something. Does Att Lee believe or not believe that the Child is KHJ?
    Att Lee should bring out the Old DNA Test that KHJ took before and see how
    the other new one Match. I hope they don’t throw that old one away.

    When do you think Att Lee will go after the Top Gun who is Behind this,
    Social Media and Haters that Trash KHJ? They Totally Ruin him already.

    KHJ hasn’t experience anything and he is still a beginner with all that Problem he is
    going through cause Choi got Games. Why is KHJ Parents Apologizing? They should know that Choi is Lying by Tampering or Bribing the DNA results.

    • Yes..I TOTALLY agree with you. Some of including LK believe that KHJ should take several tests at several labs-not that we don’t trust him. The fact is we CANNOT trust the SLUT and her allies at all. KE got the info exposed it to the media.
      Seon was smirking when Choi came with the baby to the hospital.
      Choi didn’t take the test when KHJ took and paid for the Human Pass test..her action is too fishy!

    • Hello there! May i pls be allowed to correct, it’s choi who was demanding for apology fr KHJ May i repeat that whoever has the right to demand for apology fr choi seon trash media and people behind this conspiracy, thats none other than KHJ.
      Whats next? I hope choi will not demand for shot gun marriage on hj in exchange for letting hj see his kid!! or else thats the worst disaster in hj’s life! Such a monster choi made herself out of this circus!

      • Anyhow LK, we agree that KHJ should do another test before acknowledging and paying for the child support. Am only convinced if the result is from their side. anything from Choi’s side is BS. I wonder whether they take blood or use the hair for the dna test? If it’s hair, then it is possible she may have a sample of his hair! It’s too good to be true that she got preggy after claiming so many times in a year. Is she a mouse or a lioness that can get preggy easily?

        • Do you think KHJ will say Sorry to Choi in front of the Media again?
          It look like Choi wants him to say sorry just to Punish him right in front of the whole world to see. Humiliate KHJ and being Laugh at, Trash Talk until he is Miserable.

          Do you guys think KHJ will drop the Lawsuit against
          Choi or still go on with the Case? I think someone said
          KHJ dad said KHJ might Drop it.

          • I’ve not read anything like that. In fact he said it will stand, because that’s the only way to clear his name. Maybe because I’m biased, but I really don’t think he needs to apologize, he’s said from day 1 he’ll take care of the baby if it’s his. After all her lies, how could he just blindly give her more money. She’s the one that created a media circus by not getting a paternity test or submitting proof of pregnancy from the beginning. She should apologize to him for dragging this all out. Anyway, the Korean public are largely ignoring her. They’re disgusted with her play for money.


            AND HJ WILL NOT APOLOGIZE TO THAT PSYCHOPATH BITCH! HE doesn’t need to and he has nothing to apologize for!

            The bitchoi should apologize to HJ his Family and Hj fans..she is a Criminal a Fraud a Blackmailer!

            JAIL is her place…baby or not …she should be put in JAIL!

  23. Gosh.. this is just overwhelming but with just one test is just dubious. For paternity test, there may be error.. I agree with fellow fans here to make sure. Just can’t trust that woman. anyone who is concern for the baby will hope the child can have happiness soon, he is so innocent to be dragged to this storm. With that woman keep pushing HJ and family to the wall, what kind of happiness can the child has. Well we cannot control the court’s decision, but can the Judge place the child under govt custody and allow some hours for both families to visit the baby till HJ is operational ready (complete his MS)? The child is so unsafe with her. And though that woman has filed for another crap suit, the court don’t have to abide to her, isn’t it? By who giving more evidence, so wat? More than 60 pieces of evidences?? Fake crap or real?? Seriously..

    • I think its aweful that they heard the results from media and were told that results sent to court but they have not seen them yet. Its almost odd that the results are almost too perfect in her favor. its like KHJ dna was tested against his own dna. You know what I am thinking?

      • Observing all of this from afar I have many questions. All of this seems staged with KHJ as some sacrificial lamb. Does this girl’s family have money? Or is her lawyer just trying to capitalize on celebrity status? She obviously has no class or self respect but that’s already been said. Such an unfortunate situation for the poor baby and HJ to try to provide a normal childhood despite having her involved. He is a grown man after all and knows where babies come from, it seems he would have taken precaution if it was a big concern. However it evolves I send only love and support. I appreciate this blog and being able to read all the comments. Fighting!

      • Ya tatswat I think too.. if someone changed samples!! Or we all have doubt tat someone big behind tis if he is capable of changing dna results!! Coz its fishy tat they compelled and succeeded in taking DNA test together..

  24. paternity test result that showed that Kim Hyun Joong is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s son, both Ms. Choi and the singer-actor’s family have spoken out.

    Ms. Choi’s attorney, Sun Jong Moon, stated, “My client and Kim Hyun Joong lived together for about two years and she became pregnant five times during that period. We have submitted 66 pieces of evidence for the damage lawsuit.” He continued: “Kim Hyun Joong has continuously held unnecessary press conferences and performed media play that made my client out to be a national swindler and blackmailer without any evidence. Kim Hyun Joong will have to show himself responsible for his child and protect the rights of his child and the mother, and apologize for the ‘murder’ of Ms. Choi’s character through commentary in the likes of ‘She will have to take responsibility if the child is not mine.’”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s parents held a press conference after the paternity test result was revealed. His father, Kim Hong Sung, stated: “When I heard she gave birth, first, I was sorry. I was sorry because I couldn’t see the child even though he is my blood. [The paternity] should have been revealed earlier. We said many times, starting from January, that we would take responsibility but the paternity confirmation was delayed. We are relieved that the paternity has been revealed, however late. We are sorry to the child. We are happy he is healthy.” The father continued: “Hyun Joong acknowledged that the child was his from the beginning. He always said he would take responsibility. Didn’t he say he was sorry to the child in the letter that was revealed in September?”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s father revealed that he talked to his son, who said to him, “Dad, since the child is mine, I will take responsibility. The court will deal with the issue of child custody and I will follow that decision.” Kim Hong Sung added, “No matter to whom the custody is given, if it is for the best interest of the child, we will follow.”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s mother, crying, responded in regards to Ms. Choi’s demand for an apology, “If Kim Hyun Joong dies, is that an apology? If his family dies, is that an apology?” She added: “A child needs to be welcomed into the world. We hope that the child will no longer be linked to money. We will do our best for the happiness of the child. We said several times that we acknowledge paternity and that we will take responsibility but why does she keep trying to kill Hyun Joong?”

    Kim Hyun Joong’s father added, “We want to reach a solution regarding the child over conversation.” Regarding the lawsuit against Ms. Choi, Mr. Kim stated that it is a separate matter necessary for revealing the truth so it will not be dropped. Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer, Lee Jae Man, stated, “If we don’t continue with the lawsuit, Kim Hyun Joong will have to live with the disgrace of being accused of assaulting her for becoming pregnant with his child.”

    Earlier this year, Kim Hyun Joong was fined five million won (approximately $4,300) for assault, and then Ms. Choi revealed she was pregnant and sued Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion won in damages. Kim Hyun Joong consequently filed a countersuit for 1.2 billion won (approximately $10.5 million) for slander following Ms. Choi revealing a previous pregnancy and miscarriage to the media, citing a lack of evidence to support her claims.

    Ms. Choi gave birth to her son this past September and earlier this December, the Seoul Family Court ordered Ms. Choi and Kim Hyun Joong to take a DNA test to confirm paternity. The result was announced today.soompi

    • I can’t believe the obvious lies of Seonpig – anyone following this case knows the media whore is Choi Hye Mi, and that KHJ has said the baby could be his and he will accept responsibility from day one. OMG I am so disgusted with the stupidity shown by netizens 😦 Now some of these nasty cretins are blatantly defaming KHJ’s DAD! So over it. Thank you LazerKim for being a bright spot in a sordid ocean

  25. hi dear lazer kim ,one media outlet reported, the results show that there is a 99.9 %percent chance that kim hyun joong is the father ,which is higher than the standard for confirming a biological relationship…..,it also explained that of the 15 gene categories in the paternity test,they share genes in 14 parts ….??!!
    I think this test is not true…..
    i have one question You do not know a way to be able to leave a message for atty lee??

    • Hi Samira,

      Where did you read about the 15 gene categories ? Are you an expert in DNA testing? KHJ should compare his old result taken from Human Pass with the result from the Court appointed hospital. The result should match. They need to get an expert in analyzing the paternity test result. The kid should have DNA from both parents. If the DNA is perfectly match with KHJ only then the sample could be from KHJ, also. Lawyer Lee should question the lab., the technician who run the test. No cross contamination. What kind of sample did they use? Blood, Hair or Buccal swab. What if Ms. Choi submitted KHJ hair as the Baby’s hair ? We will never know. Why are they postponing the 5th trial date ? Did they find something inconsistent with the test result ?

      I read in KHJ soompi forum that Ms. Choi brother was introduce by maknae/Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 to KHJ. I hope this rumor is not true or else I will be very upset with him.

      • I actually heard the same rumor fr my field back in 2014 but chose to ignore since it was just rumor!
        I hv another theory re DNA just my wild thoughts though. But my question is can sample be exchange like for example hj’s hair. I think this is one way of tampering dna test! Just my thoughts. I think its easier to submit another men’s hair or other sample that matches the baby. Im sorry to be so doubtful. With the way choi and her camp handle this case wc is just so questionable!

  26. I just hope, that he would manage to take the baby out of her. If he is allowed he will be a great father. I am sure that right now he is very sad, because he hasn`t seen his son yet. Be strong and take care KHJ, we are with you.

    • When someone started be father he is father for all his life. Before KHJ take the responsibility for it he should verify the test results. He should do it apart from the media, courts, etc., even anonymously. But there must be certain what the truth is. And then, being sure, take responsibility.

  27. Dear Lazerkim, thanks for the updates yet again! While I was in Korea not long ago but I can’t manage to find much info on his case!! Damned!! I just cannot trust one source for the test. How I wish the tests can be guarded by us, together with few hundred cameras to prevent foul play!!! Will burn whoever trying to be funny! Heaven knows what Choi or her club fellows might do… Hope this will end soon!! So HJ and his family can breathe much better.

  28. Is daum media reputable? Another one of Choi’s paid outlets? I won’t believe it’s KHJ’s until he does his own independent test away from Choi and her cohorts. They must be celebrating the news. So now she’ll get more and more of his money until he is bankrupt. What a hateful woman. I hope KHJ stays strong in his conviction to not talk to her again even if the child is his. What a circus she has made of the whole thing. Why wait so long to get test done. I still think she paid to get these results. Sleep well dear fans. We will still support KHJ regardless of the outcome.

  29. These group is so cruel just think from February till now how they play these game against HJ and family and still bring the kid for him to hear him cry. Honestly the court should have a heart on these. As an assume parent they denied him even the right of child birth but they went straight to tell the media first before him and his family.
    As a parent just a pinch of a cry runs deep. I Realy pity HJ to be stuck with these monster.
    I hope he will retest the baby to confirm and fight for custody while she goes to jail. He must not be sympathetic to her she will rain his life. Let her go to jail.

  30. As I see it, at this point KHJ can only win while for Choi there practically remains no good option. What can happen? If she really gave birth and KHJ is the father of the child, he can (and should considering Choi’s questionable character) get custody. I’m sure his side will compare the results of both DNA tests he got made and if the child is claimed his, he’s free to repeat the test to be sure. If he is not the father, then Choi won’t get any more money and except for the fact she lied about being 100% sure regarding paternity, there will linger a chance she’s not the birth mother of the child she presented in the hospital on Dec 14th. Could such suspicion be supported by some sort of evidence, she herself should be forced to prove maternity via DNA test. So either KHJ will finally get to see his child and be sure the child is really HIS own or he will get rid of any further need to deal with Choi as someone to be taken into account.
    Apart from that, I don’t see the result of her civil lawsuit optimistically for her when so far she proved nothing and presented no evidence nor witnesses. Her lawyer is making it even worse for her with giving ridiculous answers to legit questions which sounds like there’s no fact for him to say, so he resorts to excuses and vague but too ambitious implications those never come true. Then there is the criminal lawsuit against Choi that should be the most interesting part of the story with most serious consequences for her and related persons.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Kim Hyun Joong fighting!
    Happy holidays everybody ❤

  31. Choi..would u really coming on 23rd? I really hope u will come n show up in court bitch but please don’t hide ur face like before huh! After all these 2 years you should hve been immune wth all the media coverage, all hates n supports from people around u. I guess after such challenging obstacles in your life u hve been strong woman( LIAR) to face all the consequences. LOL

    Now you are fit to show ur plastic face to public just for the sake of justice right? Common, take this challenge bitch since not many people anymore who believe in your lies. By exposed ur face, it shows that u r more sincere n trustful in ur case.. People will see ur courage n determination for ur rights. LOL

    It’s been around 1 year plus now since ur 1st ruckus to our beloved boy. Hope u satisfied with all d chances given to u by court. Enough is enough. Will meet again n see what would u say in court since there’s nothing else u can bring as prove..

    Ahh.. I forgot. ur dumbo the attorney says u will bring 10 portions of text messages n statement of fact from 50 hospitals. LOL

    • Honestly with all the lies Choi and her lawyer have been feeding us, I sometimes doubt if even she exists XD She always promises strong evidence but never brings it, at this rate the only thing she could do to make it worse for herself would be to turn up and put up an act with tears and so on. As if that helped… Something tells me Mr.Lee will teach her one or two things about law.

  32. Hi Lazer kim.greetings. I was looking at KHJ uniform and I noticed that heven is a DMZ police.this guy doesn’t need any stress. He must be stressed beyond comprehension. Being assigned to their DMZ is no’s a little line which divide North and South Korea.Oh poor baby boy HJ. I hope that this spectacle ends before they new year. That gal is a piece of work. He better go and check his health as he didn’t use a condom. That gal is nauseating. Oh HJ was her body worth it. I don’t think so. If you ever ever get involved with a woman again,check out her mental state and her families. This bit#$ makes us all look bad. And control your emotions. In these future, If a gal ever get jealous of your friends or if you ever get jealous of your woman dump her. No stress so that there won’t be any mess. I want you to come home and start making music. Things will never be the same, but this is a learning experience in your’ve had a rough like.this is just a part of your life. We’ll talk DNA when results come in.protect your money. You work hard for it.Then public don’t know how hard you have to work in show business. I love you until they end of time my sweet.

  33. I’m going to laugh my ass off if that test proves that Mr. Kim isn’t the father. I want to send him a package, but I don’t know how to fill out the forms. Can someone help me?

  34. You will be soon overcome all of these things KimHyunJoong..your fans,friends and family are here for you..Saranghaeyo<3 FITHING!!GOD BLESS YOU!:-)

  35. WHAT???? She wants to speak now??? Isn’t that what she’s been doing since 2014?? More texts?? Oh wait that’s right more LIES, LIES & more LIES? We’ll let me tell you something choi, WE Hyun Joong’s fans don’t take your crap, we NEVER did, like EVER. So Don’t Bother.
    We don’t want to hear it. She’s really getting desperate, especially when Hyun Joong didn’t even bother talking to her. What goes around comes around. Remember that choi.
    On the positive side..Hope we all gonna have a Blessed holidays. Love you guys ❤

  36. What …the Chupacabra grew a conscience? Really pathetic after she sued everyone right and left Hj/his fans/his lawyer …bet you she will give her “version” to Dispatch trash her BFF.
    Maybe she will try to appeal to clemency to Judge or HJ? Lol…don’t expect such thing from a soulless bitchoi.
    She really loves Media attention. After all her manipulations/lies/fake evidences/fraud and blackmail…she has the nerve to play snow white? Never seen such a low life …She is Wold Wide known as the SHAME to SK and the BIG LIAR and bitchoi!
    No Mercy please …JAIL JAIL JAIL JAIL…..


  38. Been away for a short time and all of these already happened…
    God have finally decided to help our Oppa win this battle.that little innocent child is facing this all because of his mom.she absolutely dont care for him thats why she uses his as her weapon…o poor little child…if d child turns out to be oppas’ then they both will suffer becuz of her.

  39. Before KHJ, How did the other 4 previously Celebrities Escape from Choi?

    I think Choi wants to be Famous Equal to KHJ.
    Do you think Choi is Jealous of KHJ Career and try to Ruin him down the Ringer.

  40. Bonsoir a tous,
    Si vraiment c’était l’enfant de KHJ, elle aurait fait le test ADN dès qu’elle aurait pu,c ‘est a dire même pendanr sa grossesse, c’est pour ça que j’ai du mal à croire que ce soit son bébé. Jespère pour notre idole que tout cela ne sera pas manipulé pour lui soutirer beaucoup d’argent et de détruire sa carrière. Fything KHJ!!!!

  41. After reading your post on Twitter I have a concern, she is so mischievous that I feel that this date was picked on purpose and here is why. If the results are not available from one to two weeks it may not be available until after the 23 trail date. At this time HJ is not able to asked for hospital record of birth since paternity has not been established; herefore, he should not sign any papers or agree to any payments until he has seen the birth records from the hospital and not her. If the test reveals that he is the father he should ask for all records pertaining to the child and its mother and not until he has received this information should he proceed. She really can’t be trusted.

    • Yes I agree with you. Another concern is that if in case HJ is the father I sure do hope he can have another DNA test on the baby again on his own. I think he has the right if he’s the father right? Gosh you are so right, it’s really sooo hard to trust that Choi.

      • Well…this test had to do with the paternity suit. Family court ordered the test done on this date. She STILL is required to show it for the 23rd hearing which is her civil and his criminal suit? I still don’t get how they are being tried at the same time. But it’s just possible that because she didn’t provide any proof, they want to know why he gave her the $ in the first place. So the hearing on the 23rd has nothing to do with his paternity, just to weed out the he said/she said. I think.

        • Hello there!
          You’re right the DNA is not related w the next court hearing. Oh Im sorry i might have confuse you. You are right DNA is for paternity lawsuit.

          We’re just sharing thoughts on possible release of DNA results and future concern.
          Thank you! Have a nice day!

          • I’m curious if they are not available by the 23rd will she be held in contempt. She had like 2 months to get them done. Ugh! If we’re sick of this waiting game, imagine our poor boy. Perseverance…perseverance.

          • Also do not forget Bitchoi is a Criminal baned to leave SK and the Criminal suit is still on even though nothing transpired till now. She was supposed to go to Police to give statement by end Sept.

            The recap is :
            23Dec is the lawsuit bitch filed against Hj for 1.3 mil or billions with the famous TxTs

            The paternity suit bitch sued after Hj said first DNA…but dhe wants money money money

            The Criminal suit is by Hj against bitchoi for Blackmail/Defamation/ Libel loss of income and all the Lies Bitchoi barked.

            Bitchoi is a Manipulative Liar playing games with Trash Media !

            • Is the Investigation over yet? Continuing?

              Choi and Att Leon are so on Crack, I want this to be done and over with it already. Will probably be waiting until 2017 when KHJ gets out of MS.

              That Moon Face and Bouncy Piggy along with the Frat Party need to be Behind Bars.

              • Still continuing. According to Atty Lee she has yet to provide proof of her miscarriage by assault. And they have 2 witnesses that will testify once it goes to trial. Her witnesses were denied because all they had were text messages. You’re right, she wants to drag this out as long as possible. If it’s over she’s over.

        • However, if I am not is taken she filed in 2 separate courts
          Do not know much about SK courts but it seem go me that if he took the test in the #1 lab what was the pronlem. I most countries it is not necessary for both to ho at the same time. Also. I think HJ attorney would not have allowed him to do so if it is required for both to go together, so for me something does not small right
          However, I am giving SK courts the benefit of the doubt that they are giving her everything she ask for so she can never say she did not get a fair trail. As someone who knows a little something about investigation this all thing smells and this is why I am giving the benefit of the doubt. There are two sets of crimes, physical and mental, and mental is the worse kind. Why? It deals with lies, innuendo , hearsay, and the court of public opinions. The living person has to deal with this but a dead person not so. So the types of cases need to be properly handled. This is just my take.

      • Exactly. Here, the game goes on very high stakes. If the test proves that he is the father … I hope he will repeat the test in secret. KHJ must be sure. If, after re-testing it turns out that he is not the father, it will beginning of the subsequent processes ….

    • Hello Marion! I read your tweet re: child stage dev. thanks for the info, now I understand. Gosh I even doubted the size of the baby, sorry bout that can’t help my curiosity!! LOL Have a wonderful day! God bless..

  42. Hi Miss Lazer,

    Thank you so very much for all information. We all have to pray for KHJ no matter what will happen next. I would like to wish you for your kind and brave heart as “Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest new year 2016”.

    Your friend,


    Sent from Windows Mail

  43. Hi, I want to ask you about the DNA test. Can I know what the result of the DNA test between Hyun Joong and the baby ?

    LazerKim wrote:

    > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ LazerKim posted: ” THIS BLOG SITE EXCLUSIVELY FOR KHJ FANS ONLY By: LazerKim NEWS UPDATE      (Dec 14, 2015) Today Dec 14th Kim Hyun Joong took another DNA test in compliance to court order that Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby has to take this DNA test in connection t”

  44. I am praying to god for his strength. B’coz that is what he needs most right now. And the poor baby definitely need a safe place, b’coz the way she treats the baby is completely scary and even infront of too many people in the lab she is treating her baby like this then imagine how she takes care of her baby? I hope khj can celebrate this chritsmas like every year he does… Please god be with him… Really thank you lazerkim for you updates, it gives confidence and strength:-)

  45. I am praying to god for his strength. B’coz that is what he needs most right now. And the poor baby definitely need a safe place, b’coz the way she treats the baby is completely scary and even infront of too many people in the lab she is treating her baby like this then imagine how she takes care of her baby? I hope khj can celebrate this chritsmas like every year he does… Please god be with him…

  46. I really prayed that the result of the DNA test they’ve taken won’t be manipulated as well 😴😢😢.and how I wish that woman would really have some conscience left on her bones.

    Fighting, KHJ!!! Henecian’s and Triple S all over the world will never leave you.!! 💪💪

  47. Thanks again LK, I too think this was a good idea because no matter what the outcome she can never say they did not give her a fair hearing. They gave her everything she asked for but still did not get to speak to HJ or show him the baby or have him hold the child, she still did not get what she wanted. The media circus was about her and, yes her pitcure was outed by her friends, funny how she hid the baby. To protect the child they should have never announced the information. It appears that HJ is growing up and I can’t wait for his return. He will have even a great presence because of this ordeal and plus he is learning other languages he will be bring an even better body of work. Godd has not abandon him. Thanks to all who has stayed Faithful.

  48. Att Lee need to keep an eye on somebody.
    I think Choi and Att Leon will probably Manipulate the DNA test result.

    When will Att Lee going after the Big Top Guns that Help Choi?
    Is the Investigation done yet?

    KHJ Friends and Choi Friends, Maybe KHJ should get rid of them so there won’t
    be anymore connections with Choi.

  49. As always LK. You write very well. yeah, I laugh out loud when I read the news about MR. Seon who dont even know the date of birth of the baby when back the he announced about Choi’s giving birth and was so poor helpless. shame on tjem who put their self at this low. I avoid talking about them, but now a days I need to release my words out! seeing that shameless woman who still helding her head up without any mercy to the baby. Very poor baby..

  50. Having the information in one place with eng subs is so helpful. It’s a traumatic time for all his fans.. but we need to look toward the future.. and hopefully sheill be convicted and if there is justice at all in Korea KHJ will at least be able to see the baby and his parents can care for the child. Obviously forcing a child to to this Perp walk in front of reporters shows her total lack of love for her child.. to her this child is just a Money making machine. Does anyone think that this family will actually use the money from KHJ for the child? No.. it’s going to be homes, cars, and fancy clothes for them.

    Isaiah 54:17.. God will protect our Hyun Joong, his Family, and Atty Lee & legal team. So friends let’s continue PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING. THE LORD WILL NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US. MERRY CHRISTMAS Lazer Kim & to ALL.. PEACE, LOVE & HOPE will rule in our hearts. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. GOD BLESS.

      • Absolutely! We can not stop thinking about tomorrow, but God is already there for all our prayers to help our dear guy to remain strong enough and overcome all obstacles in his usual noble way. Hopefully the millions loving hearts all around the world will be able to keep him warm and safe during this cold, tough winter.

  52. Prayers for peace for KHJ and his family, what a nightmare this has been. From afar this seems to be orchestrated by someone other than that foolish girl and if so to what purpose. Bless his heart.

  53. God Bless Hyun Joong and his family! I pray that the results are that he is not the father so he and his family won’t have to deal with this crazy woman! But if he is the father I do hope he sues for full custody so that the baby can be raised by a sane loving family like his!! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and blessed New Year! Love a huge fan! Annell

  54. Thanks for the info friend. “God sees the truth but waits!” This is what seems to be happening now. Let us just continue praying for a results favorable for our dear KHJ. What is important is that KHJ confirmed a lot of times that he is not interested at all with Choi who is obviously pushing herself really desperately to him to the point of using the baby. I am a mother also but I will never let my child get into things like this since I am the real mother . God bless KHJ and Atty. Lee. Merry Christmas to you.

  55. I still believe its a reason she wanted Kim their at the same time. I believe she got some of his blood when she was fighting him and had it tested already. But in order to pull it off she had to have him their so they could say he took the test. Anyone can fake a test, did anyone go with whomever taking the test to make sure the test was taken. If this big person that powerful to have reporter do as he or she says. They also could pay someone to fake a test. To make Kim be the daddy. I don’t trust her either, while she’s trying make it seem like Kim would fake a DNA test where he went. The only person that would feel he would do something that is her. Because of all the lies she’s been telling to the public. Maybe she owe this big person she’s working for helping setup Kim. Why she didn’t try and show the kid to Kim being as though it made be his kids. But she show the picture to his lawyer and try to show the picture to Kim’s parents. So why not try and show the baby to Kim while he was right in front of her. But once again she remain quiet. Just like Kim told her while she was in court why she didn’t say anything. I believe Kim and believe in him. Choi I have said this before what goes around comes back around. You know that word karma, if not study that.

  56. I’ve been waiting for a new info about KHJ, thank you so much. I hope and pray that everything will be ok specially this coming Dec. 23. I hope that this will be the last trial and everthing gets settled. Well Christmas is just around the corner,wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. God bless everyone!🙏😍

  57. Lazer Kim, I read very often your articles, but I never said thank you duly. So now…. THANK YOU A LOT:)))) Living in Europe it is not easy to find timely and reliable information about these events, but here….always 🙂 So once more thank you for your work and being our source of news 🙂

    • We are taking the test, and we’re 100% certain that the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s”
      of course you are sure, cause you’ve already bribed the hospital piggy! & we know about your statement already no need to wait till the results come out…she asked for 5 million won each month as alimony & for 19 years…such a freaking gold digger is this bitch.

      • are you kidding? how aweful her for asking that before proof is confirmed. if she is soooooo sure it belongs to KHJ why did she keep baby away from him? You would think she would want him to spend time with baby and hope he changes his position on the issue

      • Almost half a million dollars a month? Serious? LOL. Even if (big if) it is KHJ’s baby, that child will never see a penny of that money. Alimony? For what? Causing HIM mental stress? That Choi is mentally unstable. She needs to be in an institution. Before any money is given to her, she needs to prove her ability to take care of the child. The court should require a psych evaluation. But seeing how she and her cohorts can manipulate the media and I’m sure the dna test, she won’t see a day in prison for the damage done to KHJ and his family. It is really upsetting that she has gotten away with all her lies. Her Atty I’m sure is getting paid a lot to continue this smear campaign. Seeing the pictures of her yesterday with her mother holding the baby proves to me that she doesn’t care about that child. Any mother would have held the child to protect it from all those people. But not her. Incredible. Sorry for long comment. I hope KHJ is able to read these comments and all supporting comments and know he is not alone and his fans are praying for him and his family. Thank you LK for all your posts.

        • It’s about $4,500 U.S. per month. Still…on top of the 1.3 Million she is suing for and the $605,000 she already recieved. And ALL she ever wanted was his sincere apology, right? I guess sincere apologies = $$$$$

          • Oops, miscalculated $$. Still, too much for that person. She shouldn’t receive a dime from KHJ unless he is the father in which case a reasonable amount should be allocated. A child does not need $4500 a month for necessities. She’ll spend a few dollars on the child and the rest is for her!! Thanks for your response.

  58. Thank you LK for your time and updates. We know bitchoi face and name from a long time, no need to hide. She is playing coy but ..oh, she loves the Medi attention, you can see her body language loud and clear.
    Regardless if it is Hj baby or not, that cheap bitch is not fit to be a mother, her actions speak loud and clear, she and her family are certified Gold diggers and Hj had the misfortune to fall in their trap. She wanted a meal ticket for life so she set her crossed eyes on HJ. Frankly what man will not take what is on offer on a plate, but frankly I have expected better taste from HJ in women.

    Really Hj, she really look a cheap tramp and is written on her fake smiles how Fake and conniving she is.
    Hj is soft hearted man, I do hope he got his life lesson by now. To totally ignore her is for his benefit, regardless if that baby is his or not. I pity that small creature with such a monster as a mother who is doing all to destroy all in her quest and greed for MONEY!

    Frankly the Adam’s Family look like Saints compared to Bitchoi Family, they really had more Class and panache, those are really the lowest of the lowest gold digging.

    I do hope that AttY Lee will find former victims of this con bitchoi, even though for her Hj is the Jackpot! Her ticket to live like a parasite and to be connected to Hj. What she doesn’t maybe realise is that Life is like a wheel and once you are up and once you are down and what she saw she will reap.

    Heartless bitch for dragging an innocent baby in her plot and circus, proving again and again how conniving she is.

    Waiting for thee Circus on the Christmas Eve, the 23rd hearing….Meanwhile Season Greetings to all and My Wish for X-Mas is that all of us including Hj and his family will finally get rid of that Lying psychobitchoi for good and that Truth shall prevail and Hj name cleared, Amen!

  59. Thank you for all the info! I hope she got the message loud and clear when he didn’t speak to her. Probably not though, she only cares about herself. Was not surprised that she was the one to release testing info to the media. She is a true media whore.

  60. Great article as always LK. Thanks again. Am patiently waiting for this nightmare to be over. Your articles as well as HJK fandom’s replies provide continued positive energy that I hope HJK, his family and Atty Lee can feed off of. Hoping for good news on the 23rd. Wishing you and everyone a safe & happy holiday season!!🎄

  61. May the good Lord give KHJ family the strength to carry on. Praying that all this ends on 23rd so that KHJ family and him can celebrate this coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with peace of mind.

    Thanks dear LazerKim…for the continuous updates.

  62. Sending prayers…. “God is our hope, prayer is our weapon”. The truth will eventually come out, and then we just need to expect that compensation will be meted out and this nightmare will end. I feel sorry for his parents and their inability to help or protect their son from all this manipulation, defamation, deceit, and blackmail. “It will all work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out… it’s not the end”.

  63. I believe she was told to have the DNA test by the next hearing on the 23rd. So very curious if she’ll comply. I don’t see why they shouldn’t have the results. She makes me so sick. The media did not have to be made aware of date and time. Thank goodness KHJ’s people had the right mind to go early and avoid her and the hype. I’m sure she wanted to arrive with him and show the world that she has a claim on him. Yeah, dream on lady. Poor baby, when all this could have been done when he was born and resolved.

    • If Choi was so certain that KHJ was the father, she could have had the DNA test done during the first trimester of her pregnancy with a NIPP test. I can think of a few reasons for not doing it: #1 She wasn’t pregnant, #2 She was pregnant, but not sure who the father is, #3 After successfully blackmailing KHJ last year, she wanted to use the baby as ransom, to extort more than child support from him. I’m holding out the belief that she was never pregnant and is using the sister-in-laws baby. When the DNA test comes out negative, she’ll cry foul and claim that the powerful Hallyu star bought his way out of taking responsibility. Well, if it turns out to be his baby, I still support him 100%, but my mind is not ready to accept that yet.

      • Yes, I agree. Why drag her feet on doing the test if she wants $$ so badly. Prove it’s his and be done with it. No one saw her through the entire pregnancy and even Atty Lee who saw her at 5 months preg couldn’t tell if she was or not. Regardless if the baby is his, it will make me support him all the more, because I know he’ll take complete responsibility for his child. It might not have been born in the best of circumstances, but a child is always a blessing. I hope they would get custody of the baby. After all he’s going to put it on the family registry as his. He should have all the rights.

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