Kim Hyun Joong….[article] ULTIMATE WINNER!



By: LazerKim


Here’s to inform every KHJ fans that Kim Hyun Joong is again nominated for category Top Asian Idol at Yahoo Asia Buzz Award for this year 2015. This is his 7th year to be nominated since 2009 and had kept his record straight in winning the awards for 6 consecutive years.

From the time I became a KHJ fan in 2011 one thing I shall never forget is the sincere unified effort that I have witnessed from Hyun Joong’s fans in voting from this polls! The fans effort was incredible not only in voting but also in monitoring the polls and guarding each other’s votes that I’m truly proud of!

In 2014 we have shown to the world that no nightmare had ever pushed KHJ fans away from supporting Hyun Joong in our very best and we showed it through unified voting in this polls and placing him on top of all stars. I’m hoping we can do the same this year.



After what had happened at Yahoo Asia Buzz last year, we may say this polls deserve to be ignored! But how can I ignore, knowing Kim Hyun Joong’s name is there among the nominees aside from the fact that he has been the top winner among all those stars for 6 consecutive years, will I allow his name to just drop below the top rank?

As a huge KHJ fan, may I ask the same question to you my dear readers? Will you allow Hyun Joong to drop below the top rank in this voting polls after we have maintained him to the top for 6 consecutive years at Yahoo Asia Buzz?

Is this the right time to give up his throne where he has been sitting for 6 long years, specially at this time on Hyun Joong’s current situation? I’m just asking. We may be angry at Yahoo for what they did in the past, however, at this point, maybe, just maybe we can set aside our anger just for once, can we?

There’s currently a huge gap between Hyun Joong and his contender and our votes are badly needed. It’s so sad to see him at the 4th rank, that I can’t stand seeing the gap and all I can do is to humbly ask for help in voting for Kim Hyun Joong.



Allow me to clearly emphasize that no one here is being forced to vote. However, I’m not giving up in encouraging fans to support Hyun Joong at this polls as I normally do in the previous years. We do have mutual respect on whatever we decide on individually, though I’m hoping we can still support one another to unite once again the way we use to in the previous years.

The effort of every single fan is so intense in voting with only one aim to place Hyun Joong on top of the polls where he truly belong. You are not alone, if ever you encounter problems at the polls, feel free to open it up and we will help one another in the best way we can.

I’m still hoping we can join hands and show the world once again that we are endlessly tirelessly supporting Hyun Joong no matter what happen. This voting polls shall be closing on Dec 9th, let’s keep voting until the end, we can do this!

Let’s keep remembering…. we vote, we smile and we enjoy doing so with love… for our only one Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Voting Link>

KHJ currently on 4th spot >

Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks! 

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TUTORIAL  GUIDE ON HOW TO VOTE  (Cr: nadzyvy Kim thanks for sharing!)

**** First, click KHJ’s photo below.

*** Second, click box on your right to log in. (Follow step by step pic below)


*** Thrid, Type your email ad and click box below.


** Fourth, type the verification code letter on space provided.

** Fifth, click on box below.


*** Sixth, Yahoo google chrome home page will appear, close it, this means you have achieve with your vote. This pic below will appear and you may vote again as you click on that box on your right.    We are allowed to vote as many times as you can!   Pls do keep voting! Good Luck and enjoy voting! Thank you so much!!



(Massive vote sched. Info cr @Madi_Lilac thanks for sharing)




(Info cr Massive voting USA, Latin America : @Angeljoong thanks for sharing!)



If ever you have problems in voting like, “submission error” even your verification code is correct, simply click on “ok” then close the google page and click on enter again with the the same verification code. You might have to do this at least 3x before voting again.

Relax don’t get stress let’s take this like playing on line games and simply enjoy! Patience is a virtue!! Let’s not give up without fight and most of all we pray as we do our best God takescare of the rest! Good luck! Thank you so much for your sincere effort as always!



Mnet Responds About Voting Being Rigged For 2015 MAMA Awards

News Link>

May I quote from this news article: “CAPTCHA system is an anti-hacking process that allows users to enter a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in order to tell that the human is real and not a robot.”

In this news it seems to me Mnet MAMA is having problems with their voting polls as well. This may not be related to YAB, however, I think MAMA and YAB has almost the same system in voting, only YAB allowed multiple voting, I wonder how reliable is this CAPTCHA (validation code letters) that votes cannot be hacked as stated in this news article from Mnet? hmm…

I wonder if YAB will have the same excuse after closing this voting polls on Dec.9!!  We may be experiencing different problems in voting this time, still I won’t give up without a fight. I keep voting to keep him up to top 5.

For those who may experience being blocked in voting, may I suggest to use another Yahoo account if you have. This works for me, I hope it can help, I already have anticipated such problems as I had last year. YAB may be playing tricks, then I just have go about some ways I can avoid those tricks. I’ll vote as much as I can just to keep Hyun Joong up.




88 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong….[article] ULTIMATE WINNER!

  1. Hai, am fan of KHJ.. I want to give him gift to convey my wishes to discharge from military service… Can you please send me the address.

  2. My dear Kim Hyun Joong, forgive yourself so you can find happiness. Whatever is happening to you right now, I want you to endure and be strong. This will pass. No storm last forever. This is life’s lesson learned. After this problem pick up the good pieces and throw away that are useless. I know you will become a real man. Do not lose hope. Believe in yourself. You have your family and fans supporting you. I admire your talent and you look a very descent guy but of course your youthfulness comes with fun and easy-going carelessness. It’s part of growing up. After your Military training, I hope you gained a lot of insights to life. Take care and hoping for the best!

  3. If I were Ms. Choi I will be happy to have a child with Kim Hyun Joong. I will be so proud because the child’s father is not only famous but responsible as well. Money is not everything but your values, integrity and self -respect. And the child will forever be your link with him. You must have love him even for a short time so make it as a motivation to forgive him. I am sure Ms. Choi you will earn his respect and you can be bff’s. Don’t let money and greed ruled your life. Happy Mother’s day to you and to all women!

  4. Just saw Choi’s picture with her Mom carrying the baby to get tested. Interesting that the Grandmother is carrying the child and not Choi. Great bonding. If the results are manipulated to show KHJ is father, I hope when he gets out, he will do his own test with the baby away from Choi.
    She can’t be trusted. Happy holidays LK!! Hope our Christmas gift is proof that he is not the father !

        • translation by Jackie Kim, thanks jackie
          I’m reading now…Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong Choi, Choi bought the baby to do DNA test.
          Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong Choi, Choi bought the baby to do DNA test.
          Dec.14 at 2 pm ex-girlfriend Choi and Kim Hyun Joong Choi went in the hospital, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Seoul National University. Choi and her mother, revealed themself boldly while the baby was covered up. Choi DNA test was conducted to determine whether Kim Hyun Joong is the father of the baby. The hospital was a place specified by the Seoul Family Court.
          Choi arrived about 10 minutes later than the set time. The mother of the Choi was holding the baby and both can be seen for the first time in media. No hiding of their faces just had masks and hats. It was a bold move by them but did not say one word.
          Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong avoid the eyes of journalists. This was like in the movie reminiscent of the 007 operations. We arrived at the hospital about an hour before receiving the testing, using the different door of building other than the front entrance since many ppl media etc were there. Khj went straight to the laboratory to do the DNA testing. Khj lawyer Lee did not want to photos taken beforehand reportedly confirmed to have gone in through another enterence.
          Kim Hyun Joong side attorney said if DNA testing is confirm khj will take responsibility for the baby. Khj did First test in September, but Choi wanted to get a test done again together from the same place on the same day from Choi side by attending today, khj went to the lab via a different route to avoid the craziness of reporters, “Lee explained.
          Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed that he saw Choi only for the paperwork. Khj lawyer sitting facing “Choi and Kim Hyun Joong litigation since today is the beginning,” he said, and said again khj saw Choi do paperwork required for DNA testing khj did not say a word to Choi.
          Kim Hyun Joong will take responsible of the child if paternity says he’s the dad. Khj position as a parent, Lee said hasn’t changed. Test results will come out in 1-2 weeks from today.”
          Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong left the hospital before the genetic test immediately after Choi. He went straight back to the military units. Reporter Kim Yeonji

              • Just another thought come to my mind : does the child of her sister has a father? is she even married? or did she got pregnant by someone and he left her .. You’ll ask why I’m asking this? my answer is like this : if her sister given birth in the same day as CHOI, and the sister isn’t married then there is a high chance that both sisters are trying to milk money from HJ using the baby .. It’s easy to manipulate DNA tests in public hospitals and also it’s easy to buy a doctor, like everyone know CHOI was having a relationship with a business man when she was dating HJ, and if that business man still with her then there is a high chance he would help her.. Just a thought, everyone by now know what that women can do to get some $$, also does the baby really exist, all we heard was HJ seen a picture of the child that’s it, and a picture isn’t a real prove for someone existence, and about DNA test, didn’t the court said dead line is 14 December? so why CHOI didn’t go and do her part of it before HJ? I mean come on it’s not too hard to do it .. what is her attention from waiting till now

                • I read somewhere that Choi Hye Mi’s sister followed Hyun Joong everywhere!I saw a video about Hyun Joong where he was very afraid when looking back on a girl!Some person said that she is her sister!I can imagine that the sisters use a baby to ask money from him!

  5. am truly speechless…i had promised myself dat i’ll restrain myself from holding any grudge against her and stop hating…just concentrate on praying for God’s divine intervention but seeing this pics. of the acclaimed her…am totally fruious now even knowing her full name…who d hell does she think she is..wat part of hell did she come out from.she’s totally d type..backstabbing,attention seeker,lying,swearing,demon possessed,piosionous whore…am just thrown back…i will forgive her becos if i dnt my only thought will be to kill her…but she has to be alive to regret and live in misery all her life…but i won’t forget…I hope that oppa’s DNA testing goes well and all of this comes to an end…becos everything that has a beginning must have an ending…though happiness pass away sadness will also pass too..Forever am on kim hyun joong’s side…standing and sure…the victroy is of The LORD’S…lots of love..

  6. As l said before , we know her name by media not by KHJ, what a shame. pathetic girl, later we will see her with the baby in Dispatch saying something bad of him.
    what else we can have from her that bullshit and stupidity.

    • It could be Choi sisters Baby, Her own baby, A Businessman Baby or Adoption Baby.
      Att Lee need to find all of Choi’s exes before him. They could provide more Information about Choi Doing.

      Are they still on there Investigation?
      Is it there 3rd Month already or they still Searching?

  7. KHJ need to use his Brain instead of using his Heart. He need to be Strong,
    Don’t fall for another Trap. I don’t know why KHJ would Trust anybody
    who Manipulated and Lie to him. I hope he doesn’t hang around with a Yes Crowd,
    Fake Trash of a Friend they are and Using his Money for Partying and Drinking.
    Stop Dating to many Women and start Focusing on the Job. Well, I don’t know what he does behind close Doors in his Private life. KHJ needs to check himself out if he had anything
    like Herps or STD.

    When KHJ gets out of MS, he needs to start reading more Educated books,
    have real friends, stop Drinking until you Black Out and not Remember a thing cause Drinking will Damage your Body, You could die you know.

    You paid the Price, this is What you get for Trusting Someone so Easy, Lesson Learn.
    Lets hope KHJ doesn’t Dropped the Charges. If He Does, Choi will do it again.

    • I think he got the lesson time ago, 2015 january??his problem is to simple and naive to believe in her, he fell in her tramp. The sad is that his heart will be so hurt to couldnt like to had another relationship. I just aplaude that he doesnt like to marry her just for avoid a scandal, She did it alone, He suit her to stop her stupidity trying to blackmail him anytime she wishes. He will be responsible for the baby and nothing else. He will like to take back his life completely free even if it affects his carrer and even if as a result of this sick relationship he got a baby. He will care him but free to move or to get another woman in his life. Being the mama of the baby she will be around for at least 20 years , it will be a pain in a neck but he said to face it but not marry her. Doesn´t it a prove that he learned the lesson? . It will cost him money, she will try to ask as much as posible with the baby tool.
      Hope he could mantain his possition, despite the pressure, despite the baby, despide the media and haters. He deserves to choose the life that he wants to live and the person that he chooses, not to be forced to do something that he doesnt like to do just for critics.

    • The displays I think is automatically translated in English via google. Just tap on translate if you are using phones or if you’re using laptop it’s at the right hand corner of your screen, click on translate.

  8. Hello;
    I just voted 20 times for KHJ all thanks to your blog ^.^ I just wanted to ask, where can we see the poll results? Thank you in advance. KHJ fighting!!!! Shall be crowned winner for the 7th consecutive year!!!

  9. I am not sure if I have to use this site to request some information about Kim Hyun Joong.I am thinking that Christmas and New Year is right in the corner and I would like to send greetingcards personally to Hyun Joong at S. Korean Military Base where he is now serving. I would like the address and the name he is using to enlist in the Military if not his screen name. I will appreciate this very much. Who knows maybe not just a card but something worthwhile forHyun Joong. Thank you in advance.

    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 12:13:35 +0000 To:

    • Dear gail zarzoso,
      Just use his name and send to this adds.
      PO Box 61, Seongnam Bundang Post Office, 347, Hwangsaeul-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA zip code 13590

  10. Hi all lovely beauties

    Just to note something. I’m in Malaysia having so much trouble to vote using mobile phone. But easier by using the laptop instead. I dunno how and what connection abt these 2 devices I hve. But really voting by laptop much much easier n headachesless to me. Hope this can help some of you with same trouble.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Fanjoong! Pls try using other yahoo account or another gadget if you have. I hope it can help, I know this can be frustrating but surely we can surpass with this challenge of keeping HJ’s name within the top 5. Fighting!!

    • Hello Angie!
      I’m glad t hear from you! Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll be posting the sched. I understand your health problems, pls do take care, and take it easy. Praying for your recovery, God bless..

  11. I dont kmow you but l thik the yahoo BLOCK ME ! l am really fustrated , during all this day l was unable to vote, it is block for me only????
    what to do ??? l will try any time l can what else.

  12. Hello My Big Alien Family,
    Right after you guys have voted for him..please refresh the page by clicking enter in the yahoo web address..then you guys just type the letters in the box then click enter/send..then refresh it again..that’s work for me.

  13. The best way is to write the letters clues in the box and then choose KHJ picture, when l was writing the letters the picture sudently jumps to the next idol, before l vote. that could be the problem.
    better to choose at the end photo, well even if he didnt win l will be voting any time l can. hope you did it too to enjoy with him.

    • another sugestion is to use “Firefox”, google chrome or other browsers, WONT WORK! with Firefox, 2 windows opened after voting one of them had hyun joong’s picture on it & the other one didn’t, if you don’t see the window with his picture , your vote will never count, please be aware & inform every single person in your fandom, that’s why the progress is so slow, millions vote will not count because of that. you should see a window with his picture & after closing, then vote again remember to choose the photo at the end before voting .

    • Yes i agree w you jazu we just have to keep him up to top 5 if we cant place him to no 1. That will be alright we keep on voting and enjoy it no stress. What matters most is that we did something for him on this voting polls.

      We’ll deal w YAB after the polls close. I just read fr tweeter that Henecia HK had already informed YAB their observation pertaining the polls.

      For the mean time lets focus on voting and simply enjoy! Fighting!
      Jazu and noya thanks for the info about this polls as it opened. God bless…

      • Yes! they know KHJ fandon well, we are checking the polls and something is wrong here, well keep voting dear family any time you can using your phones too

  14. I am sure we are blocked. Just now, only a thousand vote increased within an hour. Simple calculation: if 2 vote in a minute, 9 person voting. If 3 vote in a minute, 6 person. I don’t think less than 10 Henecia are voting. They are cheating.

  15. Greetings Lazer kim. I think about my sweetie Hyun Joong all the time. He must feel like he’s in a nightmare. This terror will resolve itself with prayers.we are praying for him daily. He’s going to survive well. I just love that guy.I hope to be there in 2017 when he get discharged. Kim Hyun Hyun joong.Kom Hyun joong.I love you.

  16. I can’t vote 4 times/5. Sorry to say that but we can’t win honestly in this site. Only cheaters with robots can win. We saw that the last years but this year it’s huge. If we fans of HJ want to vote, we are blocked, but for the others no problem. Yahoo isn’t honest at all. I’m disgusted 😡😡😡

  17. hi again
    Q: when is the last day of closing poll?
    it seems we need to speed up the voting.

    Spread the word people …..we need more votes!

  18. Dear Lazer, Start from last night system error occur. Always prompt that my input is incorrect. I tried again and again but still the same. It stops me from voting and it happen again this morning. What can I do?

    • Yeah it happened to me too this morning, Allow me to suggest to give it a bit rest then try again. What I did is to enter (click on the same box) the same verification code until google appeared to vote again. Or you may refresh. It work though it takes a while. Pls try it, I hope it can help you, thanks! Enjoy voting no stress! lol take care have a nice day! God bless..

  19. Goodmorning Everyone from Toronto,Canada ,,And nothing BUT Love from me to ALL of Hyun Joong fans & LK my family. Can WE all agree with me & declare in Jesus name that Hyun Joong will be the WINNER again for 2015. We his fans can do it again this year & every year to come. Let’s show to all the haters that they can’t bring a great man down & certainly they can’t bring his great fans down. They should know that Hyun Joong have a Global Fan Base. SO let’s show them that we are UNITED TO PROTECT our Hyun Joong at any cost, because to us HE is always no.1 no matter what. PRAY without ceasing. Love you guys ❤ GOD BLESS EVERYONE.

  20. Thank you Lazer Kim.Hope Henecia and Worldwide fan family will can do this gift for him for Christmas time.I think he will be very happy to win again.

  21. Thank you LazerKim, is that time of the year that we start voting….hope we will keep it up and place HJ in his rightful place like we done for the last 6 years! Let’s be there for our Star, let’s keep his star shine even if Yahoo disappointed us, we can prove again the Power of Hj Fans and shame Yahoo again!
    I for one want to see HJ back on stage when he will complete his MS and by keeping his name at the Top of polls we can ensure that!
    Let’s make this our Christmas gift to Hj during these difficult times!
    All for our only one! God Bless!

  22. Totally agree, KHJ need us more than ever. It’s time to show the world that his fans will always support. I understand that some fans are very angry with Yahoo but if they don’t vote and he loses, people will say that his fans have left him. Together all is possible. Let’s vote sisters

  23. If HJ can be in 2nd place, Yahoo will not cheat on the title of the price. If he wins the 1st place, they will change the name of the price and cheat like they did the last year. Being the second when he is in the army would already be great.

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