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By: LazerKim


What you are about to read is a news item summary event of Sept 17th press conference conducted by Atty Lee and counter attack by Atty Seon pertaining to paternity dispute over Kim Hyun Joong and Choi’s baby, as Hyun Joong had already complied with his DNA required specimen and result was brought in to the press conference.

As you read on with this news I shall be stating my comment in each of the topic, here it goes as follows:


Kim Hyun-joong and his ex-girlfriend: The algorithm between ‘paternal test’ and ‘child expenses’

(news cr: Hancinema)

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong are in conflict about the blood of the child. The baby was born early September and paternal issues are at hand. It will happen either way but with form. Kim Hyun Joong claimed he’s done DNA testing but the ex-girlfriend, known as Choi, said, “We have no reason to comply”.

Kim and Choi are in legal dispute over pregnancy, miscarriage, abuse and such. They are irrelevant to the delivery of the child. Choi sued Kim for abuse and infliction of injuries in August last year and again in April this year for compensation of 1.6 billion won.



May I quote, “We have no reason to comply”  stated by Atty Seon.  Fine, if choi will not comply then she will not get child support as simple as that! Why would Hyun Joong provide for child support if the child is not his? Whom are you threatening to Mr. Lawyer? This statement from Atty Seon only created further doubts if Hyun Joong is the father of the baby!

Who among normal men in their right mind would pay for child support with doubts about the child’s biological identity?? If they are confident it’s Hyun Joong’s child then prove it and he’s most willing to acknowledge and provide for the child. What’s your problem!

Choi’s behavior is fishy from the start of her so-called pregnancy in 2015 and yes it would be better for her camp to file charges against Hyun Joong on paternity refusal. It’s only then Choi will be forced to show proof of child’s biological identity by court order. We all know the truth Hyun Joong NEVER refused to acknowledge the child provided it’s proven to be his child.


“Test” VS “Discussion first”   (news Hancinema)

Kim Hyun Joong’s legal attorney held a press conference and stated on the 17th that Kim has completed his DNA test and all that’s left was the child’s. He claimed all costs would be supported with. Kim’s test was taken by trips as he is currently in Service to his country.

After the press conference, Seon Jong-moon, Choi’s lawyer showed his discomfort. He said, “This is just media play. We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.



As I quote, “This is just media play” stated by Atty Seon. Oh sure this is just media play, but who started it? Back in 2014 as Choi falsely accused Hyun Joong of alleged assault, Hyun Joong had been roasted by media by Choi’s lies non-stop from 2014 until at present 2015 and it’s been going on continuously!

For over one year with this ongoing scandal Sept 17th this year was the first time for Hyun Joong to say his piece without a gun pointed to his head!! What media play is he talking about?

Atty Seon said as I quote, “We tried to proceed with the DNA check after discussion with Kim Hyun Joong.  We can’t comply with one-way notices like this”.

Oh so there’s discussion with Hyun Joong? What for is that discussion? Is it for bargaining terms? This lawyer is trying to trap him, I wonder which way is one way? Hyun Joong took his test from Human Pass which is said to be a credible institution in SK and paid for Choi and baby’s DNA test that she simply has to go there and have her test.

Why are they refusing? Is it because Choi’s camp cannot falsify DNA result from this institution? Come on counselor, your style is absolutely rotten, Choi is known for fabrication of anything but fake! It’s either she takes this DNA from this lab or wait for her court order to drag her for DNA. Let’s see what she can do, not unless she has other motive!!


Fight for child rearing costs?    (news Hancinema)

They are in conflict with the way this test should be conducted, but both sides agree that the test must be done. Kim’s spokesperson claims that he is ready to take responsibility for his child if it does belong to him. Considering the favorable factors for her, even Choi needs to do this test. Kim Hyun Joong has been pressuring her with this matter but they both have to do it in the end.

Lee Jae-man said, “Choi looks like she’s just stalling time. The longer this takes, the more harm it has on Kim and she knows this. In the end, it’s all about the money and they are just looking out for themselves”.



Bingo! I fully agree with Atty Lee, as I quote, “the longer this takes the more harm it has on KHJ… in the end this is all about MONEY!”    I’ll say it again…Common sense would dictate to us if Choi indeed has the baby and she is sure Hyun Joong is the father, why fear the DNA or any test that the Kims has been demanding that will prove her pregnancy and now her childbirth?

It’s pretty obvious now Choi will reverse every circumstances to be where she is hiding behind the skirt of media to possibly buy time and suck more money from her milking cows! Can you just imagine right after giving birth her camp was already with the media stating she’s filing another charges against Hyun Joong for refusing paternity!!?? Go ahead Choi! I see this act as shameless publicly threatening Kim Hyun Joong again!

He sincerely hope that this child would not be a pawn to this case as what Choi has been intending to. Unbelievable epic, she’s a truly certified GOLD DIGGER! Can anyone here give her a life? She’s now desperate!  Wake up SK, one of your citizen has been scattering garbage and this is already known worldwide!


Distrust and enmity   (news Hancinema)

It all comes down to “Time” Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process and Choi is taking things more seriously. They have the same goal, but just different methods of approaching it. When it comes to child supporting costs, they might face a bigger conflict. It looks like Choi is preparing for another case regardless of the paternal test.

The problem is distrust and enmity. There is currently no communication between Choi and Kim. Kim said on the 17th in a handwritten letter that he didn’t even know of the child’s birth. Even Choi’s lawyer said that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t seem to want to communicate with them.

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I quote from media “They have the same goal….????”     I don’t think so! Hyun Joong is after the truth. Choi is after concealing the truth from the lies she has been spilling out to media and public.    “Choi is taking things more seriously”…… and more desperately!! Desperate people resort to desperate moves!

“Kim Hyun Joong is trying to quicken the process…”   If Hyun Joong was pushing to rush the DNA process, he has every right to do so. Of course he’s the most affected in this scandal not to mention the mental torture Choi has brought to him to his family and KHJ fans. But remember she was already publicly claiming on Hyun Joong’s paternity refusal!  Again, a baseless accusasion from Choi! What’s new?

Hyun Joong had already submitted his DNA result, it’s Choi’s turn now to submit her baby for DNA test! Now she refuse to comply? What kind of behavior is that? Such a lowlife and a disgrace to SK!

“The problem is distrust…”  Precisely, who do you think can ever trust Choi and her lawyer after all her lies being said to you media (that you believe) to the public and to us KHJ fans ( although we are not stupid to take her words)???



Choi has barely 4 days to go to put up her diversity tactics before the 3rd court hearing on Sept 23rd. The court hearing shall tackle on Choi’s lawsuit filed by her pertaining 2014 case. Just a speculation but I think this case shall be dismissed for lack of substantial evidence. I may just be speculating since what we only have seen from Choi were text messages as her evidence and fake documents which I doubt if the court accepted!

Atty Lee stated police investigation shall start by the end of this month if I’m not mistaken. I think Choi fears this stage of their legal battle that’s why she’s putting all the fuss on DNA issue to divert the public mind. Let’s just stay alert!!

Well, I’m glad KHJ fans has been following this case diligently, as I have written in my articles last year, let’s not forget every details of this case. Because I know Hyun Joong will fight back at the right time and this is the right time to do so.

I think Choi and her camp are now caught in the corner because this time Hyun Joong is definitely firm about fighting against her fearlessly till the end to see her behind bars!. She really made a big mistake to over do with her acts of lying and I don’t think she’ll ever get away with what she had done and will be doing more in the near future!



Even this case wraps up we still have a long way to go to be with Hyun Joong on this road we’re taking with him. I read from tweeter a fan joking that this case might be running until Hyun Joong gets out from the camp!! LOL Funny it may be but I think she’s right!!! What do we do but laugh out whatever Choi presents to us in her every episode!

So do stick around, let’s remain alert on the coming days. Atty Lee mentioned there’s gonna be at least 2-3 months to get over with crime investigation on Hyun Joong’s counter charge against Choi, after this 3rd court hearing. Actually there are more to this, because KHJ camp is definitely going after the big guy, those involve with Choi’s conspiracy and those media who roasted him last year till the present. Plus those bashing on Hyun Joong on line SK sites.

Anyway, please forgive me for not posting Hyun Joong’s letter in this blog, but I shall be discussing the letter next time when we’re all have cooled down. There are lots that I can say pertaining his thoughts not only at present but on his future. And so may I leave you for just a few days and will be back after the 3rd court hearing.

Here’s a joke before I go, to cool down the heat!!

Choi:  “Hey Hyun Joong give me money and let us drop all legal charges between us. I’ll remain silent about this child, we part ways and move on separate lives!”

KHJ: “After what you have done? Over my dead body, see you in court Choi!!”  LOL!!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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(Trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky, Thanks! Your effort is very much appreciated!)

Phone patch interview with Atty Lee Sept 17th.

LOL Choi again is choosing her own venue to take DNA! Same thing as she did with Mr. and Mrs Kim! Now this is too much! If she doesn’t want to take DNA, then let go. No DNA no child support!  as simple as that!  I hope this time Atty Lee would not allow manipulations from her again!  Let the police drag her!! LOL

Choi is worried that DNA will be manipulated! LOL She’s so scared by her own ghost!!





 (Published by Netizen’s Buzz, Sept 19. Link shared by Noya thanks!)

A’s lawyer claims Kim Hyun Joong’s request for a DNA test is violation of her human rights!                                

Netizen’s Buzz Link >

One of my readers shared a scoop from Netizen Buzz, that somehow shows the public is slowly seeing Choi’s motives. This was when Atty Seon stated what Hyun Joong did conducting a presscon thru Atty Lee is a Human Rights violation on choi!! LOL Really this statement is so irritating to hear from a lawyer!! I actually forgot to point this out although I vented my irritation at Tweeter. Here’s my counter attack on the goodd lawyer’s statement as follows:


  1. In 2014 Choi falsely accused KHJ of alledged assault publicly showing fake evidences that he was totally roasted by media thru Choi’s endless lies tainting every bit of his well earned image while he was being judged by the public without due process. Who violated human rights in this case?
  2. In early 2015 Choi attacked again by claiming she was pregnant to the extent of concealing proof of said pregnancy from KHJ and his parents leading them to mental torture. In this case who violated human rights?
  3. In mid year 2015 Choi exposed the so-called personal text messages between her and KHJ to the public thru the media. Who violated human rights in this case?
  4. At the same year Choi again exposed multiple pregnancies within few months, miscarriage cause by aleged assault, and abortion fooling Hyun Joong with all these humanly impossible pregnancy. And publicly exposed countless lies! Who do you think violated human rights?
  5. Overall in this scandal for over a year the media went on with their unbalance reporting ONLY believing in Choi’s words to publish, while ignoring Hyun Joong’s side. Who do you think violated human rights?

What I have enumerated above are just a few incidents which I have highlighted from 2014 down at present. And this good lawyer has the audacity to talk about HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION on his client Choi??

Here goes Atty Seon claiming that Hyun Joong violated human rights on Choi for requesting DNA test! I don’t get it, how in hell have Hyun Joong violated human rights of Choi by merely requesting for DNA test on her so-called baby?

Kim Hyun Joong has EVERY RIGHT to know if he has a child or not thru legitimate proofs and not just HERESAY! What human right did he violated? And he and his family has been requesting for the said proofs for 9 nine months from the so-called pregnancy and her so-called childbirth. But nothing has been submitted to them except fake or unreliable proofs such as ultrasound picture with no name, date or any info on the picture.

My dear readers forgive me if I may be harsh, but I just can’t believe a Korean Lawyer said to be decent because of his profession which everyone can respect appeared to be ignorant of his own profession. This lawyer has to be disbarred, seriously, he is a disgrace to any lawyer’s association in SK!



There’s one comment at the other site that caught my attention and I quote as follows:

. [+26, -25] I don’t think people understand what’s going on ㅋㅋㅋ what the woman’s side is saying is that instead of all this media play Kim Hyun Joong is doing, she’d rather the three of them get the DNA test together at the hospital. She never said she was not going to take the test at all.

Here’s my response to this Netizen’s comment. The comment has a point, Choi did not say she’s not going to take the DNA test on her baby BUT Choi wanted the 3 of them, KHJ Choi and baby to take it all together at the same time at the same place TOGETHER seems like as one big family! Right?

Why not! But I can imagine how she can manipulate Hyun Joong again and play with his emotions knowing he cares for any baby or kids for that matter, what more to his own child even it’s a make-believe since nothing has been proven from Choi’s pregnancy down to childbirth! Until Hyun Joong falls in her trap again to agree in acknowledging the baby even without proof!

History dictates to us how manipulative Choi is and how she can fake everything just as to get what she wanted. At this point I still have that bit of giving Choi the benefit of the doubt. However, I cannot be convinced until I can see some proof of facts.


MEDIA TWIST     (Sept 20)

Yesterday Sept 19 the trash media site Allkpop published an article saying something like “KHJ refuse to see his baby”!! This is such a misleading info again knowing on the contrary though Hyun Joong does NOT want to see Choi’s plastic face ever again, he wanted to see the baby. I just want to clear this up before others get confuse as media themselves are already confused with what they have been reporting!! LOL

On the other hand, I read statement fron Atty Seon saying “KHJ has to learn to apologize to his baby if he wants to be a good father!” This lawyer has the nerve to say this when Choi have not even shown a single proof that there’s indeed a baby!  And what have Hyun Joong done wrong to the so-called baby for him to apologize? The entire world knows he has been aggravated by Choi from the start-up until now! What is this lawyer talking about?

Hear this, Choi have NEVER showed any single affection to her so-called baby from the so-called pregnancy to childbirth. On the contrary the mother of this so-called baby drag herself to the media and publicly torturing whom she claimed to be the father of the baby. Should this act be the right behavior of a real mother? And not only that, with what she has been showing to the public she is in doubt be pawning this baby for huge money and I’m pretty sure of that!

Whoever has the right to DEMAND for apology that’s none other than Kim Hyun Joong. And this Choi has to go down on her knees to the Kims and KHJ fans to publicly apologize for the mental and emotional torture she has brought! Which unfortunately is unlikely to happen because this woman is filled with evilness in her whole being! And I mean it! Please forgive me for saying this but I CONDEMN her every actions on this scandal!


HUMAN RIGHTS      (Sept 21)

I read another news article item again saying Atty Seon was pertaining to human rights violation on Choi’s baby!! See, too many media reporting with different versions only to find out their motive is to throw all blames to Kim Hyun Joong. Whichever way this lawyer say I got some piece of thoughts to throw it back to his dirty work.

It is every right of any child to know who their biological parents are, from whom they originated from. And to be able to find this out is through a credible DNA test. Hyun Joong had already complied and just waiting for Choi’s side to comply as well. Then why are they delaying the child’s DNA? And putting all these nonsense crap of human rights violation to the child?

Mr. Counselor Is it because you know very well there’s no baby at all? Or if there is a baby you knew very well it’s not Hyun Joong’s child at all? Come on who’s the father of that baby? Is it the big man from media whom Choi is having an affair with?

Shame on you ATTY SEON! Your behavior is such a disgrace representing any SK lawyer’s association! You are the one who’s putting this innocent child in the front line to shield your lies and your client’s delusions!! How disgusting!

If there’s indeed a truth to what these people are bubbling about then why fear and delay the DNA? In fact Choi’s camp should have done this DNA upon child delivery without fuss if Choi really wanted the truth to come out. But obviously Choi is buying for time hoping for bargaining that spells MONEY to keep her shut off! Well I don’t think HJ will ever surrender at all cost.

Mr.Counselor you may fool the SK general public but bear this in mind, you can never fool KHJ fans we are not stupid like you!

“JUSTICE delay is justice denied. DNA delay is DNA denied!!!”


(cr: Lileem, shared by Angie via tweeter thanks!)





143 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRESSCON RESPONSE

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  2. Soooo….The Court System will be Reading and Draining themselves from Text Messages
    that Att Seon gave them.
    After 4th Hearing, What will happen next, Does anybody knows?

    He’s being Pressured, I wondered what KHJ thinking, Will KHJ still fight till The End or
    Will KHJ Reach Settlement? If KHJ reach Settlement, what will happen after that, will Choi
    bother Him again?

    • This is he law suit a civil court! She can continue ad infinitum with trillion of txt msgs.
      On this is why they r trying to get via Media
      For pity and emotions with nothing in hand.
      Is there a baby? Still nothing proven
      They r playing via media to pressure Hj but this time won’t work let them bark nonsense anyhow nobody takes them serious🐷

      Hj will not tire neither Atty Lee because his Criminal law suit for blackmail libel fraud will start soon at the criminal court ! There you have to present real evidences.
      Don’t forget Criminal bitchoi is still banned to leave SK by the prosecutors based on firm and real evidences!

      So lets be patient the real trial will start soon!

    • This is the more reason why he needs to fight back#NO ONE CAN FIGHT HIS FIGHT BECAUSE ITS LEFT FOR HIM TO DECIDE HIS FATE.#all We can do is to keep supporting him and WE all know we dont follow someone WHO WOULD GIVE UP EASILY WHEN SITUATIONS GET WORST##FIGHTING OPPA

  3. Its no surprise that choi keeps showing the level of her stupidity and foolishness to the public.
    #she is lucking she was not given birth to in nigeria,if not she would have been in a mental hospital by now#WHY IS IT THAT ONLY OPPA FAMILY GOT TO DEAL WITH THIS DRAMA,WHAT OF HER OWN FAMILY,WHERE ARE THEY,shouldnt that take her to a mental ward cause she is clearly not normal

  4. Text messages again! How about providing proof from the hospital that she gave birth? How is it that KHJ’s parents can attend the hearing but A can’t? Oh, I forgot, she just gave birth. How can they get away with refusing to do the DNA test? Are they trying to figure out how to lie about that too? My heart goes out to KHJ, his family, friend and fans. His tender heart must be breaking. Please stay strong KHJ. We are praying for you.

    • I get her now, she want to win a paternity sue with out a DNA test, by claiming they “live” together. In some countries ( I dont know if in korea works but it seems like), if you live some time with a partner or are married, automatically if you ahve a baby is the partner/husband son, and there is not need DNA test and the court accept it like that. How ever is this is the case, she clarly have something to hind ( I hope I’m incorrect for the sake of the baby). The court should order her a DNA test.crlizvip

        • Also if they lived together why there so much text msges? It seems they are only text mates 😜 thanks Ms.LK and everyone for all the love en support! We need endurance and patience while waiting. Fighting KHJ en atty. Lee.

  5. Although the result of the hearing is not what we wanted to hear, we’ll have to be patient. I am choosing (for KHJ’s sake) to believe that the court allowed the txt msgs to be submitted so that Choi can not appeal the final decision, based on her evidence not being accepted. I do not believe that they will hold any relevance to the final decision of the court, other than the fact that she purposely wasted a lot of their time. I do hope that Atty Lee is doing further investigation into the July abortion. He had previously stated that although he did receive a medical certificate showing that Choi was given Propofol (which is used for abortion), the report did not specifically state that it was for abortion (It could have been plastic surgery!). In addition, in Choi’s “text” to KHJ she said the Dr. did an ultrasound. Where is that ultrasound? She was not pregnant on June 13th. Then, she clearly stated that she got pregnant again on June 28th, and was already having an abortion on July 7? IMPOSSIBLE!


    • I just read a translation from media.daum – only the two lawyers were there. Choi`s lawyer submitted tons of messages, which have to be checked by the court, nothing else as an evidence. The next hearing will be on the 30th of September /because the court needs time to read them/. Atty Lee said the submitted messages are lies. They are delaying again, because do not have any proof. I guess these are the same messages that were shown to the media a few days ago.

      • Hi Lazer Kim, I know it’s very very disappointing & frustrating for choi & her lawyer delayed tactics, that’s exactly how SATAN works he steals, kills, & destroy. But, REMEMBER our God Jesus Christ DEFEATED Satan 2 thousand years ago. So in the end VICTORY belongs to Hyun Joong & his legal team.
        All WE have to do is “TRUST GOD & BELIEVE”.
        Have a great day LK & Everybody.. We all have to do is wait & be patient, I know it’s not easy. But God will do what He promised; “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU.”
        Love you all ❤

      • yeah but don’t forget end September will start POLICE investigations on Criminal A for the Criminal Law Suit (blackmail/libel…etc) that Hj has sued her!
        So let the hearing and lets concentrate to see her going to Police for interview….lets tip the media to follow her and expose her?! what do you say?

      • Indeed. I ‘m very disappointed that the SK court allowed the criminal suspected and her conspiracy play the game with court . Both choi and her lawyer just enjoy fooling the court with their game and the text message that people can say whatever they wanted. How can the text message can prove pregnancy against the medical record. The text can only prove choi lies not pregnancy. i do not understand what the court expect to see in the text message.

        Please SK court we want to respect you and hope SK people can find justice from their court. Justice delay is justice deny as people said.

        • My personal opinion the court should never accept the text message which we don’t know what they are talking in the text it might not relate to the pregnancy at all but choi tried to manipulate the court the negative attitude of HJ and gave the court bad impression about him. i think it is very fishy and tricky . Why the court needs to read other stuff of the text message if it’s not relate to the pregnancy and miscarried. The ton messages that submit to court can not be about the pregnancy only. i really feel so upset with the injustice and human right violation that even the court can not protect.

          Why the court wants to read choi’s lies because HJ will respond based on his believe in her lies.

          It is really really unfair that the court think the text message might be able to prove pregnancy rather than the medical record. Well this is SK we probably do not know a lot of thing.

          Fighting HJ. Stand tall. Stay calm and stay firm.
          God will give you justice.

          • Im truly shock that this court accepted those txt msg. Although this is a civil lawsuit that choi file however pregnancy miscarriage abortion cannot be proven by txt ms. No matter how i think about it its so lame! I hope im wrong but this court is just wasting their time reading those text!! Choi’s witness ws rejected but accepted the text msg!! LOL I really over estimated sk court of law.I hope you guys wont mind my saying but I now doubt choi going to jail. Maybe she will but surely she’ll be bailed out.

            • Hi LK,

              i just keep my disappointment short and end here as soon as i said it out loud because i want to be fresh , firm and strong for the investigation in the next 2 weeks.

              Hj really need a lot of support and encouragement during this period.He will have a lot to think about. However i believe he already made a decision to determine till the end . We just need to support him and encourage him to be firm in his decision.

              if we look at the bright side it does not matter if it delays for another month before we know what the court has to say as long as the criminal lawsuit continues.

              i think choi will do everything she can to get to HJ and uses tha baby to convince him but I do not think HJ will fall to her trap this time.

      • Miss choi is surely buying her self some time and how can the court keep collecting stupid texts as evidence#truely DISAPPOINTED IN SK VIEW OF JUSTICE BUT STILL JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL FOR OPPA#

      • LK thank you for your indefatigable support for KHJ-ssi. He needs us now more than before. Trials are like this. Even if I do not post very often I read this site every day. We have to be patient and hope the truth will win. I hope that Att Lee sue her for everything she has done, incl. to force her (by court) to make the DNA test of the baby. I guess she’s using the baby to force him to conclude a settlement and to renounce to sue her for blackmail and defamation. My opinion is if he does it he will lose his chance to come back in the entertainment and it will be such a loss. We have to be strong and show him and to the world that KHJ fans are not something that can joke about.

        • Frustrating that the correct word for today outcome! Is such a clear case of txt msgs bull shit and more bull shit!
          They are stalling for time and the Court graciously gave them that, this being a Civil case court.

          This is their strategy to try in this time and get to HJ ?
          No fucking way that twat will get close to HJ!

          I hope the Criminal case against Criminal A, who is banned to leave SK (on strong evidences) will be less lenient to the stupid proofs.

          May the Force be with Atty Lee for all, because he is dealing with a psychopath for sure.

          Still amazed at the stupidity of that so called lawyer (is he for real? he wants a role in some SK drama?..)

          Human Stupidity is Endless!

    Insults from some crazy people can never and would never affect our love for oppa only that it will make us more stronger to defend him.
    #all we need to do is to beware of some psycho like miss choi,her lawyer and crazy macoy#
    and all support oppa no matter the circumstances.

    • True justina. It’s sad how people can just judge somebody without proper knowledge. I was just appaled with their claims. The case is very straightforward. If she was in her California, case have been close long time ago. Khj you need to be strong!! I will go to your concerts as soon as you get back, and as soon as i found somebody to cover my shifts. 🙂

    Insults from some crazy people can never and would never affect our love for oppa only that it will make us more stronger to defend him.
    #all we need to do is to beware of some psycho like miss choi,her lawyer and crazy macoy#
    and all support oppa no matter the circumstances.

  9. i have seen macoy’s comments and i was amaze how she counterattack everybody. Abuse have it’s forms if she claims she have studied it. It can be physical, mental/psychological, environmental,and financial abuse. With ms choi, she has been abusing khj financially. She is so lucky that khj did not release her picture so people can know who she is. He is very respectful.

    • If it was that her pictures had been released to the public,i bet you that she would be in the hospital by now fighting for her miserable life.

      • True..however, she can ask for restraining order or protective custody. She knows when she dated khj she will be in a public scrutiny. Khj is a celebrity, a popstar, an international
        Sensation. What do you expect? It’s kind of stupid of her to sue for mental distress, in my opinion. if you can’t handle the stress, scrutiny, and being hated by million of fans, then don’t date a celebrity, simple as that. Make life less complicated. I guess the perks, money, and the bragging rights make it impossible for her not to take it.

    • dear
      bitchoi is a scorned Rejected and Vindictive bitch and that is a Fact!
      She was not exgf – get it straight she was a fling, a very short one. She call herself ex only to show the world she passed via Hj bed, what does it say about her? nothing but a gold digging tramp fro the lowest gutter.
      She was never a victim because she is a psychopath.

      She Mentally Tortured Hj and his family with her lies and Blackmailed him. the Abused here is HJ and family and the real VICTIM is Hj and family!

      Macoy is a paid troll to spin and get more interactions at akp… they get money from this….actually they get money on Hj fame even they are biased, this is done most probably on purpose to get the views.

      My respects to all the Defenders there they are awesome!

  10. You are correct my dear jabin

  11. Regarding choi’s pregnancy, i have a lot of doubts actually. You see i work for women’s health clinic in california. I’ m a np. She claim she have abortions, however when you go for ultrasound you will see some scarring in the linings, and you cannot just get pregnant easily, since your hormones have to go down. so let’s say if she got an abortion july 5 (example only) if she tested after two weeks, it will still be positive. Why? Because the hcg hormone is still have not come back to it’s normal levels yet. So with her claims i love to challenge those documents since this is my cup of tea.

    With ultrasound, as a protocol whenever a woman gets ultrasound we give it the same day, and with patient information, edd( estimated due date) , lmp ( last menstrual period). We cannot give any ultrsound picture without an info this is against policies.

    • wow thank you, most probably this is done everywhere in the world in a respected clinic.

      I wonder if Atty Lee took some Dr advice re all those so called pregnancies/miscarriages etc.

      For people with common sense those stories doesn’t seems real for sure for professionals sound total fiction and all can be refuted!

      who believe in her lies are the antis and the haters.

      It seems all her lying claims can be proved! Good.

  12. Hi lazerkim,

    I have been following khj’s case for the past month’s actually. How i wish we can really help him and i know at this point we can only do is to pray for him.

  13. Hello everyone.
    Let’s all pray together for Hyun Joong. I’m hoping that this woman’s melodrama ends today, once and for all… and Hyun Joong gets justice. It’s been way too much for Kim Hyun Joong, to mentally bear all these trauma… still, he has kept himself patient throughout the whole time. If he was even a bit of what Choi accused him as, he could have done many things to her.. and cleared his name immediately. But because Hyun Joong cannot lie and doesn’t have a complicated mind, he got trapped in all these.. he could have easily used his stardom to make a complete different story, blaming everything on that ratchet woman.. but he never did that. He, in fact, kept quiet all the time.. not even protesting for himself. Hyun Joong knew, from the beginning, that he was only fooled and framed..yet he was always silent. As a human, he can make mistakes too..the media people should also understand that Kim Hyun Joong is, too, made of flesh and blood, same as everyone else. The only difference is he has a generous and a kind heart, not like everyone else…
    What more proof does the world needs to know that Hyun Joong is not evil, he’s innocent, but very naive and true to his heart..

    • Love the way you phrased that – KHJ does not have a complicated mind 😀 He’s very straightforward. He certainly could have done a lot against that female last year but he did not, because he DOES have a generous, forgiving and kind nature. That creature just totally took advantage of this 😦

      • Yes teleri…not only that woman, but most of the south korean medias are still taking advantage of his innocence and gentle character… I’m just praying to God that his name gets cleared….

    • You are correct my dear jabin

  14. Choi’s side is obviously making all the delaying tactics to create more burden on KHJ side, more drama because they have nothing to prove that she really gave birth and if she did that it is really KHJ’s baby. Shameless, desperate, cheap, manipulative, gold diggers. This is like Mafia in their entertainment world. They care less what they are doing to South Korea’s reputation, South Korea’s entertainment world, showing such moral values of lawyers like Chois, they have such lawyers over there? to how we think of Korean women now like this disgusting cheap girl which goes by the name of Choi which I thought only existed in Korean dramas.


    There’s a hater @Allkpop trash site name MACOY who is constantly bullying any KHJ fan who leaves comment on this site. Please IGNORE her refrain from reading her comment or replying to her. This person’s motive is to bully on khj fans comments and nothing else. The more you pay attention to her the further she bully she wont stop.
    Thank you so much to Lotus Girl and others for posting the truth on that trash site. This is great

      • The troll mccoy , her behavior is exactly the same how choi did to HJ. She does not care the fact , ignore the truth and keep making big lies and keep repeating lies to satisfy herself and defame the other. She will do this until she got a harsh respond back then sue for compensation and ask for money. Only money that can shut people with this kind of nature not the truth., not the evident or even justice. Poor little creature..

      • I have to say my respects to you and all others fighting for the truth against this stupid troll macoy! May the Force be with you always!

    • Fortunately, only macoy left. All other haters that comented at the beginning of the nightmare are already gone. At least from Allkpop. More and more people understand the situation clearly. I feel like crying thinking what he felt at the beginning, when there was an ocean of hateful comments and threats.

  16. I hope The 3rd Trial Court Hearing Will be the End of This. It would be a Drag having a 4th one by Choi and Att Seon. Is Choi going to Court or She isn’t Going just to By time?
    The Court need to Stop Giving Her Time and stopping Playing around the Bush, Choi will
    cause more Trouble if this Keep Up.
    So when is the Investigation starts again?
    If Choi goes to Jail i hope KHJ put a Restraining Order against her after Choi gets out. Who knows what she will do.
    Att Lee Need to keep on the Look Out and Watch Over so that way Choi won’t do anything
    to KHJ.

    Glad there are New Fans coming in to Support KHJ.

  17. I’m really happy to welcome many new KHJ fans here today! Thank u very much to join us. He needs u. We need u. The media intensively continues to feed us with the garbage that HJ’s rating blowing intensively /Thanks to them by the way / but i see opposite – the movement against this unbelievable madness grows, more & more sane people raise their voices for the Guy who has the great value to be the national cultural treasure enough for any country to be proud of. Against who? Invisible mommy. Invisible baby. Moron lawyer. Mystic God father s behind. Psycho scary Hitchcock stuff.The story s pretty much good to become one of the hottest Broadway Halloween hits in the future. No fun though. Producing the horror with constant intimidation, blackmailing with frauds & forgeries, widespreading the fear with moral torture & terror, make up total f crap,& on & on & on……It sucks. Love u guys. In case smbd has any idea what else we can do for our HJ to help, support or cheer Him up pls share. I’m in.

    • yes Ella …the most we can do is stay put and support Hj through thick and thin like real and true fans, I think he gather power from that, that his Fans are there! He has a “home” to came back when out MS.

      yes that psychopath (we were right from the beginning since 2014 calling her a psycho….this is a proven FACT) tormented Hj and his family and friends and his fans for more than a year now.
      I think is about time for Justice to be served!

      Have Faith that Truth always prevail in the end!!

          • HELLO EVERYONE!
            CORRECT!! Same with me here i want to go back to my normal life!! Do you know that feeling of physically present mentally absent?? LOL Thats how i feel these past days! Then looking forward to coffee breaks and lunch breaks at work just to be able to hit the tweeter for updates to know whats going on around khj!! This isnt normal for me LOL!

            The painful part here is i cant do anything more for hj than just contradict choi and seon. Just to joke around tweeter and mock their statements just for me to release irritation!!

            If only i can bring out my placard and shout to SK court of law what dirty work this choi seon and media has been doing i should hv done it!! Choi is lucky bcoz if this happened in my country for sure KHJ fans are already in the streets holdung placards that says JUSTICE FOR KHJ as we value freedom of speech in my country.
            Today at this point SK justice is being challenged and we’ll see if justice will prevail. Is there justice in SK? We’ll find that out!
            I dont mean to be radical here but simply saying my thoughts! All we have to do now is PRAY which is the most powerful tool in our current situation.

            I’ll be in this page until i can get chance to open a new article. My lappy just broke accidentally and i got only my phone to depend on for today. I hope bitchoi is not playing witchy games on me LOL LOL

            Be my guest Just keep dropping by on this page ill keep you posted.

            Have a pleasant day everyone! Cheer up!! Im actually saying this to myself!! LOL

            • We r all gonna be fine for sure. I’m positive. Psd me off too. Can’t wait for your next article, hopefully with good news. Lv u much.

            • You have done a lot and it is a great help for all HJ’s fans to understand the real situation of this case.

              this case is a kind of indicator to prove that whether the SK court is capable to bring justice to their people when they face an organized crime that had been supported by medias .I hope the court can make the mafias feel a smell of jail when they knew they had committed to a crime.

  18. Hahhahahahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaha CHOI LAWYER IS PROVING TO BE QUACK AND CAN U IMAGINE A PUBLIC THEIF IS ASKING TO BE TRUSTED AFTER ALL SHE HAS DONE(I REALLY PITY CHOI O,IS IT MONEY THAT TURN HER SO PATHETIC LIKE THIS)….who will trust one who is good at bringing fake evidence out.#CHOI AND HER QUACK LAWYER GO TO HELL#


  19. So many ways Choi can falsify DNA test. Best if a bucal swab is done directly from baby at the lab, not a hair sample, with Atty Lee present. But, I can almost guarantee that won’t happen. Is there in fact a baby? The 23rd court day is upon us. Will A be present? Of course not. She is having post delivery issues. Not surprised. How long will she drag this out? Until KHJ is done with MS? Lawsuits take a long time to resolve. KHJ, his family, friends and fans are being played by ms Choi, her atty and the media. She is happier getting media coverage than being happy with new baby. She has sunk so low to even use an innocent child in this battle for more money. Let’s continue to pray for honesty and justice.



    Antes de começar deve relaxar a sua mete, libertando-a de preocupações que possam intervir com a resposta . Pode acender uma vela se for fume preto ela é errada algumas perguntas e se o KIM for fume branco é tudo mentira o que ela diz das perguntas . para purificar o ambiente e elevar as energias circundantes . Antes de usar o seu oráculo do Amor deve colocar o Trevo da Sorte no centro do círculo, para evitar interferências negativas. Quanto terminar de usar o oráculo ,volte a guardar o Trevo cuidadosamente .

    KIM Segure a extremidade do fio do Pêndulo do Amor entre os dedos polegar e indicador da mão direita (ou esquerda , se é canhota) e, se a sua pergunta é das desculpas, é uma das que consta no Oráculo (círculo central), coloque o pêndulo por cima dele (por exemplo ex namorada ainda me ama as perguntas para respostas desculpas) Se deseja colocar outra questão que não está na Roda Mágica do Amor, coloque o pêndulo sobre o centro da Roda, por cima do Trevo da Sorte, e faça a pergunta ———— em voz alta de som de música do pêndulo se começar a movimentar-se em sentido circular a resposta é sim desculpas de mais de três vezes ele é certo de ama e Amor e amizade e rodar em sentido cometário ao dos ponteiros do relógio, o Oráculo indica que a resposta é provavelmente sim mas aconselha-a que pense bem se é realmente isso que deseja, pois por vezes aquilo que desejamos num dado momento não é , de facto aquilo de que precisamos para ser felizes, se o pêndulo de movimentar de um lado para o outro ou para a frente e para trás a resposta é “não” . Se o pêndulo começar a mover-se de uma maneira e de repente parar e mudar de movimento, o Oráculo indica que esta pergunta ainda não pode ser respondida, por isso KIM HYUN JOONG espere alguns dias volte a tentar do seu amado? Para saber o que pode esperar da pessoa por que suspira, utilize as duas PEDRAS MÁGICA do Amor. Segure-as entre as duas mãos fechadas, poe cima do Trevo da Sorte, feche os olhos como fazia os seus pensamento de músicos nos seus tempos durante alguns minutos e concentre-se que deseja saber. Abre as duas mãos deixando que as pedras caiam sobre a Roda Mágica do Amor (no circulo central). O local onde caiu a Pedra Azul indica aquilo que o seu amado sente por si KIM, Quanto mais próxima a sua Pedra estiver da Pedra dele, mais próximos vocês estão Se Pedra Azul cair fora do circulo central, repita o processo novamente. Se, ao fim de três tentativas continuar a não cair no circulo de resposta, deverá aguardar uns dias até voltar a fazer a mesma pergunta ….

  21. KHJ has to learn to apologize to his baby if he wants to be a good father!” OMO!!! Really? He wants to give that baby a name and financial support IF it is his, but the Mother is refusing to do her responsibility to get that support. And HE has to apologize? When she’s serving multiple jail sentences, she won’t have to worry anymore because he’ll have custody of the baby.

  22. she will be filing a paternity lawsuit against KHJ? while she herself is not cooperative in proving who the real father of the child is. If indeed KHj is the real father, she could have jumped for joy when KHJ did his part in taking the DNA, hurrrah….because she can prove now to the world now that KHJ is the father of her baby and then would easily receive monetary support from him..but NO she is again making circus which makes it more easier to believe that she is lying about this pregnancy. She is not a good mother and she is using her baby as an instrument to continue her berserk and revenge…what a poor baby…SHE IS NOT HAPPY BEING A MOTHER BECAUSE ALL SHE WANTS IS A MAN NAMED KHJ. Why not treasure the moments with your baby and it she seems to be not happy, WHY? it is perhaps she laments the fact that KHJ is not the real father.

  23. she will be filing a paternity lawsuit against KHJ? while she herself is not cooperative in proving who the real father of the child is. If indeed KHj is the real father, she could have jumped for joy when KHJ did his part in taking the DNA, hurrrah….because she can prove now to the world now that KHJ is the father of her baby and then would easily receive monetary support from him..but NO she is again making circus which makes it more easier to believe that she is lying about this pregnancy. She is not a good mother and she is using her baby as an instrument to continue her berserk and revenge…what a poor baby…SHE IS NOT HAPPY BEING A MOTHER BECAUSE ALL SHE WANTS IS A MAN NAMED KHJ. Why not treasure the moments with your baby and it she seems to be not happy, WHY? it is perhaps she lametns the fact that KHJ is not the real father.

  24. I support Kim Hyun Joong ….and I know he will be fine after all this drama will over………
    Kim Hyun Joong , be stay strong because we the HENECIANS are always with you…

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  26. I so agree with your thoughts ms. Lazer kim. I think that ms. Choi wants to meet up with khj for another trap she is going to set. But as khj said, no need. Does the test require him? No. It is just another ms. Choi’s evil scheme. I can not help but ask if ms. Choi is still in the right frame of mind. If she wants money, which she obviously does, then the fastest way is to prove to khj that he is the father. Unless the child is not khj so she is stalling time to plot another scheme. Ms. Choi, your schemes are already predictable. A few may believe you but most do not. Atty. Lee, let us fight till the end! Let us expose ms. Choi’s scheme! I am a woman but i can not comprehend how a person with the same gender as mine can be this evil. I really can not believe that a person such as her exists. But, i believe that in the end, the truth will be revealed. Truth is brighter than lies. Truth is stronger than lies. Khj will be cleared… in time.. no evil scheme rules forever. ☺
    It will come to an end. In time…

    • Read on another site where the commenter made this comment. She probably have some of his DNA from the stage fight and she want to use this and somehow prove that he is the father. She collected from his hair or from under her finger nails when she scratched him. If he still have scares the she went deep. This is why she is insisting that they go together and to a place she wants, can fake at a #1.

      • I dun think she has it ( his skin under her nail or his hair) coz if she really had that she must has been ready since the beginning but until now, its already 2 weeks but none abt DNA test. I wonder what she’s doing now. Is she trying to get away and flee frm SK? LOL..

        • Can’t Flee she is banned by Prosecutor to leave SK since 28th July….lol.

          Read some comments ( from women who gave birth actually) that say this BS of postpartum is not starting after birth but much later …so this is another LIE and bullshit that they try feeding the public….

            • So many open questions & gaps still. Hard to get real info except from this blog. Tnx LK & fans family. When i try to dig deeper im just circling around the bush & all i got is bunch of viruses. Looks like all information coming from the only one particular source, others just transformers.

            • Ladies, don’t get confused between postpartum “care” and postpartum “depression”. Atty Lee said that Choi was staying somewhere receiving postpartum care. I assume that it would be because of the C-Section, but seems to be longer care then needed, if you ask me. KHJ paid for HumanPass to send a technician to the facility where she was staying with the baby to take the DNA sample. Maybe the reason Choi got so upset about that was because she wasn’t actually there! When I had a C-Section I should have been home after 3 days, but I got an infection so I ended up staying 5 days. After that I was sent home with no further hospital care needed, other than going back for one appt to get stitches removed. It was at least a week after “the birth” that KHJ was informed of it, so why was she still receiving care. I also have a question about the picture of Choi that is floating around of her and her mother out shopping at a liquor store. Some say it was taken in August, before she “gave birth”, but she had no pregnant stomach. Some say it was taken after the “birth”, which begs the question, how could she be out shopping when she was supposed to be laid up somewhere receiving postpartum care?

  27. Wow!!!!!!sasani…oh my GOD.its really a roller coster,but d truth is that d roller coster,if driven too fast and not in a normal sense will spin out of control and crash,and if driven too slow will soon cause drowsy eyes and cause stomach upset.that why u need to do it the right way ,pay for certain time at average rate and if u enjoy it,come always.hyun joong is like this roller costal,those who come to him from different places all laugh together,enjoying d ride he takes us a certain one came,over stayed but refuse to leave making every one unhappy,she wants to take d roller costal by force but it refuses to accept her,with joined forces he will her throw her out of the ride and regain his balance….by GOD”s grace….her lawyer looks like a total fake…hahaha…am in total agreement with teaborum…together aja!!!aja!!!fighting…all my sisters…SMILE…

  28. Welcome to you dear new fan to KIm Hyun Joong’s big family!^^ 🙂
    Thanks Lazer Kim for clarifying the evidence of all the facts of this mic mac…
    The light should be rise and the nightmare will end soon…
    We’ll attend the victory and the right will triumph! We are finally getting out of this dark tunnel!
    We are lucky to keep our faith in God’s Merciful Justice!
    I promise you, we will see again Kim Hyun Joong’s shining smile!

      • Hello LazerKim sis^^ Happy to hear from you and happy to always follow your overwhelming articles about our Only One KHJ. Making my best to be on line as much as my week health is helping me to be connected…
        God bless…

  29. I read his letter from the MS. I feel so sorry for him and for everything that he is going through. The only thing we could do to help him is constant and deep support. Thank you for your support, LazerKim. I am sure not a single word of this Choi b—- is true. There is no way for a man to be so manipulative and to hide his true soul all his life. Haters say “You don`t know him”, I would answer “Yes, we do”. If you have spent counless hours watching interviews, concerts, fan meeting, etc. you know the man. There is some scenario, of course, but not all reactions can be fake. We know KHJ and we know how kind hearted and honest person he is. He is a real role model. Keep on fighting, Hyun Joong shi, we are right behind you.

    • Agree on every word. One thing I have to emphasize on which is, meeting that woman choi would be a fatal mistake for KHJ, I hope he won’t do that under any circumstances. Such type of people like her, have an incredible way of reversing situations, manipulating minds, stimulating anger and provoking tempers and finally blame you for whatever delusions their ill-minds come to create. I wish and pray that Atty Lee would take all the necessary procedures to protect KHJ from those traps set for him by such fool conspirator blackmailers. KHJ, please, be strong and patient, the truth will come clear soon. Fighting and God bless you, your family and your big alien family (us, your fans all over the world).
      Very special thanks to Ms. LK and all people here on this blog for keeping up the updates and sticking together to keep our spirits up. LOVE YOU ALL

  30. Hi LK,

    Thank you so much for the excellent article here. Love every points you made . All of your articles are very good source to find the fact and information on this scandal . After the nightmare end whoever wants to learn about this case and want to know the truth behind trash medias they can take your blog as a referral.

  31. That’s yet another great one you drop there thanks alot. I just read one of your tweet where you said it hurt that you can not do much fo HJ besides this, and i just wonder if there is any other way of fighting for your loved one other than enlightening others, bringing out the truth and ensuring that justice is served accordingly? Did you know how many people you really helped with the truth? As one who adores HJ i will say a very big thank you for all your effort, God bless you.

  32. Hi lazerkim thank you so… Much for your articles about our prince. I’m New fan of khj from india from past 6 months due to boys over flowers. After I started to digging news about him. I love his voice, smile to be frankly all about him. He is the role model for me as he faced so many hurdles to reach his present position as an actor and singer, more than than he occupied millions of hearts. So let us pass all our positive energy to khj to fight against that negative energy choi.

    • Hello there!
      Welcome to the world of kim hyun joong. Im pleased to know that despite of whats going on around hj still wins new fans! Pls do stick around. Though hj may be in his most challenging stage of him he is worth your time to get to know him better. See you again and God bless..

      • Thank you LK and other khj family for including me in his fan family. Only thing i can do is just i can pray to god always to give strenght to our prince and let this case end fastly. So that when khj returns from MS he can lead a happy life. Khj be strong millions of hearts are waiting for your smiling face.

  33. Nemesis, you precisely said it all dear. And some points that I never thought of it. U are very god and neat in your observation in this case. Thank you for ur thoughtful comment and welcome to Uzoosin’s family. Please if u hve more to say on this matter just let them lay in here. We will really appreaciate it. Thank you!

    • Thank you so very much, friend 🙂
      In fact it is a part of my job to go through lots of information and notice all details. If only I spoke Korean properly, I’d like to read/watch what their media say word after word. So far I’m just a beginner though. Unfortunately it’s obvious international sites take advantage of the fact not many foreign fans speak Korean well, that makes me appreciate the hard work of those who take the time to share translations and blogposts so much more. If not for them, the situation would be much worse.

      • Yes Atiq You are right same here with me I really missed something from the case scenario like the hospital bills to be paid that Nemesis mentioned. Yes how come Choi was not demanding for payment on hospital bills when she gave birth? Isnt it that should come first in mind as she claims HJ is the father of her so-called baby! Knowing she is greedy when it comes to money!

  34. Bravo LK & Nemesis articles hit it out of the park. Thank you LK for always filtering out all muck and giving everyone a clear understanding of what’s being put out there. Keep fighting the good fight.!!

  35. From the past 11 years.. no one could point a finger at Kim Hyun Joong… He always kept himself safe and away from all kinds of bad many celebrities get fined for drug case, for scandals, for sexual assaults,for rough behavior towards fans and what not..??
    Our Kim Hyun Joong was never found involved in anything like that… and now all of a sudden some desperate girl claims that Hyun Joong ditched her and assaulted her and people would believe that???

    • Honestly that’s what I can’t understand – I mean, KHJ is so popular that there are many videos and/or pictures of him online, taken by fans on various occasions, many met him in person. I don’t recall anyone complaining about his arrogance or bad manners before this scandal and even in the vids he usually smiles. What really convinced me about his nature was a video where he apparently was in pain after some injury (from a comment I found out he got hurt while shooting a show) but still he went to work and he looked so focused that I wished idols would value their own health more.
      Then there was some article from a couple years ago where he was spotted washing dishes and serving guests in his restaurant. I thought to myself – so this allegedly snobbish and overly confident guy finishes his hours of exhausting training and goes washing dishes? That didn’t make sense, it totally seemed like he was not afraid of any work that needs to be done. The story came from people who visited that place to eat, it wasn’t fabricated by fans.
      Last but not least I stumbled across a video/photo compilation of KHJ with children. I know celebrities tend to sometimes take photos with kids to look more likeable but it was obvious he was so genuinely happy around children that I couldn’t imagine him hating his own child, nor sending his girlfriend to one abortion after another.
      I often see supporters of Choi telling KHJ’s fans they don’t know him personally but with this logic, they don’t know Choi at all. KHJ may be a private person but throughout the years he talked to so many people, there are literally thousands and thousands of occasions to prove his personality is different from these recent claims of one single person. No previous girlfriend ever complained, nobody had any major problem. Well, at least of what I know.

      • Dear Nemesis,
        you made the right choice to be a fan of this Star, when you will have time, go to LK archives and start knowing HJ, LK blog is our home, to all aliens fans.

        Indeed Hj is one of a kind and nothing that bitchoi is saying is true, is not his nature.

        That is why Hk must stay true to his Determination and end this chapter in his life with clearing his name and putting that freak in Jail where she deserves to be!

        Re child…she still didn’t produce one single valid proof that she was pregnant or gave birth, hard to believe when she is stalling for DNA.

        Dearest LK thanks for your time for writing those articles, as usual right to the point.
        God Bless all Hj Fans and Hj and his family and Atty Lee and keep us strong to overcame all the trauma we passed because a psychotic maniac bitch.

        • Actually, for the past days I’ve been reading the previous articles on this blog whenever I have time. It’s fairly interesting 🙂

  36. Hello Lazer Kim
    Thank you for this wonderful blog. I must honestly say you post here a thousand times more helpful information than the majority of media do. I became a fan of KHJ just recently, in the middle of all this mess. I noticed this matter – scandals those the ex-girlfriend (and now criminal suspect) Choi presents to the public – has been all the while gaining lots of interest in Korean and international media, yet sadly the information we get is biased and twisted in one party’s favour. I consider it extremely unfair, if not outright hyenous, to KHJ who earned reputation in society through his talent, hard work and outgoing nature. I usually don’t react on posts about him online because I’m not interested in fighting with haters and their bloodlust is evident. I decided to throw in my two cents here on your site though, as I see many of your comments (and comments of your guests) resemble my own thoughts about this case. So thank you for the opportunity to speak up.
    What I personally find interesting here is how cleverly (and most certainly with help of some third party) Choi and her attorney have been manipulating media in their favour. I see her camp constantly complaining about her disadvantage against KHJ – they’re aiming to portray this case as a stereotypical battle of David and Goliath – a famous celebrity abusing his star power against poor nameless woman who bravely fights for her (and now her alleged child’s rights). But is it really so? I don’t believe that. How can I when since the beginning of the scandal Choi has been getting so much space in the media and KHJ was in fact put to be sentenced by public opinion before the whole thing got to court. As I see it, Choi always threatens KHJ with lawsuits and whatnot but she does not really want to abide by the law and legal procedures to simply finish a chapter of their life marked with an unhappy relationship. She says one thing and does another.
    As to her being nameless, what everyone in their right mind should consider very suspicious is that until now KHJ’s camp did not reveal her identity and he asked his supporters to not do that either. I guess he would not want a fan get involved with Choi personally which would hurt him more and he’d even feel responsible for the damage done to the fan later on. Yet if he was a violent man capable of the horrible things she said, he would not spare her one moment of shame in public. I can imagine a man coldblooded as he was described going from one TV show to another talking about how one crazy woman threatens him and asking for public sympathy. If he was guilty and had no character, he’d lie to everyone and people would believe him. He remained silent all the time. So why is that, dear haters?

    At the beginning she said she was abused and assaulted multiple times. According to her she and KHJ – who she wants to persuade us was madly in love with her – were going out for 2 years, he admitted to have known her for 2 years but have gone romantic for just a couple months. This is the very first point when she doesn’t make sense because she later said (and proved with text messages – such a joke) he often spoke rudely about her getting pregnant one time after another and also that he severly beated her on multiple occasions. But all the abortions she mentioned took place in just a couple months just like the violence occured during a short period of time. So should we believe they had a sexual relationship for 2 years and there was no pregnancy nor attacks from KHJ the whole time only serious injuries during the last month and one abortion after another at the end? How does it make sense? She should have just admitted to the relationship lasting for those 2 months, that would make her version of events more credible.
    Besides, everyone who is sane sees a man who loves a woman does not beat her.

    Another thing is she claimed to have been severely beaten multiple times that made her file an official complaint but she didn’t seek medical help nor call the police right after the assaults allegedly happened. As far as I know her “evidence” was not considered valid and strong enough for the prosecutor to press charges against KHJ, so before they could formally announce there’s NO case at all, she arranged settlement and the infamous public apology.
    She took money but LIED and told us she got no money from the other party and not only manipulated the public to believing she really got hurt – unlike what the police said – and hurt physically, although KHJ firmly insisted on that there happened a verbal fight between them that escalated to some sort of altercation. But until now we see people’s comments and sites publishing articles mentioning “KHJ repeatedly physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend and apologized for it, so he acknowledged her accusations were right and he really hurt her severely”. If individuals basing their opinion on character of both KHJ and Choi spread this, I guess we can blame either their delusion or their sources of information – practically on all big sites where I read about this case, everywhere he was presented as guilty, even though the police and court never said he actually was guilty. They didn’t have a chance to say anything, so far the pattern we see here is that Choi makes a statement – she herself, her lawyer, friend or family member – and everyone takes it as truth without any further questions. Whatever KHJ says (and he said very little until now) is considered a confession of guilt, excuse or whatever. The court or police in fact have no chance to speak, as before they would, she drops the charges and looks like a samaritan.

    Not only she managed to feed the public with exclusively her side of the story but somehow she even manipulate KHJ to keep in contact with her until the end of 2014. I trust that would not be possible without direct help of his former attorney hired by his management agency. I am stunned by the fact they did so little for their most famous and most profitable artist and pratically all they did only helped to ruin his reputation more. At this point seeing how serious the accusations – both past and present – are, how much money Choi demanded and how much money KHJ, the agency and other related partners lost, the damage is enormous and I believe KeyEast should have been engageing in this matter fervently. If nothing else, they signed a contract where they agreed to do all they can to help KHJ’s career advance. So why have they been going against him? From my observation Bae Yong Joon looks like a man who doesn’t like losing money nor reputation but he must have had a good reason why he now let that happen.

    That been said I suppose it’s not a co-incidence that when there are news about KHJ’s scandal, moreover news favourable to KHJ, BYJ somehow goes public with his private life – e.g. the recent wedding. Even now in the middle of paternity test controversy new Mrs.BYJ complains she has more anti-fans. As if anyone cared. If KeyEast doesn’t give a damn about Choi badmouthing the institute that showed results of KHJ’s DNA test, of what importance is that people simply find Park Soo Jin’s person unlikeable? How ridiculous…
    More and more people speculate that a big part of the biased media coverage of this scandal is caused by the fact a certain someone in Korean showbusiness considered KHJ and his great popularity both home and overseas as a direct threat to their own career. I have a personal guess as to who it could be but since nothing’s been proven as of yet, I won’t mention names. The question is who is gaining positive publicity and huge support in the media while KHJ is being dragged though the dirt. Seeing the whole thing from this perspective there are not many names left – we can leave out the big ones who were big just like KHJ and are still big or even bigger but gained nothing from his lynch. Then there are those who are not powerful enough to be able to do a campaign of this extent and those whose activities don’t collide with KHJ’s. Just think it over for yourself.
    To add up to the suspicion in recent months there were not many of big celebrity scandals erupting in SK, although some were presented as meaningful only to be forgotten in a couple days or explained as unfounded rumours. But there was one specific case with a great name and a wannabe great name involved where – surprisingly – a similar pattern was used and the same media as in KHJ’s case, just with a different outcome. The big name involved managed to dodge the worst possible point – shameful sexual context and pregnancy, although the media and people in the background showed tremendous effort to hurt the great name’s reputation and further career. Fortunately the great name is known as a relatively boring and private person with a huge and loyal fanbase which paid off when he needed it the most. And I can’t help but see here a similarity in script and cast with KHJ’s scandal, even the person I think could profit of this the most is the same. Interesting, huh? That certain someone has been promoted a lot to cover up his arrogant nature and lack of diversity in talent.

    Now back to Choi’s evidence. As to the alleged injuries – the incident that should have brought severe beating happened when KHJ had a visitor in his house and Choi broke onto his private property. She herself said she came with another person, so she got kicked and punched but the other person (her friend, then sister) nor the person who was with KHJ in his house did nothing and were not affected at all by this incident? How does that make sense? I won’t even say everyone knows the pictures of bruises should have been taken at the police station or in hospital – she lied when she said they were taken in hospital, as we all know. It’s the same story with the “medical certificates” – they need to be filled in just like any legally valid forms and without proper coding, stamps etc. they mean nothing. Police know that and everyone who knows how police or court work knows that too. Yet not just Choi herself, even her lawyer shamelessly lie and media shamelessly spread those lies. I wonder what they will do now that KHJ’s camp declared they’d sue media and individuals spreading false information about this case. In my opinion that needs to be done! It’s alarming all these people think they will ruin someone’s life and will not be punished. We keep listening about “strong evidence” and how “truth will be presented in court, not in media” but so far nothing relevant was presented to court while media always have a plenty of new material coming from Choi. Ridiculous…

    The latest part of the story includes pregnancy, birth of the child and paternity. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact a victim of abuse who was encouraged to have one abortion after another – now even claiming she got beaten until she miscarried (and she said she took the settlement money for covering up murder of her unborn child which I find horrendous and disgusting), got pregnant with the abuser although she was free from him – they are not married, they don’t live in the same house and in no way she was depending on him, she has a family and had a loyal attorney – and informed him about pregnancy right away. I think a woman who escaped a brutal man would try to save herself and her child from him and not say anything. Even if all she said was true she was just as “guilty” for the pregnancy as KHJ was, if not more because she was the one who labelled him abuser, he never spoke badly of her. So even if he blindly loved her (I believe other though – that he was manipulated to get Choi used to the thought they’d separate), she didn’t love him, nor respect him when she went public with what should have been handled in private – in the end, their whole relationship was not public, no fights happen in public, they should have settled it away from the public even if anything happened (that I don’t believe).
    Plus never once we heard KHJ stalked Choi to her house or work, she always came to his house or joined him at a trip he made elsewhere – joined him voluntarily.

    Now we’re served another portion of disgusting media play involving a newborn baby, well if there is any baby at all. Apart from the fact she was not consistent in her claims as to when she got pregnant, as I understand it nobody credible actually can testify she was pregnant. When KHJ – after months of hearing this child is his own – wants to actually know the truth, takes the DNA test in the military and pays for all 3 – him, baby and Choi, she wants to discredit the institute that did the testing. Only to gain more time and avoid forcefully proving there is any baby. In my opinion the institute should sue her for trying to question their reputation – a liar, gold digger and now criminal suspect dares to doubt a renowned lab that is good enough for national forensic service. They should teach her a lesson. Her request – as if she was in the position to make any – for me evokes only one thing – “we must go together” means she will dictate to everyone her conditions and they will obey because she relies on how KHJ loves children and that it must be unbearable for his family to not know if they have a baby and where it is. I’d suggest attorney Lee to by no means give in to her arrogance when she will soon enough have to defend herself in front of the court and stop playing games. What scares me the most KHJ knows well he musn’t meet her because she’s toxic to him plus while she can’t meet him, she can’t produce another scandal. Imagine her saying he threatened or beated her again, if they met if only for a while. That should not happen.

    I can but wonder that she didn’t ask KHJ to pay for the expenses for her stay in the hospital when she gave birth. We know very well he paid for everything in this relationship, so if she is so sure he is the father of this alleged child, how come she didn’t send him the bill to pay? She’s not paying for herself, that’s obvious!
    Another thing is her attorney lied again about KHJ avoiding paternity test and that they’d sue him for that which is the same old song as always from their camp. But the more interesting fact is they “don’t know the blood type of the child” because as far as I know in civilised countries newborns have their blood tested for medical reasons. So in fact the baby’s test could have been done right after birth. In this case I’d even test Choi as the mother because her argument “giving birth proves her maternity” is just laughable when nobody proved she was pregnant in the first place and now she’s been hiding all details about the birth. So NO, dear criminal suspect, nothing was proven here. But it seems she learned a new expression – that unilateral decisions are unacceptable. What a pity that when KHJ and his parents wanted to take her for medical check up during her pregnancy she unilaterally and rudely excluded them from the process. No wonder they have no desire to have her in their family.

    As to online shit such as “he wants to quickly end this but she has a more mature approach” I can just repeat that her mature approach cost one family a year of life, lots of money, public shaming and suffocating insecurity whether there is a child or there isn’t and if it’s theirs. At such circumstance I must show my support to KHJ because I always was against bullying and what else is this? I hope everyone who did him wrong will be punished to teach others who might like to parasite on celebrities and play games in the media that such behaviour will have consequence.

    KIM HYUN JOONG fighting! 🙂 Don’t worry, there are many people who are not blind.
    LazerKim fighting! 🙂 Keep up the good work

    My best regards, xxx

  37. The fact that this won’t end soon made me upset and glad at he same time. Upset and angry at Choi for doing this.. and angry at the Korean Media and Justice system and Korean people for allowing KHJ to be hurt for so long.. But.. Glad that KHJ seems now to be determined to fight her, and reveal the true nature of her deception… It will be fun in a way to send gifts to the solders with KHJ at Christmas time.. to bring in the New Year with well wishes for KHJ.. our efforts to support KHJ should continue to be strong and vocal.. with the aim of humiliating the Korean people who have not supported him in this last year.. SHAME on them.. Also.. even though the concept of having to fight for him until his MS is over is hard.. it also means that the fans of the World will have something to do while he’s safe in MS.. and we can keep his name in the public forum.. so when he comes out.. even if the Korean Media rejects him.. there will be so many more options open to him to continue his Entertainment carreer.

  38. That’s so sweet of you lazerkim to ask for forgiveness. Really sweet and considerate of you. Anyway, we can wait for the letter .

    Take care and a thank you as always for the article. Byee.

  39. @lazer Kim hi five. Beautiful gal. Its so cooling yes but I’m so mad with the Korean media it’s about her against him. Even how obvious it can be they always want to tint him black. My question is why are they so bias on these case and till when. She is proven to be an unstable woman on these case ,and still they try to make her foolish moves real against him. I can’t forgive her for making a fool of the Kim’s family at the hospital and now she wants to repeat the same stunt and make a fool of him in front of the whole world. I stand with HJ’s plan. She is history. I wish they could send her an invitation cart to HJ s wedding in the future sothat she can cut the cord.

  40. Thank you for the excellent Kim Lazer article, in my opinion this should be jailed psychopath with his lawyer, is a great manipulator all he wants is money, I’m pretty sure that no child born and being certain that childIt should not be Hyun Joong because it has refused to give DNA testing it with their friends in the media already had at least made public but nobody heard anything, nobody knew at that hospital was the birth of that course Is there any child in SK hospital birth record of this? Just her lawyer knows? I think the Lee lawyer must investigate this part. Greetings from Caracas-Venezuela.

  41. Thank you lazer kim. To hyun not meet with that poor excuse who calls herself a woman . Im ashamed to be recognized as a woman because of her . This travesty is so sickening . As a female let me apologize on her behalf. HJ, sorry you are going through this mess. This chick is raising my blood pressure . I can’t imagine what she’s doing to the pressure of the kim family . Hyun joong this too shall pass . Hold on baby . Your fans have surrounded you with love.UNBREAKABLE love. Got it ? .please be careful who you date next time. In fact don’t date for a while . I pray that if there’s a baby you are NOT the dad. I cant see the lifetime interaction with a trifling B… her.I’m praying for you honey . Ill be in Korea soon. Im sending all my love and positive VIBRATION TO YOU.YES I WILL.
    . REMEMBER THE THING CALLED HAPPINESS , AS YOU RIZE UP, AND TELL Choi LET ME GO, PLEASE ,.tell her I WILL NOT GET A BREAKDOWN , because it’s “YOUR STORY ” not mine. YOU are a GENTLEMAN .THANK YOU . These are most of your song titles . I love you baby.

  42. You are really brilliant LK! Can’t wait for your next article about his letter. I really liked how He wrote the letter. Very sincere and matured, very HJ. It saddens me that he is being criticize up to this point. Some can’t see how evil and manipulative Choi is. She contradicts herself each time. It is very obvious that she has an evil motive for wanting and demanding a paternity test to be done with 3 of them present. After suing him for psychological stress, now she still wants to see him? On the hand, it is just a normal reaction from HJ not wanting to see her ever again after all she did and might still do. I just can’t wait to see her in jail. She did not only hurt HJ and his family, but many fans worldwide as well. On a lighter note, so happy to see him again looking healthy and handsome as always.

  43. Choi can go to every DNA testing institution in SK with each and every member of Hyun Joong’s family and get the same results….but she wants HJ personally….its so clear that’s she’s up to something again…soooooooooo evil…..hope HJ doesn’t give in….he must stay away from her as far as he could…

    Anyway, thank you for always conveying our thought of this matter….really appreciates your efforts! Fighting!!!

  44. Well,the xgf might be thinking of another alibi she knows that KHJ will not agree to her whims and caprices.It is a delaying tactic diverting the real issue. Because she is afraid of the DNA test result. Lets just hope and pray that this issue will be settled.

  45. Hai Lazer kim how are you? i am fine. I really love your articles about kim hyun joong. Like every body i too want justic for kim hyun joong. That choi is really giving headace to every one. I have a doubt whole world know that she is producing lie’s, Then why SK Court not taking any action on her? If the case in India means till now indian court will cancel the case and give judgement like “should pay penalty for wasting court time with this baseless case or send her to jail”. or send her to mental hospital because of her mental disorder to get treated”.instated of this why that SK Govt is entertaining her i don’t understand. Finally i always support kim hyun joong i never leave his side. Khj and atty lee fighting.

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