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By: LazerKim


I’m sure everyone here had already read the news that Choi gave birth to a child with no gender! I waited the whole day yesterday Sept 10th for a detailed sensible news pertaining this child delivery before jumping to any conclusion! Unfortunately none of the info that I was seeking for appeared in any news outlets!

The whole world already knew that Choi was pregnant whether we believe it or not, it’s a worldwide news, in fact everyone was waiting for Sept 12th as the expected date of delivery. Therefore I was expecting a headline title such as “Choi gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy or girl”, which I think is normal for such happy news! But instead what I read was “Choi revealed to have already given birth” news in unison title in all news outlet!

I’m just wondering how come none in the media ever stated the specific date of childbirth nor baby’s gender while Choi’s good lawyer was proudly saying there were media people at the hospital during her delivery last week!



The most irritating news of all is that, Choi is filing paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong!! Don’t you find this rather annoyingly STUPID?  Mr. Kim stated yesterday that he only knew about Choi’s childbirth through the news article, which obviously he was not informed by her camp about it! And immediately refuted Choi’s claim that Hyun Joong was refusing paternity test!!

Hyun Joon NEVER refuse paternity test and he clearly stated from the start that he’ll take responsibility IF the baby is proven to be his. Now Choi and her lawyer is trying to reverse this!!?? I have never seen such stupid lawyer to be so carelessly filing charges and acting as if he had just got out from the college of law graduation last week!! You and your client is a great shame to SK on how you play dirt with the SK court of law!

Mr Kim clearly stated that KHJ camp will firmly continue the legal battle till the end irrigardless of anything! Therefore, whether Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s baby or not, (if there’s a baby) she’ll surely end up spending Christmas in her new home jail!!



Let’s just say GRANTING Choi’s childbirth is true, then this news should have been a happy one since a new born life has come to this world! Yet, it’s sad to know how such a mother filled with hatred would put a newborn baby in bad situation and Choi brought this to herself and her child. I could not help feeling sorry for this new born whether Hyun Joong is the father of the baby or not, it appears Hyun Joong is still made to suffer.

I’m not playing blind here and still giving Choi the benefit of the doubt. Yet I’m still crossing my fingers that she is just joking about giving birth, because if there’s a truth to this childbirth issue, I would say this child is another victim in this scandal that she herself created.

I don’t think Choi deserves to be a mother at all! For obvious reason that she simply is making this baby a milking cow which I consider an abuse in using a newborn infant in gaining money and this is totally disgusting!

We may be all women here and we do feel for any innocent child that no matter how I wish this is just a big joke, a part of me really feel sorry that Hyun Joong has to be in this situation that might end up in such disaster even she is bound to go to jail!

Obviously Choi aimed and plotted this scandal to retain her connection to Hyun Joong by her dirty ways without considering consequenses of who will be most affected in the future. This time it’s not only Hyun Joong who is the victim here, but an innocent child, IF indeed there is a child.

BUT if this childbirth is another lie or if Hyun Joong is not the father of her baby, then Choi is in a big trouble! I don’t think she has a way out from the mess she created! We will be waiting for the DNA test, hopefully there’s nothing foul in the result! As we all know Choi is a great manufacturer of anything but FAKE!



This case may be tiring, and irritating to read about Choi and this scandal filled with lies for over a year now! But what we feel is nothing, compare to what Hyun Joong may be feeling trapped in this nightmare, that this is the time Hyun Joong needs us the most.

He may be learning his lessons the hard way and since we are all connected with him in some ways being his fans, it’s so difficult to ignore whatever is going on around him that somehow affects us simply because we care.

How he is taking all of these, that I’m sure he also worries about his dad taking his place to face Choi. As father and son I’m sure both of them are hurting inside. And maybe the only thing that we can contribute to ease even a bit of their sufferings is through our undying prayers and continues support. But once he get over with this nightmare, he’ll surely be more stronger than ever.

I’ll say it again, “being a fan is not always fun” but the important thing is, we are together with him. Hyun Joong is never a weather friend to all of us, that through thick and thin, smooth or rough sailing we stayed by his side. We have proven it for years and we can still prove it again and again tirelesly!

He’s already been a part of our life whether we ignore the fact or not, he is one person we cannot leave alone in the dark. Let’s stay with him even he’s miles away from us, I’m sure he feels our spirit one way or another.

As we continue seeking justice for Kim Hyun Joong, let’s keep an eye in protecting him! And let’s always bear in mind, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. God bless Gemini!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

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I sure do hope Hyun Joong would remain in the military camp until such time this case is over. To hell whatever media thinks!! I know it’s too much to endure for Hyun Joong, but the camp is the safest place for him to stay away from entrapment. Otherwise Choi and Media will make up stories again to trap him and confuse the public again! Let’s face it Hyun Joong is becoming a news maker.

In Sept 9th news Kim Hyun Joong cancelled his scheduled brief vacation leave from his MS. This info was leaked to the media and the following day Sept 10th we have this news of Choi’s childbirth. I find it strange for the media to publish this childbirth after a week with Choi’s camp excuse they refuse to go public about it! Come on stop the trash lies!!

This is just speculation but I think Choi’s camp took advantage of that cancellation to pin down Hyun Joong by accusing him of refusing paternity test. As I have said she is trying to reverse the situation.

Everyone knows the fact that it’s Choi who has been avoiding ANY LEGIT form of medical test on her since this pregnancy issue 2015 came out! From day one Hyun Joong and family has been demanding for legit proof of her pregnancy that she has been refusing to submit herself. Therefore it doesn’t make sense now as to why he would refuse paternity test.


Is Choi trying to divert issues now and buy time? Because at this point the most important thing is a DNA test on the baby. However, how can she proceed with DNA if there’s no baby? Or if there is, why avoid it? Is it because it’s not Hyun Joong’s baby? We all know she’s been avoiding legit PT for 9 months, what more with DNA test!??

Choi now will do everything to avoid that DNA, in this case a court of law intervention is necessary. I hope Atty Lee has prepared for this as always he’s one step ahead of Choi’s camp. This probably will take time if Choi will continue refusing DNA. She will surely buy time! Well until she can produce a baby!! LOL

This behavior itself is doubtful right from the start. Remember for nine months pretending to be pregnant, nothing was proven legitimately as yet.  Yes you are right, her current behavior is not normal for a woman who just gave birth specially for a first baby! IF there is a baby!!???

Choi may pressure Hyun Joong in getting him out from the military camp to take his speciment for DNA. We may never know Atty Lee might have already secured those speciments, or they can take those sampling from the camp where Hyun Joong is. So the problem on DNA or paternity test is not on Hyun Joong’s side but from Choi’s side. As I’ve said at this point DNA on the baby is vital. If there is a baby!

The hospital or clinic where Choi delivered her so-called baby was not mentioned! So I think Atty Lee will go hunting for hospitals again!! There has to be a medical record on child delivery of course! Geez how I wish we fans can do the detective works on tailing her!! LOL!!

UPDATE NEWS TRANSLATION   (CR: Sunny@sun_sun sky thanks for sharing)

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Atty Seon: The issue is that KHJ’s side has continously raised questions about Choi’s pregnancy and baby’s paternity.

LK: Of course counselor, KHJ has every right to question Choi’s pregnancy because she had not submitted any LEGIT proof of pregnancy, all you got there were all nonsense text messages. You are a lawyer you should know which evidence is acceptable and which is not! Now show your proof that Choi had given birth and prove it’s Hyun Joong’s baby if she has, otherwise these questions will forever be raised! Not only by KHJ family but the public.  Your client is a certified BIG LIAR! And you know it!


I just read from tweeter that according to Atty Lee it is not true that Hyun Joong cancelled his vacation leave, as what the media published in Sept 9th! His vacation leave is yet to come in the near future!  (Info tweet cr Sunny thanks for sharing)

It seems to me that cancellation lie was deliberately done prior to Choi’s so-called childbirth to make Hyun Joong appear as if he was trying to avoid something! See how these SK media has been doing their dirty work in misleading and fooling the public? The more they cover up Choi’s lies, the more Choi appear to be desperate in trying to escape from her endless lies!

Not only that, even the English media sites are getting confused with their reports!! LOL Check on Kdramastar “Reports Differ about KHJ paternity test” and read what it says. Liars are never consistent in what they say and Choi is a full proof liar as we can see!

Link kdramastar >

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


“Go ahead Choi talk more, go on with your lies to ensure your passport to JAIL! You can fool everyone in South Korea, BUT you can NEVER fool KHJ fans worldwide! Bury that in your mind, and NEVER underestimate us!”

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86 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDLESS DRAMA!

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  2. People will see truth face of Mrs Choi, so they will love Kim Hyun Joong. This woman just play a drama, but it is too long to make all people so boring to watch it. Also, the main character Kim Hyun Joong and his family are so tire for all her stories. Thanks Kim Lazer to share all your thoughts and articles. ( God blessing Hyun Joong and hope he will be smile soon.)

  3. It’s not the baby’s fault at all…. babies are another form of angels, pure and innocent…
    Who knows, this baby might be the answer to all our questions and confusions regarding this case…
    I’m just hoping that everything ends well in the next hearing…..
    Hyun Joong has suffered enough…all these should have a full stop now…
    Oh God… please help him…

  4. OK. Once and for all… may someone clarify what year that Bitchoi pic was taken….pic she wore black shirt and white pant in a liquor shop…is it 2014 or 2015?????? It kind piss me off…sorry i kind of emo today…..

    • Really?? Where did u see her pic?? Can you give me the link, plz??
      I’ve been searching the internet to see her pic…but couldn’t find any…

    • I just saw the image and it claimed that it was taken in August 2015. Looks like it was originally posted on Weibo. She is wearing white pants with a black, loosely fitting black top. Even with the loose top, it looks as if there is no pregnant belly there. I hope the date of the pic is true, but in any case we will all know soon, when the DNA tests are done. If she refuses the test much longer, then she will only cast more doubt on herself.

      • Okay, so someone said that the picture is NOT Choi, although it look an awful lot like her. Not sure where the pic came from, or who said it was her in the first place. Maybe the person who said it is not her is incorrect. I just don’t want to re-post in case it really is not her. We’ll just have to be patient.

  5. hello ,everyone. its been really tough for everyone these past months concerning we all know what. I have 3 important bible texts I would like to share with everyone, they were my favourites in my church service today, romans 5:3-5, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 2 Corinthians 4:8-10, Hebrews 10:35,36,38,39.. this case will continue to move in GOD’S direction by His Grace. belive this words of faith; everyone will be shocked by God’s revelation on this case, choi has tried her luck enough, hell will break lose on her and her camp, for me I have forgiving her of all her sins against oppa and all of us, I hold no grudge against her I even laugh at her outrageous lies. now its time to wait for God’s decision on this case using atty lee and sk court whether it wishes to work properly or not.. thanks lazer kim for giving me opportunity to post my thoughts. thanks to all those who have never giving up on the prince…I fell pain for hyun joong and his family but my trust and confidence in GOD is greater, I hope it can be same for all…best fans any one could wish for, lift ur head high and smile…like our kim hyun joong wants us to always be…tons of love to everyone…

  6. EVEN IF THE BABY BELONG TO OPPA,’WE HIS FANS WILL ALWAYS AND WILL FOREVER LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM’. We will love the child as every baby is loved,pray for both father and child wishing them safe health and happy life. THE BABY WONT BE GIVEN THE HATRED HIS/HER MOTHER DESERVE. Am really disappointed”every baby is suppose to be a string of joy and happiness,welcomed by everyone,prayed for when born but MISS CHOI MADE THIS CHILD OWN DIFFERENT USING THE CHILD AS HER WEAPON OF SELFISH DESIRE.


  8. Even if the child turn out to be oppa’s child,the case in court will still continue.

  9. An intelligent lawyer,Handsome leader as well as a angel,pig lawyer,ass gold digging liar,cute baby,angel’s parents r involved in the war “Truth vs Lies”.SK government want to kill the ass gold digging liar!!!!!….

  10. Unstoppable avalanche! Horror movie. Are they really serious? Do we live in the desert or what? Is there no somebody to stop them? How come they get so far. Are there any legal organizations but court to protect human rights against inhuman actions, coz each move is not suited for human beings – complete lack of basic qualities of sympathy, compassion and sensibility. Full intellectual disorder. I cant believe we have to face it in real. God bless our guy, family & every single soul who prays for them. Lets keep hope & faith that evil will destroy itself & we will see that sunny happy smile again. Love u all. Huge Tnx dear LK, U r The Best.

  11. Je soutiendrais Kim Hyun Joong jusqu’au bout. La vérité finit toujours par se savoir de toute façon !!! Courage Kim Hyun Joong!!!

  12. Wow Att Lee! Just Wow! Att Lee going up against all these people and they Gang up on
    KHJ. They want KHJ money, They don’t care about him, They want to Ruin him to make his
    life miserable, They don’t want him to be happy and They want him Sad.
    Is Att Lee getting tired yet, Hope he doesn’t give up, he needs to get his energy going and have his Battery Charged up. I think Att Lee need some partner to help out to you know. Who knows what Trash Media, Choi and Att Seon Plan will do next.
    When is Att Lee going after KE since they are involved now or He’ll just leave them be?

    • Atty LEE is a professional and he knows how to deal with this kind of trash and sorry excuse of a woman bitchoi.
      Don’t u worry he will not give up! Atty Lee is at a different level than that pig called lawyer.

      That Criminal bitchoi will spend her time in JAIL.

  13. I think she doing this to cover up the fact that she had that baby early. She using the fact that Kim didn’t want to do the DNA test. To cover about when she actually got pregnant. I don’t think stress had anything to do with her having that baby early. On Feb 24 or 25 2015 in a interview she said her and Kim was together the whole month until the next year. Now think about this remember when she said the doctor told her conception date was on the Dec. 20, 2014 and she was 13 weeks and 5 days right. Then she said on Dec. 6, 2014 she had her period. Then on the Dec. 7, 2014 she had an abortion. I believe she was pregnant at the end of November by someone else. But then hook up with Kim in December to make it seem like he was the baby’s father. In the interview on Feb. 24 or 25 of this year. In November he was with someone woman he took to Jeju with him. They had already plan the trip. Then she went on to say maybe did hook up with another woman. Maybe she slept with someone and got pregnant again and it was someone else baby. She said on January 2, 2015 she felt weird. On January 3, 2015 she went and took a pregnancy test and it says she was pregnant. Now on January 9, 2015 in her text messages Kim said the hospital say you are 5 weeks. Choi said she was about 5 weeks. But look at timeline from Jan. 3, 2015 to Jan. 9, 2015 she couldn’t have about 5 wks. She would have been about two weeks pregnant from the 3 of Jan. to the 9th of Jan. She has to many holes in her story. Or she may not have been pregnant at all. Look at the lies she told from Dec. 2014 to Jan. 2015.

    • One correction dear : HJ wanted the DNA test from the beginning, His first statement when news broke was : IF DNA show child mine I would take responsibility and he did say NO to marriage!

      and also she could not have been pregnant at all at the dates she said, there were pictures of her in JUY 2015 that showed no belly and as per her statements she should have been 7 mths ..this far gone definitely show in any woman, but she didn’t, same said by Atty Lee, that the belly was not of a woman in 7 mth.
      So maybe IF and this is a BIG IF is there is a baby maybe they should check if it was premature? like maybe she got preggy later on….just saying.

      Still IF ….and for sure they would check with the Dr’s for sure who actually gave birth….if someone gave birth? just saying…

      But all is so full of IF’s that nothing is sure with this freak as her story is so full of discrepancies and fake evidences they are twisting everything to put pressure on the Kim’s to drop their charges for sure…why…because biitchoi is a CRIMINAL and she is afraid of Jail and so many lawsuits pending on her head… ..

      The way bitchoi will go to Jail will be full of Hj fans cheering and making sure she will enter!!

        • If they dropped the Charges Choi will Leave the Country
          thats what i heard from a different Site. Where do people get all the Information from they just Ban the News outside of SK. Is She trying to Buy some time or What?

          • Hi there! As i have mentioned in this article the Kims will proceed with the legal battle till the end. They will not drop the charges and they are firm about it regardless of Choi’s questionable childbirth.
            The news info is everywhere around the internet.

  14. ..if the baby is his after the paternity test..i will congratulate him..cukka e..a bachelor with hot..i will like him more..fighting khj..fighting henecians..

  15. AMEN to what you are saying LazerKim!! Who knows if Choi faked her pregnancy. She’s so full of hate and vengeance its sad. I feel that she really needs to be taught a lesson. I hope she doesn’t get away with this. I really love all of Hyun Joong`s fans cause they love him and support him so much!! So exciting to see that!! May God Bless them all and you for all your support and prayers! I know he will be alright when this mess finally ends!! Go get her Attorney Lee!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses! Another HUGE FAN OF HYUN JOONG AND SS501!!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. Thanks again for a great article! I rarely comment. But can’t hold back. I hope Choi’s camp reads my comment. Here goes. Ms. Choi, what kind of a woman are you that would let your newly born baby be used as a tool for revenge? Is your heart so full of greed and hate that you would do all of this to the baby’s father, IF and a big IF, it is KHJ? You are a hateful person. I can honestly say that you were like this even before you met KHJ. You are an ugly person inside and out. I pray that Atty Lee PERSONALLY conducts the taking of the DNA samples from the baby, goes directly to the lab and watches whoever does the test. Ms. Choi and her cohorts are so devious and manipulative that they will certainly try and pay for the test to be positive. DNA can be collected from hair samples from KHJ’s home since he just recently left for his MS. He doesn’t even need to do it personally. But I bet he will just so there will be no misunderstanding. And IF KHJ is the father, we know he will take care of this child and hopefully gets full custody! KHJ is an honest person. From everything I have watched of him, his movies, concerts, reality series with his SS501 mates, he always comes across as honest, sincere, a bit naive (but we like that) which is why he has so many fans around the world. As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around”…. Karma. Always praying for KHJ, his family, fans and especially now, Atty Lee. Thank you LK for letting me leave this comment. Keep writing!!

    • Elyem, I really love what you said!!! You go girl!!! I’m pretty sure you spoke for all of us!!! God Bless you always! Hugs, Annell!!!

    • I thought I was the only one that notice that. Yes he is a little naive. That how she got him, A know how to pick the ones that’s pure, sweet, he has a kind heart and innocent. Con-artist know how to pick the ones they can take advance of. I thing when she was hired at the company she was watching to see who she can con. It just happen to be Kim. You see how she demanding him to meet with her to do the DNA test. She sucker him with that contract for a half million dollars. Once she spend that she try to use the same mo by to get more money out of him. Cause she figure she away with it the first time. I wonder how many other men she has done this to. Look like she’s a pro.

  17. Lazerkim Thank you for stating the facts that Choi and her evil cohorts are just trying to keep Hyun Joong in negative light and to torture him and his family. I wish the media would wake up. Our daily prayers are needed in earnest right now. My heart aches for Hyun Joong and his parents, I can only imagine what they are going through. We his fan family standing beside him can only give him strength to face whatever new lies she cooks up. I place Kim Hyun Joong and Atty. LEE in the full armour of God, so that they can fight this battle. Thank you for your hard work.

  18. Yes, Kim Hyun Joong is a very simple and straight forward person… he always spoke out from his heart. There are so many celebrities who want to make themselves look smarter in front of the world and pretend to be someone which they are not originally… I’ve never seen Hyun Joong doing something like that.. I feel like he has a very innocent heart.. which cannot put up an act.. maybe, he was not smart enough to protect himself from whatever that woman did to him. He just put up his trust on that shameless woman.. because he couldn’t understand her tricks… I really feel so bad at times that I end up asking God as why did He put Hyun Joong to go through all these test? He was and he is a good man… thousand times better than many other men of his age… at least he tried to keep himself as good, as pure as he could… it’s really not fair… whatever Hyun Joong is suffering through… it’s just not right.. I’m just hoping and really praying hard for him……. it’s not easy though, his pain and distress is not easy to endure….. hope Hyun Joong doesn’t lose his patience…

  19. Once again I say why would anyone want to hurt HJ.I think that there’s a conspiracy going on here. He worked so hard to get to where he is.why envy him.why try to take it from him. He’s such a simple young man. I’ve put him in my bible. Be careful haters. This evilness will back fire in Ten fold on all of you. HJ or Kim family don’t worry. There’s a God I know for a fact and he will fight your battles if you let him..HJ fans love him till the end of time.those who hate him were never fans.I will be one of your last fans. Come home and make music baby. As for that negative person who is trying to harm you, I’ leave her to God. Hj in the future don’t lie down with people you haven’t checked out. I mean the money grubbers. I will always love you no matter what happens. You are my shining star.

  20. This must be the most difficult, convoluted case that Atty Lee has ever worked on. I’m so glad that he is such a righteous and steadfast supporter in bringing about the truth for our sweet boy. I imagine Atty Lee must be mentally, and physically, exhausted at this point, with still no end in sight. I am so glad that there are Henecia that sometimes provide his staff with healthy meals and support. I only wish there was more I could do for him, but will continue keeping him in my prayers along with KHJ and his family.

    • Choi never gives up, A Commercial where An Energizer Bunny that keep on going.
      Att Lee does need help he is against the whole entire Gangster and i think that they’re trying to make Att Lee to give up. Maybe thats the Plan to get Rid of him and then whooo haaa! KHJ will
      be Trap.

  21. hello ms.lazerkim….
    thank you for ur wonderful article… i know about media play because of ur article….thank you so much….sometimes i know media were playing but i dont know it go so far becoz of criminal choi! now media play say the baby born is ‘son’ after fans ask the gender….. the media is not telling the truth instead they answering question…. aigooo… if fans ask it is the baby twin? then there will another answer…..aigooo…where will and when will the criminal choi want to run forever? the always the end for evil and criminal so that u criminal choi…..
    may god bless hj,his family, big henecia family, ms.lazerkim……^_^v

  22. Oh no! People said Choi Side Lurking around and watched what were saying? Is it true?
    What will they do when they see it? :/ I haven’t thought of that till now.

      • Why are they monitoring the Forum and the Site is it because Choi doesn’t like being trash on by everyone?

        Maybe there watching for clues and how we find things. When they see it, they won’t let us know the time and day to search for clues. Will see Less Att Lee Speaking and More Choi and Att Seon Speaking.

      • dear friend
        l bet she is preparing an especial interview with the baby, giving more details, her contract with Dispatch and their exclusivity could say it. That is why they dont mention anything about KHJ and only her side. Exclusivity also gives money. she could get money any time that she appears in the media.
        She is really crazy for money. proved. Lets wait till the result .

      • Checking blogs and comments is another way for her to get money, lawsuiting people for ¨¨stress¨¨ , it is not strange, she is looking for more money, that is all.

      • Dear Miss LazerKim , I love your message to Lady Voldemort 🙂
        I have some too 🙂

        “Harry Potter isn’t real? Oh no! Wait, wait, what do you mean by real? Is this video blog real? Am I real if you can see me and hear me, but only through the internet? Are you real if I can read your comment but I don’t know who you are or what your name is or where you’re from or what you look like or how old you are? I know all of those things about Harry Potter. Maybe Harry Potter’s real and you’re not.”
        ― John Green

  23. I have a question to KHJ. Did you have sex with Miss Choi last Dec. ? If not, then this is not your child. Simple question. Simple Answer.

    After paying her $600,000 for settlement, do you still think KHJ would have sex with her ? I have a very strong feeling that there is no baby. No picture. Miss Choi loves going to the media, she would have release the picture of the baby as soon as the baby is born. Remember, She loves to send text messages.

    I hope Miss Choi camp would not lure KHJ to come out of the military service. It is a trap.

    Whoever convince KHJ to take care of Miss Choi last Dec. should be sued, also. Entrapment. It created this new drama of her getting pregnant.

    KHJ please stay strong and keep on fighting.

  24. so sad of this latest development. .she will now start another way of torture using her alleged child..feel so sad for KHJ that he has to do deal with this..he is in army and away from true friends and his family…and now this paternity issue.
    I have a feeling that she will wait two years and that is after MS of KHJ to show the child to the Kim and used her baby to be near to him. But who knows by that time, she is already in jail. She should be asked to appear in court on september 23 because she has already given birth and she could not reason she is busy taking care of the baby..because right after delivery she is already preparing another lawsuit.
    WHAT KIND OF A WOMAN WHO AFTER GIVING BIRTH, INSTEAD OF HAVING JOY IN WRAPPING HER ARMS AROUND THE BABY, IS NOW BUSY WITH FILING A PATERNITY LAWSUIT. I still believe that the baby is not KHJ’s for if he is, she would not be doing this for the sake of the baby’s future. WHO WILL DEPEND AND SUPPORT THE CHILD IF HIS FATHER IS RUINED AND HAS NO MORE CAREER AND MONEY… what she is doing is a vivid proof that KHJ is not at all related to her baby…and is using him to gain money for the future of her baby from other man,..Does it make sense??? HOPE SO.

  25. Even if she gets punished for all the false accusations and lawsuits.. ultimately its Hyun Joong who is going to suffer all these.. because no one knows her true identity, it’s really not going to have any major effect in her life..neither to her family or parents …
    Hyun Joong’s career is almost destroyed, his hard earned respect and fame has been tarnished…all thanks to that bitch….who claims that she “Loved” him!!!
    What kind of love is this?? Is it a new generation love?? Where you only turn selfish to get what you want?
    She never even thought for once how all these is going to effect Hyun Joong.. even if she had a little humanity left inside her, even if she really loved him for a second, she would have never harmed him this way…. I’m sorry to say this but, I guess, all she wanted was to sleep with him and enjoy his money…thats all she had in her mind… I bet she was a really desperate slut..always craving for Hyun Joong’s body…she never felt anything from her heart…that’s why she turned out to be such a whore….

  26. Hmm… I’m speechless what kind of a woman is she really! If you ask me i will say either she never give birth or that the baby isn’t HJ’s she’s just doing anything in her power to tarnish the good name he has build all these years but i know one thing for sure that humans are not animals that can not see truth from lies so no matter what she do, which ever lenght she may go to everything will come down crashing on her she can never destroy him God will indeed win the battle for him. I’m so happy HENECIAN’s are family indeed

  27. Indeed, Hyun Joong had to go through a lot to build up his career. He started working at a very young age.. and he worked really hard to make sure his dream comes true. From the past 10 years, he always had a clean image.. there was no rumors or scandals about him, not even a single one… how is it possible to believe that Hyun Joong abused that woman?? And now, whatever ruckus is going on… just because he wants some space for himself..doesn’t gives her right to traumatize him this way. Can’t she see that this man was almost on the peak of taking his own life.. he was so devastated from all these humiliation?
    What kind of a woman she is.. I wander…
    And still, after all these, Hyun Joong never revealed her true identity… isn’t this proof enough for the haters and trash media to guess what kind of man Hyun Joong is???

  28. I’ve seen two different issues in articles regarding the DNA test. #1 is exactly what LK wrote here, that KHJ has refused to get his own DNA test done. #2 is that Choi is claiming that she can not get a DNA test done on the baby because a written authorization is required from the father (i.e. KHJ) and he is refusing to sign the form. I’m wondering if these issues are actually one in the same, and just misinterpreted by the media somehow. Or, are there two separate issues? I do not believe that a father’s authorization would be needed for a DNA test that is being conducted to determine who the father is. That just doesn’t make sense. I can also understand why KHJ would refused to sign such a document. Choi would definitely use such a document against KHJ to say, “See, he signed the authorization, therefore he admits that he is the father.”

    • Agree, she can misuse the document fraudulently, but she does not need the father’s consent for a test, unless things work differently in SK.

  29. Can’t imagine what Hyun Joong and his family are going through at this point. What we can do for them is to lift them up in prayer daily. Pray that the SK court system would seek the truth and not let Choi and her attorney taint the truth any further, and that justice would be served. That Hyun Joong would be exonerated of all allegations & charges. Let us all come together and pray without ceasing, prayer moves mountains, prayer changes situations. God is all powerful! We love you Hyun Joong & believe in you!!!

  30. Thank you LazerKim for your time and this article. Yes all is 100% accurate. It seems bitchoi and pig lawyer are trying to confuse all in order to forget that she is a CRIMINAL and Criminal charges are pressed against her and by this getting sympathy from whom I wonder? I don’t think all people in SK are brain dead not to get the gist of things. But their media is for sure brain dead, inaccurate and biased. those two are twisting the things and the lies constantly, the funny thing is that all is actually recorded or printed and they still get confused in their own lies….could be so funny if it was not a baby (IF there is one ….??) involved or the lives of Hj and his family that those freaks are playing with. I mean doesn’t nobody notice the full bullshit those two are selling?

    Like bitchoi playing coy about the birth but she exposed all her insides and every time she took a poop or not to mentions the infamous txt msgs (Her txt msgs to herself ….) now shy of media but had reporters on delivery? Reporters? what kind? who is this nobody to have reporters around and the reporters never went to report she delivered ? fishy and stinky of conspiration !!

    Bottom line ; A NOBODY a Trashy Gold Digger Liar and a CRIMINAL!

    Yes LK a true fan will stick through thick and thin, we are here supporting Hj more than ever and believe in him and his family.

    Praying that TRUTH shall prevail and those who put so many people in pain will see their Karma.

    Have some Faith that Fate will have it’s say!

  31. to Conniek .
    l read something touchable, it is :
    Guys I think this is amazing , cuz if you been following KHJ you would know that his relationship with his father is (was)not good , so seeing his father speak up in defense of his son this is truly very admirable from the father , this just show no matter how much you angry your parents they will always be the ones who catch you when you fell ¨.
    Yes it is true, that he had problems with his father when he was young, everything because stubborn as he was in being a singer he dropped the school, his father was angry and even in a row broke his guitar which leaded him to leave the family house for months. He just came back when he missed the house and got a new guitar with his money working in restaurants and even as a bricklayer, that lifetime was incredible for him, full of experiences. His parents even didnt said anything when he came back just told him that if he continued with his idea he needed to work and care himself. He did it till he debuted. Working, playing guitar in the church and school, training for SS501 as leader, ending the school, it seemed hard for a teenager, but he did. His mother said that she was touchable seeing his son doing that, all for being a singer.
    His father silence saw his son to turn in a famous star, he had other options for his son, but accepted him as he is. After his brother went to the army their relationship started to change specially by KHJ, He cared his family during the time his brother was no there.
    His father did anything to convince his son not to be an entertainer, but he did not listen to his parents thanks God. l think that his father now felt that he needs to compensate his son for that, for not understanding him. Now is time to help him, to protect his son, to let him know that he loves him so much. He is now getting the shots but he seems to be as strong as his son showed us to be.
    Seems also that he is a wise man, all what he said is credible.
    God bless KHJ family and KHJ

    • l forget to tell you that according his school friends, they sometimes took or replaced him at work riding the deliver motorbike because of his training or his guitar clases. And even one of his friends knelt before the guitars seller to ask for a discount so he could buy an accecible one according to his budget..

    • @jazu u touched my heart. I also watch one episode HJ was asked about his relationship and he mention some touching words and also buying him a car. Gosh these family is been tested beyond understanding. But God is still on top. Choi was choose by the dark force to destroy them but darkness never last long. God is always around the afflicted.

        • Dear Jazu tnx a lot for sharing this story with us. Very much appreciate it. No perfect family or person exist. The right words said up there that the most darkest part of the night comes before dawn. We will see our brightest morning Star HJ on His righteous spot for sure, rising more beautifully than ever. Tnx again.

  32. Thanks LK for the article.
    Now, I’m worried about the DNA test report. What if these Choi and her allies alter the report? Because she has always done this kind of things before, its nothing new for her… and Hyun Joong will never deny to have a paternity test. He was the one to ask for the test. Why would he deny to have the test done? I just don’t understand how can the South Korean people even believe in something so nonsense like this and they curse on Hyun Joong’s dad who is always speaking truth only…?? I wander what Hyun Joong must be going through… because his father has to face so much of humiliation from the people. Really guys,…..the court should take some action now…

  33. Thank you LK. Again ur article is very worth reading and have a lot to ponder.

    Yes, we have been shocked with the news that Bitchoi actually already gave birth to HJ’s baby. And what more shock was she did not informed Mr. Kim and HJ abt the baby born. The weird is the birth date was unknown on which date and the baby was unsure either boy or girl. Is this possible? What she was up to? We know that she’s crazy big liar but this is to much crazier than before. Doesn’t she has even a bit of motherly heart once she get hold her baby on her arm. Whoever has been mummy know this feeling. Its so touching deeply in your heart and you can feel the love between you and your baby. If she really has such emotion she won’t do this suing thing right after born of her baby. Is she retarded? She doesn’t feel anything? Just obsession with HJ and his money?!

    What Seon the lawyer thinking when without any clue abt the baby, Seon said they will filing the paternity suit against HJ because HJ refused to do a paternity test?? What the heck he think people are stupid? We all already know, its was publicised in almost of all media that HJ said he will take responsibility IF the baby is HIS. For sure DNA TEST must be done. And why the reporters were there when she gave birth? Just to confirmed that she already gave birth and spread it to the world? What abt the baby gender? Boy or girl? The weight? The gender? Her/his health condition? Wow! the reporters are Choi’s best friends since they keep quiet until make sound after HJ announced he hadn’t taken his military leave unless the 23rd Sept court case is heard. What a coincidence!!

    All these are very nerve-wrecking to us and what mpre to HJ himself. I myself feel really sad and worried too, thinking HJ hve to face all these nonsensical from Choi and her allies the medias. I really hope Mr. Lee will take a necessary step to stop this Bitchoi from all the way exploiting HJ, Kim’s family, friends and HJ’s fans.

    Please HJ. Becareful and be wise in whatever you do pertaining Bitchoi. Be strong always coz we are always here for you. Please remember that u will comeback to us one day. T_T

  34. Agreed with you 100% the only ones suffering here are KHJ, his family and the “baby”. Its sad to see women act the way this lady is acting.KHJ has worked very hard to get all that he has and just because he decided he didn’t want to be with her she feels she can just ruin his life. Im praying so everything gets resolved asap. Hoping to see happiness in our KHJ eyes again. Love you always KHJ 💀💚👽

  35. You called it right, LazerKim Kim, “endless drama”! I don’t know how she keeps on going with the crazy. Each time I think her nonsense is winding down, she comes out of left field with something new. It has been reported in all the news agencies that KHJ will accept responsibility for the child if proven his. What is she going on about now? Have the test and be done with it. I’m sure KHJ left DNA samples before going into the military for just this purpose. I would be very surprised to find the child is his…if there really is a child at all. She is an embarassment to women everywhere.

  36. Thanks for the update, i am always looking for new articles about khj, my hear gos out to him and i pray for him to come out stronger from all this problems.



  37. In deed we will continue to support KHJ through our daily prayers. This is the only way that we could do in order to ease the pain that his exgf gave him. We will also include in our prayers his exgf ,that she will come to realize what she did was really wrong. kHJ’s family also needs our prayer. I earnestly hoped and pray that this problem will come to an end. Thank you Lazer Kim for your un tiring effort in keeping us informed .

  38. ️Thnx dear. You have said a mouthful. That family needs our prayers. They are stack in with a woman so obsessed about their son. I just read an article someone saying bad ugly words about HJ s father but my question is he can be ugly to them but he bore a handsome boy which they are so obsessed of his money !going that far to creat a drama over him and bringing an inocent life to use just to milk the fathers money.

      • I dun think she means KHJ’s dad ugly. It stated that haters saying ugly ( bad ) words of him regarding the interview. Sory if im wrong. Please correct me too if I’ve mistaken.

        Thank you/.

        • Yes Atiq you’re right^^ moreover HyunJoong’s father is really kind and good-looking man..simply same father same son💕. Such a beautiful,strong,united family we should all look at as example. My respect,ptayers and love for all Kim’s family members and to our dearest one. Kim Family be strong ,don’t give up,we love you^^

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