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By: LazerKim


Last year 2014 when all we knew about was Kim Hyun Joong being accused of assault by Ms A and later tagged as Choi, I wrote my speculations on her personal motives as follows:

  1. Pride to be KHJ’s girlfriend…………achieved
  2. Personal revenge……………………..achieved
  3. Money Blackmail………………………achieved
  4. Celebrity opportunity…….. ………….trying hard to achieve
  5. Reconciliation with KHJ……………..failed
  6. Destroying KHJ career………………failed
  7. Selfish desire to own KHJ………….BIG FAILURE

Needless to say these motives came out true little by little and these are Choi’s personal motives being used by media and someone big to materialized the bigger motive to fully destroy Kim Hyun Joong. I mentioned in my previous article that these people has to destroy KHJ fans worldwide first before they can fully destroy Hyun Joong! And they made the attempt by suing his Korean fans but still failed and had no effect because there’s a bigger fanbase supporting Hyun Joong outside SK!

In my comment box I read something like this “Why is this case taking so long? How did we reached this far for over a year?” I picked this question from my comment box since I have the same question to myself. I was wondering would this case make any difference if it was resolved last year in the right way while Hyun Joong’s concert was on going?

My dear readers be my guest and share your opinion as we read from you and learn. I don’t mean to cry over spilled milk, but instead I’m hoping we can learn something from this scandal. We may just be speculators in this case, however, let this case be a school for our thoughts.



Here we are now, at this stage that prior to the 3rd court hearing on Sept 23, to tackle previous case in 2014, came another nightmare created by Choi, which is her self-made childbirth. Is she for the truth? Oh yes she is for the truth, to conceal forever!! That’s her prime motive so she can get more money from her milking cows. Behind the scene she has earned from Hyun Joong in 2014 from the blackmail and for this year 2015 she’s earning from her cronies, the media and from the big guy behind her.

I’m sure with the kind of low life Choi has, she won’t have the guts to put up all her fairy tales out to the public if she doesn’t benefit from this scandal. Remember this is a case of a high-profile celeb being sensationalized and media earns better cash from sensationalized stories! Plus that someone big who is filled with greed and envy, financing this scumbag whom Choi earn from to she spill out lies while her identity is concealed.

What we currently have in front of us is nothing but stories!! This so-called childbirth has nothing but childbirth reported by the media since nothing was proven as yet, that even the Kims are not aware whether they already have a grandchild by blood, if it’s a boy or a girl? In short they are being left in the dark with a lot of question marks, that may lead them to another MENTAL TORTURE created by this woman.

And this is what Choi has been doing to them merciless that now it seems to me as if Choi and her camp are playing the guessing game with the Kims and the public while she and her lawyer continue earning from her trash story! Don’t you think so?



I don’t think Choi and SK media realize that the whole world is watching them on how they destroy their own country fellow man who brought a big part of international community to their  country to be known, and to be appreciated through Kim Hyun Joong. I can’t believe they themselves as Koreans are the ones destroying their own country’s reputation. I see Choi and associates as the termite of their own society!

Choi’s motive in all of these is simply her selfish intent to revenge, and to grab for money as much as she can and how SK print media can be so careless to shout to the world making people believe which they themselves already knew are all LIES of Choi that they publish just to earn money?? I really find this so cheap!! Even they are tabloids, I still think they should be covered by principles of resposible journalism!

May I just share, I happen to read an article about some SK women’s organization attacking a local TV show promoting plastic surgery and that’s a good move to eradicate the danger of such surgery! I sure do hope the SK women’s organization can also attack women  and media who baselessly destroy not only Kim Hyun Joong but other Hallyu stars in general, because these stars bring good revenue to SK. They are the instrument in making SK known worldwide.


Kim Hyun Joong is an excellent  asset in promoting his country. Haven’t they realize it? Why do they let a nobody who only wanted money to destroy their country’s asset?

I’m not trying to single out SK here please don’t misunderstand, because similar scandals do happen anywhere regardless of nationality. It’s just regretful since many foreigners do appreciate SK as a beautiful country, the people, their artists and arts in entertainment.

And these foreigners have known South Korea through the Kpop artists and the artists from the Kdrama they watch. Until such time they became fans attached to their Korean favorites. Of course they too will be affected if baseless scandals through lies are brought to the favorite artists they admire, just like what we KHJ fans feel.

Although celebrity scandals cannot change my views on Hallyu stars for as long as I am entertained, and appreciate their arts in music dance and drama most specially Kim Hyun Joong, no scandal nor image demolition can ever change my views about him. I’m just sharing my opinion and of course defending not only Kim Hyun Joong but other Hallyu artists who had been victims of scandals.

I sincerely hope the SK gov’t authority would look into cases like this and protect the Hallyu. One way or another Choi and her cronies reflect their country since this scandal is already out in the international community. Whether you agree with me or not, I mean no offense here but simply a concern from a Hallyu fan speaking in general!



In my previous articles I wrote that I have been wishing and appealing to KHJ camp to expose Choi’s identity, since this case is not even a rape case that the victim has to be concealed. Choi is not even the victim in this case, instead she is the ABUSER for real, which we can all see loud and clear! Abuser to Hyun Joong his family and his fans for mental torture she has been giving! I may not know how system in SK goes but I really couldn’t understand why her identity has to be concealed all this time for over a year now!

I’m saying this because I find it so unfair to be fighting with the unknown enemy! If she’s exposed, I don’t think she can freely destroy anyone in public with her lies using the media just like what she’s doing. Choi and her lawyer seems to be fearlessly attacking without thinking and inconsiderate to whatever damage they may create, for as long as they achieve their motive in destroying a celeb!

No offense if I may ask, is this normal in South Korea? It’s scary, I just feel something is not right within this whole scenario and the media is in this scum! They appear to be too strong and uncontrollable that seems to me SK authority is just letting them do whatever they want to the extent of total human destruction mentally and morally. Again I’m not trying to single out, it just so happen my idol is in SK that brought me to a lot of curiosity!

I wonder how come Choi have that strong guts, unless this case is politically motivated that she’s protected which I doubt! Or if she goes to jail, will that someone big easily bail her out as if nothing happened? If her identity is concealed, how can the public know if she really is put to jail and serve her sentence implemented by SK law? I’m just asking!



From Sept 23rd onwards the SK court of law shall be challenged by this case and we shall see how justice will prevail. From day one this nightmare exploded in 2014 Kim Hyun Joong was being publicly judged without due process and Choi was successful in manipulating the media and the SK public out of her LIES. As time goes her evil motive surfaced from her own lips and hopefully by this time people had seen those lies.

Atty Lee strongly emphasized that this legal battle will continue, meaning KHJ camp will NEVER withdraw the lawsuits even IF Hyun Joong is the father of Choi’s so-called child. He will provide for child support for as long as it is proven it’s his child. Now if it is proven Hyun Joong is not the father of the said child, then Atty Lee shall file another separate lawsuit against Choi. (info tweet cr Sunny @sun_sunsky thanks!)

I was thinking this childbirth might just be Choi’s strategy hoping for mercy from Hyun Joong’s parents to withdraw their charges against her! The Kims are vey kind parents, that maybe just maybe, if only Choi behaved as expected from her and did the right thing to let them know of her childbirth instead of rushing to her lover Dispatch again, maybe the Kims would go soft hearted to a possible grandchild. But NO WAY!

Unfortunately she turned against the tide that made them even doubtful if there was a baby which we already doubted from the start! Who wouldn’t doubt Choi’s childbirth, that just popped out from nowhere with no birthdate, birthtime, birthplace not even child’s gender! And not to mention a lawyer who has a hundred of inconsistent remarks every minute!



At this point, what I’ve been praying is that if ever there’s a child I pray it’s not from Hyun Joong and I got my own reason why. BUT if ever there’s a child be it Hyun Joong or not I pray that the whole world would accept this child for who he/she is. Children are blessings, they are the joy to any parent regardless to who they are. As Mr. Kim stated he’s hoping this child will no longer be hurt as it already did.

However, since we’re all being played by Choi in concealing the truth pertaining this so-called childbirth, we don’t even know if there is a baby or not, I don’t think I can ever forgive her for playing such a joke. And I really hope someone near her to please bring her somewhere to be healed. Seriously, I really think something is off in her mentally. I’m not trying insult please don’t get me wrong, but I think she needs help.

I was taught by my parents and from school “love your enemy as you love yourself”, I won’t try to impress you guys but honestly, this is the hardest thing to do!! So let’s just say we’re trying to correct what seems to be wrong done by others to us!!

And with that, I end this article hopefully after reading we probably realize the impact of this crime that Choi has done. Let’s just pray that she would be enlightened and face the truth that, selfish intent will lead her to nowhere but the quicksand!!

And to our Prince, I don’t think I will ever leave him! As my aunt said…. “You don’t leave your idol when he’s down there. Instead, lift him up until he can stand by himself again”

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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My dear readers, I shall be in this page in the coming days and write below whatever updates there may be. Thank you so much for reading my articles Take care everyone! Have a pleasant day! God bless…

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong side “If the baby is not his, will take legal action”

News from + eng trans by kelemama
Repost with full credits.

13 Sep, MBC program 《SectionTV》 scheduled broadcast, actor Kim Hyun Joong conveyed his thoughts on whether the baby of ex-gf A is his, becoming a hot topic of discussions by fans and public.

Kim Hyun Joong side expressed their stand through the program, stating “We’ve got to know about the birth of the baby, we shall proceed to do DNA with the baby. If the baby is confirmed to be Kim Hyun Joong’s, then our side will take full responsibility.” Thereafter, a related personnel adds on, if it’s found that the baby does not belong to Kim Hyun Joong, will take all legal actions to protect Kim Hyun Joong’s legal rights. EX-gf A also expressed that if the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s, will not proceed with any lawsuit.

(trans cr: @501wangja thanks for sharing)



“Kim Hyun Joong ended DNA tests, paternity must ensure correct immediately.”

Enter Time | 2015.09.16 18:05 | Lee Jung reporters seiji @

KHJ camp Atty Lee shall be holding an emergency press conference tomorrow Sept 17 Thursday. This is in relation to DNA test result. It was said in the news that Kim Hyun Joong had already done his DNA test and result has been released. (news shared by Noya thanks!)     Link:


So Hyun Joong finally did what has to be done to release his DNA results. Good move Atty Lee! The ball now is on Choi. If there’s a baby I sure do hope KHJ legal team would make sure Atty Lee is present when the baby’s DNA test will be taken. A test without the presence of the other party will remain questionable and unacceptale. Now this press conference will surely give pressure on the other side with no more excuses. Will Choi be buying some time again?? We’ll see on the next episode of her fairy tale drama!! LOL!


[News Update-3] [9.16.2015]
1) Atty. Lee:
From end of Sept. investigation will be started by police.
Will take 2~3 months.we requested the police to start it after 3 weeks of delivery.
2) Seon call to Lee and said they wont sue him from denying test but will do paternity test but condition is HJ need to go “together”.
cr: @4everhyun
3) Kim Hyun Joong has completed DNA checks tomorrow open results…
cr: @catgojump
4) Chinese summary of Star news regarding press con at 12pm kst tomorrow
cr: @loving_khj
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NEWS UPDATE   (Posted on this blog site Sept 17)         News posted by Hancinema

Why did Kim Hyun-joong set forward to test paternity?

Lawyer Lee Jae-man is giving a statement regarding singer and actor Kim hyun Joong’s paternal test.  Lee told No Cut News that a statement will be given at noon on the 17th. Why did they decide to do this? We talked with the lawyer.

Q: There has been no official statement from your side yet. Is there a reason you are doing this now?

Lawyer: Kim Hyun Joong and his family asked me to organize their statements for them. It’s not something like a press conference, although I’m only trying to clear up the immediate mess.

What will you be saying there?

I think it would mostly be about paternal matters as that’s an important matter to the Kim family.

How far has the test gone so far?

For now KHJ  has gotten a traveling DNA test and all that’s left is the baby that Choi just gave birth to. The expenses are paid for by us so she only has to just do it. It’s been a while since we requested a paternal test but she’s been refusing to.

If the child turns out to be Kim’s, is there going to be pressure on the case?

They are two different things. There has been too much malign for the case to end. It will go on. However, if it turns out the child is Kim’s then we will be registering the child’s name under that family and supporting it with money. That’s what the family and KHJ himself wants.

Kim sued Choi for fraud, fraud of case and defamation. Is that still going on?

Investigations will start after Chuseok. It’s going to take about 2~3 months but we asked the police to start investigating 3 weeks after the child is born.

Have you talked to Choi’s legal attorney Seon Jong-moon?

I received two phone calls. The first one I do not remember clearly, but I told him there was only Choi left to do the paternal test. I did mention that we will sue them for refusing paternal testing but he said that they never refused. We didn’t know Choi was giving birth yet so it doesn’t make sense. Then he said he would ask Choi himself then called back to say they would do the paternal test under the condition that KHJ goes with her. A paternal test can be done on her own and Kim’s not available at the moment because he’s on duty.

Source :…   

 News Link:–86670.html

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  • Atty Lee will have press conference tomorrow at noon (12 kst). Lee said KHJ finished DNA test result has been out. Waiting for Choi’s result.
  • HJ’s family are suffering from biological child battle coz he has never been refused the test.
  • At presscon.Lee will reveal the info that can support his side like reveal HJ’s DNA test pic. And to emphasize the main issue of this trial.
  • Lee: From end of Sep.investigation will be started by police. will take 2~3 months.we requested to police to start it after 3 weeks of delivery
  • Seon call to Lee and said they wont sue him for denying test but will do paternity test but condition is HJ need to go “together”.
  • Now Seon said suing for paternity confirmation is correct but he never been said HJ is denying the paternity test!
  • Atty Lee stated paternity test can conducted separately..doesn’t need to go “together” and HJ is on military duty. He is not free to go out.  KHJ finished paternity its baby’s turn. We already paid fr test fee so all u need to do is just go!


Tweet credit: Sunny @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing

Why does KHJ want to make public his official position re paternity confimation? Q&A

  1. Atty Lee:  KHJ’s family requested press conference. Its more like an interview to make public his position..
  2. Atty Lee: Probably there  won’t be any surprising news.  It will be mostly about paternity related matters.
  3. Aty Lee:  It is a very important matter for KHJ’s family..  KHJ completed DNA test. All is needed now is Choi’s baby to do test. We paid expenses for them too.. We requested a while ago and they have been delaying.
  4. Atty Lee:  That [paternity] and this [lawsuit] are separate. Damages are too big and lawsuit continues. If his, he will register as his baby and pay child support.
  5. Atty Lee:  Police investigation will begin right after Lunar Festival. We requested police to begin investigation 3 weeks after delivery..
  6. Atty Lee: [Seon] called twice. Don’t remember content of 1st call, for 2nd call, I told him we completed paternity test. Seon said he mentioned lawsuit  but he [Seon said] didn’t say KHJ side rejected patelrnity confirmation. It doesn’t make sense we rejected paternity test when we didn’t know delivery.
  7. Atty Lee:  Seon said he would ask his client, And called again and said no-lawsuit but paternity test under condition that they go together with KHJ and not separately.
  8. Atty Lee:  Paternity test can be done separately and as KHJ is carrying out his military duty, he’s not a free person. [CBS NO CUT NEWS]

Pls note Atty Lee is talking about HJ’s DNA test done. The baby’s test is not done yet per Atty Lee.

(Posted by Hyunnies and Pexer Blog thanks for sharing! )




Photo above taken as Kim Hyun Joong had his DNA testing. Handsome as always!

“Seon said he would ask his client, And called again and said no-lawsuit but paternity test under condition that they go together with KHJ and not separately.”

A credible DNA test is being done by 3 parties, the mother, the father and the baby by a credible DNA laboratory institution. Since it’s Choi who has been demanding for child support then it’s her turn to take the DNA test on her and the said baby (if there is) since Hyun Joong had already submitted his DNA result. The fee for the baby’s DNA has been paid by KHJ camp therefore Choi just have to go and have the DNA test taken.

I find it so tricky that Atty Seon would demand for Hyun Joong and Choi to have the DNA together. With all the lies Choi and her lawyer been doing, I find it so hard to trust Choi and her camp. They knew from the start that it would not be easy for Hyun Joong to get out from the military camp any time just for this purpose, and having said this, there’s a possiblity they would again accuse Hyun Joong of paternity refusal.

We already have learned lesson how Choi refused a credible legit proof on her pregnancy prior to so-called giving birth. So how would they expect us to believe them this time around? Choi and her lawyer just love reversing everything that made me think there’s no baby at all!

I may be wrong but I think Choi and her lawyer are already desperate! And since Sept 23 third hearing is almost approaching, is this some kind of diverting the public mind from the case?  Let’s wait and see!!



Kim Hyun Joong sent his letter from MS read by Atty Lee from the press conference held today noon time. One important part in this press conference is that atty Lee clearly emphasized there may be a child but there will be no reconcilliation nor marriage between KHJ and Choi in the future. Still Hyun Joong remain consistent that he will provide for child support if it’s his child.

(Translated by Jackie Kim, thanks for sharing!)




Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend regretful for Kim’s press conference

In response to Kim Hyun-joong’s press conference held at noon on Thursday, his former girlfriend, identified by surname Choi, has expressed concerns through her attorney.

In the press conference Thursday, Kim said he would take full responsibility for the newborn baby if the paternity test shows he is the father. The actor also called for her ex-girlfriend to take the test without delay, pushing the dragged-out dispute into a new phase.

“This is flagrant human rights abuse by a giant management company and its hallyu star,” said Choi’s attorney, Seon Jong-moon, expressing regrets toward Kim’s abrupt press event.

When asked why Choi turned down Kim’s suggestion to let the child have a paternity test, the attorney said it seemed unfair as the star and his lawyer unilaterally designated a clinic for the child without mutual consent between the two. He further explained Choi wants to meet her ex-boyfriend in person and choose a test agency through mutual agreement.

If they cannot reach an agreement, Choi said she is prepared to file a paternity suit and proceed with the test at a reputable agency upon the court’s order.

Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to a child last week and the singer is currently serving his mandatory military service.

The legal battle between the two flared up in April when Choi filed a suit seeking 1.6 billion won ($1.33 million) in damages for Kim’s alleged physical assault, which she claimed led to the miscarriage of a previous pregnancy.

By Ko Ji-seon (


(Shared by Noya Thanks!)


There you go a thousand excuses and alibi from Choi’s camp which they never run out of ideas to make excuses and avoid the DNA test! I knew it! I think it would be better for Atty Seon to go ahead and file the paternity lawsuit, because I take this as threat to KHJ camp! Geez what a way to escape the DNA. What are they afraid of? If there’s indeed a baby, does it matter wherever she take that test? The more Choi behave this way the more it gives doubt to the public if there is even a baby!

I’m just afraid this issue might take even longer than we expect and this isn’t good for the Kims, because they are being left hanging up in the air, same with Hyun Joong. This Choi is really something.

And by the way, I deleted the translation of HJ’s letter coming from Allkpop, I’m sorry about that but I doubted the translation. It’s a heartfelt letter yes, but I’ll post another translation as soon as I got it. We may have dfferent opinion about the translation, but I was doubtful because it seems some parts being omitted.

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152 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CRIME IMPACT

  1. o seu amigo ideal

    a sua boa disposição impedem na de desejar um homens que estão sempre a reclamar de tudo precisa encontrar alguém parecido consigo e que não transforme a sua vida numa tragédia grega O seu principal encanto tem que ser otimista, batalhador, dinâmico e, principalmente, muito seguro tem uma preferência por homens que lhe transmitam algum poder embora goste de ser vocês a tomar decisões, principalmente no que diz respeito com a vida a dois a submissa no sexo oposto é algo que não a atrai desejando ser seduzida por personalidades fortes e homens que a acompanham nas suas aventuras e estejam sempre dispostos a sair da rotina passará a ser frio quando percebe que ele elogia demais as outras mulheres ,Os elogios do homem que ama devem ser somente dirigidos a si

  2. amigo Joaquim . de Portugal atenção da capacidade , MISTÉRIOS aborto da maquina da verdade e cuide de sim as estrelas estão a ser mais pequenas e a minuir a classe das capacidades idade duro tenho dado a conhecer diversas ideias praticas que através do mundo do fá agora fica deferente e esquecer das musicas da sua vida com ele vai perdoar-me o dia 6 de junho de este ano foi pensado ao lado de alguém para perceber melhor os crimes mas não tem duvidas o kim hyun joong indiferença a ex namorada tinha uma altura perguntas com respostas a tempo real e muitas vezes temos questões cuja respostas implica a período de tempos especifico ou uma data concreta como por exemplo ela vai voltar daqui a quanto tempo a caba isso pronto ele pediu desculpa foi a primeira palavra dele da verdade esta correto agora sim é pai de três filhos e respeito por isso dá muito a eles para ser olhar um pai real de vida…..

  3. Laserkim I completely agree with each n every word you have written. I don’t know what’s wrong with their court and the media there. But in bible there is a verse that ” if 2 or 3 ppl gather together and ask something in my name it will be given unto them”. With do many henecian’s praying for him , I don’t think Choi stands a chance. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the updates, but I have to disagree with one of your stances. We all know Choi is a grade A piece of crap, but it is NOT our right NOR OUR DUTY to demand her identity be revealed to the public.

    Before everyone starts blowing up at me and accuses me of being a hater, here is my reasoning. If Hyunjoong wanted her identity to be known to the public, he would have made it known himself or had his lawyer do it. However, he stated before in interviews that he would NEVER reveal the identity of anyone he dated, PAST OR PRESENT, unless they were the one he was going to marry. I think that by us demanding her identity, we’re completely disrespecting his wishes. Not only that, we’re also showing that we don’t trust him to get through this without pulling any dirty tricks like her. We’re better than this guys. We don’t need to stoop to her level. Of course I myself am curious about her identity. Yes, us knowing her identity would keep her from being able to hide and make up more bullshit stories.

    THIS ISN’T ABOUT US THOUGH. This is above us. This is about Hyunjoong and his life and his privacy. If we love him and support him as much as we say we do, we need to respect his wishes and trust him to tell us the truth in his own time. Karma will smack her in the face soon enough. It isn’t our job to interfere in the case. Atty Lee is doing his best, and we should be focusing on supporting him, Hyunjoong, and Hyunjoong’s family. Not going on a witch hunt for the Wicked Bitch of the West.

    I know most of you will disagree with me, but please guys. Just think about it. These are Hyunjoong’s wishes, and we don’t need to go against them.

    • It’s ok I understand but allow me to clarify, there’s a big difference between demand and wishing or appealing which is what I wrote. If her identity cannot revealed, fine.
      I have already given my reason as to why I wanted her to be exposed. Yes this is about HJ’s privacy unfortunately his privacy is already out there in the public therefore it’s no longer private right?
      Hello appealing for her exposure is not disrespecting Hj since it’s not a demand at all! i’m just clarifying. No offense! Thank you for dropping by! God bless…

      • Hang in there! Pardon me for saying this. I never treated HJ above me, I treat him equally just like anyone else. We may have different views but this is my personal point of view.
        He is NEVER above us please, he’s even younger than most of us here I’m sure! I don’t go beyond on how I see him as my idol whom I admire and nothing more than that to take him above me my boss or my partner. But this doesn’t mean I disrespect nor distrust him. I treat him and simply respect him as he is, an artist period.

        • Sorry for my delayed reply. My laptop messed up when I tried to reply.

          First of all, I apologize if I’ve said anything offensive. Once again that was not my intention. I actually am not a noona fan. Hyunjoong is 5 years older than I. I do agree that criminals should be brought to justice, and she should indeed get all of the punishment that she so clearly deserves. It is still not up to us, as fans, to appeal for her identity to be revealed. Hyunjoong could easily reveal it now since she broke their contract, but he knows how passionate his fans are and knows how crazy sasaeng fans are. If her identity is revealed, she would most likely be murdered. I’m not even joking. Blood would be on his hands and he couldn’t live with that. And he shouldn’t have to. Fans on here keep saying that they know who she is, her name, her address, etc. Why haven’t you told the media then? If you are so certain of who she is and want her to be exposed, why not do it yourselves? Am I encouraging you? NO. But it leads me to believe no one knows for sure.

          Regardless, this is Hyunjoong’s fight. As much as we may want to fight it for him, we can’t. We can support him in his fight though and rally together to keep each other strong during this.

          • In one of my articles last year i actually wrote discouraging fans to reveal those pictures and her identity Bcoz i believe we fans are not in the position to reveal it. However we fans can make an appeal to disclose identity just like what i wrote in this article. I see nothing wrong with it an appeal is a free hand be it to decline or give in to the appeal on the part of khj camp. Im simply stating my thoughts in this appeal. I may not have the right to demand but i think i have the right to appeal.

    • Dear
      This issue is sooo long over due…
      below is no offence to you, just a clarification! so take it as such!

      1st HJ NEVER EVER ASKED NOT TO DISCLOSE BITCHOI IDENTITY, if you are referring to the infamous ltr from last year that bitchoi dictated, better refresh your memory IT WAS NOT HJ who wrote it!




      More clear REJECTION than that can’t be!

      Yes let’s Atty Lee do his job and for sure NO MERCY and MAY JUSTICE BE SERVED SOON!

      • Oh yes Noya I remember the letter of apology written by HJ while a gun was pointed on his head!! As part of the agreement which Atty Lee disclosed about. That’s actually Choi saying “do not disclose the other person” and Choi was aware what may happen to her if she was exposed, she cannot put out more of her lies!! LOL

      • Honey there is no need for caps lock, okay? Hyunjoong said in interviews BEFORE CHOI WAS EVEN A THING that he would never disclose the identity of anyone he dated. So how can she be the reason that he made that comment when he wasn’t even with her then?

        Please, calm down. You may not like it, but HYUNJOONG HIMSELF said that they DATED BRIEFLY. No more than a few months. He was breaking up with her and that is when she went crazy.

        I have never seen these pictures that people keep claiming are circulating. Even if we know her face, we don’t know her name or anything else about her.

        • Ok let’s all calm down. We do have different views that i respect. Kristin I simply clarified there’s a difference between demand and appeal which I don’t need to define.
          For me a criminal should be exposed and I speak in general don’t you think so? At this point Choi has already been tagged as criminal stated by Atty Lee, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you agree with me or not it’s ok. Bcoz if a criminal is still at large and remained unidentified she would commit another crime bcoz no one knows her. There’s no public awareness that others may also be victimized.
          Now what Noya was trying to emphasized here is the letter of apology written by HJ that says something like “don’t expose the other person” (Choi’s self protection) which in the end Atty Lee stated that letter was written as part of agreement between Choi and HJ’s previous legal team or else she would exposed the miscarriage issue which she already did this year. This is a fact.

          Making an appeal to expose a criminal is not disrespecting the victim KHJ pls don’t misunderstand. If she’lll not be exposed then she won’t learn lesson out of this case and search for her next victim if not mess up with HJ again after his MS, we may never know right?. As I said how would we know if this criminal already being bailed so she would be able to get away from this crime right? Is there a way for the public to know if she’s not exposed? Oh well this all depends on whoever, KHJ camp, or sk authoriity.

          At this point, this has got nothing to do with dating, this is about crime done to HJ and may be repeated in the future to others. The situation now is quite different.
          as Noya was trying to emphasized. May I just clear it up I’m not trying to convince you to agree with me or not! LOL I’m simply explaining my point as to why I wanted her to be exposed.

          It’s ok Kristin I do understand how you feel, you value HJ’s privacy we all respect that and I do have the same opinion as yours. if you have read my old articles I don’t touch HJ’s privacy and my readers do know it. How many fans and bloggers have I atacked for interfering with HJ’s privacy in 2012? My old time readers can tell you! LOL This is no offense at all. Thank you!

          Have a nice Sunday everyone! Take care everyone God bless.

        • dear
          No offense to you intended. Just pointing out that the letter was written not by Hj but by bithcoi to protect herself.

          what Hj said was in the past when he was happy and not tangled in this chaos, this is very different, he was not the VICTIM of a blackmailer like this freak.

          the pictures just go on all the sites and you can see her plastic face, re her name I beg to differ we know her name and TT and Ig account…we all know her name her face and where she lives….

          Peace between us is the best thing that can be in order to protect our Artist. We are stronger when united!

    • Hello Kristin!
      I’m hoping you’ll be able to read from here since I got no other way to communicate with you. I’m sorry to say but I have to delete your comment in my article “Halloween Updatre” bcoz you used the F word, pls forgive me I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s a rule in this site that I don’t allow the F word to be used in any of my comment box that I have to delete your entire comment. So here’s my response to you on that comment you wrote that I hope you’ll understand.

      Pls be reminded that LazerKim is an opinion blogger, I think my readers are aware about this. I do write my thoughts and this is the only space I can do it since this is my personal blog site. The format of my blog I think is clear enough to understand which part is a fact, meaning info published from the news update and which one is my own opinion.

      I do speculate, and I do write my personal analysis or theory pertaining this case in this site which I see nothing wrong with it since this is my personal space. I guess I’m entitled to my opinion too. I do have intelligent readers and I’m sure they do know what I’m talking about in any of my articles I have written. Whether they agree with my opinion or not, it doesn’t matter bcoz as I said I simply speak my mind out! I rest my case! Thank you and have a good day!God bless..

  5. What’s all these bullshit on alkpop and soompi?? They’re just creating a complete mess of Kim Hyun Joong’s letter…. I just can’t understand why they alter Hyun Joong’s letters all the time……

    • Again, PLEASE do not believe the hype, they just want to see us in panic mode. Just be positive and keep praying. The 23 is here, let her panic because that is what she is doing. Finally, HJ is no longer playing by their rules. So let us show no fear at this Special time. By her action o believe that God has this, and so does his attorney. All will be settle, this is why he is not responding. Let them keep talking

      • I agree just calm down , be positive and keep praying. I found meditation help a lot to calm our mind and see thing more clearly. Sometime when our head and mind are clouded with worry then everything look negative or turn negative. Hyun Joong is so great in handing this terrible nightmare created by choi. In the mid of suffering he maintain his calm and made his mind and heart clear .

        Please all of us be patient , be strong . be fresh and clear. Our termination to support Hyun Joong and Att Lee till the end will surely pay off..

  6. To HJ, attorney Lee, the kim family, and the fan family keep the Faith and stand strong. Do not meet with that women for the test , stand strong. If you meet with her she will use those potos against you. DNA test is simple and easy to obtain. On the 23 of this month applied for a court order, and if she does not comply she will be in contempt of court. No, true human being can fault you for not accepting a child that was born from lies and manipulation . There is a singer who believed the women and took care of a child for number of year before he decides to do the DNA , the child was not his. Hence the song, “she ain’t nothing but a gold digger. I am here to tell you this girl is a professional or whoever is backing her is good. These are signs that they have done this before, the person who is advising her. I would not be surprise if the person has not backed other scandals in SK. Again, it is hard to find this type of scandal in America that would go on its long base on false evidence, would have been thrown out and text message would have never been allowed. After, the second trail it would have been case close . Please everyone stand united and let us keep the Faith. KIM HYUN DO NOT MEET THIS WOMEN AGAIN. Yes, after DNA and it is proven the child is yours then you can arrange for court visitation. All she want is money and she is using a child that even the media is not reporting on. Why? If they were there. You must look out for your best interest and that of your family. This will end and will end on a positive note if you hold on and let the courts decided every dispute she brings up, just do not follow her request.

  7. Thank you LK for yet another great article. To Atty Lee and the entire Kim family, keep the faith and stay strong. There are so many praying for the day this nightmare will end. KHJ fans “you all rock”

  8. Hello everyone! I just sent an email to Hyun Joong. But now I’m worried because it was written in English and I didn’t even ask in the email to translate it and then pass it to Hyun Joong… 😯😯
    Will it be a problem?

    • dear jabin,
      dont worry…its not a problem….if u ask dont translate in korean,then they follow….but if u dont ask, dont worry becoz its automatically they translate in korean….by the way, hyun joong must smarter these days in army,maybe he knows some of english words…theeehehe….may god bless u, ^_^v

  9. Miss choi is just beating around the bush
    #we dont trust you choi so why should you be involved in choosing the hospital,you want to act smart right.#

  10. The media try very hard now to promote the illusion that KHJ popularity critically going down & His carrier blowing badly with His recent stuff going on. This is absolutely bullshit. Wonder if they r not tired to traffic such trash. His rating growing up cosmically. Number of His Fans multiply to tremendous every single day & His image taking a good new turn to Him to clarify again that He s not a Player. HE S REAL. End of story. Love u all.

  11. She is continuing with her usually method of operation. She knew it was about time for HJ to have leave, thus baby. Remember, every time he had a concert or when his enlistment date came she came out with a news report. Well, no difference here and if SK residences do not understand this it shows a lack of critical thinking by them for this should not have gone on this long. More and more I have come to dislike the culture of that country that I thought at one time had a very unique way of respecting others and had little or no murder rate to speak of. But, I now realize they have the worse murder rate of any country, Character Assination, and it is not like it seems. High rate of sicide,depression, and now I am finding out that babies are left in the streets, there is a movie on tape about this. So now, am not surprise about the public’s reaction regarding this case. I really hope and pray that when this case comes to a conclusion the country and it’s court will use this case as a test case to find out what when wrong and then correct the problem. But may I suggest one of the first place to look is at your media. Could say a lot ore but will leave it here.

    Loving Kim Hyun Joong even more. God bless the Kim family, stay strong, his attorney, and of course his fanfamily. Love and God’s blessings to all who blog and translate. God bless.

    Yes, money and to bring down Kim Hyun Joong is the reason for all of this. Why? He was/is a threat to someone, can’t have someone who is not afraid to speak the truth in one of.the most corrupt professions. But, they must be prepare for his return. You can’t bring down what is God ordained. Sorry, I am now leaving it here.

    • Agree and agree with every word, bitchoi modus operandi in full force here. But don’t forget 3rd hearing on her law suit approaching and then POLICE investigation for Criminal charges of last year scandal and then the Criminal Charhegs for Blackmail and Libel and Fraud starting ….so she desperately trying to get close to HJ to most probably try and appeal his good heart. Suddenly pig lawyer have the audacity to mention “gentleman agreement?” or Human rights abuse?
      The real Gentleman here is HJ and his lawyer and father the Pig Lawyer don’t enter in that category.
      Human Rights abuse?
      bitchoi and pig lawyer and trash Media MENTALLY TORTURED Hj for more than a year with their lies, blackmail,, fake txt messages, fake evidences and what more we might not know…. so the real VICTIM HERE is KIM HYUN JOON and his family they’ve played with his life and his Sanity more than enough time now is their time to start paying for all.
      that psychopathic bitchoi played with US his FANS trying to confuse and divide us with stupid comments posted under cover of Hj Fans, yes there were like those who spread rumors and false information to divide the Fandom.

      Must say it didn’t help HJ Fans are more United than ever and more strong in our belief that Our STAR should be freed from that burden that this creepy excuse of a woman is doing.
      More so now trying to use a baby (which still need to have a REAL proof that exist ….) and IF …it belongs to Hj…which I doubt, otherwise she would have gone for DNA first thing to prove.

      this is for Atty Lee and Hj :


      • Yes, you are right and that is why she is receiving , so call, treatment which she will use as a reason not to appear in court , again. Waiting to see how the court play this out this time. LK was right again, she will find an excuse for not appearing . But, this time could not use miscarriage or abortion again, so she had to come up with a baby. Now, must say this, any women who has had a child can not still be supporting her. Why? We all know that even if you dislike the father it does not go like this. You would still notifying him. Yes, do not believe the hype . He has lost nothing but has gain a whole lot. It may have looked like he was losing, but so did David against the giant , but in the end David was victorious. So keep the Faith, all of us and keep praying. Again, like LK said, “she is getting desperate and Sept 23 is near “. Why she asked that they both go together? She thought HE would contact her and when he didn’t she came up with theme,”let’s go together ” she did not realize that he had gotten stronger while in MS. As we say here in America , she got punked .

  12. Hi Everyone ❤ Of course for choi it's ALL about $$$ and that stupid she called her lawyer, And now she wants to meet up with Hyun Joong to do the test together?? Are you kidding now choi?? CHOI I hope your reading this,,,,, Hyun Joong doesn't need to meet up with you, He knows you can do it on your own. And by the way Choi did you read the part that Hyun Joong give instruction to his lawyer?? NO Reconciliation & NO Marriage..This is your delaying tactic… Oh,,,, WAIT that's right,, YOU WANT Hyun Joong's MONEY.. Yeah Choi,, WE Hyun Joong's Fans know one thing about you that your,, GREEDY!!!! Getting desperate are we?? Why don't you try & get a job like everybody else. You might like it. Many single Mom in this world have a job.
    Sorry Guys & Thank you for letting me get that some off my chest & there's more where that come from. Our prayers can move mountains & our God is BIGGER than choi & her lawyer combine. Let us stay STRONG for Hyun Joong, his family, & his legal team. TOGETHER with GOD will have our VICTORY in Jesus name. God Bless everyone. Love you all ❤

  13. CREDIT to SUNNY translations….

    This is one of the parts missing in translations of HJ’s letter

    At the moment, the other side only informed me of the sex of the baby but nothing abt the blood type nor the hospital. And they have been telling lies so that I can’t approach the baby. Thou I am an unfit father, I will take full responsibility for the baby by all means. The other side said they still do not know the blood type of the baby, but this is the part that I can’t understand at all. They dont even tell the blood type to the baby’s father but just insist on suing for no reason… It is true that I can’t help but think, in the end, it’s all for money again.

    [Atty Lee said HJ wrote it not under the assumption that the baby is his, but just in case the baby is his. If his, he was concerned for all the hurts that the baby will get constantly and tremendously.]

      • u know I was thinking when that pig said they need to get together to do DNA is also an Insult and Defamation to Hj and Atty Lee and the Human Pass Lab (the most prestigious Lab in SK) like they are not credible only what bitchoi and comp are choosing…..isn’t this show how desperate she is to stall for time? I want to know is maybe baby if it was born on due time…IF there is a baby still.

    • Thanks Noya. I think this is the part of KHJ’s letter ,the readers of allkpop were referring to in the comment section (in bits and quotes). Thanks again.

    • Thanks Noya. I think this is the part of KHJ’s letter ,the readers of allkpop were referring to in the comment section (in bits and quotes). Thanks again.

    • Done! thanks Hope they will notice ATty Lee said that media and foul comments will be also sued.
      By the by the other petition you posted is till going on!

      • Do you Guys think SK Country and to the people that are planning to visit SK should Protest out there and
        Support KHJ?

        Choi got everyone to Support her,
        Dispatch, Media, Att Seon, People, KE and So and So on.

        KHJ got people to Support him,
        Att Lee, Family, Friends and Fans.

        As for Celebs out there even they stay Quiet, whoever they are is Supporting him. I think they should just come out and help Both Att Lee and KHJ.

        I think people around the World already Hating on KHJ, Show no Sympathy towards Him.
        While people feel Sorry for Choi,They think she’s an Innocent Angel that does nothing wrong and that was Choi plan from the start by using the Manipulated Trash Media that Screw People Mind.

  14. Hi LK and everyone.

    Thank you so much for this article. I love love to read your update news and your opinion. It’s really keep me in touch with the fact and the core of the case and while there are so many lawsuits out of the crap actions of choi and her soulmate . from now on I like to call choi and her soulmate a couple from hell.

    It seem a lot of us here are very upset about allkpop’s version of HJ’s letter. Allkpop has twisted and distorted the context of the information from Hj ‘s side since the start of choi’s scandal. It’s not really a surprised to see they did it again. We just have to recheck and be mindful not to be easily fool by their manipulative report. However I found that whether allkpop did skip some words to mislead public or not the important content still there and we can see very clear ….the honor of Kim Hyun Joong.

    In the letter HJ has shown how much he care for a new born baby whether or not the child is his. He is willing to do for a new born to the world ‘s sake to the point that he is willing to take DNA test and take a responsibility . In my opinion this really showed his honor and showed his respect to the child he does not want to hurt any child especially if it turns out to be his child. Whether or not allkpop intentionally skipped the words ” if ” to mislead the public the meaning there is still if the DNA test show that the child is his he is willing to take responsibility and never trying to avoid paternity test. He did show he had tried his best to make it simple and easy for them because he has nothing to hide he can accept whatever it comes regarding the DNA test.

    The readers in allkpop some of them surely do not care for justice or any truths. they are happy to find a new issues to blame . Any logical thinking and normal people in this world would ask the same question what is this girl tried to hide or what is her next plan to prolong the test . We all knew if she did not trust the institute chose by HJ which is the most famous for DNA test in Korea she can always recheck or retest if she is sure the child is his which she supposed to know it ?????. However HJ ‘s side already said that he is willing to go to the one she choose but will not go together with her he will go separately just tell him the place. In my opinion they can do double check triple check if they do not trust it is much easier and much shorter than file a paternity suit. The problem is they are trying to look for an excuse to take more money. As they said a gold digger always a gold digger because this is the only thing they knew how to earn money. I wonder where is her parents or her family. Do they support her doing this ?

    This is once again shows how tricky and manipulative choi and her soulmate are. The more incredible thing is how the Korean let these two, a couple from hell who are a criminal suspected and an unethical lawyer use the gap of justice system and a gang of trash medias to fool the whole country with their lies and their immoral practices..

    I hope we all maintain our patient and keep supporting HJ and Att Lee. I truly believe HJ and Att Lee knew well what they are doing . I have a feeling HJ has grown much stronger and much wiser but he still keep his heart warm and brave . I think I have forgotten for a while that he is an entertainer because I became a real fan of Kim Hyun Joong as a decent human being that I grow to admire.

    Fighting Hyun Joong . You will never be alone ..

    • Do you Guys think SK Country and to the people that are planning to visit SK should Protest out there and
      Support KHJ?

      Choi got everyone to Support her,
      Dispatch, Media, Att Seon, People, KE and So and So on.

      KHJ got people to Support him,
      Att Lee, Family, Friends and Fans.

      As for Celebs out there even they stay Quiet, whoever they are is Supporting him. I think they should just come out and help Both Att Lee and KHJ.

      I think people around the World already Hating on KHJ, Show no Sympathy towards Him.
      While people feel Sorry for Choi,They think she’s an Innocent Angel that does nothing wrong and that was Choi plan from the start by using the Manipulated Trash Media that Screw People Mind.

      • I think we should calm down and be strong but not panic with the hate comments. We already known there are 2 kind of people who made a hate comment to this issue

        1. Haters . We can’t do anything for people who born to love hating and find someone or something to hate. i believe they themselves are not a happy person. Ignore them.

        2. The ignorance. these people do not care to find the fact from all side information . They just look for the information that suit their own nature regardless of the real truth and fact. Ignore them.

        what we can do now is to support HJ and Att Lee whatever ways we can. For example we can write the comment to the article of HJ’s letter at duam. or naver.. Writing a letter to him, his family and Att.Lee are also can be a great support. You can also drop a short comment to support HJ and his team at online trash medias too.

        I certainly don’t think everybody around the world hate HJ and sorry for choi. I think most people who are mentally healthy and have brain are suspecting choi and see her as a gold digger. Further more she is now a criminal suspected and will be investigated by the end of this month. Be patient and we will see . i believe the truth will be revealed soon.

        I believe there are more people support HJ than we thought . At the least there are more and more people knew that choi is a professional gold digger and a criminal suspected.

        For those who visiting Korea and want to show support to HJ and Att Lee I think they should contact the SK fans because they will know best what is appropriate there in this situation. However we can protest the medias who are bias and unfair to HJ. There are petition above that you can sign.

        I have no idea how celebrities in Korea show support to HJ I think they will not dare to publish anything to show their support out loud. I think they are too scare to loose their job. This country is running under different mafia groups I think. Two of them are medias mafia and entertainment mafias. However I hope BTW they will support greatly .

  15. Hey there, its Mousumi again. And I wanted to request you lazerkim, to please publish the accurate translation of KHJ’ recent letter in this blog of yours. If you don’t mind and could lend some your time from your work, can I and the other concerned fans like me, expect it ASAP? Will be waiting to hear from you.See ya and tk care.

    And if you find that am,
    getting on your nerves with my words
    Please doforgive me.

  16. Why does Ms. Xgf insist on having the DNA test together? Perhaps she has another plan for the detriment of KHJ. She never rans out of dirty tactics. I just hope and pray that KHJ will stand firm in his decisions.

  17. for me, it is on KHJ’s advantage that he is the MS, and that choi could not come near him. I do not care whether there is a baby or none. All my concern is that KHJ will never return to that girl again; and marry another girl as soon as he comes back. I pity him so much that choi has dragged his name to this mud, and I hope KHJ find justice at the soonest possible time.
    Yes, the alkp translation makes it appear that KHJ has accepted that he is really the father and is eager to see the baby. They forget to insert the word “IF and many IF’s”. If he is really sure and has accepted the baby as his own, why did he take the DNA test and urges her camp to do the DNA on the baby and choi.. This alkp is ignorant, is lacking on knowledge in English translation, is just insane and is acking in journalism ethics.

  18. Can’t find full original version of this letter to translate it properly. All sources giving us just the fragments. Kim side: facts & actions. Her side: words & threats.

    • Yes ella same with me here I’ve been looking for HJ’s letter since yesterday and even stayed up late last night hoping to see original version or translation.
      I’m just wondering how come allkpop seem to have the full version of HJ’s letter while other media whom I suppose to be physically in that press con did not publish. Don’t you think something fishy here? I really think allkpop edited that letter and its version is not originally from HJ. Like a cut and paste?? Choi’s style! LOL
      I’ve learned my lesson from HJ’s letter of apology last year and i have not forgotten it.

      • It’s weird, like smth going on behind the scene. Doesn’t look like they really don’t care. The purpose of letter was to make it public, to broadcast fully for sure. That’s why they call press – conference, right?

  19. Hi Noya… this is what I’ve read.

    He wrote, “Although I want to raise the baby, as it is not something that’s up to me, I’m sorry that all I can say is that I will take legal responsibility. Even while writing this, I feel weird. It makes me feel especially weird as a person who is currently a soldier. Everyday I think about not being able to congratulate the birth of the baby like other fathers and whether the baby looks like me. I think I will live on for the rest of my life feeling sorry to the baby for not being there on the day of birth, which only happens once in a lifetime.

    I question myself about whether I’m actually ready, and what I should do. My heart feels suffocated as I can only do what the court allows me to do when it comes to the custody of the child. The other side has only told me the gender of the baby, but they haven’t told me about the blood type nor the hospital. They’re also telling lies so that I won’t be able to get close to the baby. Although I’m a lacking father, I’m going to take full responsibility. Although I want to see the baby’s face and I’m very curious, as of now, I will be patient and do all that I can as a dignified father..”
    My question is why he talking in so advance??

    • Simple bcoz its not khj who wrote that letter posted by allkpop. So pls do not be deceived bcoz for me hj appeared to be stupid on that letter. Why wld he push on litigation and rushed to dna if he accepted the baby? He doesnt even know if there’s a baby or if its his. That letter was so misleading as allkpop mislead you as his fan.

      • I agree with you LazerKim. The first portion seemes like it was Hyun Joong’s words.. but I started having doubts on the second part of the letter. I felt as if something else was there too… but why is Att.Lee staying quiet about this edited letter? He should speak up.

      • Ya I agree with you . Yesterday I read the letter in allkpop and seriously it didn’t make any sense. The upper paragraph says something and the following paragraph something else. It didn’t make any sense. As if one moment he was having his doubts and the next moment he is accepting that the supposed baby is his. Aaah! Shouldn’t have been there and will try to not follow that site.

        My apologies in haste, fogot to greet everybody.Hiiii there lazerkim and fellow readers and let us hang in there till the end . KHJ fighting!!!

  20. Hi Lazer Kim.
    The letter sounds like Hyun Joong has already accepted the baby as his.. I doubt if the second half of the letter is original or edited….
    Why would he want to see the baby and address himself as a “father” if he isn’t even sure whether the baby is his or not…??
    I’m quite confused about the letter…..

    • I think you missed the “IF it’s his child” IF he didn’t acknowledge he make sure he done all what is required to clear things up! IF is still very strong here “IF”.

      • Hello Sis and to everyone!
        May I just correct, the reason why I deleted that article Allkpop from this blog is because the writer omitted a lot of points from the letter. Unfortunately there was no word IF in that letter which appeared to be misleading. I may be taking this literally but a word can mean a lot to be misunderstood or mislead. I can only speak for myself, that translated letter seem to be acceptance without proof on HJ’s side. It doesn’t add up!

        It should have been written as “IF THE CHILD IS PROVEN MINE” but there’s nothing like this written in that letter. That’s why I turned into panic and fury mode and hit the tweeter to warn fans of its double meaning if you read it carefully bcoz Allkpop again is misleading the public. You know how allkpop is, they have been writing misleading info ever since this scandal came out.

        It’s a heartfelt letter at 1st sight, yes I agree but watch out for missing links. Unfortunately many fans were deceived by that letter. Take note that letter was published only by allkpop. This also caused me to doubt plus the omitted parts from HJ’s message was not posted in that translation. I may be wrong but this is my personal opinion.

        This is what Choi wanted, for HJ to submit himself to her 100% using the so-called child. He may be naive but not stupid I don’t think I can be blamed why I kept stating “so-called baby”, because for me I can only be convinced if I have seen some proof of facts.

        Thank you everyone! Have a great day while we wait for another drama episode! God bless…

        • I hope Atty Lee files a lawsuit against Allkpop and other media that continue to manipulate news to further Choi’s attempt to crucify KHJ. Isn’t it called slander? Libel? Certainly there has to be some law in SK that can be used against disreputable media outlets. Let’s pray that Atty Lee doesn’t give up his outstanding job in defending KHJ. It seems the more he tries to bring out the truth, the more lies come out ONLY in the media from Choi’s camp. It has to be very frustrating for Atty Lee, not to mention the pain inflicted on the parents and KHJ. Stay strong, KHJ. Your family, friends, fans, Atty Lee are all standing behind you. You are not alone.

          • Why do u think Atty Lee will give up? Atty Lee is a professional a reputed Lawyer who took upon himself to defend Hj it is his kob and doing admirably and knows exactly how to deal with scum like bitchoi! A good lawyer will not give up and don’t forget he us not doing it for free. Some may be tired by this but not Atty Lee! So rest assured he will mot quit!!

              • Yes, I know he won’t give up. Atty Lee is an honorable attorney unlike Choi’s atty. Thank God he is on this case. He will protect and stay by KHJ’s side. Goodnight LK and Noya. Thank you for your reply.

  21. How did Att Lee knows where Choi went to MidWife Post Pantrum Care? Does She have
    that kind of Symptom?
    Is Choi and Att Seon planning to have Everyone feel Sympathy for just in case she
    loses the Court? So is everyone in Public feel Sympathy for her yet or they Don’t?

    • I think people around the World already Hating on KHJ, Show no Sympathy towards Him.
      While people feel Sorry for Choi,They think she’s an Innocent Angel that does nothing wrong and that was Choi plan from the start by using the Manipulated Trash Media that Screw People Mind.

      KHJ got no one just only his Fans, Family and Att Lee. While Celeb support in a Quiet way.

      Choi got everyone to Support her, Dispatch, Media, Att Seon, People, KE and So and So on.

      Before KHJ, why isn’t any Men out there that went through
      with Choi just Come Out as a Witness. Att Lee Should get More Evidence from them.

  22. Hello again! Never thought I’d comment so soon. Is there a way for KHJ to file a counter-suit to get CHOI to do DNA test? He’s done his part now it’s her turn. I’m sure she wants to do the test “together” so he can see the baby, feel love for the baby, marry her, etc etc. He is such a good man, he might fall again. Time for Choi and her atty to stop playing games. Wait! Part two of Choi’s game will be postpartum depression! Just wait and see. $$$ all she wants. Now that she’s given birth (?) will she be at court hearing? Doubt it. As always, thanks for your updates. At least I know you speak the truth.

  23. Its not fair,ms choi is really a bitch,after reaching an agreement she is going back on her words.

  24. This last picture…HE looks really really sad, it’s so heartbreaking. I feel absolutely frustrated coz of this so annoying unprofessional actress with zero ethics or any moral standards to be called girlfriend, wife or mother.Total freak, malicious creature who still somehow was lucky to get away with what she committed & keep trying once more to take advantage of the current situation, to remake the old story into new one with the name of game To be or not to be & continue to be ruthless just for reason to bring the good person down & suck her bloody money by any means. Isn’t it so pathetically low of showing such crappy highlights of herself to whole world? She s Mdm Bovary, who just lives in her own meaningless fantasies out of reality with not be able to see that the World is so big & she s so little. I feel pity for her. I really do. To have that unique opportunity to be next such fantastc Guy like HJ & try to use each possible way to keep His true friendship instead of bring Him down, that means the person who is not be able to appreciate it just completely & totally lack of everything. Not to be able to see all The Real Beauty of the world, not to be filled with even one sparkle of Love,not to be able to enjoy the short incredible pure innocent moments of Youth, isn’t it the loss, isnt’t it senseless life, isn’t she is a failure already? Just robots dont have feelings or sensitivity. But at least they r smart. In this lawsuit no common sense at all from beginning, that’s why The Kim group should bring this case to final victory no matter what. Going myself trough all latest comments on the blog these days I can feel much tense in them coz the everybody’s mood & nerves are so sensitive & edgy now, like we waiting for some kind of miracle will come out of the blue. If we are so tense I can imagine the weight of stress & worries of HJ & KIms. Also they hv bn under such unbearable pressure long time. That’s why u guys are the best Fans ever – all your love, all your support will help Him for sure. How much u encourage Him, how much u trust Him, how much u cheering Him up – all your prayers & blessings will heal Him, reborn Him & make Him whole again. Love u all. Dear LK Tnx

    • Yes i agree with you I hope one of the fans can translate. This is the reason why i just put on the link i too am doubtful of its translation. Let’s wait. As soon as i get another better translation I’ll post it in another article. Thanks!

  25. Just read a translation of the letter Lawyer Lee read at the press conference – OMG just heartbreaking 😦 Poor baby HJ 😦 ALL about that baby – I just have no words to describe the depth of my disgust for that psycho Choi. No words.
    Thank you Lazer Kim for always writing such uplifting articles 😀

  26. Why wait after Lunar Year?
    Police Investigation 2 to 3 Months, Do they have to wait that long or is it After giving Birth?
    Take to long Who knows what other Plans of Lies that Choi will Create cause she’s
    trying to avoid the Court and Jail Time to Escape.
    After the 3rd Court, I hope there isn’t another 4th Court Hearing Trial.

  27. Really really awaiting the result#if this claim is true then it will be the first thing choi said the truth about…OPPA FIGHTING

  28. Hmmmmm curious
    ms choi family dont seems to be involved in this mess,at least if the claims their daughter made is true then they should be standing by her BUT TO MY SURPRISE NO NEWS FROM THEM

  29. Thank you for your article,
    Dear Miss LazerKim,
    Always good to hear from you
    God bless You,
    God bless Kim Hyun Joong
    and all His fans all around the world 🙂
    To my Alien family
    With Love

  30. Oh No! Att Lee needs to Keep an Eye on KHJ DNA Sample. Who knows what Choi will do, probably take the Sample and get the same match as the Baby DNA. 😦

    • Oh No! Choi might use the baby to have them stick together with him and then get back together. Money, Money, Money, is all she wanted. Who knows what other Motive Choi is Planning. All KHJ money will be gone, his life will be Bankrupt and One day he will end his Life.

  31. ms Choi, sorry to say this ‘you are a digrace to womanhood’ you are just trying your best but you will never succeed.why are you doing this to him? Someone you claimed that you love. Well, may be bcos I don’t have more knowledge about korean ppl, so I don’t really know what to say. we love you in Nigeria kim hyun joong

    • because she is a tramp of the worst kind! a disgrace and a gold digger and a pathological liar! that is why she is doing and an obsessed sickoo! She should be in JAIL for all the mayhem she created and she is missing a conscience of course! a sorry excuse of a woman manipulative and conniving of the worst kind!

  32. She said if his baby is his they will dropped sue for denying the DNA test on one condition. He had to be there for the DNA test. There she go again trying tell him what to do, what make her think he could just leave the ms cause she says so. Did she have that much control over Kim. Where she can just demand him to do what she says. This girl really think its all about her. I don’t care if this is his baby or not. She her family and whomever else need to be lock up. I’m happy for Kim if that’s his baby, cause the baby don’t have anything to do with grown people situation they was just born into it. What was it a boy or a girl. Well the drama is almost over, they have a little more to go. I wonder why they wanted him there, to tell the truth and ask forgiveness. Kim you can forgive but don’t ever forget. You can forgive for yourself, so you can move forward. But don’t let her and whomever is involved get away for their crimes.

    • That he had to be there, together for DNA test – makes it sound like she had someone ready to switch samples or rig the test. Makes me suspicious.


    Oppa we will always love you forever no matter the situation.our love for you wont change because our love for you existed before and will forever continue after this scandals.

  35. Thanks lazer Kim for keeping us updated about my sweet sugar pie Hyun joong.looking at his face in the military uniform I see sadness in his eyes . Hyun joong if you are reading this or your free board on hyunjoong. Com, I want to let you know to cheer up.Noone can take your talent away from you.Noone can turn your real fans against you. No matter what the outcome of this BS..we still love you baby. I love you like Kim chi and I love kimchi. The song says after you have done all you can,you just stand up.don’t let no woman or man tear you down. If the streets didn’t then nobody can.hold on.don’t give up and don’t give in. As for that negative. I refuse to acknowledge her. SHE IS JUST A TEACHING LESSON FOR YOU.Its all good.when things go bad in your life,tell yourself it’s all good.blessings to you from the universe.

    • Yes, this is teaching him life. Teaching him not to date women without pure hearts and good intention. How to protect yourself and stand up for yourself and when not to take the blame for someone else’s decisions. He was trying to be responsible but it only got him deeper in the hole. Her crazy decisions and inability to control herself was not his fault. She just can’t take rejection because she is lacking. Hoping for the best. I am near sick waiting. If its his baby I can accept that – after I throw up and have a good cry.

  36. Even if they go and buy a baby, Kim still going to do a DNA test. Her parent maybe in on this also, the reason I say this. Remember when Kim’s mother told her mother that her was pregnant. What did she do, she call A and about her being pregnant last year. A told her mother she wasn’t pregnant last year. Her parents haven’t been in the news at all commenting on anything. Plus her sister was the one with her when she broke into Kim’s house. If that’s her picture that’s on the internet with her shopping with her mother. That mean they know where she is. They know what’s going on, its been all over the news, tv, on the internet. So why haven’t they step up and say something about stopping all this. Or is A’s lawyer telling them not to say anything. That tells me they’re with their daughter’s on this. She just knew Kim was going to give her some more money. That’s why she played the pregnancy game once again thinking he was just going do it again. That’s why she kept texting him trying to get him to sign paper saying he was the daddy of this baby. Then when he didn’t play give me some money game. That’s when she came out with I’m pregnant and this not my first pregnant. I was pregnant last year. The next day she came out about the contract. That says he paid her $500,000 to keep her from telling the public that she lost her baby due to the abuse. That contract was another way to make Kim look like he was hiding some. Then she turn around wanted to sue the fans cause she say they threat her. Plus she wanted to sue the news media netizen. Remember she was the one that told Kim if he brought up the contract. She was going to tell everyone that he made her lose her first child due to the abuse. As long as she had the public talking about Kim. Degrading him her plan was working. She wasn’t putting anything else in the news. Until the fake information was any good in court. Then came out with Kim turn the public against her. Then she come out with the millions of text messages. That didn’t work she came out with something else. Now if the courts throwing out the information she summiting why is there a need for another court date. Even if she wins who in that court system working with them on fake information. TO ALL KIM’S FANS IN SOUTH KOREA START FOLLOWING HER OR HER LAWYER AND FIND SOME INFORMATION TO GIVE TO KIM’S LAWYER OR PUT IT ON THE INTERNET. SO FANS AROUND THE WORLD CAN MAKE IT BE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. MAYBE WE CAN CATCH WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS.

    • Her parents are so in on it. If not directly, then indirectly by not silencing that lying tongue of hers. Such a pitiful family that has to go to such lengths of wickedness, just to get money.

  37. Thank you so… Much for your updates about khj. I read all abt khj from your articles. But I’m worrying abt khj very much. Even though we all support our smiling prince but the pain what he is bearing that we can’t bear, just we can give strength to him to not to worry abt these things and we can say that we are the fans for you up to our last breath. Let all of us pray to god to finish this drama as early as possible. So that when khj returns from ms we can see a charming smile on his face and lead happy life.

  38. another thing on her face to be show to the public well i sure want that very much and idont get why they not show her we know media there very sweet to her..i think atty lee know if its good to show her face or not.. maybe he waiting untill she will be found i say korean fans know the law there in sk and they can know what is good to hj and what not. to post her pic in fb and in twitter is not problem at all..but we want everyone in korea to see her face not just thos who have fb and twitter so lets wait and see what will happen..

  39. i dont know the korean people but i heard that if the scandale not concern them they not interested on that.maybe the korean fans can explain us their thinking.. im sure find it strange..seems they not see the idols there so important no matter whom they love and they used to they know fans see and love korea bec thos idols and actors?dont know how much they understand that..the thing no matter if they love that one or other one they need to see what kind is this bitch and that she destroy sk reputation.i just hope the court there will do good job in this
    about the baby as the time move on after he /she was born i think there is no baby not hj and not her.if there was baby she will show us pic 2 min after the baby was born and run to do the dna to say here is hj baby..she probely looking for some baby to rent but no sell of babies..if someone will give her baby he will be partner to this crime.
    she thought hj will pay her money like he did last year.she didnt think hj will have lawyer and sure not someone like atty lee.there was alot of bitches there in korea but this one is bhined any imagination.she is devill and bhined her there is alot devill like her..if i was her family i would never agree for all what she doing and sure not help her.. i would take her to doctors to get some help..

    • I have to laugh when you said “looking for a baby to rent” – because it crossed my mind Choi is looking for a baby to present to everyone. Her lawyer said media was present for birth but no media knows where or when she gave birth. Or IF she gave birth…

  40. Thanks alot lazerkim i allways love reading your article God bless you. So now the question of IF has now entered from bitchchoi, hmm this case is really becoming so interesting. It has now come the point where choi is doubting her child’s paternity! Interesting let’s wait and see

  41. Thank you for the updates. I’ve been checking your blog everyday. I’m still hoping and praying that this problem will be resolved the soonest possible time. Well I’m also praying for his detractors,hoping that they will come to realized.what they did was wrong and apologize in public. Lets hope for a positive result in the next court hearing. May God bless us all. Thank you once again.

  42. Such a desperate move from a desperate woman and a desperate lawyer and those evil business or media people who continue giving them support to make money over this drama. They think they are so cunning manipulating and making all the schemes. How horrible Korean women and how terrible is Korean entertainment and their media. They careless what kind of morals they show to the international world. I like South Korea for so many reasons before I learned how Dispatch and their media do these to their stars. Now I despise women like this Choi how cheap so low she is, I didnt know they had lawyers who support this kind of hulabalo too, if there is a more intense word to describe them I need that word and for Korean media and those people who are behind this. They got no shame, so evil, how they could even sleep doing this, perhaps this is their way of life…May they all rot in jail. It will be very hard for me to forgive all these people as they have caused me a lot of headaches and heartaches doing this to Kim Hyun Joong, friends and his family and to us all…

  43. “EX-gf A also expressed that if the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s, will not proceed with any lawsuit.” Did I read that right? IF THE BABY IS KHJ? So now Choi is not sure or is she trying to cover herself so she won’t get into more trouble with the law. Please. Stop this nonsense Ms. Choi. Enough is enough. KHJ’s fans will stand by him whether or not the child is his. (I pray that it is not) What right do you have to pull this kind of stunt, especially to his parents. Don’t you have to respect your elders? Since you don’t dare show your face, maybe it’s just a figment of imagination, i.e. your attorney, the media that’s supporting you. I find it hard to believe that you are still protected by the media. You must be very ashamed and embarrassed that you’ve been caught with so many lies and are afraid to show your face. Now you are backing off saying IF? Time to face the consequences of your vicious lies Ms. Choi. If SK law doesn’t punish you, God surely will. I pity you.

  44. Now, I’m more worried for the DNA test results…what if they alter the reports to make Kim Hyun Joong look as the culprit in front of the court? I’m really feeling nervous and frustrated…. I pray to the Almighty that He shows Hyun Joong the way to light out of all these darkness that has surrounded him….
    Hope he is okay… really worried about him…

  45. I just don’t understand one thing….. why someone big is after Hyun Joong? He never harmed anyone..neither did he care about other’s personal business… He’s such an innocent and straight forward person… why is this someone behind him? He earned his respect and fame all by himself… whoever it is, why can’t they let him stay in peace???

  46. Aww sweetie let’s hope that lying cow gets what she deserves nothing I am praying for that poor child if there is one I hope it’s not his or she will control our lovely man forever I read everything you post keep the faith and pray for him he needs us more than ever I have loved him like a son (my Alex is the same age) so I’m not some little girl who is easily deceived fighting everyone we love him always. Jan from UK

  47. Thank you Lazer Kim for another uplifting article about HJ! Yes, we won’t leave him! It’s been a year and we are still here to love and support him. He is one of a kind and irreplaceable. That is why KE and DA president went to visit HJ to personally give the birthday present from fans because they value his business(not because KE cares but with DA’s initiative I think).
    I thank the fans who sent flowers to HJ’s parents to uplift their spirits. I feel sorry for the Kims for the mental torture this Choi has been inflicting for 1 year now. One tweet had mentioned about Choi being a Psychological terrorist, and I strongly agree. Can’t the SK government do something about this to STOP HER? One lawsuit after another, manipulating and playing victim, using her womanhood for her selfish gain. IT IS DISGUSTING! Do you believe that this woman is SANE? Just by the look of her and her lawyer, you can tell that they are not innocent and not truthful. That is why they even have to contradict their statements to patch up their lies. I think all the fans can’t wait for Sept 23 and the paternity test. Sigh! My heart feels heavy everytime I think about Choi. I’ve never encountered a woman this evil. Can us fans sue her for mental torture as well?! Just frustrated with how KE and their goverment is handling the case. They don’t know how to protect their assets.

  48. ~ ah how I wish all this could end fast, let’s pray with power and insistence that Hyun Joong will be happy again and carefree shall we?

    • Hi dear Tina, we all hv same wishes as u & praying every day, but also we d like to see Him much tougher & controlling with His Trust in future coz all real Fans keep hopping to see Him happy again & find His Great Love eventually.

      • Ya you are correct let us pray to god for him. I’m also very much worrying but truth can’t be hidden a long. But I’m worrying that still we have to wait 2 years for khj return from ms. Its really bad. I’m missing him a lot

  49. Thanks for the updates. Eager to hear what’s next. So frustrating there are still doubters and haters. I guess they never knew his heart, because he is innocent of all allegations made by the crazy Choi. If a big person is behind her I wonder (scared) that DNA results will be falsified. IF there was a baby. First, I hope it was her imagination. If it wasn’t I hope it isn’t his. If it is, I hope she goes to prison for a long time and he gets custody when his military is over.

  50. When Choi made that statement if the baby is his, then we dropped the law sue. To me that’s saying she don’t know who the baby belongs to. That’s why she took off and had that baby somewhere else. If she was pregnant at all. I don’t think she had that baby in September. I do recall reading or watching a video of her lawyer, and someone ask him why Choi wasn’t in court. He said Choi was having some discomfort from the pregnancy, maybe that when she had the baby. Remember when Kim lawyer said when she was in court she didn’t look pregnant. I don’t know when that date was. I maybe wrong but in my opinion I think at the end of Nov. she when got pregnant. That song and dance she did in December. Where the doctor told her the conception date was on Dec. 20, 2014 and she was 13 weeks and 5 days. Then turn around and jump back to Dec. 6, 2014 her period was on. On Dec. 7, 2014 she had an abortion. Let’s get to Jan. 2, 2015 A said she felt weird, then on the Jan. 3 took a pregnancy test and she said she was pregnant, that’s what is said in the interview on Feb. 24, 2015. But when I read her text message on Feb 28, and last year. In Jan. Kim ask her the hospital say are five weeks. She said I’m almost on the fifth week. Its impossible to be almost on the fifth weeks from Jan 3 to Jan 9. I’m thinking she got pregnant at the end of Nov. but she told Kim she was almost on her 5th week. That would answer the question why she had that baby early. Because it was due maybe towards the end August and not in Sept. But close enough to say she had the baby in beginning of Sept. or she could’ve been at the beginning of Dec. Or maybe she wasn’t pregnant at all. This is my opinion only, I think my mind playing trick on me. Holla after you read this and tell me what you think.

    • amigo eu por mim ela não estava gravida é mentira e a onde esta os 9 mês ela saiu mais cede no hospital com a barriga da mesma eu já disso isso foi uma dor que deu e RX pode estar premida falhas ela teve gordura no sangues isso é uma doença e foi outro jovem que teve com ela mas não responde por que ele era um amigo dela escreveu uma mensagem de telemóvel e ela não responde por que quero o primero amor pensou de bruxa de andar da escola com ele e já ela tem uma doença de memória essa doença esta sempre pensar em sim por que foste tu um primero alimento de lábios é por isso não do teu coração tem sangue dela e pagaste muito a uma garota pobre agora ve o que vai dizer kim

    • I agree with you.Too much if in this story of pregnancy..I really have doubts she have a baby.We not see any prouve she was pregnant.We not know her.we not see her pregnant .We not see her evidences from her curent pregnancy in evolution.We not have dates about her delivery or her baby.She can tell was pregnant,buy a baby from someone in her family and take money from who want her to tell is father. BUT NOW IS SCARED AND TELL “IF”…I HAVE HUGE DOUBTS ABOUT THIS PREGNANCY AND THIS BABY.OBVIOUS ALL ARE THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT CAN DO A LIER LIKE THAT PERSON AND WHAT CAN DO BAD PEOPLE FOR MONEY.

  51. Hola, he seguido a KHJ por cuatro años. pero para mi ha llegado un momento en el que todo esto ya es aburrido, en la audiencia del 23 de septiembre, no pasara nada como siempre, creo que sera igual que las dos anteriores, ella presentando mensajes de texto y el lado de KHJ tratando de explicar algunos de esos mensajes… final ambos son responsables de esta situacion, si en verdad hay algo que aclarar ya se hubiera hecho por parte de KHJ.

    • Just wait KHJ side just respect the pregnancy, for the baby they stop, think that on 23 we will know more about this case, the baby deserve respect that is why they wait, clearly they explain and said after the birth the case will continue. messages are not clear at all, if KHJ said something hard to her is because he is honest and doesnt hide his feelings.
      We know it, but if she showed more uncontextualized messages they wont be accepted in court.

      • El bebe fue respetado por parte de KH J, claramente dijeron que esperarian a su nacimiento para continuar con el caso, por respeto al bebe. `probablemente el 23 sabremos mas del caso, evidencias que no fueron mostradas anteriormente por el bebe, serán presentadas de acuerdo a sus abogados, ahora se debe saber si el niño es de KHJ, con lo que el estaría con evidencias mas concretas para poder asumir la responsabilidad de padre, cosa que nunca lo negó. El problema es la extorsion que ella ha estado ejerciendo contra KHJ por solicitar la prueba de ADN y no querer seguir siendo extorsionado por su ex.

    • Pues si, ya estamos enfadadas pero ay que seguir adelante hasta que toda la verdad buena o mala salga a luz. En parte si, el tiene la culpa en haber tenido relationes sexuales con ella. Pero el nunca se imagino que mentiras ella iba decir y coma lo iba chantajiar. Ay que creer en el Abogado Lee y en KHJ. No se cuantes veces puedes tener un pre-trial, pero pare el tercero si no puede traer las pruebas es decirle a todo el mundo que ella miente. Con este supuesto bebe, nadie sabe ni la feche de nacimiento ni el sexo?


  53. I do not really understand this from the cray cray ‘ s side ” if the baby is KHJ’s. we will not proceed with any lawsuit ” This means cray cray admit that she does not know who is the father ?

    • I wanted to ask about that too, so she said ‘if’ so she has no clue who the Father is? And then what lawsuit are we talking about? The whole miscarriage by assault case? She’s trying to get out of it. I’ll drop my charges if you drop yours? Oh no, no, lady. They’ve already said they will pursue the counter suit even if it is his child.

    • That’s what I think too. She is a drunkard and she doesn’t know what she do when she is drunk. That’s why HJ ask DNA test since the beginning: he knows he isn’t the father.
      She is really mega crazy.

  54. Hi Lazer Kim, I’m one of the fans just waiting for any of your updates. I know that whatever is out there regarding our Hyun Joong you will share it to all of us. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, just know we all appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Love ya & God Bless.

    “I declare VICTORY & TRUTH for KIM HYUN JOONG & his legal team in JESUS NAME AMEN.”

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