One thought on “2zxDa-3sQIN-1

  1. I would like to congratulate KHJ and his family and his legal team for winning his case. I have been following KHJ case by reading your block. I am very happy for him. The thing is two questions from me that is: with regards to the child, doesnt KHJ remember the period whether he still have sexual relationship with that woman which leads to her pregnancy? If he doesn,t see during that time or doesnt have any sexual relationship means that the child IS DEFINETLY NOT KHJ,s. Its simple as ABC. And if he does, after the abuse case, sorry to say that he is stupid!
    Next, how can a woman got pregnant 5 to 6 times within a period of six months and after an abortion/miscarriage. Impossible! Its definetly impossible. Once maybe, but not 5 to 6 times
    Any medical officers can vouche for that. That shows what a a great liar that woman and her team is. Whoever were to believe that it happened needs to get their brain checked!!! I felt so frustrated when in the beginning KHJ lost his case. I was questioning what,s happening to the SK law? And was waiting patiently the verdict from his appeal. I felt such a relief and happy when I found out that KHJ won his appeal. God bless you KHJ and your family!

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