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By: LazerKim              This article contains a compilation  of relevant news and information about the scandal involving Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girl friend, from the time it started until the case was closed. I would like to put this case on record in this blog as a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s story and setting the record straight describing the incident based on facts as news and information were delivered to the public. Now that the case has ended, I think this is the right time to air out my questions findings answers pertaining this case and that I can talk about it in details which I have been controlling myself to do so.

During this period Hyun Joong’s loyal fans stayed closely following the case, helping each other in understanding as the case deepened that we have noticed the media seem to be twisting interpretation of the news. Many of his fans extended their effort in translating the news from the original reports written in Hangul that I truly appreciate in better understanding what’s going on with the case. And so I gathered those news and information placed them all in this article for the sake of the new fans and those who are still in doubt about the closure of this case.

I may state my personal opinion as I go further writing this article on how I observed the incident as this case unfold from the start which was Aug.22, 2014 and ended on Sept. 17, 2014. I shall never forget this nightmare that I learned a lot of lessons and a significant way of uniting KHJ fans in building a stronger love and support on him.

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BEGINNING OF THE NIGHTMARE  Aug. 22, 2014      (summarized)

This news was released a day Aug. 22 before Kim Hyun Joong was scheduled to fly to Thailand Aug. 23, for his Concert Series Phantasm 2014 which was already at the middle of the series.

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Hyun Joong faces Allegations of Assaulting his girlfriend

Dispatch reported that the alleged girlfriend, only identified as “A,” claims that Kim Hyun Joong beat her in his apartment back in May of this year, kicking and punching her and resulting in her needing two weeks in order to recover. Then in July, he beat her so severely that she suffered a fractured rib. She has submitted evidence of her relationship with Kim Hyun Joong and documentation of her injuries to the police. Police are still investigating the issue.

source: ( Full news version


STATEMENT FROM KEYEAST     Aug. 23, 2014            (summarized)

“After confirming with Kim Hyun Joong, we found that it’s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn’t start dating until a few months ago… In the middle of their relationship, the two had intense exchange of words. Though it’s true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it’s not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she’s been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported.”

“Their physical fight was a one-time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn’t occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured while they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn’t recognized. We’re very disappointed about the one-sided reports from the accuser making headlines and the truth is being exaggerated.”

source: ( Full news version


POLICE REPORT    Sept. 2, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong came to the police station in Sept. 2nd and submitted his statement, consistent to the first official release from his agent KeyEast. And here’s what the police officer in charge of the case stated:

The police in charge of this case said in a statement that what Kim Hyun Joong stated through his Co 3 days ago were not so different from his statement now. This official said, “a total of four counts of assault charges, Kim Hyun Joong has only admitted to one. He had told his Ex he wanted to break up and a big emotional argument turn in to a fight from both sides of pushing and shoving in a slight altercation aroused.  


However the habitual assault charges against him were lies he strongly stated and denied. The fractures of the ribs the were diagnosed about six weeks was from horse playing around (wresting games/ playing/ joking) he did not know about it honestly, Kim Hyun Joong said.


Because the two side statement were totally different from each parties, the police will be calling in both sides for further questions. The Ex girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, miss A on Aug. 20 metrically told the public of her two month relationship from last May to July and said she suffer repeatedly battered six weeks and file a claim against Kim Hyun Joong.


However, Kim Hyun Joong’s saceug (His Side) has rebuttal A to the claims of battery. He told they had a quarrel between them and in the process got emotional augment and they was a tangle struggle between them, but has never beaten, assault repeatedly were not true” he explained.

김현중 조사 마치… :: 네이버 뉴스

This source stated “Everything seems ambiguous to be able to prove Kim Hyun Joong’s assault allegation” and further stated “There is no proof other than a statement that Kim Hyun Joong is the one to assault Ms. A”

rt: @dkwl0526 이 관계자는 “김현중의 상해 혐의를 입증하기엔 모든 게 애매하다”며 “A 씨에게 상해를 입힌 사람이 김현중이라는 것도 진술 외엔 증거가 없다”고 말했다. Source: ( @FortheloveofKHJ > thanks!

source: ( Jackie Kim – Trans. thanks!  Posted by Hyunnie Pexer Blog, thanks!


EVIDENCE MEDIA POST    Aug. 27, 2014   



1.)   “A”  ( KHJ ex-girlfriend that woman)  claims that in May 2014 she was being kicked and punch by Kim Hyun Joong that needed treatment for two weeks in order to recover. The so-called evidence above was released by Dispatch in Aug. 27, 2014, photos together with medical certificate.

**But the final findings from the police stated that  Not proven shock seen, in the photos have been made by the artists, and that the medical certificate was not signed by a legal physician –  because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A.

NOTE:   Since that picture so-called evidence was taken without the face, we do not even know if that is “A “.  These bruises can be made up from cosmetic or ordinary daily make up, similar to the ones being used in filming dramas or movies. Here’s a video on how to produce those bruises:

video source (  Photos source: (


2.)    “A” claimed that she had a rib fracture that required six weeks in order to be recovered.

** But the police findings stated that the hit and fractured ribs were not confirmed.

NOTE:  Quite expected, since there was no x-ray result shown from the so-called evidence or if there may be, it still cannot be used as evidence since the medical certificate presented by dispatch to the public was not signed by a legal physician.


3.)  This news was announced on August 22 by the press turned out that the information was illegally leaked by the press.

NOTE:     “A ” went to the police station to file a complaint. How come the media knew about the filed complaint and the so-called evidence that should be secured in the police station which shows  “A ” deliberately intended to bring her case to the public that Kim Hyun Joong was being judged without due process.

source: (  mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002879465&viewType=pc)    ( @isanglahi thanks!


STATEMENT FROM “A” LAWYER    Sept. 12, 2014 

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”

NOTE:  Take note of this statement “Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.”  Is it legal to submit additional evidence by the accuser after the complaint had been filed?? Just asking.

source: (


Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney told Star News, “Both of their stances are indeed different, but we do not hope for their fight regarding right and wrong.  They knew each other for two years, and as they used to be a couple, conflict was created as they broke up.  Kim Hyun Joong is also trying hard to untangle that.  We are also in the midst of refining the apology in order to loosen up the feelings of a lover who had loved at one point.  We are focusing on the emotions as well as relieving the pain.”

source: (


KHJ LETTER OF APOLOGY     Sept. 15, 2014

Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.

During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.

As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded.

Since this situation is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person.

I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well.

Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive.

I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person.

NOTE:     Please do take note of this letter above that Kim Hyun Joong apologized to  “A ” but NEVER did he admit that he ever hit that woman, as what the media reported.

source: ( Jackie Kim trans: Thanks     Posted by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog, Thanks!


“A”  STATEMENT         SEPT. 15, 2014

It turns out that ‘A’ has not yet made a decision about dropping the charges, rather, she’s considering dropping the charges as she determines whether Kim Hyun Joong is sincere about his apology. Her lawyer told media outlets, “It’s not true we have decided to drop the case. We are still of the position that if [Kim Hyun Joong] apologizes sincerely, then we will drop it. As of right now, we are trying to assess if he is sincere [in his apology].”

NOTE:    That woman “A ”  wanted to assess Kim Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his letter of apology.  In this case how do you assess sincerity?? Isn’t it the price tag? She’s waiting for that cash to land on her lap, how else would one assess sincerity, of course if the promise have been successfully fulfilled.

source: (


DROPPING CHARGES     Sept. 17, 2014

Early afternoon on September 17, according to a report by Star News, a request was put in by girlfriend “A’s” lawyer to drop the charges of assault and battery being pressed against Kim Hyun Joong. “A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.” The lawyer continued, saying that there will be no further problems, as “A” has received his apology.

source (


In Aug. 22, 2014, a news broke stating that a certain Ms “A” filed a complaint to the police station against Kim Hyun Joong stating he committed alleged assault habitually from May to July this year to “A” as she claimed to be his ex-girlfriend.

In the police investigation as both “A ” and Kim Hyun Joong submit each of their  statement having different version about the incident as the police stated there was NO EVIDENCE that leads to the allegation of assault and that what the police have is just a statement from “A” and had seen no probable cause to file charges against Kim Hyun Joong. Nor the photos that the media had shown was not sufficient to be considered as evidence.

Finally what “A ” demanded was an official public apology from Kim Hyun Joong. Take note that an official submission of apology does not signifies admission to the said allegation. “A ” finally accepted the letter of apology and dropped charges against Kim Hyun Joong. Therefore this case is closed.


1. MEDIA REPORT – The news broke in Aug. 22. On Aug. 23 Dispatch published the evidence which are pictures of bruises, text messages to prove her relationship with KHJ, and their pictures together. As the police stated that information pertaining to this case was illegally leaked by the media. Those so-called evidence should be in the possession of the police. Why is it that “A ” and those evidences were at the media after she had reported her complaint in the police station?

2. RIB FRACTURE  – “A ”  claimed that she allegedly suffered from rib fracture, which is a serious accusation and having been in this physical condition to suffer from severe pain. Hyun Joong said he has no knowledge about it except the following day as they went out with friends that’s the only time “A ” mentioned to Hyun Joong. How can she still move with a rib fracture which she suppose to be in severe pain? I’m just asking.

3. BRUISES – Bruises can be produced as the video attached in this article described. With those severe bruises granting it is true, why was there no police intervention on the incident if it’s that worst beating? “A ” claimed she was being punched and kicked. First instinct of punching I think should start on the face and not on other parts of the body. Why is there no picture of black eye or facial bruises?

“A ” claimed she was kicked. In the report the incident happened at Hyun Joong’s apartment which we are familiar with as the apartment was shown at BBF and you cannot get inside the apartment with your shoes on. how can he kick resulting to such bruises in barefoot or slippers? I’m just asking.

2014825133835fxf5net_T5_96907_99_20140825144803 (1)

4. TEXT MESSAGE – If picture of bruises can be fabricated, why can’t text messages be fabricated?  We do not even know if those messages came from Kim Hyun Joong.

5. PICTURES – There were pictures (above) that show allegedly as “A ” and Kim Hyun Joong together in 2012 and 2014.  As we all know photo shop is very popular that we can enhance it putting two pictures together to make it as one. The picture on the left side above seem to be Hyun Joong’s hair style in 2010 after BOF, while picture on the right side seem like a man on the right side and not a woman.

Take note, “A ” claimed she’s having relationship with Hyun Joong since 2012, while Hyun Joong stated they have known each other for 2 years but started dating two months before this scandal erupted. How will I know if the one beside Hyun Joong is a man or a woman or if that is really “A “on those photos? These are so easy to fabricate together with text messages.

6. DROPPED CHARGES – Why didn’t “A ” pursued her complaint? These are serious accusations. According to the police there was no probable cause to file lawsuit since there was NO sufficient EVIDENCE that proved Kim Hyun Joong committed assault on “A “.  Why would a man commit assault if he’s breaking up the relationship with “A “? Could it not be possible that Hyun Joong was breaking up the relationship and “A ” couldn’t let go of him and started the fight? Couldn’t be “A ” turned violent from her emotional outburst that Hyun Joong in self defense trying to control her in hurting him and hurt herself? I’m just asking.

These so-called evidences obviously cannot stand in the court of law, therefore “A ” doesn’t have a case. And finally “A ” stated she just wanted a public apology from Kim Hyun Joong!!

Take note in Sept. 12 before Hyun Joong submitted his letter of apology her lawyer even stated this “Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.”   Doesn’t this seem like a threat? I’m just asking.



Kim Hyun Joong wrote his letter of apology to that woman, simply because he doesn’t want to prolong this case and make his family and fans to suffer further from this scandal. Other than this, that woman does NOT have a case at all, seeing from those trash so-called evidence. And if the police should have seen that there’s a probable cause to the said assault allegation, the police should have called him for another investigation and held him up.

Many of you I’m sure is still at lost as to the motive of that woman, then I’ll give you some choices to choose from as follows:

  1. Money Blackmail
  2. Personal revenge
  3. Celebrity opportunity
  4. Pride of telling the whole world she’s KHJ’s girlfriend
  5. Relationship reconciliation with KHJ, that he would prefer to rot in jail than go back to her.

In this scandal brought up by this “A ” she doesn’t have a case since the start and all she wanted was Hyun Joong’s attention which I consider soooo childish. And that I think she needs help, and this is not an insult, on the contrary it’s human concern, if you can imagine what this woman brought to the entire world just to destroy a celebrity!

Therefore, there’s only one motive here and that is to DESTROY Kim Hyun Joong. Who’s behind her? Of course it’s the MEDIA, isn’t that obvious? BUT I think there’s someone else bigger than “A “…. just my wild thoughts!!  But definitely “A ” must be rich by this time, cash left and right, from media and from Hyun Joong and whoever wants to destroy KHJ. “A ” allowed herself to be used, and that’s my impression.

I wrote a short article “Appeal to KHJ” saying please do not agree to monetary settlement. Or if she’s greedy give it to her, if she takes it that only goes to show that she’s not after justice but simply CASH. The poor lawyer released a statement saying there’s no monetary settlement. OK fine!

But everything is just right in our eyes coming from her lawyer’s prior statement that seems to be a threat!!  Refer to her lawyer’s statement on “arbitration” Sept.12, up there. Then followed Sept 15, assessing Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his apology, meaning the cash haven’t delivered yet!! Come on!! My appeal was just a bait!! But the fish grabbed it! Wallah! Drop Charges after cash delivery Sept. 17 am! You may ask why KHJ gave it. Then I throw back, why did she accept it? Just my wild thoughts!! LOL!



Here are some pointers that the concern people the media and “A ” should realize as follows:

1.   From the very start that this scandal erupted, the media kept twisting the news interpretation and sensationalize the issue until the very last news pertaining this case that deliberately made the public believe that Hyun Joong is a woman beater to the extent of destroying a man through unbalanced reporting. Both sides of the story should have heard before reporting and publish.

2.   That woman “A” has fooled the entire world with her lies. A very private matter that should have been settled by this woman and Kim Hyun Joong by themselves in close door instead of bringing it up to the public that caused a lot of pain to Kim Hyun Joong his family, his friends and most of all to his millions of fans worldwide.

3.  “A ” placed Kim Hyun Joong in the most ugliest situation to the point of losing his dignity, his image, his career and most of all his life, just to get over with her personal revenge. While publicly accusing him, she kept her identity hidden from the public eye.

4.  “A “does not deserve any single public apology from Kim Hyun Joong. On the contrary, that woman owes his family, friends, and his fans worldwide that apology that Kim Hyun Joong did for dragging his name to the public with her lies just to satisfy her selfish revenge.



“A ” was saying she only needs a sincere public apology from Kim Hyun Joong? After creating this mess? She had just killed him deliberately that I hope she realize that. As she claimed she had a relationship with him for two long years and doing this to him only means she doesn’t know him at all.

Because if she does, she will never attempt to do this, to humiliate the man she loved, to grab his first love (music) away from him, and she simply disrespect his parents and the rest of his family. She doesn’t know how a mother can grieve over her son? One day she will be a mother too then maybe that’s the only time she’ll realize how painful it is seeing your son being humiliated in front of the whole world and brutally misjudged by the so-called righteous people.

It was said in the news she was emotionally hurt about Kim Hyun Joong breaking up with her. BUT the public has got nothing to do with her emotional pain and their private relationship. Finally, to “A “, may I just say this, “When you pinpoint to a person and accuse him, show your face to the public to prove your sincerity about your lies.”

Hyun Joong broke her heart, I understand because I’m also a woman, but this is not a good way to a low life revenge.  If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first. Love be gets love.  I never believed you loved him nor he loved you at all. Because if there was love there should be respect with each other.

May God forgive you “A ” and the media for what you have done to ruin the career life of Kim Hyun Joong.         I rest my case….



Being a natural human, the hardest thing to do is to forgive specially if that person had wronged us and doesn’t seek for our forgiveness. I have stated my opinion on “A ” with hopes someday she can read this article or somehow realized what she had done. I may be angry with what she did, but it doesn’t follow I hate her since I don’t know her. It’s the wrong doings that I’m trying to put out, that would give opportunity to change and that the wrong doings may not be repeated in the future.

We all do make mistakes, we are not perfect but unless we know our mistake there’s no way to change to make ourselves better and acknowledge what we have done wrong. There are times out of anger we do things that may not be pleasing to everyone, but at the end of the day we ask for forgiveness that we might have hurt others. I hope one day that woman “A  ” would be enlightened by this same thought.

Kim Hyun Joong was badly misjudged by some people around the world, I hope this article would serve even a little enlightenment on his side, that the media deprived him of his right of due process before justice by the public eye.

                “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”  (Aldous Huxley)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D thanks!



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  4. how does she look like? Cant believe she is so hot that kim can become so stupid???? is she a model or celebrity??? Please post her photo ^_^

  5. Thank you for this, I never followed the incident regarding the accusation of he said she said. I have always trust and believe him and he’s not that kind of person. We are humans after all so naturally there will be arguments between couple. I think just to make all this stop is to just make her happy so he apologized instead which made him the better person of course. Korea is one of the old fashion country, which a media can really ruin his career. But what they don’t understand is that, they are trying to ruin the person that helped put South Korea on the map!!! Keep your heads up Hyun Joong! Fighting!!!

  6. Help! Please vote for KHJ on title DramaFever Actor Face-offs: Lee Min Ho v.s Kim Hyun Joong. Currently KHJ 49% & lee min hoo 51% ..plz hurry!!!

  7. Thanks for the clarification, it really made things a lot more easier and bearable. Don’t loose hope guys.
    We are the only ones that can make things better in the future depends on what everyone is going to do for their own part in supporting this one kind guy who really trusts his fans. Just saying. Thanks once again and don’t loose heart guys.

  8. Helloo!
    Just wanted to say that this article is awesome, though I see that I’m a bit late in terms of discovering this article 🙂
    I’ve never been a fan of KHJ (not an anti either!) so I don’t know much about him, except that he’s got a fascinating personality. So when this all happened I guess I did believe what the media said, though I didn’t care much.. not more than “huh, that’s a shame”.
    Anyway, I’m trying to say I’m switzerland in all this, neither fan nor hater. But this article made it perfectly clear, put anyone (famous) in KHJ’s shoes and the evidence still doesnt make sense.
    I really hope more people would stumble across this article.. though sadly those “haters”, that need to read this, never do their research before bashing. They’ve already decided that KHJ is a monster, anyone saying otherwise are “delulu” or “biased”.. (hehe, I never thought I’d use those words, ever. I’m not that much of a kpop fan.)
    Either way, I’m 100% convinced. Thank you for that! I just hope that he’ll be able to get back someday, for his fans sake and his own. And if those haters still keep insisting on hating and believing those lies, I hope they at least leave KHJ alone in the future.

    I hope my rambling made sense, english is not my first language:)

  9. Hi LK … Thank you once again… I sense a collective desire from a lot of fans to do more for hj … I think the ball game has turned and now defense is not just enough … We need to play smart offense and show everyone that he still has the support of many… Not sure what would be best but we’ve been mostly passive aggressive giving off the haters– who do not take much to convince — the edge with them ferociously snapping at every opportunity presented by the media to crucify him… I am too far way to do anything bit will support whatever endeavors fans in Korea or Asia will undertake… Just any positive but visible support that the whole world can see to hush these anti’s….what do you think?

  10. I feel this has gone too far and if Kim Hyun Joong would rather do it his usual way thru an apology letter which was absolutely taken advantage of and could be done to manipulate him than it is about time we do more action, his fans. I really want to get into the bottom of this. This is too much, this is unjust, without consideration!!!…How can all this people who did this to him, ignore the fact that he is one big Hallyu star, he deserves to be given the chance to clear his name. All of these media people, how they can just bloat and show us all too how SICK their entertainment utindustry is. He has brought so much money, and put a South Korea on the map for me, one of the reasons I look at South Korea for the first time. It was only because of him that I given much thought to KPOP.

    What has his family and KeyEast done about this? I want to feel that some people are supporting him. Obviously someone big is backing up this girl, seriously how can she afford lawyers? how can she have this confidence to defame Kim Hyun Joong? I really want to sue her and all this people who did this together.

    For now, I would like to suggest that each fan club all over the world will converge, for Christians will pray together in one place for a specific period of time, and for other religions to do the same together in the same place also for a specific period of time. and there will be one day wherein we will do it at the same hour, same day, similar to an earth hour and we shall light candles or whatever is done in other religions for him too.

    Is there another place where we can discuss thoroughly action plans? I feel we really need to do our own investigation.

    I trust that Kim Hyun Joong will do the right thing but this is too much…

    • I am a Global Seoul mate of South Korea and at one point was very active. There are more fans who frequently attend his concerts and they deserve to be Global Seoul Mates as well. Perhaps we also need to seek assistance from them thru this email. ‘Seoul Metropolitan Government’ And I only became part of this because of Kim Hyun Joong.

    • I agree with the above comments 100 per cent.
      We are Khj guardian fans (protector) and there are millions of us all over the world. Thank you Keyeast and his loyal fans for supporting and praying for this special human soul. I am sure Khj can feel our support, in his latest utube 2018 concert he looks really happy/confident.
      A guardian fan 🇰🇷🇬🇧💁

  11. thank you so much… this was refreshing and full information about all… i think your are right in all the angles you take… KHJ in a good manner tried to get a less painfull close with his apology but, since she is like a total unrespectful person, who never cared about him and his life, she just attacked him where we all know is the most painfull for him… as he is so kind and GENTLEMAN she used this to hurt severely him… and that is the ONLY PROVE FACT…
    I hope he could be ok now, and certainty knows that in the world he has a lot of people who really love him and care him for good.
    Thanks for your effort and love for him.

  12. Hello Ms.Lazerkim! First thank u very very much to ur effort in writing this article.your doing a great job in presenting all this collective facts en arguments of this scandal.its clear en understandable that can lead those who are in doubt with KHJ to a logical conclusion.sometimes we forgot our common knowledge about the personality of the person that can gives us doubt than to believe in far as I know, I’ll always believe in him bcoz personality reflects the beauty of a person inside out.our only one KHJ fighting!!!😄wish u all the best all the time. Once again thanks Ms.LK I’m looking forward to ur next articles.. More power en good health to u.have a nice day everyone😀

  13. Hi everyone,
    As Stav said I understood that this is a normal procedure there that the police will send the case to prosecutor to see whether the reason to charge or not ( because HJ admitted there is only one fight that actually happened and it was mutual fight that verbal turned physical when he wanted to break up with A ; I understand that the rest of the accusations that A lied including the fracture rip are not included.). As we knew HJ is honest about this since in the beginning and this is the only truth in this case the rest are made up story that A lied to public.

    This is the reason why we behind him because we know he is honest and A had exaggerated the whole story to get public support and they will try more. It is too sad that when you are honest it seems everything turn against you. Please not panic , clam down and have faith to HJ’s honesty. I have full confident in him and hope persecutor see how he was dragged into this situation. Please be strong and cheerful .

    Love you all,

  14. as usual LK you nailed it. i was about to comment the other when i read a reply saying delusional fan again..hmmpf those haters again. Ms LK, is there a chance that his request for Military Postpone was approved? i was just thinking if it was not approved his days are numbered and his dream of staging a free concert before going to MS will not be come true. i was suggesting to other fans club if we can raise a campaign to materialize Kim Hyun Joong’s dream? i suggested a $1dollar campaign for khj to all his fans in the world and finance that free concert before going to MS. fans from 4 countries i chatted very wiling to support the campaign the problem is how can we convince keyeast to stage that dream concert. can you communicate them for us. we suggest the Jamsil Stadium where he first enjoy music at an early age. at my end, i’m just a solo fan from Philippines i may not be able to attend that concert but the fact that i will be able to fulfill KHJ’s dream is great enough. please LK if you have the access do so. i will do the leg work for the campaign. Thanks for being their to our dear angel Kim Hyun Joong because i came across with him to the lowest part of my life, he helped to be strong and face that challenges, i may be able to return that favor. May God shower you LK with good health, and everything you need in life. thanks again

  15. Thank you so much, LK! So many great observations in your article!

    Regarding the hiding of evidence instead of providing it all, I think I read somewhere that this is called spoliation of evidence and it is illegal. I guess we can check out about it.

    Regarding latest news, don’t panic, guys. Some articles once again aren’t objective. Also the comments that KHJ is already charged are baseless. Korean articles just said police sent the case to prosecutor and prosecutor is investigating now to see if there’s reason for him to be charged or not. I was informed that this is a regular procedure there.

    PS: I really imagine how hard it must have been to gather all this and patiently write about it. It’s highly appreciated, dear.

  16. Dearest LazerKim,
    Thank you and thank you again for doing this, it must’ve been painfull to write this, but it was a must in the end, that someone will spill the beans and the truth be there. You are doing such a marvellous job, I think better than all the Media and even his lawyers and others around him. Agree with all your assumptions as well, it is so fishy that they all gone in a frenzy to blame him I am actually astounded of the waves this made, Hj is not the first celeb and not the last to have a complaint, why jumping on him so strong and so harsh.

    I can’t even imagine the pains and hurt his mom and dad and his family are feeling not talking about Hj himself and his fans put through such an ordeal.

    Yes we all are trying to think positive and love him, but can I say something to Hj, and I hope he will really read this because is driving me up the wall just thinking, I know some of you will think I am overstepping, because is his choice and his life, and you are right, but have to ask:

    Hj you are a nice person and gentle and down to earth usually, we all know, but why didn’t you go out there and fought for your name and for your life for the truth? From the beginning this case was handled poorly, soo many years in the showbiz in SK when you know very well how they all wait to attack a celeb making a mistake? When you know how the Media (the trash ones) are there like wolves in a pack. Go out and fight and clear your name should have been your first priority, your first instinct, you as a person come first before everyone, because for yourself right now you are the most important person. For all the hard work and the obstacles all this years your fought, why not now when your name and career life is on the line? Why give up on yourself? Wake up man, don’t be so naieve if you don’t fight for yourself nobody can really help you.

    I am a fan and I continue to be and support Hj, but sorry gals, had to say it.
    As always All for One and One for All! 🙂

  17. Well said dear and good job in compiling all this..Now I just heard another news that he will be prosecuted. .plsssss tell me it’s just gossip or rumours. .I can’t take this anymore,,,after dropping charges how is this possible. .
    Just why are they doing this more and more to him..I’m completely blanked out…F*** this, it’s unbelievable…just putting this out but seriously is she the only girl he has ever dated, if he is such a woman beater where are the others, why is she the only one????and we all know that ge has dated before her…OMG this is so F***** up..

  18. LK!!!! How is this possible? kpopstarz has released another aritcle saying Hyun Joong will be prosecuted anyway? WTF????!!!!!! In the US if the claimant drops charges, no case! And now are they trying to say the evidence is credible? I am just SICK! Our hearts are already broken to pieces! Why do the want to keep stabbing Hyun Joong over and over???

    Conspiracy… defamation… ruin a celebrity…. greed…. money…. jealousy… blackness. I am so sick I can’t concentrate at work. I will talk to you later tonight if you are not too busy to come back here. I can’t fight back my tears much longer.

  19. Im one of the million fans of KHJ even this issue are true or not.Im really admiring u Lazer Kim and saluted u for being there all the time to KHJ and Iam very thankful to those article you writes to share hoping you will countiously your works.

  20. Agradecida por todo lo escrito anteriormente, me ha tocado escuchar cada barbaridad en relacion al caso KHJ, yo desde un principio he pensado que todo era montaje, cuando dijeron que ella queria terminar y despues salieron con que él, todos sabemos que él es una persona de buen corazon, algo timido, y que no es demostrativo en cuanto a la relaciones con mujeres, como es que se estaba aferrando a ella, siempre he dicho que la relacion de novia nunca existia, por como es el (segun yo, no es que lo conozca), tengo la impresion que fue una relacion que solo salio de un momento y que el solo se dejo querer por sentirse solo, pero no creo que fuera del tipo de relacion formal, quizas el le tenia cariño y por eso solo quiso dejar que se enfriara la situacion, pero ella al ver que no obtenia respuesta de parte de el, comenzo con todo esto, en cuanto a una tercera persona detras, considero que ella estaba demasiado bien asesorada en cuanto a toda la situacion, aun mas, el abogado no creo que sea de los economicos, por lo que o ella tiene mucho dinero o alguien mas pago por el servicio, me han dicho que estoy ciega a toda la situacion, no es seguera, solo que tengo un sentido que pocas veces falla, y eso es lo que me dice el sentido, relacion de novia no, relacion informal si, aprecio de amigo si, amor no. en cuanto a las fotos, en la primera foto tengo la impresion que el esta con alcohol, su mirada me parecio asi, en cuanto al abrazo, por Dios, he visto fotos mas provocativas con el grupo, sin mencionar de un articulo que lei que fue visto abrazado con otro artista en el aeropuerto, esa persona creyo que KHJ era gay por lo cercanos, entonces la foto puede ser tomada en cualquier situacion no necesariamente significa que son pareja, para mi eran dos amigos bromeando. Sobre los moretones, tengo entendido que de ser cierto la agresion esta es perseguida por oficio, asi que si la joven levanta la demanda, habiendo pruebas, el caso continua, al menos en Chile es asi. En la prensa dijeron que el acepto que habian tenido golpes por lo que todo era verdad, para mi que como dijistes, fue una situacion en donde el trato de contenerla, si es como ha mostrado la joven hasta ahora, no creo que sea del tipo que se sienta a esperar a ser golpeada, simplemente cambiaron la situacion y el lugar de los hechos, si ella fue golpeada en forma salvaje, como es que el hospital donde fue atendida no dio parte a la policia por la situacion, despues de todo ella tenia fracturas, y aunque alegue asalto, debe ser investigado. Para terminar, ella queria las disculpas, mas que todo para ser reconocida como la novia, la chica que fue conocida como novia de un famoso artista, el siempre dijo que sus relaciones amorosas eran privadas, y quizas ella no queria eso, aca en Chile muchas mujeres se hacen famosas usando el gancho de este tipo, solo espero que ella no se arrepienta mas tarde por toda la situacion creada.
    Reitero, gracias por exponer todo esto y pueda entender lo que decian los medios, porque uno decia una cosa el otro la exageraba, y lamento mucho que una persona como KHJ sea catalogado como golpeador de mujeres, que es lo mas suave que dicen las personas de él. Lo apoyo y lo acompañare siempre, ya que confio en el como persona y artista y esperar que esto que le ha ocurrido no haga que sea una persona que desconfie de todos los que se le acercan, ya que su vida sera muy lamentable, solo les pido a sus amigos y familia, denle un abrazo fuerte, cosa que pueda sentirlo cuando no esten a su lado, asi no sera presa facil de este tipo de mujeres.

    • completamene d acuerdo con tu apreciación, todo lo dicho no es nada convincente, eso se olia desde el inicio, es mas, esos golpes presentados no son precisamente de una golpiza, vaya a ver donde o como se lo hizo. Ademas de ser cierto, ella guardo las fotos con otras intenciones,las que se le fue de la mano, como dije antes y al no tener evidencia acepto las disculpas. Para mi que esta A esta trastornada, de hecho muchas mujeres creen que hasta se casaran con el tipo que tienen de novio. Lo digo por experiencia, teniendo dos varones y una hija de casi esa misma edad puedo ver con claridad la situación. Creo que a el le dio penita viendola sufrir por su causa. por eso su disculpa que le veo mas como darle un dulce a una niña malcriada y llorona para que se calle. Probablemente la conoceremos mas adelante, seguro que se dejara conocer para molestarnos. No faltara quien le entreviste a la pobrecita niña para seguir fregando la vida de mi lider.
      Que frustración, de hecho no puedo hasta hoy concentrarme en mi trabajo, aun me da vueltas la forma de como ayudarlo. No nos queda mas que a la distancia apoyarlo, espero que todo pase, y que A se desaparezca del circulo de KHJ. Siempre con el hasta el final. Gracias por tu comentario .

  21. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Thank you for the clarification.
    Truth be told I don’t even want to think about that creature…
    She can go & break her leg or get run over by a vehicle for all I care…
    I know m bad but I wish that she’ll always be chased by dogs, birds, cats & peed/pooped by them…hehe

    Anyway, Ms Lazer, hope you’ll get to encourage our boy & his friends to keep reading your blog…
    At least they & especially our boy’ll be able to read for themselves how much he is still loved by his fans all over the world…
    I too m so fearful that he’ll be treated badly by the crazy Korean public.
    Hope though his neighbours will band together to protect him, please God, when his family & friends aren’t around…

    So, do continue your writing about our boy, Ms Lazer.
    Nowadays the only places I go to are your blog, my FB where almost all my friends are hyunjoong-biased & the forum where m a member of, which is exclusively for KHJ-lovers…
    Oh, yes, recently I’ve been to angeljoong, a friend of yours & Hyunniespexers…
    Can’t be bothered to go to any other K-Ent blogs cos m not too keen on reading those rubbishy comments & wasting my energy on getting angry with those righteous yahoos…

    Looking forward to ‘Aomori Shock’ this coming Saturday & seeing our beautiful baby…
    Missed him so much…

    Take care, Ms Lazer!

  22. LET ME ADD that nobody in any place goes into a relationship as soon as they know , they need time to know first and he was really busy then, in 2012 he was mostly in Japan doing HEAT album l could figure out that he was with that beautiful blond girl with whom he did the videos, because they seemed in Tonight albun very confident. When he were in Korean maybe she would be one of those easy available girls to go out with him and his friends. l thought that it would have been started late in 2013 by round 3. during IG he was practically locked, After IG there would start their fights and his nightmare. so they surely finished in May after that horrible fight, since then I bet he did not answered her calls which would turn her upset. Her acusation was posted too late, with pictures and weak evidences, really questionable evidences, He could deny everything, saying just she was a friend and no more , but his honesty……….. it really condened him. Undeniablly, they would have good moments, that is why he looked for company and peace in his private life, especially him, because he is always with many people around. I also think that it was a neglect of his security guards, letting him going in his own. Sorry KHJ but your life is more ours than yours as you said lately.
    She is in my opinion really psicological sick, to lose him ( that mango) is not easy to acept easily, I am sure that KHJ gave her that apologize is because he felt pity,and felt quite sorry for her mental illness, maybe he felt guilty and just tried to give her peace, calming her angriness. She did not understand him, his intentions, girls usually even get married when they have a relationship or when they felf in love. Hope he knows now that girls are dangerous when they felt ignored, jelousy is a terrible felling and also spoils relationships if it is not controlled..
    well now time to move on for everybody. God bless you and my only one.


  23. Dear Lk,

    Thank you so much for this important write up. It’s clear one by one. This strange scandal has a lot of doubt what is going on with people ‘s mind. What was happening in the past 3 weeks showed that people do not care to make a better society but look for people to condemn. However the storm is still there. We just have to wait and see. At the moment we just keep supporting HJ and put our mind in peace . Let’s extend our love to HJ and those who are treated unfairly everyday . Changing is never impossible. I believe in good Kamar and full of confident in him.

    For me one real sad thing is he met a very wrong girl for him ( this is just my opinion. ) He needs somebody who is generous , wise and kind . He will one day meet his soul mate . I love to see him happy with a special someone in the future.. However I’m happy HJ is a religious person he will have God with him.

    Looking at clips from the concerts help a lot . He enjoyed himself and was really happy in the middle of his fans. I’m now dream to see HJ on stage before his MS.

  24. Thank you Lazerkim for this article.
    Everything is laid out one by one…
    I hope that A gets to sleep soundly after what he did to this MAN, she never love KHJ in the first place, if she do, she will never let this MAN be publicly humiliated…

  25. Wow…
    Still too much people who loves you alot kim hyun joong. Knowing you even you not know them all. Keep up for good job, good work n good heart, so we will stand before you. God bless all of us 🙂

  26. Good summary of events. Did the police find that the photos were possibly faked? And that the ‘physician’ was not a licensed one? THAT certainly got downplayed in the media.
    The way KHJ was so instantly and viciously attacked before anything was known other than the accusation made me very upset, especially since he’s got a very clean and loving reputation. Then the sequence (especially the way the police dismissed the evidence as ‘nonconclusive’) not to mention the release of the info to the Dispatch rather than the authorities, and the basic blackmail (‘apologize’ or more ‘evidence’ comes out) – man, big pile of NOPE, NADA there.
    All those haters saying KE would sue A if she’d lied – well I guess they wouldn’t & COULDN’T if KHJ didn’t allow it, could they? And he’s taking the blame for this on his rather broad shoulders for handling the entire thing badly and hurting her heart.
    There is NOTHING in all of this that deviates one iota from what is known about this man’s character. Only from her does the damning come.
    Thanks LZ again.

  27. Thank you so much for the article, which collect and analyse the information from the beginning to the end. I just winder on the old pictures(HJ’s hangout with friends, may be with A) just come out after the apology letter. It seems that the hater side is trying to be continue.

    • Thank you Kratuwoo! I’m just about to write about those pictures scattered at the internet after the case closed. Anyway I’ll discuss that topic after this article and I think fans have to be very careful. This isn’t over yet, so I think I was wrong to say it’s closed book?? I don’t think so the way I observe around. Take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  28. I do not think your guesses are wild, I think there’s truth in it somewhere. That there is someone bigger than that “thing” who’s making all this fuss to destroy Hyunjoong. I don’t think a secret girlfriend could do such damage on her own.
    You’re right about those bruises, this is the first time I saw those pictures too. I thought when those bashers say broken rib they saw an xray but there really wasn’t? All they have was just her word and they believed her? So who’s delusional really?
    Your also right of a person who is in anger and punch you and beat, they won’t choose just your arm or your leg or knees. The first they’ll beat is your face and torso. But her supposed bruises were away from that and they look like just make up.
    She said she wants apology? From what I remember even before Hyunjoong was questioned by the police, he already said sorry though it was not given importance by the media.
    You just said everything that going through everybodys’ mind, good job LK.
    Thank you, I hope those who are still doubting will be enlightened by this.

  29. They are not interested in true. They want to hurt him and succedd. This is it. We say that 2*2=4. It does not matter. She is happy, hatters happy, media is happy. Everybody is happy. EXCEPT INNOCENT ONE: KIM HYUNJOONG. This is korean law system.worst than turkish system.

  30. Thank you, thank yoj. Very well written and stated. Agree with everything you have written, and I know God will take care of him. Now, unfortunately, there will be those who will not admt their wrong because they went to far out there before all of the facts were in. Those who were suppose to be his fan and left based on her words, they could not have been, fof you should have known him better than that. You should have looked at his history. Much has been reported about him , and you saw nothing that came close to this allegations. Could you have really been his fan? Sometimes things happens fo separate the true from the false. Anyway, God bless you and I hope yoj hsve learned a most valuable lesson.

  31. Dear LK,

    Thank you for another well written article. I hope with those fans out there that are still having second thoughts about this case & innocence of Hyun Joong will be finally removed and will believe Hyun Joong again.

    If I may just say something, am very new fan of Hyun Joong. When this news broke, I literally can’t continue with my lunch cos it’s a news that really ruins a person’s character. Honestly, there was a moment that I felt disappointed with Hyun Joong. But logic & right reasoning tells me that there is something wrong with the charges & statement of Ms A. Here are my thoughts that time:

    (1) if they were going out for 2 years, why only in the last 2 months was she being beaten by Hyun Joong? They never had any fight for the last 1 year 8 months? Only in the last 2 months?

    So common sense tells me that they are not going out for the last 2 years. First inconsistency in Ms A story.

    (2) if indeed Hyun Joong did beat Ms A severely in the last 2 months and those photos of her a true, logic & common sense tells me that Hyun Joong has a major problem in anger management. But thinking further, if Hyun Joong does have problem with anger management then it should have been manifested a long time ago. He has been living with his SS501 group before so he should have manifested that anger with them before. But no news or history that Hyun Joong hurt anyone or was into fight before.

    No one will hurt someone that severe if he or she is in the right mind. Hyun Joong did not just wake up one morning in that last 2 months with anger problem already. You don’t develop that overnight just like any disease.

    So my conclusion, NO Hyun Joong did not beat her repeatedly as she claims. And Ms A is definitely telling lies.

    (3) the motive is dubious. if Ms A really wants true justice, then she should have abide in true practice of the law. Why does she need to leak those photos to the press. When that came out, I definitely thought she just a woman who wants revenge and out to ruin Hyun Joong.

    (4) Ms A in inconsistent. Her camp said they want to reveal the truth that’s why they press charges. Then, they said if no sincere apology, further evidence will be given? Logic & common sense again tell me, WHAT? You haven’t told everything to the police? There is another case to be charge to Hyun Joong? Cos shouldn’t all evidence be given so you have a strong case? Why there are hidden evidences?

    And so by then, I don’t read statements from the camp of Ms A cos definitely she has a different motive than getting the justice a woman who has been violated should received.

    These are my thoughts and basis for believing Hyun Joong. And Hyun Joong maid me PROUD as his fan cos what he did (1) admitting in physically hitting Ms A in that one incident in his police statement and (2) publicly apologizing to an ex girlfriend was very HONORABLE & GENTLEMAN. Hyun Joong understood what he did wrong & accepted the consequence. But not Ms A, definitely she had a share in their fight but she put all the blame to Hyun Joong. And so logic & common sense tells me that Ms A didn’t truly love Hyun Joong.

    And so if I have I chance to tell to Hyun Joong personally, this incident did not in any way tainted my adoration for him but it made it even stronger. So I’ll tell him to move on, stand tall, be optimistic of the future cos not everybody in the world left him. There is still a much big big portion of the world who is not yet tired of his music, dance and most especially that beautiful smile of his!!!

    Forever Kim Hyun Joong!!!


    • Hello Jang! Thank you!! Everything you said is right, i agree with you. Just one thing that I would like to correct, HJ did not hit A, and he never admitted on hurting her physically he said this:
      “to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.”
      The media this statement worst contrary to what HJ truly stated. At the police station he admitted there’s a mutual fight but he never hit her. Just want to clarify that point. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  32. A” is a person of very bad intentions, with all its attitudes has caused enormous damage to Hyun Joong causing not only material but emotional wounds; since at the time he must have felt respect and love for her, and then putting the disappointment of seeing him as she tried to destroy everything he accomplished with effort; It should provoke a resounding and painful change in his life.
    May God forgive the attitude of “A”, well like you said we are human and make mistakes; but in order to be forgiven we must admit our mistakes. Hopefully “A” do an analysis of their bad behavior and can redeem.
    The way I see this I can assure you that this conflict led me to my lazos binding Hyun Joong grow and trust and respect I have for him are much larger each day.
    It remains for me to say that I will always trust and support of KIM HYUN JOONG-LEADER.
    TripleS-Henecia Forever

  33. Thank you Ms Kim 😂😂😍😍😍 & now they know the truth that Joongie is INNOCENT!!

    His only crime was he let her into his heart & his home…. BUT no worries… Joongie is a smart person. When he feel its the right time, he’ll show himself & ready to take the world with his magic!! All we need is to be patience.. ☺😊

  34. Oh, LK Thank You So Much. I am glad to see the truth laid out here blow by blow. The fans are all so confused right now. They are believing a lot of crazy conjectures about sabotage and such. I know the Industry is capable of fabricating a scandal like this to bring an artist down for reasons of pure greed. Whether that was the case or not… we may never know as the dirty deeds are done in the dark. But, your arguments are LOGICAL and if anyone believes otherwise, they just want to discredit Hyun Joong. My heart is dying as I get private messages from fans that are so broken and confused. That is why I write posts about positive hope for the future because I just want to encourage Kim Hyun Joong himself, and his fans that nothing can keep down what God has raised up! And I truly believe God has raised him up and will do so again. Whatever Hyun Joong decides to do… I will love him and support him. Even if no one is on his side, I will be there. I know he can overcome ANYTHING placed in his path to trip him and bring him down. This seems like a HUGE set back, but setbacks can become launching boards for BIGGER and BETTER things than we could have ever dreamed possible if we had remained on the same path. I have faith and confidence in Hyun Joong and God who is protecting him. He is an amazing man who has accomplished amazing things. He is in the top 1% of people who actually have what it takes for greatness. He will never be brought down as long as he continues making good and wise choices for himself. I know he has learned a harsh and valuable lesson about who to put his trust and faith in. I am heartbroken he had to learn it so painfully and publicly. I just pray his heart will heal and he will be able to trust again. I feel like you and I are partners with vastly different skills. You are able to do the research and bring the logic and love. I have found my voice in pushing forth positive hope and loving peace for the unsettled hearts. And all of this was made possible by Kim Hyun Joong. I am always proud to be his fan and proud to have met the wonderful friends I now have around the world. New ones everyday, too! I have new subscribors daily and get to meet new people daily. I have even had the privilege of guiding a fan who had made the decision to leave us back to the fold after she found forgiveness and understanding in her heart. God is so good! Thank you LK, and thank you Hyun Joong. I am truly happy and at peace even in the midst of crisis because i have met you! Love you always! Angie

  35. Thank you so much again for a great article dear Lazer Kim.
    I feel like you wrote everything I felt and thought all this time!!!
    great pointers about “A”.
    and I totally agree with “a greater power trying to destroy him”!!
    I am also in entertainment world.
    although I’m new, I know it well enough!
    it’s so easy to destroy someones image in a blink of an eye!!
    Hyun Joong is a very very strong and humble person that he passed all these! ♥♡♥
    she really owes at least an apology to all of us.
    If it was me, I would sue her!!
    but our kind heart Hyun Joong would never do that~~
    just so happy that everything is over~~~
    Hyun Joong will rise again, higher than ever
    and we will always be there for him~^^ ♥♥♥♥

    • I agree with your comment
      Khj guardian fan. Fighting 🇰🇷🇬🇧❤️
      Khj has fantastic loyal fans of all ages all over the world God bless you all❤️ South korea🇰🇷 You have a true treasue in Khj please appreciate him treat him well, Keyeast Agency 🇰🇷 Thank you for staying at his side please continue to do so in the future Khj future is bright his fan base is getting bigger by the hour. Fighting 💁

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