LazerKim…[article] To the DEAF AND BLIND



By: LazerKim


For the record, I’m posting in what transpired in June 3rd court day as one of the representative from Keyeast took the witness stand and other witness from KHJ camp at the civil court on civil case filed by Choi on the 1.6BW lawsuit filed last 2015 KHJ vs Choi. Next court hearing schedule shall be on July 8th.

I’m sure everyone here have already read it while others may have read from the trash media with some totally twisted news translation! What’s new? Those media pigs particularly Soompi, Netizen Buzz will not bend down to the truth! Surprisingly these 2 media pigs were quick enough to post the news pertaining the court day, only to find out they again twisted the news! I’ll touch this later on, for the mean while here’s the correct translation from different SK news outlets as follows:

(News trans cr: Sunny @sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)

June 3rd court day

I noticed a minor error here > “In April 2014…”This should be August 2014 not April.







June 4th respond to mis-posted news by the trash media (below)




KHJ fans knew the truth behind this scandal back from 2014 and last year 2015. This truth just have to be revealed in the court of law for the sake of the deaf and the blinds! In the June 3rd court day, Atty Lee revealed how the blackmail took place through an eye witness from Keyeast.

And another witness from KHJ camp to prove that Choi didn’t had any bruises from the alleged assault as shown by the pig media Dispatch and other trash media back in 2014. We already knew all of these back in 2014 as soon as the news scandal broke that this scandal was just a bluff after all!! Just my opinion!

In June 3rd, right after the court day ended, the pig SOOMPI posted what transpired in that court day with twisted news translation, involving another Hallyu star who has got nothing to do in this scandal to begin with! And I just read from somewhere that this star’s fans are now furious over KHJ or furious at that Pig Soompi in mentioning the star’s name which was NEVER mentioned in the court hearing!

This is how Soompi, Netizen Buzz, Dispatch, AllKpop ect play their dirty game, and how I wish to appeal to KHJ camp to please pay attention to the English sites too who has been distorting news with a clear motive of destroying KHJ further, to press charges against them. They are a bunch of IDIOTS with no life at all, nothing to do but to crash KHJ!

HEY YOU, Soompi, my stupid monitor, here’s my piece to you…”GO TO HELL” You have done enough damage, and enough to put you all in jail or put you in hell!    I rest my case!

To my dear readers KHJ fans:

Please forgive my outburst, this is just my way to be able to smile again in the next days! To air out anger is also good and stimulating in facing another challenge ahead of me! I’ll see you on my next article with hopes in a cooler head!! LOL

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo cr as tagged: Ms D thanks for sharing,  @oaewman06 – for MS fanarts thanks!

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44 thoughts on “LazerKim…[article] To the DEAF AND BLIND

  1. Can’t wait another few months. KHJ will come out from MS. Miss him a lot. Stay strong and stay healthy, finish your line proudly.

  2. Hav u hear d new news about kHj… Dat choi is proven to be innocent… I can’t able to understand dat Hw she can proved innocent

  3. Are we here to Support Yoochun Fans? What about the Flower Incident that happen
    back then when Yoochun Fans wants JYJ to stay far from KHJ and His Fans? Probably
    Karma just knocking on there door step and now they know how KHJ fans feels. We don’t
    know the whole story yet with Park Yoochun Case.

    • PYC is well defended and protected by his company not like KHJ with KE. It’s seems the case is closed now. Not for KHJ hélas! But now fans of JYJ can understand us.

  4. Dear Kim Hyun Joong 😘💋
    Happy birthday 💖💝
    To be surrounded with our Love and Happiness ☀️🌞🌈
    Is what I wish for you today 🌺💐
    God Bless for you and for your family 😀
    And your alien family is would like to thank you to being here with us💕💗
    When we are missing you just look up to the sky in a Starry night ⭐️🌟💫✨💥
    We are there for you too
    Eat well 🌹🌷
    Take care 🌸🌻
    With Love 🍀☘
    Anita 🌠🎇🎆🌇🌅🌄
    Aja aja fighting ❤️💛💚💙💜💘💕💞💓💟

  5. just ignore those haters…
    and always remember that there are still lots of people who loves him and always support him
    no matter what happens in the future but KHJ will always be the king of our heart..
    he’ll always be the best kpop star..
    hope everything will be sort out soon..

    • happy birthday to you
      happy birthday to you
      happy birthday dear KHJ
      happy birthday to you..
      may you always smile like a shining star..
      may god always fulfill your wishes…
      love you KIM HYUN JOONG
      ENJOY!!!! :* :*


  7. Thanks LK for keeping everyone in the loop. I have made the mistake of reading from said sites in the past, only to come away angry and disgusted. I will always believe in HJK no matter what. As always you are the beacon and the light for All of us. Thank you!!

  8. Thanks LK for the article. I could not agree more.

    I think now your blog is now the most reliable source for this case even for the one who support the criminal suspected choi hye mi . Those who follow K-drama or K-pop soon will learn that allkpop , koreaboo and soompi are not reliable . They reveal themselves as unbelievable trash medias . I really wonder how they chose their editors . Their articles are bias and their motive are so evil. The readers can never rely on their information and reports. They intentionally stimulate hatred toward a person and among their readers . They should be banned or screen their editors. They are destroying morality of society by misleading their readers with twist reports and wrong information. I ‘m very sure they have lost or will lost a big number of mature readers who have good brain between their ears..

    • In my opinion whoever own those websites you mentioned in your article are the real evil . As if they have created the websites with the aim to stimulate people to be a criminal . I’m so sorry to have to say what I said because that is what ‘s happening now . Most of their readers do not accept others information they ignore the evidence , medical reports , police reports and lost their sensibilities. I must say they have done well to manipulate majority of their readers with choi hye mi’s lies and they have killed the most precious quality of being a human being .

      • hello Bella,
        I wonder how those trashy sites will have got so much traffic if name of Hj was not involved? I mean that nobody psycho bitchoi who is a worthless nothing, if she will not have gone to D and mentioned Hj name, who would have looked at her or even listened to her bogus stories (bet you she got paid by Dispatch to add more and more txt msgs….) ! She knew exactly what she was doing and how to extort money from all sides and she aimed at the biggest star…..

        I do hope Atty Lee will keep his promise to go after the trashy Media afterwards!!
        kakapoop and soompi-poop they can all burn with their miserable so called gossip….nothing close to journalism there and those trolls who believe all is written without even using their last neuron (or maybe is non existent) what can you expect all is garbage.

  9. Dear LK and Family!
    I see this as a START to get the TRUTH out, regardless of the trash Media, who is actually using Hj name and SKj just to get more traffic on their shitty sites….I still believe we are on the right track for the TRUTH to be out there.

    I believe Atty Lee has already proved that Dispatch and bitchoi and pig orchestrated that blackmail without a doubt, they attacked (because this is an attack) and abused HJ in the middle of his WT, they knew not much can be done as engagements/contracts were signed HJ could not have stopped everything and go battle, neither KE (not that I think they acted properly in defending their big artist…but still they were his agency) so they got with the money. Hj was unders tremendous stress but he completed WT and he smiled (even though you can see sadness in his eyes sometimes) he done his JOB as a true ARTIST that he is.

    But then the Monsters got very greedy they saw Hj still had a very successful WT and that Gemeni was on the way…so why not try and milk more money? I am sure they didn’t expect Hj will fight back and that their golden egg is slipping from their hands, they started again and here we are today 2 years already and not to forget that baby, sorry that I stil have doubts even though they say the DNA is a match….but that baby story is sooooooo weird and fishy and full of QUESTIONS marks, but that is my opinion.
    I believe that what they saw they will reap one day.

    I still hope that their SK court of law will not allow that joker pig and psychobitcoi make a mockery of their system because they will be the laughing stock of all the WORLD!

    what more their trash media believing that liar and blackmailer? I mean till this psycho passed HJ path (for only two months …remember that please) Hj had a clean track and for sure he had his share of girlfriends who for sure can testify that Hj is nothing of the sort of what that psycho is saying (not an abuser…for sure, maybe not perfect boyfriend material with his schedule and commitments and his line of work, but never an abuser) but as we know how strong head Hj is, he most probably said no to any help from them or his friends, because we know he is a fighter and he will try and shoulder all Alone. BUT hey Hj you are not Alone you have your family, your best friends and you have your hordes of Fans who strongly believe and support you.

    I believe that TRUTH has a way to prevail and I have Faith that Fate still has more in store for HJ (for the better..)

    God Bless you LK for all your hard work, love you girl!
    I am Hj’s fan and I am here to stay!

    • I agree with you at 501%. All was premedidated and they attack him when he was the weakest and they almost killed him (and his mother too). They are monsters. I think too this baby boy isn’t his (I hope he will do an other DNA test at his return). I would like his ex.girlfriends have the courage to witness like Vanessa Paradis with Johnny Depp!! But it seems, in SK, when someone like KHJ has big problems, he is alone (except his family and a few true friends). HJ is a warrior but he need help like everybody in this world in such circonstances. Fortunately, he has Mr Lee now to help him and his family and us to protect him. But I hope psychoi and her acomplies will be very punished ASAP. We are all exausted by these monsters (choi monster, haters, antis).
      I am HJ’s fan since 10 years and I will be forever since the end of my life (I am an old woman now)!

      • age is only a number they say, ma chere, if the heart is young nothing matters!
        Wishing you many years from now to continue being KHJ fan.

        and YES LK ..they may all go to Hell the trashy Media to take with the them the pig joker and psychobitchoi and monster witch mom…..


  11. Does anyone know if his career will be over when he returns because of all this? I pray all this gets cleared up. He is so much fun to watch.

    • He got the charisma, the talent and showmanship, so he will definitely comes back. But is not easy, he must work very hard. I believe he has already work out his strategy. Secondly we are living in the 21st century and people around don’t bothers about other people’s personal matters. So let us wish him all the best and God Bless Him.
      ‘” The step of a good man are ordered by the Lord, Though he fall, though he fall, he shall not be cast down, for the Lord uphold him with HIs Hand.”

  12. Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday is coming up and I’m happy to see that in spite of the witch hunt he still has many loyal fans (not blind just dedicated) left 🙂 Happy birthday, dear Hyun Joong, stay healthy and finish your MS well. Hopefully by the time you get discharged, the bigger part of this lawsuit mess will have been resolved in your favour. Your life will never be the same as before, there was too much damage done but whatever path you choose and whatever you decide to do in the future, I sincerely wish you all the best, long life ahead of you, health and happiness. You are loved by many, so don’t get discouraged. Us fans we see you as our brother/son/friend, we won’t leave just so 🙂 a good family always stick together.

    Happy Hyunjoong day everybody ❤

  13. Dear Lazerkim, you are not the only one with outburst… i m fuming with anger and nearly punch into my laptop screen with all the crap!!!! On the other hand, I am glad to know we are still one big Henecian family who stand by HJ. =)
    I hate to say this really… but i am really pissed!! I wonder there are no victims of Choi’s plot in the past?? All rich men dead? Out of her target list? With her greedy appetite, I m sure there are ‘predecessors’ before HJ. No??? Or changed face that’s why cannot trace?? No one checked her background???
    Hey rubbish media!! You should love this. Go dig the hell out of her!! U should be able to find something worth billion dollars. More than what she bribed you… she may be giving u just a little only… Don’t just focus on HJ.. U are on the wrong track obviously…

    To Choi and Accomplices, you may fabricate lies… What goes around comes around..

    Thanks Lazerkim for your updates once again!! =)

    • Ignore them, my friend, soompi won’t buy you a new laptop when you break the screen. Still we can wish them massive diarrhea for all the good work they’ve done XD How about that?

      • Hahaha.. anything for HJ! Even i hv to buy a new laptop =) soompi’s laptop contaminate with virus. They can keep for themselves. Hahaha..their diarrhea.. only pollute the air of Korea. Is poisonous lah!!! HJ and family still there.. Hahaha. I rather we are able to meet them on the streets and treat them like punching bag!! (=^^=)

  14. Bonjour !
    One thing for sure is that KHJ has a lot of fans, unlike hate/antis say. Otherwise it would not be mentioned in the so-called “press”. They know that his name will sell because we defend HJ and vermins drink lies because they do not know what else to do with their lives and have no brain.
    Mr Lee is working well in defending HJ. But two witnesses is not much. I hope he has the film of the attack at HJ’s home by psychoi, he also has all the pictures taken in Japan after HJ was wounded, and still other evidences.
    This horrible seon and crazy choi will have witnesses (of what, I’m wondering !!) which will lie shamelessly for sure.
    It’s scary that such a thing happened to our HJ! He was very ill and KE talked about suicide! In an other country, she already was in jail, for sure. 2 years of horror. At last, army seems to be a peace area for him. Even North Korea is less dangerous for him than choi and her acomplices.
    Sorry to express my anger here.
    I love you all Henecias and TripleS.

  15. Thank you so much Lazerkim. I have been checking several times a day for your clarification of the proceedings in court. You are right…the one sided reports still make it look like he is an abuser who deserves to be punished by losing his livelihood. I always count on you for real translations and explanations. I will continue to pray that the truth shines through. I am so glad khj is in the military. How ironic that to be safe he has to be on the dangerous dmz. Bless you for your dedication and persistence, and for all of those people who know how to translate for those of us who don’t.

  16. Dear lazerkim,
    Thank you so much for providing us truths. To be honest i never visited any of the trash media, they have no sense to humanity. So why should we visit them and increase their traffic. It is ridiculous that the media is playing with the lives of entertainers by totally forgetting the fact that they are one of the reasons their channels, websites were going on. They are also one of the reasons to make our star suffer like this. Be strong leader, god will lead you to the light. We will support you forever and forever….

  17. Hi LK ,the title of your article is so meaningful at this moment I need for such type of these title !! LoL but really you expressed what I feel toward the haters recently just by reading the title 👍🏻the card of media still has such power so they still playing with it even when they published fake news coz they know the level of minds that’s receive the news but I am sure whene choi enter the jail this card will burn so much and all people will know the level of such trash medias . dear LK be smiling khj need you to publish the truth ,take care of yourself.

  18. I believe that truth and justice will prevail and evil will be punished. Kim Hyun-joong will be back and will again delight us with their creativity. May God grant him strength and endurance. And we always will support him.

  19. Thank you for the news..i just read the news abt KHJ from this blog and another KHJ fan blog..always support KHJ forever..

  20. Thanks so much LaserKim

    Actually for me, It’s been quite a hilarious day reading reports from trashy medias to netizen comments. It clearly amplified their desperateness to make “justifications” to their earlier one-sided reporting (which any professional intended journalist should not violate, in doing so they’ve broken the law of human rights, especially in dealing with KHJ, who is a public figure). Guess this will be addressed when KHJ’s side officially file for damages.

    Also, this 5th hearing on 3 Jun is mandatory so that it could bring a “closure” to BitChoi’s civil lawsuit and proceed to KHJ’s (counter) criminal lawsuit. Thus, this hearing was only to reiterate KHJ’s defense of BitChoi’s claims (which we already knew the findings/results from earlier revelations by KHJ’s Atty LJM via press interviews etc.).

    I’m so glad all these puzzle pieces are coming together slowly BUT surely to form the final picture –– THE TRUTH.

    Lastly just hope that we, as KHJ’s taking stance with this epic events of the lawsuits –– would continue to stay silent, stay steadfast and more importantly STAY PATIENT. As KHJ pleaded with us all before he enlisted –– TILL WE MEET AGAIN, WAIT FOR HIM!!!

    • Agree with everything you said . Thank youn to remind us a lot of things especially to be patient , stay silent and steadfast. The whole truth will be revealed soom. The criminal choi hye mi will have to respondsible for the crime she has done.

  21. Thankyu for the news, i’m waiting for it,i just don’t trust all that bullshit media anymore…. And last one for bitchoi GO TO HELL…!!!

  22. I’ve been waiting for your news. I am happy that the truth is slowly coming out. I hope and pray that the next hearing will go on smoothly. Thank you so much for the real info.

  23. I totally agree with you. Those media trash in Sk is terrible i can’t believe it! Im on teary eye reading about the testimony thinking what hjoong suffers emotionly, physicaly and financialy after all the scandal.. that pig is his greatest mistakes. I just want all of this things over soon. I just want hyun joong to smile again, hav peace of mind and be happy again..God please save him from all jealous and greedy people who do this to him and protect him everyday. We will never leave u as promised.

  24. Thank you for the info. You and all of HJs fans deserve to be angry at the media. HJ is a wonderful and special person, so the other idiots want to destroy him. I feel if all of his true fans help him fight, we will win! I believe in him and always will. Keep up the great work for him, you are doing a great job. Believe and never give up!

  25. Thanks for the update, later on when everything is settled, KHJ can file a law suit for these media outlets for writing distortedinformation. I hope KHJ is calm now that things are going on his way, and hope his Legal advisers will take care of him to thelast straw. The truth will set him free.

    Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2016 03:54:28 +0000 To:

    • I totally agree with you. Those media trash in Sk is terrible i can’t believe it! Im on teary eye reading about the testimony thinking what hjoong suffers emotionly, physicaly and financialy after all the scandal.. that pig is his greatest mistakes. I just want all of this things over soon. I just want hyun joong to smile again, hav peace of mind and be happy again..God please save him from all jealous and greedy people who do this to him and protect him everyday. We will never leave u as promised.
      I do hope he will do that soon.

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