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Geez! This is the second year that Kim Hyun Joong shall be celebrating his birthday away from the lime light and physically away from his fans. But in spirit we fans are all with him all year round regardless of rough sailing, nothing matters for me as I stay dedicated to him and only in him I shall stay!

Many may be wondering and asking “Is KHJ’s career over because of this nightmare?” Well, as we can see, I may say this could be the longest scandal ever made in the history of SK probably, but it’s been two years and yet the media are still itching to write and twist the name Kim Hyun Joong! Which means he’s still salable!

Pardon my words but in terms of business this is the only way I can put it! A celeb will remain if he’s still being talked about and that’s how showbiz reality is. But honestly speaking, deep inside me, if this is the kind of showbiz SK has, I would probably be happier for him to live peacefully away from these monsters surrounding him in SK!!

I remain consistent as I wrote in one of my articles that I would love Hyun Joong to pursue his career outside SK after his MS, Japan in particular! Kim Hyun Joong has nothing to repent about to deserve this kind of treatment from his own country and in this nightmare, his ONLY mistake was to have a drink with that snake! And no matter how anyone twist the situation, KHJ is the victim in this conspiracy that I shall never forget.



Back in 2012 I wrote an article as I dream of KHJ singing with his guitar and surrounded by his fans from different nations and from all walks of life, in an open field like a desert away from noise, with just a stool, a microphone, a speaker and Hyun Joong singing to his fans! As I now recall what I wrote back in years, I now realize I was short of saying “LEAVE US ALONE!”

And now, this is exactly what I want to say to those monsters, to leave us alone, leave KHJ to his peace because no matter what they do to destroy him, those monsters will surely fail! And in any event after this nightmare that KHJ ends up singing in just a small bar, he will still be mobbed by his fans and will follow him wherever he goes. Please do remember what I said…

A dancer will die as a dancer, a singer will die as a singer, a musician will die as a musician, an actor will die as an actor! Can anyone stop Kim Hyun Joong?? I don’t think so!!! He’s a stubborn man, remember? As I wrote in the past, Kim Hyun Joong is destined to stardom and that is the only place where he belongs that no one can ever stop him. Period!


To Kim Hyun Joong,

I wish you all the love and happiness from every corners of the world because that’s where your fans are! One day we shall be together with you again and by that time we shall be screaming all together saying this…..”LEAVE US ALONE!!”

May you have many more birthdays to come and we shall always be with you even you turned gray and wrinckled, who cares! Our love to you remains unconditional!

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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73 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. I am totally dumbfounded with Korea’s INJUSTICE system. I am feeling so angry and disgusted right now. This is just sickening to think that b**** is walking free. My heart just breaks for HJK and his family.

  2. Korean social media is disgusting.
    They keep producing shocking news without distinguishing right from wrong.
    They just brainstorm what has happened with no evidence at all!
    Shame for Korea.

    • Sooo….. Choi has her own Media that can back her up and
      Maybe Att Lee and KHJ should have there own media to so that way they can even them out.

      • I was talking about SK Social Media!
        Not about that psychopath liar blackmailer bitchoi whatever is her name!
        That freak she is a SHAME to SK she brought shame to real DV women all over, she is a sorry excuse of a woman !

        • Noya, My mistake, Message wasn’t Meant for you. It was for MightyMom and Someone Else Down there. I post it in the Wrong Place.

        • I
          SRI LANKAN

  3. Unbelievable that this has happened. No charges? Who are they kidding? Who is paying the DA to back off. It is SO OBVIOUS that someone got big money to not prosecute the case. I hope the appeal will bring to light who is behind this joke. Because it is a joke that there was no evidence to support the criminal charges. When I first read this, I almost cried from anger. But why give in to their joy. I’m sure Choi and her cohorts are laughing all the way to the bank! Money doesn’t buy happiness, or maybe it does in SK. Apparently so.

    I have a question. The “baby” is almost a year old. Have the grandparents seen him? Has anyone seen Choi take the baby out of the house for a walk in the park, store or wherever? Is KHJ paying child support? I know they have joint custody but does that mean the grandparents have rights too?

    I hope and I pray that the appeal will work. Is the law so blind that they don’t see what is really going on. We are not lawyers, but the facts are there. Maybe destroying someones career is not enough to send someone to jail. Maybe not even a slap on the hand. (ok, I’m getting angry again!) I almost want to ask all the international fans to stop watching Kdramas, stop buying their idol’s cds, reading their webnews, so they can see what a big impact this case (and others) is having on international fans. They make so much money from us, you would think they would care about us. Maybe losing money is what they need to wake up. I wanted to visit SK but now… not so much.

    I wonder what will happen July 8th? Another victory for Choi? At this rate, it seems likely. KHJ’s hard-earned money is being drained from all this. Maybe that’s what Choi wants to bankrupt him. But then, if she even thinks about it, the more she lies and she gets away with it, the less money he’ll have for child support.

    OH! Since no charges are pending, does that mean that her travel ban will be lifted? So now she can leave the country with the “baby” and continue her slander elsewhere so KHJ can never see the child?

    Stay strong KHJ. We believe in you. We will always support you no matter what.
    Thank you, LK for your blog and honest reporting. I hope that somehow, KHJ, can read all the support he gets from us.

    • Dear Anon,
      I totally agree with all you wrote and these just put a lot of people off from Kdrama.
      SK is a SAD place now, really their economy is not what’s been, the big concerns have losses all over (HHI LG Samsung..) they let people off, scandals all over, over corruption and frauds, latest being the big Lotte, not to talk about the war between the entertainment agencies which is bloody to say the least. So how can you expect a mere stupid prosecutor to do his job when he most surely got paid? For sure they are making scandals on Celebs in order to divert the interest of people from the real issues that are there, so they side with trash media and blackmailers and gangs are a priority to keep them occupied and on ponder on the real issues and the mishaps of their government.
      But, by killing with their own hands the best of the Hallyustars who brought them lots of tourists and fame and not to talk money in the taxes they got from those celebs, what are they gaining by giving the stage to those rejects of the society, like bitchoi or those other women who are throwing mud at other celebs?
      they are losing on that for sure. I for one stopped watching Kdramas long ago and I think they are making a big shame from themselves by playing the righteous when is none!

      that freak bitchoi should be in JAIL! she made a mockery of their law system!
      and talking about that “baby” ….I see I am not alone that I still Question if is a real one, even with the DNA and acceptance….and both parents custody. On this time will ttell for sure, can’t keep that hidden forever.

      Power to Hj and his family may the Truth Prevail!

      • Someone said this prosecutor is the same one who took choi case in 2014. I think is choi can get away from the damage she did the whole Korea will be bankrupt and there will be blackmailers and people turn to be criminals all over the country.

        I did stop watching Kdrama and variety shows since the scandal broke out mainly because i can’t stand the hypocrite and the justice ignorance of the Korean . Their medias act like a gangsters and their public seem to enjoy seeing a person’s life is damaged. It seems the medias try to make a liar and a blackmailer gold digger become the hero of the country with the support of justice system. I’m not surprise if 10 years later SK is full of criminal because they have been encouraged to believe that they can commit a crime to get rich without punishment.

      • Choi making a mockery on Sk court of law bcoz the court allowed her to do so. I just lost respect on this country I’m sorry!
        Forgive me I have to control my anger and this is the reason why I could not post my article pertaining the latest development of the case. But I will post it. Thank you!

          • Sorry Lazer,
            I accidently Press enter and suppose to delete it. Didn’t realize it was there. I had to restart and Changed it. It was raining when the light went out. Will you Delete that whatever it is i said on here?

          • LK we are all very angry right now. It’s okay to be angry and hurt with this outrage. When I first saw the news my stomach hurt. I can’t even imagine how KHJ feels. I’m so glad he is doing his ms even if it is in a dangerous zone. I think Choi is more evil than NK! She’s the devil personified. Bcuz I watch so many dramas ! I wonder if she hasn’t placed a curse on KHJ! Silly thinking I know huh? Wish I knew a shaman to take away that curse!! God will prevail against this horse-faced Devil. We’ll always pray for and support KHJ. Sometimes I wonder if KE isn’t behind all of this. Why else would they tell him to meet Choi After paying off her blackmail? If he ended his contract then, they lost a lot of money. And like I’ve said before, it’s all about the money. These media moguls could care less about their celebrities. At least the real fans stand behind them. Stay strong KHJ, we believe in you!

  4. Whats next for KHJ and Att Lee?
    Are they still Continuing the Investigation or is it done already?
    Does anyone else think The Prosecutor is being Paid by Choi. Besides the Prosecutor, Who else
    did Choi Paid to do her Deeds?

    • It is very interesting question. i think you also have the answer about prosecutor which probably the same answer with everyone who has followed this case.

        • Can anyone tell me whats going to happen next for KHJ and Att Lee?

          Why isn’t Att Lee going after the Media or the Social Media Website yet? Is Att Lee waiting to get done with KHJ case and then go after them?

          Choi and Att Seon has some good Game Plan and they know how to Kick It.
          I wondered what will happen when KHJ Appeal the Case, Will Choi Paid another person to do her Deed?

            • Will this be the last Civil Case?

              what about Private Investigation? Let me guess, Choi Paid them to Screw it up.
              Pretty soon KHJ won’t have Money left to Sue because of Choi and Everyone else involved.

              Att Lee and KHJ need to Step up there game plan. Att Lee can’t do all the Dirty Work for KHJ.
              Need another person to help out this Case.

              • KHJ has a new attorney that will represent him for the appeal of the criminal law suit. It’s someone that has more experience with criminal cases that Atty Lee. Atty Lee will still represent him in the civil case. All we can do at this point is to pray that the judge in the higher court has integrity and can not be bought.

                • Thanks Mightymom! 🙂
                  Sooo…KHJ has a new attorney that will represent him for the appeal of the criminal law suit. Does that mean another Attorney who is also Experience just like Att Lee?

                  I hope none of these people have any Connections with Choi and Att Seon along with a Bunch of Wild Hyenas Roaming around.
                  Att Lee and KHJ need to keep there eyes open wide. Choi and Att Seon will probably Paid them to do the Dirty Work.
                  Maybe a Spy Among them.

                  I know Choi has her own Media that can back her up and
                  Maybe Att Lee and KHJ should have there own media to so that way they can get even.

    • Finally the SK justice system has proved that justice is just a joke for them. In my opinion the prosecutor of this case has proved how hypocrite the Korean are. What kind of message he sent to the Korean and its children especially women. The prosecutor sent a message that when someone was found guilty of lying to destroy a man life and career and extorted big money from him could be free of charged if the prosecutor think she did it unintentionally.. In the other words a gold digger and liar are not wrong by law. What happened to his life , his career and the money he lost are treated as his bad luck. In my view this prosecutor is confirming to the world that South Korea is a country of hypocrite behavior and the justice is not its best interest. Nothing more nothing less. .

      • Well said Bella….the message is real…go blackmailers and parasites is worth not having a decent life …the law protect you….
        what a joke SK Law system has became….

  5. “Kim Hyun Joong turned Choi, who is truly the biological mother of their child, into fraud and an extorter, which destroyed her character. She is now officially innocent, however, she has greatly suffered from the tortures of his fans. He needs to reflect on his actions, and must provide an apology.”
    An apology? How about be grateful for the fact that you don’t have to go to jail for falsifying evidence, Ms. Choi? Being cleared on all charges don’t make you an innocent woman. It just means the court deemed the evidence insufficient for a guilty verdict. Instead of waiting for an apology you don’t deserve, just be grateful you still have your freedom. You might not be so lucky next time.

    • that bitchoi will get an apology when hell freezes over! We all know what that mean …she wants more money! after she trashed him all over she wants only “an apology” …does she think We are ALL morons !!! that Choi HM (what ever…her name she is still bitchoi) is a NOBODY and a BLACKMAILER PSYCHPATH and that is FACT! Just trash that I can’t believe exist; a shame to be called a woman….

  6. Reading PYC’s case I hope his fans are embarrassed him with love. After seeing what was happening to HJ I find it’s hard to believe any of PYC ‘s accusers . choi hye mi ‘s lies and her criminal actions has played a big part on this opinion.

    However I feel the trash medias have its additional mission to earn money as an agent to create celebrities scandal and found themselves a task as a medium man to negotiate between celebrities who have been victimized and the accusers.

    Hope the SK justice system can stop such an ill-full practice and encourage a lawful and respectful attitude among the medias personnel.

  7. Happy Birthday, Kim Hyun Joong! I sent him a letter and a copy of an essay that I wrote about him. I hope he’s able to read it. If he does, I hope he doesn’t think it’s creepy.

  8. I heard about PYC case. His agency is so brave to fight for him. Hj’s case could end the same if he fought back in September 2014 . He did not have agency that knew hoew to protect its star because we all sense that choi hye mi lied and wanted badly to settlement . sadly his agency did nothing accept believed her lies and let her successfully convinced HJ with her lies again and got him to post apology letter to simply protect her from her own lies. I this stupid or whoever advice him to accept the deal was very stupid. The wrong step from that letter has brought him to tangle with her again and brought him to the situation now. Sad to think back but we still need to fight for justice and hope justice will be given to the one that deserved it.

    • Dear Bella,
      just my opinion and I do not take part to KE or that they acted like they should, but when Hj’s nightmare started it was in the middle of his WT he and company had commitments and contracts to complete, that bitchoi knew exactly when to attack in this case, that is why she got the money so easily and that stupid letter. If Hj would has started the war then it would have cost him much more and law suits from all parties. Now he can fight and he is doing that.
      Re PYC he is in the MS and his agency can fight back very strongly, even though I think the agencies took lessons on how to act quickly from Hj case. I wonder if this one will take pig as her lawyer….just a thought.

      • Hello Noya and Bella! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Pls do allow me to share mine too and this goes to everyone.

        I agree with Noya as I wrote in one of my articles, KE was also the victim of the scandal. And now during the June hearing it came out as KE rep took the witness stand at the civil court explaining how KHJ and his agent suffered the huge damage due to this stupid scandal that Choi created.

        As to Park Yoo Chun’s case, he’s lucky he’s in his MS when this intended scandal broke so his agent can freely defend him since they got nothing to lose since PYC doesn’t have a project obviously! I cannot compare since KHJ and PYC has totally different situation.

        KHJ case

        This is like a hostage taking too, “say a thing or I’ll shoot your artist”. As soon as this scandal exploded in Aug 2014 I clearly emphasized on the TIMING of this scandal which I wrote on article “Simply Defending” in Aug 2014. That’s what Noya is trying to say that Choi knew when to attack! Choi spilled out at the middle of WT.

        And I bet you if KE and KHJ fought back during that time in 2014 as what they are doing right now, definitely we won’t have the Gemini. I don’t think any producer can produce a show with a tainted artist, this is just my opinion. It’s suicide and they know it even they don’t believe the scandal, the public believed! Who’s buying the concert ticket? Isn’t it the public?

        And Choi knows this quite well. It’s in the June 3rd hearing as the witness was asked something like “do you think the accuser knew the damage that can create out of this scandal!?” Atty Lee was establishing the blackmail scheme in 2014.
        The fabricated assault was said to transpired in May 2014, the media exposed the scandal in Aug 2014 when hj was on his way to Thailand for his WT concert. It took choi 3 months to go to the police and report on stupid fabricated assault. Why was that? Is it bcoz HJ refused to give in to her blackmailing to give her the money she was demanding and that was why she went to the media? Whatelse was there for a reason!

        Then again in Jan 2015 choi was claiming she was pregnant, where was HJ? He was in Tokyo preparing for Gemini. And as soon as he returned to SK another scandal broke! See the timing? she knew how to attack hj.

        And for those who were asking as to why HJ came to meet that bitch, I think it’s a part of the blackmail together with the letter of apology. He has to give in to his blackmailer since Gemini was already on the table. I also wrote this last year. I remember I read in one news article in 2014 something like hj has to be nice to her comfort her stupid pain of breaking up!! Only to find out she has another plan B and that is another fabricated pregnancy! Hj wanted to leave his fans some memories of farewell concert which is Gemini before he gets to his MS and this bitch was trying to ruin it. What choice does HJ and KE had but to give in to his blackmailer. He may be naiive but not stupid!

        For me this is more than a blackmail, it’s already hostage since it’s his life that was at stake here as this bitch was destroying his life as an artist. I’m not in defense to KE here as I said in my article I just don’t want to end up eating my own words bcoz it’s very likely that HJ will still take KE as his agent if he goes back to stage. Do we have a choice? We are only his fans. And we respect whatever his future plans are.

        Forgive me I was suppose to write about this again since all our questions pertaining KE was already out there at the June 3rd hearing. I just don’t want to spoil June 6. Anyway, hopefully one of these days I can write again pertaining HJ’s case. I mean no offense here, I’m simply sharing my thoughts on this space.

        I’ll see you soon! Have a nice day everyone and take care! God bless..

        • Thank you very much Noya and LK for your responds. I totally understood and agreed with all of your good points but still think KE could have done better and be more professional to protect their star from being bashed and buried by trash medias if they were not too afraid . I mean choi hye mi and the gang knew more about KE and HJ than they knew about her.

          However I really appreciate that KE’s CEO took a stand on the June 3rd hearing. His testimony was very strong. It has revealed how much HJ was emotionally and psychologically affected by choi’s threatening and how much HJ had lost because of her unlawful actions. Hopefully KE will do their very best to support HJ till the case end and to rehabilitate his reputation and career after the MS.

          LK I’m always looking forward to reading your next article.

          • Oh yes Bella I totally agree with you KE has lots more to learn as an agent and take precaution in protecting their artists. And most of all prof PR officer and a stand by lawyer specializing cases like this is needed. I think I wrote this too when I attacked KE in 2014 since we were at lost and what was being fed to us by the trash media were all fabricated info.

            Specially at this time as we can see celebrity scandals are getting to a trend using those trash so-called media. Here’s how they do it. They spread those false accusations and sensationalize in making the public believe and hang it. So what was left to the public’s mind was the false accusation.

            When it’s turn of the celebs to clear his name, those trash just evaporate and no one seem to listen! As I was saying since 2014 this is just for bad publicity. The purpose is to destroy the celeb in the public eye, period! For them it doesn’t matter whether the accusation is false, what matters is the story that can ruin the artist image period.

            As I posted at tweeter…”The true CRIMINALS in these scandals are those TRASH MEDIA”
            And this is getting out of hand that I hope something can be done since internet is a very powerful tool in either making or destroying a person.

            I think those bitches and media takes advantage of internet in the wrong way to the point of killing the integrity of a person.

            • You are so right the true criminals in these scandals are trash medias. They are supporting unlawful cold blood action of real evil mind devil woman to destroy lives of other people solely to fulfill their selfishness and greed. choi hye mi is the big one of them who has shamelessly destroyed many lives especially KHJ’s life . I would say SK society will become the place for criminals to enjoy unlawful action and it will become a paradise for blackmailers , gold diggers if the big liar and criminal like choi hye mi is not put in jail. It’s really poor me to have to know shamelessly actions of this woman . I hope she will be sent to jail and no more the 2,3,4,5 choi hye in SK ‘s society. .

              • Woman like choi hye mi did make the real DV’s victims suffered greatly. Her lies has discredited their stories and ruin all women’s dignity . Because of her lies the real victims will face more difficulty to come forward. choi hye mi has established a bad reputation and negative attitude toward the victims of DV. I hope the DV’s victims in SK will sue her for harming their reputation and made their lives more difficult.

    it was a nice surprise to see your blog with another beautiful picture of KHJ. It really surprise me, Fell like new winds are blowing around KHJ, his family and fandom. Thanks dear , here always with my only one and you. 2017 is near l dont know how but l feel these 3 years passing faster than ever. I got my 2 birthdays waiting for good news. Hope not to wait till 2017 for the end of this nightmare. Our next birthday needs to be the happiest and a beginning of a new life.
    GOd bless you my dear take care we need you here, KHJ needs you here.
    The next picture will be with his big smile.


  11. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG. May God Bless you & Keep You Always.
    GOd Bless Us All his Fans, his Family & Legal team. VICTORY ALL THE WAY!!!!

  12. Hi, I haven`t written in a while, but I am here, reading all those true and well written articles. Happy birthday to our Hyun Joong. I wish he will be strong, healthy and able to forget the nightmare. There are so many people that love and support him, even more now, after all he has suffered. I wish I could see his lovely smile as soon as possible.

  13. Happy birthday Kim Hyun Joong. We love you always. We are waiting for your come back. God be with you Throughout your career. Leave aside all the bad experiences n stay positive always . Keep fighting!!! GBU💖


    I wish all the best for you. My special star, the one and only.
    I’m sure you will be one of the great men in the 30th.

    Stay positive with everything that come to your life
    Thank you for being in this world for me to love.

    The more I know you the more I feel you are special.
    Good and bad experience in the past will only bring you a real fruitful future.
    I’m proud to be your fans and looking forward to your comeback.

  15. Happy birthday to my KHJ, times flies and turn really fast, with all your weakness and problem I love you more and more. On your birthday I pray and wish you all the best, stay happy and healthy, all the problems you have right now will make you a stronger and better person ever, do not afraid of it because you are not alone, all your fans from around the world stand with you. We love you HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUN JOON🎂🍾💐❤️💝🎉

    May God bless u n ur family on theae days. Be strong, stay healthy and comeback to us as usual u are.. KHJ d HALLYU STAR!! We will never leave u n will keep supporting u!! #HappyHyunJoongDay

    Thanks LK for this column. U too may God bless u always..

  17. Happy birthday to kim hyun joong,its so great,even though we are on a rocky roll,am jst so excited,kim hyun joong is the best,none can compare,i have understood a lot thru this trail..uzooins victory is here,when our oppa comes back,we will sore high,GOD COVERS EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.Amen.kisses hyun joong na…

  18. To. Kim hyun joong,
    Birthday is the time of celebration; I hope you have a wonderful day with loads of love and surprises. May your birthday give you best memories till the next one, may you success waiting ahead.
    Miss you

  19. Wishing you the best of everything! May God shower you with good health and protect you from harm.Happy Birthday.

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOLD BOY KIM HYUN JOONG.Zauvijek si u našim srcima. Volimo te u Bosni i Hercegovini.Budi jak i sretan.I LOVE YOU FOREVER.HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  21. how can i ever say how important you are to us your fans! what word will i use to appreciate you my great star. your great love and dedication to your career and fans is one that can not be measured. we are indeed grateful to God to have you. may God continue to shower his blessings, favors on you, may he uplift you beyond imagination and make you excel more than you ever have. we are proud of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY the best icon and soldier of our time

  22. Ever since the day I met you, You’ve added something amazing to my life KHJ.
    Wherever life takes you, whatever the goals that you endeavor, I will always be there for you.
    Happy Birthday to my biggest joy KHJ.
    Thank you Sis Lazer for your Awesome article… TOGETHER FOREVER.

  23. Even if his career is finished in korea or wherever, there are still loyal fans like us. We will forever be with him. He likes to sing n we love to see n hear him. So, let it be. He can still be a singer to us. Let his jaksal chicken remains to support himself. He will slowly gain more fans. We will help him jz like what we did now. Clearing his name when he is in this hell at the moment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEADER! KEEP UR SPIRIT UP EVEN THOUGH IT IS HARD.

  24. Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong! May all your wishes come true and win this case thus clear your name. CHM and her allies will be in prison for their whole life! Thank Ms Kim for allowing us to use this space for his special birthday!

    God take care of you well these moths, we need to rest of her REALLY.
    Lots of love for you


  27. Happy Birthday 생일 축하해 HJ!! Hope I am still able to see you complete ur MS. Be it you still in the showbiz or have more biz of your own, Henecians will not leave you for sure. We will support you. I believe you will be a better person as you have said before. And I have faith in you. Be strong and be healthy always!! (~^^~)

  28. Happy Birthday our Only one KHJ The best wishes for you baby we loves you!!! From
    Henecia Venezuela Official Fan Club ( Kim Hyun Joong) kiss-kiss from Caracas, Venezuela we waiting for you !!

  29. To: Hj
    Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you stay True to yourself, to believe in yourself that you can achieve all you wish. To fulfill you dreams and to continue to do what you love, to be there on stage (your true love) to give your best, because you have a creative mind and you have lots more to give.
    to continue to be the fighter that you are, to fulfill your Destiny to be One of a Kind ARTIST, don’t give up on your dreams!

    Wish you to find a true love, you will know by now how to recognize it, to find that special woman to be your partner in life/lover/friend/mentor/teacher your equal, that will make you grow and help you to became a even bigger Artist.

    Your FANS from all over the World are with you always and support YOU KIM HYUN JOONG! because you are special and you managed to Unite so many FANS all believing and loving our ONLY ONE !

    LK thank you for this and please continue being H’j’s Guardian Angel! God Bless!

  30. Happy birthday to my only one “khj” I wish you always be happy and healthy,I wish to see the justice for you shining every where in this world , be sure nobody can change our love and respect for you , God be with him and protect him .

  31. greetings lazer kim welcome back . i missed you. my baby boy khj will always be successful . His steps are directed by God and trust me,God is real . SK news people can do their best to drag him through the mud,but at the end of his tribulations , there will be the rain to wash him clean. we his fans who are righteous and spiritual have left hyun joong to a higher power. As you said the more they talk about him, the more relevant he is. I love my sweetie because there’s nothing fake about this young man. Stand tall.Hold your head up high.Hyun joong. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.The world is filled with sinners . haters are going to hate so shake it off as the singer says. I will never leave your side. I am forever a hyun love.

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