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By: LazerKim


The July 20th civil court hearing on KHJ vs Choi pertaining to 1.6BW Lawsuit was the final plea for counsels of both parties to present their claims and defense before the judge can make a ruling on this civil case on Aug. 10th at 2pm. Argument and rebuttal from both sides were being heard.

I have been covering KHJ’s case from day one in Aug 2014 to the present and most of my readers have been following this case from this site. From day one that I’ve been writing on this case I believe all I have written were based from facts, on how this case unfolds and so more or less we have seen and equate the truth and the lies.

At this point I will not post any translation from the news articles released yesterday after the court hearing simply because I do not want to confuse any of my readers, since most of the info seem to me was misleading from facts that we already gathered over the years.

I have posted statements from witnesses of both parties, and with no doubts we have seen which of the witness statement is credible. I did not comment on Choi’s witness statement which I posted on my recent article simply because I do not want to be indulged in another set of lies that even I won’t dissect those statements to understand, my readers know very well where the lies fall!



Allow me to review and summarize this case in simple common sense and less complicated way in layman’s term for better understanding of what is going on. From day one I have stated in one of my articles this statement as I address it to Choi and Seon….

“If you are to accuse anyone and bring your case to any court of law, make sure you have substantial evidence to support your accusation and your case.” 

This civil case that Choi filed pertains to damage lawsuit on Miscarriage from alleged assault in 2014, that up until the last hearing Choi failed to present substantial evidence on pregnancy, miscarriage and alleged assault. Take note that these claims are medical issues, from alleged assault, pregnancy and miscarriage.

Here are my questions:  First, was there an assault on Choi? Second, was there pregnancy in 2014? Third was there miscarriage in 2014?

Choi’s camp presented evidence of purely text messages, fake pictures of assault and witness that can only state hearsay statement from Choi and NO specific eye witness that assault was being done to her. She was not able to present any medical records that can prove she was pregnant in 2014 and had miscarriage.

ALLEGED ASSAULT:    Choi failed to present any medical record since alleged assault was a physical harm said to be done to her and from the fake photos she showed those were supposed serious injuries and alleged broken ribs however, since Choi doesn’t have legit medical records, it was Atty Lee who provided it from the hospital where Choi went and proved she had an accident from the gym causing injury and not from alleged asault!

Aside from the fact that there was a police report in 2014 stating that there was no sufficient evidence that assault was done to Choi by KHJ, that I think this police report was totally disregarded for whatever reason no one knows!

PREGNANCY: The only evidence on her pregnancy was a pregnancy test kit which she kept for 2 years and NO medical record from an OB stating she was pregnant in 2014.

MISCARRIAGE:  Choi claimed she had miscarriage. If a woman experienced miscarriage it is necessary that Dilation and Curettage should be performed by a medical expert or OB in a hospital after a miscarriage, otherwise her life is at risk that may cause death. And Choi failed to present any hospital record that stated Dilation and Curettage was performed to her in 2014. Obviously she’s still alive after the alleged miscarriage 2014!

And granting she had miscarriage just for the sake of argument, still it doesn’t prove anything, because the next question would be, who was the father of the said pregnancy in 2014? To prove that KHJ cause her 2014 pregnancy, another set of lie was brought in!

These allegations are medical issues, and ONLY medical experts, valid legit medical records can prove her claims. And NOT the staffs of SK court of law who reads those fabricated test messages as proof of pregnancy and miscarriage not even alleged assault, which I find it stupid, unprofessional and primitive way of thinking!!



May I just point out that, until the very last minute of this civil case court hearing the pig Seon kept insisting that KHJ and Choi lived together in 2014, that he cannot even prove that they were indeed living together. While this is so easy to prove and here is why:

KHJ was living in a luxury service apartment or a condo. What can we find in a condo? A lobby receptionist, security staffs, valet staff, housekeeping staffs, building maintenance staffs CCTV on lobby areas corridors and elevators ect, not to mention the occupants of neighboring units close to KHJ’s unit.

If it’s true that KHJ and Choi were living together, it’s so impossible that none in the building had not seen her or know her even just by her face! I’m wondering why can’t Seon bring anyone from the staffs I mentioned to the court to prove they were indeed living together?Simple, it’s because KHJ and Choi NEVER lived together and I assume she neither was a frequent or regular visitor in KHJ’s apartment otherwise those staffs would recognize her!

Seon was tying to insist on this lie simply because if KHJ and Choi were living together Choi doesn’t need any medical record to prove her pregnancy on KHJ! They brought a witness who can testify on this but all she said were hearsay as Choi told her she’s living with KHJ.

However this best friend of Choi had never seen KHJ in person, his apartment and neither had she seen both being together not even dating! In short Choi’s witness did not prove anything at all except what Choi told her this and that, all Choi’s fantasies! HEARSAY!

Seon claimed that the address stated at Choi’s car registration address was KHJ’s address! Hello counselor, I can state anything in a car registration and those documents can easily be fabricated, knowing what you have in your country, all fake, come on!



In the end I find this civil case a roller coaster set in the playground of SK Court of Law played by Choi and her lawyer Seon! Whether they win this case or not, for them obviously doesn’t matter at all! Since their main goal is to put KHJ in the line of tabloid scandal news and put him to shame that can bring him down in SK!

From day one Aug 2014 nightmare, we knew all along the lies Choi brought the public that caused damage to KHJ’s image to the SK public. Again the entire world is the witness in this case how Choi made SK public seem damn ignorant to read and believe her story filled with lies.

May I just mention, that Seon was intending to sue KHJ’s witness as he stated the witness Lee is a member of KHJ fan club!  Well what’s new? Choi’s camp just love suing people who are telling the truth!  Between her best friend as witness and a KHJ fan, who do you think has a better credibility?

KHJ fan being an eye witness has brought with her in court substantial proof of evidence and smart enough to corroborate in the case. While Choi’s best friend as her witness brought nothing but hearsay and the statement I DON’T KNOW!

The civil court ruling is scheduled on Aug 10th, we can only wait for this day and with hopes to end this roller coaster which has been on going for 2 years now as the first scandal exploded in Aug 2014!



May I just mention, there was a news quite recently that an SK senior prosecutor was arrested by authorities as this senior prosecutor was found guilty of bribery. I just wrote it in my recent article as I speculated Mr Prosecutor handing KHJ’s criminal case was being paid by Choi! Now I can no longer doubt my wild thoughts! If a senior prosecutor can be bribed or paid, what more those prosecutors under the senior??

(Prosecutor News source:

If there’s smoke there’s fire! I sincerely hope that SK judges in this civil court are better than the SK prosecutors! Then let’s start crossing our fingers and pray! Because for 2 years that KHJ’s case has been on going, it seems to me in SK Lies have better listeners than the Truth and this is just so frustrating in this country South Korea!

After all of these roller coasters and it’s time Hyun Joong can get out from his MS, I sure do hope he would migrate to another country! With the two years he has been suffering, I came to realize his own country cannot protect him as a Korean citizen at all. This is painful for him I know since he loves his country but his country doesn’t love him at all! I’m sorry to say this but reality hurts!

Now I can understand as to why many Koreans migrate to other countries even to countries poorer than their own! SK only grew up by technology and probably country’s economy. But people from SK still in primitive way of thinking that made them the biggest hypocrite in the entire world! I’m simply expressing my thoughts in all honesty on how I see South Korea as a country and people within! Poor KHJ really, I pity him!

However, as the saying states, after a heavy rain comes the sunshine, in every dark tunnel there’s always light ahead, if there’s a beginning then there’s an end to everything…

Oh lastly here’s my message to CHOI….

To: Choi Hye Min

It doesn’t matter how many kids KHJ may have, his fans will stay with him…BUT If you Choi kept hanging on KHJ’s wings, we KHJ fans will always be on guard to make sure you fall down to HELL….see you and your KARMA very soon!!

                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

                                        MORE UPDATES BELOW

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Trans cr: @sunsun_sky Thanks for sharing!



STATEMENT FROM ATTY SEON     (July 20th court hearing)

Take note on no. 2   



Well, a new person now was being entangled in this case on its last trip, as Seon mentioned KHJ’s brother! LOL  Seon stated KHJ’s brother apologized to Choi on June 6th for the bruises KHJ inflicted on Choi!!  Was Atty Seon drunk during the court hearing in July 20th? I’m just asking! It seems to me Seon wasn’t in his right mind yesterday at the court hearing!

This event in Jeju transpired in June 2014, and this case has been on going for 2 years now and this is the first time he ever revealed such LIE again! If there’s a truth to what he was saying then this should have been brought up in the previous hearings! Why was he saying this on the last day of hearing? It seems to me he had run out of alibi to refute so the best he can do is to include another character from KHJ camp! LOL

Hey counselor Seon , this is not working, no one is buying that statement you made! You even dared change the date of event again! LOL  This lawyer is so inconsistent from the beginning and for the last trip he again proved his inconsistency! Honestly this pig and that snake has  the habitual way of fooling SK public! This Seon and Choi are great liars of the century and criminals by nature!   Such comedy show! LOL



Here’s a video clip entitled “KHJ did not Assault” link below stating the truth pertaining the alleged assault in 2014, for those who have not watched it. I’m putting this on record!

Video Link>

(Trans cr: @Princessmich123 thanks for your effort)

(Video cr: @jamkkuleogihj, thanks for sharing)


To my readers who have been following this case from this site since 2014 straight up till this day, may I call your attention to re-collect with me. It was in Sept 15th 2014 KHJ’s last WT concert series in Nagoya Japan, that the “shotgun letter of apology” was released as Choi demanded for and complaint was dropped after the letter was circulated and $$$ was delivered. Let us not forget that this letter of apology was even twisted by media!

Aside from the so-called Letter of Apology, there was monetary settlement AND a condition that KHJ reconcile with Choi till the year end 2014! Therefore this explains as to why KHJ came back to her which I consider another SHOTGUN agreement! I can still remember I have written my speculation pertaining the blackmail in 2014 that was ignored!


(Photo above taken Sept 17, 2014 KHJ leaving Nagoya fr last WT concert series)


Why did Choi continued blackmailing KHJ despite of the settlement in 2014? Is it because KHJ resist the idea of seeing her again? What else can there be a reason? She’s aiming to get hold of him forever and I got no doubt on her motive from day one 2014 “If I cannot have you, then nobody will”. …sigh…

Mark my word, KHJ shall be Choi’s WORST nightmare and as her KARMA shall start oozing in her dark future ahead of her, whether she wins this case or not, it doesn’t matter. She’ll never find happiness the moment she destroyed KHJ’s life…

May I just say this, as I can only speak for myself……To insult Choi in this site is not even a fraction to compensate with what she had done to me as an affected KHJ fan and as a person defending KHJ’s human right which was violated for two long years.

Basic lesson learned:

“A woman can NEVER force any man to want her with sincerity, be it with clean motive, or worst of all, with evil intent!”



On Civil Court ruling:  The court ordered Choi to pay 100M Won to KHJ to compensate for mental distress caused by false images and defamation.

KHJ won this civil case!!!  Congrats to KHJ!!   Details on this good news follows on my next article! See you soon!!

NEWS UPDATE    (Aug 10)

Singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong wins compensation suit against ex-girlfriend

(cr: Yonhap News Agency)

SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Yonhap) — A local court on Wednesday ruled in favor of singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong and dismissed a compensation suit filed by his ex-girlfriend after she alleged that she miscarried his son due to physical assault.

The 30-year-old has been locked in a legal battle as his ex-girlfriend, identified only by her surname Choi, filed a suit with the Seoul Central District Court in April last year, seeking 1.6 billion won (US$1.45 million) in compensation.

The plaintiff claimed that she miscarried his child in 2014 after being physically abused by the member of K-pop boy band SS501.

Kim filed a counter suit against Choi, saying she was actually not pregnant and that she spread false rumors about their relationship.

The court dismissed the suit filed by the woman, citing a lack of evidence while ordering her to pay 100 million won to Kim for defamation. It said there is circumstantial evidence to believe that she was not pregnant.

In December, Choi said Kim is the biological father of her son who she gave birth to in September, citing a paternity test conducted at Seoul National University College of Medicine. Kim has said he will take full responsibility of the child.

He has been serving in the military since May last year to fulfill the requirements of all able-bodied South Korean man.

(News source link)




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  1. I am delighted to see khj performing again.I’m not happy that the shedevil still has to meet him in court .lets hope for closurclosure soon.

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    I want to meet kim hyun joong once..seems like upto July he is not therr any way I can meet him. .please help me.

  4. I’m a big fan of KHJ .i really love him so also angry with miss choi , but I can’t accept that making her in jail and hurting her is correct .we must be a little tender than this as she is also a lady or a girl like you and me . what she did is wrong but lets just forget it as a bad luck night mare and stay calmed just like HYUN joong oppa. Love is like a sand glass whatever happens to the person we Love we still hold them . saranghae kim hyun joong oppa. I love his patience too much.

  5. It’s all true , I am a diehard fan from India I don’t know Korean language but I love Kim hyun joong and ss501 please reply about Kim hyun joong like and ss501 come back as ss301 , Kim hyun joong and park Jung min joint or not and its really Kim hyun joong baby

  6. I am a die-hard fan of KHJ..i adore him..and i am curiously waiting for the final verdict of the SK court regarding this useless false case filed by Choi..despite of all these rumours i sincerely wish KHJ a bright and super successful career ahead and want him to see as No.1 as he was before..
    All the love-respect-support he is getting now..cause he worth it..
    All i wanna say is every dark night has a beautiful morning..and this dark night which is going on since 2yrs..will surely bring a persporous morning in your life..we all are praying for u

    • Dear, the judge ruled Hyun Joong to be innocent and that Choi lied in her claims and ordered her to pay Hyun Joong 100MW (and i’m not sure she is also required to pay 10% or 15% each month until the 600MW are back to him).

      We are awaiting on the prosecutor to take the criminal case to the court now.

    • Hi,

      I agree with you that our anger with choi can sometimes go overboard but please remember she comitted crimes and there for she must pay for them by receiving the punishement by court. That also to ptevent her from doing this to any other person. People need to pay for their mistakes one way or another.

  7. Dear LK and All dearie friends,

    I’m so, so, sooo glad and still in happy mood today. Thank God for Your grant our pray for over this 2 years. I still feel like crying now while I write this. Lol.. Sorry, am so emotional.

    Thank You Lazer Kim!!
    Thank You dear all TripleS & Henecias!!
    Thank You all the Translators!!
    Thank You Khj’s Friends!!
    Thank You Khj’s Familly!!
    Thank you Mr. Lee Jae Man & d Team!!
    Thank You Judges!!
    And last but not least…..
    Thank You my dear love KHJ for keep believing on us, your true and loyal FANS all around the world
    Thank You! Thank you!!


    Lets pray that all evils who tried to drag Hj down would be served their karma in near time soon. Hope Choi will be jailed for all her greedy and psycho thing that he did to KHJ.


    Ovo je najljepša vijest u zadnjih dvije godine.
    Sada treba još veća podrška za KHJ da se uništi buđ-oktopod.

  10. muchas gracias por mantenernos informadas, por fin se hizo justicia para KHJ, realmente estoy super feliz, imagino que Hyun y su familia lo estan mas!! Gracias Dios!!

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  12. Dear ALL,
    Truth surfaced and Justice been served, oh well, hope will be continued to be served through that Criminal case (hope he will continue) and to solve the enigma of that baby (I know Hj accepted DNA and has joint custody…but, a teeny weeny hope is there still…after all psycho bitchoi lies and behavior I still have doubts…maybe it is me only?!) . Frankly I hope for more even like a nice Jail cell for her and her mom and a disbarred Pig seon…that will really make it like Justice been Truly served!

    I really believe that bitchoi is a psychopath for real, not normal woman how scorned she may be because she was rejected will go to the lengths this psycho gone to destroy the life of another person (Hj is a real person with real private life not only a Star) no matter how greedy and blackmailer she might be, this is not normal.

    LK you were right from the first article you wrote about this case and we learned the hard way to be patient, But had the Faith that Truth will prevail.
    for Hj and his family and friends and loved ones and his Fans been two long freak years.

    I also hope that Hj will sue Dispatch and other trash media who contributed and fueled the haters and antis to discredit Hj without even checking if any real facts exist, they’ve destroyed and defamed him without mercy, they should be sued!

    thanks again LK for being Hj’s Guardian Angel!

    That new 5th Anniversary album should be our gift to Hj by buying it and showing him His Fans are there for him waiting to come back! He has a place in our hearts!

    As always a Fan of HJ.

  13. p.s.s. just curious, other than the DNA testing has there been any news regarding “baby”? Wondering what happened there. I know HJK has shared custody, but has his family been able to see him?

    • I was wondering the same thing. The baby is now about a year old, but it appears that she did not take the child to any check ups cause no one has spotted her and the baby anywhere. Did someone else takes the baby out? Where is this child?

  14. Yippee 😤!! watched a beautiful sunrise, now this. Am so happy for HJK, his family,friends,fans,supporters everywhere!! This is truly wonderful news. Hah, you can find justice in SK!! Thank you LK as always, can’t wait to get the details. 💚 to all.!! Hallelujah 🌄

  15. 🎵 CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!🎵 🍾 👯 We knew it the entire time. Justice always prevails! I just hate that he had to endure all of that. I hope he will be safe when he finishes his service and goes home. Despite Kim Hyun Joong winning his case, there may still be some anti-fans coming after him. There may also be a possibility of Choi going after him again, unless she’s rightfully sentenced to prison or Mr. Kim leaves the country because Choi still has that travel ban. Maybe I’m being paranoid and cynical. Let’s celebrate this moment. GEOMBAE! 🍷

  16. I for one NEVER doubted it. I stand on the word of God, He says in His word ” I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU.” The Lord was/is with Hyun Joong & his legal team every step of the way & I always claim VICTORY ALL THE WAY. God’s promise came through. “TO GOD BE THE GLORY.” To LK & all Hyun Joong’s fans my RESPECT & ADMIRATION to ALL of you straight up. Let us continue our prayers for Hyun Joong & his legal team. Remember VICTORY ALL THE WAY. Love you guys.. GOD IS SO GOOD.

  17. Psalm 97
    1 The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad;
    let the distant shores rejoice.
    2 Clouds and thick darkness surround him;
    righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.
    3 Fire goes before him
    and consumes his foes on every side.
    4 His lightning lights up the world;
    the earth sees and trembles.
    5 The mountains melt like wax before the Lord,
    before the Lord of all the earth.
    6 The heavens proclaim his righteousness,
    and all peoples see his glory.
    7 All who worship images are put to shame,
    those who boast in idols—
    worship him, all you gods!
    8 Zion hears and rejoices
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    because of your judgments, Lord.
    9 For you, Lord, are the Most High over all the earth;
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    11 Light shines[a] on the righteous
    and joy on the upright in heart.
    12 Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous,
    and praise his holy name.

    Today God is worthy of praise all day long and every second of our lives really but we can praise him with our deeds too.

  18. I am extremely happy and i am crying at the same time!!! Seriously my hands trembling….. Thank you thank you thank you lord and attorney lee and their team and everyone!!! Congratulations leader and every henecians!!! Finally justice won…

  19. Dear LK. I am very happy that justice has been served , his name has been cleared . This demonstrates that no matter how many times you want to hurt someone Karma will always come to collect. However , there is still the custody of the child , I understand that he will take over , hopefully with this court would see that little better father than that poisonous snake. I will pray much for justice to be aware that the baby will have a better future with KHJ than Choi. The truth that baby worries me a lot , if she is able to get to do so much wrong with this, I greatly fear for the safety of the baby. Please monitor this issue as well. Thank you. Greetings from Peru

    • I don’t know but I honestly feel that there is no baby, that that baby she brought to the media (even though was covered) was a rent baby or something like that God only knows, also truth of this will show.

  20. I am sooo happy….Congratulations to everyone, to kHJ, his family, friends, supporters and fans. Maybe now some of the haters will open their eyes. The compensation is nothing, compared to what has this woman done to him, but it is a start. A light in the tunnel. Love and support from Bulgaria.

  21. A special thanks go to Lazer Kim for keeping us informed about the she devil and her minions. BLESSINGS TO YOU LAZER KIM.I HOPE HYUN JOONG AND HIS TEAM THANK YOU TOO. ON HIS BEHALF I THANK YOU. LOVE AND RESPECT YOU IMMENSLY.

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    K H J Congratulations time to rake a break
    My boy you are relieve now agent you?
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  24. All K-pop has an article from half hour ago! She pays him. SHE is GUILTY. The judges saw the truth. Thank you God for this much prayed for verdict! Now maybe he will get to see his child. Thank you to all of his fans who have worked so hard to let the rest of us know what is going on. Especially thank you Lazerkim! And thank you Jesus! CONGRATULATIONS KIM HYUN JOONG!

  25. Got word from his fans that he won civil case.Thanks be to God who is greater than that gal and her devils.word is she has to pay 100mil won.yes yes yes

  26. Hi LK , so nice that’s refreshment for the most important points in this case ,Choi needs to accept or love herself first to know how to love the others !! her first love is “money “, God bless you LK ,take care of yourself.

  27. Dear Atik
    that was beautifully said, thank you.

    dearest LK
    you are a real Fan and a treasure, you analyze everything properly and YOU were RIGHT from the start about this scandal and the motives of this psychopath bitchoi (she is really Ugly…no plastic will make her better..). She will reap what she saw….Karma is there.
    The Truth always prevail and find ways out.

    Thank you for being Hj’s Guardian Angel.

    always a Fan…

    • Yes, thank you for all you have done. You never left his side or ours. Thanks for seeing and printing the truth of this case and thanks to all who translated for us English speaking fans. God bless and let us continue to be watchful . God bless all but especially his family and attorneys. Now, let us wind the criminal case.

  28. I hope Att Seon and Choi don’t end up paying another person to Bribe at the High Court just to Destroy KHJ and Att Lee along with another Att he Hired. They need to be careful and
    keep an eye on that. Look what happen to the Prosecutor that Choi bribe him for. Choi
    and Att Seon are ahead of the Game, they could hide another Person to Bribe.

  29. Hi LK dear,

    I’ve been silent reader for a long while. But today I want to give you a big hand for all u hve done for our boy frm a day started in August 2014 until now, August 2016. Its been 2 years of long suffer, pain and distress for us and can’t imagined how our Hj endured it all these years.

    I want to thank you LK, really grateful to find your blog on the day the news wrecked my heart, when I almost took all those lies. Feeling so down, like can never handled the pressure anymore. Many of us Khj’s fans feeling confused and can’t just believe that Hj was kind of person as Choimonster said. And one day somebody has shown us a way to ur blog and the rest is history. So thankful seeing how you stand on your thought, how you fight all those ‘rats’ who came here and strike on what you feel & believe abt Hj’s ‘scandal’ at the time. Its the most stressful situation I think but you have nailed it in great way. Lol…

    From time to time we shared our feeling, any info we got, you always have alot of idea how to write, you know a lot abt our boy. Honestly, I learned so much from you, from all our lovely friends here and all the articles you wrote here were full of the love for Hj.

    Keep on with good write up LK. You are the best we have so far. Your blog has save many ‘lives’ from being fooled and ‘killed’ by those loser people ever out there, antis & haters. Proof – see we Khj’s fans still stand tight beside him and will never let him loose frm us till the day we ready to fasten this knot and let him free, for the better life and comeback to us as KHJ THE HALLYU SUPERSTAR!!

    P. S – sorry for my rampant here today, let’s pray for Hj’s winning n may God bless Hj, his family and us.

    • Hello Atiq!
      I’m so glad to hear from you again! Thank you so much for the compliment and rest assure I shall be here writing, can’t promise till when but I’ll keep my word to be always in defense and protect KHJ till the end.
      Have a great weekend and see you again! God bless…

  30. To KHJ: Honey I don’t trust the prosecutors of SK.But whatever the outcome of this case,learn from it. I’ve always felt that there were wicked people who surrounded you.Its time to cut loose a lot of people. That creature who calls herself a woman was always an enemy. You just didn’t see it.devils come dressed in sheep clothing. I pray that you get justice.
    Make sure that you continue your music career. We your fans want to see you sing and dance again. I will always love you .Don’t ever think that you are Alone because you are not alone. The military was the best thing that happened to you in 2years. You are a Survivor. Make sure that you act like one.

    • As you get near to a possible closure of this nightmare , I just want to let you know that Nothing can change how your real fans feel about. we/I will always be on your side. Youve been through the fire but not even the smell of the smoke will not come near you,meaning God will see you through.
      i believe that every disappointment has a reason behind it . Turn this hardship into success .You are strong soldier . you are not allowed to let one woman and her devils change your way of or not. I wish that you read these comments . THE STORM IS passing you by, come home and make music for us. I LOVE you whereever you are

        • Thanks he/we won that crazy gal.but I don’t trust her. She will use baby as leverage because she’s low and dirty. Her crew are dirty.she tried to destroy him but YET HE RISE. I SPENT 2years on my knees praying for him and for that wicked gal. Prayer work. I love my baby boy.

  31. Hi LK,
    Hope you can help. Saw pre order info on hyunnie pexer, but is in Japanese for HJK’s 5th anniversary album. Know any English sites that are taking preorders? ps Connie – USA; great clarification, let’s hope SK understands their own laws. Stupid prosecutor didn’t.😣

  32. Hi all…. LK has done a great job of keeping things clear and according to time line, thanks so much LK….I am a trained paralegal in the USA… This means I have been trained to research andigitacoze Law… when the South Korean Prosecutor dropped charges in criminal case… He doesn’t have acquittal powers so he couldn’t aquit Ms Choi he could only drop are so it didn’t go before a judge…Anyway when this occurred I was going what the He double hockey stick just happened. So I went to work so to speak.

    First to under stand a countries laws you must know how the legal system in that country functions… The SK legal system I found has one huge flaw. Prosecutors have way to much power. In SK criminal investigations begin with Police and are followed up with prosecutors however all prosecutors act independently from each other and have unlimited discretionary powers, they at times are allowed to act as quasi judges… the judges hear cases and make judgements based on statutes there are no precedents used each case judged solely according to statue. Judges have no discretionary powers. ( where the problem lies for fairness and equality under the law is that at the prosecutors level there is to much power and no balances… at the very least prosecutors should have thier discretionary powers limited to the constraints of the statute it’s self.. )

    The Next step is to look at the statutes for the crime that is alleged… for criminal and civil I found that the law is the same but b the penalties differ. I researched this statue in English via ……Criminal cases are putting is through prison time and fines, civil cases are punished via restitution and act to restore name. In SK the term defemation is a blanket term used whether allegations against a person are true or false is addressed upon which category of defemation either slander or liable… liable is punished more severely then slander and falsehoods more severely than truths…. slander is word of mouth verbal defemation, liable is defemation using media.

    Here where it gets a little tricky….. the statues calls for Intent to defame and Malice must be shown to prove intent. However when closely read the statue specifically limits the intent and malice clause to the press in order to protect the press and free speech it does not apply to the individual citizen. Also this clause only applies if an allegation is true. The statue doesn’t give any wieght to how big or little falsehood is contained in the allegation if there is falsehood it’s liable or slander. If allegations are true they are not punishable if they are for public intrest…careful reading of the statue as a whole reveals that allegations about a persons private life unrelated to public activities is an attack on character and does not fall under public intrest.

    So now everyone reading this has base understanding of the SK legal system and the Statue ie… the law as it pertains to KHJ civil and criminal cases…penalties are so diffrent in both and I don’t feel need to go into that here….

    Taking I to account how SK legal system functions and the law it’s self let’s of look at KHJ cases….

    Because of comments Ms Choi admits herself to making to KHJ brother and her BFF collage friend it’s possible for slander charges to be proven since there is no proof of KHJ doing what Ms Choi alleged. However here she would still be punishable under the law even if she had proof because the relationship with KHJ was personal and not connected to his public life as an entertainer. In fact KHJ has never conducted his personal relationship before t he public but always kept them personal and private. As to liable, there are the text messages that have been proven to be altered thus false, medical statements that directly refute claims of presence and even a statement from a medical facility that she request a statement that she was pregnant even after she was told she wasn’t and to come and be retested at a after date. The burden of proof falls on accuser not the accused. Ms Choi has not provided one shred of actual evidence to back her accusations however KHJ has provided hard documented evidence by professionals and private persons who happens to be a fan ( by the way there is nothing that says it’s improper to use a witness or evidence from a person who has applicable knowledge of you just because you don’t know them personally ie…. a fan )… when the law is properly applied here again even if Ms Choi had provided evidence she is punishable under the law because this all relates to her private life with KHJ and has nothing g to do with here eris public life as an entertainer.


    According to the SK statues the prosecutor who dismissed the criminal case did so in grave error by Appling standards to an individual that were specifically designated to apply for press only. Furthermore the act of taking a personal private relationship to the media can be viewed by any reasonable person as intent to defame as well as Malicious in nature..The media did not goto Ms Choi she went to them. Via one of her own texts that she herself supplied to the court her intent to defame maliciouly is painfully evident as shes asks if her having a child with KHJ will drive his fans away. Through this text its clear that she wishes to put a wedge between KHJ and his fans…Thus we can be very hopeful on the appeal……

    As to Civil as you can see if the statute ( The Law ) is followed KHJ will win there as well since Ms Choi doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on….

    I hope I have helped she’d more light on the situation and KHJ Innocence….

    • Thank you so much for an informative and knowledgable comment. I hope KHJ will get justice from the South Korea ‘s court of justice. I have a lot of doubt with the prosecutor and hope the court will accept HJ ‘s appeal. I really wonder what the Korean public think about this prosecutor because if it happens in my country people will immediately suspect that he is corrupted.

    • WOW What a clear explanation about it, longer but well done, thanks dear.
      Hope he will win this time, for me she herself makes damage on her character. Just a stupid girl.
      KHJ fighting

    • Thank you so much for this. What we all thought from the beginning and as LK put in her first article in Aug2014 is actually true. Bitchoi Monster had every intention from the beginning to defame Hj and to put pressure to blackmail him, sound and smell Premeditated actions. (her txt msgs with her witch mom prove it more than enough…)
      what is making me mad is how that pig seon was allowed to bark nonsense and BS to Media every time they went on some hearing? I mean it was so obvious a media play with confusing dates/info ….how come he was not disbarred till now?
      The media they were intent from the beginning to slander and cause damage to HJ…how come nobody with a common sense or a bit of serious journalism intellect didn’t find this is not right?
      It was so obvious that trash media was siding with that monster bitchoi for every lie she said was like farting unicorns.
      What more, common sense was screaming to each normal person that all looks and smell like bogus lies and made up stories and still….the court let her trash again and again HJ….why they didn’t just throw out that from the beginning?

      That prosecutor..thank you for the explanation, making it more clear now, how the asshole played God….Have you seen that lately a higher prosecutor was arrested for fraud and so on…. just showing those guys have not much integrity…what a shame to SK law system.

      I do hope that Hj will appeal to a higher prosecutor for the criminal case and go on to put that monster psychopath bitchoi in Jail and that joke pig seon should be disbarred, he done so much damage with his babbling bullshit in front of media without any viable proof and twisting all dates/stories that all got dizzy from his stupideness.

      Thanks LK for all your hard work and being here.

      HJ dear – when you play with trash you are bound to get dirty…avoid it in the future!

  33. KHJ budi jak.
    KHJ budi zdrav.
    KHJ dobro jedi..
    KHJ čuvaj se.
    KHJ budi sretan.
    KHJ budi nasmijan.
    KHJ zaboravi sve.
    KHJ volim te.
    Pozdrav iz Bosne i Hercegovine

    • From BOSANKA: KHJ be strong. KHJ be healthy. KHJ eat well. KHJ take care. KHJ be happy. KHJ, smile! KHJ forget her. I love you. Greetings from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  34. KHJ…just b strong nd put yourself together cos all these wil soon come to an End nd rememba that ur fans really luv u….i am rili happy to see that there are a lot of people that believes he is innocent…thanks Lazer Kim, i hav always believed that all choi said against KIM are lies nd that he’s just been framed up.

  35. From Ella-Elizabeth: For two endless years these freaks are sucking the life out of him.Who is gonna take responsibility for that horror? What kind of punishment or compensation can fix what they have done to him? It’s just driving me crazy when some softy fans here try to turn the issue into the love story. No way. That bitch is beyond all limits, but the fact is that she is just the top of an iceberg. The real problem is that the universal virus well-known as ‘money’ perfectly infects and paralyzes the unhealthy society and gains absolute power. And if we remain indifferent to justice it means we willingly or blindly support the crimes and let the microscopic mosquito to grow up into a huge monster. Practically we create that monster and let him swallow our pride, our conscience, our sense of what is right and wrong. Nobody can help us. Only we can. All we have to do just try to be honest with ourselves and stop crucify innocent people for their childish mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But everybody is special. Lets just live humbly in peace and love. If not, then tomorrow what’s happening to KHJ can happen to anybody, even to you hater. Today KHJ is serving his MS to his country. To be fair, the PEOPLE and COUNTRY should protect each other EQUALLY. I guess, that’s what the humans do. DEAR KHJ JUST STAY WHO YOU ARE, MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT, SO YOU HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH. WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT JUST LET IT GO. THE BEST FANS-FAMILY LOVES YOU FOREVER. LET YOUR SMILE LIGHT THE WORLD AGAIN. PS to LAZER KIM: Hi dear LK, my login got stuck completely so there is a problem with posting. Will try Anonymous. Tnx for an article and having us here.

  36. Let’s claim this in our prayer:
    “Hyun Joong is free of all limitation of every kind, he is full of God’s love and full of freedom, happiness, peace, wisdom, and love and goodwill for everyone. he is extremely joyous and doing what he likes to do, he is receiving love and justice and goodwill from everyone. he is full of wisdom to always take right action, full of abundance of money and good feelings and good people and fans to share his talent with, he is free from every negative thought and feeling, so are his fmily. he is perfect in the lord God. Amen”

  37. I was just thinking that maybe Seonpig’s threat to sue KHJ’s witness maybe be a positive sign. It means that he is scared. He’s was grasping at straws to intimidate the witness because be knows their side has nothing. He was hoping to frighten the witness into recanting her statement, but it backfired because she was committed to the truth. I’ve had to appear as a witness for a much less serious case, and it was still very intimidating. I’m very proud of our witness for staying strong under the pressure that she had to deal with.

  38. Thank you lazer kim…
    i respect you for supporting kim hyun joong endlessly..and i think if the fans of kim hyun joong in SK doubt and disregard kim hyun joong then they have to reason to call them a fan of kim hyun joong as firstly we all know that kim hyun joong is one of the most modest person we have seen in a show bussiness so there should be no reason to doubt his intensions.. Even if he is the father of the child i think no one has right to intefere as no one knows what circumstances lead to may be alcohol,emotional drama of our famous queen Miss choi or many more..
    And for those who now hate kim hyun joong bcoz they think he is a father of a child then let me tell you even he is an idol he is a human being who will fall in love eventually but its just that he is so naive that he fell in a trap instead of love..we as his fan should respect him and privacy and should support him emotionally..i sincerely pray kim hyun joong win the case..

  39. Great info LK. Really wish you were a part of HJK’s legal team. Your insight and commonsense questions would have had her locked up months ago!! Here’s hoping for truth to win over delusion & lies. Love seeing the support for Hyun Joong at the hearing, all those banners & fans👍💚. Never stop believing!!

  40. I read up on pregnancy testers and results that change after the 10 minute window for accurate results. Most test will change to false positive if you wait and evaporation takes place. Its common. That’s why test results are invalid after 10 minutes. Why didn’t they point that out to judge? All her evidences (testers) are invalid after the first 10 minutes and showing questionable and unreliable results after 2 years. Not to mention there’s no DNA to prove those were her tests. I wish the judges realized how people are looking at them from all over the world and at SK as less than ethical. (Not saying they are/aren’t – but it seems that way after criminal charges dropped and 2 years of this persecution by Choi). They fail to support justice, fail to protect a citizen, one of their own – one who is defending their country from the DMZ, and one who is an asset to SK.

    • I responded similarly to another post. I think the court accepted the pregnancy testers as evidence so that Choi can not come back with an appeal by claiming that she wasn’t allowed to provide the evidence that she wanted to.

  41. I feel for KHJ.his life was never easy. He worked hard for everything he got.His naivety got him caught up with people who lack morals and conscience. No matter what the outcome of this farce,NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR PRIDE.NOBODY CAN KEEP YOU DOWN.DON’T GIVE UP.STAND UP AND HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH. F@$# THAT GAL AND HER DEVILS.SINCE YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THE CHILD..make sure there’s always a 3rd person picking up and dropping off child.YOU MUST NEVER NEVER SEE THAT THING CALLED CHOI AGAIN IN YOUR EYESIGHT. HYUN JOONG I feel like hugging you just before I slap you for laying down with IT.I can’t even call her name. But we all make mistakes. What a price you gave paid for one meeting with a money grabbing gal.As your devoted fan ,who will be with you until the end of time,Don’t let anybody get you down. YOU ARE STRONG AND GOOD LOOKING. STAY IN SK and hold your head up. Nothing to be ashamed about.SHIT HAPPENS.NOW MOVE ON AND MAKE MUSIC FOR YOUR FAN.I LOVE YOU.

    • Hello Angela!
      I agree with you 100% thanks for sharing your thoughts! Allow me to just add up since I didn’t elaborate my statement up there!

      KHJ had already started to build his career in Japan since 2013 in full blast before this scandal exploded and he was successful as he gained a bigger fan base in Japan, he is groomed for this market, while He was envied by others!

      He made a promise in Japan that he’ll come back and I strongly believe he will fulfill this promise that I really hope he’ll finally migrate and stay for good. This will show SK what power he got. This will be his fair fight.
      Just my personal opinion as how I see KHJ’s future career, as in never say never!

      For me professionally speaking it’s no use building a career in SK if the primitive will only pull him down just bcoz he was envied. I care about KHJ not only as a star but as a human being who’s intention is simply to share his talent. I want him to be in a better place for him to pursue and be appreciated. He has better earning and sound career in Japan. He can fight better in a deserving place, and that will be a big slap on SK!

      To migrate is not to surrender but to fight back fair and square! He made a promise and I will be waiting for that day he’ll fulfill it. I still wish he’ll stay in Japan for good. This is what i meant with what I have written up there!

      Thanks Angela, I’m glad I can clear this up! LOL have a nice day! see you again!

      • Lazer Kim greetings. You are my hero. Thanks for all the information on my sweet KHJ.I did get what you were saying about leaving SK.I just wanted him to stay and be in those devils faces every day. Besides if he were to leave for Japan that might impact his custody fight for the child. Assuming he wants full/shared are so right about envious people. Oh my ,I was hoping SK didn’t have those kind of people. How sad. Keep us posted. I am thankful to you for your intelligent analysis of the B.SH#!.RESPECT TO YOU.

  42. hi LK thanks for a new article, but I had a dream that the judge ruled in favor of Hyun Joong. I am insisting on having justice for Hyun Joong no matter what. I’m gonna leave you with psalm 27:

    “1 The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
    The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?
    2 When the wicked advance against me
    to devour[a] me,
    it is my enemies and my foes
    who will stumble and fall.
    3 Though an army besiege me,
    my heart will not fear;
    though war break out against me,
    even then I will be confident.
    4 One thing I ask from the Lord,
    this only do I seek:
    that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
    all the days of my life,
    to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
    and to seek him in his temple.
    5 For in the day of trouble
    he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
    he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent
    and set me high upon a rock.
    6 Then my head will be exalted
    above the enemies who surround me;
    at his sacred tent I will sacrifice with shouts of joy;
    I will sing and make music to the Lord.
    7 Hear my voice when I call, Lord;
    be merciful to me and answer me.
    8 My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”
    Your face, Lord, I will seek.
    9 Do not hide your face from me,
    do not turn your servant away in anger;
    you have been my helper.
    Do not reject me or forsake me,
    God my Savior.
    10 Though my father and mother forsake me,
    the Lord will receive me.
    11 Teach me your way, Lord;
    lead me in a straight path
    because of my oppressors.
    12 Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
    for false witnesses rise up against me,
    spouting malicious accusations.
    13 I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
    14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.”

  43. Thank you so much for the information. My health is really affected with the unjust outcome of the investigation. I do pray for Kim Hyun Joong to e strong and never give up. Choi has already doomed him like hell but I still believe in the power of prayers so let us not stop praying for justice for KHJ. I am thinking of boycotting all Korean products if the devil wins in this battle.

    • Hi!! The devil will NEVER win, he is already a defeated foe. Let’s just be patient, wait & trust the Lord “HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US. And PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.

  44. I think the purpose from the witness to said the truth and not add another year for the case by making lies !!! so what’s the problem if the witness was khj fan . I am sure there’s cases in Sk more complicated than khj case but the difference here is they are following a professional liar!! Choi playing with time to burn khj ‘s image more .Lk I think Sk doesn’t appreciate their celebrities in general and not only khj but as you said it’s hurts!

  45. Just have faith in the justice system. I do not think they are too dumb to recognize the truth vs lies, evidence vs hearsay.
    I also signed for the regarding this matter.
    I also believe that he will be vindicated of all this inquests. I pity Ms. Choi because she will do everything to get her hands on the money even if it’s means losing her dignity as a woman.
    If she really was pregnant and was beaten up to the point she lost the baby and fear for her life, why she didn’t go to the hospital to report the abuse? Or call the police? Why she waited to pile up her cases? To make more money? Haist, I just hope KHJ will get off this nightmare. A piece of motherly advice to KHJ, listen to your parents. Look for a woman who will inspire and make you grow not just a woman who is around you for lust and fame.

  46. Dear lazerkim, once again thank you for this article. You are right lazerkim, whether they win this case or not, they don’t care about that. The main goal of that evil group is to torture kim hyunjoong and bring down his name. And for the past 2 years they did so many cheap things and tried to achieve their goal. And for the last hearing too they bring out another set of lies like hj’s brother asked sorry to her… Seriously how can they do it like not caring about anything just building lies and lies… I had never seen anybody in my life like her and her stupid lawyer. It’s been two years he is suffering and we are facing this nightmare and now it is time for the sunshine in his life!!! And i seriously don’t believe the south Korean justice system. I believe only god and truth. It’s been like a battle between evil and god to me. So it is time for god’s action. I believe hyunjoong’s pain and suffering, his patience and all of our love and prayers for the past two years will give us justice. God protect hyunjoong!!! Love you and support you forever hyunjoong. You are my only one star!!!

  47. Very well said lazerkim…Thank you for being there,it;s nice to have someone remembers every details and giving us precise updates for Khj case,very much appreciated…
    ” To me it has been a source of great comfort and strength in the day of battle,just to remember that the secret of steadfastness,and victory,is the recognition that ” the LORD is at hand .”
    Remember to fight the good fight of faith…You have already Won!!
    Let us pray for Kim Hyun Joong …May the Good Lord shower Him with guidance,strength and wisdom…Love and prayers …

  48. all henecians… i have been seeing a loot of news which is too negative about kim these through thiis page…though very bad at reading any articles and understanding them i understand from articles from this page that kim from past 2 years is having some sought of bad luck which makes him represent himself a sought of bad guy among people…. so my dear sisters lets us all pray for kim and bless him with lot of positive energies so that blessings drive out negative energies from his life and fills his life with lot of positive energies,which help him lead happy, blissfull and peacefull life and be back as beack sung joo which every girl dreams… hope my words are effective and makes you all pray for him n bless him….KIM WISH YOU A HAPPY AND BLISSFULL LIFE…

  49. Dear LAzerkim thanks for your article your words confort us.
    FOr me the KHJ witness is the most credible for sure, Just fans follow their celebrity, One example is as close as his fans did with him, so close that he sometimes felt weird no confortable at all, sometimes ran but they are there behind him . I felt sorry for him, what a life, with no privacy, but we are there waiting for any new, video or photo in the soccer field, in the airport ,in the restaurant etc. For sure SK fans knew Choi, many fans knew her , they inmediately after the scandal, knew the girl who follow him. Listening to them probably they recognized her, and take a photo just for fun. They could say others ¨Look l take a photo of KHJ´s GF¨. Why Seon said she is not credible, SK KHJ´s fans are always where he is in public places, they know everything about him his female and male friends . Even they could figure out who of these female friends could be his closed girlfriend. Lately we read about how girls tried to get money after to have an afair with a celebrity, they have sex and them acused them to abuse. Celebrities and non celebrities go to adults bars where probably offer the service of those girls as ¨ company ¨ since the prostitution is prohibed there. Is it a reason to acuse them to abuse? There is too much to pull from SK society. Hypocrisy is the word that could fit them. Before that happened and as l got my son facing many strugles with girls in a time before that time, l really wondered if he was facing those problems too, as he wanted to live a normal life. Ahh
    The only thing that l could say is that the storm will pass my dear KHJ and you will be in another beginning with us as your suport , It is like all of us will be your mother to help and care of you forever. This is what a mother do with her sons if any of them has a problem .
    KHJ fighting , GOD bless you.

  50. Catalina Park, I have always thought that test kit belonged to someone else, and had forgotten about the cousin. I think you could be right. I have my fingers crossed that all ends well. I would give anything to see Choi land in jail, but I don’t think that will ever happen…even with the appeal.

  51. Thanks Lazerkim for the prompt updates!!!! Yup, is sad to know bribery is lethal. If is causes any death/sufferings due to covering up truth, that person who knowingly received bribes should be punished!! We should answer for our actions!! I agree that law system needs to be reinforced. Anyway is just a guideline, just because is set this way doesn’t mean it has to be done this way, isn’t it? Esp. when innocent people are involved?? Loopholes of law never ends. The piece of cloth to cover the eyes is to ensure justice and equality!! And I believe is also to let u amend correctly accordingly to situations to help who is being framed! See no evil! Hear no evil! Some people still choose to believe blindly!! Why??!! I like Korea and the people I met and partnered are nice!! Except for rubbish Media outlets and some law system. But ya there is always some blacksheep. Well, since HJ lost loads of work opportunities because of this Loony Choi, I shall reject all suppliers named CHOI!! Well Anyway, my orders are sooooo small. They definitely will not collapse because of me. Hahahaha. Even their items can bring me money opportunities, I will not get anything from CHOI!! So don’t need to approach me please. I am totally not interested in ur products. The 2 yrs pregnancy kit.. Gosh, might have really poisoned her mind. Let it go, Choi!!! Time to let it go.. Hope the final verdict is justified!!! Wise Judge and Jury Team please!! who are able to see thru the rubbish fog set by the loonies.. All the best to you HJ and hope your mum will recover well too!! We are always here for u!!!! Take good care of yourself!!!

  52. I think he should pack up his family and leave, regardless of whether or not he wins. The people of South Korea have screwed him over. After everything he’s contributed, including two dangerous years on border patrol, this is how they repay him? I don’t think I can begin to fathom all the stress, headaches, his parents probably shamed by associates because of who their son is. I thought our American Justice system was corrupt, but this takes the cake. He needs to be in a place where him and his family are safe, welcomed and his entertainment career can flourish better than before. Chris Brown rose back to the top after the Rihanna incident and he was as guilty as a sinner in church. If he can recover from that, so can Kim Hyun Joong.

  53. Thank you LK!

    Why has she never shown a pregnancy certificate for the child she supposedly had in September? Everything they do is suspect! I heard KHJ got joint custody which they don’t usually do in Korea. Hopefully, he will get another DNA test on the poor baby since we still have no proof she was pregnant. Not even fake pictures.

  54. Dear Miss LazerKim,
    Thank you for your article,
    Always a pleasure to hear from you 👌👍✌️
    To my Brother:Kim Hyun Joong☀️🌞🌈
    Please eat well😘
    Take care😍
    God bless you and All your family 😀
    Alien and All☀️🌈🌞
    Love you until the end of the time ❤️💕
    With love
    Anita 💋🌺🌸🌹🌷💐✨⭐️💫

  55. Thank you again Lazerkim. You are such a steady and enlightening influence for those if us who don’t understand Korean. I always come to you first for news about KHJ. I continue to pray for him. This is all a horrible nightmare for him, I am sure. And still, no other women have ever come forward to say he hurt them.
    In these past couple of years, if it had been true, I am sure there would be somebody else also. But, no…just one crazy person who changes her story constantly. Such as… her sister/friend who witnessed the condo “beating”. And the actress who was supposedly there. Changed to friend who saw bruises in the car in the dark. And who drove to Choi’s house to see this. Even though witness said she thought they lived together. And who never even met KHJ, or saw them together.
    Blessings Lazerkim, and to all of his loyal fans who are supporting Kim Hyun Joong. What a remarkable group of people!!

  56. I know this may be of a stretch, but if choi doesn’t have medical proof of being pregnant, or miscaraging, who’s to say those pregnancy kits are hers? I remember there being a rumor that her cousin was pregnant the same time as her, it’s too bad they can’t take them in for DNA testing as they are so old. Ah, if she wins I really don’t have hope for this world. It’s also sad that Leader has yet to meet his son, who will be a year old in September. It’s all so sad, praying for good news this August! Thanks for always updating ^^

    • Even if they were hers, there is no way to prove that KHJ was the one to get her pregnant. There’s no way to prove when the tests were taken or if it actually gave a positive or negative result. Directions specifically state that results are invalid if read after 10 minutes. The reason being is that after 10 minutes both lines can become saturated with urine and have an evaporation effect, which means even if the result was originally negative it will turn positive when both lines appear after 10 minutes. Over time the lines will fade, but you can still see two lines. Another problem with Choi’s tests is that the lines are still boldly visible. This makes it more likely that she actually bought fake tests from an online joke store. I’m hoping that the courts accepted this “evidence” from Choi so that she can not appeal a verdict that is not in her favor, by claiming that her evidence was denied.

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