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By: LazerKim


Everyone here must be shocked by the latest development on Criminal Case KHJ vs Choi, however allow me to iron this out since there are a lot of matters that wasn’t clear to me. Last year sometime in Dec Atty Lee mentioned that the investigation on criminal case begun before the year 2015 ended. This was how I understand it.

In the trash news it was said that in May 19th the DA released its ruling on acquitting Choi of all 4 criminal case filed by KHJ. BUT a police report was released stating there’s evidence showing Choi guilty of these crimes. Well for obvious reasons the travel ban on her was granted! And here goes Mr Prosecutor acquitting Choi of all charges?

I got a million questions running in my mind like, Was there a court hearing on the criminal case filed? How did the DA came up to such ruling? What are his basis on such decision? There’s not enough evidence to corroborate the crime? The entire world already seen the evidences except  the prosecutor?? He must be joking!!!

From day one that Choi filed her nonsense lawsuits against KHJ I have already suspected that SK Court of Law is made into a playground and I was right as I wrote in my article! The SK Court of Law proved themselves to be right! They are indeed a playground that cannot be relied on, and cannot even be trusted! What kind of law does SK have? Is there justice in this country? I doubt!

I’m one step to be convinced that SK is the scariest country to live in, that an integrity of a person will always be at risk any time! This nonsense scandal is even worst than terrorist attack! The moment a hungry blackmailer like Choi is out there to catch her prey, in minutes his entire life is finish! And it seems to me that this act of blackmailing celeb is being tolerated by SK authorities! We can see that now I guess!

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It’s so disappointing how the SK prosecutor handled this case that appears to me SK believed the obvious lies manipulated evidence right before their eye and disregarded the obvious innocent!

I mean, in defamation alone, the entire world had read those fabricated text message of Choi and her unbelievable fantasy from those news articles which is obviously intended to destroy the image of a celeb. The entire world is the witness in this case! What evidence does the stupid DA needs to prove the act of defamation? I wonder!

South Korea is such a big turn-off that I lost respect on this country for allowing these stupid scandals to get out of hand. And SK men in robes just believed in manipulated lies, that for me spells a big HYPOCRISY among them! And I really feel sad for KHJ on how he was being treated by his own country with absolute unfairness!

Not even a day in court to speak up that a crime was done to him was disregarded? What kind of country is this? SK kept promoting the Hallyu and Kpop to the world, but they cannot even protect their own artists? On the contrary, SK are even the ones destroying their very own treasure in exchange for money! Don’t you find this strange?



Indeed Mr prosecutor and the SK Court of Law are bunches of DEAF AND BLINDS. I wonder how they equate criminal cases like Defamation, False Accusation, Fraud, Blackmail not seeing the evidence when those evidences seen by the entire world are just in front of their ugly faces?? What kind of law does SK have?? Just asking!

Hence, they accepted text messages, manipulated evidences, photo shopped evidences created by Choi?? Well it’s a different case still we’re talking of justice here! But honestly I really find SK Justice to be hilarious!! I wonder now as to how much did Choi paid Mr prosecutor $$$??? Just my wild thoughts!

I knew it, no wonder Choi had all the guts to file lawsuits left and right with all fabricated evidences carelessly ! I was right, Choi and the pig knew all along they can easily get away from the scandal they created! I wrote about this, now I got my answers!! So this is how SK justice system works!! Hmmm…. at least I’m learning how evilness works in SK!

May I just clear it up that this criminal case filed by KHJ is NOT over yet since the case was brought to another court, at the same time KHJ changed his lawyers.

What else can I say?  Freedom of speech is my human right!….. If Choi and those trash so-called media can write their piece carelessly, then I get the same human right as they have!     I rest my case!

                “If justice is denied….let the law of karma takes its ride…”

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong shall be testifying on the scheduled court hearing July 8th Friday at 2pm on  KHJ vs Choi civil case on the 1.6BW Lawsuit filed by Choi. However, it was said that this court hearing shall be held in close door, meaning this hearing shall not be open to the public nor to media.

Why am I worrying about this?? Well it’s understandable KHJ is a celeb and this court hearing could cause commotion among the media people having his presence. However, after the incident with Mr. Prosecutor I now barely trust anyone from SK court of law. Would I be blamed? I just hope someone from his camp would be kind enough to post for valid update pertaining the court hearing!

For a recap, in June 3rd civil court hearing, witnesses from KHJ camp testified pertaining the blackmailing conniving between Choi and the media as revealed by a KE representative. Another witness testified as an eye-witness who had seen Choi with KHJ in a restaurant in May 30th and had seen Choi in early June 2014 with no bruises as what the media showed in the photos showing the alleged assault.

I would just like to clarify pertaining specific dates that fans may be confused, since in May 30, 2014 KHJ flew to Tokyo on that date and the altercation or argument between Choi and KHJ transpired in May 30 2014. It may have happened at past midnight of May 30. It’s like a minute past 12 midnight is already May 30th.



Each of us here may have different opinion about KHJ case, but allow me to share my thoughts whether you agree with me or not, it doesn’t matter I’m simply sharing my 2 cent pertaining what I have written in the article above since the media used the term “ACQUITTAL” on Choi. Here’s the definition of the word:

 acquittalLegal Definition. n. In criminal law, the legal finding, by judge or jury, that an accused person is not guilty of the crime he is charged with. Once the acquittal is reached, the defendant may not be prosecuted again for the same criminal act or transaction.

This is why at the beginning of the article above I was asking if there was a court hearing on the criminal case filed by KHJ. The trash so-called media and that pig used the wrong term. How can there be acquittal if there was no court hearing nor court trial? This is a classic example on how those trash so-called media twist the news.

And the good lawyer Seon has to go back to law school and review his legal terminology! These people are so careless without realizing the impact of each word they use in disseminating information! Well obviously the trash media was intending to twist info, why else would I be surprise!!

Why would KHJ make an appeal if the criminal case he filed did not even reached the table of any judge or jury?? This was also why I stated “the criminal case was brought to another court.” at the end of my article. I would just like to clarify this. Simple matters, or even typographical error can kill a person!


UPDATE   (July 7th)

Henecia SinFronteras
12 hrs ·
Kim Hyun Joong has added a fourth lawyer to its current legal team
According to previous articles, the 8th of July will be the last day of the hearing in the court before the judgement. In Principle, it is supposed that the court will announce the day of judgment tomorrow before adjourning the meeting. This is in theory, it’s not safe yet.
News articles mention that the side of Kim Hyun Joong has added a fourth lawyer to the current legal team, which is composed of three (the current legal team is formed by Kim Seohyun, bak seongmin, Lee Jaeman)
The new lawyer is a lawyer of one of the biggest law firms in South Korea, and previously worked as chief magistrate in the Seoul Central District Court.
Side of Kim Hyun Joong: “there is no change in the legal advice, just has become an additional appointment, and you will not have any effect on the case”. (the decisions made and the process will continue as until now)
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UPDATE   (July 8th)
UPDATE   (July 8th)
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UPDATE 2  (July 9th)
UPDATE    (July 11)       Trans cr: @sunsun_sky Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Choi Filed another Lawsuit against KHJ’s Fan club? What happen next? Will she Continue Filing another Crazy Lawsuit and Suck KHJ Money Dry?

  2. You took world right out my mouth and I still didn’t believe that his child a DNA test can be temper with .because there no proof she even how 9 month preganat and anyone can wear fake pregnant pillow u can buy one.and I hear sister in law was preganat with boy and delivery him on Sept 12

  3. Poor guy. This is really taking a toll on him. He looks tired and barely maintaining his sanity. I hope everyone who is responsible for this, gets their just desserts. (Mmm, dessert)


    !!!!!!!! HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I tried using Chrome, Fire Fox, IE – same issue. I tried using another laptop – same issue.
    Please help me figure it out. Thanks in advance.



    !!!!!!!!!!!! HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For some reason when I indicate my email or log in using my gmail, I cannot post!
    I can only post Anonymous.

    When I click post – it does the following:
    – reloads the page without giving me any error message
    – or says that I already posted my reply, but when I scroll and check all messages, I cannot find my previous attempts to post

    I tried using Chrome, Fire Fox, IE – same issue. I tried using another laptop – same issue.
    Please help me figure it out. Thanks in advance.


  6. Dobar dan svima.Mene zanima (ali i duša boli) zašto su Korean fanovi tako tihi? Da li čekaju da se sve završi pa da onda reaguju?
    Mora i treba se nešto brzo učiniti da se uništi”OKTOPOD”koji je ovio ruke oko našeg KHJ.
    Molim javnost i navijače da se uključe i otkriju istinu i samo istinu o slučaju.Mi znamo da je sve namješteno i servirano da se uništi KHJ.
    Da li postoji čovjek koji je hrabar da iznese istinu o CHOI?
    Jedini koji je ugrožen u ovoj priči je KHJ koji je bio fizički , psihički
    i finansijski napadan od te “famozne” žene.Ali KHJ ima
    nas koji ga volimo i poštujemo i nikada ga nećemo ignorisati ili zaboraviti.
    ZA LK;Da znate velika riba pliva u tom moru laži i ta dvoglava riba uništava KHJ.
    Puno pozdrava za sve navijače KHJ I LOVE YOU Pozzzz iz BOSNE

    • IZVINITE još jedna stvar je jako važna .Koga mogu zamoliti da se nastave komentari o KHJ na sompi forumu.To treba učiniti iz inata da svi vide našu podršku.TO JE MOJ APEL za sve navijače,jer on nesmije biti zaboravljen, baš na medijima koji pišu laži i izmišljotine (ELLA HELP napravi dobar prevod ) KISSSSS


        SORRY another thing is very important. I would like to ask you to post comments on KHJ at Soompi forum. This should be done out of spite for all to see our support. THIS IS MY APPEAL to all the fans, because it must not be forgotten, not the media who write lies and fabrications. KISSSSS

    • From ELLA to LK: Hi! I am very sorry, for some reason I have issues with posting my reply!!!! It doesn’t let me post sometimes. Please help and fix the issue.

      FROM BOSANKA: It’s really sad that Korean fans stay silent. It seems as if they are waiting for the verdict to be announced and only then act on it. The Korean’s should hurry up and fight this Octopus who spread his arms around big stars like KHJ. Again, I appeal to the public and fans to get involved and discover the truth and nothing but trough! We are well aware that this is a set up with the goal to ruin KHJ. Is there any man who is courageous enough to tell the truth about Choi? In this story HJ is the one who has being stalked and attacked physically, emotionally and financially by this “famous” female. I have a feeling that those facts are about to get burred. Fortunately Kim has us who love and respect him. And we will never ignore or forget what happened to him.

      FOR LK: To know the big fish swims in the sea of lies and two-headed fish destroys KHJ. Greetings to all the fans.
      KHJ I LOVE YOU Pozzzz from Bosnia.

  7. Does anybody know what song is this? Sorry Lazer, i had to post it on here, no one is answering
    it from another Forum or Youtube.

  8. Reading official statement from C-Jes. PYC ‘s agency. I can’t help but compare to KE. It makes me mad and realizes KE is really a coward agency . KE done nothing to protect the dignity of KHJ they let medias and haters bullied him nonstop and burried him alive. I admire C-Jes the way they protect PYC’s dignity and protect his human right. C-Jes shows that they seriousely value their star and understood very well how image is very important for an intertainer. KE knew since the started choi hye mi and trash media dispatch aimed to distroy KHJ if they did not get money they wanted still KE let them. The sad thing is no statement from KE that showed the support to HJ even though they knew he was blackmailed and was badly mistreated by medias and haters from wrongly accused. As KHJ’s agent then KE allowed anyone violated his human right and his image freely without caring to protect his dignity. I hope this nightmare will help HJ to learn more about people who to trust and how to trust .

    • Right on Bella! 🙂 Can’t wait for KHJ to fine another Agency after his MS is over. KHJ may be nice but he needs to Be careful around people who to Trust and Not to Trust.

      Haven’t seen KHJ Picture taken for a long time. Dressing in all Black overall with a nice Hat on at the Court. Will this be the Last Court Meeting or What?

      I know there’s another Anonymous here lol. I’m to lazy to make myself a new Name. So can i use Anonymous whenever i come here?

    • Hi Bella, I ever wondered whether there is a mouse (betrayer) in KE. But If HJ is responsible, he would have stopped KE Boss from interferring. Honestly even we cannot see what KE do doesn’t mean they are not doing anything. HJ has other colleagues too.. normal colleagues are fine. But some bigger shots not so. If you are there, u will understand what i mean. =( Sometimes quiet support is great strength too. Given all the media hawking to twist words and stir shit… these stars are not like normal civilians.. Afterall, is not KE to intro Choi to HJ, am i right???
      Now is Choi who creating all the typhoon around HJ and family. Being fans, of course angry and feel sad for HJ and Family. I am more interested to know who’s behind her (if any). It is sad to see all innocent people died in bombings and natural disaster. But I would be utmost delighted to know if she and the backer behind her are among the bodies!!! What rubbish!!! Suffering depression and cursing from fans… as if she did nothing to cause trouble and sufferings to HJ and family!! Please heaven… bless the child.. whoever child he belongs to. Let the media who pen all these twisty crap to lose all their memory and practice good!! If there is a mouse in KE…… stay tuned!!! I hope not!!!!!

        • Hi LK , as usual your questions has a deep meaning !! So sad whene you see his country doesn’t care about justice at all ! khj needs to believe himself and don’t lost his faith,God will never leave him alone. in your free time just listen for this song ( backstreet boys-show’em ( what you’re made of)you will find the answer !!!

          • sorry LK and Anonymous, It’s me Akemi012hyun I am little bit tired ! so next time I’ll be more concentrate,forgive me .

        • Lk why are u troubled??I can feel ur spirit is down. Izt about the justice system? ?I’m sure all is well these round. Don’t be discourage or dismayed.

          • I think because injustice is a very harmful disease therefore when we smell of it our body and mind got affacted . That’s why . I think it just remind us to realize that justice in SK easily cause a life of a person .
            No I do not discourage and never discourage to fight for justice for HJ . I do feel sad for justice in general there. It proved that if we want justice there we have to fight hard to get it because all systems and practises there are supporting injustice rather than justice. However I want to believe there are some good intellegent human beings are working in the SK justice system who can differentiate the behaviors and actions between a criminal and a victim. And most of all I hope they work in the justice system because the justice is their best interest not others.

          • To dear anon, Hello!
            I think discourage is not the right word, but disappointed is! I’m disappointed with SK justice system. Well who wouldn’t be? SK Prosecutor can be bribed so to the poor innocents they cannot find justice in SK. And I hate to admit but this worries me. Although I strongly believe truth shall prevail no matter what happen!

            I was responding about KE. At this point of HJ’s life it is only KE who’s helping him. And this is the truth. Without KE then who else can help him in SK? That’s why I was asking who else can help HJ in SK? This agent is incompetent I agree but I think this is not the right time to attack who’s helping HJ.

            We don’t burn our own camp in times of war! No offense to anyone just my opinion. Thank you!! Have a nice day everyone!!

            • +
              It’s probably my comment that you respond. You may be right about KE . I do not know whether we should feel happy or sad that HJ has to rely on KE again. I just have to pray KE knows what they are doing in this crucial time.. … I do agree we should not discredit them in the times of war.

        • Howdy!!! I hope my legs played a big part on this man!!!! Yeeehhhaaaarrrr!!! Bish Bish Bish!!! Hahahahaa.. Again I hope not!!! He better do good for now!! If no, even I become ghost also hunt this person down. Of coz priority go spy Choi first. AAARrgghhhh!!!

    • Hello Bella!
      I understand how you feel. But I’m sorry to say, you have it all wrong. Anyway, I’ll explain everything after this case is done. Let’s just focus on KHJ case.
      As I wrote up there, we don’t burn our own camp. At this point it’s only KE who’s helping KHJ and this is the truth.
      Thank you! see you soon! Take care, God bless..

  9. I can`t stop looking at his new pictures. He is still very handsome, although very serious, tired and sad. I would love to see his smile. As Lazerkim said – this “friend” can not be taken seriously, she is not a reliable witness at all. She has never seen KHJ, never seen them together. What a witness is that – “my friend told me this or that”. But to some extend everything is good – the fact that they call such a witness means that they do not have any other evidences or reliable witnesses. If the court is thrustworthy – Choi must loose the case.
    To everybody here and KHJ – love, support and hugs from Bulgaria.

  10. I always believe you hyunjoong,,,we your fans won’t leave you never!!! Maybe 20 ppl doesn’t like you but hang in there when you come back 20million will hug you and comfort you,so be healthy and we are waiting,,fighting flower boy


    Pardon me for not putting up my opinion right up there in this article, I’m honestly cooling down after the court hearing in July 8th. But pls do allow me to burst out bcoz it’s not helping me to stay silent as what i’m intending to do these past days.

    Hj lost a lot of weight from the last time I saw him at Gemini, I won’t sugar coat on my comment from what I see from these pictures I posted. And it hurts me to read what this stupid witness from Choi has been talking about in the court room! It hurts me that this SK justice allowed such lies to blind the public making them stupid not to see the obvious lies. Why are they doing this???

    I have little respect left in me on this SK justice, and if the court allows Choi to win in this legal battle then I would say SK justice is such a DIRTY BIG JOKE! And the world is watching as they are letting loose an irresponsible so-called witness who only knew nothing than HEARSAY, which I believe this stupid witness was under oath.

    Obviously Choi’s camp is not taking the law of justice seriously! Why is that? Bcoz the SK court of law is allowing Choi in making their own court a playground where she can state all her lies and blind the public with her game! I rest my case!

    I’ll be back on the next court hearing schedule July 20th. Thanks for your time everyone! Take care have a nice day and see you soon!! God bless…

    • Thnx Lazer kim u such a darling the pain u feel I expirance it every morning wen I think of hj. when you look through these case of hj it’s about bitterness and jelousy of two parties . His progress was not sitting well on other ppl. And they found a loop hole through her bitterness.She was aiming high to be the so called wife, but forgetting that she was rendering uber services to other guys, whistle no man will merry such woman. To square up their mischievous hearts they plan to milk him out. He was a praciouse onament that was left unprotected. He himself was not awer of beast surrounding him. If u look at pyc his case was big but handle shortly as compared to hj and the rest u will tell. I thnk the family support he is getting from us and his close one. Not forgetting the legal team gosh they are great.

      • Your comment reflects so well what happen to HJ. What you wrote about PYC’s case is so true. I have tried to forget what KE did to HJ and what they did not do. It’s really painful to realize that HJ seems to always trust wrong people..

        I do not know why i feel like beside his parents other people who closed to him and around him seem not the ones at all to help him with good advice when he faced problem . In my opinion KE really proved themselves they are incapable to protect their assets and their star. I do not want to say they let medias and others destroyed their star in front of their eyes like a coward but it’s so true.. We can see how C-Jes did for PYC..

        • Hi Bella, the most sad thing even with a such useless lawyer beside her they can pass easily!. close minded people in Sk they kept the big liars like Choi survive until now.

          • It seems lies have been taken seriousely with patient and understanding but truth and honesty has been abandoned and ignored. Even the prosecutor was willing to be a part of choi hye mi ‘s game. What is going on in South Korean justice system or this is just a common practice there ? Just wonder.

            I feel so bad for HJ and I think he is probably not the first one who suffers injustice from the South Korea justice system. It ‘s truly disappointed to see the SK justice system has been supporting criminal actions and discourage honesty and sincerity in their society.

              • You’re right Bella, my respect for Sk changed whene I saw the reality ,but the only thing that’s I don’t want to forget that’s our only one khj is Korean!!! and I am proud to be one of his fans and forever I will support him , that’s life there’s a good people and bad people.I just want to share my thoughts with everyone here why whene khj side ask for medical evidence that’s need Doctor to do examination for the case always Choi side excuse is Choi refuse to do check by male doctors !!! coz Choi is shy or conservative person LoL !! I don’t know she’s so far ! why she didn’t ask for female doctors and help the courts to get the evidence ! coz she’s a liar .

  12. Dobar dan. Lazer Kim hvala za ove divne slike našeg lijepog KHJ.Tek sad vidim koliko mi nedostaje.Jako je zgodan i lijep.Teško mi je to reći ali njegov pogled je jako tužan a oči pune suza.Željela bih da ubrzo dođe dan kada ću ga vidjeti sretnog i nasmijanog.KHJ FIGHTING.I LOVE YOU.Srdačan pozdrav za sve ljubitelje KHJ iz Bosne i Hercegovine

    • FROM BOSANKA: Hello! Lazer Kim thank you for lovely image of our beautiful KHJ. It’s very convenient and nice to be able to say here how much I miss him. I hate to say that, but I can see sadness in his eyes. I would like to come very quickly to the day when I will see him happy and smiling again. KHJ FIGHTING. I LOVE YOU. Best regards from devoted fans of KHJ from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

      • Hi BOSANKA and Ella , my dear Ella I really appreciate the time you take for translation to help the other to share their love and support for khj with us ,God bless you Ella , what happened for khj is not easy! Choi hurts him deeply, but be sure there’s end for everything.

        • Zdravo svima i hvala za prevod.Puno mi je teško vidjeti našeg dječaka . Jako je smršao i izgleda zamišljen i tužan.Brinem za njega.Molila bih sve navijače da bez stida odu na sledeće ročište i u tišini dadnu podršku za KHJ.Molim vas ne odustati od tog savršenog dječaka.
          Molim vas pruži te mu svu pomoć koju možete.
          Želim kraj ove farse da ga puste svi na miru neka stvara muziku i živi normalan život.
          (nadam se da će prevod biti dobar :))

          • FROM BOSANKA: Hello everyone and tnx for translation. It’s really hard for me to see our boy. He looks like he is so deep in his thoughts, so sad, and seems that he lost weight. I am worried about him! I’d like to tell all KHJ fans, please don’t be shy to go and support him at his next hearing. Please, don’t give up on your efforts to this perfect boy. Plz help him as much as you can! I want to see the very end of this farce when they leave him alone and he’ll be able to go back to normal life to create his music. KHJ FIGHTING. SARANGEEEE. / I hope for well translation of my words/

        • Tnx my dear for your warm words of appreciation, I’m always waiting for your wonderful comments to hear from u and get know your opinion. I try my best with that translation using Google Converter / same goes with Korean/. Hopefully some day Bosanka will be able to do it much better than me. And about HJ u right and as Bosanka said ‘ there’s such a deep sorrow in his eyes’ on those last pictures even if he looks more mature, manly and handsome…That bitch deserves to go to hell, she’s not even a human being. But HJ is inseparable from his fans and that love is bigger than Universe. Love u guys.

          • Hvala Ella za sve.Malo me boli što su Korejski fanovi tihi,kao da čekaju da se sve završi pa da onda reaguju.Ali ne, treba brzo nešto učiniti i uništiti oktopoda koji je ovio ruke oko velike zvijezde KHJ.
            Opet apelujem da se uključi javnost i navijači da se stvarno otkrije istina i samo istina.
            Mi znamo da je sve namješteno i servirano da se slomi KHJ.Da li postoji čovjek koji je hrabar da iznese istinu o Choi.U ovoj priči jedini koji je ugrožen je KHJ,a on je i fizički napadan od strane te famozne žene.Imam osjećaj da svi žele da ga pokopaju i fizički i finansijski.Ali on ima nas koji ga volimo i poštujemo i nikada ga nećemo ignorisati ni zaboraviti.I LOVE YOU KHJ ZAUVIJEK.

  13. I love seeing him so handsome l realized how l have been missing him. Doesnt he look handsome, mature, serious and confident?? Love to see him, there are some videos too. But what l dont understand is why they continuosly hide her face if she appeared in the court without anything to cover her face??? There are many pictures of him which makes me happy.
    l really , really miss him .
    KHJ fighting

  14. Kim, you are never alone. We are praying for you and God of Justice will surely show up on your behalf.. Keep being strong and trust God….He’s only solution

  15. If Hj loose the case I bet you it’s not because he was guilty it’s because someone paid the panel behind. When u go through the comments of Macoy that girl knows too much and u can trace the finest details of these case, it’s about stripping hj the title of a celebrity and leave him painless. All Choi evidence are weak but still she is sure to let ppl mark their calendars for date of payment. I dnt say I’m falling for her crap but after what happened to the criminal case it’s hard for me to trust their justice system anymore. I really fill pity for him as a man who met his enemy and fell in love with it.
    I mean from a layman’s point of view if she accidentally fell pregnant once why she didn’t do a precaution measures but keep on trying to be pregnant. Going to 5 doctors to get a fake proof. Really these was a planned crime. Even if she can go tell the whole world how many girls he dated that doesn’t give her the authority to use pregnancy as her fighting tool.
    She was ill adviced and financially supported to do that.

    • please know that who is applying justice for HJ now is GOD not the justice system, GOD is just and we claim his justice for HJ and there is no way other than GOD show his justice, please have faith and insist on a favorable outcome and not accept any other possibility.

    • sorry to correct yu but there was NO love involved here…just plain greed and plan to catch a big fish, or golden goose as Hj. That bitch is a Predator and a Gold-digger rotten to the core!

      • To ALL loving fans in S.K and all over the world, prayer to God is necessary at this point, pray to God to intercede in behalf of KHJ, GOD is God of justice, no one can bend the rules, HIS will be done in this turmoil. To KHJ, hang in there dont lose faith and hope that everything will be in the hands of GOD.

      • Yes Noya it’s exactly who she is and she wasn’t ‘ill advised’ like this comment said. She is a complete criminal and still got away with it cuz she has accomplices who benefit from this scandal a lot. This bitch is nothing but a con-artist and a very bad one because she’s so obvious with her lies. Understandably, emotions are high, but there is no room for sentimentality now in this state when the real evidences are unreasonably ignored and incompetent puppets are called as witnesses to testify. So justice has been put on hold again.

  16. Okay, I’ve thought of this before, but here is proof right from the witness’s mouth that Choi did NOT live with KHJ. 4. Atty L asked B: Did you see A’s bruises? B: “I drove to A’s HOUSE that night…” Does everyone see that? She drove to A’s HOUSE! If they were living together, wouldn’t B have driven to KHJ’s house? Why would Choi have a separate home from KHJ if they had been living together for two years? Here’s another issue I have with their statements: Seon claims Choi went shopping to buy ingredients to make Ttuk-bo-kki for KHJ. Why would she do that? She made the whole world believe she had been beaten so badly that she had been hospitalized for weeks, but in reality, she was out making Ttuk-bo-kki for the abusive boyfriend that she wants to break-up with. Oh, and even though she just had a miscarriage, she’s perfectly fine to be out shopping and cooking for someone. Yeah right! That makes no sense at all. I am praying that the judge is seeing through these ridiculous lies.

  17. Khj looks more confident today and that’s so nice , what’s the benefit of the witness today just repeating same lies !! For Choi and trash medias you should accept the reality and stop to mask the truth!!!

  18. Seriously to tell those lies again they again dragged another person into the battle field… What?? The friend of that lady saw her with bruises on her body, right? Then what should be the duty of a friend, she should take her friend to the hospital and take care of her. But this girl is saying she had not seen any medical records and she was not even taken her friend to the hospital… Wow what a friend she is!!!! It’s like birds of a feather flock together!!! And to come to think abt it how can she take her friend to the hospital when there is nothing wrong with her physical conditions. And what she said they were living together, did she saw them with her own eyes??? How can that devil groups say the same story again and again with no proofs… They are such a cruel persons… And that friend of her said that our leader cheated her. But from the first point she never seen him with her evil friend then how can she leader with another girl?? she is just babbling what is told to her without seeing anything and without any proof of it. I had serious doubt that her lawyer did really completed his law course, did he really graduated??? And those evil peoples getting at no point of improvement just playing with lies and they will be going to dwell in their own lies. And from the bright side leader is looking more and more confident and with more determination!!!! And i am seriously happy to see him strong and i have 1000% faith in leader that he is not going to shake:-) 🙂 BE STRONG HYUN JOONG LEADER YOU WILL NEVER STAND ALONE!! KEEP SMILING AND BIG FIGHTING!!! Thank you dear lazerkim for keeping us strong with your voice! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi sis, they still don’t have anything against him. All they do just telling stories. No evidences. No proofs. Nothing. Make-ups and lies. And nobody knows how long it would take to see the end of it. I feel like I’m inside some frozen time-zone or in a bad dream, but unfortunately this is a reality show with real criminals in it. Anyway HJ looks strong, mature and handsome as always. Thanks guys for shares. Thanks LK a lot, plz keep us posted.

      • Hi sis, i also feel this is a bad dream but in reality it is not. To name it proper, it is a drama played by the evil groups in the media stage and they all are making money out of it, but the our leader is the one who is affected by this liar drama!! And i must say this, that even hyun joong is serving his military service, he still became the source of money for media people… Every time they publish kim hyun joong they get huge money but they all forget their ethical journalism and humanity. But everything has its end then this ugly drama is no exception, it will also have its end. Buy they are not the ones who decides its end, god will decide it. And we will stand together with our leader forever!!!

  19. Show must go on… really.. what kind of friend or witness is it who even never saw them together, never had any evidences except all that empty blah-blah-blah words and appealing to the ‘others who were more informed on this matter’? Why did you come exactly as a witness with no proof if you are just parroting somebody’s script and selling us that crappy stuff, which is based on your guesses only? And my favorite part of that testimony is that Bitchoi didn’t share the fact of living with HJ even to her best friend, because she is ‘ a typical kind of Korean woman who is too modest to show off about’ – …this part just complete bulllshit, it’s not even funny. Dunno I’d rather laugh or cry. The dudes are really something! KHJ don’t worry, the challenge maximizes our chances to win over that comedy-club. The more dummies are brought on the stage for this farce, the better. In this way those criminals are fully displayed who they really are. HJ YOU LOOK GREAT, YOU ARE DOING WELL. THIS ALSO WILL PASS, JUST STAY WITH US FOREVER. LOVE.

  20. B statements are based on assumptions and hearsays… And its hard to believe that they theres no medical record about miscarriage since you need to go to hospital for prescription and for D&C. Otherwise, there will be complication of infection for the woman. Coz of that, i firmly believe that there was no pregnancy last may 2014

  21. I just noted something to share about choi and her cronies now she came out with a smear campaign against hj to include him in the cycle of celebrities using the adult intertainment women. Before she never mentioned these just because PYC is going through these painful phase of a scandal now she literally want to put the smears on HJ. These woman can lie more than the devil himself.

  22. Well, he looks healthy at least. Tired, and older, but at least he’s been eating well. Allkpop pisses me off, did anyone else notice that her story was originally that he cheated with an actress, and now her best friend said that he slept with an adult bar hostess. What the heck is up with that??? AND now she says that her first abortion was in 2013 too??? No. I know it’s been awhile, but last I checked they began dating in 2014, after meeting in 2012 and being just friends for around two years. Wow, I’m seriously worked up over this. I need oxygen.

    • Choi first mentioned that she had an abortion in 2013 right after the baby was born. It is part of her attempt to claim that she lived with KHJ for two years. In SK, if you can prove that you lived with a man for a least two years then a DNA test is not required to collect child support. Also, if you can prove that you lived together for two years the woman is entitled to alimony. See what she is trying to do here?

  23. Thanks LK for your update I really appreciate your efforts , lawyers that’s their goals to bring the justice for people, God be with khj and help him .

  24. I am holding my breath and checking this website over and over for news of KHJ. Thank you again Lazerkim for your dedication to the truth. Hoping for good news.

  25. Ubrzo dolazi 08,07,Želim poželjeti sreću za KHJ. Dragi KIM budi hrabar,jak.iskren kakav si uvijek.Nemoj dozvoliti da te paraziti pobijede.Želim tvom timu,mami i tati mir i sreću takodjer.Mnogo sreće .FIGHTING.SARANGHE.I LOVE YOU.SRETNO

    • FROM BOSANKA: There is 07.08 comes soon. I want to wish the best to KHJ. Dear KIM please be brave and act honestly as you always do. Do not let those parasites win. I wish final peace to your teams of supporters, to your Mom and Dad. FIGHTING. SARANGHAE. I LOVE YOU. GOOD LUCK.

  26. when getting beat as bad as she said how only one knee got a bruise. Maybe she had carpet burn from having rough sex. And she blame KHJ for those bruises. She a gold digger she can make anything seem real until. questions being asked. She knew she couldn’t have him forever so with that face. KHJ IS SURROUND with beautiful women. there should be more bruises than just one knee. you can fall and get that same bruise……BITCH IS CRAZY if she can’t have him she will try to destroy him. KHJ fans will always stay by his side.

  27. Hi everyone,My dear LK I still remember this question “who can protect the rights of hallyu stars?up to what level does Sk laws can protect them ?” I think the prosecutor answered this questions ” I mean through his action ” , apparently they only judge one person “choi ” but in reality what about her boss her family are they also innocent ?!!!!! those peoples act together to destroy the others , anyway I am happy that’s khj isn’t a copy from previous choi’s victims ! Khj doesn’t want to live his entire life as a victim he wants to fight until the end and I think this is the most important thing ,khj be strong .

    • I want to add on my last comment ,it’s a sad thing when you see the blackmailing become part from the entertainment industry in Sk but nobody wants to take a serious step toward this .


  29. Is there any way to get an email address for the prosecutors office? Even if its a general inbox for information. I propose we flood that mailbox – asking

    “Why are criminals are not prosecuted in South Korea when police reports indicate guilt? Victims should be protected under the law. The law has been broken. How can a guilty person be excused? Thousands of people around the world are watching this system of justice fail to protect an innocent person, Kim Hyun Joong, one of South Korea’s soldiers.

    Ms. Choi has tarnished the image of your country and your justice system. The world is watching in disbelief. Many question the ethics of the prosecutor. Did he accept a bribe? How can police reports showing guilt on four charges be swept under the rug?

    On a world wide scale Kim Hyun Joong has helped to create an interest in South Korea. He has helped to popularize Kdramas and Kpop around the world. His music is still appearing on some charts after 14 months in the military. He is an asset to your country unless you destroy one of your own citizens by allowing this injustice. His image should not be ruined by a lack of interest in upholding the law.

    This is a plea for justice. Please prosecute the guilty according to the law and vindicate KHJ.”

    Well, that’s what I would say,… if anyone in SK could get an email address we need it now.

    • You don’t need email to reach them. Comments on internet is good enough. Thats how one of famous star have her lawyers prosecuted few netizens for defamation. But yeah i got to agree justice doesn’t prevail in court at times, not only in SK. People can easily play with loopholes of law. But there is an infamous saying in our culture, you cannot bring anything along with death, except Karma. Hang on there HJ!!

    • That would be great for all Fans from around the World to go there to Support KHJ to SK. Hey its Summer right? maybe a Protest would be good.

      • I don’t think a protest will be good for the case, I think if anything will be done is to be done just like Henecia Korea say. Honestly judging from the Korean culture I think it’s impolite to do protests against a court, specially that this is not the criminal case, and the judge might interpret this as trying to influence his judgement which could backfire on Hyun Joong.

        • I was talking about a different kind of Protest where you just stand there waiting quietly to support instead of causing trouble.

  30. It is unbelievable. When the whole world can see how she is blackmailed him, the prosecutors cannot see it… It is their justice??? Did they really investigate it?? To be honest, she is now increasing her karmas and she must be punished by god for her doings. She may think now that, i am dropped from the cases and can feel relax, bt she will be punished terribly… He again filed the case right? Great hyunjoong never give up. No evil can win the battle. First it may seem like evil won the battle and the truth is suffering, but truth has its tremendous power which will destory the evil into pieces atlast and nobody can control the power of it!!! She will pay for her actions, even the SK judgement is doing injustice. And the fans are here for you leader. He must be sad from this announcement but he is strong. Those evil people choosen the wrong person to play with. They thought they can destroy him by doing anything and make him miserable and he will do nothing against it… They are wrong he is not a person who will fall for a storm, he is a person who will stand again after his fall and start anew. This is wrong for them not for him. He is my one and only star forever. STAY STRONG AND HEALTHY.

    • Well said dear. We are not gonna stay silent and watch that unprecedented violation of human rights. We will fight till the very end against those who run this ugly show. SK should stop once and forever that trashy law-players who make holes in the Justice system and tarnish the country’s image. When that sick bunch of criminals are on a loose, the whole society is insecure. Who is their next victim? How many innocent people should get hurt before the law will take a proper action? KHJ fans, fighting! KHJ is tough for sure, but he’s unbreakable when we unite and support him along the way.

      • Yes ella sister, he is unbreakable with his fans around him… Together with him we are also unbreakable. We should fight against this injustice… It’s like the whole country is against him, and he is struggling alone in the nightmare.

          • Yes sister we will fight till the justice wins!!!! But the saddest part is the country which needs to protect their stars, the stars who made their country’s name shine is blaming the stars and destoying thier stars. How can they do like that?? So what his coutry doesn’t support him, we fans all around the world and the korean fans are there for him to support him!!! Let’s stay strong together sister. 8 th is coming!!! God please give him strength…

            • Absolutely sis! Every word is so true. This is outrageous for country bringing its own stars down like this. Now, lots of people especially young question if it’s ok to develop their talents and capabilities for society that just wants to toy with them. The ignorant society which is cutting own roots will end up like a pitiful mother who abandoned her kids. KHJ we love u forever.

  31. Sk ppl mind other ppl’s business too much to an extent of making money out of it. Their celebrities are been toss around course of their cunning minds and lifestyle .I support the issue of him immigrating to other countries. Surely he has a base life in the industry, meaning he will be still supported. I give him 10 yrs full he will be on top and choi will be somewhere filling for a divorce from husband number 6, trying to sue for money to be like him .
    With yuchoom issue I just dnt intertain it even though it’s painful to be undressed in public. Gosh every man reach a stage in life where he just want to taste his fantasy before being married, these boy is young and can play any game he wants. Ppl must stop putting their nose in other ppls business.

  32. This is completely unjust. There is legitimate evidence against Choi, yet she gets off scott-free. Mr. Kim must be distraught. He’s serving two years for a country that is basically screwing him over. He’s not the only one in hot water. JYJ’s Park Yu-chun is facing accusations of rape/sexual assault. The first alleged victim already admitted to lying. Yet Mr. Park is crucified because of the other accuser and there’s no evidence proving this, yet. Call me paranoid, but I’m beginning to think that there’s something more going on and these idols are getting set up to take the fall and turn wandering eyes away from the real problems that are kept under wraps-just a thought. If I were Mr. Kim I would just emigrate. Why live in and perform in corrupt nation that you have supported but stabbed you in the back, slandered your good name, and forced two dangerous and hellish years out of you on border patrol? Am I right? Or am I being overly dramatic?

    • Dear Whitney, I totally agree with you this is injustice and very disappointing to every one. But about emigration, I think that won’t be an easy decision for KHJ not even after all what happened nor after clearing his name. If I can get him right, he is a very loyal & sincere man and he is really belonging to his own country & deeply loving it. He is, I think, the kind of people that might travel abroad for sometime then get back to his origin where he find his inner peace among his family & friends. Just my thoughts, however, only God knows what he’s being through now & how this might change his opinions about every thing, hopefully for the best. All we can do now is to pray for him & his family. May God get him out of this ordeal and lead him to the best ways & choices in life.

  33. I am very disappointed of their law system. I will always support KHJ. All her actions through the years showed me clearly what a witch this woman is. I feel sorry for KHJ. Can’t even imagine how he feels right now – insulted from everybody, sad, powerless…He can’t even see the child. Everything is such a mess….

  34. I knew this would happen….I HATE SOUTH KOREA AND BITCHOI….the result turned of to be rubbish…….acquitted for what,after all her lies….it doesnt surprises,they are cheat in korea….no justice there….no fairness….tsk disgusting country..

    • Hi dear, we all get emotional with the stuff is going on. Still… we are not the haters kind. Hating doesn’t solve the problem. Love does. Lets just stand for what we think is right and protect HJ in any possible way we can. SK is not the only country in this world who hurts its citizens and destroy own culture. The people with very low moral and zero intellect are doing this using their power and dirty connections to drain money from the innocents. Sometimes there are a tricky pyramid’s structures are involved to build a huge industries of lies and all kind manipulations. Two or three criminal minds together – it’s already mafia. The Koreans are the same as other nations with dramatic twists of history which always divide people on creators and destroyers. There is always a chance for every human soul to choose the right way. The greek myth tells us the story how Prometheus stole the fire from other Gods to help mankind and how he was cruelly punished for that. For me Justina, people like you are fire keepers, you made up your mind to stand by your favorite Star forever. Because of people like you the sky is still full of stars.

      • I agree with you Ella, I’m egyptian and in egypt some judges are corrupt, some government officials are corrupt and there is a lot of crimes against christians in upper egypt with the knoweldge of the police and they don’t do anything to protect them, so justins like Ella said, every country has some corruption and if we dwell on love and prosperity we will manifest them in our lives, hatred only consumes you on the inside.

          • Yes Tina, this world is a battle field between good and evil. We all pray to God to protect us and our dearests. Different people worship different Gods. My the only God is the one who is a Creator of Love and Peace. The phenomenon of KHJ is that he was able to reach the hearts of millions people from all kind of races, nations, cultures, religions, ages and characters all around the world, to unit us together and make us happy. Now is our turn to pay back. Love u guys.

            • dear sis, i feel exactly the same as you, i have no better words than yours to express my heart, we receveid so much love and support in our different lives thanks to Hyun Jung like a sign of hope from God, and now yes, all we can do is to pray for him in return, having faith God will give him back all the blessings we got thanks to him…love from France ♥

  35. I knew this would happen….after constant adjourment of the case,the result turned of to be rubbish…….acquitted for what,after all her lies….it doesnt surprises,they are cheat in korea….no justice there….no fairness….tsk disgusting country..

  36. Hello Bosanka and Ella!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! and ella thanks for your translation, your effort is much appreciated! Do i understand that me article can be read in Bosnian language? I’m glad if that is so. so that fans from non-English country can read what is going on not to be blinded by trash media.

    Here’s my 2cent: Someone is pulling out the strings in putting down SK celebs particularly male popular celebs.

    You may have a point and it’s definitely these scandals were done on purpose by some greedy, insecure, and totally jealous. However, in your comment I think SK can earn better having the bright stars which is lasting than the fallen stars which is short lived!

    First: Whether we accept it or not those trash media do earn from the scandals they are creating, in which SK people would rather read and believe sensationalized articles than the truth which those sites gained from on-line traffic. Remember those site do advertise and that’s where they earn.

    KHJ’s case has been going on for 2 years and yet the news on scandal and his case still creates on-line traffic, therefore those sites earn from him. From KHJ’s case in 2014 till present in 2 yrs proved to be salable, that all of a sudden a lot of nonsense scandals on SK celebs just popped out from nowhere!

    Second: As I’ve said someone is pulling the strings in orchestrating conspiracy in destroying SK celebs particularly male popular celebs. If we trace the trash media DISPATCH which is based in SK is the main source of scandal from Korean sites. ALLKPOP which is based in New Jersey USA on English sites is in partnership with Dispatch, I don’t know with the other trash sites are from.

    Fact, Kpop and the Hallyu are growing big in such speed worldwide and indeed they are one step in monopolizing the international showbiz in terms of popularity, whether we agree on this or not, well it’s happening. So take it from there… Kpop and Hallyu is becoming a threat in the worldwide showbiz industry which is a US territory!

    In Japan alone their jealousy on Hallyu already surfaced sometime in 2012, I wrote about this, and the following years Kdrama was restricted in the local TV and limited to cable stations. pick up from there… This is just my wild thoughts!!

    Thank you, have a nice day and take care everyone! See you again soon! God bless…

    • Opet ću pisati na bosanskom jeziku. Drago mi je da ste me mogli shvatiti kao što i ja vas shvatam.Ovdje sam za podršku KHJ ali me boli to što se radi i velika nepravda prema tim divnim ljudima koji se bave lijepim profesijama muzikom i glumom .Kima pratimo već odavno.Želimo da mu uputimo podršku iz Bosne i hercegovine da slučajno ne odustaje od svoje karijere da ide dalje u visine.LK HVALA za sve.Molim da nas izvještavate o svemu što saznate o KHJ.BORBA DO KRAJA.KHJ SARANGHAE

      • From Bosanka: I’m writing in Bosnian again. I’m glad you’r able to understand me in a right way. Here I am in support to KHJ, but it hurts me what a great injustice to these wonderful people who are really engaged in professions with beautiful music and acting. We want support KHJ from Bosnia and Herzegovina that he never give up on his career because of that unfortunate accident and could keep his heights. LK thanks for all. Please keep us informed about everything what comes about HJ. FIGHT TO THE END KHJ. SARANGHAE

    • Thanks LK dear! I’m not really into other languages, but just a humble user of Google translation service and try to get in tune with the source. Would be nice though to have professional help from international fans in such cases. Anyway, tnx for sharing your thoughts on this matter. Showbiz is a big game for many different categories of influential people get involved and where the individuals are just chips for all sorts of gambling – political, financial, personal, etc. Nobody cares how hard the famous person worked to get there, the moment he started to make real money he became a prey for all kinds of parasites-predators who is after his success. This world can be a really scary place sometimes. That’s why this blog like a beautiful planet where you can meet a lot of very nice, extraordinary people like you LK, that absolutely terrific guy HJ and our dear friends who is the only proof that what we call a life is a really worthy thing to live for.

      • HVALA ELLA za prevod .Zaista sam se bojala da se ne prevedu tačno moje riječi ali vidim da je OK.Istinska podrška za KHJ uvijek,i za sve umjetnike koji prolaze golgotu a nevini su.Molim sve ljude koji mogu pomoći da se spase umjetnici koji vrijede.I LOVE KIM.

        • From Bosanka: Tnx Ella for translation. Indeed I was afraid that my words can’t be interpret right. But I can see it’s ok. I give all my true support to KHJ always and to all innocent artists who is passing Golgotha. I ask all people who can help to save those artists, please do. I love KHJ.

          • You are welcome Bosanka. Stay with us. Fighting for HJ. Good luck! / Nema na cemu Bosanka. Ostanite s nama. Borba za HJ. Sretno! /

            • HVALA Ella i LK .Očekujemo pozitivan ishod radost navijača za KHJ.Kada bih živjela u Seul-u otišla bih pred sud kao podrška za našeg dječaka.On samo treba dostojanstveno izaći iz vojske i krenuti sa pjevanjem kao da se ništa nije desilo.KHJ nije kriv za ovo jer mu je sve servirano i uopšte nije znao šta ga čeka jer je jako pošten i pravedan. LK MOLIM ŠTO PRIJE NOVI IZVJEŠTAJ. HVALA PUNO.I LOVE KIM

              • FROM BOSANKA: Thanks LK and Ella. We expect a positive outcome 07.08. for KHJ and big help from all fans who live in Seoul and can come to the court and support our boy. He just needs to leave Army with dignity and live on and sing again like nothing had happened. KHJ didn’t put any blame on her from the beginning and didn’t know what was waiting for him cuz he is very honest and fair person. I pray we’ll receive good news. Tnx a lot. I LOVE KIM

  37. GOD have bless you with a loving family that have stand by you no matter what . Love will see you through. Your heart is so warm .We only keep praying for you. When you on top of the world there always someone waiting to pull you down. You have so much love coming from your fans. There anyone else that we love more than you. Stay strong and eat well. We will always be waiting for you. love and peace. keep smiling ( THAT SMILE KEEP US GOING )

  38. Hi dear LK and guys! I’m not sure I have something important to add to all your wonderful comments which are so considerate, warm, full of love and hope as always. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with SK system of justice, but this particular case is no fun and really sucks. Is the law some kind of pizza that you can just fill it up with any ingredients you like? If it is so I give up. But still I’m amusingly entertained to see how easy even top famous star’s case can be skipped and the person himself can be played and destroyed by freaking low vulgar dummies who shakes dirty hands with sharks driven by jealousy and profit. Actually nothing changed in this world, same war zone between good and evil. All we have to do just stick together and show those outlaws that our dear guy HJ is not easy to get, he is not scared and lonely, he is tough and God-send to expose their true colors to the whole world and it’s already happening – they can’t hide any more their malicious intentions and real ugly faces which are lacking any sense of shame. SK, the entire world is watching now how the Country with the great history and centuries of fighting against numerous enemies can protect its own people who is the roots and the source of unique culture. SK, please don’t fail to show other countries that life and future of that extremely talented person with the name KIM HYUN JOONG, who makes his country shine with beauty, pride and fame for millions foreigners is really valuable for you, please guard against injustice that remarkable guy who is serving his MS duty now to secure and free you guys with his own life from danger and harm that you could live and sleep in peace. Love u forever KHJ. Saranghae

    • DOBAR DAN Ja ne govorim engleski jezik pa ću pisati na bosanskom.Hvala LK na izvještaju za nas koji jedva čekamo vijesti o KHJ. Moje mišljenje je da iza svega ipak stoji država koja dopusti da zvijezde zablistaju zarade novac a onda nađu izmišljen razlog da im taj novac uzmu. Sada je na redu CN BLUE.Oni to rade smišljeno.Zato su tu navijači da to ne podrže nikako.Podrška za sve treba biti jaka.I LOWE KIM .I LOVE HWA. FIGTHING SARANGE.VOLI VAS BOSNA

      • Hi Bosanka, I made an effort to translate your comment with Google helping. If you ok with that version so there’s it: ‘Good day. I don’t speak English that’s why i wrote in Bosnian. Thank you LK to provide us with significant info about HJ coz it is hard to sort all that coming stuff out. I wonder if this happen on purpose that the State first help the stars to glow and make money and then they tend to take the money back. And they turn the brightest stars into falling stars intentionally as well, that’s why some fans buy all that media lies and believe it and turn their backs to their idols. Now he is on same line as CN Blue. KHJ needs real support from all loyal fans. I LOVE KIM. i LOVE HWA. FIGHTING. SARANGE. VOLI VAS BOSNA

  39. Here is another thing that bothers me. How is it that she gets a hearing on all of her claims, including her mother, when they come to court or post no prior evidence. Most of their evidences has been proven fabrication/false, yet they are granted hearing and KHJ can’t get a hearing on one charge. Really, he found that she did not do it intentionally. Is he a mind reader or just plan incompetent? When you go to the media time and time again with false evidence you are trying to win your case not in a court of law but in the court of public opinion, and this is a sign of intent. God help the people in the entertainment industry in SK. What a way to live.

  40. Been following you since this mess started. Always looking forward to your insights. Even those I’ve never thought of.
    I don’t know where I saw it, but somewhere I read the same prosecutor who favored Choi before is the one who handled this. If he rejected her on this, it would have looked bad on him so of course he had to favor her again. However, I don’t know if this is true or not, since I haven’t come across any other reports saying this.
    Her reported multiple abortions & miscarriages in a matter of couple of months is bogus. I have 2 cousins who have been with their husbands for years have miscarriages & abortions (for medical reasons) before & they both say they wouldn’t want their husbands touch them for awhile. Not only because of their body but mentality. It’s just wierd from a woman’s view to hear Choi’s story.
    Plus sharing, is that Kim Hyun Joong was the 1st Kpop star I came across a little over 2 years ago from watching Boys Over Flowers on Youtube. Love at 1st sight! Since then, I became a kpop & kdrama addict.😆 And proud of it!! Fighting!

  41. Thank you Lazer Kim for your very cleaver article about unfair law rules in SK. ^^ ❤
    I think it is a big mistake to lose one of the most important image of SK's Culture by allowing
    this massacre against artists who are the Ambassadors of this beautiful Country. I just cannot understand why this matter is occurring with someone like Kim Hyun Joong.
    He doesn't deserve this injustice! 😥
    This great artist is so charismatic. He is a shining global Hallyu star and a leader who reached the heights of fame by his incomparable talent and has become a major an valuable attraction
    to enhance the prestige of his country.
    KHJ is unique and will have no long his equal so why they allow such a mess triumph?!!!
    My heart is broken and I share all his family, friends and fans' pain…
    I just want to say that I’ll still always and forever love, support and follow Kim Hyun Joong, our Only One whatever will happen…
    I ‘will never leave him and will still believe in his innocence and shall pray hard for him every day.
    God bless…

  42. Good day Miss LK… Waiting for KHJ… Hoping that he will not change his decision to come back… Fighting…

  43. Let us just hope and pray that KHJ is ok right now upon hearing the decision. It is indeed unbelievable . I guess the decision is premature they are scheduling July 8 for the next hearing and why there is already an acquital. It really hurt us so much. Un case KHJ can not be given justice in Sk his fans are still waiting for him no matter what happens. Migrating to another place might be a better solution. Let’s continue to pray for him.

    • Remember that there are two different cases going on. The July 8 hearing is in regard to the civil suit that Choi filed against KHJ. KHJ and Choi are scheduled to testify in regards to her accusations of abuse and miscarriage. The case that the prosecutor just dropped the charges for was the criminal suit that KHJ filed against Choi for Blackmail, defamation, fraud and calumny. KHJ has appealed the decision to a higher court and will be represented by a new, very experienced, criminal defense attorney. So, there is still hope.

      • Thanks Mightymom!:)

        Sooo…KHJ has a new attorney that will represent him for the appeal of the criminal law suit. Does that mean another Attorney who is also Experience just like Att Lee?

        I hope none of these people from Higher Court have any Connections with Choi and Att Seon.
        Att Lee and KHJ need to keep there eyes wide open. Choi and Att Seon will probably Paid them to do the Dirty Work.
        Maybe a Spy Among them.

        I know Choi has her own Media that can back her up and
        Maybe Att Lee and KHJ should have there own media to so that way they can get even.

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  45. LK, is he going to change the lawyer??? l think he is doing a good work. Let me share my thoughts.
    l think that the courts decisions will be that neither Choi nor KHJ wins. Probably she will lose her suit too. They will give them a shared custody with a resonable pay and end these suits with nothing for both. Personally l think that money makes people lose the way and makes that ambicious ones try to get money in any way, Choi¨ and her partners. She lost her mind and turned her resentful and embittered when she was rejected. She played with KHJ emotions in the past and now playing with emotions in the court ( she is the mother of his child and couldnt be in jail).
    Of couse l will no be happy with her avoiding to paid for what she did . If it is the case,what pissed me up was that she neither gained nor will gain anything with that behaviour. She shown to be so stupid, because with her behavior not only damaged him so much but also herself. She will live hiding from his fans, hiding the baby, she lost peace and lost him for ever, and about money, Neither all the money that she will have from him will never make her happy.
    KHJ will end hurted so much in various ways. No GFs for a while, He has to work hard to be the man who was, profesionally talking he will face critics. And in side him l will see a hurted man, this is a scar not easy to forgive or forget. That hurts me as much, you cant imagine. It will take too much time to overcome it. I saw it around. Fortunately part of the time to heal his heart he is living in his MS, with some exiting experiences that will help him to face it better even if he lost the case. It will take time but we can see in the future a strong and mature man who can live better and healthier than before as he said in his letter, l trust you my only one.

    • Jazu dear,
      sorry but you are too lenient and for once I don’t really agree with you, apology and I appreciate you saw more and have more experience…but
      Hj already got custody, joint custody, this chapter is closed.

      That bitch should be in JAIL because she committed fraud, blackmail, defamation, false evidences and slandered Hj and his family! If she went berserk because she was rejected and will be rejected forever is her problem, she is a psychopath after all.
      there should be NO MERCY for what she done she has to pay, she is revengeful and greedy and a liar.

      If KHj wants to survive he MUST CLEAR his name otherwise that black stain will remain and haunt him all his life and his future and he will be labeled as an abuser which he is not!

      He must never give up, He added another law firm to fight for his criminal case with a higher prosecutor, which hopefully will be a decent one.
      As far as I understood Atty Lee will deal with the civil case, hearing coming near in July 8th.

      No doubt Hj will be a more mature man after his MS, but if we want to see him back on stage, he MUST have a Clean slate to start again!

      • Agree with you BUT who knows how it will end l supose that court have to find a solution too. l clearly said IF that is the case. She played with emotions of KHJ, his family, real DV víctims, women rights, his child, his agent, his fans and even herself, she didnt expect his reaction and rejection , she knows him , but her actions to hurt him rebout on herself. Now what else, just be patient . I will be with him no matter what was the final decition, good or bad , that is my way.

      • You know English is not my language, l would express my thoughts better to avoid missunderstands , hehehe but hope to do better in the future.

      • Unfortunately the false label will always be thrown out by some no mater what. Can KHJ come back if the courts keep playing bs games… yes he can his 4.5 million fans world wide will ensure that as its a matter of supply and demand . Endorsements and dramas initially will be troublesome however over time those will flood in again also, of course even if his name is cleared he will face these issues just not to the same extent . What makes or breaks KHJ is us his fans as long as we support him and buy his music go to his concerts watch his dramas and buy products he endorses his career will only grow. So must he clear his name no because his fans already know the truth….should he clear is name yes if the messed up system on SK let’s him… e I there way though he will be back and we Henecia will be right there supporting our only one

        • Exactly HJ must have the Support of his Fans, all of them, to show them all that in our eyes HJ is the same that we know and that we believe in him and that no matter how much they want to bring him down in his own country (SK looks very bad in the eyes of the International Fans) his International Fans are there and we want him back!

          We must continue to show our support in any way, by posting at their SK blogs, by sending him letters and by buying his albums ….and if possible even to find a way to make SK media aware on how bad they look outside how much shame that psycho brought to SK.

          Once SK was on my wish list to visit….now NO WAY!

  46. hello ms.lazerkim & friends….
    i’m totally agree with u! sometimes i felt there is no justice at all in SK…but the karma has! just my wild thought,maybe pig seon really know this prosecutor or more accurate they are friends! lol no wonder that prosecutor support choi bitch,they sharing dirty money,how nice!!lol…
    may God bless hj,his family,henecia &ms.lazerkim…aameen..

  47. You are so right about how you feel! I have had a lot of questions myself. hxWhy want they let HJ get his side in? It truly irritates me with the way they are treating him. To them he is quilty and he can’t defend his self. Its not right. I also don’t like these people still are putting him down. They seem not to want to look at the evidence, they want to continue blaming him. They say that they are fans, but if they are they wouldn’t treat him like that. I agree about the court system there. It seems that what choi says is gold, but it aint. This kind of stuff goes on a lot, where someone wants revenge and they will do it one way or the other. They need to open up their eyes. HJ needs his true fans to be his voice, we need to fight with all we got! I’m glad he changed lawyers, to me it seems that he wasn’t being represented right. He needs people around him that will fight for him 100%! I will always be here for him no matter what! KHJ forever!

  48. Do not worry! Sometimes the hero is always beaten up first then he will rise like a phoenix in the dust. I always believe nothing evil in this world will last forever. God will put everything in place in His Time. Do not lose hope, always trust in Him. Let KHJ know that there are people who believes in him. I am one of those people from California, USA. I will pray that KHJ will overcome these trials and challenges in his life. Keep on fighting. I want to see your sweet smile. I don’t want to see loneliness in your eyes. Keep the faith!

    • Agree, and I am a 69 year old fan from Florida. Always believe and know that God will always restore. KHJ, Psalms 1:3 like a tree planted by the waters you shall not be moved.

      • Sitting here reading about that choi send needles down my spine no-one would never treat a person you love that way. if khj was mistreating her why would you get pregnant a second time . her plans were in the works. how can she destroy him a man like khj. look at him his heart is so warm we will keep praying that God is still watching over khj. if my heart is hurting this much i can feel khj pain. khj make the world feel his love for life. She didn’t want him it was all about money. we will stand by his side no matter what because the world love khj. SK is your home sometimes we have to run away from home where you are love in a different country. GOD BLESS KHJ. Keep fighting we are with you all the way and forever.

  49. Thank you for your thoughts LK. So sad but so true. Thank you Connie for your research on SK Injustice system. AND thank you Mr. Persecutor (not a misspell), instead of spending 3 weeks of summer vacation in your lovely (not) country, looks like we’re heading to Europe. The thought that 1 person can be judge, jury, & executioner doesn’t sit well with some. How sad is that. One friend said how can it be injustice when his case can’t even get “in”. Really wanted to see HJK’s restaurant too. Bummer.

  50. Thank you Lazerkim from all of us who don’t know the why or what but are horrified at the twists and turns. You help us to understand what really can’t be understood. I am praying for you and that God reveals the truth. Also for Hyun Joong to have someone in the military to help him in his faith. ” Vengence is mine.” sayeth the Lord. He does see and care. But sometimes these difficulties are meant to bring His children closer to him.
    And speaking of “karma”, twelve years after my husband left with and married a predator woman he met at work , she dumped him in exactly the same way as he did to me. Then, after being married the third time, eight years later his newest wife dumped him for her high school sweetheart and accused him of horrible things which I am fairly sure we’re not true.He has been devastated twice, and the best part for me is that I had nothing to do with it. As they say..”Time wounds all heels.” I hope the same will help Miss Choi see that maybe she could have made different decisions in her life. Sorry for the long post…but my experience did drag me closer to God, and actually made me feel sympathy for my ex as he went through his bad times.

  51. I believe in my heart that justice will prevail, God is not sleeping and He is in control. Personally it happened to me, so I can relate. Right now, we can pray hard to God to give KHJ patients, understanding, humility, most of all faith in Him. This is the only way he can be relieve of this situation. Look forward to the new beginning, and let God handle this situation. Take care of your son which is very important, your parents, family they are the ones that will support you in times of trouble, plus your friends, fans all over the world who are very anxious waiting for you. Think positive do not dwell in the past, let the qualified handle your cases. PRAY VERY HARD.
    Also I ask ALL THE FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD TO PRAY HARD for his beloved son, KHJ.

  52. Thank you LK,
    agree and trying to make head and tails of SK Law, but it seems this one is going backwards like no other Law sys in the world, no wonder their dramas are so scary and those who are trashing celebs are rampant there.

    I’ve read something in the “Asian Entertainer” the article was pertaining to another celeb under fire, but they’ve wrote something that it put a bit of light in the dark that surround SK entertainment Celebs and SK Law and Media (trash most of it) :
    Although it is a small country which would fit in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, their entertainment industry is second to none. But the downside is it has the highest rate of false allegations against celebrities than all other countries combined. Those in the limelight who depend upon their image to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, also become sitting targets which some view as easy prey and a fast buck, putting them in a position where they either have to fight back, pay up or be destroyed. Although authorities take these matters seriously, it hasn’t stopped the bold and aggressive behavior of some to seize the chance to capitalize or gain attention when the opportunity presents itself.

    I think this para explain it how it goes ins SK. Hj was hit the hardest by a Psychopath bitchoi who aimed at his money, at his celeb status…she went rampant to trash Media and caught him at his most vulnerable (middle of WT series…) when he could not do much to fight back neither his agency, she played them all like a pro, she is a scheming con scum, of course with the famous pig who is an expert on how to blackmail celebs (former case Park SH…and most probably more) that pig saw the opportunity to get a bigger pay (KHJ being at his apogee in his career) by trashing Hj constantly in front of camera. I still find it hard to believe he has a degree in law…but then by the look of it everyone can get a degree in SK as their law depend in the end if the prosecutor woke up on the right side of the bed or if he had a bad day with the wife or if he got paid nicely by a blackmailer (aka bitchoi here)….it looks like it and it smell badly of corruption!

    what a Shame on SK on how they unleashed their dogs on Hj who really brought them fame all over, made the Name of SK famous, their Gov got a lot of taxes from him, i.e. they’ve gained here.
    KHJ is a respected ARTIST all over the world, he has a HUGE Fan Base of International Fans who can see what is done to HJ and are not gullible or Blind to eat whatever their SK and other Trash Media outlets in Enlish (who are biased and antis…) are feeding their troll readers.
    One very important thing (just read JD exe’s got up and defended him) none of Hj exgf ever said one bad word about him and for sure he had his share of Gfs…..He just had the bad luck to allow that evil ugly freak to get close to him.

    I really hope Hj will go with all guns to fight here with all and not to give up, I also hope ultimately their Law System will prove is a proper one and allow Truth to be out there.

    Frankly SK is a big disappointment …..siding with that Psychopath, keeping blind just show what kind of society they have.

    I am a Fan of KHJ and I will remain one, I strongly believe in him an that Truth will prevail!

    • I too read the article and it was pretty good but one falsehood i found, ” even though they take this seriously,” which I don’t think they do. Because if they did would this still be going on at such frequent rate? Would KHJ received the kind of treatment he did? I now know of two in the last week, and I my not be a true fan but I really like their acting. Watching more drama from other Asian countries, and I am not a fan off K-pop. But love KHJ, SS501 and 503.
      Retired and I love watching television and reading, so this is why I will watch dramas.

  53. After such news is already think no one doubts that Miss Choi works for influential people – that lead the hunt for stars, who benefits? Why recently went massive scandals one after the other? In Korea, gang – Dispattch publishes dirty gossip about the actors – absolutely without any evidence – Hyun Joong and Park Yoochun is not the first nor the last to be more victims – who of idols will be next? That someone influential planned action influential competitors or maybe it’s policy to pay media scandals of the stars took the attention of people from their machinations?
    But one thing is clear to everyone – it’s frequent scandals are not random, and Hyun Joong – a pawn in someone else’s game.

    • correction dear, bitchoi is not working she is a blackmailer parasite who sucks money from others!
      and yes they Gov are covering their mistakes in the economy of the SK and their fraudulent managing by making up more and more scandal on celebs…to take the attention from their own mistakes.

  54. Trash sites are desperate for new material since this new development has happened. Asianjunkies took a post off my blog and edited it to take out what I was even responding to and published a screencap of it in an article on their site. When I asked them nicely to take it down I got a rude reply and was basically told to delete my blog if I couldn’t handle it. Now I know how Hyunjoong feels. This right here proves that none of us can trust the media. If they have to edit fan posts to get clicks on a site, it makes you wonder just how much more they have edited stuff to make Hyunjoong look bad.

    • wow….you can always complain about them, there is Monitor for those trash sites as well, more so when they took your work…

      • What should I do? It feels like I can’t do anything about it. When I contacted them I assumed the admin of the site or whatever would address it, but instead the girl who wrote the article replied. I feel very cornered and trapped. Traffic to my blog has skyrocketed and I’ve been getting hateful messages left and right, telling me he needs to hang himself and that I can’t be trusted since I’m a supporter of him. People have even made posts telling others to report me for defending him.

        • Block the haters and report them to WP for abusing you.
          that who replied to you and that site can be reported to Monitor of WP as hateful and abusing you.
          Jesus what crazy people are out there!
          It is your blog, you BLOCK them!

        • Dear, u can do like LK did last time with all tbose haters throw a hatred comments whe HJ case burst out. Just block them all and maje a repirt to WP admin. Frm ur story, its absolutely a trespassing of ur rights as a true blogger. What a jerk those people!! What’s ur blog site dear??

          • I don’t have a WP account. I use tumblr. There isn’t a way to block a website from accessing my blog, only other blogs from the same domain. Tumblr won’t do anything about it either. They have the worst staff out there and let people send each other death threats (I’ve had people tell me on anonymous that they hope I kill myself, that KHJ should kill himself, that they hope he beats me if I meet him, and so on). But staff won’t trace the IP and just say “well just turn off anon”. In this case I’m positive they’ll say they can’t do anything about it. They protect the bullies.

            I would post my blog name but I don’t want to invade LK’s space with it unless she says it is okay. ;-;

  55. Again thank you LK, you were right on the money again. And, as you can see more celebrity scandals have come forward and I believe it has a lot to do with the way the courts handled KHJ case that other females felt that they could cash in too. But, I do agree with Tina let us concentrate on the positive for God is not finished yet. Love you LK and thanks again.

    Oh!! LK I remember that in one of your articles you gave the synopsis of an attorney or some official who stated that the biggest/worse crime in SK would not be murder with a weapon but with the tongue, I paraphrase here but you get. The reason is, it is a crime that you can not see the evidence of, people destroying a person s character. This has an effect on the number of suicdes, but this comes when a person can’t get their life back. No matter, if the truth comes out. But thanks be to God KHJ has already witness the dark side and now he knows there is a cloud of witnesses standing next to him, so he will do great no matter what. Bearing false witness is not only a crime before men but a much Bigger crime before God, so they will repay and let us let God handle it because revenge is His and when He repays it is well-done better than whatever man can do. So let us keep the Faith and LK keep your health up for God has truly blessing you with an insight into this case for His people. Love to all and have a peaceful week, remember God gives us a peace that the world does not understand.

  56. I researched the way the Korean legal system is set up…so first you have police who are directed by the prosecutors office.. then you have Procecutors who further investigate…and even act as quasi judges…the procecutors all act independently and have unlimited discrection..which means they decise what is evidence what isnt and weather inspite of evidence they will go to trial or not…in fact if they feel cost of court is higher then benifit to public they can dismiss a case with overwelming evidence. Last you have jusges who have limited discretion within the boundries if korean law… can you see the problem here iys obvious to much power rest with the procesution if a case cant get to a judge how can you have a justice…. since a prosecutor can stop a case at any time before a dinal rulling or make a discretionary judgment prior to a judges ruling its to scary to contemplate. In KHJ criminal case we see how scary it is.. a procecutor one who mishandled prior civil procidings jumped in at 11th hr between court dates and dismissed the case. He didint aquitte ms choi he just arbitrarily dismissed based not on facts the court was already considering but on his personal discretion… a backdoor deal and saving his own hide can only be the answer for the prosecutors outrages decision. Evidence had already been gathered, testemonies already heard all leaning heavily in KHJ favor we were only awaiting the final hearing where a judge would rule… because it reached this final stage and the prosecutor steped in before a judge could rule its obviously a case where prosecutor abused power to ensure his own agenda.

  57. The prosecutor selected to handle KHJ’s case is either incompetent, or took a bribe. Glad Attorney Lee is appealing, and fully believe justice will be done in the end. You can’t keep away from karma, and Choi’s is going to come back and bite her hard.

  58. Okay, just want to say be careful of dwelling on injustice that happens to KHJ because dwelling on something is surely will make it happen whether it’s good or bad. whatever we feel, we manifest, so if we feel that HJ is not getting justice he surely won’t but if we truly from the bottom of our hearts believe he’s getting it RIGHT NOW by divine order that we don’t understand, he surely will get justice. I am reading a book now by DR.Joseph Murphy about scientific prayer, he says that when you pray you actually meditate that what’s true of God is true of you and that you should not EVER EVER dwell on bad thoughts and feelings, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t express your frustrations but DO NOT DWELL on them because it’s going to reverse your prayers and then you have put obstacles for your prayers to be answered. he also said dwelling on negativity is
    worshipping a false God of circumstances and fear. so please henecias forget about what’s happening and let’s believe from the bottom of our heart that HJ is getting justice NOW and that it will be manifested sooner or later. since God is justice so is HJ and he will have justice applied. please he needs us to be emotionally positive so we can give him the spirit to help him fight.

    • To Tina, you are so right, at this point only Collective Prayers we can do Pray fervently, heartfelt, incessantly to God. I ask this to ALL of KHJ friends, FANS all over the world.

  59. no tiene argumentos creo yo para defenderse, los testigos no dijeron nada nuevo o trascendente, que si perdio mucho dinero por los contratos cancelados, eso lo sabe todo el mundo, que alguien diga que solo vio que estaba bebiendo y que no tenia moretones no es prueba suficiente, lastima por KHJ

  60. How sad. Hyun Joong. You are going to stay in SK and fight for your rights.fear no one but God. As sure as the sun will shine you are going to be fine. Your naivete allowed you to lay with a crazed woman who has no conscience. This could have been handled in a more decent way.but she chose this road. I won’t blame you for not dumping her early because you couldn’t see what was in front of you. But don’t give up now. Everything is going to be alright. You are a fantastic musicians and the world loves you even if half of the people in SK are blind. Never go near her again. Get a 3rd party involved when it comes to seeing the child.she must never be in the same space with you evet,unless it’s in court.I am praying for you will be alright. This too shall pass. Love love love love love you.

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