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By: LazerKim


For two long agonizing years, finally Kim Hyun Joong was vindicated proving his innocence that the Civil Court judge ruled in his favor on Aug 10th, and this is really a big sigh of relief to him and to all of us here! We rejoice on Hyun Joong’s victory as his victory is ours too, indeed he’s always a winner, as justice was finally served and prevailed. The truth now has set him free!

However, this case doesn’t end from here, as this is only the beginning. Very soon from now there will be heads rolling to the ground starting off with Choi Hye Mi who shamelessly created this circus, as her nightmare KARMA starts from this day onward.

No amount of public apology from Choi and from the trash media can ever recover the cruelty she had done to KHJ, his family and to us his fans who suffered for 2 long years. Choi has to pay the consequences of her lies not only through monetary penalty as the Civil Court judge ordered her to pay KHJ, but to be behind bars  where she truly belongs.


As the presiding judge ruled that all allegations, accusations of Choi are FALSE as there was no sufficient evidence to her claims and a clear criminal act of defamation as she went to the media to spill out her false accusations! The civil court ordered Choi to pay 100 Million Won to KHJ, for defamation and damage she created using the media.

Will she be able to pay him back? If she won’t be able to do so, what will happen? Will she be imprisoned if she will not abide by the court order? These are just innocent questions. Money here may not matter since no amount of cash can compensate with the damage, mental and emotional distress that Choi inflicted to KHJ and his family.

Not to mention the cases Choi filed against KHJ Korean fans who bashed on her on-line that for me was a threat causing a lot of stress to his fans as well. Can a counter charge from KHJ Korean fans possible for the mental and emotional distress she created?



I got this news from the garbage, as according to the trash media the presiding judge stated this:

“However, the fact that [A] did an interview with KBS in which she gave false information with no evidence… Considering the criminal act the day before the defendant’s enlistment date, the severe defamation and damage to the defendant’s image, and severe psychological stress, the plaintiff shall give compensation in the amount of 100 million won to the defendant.”    (by: trash Soompi)

My apology that I cannot post the entire article from Trash media since it’s obviously twisted and meant to confuse readers again! I would just like to point out on SEVERE DEFAMATION and DAMAGE to the defendant’s image.

This shows that the civil court judge recognized and acknowledged the criminal act of defamation and false accusation of Choi Hye Mi against KHJ, which is enough ground to file a criminal case against Choi. Take note this is contrary to Mr. Prosecutor’s opinion on KHJ’s counter charge against Choi stating KHJ have NO sufficient evidence to press charges against Choi!

Oh and to the trash media who wrote this news, I hope you are aware that you and other trash media played a big part to defame KHJ together with Choi and Seon! Then may I advise you to start hiding since you are one of those heads to roll on the ground! SOON!



Now let’s go back to the recent past as Mr. Prosecutor REJECTED Hyun Joong’s counter charge criminal case filed against Choi in May 19th this year, stating that there was NO sufficient evidence on KHJ’s claim! I would like to chase after Mr. Prosecutor and let him eat and swallow the judge ruling!

Yes I agree we’re in two different courts of law, the civil court and criminal court, however, we have exactly the same story brought to both courts! The criminal case that KHJ filed against Choi rooted from this civil case that she filed, am I right? Who do you think has a better credibility, the judge or the prosecutor?

At this point, KHJ can easily re-file his counter charge against Choi, and I’m confident he will win this criminal case. Every single individual who has been a victim of wrong doings has every human right for a day in court, Mr. Prosecutor!

If a complete LIAR like Choi was given the chance to state her lies in the court of law then what more to an innocent person who’s holding the truth? Choi started this circus, therefore it is just right for her to end it…….in JAIL!…. Together with Mr. Prosecutor, Piggy Seon and trash media!



There’s something nagging in my mind as I can still remember Atty Seon’s statement to KHJ as…“You should NOT sue the mother of your child”  

So this was what KHJ trying to say last year “Do NOT pawn that baby…”  as Choi was intending to use this child as her money bag and shield from jail! Unfortunately, KHJ is determined to pursue with the criminal case against her, specially at this point that KHJ had proven his innocence.

Many of KHJ fans doubted the identity of the said child and I’m one of them in spite of the joint custody was ordered by the family court, his identity remained questionable to many. Now that KHJ was awarded with joint rights over the child, I hope he can take advantage of the chance to have another DNA test on the child and close the issue if indeed he’s the father of the child.

The existence of this child was exposed to the public and left its identity hanging in the air, that after the family court made its ruling, we didn’t hear anything about the child anymore! I have the same questions as others, were the Kims able to see the child for real? Did Choi abide with the court ruling and shared the rights with KHJ?



From day one that the 2nd scandal exploded in Feb 2015, I’m sure my regular readers witnessed on how Choi behaved from the alleged pregnancy to childbirth, that caused us to doubt!  Something just doesn’t seemed to fit in along the way as this case unfold. And with all the PROVEN LIES Choi made to the public, doubts will always surround her.

If she had gone this far lying about multiple pregnancy of 5 or 6 I lost count in just a matter of 7 months, then it’s also possible she lied over childbirth, can’t she? Remember, not even the Kims were able to confirm her Feb 2015 pregnancy, not even childbirth as they were not informed about it.

Choi made such a HUGE MESS involving an innocent child, be it KHJ’s child or not, the repercussion of what she had done is too much to the innocent. I hope this matter can be cleared as well, for the sake of the child, before Choi can further use this child as her shield in the public eye to avoid the criminal case against her.

And if KHJ may earn criticism from the SK public as he is pressing charges against the “alleged” mother of his child, well I would say…No one is above the law!



From this day onward Choi Hye Mi, Atty Seon and the trash media have a lot of consequences to face for what they did to KHJ and to this innocent child be it KHJ’s child or not. I just hope Atty Seon would not use temporary insanity as an excuse to his client in avoiding the jail gates!!

As to the fans who jump ship, it’s your prerogative whoever celeb you want to follow. But I do hope you have learned a lesson here. To walk out in silence can earn a better respect from others, than turning into a monster of hatred! Now go and eat your words! That’s all I can say to you!



To the loyal KHJ fans who stayed loyal for 2 long years of agony, my hats off to all of you as you are indeed true loyal fans and I’m very proud of you. Thank you so much for staying beside KHJ, I know you never doubted him and stayed believing in him.

To the loyal fans Sunny and PrincessMich who has been tirelessly translating a more credible news items, thank you so much your effort is very much appreciated!

May I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Atty Lee for job well done, I know he went out of his way professionally in defense to KHJ, in behalf of KHJ fans Thank you so much. This case is not over yet as we will be with you and shall continue to support in defending KHJ.

As for me, I learned a lot in this case, I learned how to defend an innocent man, as I learned to LOVE unconditionally, just as much as I also have learned the feeling of HATE! I’m not a hateful person and this woman Choi taught me how!!

But most of all, this case made loyal KHJ fans stronger than ever, as the pain inflicted to us made us confident knowing the truth is at our side and stood by it all through out.

As we face the next stage of this case, we are now stronger and we can now smile in fighting those monsters to be put to jail!

To Kim Hyun Joong….Congratulations on your victory!! Stay strong as you always are!

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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UPDATE   (Aug.12th)


(Trans cr: @Sunsun_sky thanks for sharing!)




I can understand that most of you here are quite surprised by the news above pertaining Choi visiting KHJ in the camp and trying to reach out for settlement. This news doesn’t surprise me at all which I remember writing about it in my previous article. If you remember Choi has been delaying the court hearing for 5 times last year till early this year.

I think this is not the first time that Choi camp approached KHJ camp for settlement. Let’s analyze this matter, and this not speculation, this is simple common sense, let’s just say it’s norm! Why did Choi filed this civil case knowing she’s bound to lose since she doesn’t have any proof to her allegations? This is pure money and her intention to bring down KHJ

When she filed this civil case she was expecting to get money from KHJ to bend on her to drop the case similar to 2014. Unfortunately KHJ fought back this time and did not agree to any settlement which is contrary to her expectations. With those delaying tactics she was expecting the Kims would drain out and give in to her wishes for monetary settlement that did not happen which I already wrote.

As we notice she slowly shy away from media which showed that she was becoming desperate since nothing worked out to her favor anymore even using the so-called child did not work either! See this is a full proof that she’s not for justice as what she was claiming! This is her litigation so why would she plead for settlement if she’s after justice?

I sure do hope the criminal court judge would see her evil motive too that I hope Atty Lee can bring this recent camp visitation . Choi now is being cornered and I don’t think she has any way out.

And maybe just maybe she can still earn a better respect from those brainless people who supported her on-line if she comes out and ADMIT her evil motives in destroying KHJ which is unlikely to happen!! But who knows? Well either way she’s still going to jail so why spend so much time and money when she’s bound to go to jail anyway!!  LOL!


NEWS UPDATE       (Aug 23rd)

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CASE UPDATE  Jan 18, 2017

(Trans cr: @Sunny)






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  1. Hi my dear friends! Finally one of our lucky days is so close. Our KHJ is gonna be with us again pretty soon. My best hopes, wishes and congrats to dear him, his family and all of u, who are loving him that much, longing for him, praying for him and standing by him all those tough days. You all my heroes and God’s blessing for HJ. Love u all as the most outstanding people in this world. Thank u our precious LK for all your hard work, for helping us to pass through the darkest tunnel to the reality of truth, leading us toward the bright future with our beautiful Star, that incredibly awesome guy KIM HYUN JOONG, who won our hearts forever. With love from LA, CA, USA Ella-Elizabeth.

  2. I hope she goes to jail frankly ,she really ruined his career and I hope that baby isn’t his thou am nt hating on the baby ,I just hate the thought that she is the mother to his child and its is honestly annoying how some of khj fans believed that crazy woman and left him ,wow were u ever truly fans .
    Khj am rooting for you

  3. I hope that KHJ’s attorneys include Asian Junkie when they sue the pants off all of the news outlets who used false information against Kim Hyun Joong and those that only reported the accusations against him but never published anything as the court steadily has been clearing his name. Asian Junkie is the most malicious site I have ever seen. They would not stop even if God himself told them of Hyun Joong’s innocence. They also ban you from the comments if you present anything positive about the case. Even now, they are twisting the findings of the court.
    Looking forward to Feb. 11, when he is discharged. I am pleased that he served in the DMZ honorably, and kept getting promoted. He still is such an untiring person who strives to do his best.
    I am also looking forward to March 30, with hopefully no more delays. I continue to pray for justice to be served.

    • Right, I think similary 🙂
      But the most I worry about KHJ back to show business. Truth will in court. Earlier or later media will have write about this. But show buziness… this is different story…. Here truth will not enough. KHJ will need our help as much as never before. With this writting letters or comments will not enough. So we have be ready 🙂

  4. Thanks Lazerkim for the lovely updates!! ~.~ Great to hear from u again!! But i still don’t trust that woman.. Hope she doesn’t create any more disastrous waves!!! The court can but will she pay?? I wonder What will happen?

  5. Welcome back LK. I rejoice with everyone here about Choi’s criminal indictment. Looking forward to KHJ’s release from the military in Feb. I do believe it was a blessing for him to be where she couldn’t get to him. Thank you God that our prayers are being answered.

  6. It’s good to hear from you LazerKim and on top of that finally good news for our KHJ. Prayers do work. I cried when the truth finally came out. I can’t wait for our KHJ to come home.

  7. Hope Lk will not mind this….

    this is from Daily – accurate article:
    Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Not Pregnant, New Trial To Be Held In March
    By Kristina Jacomina on January 19 2017 05:23 PM Jan 19, 2017
    Kim Hyun Joong received the best news after two years of facing lawsuits when it was revealed his ex-girlfriend fabricated her stories. In South Korea, the K-Pop and K-Drama industries are booming and their stars get instantaneous fame. However, one scandal is enough to taint their name and ruin their careers forever.
    New Evidence
    Kim Hyun Joong faced a number of lawsuits after his ex-girlfriend, named Miss Choi, filed charges of assault against him. After this, he was then sued billions of Korean Won and was even pointed out as the father of her son. The drama went on since 2014 and the latest court investigations discover that Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend was never pregnant.
    Koreaboo listed down the succession of events in a timeline, where the former SS501 band member and actor went through lawsuits, charges and investigations. It also reported the updated facts that were confirmed as fabricated. For one Choi was never pregnant and never had a miscarriage.
    Defamation and Fabrication
    This particular fact made big news as Hyun Joong allegedly kicked her when she was pregnant. This made him a target to haters who were on the side of Choi. When Choi’s son was born, she denied a DNA test with the actor. Now, that the court revealed she was never pregnant means she is liable for fraud and defamation
    In fact, she fabricated the Kakao Talk chat conversations to create evidence against her ex. Even her statement that she was being forced to have an abortion is also false. She will have an upcoming trial in March.
    According to The Chosun Ilbo, Choi had to shell out 100 million Korean Won to pay the actor for damages after breeching a confidentiality agreement. Criminal character was also brought against her for extortion and intimidation. Unfortunately, Kim Hyun Joong had to go to a higher prosecutors’ office to find more evidence.
    Not The Only One
    This is not the first case where the defamation ruined an actor’s career. Fellow actor and JYJ member Park Yoochun was charged for rape and was extorted for money. Just this month, the woman will be getting two years in jail for false accusations and her boyfriend will be getting 1.5 years in jail as well.

    Keep the date is 30th March 2017, that’s when psycho trial will start.

    • Thanx for sharing. I’m still confused though – do you understand #1Choi never gave birth at all, #2she gave birth but the child is not KHJ’s son or #3Choi is the mother and KHJ is the father when she managed to finally get pregnant somehow?
      I saw some translations saying Choi was never pregnant. Yet we know she absolved certain abortions – KHJ’s lawyer proved she got pregnant during KHJ’s absence and had an abortion that she hid from him. So I was wondering, if the translation meant she was never pregnant with HJ at all = the DNA test was falsified???

  8. lazer Kim is back….WOAH!!!!!2017 will be a year of unforgetable gud memories for Henecians all over the world#the alien prince is coming soon

  9. Hello everyone!
    My apology for my absence, I’m still alive though i have been out of touch about KHJ’s case and I’d like to thank you guys for updating me instead! LOL I’m one of you who is counting days till KHJ will be out from his MS and expect another war with the so-called media!

    Let’s just keep remembering everything I have written pertaining HJ’s case and we won’t get lost as the so-called media will surely twist facts again once the criminal case is out. Of course this legal battle will still continue and I’m glad HJ’s family have not given up the fight and so with him.

    I’ll keep silent for a while but let me emphasize this…..For me KHJ is still a star and his personal issues has got nothing to do with my admiration to him.

    I have nothing to write at the moment since i still believe I have written everything a KHJ fan ought to know about his case. It may be tiring to read from those trash news but I learned one thing while being a spectator on politics the past months……”bad publicity can sometimes good to popularity”….. for as long as we know the facts we can’t be swayed by lies! And the stupids can only be the ones to be swayed! I’m glad I’ve compiled those facts and I cannot be fooled by AKP soompi ect.

    It’s just so sad though that people rely on news on what’s happening around us that media delivers which is what journalism is suppose to be doing as their job. Yet media tends to twist if not distort facts of the news just for the sake of destroying the good or making the bad for money, and that’s reality in journalism anywhere unfortunately! Be it in showbiz or politics, it’s the same banana! Just my thoughts!

    See you soon I hope, and take care everyone!! I miss you all!! God bless..

    • Hey hii. Finally got to hear from you!!!! I was looking forward to hearing your opinion on this recent development. And here you are.

      You were right all along. Kudos to you. And keep up the good work. You seemed tired in your reply. I hope to have a conversation with you someday . Hopefully its okay. Till then take care.

    • Hi lazerkim
      It is really good to hear from you!!! No matter what happens we will never leave our star!! I am also excited and dying for his return… Stay healthy and miss you lazerkim

    • Thank you for coming back kabayan. We miss you so much. So much good news slowly but surely coming out. We will never give up on Hyun Joong. God always protect His people.
      We can’t wait for your next article.
      Welcome back LK 🙂
      WE LOVE YOU ❤

    • hola lazerkim realmente estoy muy contenta de saber de usted, ya la extrañaba demasiado, es agradable saber que se encuentra bien. Todos a la espera de un feliz desenlace para KHJ , como es logico despues de que se pone al descubierto el complot contra KHJ. Espero que la sra choi y su pandilla reciban su merecido. Hasta pronto LK

  10. I miss our friend Lazerkim and this lovely community. It would be great to hear from her, now she seems to be away even from her twitter :/
    Anyway, the Kims are finally in the spotlight for positive reasons. For those who don’t know, here’s our Sunny’s twitter with numerous translations:

    Hwaiting everyone, hopefully we’ll win pretty soon 🙂

    • FACT psyho bitchoi LIED tempered with evidences blackmailed and destroyed one good man life ….psycho and her companions (mom and whom ever ) hope will go to JAIL soon. Hope that pig lawyer will be disbarred as well.

      Told you TRUTH always prevail!

      Have faith and patience all will fall in place as it should.

      We always believed and stood by Hj and will continue to be here to support him. As LK taught us a true Fan remain a Fan for life.
      Miss you LK please come back home to us.

      • I see Lazerkim retweeted news about KHJ. Hopefully she’ll come here soon 🙂 She seems to be very passionate about the current situation in the Philippines. Their president looks like a man who is willing to stand by his people.
        Hwaiting Philippines ❤

  11. Hey everybody. According to recent findings made by the public prosecutor, Miss Choi was NEVER pregnant. I saw it on Twitter.

    So very very happy.

        • this is why I want to know is it proven. Hard believe to media, even with so good news. After all we all know how easy korean media create untruthful news…Let it be truth, please.

      • Yes, the public prosecutor found also that the kakao talk conversations were fabricated by her. In addition to that she will be prosecuted in March for defamation and fraud.

        Can I get a hallelujah!!!!
        So so very happy.

  12. Hey there!! Where are you? You have been missing in action for quite a long time. I along with many others are concerned regarding your long absence.

    It’s been a while we have been waiting for you . Do not keep us waiting anymore.

  13. Guys I’m so concern about lazer kim she’s been quite for a long period and it’s unlike her.Can anyone ask her to just give us a shout that’s she’s alive plss. Even if she’s busy with the Philippines issues but she’s still part of us. we want to celebrate the progress of these case with her. She played a big role in the update department of these and we missed her

    • I agree she’s been away for so long. Anybody know how to contact her?? I’m a little concern too. PLEASE PLEASE if anybody know how to contact lazer kim. Ask her to drop us a line even if just to say Hi, That would be Awesome. Thank you so much. Take good care guys. God Bless.

  14. I am doubtful if the money will heal the mental distress of choi ?!!! Anyway ,I am glad to hear a good news about khj , Lk miss you a lot ,to be a silent reader is not your habit ! hope you are ok , my love and respect for you.

  15. sunny translated KHJ side …here it is:
    (Partial) 1/11/2017 OSEN
    KHJ’s side: CHoi indicted by prosecutor for attempted fraud and defamation”

    KHj’s legal counsel said, ” Investigations have been carried out for the (criminal) case during thr time. The defendant (choi) was indicted by prosecutor on the 6th for defamation by publication of an interview with the false claim of miscarriage by plaintiff’s (KHJ) assault.
    Also the counsel made it known that in addition she was indicted for attempted fraud.”

    in the civil case she now demand 700 mil instead of 1.6 bil…is she working on discount? for mental distress …who’s I wonder because Hj and his fam and fans were tormented by this psycho endless law suits. for breach of settlement? isn’t she the one who broke this first when she lied and accused HJ? !oes she really think people will buy her lies more? what miscarriage when she was never pregnant?

    now more than ever proves again and again she is a Gold digger psychopath obsessed with HJ.

    truth always prevail one way or other!

    • Thank you for the update. Am so happy that the true wheels of justice is finally churning. Patiently waiting for HJK discharge next month!!!💚 May everyone have a fabulous 2017!!!!

    • Thanks so much for the current KHJ news. I knew I would find out how this case is going by coming here. It is so hard to find out what is happening with KHJ right now. It seems that so many news sites do not want to report that he has been cleared and that Choi has been confirmed a liar and a blackmailer. I hope that the first thing he does after leaving the military is to meet that little boy and get to know him. (Also new DNA test.) Hoping for him to come back to a renewed career and a good life. Thanks again Noya. (And Sunny.)

  16. Good news as per sunny fresh fm the oven”
    YESSSSS!!! DA indicted evil CHOI for attepted fraud & defamation!!! It’s about time!!!! May justice be served!!! [This is for criminal case]
    This was on 6th Jan 2017! Finally Justice

      • Yes indeed . Criminal case is on and on the civil case now she asks for 700 mil instead of 1.6 bil….what a loser changing her story constantly. Still a Gold-digger. Criminal case will start trial as the indictment means accusations ….evil bitchoi is facing Jail time!
        I do hope Hj will sue also the trash media afterwards for trashing his name and reputation based on the defamations and lies of a crazy evil bitch.
        this is indeed good news and Justice is served.

    • Great news!!!! Really happy that now everything is settling one by one… Just give her greatest Punishment for torturing our leader!!! Thank u for sharing this great news!!! It means a lot, really thank you!!!

  17. I don’t know why the trash media try to create or exaggerate something is already present !(same game ) just to gain more stupidity and hate for khj , I think nobody is confused about khj discharge date!!!

  18. Happy new year everyone,I wish 2017 will be a new beginning for khj and also his fans, khj will be with us this year . I miss him so much.

  19. Happy new year to all of you, fans of KHJ. May your wishes come true and may this year be the year of triumph of KHJ.

  20. Happy New Year my dear Hyun Joong fans. Does anyone know why you cannot post anymore on free board on his official site

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear friends! Peace and Love! Health, happiness and joy! All the best for our dearest Kim Hyun Joong and his family. New wonderful fresh start for him in his everything. Best wishes for our beautiful Lazer Kim. Have a lovely holidays guys. Love u all. God bless. Ella Elizabeth.

    • Dear Ella – Elizabeth
      Thank you for so nice wishes for all of us. I would like add only few words – same for you darling 🙂 . Let 2017 will be full of smile 🙂

      • Tnx my dear Ania! I miss u guys a lot, all of u – friends, KHJ, LK with her amazing articles. It was really worth to live and meet such incredible people. The best blessing i could imagine in my life! I will always love u and never forget. Let’s hope that with KHJ return the new magnificent era of KHJ will begin. Ella Elizabeth

        • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017, to new beginnings and good news and a new era in Hj life.

          To our Alien Family all the best blessings to you and your families and of course to Lazerkim and her family and to KHj Family …a quiet and happy time with joy, real love, success and satisfactions in all.

          • God bless your brave and beautiful heart Noya! All your invaluable support and comfort that KHJ received from u make him happy and stronger for sure. And your unbreakable loyalty to your true believes is a great inspiration for all of us. Tnx. Ella Elizabeth. I love u guys, u all like my sisters.

            • Oh thank you Ella Elizabeth, I think all of us here gave the bets support to our Hj, we believed in him always and will be there to support.
              Love you All aliens we are stronger together. A Happy New Year 2017!

  22. Hi lazerkim and everyone
    How are u doing??? Really miss ur articles and Leader!!! Happy Christmas and Happy Newyear 2017 to hyunjoong and his family and henecia family all around the world!!! I wish this year will bring endless happiness to our leader and everyone and with bright smile let’s welcome our hyunjoong!!! All the best lazerkim for your activities and hope to see ur articles soon!!!

  23. When I read an old article for LK ,I realized how much I miss LK .all your readers miss you still 2 months for khj come back,I am waiting to see his shiny smile even more than his album come back LoL!! Cuz we all trust our only one and we know he is a talent person.

  24. l was reading about the political problems in SK because of the president’s friend who has the same lastname of the KHJ ex, CHOI . l wonder if she was the power person behind bichoi.? who knows? just a coincidence? or a relative?
    ahhh l am just spending time , reading and looking for KHJ’s newsssssss
    what a boring and upsetting time, no news , no peace in my heart.
    l really miss you dear Lazerkim and you my only one.
    Well Christmas is comming and the new year, so wait till february to at least see him
    god bless you dear KHJ’s family

    • Oh yes we miss Lazerkim and we miss Our only One……
      soon 11 Feb 2017 will be the Date….so not long now.

      re that big scandal…wow, I was thinking same (by the way that bitchoi acted ..laughing at the court of law, making false statements and nothing happened…just saying….) maybe a distant relative who knows…maybe will know one day,but it seems the scandal is huge ….involving lots and lots of people and that include people from entertainment/showbiz/media as well/prosecutors/big biz men/big companies and even more….every day something new, it looks like is going deeper and deeper.

      hope to have some news from HJ side. Meanwhile we can enjoy the Youngsim atics (the puppy of Art and Matic) on TT and YG, what a cute star this one.

      to all Alien family keep strong and keep the Faith!

    • Dear Jazu,
      I see we both had same reflections about Choi name in SK. But if there is any connection beetwen this two Choi in this moment everything is very clear. And perhaps it can be very good for KHJ case….
      Take care Jazu, and see you ( exactly read you 😉 ) next time

    • Hi Jazu ,

      My goodness i think the same. Choi hye mi and the Choi of the president seems to be more than the coincident . The way choi hye mi was so confodent to lie to public and took the court as her playground said a lot how confident she was . She acts as if she could be above the law without any problem. The prosecotor who did not charge her probably is under the fire now. I’ m not surprise at all if it truns out the President ‘s Choi is the one who protect choi hye mi since they have the same last name.

      Hope to hear the progress of the criminal case soon. Hope the higher court will not protect the criminal just brcause she is a miserable woman. However i still feel fishy about the DNA ‘ s result .

      • Hey Bella,
        nice to hear you again. As you see we think in this same way. But I would like to ask you all – have you noticed what Sunny wrote on Twitter? KHJ is waiting for his fans in day of leaving army. You can find details on twitter 🙂
        everything the best for all you 🙂

      • BELLA
        Long time no read you !
        We are always waiting for his case ending. God bless y, as always the same feelings from KHJ’s family. jejeje
        Take care

      • Feel the same. Always felt that someone in a high position was helping her. Yes, what are the chances that someone with the same last name would be involved in a scandal too. I once read that when there is a scandal in government, one comes out in the entertainment industry to cover the one in government. So there you have it. who was covering up for whom? Also, funny how when KHJ case went off the cold, this scandal blew up in the news.
        I too, will be curious to know if they are related. It is very quiet now, hope all goes well with his reentry into society and hope many of his fans show up. You all have my blessings since I will not be able to see him. Live in the states so I can only watch him from afar. God bless all who remained Faithful. Lazar Kim, keep healthy and keep fighting the injustice. Followed as much as possible your current fight. Go get them. So proud of you.

  25. Lazerkim is alive and well on twitter. She has been commenting on the political upheaval in the Philippines. She is very passionate about her newest cause.

    • Thank you so much for your information. We miss her here and very happy to hear that she is well and active there. However I hope to see her new article soon.

      • You are welcome. I also keep looking for more news about KHJ’s case. I guess no news is good news. But I do hope that he gets full custody of the child after he gets one more DNA test. I am looking forward to Feb. when he will leave the military. I wish him every success and that, in his future, there will be a loving and loyal wife who will love his baby too.

  26. Hi LK, how are you? We haven’t heard anything from you at all. We understand if life is getting busy. I hope everything is well with you. Please let us know we starting to get a little worried. We miss your post & most of all ” WE MISS YOU.” Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless.

  27. It’s worrisome that we haven’t heard from LK. I hope she is okay. We miss you LK!!! Give us a sign or just a little tweet saying your fine please?

  28. Are you busy dear

    Are you busy dear?if you are, am sorry to interrupt. But am really dying to read your next article on KHJ. The lieutenant thing feels like it happened months ago and I am desperate to read something good and new about KHJ. Even if you come up with an article with how fans are missing him. That would also do.

    I don’t mean to advice you. But it’s been a while since you came up with a new article. I miss him and I miss you.

  29. Hj was promoted to Sergent! 👏🏻 We can send congatulatory messages via dcgall as usual!
    Well done Hj👍🏻👏🏻✊🏻🙌🏻🍀

  30. Happy birthday dear miss Lazerkim ❤ I wish you a great year full of health, happiness and good news about our Hyun Joong 🙂
    Stay well, my friend.

  31. Many many happy returns of the day, dear. May all your dreams come true and you be surrounded by love and admiration from near and dear ones. May God bless you dear. Happy birthday to you.

  32. I was thinking on you , miss you dear
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LAZERKIM, hope you will be here for so long we need you, the next year we will see our only one with us again, time flew so fast, it is almost 3 years following his case, and 2 years waiting for him because of his MS. time is passing faster, soon we can see him. I think , it will be your wish, wont you? God bless you and our only one.
    take care, and be healthy.

  33. Happy birthday LK ,I hope all your wishes and dreams come true . waiting for LK , l know that’s nobody can escape khj ‘s magic LoL !! take care of yourself.

    • I also didn’t know. Happy birhday LazerKim 🙂 Wish you next year of life bring you a lot good news about KHJ ( I know it will make you happy 🙂 ) , perhaps beeing of his concert :}, and ….a lot of healh, smile and beautiful dreams which will come true 🙂

  34. Dearest LazerKim,
    this is your day, Happy Birthday sis, wishing the best of the best of everything in life. Most of all may all your deepest wishes became true this year. Lots of love and happiness and peace of mind and come back to us we dearly miss you.
    Happy Birthday sunshine!

    Does anybody know something about him and his case? l had ended to watch the 3 dramas, and l have been watching his videos since ss501 times.
    And now?? ahhhh

  36. Dobar dan
    Pitam se zašto nema podrške za KHJ.
    Zašto se ćuti.
    Da li to odustajete?
    Ovo je jedina stranica kojoj vjerujem.
    A GDJE STE VI???????
    LK šta se dešava sa vama??

    Dva mjeseca čekam ovakvu vijest.
    Hvala vam .
    Nadam se da je kraj blizu.
    KHJ nemože nigdje ići iz svoje države jer je nevin.
    Samo mu treba dobra podrška navijača i opet će biti kralj.
    Zašto da bježi iz svoje zemlje kada nije ništa učinio.
    KHJ je nevino optužen a za to neko mora krivično odgovarati

  38. Hooray for the newest verdict! A double whammy against Choi and a double blessing for KHJ. TAKE THAT: Choi and all haters. Justice seems to truly have been served up in a double helping!

  39. Kim-Hyun-Joong
    SHARES FacebookTwitterGoogle+
    According to the September 22 ruling of the ROK Army prosecution, Kim Hyun Joong was acquitted of all the charges his ex-partner Choi brought against him, including blackmail and fraud.

    Kim Hyun Joong had filed suit against Choi with charges of blackmail, fraud, false accusations, defamation of character, and more last July, and Choi had countersued the actor with charges of false accusations and defamation of character. The prosecution arrived at the conclusion that none of the charges filed by Choi was valid.

    SEE ALSO: My Feed: Get the K-POP stories that matter to you the most!

    Prosecution deemed that there is little to no credibility behind Choi’s claims that she had to receive a six-week medical treatment for her fractured ribs which resulted from Kim Hyun Joong’s alleged assault. Choi had reportedly said at the hospital that the injuries were from bumping into workout equipment, and the fact that she refused to provide a medical diagnosis only served to void her claims further.

    Additionally, as the 600 million KRW settlement amount to cover up the assault and miscarriage is considerably large, prosecution judged that it is hard to believe Choi’s claims that she never blackmailed Kim Hyun Joong.

    Prosecution arrived at the conclusion that Kim’s charges of blackmail against Choi cannot be deemed a false accusation as the text messages which were leaked in the media greatly contradicted Choi’s claims. Prosecution also judged that Choi’s mother’s text messages to Choi seemed to suggest behavior that is conducive to blackmail.

    Choi’s claims that she experienced a miscarriage due to assault and that Kim Hyun Joong demanded for her to get an abortion were deemed unsubstantial, as well, based on documented material from the hospital that she was not with child at the time.

    Previously, this past August 10, Seoul Central District Court had also stated that it cannot accept Choi’s assault and miscarriage claims as true, and ruled for 100 million KRW to be returned to Kim Hyun Joong.

    Kim Hyun Joong was also acquitted of the defamation charges Choi filed against him. Prosecution judged that Kim’s interviews which were covered extensively by the media were not defamation toward Choi but rather, a response to Choi’s interviews. The false accusations of defamation which Choi filed against Kim Hyun Joong were also dropped for the same reason. Because Kim Hyun Joong’s lawsuits were not based on fraudulent grounds, prosecution concluded that they cannot be ruled as false accusations. allkpop

    • Luckily that the prosecutor and the judge in the army ‘ s court are very smart and took criminal action seriousely therefore they did not fall in to the trap of choi and her legal team.

      I hope the prosecutor who did not have a gut to charge choi hye mi in May this year because he could not see her criminal intention in her actions to lie to KHJ and public in order to defame him and blackmail him for big money while the public already sensed and saw her criminal intention and actions long time ago. . I seriousely hope for the sack of justice that particular prosecutor will learn something from the army court especially about.justice and honesty.

      • I think it is very good for KHJ that army court gave such judgment . In SK army is very powerfull and much more independend that civil court. Civilians practically can not affect the military court. Bribery also unlikely to come into play. Of course everything is possible, but it is very hard. Military court is also very respected . I heard somewhere that crimal case will also in army court. Have you heard more about this?

  40. Thanks for the information and m glad that the khj isn’t guilty of charges. Decision made was late but gave the hope that other charges will b dropped soon

  41. Hi there. !! Thanks for the info.. ever since i found it on the net i know in my own instict its not true… he is innocent.. yehey.. horaaayy!!!! I am sooooo haaaaaappppppyyyy… :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D .. i am a fan of kim hyun joong since playfull kiss was aired in the philippines til now and forever…. thank you again for the wonderful news after the 2 long years .. and he s a corporal.. oh my gani!! I am so happy thats all i can say… kkkyyyyaaaaa….

  42. I’m so glad to read this news. But still I’m feel so bad cause I did not read you blog early. I’m also happy cause finally my first bias who is the one who made me turn into kpopers got his own life to live freedomly and I know that it is not westing my time in two years to keep him as my bias. By the way LazerKim, there is something that make me in a confused, you said that it is over now but you mentioned about the baby. The baby is just a stupid Choi’s used to mention or it is really live in this world but we still cant confirm it that the baby is belong to our KHJ or nah? I hope you can understand and answer my question clearly 😊

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! Contrary to your understanding as i stated above opening this article this victory is only the beginning. Technically the civil case may be over as khj won in this case that even there was appeal filed by choi (probably on lower monetary penalty on her) i dont think the court decision can be reversed.

      However khj filed for criminal case against choi so i believe there’s another chapter on this case as i also mentioned at the end of this article.

      About the so-called child i think it’s only khj who can clear this up. The kims mentioned that they have not seen the child. So thats another hanging question at the back of my mind whether there’s a child or if there’s a child was it khj’s?? It’s only khj who can clear this up with hopes he can do another dna test on that child before acknowledging.

  43. I saw that anoiying attempt to kill the moral of HJ and hi fans by SNL. But I have one concern that keeps me awake is the merging of KE and SME. SME with DSP are two monsters behind HJ’s professional hardship. Now I’m worried if these has no effect in trying to destroy him professionally. If he cut the contract they will nail him down and if he continues with them they will use him . Our boy needs prayers honestly. I’m happy of all the efforts done by henecians to protect his integrity.

  44. Apparently Korean Tv shows have a weird sense of humour – some of you might not have heard that SNL promoted a “comedy sketch” where KHJ was portrayed as “ASSAULT MONSTER”! Fortunately fans quickly reacted, sent the video to HJ and KE, protested and asked for apology. The sketch was not broadcasted as planned, still the damage was done.
    Personally I think this is another proof that there’s someone using Choi’s greed for their own purpose, as it seems they will spare no means to put HJ down. She can’t be doing this alone, this is too big. An apology won’t help at this point, hyenous actions of media need to be sued.

    • Even though khj won the case, do people in SK still think he is an “ASSAULT MONSTER” ? I have often seen that scandals are like ‘death sentence’ to korean artists. So does that mean khj will not be able to make a comeback. I hope not.

  45. its been 2 years and we all want this to be over with so KHJ can move on to other things.
    I hope KHJ can find a Special girl somewhere in a near Future that loves him as KHJ and
    not the other way around like Choi did to him.

    So guys and Girls, Is the Criminal Investigation Case Next, The one that KHJ Filed the Appeal
    to the Higher Court?
    As for Choi she Filing the Appeal the same place where KHJ Filed. With that Connection
    will it be harder for KHJ? Choi and her New Att will get Information from these people just
    to Find out what Plan KHJ will be doing or Bribing just to Ruin it.

    • U got confused honey, bitchoi filed appeal to the CIVIL case, the one that she filed against Hj and that she LOST and she is supposed to pay to Hj !!!
      HJ counter appeal as well at CIVIL court.

      As Atty Lee said ….please read up in LK article….the outcome will be same.
      Her Lies and Fake evidences were revealed hiring dozens of new lawyers will not make those real! all psycho bitchoi play is to intimidate Hj and trying to get a settlement still……such a pathetic loser this freak, unbelievable.

      CRIMINAL Case is what HJ re-appealed at a HIGHER Prosecutor and as per latest news about that, this will reviewed in Oct/Nov.

      we need to wait patiently for Atty Lee, he know his job and he is a real Lawyer after all.

  46. Can anyone say me the present status of kim hyun joong like where is he??
    When he will give his come back in dramas

    I am eagerly waiting for his new drama

    • I tried to confirm as you said but they are that my activation is expired Now what should I do I want know the present status and comments if kim hyun joong

    • KHJ is currently a Corporal; he serves in the DMZ on the border. He has still 5 months of service to go. His comeback will depend on when and how all related lawsuits will end – I expect the matter to end in his favour, yet it takes very long.

  47. Poor KHJ, Choi has gone Pyscho Filling another Appeal. Att Seon is out of the Picture being Replace by another Representive.
    Does anyone knows what her former Lawyer will be doing for there next Plan? Is he an
    Expert like Att Lee or good at anything? Any News coming out yet? Why so Quiet from them?

    • Poor thing for the mankind in SK is there are people who think they can earn money and frame by helping a criminal choi hye mi to destroy KHJ. I wonder how the justice system can stop a psycho to destroy a life of many good people for good. Can crazy people commit a crime without punishment and keep continuing destroy the person ?. I think later she would claim she is crazy a nd sue everybody including a court.

  48. I wonder where did she get the money to hire a new attorney, especially one that was a former prosecutor? But, thank God all of her lies has already been expose. As for this article, I have read similar articles but I wonder why they never list KHJ scandal as an example? I believe his is the worse and should be brought to light. Just recently, here on the US, we just had another with Chris Brown. Unfortunately, after a standoff with police they found out that it was all a lie. But, by that time she went to TMZ, entertainment news, and reported her assault charge against him and of course they believed her. But, it was later revealed that while in his house she tried to steal and he forced her out. He has been in trouble so often so he had to pay a fine. So, you see it is now happening all over where women are filing rape/assault charges and they are being believed, but the unfortunately thing is they are dimensioning the truth cause of a women. Public will begin not to believe any women that would come forward with a claim. So, they are not just the ones looking bad but they are making us all look bad. So, men do need to fight against this but also keep their life in ckeck. Be careful, be very careful as to who your friends are and who you are hanging out with. One thing my son learned from his ordeal, is to drive his own car, and if he meets up with friends who have other friends that he is not familiar with he leaves the situation because he is not sure of his friends friends. So, to KHJ, I am sure you have grown up and has developed more of a sense of awareness, and who is who. You are your family will be fine in time. Let God handle your worries and you all try now, holding your head up, and go back to being happy. God bless the family, true friends, and fans. Perfect peace.

  49. My Dear Family 💝
    Congratulations for Everyone 💖💕❣
    For Kim Hyun Joong 💞💗❤️
    We are very proud of you 👌✌️👍
    Eat well ☀️
    Take care 🌞
    Love you till the end of time ☄💫✨
    From your alien 😀Sister
    With Love 🌹

  50. Choi is Hiring a new Person, A new Counsel. Is Att Seon staying or leaving?
    When the Criminal Investigation will start or they will never have one because of Her? Choi will probably keep Dragging it out Longer by the Time KHJ gets out of MS 2017.
    Don’t give up KHJ, Take Choi Digger down to the Rubber where she Belongs.

  51. Luke 21:19
    “By your endurance gain ye your lives”
    this verse was read in today’s holy mass bible reading, and priest talked about having patience in everything to reach a good solution, I liked it so much, he talked about how Moses was patient with the pharaoh and how joseph was patient with the prison and eventually came out to rule Egypt and I say how Saint Mary mother of God endured and witnessed what her son Jesus Christ went through to redeem us. Patience is really rewarding at the end so let’s have patience everyone for nothing is forever.

  52. We are transferred from “case postponed ” to “filing an appeal ” !!!! Why Choi doesn’t want to end this game ?! or maybe this is her job in the life just to destroy khj ! l believe there’s end for everything,thanks LK for your efforts.

  53. First of all, thank you LK for all your articles and insight all this time. You’ve done a great job at informing us all and keeping this a safe place for every fan who wanted to express him/herself without being bullied and called names, as in other places (you all know which places I’m talking about). Honestly, even though I’ve mostly been a silent reader, this is the only place I could find some peace of mind (and some much-needed logic) these two horrible years.
    I just read that that woman filed an appeal yesterday and that KHJ filed an appeal today. I get why she filed an appeal (she must have hated that court decision) but I don’t understand KHJ’s appeal. What is his side appealing on? Does anyone have more info on this?

    • dear it was a counter appeal….to that bitch appeal. psycho was not satisfied with the ruling, lol. Maybe she will sue the court and judges next …who knows?

      Anyhow Atty Lee said the ruling will be same as first time

      • Oh! Didn’t notice the word “counter” in my anger, haha! Thank you for your reply!
        Suing the court and judge seems like something she would do, judging from all her acts up to this point! I expect everything from her… But the truth remains the truth, no matter what she does or says now. We all know it and so does she.

  54. Choi is Filing an Appeal and KHJ goes for another Appeal. Does the Court ever get tired
    of Choi Nonsense Lawsuit?
    Somebody need to hurry up and Start the Criminal Investigation. We don’t even know when its going to start yet.

  55. Dobar dan. Želim opet čestitati KHJ na pobjedi.Želim pitati LK da li će biti vojni sud (to sam negdje pročitala) i zašto vojni.
    Oktopod nešto ružno sprema jer ona i njena FALANGA ćuti. Bojim se sledećeg koraka podlih ljudi.

    Još 170 dana željno čekam da vidim njegov osmijeh.
    Molim fanove da ga podrže još više da KHJ zna da nije sam.
    Molim pišite o KHJ na svim mogućim stranicama da ih upoznate o njegovoj nevinosti .

  56. This woman has no heart. I think kim Hyun Joong was very falled in love of her. He could return to her for an agreement but make the child was voluntary. I always thought that Kim Hyun Joong was a romantic character and choi is a material girl. She took advantage of the love that he had to she. I hope that Mr Kim father put that cruel woman in jail

    • sorry to burst your happy bubble honey, but love was not involved in this rel. Hj stated he doesn’t want to see psycho or be in same room…it says a lot! It plain says Hj hates the bitch guts!
      better acquaint yourself with LK articles and you will understand it all. Hj was used as money bag by a greedy psychopathic bitch and blackmailed.

  57. Atty Lee filed counter appeal today!! Good! Looks like psychobitchoi spent all money…no plastic will make her better she is too evil

  58. If it is true that Choi and seon are filing an appeal, I believe it should be dismissed as a frivolous lawsuit. Enough is enough! I am so relieved that Kim Hyun Joong has been vindicated. What a waste of time for a court to allow one more second for these crooks to play their terrible games. Also, once again I would like to thank Lazerkim and all of those who worked so hard to clarify and translate all of the complex information that the rest of us couldn’t read even with Google Translate. I read in one translation that Mr. Kim ate a heart and that KHJ was an apple. I never say lol, but LOL! May KHJ end up saying, as Joseph in the Bible said to the brothers who sold him into slavery…You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. May the baby be seen by all as that good blessing, and may God keep blessing KHJ. I pray he can get to that point in his life where he recognizes the blessing in this excruciating situation.

  59. While reading this can’t control the anger… Just want to kill her. Still she is living in this world???? They had gone through too much, can’t open their mouth infront of media, bcoz if they did media will twist and turn it and can’t stop them… This is surely hell. But they made it together. Hyunjoong is blessed to have them as his parents. They are great parents who stood with their son!!! I salute them!!!! They should be proud to have hyunjoong as their son!!! Please god make him stronger and heal all his pain…

  60. Thank you for your article.

    Im sorry for my late reply. Due to some work related stress i couldn’t able to read your article. Last 45 days khj pics are only the stress relievers for me..

    Finally the truth came out and brought smile on our prince that smile lightens all his fans life.

  61. Hello fellow Aliens 🙂

    I’m sorry for my absence at Ms Lazerkim’s space during these tough times of last months. Life demanded my whole attention elsewhere yet now I’m happily catching up with all the good news. Congratulations to team Kim to the first step towards ultimate victory in this dirty affair. With help of good lawyers, loving family and loyal fans KHJ was finally able to prove Choi wrong in front of the judges. Those fans who left, well, I can only feel sorry for the star these people decide to stick with after KHJ – bad fans are true enemies of their idols, they bring about as much damage as haters. Those who believed their own opinion rather than what we’d been served from trash media can be proud they helped a good person keep his head above the water in worst moments of his life.

    I see recently it’s become a popular pastime for SK women 30+ to come up with scandalous accusations against famous men. These women, adult and fully conscious, sue celebrities left and right only wanting “sincere apology” but apparently they don’t mind a little money and media attention as well. All these wannabe actresses, singers and wives of influential men, give me a break! The most absurd thing is they pick guys who have image of easy going persons not engaging in conflicts with anyone. There’s Lee Jin Wook, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Yoo Chun… I just can’t. Why don’t the girls accuse men who are famous for their misogynistic words and aggressive behaviour? Maybe, just maybe they’re scared these bad guys would really beat them and assault them, not only in their mind and interviews but physically. 😡 It’s a well known fact some SK male celebrities previously said things like “I’d support my future son in anything he’d do but if I had a daughter, I’d beat her all the time and kept her locked at home” or “in the past I obtained animal drugs with the intention of giving them to a woman who had no interest in me, so that I could later rape her” etc. etc. Still, these guys have no problem with their career, the only truly violent types are KHJ &co. And after all this, after all the unbelievably nasty stuff Choi had been spreading for the past 2 years, some prosecutor doesn’t think it’s important for SK society to press charges and come with criminal punishment? As I see it, this case is perversely plotted and it has horrible impact on the whole society. It attacks morals, family life, interpersonal relationships… people have been bullying one another because of a case they only knew from the media, there are death threats to the Kims, the fans or just people who asked what the whole mess was about. Hundreds of thousands of people have been arguing badly about one relationship gone wrong. I wonder what this particular prosecutor thinks is important enough to solve in court if not a case like KHJ’s. That’s not even a joke!

    As to KeyEast – I’m sorry but I can’t believe an agency who drowns their #1 star in a glass of water just so. Why is it that other managers can protect their artists, they can strongly react and defend their stance, help the artist to minimize damage in the media but all KE seems to be interested in is their director, his wife, her pregnancy, their wedding, honeymoon, vacations, trips abroad, what a luxurious lifestyle they have? I don’t care how BYJ and PSJ spend their private time, how many kids they have and who their friends are. I want to see BYJ speaking in front of the guy who helped pay for all the luxury. It’s no secret KHJ has been bringing tons of money to his agency, does he not deserve anything back from them? Don’t they have a contract about looking after the star’s well-being and public image? I’m sure they do and they failed miserably to fullfill their obligations towards KHJ. For me they threw him over board and I wouldn’t blame him, if he sued them as well.

    I surely hope team Kim will fight till the end and get all the Choiers to jail. She, her lawyer, family, individuals and media who supported her unreasonably need to learn actions bring cosequences. They wanted Hyun Joong dead, stripped of reputation, of money, alone and forgotten by everyone. It may sound overly dramatic but sadly that’s the truth. My stomach still feels uneasy when I remember horrible comments hoping he’d be bullied to death in the army or that he should go hang himself for what he’d done. So what exactly had he done? He had a short affair with a woman who turned out to be a greedy psycho, so her sent her away? What is so shocking here? That two adults persons had consensual sex? That there was some sort of relationship which ended quickly? Nothing else was proved so far. Pregnancies were a lie or she got pregnant with someone else. Miscarriage and forced abortion were a lie. Wanting only apology was a lie, she took money. Back when I was willing to discuss this case with Choiers I had a ton of people asking why he’d agree to pay settlement, if he was innocent. Just like at that time I can recommend them to read articles about these lawsuits. Now he’s proved it was all plotted and he wanted to prove more with criminal lawsuit that was not important enough for the prosecutor. How did innocence help KHJ in media so far? Did people judge him positively? There you have your answer. And now I ask – why would Choi ask for settlement in the last stage of her own lawsuit against a “monster who ruined her life when she had so many evidences and witnesses” that she could easily win and get the desired millions/ pardon, APOLOGY (we know she’s not after money, right? XD ). If people were wondering why he albeit innocent wanted to settle at the beginning, why exactly would she with things going her way want to settle at the end?

    I guess at this point we all can see her motive for starting this mess. But as evil as she can be, she can’t do that alone. A smear campaign, bullying and blackmail of this size is expensive and I don’t believe media were only greedy to sell more copies/get more clicks. I’d suppose they’d be afraid to intimidate a person as famous and popular as KHJ to this extent, if not for certain warranty he’d not be able to effectively resist the pressure. I see there are media those dare to twist information even now when court said Choi was a liar. They are still fighting but in whose favour? This must be bigger that one stupid woman. Now it will be interesting to see Choi fighting not only against KHJ who (to my liking) adamantly insists on the criminal lawsuit but also against the influential figure(s) behind this mess. So far Choi and the invisible evil stood hand in hand but as things unfold it will be either her threatening she’d say aloud who nurtured this case along with her or the invisible will threaten her if she speaks, it will be worse for her. Well, that’s their problem, they started. Also, I wonder what lead the prosecutor to his dumb decision to hinder team Kim from going to court with their lawsuit. As well as the DNA test, since I still can’t wrap my head around the alleged baby. It doesn’t make sense to me. We’ll see later on.

    Team Kim fighting 🙂 have a good day everyone 🙂

    • You said it all.We will see whether the Korean justice system allows the criminal and her boss to enjoy their heartless crime.

      I heard choi hye mi and her gang filed the appeale in the civil court. The only thing they can do now is dragging the case to prolong their jail times and keep trying to reach settlement by using the baby who they keep hinding from the kims.

      Fighting HJ. The evil heart will be an evil no matter what. let’s give a disstrucktive creature a lesson .

      • as always Nemesis has a very nice and accurate analyze, Welcome back.
        Dear Wevee – read that today but I keep in mind what Atty Lee said and translated by our Sunny:
        He (atty lee) anticipated the ruling will not be overturned, even if the case is appealed!

        it was proved all over all her lies and fake evidences and blackmail….on what grounds she can appeal? They just said and proved they tried to get a settlement = in their book more blackmail to HJ and his family. bitchoi is digging her own hole ….she is Desperate….who cares…
        Pray Criminal case will start shortly and the day this psyhco bitchoi will be in Jail, the Kims Hj and his Fans may have some peace not to hear bitchoi craving some attention with some bogus lies

        May I suggest to the SK Fans that were sued by psycho bitchoi via text messages, to sue the bitchoi now for same amount for lies and extortion if possible via txt messages from all of them! That can be so nice to read about it, they really can do it now all is proved as a BIG LIE!!!

        • Hello Noya 🙂
          I so hope the fans keep gathering evidence against certain sites and individuals. It will be very hard for so called media to say “we never badmouthed him” when their articles clearly presented KHJ as guilty before authorities said anything and the sites let people talk trash to each other, as if it was nothing. If speaking badly about Choi is a crime, then what is it she and her minions do?

    • Hello Nemesis, long time ….:) I hope everything with you and around you is ok. With KHJ future ( criminal case and back to stage ) we will see what will be and we will support, but SK…. you are right. KHJ case show that it is possible to create in SK new legal profession – blackmailer. But as the area of these blackmailers will be not only celebrities, but all wealthy men (including judges, prosecutors, etc.) in the end they will have to do with this order on a national scale. Of course in this I use irony. I also do not believe too much that only one woman enough for such big action. Even if I add all human jealousy, envy, revenge, etc. So I wonder – who wanted destroy him so much and why? Everything the best for you , good to see you again 🙂

      • I agree.What mafia gang is behind?Hope Kim Hyun Joong know who is behind this nightmare.Is weird but is like Shin Jung Tae story is now in his real life.Hope his next character in new movie will be succesful and loved king in historical movie.

      • Thank you for the nice welcome, Ania 🙂
        You’re right, if influential figures had more empathy, they could imagine themselves in the position of a blackmailed person and they’d be more strict when handling such cases. They may think they’re immune to such threats but who knows.

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  63. These is really worse of choi’s camp:the Kim’s hasn’t seen the baby up to it needs a real parent to step out and apologize to the Kim’s and introduced the child to the grand parents.

  64. salute to KHJ’s lawyer and fans for faithfully supporting our idol for the past two years. It was a long fought battle but in the end…justice prevailed and KHJ was proven innocent of all the crimes charged against him.

    It will be a new beginning for our leader…a rocky road but let’s continue being his support.

    Again, salute and cheers for the victory!!!

  65. i am hoping that this will teach khj a lesson, that is to be wiser and careful in his dealings with women. being a big kpop star he should be more cautious and must study the personality of a girl he’ll be attracted to next time.

  66. I read through twtr, on sunny’s full trans on court ruling on 10th August. It was said that, fans are not allowed to post the trans to any English media online sites such as Allkpop, Netizenbuzz, Soompi, Koreaboo etc. Anyone, may I know why we are prohibited to spreading d articles in favor of HJ’s winning. Doesn’t it show thay our boy has been scheming badly by Choibitch and he’s innocent? Can’t we spreading the truth all over evil media so that haters will know the truth?

  67. Thanks Dear
    It is incredible how she has been digging herself her grave, the textmesages just shown how a big naive KHJ is. His ingenuity enabled him to have a lot of fans who enjoyed it every time he said what he had in mind regardless or without considering the criticism that this entails. But it is also what she took advantage, he believed her lies, he trust her.
    Many of those partial messages crucified her, like those sent to her friend, her mother’s.
    Even herself denying that he forced her to abort, evidence of it in some textmessages.
      To make matters worse pregnancy in 2013 is understood that was not KHJ, Seems that she was drunk when they fought, probably both were, who knows. Many people believed her lies. What do they think now about this girl who muddy herself?, The one that didnot expect that he respond firmly to her, as attorney KHJ said, she herself was exposed in the most humiliating way damaging her charater because KHJ said what is necessary, just reponding in court her claims, he just wait to the moment to clear the things. My dear KHJ silently awaiting trial without revealing these things that eventually were said in court. Mr Lee cards? nothing more than real evidences. without noise no saying things to the press or anything like that. Hope that haters read it in details, to understand the situation. He made a mistake with her once but he is not the monster that she pretended we see on him. Now we need to focus on his carrer, it does not finish yet , we need to be united to defend him.
    That we are happy is undertandable. We are with a big smile in our face as probably in his family faces.
    For now let us enjoy this victory, tomorrow something more will happen and we will be there with and for him , NO MATTER WHAT.

  68. Just wondering. Why no comment from Choi or Pig? Are they hiding in shame? I doubt they feel any shame for what they have done. Probably cooking up some scheme for criminal case. What a pair of lunatics. Choi will say she has no money to pay. Already spent what he gave her . Wish Atty Lee had been there to advise him not to pay. I hope she doesn’t pay and goes to jail for that too!

    We will always support KHJ. There will always be haters since they have no life. God has shown us his love for KHJ.

    Thank you LK and fans for the one place we can trust and vent!

  69. To ALL KHJ Fans,

    We must rejoice and be happy that TRUTH surfaced and Justice served, more so when this was psycho bitchoi civil suit, she Lost!

    We should never be afraid to voice our joy or our opinion we believed in HJ since day one and stood by him and will stay by him.

    We’ve been bashed, attacked but we knew our Star is innocent and we believed in him and that Truth will prevail one way or other!

    All those haters and antis who believed in the bogus story that psycho sold, they are small people.
    another thing people Hj said he barely dated the psycho for 2 months, so please refrain to talk about love here, there was None, psycho was a fling who got rejected and got greedy to put a good man down. As to why Hj saw the psycho afterwards it was stipulated in the agreement when she got paid first time she blackmailed Hj, see at TT how many gifts she got as per her request!

    as to that child, a bit more patience, all will be cleared one way or other, after all psycho herself txt msgs her friends she “doesn’t want any kid” …..

    So speak up people be happy and yes post the news everywhere to blind the haters with their own crazy words, we should not be ashamed that finally Truth is out!

    Yes Criminal case will continue and remember and read what Atty Lee said !

    I am KHJ fan and I am not ashamed!

    Always a Fan!

  70. Thank you so much for your article, I have confidence from the start that KHJ will win in civil court. Our prayers work and we need more prayers as this case not finish. Today I went to YouTube and there’s a lot of articles about this case and KHJ, I dont know if these will create positive or negative feeling to the public or create more hesteria to the haters. Some of them were repetitions of the news, these are I think from his fans. My thinking is maybe we can
    calm down for a bit right now that we learned about his victory and just wait for additional development, sometimes its better to listen than to talk. Maybe we can rely on you, your column for additional news, which is honest and trustworthy.
    I am not against the fans posting those in YouTube I know they are excited and they love KHJ,
    I am not discounting them maybe we should pray still for positive result in the future. These are my thoughts. Thank you

    • Dear Lygaya
      The Truth must be spread the more people will know the better! We were quiet for too long! Now is time to show we were Right all along in believing in Hj! Why hide when all is in the open!?
      No way!
      Hj won because truth surfaced and that psychopath bitchoi will go to jail where she belongs for playing with a person life, for Blackmail fraud lies fake evidences and media play and mostly defamation of a good man!

      No way hidding All antis and haters are small people who believe and read only trash media!
      Maybe they should start watching tv where was more properly reported!

      We Hj loyal fans who stood with hjm through thick and thin were Right from the begining of this!
      No more hidding or quiet! We are the voice for Hj defending him in front of antis and haters!

      Always a fan! ✊🏻

      • Thanks Noya I am agree with you ,Dear Ligaya I respect your opinion, difficult to be a calm !! Choi hurts khj ,his family and also his fans so deeply, every minute khj fans try to publish the truth that’s will help him to heal his pain!! Forever with him .

        • From Ella-Elizabeth: Agree with u guys completely – there is no reason to go undercover. The haters are gonna be haters no matter what. Noya is totally right – we are HJ’s voice. We are not showing off. Probably some of the fans get overexcited with the news, but they deserve that happiness cuz KHJ fans -family is the best of the best in the entire world. Love HJ & you guys forever. God bless.

  71. To God be the glory! True enough, God sees the truth but waits! Justice is already served to our dear KHJ. Finally, he can start anew with his loyal fans who never leave him, his family and true friends who stood by him during his darkest moments. I pray that KHJ learned a lot from the scandal and would be more careful now. This is the beginning of a new life for Hyun Joong, for his fans and family, continue praying for guidance and wisdom. Love you KHJ, you are never alone! God bless the attorneys and everyone!

  72. Geez Lk, the audacity of that psycho bitch to go to Hj camp? WTH, call people with a common sense saw she was dragging the court and media playing to pressure Hj, she actually thought he will fall two times for her lies? She should be put in Jail together with her cronies who concocted all this sleazy scandal. She is from the gutter low life slut. Her pig seon should be disbarred for all his media play and playing with the law.

    I wonder how people believed her lies? barely dating Hj for 2 months and she got pregnant like 7 times? with whom?

    What part of last HJ letter which was released by Atty Lee in September 2015 when Hj took his own DNA, when he stated he does not want to be in same room with that freak, she can’t understand? Is clear and simple HJ hates your guts bitchoi and after all you’ve done no one in his right mind will even spit on you or set eyes on your ugly plastic face, your are a fake and a real psychopath. Go to JAIL already, we had enough of you!

    That DNA if not mistaken was like 99.9 %, was it like Hj took his own DNA? just asking ….fishy and smelly. If not mistaken it was leaked to media by pig ….just saying….even if they accepted and have the joint custody…
    Hj should get Full custody after psycho will go to Jail!

    One thing Good the SK TV stations showed the news, they’ve talked about the amount awarded to HJ which is high, which means by TV they had much more audience and reach to all than those trashy sites who only small people read and believe in their stupid articles.

    Atty Lee, thank you and so nice to hear from the man himself that they will continue with the criminal case, more so when they have the court ruling now.
    Patience is still required and we should continue to support our Hj continuously

    Always a Fan!

    • From Ella-Elizabeth: Hi dear Noya, you see that bitch never giving up, such a loser! She is even not embarrassed at all with the stuff that’s going on. She can’t accept the fact that she was born as nobody and will die as nobody. I’m sorry, but I remain pretty skeptical about baby as well. But it’s ok even if i’m wrong, the time will solve the rest. During all this nightmare I was trying to stay firm and cool and just hold back my tears. But when LK broke those terrific news to us I could’t help myself – just was crying like a crazy. We have passed through that ‘Titanic’ stage finally. Yeeessss!!!! I just want to thank all of you who put their hearts to this victory. This is not just KHJ story, this is our story. In times like these, we all need to remember which flag flies over our heads. Love u all. God bless. KHJ u are my Star forever.

  73. In Henecia Venezuela, we are very happy with the result of this decision in favor of our beloved KHJ, we knew he was innocent he would not hurt anyone. As at that demonia of Choi must pay for all the damage he did to KHJ but jail, like the mother of this, they concocted this macabre done not only to our HJ but also his entire family. Waste means we do not want to hide and apologize publicly to HJ and his family. As the baby creature innocent in this whole nightmare. I particularly insist that the baby is not a child of our KHJ and should have another DNA test yet I have my doubts. It’s what I always thought. From now on our HJ you should stay away from that lying bitch, who did not hear or see her try to get back to hurt this woman is a psychopath like his mother. To our Dr. Lee thank you so much! God bless you always! Kim Lazer we love God bless you. From Venezuela we loves you!!

  74. hello ms.lazerkim & henecians,
    great job msLK! thank u so much ms.Lk for being protect hj, his family & henecians in this blog during the painful times and the victory is ours also….thank you to all henecians that gives support & believing hj without give up…(include me..keke)
    well, the child indeed choi’s with other men but definitely not khj…
    may god bless,hj,his family,henecians &me….^_^v

  75. As ussually thank you for sharing with us your thoughts 🙂 I agree with you that this is begining. Beging of long and hard way back to working in show business and stage. Of course this win is great, I am happy with this, but this is first step. I think that “baby problem” is very hard for KHJ personal life and I wish him not to be father of this baby. If he is father he lost so much…first smile, first step, first …many first things of his baby. And doesn’t matter how much Choi is horrible person she is still mother ( if she is ) . For every child, even for mature person mother is important ( doesn’t matter if mother exist in child’s life or not but she is still very important ) . So I wish KHJ not be father of this child. But this is his personal life and personal pain, so I will not write more about this. Much more I am interested in this , if the criminal case will be and what effect will bring. And one thing more ….SK showbizness and media reaction after KHJ back. It will be very hard moment . This is very cruel and dirty society. KHJ will need a lot of support in this moment. So we should be ready 🙂

  76. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Yes another DNA test is in order. Many doubts about her disappearing the last three months of her pregnancy – no pictures of a big belly… and she’s so good about taking pictures! No one being notified of the birth until days after, especially when she is such a media hound. OMG! So happy for HJ, I heard he cried after court (anybody know for sure?). I know I did, what a relief. VERY pleased the civil case was won as the criminal charges cannot be swept under the rug anymore. Guilt has already been established by law. Also thanks to all sister fans, I’m sure all the unconditional love we poured on him helped get him through this. Blssings for KHJ, the Kims, the legal team and every single loyal person who made this journey to hell and back with him. Kudos!

  77. Reading through the statements from presiding judge and Atty LJM, I can certainly say THERE’S NO BABY! And if indeed Bitchoi was pregnant and had given birth, IT’S NOT KHJ’S! –– it’s clearly stated that, I quote: “out of 3 visits made to OB and G clinic, “A” (5/20, 6/13, 12/3) pregnancy was never confirmed.” –– 12/3 was when KHJ had fulfilled the verbal “agreement” to stay together till end of the year, also shortly after she handed the settlement documents to KHJ. Therefore, to say it bluntly, I doubt KHJ even had any intimacies with her after they broke up.

    Anways, glad that we’d seen the light at the end of the tunnel shinning brightly! I must say, “Hallelujah!” Really take my hat off to Mr & Mrs Kim for his determination to fight till the end! That’s one fantastic papa and mama you’ve there, KHJ! Thanks so much Atty LJM+Team for your professional intentions to help KHJ fight this absurd litigation. And also KUDOS to us all, fandom of KHJ for staying strong, staying steadfast, staying vigilant by KHJ’s side this two long years!

    Let us all continue to stay strong, stay steadfast and walk with him as he face off the criminal case!

  78. I’m happy that khj wins. I’m glad khj have such a good father, i wish him a long and happy life. mr kins father is a great father.
    I do not understand why kim talk to her after all the damage she did to him. I hope he can clear his name and return to the koreas stage.
    thanks for sharing the news.

    • Yes dear, Kim Hyun Joong’s father is an amazing father, he defnded Hyun Joong before he was even born when the doctor told him and Mrs. Kim that Hyun Joong had to be aborted and also defended him now when he’s all grown up so strongly to the end.

  79. Thank you, Lazer Kim for all of your posts throughout this ordeal! Now let’s get onto the criminal investigation. I can’t wait to hear Choi is in jail! Also, I hope KHJ sues Dispatch for printing all her lies as truth without fact checking sources. They deserve to be put out of business for all their slander. This is a happy day for KHJ and all of his fans! I’m glad no one lost heart, and saw this through to the end.

    • Dunno wether a partnership between KE & SM will be good or bad for KHJ. SM is full of group singer n few soloist, they dun hve actors or actress if I’m not mistaken. Yet KE hve alot of actors and actress plus few singers including KHj (well is an actor too, he’s versatile as what we’ve known..hehe ). The only ‘famous’ artist in KE for the time being, I guess the one who from the star. But he only good in acting. He sing but not so… For this I really want to see what would be KE future plan for KHJ when he done his MS.

      Kim Hyun Joong is the true Hallyu star, he is real for whtaever reasons. My humble opinion, KHJ should join other agency, that will take a good care of him.

    • My friend, I’ve been expecting this news for a long long time. And it’s not good news. SM are one lousy agency that can’t be trusted. They treat their artists badly and since they merged with Woollim ent., they’ve been quietly drowning Infinite. They took what they could from the company and left there only problems. I believe the timing is not a coincidence. There will be more to this later on, I’m sure. And I sincerely hope that KHJ will leave this bad company.

    • The last scandals envolved big artists of KEYEAST & C-JES, both new Ent agencies that in a short time gathered a lot of big artists of SK. I guess that SM, out of envy, is not a stranger of these scandals. Just after the partnership was publicized, a new renown artist of KE was attacked. Can be this a new way of SM to force their conditions on KE? I just wonder.
      I don’t believe that SM’s artists are “sans peur et sans reproche”, but no big scandals – what a beutiful silance after the announced relationship between Yoona & LSG till their breakup.
      After all SK dramas/movies and tv shows I’ve watched I realized that for SK people the most important things are money & image and the truth is the last important one, and more – the respect for the ones in a powerful position it’s to mandatory to allow you to defend your own interests. So I’ve low expectations for KHJ to obtain a neat victory against Choi unless we, the int’l fans, put a pressure on their legal system to be fair.

    i was really worried the day before the verdict! Praise God, he allowed the truth to prevail! God is good all the time.
    This win is a step closer to the victory we want. Next is the criminal case. Im happy that the court honoured choi acts as a criminal act. Hope the higher court recognize the decision of the judge.
    I hate allkpop, until the end they twisted their report! Atleast soompi published the judge decision.

  81. 2 long years of agony for our only one..i am so glad that finally it ended this way.

    Well About the child of khj i am still in doubt if it is really “real”. My intuition keeps on telling me it isn’t real..well everything about choi claims were all lies. So it is not my fault not to believe in everything she’s telling.

    I don’t know what I might do to her if i see her face to face..thank God i am far ..

    I hope this nightmare of khj will never happen again..i am just a fan and i suffered a Lot how much more khj?

    I hope everything now will be fine..and i wish she will be in jail…

    Keep fighting khjssi..

    We love you and never will leave you.

  82. All I can say is thank you Lord for answering our prayers. Thank you LK for your untiring effort in keeping us informed about KHJ. I am indeed happy that my stress is over but I am still praying for his safety because of his assignment in the military. I hope that you will continue to keep us posted. Again thank you very much.

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  84. Dear lazerkim,
    Thank you so much for your words. I am really grateful to you, as you are one of the person who kept us strong for this 2 long years. Whatever happened in the past years, your blog is the first one i visit!!! Really thank you sister!!! This past 2 years made his fans stronger and made us united. But her real place is jail and when we hear she is arrested then only we can rest. And atty lee said in interwiew that other side went to army and ask for settlement in this year, really? They are one group of money eaters!!! Shit!!! What kind of being they are?? Now what are they going to do? And the medias what will they publish from now on?? They did everything just bcoz of their rating without considering truth, now what will they do after hyunjoong’s comeback??? To be honest all of them need to apologise in public to kim hyunjoong, his family. Then only it is considered as complete justice. And i am also having the same doubts regarding the baby. Is there really baby?? That is mysterious to me… Hope atty lee do something to clear that matter also. And regarding criminal case, this civil case may become basis, right? Just can’t they do anything to the prosecutor who previously rejected saying there is no evidence against her?? Bcoz now he also seems to be fraud!!! All in all this is the good start for leader!! It started in august 2014 and the good ending also happened in august 2016… Two long and miserable years of our life. Thank you attorney lee and his team. Thank you every korean fans who are staying there with him and giving informations. Thank you every henecians around the world, you all guided me and inspired me!! Thank you god without you we never made this long!!! Thank you god making us stronger. To leader, be happy and stay healthy!!! Right now i want to hear your voice and see your bright smile!!! Miss you sooooo much!!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!!

    • Hello, the criminal prosecutor didnt say that theres no evidence. He actually recognize that there is indeed evidences. But he didnt see that there is criminal intent in those acts, so he dismissed it.

        • Yeah! I dont know if hes really a prosecutor! Maybe hes a classmate of Seon coz that prosecutor has no sense at all! I hope the higher court will punish him! How could he conclude no criminal intent when there is no trial done. Hes so stupid!

            • Sadly, even sk suffers from corrupted system. Youll think that only poor country experience corruption, but happening in high class society also. Theres a saying in phils… Tumatanda ng paurong…

                • Hello po ms. Lk. Yes im, filipina but i try to comment in english for the readers. AMs. Lk, salamat po… Sa paninindigan mo, naging sandalan k namin. Sa mga salita mo unti unti mong pinulot yong mga magkawatak watak na fans ni khj. Bigyan kp ng Panginoon ng lakas para magawa mo p mga ito.

          • LOL, classmate of Seon XD XD XD
            This prosecutor sounds like Choi wanted to help Hyun Joong with her actions. I hope he gets a papercut 😡

      • Thank you sister, you corrected me. And what i am saying is that criminal prosecutor also did injustice to our leader. So can’t he punished for doing injustice?? Bcoz his act of rejection is also a big crime… And to think abt it, they are doing injustice casually to their country’s pride, then what abt the normal people?? It is scary!!!

  85. LK..

  86. Finally! Congratulation KHJ. You Won the Civil Case and Choi on the other hand is Desperate for
    Settlement. Next up Criminal Case,. Lets hope to God that you’ll win this one.

  87. Thank you, thank you. LK, you were spot on on everything with this case.You have aGod given wisdom and gift of words, and thank God you used it for all our good. I’m an American and sleep only English, so you know how I feel about your writing which has been every informative. I too, never doubted KHJ. I thank all who helped in translation, and those fans who stayed committed, and prayed for this outcome, to God be the glory.

    Now, there is the thing. She used to run to the news but now she is running from the news.2) she went to HJ camp, but did not report that. Why? Maybe because they would see her desperation? By this time she knew she was in trouble, but not only her but the rest of her team. Thank God that HJ father is sticking to his guns. 3) I really think she is in stock that she was not able to hook HJ like she did before. She had no idea that he would rise up against her because she knew she had him. But when you have parents who love their child and know what the are and are not capable off doing certain things you fight even if your child is not. 4) the first sign for her that problems were coming that she/they did not expect was the decision from family court, split custody. 5) then the civil hearing was not going the way she had expected. Now, they became desperate so they visited him to plead for mercy. Yes, things can turn around, never believe that you are in charge. For all other random support your entertainer no matter what and pray for them, and please allow them to date and get married.

  88. I didn’t even realize how depressed I’d been.. since it’s been such a long time of fearing for KHJ and sadness at seeing him abused by the trash news, KE, courts, and in general the people of Korea who turned their back on the best thing that has ever come out of their country. Now I wait to see if justice will truly happen and we see Evil ChoiHyeMi put into jail.. and her lying attn with her. KHJ needs to get custody of the child. I”m assuming it’s his child.. another plot by Evil Choi.. but no child should be raised by someone like that. Now I feel better.. but it’s only made me see what this has done to KHJ and all his fans.. it’s been traumatizing for all of us. Only Jail is justice in my opinion.

  89. Lazer Kim.let me say Thanks to you for your unwavering loyalty to HJ and thanks for your updates and analysis. You deserve an award. I hope that HJ and his team are aware of your devotion to him.
    I am so delighted that my prayers were answered. Now that he has been vindicated in public I can now confess that I flew to Seoul last year because I was upset after hearing his dad say that he got sick physically because of the stress placed on him by the devil and her army. My Korean friend told me not to start any problems because I might get detained. You must know that I too went a little crazy like that gal. I was pissed. And I wanted to know what his management was doing to help him.
    I am a devoted devoted devoted fan of my sweetie. Like you and all of his fans. Today I am happy and I hope to be back in Seoul in a few months. Love Lazer Kim and all who are devoted to our sweet man.

  90. Thank you Lazer Kim for being so thorough in your writing. Now I pray that Kim Hyun Joong will have opportunities to continue his career and share all his talent with his fans. I’m so happy for him and his family.

  91. Love your writings about Kim Hyun Joong’s case. Your evaluation of his case is extraordinary. Keep on the good work. Thank you !

  92. Thank you Lazerkim!!!!! Is published I wonder too.. whether she will or can pay? Perhaps she and her invisible supporter now biting each other!! =D Or maybe she fly to other country convert her face totally to another person…

  93. Congratulations everyone!! But LK I have a question when did the family court award shared custody? I thought it confirmed paternity only and the custody was to be determined later.

  94. Just my thoughts ,why Choi is ashamed to show her child ?!! everyone knows that’s Choi loves medias so much and she has no problems to share her privacy with them !!! but the question here why she doesn’t want to expose this child !! for me it’s a little bit strange! maybe there’s no child at all !! but DNA test is done ,yes I am with you but at the same time you can fabricated the result , I wish khj get the opportunity to do another DNA test.

    • Way to settle DNA test on child… three labs one takes samples hair and saliva from KHJ and child. Those samples sent to two seperate labs and identified as subject a and subject b task determine if a and b are parent child. As long as collection is monitored should recieve true dna results

    • You are right dear, Choi love so much media, she show everything abt herself, the ‘bruises’ ,even her dirty text messages but she didn’t even dare to show her big belly during pregnancy for the sake of proven it to public and us KHJ’S fans that she hates so much. If I was her I would be so proud to show to Hj’s fans the proof of her pregnancy, I’ll be, ‘See, this is HJ’s baby inside me! U fans go to hell, I’ll be his wife forever and ever.’. LOL.. But why don’t dare? No proper record, No big belly, No showing baby birth, No delivery record in any hospital, NO PROOF AT ALL. And then all of sudden, BOOM! She gave birth to Hj’s son out of nowhere. Then avoided Dna test frm Human Pass but urged to do Dna test in her own choice of government hospital. Read again, Government Hospital!??! I hve a huge doubts abt gov hospital. Full of corrupted people, I know it always happened in my country. So, despite all these, Im hoping and praying that the baby was indeed Non-existent baby at all or not Hj’s baby but other men’s baby. Huh, am hoping its actually her baby wth Seonpig. Well they hve been together for long time right, enough time to make their own baby for the sake of sucking all Hj’s money for once and for all. Lol…

      • Hi dear , your comment makes my day !! honestly l always thinking if there’s any certification for the delivery and if khj side did check for those things at least should know her obstetrician at that time !! Good bless you and your family members.

  95. First of all thank you lazerkim for your tireless efforts always bringing the most up-to-date information to us, and thank the good Lord for answering our prayers on KHJ’S behalf. When this all came about in 2014 I have never doubted KHJ’S innocence!!!!! Let’s continue to lift up KHJ, the Kim family and attorney Lee in our prayers, also for protection for his child. Choi my have given birth to this child but she isn’t truly a mother. As a mom of twins a true mother puts her children 1st and nurtures and protects her children, a true mother would never use her child as a pawn. What Choi and her mother did to KHJ and his child is not exceptable and they need to be held accountable. Stay strong KHJ justice will continue to be served!!!

  96. Congratulations to all of us especially to KHJ. Finally,our sufferings ended and justice already served to the right victim. Thanks to his legal team and thanks God for being with us all this time.
    Since he win the civil case,there’s a high tendency that he will win again the criminal case and get full custody of his child (if child really exist and indeed his) since choi will undergo criminal punishment,deprivation of custody will be granted to her. I hope KHJ will do a DNA retake to make sure without any doubt the baby is indeed his. Ahhh mm I think he should see him first,it’s hard to do DNA retake for an imaginary baby hehehe😂.
    Anyways thank you so much LK for this wonderful blog post, you said it all. Godbless and looking forward for more of your words.

  97. Thank you Lazer Kim.Well said all your points of view in all your articles.We love your work .Keep doing your best .Fighting.Kim Hyun Joong please never give up.Thank you Atty Lee for excellent job.Fighting.

  98. Je suis contente pour Kim Hyun Joong . La justice est rendue . Maintenant j’espère que la justice va etre rendue pour lui et l’enfant . Vivement qu’il revienne chanter pour nous. Merci pour les nouvelles Lazerkim

    • Bonjour Viviane (Es-tu française ?).
      J’espère aussi que la justice ira jusqu’au bout pour HJ et sa famille. Concernant l’enfant, je souhaite vraiment qu’il fasse refaire un test ADN car il y a de forts doutes sur ses origines.

  99. Just as expected from you, a clean without so much hate writing, only normal, what you post on your blog can not agree more , all those bad people and especially the tabloid press may be putting their words and thoughts where no you get the sun before mentioning the name of our beloved leader should wash his mouth with detergent. This is the result of our faith , prayers and hopes to who gave all of himself. I must confess I was hesitant at first but after reading your blog, know more about him , his career and how people who were closest to him , defended him and asked us to believe in him, and this is the answer , as well you said , is just the beginning , but a good one continue to believe in him and our beloved leader believes in us. Thank you very much for giving me faith and hope. You rock LK

  100. I have always trusted Kim hyun joong and never had any doubts on his innocence I’m proud to be a fan of a so wonderful person who talk with his heart and sincerely Just looking in his eyes and you understand what kind of person he is I can’t definitively not leaves him now and forever i’m a fan for all life Congratulation Kim Hyun Joong

  101. The joy of Our Only One being Vindicated and exonerated is soaring through my heart. Now one step closer to closing this up…seeing light at end of the tunnel for criminal case. So fully of happiness for KHJ. Lazerkim thank you and the others for keeping the no list traslation for us who need it… I so feel it’s happy group hug time…stay strong everyone ..

  102. Thank you to you LK and to true fans to always support HJ. I’m very proud to be a fan of KHJ. He is a strong man, unbreakable. Choi begins to taste hell now and I hope her accomplices will follow her very soon. I think too the baby is not hers (and of course not KHJ’s).
    About trash medias, I hope KHJ with other stars of SK who are victims of these yellow medias (and they are a lot now!!!) will complaint against them.

  103. Dear LK,
    thank you again for your time and being Hj’s Guardian Angel.
    You are so right about all, for once SK law proved to be right. that Psycho got all the chances in the world to bring some proof but all she had was txt msgs, confusing statements, lies and a greedy mind all she and pig seon saw was $ sign, not Hj but $ sign.
    I may repeat myself, but serious she is a psychopath with a serious problem.

    I was wondering same if now the SK fans that been sued by txt msgs (if you remember they’ve sent txt msgs requesting money…how low they got..) can now counter sue back for all their damage?
    If she will not have the money to pay maybe she can do some Jail time? together with her mom who planned all? Can that pig seon who played with media and distorted and confusing statements done so much damage to Hj Image, can he be disbarred?

    That baby, by the way this psycho bitchoi behaved if she will say good morning, you will have to open the window and check if it is morning…that is how I see this. (Hj take notice, what ever she will say make sure is recorded and someone (like your own lawyer) is present…)

    For all the damages and hate she spread she should be put in JAIL to be made and example! Please her mom and her other accomplices can join her!

    Criminal case, Hj will have to go ahead with it, this he should do it for HIMSELF, his own peace of mind. Not to mind what ever people will say, anyhow they trashed him and crucified him for the last two years, only completing what he started he will have that peace of mind in the future that he done the right thing. Even more so if that child really exist and is his, for his future to prove he was Innocent and the actual Victim here. Then he will be able to get full custody and be the great father he can be, but only after he will make sure that child is Really his (another check of DNA is a MUST).

    Of course we believe in HJ, his real fans know him, he might not be perfect, but he is no way what that psycho bitchoi tried to make him!

    His real Fans are here to stay and to support him always.

    You taught us LK, a fan stick to the Star through thick and thin always.

    All for One and One for all! always fan and proud to be part of this great Fandom for our Only One!

    Congratulations Hj, don’t give up, you are near the end of this lesson, you will be much stronger after this crossroad of your life!

  104. Yoy have done a great job my hats off to you and those who helped you. I have always haf faith in KHJ and never lost hope. I am in the medical field, truthfully no one can get pregnant that many times and have abortions it would be against medical advice. Eventualkt a woman’s womb woulg get weak and she woukd gave difficulty carring a child full term if she had the many abortions. I oray his family us at oeace and ge van finally be at peace and finish his obligation to the military and come back strong we will all be waiting. She has the money to oay him back if not send her to jail.

    • You are so right, once pig seon said she can’t have more children…from so many abortions….
      and once pig seon, that was in February 2015 said his client is preg like 4 months….just saying….

    • One anti or hater or idk what she really is coz she tried to find reasons to justify bitchoi multiple pregnancies and she came across this chemical pregnancy which she said might be the reason for her miscarriages. We had a long debate about and now she seems refraining herself for insisting her statement coz it’s no sense at all.

  105. Thank you LK for this article!! I want you & everyone here to know when this nightmare began 2yrs. ago, I believed what I was reading online. Thank god & you LK that I found your site. Through your writings, my love & admiration for HJK, his Fans and You are totally “UNBREAKABLE”. Keep fighting the good fight!! “You’ll never stand alone”, is so true, THANK YOU 💚 😊

  106. “Hear ye, hear ye!” Mark my words she’ll receive her paybacks for all sufferings and damages that she caused on KHJ and us! Let’s hold hands and pray for our winning in the CRIMINAL case! Defeat injustice, mete the justice and celebrate the VICTORY!

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