Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BIG JOKE!



By: LazerKim


Yesterday July 30th quite surprisingly the trash news site posted written statement from Choi, which gave my day something to laugh about and so with the KHJ fans at the tweeter! At first sight of the news article made me angry because of its long  sensationalized article title as:

“Ms Choi refutes KHJ’s side claims + reveals KHJ assaulted her after she caught him cheating and also pushed her to get an abortion”

Oh so Choi is still in town! But she forgot the way how to get to the courtroom, so she went to the media instead and stated her piece of lies! Oh but wait… mistake, this time she didn’t go to the media, but instead, she sent for a written statement to the media! Hmm I just want to ask Choi “Is it a boy or a girl??”  Just my wild thoughts!! LOL

So this is the volume of text messages showed by media that Atty Seon (Choi’s lawyer) was talking about in July 22nd court hearing as Choi’s evidence on pregnancy and miscarriage last year, which showed nothing but 2 morons texting each other’s nonsense!!

I just want to ask Hyun Joong and Choi, “Don’t they talk in person?” It appears they just text each other! Are they just textmates? And Choi misunderstood their kind of relationship, like delusional fairy tale?? Just an innocent question!! LOL!

As I read Choi’s statements further, I started laughing so hard that pushed me to hit the tweeter making fun of Choi!! Allow me to respond to her statements, as follows:


CHOI’S LETTER (Opening remarks)

Choi:   She stated, “I have been keeping my silence after I filed my lawsuit. I did not try to make any clarifications or issued any responses. This was because I had believed that I thought that the truth will be revealed through the court. However, the longer I remained silent, the more attorney Lee Jae Man (Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer) attacked me. Without any concrete evidence and relying only on assumptions and guesses, he made me into a national criminal.”

LazerKim:    Choi believed that the truth will be revealed through the court? However, it’s Choi who kept losing her way to the court and kept going to the media!  Yes Choi, KHJ fans are also waiting for the truth to be revealed, but what you have been bubbling about again are nothing but statements far from reality!

Choi could not counter attack Atty Lee simply because she knows very well Atty Lee already revealed the truth and she finds it hard to conceal it with lies, as simple as that! So here it is again another set of lies but no matter how she twist and turn, the truth will prevail. And so with her statements, she simply proved how a BIG LIAR  she is.

Choi:    Currently, I’m even at the risk of giving birth pre-maturely due to the immense stress I’m under. I think it’ll be hard to endure it longer.

LazerKim:      Is it not the reason why Choi is saying she might have the possibility of giving pre-mature birth is because her expected date of birth is not Sept? I take this as giving hints on the true expected date of birth which is earlier than Sept. Is this some kind of public mind conditioning??? Let’s not forget, Choi brought this circus to us!


1. Assault and Bodily Harm

Choi:     Kim Hyun Joong’s side gave her 600 million KRW as a form of compensation for damages for the assault.

LazerKim:    So now Choi admitted to have received money from KHJ. But in Aug 2014 here’s what her lawyer stated:

“A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.” source: (

Choi:    She says she never once mentioned the word ‘pregnancy’ or ‘miscarriage’ in her court documents, and that it was Kim Hyun Joong who warned her to never mention that to his agency Key East or his lawyer, nor her court documents.

LazerKim:  This is like saying…Choi: “KHJ I will sue you!”     KHJ: “Ok but do not tell everything!”   Don’t you find this rather stupid?  Choi now is reversing what she created. If she is sincerely after justice and truth, then should have revealed everything right from day one of her complaint at the police station back in Aug 2014!  

May I just add. As she claims she has been assaulted while she’s pregnant in May 2014. Isn’t it so normal IF she’s all bruised up from so-called assault fine, but a pregnant woman’s first instinct is to worry about the baby’s condition she’s carrying more than anything else! She claimed she went to the hospital, but how come none of those hospital record reflected her pregnancy nor miscarriage in 2014 case? 


2. Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Choi:    she confronted him and asked to break up. It was then that Kim Hyun Joong told her it wasn’t true and assaulted her for 30 minutes (May 30, 2014). She says she started to suffer bloody bowel discharges and suspected of miscarriage, and event sent Kim Hyun Joong a text saying, ‘Because you hit my stomach plenty of times, I think I miscarried.’

LazerKim:   Wow Choi being assaulted in 30 minutes! Did she cry? Didn’t she ask for help from the neighbor or anyone around? Didn’t the neighbor heard anything? Oh geez she’s being hit at her stomach! Choi I think doesn’t know the difference between constipation and miscarriage!  This is like easy saying as “HJ I’m pregnant and I had miscarriage because my poops has blood!!”

Come on Choi, you’re 30 years old as you said, how come you don’t know the difference? If this is miscarriage, of course you bleed from the vagina and not from your ass! And where’s your legit medical record that says you’re pregnant and had miscarriage? Whose pregnancy kit posted by media? I doubt if that’s PT kit showed by media belong to Choi!!


3. July Abortion and Assault

Choi:    Ms. Choi then goes on to reveal that after she miscarried on May 30, 2014, she was impregnated again in July 2014. She also says that in their text messages, Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned how it might be too early to go check now (June 29), showing that he knows from her previous pregnancy that going to the gynecologist early will not produce anything on the ultrasound.

Choi:  She then revealed that this time she also lost her baby, not due to miscarriage, but due to abortion as Kim Hyun Joong did not want the baby. She said text messages show that he had kept suggesting getting an abortion.

LazerKim:    Choi’s pregnancy 3 times in less than a year? Miscarriage in May, abortion in July 2014, and pregnant again in Jan 2015 with even threat of premature delivery?? Is she a rabbit?  It made me ask, “Does Choi has that miraculous fertility at the age 30 to be impregnated every month or every after losing a baby in less than a year from a man who allegedly assault her?”  UNBELIEVABLE!!

I’m sorry I’m still bothered to be repeating myself, because it appears to me that Choi and HJ doesn’t talk in person specially cases like this! I wonder, do they communicate through text message ONLY and prove her pregnancy and miscarriage to HJ through text??? Again stupid text messages doesn’t prove anything! Specially fabricated ones!


(con’t July abortion and assault)

Choi:      “Kim Hyun Joong even said that we should take a trip to Jeju Island together after my [abortion] surgery. I told him that I was having a hard time because it had only been a few days after the surgery, but Kim Hyun Joong even asked me if it was possible to talk to the doctor about it over the phone.

LazerKim:     So there was abortion surgery as she stated, but where’s Choi’s medical record on this surgery? Don’t tell me she performed abortion by herself and text HJ “I just had my abortion in my batrhroom!!”  But she’s still alive!!

Choi:   Kim Hyun Joong brought over a female celebrity ‘J’ to his home. I went to visit him with a friend of mine, and caught the two of them in bed naked. And I was once again mercilessly assaulted by him in the presence of that female celebrity and my friend. I will be calling that female celebrity in as a witness.”

LazerKim:      Oh great, so Choi just got into a house without knocking and HJ in naked bed with a woman without locking his door!! And so she’s now saying she has a witness? Why not! It took her almost a year to produce a witness finally!! And I would assume it’s someone she paid, a lowlife aspiring starlet who also seeks publicity like her!

Hmm situation sounds very familiar in a Kdrama plot!! It appears now Choi is trying to inflict another hired character in this drama!!! I bet you on the next episode there will be 2 women fighting at the media! More popcorn pls!!

Oh may I just add up, I read from tweeter Choi changed her witness!! It’s not a friend as she stated in her statement above, but her sister!! LOL I guess the so-called friend back out from the deal, the price is not right I think, so she change the character friend to sister instead!! Poor Choi desperate to make her drama lies to appear true!! LOL


4. Current Pregnancy

Choi: “Attorney Lee Jae Man says that I didn’t show them the fetus back in January of this year, and that in March, I even blocked their entrance to the ultrasound room.”

Choi:    Ms. Choi calls this an absurd claim, and explains that getting an ultrasound requires her to pull down her underwear. She says it’s hard to even do such a thing in front of her own father, so how could she invite Kim Hyun Joong’s parents into the ultrasound room with her?

LazerKim:  Hey Choi now it’s pretty obvious you don’t know what’s going on inside an examination room! You don’t need to put down your underwear while taking the ultra sound! Are you really 30 years old? How come you do not know this proceedings if you really took that ultra sound for real! You’re making a fool out of us KHJ fans and the general public!

Choi:   She then reveals that she however asked Kim Hyun Joong to come in with her, but Kim Hyun Joong’s mother blocked their conversation. And that this is why Kim Hyun Joong and his parents were not present inside the ultrasound room with her.

LazerKim:     This statement doesn’t make any sense at all. HJ’s parents were concern to see their grandchild if there’s any!  Why would Mrs Kim spare her time in such physical condition after her surgery if you would just say she blocked themselves in the ultrasound room? This is the most illogical reason I have ever heard!!

Choi:   So after waiting, she went to the hospital and the result was that she was pregnant, and the ultrasound pictures revealed her womb. She says this diagnosis has already been submitted to the court,

LazerKim:   Yes maybe she submitted the ultra sound pictures without her name and any medical statement at those pictures!  With all Choi’s statements, she just even proved to the whole world how a BIG LIAR she is.



Now I can conclude, this is a clear media play, and that Hyun Joong again is under trial by publicity simply because Choi lost her way to the courtroom and lead her way to the media instead and state her side!  The media obviously is not the courtroom, but since she brought this up to herself again, it’s just natural for Atty Lee to counter attack her statement of course! And I’m very happy with his moves.

Choi and her lawyer knew all along they can never win this case in court so they simply brought it up to the public with hope to win their case within public opinion. But unfortunately, this time Choi created another set of lies that only lead the public to doubt her motives even further. I would say she’s one step to the quick sand with what she’s been doing!

Many fans were commenting that trash sites post detailed statements from Choi’s side while this trash site barely post detailed statements from KHJ’s side. Don’t be surprise since this trash site is a co-maker of Choi’s conspiracy!! Let it be, because the more Choi and her lawyer talks, the more mistakes they make!

Choi kept going around this circus instead of simply bringing out LEGIT medical records pertaining those pregnancy. Unfortunately she has no single thing that prove her claims, simply because these are all for PUBLICITY purposes in destroying Kim Hyun Joong with NO solid evidence. Why would Choi bring her dirty laundry to the media if it’s not for money? She had already proven herself as gold digger coming from herself! End of story!



I find it so hard to believe that these people particularly Choi’s camp could simply play with SK court of Law and it somehow frustrates me to ask “Does SK Court of Law allows this kind of game? Or is Choi’s camp underestimating their own Korean court of law?”

In simple layman’s common sense, If you are accusing someone and bringing a case to any court of law, there has to be substantial proofs, valid evidences to your accusations, as simple as that! And not just mere stupid text messages which doesn’t stand in any court of law or not even at any police station!

Lawyers have full knowledge about this, I think. Well, except for Atty Seon I guess! Just check on how he responded to media questioning and judge for yourself what kind of lawyer Atty Seon is!! Here as follows:


Reporter: Is there any reason why text messages were submitted as evidence of the pregnancy and miscarriage last year instead of medical records?  

Attorney Seon: It’s hard for me to say this but I have it confirmed. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in 2010, the cases of abortion reached 170,000 a year in our country. Among them, cases that were legally allowed… Read more at:

Reporter: Choi’s legal counsel talked about matters unrelated to the question for a while and then informed of the confirmation of pregnancy by a pregnancy tester.

Attorney Seon: It was confirmed by a pregnancy tester. I did not submit the pregnancy tester today; but have it.

Reporter: Reporters asked once again to confirm the fact accurately.

Another reporter: Does it mean that you do not have a medical record to confirm the pregnancy?

Attorney Seon: Yes… yes.   Read more at:

LazerKim:    Atty Seon did not submit that pregnancy tester in the court during the 2nd hearing in July 22nd because he knew very well that tester is NOT from Choi!  How would you prove that pregnancy tester was Choi’s a year ago? Does that tester has name on it to identify the person who pee on that PT kit? I doubt that very much!

And mind me, Atty Seon, what does Ministry of health and welfare got to do in this case? Finally let’s face it, Choi needs psychiatric help, Atty Seon please go with her too!!

(Translation by Sunny, thanks for sharing)



I’m very glad that every time Choi and her lawyer talks, Atty Lee is just so prepared to counter attack their statements! Now they are obviously caught to the corner and goes bubbling mistakes in their statement!

I hope Atty Lee would reveal Choi’s identity. I think it’s high time to do so since this case has been long over due for nearly a year now. We may never know Hyun Joong may not be Choi’s first and only victim of such accusations, because she seems to be an expert in media plays, and blackmailing. By exposing her, other Korean men would be aware not to be victimized by this Choi or women like her! Just my opinion.

Kim Hyun Joong is a star celeb but he’s still human with dignity. Even we say showbiz people are likely to be in bad publicity, still he has his rights to fair public treatment. And being falsely accused by a nobody whose identity has been concealed to the public, this situation itself shows unfair human treatment. Don’t you think so?

We may be wary in the past 11 months, at least this time we can just laugh at this nightmare! Why not? We have something to laugh about even during rough sailing! Take this case positively, let’s just enjoy this media play this woman has been creating, because Choi is simply just a BIG JOKE!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, Ms D thanks!        News trans credit. sunny thanks!

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More comedy acts of Choi and Atty Seon below! Enjoy reading!!

Kim Hyun Joong, the text messages are false    


More comedy acts of Choi and Atty Seon below! Enjoy reading!!

Choi’s additional text message   

If you don’t want to suffer from headache, better refrain from reading Choi’s text! She’s already confused with her lies and trying to twist turn her own statements which appears to me, she’s trying to confuse even the trash site readers!! LOL!

(Posted by Ms. D, trans by @sunsun_sky Thanks for sharing!)

[News Update-2] {8.1.2015]
1) KHJ side: will file defamation suit againnst Choi for releasing personal text messages & the specific media for reporting them.
2) Atty Lee: Text messages & pregnancy tester pics are not legal evidences to prove pregnancy but were released in order to defame KHJ
3) Atty Lee: Text msgs/pregnancy tester were not presented to court. Anonymously releasing personl life of entertainer KHJ deems intentional defamation
4) Atty Lee: If media,that must be discerning for report, publishes any material for financial gain, it has to be restrained.
So we’ll sue specific media for defamation.…
cr translation: @sunsun_sky

[News Update-1] {8.1.2015]
1) Atty Lee: Its HJ who got assaulted.
After HJ told A to separate, she came to his apartment.
She broke latch of front door & got in.
2) Atty Lee: A said she saw them naked.
But its nonsense that they waited lying naked, while she was breaking latch. 3) Choi scratched him so much, his t-shirt got stained so much with his blood.
4) Seon:”It means pregnancy, miscarriage, n abortion were repeated. Aren’t they afraid of heaven?” [how abt u A/Seon?]?😡
5) Seon:A was taking medical care of herself at HJ’s house. Her sis was there wth her to help her. -1-
6) Seon: they came back from grocery shopping,& found a female celebrity in the house. [dnt make sense…]?😡
That was part of Channel A report.
cr: @catgojump
cr translation: @sunsun_sky

(Translation credit: Sunny thanks!)


From K Star TV news link:  (trans crdit: sunny, thanks for sharing!)


In case you have not read Choi’s comedy act from trash news site here’s the link below:


Two Morons texting each other’s nonsense!  (link below)


Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex Releases Thousands Of Texts To The Media


Jin Se-yeon, furious about the rumors linking her to Kim Hyun-joong. “Not me!”





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  1. I was wondering.. I saw an article about the text messages..are the English translations accurate? His ex is older right? One text translated in her calling him “oppa” … It’s a small thing.. But kinda odd? Why would she call him oppa if she is older? I could have just misunderstood though..

  2. Thank you LazarKim for the update. I’m from the US, and my first question is are we talking about the Civil lawsuit, or the Family Court. If this the Civil lawsuit. And if it was other’s in that same company. How long had she been working for KE, before her and Kim started date. Who was the one’s that told them it would be okay to date. I just wonder if some other’s in that company dated her to, and just didn’t say anything to Kim. Was she working at the company, when she follow him to Inspiring Generation set. Without an invitation 1. My question is how long after she reported Kim to the police station. 2. When did Kim Hyun Joong read the apologize the same night or when? 3. If she was the one that wrote the letter, those won’t Kim Hyun Joong words. They was her’s, if she didn’t have anything to hide. 4. Why write the letter for Kim to read in the first place? If she didn’t have anything to hide. You have expertise to test handwriting. 5. If it was type, when did Kim Hyun Joong have time to type the letter. 6. When did the contract come into play? 7. When was the contract drew up before Kim Hyun Joong went to the police, or after the police station. 8. When was the letter written up? 9. As far as the contract, who carry the contract to him to sign was it her, or her lawyer, or both. 10. Did he get a copy of this contract. If he didn’t get a copy. 11. Why, isn’t that what lawyer’s do went they draw up legal documents. He was suppose to get copy. 12. If not where is the contract, she was the one that brought it up. Then said it wasn’t her second pregnancy, the first one she lost because of the abused.. 14. When everyone else thought it was her first. I lost my first due to the abuse by the hands of Kim Hyun Joong. But didn’t she had an abortion contract. The same one she told him not to tell anyone about. If this what happen, why hide about the truth. Why was it a need for keep him quiet. They sure said they didn’t get any money, but on the other hand we didn’t say how much. but then the KE says she got the money. Did they give her cash or check? Was her and her lawyer present when he signed the contract? Whomever gave her that money can testify. Now this is for the first baby no one knew about, not even the police. For $500,000 all of this is taking place after she put him in the police department. She hurry up and drew that contract up with the quickness. Before he got a lawyer, her and lawyer did a number on Kim. Kim learn the hard way for agreeing with Choi and her lawyer. Choi is lying about how many time she was pregnant. She said this is her second child. Bull didn’t she say she multiple miscarriages, multiple abortions what would you call those. She may see as being just two babies like she just had two pregnancy. And her excuse was she was embarrassed. To be pregnant out of wedlock. She’s using the same information in Family Court, that she used in Civil. Plus her 50 doctor’s fact finder. Where was these 50 fact finder’s doctor’s come from. Why wasn’t these doctor’s in the Civil Courts. Do she have proof for all these miscarriages, abortion, or abuse charges in Family Court. Maybe they should’ve follow that the technician. To make sure no on tamper with the test. Put a rush on it where someone could watch the test being done. I don’t trust her either. Kim Hyun Joong should’ve gotten an extra swab, to carry back where he went at first. since he paid for it. Then when the test comes out, see if they match. If they match he know he’s the father. Which he never deny the baby just her. If she getaway with this. It will be reveal God always have a way of revealing things. Kim Hyun Joong have it so if she get broke after that she can’t come back for any more. Not even for the child support. Let he get off her butt and go to work. Have it so she can’t come within a 100 ft. near you, you property, your job or anyone that’s was friends with you both. You’re gonna have to cut them lose. Because all they’re going to is fill her in on you life. If they started asking you question about Choi they probably will go back and tell her everything you do or say about her. If she had friends at the company Kim Hyun Joong worked at. The so call friends told him to take care of her. Even she went their on her own. She went shopping there to didn’t she. She got up off her all beat up butt and went where Kim Hyun Joong was. Who told her he was there to began with. I have learned over the years of my life, when someone accuse you of cheating. Most of the time it be the ones that accusing you.

    • Hi there!
      As i’ve mentioned on the 1st part of this article the oct 14 DNA is not related to the civil case so the court order was from the family court.
      I believe Choi was not working for Ke and this is just rumor since none in the news stated so.
      I believe khj remained silent when the 1st scandal broke bcoz there was an on going WT concern followed by Gemini. I cant find any other excuse than this on his silence.
      The 1st scandal broke in aug 21 2014 their fight occured in may the same year.
      Atty lee stated that the letter of apology was part of the settlement posted in before Sept 17 2014 (pls refer to my article Scandal Diary and other articles fr Feb 2015 onward for more info)
      Why hide the truth? Bcoz obviouly there’s nothing true to what she has been saying!

    • Thank you for this article blog site…i love kim hyun joong and no matter what will be the result of dna test i will still support him. That girl is totally obsess on him omg! A liar and a killer! Lets continue to support kim hyun joong…and pls update us on the next court hearing. Thank you so much!

    • 23rd September ..last hearing of Pre trial at the law suit that bitchoi filed and didn’t provide any evidence to the COURT of LAW but plenty of txt msgs to Media!! she is playing us for fools and mocking the Court of Law and Prosecutors and Police, but has supporters same as her…what a SHAME to SK.

  3. All these Machiavellian malignancies from Choi are failed and thwarted because the Heavenly Justice never allows that the innocent will pay and be despoiled of its rights. Kim Hyun Joong has fallen into the nets of this woman without conscience because he couldn’t imagine how much this relationship would cause him harmful disappointment. He is so pure of heart and too noble to believe that he was betrayed by someone to whom he had given his heart… Young men who are mostly honest people are always exposed to the intrigues of unscrupulous persons. But God will burst the truth. Divine Mercy occurs always at the right time. Our support to Only One KHJ is the best way to make him feel stronger and confident in better future. Our union is our strength. Thanks dear Lazer Kim sister^^ 🙂 for being our voice to claim the truth and show the facts with such clearness and honesty. God Bless…

  4. This is getting beyond ridiculous! He said, she said ~ of a one sided conversationalist…! Why doesn’t the South Korean courts step up and put a gag order on Choi. Seriously?! Kim Hyun Joong and his family have suffered enough already. Good grief, it is unbelievable what she is putting not only Kim Hyun Joong, but the entire Kim family through. If South Korea had 150,000 abortions last year (as per Choi’s attorney), people shouldn’t be throwing stones at Kim Hyun Joong and ridiculing and condemning him. Yes, he made some serious MISTAKES! But who hasn’t ~ he, and we, are all human. We ALL have regrets, and wish that we hadn’t done some of the stupid things we did. Thank goodness they aren’t on the 9:00 news and on the front page of every tabloid and internet connection out there on a daily basis! But people who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. So, I am asking, begging, for the condemnation, criticism, ridiculing, gossiping, fault finding, negative and malicious comments to harm Kim Hyun Joong to stop. PLEASE! He is his own worst judge and jury! He has beat himself up enough over this ~ even to the point of contemplating suicide. Please stop the vicious negative energy that is being directed at him and surrounding him. What we send out, expands and returns. So let’s put out more positive energy words for him ~ words of hope, love, peace, support, encouragement, tolerance and understanding. What we build today, we step into tomorrow. Chose our thoughts, words and actions wisely. God bless!

  5. Lazer,
    Just heard the news today and i was surprise what Att Lee did to Choi. Can’t wait for them to go to Court. Please let the Month of August go by faster cause will all be waiting for September. Hallelujah KHJ!!!! Your the Man!!

  6. LK, the issue of abortion on Dec.7, 2014 is new to me. She said that she had abortion on that date and so KHJ again showered her with gifts to comfort her.
    And then we all know that on Dec. 20, 2014, she was impregnated again.
    Is it now possible that there was no abortion on Dec.7 and that she was still pregnant then, and so she said in early January 2015 that the baby in her womb was already five weeks? Does it make sense that if she give birth before September, the baby is still KHJ’s? And maybe that was also the reason why she has chosen not to submit legit ultrasounds to the Kim family.
    Although I am hoping that the baby is not his child.

  7. thanks for the encouragement Bella and thanks Noya for the update. I also dont believe that choi text story and am just praying that all this will be over soon and she will be forgotten like a passing wind included her current supposed pregnancy. With all that has happened i dont believe she is carrying his child. But only time will tell .thanks guys and lets pray for hyun while he is in the army not to be destructed by all this.

  8. hi lazerkim this choi is fueling the fire with more of her supposed texts. Whats has Hyuns lawyer said about it and have u heard that some people know choi’s real identity? Thats according to the site AsianJunkie. Its so annoying how is this girl getting all this texts!!!!! I cant even imagine hyun talking like that. How can someone be so contemptuous

    • Please be patient as HJ’s father said. Keep our spirit high and continue to support KHJ and his family. They really need good spirit and good support to fight for their justice. HJ’s rights and HJ privacy has been violated by medias and
      a woman who can’t accept to be denied by him.

      In my view the more she exposed the text message either it edited or not the more she exposes her real-self. No good woman who respect herself and deserve to be respect will do what she did. No one will disclose this kind of private conversation to public even though it’s normal for a couple talk or just a funny talk . However even a professional prostitute will not expose such a conversation to public because she respect her private matter. IF choi can do it means she has no sense of self-respect and she is truly desperate to make people forget about her previous pregnancy and miscarried lawsuit. She has proved she did make a false claim.

      ATT. Lee will deal with choi’s version of text which i do not believe and did not take it seriously at all.

      I truly believe if we are patient and keep reminding people and ourselves with his works and what he has been doing for the past 10 years it will help. it’s visible for his colleges professional how his true-self is I believe sooner or later they will show their support when the time is right. We just have to be patient and keep supporting him.

      Pray for him and his family are also can make our mind at ease.

      • Today news r Atty Lee filed criminal complaint against choi and prosecutor baned her to leave country since 28jul. Atty Lee filed criminal claim against choi released txt msgs as defamation and blackmail if a person.claim filed against Choi name. also the IP of thiose cyber bullies found abd action will be taken and against media. See all at tt

        Now we are talking! Let the real game begin!!! Fighting Atty Lee!!👏🏻👍🏻💚

  9. dated Aug 3rd @ 12.55 PM

    Found this recent update from Ms. Choi. LK, what does this mean? How long is the battle going to be heard through media? Since when did the media start to play as court of law? I believe I saw a news video stating where Atty.Seon admitted that he(Ms. Choi) has not provided any med cert as of yet to prove her pregnancy. What is she saying by Atty. Lee agreeing to her pregnancy and miscarriage?

    Please through some light about the article, if you can. Appreciate your effort as always.

      • Exactly. To be honest i was laughing with all her texts now because it acts like some one try hard to convince people to believe that she eats 3 buffaloes in one meal.

        It can’t convince me nor confuse me. This woman is the same old choi who always looks for a news big lie to fool public with the great support from trash tabloid medias..

        I’m more concern about the tabloid medias when the responsible one like their chief of editor will be served his/her jail time for encouraging a woman to be a criminal by supporting her ill-will actions to kill a person’s character..

        The more she tried to make HJ looks bad through her story and her version’s of text message the more she exposes her real-self. I do not worry about the text whether it edited or not because it it nothing to do with her lies it is not change the fact that she lied to HJ about her pregnancy and miscarried last May-June to fool him and threatened him to do what she wanted..

      • Kumusta LK,, Thank God that Atty Lee & the Fans are NOT convince & definitely NOT confuse. Sept. is not that far. Truth & Victory are on the way for Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you Jesus.

    • Choi was referring to the 2nd pregnancy and abortion issue, which she is claiming happened in July 2014. Atty Lee confirmed that he received a medical certificate stating Choi was given Propofol, which can be used in abortion. He also stated that there is no evidence that the baby was KHJ’s. If it is investigated further, I believe they would find that there was no pregnancy, just like the first, as the timeline and “text” messages that Choi posted about it make no sense at all. At this time, Atty Lee probably feels that it’s a waste of time and effort to look into the issue, as it will have no bearing on the legal suits currently going on.

      • Propofol – can be used in plastic surgery as well..and other uses. Also there was some SK actress that was addicted like to this. Remember MJ dies of and overdose of propofol….so abortion with no VALID proof is just an assumption.

        Bitchoi is a Disgrace as a woman, a shame and a Stain on SK Society. SK Society should be ashamed that their Media are allowing such a person to play with them and the LAW and Police in SK. SHAME on the SK netizens who take part to this liar and this witch-hunt for Hj head. SK you are ruining your own society with people like Choi and her Lawyer. SHAME ON YOU SK!

  10. Hey there:), lazerkim, very good evening!! Wanted to tell you, that, I finally did send a lettter to KHJ and am glad for your help:D. Hadn’t you been there and your blog, it would have remained a distant dream for me. Thanks! Hoping to hear from you again whenever you have time. Till then see ya.

  11. First, let me say, I’ve only been a part of the kpop and kdrama fandom starting early this year and while Suju was my first love, KHJ is my number one love. Coming from the outside and discovering KHJ has been a crazy journey and I was, like many others I’m sure, completely heart broken when I found out about the case that happened last year and I was horribly upset that the guy I had come to idolize through his work and variety shows, and who had seemed so kind and sweet had turned out to be a monster.

    Then I found your blog and I was immediately relieved. I have a very inquisitive mind so when I found out about the incident last year, I started to do some digging which lead me here and must say: LazerKim, I am eternally grateful for you. Not having been a netizen, I had no idea that allkpop and others were tabloids. I had no idea they weren’t reliable. I am grateful to have found out via your blog.

    Now, thanks to you, KHJ has another loyal fan. I am someone who once loyalty is earned it never falters, so even if this ends badly for KHJ, which I prays it doesn’t, He will have another fan who will hold out faith and admiration for him. So, thank you LazerKim and God bless KHJ! Fighting!

  12. this is for Suman dear,

    one a Fan always a FAN and a true fan stayis with his Idol through thick and thin!

    so win or lose nothing change!

    We know our Star, we know he may not be perfect, but WE KNOW him that he will never do what he is accused of and never doubt him!

    So nothing change!
    ALL Fans for ONE and One is for ALL! this is from Alien Family!

    • After reading through LK’s explanation, I come to think of how our great Guru’s in India have always followed (their) God even in their hardship. Your comments actually, made me understand our Guru’s and their commitment to God. TRUST HIM UNCONDITIONALLY. While I choose to do that to God, you choose to do that to the man you love.
      Great! End of the day, it all transpires to one’s belief and trust. I did not mean to compare you and Ms. A, intentionally, but rather want to understand you from your stand point, as how is it possible to accept negative results when you were fighting positively with all your might. Very sorry, if I had offended any of you through my curious questions and comparison.

      The answers that I get here take me one step closer to whom I love, too.

      Thank you and appreciate all the fans effort in clarifying.

      • dear
        this is not blind love or something else, but is my choice to be a Fan to this great Artist. I won’t go on how started, but for few years now I’ve been a Fan and this guy has good vibes and a healing smile when you need it.
        And what Hj has with his Fans is a connection somehow a two way like friendship, he surprise us with something nice and new again and again and we surprise him with our respect and support always . And all his true Fans know him (not personally like some here, that actually worked with him) but after 10 years in showbiz and after all the hard work and the praises and the joy he gave to his fans don’t you think we know him better than a faceless accuser?

        I don’t care what Hj does in his private life, is his and his and we should respect that, his fans won’t dictate what he will do, but mind you for all this time HJ past was spotless not one bad word (well the habitual drinking which we all know) so who will you believe?
        And if you were to follow this saga you will see that there are so many inconsistencies and contradictions from the part of that faceless creature that is screaming of defamation and libel and blackmail.

        One more thing, when Hj say something he stays behind what he said, he is a man of his word and is not afraid to say if he made a mistake, he does like to take upon his shoulders all.
        I do believe him and not some rags that twist and take part without any proof just to make their rags increase their views.

        so all said … once a fan always a fan!

      • Just to let you know, that I too love someone more powerful then HJ. But here is the matter, He loves us unconditionally so should we not love others whom we have come to know unconditionally. How many people would still be in prison for a crime they did not commit if someone did not continue to fight for them. We are placed on this earth for a reason, and for some of us this is an injustice and we need to defend. I am not a long kpop or K’drama fan, only about 21/2 years to 3, but ss501 and HJ are the only ones I have listen to, and HJ is the only artist I have come to like out of Sk. However, there are more artist I like in Taiwan. There is an innocent about him that others can take advantage of, to nice and trusting. I am through a similar situation with my son, only difference he was not a celebrity. What change? It was for the better. After the ordeal and the truth came out he did change career and became more successful and is admire in his new profession. Happily married with four beautiful children. The sad part is he did attempt suicide but was not successful. Why? Because, he thought he had put a stain on the family name. That is why I too admire his father for telling him to fight for his name and not career. Unless you have gone through this type of ordeal, where lies are being told and people believing,it is heart breaking. But, thanks be to God no true friends were lost, they stood beside him and believe. He came through and is now better for it. Love and stand strong

  13. all of this is just like a merry go round! Choi is so sick and knows she will fall so is trying to take hyun na with her! she knows he’s not a tyrant so she has decided to destroy his image. I’ve been going through a lot lately because of all this, because i was scared for oppa but God has given me alot of hope from his words. i know hyun joong is innocent and dat pregnancy is not his! my heart is filled with love and sympathy for leader and his family but all my hope and trust is in JEHOVAH and Jesus Christ. Choi disgrace will be in abundance, just WATCH AND PRAY! NO WEAPON FASHIONED AGAINST KIM HYUN JOONG WILL PROSPER, AMEN! ‘ though happy times pass sad times will also pass !always keep dat in mind. Choi u think u are smart let’s watch and see how u win against GOD ALMIGHTY. since u’ve vowed to hurt an innocent man, put his family through torture and his extended family dats his fans through suffering and tears with NO intension to stop or feeling of remorse u will certainly pay dearly in this life and next to come. i feel nothing but pity for u cause u have no idea what is in for you! soon enough our prince will claim back his crown and by God’s grace move to a higher throne! KIM HYUN JOONG… the reason why i live. in due time Choi will dance round d village market,naked :-)peace and please don’t ever lose hope in GOD! Philippines 4:6

  14. Yes am also one of KHJ’s fan. I enjoyed the drama which played by so called “A/CHOI”. I think this the first time am comment this site bcz i want to it, otherwise i just read a article and jump to another article of KHJ. But today my heart wants to do it so am. Am wonder how can she lie like this see am also a women (sorry am girl 😛 ) but i can’t lie like her. One thing is clear she wants hurt our KHJ. I don’t know the true reason of that but in my mind just came, may be she loves him a lot before but not now. Am curious to know what will end of this drama.

    Anyway’s so called A or Choi truth going to revival in front of publi. Get ready Mis Choi to face us with your *—–* ( I don’t want to say)

    Whatever it is we all love you KHJ oppa! and always we fight for you 🙂 ❤
    Fighting!!! 😀

  15. Thanks Lazer for posting the Articles up! At last my summer vacation is starting and now it’s time for me to read it. I don’t know man, i’m starting to feel lost on both side but Choi is confusing me. lol…Choi’s Articles is soooo Messy and its all over the place. As for KHJ, I feel sorry for his Family after what they have been through. Even though South Korea has the Highest Suicidal rate.

    Lazer, I don’t know if you read this or not. My Question is……

    ((No.1)) When will they start arresting Choi? Is there anyone else involved with Choi that causes all sorts of trouble and never leave KHJ alone? I read the Article somewhere that they will do that after Giving Birth.
    ((No.2)) Did Att Lee and KHJ ever have private investigator or undercover investigator get involve in Choi case? Did anyone ask Att Lee to do that? They need Pic to see what there doing. ((No.3)) Beside His fans, Everyone is Watching, Will the Non-Fans slowly starting to be on KHJ side or People still believe in Choi lies? From what i read, Non-Fans are saying that KHJ should be punish and others said the same with Choi. For me, i say let the future predict itself cause we don’t know whats going to happen to them after the court decision. I don’t what will happen to him after he gets out of Army Enlisted. Do you?
    ((No.4)) Why didn’t anybody warn KHJ from the beginning when they first met. Did Choi hang around with any other Male Celebs before Him and by chance, IF SHE DID maybe Att Lee Should ask them about it and bring them people to court for Evidence?
    ((No.5)) With all those crazy Text Messages. Is Choi really pregnant with KHJ baby? Someone else or she is faking it?

    • I got the same question if atty Lee has a private detective to dig in from behind Choi. I think someone warned HJ about her that’s why he was breaking up with her in May 30 unfortunately it’s too late. The plot against HJ had already been planned that time and executive in the right time at the middle of his WT obviously, that’s how I see all of these.
      With all the statements she made it even gave me a lot to doubt about if she’s currently pregnant wc I never believe since the start. A liar will always be a liar.

      No one knows the future, we can only sit back and watch! We can talk about whatever is going on, as for me I shall always be supporting HJ. Win or lose it doesn’t matter nothing change.
      Thanks you so much! God blesss..

      • “Win or lose it doesn’t matter nothing change.”

        I don’t think so, LK. You are rooting for your hero, only because you believe he is innocent. If its not, how can nothing change. How disappointed one will be, if they get to know they failed in knowing a person? All the words from Ms. A, proven to be true, can you imagine? How you fans/pro KHJ team have been commenting about these accusations? So, it’s important he wins, you all win, justice win. Love does change if there is breech in its loyalty which applies for both the star/idol and their fan as well.

        So, pray for victory. Good luck.

          • How? Please let me understand. Will you still be loving him like you do if he loses or saying that he may lose? How can you question Ms. A in choosing to be by KHJ’s side even after he abused her repeatedly? This makes you no different than her. No matter how he hit her (as she claim) she thought nothing changed and continued to stick to him like glue, warranting that hateful comments from all his fans (including you).

            To me, it truly matters. Remember Michael Jackson’s life and other popular celebrities that faced one or other suit similar to this. That’s why I support this case. I don’t want the celebrities to take advantage of their fans nor the fan or love take advantage of the star/idol in scamming them. Their is a mutual trust here. If that breaks, there will be no sound, as one hand already went missing in action. The loyal fans might root for them saying nothing changed but in reality it changed the celebrity’s life once for ever although he had accumulated quite a wealth, by then.

            This is a trying time for your hero, as there is no proof from Ms. A, so far. So his fans must support him by spreading only the positive energy and attitude as the man and his family needs to hear that his loyal fans believe in him and that he will come out clean.

            Even the thought of him losing is dreadful for the society. At least for the sake of all the dignified celebrities out there, this case must see light, ASAP.

            I’m truly sorry if I had hurt you. Hope you get me right.

            • we know he is innocent and if he loses it will be due to that girl doing something to the court preventing them from taking the right decision, she has been proven to be a liar already, so he will definitely win unless she plays the court somehow

            • I agree, nothing will change for me too. Just because someone writes stories about you and win in the arena of public opinion or courts does not mean it is true. You have to believe in the person. That person would have shown you who they really are. Can you possibly for 10 years be one person and then change for a year.If so, then it has to be the person who is around you and did not get what they want,so they change your image of this terrible person. Why? Because they know your image is one of being a good guy. Then, went he is no longer around you he goes back to being a good guy. Really. Well, here we had a case on stand your ground. A young man was shot by another. followed him in spite of the fact that the police told him not to. But he continued to follow him because he though he was suspicious and some how he shot him. Evidence showed that he was in the wrong but he was found innocent. Now, after about 3 years he is claiming that he is homeless, broke, and always getting into trouble. Oh! By the way his father is a retired judge. People are found innocent when they are guilty and some are found guilty when they are innocent. Therefoe, you do not give up on your party. So for most of us nothing will change. You have to believe in him.

            • LOL!! Ok here it is, my personal opinion. Who is khj for me? He’s my idol. I bought his music his dvd and his concert wc i truly enjoy. It’s what entertains me that i buy fr his profession. It’s not his personal life that im buying or what i have bought. Even im the only one left to watch his concert i would still do so!

              At this point his personal life is being dragged to the public and im here to share my views and it’s my choice to defend him.

              Why would i change my views about him im just a fan im not his gf wife or whatever and hj is an artist that i admire. If he’s guilty fine he’s still the artist i admire. Life continues. If he resigns from his profession fine i still got his music his concert collections and drama dvd. if i get tired listening and watching fine BUT i dont think i can easily forget the artist i always admire.

              Just like michael jackson aa you mentioned whom i never followed or write about but he’s still a world legend i always remember. what more w khj whom i followed and write about.

              Granting he chooses A, fine, its his personal life and not for me to decide that’s hj’s life. Will i change my views? why do i have to? will i be seeing A in his album in his dramas and concert? i dont think so.

              oh another thing dont say im no different fr A if you understand the difference between obsession and simply admiring an artist.

              We may have different opinion. As i have stated above we do not know the future as i always write still life goes on. Still hj is one person i can never forget. I think it’s natural bcoz ive been writing about him for years.

              Now i hope you understand! This is my opinion. Thank you God bless..

          • For me it’s the same, win or lose, I will always be his fan because first of all I enjoy his artist work and I consider his private life as private. I iimplicated myself in this craziness only because I saw and see so many idiots who can’t make the difference between DV and a fight (argument) of 2 ppl (who share nothing but occasionally the bed) and the lies and lack of solidity of so called proofs provided by an obsessed woman. The hate of Ms Choi versus kHJ-ssi it’s so obvious and it irritates me to see her followers unable (or maybe not willing) to see this. Now, like others, I believe that someone is behind all this because the timing of her media interventions was fishy from the beginning.

        • Oh lastly, I pity those people who believe Choi when all the stupidity is just in front of them, they still believe her….I pity them however, we choose whom we want to believe, as simple as that. It’s my opinion!

          • Good to understand your opinion or what you meant when you said that. I believe in truth and it will win. Hope you see your idol smiling and greeting you wholeheartedly after he win the battle, ASAP.

            Fighting, KHJ fans!

  16. OK I am going to look at this relationship from Choi point of view. She met a guy that she liked. In her mind she thought that it might lead to wedding bell.the guy was only looking for sex.the sex might have been good for both.the guy wanted more sex.his body needed it. He never thought about wedding bells.the girl decided not to use protection. She gets pregnant. This was not a part of the guy’s plan.he only wanted sex.Choi upset because she saw a ring in her she’s following him because she got rid of kid and guy not interested in her anymore. Now she’s a woman scorned and she’s out for vengeance. HJ is just a man who was playing the field until the right girl came along. Choi never got the unwritten memo that says. Once you sleep with a man without a commitment, you are on your own. Ain’t no guy going to marry you when he can get the vaginal for free. Sorry girl,you broke the rules.A man will be a man .you should have protected yourself .l feel sorry for you as a woman. But you’re wrong in what you’re doing. Let him go.let the lawsuit go.learn from your mistakes. I love my HJ,even though he should have known that Choi didn’t know the rules of the man and woman game.

    • Hi Angela,

      Your comment did bring quite a laugh to me. However, I feel, right from the beginning, her intention is suspicious. However, if it is so, as you’ve mentioned, it still lacks a solid proof (from her texts/docs/photos/videos) that, “SHE LOVED HIM MORE THAN HE DID, TO AVENGE”.

      • Something just popped into my mind. Choi claimed last year that she’s been having relationshp with HJ for 2 years. I’m wondering how come she didn’t even got pregnant in those years? And she never mentioned being assaulted within those period.

        Now it seems to me she’s trying hard to insert all her so-called nonsense pregnancy in May-July 2014!! Then I can still remember in Feb scandal her mom saying she was never pregnant last 2014 but it appears Choi claiming of 3-4 pregnancy in 7mos!! TOO MANY INCONSISTENCE!!

        • Maybe she never pregnant at all until now! ! Who knows she just made up a stories. LOL!! Coz her mother says so. Doesn’t mum really know either their doter got preggy or not.

        • Adding to the above:

          If Ms.A’s text messages are to be believed, then its very clear that the man exchanging the text did mention NOT to have the baby. First thing to become a family is to come to an understanding of what to do, in case of conception. There is nowhere it proves the desire of this man in having a baby. I feel when you decide to get pregnant, without his consent, what else do you expect from the man? Welcome the pregnancy? How? He had no interest in it to begin with. Quoting the text msg, ” Are you a pig to get pregnant every time I ejaculate in you? “, proves the above argument, if the text is to be considered a piece of evidence, as they claim.

          Secondly, even after becoming a family, I mean, after marriage, we discuss, plan and proceed towards the direction to welcome the new family member (the baby). We clearly see, there is no such thing here. Did she ever discuss or express her opinion about getting pregnant with his child? Did he agree? If not, why didn’t she put her foot down on this? Believe it or not, you can’t get pregnant when you don’t want to. That’s little science behind contraceptives. Is it time to educate these grownups in relationship about contraceptives and safe sex. Pardon my language here.

          This case shakes the very base or the foundation of the human society. Its not that he raped her and she got pregnant where he fails to take responsibility. I don’t know if he wanted to break up with her or already did, but one thing is certain, he never agreed or consented to have the baby. Isn’t that clear from the text? If you don’t like a man, why would you have his baby? If you claim that you were so much in love with a man, why sue him after getting pregnant with his baby that he never wanted and harass him?

          I’m just not able to comprehend this part, however hard I think, “What was Ms. A thinking when she decided to keep the baby?” First claim an apology in public for what happened in private; next, demand money; disclose more text messages; threaten. The list is quite long with a definite pattern. What exactly does Ms. A want? Be his wife or mother of his child or both or none of the above? Then please show proofs/evidences that support it. Just getting pregnant by the man isn’t enough to prove any of this.

          I think the reason, Ms. A’s side releasing the text to the media is only to check their inconsistencies with the fans as they are not able to keep track of it. Also, it will help them prepare for their defense, may be or attract public sympathy or tarnish the image of this man as much as possible, if they lose the suit.

          Dear KHJ fans,

          When you put too much trust in someone, it will often be disappointing to read or view any scandal about that person. In this case, it is KHJ, your man of love. I agree, it can disturb you greatly. However, I request you all to maintain your language, while speaking about the other person. No matter how cheap or low some one is, doesn’t mean, you have to lower yourself to that level to talk about them. “It’s OK if someone calls you a fool, there is no need to open your mouth to prove it” – A quote that I read long back. Its applicable to both the parties in this case.

          Highlight the discrepancies but don’t lose your cool. Your balanced view will help you support your hero and his family better than anyone next to them, I feel.

          I did read Mr. Kim’s interview from a site which mentioned his agony, fear and distress. I firmly believe that it would be better, if the media get their documents only from the courtroom and leave out the parties involved. Isn’t it not important to respect the court of law of any country and not discuss anything about the case or leak or submit information to the media when the case is on going. I believe, its not time to talk but time to wait and act legally. BELIEVE IN TRUTH WILL TRIUMPH.

          To all the Media outlets highlighting and following this case,

          If you are going to provide facts and play fair, just lay them down for the people to arrive at their own conclusions. However, if you are interested in twisting the facts for your personal gain, please understand you have already hurt many in the process of doing so and that does not comply with the ethics of journalism, in any country on this earth. Why waste your precious time in re-quoting the article from other site. That’s their scoop anyway. You can write your opinions about it rather than borrowing.

          Its you that nurtured, groomed and raised the person to stardom which makes you equally responsible, in their life. Instead, you play God in creating and destructing. Know what, you miss the key role of the God here: “Protecting”. Its easy to create and destruct but protecting, only the true God can do. So, if you want to prove your power, the Godly power, then do so by protecting the ones that you created, in the first place. Take responsibility and grow up. Kindly stop playing with peoples sentiments, beliefs and emotions.

          Thanks all for your patience and understanding this looooong comment.

          • Suman, as a fan, I disagree with you. As long as Ms Choi followers call us names we are entitled to call them the same. And yes I could use any adjective that I feal appropriate to describe a scumbag like Ms Choi because her followers call KHG-ssi names too. Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. BTW I guess you’re not his fan and you write here only to try to confuse us, his fans. And FYI I’ll support him no matter what. So, pls don’t bother anymore to give us advices. Thk you. Bye.

      • Again,

        Loving and making love are two different things. To love, you make love but to make love you don’t (need to) love. Doesn’t that seem simple?

      • Yes, I had the same reaction, I laughed. Why? Because I thought of a saying my mother use to tell us girls, “never follow what a man does because he can fall down drunk in a gutter but when he gets up he is still Mister. But, if you do it you are called a whore. You can never go back to miss”. I think this is what happened to her. She followed him as a female drinking partner and thought she was in

    • Choi had to be aware of the type of relationship KHJ wanted. He has made it known publicly that he was having enjoying being a young, single man and that he was not looking to commit to a relationship. He also said that he didn’t feel that he could be faithful to anyone right now. I think her intention from the very beginning was to blackmail him. Otherwise, why keep detailed records/evidence/texts of everything that goes on in the relationship. When she started getting too demanding and clingy, then he would want to end the relationship and she would either claim she was pregnant or offer to give him his space, to pull him back into her clutches. When she finally baited him into enough negative situations to compile her “evidence”, she started her blackmail. I know this is all conjecture, but it’s what I think.

    • I really have to say, I DON’T agree about how a girl can’t indulge in casual sex but a guy can. However, that’s really got nothing to do w/this case. Lil Liar Choi knew she was basically, as my daughter indelicately puts it, a f#%$ buddy – KHJ made no promises, didn’t treat her like anything other than that. I’m sure he thought they were friends, of course – & I’m also sure he’s been very upset, hurt & confused by her actions since last spring. She’s the one who didn’t listen to HIM & thought she could coerce him. I’m thinking more & more (& since March of this year am fairly sure) that she never cared about him as a person – that she always saw $$$ (or Won) signs when she looked at him. I’m sure she wanted him to marry her for those reasons. AND other rock stars (cause let’s be real, that’s what he is) have married their groupie girls – of course most of THOSE weren’t heartless money-grubbing blackmailers either….
      She’s trash. Not because of the sex but because she’s a user & a blackmailer, so low as to use her own unborn child for nefarious purposes.

  17. Hii there Atiq. Well, my answer to your question is yeah I really really love Kim Hyun Joong. More than words can say. I eagerly search and read articles pertaining to him just bcoz of a thousand goood reasons but i don’t put forth comments. It is boz i like hearing what others have to say about him.

    It all started when i saw Boys over flowers in 2010. Sorry to say, I didn’t like it much. But something intrigued me about him. So, i searched for other dramas. Found playful kiss,watched it that lead to SS501 and his appearance in oher shows and interviews. And I realised that I like his offscreen personality better. Mind you, other than the other two dramas mentioned above and the MV of Gummy,Please,Breakdown and Kiss kiss i haven’t seen any other. Reason: he and his life, itself is damn toointeresting,sophisticated and glamorous at the same time that anything other than that i mean i find boring. This does not mean I don’t respect his work bcoz I do .

    And so this is how it all is. I hope you are satisfied with my answer which I have replied in all sincerity and honesty and courage that I could muster.:DNice hearing from you and it was my third time commenting on this blog. See yaa.

  18. Hello and Very Good mOrning everybody. While right sitting on my yoga mat, I dare to confess something which I haven’t confessed to any soul till now. Hear me out, every living being on this Earth and Mother Nature, that I Love Kim Hyun Joong. Yeah I love him. I said it!
    Amidst this controversy my confession doesn’t make any sense. Honestly, it doesn’t to the majority out there and neither does this controversy/scandal. Why people out there are attacking him,his family and every well wisher of his ? I haven’t seen so many people vehemently abusing, viciously hating and bearing a grudge against anyone because they have got an excuse to do so. I keep reading fan accounts of Kim Hyun joong, your articles LAZERKIM, Malavika’s blog,Kathy’s bench, Change is inevitable just to know the impreesions of fans when they first met him or the immense love and respect they have in their hearts for him. And I also keep reading the comments made by Lotus Girl,for_hyunjoong,biashyunjoong,bigbluerain,teleri at allkpop. The later individuals keep posting updates now and then.After each and every three or four hours i keep surfing the net to know about the recent updates. I keep jumping from blog to blog and site to site to know about the latest updates. To sum up i would like to say to all the henecians and Kim Hyun Joong well wishers(Bcoz not everybody is a KHJ fan but they love him anyway for eg. for_hyunjoong is not a fan but he keeps defending him) keep believing :)in him and I believe in you that you won’t leave him, now that he needs your support and a sense of belonging to a world that adores him. Till then let’s keep this journey going in head and heart. I Love you all and love you too Kim Hyun Joong . Oops:D! Said it again. Bye.

    • Hi Mousumi, welcome to LK world.

      Sorry, I’m only a random commentators in this blog but may I ask u something? I think I never see u before in here. How do you get to know dis blog? Are you KHJ fans in d beginning or u aren’t a fans but like him after the scandal? U sound like u just knowing him and get addicted to him..hehe..( like I did before..ekeke )

      If u dun mind, could u tell how u first know him and why u keep wanting him and love him now? ekeke…

      Thank u dear mousumi!!

  19. I made a choice not to read the latest text messages put out by Ms a, but I just read a tweet where they outlined her comments and her attorney regarding the incident on may 30 or may 31. Yes, it is without question that they do not have it together. But here is the question, how can this horror be in SK? It is hard for me to understand a country that follows the teaching of Confucius has should poor morales. Say what you want, but America is better than this in their court of law.

    When she came to trail the first time without any evidence the judge may have given her a second chance, but he would have put a gag order on her and the attorney knowing how they like to go to the press /media. When they showed up the second time without any evidence he would have dismissed the case in favor of the other party, would not have received a third trail for assembling text messages that would have never been accepted as evidence in a court of law. Also, I never knew you could keep a pregnancy test for over a year..

    But as you see, the more they go to the media in their country, the more they are making mistakes because when you tell so many lies it is hard to keep track. Yes, you will always find those who would believe because they need someone in their lives who they can now say is worst then they are. Ms. LarazKim, you are right right from the beginning and how we see what a big joke this whole thing is.

    Yes, time for popcorn and soda to see what will happen to the baby, and the courts, and the media. Which one will be the biggest fool. You can’t talk about being sterile if you are pregnant. This shows that you can get pregnant and after so many beating, abortion, and miscarriage and since you can get pregnant so often that proves you are fertile. There should be no more text messages and lies after the birth of the baby and the court appearance. She has no more excuses as to why she can’t appear.

    Also, she made a fool out of the courts staying she was taking care of her pregnancy, but yet when to the media, as to why she could not appear in court. I hope the reason they gave her a third trail date is to end this foolishness. God bless HJ, the Kim family and the fans who has support them through this long ordeal. Love to all.

    Ps: if I was her sister and she put me on front street that I watched a man beat her for 30 minutes all her business would be out. There is no way I could stand back and see that. I would have call the police after he was dead.

    Forgive any mistakes, and the length.

    • Hello Lena and to everyone!
      We have the same thoughts, in fact last night Noya shared with me a write up about defamation in SK. I’ll try to write about it again if I can absorb the SK ruling on defamation and about exposing Choi which I doubt if KHJ camp can do so during the court proceeding period! I think SK ruling on defamation is I would say “conservative” than in other conservative countries. Yes SK’s learning is based on confucius that made Choi confused about the learning!! LOL
      “If you can’t convince them, confuse them” That’s Choi and Seon’s slogan!

      May I bend a little backward from this topic. I just want to say, in 2014, Choi claimed that she’s having a relationship with HJ for 2 years, meaning from April 2012. If this is so (which I hardly believe) how come she never seem to mention she ever got pregnant! Or I don’t remember her saying she was assaulted by hj during those years.

      Now it seems to me she’s trying to insert all events of pregnancy in 2 months….May 30-July 29 having miscarriage and abortion. The last few days of July is even doubtful since HJ was already in Yokohama in July 27th for his WT.

      And yes I have the same question, can you keep a PT kit for a year??? That kit definitely sinks even just for few days. Am I right? That PT kit isn’t even substantial as evidence.

      I just can’t understand why is it that there are people reading that Choi statement and those nonsense text message believe her when all the obvious stupidity is just right in front of them! I pity those people they can easily be fooled! You don’t need to be a degree holder to be able to identify which one is wrong and which one is right! This is all simply common sense! *sigh* Why is the world like this? And this Choi her statements and text are way below the belt to defame a man! So shameful!
      Thank you Lena! I miss you all!! Take care of you and to everyone too Have a nice Monday! see you again! God bless..

      • One other thing. HJ has said so many times how many children he wanted and we have seen him interacting with children.Does it make sense that he would beat her to miscarry, then ask her to abort, and now say he will take responsibility, if the child is his. This too make no sense. Also, can’t image him calling a women a pig.

        • lol…don’t u think she had a text msgs relation with Hj! If u are so close with someone why will you exchange only txt messages? If u live with someone will you be constantly on txt msgs? just saying….
          and she forgot this is her own lawsuit she sued Hj for 1.6 bil and she is proving nothing to the court just running to the Media!

  20. Do you read comments after the interview of Mr Kim and article in Alkpoop? Poor Mr Kim, he is insulted, they said he is beating Mme Kim and HJ is like is father. They said KHJ tried to push his mother to suicide. When I write that, I am crying. It’s horrible that choi and her lawyer did. They try to kill a family. They are sadique assassins.
    That’s why I ask to all of you :
    I don’t know if people will follow me but :•
    Please everybody, I ask you to boycott allkpop, koreaboo, kpopartz, dispatch, and don’t answer to provocaters. When we open their articles, they have many readers and they wins money with our comments. It’s difficult I know, but without us, they are nothing. Ignore them, boycott them, don’t even mention them. PLEASE!!!
    If you can, please translate in every languages for boycotts. If you find other so-called press, don’t hesitate to tell us and we will boycott them too!

    • I got banned from FB Koreaboo a while ago… Don’t think they appreciated me saying they should take responsibility for the warped articles they publish… Either that or they didn’t like me calling them gutter trash who sexually objectify young men and women to get people to look at their articles…

    • yes you are right, please every one don’t open those trash media because they are trying to provoke us to read their articles and comment and then they earn money, I know they would say something like “where are all KHJ fans? they are probably ashamed” but don’t respond to this provoking if they want to know where we are they know where to find us.

  21. To be sincere,d text choi released seems like a report not a conversation between two people.none of her evidence seems reasonable,even a two years baby can be able to dictate that she is a big bloody liar.
    Oppa might not be there to support and protect this parent and himself from your evil plan and deeds but dont forget that he got us(his Fans) who will stand up for him no matter the circumstances.

    • Yess..yess…I noticed it that long text, she ‘re-explain’ to Hj what he has been done to her. She wrote everything all the points she wanted to say to the reader!! Its like reading an essay thou. Hahaha…stupid, she think she can fools us! Ahh, yet many fools out there who still believe her.

      • because they are dumb as her…I can’t believe that this is happening to a hallyu star who is a good man since day 1 in showbiz…and the other party is a noboby with no face…how come???? so disgusting that this is happening is south korea!!!!

        • Thats y I also dun understand the law there in SK. They will hve 3rd trial to bring all the evidences they said they have it but why this evil choi bring it to media? I definately think that she’s actually not believe that her Textmsgs wll be accepted in court coz its in d law that texting msgs can’t be concrete proof especially in pregnant & miscarriage case. Or her text msgs hs bn edited thoroughly? Shudn’t her case shud be drop n they shud be charged of Contemp of Court?! Why SK court let them humiliate their law system?

    • I think KHJ’s daddy summed it up best – he said he knew what she’d done because she’d done it to HIS texts to her – & then listed all the different ways she’d changed/edited/misrepresented HIS words.
      There’s a VERY funny mock text message exchange somebody put up – I saw it on AllKPop but it’s making the rounds. Very pro-KHJ of course, mocking Choi – but it’s a show & tell of how easy it is to fake screen shots of text message exchanges.

  22. Bravo bravo bravo….
    Choi you seriously should have been a story writer or movie director cuz you are so dramatic.
    Why do u keep going back on your words,just prove to us instead of bringing fake text messages,be present in court if you want d truth to be reveal.

  23. Miss Choi is an embarrassment to all the women of South Korea. Because of her I don’t even watch Korean drama and listen to kpop anymore. All KHJ international fans should boycott S. Korea until the government resolve this problem. Miss Choi destroy her chances of getting married in the future. Tell me who wants to date a big loud mouth woman that will spill her dirty laundry in public. She has no shame. Entering and breaking into KHJ house and assaulting him is a crime. She said it herself that she went to KHJ house uninvited with her friend/sister. If a man did this to a woman, he will be in jail. This is a double standard. I hope KHJ lawyer will go after her. KHJ fans in S. Korea should fight back. She is a manipulator. She manipulates KHJ, his parents, his fans, the S. Korean police and all the medias ( Dispatch, Allkpoop, NB, Soompi and other media outlets ) for almost a year. We all have been fooled by her repeated lies. Enough is enough.

    • So agree with you, I was never able to get into other K-Pop groups after listening to SS501. I have only been a part of the K-dramas for about 3 1/2 years and have already given up. I became disappointed, I watch old dramas. Maybe I need to stop them too, but right now watching Dong Yi. But, I agree that SK has allowed this to go on and gor international fans they are very weak in our eyes.

      • If what you said that her boyfriend is the media chief, then this media chief maybe the one who is assaulting her and getting her pregnant. That means they are in these together to blackmail KHJ. Lawyer Mr. Lee and KHJ should hire a Private Investigator to go after this so called media chief. Maybe someone even bigger is behind this media chief.

    she don’t have any solid prove of whatever crap she is talking about KHJ from the first day of suit.

    and special thanks to u lazerkim..u r great support to me also, because its make me sad whenever miss choi gives her statement regarding KHJ . but u make me always smile and give me courage to stand with KHJ.

  25. She said she pregnant 4 times in 7 months but she can’t provide even 1 MEDICAL RECORD abt it. Its nonsense!! And people believe proof by TEXT MESSAGING!! OMG! What had happened to d world these days. Where are JUSTICE when we need them most!? I’m actually feel afraid again coz all the humiliation that HJ’s father n mother get from the intverview. How come they being so cruel to his parent!! Saying Like father like son..her mother got mental problem coz his son attitude!? HJ feel right now!? Can he bearing all those insults? God please protect him. Pls send someone that can accompany him and comfort him for this time being. He needs that so much now! T__T



      • Dear cagome, I absolutely know well wth the meaning of it.. Yeah its suppose to be so beautiful coz we know Hj very well n for sure this God gift creation is coming frm the best human created by God. But for those stupid haters they just simply curse dis father/ son just bcos dey believe all those TM are all true. Stupid fool people. Where did they put their brain? Inside their ass I guess. I really angry n sad when I read all those bullshit comment. I pray n keep pray Hj & his parent will be strong , even more stronger in bearing all the lies frm this bitchoi. Bitchoi, u wll reap what u sow. God knows how He shud do with evil creature like u.

  26. Ms.K bala pre-natal or raspa ang tinutukoy niya hindi ultra sound. Gaga talaga ginawa pa tayong tanga! Hahahaaa! Such a stupid act, hopeless and desperate. Hahahaaaa!

  27. What if she is not pregnant and only fabulate?Is possible .We want to see hr pregnant belly to believe she is pregnant.This not means that child is KHJ child.I really not believe she is pregnant.Is necesary to be there in KHJ team an obstetrician to monitorize pregnancy and delivery.Is very important.Hope atty Lee can do this demand in court.

    • Hello cagome and everyone!
      Since the start i have been doubting even her current so-called pregnancy since i have not seen any sufficient proof of pregnancy. If she’s preggy by this time a big belly should surface. you’re right i think atty lee has to confirm this matter. That is IF she’s still in SK! As media stated what they have is a written statement from choi. we’ll see whats in store in her next episode.
      i wonder if atty lee has a private detective? This is one way of digging up behind choi.


    • Yeah, why out of blue raises d pre- mature delivery? And then what this abt sterility?? What their motive? Is she will get deliver sooner than expected? Or Is she not pregnsnt at all in d first place? Yeah, I doubt it also that she actually Not pregnant at all.

  29. Great article, it’s so annoying to see negative bashing on khj in the comments on these slanderous articles. Wish the Korean public was better at seeing the truth.

  30. Just did some searching…”Choi:….assaulted her for 30 minutes (May 30, 2014). She says she started to suffer bloody bowel discharges and suspected of miscarriage, and event sent Kim Hyun Joong a text saying, ‘Because you hit my stomach plenty of times, I think I miscarried.'” mmmm….Does this implied that because KHJ has to leave for airport, left her helplessly bleeding at his house that she’d no other choices but only to text him??? Aiyoh Choi, in this circumstance, instead of calling the police or rushing yourself to the hospital, you still able to so calmly send a love text to him who just walloped you for 30 minutes!!! You must be made of steel, not flesh & blood like any normal human being loh!!!

    [HD Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) @Gimpo on His way to Japan for IG Showcase – 2014.05.30 [Videos/Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG (김현중) Arrival at Haneda Airport for IG Showcase – 2014.05.30

    Also, “Choi:….What is important here is that only 3 days after I received the abortion, on July 10, Kim Hyun Joong assaulted me. Kim Hyun Joong brought over a female celebrity ‘J’ to his home. I went to visit him with a friend of mine, and caught the two of them in bed naked.” “LJM:….About Ms. Choi finding celebrity “J” naked in Kim Hyun Joong’s house,….He refers to July 28, 2014 when Ms. Choi tried to get Kim Hyun Joong to hit her by hitting him.” mmmm….So did this incident happen on the 10 or 28 July??? And isn’t this the only incident KHJ admitted to having one case of altercation??? “Choi….Ms. Choi goes on to say that she reported Kim Hyun Joong on August 20, 2014 for 4 cases of assault by Kim Hyun Joong.”

    • In regard to the July abortion – I read a translation of one of her “texts” that was supposedly sent to KHJ on July 7th, regarding the pregnancy abortion. The “text” says, “The baby body is formed.” This is not scientifically possible! On June 12th she was told that she was NOT pregnant. She herself confirms this, as it is her “proof” of miscarriage. If we assume that Choi and KHJ had sex on the very day she was told that she was not pregnant, then she would barely be at 3 wks gestation by July 7th. At this stage of pregnancy there is nothing more than a small mass of cells, smaller than a pea.

    • I try to gather all info reg. the 30/5 assault case.

      HER CLAIM.
      1. She n her friend came visit Hj n found Hj & J on bed
      2. Hj angry n beat her for 30 mins
      3. Her friend n J saw it.
      4. Her sis came n treat her medical care
      5. She told Hj coz of assault she THINK she miscarriage.

      1. Bitchoi is living wth HJ.
      2. On 31/5, bitchoi n her sis go to shop groceries.
      3. Hj sleep with J on dat day.
      4. Bitchoi n sis cameback frm groceries store n found Hj & J
      5. Hj get angry n beat her for 30 mins.
      6. Hj leave them in his house for medical treatment.

      Don’t u see d contradiction frm both of them. How can d lawyer & client have diff story? Still people believe stupid people lie dis.??

        • Correction on 30/5 he travelled to Japan so i doubt he had the time to go sleep when his all crew was with him preparing to leave for flight!! Fiction is in this bitch mind! She had a text relation with Hj got preg by text msgs and aborted also by text. She aborted her brain as well!!

          • I just posted these on Allkpop….I was so angry at how ignorant can they (allkpop & haters) get!!!

            For everyone’s benefit…The court is lenient enough to schedule the 3rd hearing on 23 Sep is so that she’d have enough time to “give birth” on the 12 Sep, rest a little (there’s no more excuses – now that she’s out of her “stressful prenatal” times and “not convenient” to make appearances), properly sort out her evidences for 30 May 2014 pregnancy & miscarriage and present to the court for the court to validate her 1.6 billion lawsuit!!!. And whether the child (if she actually has admitted herself to a PROPER LEGAL Hospital to give birth on the 12 Sep or earlier) is KHJ or not, this is a separate lawsuit that KHJ’s legal representatives will sue her then. As this claim IS NOT part of the current lawsuit.”

            AND in response on their reporting of KHJ’s father’s interview:
            ” Gosh!!! Allkpop, can’t believe you’ve to stoop so low to being SO OBLIVIOUS to fair reporting that you’ve to resort to implicating KHJ’s family!!!
            Then I bet you’re probably one of the culprits (the other, infamous Dispatch) who contributed to the fabrication of the thousands of text exchanges for Choi!!! Since she gave exclusivity to both of you instead of the court. How true that the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!
            FOR YOU’VE CONFIRMED AS FACT as to why her lawyer said after the 2nd hearing: “because there too many text messages…. – they need more time to organise their evidences.” hence the 3rd court hearing on 23 Sep is scheduled. His irrelevant response to one of the reporters on miscarriage: “According to that, ….the cases of abortion reached 170,000 a year. Among them, cases that were legally allowed….”. He went on to mention: “It was confirmed by a pregnancy tester. I did not submit the pregnancy tester today but have it.” And he confirmed that: “they do not have a statement or a medical record to confirm whether it was pregnancy or not.” (aren’t they hinting they’ll go the illegal route, having stated the obvious???). Because he knew he can’t submit these so called “evidences” in the courtroom knowing they’re fabricated and he’ll loose his licence if he did. Choi as she’s known knows very well too!!! Hence, the construction of text exchanges is as such (low class trash!) skewing towards the illegal direction. AND YOU SUCKERS WILLINGLY FELL FOR IT!!! HOW IMBECILE CAN YOU BE TO NOW EXPOSE YOURSELF AS HER ACCOMPLICE!!!

            • Dear, THANK U!! I always feel grateful to fans who constantly defense HJ in any trashy media. N allkpoop is one of d hardcore loser who biased to Bitchoi& her lawyer. Thanks again. may God bless u always.

          • That’s a good one.!!
            That chick is so wracked. Praying for HJK’s parents. Keep the faith and be strong. LaserKim awesome as ever. Thank you 😊

  31. Thank You for the article Dear LazerKim,
    Have No Fear
    God Bless You,
    God Bless Kim Hyun Joong,
    God Bless all his fans all around the world 🙂

    “If you understand others you are smart.
    If you understand yourself you are illuminated.
    If you overcome others you are powerful.
    If you overcome yourself you have strength.
    If you know how to be satisfied you are rich.
    If you can act with vigor, you have a will.
    If you don’t lose your objectives you can be long-lasting.
    If you die without loss, you are eternal.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

    “Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment”
    ― Lao Tzu

    “Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Have the patience to wait! Be still and allow the mud to settle.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

    “Simplicity, patience, compassion.
    These three are your greatest treasures.
    Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
    Patient with both friends and enemies,
    you accord with the way things are.
    Compassionate toward yourself,
    you reconcile all beings in the world.”

    “There is no greater misfortune
    than underestimating your enemy.
    Underestimating your enemy
    means thinking that he is evil.
    Thus you destroy your three treasures
    and become an enemy yourself.
    When two great forces oppose each other,
    the victory will go
    to the one that knows how to yield.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  32. Thank you Lazer Kim. I’ve posted on the FB feeds mostly but there’s two things I’d like to add here.
    Sasaeng are known to be dangerous, their warped thinking and attitude towards their idol making all fans cringe, and the more I read the more I’m convinced Choi is a seriously warped sasaeng.
    To me her behaviour proves how dangerous it can be when a sasaeng goes unnoticed and actually gets close to their idol. Choi appears to be doing anything and everything to keep her claws in him. Anything to keep tied to him. She wants to make sure she leaves her mark on him and he never forgets her.

    He’s got a big heart and she’s used that fact, so it’s sad to think he will be a little (justifiably) jaded from now on.
    I truly hope KHJ lives through this with few scars and that even their significance fades in time.
    To his fans worldwide and to Kim Hyun Joong himself, I say stay strong and have faith in each other. We, the real fans, will support you and each other every step of the way. ❤

  33. HI EVERYONE,,Thank you Lazer Kim, again you make my heart smile & again your right on the target. Well let’s go to the nitty gritty of this so called choi’s story/lies. Everything she said in her so called truth/story/lies are ever CONTRADICTORY to what she’s previously been saying, and that lawyer of hers OMG!! She is a piece of work I might say. A DEMENTED PIECE OF WORK that is,, LOL!!.. I laughed so hard because she can’t even keep track of all her lies since the beginning that they are contradicting itself. Because when you lie and she wants to correct it with another lie, then she should know what the results are. She is spreading it to the public because she can’t use it to the court as proof, all her cut/paste text messages, all her miscarriages & abortion OMG!! Even the court sees this as a lie. If the SK public believe this then they are just a stupid as she is, But from what I read from other sites the people are NOW DOUBTING her that it doesn’t adds up anymore. choi’s getting desperate. Looks good on her for a liar that she is,, But you know what guys GOD IS GOOD. HE will reveal the truth for Hyun Joong’s VICTORY & no choi nor her lawyer can’t stop it. HALLLUJAH!!! THANK YOU JESUS.

  34. GOSH!!! How thick skulled & hard hearted can she be??? To stoop to that level!!! SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!


  35. Hello LK great article, I do hope Atty Lee expose her identity but I think he can’t do that without HJ’s permission, and I’m praying that this case ends soon because It’s just too much what HJ and his family went through

    • How is it that whenever Choi goes to the media with her crap that can attach a picture of KHJ? Wouldn’t KHJ team have to give approval to use his photo. I don’t get it how she can stay hidden. I personally don’t care what she looks like or her identity but its not right to expose his image like that.

    • her face and identity is exposed in all media incl at TT (just saw a TT with) but nobody call for her real name that is all. They still use a or bitchoi….stupid we all know what and how she looks ….nothing special…

      what is more interesting and also concerning is that Hj dad went and gave an interview and it is very sad to hear this Gentleman talk about the grief that Family passed, about their thoughts in regards to suicide, this is too painfull to read.
      Anyhow Hj dad said not to believe the bitchoi txt msgs as she also tampered His txt msgs and to wait patiently to the COURT and he thanked all fans in believing in HJ. A…and Hj called and told that he wants the TRUTH out there clearly.

      this was translated by SUNNY which is a GEM and sorry LK for using your space here. But is good that HJ is protected and loved!

      • where can I read the interview? I can only imagine how sad it is. The court should be able to shut her up with a gag order or something. I am thankful for his family standing for him. BTW with all her alleged texts (and there were many so she says) where were the nice ones. If he disliked her that much to allegedly say such things….take a hint and leave. Right? Clearly he was not trying to make her stay!

  36. Excellent article, that girl is crazy and must pay all damage to jail she is doing to our Hyun Joong, she is obcesionada with him and that is dangerous. Remember the movie Fatal Attraction? for she is a psychopath. I always thought that the son she hopes, that I do not know if it’s true that she is pregnant is our Hyun Joong for me it is not. She now brings out witnesses what is happening to the prosecutor handling this case? he is more lost than Marcos looking for his mother on Mother’s Day (cartoons) what happens to the Court? these are not substantial evidence is not evidence. We want to go witnesses to testify if any, not any, I’m sure. Dr. Lee for his wisdom and thanks for taking this case to defend our beloved Hyun Joong. Request years in prison for that Psycho she should not be released under any circumstances and if there are false witnesses also enclose them! God bless Dr. Lee. Lazer Kim I love you blessings for you too. I am Henecia Venezuela Official FanClub Kim Hyun Joong.

  37. Excellent article, that girl is crazy and must pay all damage to jail she is doing to our Hyun Joong, she is obcesionada with him and that is dangerous. Remember the movie Fatal Attraction? for she is a psychopath. I always thought that the son she hopes, that I do not know if it’s true that she is pregnant is our Hyun Joong for me it is not. She now brings out witnesses what is happening to the prosecutor handling this case? he is more lost than Marcos looking for his mother on Mother’s Day (cartoons) what happens to the Court? these are not substantial evidence is not evidence. We want to go witnesses to testify if any, not any, I’m sure. Dr. Lee for his wisdom and thanks for taking this case to defend our beloved Hyun Joong. Request years in prison for that Psycho she should not be released under any circumstances and if there are false witnesses also enclose them! God bless Dr. Lee. Lazer Kim I love you blessings for you too. I am Henecia Venezuela Official FanClub Kim Hyun Joong.

  38. Your article is so clearly to explain step by step of Mrs Choi playful game to KJK. I just laughing a lot for your analysis to Mrs Choi. I think all her games with purposes just dig for money and push Joong more big trouble for hateful that man. For first time new, people feel sorry for her, but now, people are just laughing and think she is so noisy and stressful woman in mental. In real life, if the man has cheating and beat woman, the woman will be goodbye right away. There is no chance to have miscarriage, abortion, and pregnant again. If she can do, I think she will be a god or $$$$. All Kim Huyn Joong fans are waiting to see her have any more news in future, and then, we are laughing again.

  39. Hi LazerKim and thanks for your always support of KHJ. In MV Please, some comments hurt me. I allowed myself to mention the link of your article. I hope you agree. Otherwise, I will erase. I’m not comfortable with English. And I am not in good health now. Forgive me for not express myself more. But I must say, “I love you all my Henecias sisters and I would like be strong enough to be present to defend our little prince.”

  40. Hi LK,

    I’ve been following the case of this artist and wanted to share my opinion about this in general.
    However, if any one of you find any of my words offensive, I sincerely apologize for the same but these are just my opinions.
    Everyone knows that a PT can give a false positive too. Why do you hold PT as even a proof? When there is no pregnancy where is the abortion coming from? Some site reports that they have provided the abortion medical reports to the court. This entire case reminds me of the movie “Derailed”.
    I do have some questions here…someone please clarify. When two people text, don’t they normally clear the text trail periodically? Why was this lady saving all her texts from the beginning? Or was it recovered from the server? What about personal photos and videos taken? Does she have them too? I’m little curious of how long has she been keeping this? Doesn’t that show her motive too?
    Media just wants scoop and the more they get the more they grow. What do they care if someone’s life is ruined because of that. As long as people go crazy over knowing what the celebrity does behind the screen, in his/her personal life, they will make use of fans and public for destroying that person. If the people stay a little cool about this profession and understand that it is their job and leave them alone to have their personal life, the media may not be attracted to trash either.
    The stars/idols are entertainers. They take our money and entertain us back. Its win-win. You get what you pay for. When you attach love to it, expectation grows manifold. If KHJ has not been a celebrity, nothing of this sort from the media or the public would have happened. As long as they wear hoods, glasses and what not, to protect themselves in public they are not safe. If only we treat them normal (in public), and stop treating them like super humans, they can enjoy their public life as much as we do.
    Aren’t there any activist group to fight for these celebrity rights, I wonder? It’s all in the hands of their own fans that make them susceptible in the first place.
    Being a celebrity has its own demerits with people trying to sneak into your private room. One thing I see is, they work so hard to become an star/idol, to remain there they work even harder but staying out of gossips and rumors is the hardest.
    Though the rumors die out soon the way it caught on like a fire, the damage it does to one’s life during that short time is not any less. That’s why KHJ’s side must prove their innocence and clear their name through the court of law to get him some peaceful sleep. Though not a fan of KHJ, just following this law suit throws a lot of doubts and loose ends from the girl’s side.


    • THANK YOU Dear!! Always appreciate a non-fans thoughtful mind in HJ situation. Thank you for understanding and a moral support to us. Love you!!

    • About the pregnancy test thing. There is actually no such thing as a TRUE false positive. The hormone HCG, which is used to test pregnancy, is ONLY produced by women when they are pregnant. HOWEVER, there IS a such thing as an “evap line” and an “ink run”. If you read the test past the time it tells you you’re supposed to, the urine is evaporated leaving a line where the positive test strip is often resulting in people reading it wrong. An “ink run” is just what it sounds like. It’s where the ink from the test strip is hit by the urine and runs, making it look like it’s a positive line.

      Also, disgusting bit of info. I’ve heard there are places online where you can order positive tests or even urine from pregnant women. So if she’s not pregnant, maybe she got something online or she’s just uninformed on how to read a pregnancy test properly. Granted, considering she thought she had to take down her undies for an ultrasound, I’m guessing it’s the latter. Or possibly a combo of the two.

  41. Im so sad to know that HJ got caught up into a nauseating mess like this. Both sides need to drop cases and move on.Hj will take care of baby if there’s a baby.HJ if you were close by, i would slap you in the head.i hope mama kim does when this is over. I am on your side to the end. Somebody get SADE song by your side and play it for hyun joong. Love my baby boy to the end,.

  42. She is really not thinking. She said she aborted the baby because that was what KHJ wanted. My goodness, she is older than KHJ, and at least she must have reasoned out. Nobody drag her to go to that clinic for abortion but herself if we are to consider her statement that there was abortion. Even every creature here on earth would tell you to abort the baby, if you want or care for the baby in your womb, you would not let it happened. Did she realize that she is putting herself in bad image? Why did she not ran away or hide from KHJ if she wanted the baby to live. It only showed that she herself wanted or have chosen to abort the baby. IF KHJ IS THE CULPRIT HERE, THEN CHOI IS THE ACCOMPLICE..She thought that with that lengthy statement, she can gain respect and sympathy? She thinks all people are insane or brainless to believe her.
    I was imagining, even Mayweather would lay flat if he was beaten for thirty minutes; and she made herself a laughing stock when she said that she was beaten for 30 minutes last May 30, 2014 and her bruises took two weeks to subside on June 13, 2015, BUT HOW COME HER PICS WITH KHJ ON JUNE 6-7 IN JEJU SHOWED THAT SHE WAS WELL AND WITHOUT BRUISES. This woman is a disgrace to South Korean women. With her press release, she herself was slander and defamed, SHE PORTRAYED HERSELF AS ONLY A PUPPET OR TOY OF KHJ, and if we are to be reminded of her previous claims of that of her friends saying that KHJ has loved and cared so much for her. EVERYTHING ABOUT HER WAS CONFUSION AND CONTRADICTIONS.
    I DO HOPE THAT ATTY LEE CONSULT A MEDICAL SPECIALIST AND OB GYNECOLOGIST REGARDING THE TIME FRAME OF HER SO CALLED PREGNANCY,MISCARRIAGE, ABORTION, Looks like her baby is an alien who is already kicking in first three or fourth week in the womb.
    Thanks again LK for this article.

  43. Thank you dear LazerKim,
    Oh yes agree Joke of the year 2014-2015 is bitchoi! The award goes to bitchoi for playing havoc with a good man life, a human being and with his family and his fans. What a piece of dirt this one is…unbelievable.

    How people with common sense can take her copy/paste txt messages as proof? How normal people do not see the discrepancies, the mixed lies not to talk about her Math which is nil, because brain for sure there ain’t! 31st April, still laughing at that…lol.
    Just a quick example…if she said she conceived in 20 Dec in March 12 when she went to US with all there is no way in this world that she could have been pregnant 13 weeks and five days. You guys go and take a look is only 11 weeks. and four days!!
    Also she said (look all in print said by her side) they formaly broke up on 20 Dec so how she can get pregnant if they broke up?

    Atty Lee most surely saw and noted all these numbers that do not add at all and is not humanly possible for a woman to have an abortion or miscarriage (which is a stressfull event physicaly and mentally) to get pregnant only three days after?! where is the bleeding (which is usually longer in those cases)/the uterus is in chaos, she really is pathetic and dumb. No clue about biology or even being a woman and she said she is what 30? Give us a break…lol.
    Is she coming from the lost tribes in the Amazon? Even there they have more knowledge about woman physiology.

    Now she is so desperate she is dragging others in her sordid story to make it more what?
    What gives her the right? She was not married to HJ, they were not in a real and serious relation, well except in her sick mind and hallucinatios, but that does not count!

    Abused …she has no idea what abuse means, abuse is what she is doing to Hj, to his family to his fans to the Media (yes this is some kind of abuse). I can see more piles of lawsuits coming her way because is about time that even the Fans that got called to police for questioning they should start sue the bitch for libel,
    She is the one who stalked Hj who abused him as in following him and harassing him, in short a mental psychopat who should be locked up, in JAIL please!

    She is a NOBODY who seek attention for the fact that maybe, maybe Hj fucked her once! (pardon my language, but she is so low trash that can’t even be civil with her)
    It seems she wants to pin her mistakes and pregnancies on Hj because she knew him?

    For one who is acting coy and sensible for sure she has no shame to put on display txt message about her sexual habits which should be kept in private, what no shame here to tell your parents?
    Isn’t abortion illegal in SK? She just admited she done one by her own statement!

    Have you noticed how one sided those txt msgs are and how like two cretins are talking, is so bitchoi pattern, like the famous letter, has bitchoi prints on all what is written? Easy to recognize her style….just saying!!

    Did she got pregnant all those times by txt messages as well, cause this seems like a relation only on txt messages. Taking into consderation that Hj was on his WT last year and constantly travelling.

    Please bitchoi give us a break with your copy/paste and lies, they are not valid and viable in any Court of Law on this Planet.

    We, Hj Fans from all over the world, will not back down on supporting HJ! We believe in his Truth!

  44. Time has come to us as such tat we can sit back relax enjoy her actions…….i always knew that that lady had totally fried her brain in microwave. I wanted to do a favor to Choi but she herself dug her grave😅 poor Hyun Joong oppa must have felt so bad reading the bullshits coming out of that lady, but its soon to be over……its going to be happy ever after with Khj, Henecia and microphones ofcourse!!!!😁 fighting✊

  45. Thanks you Lazer Kim! We need more articles like this! It is frustrating that this bitch is non stop with her lies. She should have gag order becsuse she is very sick, mentally! I’m thankful for Atty Lee and just looking forward to light at the end of the tunnel.
    Another thing I want to emphasize: When she texted HJ on July 7,2014 that the ultrasound showed the baby’s body is formed. This is another evidence against herself for her endless lies and manipulating HJ. She said that on June 13, 2014, she was told by the doctor that her endometrium lining is thickening but she is not pregnant. At 3 weeks of pregnancy, you won’t see the baby’s form yet in the ultrasound. She even said it herself on June 29, 2014. She is contradicting herself with her piles of lies. She is really crazy. Why is she very eager to know that she is pregnant and gets ultrasound in few weeks apart? She said she miscarried May 30, why would she get an ultrasound on June 13? She has alterior motive here. And if what she said was true, she is so evil to still choose to abort the fetus when she can see the body is formedcalready. I can go so on and so forth in stressing out her lies. But she is so stressful. Sigh!!!

    • Agree Grace Cua

      I have 2 kids already and my first baby I know after 1 month after my wedding because I missed my period. Went to my genocologist right away to check if I’m pregnant. First they took a urine test and after that get a blood test to make sure it’s positive.

      My question to this choi is that she said she had blood in her poo or vowels. that’s not a sign of pregnancy. or miscarriage. If you have bleeding or miscarriage because if you have miscarriage the bleeding or blood come from the vagina not from your anus.

      If in case she had a blood in her vagina or sometimes it’s still not a sign of miscarriage. Like me I was bleeding for almost 3 weeks non stop. It’s like heavy menstretion or period. I went to my regular doctor and it was find out I have fibroids in my uterus. I had an ultrasounds that’s why they find out I have fibroids in the lining of my uterus.

      My other question to this CHoi when you have have ULtrasound for pregnancy it is usually done around 4 or 5 months here in our place. As long as the urine Test is done first the. The blood test .

      About the ultrasound she mentioned I done this procedure when I was pregnant. I did not remembered that I have to take my underware. I wear a gown and only my tummy are exposed during the procedure. There are cover below the tummy down.

      I have ultra sound check up for my fibroid in my uterus 2x a year and I had only my tummy exposed when the doctor or technician perform the Ultrasound. that’s why I don’t Understand why she said she had an ultrasound after she had a miscarriage again. What the doctors are looking. The bahay was gone as she said she had a miscarriage.

      Went to

      • Correct Grace Cua for 3 weeks or a month the baby is not form yet. It’ look only like a dot in the uterus. the baby is not form yet at this time. that’s why the doctors will do the ultra sound maybe around 3 months to 5 months that’s the time you can see the parts of the bagay. I think this Choi Have no idea what she is talking.

        Maybe she only have thickening of her uterus lining or have fibroids that’s why she had bleeding which she think she had a miscarriage.

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