Kim Hyun Joong…[article] COUNTER ATTACK!



By: LazeerKim


“Kim Hyun Joong bans Choi from Overseas Travel” I’m sure by this time most of you have read this news after July 22nd court hearing.  Hyun Joong’s legal counsel  preparing request for travel ban on Choi, which means Choi shall be prohibitted from traveling overseas upon court release order on Choi’s travel ban..

This is a good news indeed that she cannot escape from being behind bars! For Choi to fly overseas before giving birth is a wise decision for a BIG LIAR like her, which is a way for her to escape of taking theconsequences over her lies and the DNA test after giving birth.

That is IF Choi is still in South Korea at this time before her travel ban is being materialized! And if ever this would be the case, I do hope KHJ camp would expose her identity. I would say anywhere she goes around the world, there will always be KHJ fans around to hunt for her! WANTED CHOI’S HEAD!



At last Atty Lee finally disclosed that he too is thinking someone is behind Choi in this conspiracy of destroying Hyun Joong’s image by using the media which I have written in my articles since last year. Atty Lee stated that he’ll be tracing Choi’s bank account and from there, he can identify if someone has been financing her evil moves.

WHO could be this someone big behind Choi and her lawyer?? How dare them to play with SK court of law!

From that fake assault case last year, to this Choi’s current pregnancy issue and all this circus going on this year, until at this time there’s NO single credible concrete evidence from Choi’s side on her claims against Hyun Joong! Simple common sense would dictate us something fishy is going on! Is this circus all for bad publicity simply to destroy Kim Hyun Joong and suck millions from him? Isn’t that obvious?

As Choi’s lawyer stated, there was no extortion transpired last year! LOL! Then what else could Choi’s motive for bringing out dirty laundry to the public and dropping the case last year if she’s after justice? Followed by another scandal in Feb pregnancy issue and suing Hyun Joong for huge amount? In fact her true color for greed of money surfaced within the public eye!

I’m very sure Choi’s lawyer knew all along she’s lying from the very start including the fake evidence from Aug nightmare! This Choi’s lawyer knew very well his client’s motive in destroying, blackmailing Kim Hyun Joong, and he’s very much aware he’s been part of Choi’s conspiracy with the media. I just find it funny that this Choi’s lawyer even got the nerve to sue Atty Lee for defamation!! LOL! Come on, everyone knows he’s been a part of Choi’s endless lies ever since the start of this nightmare!!



Atty Lee had finally filed for counter charges against Choi for blackmail extortion, and for all the lies she has been airing over the media! At this point, I can only look forward to favorable results on the counter charges and looking forward to Sept as it was said Choi is giving birth, with hopes a court order for DNA test on her child would transpire with no excuse.

If ever Choi leaves her country, this only mean one thing. She doesn’t want to put on her make up on her plastics behind bars where she’ll end up with the verdict GUILTY of lies and extortion!

Not only that, aside from that someone big behind Choi, I sure do hope Atty Lee would also go after those media outlets who twisted the news last year and for being a part of this conspiracy into making the public believe Choi’s lies. I believe there are many characters involved in this drama and so they too should be given a lesson they can never forget! Oh how I love to see them behind bars together with Choi and her lawyer!

There are still haters around saying despite of the lies Choi created, Hyun Joong’s image has already been tainted! I beg to disagree. Fools do believe in fools, and those haters are nothing but fools. Do you read me Ms Monitor noona from soompi?

Now there are already non-fans who started questioning Choi’s motive over this drama! Yes I agree the damage to Hyun Joong has been done, still, no one can put a good man down. Someone has got to pay back the damage done to him.



Well, we still have a long way to go and our bumpy roads isn’t over yet. But somehow little by little the general public are having second thoughts and that some are being enlightened about the truth of this case.

Again my hats off to Atty Lee for working hard on this case, and of course to all KHJ fans who have been tireless in translating the news and spreading the truth. Please do keep up with the good work which all KHJ fans deeply appreciate. Thank you so much.

And with that, I’m sure Hyun Joong somehow feels happy knowing we are here for him as always and that many from the non-fans are slowly being enlightened by the truth, that sooner or later he’ll finally be able to clear his name.

Until the next article from this site, I bit everyone here a pleasant day! God bless Gemini!

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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(News translated by Sunny, thanks for your effort and for sharing as always!)







Care for something to laugh about? Here it is from the trash news site AllKpop! Stupid statements of Choi! ( )
Just like what I wrote in this article above, this drama is all for bad publicity! Oh and Choi is still in town! She’s giving hints she might have premature delivery due to Atty Lee’s accusations! I have been speculating it’s so impossible for her to give birth in Sept this year!


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  1. Hi LK and everyone,

    Well, It’ seems like this story has became a part of our life now. i can’t part a day without checking the update of the case as same as when I was looking for an every new article from LK fews years ago. i miss that feeling but i understand the limitation of your time and energy. It will be a year in 2 weeks that this case has been prolong in public. I feel tiring for HJ and his family that they have to deal with a cray cray psycho -woman .

    I have a lot of hope for justice even though i can”t say much about SK society . I believe they are more people like ATT’ Lee and HJ’s fans there who do care for justice and fairness. There must be people who brave enough and realize they can’t allow lies and manipulative actions to control public opinion. I expect the Koren are having rational thinking rather than just receiving information without questions.The admiration toward Korean development and IT went down the drain after witness how they let their medias and their press playing with people life rather than try to find the truth. I think people really struggle for justice there because most of the time they seek for fame and money rather than the truth. However i still expect the best out of it.

    Now , I hope Hj will be well aware that his fans still support him unconditionally. We believe in his goodness and his tender heart nothing can change that especially the words from an obsessive psycho-woman who claimed that she was his ex. However the relationship that was reflected through her actions since last August are clearer and clearer that she is just one of the girl that willingly agree to have relationship with a celebrity without commitment but yet tried her best to get pregnant. In my opinion HJ was too naive to think this woman was honest with her actions and her words. When he knew it was too late because the damage had already done. Now he wants to get his life back again and I love to see him come back from MS with .healthy heart and mind.

    His path for a peaceful life seems bumping as long as the lawsuit have not done. The recent text message released by the psycho was quite dramatic and outrage beyond action of normal people. However this is proved that this woman is sick and quite obsessive with him and his money. No matter how she tried to edited the text message It obviously showed what is the interest in the relationship. I can’t blame him because she is grown woman even older than him. It seems she wants to show how good she is in something…… i wonder what her parents think about the text she proudly exposed. She came to him with a plan now she was fallen in to her own trap.

    Well Lk I just miss your views and just want to encourage us to be patient and clam down with the situation now. I do miss his healing smile and his innocent eyes. We have 1 year and 7 months to. nurture the beautiful memory we have with him before we see him in February 11. 2017.

    let’s pray for him , his family , ATT. Lee Jae Man and his team.

    Fighting everyone
    Miss you Hyun Joong. God bless you.

  2. I was reading this article about mental illness in South Korea. Here is the article from The Korea Herald……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    One in six Koreans has experienced mental illness over the past year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said Wednesday.

    However, only 15.3 percent of mentally ill people seek professional help, raising concerns that such illnesses could affect more people in the near future.

    According to the ministry’s recent face-to-face in-depth survey of 6,022 people nationwide aged over 18, about 16 percent had suffered from a mental disorder within the previous year.

    It means roughly 5.7 million people in the country may have psychiatric illnesses, the researchers said.

    Excluding alcohol and nicotine addictions, the portion goes down to 10.2 percent but still marks an increase from 8.3 percent in 2006.

    The Ministry estimates that Koreans have a 27.6 percent chance of suffering a mental disorder in their lifetime. Excluding alcohol and nicotine reliance, the figure drops to 14.4 percent.

    The survey noted a growing number of people diagnosed with depression, a major factor in suicide. About 4.2 percent of women and 1.8 percent of men suffered from depression last year, a jump of about 150 percent from 2.9 percent in 2001 among women and 0.7 percent among men. About 6.7 percent of people here will suffer from depression more than once in their lifetime, the report suggested.

    “About 70-80 percent of those who killed themselves had suffered from depression,” said Lim Jong-gyu, a ministry official.

    About 15.6 percent of the population had felt suicidal urges and about 3.3 percent had planned suicide. About 3.2 percent attempted suicide. About 108,000 people are estimated to have attempted to kill themselves last year, Lim said.

    Professor Cho Maeng-je of Seoul National University, who conducted the research, attributed modern society’s hectic schedule, fierce competition, economic difficulties and other causes of extreme stress as the reasons for the soaring figures.

    “We might see more people with mental instabilities if we do not take appropriate measures now,” he said.

    Cho urged the government to intensify early screening of mental disorders. “In most cases, acquired mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or compulsory disorders develop when one reaches 18-20 years old. Many of the diseases, except for depression, become chronic if not dealt at an early stage,” Cho said.

    Lim is working on comprehensive measures against mental illness to be announced in April.

    Engaged with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Health Ministry will adopt screening and treatment programs for those under 18 years old. For those over 18, management programs for stress as well as depression and suicide risk factors will be provided.

    Moreover, a law revision will be sought to prevent discrimination against those with records of psychiatric treatment. Only 15.3 percent of those who have had mental disorders visit doctors here, far lower than the U.S.’ 39.2 percent, Australia’s 34.9 percent and New Zealand’s 38.9 percent treatment rate. They fear a record of psychiatric illness could hinder their careers, the ministry explained.

    “Currently, people who have received treatments over mental instabilities are discriminated against in acquiring certain licenses, certifications, registration and even occupations in some cases. This is why many people are reluctant to seek professional care even though their illness is evident,” Lim said. “The revision of related laws will encourage people to seek help without the fear of being left out of from social activities.”

    By Bae Ji-sook (

    ” Miss Choi needs help. She needs to see a Psychiatrist.”

    • Dear Anon,
      Here at HOME, we all knew that from the beginning of this nightmare that bitchoi is mental and need to be locked up! Her obsessive behavior toward Hj was very clear from the first time she barked to Media. There must be a proper definition for her psychopathic behavior, but we can also add gold digger and fictionist. More than that she is a mean bitch with disregard for the Laws or the elders. In SK they put much on respecting the “elders” and she insulted in every possible way Hj Family. Add to that a lying bitch with a very wild exaggerated imagination in making stories and running for her 15′ of Fame (which are coming to an end soon I hope). She is on hallucinogens for sure cause for sure she likes making up those stories,

      I suggest that in SK they should start a LAW to protect their prized Hallyu Artists from those kind of defamatory bitches lurking around them and trying their luck to get their pot of Gold with lying and blackmailing them!
      Furthermore she does like to sue people without any reliable evidences, she is mocking the Court of Law and the legal authorities. Why there is Police and Law in SK if they allow such a bitch making fun of them?

      Thank God for Atty Lee and his team for protecting HJ and his family.
      Hope they will go and sue the Bitchoi and her sleazy so called lawyer and the trash outlet media Dispatch (which seems is the bitch main Stage) and hope that all Sued Fans will counter sue her for all her harassment done to them as well. This is NOBODY and a has been psychopathic bitch who disturbed and stressed a lot of people with her lies, is about time to pay for her sins.
      Yes Karma is doing her work!

  3. LK, isn’t it that you have mentioned in one of your articles, that perhaps the reason why KHJ was very silent last year was he was protecting another woman who was not of course choi ?And you even mentioned that his woman might have been affected by the scandal and had to also make distance from KHJ. Now, that choi has mentioned women although through their first letter of their names only, you were very right all along. That the true girl of KHJ was not choi so she became jealous and gone berserk. You were also right that there was something wrong to that public apology because we all know now that was made by choi and her camp and she even received 600MW.
    Hope you can write more about this present case because it has been my habit to read your articles not for entertainment purposes bu for seeking the truth regarding KHJ.

    • I second this – so MUCH of what you, Lazer Kim, have said has turned out to be true!!! I’m in awe….

      I think I may be going nuts – I KNOW that accounts of that second hearing stated that Choi & her team submitted text messages that were NOT accepted! So w/the latest vomiting up of stuff thru that rag Dispatch, I’ve mentioned that. Today somebody asked about it & I went to find one of the articles & CAN’T !!!! I am not going crazy – I read it in SEVERAL recaps of that hearing!

  4. Hi Lazer Kim. Thank you for all your articles. Quick comment. Did you see the recent “text messages” that Dispatch put out? (7/30/15) Unbelievable. I think A and her attorney are grasping at straws to make KHJ look even worse. Praying that justice will be served. The truth will prevail.

  5. Hi LK and everyone,

    I just read the new article . It’s so funny these website about Korean entertainment. They always report in full details if it is from choi’s side but they have never bothered to report if the information come from KHJ’s side for example the interview of his parents and his lawyer. I wish all this site will get hard lesson sometime in the future.

    Well, reading the news I ‘m not shocking as the editor or choi’s lawyer expect to get from public. I was just wow go again the psycho-choi . Her manipulative behavior has started its engine.. However i believe the reaction is not as she has expected. Will see how her lies will be proved again in front of the public. No wonder why her lawyer mentioned about the abortion out of nowhere in his last interview. Now we knew he was paving the way for another manipulative story from choi . This time came as a form of a long letter. I have some sense that people in South Korea will disappoint her.

    I will wait for ATT. to respond to this.. I believe in him . choi’s story did not change anything it just proved to me that she was never his girlfriend. She just the girl who was willingly agree to sleep with a celebrity without commitment but she secretly had tried to get pregnant whenever she had a chance. In my opinion It’s hard for HJ to say to public that this woman was just willing to be his convenient friend without commitment. choi took the opportunity from this situation to present herself to public as his girlfriend which i doubted it if KHJ has ever seen her that way. He sees himself as a single free man therefore he has all his right to meet other women but choi sees him as her and tried to keep him with her with all possible ways even to lie about pregnancy.

    To be honest I was laughing reading her pregnant story. i do not mean to be rude but it was so obvious that if she had 3 chances to sleep with him it definitely resulted with pregnancy every time.. She surely tried to get pregnant with the man who do not ready to have a child and the one who did not want her for long term relationship.

    KHJ is surely not a perfect man nobody is and he is definitely not a liar. He is honest with his feeling but he was falling to a trap and trusted a wrong woman who did not love him for himself. He probably sensed that later on and tried to brake away..

    • lol at allkakapoop ….their comments are so funny, now someone put the bitchoi full name and photo there…lol. What more bogus lies she has? Is this woman a rabbit? lol? Hasn’t a clue about US and April 31st, rolf, by what calendar? In her dimension maybe. Now she is dragging all SK actresses in bed with HJ? lol, wow, is Hj quite a performer?! Give us a break bitchoi with your pathetic lies.
      it said she got miscarriage in Dec and got pregnant also in Dec? WOW is she human?
      So she is giving birth in a couple of weeks? she is preparing the territory of too much stress??!
      She has no shame…sorry shame is not in her dictionary.
      Txt msgs and more txt msgs….get real bitch, this isn’t working anymore!
      Please give us a break pathetic evil bitch!

  6. She was fighting for the existence of a dead toxic relationship. Firstly why should she go with a friend to ur ex house uninvited. Yes coz they stalk him to destroy him. He is a single guy has a road to date anyone he likes until he find the right girl. She is trying to make him look dirty because she was dumped. Under normal conditions how can u keep a pregnancy test so long if u are sure of ur pregnancy. Now she is awer she is due anytime from today now she say it will be premature. What made them angry to go out with all the txt issues was because she is prohibited from leaving the country.u can see Macoy she pulled all her friends on allkpop to write after July 22 Now they channelled into a tin they act like angry lions wounded.

  7. Me too just read the release from AllKpop…She’s simply UNBELIEVABLE!!! I wanted to post my comments, but due to excessive spamming on their site, it can’t be posted!!! So I posting it here…

    “So finally she has spoken….It took her this long to edit and prepare more fabricated “proofs” to wriggle herself out with this pending 3rd “miscarriage” before her supposed delivery on Sep 12. She’s simply UNBELIEVABLE!!! And don’t degrade women of this world!!!

    She seems to only reveal “real evidence” to the media, this is to her:

    Apparently you’re not well represented in court by your lawyer, who can’t even do a decent job to transcript your “mountainous” text messages (that the court has to reschedule for a 3rd hearing on Sep 22 to give him more time to “organise” these “text evidence”) when it only took you slightly more that a week to get it done….Maybe it’ll be of your best interest that you represent yourself in court with these “proofs” and “celebrity witness” to boost. This time, just make very sure you bring your “baby” (or KHJ’s baby as you claimed) and “press witnesses” with you, so when the court ask for DNA proofing, it can be taken there and then as the press will be at hand to document it in realtime. And hopefully you’ll hit a home run, ROUND 3!!!”

  8. LK, I just came across few minutes ago the press releases evidences and conversations and hospital records of choi including the pregnancy tester, and most of the article and pictures were in korean so I do not understand. Please, if you have time, write your own analysis on this. I am a bit worried.

  9. Hello, Hi There, I came across this page while i was surfing the net. I started to like his music
    for 3 and a half years. going through forums isn’t my thing to sign up for
    cause i don’t go on the internet as much as i use to. so instead i came over here to ask you
    questions. If you don’t mind.

    Did Att Lee and KHJ ever have private investigator or undercover investigator get involve in
    Choi case? Did anyone ask Att Lee to do that?

    Why didn’t The Media or The Fans show a Picture of Choi in front of everyone to see who she is just in case something happen? Does Choi has the power to control them or what?

    Friends, Relationship, Groupies, Stalker or Whatever it is happening behind the screen. why didn’t anybody warn KHJ from the beginning when they first met. Did Choi hang around with any other Male Celebs before Him or whoever? and by chance IF SHE DID maybe Att Lee Should ask them about it and bring them people to court for evidence.

    Before it was fake and what about after pregnant? are they real or she’s
    trying to get him all to herself and that money. I was thinking maybe she wants money cause
    she wants to buy and get everything she wanted.

    Do you you think Choi or KHJ will win the case and how long will it last. Whats going to
    happen to him after he gets out of Army Duty Thingy Ma Bopper?

    In the near future i hope he goes for a special someone who love him for who he is and not
    go for the $$$ and Fame. also a special someone that can handle and support him through
    good and bad time. He is like a happy go barney kind of guy..

    There is alot more to ask and i think that’s enough.
    Sorry, cause my english isn’t good enough.

    • is everyone slowly starting to be on KHJ side or People still believe in Choi lies?

      When will the South Korean Entertianment business start protecting Celebs? There Laws? There are crazy people out there going after them and causing all sorts of troubles thats also including the media. Look what happen to Michael Jackson. His life went down the Pot Hole.

      • To Lazer, Hi again, When will they start arresting Choi?
        I read the Article somewhere that they will do that after Giving Birth or Whatever it is there doing. They should of done that earlier then later so they won’t be bother by her
        Is there anyone else involved with Choi that causes all sorts of trouble and never leave KHJ alone?

  10. I knew from the beginning, her story wasn’t truth. Kim the victim of abuse. He fits the victim, he didn’t once say anything about her at all. Or make comments after she spread all the lies about him to the media. She was the only one putting information out there. When she said she was being abused since day one. What women in their right mind would aloud someone to beat on them since day one. That would’ve been the first day of meeting each other. Why would someone just meeting you would start beating on you. Then she went back for more. Choi is a mean spirit woman, all she was after was his money. She also was stalking Kim if she got someone to take her where he was filming Inspiring Generation. The friend that took her where he was, probably spying on him. Plus when she came out this year saying she was pregnant. Then turn around in the same breathe oh by the way this is my second child by Kim. I lost my first child from the abuse. The next day she came out about the contract. No one knew about the the baby or the contract. Why she didn’t tell the police when she turn in the evidence of the abuse. Then she turn around and drop the charges cause she love him so much. The apology went out the window. She had Kim right where she wanted him. This was to exhort money and whatever else she wanted from Kim. On top of that they use the film Kim was in. To make Kim look like he just go around beating on her. Cause he know how to fight. Another thing she use text messages to talk Kim into trying make him sign yet another contract say that to say the baby she’s carrying now is his. But when Kim didn’t do what she wanted. That when the sue came out about the baby from last year, plus she also wanted to sue his fans and the media that was supporting Kim. I hope don’t anything happen to his parents while she taking Kim through all this mess. I hurt for this family because of a greedy person like her. I also believe her lawyer is in on it to. He had to be the one that did the contract from last year. Plus he also mention in court that we didn’t say how much they ask for. They trying to make us believe that Kim just gave them 500,000 out the kindness of his heart. Why would this lawyer take this case on text messages. That don’t prove she was pregnant last year. Choi stop playing games with someone life like this. What if someone did this to your family how wouldn’t you like it. Mr. Kim needs to put a picture of her all over the media just in case she has left Korea already. So people can know who she is and let the cops know where she is. If that is Kim’s child I hope they lock her up for a long time. So by time she comes out the baby will be grown. So Kim don’t have to deal with her. It bad enough he is going to have to deal with her family. I know her family know what she is doing to Kim why don’t put a stop to all this madness. And to all the fans he had that believe her I’m sorry for you’ll for being fooled like that. I wonder what she’s going to come up with next. I hope she can’t text Kim while he’s in the service. I’m glad he’s somewhere she can’t get to or talk to him.

  11. I saw the pics of kim hyun joong on kathy’s bench too,this morning.After seeing his pics, saying that am very happy would be an understatement. It is much more than that. Thanks for your reply Tina and Jazu . Am happy hearing from you both. Have a nice day.

  12. Hiiii there Jazu, my name is Mousumi. Well, would you like to share the recent pic of Kim Hyun joong with the rest of us ? Am really dying to see, please Jazu, will you share it:|:(. I hope am not causing you the least discomfort . Will be waiting.

        • Thank you so much Tina for sharing Hyun Joong latest pic. He seems really so much skinny. I guess I understand the mask to be on especially his walking in town. Much appreciated. Thanks again. God Bless you.

          • U see him skinny? We see him much muxh better than b4!! He put on weight a bit and coz he work out so much u can see his big biceps. Don’t u noticed it??

        • I, too saw the recent pics of Kim Hyun Joong on Kathy’s bench this morning. Saying that, am very happy would be an understatement, the feeling is much more than that. The picture leaves behind many questions and anxiety than answers that I can’t help but look forward for more and more pics and updates. Anyways, 😀 thanks for your reply Jazu I was expecting to hear from you and Tina too. Have a good day you both and all fellow Henecians .

  13. Well thanks dear again
    I saw photos from his MS, so happy to see him as a ninja , those eyes are like in IG.
    How we miss him, hope to see more of him in the future. we will see in Sep .

  14. Sorry LK…just drop by here for a moment to comment a bit abt d fans believe of d pic he wearing a ring? Obviously it looks so fake. Did u pnhotoshop it urself LK.?? Ekekeke. I read that in Tw fans ask abt it. I wonder where they found it. So its in ur latest article. Apologise me to those fans, for thinking its so funny instead. PLEASE BE CHEERS DEAR ALL FRIENDS!!

  15. I wonder how is he now? Is he tired, does he sleep and eat well… Can they visit their family, since they couldn`t after the education period, because of that virus situation….Thanks for your articles, Lazer Kim, I cannot understand those haters with their ridiculous comments, even after the latest news. I am sure his reputation is coming back slowly and I hope that he will not leave the showbiz as he once thought. We will be here, waiting and supporting. There are so many videos on youtube with him, that I can enjoy endless hours looking at his face and hearing his voice. He is such a lovely person! Love to all of you and hugs from me.

  16. Dear LazerKim,
    Finally we start to see light at the end of this dark journey which started last year August 22nd. OMG I am relieved and happy to see that finally Atty Lee filed the Criminal Suit, Hallelujah!! there are four counts of criminal charges, that say’s a lot and I live in the hope that the SK Law is straight and right and will make this bitch and her moron “lawyer” (is he for real? I mean he is talking so much nonsense that even children can see how stupid he is…and that he is lying) go to JAIL for a long time. NO MERCY!
    I hope that HJ will sue the trash media outlets as well for all the distorted news that they trialed Hj publicly without even trying to check his side, that witch hunt that they pushed in all Media in SK without giving him the benefit of the doubt till proven otherwise or even printing the TRUTH from the Police Statements it looks that they were hand in hand with bitchoi and the so called “lawyer” and who knows who as well, another Big shot who wanted to trash and destroy a good man.
    Re pregnancy of that bitch, I mean really for someone who “was ashamed (rolf…)” to tell her parents of the so called one last year, she did made sure going to the media this year with all kind of fiction stories, In Feb she was like 4 to 5 months pregnant, as per moron lawyer and famous “txt msgs” the baby was moving (colic’s or too much drink??) there are articles about this at other trash media alkp and then suddenly she revealed she conceived in Dec 20 (?!?) and that she is due 12 September? Like Hello!!! does she think we are all morons like her and her comp?? (who keeps a pregnancy test fm a year old? those are fading after a couple of months, what stupid thing to say….lies and more lies)

    She is acting so fishy that even if by any chance she is pregnant this can’t be related to HJ, why? because if she was sure of this she would have gone for all the tests with his parents and him that way she would have made sure she is catching the Golden Fish she is running after for so long, don’t you think so? She would have climbed on the tallest building in Seoul and shouted that she is carrying Hj child if that was true!! After all she is so obsessed with Hj she will not stop at nothing just to make sure her name is linked with his. But this stunt she pulled this time it didn’t work and Hj is not the same innocent like last year, she got too greedy.
    Sorry it took so long but whatever will happen as always the TRUTH shall prevail and Karma is always there for the evils.

    As always a Fan and will support Hj in all. He does look good in uniform…
    till next time, we miss you and miss him…..:)

    • I agree, if she is really sure that khj is the father, she would have brought those proofs to the Kim family, And then being the mother of his child, would not the kind hearted KHJ be nice to her and showers her with money? If she has not played around in presenting proofs to KHJ, there is no need for her to file a 1.6BW suit because KHJ can give this to her if he is indeed the legit father. But alas..she is faking it all and thinks that KHJ would remain silent just like last year. She really have overlooked and underestimated KHJ, and thought that he would not retract her. Glad that the truth is beginning to be uncovered.
      One her many lapses is that her proofs are only presented in media and not in court because they are fake…Media is more concerned on fake and exaggerated things but the court looks for real and vivid proofs / evidences.

  17. Thks Ms LK for yours articles and blog because you’re my resource to find news abt KHJ. As for me I doubt Ms Choi from the beginning because she never offered a real proof of anything she claimed. A pregnancy test is not a proof to me, unless is attached to a DNA test. I just wonder if the tests are from last year or years before or from a friend. Messages text doesn’t mean anything to me and if they are out of the context they can blame anybody of anything . So as far as I understand she blames him for beating her while she was pregnant (doesn’t matter who was the father) and provoking an abortion. That’s should be proven with medical records and medical witness to say that the records are genuine . So far she wasn’t able to prove anything. Ok she got messages from him that he believed her. So…?
    What puzzles me is the wedding ring present in his last picture you presented.

    • LOL To everyone pls dont be alarmed by Hyun Joong’s picture above in combat gear wearing a ring, that’s absolutely photoshop!! Consider it as fan art made by one of khj fan tagged w the picture. It’s totally harmless! Meaning it’s only the face in the picture that belongs to hj the rest is made up.

  18. Tnx guys for liking my comment, it’s not easy though to put in the right words all thoughts & feelings. I like much your comments too & make me happy knowing that we are all so connected through the miles because of Him. Hope it can continue forever. Best wishes to all. Tnx

  19. Dear LK Tnx a lot for working hard, for taking good care of us, who s having tremendous worries knowing what KHJ & Family going through. Also Id like to give my apology to KHJ for our open discussion on this such a private matter, that may be our sincere support as much as warming Him up but in the same time the subject itself can hurt his feelings as well, specially when our words are not careful enough it may become painful in this situation. I hope He will take us right on this issue with full understanding that we fans need each other as real family who growing up together sharing all difficulties. What Im trying to say now is that all of us, wherever we are in SK, in my country US, all around the world, we can hear each other heartbeat, say the same prayers & have the same timing for pain or joy. We all together millions of us to protect those we love & stand for what we believe & worship. Thank u all. Love u guys. Please KHJ be well, take care of yourself, we waiting for U,for your great projects & your incredible smile. Say Hello to your Army friends. Good luck to all.

  20. I’m also glad that they are starting to look into who is behind this…. Someone had to get her and put her up to all of this… And aren’t the Korean Media tired of being so Obviously used by her lawyer? Hopefully once Atty Lee and KHJ are done with them the only place to read about Choi will be in the tabloids next to the “My baby is Satan” , and “I’m the reincarnation of Elvis” articles. As far as ruining KHJ… well.. yes his reputation has been damaged.. but in so many ways it’s made his fans so much more stronger.. and because of the publicity even non fans may take a look at him when he comes out of the military.. just to see out of curiosity.. and they become fans too!!! So many “stars” , Singers, Performers that have their place on the Top fall to time… Fans becoming interested in someone else.. the performer just losing that Edge, But for KHJ all of this has brought him to the public’s view and Hopefully the Korean People, and others worldwide are going to continue to check out what’s going on… and they aren’t all stupid.. they can see the truth now. KHJ in two years will be watched and listened to hopefully even more than before. Some will always Hate.. just because that’s what they do… but they would never be KHJ fans anyway.. so it’s no loss.

  21. I honestly feel she already left the country, but if that’s the case she will be arrested wherever she is and put behind bars

  22. Hi Lazer Kim, again Salamat po, If choi run away?That just prove that Everything she put out in the media & the court of law are “ALL LIES”,, But of course WE all know that, even those non fans are now changing their minds about choi how mentally unstable she is & her lawyer. Imagine you sue someone, you go to court & you are not prepared with all your evidence. LOL that really cracks me up.. Everyday I’m on the internet to find out was going on, that’s my only access about Korean news so I’m not completely out of the loop. Thank God for the internet. Thank God for you Lazer Kim you have been so loyal & dedicated to Hyun Joong & to All of us Fans. You have my Respect & Love straight up ❤ Our prayers are answered. God's hands are in Hyun Joong's case & He gave Atty Lee the Revelation & Wisdom, Nothing but the Truth & Justice for our Hyun Joong. REMEMBER; IF GOD IS WITH YOU WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? So let's Praise God for
    what His done, and for ALL of us to continue to Pray & Trust the Lord with all of our heart. In Jesus name. Amen.

  23. Since the beginning, her story was fishy, We didn’t believe her at all. I knew something was wrong. It’s sad KHJ had to go through all this scandal, and having to read all those hurtful comments. Thank you for posting this, and all those who work hard and doing the translations for all of us, that live in the states and all over the world. Always by your side.

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  25. LK so good to see you pop out to say your piece! I am astounded at the extent of stupidity from her side and anyone who still defends her is as brainless as she! We have both said in our blogs last year that someone big is behind all of this and I am so overjoyed that Attny Lee finally touched on that! He has such a great mountain of work in the future uncovering the evil and shameless one by one! Our hard efforts to support our Only One all this time through prayer and hard effort are finally paying off! Vengeance is the Lord’s and Attny Lee is his mighty sword!

  26. LazerKim, there’s atty seon’s media time again. He is talking of abortion. I do not understand their point. An he said that choi was ashamed to tell doctors that she was hit that was why she said she was injured in the gym..but come to think of it, she went to another doctor and said she was assaulted by someone – is that what you called “ashamed”. Hope atty lee would find more ways to again retract their new lies.
    May God continue to bless and guide Atty.Lee. I am somehow tired of their lies and defamation.
    Hope you can write about these latest interview and lies of choi’s camp.

  27. thanks a lot Lazer Kim, your article help us to know the update news of KHJ. thank you for keep writing and sharing, we’ll be waiting for the next article. fighting!

  28. Thanks for the article Lazer Kim. I am also really curious about who it is that is backing Choi. Honestly certain things in this case surprise me. #1 Why would you keep a pregnancy tester for longer than a year? Now she has two pregnancy testers saved! The fact that she does this tells me that extorting KHJ is something that was in the making for a very long time. (Yet she had the nerve to say she loved him? If I were a man and someone like her told me she loved me, I would run fast and far away, because her understanding of what it means to love is SCARY)
    #2 Why was a third hearing granted to Choi? If proving pregnancy and miscarriage was the main point of the second hearing and Choi’s side say they will prove pregnancy and miscarriage through text messages and pregnancy tester, why is such questionable evidence allowed to be presented to the court of law in a third hearing?
    # 3 Why does her side have a problem with presenting evidence to the court of law, but have no problem presenting it to the media? Because I understand that this is what she intends to do. With this action it seems her focus is on defaming KHJ completely rather than winning the case (that they probably already know they will lose) in the court of law. It seems like a “if I’m going down I am taking you down with me” kind of action. I am truly wondering how this will turn out because the court of law is persuaded by solid evidence but the public is persuaded when you skillfully play with their emotions and that is what they are preparing to do. Luckily we have the very thorough and capable Attorney Lee on our side.

    I can’t help but feel truly and deeply sorry for the child she is carrying, whether it is KHJ’s or not. What kind of surroundings will it be born into? What values will it learn? What will become of it? Does she realize the burden she is passing on to her child? If it is KHJ’s child, what will she do with that child if she is capable of doing all this to its father? Scary!!!

    • Amen to that. That chick & her lawyer are both crazy. Don’t understand why the court is allowing such shenanigans. Thanks again Lazerkim for your articles, and thanks to Sunny too.

  29. Thank you Lazer Kim for always being truthful and for getting us fans the most current news. Living in the U.S. we don’t have access to the news in Korea except by Internet, and we all know what lies the media can spread. I have never wavered from believing Hyun Joong and will continue to support him and pray that the good Lord will bring justice to Choi and expose the evil lier she and her attorney really are! Truth will prevail!!!

  30. wow, it’s been a long time. now a lot is been said and done but am truly glad that i never wavered in trusting oppa, ah! it’s been tough on everyone but now i sincerely do not feel worried because i realized its not what people say that matters but what u feel. i am totally intrigued by the action steps hyun joong’s side is taking. Kim has finally realized the necessity in exposing Choi, let’s keep moving forward and supporting hyun joong, he’s truly worthy of our love. Kim hyun joong is brave, shouldering and bearing it all, so we must look up to him and be more brave. over this period I’ve learn how to belittle d devil by earnestly and sincerely praying, I’ve also come to realize the importance hyun na holds in my life so let’s all live well and be happy, AM TRULY GRATEFUL TO HAVE KNOWN KIM HYUN JOONG. so let’s all look forward to his comeback. #만나서방가워요 all. ♥♡•﹏•♬♪

  31. I miss your article! Thanks! I never doubted KHJ’s innocence. I’m proud to be his fans. The fans’ love and support definitely helped a lot. We will soon be vindicated! I miss HJ a lot! I hope that soon, we’ll get a recent picture of him.

    Regarding BITCHoi, she doesn’t deserved the 3rd hearing to submit lame evidences. It’s a delaying tactic. It does not make sense that you are suing but delaying the process(by not submitting evidences when she had months to prepare it) to get what you want . She ‘s aggressive in suing people but lack the evidences to support her claims. This is UNJUST and should be penalized! Yeah Lazer Kim! Until know, NO CONCRETE CREDIBLE evidence from her even just a simple current pregnancy ultrasound. And with lawyer Seon, just by the looks of his face, you can tell that he is guilty, greedy, nervous and dubious like his client, Choi.

    Atty Lee is a blessing to us. He is doing everything from media interviews, requesting review of previous case, stopping Choi from fleeing, to investigating further who is behind her. What did KeyEast do? Nothing! That’s why Choi did a second attempt to ruin him and demand for money because she got it easily last year.

    To fans, let’s not waste our energy exchanging words with haters. Haters will be haters. Instead, let’s help spread the truth in different blogs/articles.

    Can’t wait what is going to happen next! Fighting!

  32. so glad to see this article of yours, your article came sooner than I expect considering that your article prior to this came after more than one month of waiting. I was about to request through your twitter to write about this countersue issue and then I found this one.
    Hope all truth including those who is aiding choi to this will be exposed. No one has the right to damage a person, KHj must also sue that choi for emotional stress and financial loss, criminal and civil case must haunt that choi now. I really do hope that her supposed baby on her womb is not KHJ’s.
    I have also thought that choi might have already left south korea. If that is the scenario, it would be unfair to KHJ cause some issues will remain doubtful.
    As to the 2nd hearing last July 22, it was very clear that choi’s camp had no vivid proofs, and her brainless atty said they are still preparing them, How come they are the ones who filed this case and yet their evidences are still nowhere. And he also threatened to sue KHJ and his legal counsel for putting injury to choi’s name, and that she never asked money from KHJ- (they are now out of track aren’t they? This atty once said that the 600MW that choi received was not for settlement payment but for the damage (miscarriage due to assault and he even said that was reasonable). Perhaps we should remind that brainless atty that the miscarriage and assault were all lies and WHAT IS ONLY TRUE IS THAT SHE RECEIVED 600MW AND IS ASKING NOW FOR 1.6BW.

  33. To lazer Kim — thnk you somuch you realy comfort the wounded. Even how much we read about these case your articles are like a healing remedy to us. We do stand and will die supporting him. Thank u for ur goodwill.

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