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By: LazerKim


It’s over a month that the real world, my work career has been keeping me from this blog site and this is the reason why I couldn’t commit a promise to stay consistent in my article writing on regular basis. My apology to my dear readers for letting you wait. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! I got a bunch of topics to tackle that I would like to take advantage this time!

I may not be so active in writing the past month but somehow I still read some news pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case, that sooner or later I believe the truth about this case will be revealed and hopefully the person who made all these circus would be put to jail! I believe this nightmare Choi created will soon bounce back to her by 10 folds and I would be happy to see her being punished!

Looking back from where all of these circus started, maybe Hyun Joong made the mistake of keeping the real issue in this nightmare which in reality he’s the victim of a blackmail. But no matter how I twist, turn and search who is to be blamed, I can only think of one entity and that’s his agency KeyEast falling to negligence in protecting and defending Hyun Joong as their artist. Let’s look back then!



I have now a cooler head in sharing my opinion about KE although my opinion about the company still doesn’t change at all! The fact that it is now irrelevant to discuss it but maybe we can learn some lessons out of the incident last year’s scandal.

I wrote an article Artist’s Agent where KE made the big mistake, and how incompetent this company is. For those who have not read the article here’s the link, so I won’t be repeating the same issue. I won’t forget how KE uplifted Hyun Joong’s solo artist career, however, I can never forget how KE neglected him during the most critical period of his career life!

(Artist’s Agent link:) >

From the assault case in Aug last year, I can never forget how Hyun Joong was roasted by media while his agency KeyEast did nothing not even damage control even they already knew Choi was all lying from the very start of the scandal.

I got questions lingering in my mind that even I speculate, it still doesn’t add up! My question is, why didn’t KE sought the help of Atty Lee last year? It was obvious to me that Hyun Joong was totally ill-advised about the fake assault case and real blackmail scheme! The Aug nightmare may be bound to happen, but it can be avoided if only KE did their job!

For 10 years that Hyun Joong has been in showbiz he was never been entangled with such scandal, so therefore KE knew he’s naive in such situation.  As an agent, KE should have sought the best legal team just like what Hyun Joong currently have with Atty Lee! Why didn’t KE do so last year? The agency should know better and should always be above the artist and not the other way around, no matter how stubborn their artist is!



Let’s face the fact, “A celeb is nothing without fans and an artist’s agent is nothing without celeb and his fans.” Of course those agents earn from their artist’s fans and KeyEast failed to realize this fact. The company is just so unprofessional even when it comes to Public Relationship management.

I shall never forget how KHJ fans collected translated news from everywhere and shared with one another just to know what’s going on with Hyun Joong which his agent failed to at least be reliable with information dissemination specially during those times he was being crushed by media last year.

Here’s my stance on KE and I can only speak for myself. I support Kim Hyun Joong wherever agent he may land after his MS. I’m just a fan and it’s not for me to decide or dictate which ever agent Hyun Joong would choose to handle his career.

If ever Hyun Joong chooses KE again after his MS, then I can’t do anything no matter how much I hated the company for neglecting him! I’m just a fan and it’s his choice that I respect with hopes both Hyun Joong and KE had learned something from the past.

I don’t need to enumerate and emphasize what this company lacks or have missed to realize what they ought to learn! It’s just so irritating that KE chooses to ignore KHJ fans where they earn from!  Well, it’s water under the bridge now and time will tell after 2 years.



Atty Lee was in the process of reviewing the alleged assault case, pregnancy miscarriage and all the lies that Choi had been nagging about since last year! And Atty Lee came up with a report that those accusations indeed were all lies including that nonsense rib fracture!

That pregnancy and miscarriage were all false accusations! Gosh, this Choi deserves not only putting her to jail but putting her to the electric chair and let her be roasted instead! Before writing this article I was reviewing the article I wrote Scandal Diary and come to think of how capable she is in destroying a man’s reputation with all her lies, fabricated evidence conspired with her lawyer who should be jailed as well!

To recall Choi’s lawyer press released this statement Sept last year:

 “Our current stance is that he (Kim Hyun Joong) needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”

This lawyer had the nerve to let Hyun Joong admit to a crime he’s even innocent about! This Choi’s lawyer should be jailed too!! Choi and her lawyer are BIG STUPID LIARS!

Scandal Diary link>



It was said that Choi will be delivering her baby on Sept. 12th as the reason as to why Atty Lee have not filed counter charge against her. That’s human gesture enough and Choi should be thankful since KHJ side is still humanly kind to her up to this moment!

I think it’s confirmed Choi is pregnant after all, hence the question now is whether Hyun Joong is the father of her baby or not which a DNA test can only prove. This is rather complicated, but as for me I wouldn’t care, she has to be brought to jail after giving birth, only then I would say justice is served.

Why not? Choi almost destroyed Kim Hyun Joong’s career life and brought his fans to this nightmare from the lies and evil acts she made, leading all of us, Hyun Joong and his family to complete mental torture! It’s unforgettable and unforgivable how a freak woman she is, and the entire world knew what she has done to an innocent man and an innocent child!

If and only IF Hyun Joong is indeed the father of her child, I can only close my eyes to the future disaster there may be!! Accept the child brought into this world and as the Kims said Hyun Joong will take the responsiblity being the father. BUT Choi being a future mother is no excuse for all those lies she had brought in destroying a man’s life, she deserve nothing but JAIL!

I honestly pity the child Choi is carrying, whether it’s Hyun Joong’s baby or not, an innocent child became the victim of those evil acts of Choi. She deliberately brought her pregnancy to the public with no shame demanding for huge money obviously using the child she is carrying in her womb! What kind of mother can she be in the future? I wonder!



This case I think should be brought up to SK women’s society organization if ever SK have, since this blackmail scheme of Choi is not the first time it happened in SK. But I think this is even the longest blackmail drama ever produced by a blackmailer like Choi!

I can still remember the blackmail case of Lee Byung Hun transpired almost at the same time as this alleged assault case against Hyun Joong, as Lee Byung Hun immediately exposed his blackmailer and the case soon ended. That time I was then wondering as to why didn’t Hyun Joong and KE did the same thing? I was already speculating there’s a blackmail scheme in this nightmare which I wrote in my articles last year and I was right!

If only Choi was exposed from the start, I’m sure this case should have ended last year, and I don’t think she can create another set of lies as she did in Feb. if only the concern party have exposed her from the start. Yes I know I’m crying over spilled milk!! But at least we can learn something out of those tortured months.

As I mentioned in one of my article, a lot of concern is attached to this case and if nothing is done to these bimbo women sucking money from the rich famous celebs, then I think women’s dignity in SK would always be jeopardized. And the same thing will happen over and over again to other celebs if nothing can be done to such women! Just my opinion.



Many are wondering how come when Choi has lies to say to the public the media on-line outlets are active in posting those lies. And when it’s KHJ camp’s turn to defend, media seem to be lazy in reporting? Quite understandable of course the media is part of Choi’s lies and they wouldn’t want to swallow the truth or they will choke to death!

Plus the fact people from SK can be easily convinced with Choi’s lies and sensationalized stories to be more saleable without thinking twice! And because of this reality Choi can easily say this and that, proving her pregnancy through text messages which we all know is just lame! Just the same as those fans who jump ship who immediately jump to conclusion without thinking, believing in any news item they read and judged Hyun Joong!

I’m sure the media knows the truth, the media knew from the start Choi was lying and they knew all along Choi is in a mission to destroy Kim Hyun Joong, but they don’t care for as long as they have a scoop, they have a story to publish. That’s their dirty job to earn a living! They probably even knew who’s the father of that child Choi is carrying! Who knows? She seem to be in close associate with the media people particularly Dispatch!



Kim Hyun Joong’s official legal counsel Atty Lee has been doing a great job in defending Hyun Joong, who has been so active giving in to interviews by the media pertaining the case on SK local TV networks and had recently posted his interview at OBS in his personal blog revealing the truth about Hyun Joong’s case and preparing for counter charge against Choi.

I’m so thankful to Atty Lee who have shed light to this nightmare which has been torturing us fans for almost a year now by Aug! On July 22nd there will be another court hearing but I don’t think it will end from there since we are still in limbo about Choi’s current pregnancy and as Atty Lee stated he’ll be filing counter charges after Choi has given birth. This at least is how I understand the progress of this case.



I’m proud to say that Hyun Joong’s album was released in July 1st and rank no.4 at the Oricon and as I’m writing this article which is a week after release the album is still at Oricon Top 10 rank no.6. Despite of this case drama, despite of other’s calling boycott the album still has good sales results.

Of course the album sales somehow was affected as we have gone used to see Hyun Joong’s album always rank no.1 at Oricon, but I’m still proud the album still ranks within top 10 and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m sure even Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting this, it will somehow cheer him up.   To the fans who continued to support his album no matter what happen, thank you so much!

In addition to this good news, from Steven Lee’s Instagram Kim Hyun Joong rank no.1 as international album! I’m sure both friends are happy with this success, Hyun Joong as the singer and Steven Lee as his music composer! CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!

And with that, I end this article by saying I MISS HIM SO MUCH! I know every one of you feels the same way as I do!! I won’t count the days, I would just keep moving on forward to life as usual, but a part of me will always be longing to see him on stage again soon….

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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For those fans who would like to send letters to Hyun Joong here’s the address where you can send it as follow:


P O Box 61
Seongnam Bundang Post Office
Zip code 463-600


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  1. Hello LK so sorry for the late comment, but I just wanted to say that I agree with you that the agency should be in Authority on the artist, so even if HJ didn’t want to fight back KE should have forced him to and assigned a good lawyer to the case and show the truth they didn’t even emphasize the police statement saying there isn’t enough evidence to file a lawsuit in Aug last year

    • My sweet baby hyun joong is so innocent when it comes to relationship . I wished he had read the free board on hyun there were so many fans giving him great advice. I know i was raw in the the things i told him. I held nothing back. One of the things I told him is that love and sex are not always the same .

      He didn’t know the difference . He did not know the mind of a woman who will use sex to trap a man . I wrote a lot over the past months . I told him to love himself first; shut the media down; ( too late now.);trust Noone but God;and come back and make music. I am older than he.he could be my baby brother ,but i am a loyal fan of his and i was willing to fly to Korea to stand behind him. Im praying for him and i hope ms Choi just cease everything and act like a decent lady . If she continues , no matter the outcome ,no on Korean man will trust her ever again . She needs to think. Be a lady ….I love you hyun joong . You rock baby. To hell with the Korean so called media .

      • I don’t think he approached her at the first place, in “We got Married” he said that he likes to take a long time to get to know someone and 2months is a short time, If it happened then she tricked him into it, waaw talking like this so openly might really hurt him that this very very private matter is out in the open like this, forgive us Hyun Joong


  3. If the next trial is schedule for september, then I am guessing that they want her in court to help answer all of these questions including paternity, so they would not have to come back for that. Just guessing n if so smart move, then everything will be over
    We just have to keep praying

  4. I wonder how safe is HJ at DMZ if choi is not alone in these issue. We still need to continue praying for him. Next hearing 23 September.
    Still dragging these case the choi camp

  5. Hi everyone. I am crossing fingers for the trial. In Bulgaria it is the 22nd of July, but in Korea the day has already ended. I was hoping to find some news here, but I guess we will have to wait. Thanks LK for your article. I can imagine how our Hyun Joong is right now. We love you dear, everything will be all right.

  6. thnku lazer kim we all miss u a lot.and yes ur each and every word is true.dnt wht mrs choi z gng to hide her lie today..lets just pray for kim hyun joong and his family..from the staring we all knw tht our oppa is innocent bt he not hve to hide this truth and alone he feels all the pain…but its ohhk everythng came in our life to teach something,,i hope u learn a lot..and once agn thku all the fan who supported u all and u to lazer kim… 🙂 🙂 god bless u khj amd his family and shower moe love to his u oppa.. 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi Lk,

    Thank you very much for your heartfelt article . You really said what most of HJ’s fans have in mind. The truth is HJ’s fans are so right about this woman’s character since the first day they saw her . His fans really have a good instinct. They are also right about her since the first day the choi’s scandal broke out. It ‘s so amazed that everything you said about this woman in last August has been proved it’s true now. You have an x-ray’s eyes.

    Tomorrow is the day that we will see how this woman is going to defend her lies. She and her lawyer probably prepare something they think that can cover their lies .We will see.

    This case is definitely the case that all male celebrities in SK can learn from. They need to be careful for the women like choi who can do everything just to get involved with celebrities because of their fame and money. I wish women in SK will show their stand that choi ‘s actions and behavior is not acceptable and disgrace dignity of women.

    ATT. Lee said this case might take 4-5 months to end . This is just the beginning we still have a long way to go. Often I feel so tiring of the long process but when I thought about HJ and his family I realize they must be so hurtful and much more tiring than me. I suddenly feel i have to keep my energy fresh and be positive.

    Praying is the best way to booth our energy to send a good will to HJ and his family. God always listen to us and will always have HJ in his arm.

    I believe the court will bring justice to Hyun Joong . The meanwhile we can keep supporting him the best way we can . Sending him and his family a support letter is one way to remind him that he was not alone in this battle.

    For the woman choi I hope she will get what she deserves as an ill-will woman who lied to destroy a man’s life and as a blackmailer and gold digger should get.

    Her premeditated plan to trap HJ and all her lies must be exposed to the court.

  8. All my Prayers these days for U KHJ & your Family. God Bless u All! Everything gonna be aright for sure. We ll always love U as a great actor,musician & incredible person. Tnx that we can enjoy your records & video every single day even U r far away, but still close. Also huge gratitude to LK for generosity to be welcome here. Tnx.


  10. It still hurt me to see a mother use her unborn child for her selfish want….if d child turn out to be oppa own or not i just pray d child has nothing to do with a mother like you who is ready to use her child for her crazy want….u claim you love oppa yet u came out to destroy all he has worked for#AM SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED iN U#because of your stupidness people will see women as evil as you,children will pray not to have a mother like u,IT HURT TO THINK OPPA ONCE LOVE A DEMON LIKE U AND WAS READY TO TAKE ALL YOUR ACCUSATION.

    Oppa finally this scandal is coming to an end,all i want is to see an adorable smile on your face.WE YOUR FANS WILL CONTINUE CHEERING AND SUPPORTING YOU TILL D END AND WE WILL STAND UP TO DEFEND U IN ANY CASE WHATSOEVER….

  12. Lazerkim i have a question i just read that kim’s side finally countersues her but previously his lawyer said that they will wait until the baby is born to countersues her. Does it mean her pregnancy is proven to be false or not kim’s.

    • Hope it’s okay if I answer. The counter suit that was filed on July 11th was to address the civil portion of this case. Choi will be sued for breaking the contract that they had, in which KHJ paid her 600,000 KRW that was not to be divulged to the public. It also covers her defamation of KHJ by telling the media/public that he abused her last year while she was pregnant, causing her to miscarry, which has been proven false. The criminal blackmail portion of this case will be filed after she gives birth (current pregnancy). The reason being, they don’t want to drag a pregnant woman in to court. (She is not required to be in court for the civil suit) And, she may receive jail time. This is the suit that will address the false allegations of abuse that Choi brought against KHJ in August.

  13. I’ve written most of my thought on Hyun joong .Com free board site.he should read everything ANJA let me say happy belated birthday. Live long and prosper.I love my baby brother like I love kimchi. I call him brother because I’m older that HJ.I love him to pieces. I will be his last fan standing. God’s will. At least 100 people at my job have heard one of HJ’s songs because I blast his music every day. And I dance to the music behind closed doors. After all I should be working. This is a real man. Nothing fake.this is why I love Kim Hyun joong.I wrote him on his free board to let him know that if he needed me as a fan, or a big sister to kick some. ……then I would fly to Korea just to defend him.I’m that loyal. I miss him like the desert misses rain.I pray for him daily.let’s stand by our baby boy. Lastly I will mention the negative energy. Be careful how you lie with in the future. One love to the most handsome Korea young man. I’ve got your back and I’ll always be on your side baby

  14. Now i can understand y she wants a money; how shamefull thing OMG!!!!
    OPPA, don’t worry we all with you…..
    And thanks a lot for sharing this article and now more i fell into love with him,……I hope this July 22 will be a great day for us

  15. Now I know why her atty. said last year that should khj not admit and make public apology, they would present more evidences (and that evidences although I know were fake had something to do with her lies of miscarriage). That atty. should have not said more evidences to be presented but more lies to be published.
    And I do not like how other sites especially korean are twisting the truth, stating that that girl might not be pregnant at the time of assaulting (as if they are khj bias but if you will scrutinize, it was a twisted story) , they even quoted that is was his atty who said ” the miscarriage deemed false at the time of assault “. O my..there was no assault at all; and Atty Lee never said there was indeed assault. I was happy when I read on twitter that Atty Lee has evidences that the rib-fracture requiring weeks of recovery was not indced by KHJ.
    I do hope that on July 22, 2015 there will be great news. Thank you God for your mercy and justice.

  16. Hello LazorKim, so nice to see your posts again!! Could you please answer a question for me??!! I know Hyun Joong just had a birthday and I was able to write down my best wishes to him thanks to you and your column. What l don’t understand is why everybody wished him a happy 30th birthday instead of 29th birthday! Please forgive my ignorance but l know he was born in 1986, so that would make him 29!!! Thank You so much! Love and appreciate you so much! Kisses, Annell Cohn!

    • Hello Annell!
      I really dont know why Koreans add up a year to original birthdate nor i cant explain it! Just like you im quite ignorant about how they count birthdate which for me is rather confusing!

      • In Korea, you’re deemed already 1 year old when you were born. That’s why when they celebrate their first birthday, you’re already 2 years old then. That’ my understanding. Am I correct?

        • Hello every one:
          This is how i understood the age counting principle; Koreans seem to celebrate the beginning or the start of a new year of age rather than celebrating the end of the past year. So as dear Del mentioned above, when a baby is born, Koreans celebrate the start of his first year. So, KHJ this year has celebrated the start of his 30 year of age. Also, I’m not sure if this is right.

          • They count at the time the baby is conceived in the mother’s womb. But if I would want that number as low as possible hehehe

    • actually they are following some LUNAR calender..they start counting the age before the birth of the baby ie..when the baby born they count it as an year..that is why this confusion..this is what i know sry if i am wrong..thanku:)))))

  17. My God.i just can’t believe a person can be dis hyun joong sure suffered alot!..i could really slash her if given a chance,i mean,hw can a person be dis fearless nd manipulative? Why are dey still debatin wen d truth is clearly obvious!!…i just want justice for him!!…#pledgedtobehisfannomatterthecircumstance#…..#onceafanalwaysafan# !!!!AJA HYUNJOONG-AH!!!

  18. Induction or a C-section can be done on a woman if the baby is fully grown. You do not have to wait for a full 40 weeks to deliver. Att Lee should ask the other side if she is delivering normally or not. Since she is the type who like to manipulating, there is a higher chance she will do this action. Att Lee should actually ask the court for a warrant to get information for all her medical cert. Since she’s been not able to provide any solid evidence.

        • I think is good if will be an obstetrician from his team when she is delivering to be there when she would give birth.

      • A simple Ultrasound will show how many weeks the fetus is. (and of coursse the name of the Mother to be and the date when
        the Ultrasound was conducted)

        • The thing is that, it is true that an ultrasound picture can have those particular however, like my sister she is pregnant now and she went to 2 hospital for an ultrasound scan. It came out from Hospital “A “with name but from Hospital “B” without any. So unless Att. Lee get his hands on a warrant for her medical records, he can get her medical number as it is stated in every medical checkup and it is link (e.g #227C3-7ED [25-02-2015]) for the first checkup and (e.g #255C3-7ED [30-03-2015]) for the following checkup. In her records this number will be available and he can easily pick up who’s it belongs to. That is why i am saying he needs to get that warrant and if not DNA test should be done right after birth which

    • yes very true indeed. when I am p[regnant with my youngest child; my doctor asked me what date should I undergo caesarian, She said I can choose between last week of October or 1st week of November, and I chose Oct.28 because it is also the bday of my eledst son.

  19. sorry for using your space here ms.Lk…..
    crdit: ms.sunny
    If u r interested in truth abt KHJ’s case, pls read this!
    #Justice4KHJ #김현중명예회복
    crdit:ms. Hazell
    The truth must be told to the world!
    crdit to owner…
    OBS Interview with Mr Lee Jae-man, Kim Hyun-joong’s lawyer on July 6th, 2015
    hope you all spreading it to others….thank you in advanced,have a nice day…
    thank you for your space, ms.LK…

  20. Thank you for your time and article LK. Missed you dearly.
    Basically a true Fan will stay with the Artist through thick and thin, that is how I see it and you always say a true Fan will be there always, so here we are and we will stay no matter what.
    Re KE, you can really write a thesis on their inadequacy to handle their most prized asset, they don’t have PR department and I doubt they have a Legal Department and actually every lame statement released by KE last year done more damage than helped. I don’t deny they allowed Hj freedom of creativity but when really needed they failed so badly that I don’t call agency, but amateurish management of sucking money. Whatever decision Hj will take in the end we will respect, but I hold Hj as an intelligent man who learned his lesson the very hard way and will make more mature decisions on choosing agency and other things in life.
    Attty Lee we can all see how a real professional works and is doing a marvellous job, can’t really express how much RESPECT I have for this person.
    As this drama unfold and the lies of the Bitch are exposed one by one can’t wait to see finally the real Truth out there and I do not expect that all those trash media outlets will issue an apology but at least that they will have the decency to print the Real Outcome of this. Someone said those are not interested in the Truth cause the Truth is not interesting and little people love sensationalism and scandals, well I and many as me LOVE the TRUTH and all liars and blackmailers should be punished and pay for what they have done to one decent and innocent man.
    I really want to see the bitch in jail for all the turmoil, circus and destroying all that hard work with her sick obsession for Hj. For all the stress she put so many people under she must pay and may it be a lesson for all the blackmailers out there, no mercy here.
    Of course the Best of KHj will be on Oricon chart, we can’t expect less and whom ever think that Hj power is going to lessen they are very much mistaken because Hj still have very much to give a and Artist and what an awesome Artist he will be after his MS, can’t wait.

    till next time LK, don’t be a stranger, we miss you sis…….:)

  21. Hiiii there and WELCOME BACK !!!!
    Well in the last article, a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and a reader of your blog, named, Hazell Hassan helped me out in confirming the address . And now you have also come confirmed the very same place. Thanks, Lazerkim. You helped be big time. May God Help you billion or infinite time in many ways whenever you need His help as you have helped me. It may sound exaggerated but it is true. Hope to hear from you soon. Till then keep sparkling.

    Lazy Mousumi

  22. Hi LK, kumusta, Miss you & miss your article. Once again you are right on the target & your article didn’t disappoint me & agree everything you said. Thank you so much for your Hardwork, Dedication & Love for our Hyun Joong. Everything is slowly coming out in the open & the Truth will be coming out as well, But no matter what the outcome is,, I will still stay & support Hyun Joong. To God be the Glory, He will protect Hyun Joong in all of these. And his legal team will get their revelation all the way to victory in Jesus name. Once again LK salamat ❤ God Bless Everyone.

  23. Welcome back, LK.
    I’m looking for your articles everyday.
    Miss HJ, miss you so much.
    Pray and hope the best for our lovely boy.

  24. Welcome back, miss you and you did not disappoint. God bless and keep up the excellent work. Did read many articles on Twitter and Hyunnies pexers bloggs and others to keep up as to what was happening with the case. Agree with you on everything you said, especially that I am only a fan so I will, support him in whatever decision he makes. Yes, lets hope that KE has learned a lesson and that HJ can and will still be a high talented entertainer when he returnd and will still be able to draw a crowd. Love you and God bless.

  25. U do an excellent job sis….. I don’t miss any of ur articles…. Thankq for ur articles.,.. Sarangeyoo

  26. Hello Ms. LK, Welcome back to KHJ’s world! I want to take this opportunity to thank you Ms.LK, his legal team,his family and everyone here for all your effort in writing article, updating news, translating, sharing,defending & most of all, for all your undying love & support to our only one Star KHJ! Keep praying & fighting for the truth to be revealed. May all we be united in love while waiting for our only one & for justice to be done. Have a pleasant & a blessed day everyone😊😊😊

  27. Yes, I clearly see how incompetent KeyEast is. If it acted last year, there might not be another drama this year. The truth would have been revealed last year and end Choi’s career as blackmailer; and then KHj would not have seen her to ask for the settlement paper which…would have prevented this pregnancy drama.
    I really do hope that the whole truth would be revealed.
    Thanks LK. at last after a month and two weeks, there is this article.
    God bless KHJ, Atty. Lee, Kim family, fans and all of us and our own loved ones.

  28. Thanks a lot to all of u who fighting to protect not just the person u love, but all the greatest things in the Universe – Talent, Beauty, Truth & Absolute Love. Thank u for that. Thanks to protecting all Good from Evil without Face. Love u guys.

  29. Hello everyone,

    Like everybody else here, I too would love to see that horrible woman and her disgusting lawyer go to jail. And I definitely agree that he should also be disbarred. I mean what he has been doing to KHJ while knowing it’s ALL a big lie is horrifying in itself, but because of the way he so shamelessly acts so confident in the BULLS**T he keeps spewing out in front of the cameras makes me believe that he has done these kind of things before. In my opinion, I don’t think Choi is the first ”client” he has helped to scheme money off of innocent people. I also think that they should both (choi and her lawyer) be forced to kneel in front of KHJ and his parents and beg for their forgiveness for all the crap the’ve put them through. It should be done in front of a bunch of reporters (she seems to love the media anyways) for all the world to see. Then Dispatch (as a way to make amends) should make it the cover story along with ALL the truthfull details of what REALLY happened and hopefully with pictures of those two being dragged off to jail. Along with doing this, Dispatch should also issue a public apology to KHJ, his family, friends, and fans for putting them through such a horrible ordeal with their irresponsible journalism. Unfortunately I know this won’t happen, but it would be nice if it did.

    • Yes, that will not happen but many will suffer in silent, meaning we many never know, but they will reap what they sow. No misdeeds go unpunish. We may not hear about or see but it will happen for all who help spread this lie.

  30. Thank you LK, for another heartfelt article. Atty Lee is a very wise man. He knows better than to say to the media, “The child is not KHJ’s.” Not only would it cause the antis to start beating their drums again, but Choi’s side would leap to the podium again with more counter lies. I do believe though, that he gave us a hint when he commented about the most current ultrasound that was released to the media. He said, “The image is suspect.” and “If the baby arrives much later than Sept. 12, then there is no need for DNA testing.” To me, what this means is that the fetus in the ultrasound image is smaller than it should be for her pregnancy timeline, if it were in fact KHJ’s child. I think KHJ has strongly suspected since February that the child is not his, because of Choi’s change of due date, and that’s why he was able to move forward with defending himself.

  31. From statements released by KHJ thru Lawyer Lee, it sounds like KHJ did not tell KE what was actually going on last year – still they should have been more active w/damage control.

  32. I just praying that the child is not KHJ. That this is just another big lie of Ms Choi. This woman has lied so much, I wouldn’t put it past her tone faking the entire pregnancy.

  33. “It is often in the darkest
    skies that we see the
    brightest stars.”
    ― Richard Evans

    “There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
    No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

    “There is a crack in everything.
    That’s how the light gets in.”
    ― Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

  34. Welcome back ms Kim n thanks for your article and I agree with you that if KE got Atty Lee this whole circus wouldn’t happen but some reason I feel like KE has to do with this mess that why medias are not writing the truth
    And choi is beyond stupid n yes her lawyer deserve to go to jail too and he also sure be disbarred

  35. Welcome back! I agree with you that if Atty Lee had been on the job from the beginning, this circus would have not gone on as long as it has. Choi is really a piece of work, and I hope she gets everything that’s coming to her. To think she did all this to someone she supposedly loved. Wow…

  36. Welcome back LK. Been waiting for your article. Wonderfully written as always. Thank You. I am keeping my finger cross on HJ case. Sad he is given a risky and tiring job at the border where else all his other members got quite an easy duty. Fighting HJ. God will look out for you. This experience will make you wiser.

    • Yes, would not have like to have him in that position but I remember him asking for a postion that was not puffy, and the statement that LK made in one of her blogg, “are you crazy”. But, have too admire him for not wanting an easy position because he is an entertainer when others would have too. Another reason why I like KHJ, his warm and caring heart. This is what others did
      not see nor those who claimed to be fans but believed the lie and left and then talked trash. Wonder what they are thinking now.

      • I totally agree with you. We of course want him the best and wished for a safe position in the army for him, but some how i still satisfied as well, as he is not just an ordinary man, he is a true fighter. So, I can only pray for him to be safe and healthy and wish the best for his legal case. God bless you all.

  37. Haha LK we did miss you…
    I guess now we have nothing much to talk about so called A! she always breaks her own record of stupidity!
    And we must thank god and Mrs Kim for bringing Mr Lee to HJ and we should be always thank ful to him for handling this case so well…
    Lets hope for best…

  38. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] RACING BACKWARD | LazerKim

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