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By: LazerKim


The following contents that you shall read in this article are facts stated by Kim Hyun Joong’s legal counsel Atty Lee from those TV interviews and phone patch. Here’s the translations of those interviews for the record as follows:


In gist, HJ lawyer explained that Choi had continuously alter the content of that LETTER OF APOLOGY. So the final apology letter released was in accordance to what CHOI WANTED!

In the settlement agreement, there was a particular clause that stated that the 600mil won settlement sum cannot be disclosed to the public or there will be a penalty on HJ for the disclosure.

Yet the first person to breach the clause was not HJ but Choi who upon receipt of the 600mil won of settlement money lied in her statement to the media that it was due to her love for him that she decided not to sue or settle for money. On this point, it is tantamount to defamation, HJ side will raise this as a breach!

In gist, why did HJ paid out such a huge settlement amount of money to Choi was because HJ then did not have a lawyer to represent him and he was alone in dealing with her threats. Even without any medical report he thought her pregnancy & miscarriage were true.

At last August when HJ was sued for the alleged assault care, Choi had threatened him that she will report him for assaulting a pregnant woman. Originally the settlement amount was 300 mil won but it was settled  for 600 mil won eventually.

HJ lawyer’s reply on whether there was any confirmation on what Choi claimed (pregnancy and miscarriage). HJ lawyer said that there was no confirmation at all. Choi messaged HJ about the miscarriage but there was no medical reports about her pregnancy or miscarriage produced to substantiate her claim. So from this point, it can be said that there is no pregnancy or miscarriage.

Trans cr Michlui thanks!:  Source: TV Daily

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GATHERED FACTS 1                (Assualt 2014)

KHJ lawyer assurance ‘There’s no Pregnancy.Miscarriage’ in 2014. ‘There’s no pregnancy, how to have miscarriage?’ Absurd!  Choi she herself knew it’

1.) She did go to hospital to check for pregnancy but was diagnosed as not pregnant. So how to get miscarriage then? Her allegations have not confirmed as facts. Choi sent text messages but NEVER provided medical docs for miscarriage and pregnancy.

2.) HJ, with no legal represents at that time, (with no evidences like medical docs), just believed pregnancy/miscarriage true.

3.) In Aug, HJ was sued for assault. A threatened him that she would reveal him, who abused a pregnant woman to miscarry. HJ first offered 30MW for settlement but eventually settled with 600MW as she asked for.

4.) Choi kept making changes to agreement/public apology. The apology was posted with the content that she wanted!


GATHERED FACTS 2                  (Agreed settlement)

1.) There is a clause in the agreement, if agreement is known to public, 600M must be paid as agreement violation. But it is Choi who violated it first, not HJ. On the day she got payment, Choi, thru interview, made false claim as a last token of love for a person she loved, she withdrew charges w/o agreement payment

2.) It is our side [HJ] who got defamed by this and who has to ask for violation payment. Choi is now suing for 1.6BW that is more than agreement payment 600MW, with claim of physical/mental suffering from pregnancy

3.) HJ expressed he will take responsibility as father if the baby is confirmed his. This time he got medical doc but unable to confirm pregnancy himself yet

4.) Out of 1.6BW, 1BW is for aforementioned reasons, and 600MW is for agreement violation payment.


GATHERED FACTS 3                    (Questionable Allegations)

1.) Choi knows extremely well how tender-hearted HJ is. Unable to talk to HJ, she demanded quick decision, asking 1.6MW.  As her demand wasn’t met, it appears that she went on with suing to get the money by pressuring thru media.

2.) At this point, assault evidence, pregnancy, miscarriage, all Choi’s allegations of the time are questionable. Civil case allows attorney representation for the parties concerned, I will be in charge of representing him.

3.) HJ’s lawyer says he won’t be in agreement with her. HJ didn’t confirm her pregnancy because of her interruption. And HJ will respond strongly about her lawsuit.

4.) Kim Hyun Joong side “ex girlfriend claims are defamatory, we will respond to blackmail” [official position]

                                                    >>> END <<<

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LETTER OF APOLOGY      (LK outburst!)

I’m posting this letter of apology again and I would like all of us to review. Yes when I first read this I could not convince myself that Hyun Joong actually wrote this letter. Do you know how it feels? To be confessing on something you’re not even guilty of? Here let’s review the letter:

Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.

During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize. As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded. 

Since this situation is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person. I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well. Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive. I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person.

It’s very clear now that it was Choi who basically wrote this letter. And no wonder those trash media even made the worst translation out of this letter just to make Hyun Joong appear like a criminal. Just to stop this woman Choi’s greedy evil intention.

Yes Choi, Hyun Joong trusted the wrong person, YOU who betrayed him. And justice will be served soon! Beware of your KARMA and JAIL!


LAZY PARASITE    (LK outburst!)

Reading all these translations and reviewing this letter of apology led me to tears, not of sadness but pain and anger! How will I ever forgive this woman for what she has done? Just for money she did all of this! She’s one LAZY PARASITE! Forgive me but what she did is just too much!

Now I would even suspect if ever she turn out positive in her pregnancy in Feb scandal, I would think that petition made by a KHJ fan is right, that she may be pregnant BUT from another man! And I would suspect Kim Hyun Joong may not be her first victim! It seems to me she’s an expert in blackmailing and expert in manipulating through LIES.

It is now very clear to me as to why Choi brought out this 2014 miscarriage issue and April lawsuit through media she is avoiding any legit PT and DNA test to be able to determine the age of the fetus and to whoever the father is IF ever she is currently pregnant.

Who could ever blame me if I air my anger insult her, call her names because this is nothing compare to what she has done to Hyun Joong his family and us his fans. This woman NEVER realize what she did and would keep doing this if she’ll not end up in jail for blackmail extortion and defamation!

If she has a decent job or career, she wouldn’t even think of plotting on pregnancy, miscarriage and a lot more lies beyond my imagination! This probably is the reason why she resorted to blackmailing because she doesn’t know how to earn a living, she doesn’t know how to work which makes Choi a total  LAZY PARASITE!



Hyun Joong carry all these burden by himself, he kept this blackmailing and as I can see the reason why he kept silent not even to defend himself not until now. He was scared that this Choi would mess up to the media and who do you think will get hurt? It’s his fans.

Hyun Joong knows how we would feel upon knowing the existence of this Choi knowing how evil she is. He kept silent as I said as if there’s a gun pointed on his head and just followed what that parasite wanted just as not to hurt his fans by letting the media know what was going on in reality.

I know now why he agreed to meet her again in Nov, it’s all about money, demanding for it and plotting again for another blackmail. *sigh* I read that not even his parents knew about this blackmail until just in Jan. It’s better late than never, it’s good he’s now fighting and having a good lawyer.

With all of these happened I still have one entity to blame which is his agent, but I’ll reserve that for another article. I have not forgotten the negligence, so till the next article hopefully I’ll have a day with this incompetent agency!

We don’t worry about Hyun Joong now, he’s safe and sound I just hope he’s sleeping at the right time now since he’s a night person who’s probably adjusting to his body clock! He’ll be alright and I never doubt he’ll be a greater star as he comes back to us.

I end my day and get some sleep with this words… Justice for Kim Hyun Joong! Jail for the parasite!!  Happy ending to all of us KHJ and his fans! God bless the twins, GEMINI!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing


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At last someone from the trash media wrote pertaining this interview from Atty Lee! Here’s that news as follows:

Kim Hyun Joong’s Reps: “His Ex’s Records Show No Sign of Pregnancy or Miscarriage”

The May 16 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly” released a report onKim Hyun Joong’s current situation in the ongoing legal battle between the singer-actor and his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi.

Through this broadcast, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney stated, “In the photos taken [with Kim Hyun Joong] at Jeju Island on June 7, just days after May 30 [when she was allegedly assaulted], she has no scars on her face and no bruises on her arms. She claims that she suffered a miscarriage during pregnancy due to abuse, but her medical records show nothing related to pregnancy nor miscarriage.”

Photos taken of Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend during a trip to Jeju Island around the time of the alleged incident were also revealed on “Entertainment Weekly.”

In response to this, Ms. Choi’s side shared, “There are plenty of text messages that were sent back and forth [between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi] during their relationship. The whole truth will be revealed in court.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong enlisted in the army on May 12 and is currently receiving basic military training for five weeks.

News source:

Link> (shared by Yogi thanks!!)


Atty Lee was at SBS news this late evening May 16 showing proofs that the evidences shown in 2014 pertaining to assault were all false evidences! He’s also showing another evidence that Choi submitted having said Hyun Joong and her were together in Jeju in June 2014, but i believe the photos were fixed from the photo shop!! LOL She never learn!!

This shows as Choi claimed she was assaulted by Hyun Joong in May 30 and now Choi was saying they were together in early June 2014, but there were no bruises from her arms and neck in early June! Then in these photos in June Atty Lee was showing how these photos were cut and paste by photoshop!!

LOL Geez this is really the biggest joke of the century created by Choi!! Indeed still a nutshell brain!! LOL! More popcorn pls!! I’m enjoying this, Ms Cut and Paste arts created by the parasite!! LOL!


CFIrey4VAAAa8tN (1)

(photo cr: moonhee fr tweeter thanks!)

REVELATION BY ATTY LEE                  (Trans cr: sunny@sunsun_sky)

In regards to assault, KHJ admitted assault at that time, it was only because he believed Choi’s claim of pregnancy and miscarriage by assault was true. And was also threatened by her to have it exposed to media with such words “when shall be exposed?”

These threats utterly shocked him and drove him to such total panic as he was unable to seek any advice and ended up paying 600MW as demanded. He didn’t have any legal representation at that time different from now, he had to bear everything alone!

He ended up paying 600MW because of threats to expose miscarriage by assault. It means that he paid 600MW by threats based on false fact. As 600MW was extorted by threats of exposing pregnancy and miscarriage by assault, legal action for blackmail can be taken. The fact that she said she didn’t take any settlement compensation is breach of settlement provision.

Moreover, even after taking compensation she stated that she withdraw her charges without compensation as last token of love. With such statement she put her image as good person who didn’t demand for money but damaged HJ’s image as bad person. This is a breach of settlement provision and also defamation against KHJ. Legal action for defamation may be taken. Civil complaint may be taken too.


Kim Hyun-joong vows to return ‘a new man’ in handwritten apology to fans

From Kpop Herald link>  (

UPDATE PHOTOS FROM MS CAMP     (photo cr fr owner thanks!)


Latest update from Tweeter! Kim Hyun Joong seems to have lost weight and a bit haggard still handsome though! He has been away to his MS for barely10 days from May 12. There’s a message to his parents with this photo that stated:

“One year and nine months is not a lot, I’ll return as an amazing soldier! Has Matic returned home?” (trans cr: Nixies thanks!)

The message gave me the impression that Matic (Hyun Joong’s dog) run away from home??? How true is this??


(New Soldier Schedule info frn Tweeter: Hyunited6686Henecia  Thanks for sharing!)



Now I would say I really miss this guy! No matter what hair style he wears, no matter what outfit and how rugged he is, Kim Hyun Joong is still the most handsome man I have ever met! Handsome inside out, still perfect for me no matter what others may say and nothing is gonna change my opinion about him as a man, and I mean it.

Just dropping by to let eveyone know I’m still alive and kicking, just dead busy with work these past days! Forgive me if I may delay in posting, since the real world again is taking me away from this site!

I deliberately did not post my opinion pertaining Hyun Joong’s parents interview, please forgive me, it’s too painful to have read it, but I’ll never forget what they have shared with us and I hope one day to be back here and let those media and Choi pay for what they have done to Hyun Joong’s family.

To my dear readers thank you so much for posting the updates in my comment box your efffort is very much appreciated. Please do stick around, I’ll be back hopefully after June 3rd. Thank you, take care, be happy be strong and see you again God bless Gemini!

                                                                                            LazerKim here dropping by!

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  1. This was so helpful thank u so much ! I was really unsure of what actually went on , but I was wondering if u knew how I could send a letter to KHJ while he’s in the army ? Silly I know , but I would love to be able to write to him 🙂

  2. I will wait LK my kababayan for your next article. Your article will always put me at peace & in perspective regarding Hyun Joong, his family, & his legal team even though I keep watching your next article when is it coming? LOL!!,, But I also want you to take very good care of yourself. I understand you also have a life like we all do. I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your dedication & commitment in this site for all of us to share & an up to date info regarding our Beloved Hyun Joong. WE LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU & GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. muahh ❤

  3. Dear LK, i really wonder why u didnt write about recent khj’s parents u are busy…please write soon..really miss ur article…

    Dear son, Now we understand your silence . If you made a mistake you paid too much for it, next time and for ever take legal help, dont try to fix yourself a problem, because people will get advantage of your kind personality. You showed us to be so kind but naive to believe in her words only. In your position as a celebrity you need to be careful even with the person who is on bed with you.
    Learn that only ones who you can trust blindly are your parents and true proved loyal friends. Now even the bad side of your personality will be shown because she pushed you too much that it happened. But If it is to prove the true, for me it is ok. If somebody never lose mind he or she are not human.
    She will say horrible things about you for her sake, but she lost credibilty. What a shame for you my baby t oface it. Now I wonder IF she is pregnat , she could care the baby under these circunstances where she put herself, doing those stupid things? . You only wanted to wait to prove if the baby is yours to take responsibilities. With her dangerous actions she lost completely your trust, if anytime you felt that for her. Who could blame you for that.
    My dear, it is better for you to be in MS, whatever she says wont touch you nor us. It is simply expected from her. We are cured of fright, so rest well , that whatever she says wont hurt us, we healthed ourselves in September. Now we are ready waiting for her.

  5. Just saw the new MS pictures of KHJ. He looks so good and well in contrast to his picture released few weeks ago. I am so happy.

  6. Lazer, may I request to please enlighten about theses issues.
    Issue 1 – KHJ & that girl had heated argument which resulted to slight alterations and these were also said by KHJ.
    Issue No.2 – KHJ was showing his martial arts and accidentally hurt that girl.
    My question is – Is issue no.2 true?
    Which among the two issues had caused alleged miscarriage by that girl?
    Which issue is the subject of the “fines” stated by the prosecutor?
    Another thing – Did that girl go to five OBGyne clinics for treatment of alleged miscarriage?
    Thank you for your answers. God Bless

    • LOL I dont think a woman doesnt need 5 OB clinic just to treat miscarriage!! Thats a lot of bull! I can only speculate if investigation ws being done could be searching for hospitals records where a possible miscarriage treatment ws done! Unfortunately no med rec were presented!! I very much doubted that theres miscarriage nor pregnancy last year.
      Issue no 2 is another lie i think!

      • The only reason I can see for going to 5 OB’s, is that she was trying to find one that was willing to say that she had a miscarriage by taking only her word that she was pregnant in the first place.

    • I’m not sure what the source is, but I read today that the original argument took place when Choi showed up drunk at KHJ’s apartment, banging on the door, demanding entry. While attempting to get her to leave, some pushing took place. And, according to his neighbors, she showed up drunk and belligerent, banging on his door on a regular basis.

  7. Another updates..
    Credit to SP @Illublue
    Translated from Chinese translation posted by 弥凌伊 at weibo. From interview with HJ’s parents
    “Our son wished to enlist quietly, so we didn’t even go to the enlistment centre. After the ceremony, there was a rite where the recruits bow to their parents, but we didn’t go. While the other new recruits were performing this ritual to their parents, Hyun Joong seemed to have just stood there dumbly before going into the training centre. His friends told us,’dad, mum, you might as well have gone too.’After which we cried.” So said his heartbroken mother as she wiped her tears away…

  8. [Legal case Update Trans]
    1) KHJ side: in the process of verifying former GF’s pregnancy & miscarriage;
    ‘if lies, it’s blackmail’
    Legal action will be taken.
    김현중 전 여친, 유산 및 임신 여부 확인 中 ‘거짓 경우 공갈죄’
    2) KHJ-Former GF: true vs false: will confirm OB&G medical records
    ” If false, KHJ side intends to take legal action.

    【Kim Hyun Joong launched legal counterattack against former girlfriend】
    The Seoul Central District Court on the 25th Civil section 22 to the National Health Insurance group and 5 gynecological hospitals were served a “fact-finding request” Kim Hyun Joong side, said: “We have the right to know their pregnancy and abortion records .5 hospitals in which hospital she was diagnosed as miscarriage,
    in which hospital was diagnosed with pregnancy is still unknown, we are waiting for the findings.”
    cr: @韩娱Doublek

  9. my only question in all of this is WHY HYUN JOONG WENT BACK TO HER ??? why why he traveled with her in november??? i mean, this woman sued him, and now we know she blackmailed him and he STILL went back to her ???? if he didnt do that there wouldnt be the pregnancy thing … , is he that stupid sigh …… i dont get it , how can u go back to a woman that sued you ??? and now imagine if the baby is his, then theres never gonna be an end to their relashionship, i mena a baby is a commimment for LIFE , they have to parent together, go to school, talk, etc , he literally tied himself to this bitch for life
    why why did he go back to her, he should have ended everything in august … idiot idiot KHJ

    • Maybe she blackmailed him and told him that if he didn’t come to her then she will sue him again???I always think of the same thing too but this is my explanation to him going back to her.

    • The case that was sent to the prosecutor’s office was not yet decided then, and I think KHJ was being nice and cooperative with her because he was afraid that girl would create another stir, If you will notice, right after the decision was disclosed, KHJ avoided her which resulted to that girl’s pregnancy issues being exposed to public.

        • That was wrong decision for him because he trusted a wrong person. However i think it’s strange that he did not protect himself. I believe this gold digger choi always wants to be pregnant by him and had tried it all along. i believe an experienced 31 years old woman knew very well what to do to get herself pregnant.

          As manipulative as this choi is i beleive she would do anything to trap him to make it happened. I don’t believe he did not protect if he was well in good consciousness. He is too naive to handle the experience gold digger woman who had her goal since knowing him. I just hope HJ will not blame himself too much because we can’t always protect ourselves from the evil . However the evil always enjoy its work in the beginning but the evil has never won anything at the end.

          • Hello Bella!
            Cant help not to reply on this. Im very doubtful on that nov meeting if you review KE 1st statement in Feb it stated something like “it’s true hj and choi met up after the case last year as a part of settlement..” this was witten fr trash allkpop in feb whatever it meant i think its a part of the blackmail meant to trap him. im not even convince something happened perceiving intimate that time. I dont know i may be wrong but im just doubtful.

    • That’s why i get very angry at KE . They and HJ should fight back since August. What did they do when they artist had problem ?. It shows that KE did not know how to protect their star and do not care for the reputation of a man life rather than he can give them a lot of income or KE has really a short vision and not able to think about long term vision. I’m quite sure other agencies will respond differently than KE.

  10. To choi and her Crüe why its difficult to let the HJ mother to witness the progress of the development of the fetus but it’s so easy and fast to demand money from HJ. Have u ever sit down and question ur steps. I’m saying these coz I know u read our wall. Damd u are so stupid Have u ever enrolled to any kindergarten before ?

    • Choi’s reason was that KHJ’s mother was not a relative. I am so happy that she said that. It means that she and her baby are in no way related to the Kim family. SO CONVINCED THAT SHE IS NOT RELATED TO THE KIM FAMILY AND I HOPE SHE STANDS WITH THAT TO THE END. YOu see, whatever she says now is backfiring on her.


      • Crazy bitch, I think she thought that the so-called ‘baby’ only related to HJ but not his mother/father..she even asked HJ to come for the check-up..she said she would only going for check-up IF Hj was around. Bcoz of that stupid reason, they have to cancel the check-up and wait until HJ come back from Japan. Bitch who only crazy for HJ attention. I wanted to strangle her when i think of this!!

  11. Is Choi a sriptwriter of a drama director? How did all these come to her mind? Did she think she can twist the story anytime she want to? This time, I do not think she could get away with the drama or should I say horror that she has started.
    Not all people think like her; and she is not wise actually. If she really want more money, KHj could have quietly given it to her, had she presented a valid proof that the baby is his. What is keeping her from presenting the proof? Now, she stands to lose everything, even her former defenders are annoyed with her actuations. The more she hides, the more she is exposing herself as the real villain.
    I have never commented like this before, but this girl is pushing me to the limit. But nevertheless, I am wise not to go down to her level. So I will leave it all to GOD who searches ones’s heart; and who despises liars and false witnesses.
    All I can say is that I pray that GOD take complete control and give due justice.

  12. The more I knew about what Hyun Joong has been through and what happen behind the apology letter the more I get very angry on KE.

    I think I have never talked much about this agency since the nightmare started. KE is so in-compitant and very unprofessional to protect their artist. They are irresponsible to maintain the image of their star. They are not worth the money they got from HJ. At the least they should gave HJ a lawyer to provide good advise for him. They should never leave him dealing with problem alone in the mid of his concert series.

    Their experience should be able to tell that in the case like this HJ should not be alone and should be far from this crazy woman to prevent more complicated situation such as being trapped. . I think they suppose to know that this kind of woman is very dangerous for their star. Hj might be naive but as the agency who looks after the artists they should not be naive and should be able to think ahead in handling the star’s career.. very very disappoint at KE. I admit I was not happy to see them on May 12th, Why just show support now after abandon HJ for months during the nightmare.

    I’m sorry in advance if I hurt somebody feeling here. I just need to burst it out. If HJ renews a contract with them after MS. I strongly suggest they should take these 2 years to prove they are compitant and worthy enough to be his agency..

  13. You all should read macoy’s comments about KHJ in all k pop..don’t read the news her comment s and how she responded. You’ll is the link kudos to big one for defending Khj even though he is not khj’s fans.

    • Yeah, everytime i hit my boiling point fr reading in twitter, i go to allkpop and the comments of this macoy. Its very funny, ” he hit her”. There is no way to have a conversation with her. Definitely shes paid by allkpop or choi or who ever it is. Wanna thank sami006 for tirelessly and bravely posting the current news and defending hj.

    • hahaha…i just came back from there…she’s really something, I think her head had loose screw…LOL…how does she keep relying on tht ” he admitted of assaut her” like 1000 times already…thats the only evidence and choi psycho never lie or change her statement!!??? soo stupid…even others choi defenders have no balls to defend her anymore but that macoy….LOL

      • I think she is being paid. She is constantly there and always makes sure her comments to be shown above. I argued a bit, but I quit, she is crazy.

        • It’s probably not far from the truth.
          The liar choi got 6ooM from blackmailing she certainly has enough money to pay a lot of people to defend for her.and support her lawsuit. i hope the medical people will not be paid to fake medical report. I said this because in my opinion the medias are being paid too i just don’t know by whom.

  14. My heart is broken for him. He had endured even more than I imagined. This part with the candle…. What can a person think in a dark room a whole day…. I think I should have supported him even more, I should have fight with those haters even more courageously… There was even a time when I thought that maybe he has some feelings for her and we should not interfere…. Oh, I am so sorry for him. This vicious woman needs jail. KHJ shoul know how much we love him. Stay strong, Hyun Joong, ah

    • I’m relieved that he is in the army now at least he has a busy schedule, staying in the dark and the lawyer saying not to leave him alone means he was afraid that he would do something like suicide, I tremble when thinking about that could he really have thought of that? I’m so glad he’s in the army now really at least he is safe from that b***h

  15. Another Eng trans…credit : MichLui

    Eng Trans of @Miyokolovekhj ‘s tweet – Chinese translation summarizing part of the interview with HJ’s parents.

    In gist, before leaving for Japan HJ already knew of the pregnancy. Right around the commencement of the Japan Tour (Gemini tour), Choi bitch contacted HJ and continued to pressurize him, causing him psychological stress! Because of this issue, HJ’s dad comforted him, telling him for the sake of the concert’s success and the impact on his agent company, it may be better to not irritate Choi but to settle with her nicely. That was why HJ had comforted her (through those text messages). But Choi bitch manipulated those text messages from HJ (to create lies)! HJ was really hurt when he saw those ‘edited version’ of his text messages. Still, they thought that given Choi bitch is pregnant, they decided to continue to treat her nicely.

    When the concert tour was over, HJ continued to be very nice and (even more) tender to Choi bitch than before. But then the matter suddenly took a turn and accelerated into something bigger (maybe referring to the lawsuit).

    (CH translation author wrote: This family is way too kind!)

    ME : no wonder he looked doom and gloomy ( my own perspective ) in Gemini concert…we can see his suffering from his face….

    • Twitt from MichLui..

      Eng Trans for @illublue’s tweet on interview questions posed to HJ’s parents

      Q1: How do you feel about your son’s enlistment?
      A1: (replied by HJ’s mom) Watching HJ suffered so much alone, especially with his quiet personality (a man of few words), my heart ache for him. It was really painful.

      Q2: HJ got enlisted in the midst of the lawsuit controversy, did he say anything to you (HJ’s parents)?
      A2: HJ said not to worry too much. Despite enlisting in the midst of the lawsuit, he had already discussed with lawyer and the matter would be properly settled.

  16. I could not imagine how KHJ looked like during those days. He refused to go outside; and he turned off lights and only use a candle in his room. Did he get paranoid or phobia of Choi? And worst when the attorney who came to him warned his parents not to leave him alone, so it means he really looked desperate and I would not be surprise if he had thought of suicide.
    I am so sorry KHJ that I became negative during those days of your silence thinking you do not care about your fans, and I really did not understand then what you had been going through.

  17. My heart melted when I saw his first official picture in the MS. I do not understand but I saw a man without aura. The stains brought by that girl really stucks to his face and I pity him. He could no longer smile brightly now. I do hope that he can recover, and God please renew him and bring back the joy in his heart.
    I also had palpitations as I read the English translation of his parents’ interviews. Especially the part that KHJ cried when he finally told them how that girl blackmailed him ( and to think up to the last day before MS enlistment, she continued to pressure him).
    But my consolation is that his parents are now beginning to tell the truth, and they could have reveal the truth much earlier had KHJ not keep it to himself for so long. I also go for his attorney who is earning respect from people who are not biased.
    May God bless KHJ, his family, his legal counsel, his fans and all who are for the truth in pursuing for justice.

  18. There is more. …..

    from @4everhyun

    I miss trans.b4. When both parents were met ms.a’s parents didnt know she miscarige b4 so later his dad asked to hj what happened?  

    Hj said with tears that she black mail to hj that she will sue him fr attacking pregnant women so he gave money although its not true.

      • I ‘m embarrassed for the woman choi’s parents. Can we call her lawyer as conspiracy for the story she has created ? I don’t think it’s too much to say that she probably has a few friends to support her plan. They should be put in jail too.

        It is very hurtful indeed to know how much HJ has been suffered because of wrongly accusation from the liar.woman. I wish the SK medias will be more efficient in their job to find out more of her past and background because this is a crime. Considering what she has been doing since last August she is very experience in planing the strategy for blackmailing and threaten a person.I’m not surprise at all if in fact HJ is not her first victim.

    • Haaa he was inloved with a psychopath honestly. Obessesive behaviour. Fear of accepting rejection. Why was she still single not married before if she was a real catch 😳😳😳. She realy nearly destroyed him. Thanks to his loving parents and all the fans. In his latter he was reading all our supporting messages. 🙊to her girl you realy need help institution management. Therapy is top of the list.

    • what kind of person is she…..she has no right to be in this society…..disgusting women….hj be strong…..u have u r loving parents & fans that they will be with u 24/7…..koye kuch bi karle sach tho kabina kabi samane aye jayaga…..miss u oppa….come back with fullpackage khj…..fighting 🙂

  19. Hi, I just saw this interview ….and, It’s broke my hart. …
    I just cut and paste so….

    Korean magazine interview

    Twitter. Crd:@4everhyun

    Ms choi’s parents annoyed and said “our daughter never been pregnant last year.

    This is 1st time.why are you making up the story?- mag.interview

    When both parents met, ms.choi’s mom called and asked about that but she said ” I swear I’ve never been pregnent b4″-mah.interview

    Text messages she revealed were all edited and made up the story..

    Hyun Joong had really hard time because of this

    -from the father interview

    Hyun Joong originally planned free 10th anniversay concert for fans who supported him from 10 years in April and enter the army..

    -mag interview

    Her parents are out of contact after they have met..

    Hj said not to worry about him and he will solve this problem peacefully and truth will reveal later but..

    dad told he can’t accept this situation.

    I dont care if you can’t continue to live as celebrities but you need to recover your damaged reputation.

    His mom: hj stays 24 hours at home with no candle..because some ppl told not to go outside..

    ms.choi might waiting for him..

    So she had to bring lawyer to his house

    (because he was so much depressed) after lawyer saw his status he told dont leave him alone..

    But after he had consult with laywer he became somewhat stable and drew strength

    She submitted 2 wks medi.rcd assulted by kim with x-ray dated 31 May. How is possible pregnant women exposed x-ray? 

    There is more …..
    but, this is only I saw in a English translation. ….

  20. I cry when hearing that his family feels stand alone against the world…
    So is the relationship of artists in SK…

    • My tears dropped even when I heard that KHj switch off his lights and light his house with a candle because of her false accusations! Poor him not knowing he’d been deceived by her!

  21. Hi LK & all AlienFanmily members.. Thx so much LK sis for your great effort~to show No matter what We’re always with oppa KHJ :):)

  22. Goodnight my fanfamily, I like stopping by and reading the latest comments and information, so I thank all that have posted updates. I am leaving this encouragement post, think it is very needed during this time:

    When you honor God, the storms may come, but you have a promise that others don’t have: when it’s all said and done, you’ll still be standing. You may suffer a setback, but don’t get discouraged. If you’ll stay in FAITH, God promises that when the dust settles, the smoke clears, you won’t be the victim, you’ll be the Victor.” Joel Osteen

    Let us continue to keep the Faith, keep supporting Kim Hyun Joong, his family, each other, and wait for him. He is coming back
    Have a great holiday week and God bless. Love

  23. Oppa am already missing you,and we your fans will wait for your nd support you when your return so EAT WELL AND LIVE HEALTHY TILL YOU RETURN AND ALSO LOVE THE LETTER YOU WROTE TO YOUR FANS WHICH SHOWS YOU ALSO LOVE US

    • Very well said. What were written were facts. Hope the truth will come out.
      Yes, Choi has been giving the true vicitms of abuses some bad lights.
      Choi is not really the victim, and she chose her fate and that is to be obssessed with a man.
      I hope KHJ could recover from these, and forget her. She only brought chaos and pain to him.

    • thanks Bella,,this is posted by Sami…who is very active in fighting all the trolls there and they are quite a lot. And he is a fan boy. Bravo this guy.

  24. Hello My Alien Big Family,
    Good morning.
    I got this tweet from KHJ’s fans. If it is genuine, I don’t mind to do it.
    Here are some of the statements that I pasted from the original statements.

    “We, KHJ fandom, are preparing to accuse malicious cyber defamation against KHJ and hired a prominent lawyer for the accusation by the third party. Early this year, the first group to be accused was selected and the filing document and evidences were bundled to SUBMIT. However, the second aberration occurred unexpectedly again by whom you know it is. After we discussed with our lawyer, we decided to postpone it to an appropriate time after KHJ’s enlistment.

    In addition to the first group, we are packing up evidences of the second group to file in the near future. We are going to continue it until the trashes will be cleaned up so that our KHJ can come back in a better environment. To do so, the bank account will not be closed yet. Also, please keep monitoring the haters and sending the captured to the representative e-mail address (

    Before closing, we’d like to remind you that the KHJ fandom is responsible to this accusation independently, not being related with Mr. Kim Hyun Joong at all.

    One more thing! We are going to open another BANK account soon for the fans who want to support Hyun Joong in the military service. Please wait a notice related to it.”

  25. Henecia, Triple S.. overall status as Celeb King: Kim Hyun Joong oppa is currently 3rd 138,463… Kim Jaejoong 1st 436,313 and Lee Dong Hoe is 2nd.. 399,502 we definitely need a lot more votes for KIM HYUN JOONG.. Henecias Trippe S 💪Fighting!!!

    Please.. please.. please! WE NEED YOUR VOTES.. For Kim Hyun Joong

      • This poll will be closed in 2 days.. pleaseee we also need your vote for his drama
        This written by lkh2:
        Just adding a little bit more info for voting for Korean wave – but just want to let everyone know – you can vote once a day, and choose all three Hyun Joong dramas – Playful Kiss, Boys Over Flowers, Inspiring Generation….

        and you can also vote for Kim Hyun Joong in the ACTOR category:

        Here is the link:

        He is currently in 10th place:

        10位 キム・ヒョンジュン(김현중 金賢重 Kim Hyun-joong)/SS501 (1986) 41225 bar2.gif 1.5%

        Here are the drama ratings – remember you can vote for all his dramas – once each day….

        27位 花より男子~Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 花樣男子 Boys Over Flowers 28250 bar2.gif 1.0%
        36位 感激時代-闘神の誕生- 감격시대: 투신의 탄생 感激時代:鬪神的誕生 Inspiring Generation 13366 bar2.gif 0.5%
        39位 イタズラなKiss〜Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스 惡作劇之吻 Playful Kiss 11119 bar2.gif 0.4%

        Currently – the highest number for actor and for dramas is anything to do with Park Shi Hoo – the same man who overturned the claim of date rape –

        so Park Shi Hoo’s fans have a thing to prove too….

        Wonder why the voting for KHJ is not happening at a better pace – like it used to…. I wonder if the Henecia are not yet fully aware of the voting…

  26. This is a reply for SARA below and for all others, (it was too long to put it down…)
    Dear Sara and ALL
    I fully understand your frustration and the anger that those narrow minded people are so stuck in their views and nothing can’t move them even though FACTS and Witnesses are presented, they don’t go deeper than the surface, they’ve done their trial and judgement and that is. Frankly that is their problem and I really pity them, why, because their lives are empty and stuck in their little world and don’t see the reality.

    I do not expect the outlet media trash/rags (that includes the english sites who deliberately avoid printing the TRUTH) to deliver the TRUTH, this is not salable from their point of view and is not increasing their circulation, the sensationalism and the scandals is what they are after, so better avoid them.

    Re SK, you know Dispatch is just a trash media, now that Finally (thank God for that) Hj has a top Class Lawyer who knows the law and he is not going to trash media with his findings but on the TV where nobody can distort or play with his words maybe they will wake up and see that this is the Truth and change their views. I hope so, otherwise I think something is very wrong in SK, (are they all lunatics there? to see the obvious but play dumb and deaf?)

    Have you all noticed that suddenly all kind of stories about Blackmails/abusive threats toward a Celeb (male mostly) are a way of life for some women in SK? I have read stories that one had actually been Balckmailed forced to marry someone but luckly he managed to divorce once he got in MS. Now I wonder what kind of women are doing those kind of things? I mean where is the Family? the Education? The self Esteem as a Woman the Common Sense and mostly where is their so called high standard respected society accepting and knowing those kind of things are happening to their most prized celebs?

    Meaning HJ is one of the top Hallyu Stars well known, do you think for a minute he will do something to jeopardize all his hard work just because he spent sometime with a nobody? (please don’t go the love lane, because for sure none was involved here…)
    And YET they took for granted the obvious fake evidences and lies of a greedy scorned woman published by a trashy site which is knowns for that?


    I can see they are going to lose, and lose money and fame and this Hallyu Wave will start being more a joke on how to destroy lives, they way they treat their own is shamefull by every normal standards.

    • Hi Noya,

      You are so right . However I still have a lot of hope that there will be more women there who are educated and respect themselves and they feel ashamed toward this particular scorn woman who aims to make easy money from a hard work of a man who trusted her enough. I hope SK women will want to protect the dignity of themselves by showing to public that they do not support and accept a woman to lie for money or to be a blackmailer or a gold digger.

      I feel really sorry for the women who are the real victim of DV there . They are probably dragged down to be the same level as choi . They surely suffer a lot from choi’s lie and her lie will affect their situation.. Now,this gold digger choi has already affected the reputation of SK women in the international eyes. They are likely to feel comfortable to be a blackmailer and gold digger.

    • The funny is they still repeatedly claiming abt “Hj admitted the abuse himself”…thats the only thing they know and stick in their head…they keep on ranting abt it like 1000 times already…LOL…Despite all the proofs and facts that had debunked the confession, still they so butthurt of it…really those kind of people are loser, so shallow minded…I hope once all the truth being revealed in the court those losers “will open their eyes and accept the fact” that the woman they support of all their life is a BIG LIAR and CRIMINAL!! ( no..this is too kind..really I wanted to poke their head like 1000 times also…LOL )

      I bet even if Choibiatch get jailed for blackmails and extortions they will still barking up HJ who the one shud be jailed…bla…bla..bla..bla…Loser Never Die…LOL…

      • Exactly that’s so annoying
        they always say “Hj admitted the abuse himself”
        they don’t want to use their brain

    • Thanks Noya for your’s comforting to see that we are here to encourage one another and it really works! Even if a bit frustrated (which I sometimes find myself to be when it comes with KHJ😅) I will continue to be positive because,as days go by, things seem to be moving into the right direction, 100% trust in Atty Lee! Happy that I could finally see his interview with english subtitles!!! And yes😌..society,common people,media,whoever they are, they may NEVER apologize and, at this point is not our concern,you’re right( our concern is now KimHyunJoong well being and justice..) but ,let me tell you, for his image,for his role in S.K. Society, as one of the most representative guy of Korean modern music…and as the boy that every mother-in-law would like to have in his family ,KHJ would deserve to have his name completely cleared..even to the eye of a grocery man of Seoul Namdemun market! Is this a dream? Probably! 😅Whatever.. Justice will soon prevail on court!!
      Ps. MrChen from famous kpop shop in Rome,after first scandal of August 2014 was absolutely confident in KHJ innocence..he’s still strongly sure of it💕! This may not mean a thing,yes,but to me..personally,with my very naive mind a times, it’s a small/big victory !👍
      Sincerely yours,Sara

  27. I somehow wrote an article in Asianjunkie. I guess I was at the wrong place, so much nonesence, even after all the proves against this liar. I just cannot imagine that there could still be people insulting him and believing this creature.Of course, I was called a delulu fan and have been blocked.I cannot undertsnd – are they blind, are they stupid or just don`t want to admit their mistakes. Anyway I will keep defending him everytime I can and everywhere I see someone insulting him.

    • They are the type of people who just shut their eyes and close their ears even though the truth is in front of them. You are doing a good job Mitka. We all know that we are at the right side..soon the truth will prevail. Hope that truth will make them realize later!

    • That is an awful site. Don’t even go there. There articles not just on KHJ but others too are just crude. Worst Kpop site on the internet.

      • O, I see, this was my first time and although they are irritating, I just wanted to answer to some of their insults – with facts. I am not an agressive person and would never insult them, but I was blocked!!!!! Maybe because their moderator does not want the truth to be revealed. Anyway, I will not visit them again. Some people feel happy when they hate. I hope KHJ never reads them, he will be hurt sooo much. I really want to forbid him to read such comments, if only I could….

    • It’s sad to see that no matter how clear the truth is for us,no matter how many the proofs against Choi-the-liar we have,still people refuse to see the facts..I would have done the same thing! Defending him no matter what! ‘Til last week I was in Seoul..people refuse to talk about him, they could only say ” we don’t like him anymore” SO FRUSTRATING…my attempt to defend
      him failed as well…people’s mind…they have been it will take time for them to change,IF they will ever change …if they will ever have the humility to acknowledge they were all wrong..anyway I appreciated what you tried to do .. what a courage dear…you have been in the pit of lions! Well done! Fighting for Kim Hyun Joong!! Always!!

      • I am not afraid to tell the truth and I am even happy if I have the opportunity to defend him, but I was banned after the first two comments. Oh, I had sooo much to say and I am even laughing at their stupidity. Thuth must be spread and justice must prevail!

      • This is what I fear the most for KHJ. People are blinded by their own prejudice and jealousy of celebrities because of their fame and money. One moment they’ll listen to their music, watch their dramas and purchase their endorsed products. The next thing you know, there’s a hint of trouble and everyone turns their back. Even after the proof of innocence is well established, people will claim that it was his side that falsified evidence and he paid his way out of trouble. I hope and pray that this will not happen. I know Atty Lee will do his best, and things are looking up for our sweet boy. But, still I have not been able to shake this fear. I hope as time goes by, and we see more positive news that people, especially in Korea, will open their hearts back to him.

        • Hi mightymom,

          Thank you so much for sharing your fear and your thought . Please never never live with fear in your mind . The more you think negatively the more you are manipulated by your fear and feel even more fear. Then the fear will dictate your action. The truth can not be hidden for long. Please be positive and think positively . You do not need to inject the negative comments to your head and mind because you already knew they are bias and they are haters therefore they can’t think or say any good reasonable thing. They already decide what they want to be. Just ignore them it’s not worth your time because we can do nothing for those who deny the fact.. HJ is their target ( victim ) to blame for now later they will surely look for another victim to blame again . This is just their circle.

          The best we can do is we keep supporting HJ and spread the fact from his side. This is not for haters to understand because they never will but for other readers to have full information of the story. i believe there are a lot more of good people than bad.

          I truly believe if we strongly reunite to show support that we believe in his innocent and he was mistreated by injustice public trial because of false information from medias and wrongly accused of a manipulative woman. Helping to spread the information and the interview of Att.Lee will help a lot already.

  28. Hello Lk!!! all facts is there!!! Great article!!! Sure I trust HJ and I know the legal team is doing a really great job, but i have yet some worry about the letter of apology. i just don’t know if i can tell this here or not. As a good lawyer, i think Atty Lee is already expecting what the opposite side will do, then he might already thinking about what i would say… but if not… we must tell the trap if there is but this should not be known by the opposite side, so what is the way I can tell this? i don’t want the hater or Choi read this, even maybe it is neglecting… thank you Lk!!!!

    • What are afraid of dear? Choi? His lawyer? Haters? or u afraid u could contempt the court? Court proceeding not yet started, so I guess doesn’t matter if u wanted to say something abt anything.

    • What letter of apology? The one that the bitch wrote? That letter Hj was coerced to publish by the psycho. So no worries on that dear!

    • Hello Vahya and to everyone!
      Thank you for dropping by. Please do not worry, HJ is at the stage of trial by publicity. It was Choi who 1st brought out the pregnancy miscarriage in 2014 and Atty Lee simply refute such accusations and he’s doing a brilliant job here. Those lawyers do know what their evidences are and each knows what to do.
      You don’t have to worry about Choi on knowing where she made a mistake and so with those haters too, this is good for them to know what kind of person they are supporting. On June 3rd starts with preliminaries in court, to look into the varacity of those so-called evidences presented by the plaintiff.

      What I have posted in this article are merely translations of what Atty Lee stated in the TV interview so I don’t think this can do any harm the case. Rest assure everything is gonna be alright Atty Lee is on the right track as I’ve said KHJ is under trial by publicity and he is right in bringing out the truth. Choi can do nothing this is in the hands of her lawyer now same as HJ.

      Both lawyers know the facts and it’s up to them how they can defend their clients in court. So hang in there let’s entrust this case to Atty Lee all we have to do is spread his statements to enlighten the public and pray. We ignore those haters bcoz anything we say to them they will never accept the truth.

      Thank you again take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

      • Hi..sorry for the late answer and thank you everyone for ensuring are sweet 😀 My worry was about the fact that she pressed HJ to write the letter… If I were Choi, since I claimed that I was victim of physical agression, I will not put ” that person I hurted emotionally and mentally” but I would say “hurted physically” on the letter then he would admit publicly that he beat me… But on the letter there is no words about the physical seems illogical for me… I trust she made pressions for that letter, but I think she made it specially to muddle up people if one day she would be caught!!! How evil she is!!
        With my worry, I went on our court, asking some explanation and possibility.. And now, I know this will not affect the fact because this is minor, And the agreement of the 600MW will surpass this as a proof… Now I am quiet…Sorry if I annoyed you all^^ and again thank you 😀

    • We are in the right side.sooner or later the truth will prevail.keep on praying for our winnings, spread the truth and support him via sending letters, cards or books (examples).

  29. KHJ lawyer, Mr. Lee is doing a great job in exposing the truth that has been hidden away for a long time. Don’t let Miss Choi and her minions intimidate his millions of fans. Mr. Lee please keep fighting for KHJ until the end. Truth and Justice will set us free from lies created by Miss Choi and her followers. Creating multiple lies, trespassing on someone’s property, extortion, blackmailing are all crimes that need to be expose and punish according to their law.

  30. I believe this trash media – Dispatch must be sued too. They do not have the right to post something, which is not proven to be true and to make conclusions, based on fabricated evidences. I feel so sorry for KHJ…. Poor him. I thought such monsters exist only in the movies. Really, cannot believe that there could be such a person…. She had the chance to date him… How did she not treasure our kindhearted and hardworking boy? It would never cross my mind to take money from a guy, any guy. I even prefer to buy my own drinks when I go out.
    I wonder what would those haters say now, they should apologize for calling us delulu fans. But they are silent. Thank you, LK for your article, I will keep follow your updates.

    • Yeah..i so agree with u…Dispatch is the one who gave a platform to her to show all the fake evidences and fabricated text messages to the world. Then those other trash medias simply take the news and paste it in their website ( even been misinterpreted as their like ).

      They must be taught of what is ethics of journalism and how to project their news unbiased and relevance.

    • I feel The same way too! Those trash media are as guilty as Choi! Seeing our dear one the day of his enlistment,thinking about all he had to stand,all alone, seems like he lost weight…all this broke my heart in two..😢I want the media..ALL OF THEM to apologize! Who is going to “pay” for all the pain he passed through? An entire nation should apologize!!!!!!!

  31. Poor KHJ. No wonder on his latest pictures especially during the MS enlistment, he was very thin. Looks like the issues took a toll even to his health, not to mention the emotional stress. I pity him so much. What made more difficult was that he was alone and remain in silence. How could she do such things to him. I believe, he did not abuse her from the start – to think that he could not even say a word against him, more so he could not lay hand on her.
    How many are saying that they could not abuse a person physically, but they are so mean in their words or say something against others? For me, an abuse can be either physical, emotional or verbally. Some haters are quick to say that he abuse her, but do they realize now that they have abused KHJ too, verbally and emotionally? ABUSE IN ANY FORM IS A SIN. Everyone fall short of becoming perfect or saint. So we do not have right to judge or much worst pre-judge other.

  32. LK: Remember she was in the hospital for two weeks after that incident, right? So she really is a witch that can make herself ibe in two places at once. I also have always wondered if he beat her to a pulp in is home. How did SHE get home and isn’t their CCTV everywhere over there?

  33. Buna tuturor fanilor si bine vam gasit ,de la inceput am stiut ca totul e o mare minciuna si ca aceasta femeie e o excroaca ca e un santaj si ca Kim Hyun Joong e nevinovat am crezut ,cred si voi crede mereu in nevinovatia lui sper dintot sufletul ca adevarul sa iasa la lumina iar aceasta ,,Choi” sa fie redusa la tacerre si sa raspunda pentru faptele ei murdare . Si mie rusine sa spunca e femeie mai bine sar potrivi un babuin cred ca asa e mai bine doamna babuin Choi. SIiti doresc sa suferi la fel de mult si sa fi tirita in toata presa de scandal sa fi calcat in piciore asa cum ai facut tu cu KHJ asa sa primesti inapoi dna babuin. Sa ai parte de tot raul pe care lai facut sal primesti din plin. Esti un rebut uman ,Iadul te asteapta ,drum bun Choi.

    • In sfarsit un comentariu in romana, multumesc, credeam ca sunt singura. Yes, I’ll support KIM HYUN JOONG till the end.

  34. Good evening. I have a misunderstanding here. How did it come to a really bad situation? Who is this “Choi” and how could she make this much drama? Who educated her? And where did she make her school, at jail with moneylenders? I don’t understand anything. She doesn’t know how much more drama she wants to make. Stop it and don’t make make drama, no one will believe you and your sandcastle will fal, so stop it and hice, because your lie is falling apart and the truth will raise to light, and you will suffer even more than Kim Hyun Joong because everything will backfire you. You’re baboon Choi because you’ve never been a woman.
    Your worst nightmare.

  35. HAHAHAHA…LK…Ms. Cut n Paste!! yeah this is really a biggest joke of the year!! I really enjoy myself in this boring weekend…i shud buy more popcorn too..LOL..

    Well…where is Choi right now? Hahaha…

    • Hello Atiq! Honestly, this is the only time that i really laugh!! Yeah it’s a boring weekend I’m still at work but I’m enjoying this! For the 1st time I don’t feel sleepy at the hour at work!! LOL yeah let’s buy more popcorn!!
      This is exactly what I want to be brought out those fake evidences! Atty Lee is so brilliant really my hats off to him!!

        • Oh don’t worry Atty Lee is a brilliant lawyer he’s always one step ahead, and he knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows what choi may be planning! I suspect Choi is about to bring these pix out to the media to co-relate her story of miscarriage in June, but Atty brought it out ahead of her! That’s good. whatever she’s planning to do I think Atty Lee has prepared for it.

          • Hahaha…i got worried so much…I thought that pic is being photoshop ..i tell u how silly I am…i’ve checked again in YT Kbs 2 news, i was wrong…its genuine photo…LOL

            I think i must go sleep now…its 3.00 am here…LOl

            Bye LK…

  36. New development….Mr. Lee just exposed the pic of Hj, Choi and friends in Jeju Island on 7th june…there were NO BRUISES as Choi claimed….she said been beaten on 30th May…LOL

  37. This parasite choi is 31 and I think HJ is not his 1st blackmailed man. I am sure other men were her victims. I hope this is the beginning of revelations about this devil and her parents actions!!

  38. Hi LK,

    Thank you so much for such an important article. This is what we have been waiting for months and here we got it to clear our mind. I feel deeply sad after read all the BTS of the gold digger choi’s scandal. It’s hurtful to realize HJ had to deal with the lies and manipulative acts of this gold digger woman alone without consultants or lawyer. I’m sure there are more of unbelievable scene and incident created by the gold digger woman that we did not know.

    When the news said they reconciled in last Nov. I’m quite sure it had never been reconciled by HJ but this choi had planed to approach him to create the situation to trap him again for making herself pregnant . No way that a man who has a right mind wanted to get involve with a blackmailer woman. I do not believe her texts message . She did edit texts message once in last August and she did it again in Feb. nothing new.. we’re aware that HJ is quite naive with woman’s trick because he is sincere but we did not realize that the gold digger choi is not only a professional gold digger but also a blackmailer who has a criminal mind. It’s sad that he was psychological tortured for months by himself. I hope he will not blame himself for trusting a wrong woman because his trust is not wrong but her ill will and her greed that is very wrong.

    However I think the real problem here is the bad medias who abused their professional ethic or they have never had one. This blackmailer and gold digger woman has started it but the one who made it big and spread-ed widely to defame a person and ruin his career are SK bad outlet medias and trash medias online like soompi.allkpop koreaboo and etc…these medias kept distorting the fact and kept on reporting one side story till today.

    As of now there are many fact finding and update information regarding the situation of the lawsuit these trash medias have never reported the interview of HJ’s lawyer they only reported what choi said as if they are represented the gold digger.choi. They forgot they are medias not choi ‘s representative . I strongly feel we should boycott or do something with these kind of trash medias they should have never been accepted by their readers. They has abused their own professional ethic and ignoring to reveal the truth. They are shameless enough to ignore the request and the complaint of their readers. I’m sure they are not own by the decent Korean because the decent Korean will not allow the one who is a reputation of their country to be unfairly buried by the international community without a proper proof. The sites probably own by non Korean who do not care about Korea and its people, its reputation and its culture just make money out of it. The life of the Korean idols or the life of a Korean star is mean nothing for them as long as they get money from whoever paid them and as long as the negative news about the star can draw people to read their sites.

    I know now that I can not trust news from these sites whether the news relate to Hj or not because they made me believe their report base on money not fact . Their professional ethic is none. Their common sense regarding justice and fairness is none. Their morality toward right and wrong and toward a human being are also none.

    • Hello Bella,
      You are so right about those rags/trash media cause I can’t see myslef calling them otherwise. They put up a “sensational” like title and then excerpts of whatever is written in SK media, which was also an outlet like Dispatch cum Bitchchoi rag. I think the best instead of going there and reading from them, even if no other choice, is to avoid them completely, that way avoiding increasing their circulations. Even if we go and fight and put up our comments, we get attacked by thoes media bullies and trolls who believe in whatever media is feeding them.

      What never cease to amaze me in this is the people who blindly believe in what is written in the media. It is true we live in this age that Media is our part of life, but I will never take mot a mot, word by word whatever is written especially in those rags.
      Even the New Yorker or The Times you sometimes have to read between the lines and those are serious papers with REAL journalists who actually studied to make a living from that.
      The rags /outlet medias trash …they feed on gossips and half truths or none at all and only narrow minded people will really take those so called “news” as facts.

      Pity they don’t use their common sense, but I would not expect that.

      One thing here, LK is doing an amazing work in helping all HJ fans see the truth, supporting HJ and fighting (from the first article when all this nightmare started if you all remember – LK said the TRUTH) . I consider this blog as the HOME base for Hj fans, the true fans who stood by hJ always and even if had something to say I and all here believe and supported Hj always.

  39. good morning LK… as read this article i really have goosebumps… i can’t imagine a boneless evil witch woman Choi is… if she really happens to be in my country i will really use voodoo powers to kill her and end all the miseries of hyun joong and his fans… i hate to see that he really suffered in silence and all the while protecting his fans… i can’t even more be proud being his fan … i am very very proud of it since it is my first time following a celebrity loving and supporting in my entire life even local celebs here did not move me me like hyun joong did to me. i am always praying for him …included in every petitions that he will be more stronger in handling all the things that happened to him because of the greedy woman.

    that parasite will always sucking bloods from innocent victims and i agree with you that she should be in jail so that others will not become her victim. My heart is at peace now that hyun joong is in MS and with what he experience no amount of sacrifice and physical pain and hardships that hyun cannot face since he was prepared by the pain he experience in the hands of that evil bitch parasite… God always bless hyun joong because he is a good man… with a good heart… and no one can destroy a good man … he have the protection of God and all his fans… patiently waiting for his return…and praying for his good health and safety too… Thanks again LK loving this fandom forever henecians…

  40. Thanks for sharing this info. I pity HJ for keeping silent just to protect his fans. His love for his fans is so great that he’s ready to sacrifice himself instead of hurting them. Let’s pray that he would have a peace of mind now that he is in for his MS. Take care HJ. We will always be here for you. See you after 2 years.

  41. I could not imagine the pains that KHJ has gone through. The apology letter which was made through Choi’s nodding was degrading on the part of KHJ. The lines -” to the person that I have trusted and loved for two years ..and the lines – “put no blame on her because it is all my fault”.. it all means that Choi was an angel. BUT NOW EVERYTHING IS CLEAR, She is a disgrace to Korea. She was really dreaming that KHJ loved him; but yes he might be attracted to her because of her flirting, but I guess when KHJ realized that she was not a good person, he decided to break up from her, And thus, the whole circus started in her mere desire and obsession to tie him.
    I do believe that if you really have mutual loved for two years, you do have good memories to treasure. Choi would like to convey to public that they are sweethearts for two years, but how come they do not have even vivid pictures of them together. The two pictures that Dispatched released in 2014 were even edited and it showed no moment of sweetness.
    I am glad that all these revelations of Choi’s are coming out at the time that KHJ is in MS; at least she could not contact him or pressure him anymore.
    God, please bless the Kim family and KHJ’s attorney so they can continue to fight for justice and truth.

  42. When you really stop to think about how many people have been hurt by this parasite, it makes it all the more disturbing. Of course, most importantly, is KHJ, then his family, long-time friends and fans. He was in the middle of promoting Inspiring Generation, so all of the actors, staff and advertisers that worked with him were affected. Concerts were cancelled, so people that work at those venues did not get paid. Key East and everyone that works under them; actors and other staff, lost credibility for being connected to him. I’m not happy about the way management handled this situation, but people that work with them didn’t deserve this. The people that work closely with him, like his body guards, ArtMatic and his hair, makeup and cordi noona’s must have been doubly affected. Not only was there loss of income, but negative treatment for being associated with him. Thank goodness they are all good, loyal people that stayed by his side. I’m sure there are others, i.e., promoters, advertisers, that were adversely affected. The selfishness of Choi is just incomprehensible!

    • Don’t forget abused women. She won public sympathy because she portrayed herself as a brutally abused woman. (I never understood why KHJ just didn’t go to court the first time around until now. I always thought to myself: “Yes, I see pictures of bruises, but I do not see pictures of him INFLICTING those bruises. I am not hearing of an eyewitness account. I am not hearing of a report where the police needed to rescue her from KHJ. How do you connect him to those bruises other than through Choi’s words (a person whose character and intentions we know nothing about)? Now I understand he didn’t take her to court because she was threatening him with worse).

      The public crucified KHJ to make an example of him and made her the poster child for abused women (this is my impression). She personified the abused woman that needed to be protected.

      Now we are seeing that she used a lie + public sympathy for the purpose of blackmail and extortion. When she goes down in court in June, people will look differently at abused women. They will wonder if this woman is another Choi and someone who really needed the help, might not get it or might be afraid to get it because of what Choi did.

      • Yes, why if she was battered so badly in his own home did noone see or hear anything. And we know from the drama’s the apatments are equipped with cctv.

        • his house has cctv installed? it could be just while filming BBF but not all the time, are you sure that it’s there all the time?

              • There should be a CCTV somewhere
                if they check them , the way she get out of his house the night of fake abuse can show the truth
                weather she was walking like a healthy human or crawling girl who was beaten to death

                • That’s what I’ve been saying since day 1, the hall, the elevator, the lobby and in ffront of the building all should have CCTV,. She left that apartment without a scratch, healthy and whole.

  43. Oh Thank you so much LazerKim, finally we got to this day to see that we were right! Thank God!
    Your every word is true even your anger, you are more nicer, I feel I want to shout and to vent more, but you know what they say revenge is a dish best served cold! So I will behave….

    So let’s wait to see that psycho bitch in Jail for fraud, blackmail, extortion, false evidences, libel, defamation and I think the lot can go on. That sorry excuse of a woman she deserve that long vacation in jail, for playing with the life of a human being and destroying his hard work, for his family and his friends and fans for all that she caused to so many people.
    Bet you in her non existent brain she doesn’t even understand the enormity of her actions.
    Someone said here she may claim insanity, oh no way, and you know why, because the conniving bitch pattern of actions show that all was Premeditated. Look at all she done it will make sense, she didn’t get her claws in Hj to marry her and his money, for sure she wanted that, she went on a destroying rampage to discredit him and get more money. The greedy psycho bitch for sure wanted some fame as well, she craves media attention, even if she is hiding her plastic face cross eyes fake boobs crooked legs, all in trash media and SK fans know her real name and face. Now she can sue me, I will sue back for all the stress of those last 9 months and I have ground.

    For all I would like you to go back to HJ Statements and read them again and again cause in August HJ said and stayed behind that : he had a very short affair with the psycho which he ended, only one slight altercation.
    The infamous letter …we already knew that and now have the confirmation that we were right, LK your instincts and ours were right!

    In February HJ stated: there was NO reconciliation (that is a reply to someone who asked about it, it means you believe psycho bitch lies, better not = all txt msgs are FAKE) NO to MARRIAGE and IF the child after DNA only will prove as his will take responsibility!!
    He said the first NO to Marriage (which in truth the psycho obsessed bitch wanted for sure….) then she came out the next and said no to marriage, but then Media picked her quote. It was HJ who said that FIRST bitch.
    Re if the trash is now preggy…as she is acting very very weird and read somewhere not showing at all….don’t take that for granted that exist at all. To be or not to be?! That is the question now!
    I somehow have a feeling, my two cents ok, that Hj when asked her for DNA wanted to call her BLUFF this time.

    So I believe in HJ STATEMENTS as always and not those trash medias and not rumors and not gossips. For me HJ is the one I believe in.

    I have a new HERO Atty. Lee, wow, this man, a big like and a big hug I think from all of us. Can’t ever express my gratitude he took upon him this case and to reveal the TRUTH. Thank You Mr. Lee, Kamsahamnida! (hope is ok..)

    Till the 3rd June, lets wish HJ an easy training I hope he will cope with all and lets see him after his training. My God how I wish to see again a real smile from HJ, a real fresh and free smile!
    Sorry it was so long LK. But as always All for One and ONE for all.
    Going for more popcorn 🙂

  44. Mr. Lee can you’ll get that court date set now. So we can prove our Prince wouldn’t do anything like this. This woman not only use Kim. But she also use the police department and media and the public. I as a women feel hurt, this is making women all over the world look bad. To know that us as women has been fighting for women rights. And she just slap us in the face. Here some of us has already changed against Kim. Because of the abuse case, she knew what would get him for sure. By saying she was abused. So many women have been abuse before. Men also can be abused. Like I said before there’s three side to this story, her side, his side. And God’s side, cause he was there to and could see everything that went on. In that house that day. Don’t you think if Kim was guilty of what Choi accused him of. He would’ve went to jail, whether he has money or not. Maybe she know more then we do still. How hard would it be to get Kim’s DNA from him. She been around him she could have collected some of his hair. And had a test done without him knowing. And had it tested with his DNA and there it is he’s the baby daddy. I would not trust those documents she and her lawyer come into court on June the 3. Now she can’t get to him. And if she need to talk to him, call my lawyer.

  45. Theres still a missing puzzle. How come after the blackmailing, hj opted to reconcile with that crossed eyed leech? Im sure theres a story behind it also… She told ” hj went to see her and sitting in the playground in front of their house drunk and even cried, so her feelings started to waver”. Well that scene is like in a kdrama to its finest. She is already 31, im sure, by now she know talking to a drunk man will be nonsense. Who would believe in that?!
    I hope she will not drop the charges… Let her prove that what she accused of hj is the truth. Now the burden is on her side. I admire mr. Lawyer, hes using the same tactic of that crossed eyed leech lawyer. Hes all over the tv station, spreading hj side… You can see the determination on the eyes of mr. Lee jae man. Thank you so much mr. Lawyer for believing in kim hyun joong.
    I hope there will be a good news before june 6, so hyun joong can blow his birthday candles in military with a beautiful smile in his face.


    • She said HJ was in front of her house drunk and even cried: it’s the beginning of HJ’s song “Please” lol! She is so pathetic, disgusting. She is a virus like Ebola.

      • You are right! That scene in her own scripted drama is from Please! She definitely did a lot of researching about hj coz she remembered and include that to her lies.

  46. U could be right 98.9%…ekeke…I agree with most of ur analysis….it seems clear by now eventhou we don’t really sure 100% of it…can’t help for 3rd June coming…just prepare a bundle of popcorns…LOL

    • My comment refer to analysis o the criminal event of Choi down there..from Bopo…sorry don’t know to pronounce ur name…ekekekekeke…

  47. thanks LK!
    I’ll be waiting for your next writing about his agency..I only started to hate them recently..thankfull though, that they still give him “shield” from the media at his enlistment day..or maybe they should because the Japan agency want to protect him and KE doesnt have choices accept to follow them or they’ll be embarrassed..or are they the same? *sigh dont know who to believe anymore.

    and to hyunjoong!
    you! dont you dare to feel sorry towards us! you dont owe us your only owe us your promise to comeback to us smiling!you owe us your happiness!so please do comeback with a happy heart!

    till we meet again, kim hyun joong! hope you well, safe, and happy!

  48. My analytic investigation.
    1. 100% that the “lady” at first demanded money from him. But since he does not give, she filed a lawsuit. Why did he then not be afraid ?? It’s simple. Our naive and kind KHJ did not thinking she a bad person. He thought that nothing bad he did not do what she could say in court?
    2. After high-profile accusations, he realized what she can do. Seeing people’s reactions and emotions of fans. He immediately decided to hush up everything, he knew that she needed money. Full naivety! He concludes a contract with her on her terms. And his writing – pardon written under her dictation. Why a letter? To everyone thought that she loved him very much and she is jealous. She created a “perfect image”. For what? Because she knew that he would give money. It will always strive to settle all the money. It is a way of pressure on him.
    3. The last of her lies: about abortion during the fight. This idea came to her only after the court confirmed that there was a fight between them. If she really said this to him earlier, he would not react so calmly. BEFORE THE COURT!
    4. In December, she called him again. We thought that they started dating again. She proposed a toast to the world. Knowing that he likes to drink. Next, I think she pour a sleeping pills. He slept like a log. And in the morning she announced that they had intimate contact. He believed her, because he did not remember anything. She knew what kind of person he would never abandon the child.
    5. Now let us remember what we have learned. In late December, he was seen in a bad mood, he drank. When asked about football, he said that now he hates football. Why is that? Because he met her on the football. And he understand that she’s against prepares new.
    6. On January 5, she tells about the pregnancy. And he believes, but doubts. He even asks parents coming to the hospital. She starts to put pressure on him to demand money for “child”. Thinking that as well as the first time he wants to hush up. But he stubbornly require DNA. She did not like. She thinks that if push harder at the most inconvenient time he will give the money. She knows that she has the time just before birth. Then everything will be opened.
    7. Uncomfortable moment came: he had to go into the army. She puts two lawsuits. Including the fans. Knowing that the claim for the fans he is very disturbed.
    8. There appears competent lawyer. She realizes that “pregnancy” money will not be. Since they require DNA. Only now she came up with this idea. The idea of abortion in the past year/ Since it is proved that he had fought with her.

    • very logic analysis but I think she wouldn’t necessary add sleeping pills to alcoholic drinks she could use any type of drink, I think oppa was careful not get drunk alone with her

    • Sounds like a logical timeline. Although, I believe she has been planning the blackmail/pregnancy/miscarriage trap since the beginning. I felt strongly, from the start of this fiasco, that she was dragging our sweet boy with a noose around his neck. I also believe that she is in bed, literally and figuratively, with her attorney. No honest attorney would accept a case of this kind before verifying facts. How could someone in his position make such a bold statement as, “It’s definitely KHJ’s baby.” without DNA verification. I bet if you check his bank account, you will find a rather large deposit last Sept. 17th. And, If she actually is pregnant, it would not shock me to find out that the baby belongs to the attorney. I hope he goes to jail too. He should at least be disbarred.

      I don’t know if we will get all the answers that we want after the court hearing on June 3rd, as I think that date was scheduled to hear Choi’s “Psychological Harm” case. I think the case against her for blackmail, defamation, etc., will come later. Whenever it happens, it won’t be soon enough.

      • @mightymom

        I totally agree with you. I think Lawyer Lee is holding back on some killer info… what he has already shared is enough to screw Choi, but I’m sure he has waaaay more.
        I’m looking forward to a criminal trial…. the media and naysayers can then go eat their words!

      • Thats what i think also, she planned it since she knew him, i did a little stalking, on her ( if shes really that person )all the pics and videos are very malicious and suspicious. Come june 3, i hope she will be there also, im having feelings that she will not be present.

    • Okay I’ve seen the video of her at the football match long time ago and I thought it was nothing but when I try to look for it again, non available. Can someone direct me to that video please. I really want to watch it again. Plus, does she really have a cross eyes?

      • Yeah shes crossed eyed. The videos in YT are now deleted. Maybe they will reupload again once she is exposed. And about that no. 5, i think its a fan account. He said that his not interested in football anymore. But i think its not true.

        • Mightymom, the link that you provided was not abvailable. I can’t open it. I remember clearly about one video where she was sitting rite behind KHJ and messaging him. And in that video we can see her clearly. But now its not abvailabe. If you have other video please do share. Thanks.

          • I’ve seen that video too…she wore red dress sitting behind him by 2 seats i guess and she looked so happy and smile to that fancam….5 think that time she really into her plan to stalk HJ for get him fall to her. Its was HollisHyun’s video but she deleted it already due the to the case. I hope after confirmed she is the one hope she put back her video for us to see.

            But there’s some other fancams that show her but the owner has edited the part she trying to touch and grab him. And yeah many other fancams has been deleted by fans. But I found one that can see her face a bit clear. Here…

            She acting weird right!? So disgusting!

            • OHHHHH!!! I’ve seen this before…was’t she the one who trip and nearly fall in front of KHJ and he actually help her and she was all over him…but i cant find that video. Plus yes it was HollisHyun’s video that i first saw her, she was wearing red and black checked shirt and keep on flipping her hair and smiling and staring at all the fan cam like as if telling and mocking us…..and on the comment for that video a lot of the fan notice her and start to say she was messaging KHJ and he was even replying her back. Most of the video been deleted of been edited. I am trying to look at her cross eyes but non of it are that clear or maybe i am the one who have a crooked eyes….LOL Crossing my fingers like her eyes for this 3rd June hopping she will turn up for that hearing and fans taking her picture or better the media (which i doubt they will).

            • It is my first time seeing her. She is following him with eyes, and smiling and at the end of the video she touches him, maybe because he didn`t pay attention to her. in fact I find one of his dancers /girl dancers/ more attractive. Choi has enormous ears and I don`t like her face. But men can fall for a smiling girl, who has a nice body and keeps seeking for attention and doing this thing with her hair. He is a man afterall. Unfortunately I am worried, beacuse he will be very cautious from now on and I hope he won`t miss his future love.

              • The people is saying she has fake boobs (don’t see here) and from this video she seems like she has a good body, and that “seductive” style. We know why HJ fall little by little by that woman…

          • Hmm, not sure what happened. It still opens when I click on it. Go to YouTube and look through the videos posted by 우주신 Forever. You’ll see our boy in a grey sweat jacket, standing on the bleachers.

  49. I am really looking forward to the trial in June. I want to see her go down in flames! A picture of her in handcuffs going off to jail would be a welcome sight.

    • I hope there is a HOLD DEPARTURE for that lazy parasite. Also, i wish that she have a hater meeting (instead of fan meeting), and lets us give her a slap on her thick face or pinch (instead of high-five).

  50. Thank you so much Lazer Kim, now it’s starting that ALL the pieces are in the right place. Praise the Lord. We give THANKS to the LORD ALWAYS. To Hyun Joong,,, “TRUST GOD’S TIMING IN YOUR LIFE, HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME.” Ecclesiastes 3:11.. Keep up the FAITH Hyun Joong & held your head up & be proud, BECAUSE we your Fans will be here waiting & so proud to Support you, Love you, Pray for you, & Stand by you no matter what..
    Lazer Kim I thank God everyday to finally found your site that I can express my feeling without being judge, NOT that it matters anyway because NO ONE can change my feelings, & express my mind about this Injustice. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
    Lazer Kim, Love you & God Bless us ALL.

  51. I agree with Tina, how painful to read that he was so concerned for his fans. It breaks my heart that he carried that burden in silence. I Hope he didnt really doubt our love and unconditional loyalty.
    I pray that she is NOT pregnant (cause that would tie him to her in some way) and that she does some jail time for this. Please dear God!

    • Mr Lee is handling it all very well and I don’t know if he will get this or not but I just want to bow to you Mr Lee as an expression of my respect and thanking you for revealing the truth and bringing our Kim Hyun Joong’s right, dignity and reputation back, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  52. Good night all my Alien Family,
    Hmm..I can see and understand that the pain that he has gone through during this nightmare.
    She needs to provide valid and concrete evidences for both claims-her failure to provide evidences is actually a sign that we’ll win. All of us are eager to see on how her lies are going to be exposed on June 3rd. 2015. Let’s mark our calendar as big as we can!!
    To Mr LJM, we appreciate what you’ve done to him and at the same time, we’ll pray for our winnings.
    Gosh, I am scared she’ll use mental illness as a way to escape the prison which I hope not. I hope this case will serve as a lesson to all SK women!!
    Thank you, Ms Kim for this article. Only God can repay your good deeds.
    Just can’t wait for another article on KE..


  53. Well it’s safe to say that she is royally screwed and now has no escape. Defamation or blackmail, she is a criminal. The only way she could get out of jail would be pleading not guilty through a mental illness! But then again, she would have a stigma of a retard (which she is! LOL!)
    You are right about the lazy parasite. A person with a good job, education and some dignity would never resort to such low tricks like blackmailing and extortion. Basically, she doesn’t fit for even an arranged marriage here in my country xD Heard that her parents help her into blackmailing innocent people as well. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.
    Seems like Choi is good at writing apology letters? She should write one of her own to all the people she has hurt in her lifetime. Maybe that could be her pass-time in prison because her receiving that sentence is inevitable!

    Mr. Lee is doing such a fantastic job! I am so happy that the truth is finally coming out. The media is still trying hard to bury HJ. They will learn their lesson too!

  54. Very interesting your article this psycho woman deserves prison for the crimes of (Damages and injury caused thereby, defamation and injuria, psychological harm, extortion, fraud) she must pay for all damages caused to our Kim Hyun Joong and obviously his family. That son is not our Alien’m pretty sure. I was right when I thought I was crazy to go out with another lie like abortion and mentioned it to the Administrator of the page Henecia Venezuela. The Henecias of Venezuela trust and reiterate our unconditional support to our beloved Hyun Joong. Prison for her !!! Many blessings to you LK
    #Waiting4KHJ ❤

  55. I hope june 3rd will bring justice fast so he and all of us can rest, but I still have to tell him this: “don’t you know we would go through anything with you? in your farewell letter you were apologizing to the fans who were hurt don’t you know that we were hurt only because YOU were hurting?” , I can’t imagine the panicking and torture he went through because of that ***** and he kept it all to himself

    • It just makes me want to cry thinking about the torture, the fear for his fans and emotional stress and isolation he’s endured. He should be suing her for psychological damages and loss of income, slander and damages to his reputation – and fans should sue her for the hurt we feel because he has suffered.

  56. Thanks LK to your article. I am so sad for HJ and so angry about this parasite. Mr Lee is our hero now and I hope jail will be for Choi ASAP. Fighting my little prince, you are our leader of heart. 💘💚 # Waiting4KHJ

  57. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] STATING FACTS | LazerKim

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