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By: LazerKim


Interviews by KHJ’s parents that no news outlets reported yet! What’s new anyway those media outlets will choke on writing that may incriminate Choi!! Just my opinion! Here’s that statements from Kim Hyun Joong’s parent’s interview:

KHJ’s parents:

“Because Choi’s camp didn’t keep their promise to go to hospital together to confirm the ultra sound image, the parents of both parties met again on Feb 17th. They asked us why we chose to go to a big hospital. We replied that because of Choi’s miscarriage last time, it would be good to check her and the fetus health. Then Choi’s parents got mad and said “what are you talking about?” So we said “Pls don’t be like this, that’s what she stated to the District Arry.”

Choi’d parents statement:   They find it slanderous and got mad, “This is the first time our daughter got pregnant. Why do you try to amke it even worse?” Then they called her right away! Talking with her parents over the phone she said “I was never pregnant!!”

Kim’s statement:

“That was the first time we came to know 600M Won payment. We called HJ and asked what happened. He said because he was accused of assault on pregnant woman to DA though he felt unjustly accused he had to pay 600M Won. And he said if it were not an actual pregnancy he could be vindicated. After that time, we weren’t able to establish contact with her parents. If I were the parent of the woman, I would confirm the pregnancy and go talk to the guy’s parents saying “your son got my daughter pregnant. What now?”

Hyun Joong decided to pay Choi 600M Won last year because he simply believe what she said. Choi threatened Hyun Joong that she would expose him to the public for assaulting a pregnant woman and asked for money. As HJ is an entertainer he got very scared and had to comply with her demand.”

(Translation by Sunny @sunsun_sky  Thanks for sharing your effort is well appreciated)

news source: (



I can’t help laugh at Choi’s parents statement! I hope I’m not missing anything here but as far as I remember, the last time I read from Choi’s camp was the statement she made that she had miscarriage back in June 2014 due to the alleged assault in May. I fully understand that this miscarriage issue was brought out by the trash media outlet from Choi!

I think it’s so clear that Choi’s parents were ill-adviced that their daughter stated the miscarriage or had forgotten all about it! Simply because it’s all LIES! Choi simply had forgotten as to why she was demanding such huge amount of 600M Won from Hyun Joong back in 2014, which is a clear cut form of blackmailing!

A person who is truthful to her words would maintain consistent to her words that no matter how you twist the questioning scheme she will never change any of her statement. A person who is lying would be caught by from her own lips!

Choi even dragged her own parents to this conspiracy that obviously her own parents were not even briefed by her own lies and plot! Pardon me for saying this, but really, what kind of parents does she has? I never doubted they knew everything about what their daughter had been doing since last year!



Pardon me for saying this, who among decent parents would tolerate such act of Choi? This is just so cheap!! And Mr. Kim is right, if you have a pregnant daughter the first thing you should do is to speak to the man responsible for her pregnancy. But the way I see it, I really think Choi’s parents too are the master mind of Choi’s plot!

I have written this in one of my article, if Choi was scared as she claimed something wrong might be done to her so-called pregnancy, her parents were there, how come they could not even encourage her to take the test together with her parents and the Kims? Don’t you think this is strange?

What’s that lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for if not for MONEY? This even gave me the impression they do not even care for that Choi’s child at all if ever there is! Otherwise this should have been settled if indeed her pregnancy is legitimate. And I really think they knew that blackmailing on Hyun Joong all along since the start! And I really hope Choi’s parents are reading this article! What kind of parents are you???

Is life so difficult in SK? Don’t they have a decent job in earning a living? Don’t tell me they are charging Hyun Joong to save their reputation? What reputation? It’s them and their daughter who had just ruined their own reputation to begin with. This so-called pregnancy should not even there in the public knowledge and their daughter was the one who exposed a very private matter, what reputation are they trying to save??? I’m just asking!



As we are all aware, this is another news which is already out in SK but the English media outlets have not reported yet! So we fans do the reporting instead! I wonder if KE is still in this but if I were them and still intend to get Hyun Joong to work with them in the future, I would post those news and English translation to their website.

At least do something to cover up their being incompetent since last year’s nightmare that already marked in the history of SK showbiz and mind me the company name KeyEast is also marked in this scandal. I hope they can make themselves useful to minimize hatred to them by some of KHJ fans. Just be professional for once! I’m not done with KE yet though! I’ll see you again someday!

But may I just say this to KE… A celeb is nothing without fans, and an agent is nothing without artists and his fans. Therefore we fans have every right to make demands. KE you owe a lot from KHJ fans worldwide, please be reminded where you stand and I don’t care whether Hyun Joong’s contract with you is expired or not, one of these days I will point out where you went wrong.

Once again may I appeal to all KHJ fans to please spread the words, spread the news about this case specially June 3rd is approaching which is the preliminary court hearing shall start. Please be aware with everything pertaining the case. Thank you.

And with that I end this article with these words….

Anyone can have a child and call themselves “a parent”. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants.”

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing




Updating on the case just to put on record for this blog site. My great appreciation to KHJ fans who have shared their best effort in translating and posting these information. Thank you so much!

My dear readers forgive me, I admit I have been away from the internet for a week or so because of my work load, but it frutrates me that none of these info were posted in the English news sites. I really think something has to be done here.

If not with KHJ fans who are most capable of translating these news info in getting out to the truth of this case then the whole world would misjudge Hyun Joong in the wrong way! And this is so unfair! This is really so frustrating. Here are some info translation as follows:


Hyunnies Pexer Blog Thanks for sharing! Link:

Tweets/Translation Credit: sunny @sunsun_sky  






In gist, before leaving for Japan HJ already knew of the pregnancy. Right around the commencement of the Japan Tour (Gemini tour), Choi contacted HJ and continued to pressurize him, causing him psychological stress! Because of this issue, HJ’s dad comforted him, telling him for the sake of the concert’s success and the impact on his agent company, it may be better to not irritate Choi but to settle with her nicely.

That was why HJ had comforted her (through those text messages). But Choi manipulated those text messages from HJ (to create lies)! HJ was really hurt when he saw those ‘edited version’ of his text messages. Still, they thought that given Choi is pregnant, they decided to continue to treat her nicely.

When the concert tour was over, HJ continued to be very nice and (even more) tender to Choi than before. But then the matter suddenly took a turn and accelerated into something bigger (maybe referring to the lawsuit).

(CH translation author wrote: This family is way too kind!)

cr: Miyokolovekhj Thanks for sharing

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credit: hyunjoongnuna  (eng trans @khjbelinda’s tweet) Thanks for sharing!

Eng Trans for @khjbelinda ‘s tweet – Chinese trans of HJ’s parents’ magazine interview

1. Qa: How do you feel about your son’s enlistment?
A: (replied by HJ’s mom) Watching HJ suffered so much alone, especially with his quiet personality (a man of few words), my heart ache for him. It was really painful.

Qb: HJ got enlisted in the midst of the lawsuit controversy, did he say anything to you (HJ’s parents)?
A: HJ said not to worry too much. Despite enlisting in the midst of the lawsuit, he had already discussed with lawyer and the matter would be properly settled.

2. “If one were to commit suicide, that would be most terrible. But this is not a major issue so please do not worry”. That was what HJ’s parents said to HJ to comfort him. HJ had thought of leaving the entertainment industry for good. Even when HJ met the lawyer for the first time, he was in such a state of mind.

3. Q: When did you know the existence of Choi?
A: Only knew of her existence last year when the matter was reported in the news. This Choi knew very well how softhearted HJ was. Really shameless!

4. “When the matter happened last year, HJ told us not to worry and that he would take care of it himself.  HJ did not want the parents to get involved in the matter.”
HJ’s mom said “Because of the major operation to be undertaken last year, in order not to worry the parents HJ told them he would settle the matter. That was why HJ was left on his own to deal with the matter then.”

5. Q: With regard to the child’s matter, did both families try to resolve the issue?
A: Met Choi’s parents for the first time on 17 January with an apologetic heart. Saw the baby ultra scan photo taken on 9 January, supposedly 5th week of the pregnancy, but there was no name on the scan photo. So there was a strange feeling of “What’s this?!”

6. “Choi did not look well on that day. So we told her, as the body of a pregnant woman may be weaker, it would be better to go to an integrated hospital for a proper check-up. When you (Choi) are healthy only then will the baby be healthy.”

7. “(We said) since she had gone to this particular hospital during her miscarriage previously, we had made an appointment with a larger hospital so that it could better ascertain the health of the mother and baby. There was no other intention (with regard to the miscarriage issue). But Choi’s parents were furious and said that it was the first time their daughter was pregnant, why say such things?! We said that HJ told us. After that, Choi parents stopped talking.”

8. After 17 January, there was no further visit to the hospital to check up on the status of the baby. When both parties met again on 17 February, Choi bitch retorted that she had already given the medical check-up report, why was there a need to go for another check-up?!”

9. “When we met again, Choi’s parents said they already knew about the 1st pregnancy. It was then, for the first time, we found out about the 600 million won settlement. After talking to HJ over the phone then we learnt that Choi had said that she would sue him (HJ) for assaulting a pregnant woman, feeling afraid he gave her the 600 million won.”

10. Q: With regard to the discrepancies between the alleged assault and the truth, was there any intention to take legal action?
A: Despite a sense of unwillingness, we had originally thought of letting the matter passed since money had already been given. But now that the issue had evolved to its current status, we are more firm with our current stance.

11. “Saw the settlement agreement between HJ and Choi bitch. In general, the victim side in receipt of the compensation (money) may stipulate certain clauses. But it was hard to understand with regard to Choi bitch’s demand to keep silence on the her receipt of the 600 million won, and then told the media that it was in the name of her final love for the man that she dropped the charges.”

12. Q: Why cannot verify/ confirm since all went to the hospital together?
A: Choi bitch did not turn up for any of the 4 previous medical appointment as she insisted that HJ must go together. Hence, on 12 March the appointment was made to turn up at the Seoul Asan hospital (首尔峨山). Legal representatives from both sides also turned up at the appointment.

13. Q: The whole process of reconciliation, pregnancy and lawsuit after the assault incident was astounding?
A: While we would not comment on the specifics, it was hurtful how this issue was unilaterally being reported on. What the other side had said was not true at all and we would leave it to the lawyer to deal with it.




Kim Hyun Joong′s Father Claims Son′s Ex-Girlfriend′s Family Denied Pregnancy

Kim Hyun Joong’s father, Kim, has claimed that the family members of Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend denied her pregnancy last year.

On June 3, the preparatory proceeding for the damage lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong, filed by the ex-girlfriend claiming 1,600 million won, was held. Attention was drawn to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents who showed up at court.

After the preparatory proceedings, Kim met reporters and showed strong suspicion to the ex-girlfriend’s claim of pregnancy last year saying, “Even her family said her pregnancy is not true.”

Kim stated, “Her parents were the ones who showed resentment toward their daughter’s claim of pregnancy.”

Meanwhile, during the proceedings, both parties continued to make opposing claims to the issues of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer stated, “The ex-girlfriend’s side did not submit any particular evidence to prove last year’s pregnancy. Her medical report stating four months of amenorrhea is not a proof of pregnancy.”

Kim’s lawyer continued, “The opposing side claimed to have submitted text messages between the ex-girlfriend and Kim Hyun Joong as evidence; however, they still cannot verify her pregnancy. We are waiting for the OB/GYN to reply to check the facts.”

To this, the ex-girlfriend’s lawyer stated “We are submitting evidence that will objectively verify her pregnancy. We cannot reveal the specifics but we have data to refute Kim Hyun Joong’s claim.” He also answered that he thinks the lawsuit cost of 1,600 million won is a reasonable amount to those who asked.

Both Kim Hyun Joong, who is currently serving in the military, and the ex-girlfriend did not appear on the court on the day.

News source: Mwave (


Eng Trans from TV news interview  June 3rd  

(Trans by Sunny @sunsun_sky via tweeter. Thanks for sharing!)








The news stated: To this, the ex-girlfriend’s lawyer stated “We are submitting evidence that will objectively verify her pregnancy. We cannot reveal the specifics but we have data to refute Kim Hyun Joong’s claim.” He also answered that he thinks the lawsuit cost of 1,600 million won is a reasonable amount to those who asked.

My comment to Choi’s lawyer:   I think Choi’s lawyer finds it hard to provide evidence on pregnancy last year since no hospital can supply FAKE evidence! Poor counsel cannot reveal specifics simply because he doesn’t have any credible evidence!

He said 1.6M Won is reasonable amount, which reveals the truth Choi accepted the money last year and so it’s a big LIE as she stated she did not demand for money or anything but simply letter of apology!

Choi is not contented with 1.6M so she demand for 1.6B Won this time! This is a real certified gold digger obviously! She claimed that KE thinks she’s a gold digger that made her upset! Well reality hurts!!

Next court hearing schedule shall be on July 22nd!!  I think I need more popcorn this time!! LOL This Choi is something and I’ve run out of words to describe her!! I’m out of here! See you guys!

                                                                                        LazerKim here reporting!




More details on what was said by Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers at the court on June 3 have been revealed. It turns out the singer is planning to counter sue his ex-girlfriend, pointing out that she could have been lying about pretty much everything.

As mentioned earlier, the legal reps of both sides appeared at court to sort out their stances before the official trials begin for the lawsuit filed by Miss Choi against Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion KRW (~ 1.4 million USD) in compensation for the psychological and emotional stress and suffering she received.

Like detailed in the earlier article, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers pointed out Miss Choi did not produce any concrete evidence about last year’s pregnancy.

However, that’s not all, the singer is now taking things a step farther to point out that some of Miss Choi’s previous claims about physical assault are questionable.

If you’ve been keeping up, Miss Choi revealed last year that she had been assaulted multiple times throughout a course of a few months. She produced photos of bruises and an X-ray of a fractured rib as evidence of all the assaults. Kim Hyun Joong, however, denied that there were multiple occurrences and only admitted to one case, which he was later fined by the court for.

Now, Kim Hyun Joong’s side is pointing out that Miss Choi cannot prove that her X-ray of her bone fracture is evidence of Kim Hyun Joong’s violence. They stated, “She said the bone fracture happened on July 21, but the X-ray she took was on August 18. In order for her to submit this as evidence of assault, she would have had to taken the X-ray right after it happened, otherwise it could be seen as something else having happened afterwards to cause the fracture. That X-ray serves as evidence of her injury, but it does not serve as evidence that it was an injury inflicted by Kim Hyun Joong.”

Miss Choi had also claimed that her miscarriage was probably caused by his assault to her abdomen region, so on that, the singer’s lawyers stated, “In addition, if there were assault to her abdomen, then there should be pictures of her abdomen, but we’ve only seen pictures of her shoulders and arms. At the time, Kim Hyun Joong didn’t even time to check these things out because he was scared by her threats to expose him to the media that he just gave her the settlement of amount of 600 million KRW (~ $546,000 USD). That is an absurd amount of settlement money… Through this lawsuit, we will recheck all the facts from the past assault controversy as well.”

It doesn’t stop there, his lawyers are also once again pointing out that Miss Choi could be lying about her current pregnancy (the one that happened this year). “After December 20, Kim Hyun Joong and Choi broke up. And then on January 3, Choi told Kim Hyun Joong she was pregnant. We spoke with gynecology experts and they say that you can’t check for pregnancy with an over-the-counter pregnancy tester 12 or 13 days into pregnancy. They said that you can only confirm pregnancy that early through blood test and ultrasounds, but Choi said that she found out she was pregnant through a pregnancy tester… We plan to find out whether she really was pregnant on January 3 when she notified us by consulting with experts. But if it turns out that Kim Hyun Joong is really the father of her baby, then we are making it clear that he will take responsibility as the father.”

On their counter suit against Miss Choi, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer commented, “Because of Miss Choi’s lawsuit, Kim Hyun Joong has been made out to be a person who caused a pregnant woman to miscarry with assault. So we are preparing a counter suit on the grounds of defamation. We will file this damage suit within June. We are currently calculating the amount we will sue for, which is at least 1.2 billion KRW (1 million USD), if taking into consideration the fine of 600 million KRW she needs to pay for breaching the terms of her settlement last year (that she wouldn’t expose anything to the media) plus the actual 600 million KRW she received as settlement. We are also figuring out how much we will ask for on the defamation brought upon Kim Hyun Joong.” 

Miss Choi’s lawyers, meanwhile, are insisting that there are other ways besides hospital records through which Choi’s pregnancy can be proven, and that they will prove the truth in court.

News source: (


To all trash news sites:   It only takes a news balance reporting and writing the truth to be called professional journalist! Now you may start swallowing those LIES that Choi created and bring out the truth to this case if you want to be called “professional journalist”.

To Choi’s Lawyer:   Come on counselor, with all due respect at least let’s be professional! Whatelse can prove a legitimate pregnancy than a credible legit medical record from OB specialist? Even if Choi proves to have that bumpy belly (if she can produce) it still doesn’t prove that it’s KHJ’s child inside Choi unless a legit DNA test can be performed. Just my opinion!

                                                                                             LazerKim here reporting!


At last for months I finally have seen that big smile from Hyun Joong! This shall be the start that we’ll be seeing more smiles from him! And this is quite a relief to see him happy again with his new life in the military camp! Fighting!!


Photo credits as tagged Ms D thanks!

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    Thank God Atty Lee will counter sue now for all.
    I am sorry Hj’s parents are passing this ordeal and pain but this is the right thing to do to clear Hj name and bring out all the lies and blackmail that bitch done to this family. She insulted Hj and the Kim’s in the most ugly way all the time playing. She should be jailed for all this and JUSTICE to be done.

  8. Thanks for updating news. In my country we have a proverb which is fit to this girl “Daughter is a reflection of parent”. No wonder why this girl has lied and seem to to stop doing, as her parent has never taught a right moral.

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  13. Everything is coming clear now. Choi was and is still a liar. Hope her face and her lies would all be exposed sooner than what we think.
    On the contrary, it must be KHJ who should have filed a psychological damge against Choi not for 1.6 billionWon but for $1 billion. Come to think of it, if she is really suffering from pyshological damage and emotional stress, she would not have senses or time to always update media of her alleged pregnancy. On the other hand, KHJ just remained at home, and did not even like to see sunlight, and his health obviously deteriorated as we saw him during enlistment day. Now, among the two, who really suffered damaged, be it psychologial, emotionally?.. and I may add social and financial damage becasue she hooked him millions of money and is still trying to hook his money up to now.

  14. Thank you Ms LK for summing it up and keeping it for us. Its really helpful…
    I believe as one of the fan commented “choi could even blackmail her lawyer to fight for her lol ”
    And after yesterdays trail i find no reason to proceed with case. They dint even produce a single evidence that makes sense what are they going to do in next trail?
    It feels like Choi and her lawyer both are mocking at law and order by showing those nonsensical evidence!

  15. Amenorrhea is the medical term for the absence of menstrual periods, either on a permanent or temporary basis. Amenorrhea can be classified as primary or secondary. In primary amenorrhea, menstrual periods have never begun (by age 16), whereas secondary amenorrhea is defined as the absence of menstrual periods for three consecutive cycles or a time period of more than six months in a woman who was previously menstruating.

    The menstrual cycle can be influenced by many internal factors such as transient changes in hormonal levels, stress, and illness, as well as external or environmental factors. Missing one menstrual period is rarely a sign of a serious problem or an underlying medical condition, but amenorrhea of longer duration may signal the presence of a disease or chronic condition.

    So, if CHOI has Amenorrhea, she really is not pregnant but rather has a treatable condition causes by changes in hormones, my prayer goes to kim hyun joong’s family. This CHOI OF A WOMAN IS A PARASITE AND A DISEASE .

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    Genetic or inborn conditions are the most common causes of primary amenorrhea.
    Amenorrhea may result from disorders of the ovaries, pituitary gland, or hypothalamus.

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      If possible you may do it before 8/6/2015.
      Let’s send as much as happy birthday wishes to him-so that he can smile and laugh reading our thought on him again!

  22. oh…i thought i already commenting in this but somehow i forgot…oh,what an old woman… >_<
    hello Ms.Lk and huge henecia family,
    thank you for the wonderful article…. the best as always…
    May God bless khj,his family, huge henecia family, Ms.Lk n me…^_^v
    p/s: happy birthday ms.jazu….may god bless u n give happiness always… ^_^v

    • JAZU here
      June 3 my BIRTHDAY
      WOW today is his day and our day too, my gift is comming
      thank you to remember my birthday, as I promise LK I am here to read news of my only one.
      next post is for me.
      GOD bless you family and KJHL, I am here prying for you, everything will be good.

  23. LK, based from the interviews (KHJ’s parents) Choi is really pregnant or the translation is just not clear? I am confused. But is your understanding on this?


    Vote as much as u can and at the same time be alert at the column above it which shows ” Thank you for voting!”

    Every now and then pls check when it says,” Thank you. We have already counted your vote”. When this pop out just STOP voting for awhile. Around 2-3 minutes just enough. Go watching HJ’s MV for example…LOL.. Then come back and REFRESH the page again. Now u can start voting again.

    Just do this repeatedly. U will never be BLOCKED by follow this rule.

    Ok Now go voting my dear friends!!!! FIGHTING!! LOVE U ALL!! Ekekeke….

  25. Lets all support hyun joong with our love,prayers and votes.unbelivers must come to understand this unbreakable bond we have with kim hyun joong.lets commit a portion of our time to serious prayers for hyun na,our faith in God must be intact,let our body and heart be on fire burning with flames of love to support our only one in which ever way.God will clear khj’s name from mud.lets also vote for him earnestly and sincererly so others will know he’s not alone.let his totally amazing smile and laughter be our strength,lets not forget the goals we have with kim hyun joong,to be the greatest family and fandom ever,where our weakness and shotrcomings is covered with love,respect,trust,good thoughts for one another.OUR HYUNNIE MUST COME BACK TO US BETTER AND BRIGHTER THAN BEFORE,LETS ALL HAVE FAITH…FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!HENECIA AND TRIPLE S FOR EVER.

    • Very well said dear….YEAAH..COME ON ALL ALIEN FANS…

      WE CAN DO IT!!


      Here the link >


  26. Dear henecia family, there is one day and 7 hour left till the end of the poll. We are losing with aroud 2000 votes for now. I am sure we can do a miracle as always and show our dear prince how much we love and support him. Vote, please here:
    You can vote countless times. If it blocks, you can vote again after 2 hours. We need your help. Kisses and hugs from me.

    • omg, were losing already for 3300 plus votes, this morning were number 1 and the gap is almost 10k…guys let us vote…and of course let’s pray for khj’s court hearing, let the justice prevail..and pray for his atty too…khj fighting!!!!

  27. The below is my respond to Anon. that mentioned choi’s parents.

    I knew some of us here might not like what I said because you do not touch the parents issue. However I can’t help it so I’m going to touch a little bit on this issue.

    I wonder how the SK public think about this choi’s parents. Do they accept the parents that support their daughter to earn money by trying to get pregnant with a rich and famous man ? The very sad thing of this nightmare is this woman does not care about the baby at all. She seems to care for the man ‘s attention and money only. In my opinion this woman should not be allowed to be a mother. Considering choi’s parents actions I think parents in most Asian countries would have a lot of opinions about them.

    As we have followed up this nightmare very closely from the start until now. The more we learn about this woman the more we see clearer and clearer what this woman did or has been trying to do all along is to get pregnant by HJ . She did try again and again in the short relationship she had with him no matter what it took she will do just to get pregnant. She even went further when it did not work the way she wanted she was happy to lie and manipulated public to believe that he abused her. That’s still not enough when she saw he believed her lie she threaten him to disclosed it and blackmailed him for big money . Then this woman even went further to lie to public that she was settlement out of her love for him to defame him even more. She wants to show that she can control him.

    It’s hard to believe her parents let her do what she did till very now . i believe at least they knew their daughter enough if they still support her it mean they are also hungry for money without morality . At the least if they have a parents soul they should feel the pain of HJ’s parents.

    I wonder do they believe in any religion ? Both her parents and the woman choi or the whole family. i do not mean to be rude but I’m really surprise with the whole thing that this family has done and has not done for the sack of humanity..

  28. Dear LK,

    Thank you so much for this article and thank you for taking time beside your hectic schedule..

    Today i saw the translation of HJ’ s parents interview posted by sami006 on May 31 at allkpop which contain some interesting details that have not been included in this article. I try to copy to bring it here but I could not do. Please take a look or if someone here know how to bring it here please do . i think it will be great and helpful for us here that all information of untold story will be collected in this article. Thank you so much.

  29. Thank you Lk for all your articles.
    Frankly I’ve read those translations and even I knew that psycho is lying I still didn’t believe the extent or how a person can “play” with someone else life like this.
    I’ve said always that I believe in Hj!
    Those interviews are actually quite painfull to read and trying to understand on how much pain and suffer this family passed at the hands of a psychopath!

    That psycho lying bitch (no way I will call her something else..she can sue, I will sue her right back for mental stress..) inflicted so much pain and turmoil and played with a human life, actually lives, on how she insulted Hj’s Family, all those months. Incomprehensible as what is the reason to destroy and put that much pain and suffer on someone who she claim she “love” …greed we all know and knew, but ….still? Attention from Hj? In her sick mind what she thought she can get more?
    Disgusting creature who is keeping her anonymity still, when actually she should be exposed to face the shame of the public as Hj passed.

    I won’t repeat myself with what I think and feel on SK media and society and the INJUSTICE and Misunderstanding and how they treated their own. I wish and hope that Atty Lee will prove and fight for the TRUTH to be out there and revealed as Hj wants. Hope she will go to a long vacation in Jail for all she done, my dearest wish!

    • My question goes to choi’s parents. Honestly how insensitive have u been to let your daughter milk someone’s child so sever and still have that odensity to be angry when they take their stand to defend their son ??? Each event HJ held you look at the impact of it and start the calculation 😳😳??the patten here is the same from the world tour to gemin tour there have been sme drama play.
      Anyway our God never slumber ✋he is watching over that family and over u too. What you do behind the scene watch when God make u a spectacle of fools on the face of the whole world.

  30. Please vote at as the gap has reduced t0 17,000. We need to secure at least gap between 26,000. It would be better if he has a 30,000+ lead just to make sure.Please,guys vote as much as you can.
    When you get this message at the top of the poll, “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.” STOP. Wait a few minutes and then continue. The message should read, “Thank you for your vote.” for your votes to count. If you continue voting when you get the other message, you will be locked out for an hour or more, so be careful.

  31. Hi, LK, I was waiting for your article. You have organized and collected all the recent info, Thank you for your updates and effort. I am praying every night for his health and peace of mind. I am waiting for the preliminary trial / I guess I am not wrong/ on the 3rd of June. What do you think, will we be able to gather some information right away or we will have to wait for the final decision of the court? May be I am in a hurry and I want his reputation back as soon as possible :)))

  32. yes lk ,we will spread this news as much as possible..we can share this interview everwhr. i also really surprise for choi parent..they r also cheater like choi…dnt wry khj,,we r with u..,,thnku lazer kim and malavika 🙂

  33. A lot of things about Choi don’t add up. For me, either she is lying or she likes the sense of power it gives her to with hold information from people. She likes that she has information or can fabricate information that can ruin people. She likes that she can use this information to get people to do what she wants them to do. I think she gets high on power (that’s why to me she doesn’t fit the profile of an abused woman who feels powerless to escape her circumstances and cries for help) I honestly think she enjoys that she has the Kim’s in the dark on whether or not she is pregnant and whether or not it is KHJ’s child. What gives her power is that reputation is so important in Korea and even more important for a celebrity. Public opinion can make or break a celebrity’s career. Last year she has watched how she could successfully break KHJ’s career with “evidences” that were fabricated. SHE DID NOT EVEN NEED REAL EVIDENCE TO BREAK HIM. All she needed were pictures of bruises and text messages and no one questioned her. Everyone believed and championed her.

    I understand KHJ’s frame of mind around that time. I understand that he had hopes and dreams that would be crushed if he could not contain the situation he was in. I understand that his life and everything he worked hard to build would come tumbling down all around him if this situation did not go away quickly. But in hindsight the best course of action would have been to fight her head on and expose her lies then. Believing he could solve these problems by himself and keeping contact with her tells me that he had no understanding of the character of the woman he was dealing with. I honestly pray that she is not pregnant with his child, because it would mean that he is bound to this woman for the rest of his life through a child. And I honestly do not think that the Kim’s are capable of handling such a dark character. As soon as she would not get her way she would shout “fire” and as long as the public gives her importance she would continue to have power over the Kim’s. These court proceedings are so important in breaking the grip she has over the Kim’s. I really pray every single moment I think of KHJ that they will win. I pray that his lawyer has the insight to see through whatever they present and counter it with hard proof that is airtight. May the Kim’s be protected from this woman once and for all.

    • You said a mouth full. Choi is a monster in his life. I wonder these Macoy in allkpop is not her coz she sound like choi to keep on saying one non convinced point 1000 times like a psych patient.

  34. Yes indeed. Choi and her family are disgrace to Korea. If these Korean media will not publish the truth, they are doing injustice to their own country- the Korea. Many people around the world have already know the truth except the Korean media which gives impression of incompetency and unprofessionalism. I have much respect to Korean government but not to its media. It tends to twist the truth. Are they being paid by Choi’s side?
    I do believe, drama and movies are also ways of knowing the culture and trend in different countries where those dramas or movies came from. I watched Pinocchio, a Korean drama and has now idea how korean media turn the truth into lies and lies into truth. I have also watched a lot of korean dramas depicting fake marriages and fake relationships – and a man paying a woman to act as his wife or girlfriend, from Fullhouse, Kim Sam Soon, Lie to me, and many more. These dramas make Korean women cheap and exchange money for the lies that they are asked to do or say. And now comes Choi which proves that somehow there is really truth about what korean dramas depict. If the media will continue to depend Choi, it only shows that it is common in Korea to have many Chois.

    • I too, when I saw Pinocchio knew that just an ordinary citizen could not control the media but there is also Healer that showed the same method of operation, only someone with money and power can control the news. Therefore, just as many as said here, I believe, and as LK as stated there is someone big behind this conspiracy to defame HJ. Unfortunately, I no longer have respect for their culture. I do believe that, if you are considered a demoracy, every person has a right to defend themselves in a court of law and to face their accuser, and not be tired in a court of public opinion. If they do not have laws in place to prevent this then it is time to do so. Magazine like those in SK have become of no account, the citizens in America,now,find them amusing. Eventually, this too will happen in SK but how many lives have to be destroyed. Thank you again LK and God bless.

  35. Thanks for the information. I’m looking forward to the results of the June 3 court hearing. I Am Always praying for KHJ ‘s welfare. I hope that everything will be resolved in due time. Take care God Bless and more power to you. Without you we will never know about the real story of KHJ’s case. Thanks for knowing you thru your blog.

  36. Thanks LK,,finally can read ur waiting for 3rd June for court hearing…dear henecia,,lets pray together for everything will going smooth on 3rd june and gud luck to atty lee…hopefully khj’s name will clear and the bitch will go to jail…!!!

  37. There was also a statement from a young man who isn’t a friend or a fan of KHJ that stated Choi would come around (art class & soccer) and act all I’m better than you” and he mentioned her mom too. Said he felt bad for KHJ. I saw it on an indonesian fan club site but never saw it again after that so I can’t remember exactly what he said. The IFC seems to get info faster than the rest of us.

    • That statement from his art class friend, we have known that quite earlier before when the case heat up recently. It was all around twiiter at the time.

  38. miss kim i so agree with you that choi parents knew what choi was blackmailing HJ and they went along with it
    choi and her parents are the most self fish people i ever see in my life and i still think that choi not pregnant at all because she just want money
    as for the media they never tell the truth because they don’t want people to read or hear the truth so they lied to get more reader but that just wrong is so many way
    as for ke i think that are worst agency i ever seen because they don’t care about HJ they only do when they think it the right time to see or being see
    hopeful on june 3 every thing come out and see that choi is nothing but a greedy woman that doesn’t care about anything but money

  39. Just gets crazier & crazier from that looney-tunes’ side – I LOVE how she didn’t properly brief her parents LOL She’s totally been caught in her web of lies. KHJ on the other hand has remained consistently himself – he’s looking just FINE in that picture, BTW! Healthy & fit, & picked as a team leader LOL Truth will out 😀

  40. Hi Miss Kim..Thank you so much for this write up. I think all of us miss your write up. We know you are so busy but still find time to write the article for us. Kumawo, Miss Kim. We now know how is her family and that’s why she behaves like this. Her lies will be exposed soon on June 3rd, 2015. Let’s gather our mental and physical strength for this and pray for our winnings! Sooner or later the good ones will win at the end as we are at the right side!

  41. Hi LK 🙂 I was surprised too about the Choi’s Parents reaction!!! Ithink they are afraid now, that’s why… I don’t understand too why the media ourlet didn’t spread thé interview… Eventhough, if they won’t, we’ll do!!! Henecia is such a big network since we are all from different countries… Let us be a media to spread the truth, doesn’t matter how we’ll do, but we must do something to make public read the interview till the end… For exemple, we can share the articles in all group we know where is interested about kpop or Korea or even Asia.. Just my thought,…
    About voting, I know we are all focused on the lawsuit, but we must give him the victory on poll too, so let’s do our best!! Thank you for giving me this space LK

  42. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNTOLD STORY | LazerKim

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