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Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong.

There was hardly a chance to greet you and finally here comes the farewell greetings.
To be honest, I was utmost regretful all this while.

As a public figure, I couldn’t convey my thoughts, That I have to go hiatus to reflect on my immature self, and it was indeed a tough period spent. I’ve also given a lot of thought on how should I convey my apologies and farewell earnestly.

To all my fans in my heart…..I have two feelings to convey to all my fans. Apologies, gratitude…

Many of you have given me a lot of emotional support during the hardest time. The never-changing trust for me more than I could take, how could I repay all these…And to those who were angry and hurt after the news because of me, I don’t know how I should convey my apologies but I’m taking it as a heavy debt as I enlist.

Of course it’s a fact that every men born in this piece of land South Korea will be enlisted into the army, but finally when it’s my turn, I’m feeling a little nervous. I always thought that I have been working hard and living ambitiously all this while…but when the day finally comes, I’m feeling nervous…

But anyway, in the next 2 years, I believe I will venture on a whole new path. As a man, an entertainer, a responsible public figure.  I will come back maturely.

Throughout the past 1 year, I have lived under the love and support that I have received and felt from my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I am grateful to, and fans.

I will return once after I complete my duties, as a better person, if not a perfect individual.
I promise to greet you again with smiles on the day of my return, and this ends my letter.

12th May 2015,
Kim Hyun Joong.

Translation by Stephanie, shared by @5starsAs1 Thanks for sharing and effort!


Love means you never have to say you are sorry… We only need to know you are here! Love means we never have to say goodbye!  See you soon Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here reporting!



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  1. Really missing khj very much. I don’t know how I can pass this two years. Even though you left so…. Many memories to us for this two years. Khj daily I’m praying to god to pass this two years fastly….. So that I want see your magic smile soon. Waiting for your return. Don’t worry for anything be happy, be healthy we are always with you….

  2. I don’t know from where I have to start but I completely become mad about Kim Hyun Joong. But I always like to call him as White Prince, Walking Star. How can I tell I don’t have words to describe about him? From past 6 months I became mad about him Im always searching news, downloading his videos and daily morethan 19 hours im thinking about him and watching his videos but still I’m not satisified how much I see those that much again im seeing. This first time in life thinking about a actor like this. I totally became fan for him. To be frank I fallen for his charming, innocent smile. Eventhough he smiles oftenly i fallen for that smile. After seeing him smiling I’m forgotten all my problems. He have a that magic in his smile. Not only smile his innocence, talking way, walking everything I like. In each album im seeing new KHJ its really impressive.
    But after hearing some of his personnel life, i was so.. worried about him. Because I can tell he is not such a type of person. Face is the index of mind and also by the behaviour we can judge a person. If we observe KHJ behaviour he is so.. innocent, because like other stars he wont prepare for interview he just give an answer whatever he feel honestly, without thinking if I tell this means viewers may feel nothing like that. So how such a person can involve in like that issues.
    Just I want say to KHJ to do not worry for these thing we the fans of yours never bother about such lies. We are your fans from whole heartedly. Be happy do more dramas, really we are missing your dramas. I will pray to god to meet you once before my last breathe. I know its very difficult as a Indian to visit korea for you. But its my Lifetime wish to meet you and to see your charming smile directly and to enjoy and feel that magic of smile in real.


  4. I just wanted to share something funny. I am reading articles about the Korean MS, just to undertand what he is going through right now, and I just found that ” It is said that for a gifted soccer player, life in the military comes easily. Because inter-squad soccer games factor so much into the military life, the ranking soldiers take it a little easy on the star players” . hehehe, he is such a good / and cute/ football player, I hope his life will be easy.

  5. LK, from what I’ve read from his profile, LHJ has one brother. but KHj had never mentioned him. Is he close to his brother? Did he send him off when he enlist in MS?
    He had stories about BJY, friends, Kim Jae Joong, his parents, his dogs but not about his brother?
    I hope his only brother do support him.

  6. Love and respect will never end to this guy…God will always lead him.Hi sis… I feel relieved that he now is far from that bitch…coz of this choi I have not able to read news,worried always haunted me. Thanks for all sis. Wish our friend who lost her mother will be strong to carry on.Bless you all KHJ family arround the world.

  7. Such an amazing soul,am very proud to be a fan of khj.lets all stay put for him.anytime i see the stars am filled with so much joy and happiness cause of how the stars sparkle,i have absolute faith in GOD that our hyun joong future is one to be part sincere apologies to the fan ayen who lost her mum,a good mother is one of those treasures that have no duplicate,don’t worry so much but plan on how to live a good and happy life that your mum would be proud of.ALL STRENGHT TO KIM HYUN JOONG…AJA!!!

  8. Such an amazing soul,am very proud to be a fan of khj.lets all stay put for him.anytime i see the stars am filled with so much joy and happiness cause of how the stars sparkle,i have absolute faith in GOD that our hyun joong future is one to be part sincere apologies to the fan who lost her mum,a good mother is one of those treasures that have no duplicate,don’t worry so much but plan on how to live a good and happy life that your mum would be proud of.ALL STRENGHT TO KIM HYUN JOONG…AJA!!!

  9. I was a silent bystander all along the time that KHJ was going through this turmoil. But my loving support and prayers are always extended to him. I am praying that him going to his MS is a blessing, so that he can focus on the things he can do, his strengths and not dwell on his circumstance created by the “so called” girlfriend. It is so difficult to understand how a person who says that she’s the girlfriend (who’s supposed to love him) is the same person who is destroying him. I hope the time KHJ spends on his MS will be a fruitful soul searching time and he come out stronger, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Let us not forget to include him in our prayers. He is one guy, just like us who goes thru same problems, pain, betrayal and depression. But with our support and God’s intervention, KHJ can get through all of these. Let’s continue to be hand in hand in praying for him and wishing him the best in everything. WE LOVE YOU KHJ ❤

    • i miss you Lazerkim, c ayen ito. hope all is well with you. it think its been more than a yr since the last time i commented on any of ur article. but i always read it but kept quiet through it all. i went thru difficult time last yr as well when i lost my mom. But God is good. Am just hanging in there. God bless KHJ and HENECIA.

      • Hello Ayen! Yes its been a while i hope you’re ok now im sorry to hear about your mom. Thank you for staying w hj. Pls do keep on reading im trying to really update this site i know many of you are still silently reading and im thankful for that for hj. Take care be happy and see you again God bless..

  10. My friend told me your reading that letter again? I just cant move on with that letter. Im so proud of him that i let my friends read his letter. Well, they are speechless. ” this man is beyond words” – ms. D.
    I knew that what we are going through is nothing compared to what hj feels. But i really didnt expect that he is more concerned about our feelings, that we got embarassed coz he is our idol. And is even thinking of how to repay us! This made me feel so loved and respected.
    Now, i think my friends understand me, why i decided to stick with him, after all the scandal.

  11. I have been reading his letter like 4 to 5 times today…. And to have it handwritten…. I can feel his sincererity…
    The past months must been really hard him but true fans will never doubt him… I understand why he choose to be silent even when all fingers were pointing at him and I respect your decision… But i am very glad finally you choose not to keep quiet anymore…& at the right time.. Your true fans will always stand by you… So don’t have feel sorry…
    And I read that his bodyguard also enlist together…. So all hyun joong fans… Don’t worry!

    • I think his bodyguard did not enlist. In some other photos, he is also with his two trusted bodyguards.
      Same here, I am glad that he has a lawyer to speak and stand in his behalf. At least, we know that the legal battle will start in June 2014. It is much better that KHJ is in the army now, and so that girl could no longer blackmail him.
      Poor KHJ – what an ordeal that you had gone through? She has taken advantage of your weaknesses.
      Seeing how thin he is now, breaks my heart. I do not think you deserve to be hated, bashed and humiliated – but wait, truth and justice will prevail.

      • At first, i thought that this bodyguards are just there to protect in every corner of that room, but when i saw the video ( cant remember who uploaded), the 2 body guards did military salute then take a pic together with the other recruit, then finally walked inside, ( towards the camp ).

  12. Well, as usual some online Korean sites have twisted the translation of his letter. Some say, he admitted that he had done wrong so he is asking asking for forgiveness. Is it because they are not good in English, no good comprehension or they are mere hypocrites? Pity those kind of people – because deep inside them they are not happy or are just envious.
    To all KHJ fans, be happy always and if others are are not happy to see Henecians being happy – that is already their problem not ours.

    • Very true, they are not happy people but let us be happy so he can feel our vibes. Thanks to all. What a day on yesterday.

    • Come on, for God sake, I have no idea how these people think. It’s obvious that he is being polite to apologize to his fans for keeping silent for along time and for being dragged into such an annoying defamatory drama. I can feel the honesty in his words, he’s really regretful for what happened. Don’t these people, who’re trying to twist the meaning of his letter, have hearts? Are’t we all humans? make mistakes, encounter some inconvenient people in our lives and face a lot of ups and downs?! What a prejudice and grudge! God bless you Kim Hyun Joong wherever and whenever you are.

    • Sadly, non of english korean sites report the right translation, they could easily post the entire translation of the letter. But they report it in controversial manner.
      I read in one comment that he think theres a conspiracy coz no one site is honest in reporting about khj. Well, i think there is. khj fanbase is wide especially internationally, those fans are just relying on kor. Eng. sites for updates… So, to destroy the image of khj, they twist the report and be totally one sided.
      Im so greatful to the fans that go and defend khj in open forums and post the translations of hj lawyer interviews. It is really helpful.

  13. The letter written by KHJ touched my heart. You see his beautiful soul shining through in his words. Also the support from the people he loves and who love him (which of course include his fans) was touching. I so wanted to be there to support him. I also thank you very much Lazer Kim for this site Lazer Kim. It has been the only site I could turn to and that felt like home.

    These past months I have been so outraged because of the injustice of what is happening and the powerlessness to change it. KHJ’s image towards foreigners is being controlled by trash media sites like allkpop, soompi etc simply because most foreigners that want to know more about what is happening in the kpop world and what is happening to their idol cannot read Korean. An intelligent person that wants to form an opinion would not rely on one source only. They would google different sites and inform themselves more about what is going on.

    In this case you are limited to these media sites and unfortunately they are all consistent in representing one side of the story. We cannot change what they write, but we do have access to their comment boxes. Currently these forums/comment boxes are festering with hatred which is ignited and kept alive by the way these media sites report their news.

    Stating your opinion does not help because readers believe that KHJ fans are so much in love with him that they cannot see the truth and are not capable of an objective opinion. What might be more effective is placing links to articles (from the original website) that contain KHJ’s lawyers statements and directly under that placing links to the translations of these articles.

    Also placing links to subtitled youtube video’s. Give the people that comment on these forums the other side of the story from a source outside of the KHJ fandom. The haters will continue to hate, but those that are not haters and whose opinions have been formed by the way articles are written, might be swayed to put things into better perspective. But to do this we need access to these sites and videos and their translations…

    At the rate of how things are going now the truth will be revealed, but we will be the only ones to know it simply because of biased reporting. (And with we I means those fans that have found your site and that have found the tweets of KHJ fans that have more access to information). The future for KHJ then might continue to be difficult and this saddens me.

    • Thank you so much for the information. I think one day there will be no one read allkpop and soompi as they have transformed themselves to become trash medias . It’s a pity that their readers who are not haters have become their victim of their dishonest information.

      However I think if KE is still represent KHJ they should be the one who did the English version of the lawyer’s interview. They knew well HJ has quite a big number of international fans. The more I think about KE the more I get upset because they have never learned from their mistake and they do not know how to protect their artist.

      As the haters and those trash medias . They choose to live their life destroying the others with jealousy or make money from destroying a person. I can find words for these kind of people I just feel sorry for their readers who are not haters that they were betrayed by the medias they have trusted . However i hope there will be some intellectual readers there who are smart enough to see the truth behind the trash news .

      I believe that these trash medias will be died down sooner than we thought if they keep distorting the truth and intentionally mislead the readers for money. i can’t think of any reason why they do what they did except they get pay to do or they are benefit with some source. What these medias did are very suspicious as they suppose to be eyes and ears for their readers for any information from all aspects. Their injustice and unfair behaviors are too obvious to ignore.

      • I wonder what those sites will print the day the psycho bitch will go to JAIL for blackmail and fraud?
        Will they show who the True VICTIM is here ! They will have to print something and what those small narrow minded haters and antis will say when slapped on the face with the TRUTH! will they recognize not to judge someone just because of whaqt rags are printing? I just wonder…

        • Haters will be haters forever no matter the truth is in front of them.We just focus on what we want to do and maybe they’ll see it later.what matter is we must not be influenced by their negative vibes.

    • Beautiful Carol.. yes, a brilliant suggestion.. yes, let’s encourage each other/henecias those who are good in korean and english to engage in this kind of project.. translate news and youtube.. to clear all misunderstanding about KHJ.. we cannot let misleading translation to tarnish KHJ image anymore.. even his last night letter was subjected to bias translation…. are we not loving KHJ so much.. maybe this can be a way to show him how much we want him to come back stronger.. stand even taller.. after his MS.. lets give him a surprise… with his fandom expanded to another million fans… wow.. love it..

      • On facebook his letter was translated wrong, in the news, but one of the readers, in the comment section, translated it correctly. So some have already started this. Her comments also stated, “if you do not know English that we’ll don’t translate”.

      • Ive been thinking of learning how to put subtitles in videos… Well, since im not that busy… I will try my best. But we need to find someone to translate the whole video.

    • I finally had enough time to go through the media sites. I really have to say you guys are AWESOME!!! Standing by for the Justice Crusade!

  14. Thank you so much LK for posting HJ’s letter. I love his sincere words . His heart and his gratitude toward fans has never changed.

    To Kim Hyun Joong,

    Thank you so much for your farewell letter. I read it with joyful feeling inside my chest. I’m truly appreciate your apology and your thoughtfulness toward us. Even thought it really no need as we feel we knew your heart and we knew how difficult you must have been .

    I’m so proud that I have never wrong about you. I’m glad that you have gradually taught us about you since the first day of being your fan. Therefore we knew well you are not perfect but you are a most decent human being and we also know you are a trustworthy and an honest man. These 2 qualities are already enough to be by your side and will always support you in any thick and thin situation of your life..We trust you and believe in you. Please never feel burden with the trust we have for you because being you and being yourself is already trustworthy.

    I hope you will never forget that you are loved and respected.
    I wish you will enjoy everything that the military has to offer and take the best out of it.
    I ‘m looking forward to seeing you in one year and nine months.
    In the mean time I will do my best to bring your healing smile back to us.

    Don’t forget you have promised us a smile on your return..

    God bless you my only one.

    • As Hyun joong has mentioned in his letter he apologized to those fans who get angry and hurt because of him. I hope they will acknowledge his letter and try to understand his situation since the truth is slowly revealed. I believe that sometime we need time to review our thought about thing or about a person when the sky is clearer. I hope they will do that and give hyun joong a justice.

      I really appreciate his humble thoughtfulness toward the whole situation.

      Much love to all of you

      • I think all the people who got angry were angry for him not with him. A true fan should understand his idol well and how he may behave, approach him as a person not just to admire his work or his look. so, i think his sincere fans don’t need an apology from him as they know him well and believe him, but it was extremely gentle from KHJ to do that as an appreciation to his supporting fans which reflects how decent and caring man he is.

  15. He looks sot thin, perhaps due to stress brought by those issues.
    He is still handsome and boyish though.
    Hoping for your safety and good health because you need it for the strenous training. Hope to see you soon wearing a military uniform.

  16. Hi, LK, may I ask you something? I can`t understand a part of the letter, when he says “To all my fans in my heart…no..” Why does he say “no” and then continues with the gratitude. Is there something missing in the translation or I just can`t understand his thoughts here / in this sentence/.
    I read over and over his letter, to catch every thought, each feeling. I know that he speaks a little /like most boys/, but his words are full of meening. That`s why I want to understand him fully.
    And something else, after I read the letter I feel more proud of myself, because I am of those fans, who believed in him and who, as he says, has given him “emotional support during the hardest time”. I am proud of you, HENECIA, because I belive we relieved his pain, and I am most proud of you, LAZERKIM, because you believed even more than me. You did so much for him and for the fandom – to keep us strong and united.
    Now we wait. I am sure that during his MS he will make true friendships, gather funny and unforgetable memories and learn interesting things. When a few years ago my husband was in the Bulgarian MS / which is not compuslory anymore/ he was very exhausted, but he says that if he turns back time he would go again. He made some true friends and when they gather they always tell funny stories. So, dear HJ, I wish you luck and not only hard, but funny moments too.

    • Hello Mitka.. actually .. “…no..” that KHJ wrote here.. was another cute 4D of his character.. he was actually talking to his own self.. expressing his turn of direction in thinking.. it is like making a correction to the way he is writing.. not that he is denying his earlier statement.. but more on making affirmation.. to how best should he express his feeling.. ha, ha, I love this 4D of him.. his unique character is not only when he talks but also the way he writes.. funny.. yet lovely.. love him so much.. cute of him.. but at the same time I’m crying.. he is so skinny..his eyes so sad.. my heart is bleeding.. Thank you beautiful LK for your always awesome writings..

  17. I’m a fairly new fan, in fact I became a fan during the time his personal issues were being aired. Even still I found him to be charming, charismatic, enchanting… Despite what was being said and being reported by all the media outlets he found a spot in my heart. To my surprise my heart skipped a little yesterday when the news of his enlistment was being reported. Sadden that finally I had seen him in “real time” only to have him gone for 21 months. Reading this earlier today I felt my eyes tear up at his acknowledgement to his fans and how sweet he really is; it makes me proud and happy to say that I am a fan of his.

    Take care of yourself KHJ, myself and all of Henecia will be here we you return!

    • Same here, my bias was one of the BOF casts but it was not him. But my attention was caught during those scandal issues. I do not know why, I suddenly like him as if I am rooting for the underdog. Now he is the only k-Artist that I like.

      • Funny, BOF was my first exposure to him and I was immediately drawn to him. I put myself into research mode and watched all kinds of videos from his SS501 days and on.
        For me something between who I watched and who the media were trying to portray didn’t fit. I

        • Very true, they are not happy people but let us be happy so he can feel our vibes. Thanks to all. What a day on yesterday.

        • Exactly the same. You’re actually talking about me. I wasn’t a fan or even following Korean drama till one day accidentally, I watched an episode of BOF drama, I liked his scenes and the song (Since I’m not so smart) was mind blowing. After, as you said, research mode, I found out he sang that song and many other beautiful songs. Ever since then I’m his fan. so, me too, i couldn’t believe what happened. I know every one makes mistakes but i just felt there was something not right about that.

        • I also first noticed him in BOF / I watched the drama years after it was aired/. His face features are unique. Then I searched his name and the first video I saw was Kiss Kiss. I honestly didn`t like him there. I thought he had too much make up and a red costume, he looked like a woman. And I forgot about him. Later I watched playful kiss and decided to do a deeper research / heheheeh/ and there was a video of a dance practice of unbreakable. It is on youtube. You should watch it. After that little by little I was hooked and now the kiss kiss video seems so funny / but I still not like him there/

  18. Miss LK
    ️Thnx from my heart u made the journey lighter and brought us closer to him. May God bless your good job. U reached out to the broken hearted and with all the updates we were all comforted. We love u too.

  19. How touching that he still had time to write a farewell letter to his fans; inspite of what he has been going through these past days. My teenage daughter asks, Is that really his handwriting? I just told her, focus not on the handwriting, just look at his message which I know it comes from the heart.
    Correct me if I am wrong, I gues he is the only celebrity who wrote a farewel letter before MS enlistment. He might not be showy, but he knows how to treasure his fans and family, he does it from the heart; and that what makes him so dearly loved by his fans.
    I can feel his pains, his honesty and humility. Yes, he is not perfect and never once he pretended to be. That is why I like him.
    May the future that awaits him be brighter than what he had gained for the last ten years. His humility will bring him up. I pray that he will be surrounded by godly people. I also pray that he wins the court battle against that girl.
    May he find strength in the Lord God Almighty.

    • Well there were numerous version of his letter online. Some only publish some excerpt that make him looked guilty and so forth. Some interpreted in such a way to mislead readers.
      Just stay away from allkpop, soompi, koreaboo and those trash media. Those are biased. If you want true reporting we just need to wait for LK.
      Fighting LK, you are the best.



    • Dear Ms Lai Maglalang,
      You may send the book to this address like I did.
      Kim Hyun Joong
      P.O. Box 61, Seongnam Bundang Post Office, 347, Hwangsaeul-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA zip code 463-600
      This is a post box where they’ll collect all the letters and parcels to send to him on weekly basis.
      All the best, Ms Lai.

  21. Thnks a lot lazerkim once again for this beautiful article and letter translation.
    Kim hyun joong is the most purest person on earth i have ever known.
    The way he always tries to convey his message to all in such an innocent manner even if he has done anything or not always captures my heart and always filled my eyes with tears…
    Well to kim hyun joong i just want to say that the fans he has through out his journey have a committment of love and trust to him which can never ever be broken… And kim hyun joong i want you to remind one of the english songs which you also have sung i.e.

    So i just wanted to tell you kim hyyn joong that you dont have to worry much about whatever you have faced in past days we are,we were and we will always be there for your support because we know you much better than others….:)
    Just complete the 2yrs of army enlistment and come back soon with more strong thoughts and powerful love towards your fans…
    Will always be waiting for you here…give your best in every field you go…saranghae…:*
    Thnku so much again LAZERKIM….:)

  22. The day has come for KHJ to do his ms, even though it must be nerve wrecking, thanks to his family, friends and loyal fans I think his heart felt as ease. Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

    Psalm 55:22 Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

  23. In looking into the eyes of Hyun Joong in this picture, I see pain & hurt. My heart broke for him. Thank you to the fans who went to see our KHJ off to his MS. Those of us fans who live on the other side of the world, you were our representatives and we are grateful. Let’s all come together and lift up our prayers on Hyun Joong’s behalf. That he will be protected and unharmed in this upcoming trail and as he serves his MS. God is all powerful more power than we will ever need. We all know that KHJ always does his best and so should we. Pray that the truth will come out and never stop supporting and loving Hyun Joong! !! Thank you for always keeping us posted and for your willingness to stand up and be heard, we are grateful!!!!!!

  24. I will be here waiting for you. Take care of your self and remember that you’ve done nothing wrong to us. Everybody make mistakes and the most important is we leaned from it. We believe in you and support you forever. Thank you for thinking about us and that letter really means a lot to us…. Because, now we know that your okay and promise …. We are all here waiting your smile ….. Fighting!!!

  25. Me dio mucha tristeza verlo así muy delgado y pálido, se ve muy dolido y triste su mirada lo refleja todo, que bien que dejo un mensaje para sus fans que están con el y que le han apoyado siempre y para aquellas que no estamos ya tanto al pendiente, pero igual no lo dejamos ir del todo, para mi es muy triste ver todo lo que pasa, por lo que he decidido alejarme un poco de las redes sociales para no sufrir mas a causa de una persona que ha causado mucho daño a este hombre y a sus fans, ojala y lo de su cambio sea real, igual el daño ya esta hecho si fue así, si no pues todo saldrá a la luz alguna día, sigo pensando que en todo esto hay algo raro y a causa de eso el nunca dirá la verdad y no se defenderá de las calumnias que se puedan haber inventado, puede que haya muchas mas cosas en juego. Solo Dios puede perdonar y reparar el alma de un hombre que ha sido lastimado tan duramente. FIGTHING KHJ espero verte en dos años nuevamente, en verdad deseo que todo el éxito que tienes ahora lo puedas multiplicar en tu regreso, estaré allí espero en Dios que así sea, viéndote nuevamente cantar y actuar. HASTA LUEGO CUÍDATE MUCHO, QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE.

  26. NO APOLOGY NECESSARY.. We Love you KIM HYUN JOONG no matter what. We acknowledge that your a man who make mistakes, a man who knows how to take responsibility of his actions right & wrong, So go with GOD’S PEACE, YOUR FANS LOVE & WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU WHEN YOU COME BACK WITH OPEN ARMS. LAZER KIM Thank you so much kababayan, I’ll be right here waiting for your next article. WE LOVE YOU & GOD BLESS.

  27. Thank you LazerKim for posting this.

    And Thank you HJ for not leaving your fans wondering, finally.

    A very touching letter and is more appreciated coming from Hj on his enlisting.

    Doing his duty to his country is part of SK every man, so no need to take it so hard, take this as a blessing in disguise after all the turmoil Hj passed for the last months. Yes I believe he will be back stronger and more mature person with better experience in life who to trust.
    Always a FAN through thick and thin. HJ is one of a kind and I hope he will be free from that freak finally.

  28. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”
    ― Anonymous, Holy Bible: New International Version

    “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”
    ― Alfred Tennyson

    “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
    ― A.A. Milne

    You are ,and always will be, my Family
    No Fear, Eat well ,Take care
    See You Soon
    God Bless You
    With Love

  29. I wonder what wouild those who leaving him feel if they read this farewell letter. I believe there must be some of them feeling guilty for believing that choibitch. How would they feel when HJ said ‘for those who angry and hurt because of him’ and apologised for that. I don’t know u all but I think he addresses it to the ‘fans’ who had leave him coz angry of the scandal? what say u…

    • Atiq, just be realistic, okay. They are still people don’t believe him and still blame him.
      I read a comment in allkpop on his enlistment which said “good riddance”. There are still many no brainers and haters out there who still very much jealous of him. LOL cause he is an Angel and he loves all of us his fans.
      Most of them are too coward to admit their mistake for not believing him in the first place like we do.
      A site was commenting why the fans that sent him off with surgical mask on . they said those fans too ashame to show their faces. OK does it make sense. LOL haters are haters they have many complaints. Who cares our ONLY One will be the best and discharge to see us again.

        • Its absurd when thinking how come a so-called VICTIM who trying to seek public help but nobody knows her true face!? An anonymous?! SK people and their media are so weird when u re-think abt it.

      • Ok i get u Bibianna..LOL. I’ve read that too, those comment on fans masking their face. Me like WTH? If fans were ashamed they won’t go there waiting for him. Haters and their stinky heart would never ever admit they wrong. They just tick face, no shame and full of jealousy on HJ. I try to put myself on their shoes but couldn’t find the reason why should I hate a person so bad. Even u have seen the lady Choib***h had gone wild and crazy u just can admit ur mistake? I only can think 1 thing..HJ gorgeousness is unbeatable with any of their idols..LOL…

        Those ex-fans, they were at the great loss indeed. I guess u are right that term Hj use are not for those who leave him and hate him. We who are still with him are the most hurtful with all Choi’s foolish scheme. We can’t even expose her coz we know HJ won’t do the same. Its so hurt seeing HJ suffering all this while bcoz of that NO FACE ENTITY!!

      • Yeah Tina…I get it now. My first assumption was baseless…LOL…how dare I similized us with those who were turn their back….I remember how confusing, anxious, dissappointed and sad we were when we kept wondering, What happened next? How would we react? Where HJ and choib***h? When will HJ speak out? etc…..And now is the time for us to cherish our good time and keep praying that God Almigthy will lead Hj team and lawyer Mr. Lee to a success!!

        • Just my opinion i would prefer khj camp to expose her. Thats more credible and i think they are bound to expose her if khj camp would counter charge. So ill wait but definitely she has to be exposed legally by khj camp and i hv written the reason why in my previous article.

          • LK…i agree too since Mr. LJM already said to counter sue all Choi’s allegation onto HJ, so just wait till she been exposed by his team. Its more apppropriate for the time being I think.

  30. oh my, this tears why can’t u stop? T_T

    This is so touching my heart, knowing how much pains and obstacles you’ve gone through. Its greater than what we have been felt Hyunjoong-shi. Doesn’t need to apologise coz you’ve done nothing wrong with us. We just feel great and relief that finally everything will be going back to you in good and sound. Lets meet again in 2 years time Hyunjoong-shi. Fighting!!

    To Lazer Kim…I love u and thank you for this memorable article.

  31. You once sang a truthful song in boys over flowers… “because I am stupid “I dont know what is that song in korean.. So in that song you sung yourself BYE BYE NEVER SAY GOODBYE… So now I am dedicating the song for you… Thats what we, the fans of you are thinking about you…. Dont be nervous we are there for you…. Stay calm… FIGHTING OPPA…. I miss u…

  32. This made me cry. I’m happy that he was able to leave a message saying some things that have been on his chest for a while, as I’m sure it gave him some peace of mind. At the same time, I could feel the sadness and burden of guilt he is carrying with him into his military service. Knowing how important it is to him to be a man and take responsibility for anything that involves him is one of the reasons that I love him so much. But, I hope know that he can learn that it’s okay to share that burden with the people that love and care for him. I sincerely wish for him that all of this craziness will be behind him and we can see that brilliant smile once again.

  33. This is him!! What are you apologizing for Kim Hyun Joong-ssi? We know the pain you are bearing. Still you are perfect in our eyes. Your honesty and sincerety are always proven. Be courageous and take good care of your health.. Miss you.. We are waiting for you..

    Thanks Lazer unnie.. 🙂 May Triple Gem bless you, Kim Hyun Joong-ssi and all HJ lovers..


  34. Thank you for the translation!!very much kim hyun joong we dont need your apology, we choose to believe you because we know in our hearts that you are good person, knowing that your ok is enough for us, you dont have to worry we will be waiting for you for two years to see your purest and sincerest smile again.
    This piece of letter written by you brings tears and happiness in our hearts we know that you can do it well, give your best to serve your country but make sure that you eat well and sleep well..henecia, triple s and your fans all over the world will never leave you were just here praying and waiting for you!!!fighting kim hyun joong ssi!!

  35. Aww bless him he will be greatly missed but I hope this time will also be healing time for him away from this madness I love your posts lazer kim keep going keep sharing our love for this amazing man ️xx. Janet

    Sent from my iPad


  36. My heart is so happy reading his letter…we will going to wait for your smile doesn’t matter how and what you did in ur life what matters is that you stood tall till the end..forget what happend from the time don’t be so afraid to fight..we are all here to stand beside you in all your battles..fighting our only one..i already mssing you now..

  37. HJ is really too sweet and he shouldn’t apologize to us fans
    I will still stand by him and wait til he come back

  38. We stand by you coz we loved and you touched our lives in a special way. God bless you and keep you in safe and healthy. You are highly missed already. 😍😍

  39. i have my heart broken why to do apologize he did nothing bad he take one more time all the blame this man is too much gentle we are also gratefull of having met a person like him he gave us so much happiness i love you Kim Hyun Joong now and forever see you in feb 2017 i promise you with the smile mine and yours god bless him Thank You very much for your post LK

  40. it broke my heart that he apologized, it’s really not your fault sweetheart you didn’t cause any of this…

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