Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CERTIFIED BLACKMAIL!



By: LazerKim


As expected on the eve of Kim Hyun Joong’s enlistment schedule May 11 Choi reported that she had miscarriage due that assault last year!  On the same day KHJ’s legal team was all ready to counter attack on the dot!

I’m thankful to Hyun Joong’s legal team that I found out another truth from Aug nightmare. Here’s that news from KHJ leagl team as follows:

HJ side’s official response “They will SUE THE EX-GF OF DEFAMATION AND BLACKMAIL

Eng Trans of Chinese Translation on TVDaily report on today’s happenings]

On 11 May 2015, Atty Lee responded that the allegation of miscarriage due to assault was NOT TRUE and they will take legal actions against such allegation.

Last August, Choi sued HJ for assault. The allegation now was that the ‘assault’ on May 30th had led to her miscarriage on 30 June 2014. Atty Lee said that after the assault allegation was reported, Choi had continuously threatened HJ that she would report that he assaulted a pregnant woman to defame him publicly.

HJ was scared of her threats and suggested a settlement amount of 300 million won. But Choi continued and demanded 600 million won! On 16 September 2014, HJ gave her the 600 million won and she withdrew the assault charges.

HJ’s lawyer added that the alleged miscarriage and current pregnancy were all one-sided allegation by Choi. When HJ went with her to the hospital, Choi would go in to the hospital alone while HJ could only wait in the car park. He can’t go in with her! It was only recently that the pregnancy report was received by HJ side.

And on the settlement agreement, it was stated that her taking of the 600 million won cannot be disclosed or made known publicly. Otherwise, she will sue them for breach of contract! Yet, Choi, on receiving the 600 million won on 16 September 2014, told the media publicly that it was because of her love for him that she withdrew the charges and claimed that she did not take any settlement money!!!


HJ lawyer added that what was settled last year was once again being raised. If what she had said is true then it would tantamount to defamation. If she lied then it would tantamount to blackmailing, especially when she took an amount of >500 million won. The legal penalty will be different.

HJ lawyer said that Choi had indicated she would use legal proceedings to prove if it was true or not.

HJ lawyer’s reply. In gist, why did HJ paid out such a huge settlement amount of money to Choi was because HJ then did not have a lawyer to represent him and he was alone in dealing with her threats. Even without any medical report he thought her pregnancy & miscarriage were true.

At last August when HJ was sued for the alleged assault care, Choi had threatened him that she will report him for assaulting a pregnant woman. Originally the settlement amount was 300 mil won but it was settled for 600 mil won eventually.

HJ lawyer’s reply on whether there was any confirmation on what Choi claimed (pregnancy and miscarriage). HJ lawyer said that there was no confirmation at all. Choi messaged HJ about the miscarriage but there was no medical reports about her pregnancy or miscarriage produced to substantiate her claim. So from this point, it can be said that there is no pregnancy or miscarriage.

Trans by Michui thanks for sharing!                          



Another truth had been revealed and I was right, Hyun Joong was being blackmailed all along! I knew it, this was as if there’s a gun pointed at Hyun Joong’s head while doing that letter of apology!  And so for those who have kept believing these two are in love, think again, obviously there’s no love here at all right from the start!

I knew it, in that letter of apology, it stated “don’t blame this person…”  Choi is pretty scared to be harassed! Of course KHJ fans would follow whatever Hyun Joong says! However, I was doubtful on that letter of apology! Now I’m free to do what I’m ought to!

This is all about money! If we refresh our memory back in 2014, the fact that in Sept, Choi’s lawyer almost spill out that if Hyun Joong cannot abide with their demand, they will bring out more evidence that will push Hyun Joong down! Her lawyer is another LIAR! And who would believe there’s no money involved? Over my dead body!

The fact that Atty Lee I think can even charge Choi of both blackmail and defamation since the assault allegation itself is already all false accusations! I never doubted this Choi is trying to put up another media play to avoid the DNA test! Again statement of fake miscarriage is her way out, but that will no longer be a salable news!! Just my opinion!

Now we found out Feb was the second time she did this to Hyun Joong! Another irritating but funny thing is, Choi brought another set of text message again which obviously a cut and paste text! And changing her previous text messages in Aug nightmare!

Not a good move at all Choi! What you’re gaining this time is more criticisms than sympathy as you are intending to! The truth will always prevail!

Trash Media >



Kim Hyun Joong shall be at the gates of Military Camp tomorrow and as expected his SK fans cannot just ignore not seeing him for the last time. And with this news coming out, I have every reason to say the more Choi doing this media play, the more KHJ fans are persistent! Choi now becomes a laughing bug for his fans! More popcorn pls!! LOL

I already have written my farewell to Hyun Joong in my previous articles, I really think it would be best for him to pursue with his MS, entrust everything to his legal team and we’ll be here to stay supportive and defend him at all cost!

To my dear readers, I’ll try to update you with whatever is going on around, you may visit this site from time to time as usual! This is all I got for now until the next update! I’ll sleep!

To Kim Hyun Joong, Take care, be happy and see you again!  We’ll always be here for you!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing



KHJ OFF TO HIS MS    (May 12th)

Still handsome in his short military hair cut, Kim Hyun Joong finally enlisted to his MS today May 12, 2015 and we shall be seeing him again sometime in Feb 2017! *sigh* At last he’ll be safe now! A lot of fans were there not only from SK but some foreign fans were at the camp to see him off!

In the news it was said that Hyun Joong’s family, Bae Yong Joon, and some associates from Japan was there too! This is quite unexpected however, I’m glad everyone was there to let Hyun Joong feel he’s not alone.

I think I prefer this event to transpire today having Hyun Joong entered his MS peacefully than in March 30th, because on this day May 12th Hyun Joong is the only celeb who was enlisted on this day! I’m now happy for everyone specially to Kim Hyun Joong. I know he’ll be perfectly fine now!  Hyun Joong left a message to his web site to his fans I’m still waiting for its translation. I’ll be back for more updates! See you!

                                                                                           Lazerkim here reporting!


LINK BELOW     (source @5starsAs1, thanks for sharing translation!)





“KHJ counsel is convinced that there was no pregnancy and much more no miscarriage as Choi claimed she was pregnant in 2014 and had miscarriage cause by her allegation of assault by Kim Hyun Joong. There were no medical records found in the hospital where Choi claimed to have her check up in May 2014.”

News source:

Trans shared by Mich thanks!

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93 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CERTIFIED BLACKMAIL!

  1. Did you see the news of today ? kim hyun joong lawer spoke and it is confirmed there was no miscarriage and the reason why she asks for 1.6 bilion won is to buy a house…it was in an interview of his lawer i found it on youtube

      • Yes, some one please translated for those who does not speak English. I saw the clip but was not able to understand what was being said. Glad to hear things are coming out now and she can’t contacts him. Thank you LazerKim

  2. I am sad to see KHJ go to his MS, and February 2017 seems so far away. Thankfully tho, when he returns, this Choi woman will be nothing but a bad memory.

    I was so annoyed to see Bae Yong Joon there. It seemed like too little too late. Where the heck has he been all this time? Why not more vocal in his defense of KHJ? He should have done more to protect his (our) star. Unless something comes to light that we don’t know about, I think KHJ would be better served by getting new management upon his return.

    As to this Choi woman, I hope all of her lies are revealed, and she ends up in jail. That would be the best end to all of this.

    • I won’t be surprised if Ms. Choi will end up in jail for lying and extortion. KHJ needs to learn a thing or two from Lee Byung Hun on how to deal with a blackmailer. Send them to jail. I always believe in KHJ that he was framed.

  3. Dear LK… I have been having this thought from day one of the “choi scandal” … it is all about money… knowing KHJ (from his WGM days) I cannot believe this is happening… all the abuse things… maybe KHJ is a bit careless sometimes..but he is still caring and responsible for what he has done…

    Thank you soooo much LK… I love your writing from the beginning…long befor the scandal…

    from hizanally05…

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  5. Hello LK, Just saw the pictures of KHJ and also the fans today at MS enlistment.
    KHJ looks a bit thinner compare to his body during the Gemini concert. I can see in his eyes that he is not yet acquainted with what is happening, but he looks calm and at peace.
    To the fans especially to those who came at the MS camp, thank you for representing all KHJ fans. Thank you to the fans from Hongkong, China, Japan, Korea and to all Henecians and simply KHJ fans.
    By the way, LK. What do you think of BJY, is he the boss of KE? It looks like, he is still attached to KHJ if we are to consider his presence today at the MS enlistment. If he is really concerned with KHJ, how come he has not been helping KHJ during the scandal issues, at least being a boss, he could at least find a legal counsel for him last year. And if only KE has intervened, I think he would not lose even those endorsement contracts? I do not understand KE stand. I hope KHJ goes back to DSP.

    • Hello there!
      I will be discussing about KHJ’s agent one of these days, yes I can see your point and I think we all doubted on KE. However, we got no choice since choice of agent is HJ’s decision and never from us. So what we can do is to point out where his agent went wrong, this is gonna be on my next article. Thank you!

      • Hi kababayan, how are you? Can’t wait for that next article LK. I also would like to know why KE was and is a little quiet about the whole thing. I didn’t see or feel that they stood behind Hyun Joong all this time. I hope I’m wrong.. Thanks for all your job well done for all of us LK. We love you & God Bless ❤

  6. Read what KHJ’s attorney has said – Choi did really came to the hospital to chekc if she was pregnant and the result was negative – and so if there was no pregnancy, more so there was no miscarriage.
    It was complete blackmail. Her lawyers said that the 600 won that KHJ gave her was for the miscarriage and not a settlement for the alleged abused. But since there was no pregnancy then what is the money that she received for?
    Now, the picture is clear – since last year, this Choi has been wanting to tie KHj by getting pregnant but did not succeed and now she is doing it again in 2015. She is playing circus and is not able to give the Kim Family a vivid and legit proof of her pregnancy or who is really the father if she is indeed pregnant.
    So glad that KHJ has a good lawyer who is a blessing to KHJ.

  7. WOW wow wow!the snake has showed its true form,unbelieveable,i knew that there would be more stories and soon all her cards will be laid in the open and then she will be torn piece by piece.u know that woman is a trail and tempetation sent by the devil to tear us and hyun joong down and allowed by GOD to test our faith in him,our strenght and trust in each other and kim hyun joong will surely be victorious in this by GOD’S to the order of the day:i never thought i would be so happy seeing hyun joong go to ms but am actually happy,this will be a good distraction for our prince,i believe that when kim hyun joong comes back there will so much jubilation on our victory over the devil and getting our handsome prince back with much more charm.lets just pray and watch, the devil will be put to shame.remember Jesus christ said he will be betrayed by someone but woe to that person,its same for choi,GOD will let his children to be tested but woe to the that person.our hyuyn joong is safe and healthy,am sure.

  8. hello Lk and all fan!! i am really thankful to the fan who sent him off today, and for the sahring too 🙂 I was always praying for that there is no baby at all, and now she said miscarriedge? LOL then she was twice a time pregnant? for 2014 and now? because on february she said baby is just at age of 1 months, if i’m not wrong… yes LK more popcorn!!! I was sad about the baby too, then I hoped she lied about pregnancy, i din’t even trust her at all.. I am a mother, and I know what a mother can do just to protect her child, but she? she is the first to make hurt her baby by all this, now, i know she lied, i am really glad!!
    As i said to you with the last article, i translated this one in french too 🙂 Thank you Lk

    To Hyun Joong, I am so proud being yours, I think this is a good tactic to reveal all the truth when you are gone, kékéké, she did not expect it, right, haha…Good!!! then if she want to do blackmail again, you will be very far from her, fortunately! Please take care of yourself, the first months in army is very rough, i don’t know in your country but in mine it is for 45 days rude training, very hard I know since i was in there, but you will succeed it, right? Our Gedong boy is the strongest after all!!! i remember you said once that in the army you will finally have the opportunity to sleep and to eat like a normal person, so enjoy it too.. let the hard atmosphere in there be illuminated by your lovely smile and your 4Dsenses!! And please, don’t worry, we all your fan will be always here, waiting for you with a love, bigger than today!! We love you.

    Thank you Lk for giving me a space to write this ❤

  9. Whatever happened is happened……am so glad and feel so happy KIM….congratulations oppa….be strong….be happy….don’t let your smile go away from your face…..take care oppa….be careful from now….all the best OPPA….

  10. Congratulations to all Henecians and KHJ fans. I am really teary eyed when I saw on twitter the many fans who sent him off to MS, It was so touching and I can feel their love to KHJ. Thank you very much. I know KHJ will treasure that moment forever.

    • Yes, I saw the posting on facebook and was so happy to see the fans. I could not help but thank God for this day, His love for KHJ, and for all of us who have supported him. I’m sure media was there to see if fans were indeed be there. Well, I am sure they were surprised to see fan came in from all parts. I am so proud of this family. God bless. Now, I can go to sleep my heart is at peace.

    • It was wonderful to go on FB & see the fans gathering, more & more, to show their support – then to see the pictures of him going in & the opening ceremony! Loved it – he can focus on training & forget about all the troubles w/this creature.

  11. the news was indeed heartbreaking but i tried to open my mail and it was a relief when I read your post. Well the truth now slowly come out. Thanks God that our prayers are heard. But we will not stop praying because the battle is still on. Thank you for the info and i will keep on following your blog from time to time. Once again thanks be to God and may God bless us all ,KHJ,his family and his ever supportive fans.

    • yes we will never stop praying for him even after the battle is over and we have won itm we shall keep praying for him do God protect him from every harm

  12. Thank you lazerkim. I stopped searching for info on HJK as they were all so negative and looked to you for any information. Please keep up the great work, it is truly appreciated.

  13. Lazer – I am such a new fan – I – for a few weeks – actually thought he might have loved her – I am so glad I was wrong. Thank you for being you.

  14. Thank you Lazer Kim for your unwavering support of KHJ. I never believed this woman from the start. There only a few of us at the Soompi forums that actually stayed true to him and never believed what was going on with this woman. Many fans abandoned him. As I told the other in his forum, if people believe this Choi woman and they abandoned him, then they were never fans of his to begin with and they really didn’t know him. Dirt always comes out in the wash and there is certainly a lot of dirt coming out about Choi. If they are people who still believe this woman was abused, then they are just as crazy as her. He needs prayers right now. This woman is an evil spirit going after a good man. The devil always go after people who are good. The main thing that can stop her is prayer and his good lawyer. Thanks again for your article.

    • Totally agree with you. Those who jump ship are no fans at all. Proven they dun understand him.
      We really must pray hard for his super lawyer’s health and courage. Love him to bits. lol hj’s lawyer.

  15. Evil does not prevail over goodness. I am going to be praying and fasting for KHJ. Whatever it takes evil Choi need to taste her own bitter pills too. She won’t go scot free. Everyone should not worry about KHJ’scareer, because HE WILL RISE AGAIN ABOVE ALL HIS ENEMIES.

  16. What he has to fear is people judging him and crucify him without even knowing the truth. By the way he has his career and reputation to protect. I think by now everyone should know the type of a woman this choi is. People should asked themselves one question. Is she his first girlfriend? If he didn’t abused other girlfriends, why her? There are so many loopholes in this evil women’s never-ending stories. I’m happy that she just dugout her own grave.

  17. The timing of her exposes is just alright. Take it from the the time she filed a case demanding billion won of damages in April 2015, she was in haste to get money again from KHJ.

    Lazer what if she did not file a suit for damage, and so there was no need for KHJ to get legal counsel and attorney. And then, the event yesterday claiming miscarriage last year – This would really caught him off guard because he is on his way to MS and no time to make decision and so haters will have a feast day. HASTE MAKES WASTE is now happening to Choi. If she only waited for KHJ to be in MS before spreading another lies, she might have succeeded again. I think she has no more intelligent people behind her but people who are keen on damaging others even through lies. Suing KHJ and exposing the alleged miscarriage was not doing her any good.

    But the way things are going on, it looks like it is now on khj’s favor. So we must thank CHOI that she had filed a damage suit, before he enters MS, thus KHJ was given time to get an attorney to act in his behalf. See how the attorney answered about her alleged miscarriage.
    At least now, the attorney is in full support for him; and I even read that even is father is now speaking for him.

    May we all see a better and renewed man in 2017. I bellieve his name and reputation would be cleared in due time.

    Well i dont need to spend my time writing something on trash like her,seriously what a major loser she is…


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  21. Dearest Lazekim,

    Thank you for this and thank you Mr. Lee for refuting and answering so quickly to those new allegations! We ALL (here at least) knew she is lying and now we have more proof every day by her own lies that she continues with the same pattern like last year….blackmail, miscarriage (?! really who are you kidding bitchchoi?!) and now again….the worst kind of manipulative scum that I ever seen. What a disgusting creature!

    Yes LK you were so right and we all agreed that that “apology” letter was written like someone put a gun to Hj head to write it, like a moron wrote it. Now we know who was the moron…bitchchoi after she received all those money?1 The audacity of this creature has no limits it seems for her greediness.

    I hope no more comments that Hj had ever had some feelings for this creature and was protecting her? All that transpired these last days just show you how Hurt he was.

    And please try to remember HJ statements , No to reconciliation No to marriage (it seems that is what the psycho is after…) but yes to DNA and he never admitted gthat he had a longer relation with this psycho than he Stated first time last year, i.e. arpil-may. Just saying.

    Actually he never protected her!! He just behave decent even when he was blackmailed. protecting his family and loved ones.

    Hope Mr. Lee will continue the fight and expose all the lies and wrong done to HJ. It just proves that Hj was true and honest in all his statements, the only thing is that all his statements were taken out of context and wrongly printed when all media was in a frenzy to side with the bitchchoi.
    Thank God that Mr. Lee is very CLEAR in all his statements and knows how to address the Media. Yes the Best is to go to some TV Station and clearly show all the fake evidences and to go to trial, cause this psycho needs to be shaken to wake up from her fiction drama.

    Yes the Truth is slowly unrevealing and hope that Justice will be served finally.
    The trash and rags media…I want to see the day what they will print when the REAL TRUTH will be out that HJ was the VICTIM here?

    HJ you are not alone, we your fans are here as always supporting you and your family. Mr. Lee our full respect to you, hope you will clear Hj name and imagine.
    Actually I feel like suing that psycho myself for the mental stress she put me and all other fans those last 9 months.

  22. Now I believe that for this evil kind of person, knowing how tricky and manupulative she is, she definitely won’t get or even try to get preggy coz it wil make herself in trouble…i mean all the morning sick, discomfort, baby check-up etc. All those will just irritate her and will disturb her evil planning. She doesn’t even love baby and have plan to have baby. Terrible and so sick!!

  23. My heart is broke i saw photos of HJ playing football this past weekend and he is So skinny , why she is making him suffering so much? MONEY another golddigger …. she damage his carreer, reputation and want money from him…I sent blessings for HJ and his family.

  24. Hi dear LK…thank you so much for this latest article…

    I remember at the first time the scandal burst out last year, it was like so lost and have no clue abt what had happened. I felt so upset, just couldn’t believe and kept wondering abt the case she brought out. Luckily, I found your blog and it was so relieving me reading abt ur thought on the scandal. From that day I kept updating here and communicate with all of u my friends here who believe in HJ. Thank God that eventually the truth has been revealed and will be digging out completely soon.

    Thank you LK for everything!!

  25. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
    ― Robert Frost

    “Promise Yourself

    To be so strong that nothing
    can disturb your peace of mind.
    To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
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    and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

    To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
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    so long as you are true to the best that is in you.”
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    “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on.”
    ― Tupac Shakur
    God Bless You All

  26. Again, KHJ is teaching others and giving them a life lesson. Guys be very careful of whom you associate with and call friend. What is happening to KHJ can happen to any normal man as well, again similar allegations against my son, but the truth did finally come out just like it is doing now. There are women who is watching you and will know just how to win you over and then start their plot. Men are very oblivious to these they of women, so please listen to your parents, true friendship when they tell you that person is not good for you. They can see what you can’t, and this goes for women too because men can be just as devious.

    This is the lesson KHJ you needed to learn, and I know you have learned that lesson because you realized that you could not handle this by yourself and you got someone who could. Keep your Faith because you are being guided by the Lord. I thank you, because of you i have found so many Spiritual friends from around the world. Ms LK, may God keep and continue to bless you with such insight, you were right on the money and I am thank that we put our trust in what your were/is/and will continue to say. I am thankful very much that God placed someone like you around KHJ, because without you he may not have last and his actions now I know he read many of your blogs and finally took your advice.

    I really do not know if any other celebrity would have been able to come through this type off ordeal. I know so think their agency would have handle the problem but with SK training young impersonal trainers every day it would be easy for some agencies to lay off and let them handle it on their own, again another lesson for SK entertainers. Some are learning this lesson now, even on a small scale. Do not put all your faith in your agency, no matter how big you, how much money you make them, and no matter how much they push you. As the say, “they higher you go the harder the fall”. Be careful be very careful.

    To all those who have written words or spoken words without cause and has cause this mother pain, remember you too must pay and if you don’t it will find your children and something it can go all the way down to your children’s children. That is why you must be careful what you say or how you judge others. God bless us all

  27. God, nothing could really express my relief and gladness seeing today’s news … i thought i was checking some news about his MS but got my eyes bumped on her name again .. Choi oh lady venom Choi …. i guess that woman should really learn the word stop, literally. she humiliates herself… what next as september is getting near, that her baby died due to stress ??? uggghhhh …. and money 600mill won …. yikes?!!?!! he worked so hard and she thought she deserves some share??? oh geeezz that woman is really an idiot.

    Joong-ie, go serve your country knowing that it’ll get settled in no time and i really hope that the venom got what she deserved … can’t anyone in SK found out who this person really is and post her face during the court date? find a pregnant woman, or one dressed like that. the one with contact with prosecutor’s side … ughgghggghhhhhh ….

    I’m a proud Henecia … go Joongie!

    • the woman face was circulated online before. She was wearing white sitting on the bench. fans that follow Hj around confirmed it is Choi.

    • I’m expecting a report to come out any day now with Choi claiming to have miscarried her “2nd” pregnancy due to psychological stress. She’s getting very desperate now.

  28. I could not imagine the ordeal that Khj had gone through and is going through.
    In his desire to settle the issue in 2014 with that girl, he came alone. He did not want to involve his family, friends and his fans, so he thought of settling for huge sum of money with that girl. I could not imagine how frightened he was, when he was there alone and was being forced by that girl and her camp to settle and wrote that apology letter. It really went down that it is all about money.
    Now, that girl is doing it again. And is again using pregnancy without proof though, as her weapon.
    Poor KHJ, now i know that he has weaknesses and she is taking advantage of it. On the other hand, KHJ remain silent and did not even expose her to the public while she herself expose all things through media.
    Only few hours and KHj will be enlisting in MS. I am so sad for him that up to the last time before he enters MS, he is still followed by that obsessive girl.
    But I am glad that he has legal counsell / atttorney to defend him and would even pursue a case against that girl. . But above all, I pray that GOD take complete control.
    She has planned it from the beginning, she might have succeded in 2014, but this time she cannot escape from the truth. It is so hard believe her stories now. She even made it public that there was no monetary settlement while underneath, she herself was demanding for money. How could you believe that girl now.
    I pray that KHJ would pass all these. Looking forward for a bright future ahead of you.Learn from this experience and be a better person after your MS. May God bless you, your family, your fans; and those who are for the truth.

  29. Poor khj…he was too innocent to believe her blackmail n settle with money…he must stop believing her lies…thanks to Mr.Lee for comes to support him in right time…he was suffer alot and still keep smiling infront of us especially while his gemini concert…im relieve now..

  30. Lk this news just made my day. I am so glad I kept believing in him and never trusting any of her words. Blackmail on top of defamation..PERFECT!!Atty Lee please sue her real good. Bunch of lies all through..I kept telling people that the pregnancy was never proven but they wouldn’t believe saying it’s all because we are fans. Now I hope they see this and know that this woman was completely destroying an innocent man…please KHJ go for your military peaceful and come back to us. We’ll bewaiting patiently…:)..
    FIGHTING!!! ALien family..!!!
    LK thank you so much..remain blessed. .♥♥

  31. oh m so happy,,,,from startng it z clear tht our khj is tortued and blackmailng by mrs choi,,nw all the prblm wil solve easily,,,, and thnku lazer kim plz keep updated us….and kim hyun joong we all gng to miss u,,,we all wait for u,,plz come bck sun,,,,tke care of ur health and god bless u,,,…lots of love from india 🙂 🙂

  32. From the beginning of this scandal i said it’s all about the money and she is a blackmailer and i was wright , i’m happy that i was so and i said in my comments to HJ to take a good lawyer . I think now all will be resolved in a good way from his attorney ms Lee . I don’t know Koreea but i think that he will prove his innocence people and media will acknowledge him as decent man and his career will rose again . Good luck Hj , we will always support you.

  33. for some reason I’m relieved, claiming miscarriage is proving there was no pregnancy at all just like Mr Lee said, but I have a thought, but don’t freak out everyone, she might even go as far as faking that he raped her or something but again the more she lies the better because it will show to the public that she’s a big liar and Hyun Joong’s innocence will show, I can’t wait for june 3rd, but in the same time I’m really sad he’s leaving tomorrow I wish if I get a comma and wake up in feb 2017 in korea 🙂

  34. Hi LK my kababayan, You were so right that she was lying all along, You are Brilliant LK girl and I Love You for that. And I’m so glad I stand on my Belief that there is NO WAY that Hyun Joong is capable of all this. I thank God that He turn it around for Kim Hyun Joong to reveal the truth that it is now all coming out. God”s hands are on this LK and My fellow fans so no worries. We shall continue PRAYING for Hyun Joong & his Legal team. TRUST GOD AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. GOD BLESS EVERYONE ❤

  35. This is another bomb blown to all of us… HJ suffered so much from all of this. It is much better for him to enter that Military Camp. I can’t believe there exist this kind of woman. GOD created us in his likeness. She is not Human Being after all… He was all alone fighting. There is such word as KARMA… Thank you LK for providing comprehensive and detailed report as this. Instead of reading from those Trash Media outlets in SK… I will continue to pray that GOD provide him enough strength and wisdom to make the right decisions.

  36. Whew she’s (Ms Choi) money face!kekeke …. KHJ take good care of yourself and God bless you, we will be waiting for you… Ms LK maraming salamat kaibigan…I will always visit this site no matter…..

  37. Dear Lord,

    Please let this nightmare be over for HJ. He is in too much pain already. Give him back his dignity.

    Be strong Joong. Choi will get what she deserves. Even though you are ruined now, you still have us. We will wait for you. Also your lawyer will now fight for you. Lift your head up ok.

  38. I am happy that hyun joong is finally defended by a legal team. How hard it must have been for him to carry all of this on his own. Trying to settle things on his own. But ms. Choi is too much. Somehow even if he is in the MS he will be defended. I really can’t understand ms. Choi. If she loved khj, how can she do all of this? How can she destroy him so much? But, though i am sad, i am happy that hyun joong will be away from media & rest. Hyun joong, i will miss you. But, you need to rest. May all the pains heal & come back to us, healed & still the loving one. ☺

  39. To me all these was not knew to my mind. I was long waiting for these episode of miscarriage since she refused the DNA test.
    You know what’s scares with all these drama around his personal life is he will resent woman thinking they are all the same and end up being lonely and empty for the rest of his life Actually he is the one who is being psychologically destroyed

  40. In 2010, that ex- president accident
    Now, this
    If not for that case, he would have been awarded the best new artist by kbs for IG.

    • Do u for a second think love was involved here? Their rel was very short for this beautiful emotion to be involved. 💚

      • In 2012, he sat an interview in Japan that he thought he found his ideal girl. They met in 2012.
        If he loved, really sorry for him. Cuz he would be very hurt to be treated like this by the loved one.

        • He was not pertaining to this bitch, I am thousand per cent sure!

          He knew her for two years just went out with her for one month last year. I would suggest, no offence here dear, that you review a bit the case, just to get facts straight. LK put all in her detailed recap of this nightmare!

          • Yes agree. Definitely not this biatch. If there was one he loved, might be other girl that really care for him and understand him and his career.

      • No its deftly not her. And acctually he said “i feel I had. I had an opportunity to meet with
        the lady whom I had been having affection for a LONG TIME” it is someone from his past and he met her around 2009 maybe? I guess. Lol one thing for sure,that girl he love is not this botch. ^^

  41. today morning when i saw this news at the first time i was really angry, what kind of woman choi is, i wish khj’s legal team help him to solve allthese problems, God bless hyun joong !!

  42. I want to wholeheartedly apologize for EVERY SINGLE TIME I thought that maybe you were being a little harsh. OMG you have been so RIGHT ON THE MONEY this whole time! You have been insightful & fearless & I salute you :d

  43. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CERTIFIED BLACKMAILER! | LazerKim

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