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By: LazerKim


In May 4th there was a news article stating that Choi had gone to the hospital together with Kim Hyun Joong to visit her OB Gynechologist to have her medical check up stating this:

“I went to the hospital with him. The baby is growing fine. The baby will be born in September,” the ex-girlfriend reportedly said.

While Kim Hyun Joong has confirmed the pregnancy and was engaged in mapping a future of the child, the ex-girlfriend has confirmed that she has no plans to marry Kim.

“As for now, Hyun Joong and I aren’t in a situation where we can stay together or break up. We have a baby now so even if we do end things, it won’t completely be the end.” (source:

This news item was published in May 4th in the morning, followed by another news item pertaining the massive lawsuit filed by Choi, and finally the US$ 1.4 Million lawsuit on Kim Hyun Joong! On May 5th quite surpricingly Hyun Joong’s MS schedule was published which is due on May 12th.

From Choi’s statement, it appears as if everything is going fine with her and Hyun Joong but why would she file for a lawsuit against him? Then followed by this news about Hyun Joong’s MS, made me doubt on her motive! Something seemed not to be right again!



On May 6th late in the evening the official lawyer of Hyun Joong Atty Lee Jae Man was on SK national TV clarifying this statement from Choi that I wrote above, which is a complete LIE again! Here’s a part of that interview with Atty Lee Jae man as follow and I quote:

1.) In March 12th Kim Hyun Joong and his family went with Choi to do an untrasound. But neither Hyun Joong nor his mom were allowed to go inside the  consultation room. It was only later on after the check up Choi presented a pregnancy report!

2.) In Choi’s recent interview, Atty Lee said he could not understand as to why would Choi stated she had pre-natal with Hyun Joong to create a false image that they have good relationship?

3.) Atty Lee also said he could not understand why she was one sided telling media that she and Hyun Joong are back together when it is NOT TRUE!

4.) At the end of March to early April Choi was PRESSURING Hyun Joong to admit that he is the father of her baby!! But Hyun Joong ask for DNA test after birth. Then she filed for US$1.4 Million lawsuit. Atty Lee strongly stated they will not settle.

5.) Atty Lee stated that Kim Hyun Joong is famous and he’s known to be honest and tough he also said to tell who’s telling the truth just look at Hyun Joong’s eyes. Hyun Joong only wanted to know the truth whether Choi is pregnant or not, if he’s the father of her baby.

6.) Since Choi’s lawyer no longer wants to talk so I think it’s what we have predicted is that this Choi is lying through out since last year and I suspect she and someone has planned this for sometime.

(Translation shared by ptahhacs fr Tweeter, thanks for sharing!)



Based from this interview with Atty Lee and from his other statements to the media, until at this point it is NOT CONFIRM as yet whether Choi is pregnant or not! Yes she went to that hospital of her choice with Hyun Joong and his mom but they were not allowed to go inside the consultation room, therefore legit pregnancy cannot be confirmed!

Being the father of that child if there is, I think Hyun Joong has the right to speak to Choi’s attending physician which is normal. Or she doesn’t really want them to be there to begin with! Weird! It’s so obvious this Choi is making Hyun Joong a big fool of himself!

Of course with just a piece of paper or just ultrasound picture doesn’t even prove anything knowing Choi is becoming famous with her releasing fake documents! I may speculate but it’s so possible Choi has connivance with whoever that OB Gyn is! Just take it from history Aug nightmare with fake evidences has my reason to doubt!

Another point, why would Choi file a lawsuit of such unbelivable amount against Hyun Joong when nothing has been confirmed as yet? As Atty Lee stated Hyun Joong simply wanted to know the truth, meaning if she’s pregnant or not and if that baby is his.

Then all of a sudden she filed for a lawsuit. Does this mean she not pregnant at all? Or if she is who is the father? You don’t file a case against the father of your own child! Choi stated that Hyun Joong is causing her psychological harm! Why is that? Is it because she has nothing to prove about that so-called pregnancy? What a weird way for escape goat!

NEWS UPDATE   Kim Hyun Joong will take responsibility once the DNA is confirmed source HanCinema (



I’m sure one of these days Choi will counter attack again! There’s a news that Hyun Joong’s MS is scheduled on May 12, I was hesitant to post this since the news came from Choi’s bestfriend Dispatch!! But Atty Lee assured that this case will not be affected even Hyun Joong is in his MS.

Oh I’m really very thankful Hyun Joong finally got a good lawyer for himself to defend him and knows how to counter attack through media on the dot without delay! He knows exactly how to play this game with media, and I can see that now.

I would like to thank KHJ fans who has been translating the news update from Hangul to English, your effort is very much appreciated. As we can see until today I have been waiting for reports from English media outlet pertaining the interview of Atty Lee but I have not read anything yet.

Specially in clarifying that statement that Choi made which is another lie. I’m still giving the benefit of the doubt about media. I hope they have learned their lesson from Aug nightmare and it’s slowly coming to light from those lies! Just a simple balance reporting and revealing the truth is enough to be called professional journalist!



Hyun Joong may be enlisted on May 12th, it may not be too peaceful as we hope for him but at least he knows now his legal team will defend him in his absence. This is his battle, as well as our battle too, whether we like it or not. As I have said a fan is not always a fun. But the greatest fun here is that we are together in this battle with Kim Hyun Joong.

There are fans who fight in silence, that’s alright because I know within your silence you are deep in your prayers for Hyun Joong. There are fans who voice out, that’s alright too. We are simply airing out whatever we feel and think. Even we are all different in views and ways it doesn’t matter, the important thing is we are united in supporting Kim Hyun Joong.

In the absense of Hyun Joong, Atty Lee will be his mouthpiece, he will be his acts therefore we support even Atty Lee. We pray for him, we give him moral support, and he needs this too in order to keep up his strength wisdom and inspiration in defending Hyun Joong. He is now in the hands of Atty Lee and I believe he will win this game.



To the KHJ Korean fans, I can understand your silence and you may keep it up that way being silent. But I would like you to know that we other KHJ fans from around the world support you wholeheartedly. I believe other KHJ foreign fans shall be your voice and I’m one of them.

Do not be scared, you did nothing wrong, you are simply defending the truth and the innocent. Stay strong don’t give up your support to Hyun Joong, this is just a test to all of us and I believe we can surpass all of these, just as much as Hyun Joong will. The truth is on our side and we will win this battle till the end.

To all of us the battle has begun, and I’m glad we’re taking this the positive way of laughing it out instead of anger with what Choi has been doing! LOL!  Hyun Joong finally reach his time to fight back not for revenge but to fight for the truth and his right as a human being.

The time has come to clear his name and we help him out by spreading the truth. Let no single LIE created by Choi stay in the mind of the public. By this way we can bring back what Hyun Joong had lost which is his name his dignity as a man and his image as a public figure and as a human being. God bless the twins GEMINI!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing




Surprise suprise!! Upcoming album entiled “The Best Of Kim Hyun Joong” under Universal Music Japan shall be released on July 1st this year. This album symbolizes Kim Hyun Joong’s 10th anniversay in showbiz as a singer! It’s a compilation of all his songs both in Japanese and Korean.

Kim Hyun Joong an overseas solo artist to have ever gained the number one spot rank at Oricon Music Chart in his various Japanese music (Heat, hot Sun, Tonight) the first time for a Korean solo artist marks the history in the Japanese music industry.

I believe this album shall be included in the Oricon Music Chart so again we can have a chance to show our support for Kim Hyun Joong! We have lots of time to prepare for this album set to be released on July 1st!

Source: (


Choi’s cronies, Dispatch, Soompi, koreaboo, ect. you were so fast in writing about Choi’s lawyer’s report but now KHJ’s lawyer had spoken and revealed Choi’s lies, yet you couldn’t write about! LOL Yes you surely will choke in writing the truth and you would rather write false stories and support the LIES of Choi! LOL! You will never gain respect to be called professional journalist! How I wish to change my mind about you guys!! LOL


For the record, in May 7th Kpopstarz published another misleading new kinformation by twisting statement of KHJ laegal team! Here’s that twisted statement published:

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer added, “Kim Hyun Joong sent several messages to her asking for her plans and said that as the child’s father, he will take legal steps if she doesn’t make her decisions. After that, he was notified of the $1.48 million lawsuit in early April.”

source: (   source shared by Noya thanks!


Kim Hyun Joong’s agent confirmed that Hyun Joong leaves for his MS on May 12th. He still has the same intention to go quietly. His agent appeal to foreign fans to refrain from joining any tour group for this purpose. In short, can we just respect Hyun Joong’s wishes just for once, to go quietly? Thank you!


I would like to appeal to any KHJ fan for HELP! If anyone of you can put in English sub-title to this view clip interview of Atty Lee. Your effort shall be well appreciated. I think this video can be a big help in spreading the true color of Choi and her motive, for the public to somehow be enlightened as to what kind of person this Choi is. Thank you!



Photo credits as tagged, Ms D thanks!          Vid source: Superfandekhj thanks!

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147 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FIGHTING BACK!

  1. There’s always two sides of the story, her story and his story, i knew from the start that what had been thrown to KHJ was all lies. My heart coudn’t believe everythng what had the media spread about the case. I cannot accept any of it beacuse i know just be looking at KHJ’s eyes you can see sincerety right through his heart and he is not the kind of person who could do such thing specially to a woman unless he was provoked that made him laid his fingers to her, but for me its a case to case basis. I am not saying am in favor of him hitting his girl friend but to the point as what the pictures had shown i dont think he can do that, not in my smallest imagination. I pray and hope for KHJ that he can surpass all the trials he is facing now. I am still looking forward for his return and be able to see his heart-warming-smile again.

  2. Hi everyone.

    I agree with LK. Please calm down. This is not new for us isn’t it ? We have already expected that the psycho woman will come up with some kinds of shock news again after HJ’s lawyer spoke . I’m not very surprise with this news as I knew she will find something to destroy HJ again. She is cruel enough to throw a bomb to HJ a day before his MS. May be she begins to see all money she expects starts to disappear. for me this is a very strong statement to show that this woman has tried to trap HJ with pregnancy for sometimes already . For whatever reason it did not happen therefore she created the last August’s scandal to ruin him when he wanted to brake up with her..

    Considering all this choi ‘s actions since the last August till now . This psycho woman has no credit for me. The more she talked the more we see the ill will inside her head and heart. This woman is the most manipulative character I have ever heard of in a real life i thought this kind of woman only exists in Kdrama . This psycho has shown that she can manipulate SK public therefore it is not too much to say that she had spun HJ’s head to the point that he wanted to stop relationship. No wonder why HJ wanted to brake up just after a few months of being a bf/gf with her. It was probably a very painful experience for him or anyone in his shoes. I feel so so sorry for HJ that once he happen to trust the worst kind of woman who can’t be trusted and can’t be respected.

    Please wait calmly for the clarification from HJ’s lawyer. In the mean time we can keep supporting his lawyer and him the best way we can. Positive attitude and trust will lead us to conduct positive action to help and support HJ effectively. Even though HJ is an honor and trustworthy man he is also be easy to be taken advantaged because of his kind heart and sincerity. Whatever result of this accusation Hyun Joong seem to be an innocent victim that once was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a wrong person.

    • Bits by Bits TRUTH is starting to sprout. Bella one correction HJ said always he knew the psycho for 2 yrs but dated April-May2014..that is not even a couple of months.

      Furthermore …I wonder if someone still harbour ideas that Hj had any feelings for this scum?

      All her blackmailing and fake evidences…again and again same pattern, how long does she think she can do that?
      This is one very very sick woman in the head, there must be a proper medical term for this for sure.
      She is so obsessed with trapping HJ and on same time GOLD DIGGING some more money she can’t stop, with every news she is diggin deeper ….her own hole where she will have to crawl back.

      And still keeping anonymity? What for we all have seen your very UGLY SOUL psycho.

      I just wonder if any of the other fans think that Hj wants to protect her or “begged” not to reveal her? just asking?

      • I hope the lawyer can get back all the money ms. gold digger called choi got from blackmailing HYun Joong and donate to children foundation .

        I wonder the haters who badly condemned HJ since last August will have a guts to apologize to him for their bad mouth. I guess probably no one have that kind of guts. Not surprise though as they has taken psycho choi as their idol.

    Calm down everyone! I’ll be waiting for further clarified news about this, as I have mentioned in this article we open our eyes and ears because I’m already expecting her counter attack! Do I understand there’s miscarriage??? We do not know yet, if there is, I’m expecting that too as her escape goat, I think I mentioned this too> But we wait until today to clarify this news or if any clearer translation will be posted. I hope some fans can translate the news clearly!

    Laugh it out eveyone, we already know the woman is a lunatic, don’t let the news spoil your day! This can also be a tactic to divert attention since HJ is leaving tomorrow, I’m expecting this too, this is another reason why I wouldn’t want to post any plans of fans in taking him off. Just relax sit back and wait. I’ll keep you posted on my next article! Or post for update on this article.
    Thank you, have a nice day everyone, be happy and see you later! God bless..

    • Her claim is that back in May she was pregnant for the first time and miscarried due to domestic violence on June 3rd not that she has miscarried now. His attorney said it is being checked by court order at the hospital she says she went to and if it is false they will file charges. he also says she settled with KHJ on the first case for $549,000 or 600 million won.
      I’m glad he has a legal team in place since she seems to come out with some new wild story weekly. Will she ever stop?

    • That bitch really has been too much this time. I bet she wants money from HJ before he enlist but HJ refuse. BS dumbfool bitch

      • She did it again as all of us have expected. What KHJ’s lawyer did is absolutely right. Way to go!!! We should continue to pray for our winnings!!!God is with us.

    • I’m so sad and upset Hyun Joong don’t deserve this he’s a good man … when he come back of MS i wish for him to a fresh start a new life in another country with new life experiences , i wish for him and his family to be strong, i wish for him and his family health , happiness, a GOOD woman to stand with him. We’re with him he’s not alone 😥

    • ya i read that..if thats really the case she could’ve said that during assault case itself..this is bcoz she just now cooked that story..these fool, idiotic, stupid people cant even sense that..they are telling us that we are blindly loving him but it is them who are blindly hating him..oh god!!! they dont care about anything they just want to bring him down..and to that CHOI as i cant speak bad words this is for you CHOI _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ ______ ______ ……. infinity.

      • They even accuse him murderer..don’t they see how crazy this biatch with her repeating and unconsistey stories? They are born just to hate….damn people!!

        • That is ok. Just remember, she has a mother and those who are making this accusations have parents too, and one day they too will be parents. This just does not happen to entertainer but to common very day people as well. She and the rest think that they are hurting kim hyun joong, but they are hurting his mother’s heart. Think how she must feel seeing and reading these accusations about her son and him thinking about how he cause this on his mother by associating himself with should a person. They too will reap what they have sown, including all those who have written about this in a negative light. The unfortunate thing is we may never know when their time to reap has come. God is not marked, everything that comes out of the mouth and heart you must pay.

      • Did her lawyer say that he has prove of her pregnancy and miscarriage do to his abuse and did they identify the child as his? Knew she would come out before he left

  4. Hello Lazer Kim, I have been reading your blog for some time now and wanted to thank you for being such a fervent supporter of Kim Hyun Joong. You are a voice of calm and reason that fans can come to when we need to sooth our frustrations.

    I am considered, by many people I know, to be an Intuitive Empath. When I am near someone who is very negative or loathsome, I become physically ill, even though I have never met or seen them before. It’s always afterward that I find out that they have done horrible things. Conversely, when I meet very good people I feel a sense of euphoria and a knowing, like knowing my own name, that this is a good person. This feeling of euphoria is what I felt the first time I saw KHJ. I knew immediately that he was a good person and worth learning more about.

    When I first heard the news of Miss Choi’s allegations, I was shocked and questioned my intuition for the first time. But, it didn’t take long to come to my senses, because my intuition had never failed me and I knew it had not left me at this time. Through these months, KHJ’s strength, integrity and character, in the way he has handled this situation, has solidified the reason why I chose to be a loyal fan of his, when I have never been a fan of anyone else in my life.

    I feel so helpless and wish, as many do, that there were something I could do for him. I wish I could just give him and a warm, ajumma hug to reassure him that he will get through this difficult time. For now I will continue reading your blog and the comments of others that love KHJ, along
    with sending prayers and positive thoughts to him.

    There is an updated message on his official website dated May 7, in Hangul of course, that doesn’t seem to be translated anywhere. I’m curious if it is a message to his fans. I should have started learning Korean much sooner 😦

  5. Hi Ms.LK!
    There’s another news pop up again, what is this mess??? This woman has a lot of story that never ending…after KHJ lawyer interview , a days of silent from her side maybe preparing something that can shock the world again, as we expected and this is it….I Hope that KHJ legal team can do something in their power to shut this woman’s mouth in talking nonsense…
    What a sad day reading this news again….

      • HJ’s lawyer said they will check the miscarriage case ( if there is ) through hospital record and if prove she was lying they will start to take legal action.

        Poor our HJ. What a crazy girl she had met!! sigh….

        • It’s good if that is the case.I think it better to take legal action against her as quickly as possible.Fighting KHJ and his legal team and to everyone, have a blessed day!

  6. It is the sequel……

    She filed a suit. She wants 1,600 million won, before the baby’s birth.
    However, 1, 600 million won is an amount of money that exceeded a legal base line of the consolation money. An amount of 1, 600 million won is not a possible amount of money to collect.
    Why did she demand such an amount of money? I am very interested.

    Typically, the amount billed of alimony are legally generally decided. Because the consolation money that is usually recognized even if a person dies does not exceed 100 million won now. The request is possible, but I doubt whether a court accepts that or not.

    Q: His military enlistment is possible on schedule even when he has been charged?

    In the case of enlistment, civil action has no effect. Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t need to participate to the civil action.

    “What he wants is to reveal the truth.”

    First of all, he wants to confirm that her pregnancy is whether fact or not. Then, After birth, we want to confirm whether it is his child. And if confirmed that he/she is his child. He will take the responsible.
    Therefore, he wanted to wait quietly.

    However, Mr. Choi has been reported to the media to mislead the people. He has very tough time now.

    • Tq Anntod for your effort. This is the truth that we need to spread to others. KHJ has never changed his statement and he only wants the truth about this whole thing. If he is the baby’s father, he’ll responsible for him/her. That’s how a real gentleman would act which is the opposite of her.

  7. Hello,
    I tried translation of the TV interview of Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer. I am not a professional translator. Also, English is my second Language, too. So, please pardon me about some mistake.

    In February Ms, Choi said :
    I won’t take any charge to Kim Hyun joong.
    I won’t marry with him.

    The problem seems to have been solved. but….
    Yet at this late date.

    after few of months.
    Suddenly、Ms.Choi took proceedings.
    The reason for a sudden change.
    The reason is anxious.

    Ms. Choi :

    We went to the hospital together. The baby is growing up healthily. Our relation can not be ends because Hyunjoong is father of our baby.

    Kim HyunJoong’s Lawyer :

    The Ms.Choi side refused to Mrs.Kim to entering a room in the ultrasonography suite. After all, the direct confirmation of the pregnancy status was not able to be done.

    In such the situation,
    The damages case of 1.6 billion wons was set up. In the interview moreover.. ” We went to the hospital together” She speaks like a they are getting along very well. I wonder what is her purpose. I want to ask her about.

    What is her real intention? We tried to contact her lawyer several times but we couldn’t get through.

    Q: What was happened between among this two people on between end of February to before this accusation?

    He received persistently the responsibility pursuit as father of their child from Ms Choi.
    The Kim Hyun Joong side told them that he will take the consequences after it had been confirmed that it was his child after birth.

    Sorry I run out time for now. I”ll try some more, if you guys want it.

    Thank you…

  8. In conjunction with mother’s day today(in Malaysia it is 10th May), I would like to wish all mothers and going to be mothers Happy Mothers’ Day. Wishing all mothers will have a blessed and wonderful life.

  9. Hello LazerKim and everyone here! Well, Choi just exposes herself more & more. I’m glad HJ is finally willing to fight back. I really like his lawyer’s stance so far & I’m very optimistic.

  10. LK,
    Ming Bangsar (haters) wrote something abt HJ encourages this bitch to sue netizens. I hope it is not true but this Ming Bangsar earlier mentioned that she even saw HJ n he looks like ?.?? ( something negative… I cannot remember). Any idea who is this Ming Bangsar?She seems to hate HJ a lot. What she wrote scares me. How come she said such thing or did she made it up? I think she is a Korean.
    About the hearing, I m also worried. What if the bitch tells more damaging lies. HJ won’t be there to defend him. Hope u can write something to calm me. …. ( biting my finger nails)

    • Dear Tity, don’t read malicious comments from people you don’t know just keep calm and trust in our only one, do not give yourself a headache by reading those comments

    • Why do u read this trash? Do you for a second believe this BS? Don’t u know Hj by now? Who do you believe some comments on trash media or what Hj lawyer said?
      Use your common sense girl😉

    • Hello Tity!
      Don’t worry now sweetie, Atty Lee is there to defend HJ. Haters will always be haters no matter what we do they are born haters, don’t mind them. Choi is likely to create more damage that’s already expected, but as you can see her lies are slowly coming to light and being revealed! The truth is on our side we just have to be strong about it. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Hi Tity,

      The person you mentioned above is one of some haters. This person and her group always condemn and make bad comment toward HJ in just about everything at soompi website. They act like they are psycho choi themselves because they knew everything about the choi’s scandal. They just amaze me really. However if the psycho choi can sue netizens for bad comments and false rumors this one and her group definitely should be sued for the same thing as well. Watch out their names and just ignore what they said.

      I think we need to use our head well when we read any comment from these haters . They are expert in twist the meaning and distorted the fact.. Whenever I come across this name and some others I just skip it because they write nothing new or nothing worth reading. Don’t we realize how manipulate psycho choi is ? this group are just the same as that. They are born to hate .

      Regarding the hearing Just relax and let HJ’s lawyer deal with it. He has a very good and well respect lawyer . I believe his lawyer can handle the case very well. We can start to support him and HJ the best we can. We can start with make our heart and mind in peace and send good positive energy to HJ and his lawyer. Our peaceful heart will help us to be wiser and stronger . .I’m sure during this time this hater and her friends will try to do everything to discredit HJ and make his fandom wavering with their stories. So just relax and trust him. I believe in HJ’s good heart. His good heart might hurt him sometime but he will win at the end.

      • Hello Bella,
        You mention the haters and the hate comments toward Hj…as the trend is SUE everybody on sight….maybe they can be sued for malicious misleading and bullying comments toward a Known person like we report at Youtube the hate comments? Just kidding……lol.

        I man the pattern of bitchchoi lies is to show how “close” she is with Hj in every statement of hers she is portraying like Hj is after her, that must be the joke of the year ….I think Hj is avoiding her like she is the black plague.

        But I really wish that will find a way to make them stop, cause they complain about bullying when actually they are the ones doing that in a very blatant way and from the beginning of this nightmare. I know they are narrow minded little people but how I wish we can shut their mouths and shove them the truth in front of their eyes….well, my wish.

        Lets be ready cause the black plague is going to do more harm even at the eleventh hour of her defeat.

        • Hi Noya,

          I’m afraid that these people do not care for the truth. I think even everyone lay the truth in front of them they would deny it and say no they don’t believe and repeat their own same story.

          I think their mind are closed and their brains are fixed, We just keep spreading the truth not for them to understand but for acknowledge the others who visit the site. let’s them torture themselves with jealousy.

          I believe a sensible person who visit that site after reading a few of their comments he/she will immediately see and understand their ill-will’s attitude.

          Yes, that’s how the psycho showed off in every one of her statement.. In my opinion what she wants public to believe is what she is lacking in the reality. I don’t think she needs to show public how closed she and HJ are if it ‘s true. ..

          • We can see very clear how manipulative she is from the way she injected selective information into public perception.

            I now understood how hard it had been for HJ to deal with a manipulative charactor for some months.

            • Agree Bella and the more is making me want for the Truth to be out. What a turmoil Hj must have passed I can’t even imagine. That is why we need to stay together and support him, now more than ever!💚💚💚

    • Arrrghhhh I hate Her 😡😤😠and I know that hate is strong word… I have tried to meet her head on in the forums but she is beyond redemption, always playing ms know it all and never ever seeing reason😡 She is one of the most vocal hj antis and if I’m not mistaken is on the forums 24/7 posting with different user names that sound/seem similar giving you the impression that oh yeah it’s her again … Anyway don’t waste time on her , to hj fans her opinions are insignificant and thus should not benefit any attention or emotion even negative ones.😝

    • That is completely ridiculous. She sued him for over a million dollars over 5 weeks ago and she sued netizens last week. After her lawsuit against him in April I highly suspect they are not having many conversations or that he would be advising her. It’s just a stupid comment. Ignore it. On another note I find it strange that the KHJ camp has been unable to reach her lawyer and I find it even stranger that she is running around having interviews with no attorney present? Something is very weird. I wonder if she still has an attorney?

  11. This is from KpopStarz dated 7/5/15
    Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer added, “Kim Hyun Joong sent several messages to her asking for her plans and said that as the child’s father, he will take legal steps if she doesn’t make her decisions. After that, he was notified of the $1.48 million lawsuit in early April.”

    This is from KDramaStars dated 7/5/15
    “She continuously sent messages asking him to make decisions as a father and said she would take legal measures if he didn’t,” said Kim’s attorney Jung Yun Suk. “Then she filed a case for 1.6 billion won.”

    The media is at it again giving wrong information. It makes KHJ looks like he was harassing her that is why he was sued. Day by day the media in SK getting on my nerve for all the crap.

    • Hello ZacNaim! Thanks! This news you were saying is totally misleading! Pls post the news link here from where you read that news thank you! I wrote this article May 7th 3am and set to post in the morning of the same day May 7th together with links. Yes I agree with you the trash media have not change they are still trash I think! LOL!

      ZacNaim I got the links! Thanks for this info! These media outlets are NOT using their brain or not even using simple common sense!! Sorry about that!

    • Hello ZacNaim and welcome here,
      but what are you quoting dear are English sites and as Alkakapop and others they like to print or translate what they like distorted as usual and only parts.

      That is why LK requested someone to Translate the video interview of Mr. Lee the attorney representing Hj, (from where you got that name u put up? is not correct) who is a well respected Lawyer in SK.

      Read up and see the proper translation…who done the harassing is that bitchchoi and not Hj…the correct translation we all have it.

      Hj was sued because he stayed firm on his request from his Firtst Statement since February Proof of Pregnancy and DNA confirmation that he is the Father and if true only then he will take responsibility. A reasonable request.
      What bitchchoi wanted is to trap Hj to admit something he doesn’t any REAL proof at. Hence she went for the Money as it was her intention from the beginning of this sad story, because Hj didn’t give in to her harassing and insinuations and lies.

      Hope this helped, try reading the comments and see that what Hj wants as his
      Lawyer stated is very simple: “Hyun Joong wants the truth to be revealed.”

      Now why don’t we let Mr. Lee and his team do the proper job and will see true coming out in the end.

      And let give Hj a warm hug and good wishes for his upcoming MS.

  12. Oh, I may have left them but not HJ. Will be waiting for his return so I will be reading your blog for updates on Kim Hyung Joong. So may God bless you so you can continue to bless us with updates on HJ.

    • I could only say that l watch few kdramas but repeat only his dramas, if l m intested in Korea was because of him. but now my focus is on his problem.I will do it till his comeback.and new videos to watch. l lo ve him, just him. l dont know how it happens but l have eyes only on him and his proyects from Korea.
      Even when l see other korean idols and actors l just admit he has an special beauty amog them. Maybe that is his plus that makes foreign people to admire him.
      l lo ve him and wish him the best

      • Hey Jazu, so you are a Gemeni like Hj…good, I wish you will get your wish on your birthday, that will be great. We are family here after all…:)

  13. Yes, I too wanted to know more about SK and started watching K’drama because of Kim Hyung Joong. But, I must say because of their treatment and their lack of concern for one of their own I am no longer interested in their culture or country. There is a saying ” if you really want to know the truth about a person live with them.” I have lived with SK through their dramas and this ordeal and I am very dis-I-pointed. I am back to America T. V and now watch more T-dramas.

    I would just like to ask, how many of you here have discovered SK and had taken a lot of interest in South Korea because of Kim Hyun Joong?

    I think the SK Government owes us KHJ international fans, one way or another through KHJ’s global popularity, therefore the government has to protect their asset. And whether SK agree or not, Kim Hyun Joong is one of their greatest asset. Just my thoughts!

    LazerKim here!

    • Me, I did not know anything about Korea until I watched Boys over flowers, and then I discovered Hyun Joong and became more interested in the country, I even wanted to have a job there and I still do regardless of what happened I still respect Korea because it’s the country where he was born and lived.

      • Me, three Ms Kim. I am from Malaysia and right after watching BOF, I started to follow KHJ and of course SK too. I just hope that SK will consider the foreign residents’ constructive views on their law matters. It is for their benefits at the end of the day.

      • Me too..i start to watch khj’s bof…then i watch a lot of ss501 videos…then only I learn little big of SK culture..

        • me too..i only got interested in korea when I watch bof and met kim hyun joong…and by that, got to know more about kpop and kdrama, love to eat at Korean resto, kimchi and ramen, etc…but now im so disappointed with sk people’s treatment to KHJ, what a treatment for their own hallyu star the fact that they don’t know his side of the story and that bitch is a nobody, how can they believe her so quick, then I watched Pinocchio, then realized it’s their culture to believe in rumour than to know the truth..what a..:(. khj is one of their hallyu star of sk who make his country known…in my country, there were so many Koreans here, before I feel happy when I see them coz they are khj’s countrymen but now I don’t like seeing them…

    • Same with me too. Thanks Ms.LK for all your time and effort in doing this for all of us as KHJ fans. Wish you a good health and strong determination to advocates KHJ for justice. Your very much appreciated in this regards.
      Fighting everyone as we unitedly love and support KHJ in this battle!

    • Me also.
      But now I focus only on HJ, no more other things related to SK.
      On my view, SK is normal country, not on the top of Asian.

    • me also…. i want start entertainment business because of Kim Hyun Joong… if i can, i want become his PA and manage SS501 in my own company…. well, its childish dream…but it is because Kim Hyun Joong….^_^v

    • I’ve always veered away from anything korean despite its popularity … My personality has always been one easily turned off by anything popular , wether it’s a book or a song it’s either I loved city’s way before everybody loves them or luv them years later after everyone has forgotten them😁 such is my love story with kpop and katana , my sister kept on telling me to stop watching Taiwanese drama and try watching BoF korean… And the rest is history. it was luv at first sight for me with joongie😜I love his character and hiw he portrayed it … And from there on I was stuck.

      So … Does Hyun joong play a big role in the hallyu wave and the globalization of kpop? Hell yeah!!!!and thus he deserved so much much more than what he was served after all he has done for his country.

    • I follow HJ since 2006 and I had taken interest about SK because of him. When he became “ambassador” of Seoul in 2011, I was very happy but after they choose others persons: very sad for him and for us!!! He is an international hallyu star and I think SK doesn’t see and understand his power in the world. About SK women, dramas like TV reportages show them like harpies and I think it is true. Fortunately there are exceptions like the mother of HJ 🙂 But hélas, I think male SK in majority are harpies and cowards too 😦 I hope his lawyer will demonstrate this SK’s weakness!!

    • Hi LK!!! Me I didn’t interested about Korea, since we dobn’t learn this country on our school so… But afer BOF, I am very interesting, now I even cook korean meals.. i learn i mean lol.. But you’re right, thy must consider HJ as a hero too, because he make the SK known and loved by many people… Do you remember the fan meeting on October 2014? Great even this was after the nightmare, there is yet many fan to go on SK , you writed something about that LK 🙂 thank you a lot!!! kiss to all my sisters here 🙂

  15. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  16. Dear Lk,

    I ‘m very busy these days but I have never missed any of your articles.

    Thank you so much for such a strong heartfelt article. I can feel your warm – peaceful heart here . I can feel a strong commitment to find justice for HJ. Thank you a million for your effort and times. I want to let you know how thankful I feel every times I read all your articles about the scandal created by the fatal woman called choi. It is really help to remind us what was happening then and how harmful this psycho is capable for. I think without your articles we probably forgot a lot what this psych did . It is also proved that we were never wrong about the psycho choi since the first day she started the scandal.

    Thank you that you have never given up on fighting for justice. I see this is not just a justice for HJ but it is a justice that every human being deserve. The ignorance of SK’s medias is very harmful for their society just like they gave a license to a psycho woman to make a crime or they are conspiracy with her. Yes. SK public have ignored that their medias keep on feeding the one side story and keep ruining a person’s life. They do not realize how much they have damaged a person’s spirit and soul by feeding him injustice and it’s not only him who feel the pain.

    The injustice created by SK medias has affected a million life who care for him. We feel so painful as well. This alone is enough for me to stop following Kpop and Kdrama. How would I want to support anything from the country thatits people keep ignoring mistreat and misjudge in their everyday ‘s life. I’m willing to sacrifice myself for this.Therefore I now only watch HJ’s old projects.

    In my opinion this psycho had a plan to bring herself to date HJ that’s why I keep asking who introduced this psycho to him and how he met her. It was a well planed to hook him since the started. It seems this psycho had step 1,2,3,……and plan A plan B ……and finally trapped him to get pregnant. It may sound like a Darma but at least the reaction from my intuition the first time I saw a clip in 2013 at the soccer field. Something in her and her eyes made me felt strongly scare for HJ and thought this one will do everything to hook him and I was shocked that what I thought then become true now.

    I believe all SK’s fans who have seen this psycho knew that this woman is very dangerous and aimed to hook HJ since the first time they saw her. I’m so sure whenever the face is revealed people will not surprise why the psycho does what she did. The face will shows it all . The ill will is clearly reflected through her face and eyes. (I’m sure if the psycho read this post she probably will make up her face as miserable as possible to show the public )

    I felt deeply sad for HJ that he has to experienced the worst kind of woman but we have to look forward and I ‘m confident that when Hj decides to fight he will not look back. I agree that this is the time for us to reunite our support and focus on him and his lawyer only . We have to stop speculate or follow rumors it’s not good for our energy as we knew how manipulative the psycho is . What really surprise me is how come people who support the psycho are so naive because I believe we can find gold digger ‘s behavior like the psycho in every countries . The different is no one will support the ill will behavior even she is a woman , a desperate woman.

    As for the June 3. We can hope for the best and HJ will win.

    However I really can’t see this psycho is able to raise a child whether the pregnancy is for HJ or not . i don’t think a selfish and mentally unstable woman is capable to look after a baby. What she has been doing so far there are nothing we can say that for the best interest of the unborn child. Everything is for the best interest of her and herself only.

    While writing this i ‘m listen to his Timing album . Love his voice in this song ” timing ” especially the low tone and high tone part and his voice in ” Beauty Beauty ” is very sexy.

    • I agree with you. More, I think that someone is behind her, using her obsessivenss about him. All this story is fishy. And most of all, timing is fishy, -it looks, as you said, like a premeditaded action. Dear Choi why did you tried to slach his career? A big WHY? You, Ms Choi, were you afraid of losing him to other women? Why did you first envolved with a man who is subject to various temptations if you cannot accept them??? Did someone advise you if he is down you’ll get more of his attention? A baby resulted following drunk parents intercourse is highly to be subject of mental illnesses. I really hope for you, you didn’t mean this in order to tie him to you because of this. BTW There are tests to see something like this. For a moment I agreed with her to do her tests by herself. She is not officially linked not to the KHJ or his mother. That means also that, for now, she is a single mother with unknown father. I guess she tried to use this situation to make KHJ to agree that he is the father therefore he has the the wright to see the PT. She failed. She could use this situation into the court. His lawyer should be a great one to advice KHJ and his family to avoid situations that can be used in court against them. I guess no interference with Ms Choi saying, deeds, is the best for KHJ. His side should just say I cannot confirm I’m a baby father until legit test is provided. End.

      • I do not agree that she should do this test by herself or that she could use this in court. I feel it is the opposite, that his attorney can use this in court against her. She is the one saying it is his child, so he has every right to verify that allegation before he admits to it like the last time. With her he needs to verify everything before committing to anything, WISDOM. He learned from August.

        • This woman? Is this the one you suspect to be Choi? My friend and I have watched a lot of clips from this day and this woman is there for seeing Kim hyun joong only. They are connected by the man in the green shirt. He seems to be close to both.

    • Hello bella!

      Geez i miss reading from you here!! LOL I’m happy to hear from you! Yes Bella I’m 100% relieved after knowing HJ now is fighting back, I guess you can feel it from my writing!! LOL Honestly we’re the same, I’ve been a kdrama addict since 2007 and I used to watch Kdrama whenever I have the time or whenever I’m traveling! But I just stopped ever since this nightmare came out, really, I don’t know I just lost my interest.

      And please forgive me I know this is not right, I even came to a point of disliking female Korean artists as if I see them all the same! I was wondering, am I alone in this thought? And I said to myself this is wrong, this has to be changed that may possibly affect the innocent SK women. It somehow reflects on women’s society and this is not the first time. How many male celebs being victimized by sk women in public?

      So I’ll probably work on this too I hope. Choi’s lies has to be exposed to the public and has to be straightened up, I don’t know how, but definitely someone has to pay back, so that we can still bring back the good image of SK women in general.
      Thank you Bella, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • I just read your comment as to why you asked the question. Well, I have only been a K-dramas fan for two year. Really did not care much for their story line, I have more T-dramas favorites than K-dramas. Yes. I too have a problem with SK women as stated in a previous comment.

    • Hi Bella! I have the same feeling with you when I watch that video clip too. Notice that lady sitting on the bench looking at KHJ, the way she look at him it means something that can easily recognized her hidden motive on him. Until now that look still lingering in my mind. Please pardon me in saying this. Hope soon everything will be fine with the help of KHJ legal team. Fighting everyone!

      • I m new fan of kim hyun joong ,and it seem you know ms.choi ?plase halp me to see the video i whant to know who that bich lady ?

      • Hi friend…

        So she’s the one that we looking for? I’ve been watching those soccer videos before and wonder is she Choibithc. But I’ve also been told that we can’t just simply accuse her coz might be not her. So, that fishy girl is exactly Choibithc? Well then if its true just wait for the court proceeding on 3rd June to see if its true she’s the it.

          • Hello Hazell….i’ve read ur email ysterday. By the way, thank you for that snd also in ur effort on such project. Its a good try while we hve 2 yrs time in waiting him.

            Honestly, i’ve no any good idea to suggest u. Writing a letter is interesting way ( ahh..been awhile writing love letter…those days. .lol )..Im quite busy these days.
            Anyhow, I will let u know if anything great come into my mind ya.

            Thank you dear. Have a nice day n see u again.

      • Although i must admit I was curious what she looked like and because I just want her to leave him alone, I did find the clip of this woman you speak of and what I find interesting, she appears to me a larger woman than those the petite images of the soooo called alleged bruises in 2014. I don’t believe those pictures were real as we all agree. I just hope KHJ will be ok. had anyone else noticed that…not that its really important. it was more of an observation

  17. Hi Lk.. I am all for respecting hyuN joong’s wishes to go to MS quietly… If you recal I was very vocal a few weeks back about quietly surpassing this storm. At this pint however I feel that even though we will honor his wishes sadly the media and his haters won’t. With this thought, the fierce protectiveness I feel for hyunjoong is all fired up and i feel that we might as well as a fandom show everyone that we got his back. One more thing …he has already lost so much in terms of credibility/ sponsor confidence ..I feel that showing everyone even before he leaves that he still has a wide fan base will tremendously help in our mission to bring him back up to where he should be… I have gathered from Twitter that some international fans are thinking about sending him off and although I can’t join them as I am too far I think it’s a good start.

    Quick question though … Do henecians leaded from the different countries communicate at all? Situations like this call for concerted and unified efforts … The louder the noise the more chances of us being heard . I am not for any disruptive means but just that one time when he goes … A quiet and peaceful but really warm and supportive send off .. I am pretty sure that even if joong’s wishes is to go quietly he would fund confort in seeing the support of his fans .. Plus trust me … Something like these knows no bounds in terms of shaping up the minds or influencing other people , which is what I hope it would do … Make other people re-think of how they see him as a person, the kind of person we all love.

    Again thank you for all that you are and all that you do for Hyun joong. It is wonderful to have a haven to go and to keno of so many people sharing the same belief and luv for our only one.

    More power and God Bless.

  18. June 3rd
    Hope to have a Great gift on my birthday. GOOD NEWS…………………….. PLEASE. GOD BLESS YOU MY BOY

    • Is it really your birthday? happy birthday in advance and I really pray that we hear good news this day, the lawyer said he is almost done gathering all the evidence so he probably have a lot of evidence proving she lied starting from August till now

    • Hi Jazu’

      I’m sure you will receive a great gift on your Birthday . I will pray for the great gift for you.

      God Bless You


        I really pray for good News, we need them, God bless my boy and his lawyer, I lo ve reading your coments, LK always writes what is in our minds, I love these kind of post from her, when she brings peace and calm to his fandom. Many need her words.Only he is who we believe and that she knows. Well l will wait for his back and support his decisions.

        • Jazuuuu!!! I miss you!! Hello friend! I’ll pray very hard for your birthday wish on June 3! Please drop by so we can greet you on your birthday, I’ll be posting on that date that’s for sure!! Thank you so much friend! Take care, be happy and see you again!! God bless…

          • thanks dear
            It will be the most memorable birthday, wont it?
            I will wait for MY GIFT …GOOD NEWS FROM YOU

  19. thank you for your wonderful article and updates! ^_^
    finally, the rite time has come… may God secure safety of khj always especially in the army, Mr.attny.leejaeman especially when counter attack in court begin and big henecia fans whatever and whenever they doing for only one…
    May God bless khj, his family, big henecia family, Ms.Lk and me….^_^v

  20. I do believe Choi is pregnant, because she is so brave to file a suit regrading psychological trauma during her pregnancy. In the event the case really pushes through, the Seoul Court will ask her to prove her pregnancy. I understand even KHJ’s lawyer stated that there is pregnancy.
    I hope I can express my insights clearly here. I remember in the alleged abused case, the only instance that was sent to the prosecutor’s office was the one that KHj publicly admitted ( a slight physical alterations when they were about to break up although haters claimed it was repeated abuses). There were no longer investigations, and the prosecutor just relied on KHJ public apology and admittance. I thought if KHj did not admit anything, he would not be fined with 5 million won.
    Eversince, Choi was manipulative. If she really wanted a sincere apolog, y why not do it in private, why did she asked for a public apology? To shame KJH? We cannot erase what had happened after the apology but I think KHJ has learned from that mistake.
    NOW, another admittance is what Choi wants. If KHJ admits in that he is the father, I believe the media, KHj’s family and the fans and the netizens would believe him; thus there is no more urging for a paternity test.
    I beLIEVE, even if KHJ admits that he is the father (through the bait of Choi), She will still sue him for billion won damages. And just like in September, the court will just rely on KHJ admittance and would no longer require a DNA test. SO THE ADMITTANCE HERE IS VERY VITAL FOR THE CASE, AND I AM VERY GLAD THAT THIS TIME, KHJ USES HIS SENSE BY NOT ADMITTING IT AND HAS ASKED FOR PROPER PATERNITY TEST. HE HAS REALLY LEARNED A LESSON FROM LAST YEAR.
    There are many insights about the pregnancy issue, but there is one thing clear, CHOI DOES NOT WANT A LEGITIMATE PATERNITY TEST, and she is just playing around, or I mean fooling around. AND BECAUSE OF THIS, SHE HAS STRESSES DUE TO HER OWN DOINGS, LIES AND COVERING UP. I agree with what i read on the comments box that there is only one thing that she has to to to stop this alleged psychological trauma, and that is a legitimate paternity test which she still fail to be subjected to up to this point; and perhaps even after the delivery. SHE THINK THAT SHE COULD HAVE MUCH MONEY IF SHE WIN THIS CASE, AND THEN HIDE SO THAT THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE REVEALED.

    • There is a question mark regarding that pregnancy. Why will she not allow HJ or his mother in the examination room with her? He asked her for two things : 1) for him to be able to verify the pregnancy and 2) is he the father of the child? Why does she want him to admit before these questions are answered?

      Because she was hoping that he would do with he did the last time, in August. Admit to something she knew was not true and apologize. But this time he refuse so she came with an outrageous law sue amount, thinking he would run to the table to settle. But this time here gamble did not pay of. Remember, she nor her law were quite when his parents came out but they are quite with the attorney.

      I believe that they did not expect an attorney to speak for him and his family. Look at what she said and how the attorney came right out and debunked her statement. I believe she overplayed her hand. She thought he would want to settle this before he went to MS. I really can’t wait until June 3. But, No matter what, we are here for him, the attorney, his family, the SK fans, and for each other. God bless

      You know as a women,I really do not understand S K culture regarding women. I know i should not let this one example be the measuring stick for the whole. But, in a few K-dramas I have watched the women are something else. They are either weak, not smart, mean or greedy, and yet they have allowed this women to do what she has done. Make no sense to me.

    • I am agree with u anonymous.If KHJ didn’t accept that lil injury he would not be charged.And he shouldn’t accept the lie this time.

      • He is a very honest man . It’s so sad that his honesty has hurt him. Even more sad when SK medias shamelessly ignored all the fact and dishonest to their readers . They intentionally did not report that the fake evident from the psycho were not accepted by the police and HJ has never admitted that he beat her as she wrongly accused him . He only admitted one mutual fight that’s why he was fined from bodily harm. If he did not admit that there is nothing the police could charge him.

  21. I am happy that KHJ is finally fighting back. But I am a bit worried. Why did Choi file this ridiculous lawsuit against KHJ? One she seemingly cannot win. Was she advised poorly by her lawyers? Does she have some sort of evidence against KHJ? Has she fabricated some sort of evidence against KHJ? If the latter is the case it worries me that KHJ will not be in the courtroom when the case is taken to court (was this conveniently planned this way?) Something is making her camp confident that they can win or else I assume they would have backed down.

  22. Dearest LK,
    Thank you so much for this.

    Hallelujah! We got to the day that Hj Lawyer is a respected one and countering in time all the attacks from that creature. Thank you Mr. Lee, chapeu, hats off!

    Finally we all can see what a low class is that creature, even a street worker have more conscience than her in playing with the life, actually lives, of KHJ and his family. And she still don’t get it in her thick head how much damage she done. This drama queen seeking attention doesn’t get it that she is playing with real people and real life not a Kdrama or movies.
    Anyone with a common sense can see the game she is playing since Aug22, 2014 and now continuing with the so called “pregnancy”, till not proven otherwise (those papers are fake as her plastic face…) I have a hard time to believe it, sorry girls.
    Going to media every time she takes a poop and then complaining that we all know about her antics? Your fifteen minutes of fame are up, go crawl back in your little hole.
    Respect Must be Earned bitchchoi and you didn’t do nothing more than lying constantly and distorting the truth, every word said is utter lies! Such a disgusting creature she should be put in a museum in a cage with the note “pure evil” don’t touch!

    Yes dear LK we have time till Hj return from MS to clear his name and be of help to the SK fans and whatever might be needed.
    WE are Family after all, and families stay united in time of need !

    Wishing Hj peace of mind in MS and as his lawyer said what Hj wants: “Hyun Joong wants the truth to be revealed.”

    Always the Truth is revealed in the end and we all want the same.
    All for our Only One!

    I could also repeat the words that he said in IG,
    She really wants Khj to admit it, just because what HE says is the only thing that we believe. If she is pregnant of his kid, the very simple thing to do is to give him a legitimate paternity test. She wants KHJ to admit that he is the father, maybe to stop bad comments and likes him to be near her. His silence has made her lost her mind. But he is in his right to ask for a DNA test, for his and her sake.
    As she doesnt like to do it during the pregnancy, SO , KHJ just decided to wait until the baby´s born.
    As I said before, she alone and by herself has become the mockery of the world, the more she talks the deeper she falls.
    My boy is really smart, does not say anything, so nothing to blame him. He just was waiting for the DNA test.
    Hope he will be health and with little peace in his MS, Far away of her and her influence khj, let your lawyer to fight for you, WE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.

    Miss CHOI, we are with him not because he is handsome, as you said, because the world is plenty of pretty faces, it is because mainly for his character, personality, honesty, and the great human being that he is. Someone that you want to totally destroy. We will defend him. He talks and we will support him.

  24. Lazer Kim,
    I apologize ahead of time for not having read the complete contents of your posts.
    1. I just want to ask you if you know of any efforts that are in place or planned to help the netizen victims of Choi’s attack?
    2. Also, is there a way to find out about KHJ’s lawyer fees? How can one donate to his legal defense? I am sure he does not need the help, but as loyal fans who are extremely offended by the vicious attacks from the person I begrudgingly refer to as Ms. Choi, I feel like we should try to do something.
    3. Lastly, are you aware of any effort by fans to collectively file suit against Ms. Choi for defamation against our beloved? How many lies and false evidences has she put forward so far? She also revealed is personal text messages and manipulated them out of context. She also is ruining his career. There are so many things she did to him. It is not fair, and something must be done. She needs to be served a cease and desist from mentioning him in the media, from showing his text messages, from mentioning his parents, and from claiming her baby is his without proof.
    4. Is there anyway to organize the leaders of KHJ fanclubs around the world for this effort?

    Thank you
    Tasneem in USA

    • Hello Sumy!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I think I have discussed the same thoughts in my recent article that something has to be done in this case. As I have mentioned in my old articles I don’t belong in any fan clubs and neither am I imposing anything in this site. I’m just a voice actually! LOL But yes I have been thinking all of these and maybe start after HJ gets to his MS peacefully.

      There are lots to be done as I have mentioned but we take this step by step however the fan clubs has to be the one to organize whatever step has to be taken. The least I can do is to encourage them through this site. You are right in all your assessment most specially to help providing legal counsel as our support to the Korean fans in their upcoming legal battle who may be victims of that lawsuit if Choi will pursue with this or she might just drop that case then we can move to counter attack.

      We will surely do something about this but there has to be a strong unity among us to be able to materialized whatever we aim for. I would be setting on petition as my sole responsibility that’s for sure which I have been preparing. As I have said there are a lots attached to the case, and we try to eliminate those one by one! That’s the project I was talking about for a span of 2 yrs i hope that’s enough time to clean up areas before HJ finishes his MS.

      For the mean time let’s allow Atty Lee to do his job for HJ while we think of something to help Korean fans in their defense against that lawsuit. I hope fan club officers are reading this.
      Thank you Sumy, take care have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

      • Another idea I have is to send letters from all over the world requesting that little police department to investigate Choi for giving false evidence and making a false claim against KHJ. Imagine if they should receive a few thousand letters. Wouldn’t they be compelled to at least review that evidence to see if she has committed a criminal act?

        • But the lawyer has gathered some evidence, it must be the evidence of her lies, so no need for that, what I believe is that on june 3rd he will unhide those evidence, my opinion is to let the lawyer do all the legal work, he really seems like a very good lawyer.

  25. lazer kim….I love you som are very smart…when I come here I can breath again.thanks for your nice article…
    yes….she went to the hospital but which hospital?the hospital by her choice and did not allow khj mother to go inside…….why?is it possible?
    if the father of baby was khj so is it possible to make a lawsuit against you father of your baby????
    and now her lawyer does not say anything so maybe she doesnt have her lawyer by her anymore
    i think she is just a big blackmailer
    and I think she can not be silent and make us nervous again before court but we just believe our only star
    god bless khj and his lawyer
    we just can pray for him till june3.just 3days to his birthday

    • You know, I hope on june 3rd everything will be clear and maybe this nightmare will end so we can celebrate his birthday on the 6th care free, I’m praying

  26. oh God has been so long waiting.
    but everything has its deserved and reward ..
    every time there is a news update for HJ, however small, my heart filled with hope …

    I believe that this nightmare will end soon!

  27. All The Bless and Pray for KHJ and His Atty Mr.Lee Jae Man~~ Finally!!! The TRUTH will REVEALED Very Soon 🙏🙏🙏
    All The Best for Our KHJ. We will always waiting for U here, with all Our Never ending Love and Support. 🙏😊
    Thanks again Ms.LK♡ ~~Bless ♥♥ ^^

  28. We all know that it is not difficult to know who is the baby’s father (since she claimed that she’s preggy). The underlying problem is she did not want to do it from the beginning until now by procrastinating and preventing them to be with her during the ob-gyn’s visit. He has no problem to provide financial support for the child if it is proven to be his child and this shows that he is a gentleman which is opposite about her. Whatever it is, I am not surprised with that kind of attitude as some people put MONEY first above than anything and abandon the right and good values to earn a living. I hope and pray someone wiser and well-mannered counselors will advise her on changing her point of view about the way of living.
    To Miss Kim, I can only thank and pray to Al-Mighty that He will give you strength and courage to write and reveal the naked truth of this whole ploy. Your words inspire us and open our eyes to the truth about this ‘challenging’ nightmare. I am really grateful and appreciate the time, energy and effort that you’ve done for our Alien Family.
    I also pray that our Alien Family will become united and become stronger to face any challenges at present and in the future. I truly believe that these incidents are not just COINCIDENCE. They occur to us and KHJ for a valid reason and the answer to this ‘test’ is about to reveal soon.
    I am proud to be in this fandom whom always welcome the newbies like me and treat us like a family. I pray that our fandom will last and continue to grow with the right and good values-some of those values have been shown by him. I am too going to pray for KHJ and us to win this battle. All of us agree that this is our battle too since this scandal has stained our Alien Family and as a family, we do not leave our family’s member alone when he faces many challenges.
    We will fight with him and back him up as and when needed and lend our ears.
    My Alien Family, let’s fight with KHJ and gain back our dignity and clear this stain!!!
    P/S: Miss Kim,I am willing to help if you need my assistance and please keep writing!!!

  29. Thank you, LK, for yor article! So happy HJ is finally fighting back. If Choi is really pregnant, why not let HJ and his Mother into the room? What father could not be swayed by hearing the heartbeat of his child, and seeing the images on the screen? The longer this drags on, the more of a nutcase she is revealed to be.

  30. Lk,
    THANK YOU as always for ur eye opening articles. Hope more people read it.

    Dear Lord,

    Please help HJ wins this case. Let Choi’s lies be revealed. Let HJ gain his dignity back. Thank you.

  31. I am again sooo proud of him and happy to be his fan. I can now understand his silence. Because of his silence and of his protection she does not have a reason for her accusations and the whole world can feel his sincerity. She is doing more damage to herself than anyone could do. In fact I feel pity for her. She is obsessed with him and all her actions are seeking for attention. When she didn`t find the attention – she just decided to get as much money as possible. I am happy that KHJ decided to fight back. I will be with him, pray for him and follow all the news about this case. Thank you, LK for all your efforts, if you need me for anything – please write.

  32. TO: Kim Hyun Joong, Atty Lee & his legal team, Lazer Kim, & To ALL Kim Hyun Joong fans all over the world.
    Hi Lazer Kim, I’m a Filipina like you, who lives in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been your silent reader of your post since last year 2014, precisely in August the first scandal. Like most of the fans I was also shock, But NEVER believe that Hyun Joong is capable. I pray EVERYDAY for Hyun Joong that God will give him strength & for you LazerKim strength to continue sharing to all his fans in this sight so we can all be up to date what’s going on with Hyun Joong. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤ LazerKim, GOD BLESS YOU.. you have my RESPECT,LOVE, SUPPORT, & PRAYERS ALWAYS.

    • Hello roro!
      My kababayan I welcome you to the world of Kim Hyun Joong! Thank you so much for the compliment! You’re in the right place in knowing him better and I’m so glad you were free from being victimized by bad twisted news surrounding the net last year! You are bound to be here with us and we welcome you with open arms. Please do stick around KHJ is worth all your effort and prayers thank you so much! Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  33. Fr: Madhurikhj
    Everything is like circus. I just could not understand why Choi is pressuring KHJ to admit that he is the father of his alleged baby on her womb? If she really wants Khj to admit it, the very simple thing to do is allow KHJ see her OB-Gynecologist, – and that is all, and then KHJ will indeed be glad to admit it. Why is she making all things complicated?
    Going back on the issue of pressuring KHj to admit that he is the father, we can recall that she also pressured KHJ to admit and apologize publicly in September 2014 in view of the alleged abuse case. Her pattern is just the same now.
    She wants money so she can live away while hiding her secret, and wants to torture KHJ and his family into thinking if there is really a baby, And then after two years when KHj returns, she would create another roar by saying this is the two year old son of KHJ.
    If she is really pregnant, she wants to have money so she can hide even her delivery and so that the Kim family will have no chance to request for a DNA test. What do you think?
    She wants KHJ to admit that he is the father, but she does not want a legitimate paternity test. What is that?
    I have a friend who was impregnated by the son of her employer. In the beginning, the parents of her boyfriend thought that the baby was not their son’s baby. My friend was the very first one who insisted for a DNA test to remove their doubt. I hope Choi will do the same. By the way, even though my friend is a solo parent now, her former boyfriend and his parents are supporting the baby financially. It is as simple as that. My friend never pressure anyone and is very happy with his cute son.
    I do hope that KHJ will win this battle against her with the help of his new legal counsel. It is time that KHJ have peace of mind. He is also a victim and is being tried in public.
    Lazer, may I ask if Choi and her side have already said something after KHJ through his attorney stated that he will file a counter sue and will not give in to the demand of that girl?
    I think Choi is not expecting that KHJ will act this time.
    God bless KHJ, his family, his fans and those who are after the truth.

  34. Hai LK, Its me Madhuri Kim Hyun Joong. I will never leave kim hyun joong what ever. I’ll be stay with kim hyun joong forever. Kim Hyun Joong fighting.

  35. Thank you Lazer Kim as usual for your precious words. I wait patiently for your articles to give us a respite from the frustration we find ourselves in. Thank you once more. Together we stand taller, since when we fight the fight together, we become stronger and tougher. We are in this fight whether we want to admit or not, so we better arm ourselves with the knowledge that the truth always comes out no matter how long it takes. We might feel battered at the end, but at least we are wiser and better for it. Once more, thank you Lazer Kim…you have my support! ❤

    • Hello Seta! I’m glad you’re here! Thank you so much for compliment and for dropping by. Seta i need help if it’s not too much, I wonder if it’s possible or anyone can do it, to put the Sub-English or sub-title of that interview fr Atty Lee fr YouTube, I mean putting translation to the video itself just like in the dramas or songs they put subtitle I think this is good since many are watching the YouTube this can help enlightened the public.
      I hope everyone is reading this, I don’t know where to ask for help. That interview can help HJ a lot. Thank you Seta, take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless…

  36. I am happy that our dear khj has finally decided to counter attack. What she did & is doing is too much. To make khj look like a very bad person when this person has lived his life not hurting anyone & receiving all of these, i can not understand her. But, i believe, that there is always a light at the end of a dark road. Khj deserves to know if he is the father or not. And in time, the truth will be revealed. Dear hyun joong, one day, those who condemned you will realize how beautiful your heart is. For now, let us continuously pray that the truth will be revealed, because khj does not deserve all of this. Let’s pray for him & his atty. 😊

  37. well, I don’t know what to say, I’m praying for the truth to be out for everybody to know and that he gains his reputation back and also that he will be sure that we will never ever ever leave him and will wait for him till he comes back.

  38. I will always pray for you Kim Hyun Joong, your family, my henecia family & the legal team. God bless us all 🙏🙏

  39. SHe says they are together but she sues him!? Yeah, right! I pray everyday that she is not pregnant, ( if she were, wouldnt letting him see the ultrasound live been a way to prove it to all?) #neverleaveKHJ

  40. I’m truly nervous for him but I know all those days of silence weren’t for nothing. His real fight is about to begin and I truly hope justice will be given to him. I hope the evidence gathered will suffice and this Chois endless lies will be put to stop and her true colors be revealed to the public. I don’t ask for her to be mocked, I just want my leaders dignity back.
    I don’t care what happens to her, I just want my leaders peace of mind, and his family too.
    Even in er dreams I am not going to leave Kim Hyun Joong.

    Like what my friend said “Silent but not Still.” This is Hyunjoong. Thank you LK.

  41. LK,
    When CallmeChoi file suit against netizens I was a bit worried because in my mind the first person to get sued will be you since ur site is being monitored. I m glad u still have the fighting spirit. Also happy that HJ now start to take action as well. Hope he will win and the lies that this bitch told would be revealed. Then I wanna see haters eat their words n apologize. Let him earn back whatever he has lost. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY THAT HJ WINS N GAIN BACK HIS IMAGE !

  42. The whole scenario seems to be many plot created by Choi. The more she talks about it the more lies will follow and the more truth will come. When the case involve two person and only one seems to conquer the whole situation, something surely not right. She has been playing for a long period and this thing need to put a puss stop. KHJ has been keeping silent about this and it is high time for him to make a move. Somehow or rather people will look down at him but his fans will surely stand up no matter what the outcome will be.
    Tq LK for de hard work, really appreciate your write up

  43. khj, we are solidly behind you, we will be your strength untill the evil intentions of that witch is exposed

  44. Thank you so much for this article LK. FINALLY we can see him beginning to fight back. Like you said, we will unite and keep praying for him and his Atty Lee.
    it’s about time the truth be revealed. ..

  45. Hi LK! Thank you for this article!
    I am sure all of us can now heave a huge sigh of relief. He is fighting back for what he lost. He was made to keep quiet by many people. He was blackmailed and bruised. But now, he is free of them and is back with a bang! His lawyer seems trustworthy and by the way he spoke about Hyun Joong; I can tell he knows how sincere and genuine Hyun Joong is.

    The one thing that really caught my attention and thrilled me was this one small sentence the lawyer said. He was asked what Hyun Joong ultimately wants out of all this. The lawyer had a clear, precise and a chilling answer: “Hyun Joong wants the truth to be revealed.”

    Choi has already made a fool out of herself. By filing that lawsuit against him showed everyone how crazy she is. I am so happy to see not a single person bash HJ on the comment section! They all call her crazy and a gold digger! The truth will always triumph! We just have to sit back, support HJ and his legal system with all we have got and let Choi do all the talking! Her stupidity will be the reason for her ruined, shamed life!

    Hyun Joong, I am so proud of you. You’ve kept your silence and taken it from all sides; waiting for the right moment. Not once have you spoken ill about that woman, not once have you exposed her name or face. You’ve been what you really are; a gentleman. I am proud to be a fan of yours. Keep this up and trust me, WE ARE ALWAYS HERE, WAITING FOR YOU. ❤

    Always glad to see your articles, LK. will look forward for more! Thanks a lot! ❤

  46. Hi LK!!! Good article as always!! I wanted to ask you something since many times ago but I hesitated, but know I’ll do… Can I please translate your articles in French? I’ll post in full credits, don’t worry 🙂 In Madagascar, people don’t speak English, and kpop fans here had no choice than believing soompi or allkpop and other media who had French translation, they can’t read articles where is truth like yours, since we want to tell the truth I had this idea, or is there someone here who already do that? If yes, please can you give me the link… Thank you ❤

  47. Cant stop my tears….khj,we will not leave you…we will pray for you,…..fighting! and to khj’s attorney,thank you very much

  48. Feel so relived now that he spoke in right time.
    And for korean fans we are always with you. You did right just stay strong and keep supporting HJ.

  49. Appreciate our fellow fans’ efforts in updating us. Thank you LK, as always, a well written article. Yes we are all one in this. The past rough months we had have made the Henecians stronger and closer. This difficult time has also cemented the bond between the Gemini twins – Hyun Joong and his fans. Very happy and proud that he is fighting back! I’m glad in a way that this happened because a) it proved that KHJ and that unworthy girl are not back together ; b) she provoked KHJ into fighting back esp when she stupidly involved the fans he loves; and c) she exposed her true self and her evil greedy intentions to the whole world losing her almost nil credibility .

  50. Well THANK GOODNESS our boy has gotten himself a competent legal mouthpiece & is finally striking back at this ~deleted for profanity~ person… I’m so over this. KHJ will be in the military & get some needed respite from all the venom, but actually I’ve seen a lot of people who were sooo condemning him last fall coming to realize the inconsistencies of Ms Choi & feeling sorry for him now! She just exposes herself for what she is more & more! I hope he’s got a strong group supporting him when he enlists, since that rag Dispatch released the date 😦 against his wishes. & I just want to say that your column is a breath of fresh air in this mess LOL

  51. All I can say is amen, hallelujah, and thank you Jesus. The time is now, and everyone will see you was right along. LK, thank you for standing by his side and fighting for him. God bless you. No. We will never leave him. Such good news with this attorney and we will pray for him.

  52. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FIGHTING BACK! | LazerKim

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