Message to star Evil – MS. CHOI




May I just say, you are one DANGEROUS woman! Have you seen your doctor lately? Oh not the OB Gynecologist, the psychiatrist, have you? Better have that psychiatric check up just to make sure you’re mentally stable which I very much doubt!

You know what? You are the greatest LIAR I have ever known! I never believed what you have been talking about to the media, first you accused Hyun Joong of assaulting you which is a BIG LIE, now you’re saying your pregnant??? Which I assume another BIG LIE And now it seems to me you’re swallowing your own lies! Why? Are you scared of having a credible pregnancy test and credible DNA test?

So you’re stressed out? I can guess, the next story you’ll put out to the media is that because you were stressed out with your hell fairy tale stories you just had miscarriage, and put all the blame to Kim Hyun Joong! Don’t you? Go ahead do your thing and i’ll push you to hell where you belong!

You love hurting people, don’t you? Do you know how many are they? Are you happy now?  CHOI you are so evil that you sold your soul to Satan and I feel so sorry you’re such a disgrace to other innocent women and you are a disgusting creature!


                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

          I hope you’ll be infected by Ebola with your lies, this virus is like you…so evil!

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71 thoughts on “Message to star Evil – MS. CHOI

  1. I currently do not understand that pregnant three years is lie neck there is a pregnant woman three years then a dead baby inside the pregnant belly or was made or quemado with alcohol leaves Wars

  2. well…i just cant control my laughter since this stupid news came up…..several things making me laugh like insane…first of all, in the conversation between khj and choi(the one dispatch revealed), choi was asking khj that had he seen the baby’s ear…!!! well, she is 10 weeks now and she already identified the baby’s ear!!!! lolzzz…someone plz hold me….second, the lawyer of choi said that his client is already distressed and lost 4 kg weight because of her pregnancy thing has been revealed…!!!well, if u are so concern about your health and mind, then why did you reveal all these stupid things…!!! and finally, now she’s denying to marry khj……so incredible u r ms choi or whatever….but you forget one thing…if you want to sell your story to everyone then u should atleast make the story logically and properly…otherwise its not going to be sold except for the haters, ok? we r not that type of idiot that whatever you wlll tell us, we will believe that. im sorry if im being rude but if i ever see this girl, i will surely throw a punch on her face………

  3. She still keep expose the text massage…khj treatened her saying will kill her if she lies while he away for MS..wats does she want actually from khj…khj,,y u keep silent..r u want to protect her..please take legal action towards her..she is more dangerous than ebola virus…

  4. i hope KHJ knows that we don’t want that woman for him… we are just fans and we don’t have right to his private life BUT… BUT..we just can’t accept her… are right in saying that he is just handling her in order to get rid of her peacefully..i’m so sorry for him to meet this kind of woman, i hope he can find his true soulmate in the future…..

  5. I really was scared for him. Why did not anyone stop this deranged woman? Why has not yet revealed her identity? Is not it obvious – what it does, because all the forces trying to destroy the career of Kim Hyun Joong. Now she was in a TV show to the whole world shows the dirty laundry. Either she’s crazy or someone very influential behind it and move this girl as a puppet. This uzhastno – I am constantly worried about Kim Hyun Joong. I pray for him.

  6. Brainless stupid Pyscho Choi…you are contradicting yourself and your lawyer with your lies. You are clueless in math and lying through your theet. You are playing the Victim when YOU galactically stupid started ALL this Circus. So shut the fuck up and go crawl in some hole. You are insulting our genre …women…you are a making up again all kind of fake evidences …that ALL can see through, do you actually believe in your one digit IQ brain that someone will buy into those lies again?
    Hj tried to call your bluff in involving all parties Family agency himself …and now you claim he is to blame. Don’t you know by the way HJ HATES to be called oppa?!? Go get a life sickoo, go get a brain transplant maybe will help.

    HJ is most probably ashamed to his deepest for what you are doing, you CHOI are the JOKE of the Century!! sorry excuse of a woman…you even can’t be called that!

    Hope by God Hj will wake up from this Nightmare and US his Fans as well.

    So go to Hell and stay there Choi….we know your face ….and that picture you put on D is fake….!

    • sis may I use this space. someone trying to bug in!
      KHJ was smashed on the ground by those stupid haters bcoz of that lunatic that even media almost took his life so why can’t I do the same to that crazy woman? Ex-fan if you’re no longer a fan then jump ship! What are you doing here? You felt shame on us for criticizing this crazy woman but did you ever feel happy when HJ was insulted and non-stop bashing for so many years? this is my site and I can say what I want.

  7. It’s all her set up from the very beginning. That’s all i can see. It just can’t make sense HJ slept with her during that ‘war’ period unless she trapped him or something. Oh, so she said HJ drunk that time (sorry i didn’t read the full article. I can’t stand it)? If so, it fits my prediction. Who’s on earth will dare to sleep with such evil when they are sober? No one!

  8. I read the interview and text message at soompi It like reading romantic story and a poor girl try to find justice for herself and of course the baby. She must has degree in drama or major in drama. So good in made thing up together. However we saw people that convinced with her text message and strory. I really really fell sory for Hyun Joong and really want to know where he met this girl for the first time. Or who introduced her to him. I do hope he learns from this lesson. And realizes Choi is a person he should never let her near him or be around him ever. He should never meet her alone just do everything through lawyer. I feel so angry at his stupidity to go back to a person who destroyed him without any guard for himself.

    Reading her version of text message and her interview I think she leaked her pregnancy and marriage rumors because of jealousy again . Like if I can not have you nobody can. What a woman !

      • I really think the aim of this Choi is to damage Kim Hyun Joong completely.

        HJ be strong and just do the best for your life and your happiness. Do not worry about your reputation. If she claims you are a father asks court to order for DNA check. Never use marriage to end problem. This choi is really bad for your life.

  9. She is completed obsessed to the point that she makes lies and make herself believe it.
    I am a fan that is absolutely not interested in an artist’s private life. Who he marries and how many kids he has are all his private business. However, I will never accept her as HJ’s other half. I feel so upset because the series of events really damages his reputation and career. I am looking forward to HJ’s new music and new drama after his MS. She could have ruined it for him, at least some opportunities.

    • This woman really destroyed him!I told that this will happening!OMG
      Now she told that he want to kill her!See Alkpop…
      Somebody STOP this girl!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 I am so upset now 😦
      She is not his other half,other half is a person who understand the other’s soul completely and care about the other!And comes the military,how he can be able to survive this?I hate this woman!

  10. Dear Lazer kim,
    I have been a KHJ fan for a few years now and I like reading your blog because you seem to really care about him in a healthy way. I feel the same way, but this situation is a mess!!!
    I don’t understand what Hyun Joong is doing because no matter how the media portrays him, we the fans know this guy is really smart. I was thinking : okay he may have feeling for the woman since he said several times that no matter what his parents/ fans/friends think about the girl he loves he would still be with her .This is his right but what happens if this said girl is after destroying his career in order to have him all to herself. I tend to not read news articles because I believe there are often made of one fact with a invented back story, but I still got wind of the drama. Hyun Joong needs to be done with this girl because if she cared for him, their private lives would not be on the news. If there is baby or anger issues he must take responsibility for them because I am of those who think that you may trust somebody’s character but if you were not there when the incident occurred then you have no way of actually knowing.
    One thing is painfully clear though, we the fans will never accept her as she is someone that purposely hurt him and his career repeatedly.
    I also wanted to react to your last article about the lawyer. The lawyer will probably do anything for his client interest and I think that Ms Choi best option here, if we are to follow her logic, is to force Hyun joong to marry her pregnant self through media pressure. With the wedding she does not need to be paid off like last year, with a divorce she will have half of his wealth…. what do you think? Because as you pointed out how easy is it to take a pregnancy test and a DNA!!!!??
    My last point is, although we are his fan and we and keyeast need to protect him, he needs to protect himself because we do not know about his personal life and that’s how it should be!!! This is a crucial moment of his life and career as the military service is around the corner but we are here witnessing his character being assassinated.

    • Hello! KHJ is smart and I don’t think he’ll ever marry her. Rest assure it won’t happen and we have to protect hj from that evil woman. That lawyer is a low class lawyer which I don’t think he is a lawyer for real. Everything in this scenario are all fairy tale in hell! We’re at war now whether we like it or not we will not allow HJ to be insulted again! Thank you! God bless…

    • Totally agree with you!
      I am a fan, I love him … but I’m not blind or stupid!
      From that came the scandal I have been totally disappointed, and so far there is no news that you have made me feel relieved, or less disappointed than he has.
      This is totally a mess.

      • Please don’t be disappointed, A’s stories was not trustworthy at all. Believe in HJ, believe HJ is smart. Seeing how the cheap media has done to Henecia hurts.

    • I do not believe a single words of A. So, what she said today were just lies.
      HJ is smart. One would not send any messages to A after 22/8 unless one’s IQ is 0. Please don’t take A’s words seriously at all, believe HJ.

  11. es una mujer orrible.. como puede exponer asi, cosas que se suponen son privadas…. y el tambien no se da cuenta que destruye su carrera y el la sigue defendiendooo

  12. wow… if anyone can believe this latest pack of false proof and lies they need to see the pyschiatrist right after ms choi and her lawyer are finished. it’s just getting worse and worse the fish story is now bragging that they’ve caught a giant WHALE what a WHOPPER! I think she is now digging her own grave… no one is going to believe her hysterics any more. This is just ridiculous…Hyun Joong, baby, I am a little irritated with you that you fell for her scheme… but please! Be Smart to the end! Make her do DNA test… if she refuses it is obvious she is full of herself and if she complies and it turns out she is the mother of your child… Please sue her for custody! She is CRAZY! We can’t have that PSYCHO raising our niece or nephew! My poor Angel… we are always here for you… do what you have to do… we are never leaving you.

  13. This is so strange her due is September that is 9th month in a year and she is already 10 weeks pregnant. Are we carrying a child now for 11 months??????
    OK I am pregnant and father is KHJ yes we meet in Serbia …… wait he was not there shoot I need to come with the better story 😀

  14. Omg, what’s the next episode of her drama..private video??? Coz she said khj is drunk, maybe she record a video…I really hate this woman!!! I can’t understand y sk pipol buying this drama, drama without a face of the lead actress…:) poor khj…

  15. The conversation is not even complete..surely the most important part of hyunjoong’s mssg was deleted….

    “So do you want me to marry you” khjssi asked…then suddenly:

    Ok ok i am going to marry you…khj replied…so where are the other messages???

    Really i’m having a goosebumps now..

    She even said that she has a plan of getting rid of a baby…OMG… a damsel in distress…pathetic..


    I can no more with my heart, I’ve dawn every day crying because of that woman and her damn declarations.

    REVIEW OF DNA, is all that we ask to put an end to this nightmare !!!

  17. She said she is stressed that people know about her pregnancy but she went on an interview, isn’t she contradicting herself? I really don’t see why she needs to reveal their private messages to the public, that is just manipulating media.

    • I’m laughing out loud with your comment dear…,she is the one who shout out and tell the whole world that she is pregnant with hyun joong baby…and yet she still got the cheek to say that she is stressed with all of this….

  18. Now Ms.Choi and her backup team have changed her strategy, she is playing an innocence woman by said does’t want to marry him.
    Yes, I do believe that she has no wish to marry him.But destroying Khj is her mainly focus, any benefits related to the case might be her bonus.
    Ms.Choi if you read this massage, you have a chance to stop your dark intention and all actions further, If you don’t know Gods, I can help you!! People who know God will never do this thing. Be ashamed! Don’t make any more sin for yourself and throw your sin to Khj! Don’t sell your soul to Satan.But if you already did. You must realize that Satan never and never touch the beloved to God! Be ashamed! Stop your next plan

  19. Yes, she is setting up for the next shoe to drop, here is the thing. He is an abuser, but he was able to still have other girls in his life, right. Is this what git her upset, that he left and did not say goodbye to her, especially after telling him she is pregnant. Also, I thought it was reported that they went to the island together but now it was with another women, miss k? Was she is getting ready to accuse the agency, fans, and HJ for her miscarriage. But, it.will be interesting as so many have already called it. I also notice that the haters always refer to his looks, interesting that this is all they can see but jealousy can do that too you. HJ, we see more and we are here for you. God bless. I am sorry, but I cant get over the fact that she said, she want to end this, well she started this in the first place. So, to MS Kim, fans, and Key east thank you for your support of Kim Hyun Joong.

  20. ms LK …. you were right all along that HJ should’ve stayed away from her , and me too about him meeting her again after the ordeal. their kakaotalk have proved it. i think you can link the dispatch recent post, about it, shwoing how gentleman our HJ is.

    • the messages are fake again!Just think!
      in last year in the so called message,Hj said don’t you want to live OPPA?wow!now the girl is older,in last year was younger than him ,this girl lie again!
      in earlier they said,the baby made in december 24 around..then at januar 9,how can be a woman is an 5 weeks pregnant?
      the whole is logical!!l!!!Poor Hyun Joong-ssi!

      • but again, isn’t it now showing that HJ’s totally being ‘fooled’ and misled by this woman? poor HJ and poor baby, indeed.

      • Thanks for discovering yet another inconsistency.
        May be we could compile all these inconsistency and publish to the Korean media.
        We will be the journalists for HJ if there were no one to speak for HJ !

  21. the recent posted from DISPATCH revealed that she lured HJ into meeting her first for her birthday. flower is a good gesture of him, but she then lured him back …… oh GOD, when i saw each image of their kakaotalk, i think i can sleep well, knowing he’s the same gentleman i knew he is ….

    you all can tell, even those who thought bad if HJ before this now get themselves and eye opener facts on who is the lunatic in this drama. oh geez, Hyun Joong, just do what you think what’s right for you and the baby, mind her!

  22. She’s nothing to do well only when she lies for us and all media she bring khj down. Go to hell miss choi u should go on jail and not anymore out of their,!!! I really hate u from head to foot I’m vomiting for ur nice attitude ur parent’s raised like that no manners!!

  23. I read that she wanted to Sue hj ‘s fan. I wanted to tell her “WE ARE WAITING GO AHEAD AND SUE.
    Her next chess piece confirmed us miscarriage.

    • yes, miscarriage is probably her next move, she does not need to prove her pregnancy. May be this is the reason she would like to sue us?

  24. Seriously!What was it? A fangirl diary? I think she has lost those 4 Kg that her lawyer mentioned during writing this fanfiction! 4 Kg of her brain and I also have to add that in this special unique kind of specie there isn’t any relation between the weight of the brain and its efficiency!
    She really didn’t expect HJ to ask for a REAL test in a REAL hospital in front of both families! Now that the things got serious and obviously/unfortunately she doesn’t have a baby in her womb she wants to quit the story!!!……….. oh No we’re so sorry to inform you that it’s not like that you can start a drama with us and end it whenever you wished!
    I wonder if she doesn’t have any parents to teach her how to behave no humanly…just not so much weirdly!!

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