By: LazerKim


Dear Sir:

First of all I would like to thank you for responding to the media pertaining to the latest scandal that media and Choi has been dragging Kim Hyun Joong’s name to be able to destroy your managing artist.

Evidently Kim Hyun Joong have shown the entire world the overwhelming success of Gemini Concert Series Japan Tour and album STILL topped at Oricon, enough proof that he is still in power in gathering huge crowd of fans probably beyond your expectation.

After the huge success of Gemini, here comes the demolition scheme of South Korean media outlets and this woman Choi who is very obvious to many of his fans is an overly obsessed woman and had gone out of her way to destroy Kim Hyun Joong’s image in Aug.22, 2014 and again the latest scheme in Feb.22, 2015.

With that scandal and currently in the process of destroying him again, don’t you think this is too much and enough grounds to go after Choi and those tabloid media outlet to take legal actions on your part as a company agent? No one in this world does not know that Kim Hyun Joong is under your management.

If only KHJ international fans is the right party to take actions, we should have done so right after the case closure in 2014. But legally speaking I think there are only 2 prominent parties who has the right to go after these evil people and that is KEYEAST and KIM HYUN JOONG.

However, as we know Hyun Joong shall soon be enlisted to his Military Service, therefore it is only KeyEast who can possibly take legal actions against Choi and Media outlets.

May I appeal if not urge your good office to please do something about this and this has to stop. Unless legal actions are done I don’t think this woman CHOI will ever stop making up stories to the media, and this is really getting out of hand!

It is not the fault of Kim Hyun Joong to be popular, it is not his fault to be in a global star status, it is not his fault to be loved by millions of fans worldwide.

Thank you for your understanding.

Very Truly Yours,

LazerKim    (KHJ fan writer)

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38 thoughts on “Attn: KEYEAST URGENT

  1. I don’t think this will ever end, I think If she’s really with child KHJ is screwed. If not with child she’ll try every possible way to screw him. This is just the situation he’s in now. He needs to let his lawyers handle things which may be hard for him. But I think that’s the best thing

  2. I can see someone backing her up, but who? From all this mess, I never once heard a family member of hers come out, she didn’t come out too, is she an heiress in tantrum? Having a lawyer costs. The papers said her friend told the story of the “supposed getting back together” Her voice comes from her lawyer and anunknown friend who for ll we know is just her too. She didn’t face Hyunjoong parent’s too she disrespected them yet she made them look like the ones the are disrespectful . She said she didn’t want to marry Hyunjoong so why go to the reporters? She’s stressed, but she put herself into the these stressing matters. and how can she be stressed? She ‘s not the one facing the blames, no one really knows her? Ms. Choi? There are millions of Choi in Korea. For all we know she’s somewhere in Apgujong shopping with a wicked grin on her face. Psycho!!!!

  3. Hope your letter will be read by KE and they use a legal action against this psycho girl immediately,..this is too much i can’t stand watching her destroying khj,.and your right this Choi must be revealed her identity to be fair.
    #pray4khj #Heneciaforever

  4. KHJ pls do not sms her anymore or reply her message as she is waiting for you to get really angry as she seems to know your weak point and use all your words to get you. Even if its a figure of speech! Get your head straight stay cool and dont say anything anymore. all been said and done already. Normally this type of person will make more mistake when you in are in silent mode. you have offer her almost everything, its her choice to take it but shes greedy. You dont deserve her at all as she is not trusworthy person to begin with.

  5. Hey LK! Thank you so much.
    There are LOTS of things that I don’t get about this case, but one thing is really strange to me and that’s how the hell on earth their texts are on the net? How’s that even possible? who’s had access to them except KHJ and CHOI?WTF?
    I don’t understand, he’s a nice guy, he’s kind, sweet and as innocent as a child to me, How cruel or sick minded someone must be to do this to him? Why? Wasn’t this woman in love with him before? Doesn’t love mean to protect the ones whom you love and to make them happy? And to let go when you know they’re better off without you? How pathetic one should be to beg a guy like this, any one?
    It doesn’t matter any more, all that matters now is that we’ll stand by his side, stronger than ever, one thing I love about being a Henecian is that all of us including KHJ, we don’t let one another fall and even if we do we hold each other’s hands and stand on our feet again together. So KHJ! We won’t let you fall, but even if you do, we’ll be right there to get you back on your feet.

  6. Also… is it likely his life in the military will be difficult due to this (I.e bullying, etc)
    Argh, this woman!
    Hyun Joong and KeyEast need to take action NOW

  7. Because of all of this, is there any way that HJ could postpone MS….?
    I hope he sues this woman… worried for him 😦 Just disappearing now would be awful. I hope he has the time to solve all of this beforehand.

    Strange its exactly 6 months, to the day, that she leaks this ‘news’ to the media! It clearly wasn’t a friend…
    This is all just awful. I actually feel sick with worry for HJ…I’ve never experienced such strong emotional reaction for someone I never met! It’s so stressful… I can’t imagine what HJ and his family are going through.
    Hope they are taking good care of him 😦

  8. wow! i just finished reading the recent dispatch news from ms. choi.its clear that she is just not sick but an “intelligent” woman.i understand why some people are easilly decieved and will contiune to be decieved all their lives by their fellow men. those text messages are fake,read them and understand her history.a woman who came into hyun joong live to stay at all cost,knowing how sweet and loving he is, but her dark characters could not be hidden,hyun joong seeing that this relationship was not good for him decided to seperate but she just couldn’t let go,she kept tormenting him to the point his anger took control he immediately realised what has happened, apologized and went on for his world choi at home,planned failed how could hyun joong just seperate with her and still be smiling, what do you guys think would come into the mind of a psycho like her? wipe the simle off his face so thats how the scandal came out knowing that hyun joong wont deny the fact that they had gotten into a fight.she got paid and was able to make some people hyun joong taught cared for him hurt him by their words. But there was a problem , Hyun joong is still not back with her,so after the flowers u realised he still cared, so some pleads,tears reminding him of the things that you did that made him happy, hyun joong who once loved u and have not yet had time to forget u has emotions springing up in his heart ,after some time together hyun joong decided the relationship still has to end,to prove ur fake changed person, agreed.Hyun na left for gemini tour happy, .but the sick witch could not be more unhappy, a pregnancy report to occupy hyun joong mind with her,seeing it was not working decided to hit him when the whole world was watching.for his comeback……and the fool says she is not interested in marraying hyun joong , then if u feel pressured by hyun na parents,go to court do the right test and get it over with but ooh no, ms. choi u are a clear case of anti social disorder, u are unstable and a sick monster,u will only regret this actions forever. Oppa,its alright,GOD is your strenght,eat well and dont think much,rest up well,love u.



      • She Is using the korean culture at her favor, nobody will said poor boy, no it is poor girl, may l ask a lawyer if there is any way to stop legally to show the ms, just
        for that l would sue her, where is the privacy?????

    • problamente esta sea la situacin por la que el no se defiende o acepta lo que ella dice, tambien lo he pensado deberia decir khj la verdad y asi acabar con ella, o probablemente el tambien este enamorado de ella….

      • Creo que hay una amistad muy grande entre el y BYJ, sera que no estan escondiendo algo…..que de alli venga todo y por eso KY tampoco puede decir mas.

  9. To Bae Yong Joon oppa, we know he hasn’t really listened to you, and had no idea that the things could be this messy. as i once wrote to you, don’t leave him. you trust him first, so please, as one who as close as big brother, protect him as part of your family, and kick the people who’s trying to destroy any of your family member. we’ll back you up here, no doubt about that.

  10. Is it legal to just publish private text messages when there is no reason (ie not giving legal evidence etc)? Cause it involves 2 people so just because one consents doesn’t mean the other one does. I am soooo disgusted that she would do this. Ridiculous.

  11. Great job, Lazer Kim…you speak for all of us and I’m sure KeyEast understands that it is the collective voice of all Kim Hyun Joong fans asking them to step up and do something before this gets out of hand…it’s no use regretting afterwards…now is the time to put a stop once and for all to this fiasco…anyone with a tiny bit of brain can see that all the evidence gathered and released are fabricated to tarnish the image of Kim Hyun Joong and serve the interest of said Ms Choi and her camp…Kim Hyun Joong’s fandom is huge and adamant in supporting him till the end, but legally there’s not much we can do…therefore, KeyEast as his representative, is the only one who can take action…and we believe that they will do so to end all this as soon as possible…we trust in justice and the good work of KeyEast…

    • I’m afraid that given today’s events, the situation is already out of hand… Right now the only possible answer I see viable is for him to step up for himself… Not a KE statement of PC but his own so that he can really give his own version of the events. And if I were him I’d be filing a petition to get a DNA test. Even though he says he doesn’t question the paternity, I’d do it so his parents and everyone can rest assure, after that if he is really the father, he can easily claim his rights.

  12. Thank you LaserKim for this message. I hope Keyeast will follow us. BYJ is a friend of KHJ: I hope he works to protect our prince. And I think too she can destroy HJ if he stay the kind guy we know. “Love has its reasons which reason ignore” but now HJ, wake up!!

  13. My message will consist of a number of Bible verses and I hope Hyung Joong and his family look them up. I was going to write them but it would probably be to much, so I will just list them. Proverba 8:32-33; 1John 1:9-10; Psalm 37:1-3, Romans 12:16-19, 21. We are all here for you but you should never again come in contact with her by yourself. You have done all that you can do to make peace. and do not make any more comments to the media, nor Keyeast! It is now lawyer’s time. Be still and let The Lord fight this battle for your are not wrestling aganist flesh and blood but spiritual wickness in high places. So we must fight Spirit to spirit. Lawyer to lawyer. God bless you, family members, and yes, ms choi. Because whether she knows it or not she is still a creation of God who has lost her way, there is stll time.

  14. If it were for international fans all this would have been stopped already! Sue them all and finish them all!

    And to HJ,

    from the bottom of my heart, please, for your own good, get far far away from this toxic woman. I really hope you have no lingering feelings for her because she’s clearly out to hunt you and take you down. If it’s really true she’s carrying your baby, I can only think that by doing all she’s doing, she’s getting ready for a legal battle for the custody so her best chance is to completely tarnish your image which she’s very easily achieving with your and your agency’s apathy and lack of action in the past and now again. If it’s not you who put a stop and distance between the two of you, there’s nothing that us as fans can do to help you. I know it’s your personal life but think twice before doing any other STUPID thing. You, your family and friends are not the only ones suffering the consequences of your actions. Your fans have been in a constant war against media, netizens and even your damn agency and it’d be nice if we could have a break. This is being exhausting! You are the only one who can give us that… So please think twice and, once and for all, step up and stop protecting Choi! We all know who she is so stop protecting her! It’s of no use!

    You know we love you and that we’ll support you but please STEP UP! Stop protecting her and PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR CAREER! Didn’t you say that you would fight to be on a stage during the WT? Didn’t you say that you’d be back during the Gemini Tour?! Prove it!!! Because if you don’t do it now, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance in the future.

  15. Forgot …this one is for HJ …

    Dear HJ – if they are going all over the place and drag you and your family and of course your agency….before you enroll and go to yout MS, please leave a clarifying message from YOU to us in a vid…that way nobody will say you didn’t try to clear your name.
    Also try and make it in English ….for sure nobody will say Lost In Translation afterwards.
    We are here for you, but please come and help us in our fight for your Name.
    Good luck!
    A fan you haven’t ever met …..but is on my wish list when you come back from MS.
    Thanks for the Video, appreciated! 🙂

  16. Thanks LK….KE …now is your time to show that you are a real Agency. After all that Choi insulted and threatened KE as well not only Hj and Hj’s family.

    She is on a roll and next she will be accusing KE and Henecia not to say HJ and Family for abuse …she may jump from a chair and say KE pushed her….

    The woman is a dangerous kind on a loose, she needs to be locked up after a panel of psychiatrists will give the verdict. She is a menace to the Public health causing stress to all…nothing of what she says is viable, all that so called “evidence” even a child of 7 years old can make with a pc today. Just google it.

    In her addlepated brain she is having halucinations of txt msgs etc.. and so is pestering everybody and stalking HJ and his family and KE.
    Please KE start acting like a proper Agency! Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation now awaiting your moves.
    A fan of Hj from afar. 🙂

    • Hello sis! Well sorry text message doesn’t stand in the law of court as far I know! We’ll give KE another chance. I wonder who hired Choi to seduce HJ i really have a strong feeling about this, probably another psycho!

      • lol…. sis, why I have a feeling we are going to find out soon, she is continuing to make mistake after mistake….let wait and see her next ep. Joke of a
        but we are not talking abt txt msgs here we are talking about her insulting KE, aren’t we? about insulting the KHJ Family….Did she seduced him? maybe she drugged him more, like spiking his drink with rohypnol (rape drug…) who knows??? but that is too smart for this brainless bitch, so another psycho with 2 digits IQ? Conspiracy

        • I agree with you Noya , I always felt there was something fishy and you wrote the thoughts which were in my mind regarding all the possible things she could have done to destroy his career. Waiting to see if some good news comes up after all this mess created by her. This news came as a shock as I was just googling about the Gemini tour and this pops out of nowhere. She is really evil and she wants to spread it across SK and the world. Luckily HJ has family, friends and loyal fans like us who will be with him in such difficult situations and will come out of it soon 🙂

      • That psycho’s family has to have ties with KE. This is cruel and disgusting. I do not expect anything from this company. I am very sorry for him. He stands alone sinking into a sea filled with hatred. He and his family are done. Such horrible society.

    • Funny you said that, I thought the same thing in the very beginning I thought that KHJ and BYJ had a fall out due to BYJ’s younger girlfriend, and just recently BYJ broke up with her.

      I also don’t think that her real name is Ms. Choi. and whether its KE or some other powerful person Ms. Choi has someone backing her up without s doubt.

      This was a calculating and meticulous plan from the very beginning. But that does not mean that KHJ can’t win, “sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”

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