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By: LazerKim


At the latest drama “Fairy Tale of the Evil Choi” yesterday’s episode, I read this respond from the lawyer of Choi that I would like to express my reaction, as her lawyer stated:

Miss Choi’s lawyer once again spoke out on this, telling EToday, “It seems that rather than being suspicious about whether Miss Choi is pregnant, their concern is more of whether the baby is Kim Hyun Joong’s or not… We have plenty of documents, so it will not be hard to confirm it for them. If Kim Hyun Joong’s side really wants to go through DNA testing to confirm, then we will have to oblige, but as both sides have suffered a lot of damage even now, we worry that this damage will continue to grow.”


LAZERKIM REACT!    (To Choi’s lawyer)

Attorney, it is the right of Kim Hyun Joong to suspect first and foremost if she is indeed pregnant and if he is the father of that so-called pregnancy of Choi. Of course, will he be giving child support to someone else child? Come on! Please don’t under estimate Kim Hyun Joong or his fans, we cannot be fooled!

And the good lawyer stated they have plenty of documents to confirm her pregnancy! Attorney two important document is just needed to prove she’s pregnant and that the father is Kim Hyun Joong, a pregnancy test and DNA test and making sure that KHJ camp, his lawyer is present during the test making sure that the specimen to be used for the test are coming from Choi for accuracy.

Choi’s lawyer said:  but as both sides have suffered a lot of damage even now, we worry that this damage will continue to grow.”

With all due respect Attorney, who started all of this roller coaster? It’s your client Choi your camp who started bringing this mess to the media to the public and now you’re saying both of them suffered a lot of damage? Can’t you just settle this among yourselves in private? May I just ask, why do you drag the public about this trash, if your client does not have an ulterior motive in destroying Kim Hyun Joong? I’m just asking! It will definitely continue to grow if you and your client Choi will not stop this mess!

Attorney think about it, you are even dragged by media! Where’s our professionalism here? And the fact you are bringing this mess to the tabloid media outlet, pardon me for saying, but don’t you think even you as a respectable lawyer would agree to be dragged by such low class media outlet? Come on Attorney, can’t we have some class here?

We’re all professionals and educated, maybe it would be best to place our profession in its right places, don’t you think so? You should be the one to advice your client to settle this in private instead of bringing this to the public that it’s not even public’s concern since this is a personal concern between Kim Hyun Joong and your client Choi. Don’t you think so?

Attorney remember Kim Hyun Joong is the VICTIM of Choi who is an overly obsess woman and you should know that your client is totally “off”…!!

And may I just say with all due respect, at this point in time it’s not an Ob Gynecologist that she needs, but a Psychiatrist, to check if she is mentally stable for real! This is not a criticism but a human concern.            I rest my case, thank you!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: This is my blog I have every right to say what I want just like anyone else, and so with KHJ fans, for as long as we use proper words. Thank you!



May I appeal to all KHJ fans let us have a seized fire over KE, Kim Hyun Joong needs us and so with his agent. Let us give chance for his sake PLEASE. It is only his agent who can help him in SK, whether we like it or not. Let’s be open minded about this and let’s be a bit considerate. Let’s do this for him for once and for all. At this point in time we support him to the fullest force we can spare as his fans and so with his agent given the last chance.

This is not easy for him so let’s make it even a bit lighter for him to fight for his right. We are all behind him and with our prayers and sincere support he can surpass all of these. He’s hurting, he’s badly hurt that this nightmare seem to be endless. It’s even harder for him than us, so we have to stay strong for him.

I’ll be here every step of the way, I welcome every KHJ fan at my comment box. And let us maintain our harmony and unite as ONE to our ONLY ONE.

                                God bless us all. God bless Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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  1. Once again..very well said LK.i just hope this roller coaster ride of khj will end soon.He badly needs a break,this is all because of A/Choi’…Her being pregnant??? (Knowing she was connected to khj before) is a very sensitive and private matter,only family are allowed to indulge….so why on earth did she bring it to the media…if you really love and care enough for khj,you should’ve done otherwise choi whatever…If you want to live a peaceful life,STAY AWAY FROM KHJ,LEAVE HIM ALONE,ENOUGH OF YOUR TRASH TALKING AND DRAMA…GIVE YOURSELF A LITTLE RESPECT….by the way,i second the motion to LK advice…PLEASE GO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST…YOU BADLY NEED IT…

  2. what ever happen i will stay at your side..
    to support and believe you..
    Your successful ,thats why she want you to drag down..
    but we are always be here!! Fighting!!! Our Kim hyun joong!
    lets pray for him…

  3. I’m wondering why doesn’t his agency’s lawyers don’t come up with a strategy to block all these private text messages. They really need to counter attack Ms. Choi. This is getting too out of control. I know that KHJ is trying to protect her, but he needs to protect himself if he wants to have a future in SK. People in SK are not that forgiving when it comes to stuff like this (Whether its true or not). KHJ once said, he will be happy opening up a diving shop and studying the ocean and reefs (oceanography), maybe this is something he should consider after MS and play music in small gigs with a band. If I were him, after MS I would not live in SK. He can also come to New York and I will personally give him a tour and give him motherly advise.

  4. What a pathetic woman…

    Dear hyunjoong-love, hope you are taking care of yourself.
    Be strong love & always remember that AlMighty God is always there for us…

    Don’t ever doubt that your fans love you & are here for you…

  5. hi my Name is sandra and im n:1 fun of the king kim hyun joong
    First I want to thank you lazerkim for your defense on hyun joong In these circumstances Although many have abandoned him How do these idiots trust the word of a snake That do not know anything About her Instead of someone they know from 10 years (Are they stupid)
    Known for his love of family He even said since the days of ss501 that he want a family in the age of 30 (I do not think he thought that he will be a dad like this)
    bat im Confident that if this boy is his he will be the best father
    Because he simply is kim hyun joong And he will do what is best for all
    For this Do not You stop encourage him PLEASE

  6. Some excellent and insightful comments here. I just finished reading the latest from her – she published some rather intimate text conversations between them – for NO REASON – which is just insane. I feel so bad for KHJ & his family, & that baby as well. OMG One thing I’m noticing, the hate directed towards him is dying down – it’s so much less than when this started. People are noticing that possibly Ms A is a bit off. I find that both interesting & sad. No reason for her to play this out in the media as she has, & those texts only underline the lack of necessity. OMG

  7. Dear Lord, i couldn’t stand to see the media slaying his name, and every statement keyeast has made based on his words.
    one even dubbed it as the real-life kdrama turned a new twist … oh geez …. T_T

  8. Dear Lazerkim, thanks for the marvellous writeup. No matter how i pissed i am with this Choi.. i pitied her. Other than fighting for unknown future and going aimlessly at HJ, at the same time hurting herself..And using a bb as a chess piece??!! I personally disagree with this bloody heartless move!! Whether the pregnancy is real or not, Choi i really feel sad for you… Choi, what do you want exactly? Justice again this time?? Does it turn back time? Money?? Does your pride costs that much? Can be quantified by money? Anything else, I guess u know best.. We all make mistakes. But if you keep digging grave for yourself then you will continue to fall.. Learn to let go.. open the door to happiness for yourself. Be genuine kind.. Thank you

  9. Que han hecho que su corazón guarde tristeza, siento que el es un niño en cuerpo de adulto y por eso creo que no hay maldad en él por lo tanto creo que por este motivo le esta pasando todo esto. Lo mas doloroso para HJ debe ser leer lo que se escribe de él y su ex novia, es una pena que ella no sea una persona transparente y por todo lo que ha hecho, se a ganado el odio y rechazo de muchas personas, quiero creer que por estar mal aconsejada porque veo que ni siquiera ella piensa en sus padres y menos en los padres de HJ. Y por toda la verguenza que esta haciendo pasar a HJ ante su familia, amigos y fans; la unica explicación para que HJ pase por todo esto es que esta muy enamorado de ella; lo que no se si despues de todo este dolor por segunda vez siga sintiendo ese mismo amor; ojala que la vida no le cobre todo este daño que le esta haciendo a las dos familias, la de ella y la de HJ.
    Desde mi corazón humildemente, lo único que les puedo pedir a sus fans que respeten la decision de HJ al elegir a esta persona como su novia, bien o mal solo él tuvo que ver con la eleccion, si antes no vio la parte oscura de ella, ahora no es mucho mas lo que puede hacer excepto que no estuviera embarazada y que despues de aclarar todo esto se alejara definitivamente de ella. Pero hasta entonces POR FAVOR que sienta que estamos con él en toda esta tempestad, tratemos cada dia de enviarle buenas vibras y de recordarle que siempre lo amamos para que su corazón se llene de esperanza y amor y sienta la proteccion de todas nosotras, pero ya no descalifiquemos mas a su ex, siento que todo esto se hace mucho mas doloroso para él. Agradecida de este espacio para que podamos expresar lo que sentimos y rogandole a Dios que ayude y proteja a HJ para que salga con bien de todo. Me despido. Saludos a todas!

  10. Hola!!! Ante todo quiero agradecerle por cada uno de los artículos que usted escribe acerca de Kim Hyun Joong, sobre todo en momemtos como este que sirven para esclarecer tanto texto que aparece en el twitter. Mi humilde opinión es que lo único que hay que hacer en este tiempo de espera hasta que todo este realmente claro es regalarle el apoyo y el amor incondicional a HJ que todas tenemos por él, esto no es por fanatismo como alguien puede pensar por ahí, HJ a demostrado a lo largo de estos años que lo conocemos ser una buena persona, amable, generoso, siempre tiene un gesto de agradecimiento con todo el que lo rodea, y sus fans de los distintos lugares donde él se ha presentado han sido las mas afortunadas y cada una de ustedes que han tenido la fortuna de conocerlo les consta. Pero desde un tiempo a esta parte han estado sucediendo hechos desafortunados para

  11. Ms. Lazer Kim. .we now see on her own words thay evem herself she ia not sure if ahe is pregnamt.what if ever she take the checkup whether she is pregnant or not if she really believe on herself and what she fighting for she always creating issue agaimst KHJ..I HOPE KHJ WILL FOLLOW HIS HEART AND MIND FOR THIS ISSUE….

  12. Lazerkim.
    Thank you for this blog. You are like the Joan of Arc for all KHJ fans.
    When I was 12- years old, I had a major crush on a rock-star, but that interest faded as I grew up. I’ve lived a life-time since then and never felt any interest in any celebrity, actor, musician or other. Reality is too strong in my mind. I know I will never meet these people and even if I did, there is no way they would be interested. Besides, even if you take the time to learn all you can about that person, you never really know the “real” person that celebrity is. However… I first became aware of Kim Hyun Joong when I saw Boys before Flowers. It was the first time I ever watched a Korean Drama and only did so, because I had watched the original Anime version and was curious. Like many others, I flipped for Ji Hoo.
    Many doubters say, “He’s an actor. He puts on this ‘innocent’ act because his company is managing his image and it’s what the girls want.” I get that. It’s true. I see it with many K-pop stars and drama stars. They are very sheltered; what they do in public, who they can date is controlled and it must be very oppressive. I was captivated enough, that I started learning more about him and following his career. I realize, what we see may not be the real Kim Hyun Joong, but a construct of a management company. However, no matter what role he plays or how his image is managed, there are certain traits that one picks up on that carry through all his roles, whether while on stage, giving an interview or as a character in a drama. He has… the French have a term for it… that certain something about someone that you can’t describe, but you know it when you feel it and you can’t deny the attraction. That term is, “je ne sais quoi”. Kim Hyun Joong definitely has “je ne sais quoi”. He is completely enchanting.
    I am a caucasian, American woman and although I always see and appreciate the beauty of people of all races, I had never been particularly attracted to Asian men before. Suddenly, here was this beautiful Asian singer/actor that made my heart race. He made me want to know more about him. When I see a new picture of him I haven’t seen, I can’t help but “squeee!!!” Honestly, I feel like that 12-year-old girl again. I feel the excitement and I feel really happy, like being in love. You guys have described him as an angel. I can see that. I personally think of KHJ as a beautiful, golden Buddha. Obviously he doesn’t have any religious significance, but it is easy to be as in awe of him as you would be if you were to meet an angel or the Buddha. I still can’t fathom, what it was about HIM that completely made me fall. Why him? I can only think that I had been bewitched.
    I mention all this because, when I heard the news on the 22nd, I was physically struck with grief to the point of trembling, feeling weak in the knees and sick to my stomach. That isn’t an exaggeration. I have never before reacted to any news like that before. Not even at the news of someone’s death or someone breaking up with me. So, that was when it occurred to me, I liked him A LOT more than I had even realized. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate. But, I want to play the Devil’s advocate for a moment. If I, who have never even met him, feel this way; how must she, who had a physical and long term relationship with him feel?
    I always cringe when “men” after a break up, call their EX a “psycho”. Women become “psycho” because when men have sex with them, Oxytocin and Phenylethylamine are released in the brain. Once this chemical reaction has occurred, both parties are no longer in control. It is hard to act rationally, when up against very powerful natural “love amphetamines” that exist to make us want to hold on to and fight for that person with whom we have bonded. Women are especially crazy under this influence being the weaker sex, they fight harder because instinctually, they have the need to be protected during pregnancy and up until the child is about 3-4 years old.
    Men will also be affected by this up to 4 years, but it’s different for them in their minds. Instinctually, they want to procreate when these drugs start going in their brains. Then, instinctually they want to protect the child for that 3-4 years, which is the time it typically takes for a child to be fairly capable of defending itself.
    So, why do these people make the same mistakes as multi-millions of others before them? Why do they not learn from other’s mistakes? Why do they not heed advice from those who have lived and learned? Because they are deranged by the effect of these mind-altering, biological drugs that are more euphoric than anything we can make in a lab. They could quit Heroine easier than they could quit each other.
    Basically, I’m saying… “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Also, you may end up making KHJ angry if you disparage the woman he may still have feelings for. It may not seem logical to those of us on the outside looking in, and it may break your heart, but that’s probably the truth of it. AND, nothing anyone can say will change what has happened and what will happen between them. They are two adults and need to work it out on their own. (With lawyers involved now, you may think they won’t end up together, but they proved us wrong before, right?)
    I don’t mean to preach or scold you all, just to remind you that, although our hearts are breaking and we have every right to express our feelings; any negative actions, thoughts or expressions only add fuel to that woman’s fire. This is not about our feelings, this is about Hyun Joong’s feelings and if we care for him, instead, revel in the knowledge that KHJ has brought a miracle into this world. Let’s make sure this is something he sees as a joy and not something to regret. Also, you should really pity that woman. She is DESPERATE to hold on. And remember that a man is like sand. The harder you try to hold on, the faster he slips through your fingers.

    • This is very true,but still I don’t think that he is the kind of man whom dazzle the sex,so much that he destroy his own carreer after tha big scandal for a little sex,and then he AGAIN leave the girl…I don’t think that he plays the women’s heart and play with his own carreer,and he is Christian,they have principles…His parents teach him to doing the right things,not kind of these things.yes,he is a man,but why never nobody heard that he do this kind of things?He is smarter than he destroy himself because of pleasure.The whole thing is fishy!Very!This is a joke,that the woman how give a command to him,how play with him….it does not work that way!she make it publicly!but how?she is a nobody…then how?like if the boy would be a toy…is not it a little suspicious?probably I am stupid too,and I just have imaginative approaches,but I think she blackmail him with soemthing,and that’s why he speak everything what the stupid girl wants!I would not be surprised even if nothing happened between them…I look out from the girl anything!publicly playing with him!is not fishy?he ask calmly the examination by a court too,but there are just this circus,again….I ask why??completely excluded that the competent authority has not command her in this kind of case!yet the circus…why?answer is blackmail…he is naive and kind-hearted.This woman is a trash,and I would not be surprised if would be death in the end…sorry!incredible that the whole world just watch that the girl destroy him and his image,and nobody don’t do anything!I do not want to be garbage,but the fans do more for him,than his own acquaintances.soon will be the military service…what will be there with him,after this?the military sevice is hard…I am afraid that he will lost the playful kid in his eyes and in his personality.this scandal and the military service is too much at the same time.and if he will be back?begin the whole scandal again?it is not true that a nobody girl can do everything against a respected man by the world…where is the police and the court?I don’t understand that what he saw in her,this girl is a trash and do nothing,just humiliate him him need a strong woman,who is always protect him,even if he is a boy,but a weak and dreamer-girlish woman just destroy him!I would not be surprised if she is a mafia member and blackmail the whole family.and the fans disturb her ans she sue them?oh,please,she disturb them.How can possible so many person in the courtroom? 😀 Wow,Henecia is so big…She will say to HJ,my ex-honey!Your fans is shrunk!
      not even won the battle,but she will lost the war definitely!there is no powerful thing than the true love!but she don’t know this,because she don’t know how to love somebody!,,Dear Hyun Joong-ssi.notice this!your fans never will accept her after these!”I am so sad that I don’t know how to help him.this cute boy receive a lot of care from only one fan,and he has so many…but this girl don’t care about him,just want to kill him surely!I noticed that when I see his eyes in the videos with fans,that his eyes are so shining,and when he sees dogs,but there are sad behind his beautiful eyes,because at home,he is sad and lonely.This is not love and feelings,just sorry,regret!this girl surely will destroy him,he don’tHe can’t be with her for just because she use his kind-hearted personality against him!Just everybody think about it…yes,we don’t know him personally,and we just love him and not fall in love with him,but we really worry about him…what would do you if he would be your boyfriend,husband?So stupid woman who not fall in love with him immadiately if she meet with him.he is so cute,kind,etc.I never would be able to destroy him,humiliate him,offend him,in turn I am just an external observer about him!I wish he would not be rich,but so happy!I am an europe woman,and I always liked the asian countries,and I never think that the asian boys are ugly,or not attractive,but the most handsome asian boy definitely is him.I am sorry that no one woman who really loves him with true love!He deserve it!But he deserve a caring woman!Who is his mother,his wife,his girlfriend,his best friend,his lover,everything,and don’t be with him for his fame and money!Sorry if somebody don’t agree with me,but I think this is the true!Bye,Rose

      • I agree with u. Khj is such a kind person, humble, bluntly and upright personality. Pity him to face this hard situation but no matter what we as his fans will always by his side. I hope he will meet a girl who can give a really pure love to him just like how he did to his fans and everyone around him. Fighting Khj ! Henecia will never leave u alone.

    • i have the same thought like you. no matter what, he’s the one who should decide and live it, with all the consequences attached. pity, a good name destroyed, prolonged drama, and kinda ugly ending to be expected for both sides, no matter what. i just hope he can continue to work and make people happy with his music.

  13. OK…I’m going to show Ms Choi some misplaced respect, not because I think she deserves it, but because at some time during their relationship, Kim Hyun Joong must have cared enough to have dated her…twice…
    I’m not going to address her as a mother, but as an older sister…
    Ms Choi, I really feel sorry for you for various reasons…
    First, if a man asks to terminate a relationship twice, it means he has no long-term plans for you…it might hurt…as a woman I can understand that even if you didn’t care for him, your pride will be severely hurt, but insisting on clinging to him is not only hurting him, but hurting you tenfold…
    Second, the longer you stay in this toxic relationship that you’ve created, the longer it will take for you to get over him and get some semblance of a normal life…get out of this mess…the sooner, the better…not for his sake, but your own…
    Third, dragging his name through the mud will only backfire…you might think that the media and public are being sympathetic with you, but you’re very much mistaken…people are fickle…sooner or later they will get bored of the story and turn against you…you are ultimately hurting your reputation more than his…a man’s reputation does not get as affected as a woman’s…believe me…I should know…
    Fourth, why are you dragging this matter through the media? They are just using you to fatten their pockets, so in the long run, you are being used…and it is only to their interest…and never to yours to let this go on and on…
    Fifth, as a mother, I’m appealing to your motherly instincts…do not prolong this…you are hurting your unborn child…regardless of how angry or not you are with Kim Hyun Joong, dragging matters through the media, prolonging matters will only hurt your child…for one, all this pent up anger will affect the child whether born or unborn…children feel everything a mother is feeling even in the womb and it will affect them for life…since ultimately, you are the mother…you will be hurting not only the child, but yourself…because you will be the one to raise it and deal with the damage inflicted on the child even now…stop torturing yourself and the poor child…
    Sixth, dragging this thing will only make matters worse for you…even if Kim Hyun Joong has a sliver of affection, care or love for you, your insistence to stay in his life will eventually turn his feelings to resentment, anger and recrimination…
    I am speaking to you as an experienced woman and as a professional…
    Let go…some things are not meant to be kept…
    I hope if you’re reading this, you will head my advice…

    • one from me, ms LK:

      last but not least, ms. Choi (or whoever reading this on her behalf), with all do respects, keep your busy body friends off the media. they lit the fire and now run, hide to save themselves, while now yours and HJ’s side exchanging words through media. you’ve detroyed a lot of good names, including your own family.

  14. I’m speechless LK. This is a huge nightmare that i even afraid to imagine. I pray for Hyun Joong, for Henecia.. May all these mess fade away soon.

  15. Everything is said here. To her lawyer, Choi started with this war going to the media to expose his pregnacy, if she likes peace during the process, just does not say anything and let the father to care his baby since the beginnig if he is the father. It is not difficult to do what he, with all his right, asked her.He is responsible with his actings. I wrote in the news. ¨The worst that could happen is that he will be a father of a son of that dared girl, but for sure he will be a caring father, he likes children an animals so he will be THE FATHER OF THE YEAR, and we will love his baby since he is inocent.
    l hope that he wont marry her, it will be a desgrace for him, not for his carrer which is damaged for now, it is for his love sidelife, she is too sick and obsesive to assure to have a good family with her.
    he always is and will be a good artist, hope that people understand that it does not change anything on his profesionalism, It is a shame that he isnot going to be happy at all as he wishes. I will support your career and the person you are.

  16. I’m laughing when I read that statement that they have a lot of evidence to prove that she is pregnant and KHJ is the father. I think the client and the lawyer are in the same mental state. This is never ending story if Ms.Choi will not cooperate with what KHJ side asking her to do. Haaaaay I don’t know what to say,all are well said and done by you Ms.LK.thank you very much, I’ll appreciate what you are doing for our only one,and to all KHJ family around the world thank u for the love and support, as united as one for him we can give him strength that he needs in order for him to endure and face it with courage.keep fighting for the truth to be reveal!!!

  17. I have two theory My first theory is Ms. Choi is not some young naive girl, she is a 30/ 31 year old women, who knows how to play the game. Her game is KHJ is mine or no one else. Theory 2 Ms. Choi was hired to seduced KHJ and cause much drama by someone very powerful in SK who wants to destroy him.

  18. I Wish or Hope someone Can Bring this Article to that Choi’s attorney????? or Wish He/She shall read this article!! For God sakes!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m not in the level of High education and understand about Law.But this attorney really shown tht He/She was came from the low class!!! He / She needs to refresh His/Her Brain!!! >< ~~ All Full of Lying , Drama. Pardon me for my words.But this so irritating ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Pray for KHJ to be Strong and Fight His Right!!! God Will Bless Him!AMEN!!! ~Thanks always Ms.LK♡

  19. Today I tried not review all cn news regarding the case, it really is tiring, but it is almost impossible … my Facebook, twitter and notifications of new entries in your blog has prevented meet my goal by 100%.

    That woman is really exhausting, and harms not only KHJ, but to all of us.

    God wants everything to be false, that KHJ is not a parent of a child with this woman, much less what to “take responsibility” complete with marriage.

    So far I see the final refrain news, DNA testing and release of KHJ is what I’ll wait. I do not opinaré more about it.

    Now another thing, I also saw on twitter that that woman was threatening to sue the fans, I can see that news of “reliable” source ?, because what I’ve seen is just twitters.

    I hope we have good news soon.

    Greetings to all! ❤

    • she whatt …? wanted to sue the fans of KHJ? for what? for not liking her, not approving of her pregnancy, or for defending KHJ? now, this is the part i REALLY want to see… she seemed forgotten that HE IS BIG BECAUSE OF HIS FANS, and he appreciated the fans. Good grief that woman, her hormones mess duebto pregnancy is really messes her logic.

  20. Imfrom North America my opinion is to have KHj demand a pregnancy test in his presence and a DNa test as some fans advise. he said he dont want to mention who ws his ex girlfriend eversince to protect them but this time to this girl it does not apply.

    I’ m just wondering if its true that he meet with this girl again after what he suffered after August 2014. for me its a big mistake for him if he did that. KE should be protecting KhJ this time.

  21. Oh LK thank you for your words they are truly calming , yes I agree with you that he needs our support now and not be angry with KE I just pray this nihtmare ends once and for all

  22. look,all said and done i have three concerns:1:ms. choi, she is sick which might go out of propotion so i advise that this lawyer should stop looking for a case and advise her family&friends about ms. choi state.2:the baby(if there is any baby in question)a child is the greatest gift from heaven,i would like to say something to the mother,but am pretty sure she wont care to listen so to hyun joong,take care of ur baby but don’t marry that woman,sometimes love just isn’t enough especially when only one person has the other in mind.3:and most importantly:KIM HYUN JOONG, if she refuses to do the test just follow these three steps:ignore the haters and take only the advise of ur fans and parents and good criticism.2:always pray to GOD and ask Him to take charge of this situation,,have faith and hope that JEHOVAH,THE GOD OF LIGHT will show light into this case for the world to see, and thirdily, go to ur MS with great expectation for ur future,this battle is no longer yours but of the LORD’s.hyun joong: this is a trail to show that your true love will come to you soon and that your breakthrough is just begining,trails are meant for only men with great destines,only a coward will say that he has never had to over come and trouble in life,never give up on love.and to ms choi:u are the last woman that will hurt him,cause after you, kim hyun joong love story will be simply beautiful,his other half will soon be shown to him. in all of this nightmare i have every cause to thank GOD and ask that every day may his will be done in our lives because if hyun joong had gone to the length of marrying her before the original scandal came out he have then be in a trap for ever,and his ms enlistment came at the right time,he is not running but for two years,time will retell this story ,this is all GOD’S doing.Don’t worry hyun na,worries brings no solution and forget those who criticise u,they are simply playing their role in your life.I know its not easy to ignore that is why The Bible and prayer areyour best weapon,ask GOD sincerely to forgive you and belive that He has forgiving you.Hyun na please don’t be depressed or angry,grieved or hurt just fill ur heart with love and the fruit of the spirit in galatians 5:22-24,take care,love u.

  23. How naive I was to think that we’re sending HJ to MS with a warm heart and a smile on his face! She is trying her best to ruin all we did during Gemini. At least we’re fortunate that we’ve showed HJ we’re by his side no matter what and I think he has much more confidence this time. Again I was naive to think that she has showed us mercy to pull her bomb on us after Gemini is finished…but actually she was crueler this time! Her timing implies that since you can’t come back to Korea just be in pain for a while! our boy was suffering all the time and we wanted him to be happy, to smile for us genuinely! We didn’t know he is keeping so much pain in his heart but still tries his best to make us happy…to leave the best memory for us before his MS :((
    I really don’t know what to say about this woman…she makes me speechless! Her lawyer constantly speaks about “honesty”! I just want to ask her if she is familiar with this concept. She is trying so hard to imply that HJ wants to escape from the responsibility…*playing the role of the victim of her drama* they’re so deep in their role that they think they’re playing a theater in Broadway!!
    I’m confident that this time the entire world will see her true evil face. HJ has us, KE hopefully this time and most important God. He will protect HJ in the best way I’m sure about it.
    At last I want to hug this affectionate boy! He IS worried about us in this situation… dearest boy; YOU are the precious one here. You’re the one who is suffering most…you take care of yourself and stay strong, when we know you’re fine we can handle all our worries.

  24. Dear LK,
    I really wanted to write an article about this issue as I couldn’t tolerate this lady’s tormet to Oppa. Thanks really a lot for writing this article on all of our behalf. You have rightly put up what’s there in all Henecians’s mind. Oppa be strong. We are all here for you. No matter what we’ll support you dear Oppa. All this toil will vanish in just an eye’s blink. We believe you Oppa.Saranghaeyo Oppa ♥

  25. Oh,my God!!!!I was sick all the day,but still I read everything about him to know he is OK and share my feelings all the day!Slowly my life is his,because I spend my life to read to know he is OK!Now I wanted to go sleep,but I can’t…Again I cry……..THIS WORDS JUST TO YOU psychopathic woman!!!!I have enough because of you and your attorney!No matter who is the father?Stopped my mind!why there is not someone who shoot you?how long will you suffering Hyun Joong-ssi?You want to kill him?you suffered?sorry,I don’t know him personally,but I suffered more because of you,than you stupid woman since last august!and the FANS too,and his FAMILY,etc,We really worrying for him!but you,you just laughing about us!Forgive me!Don’t hate me!Don’t leave me my sweet Lord,but ,,go to the hell idiot bitch!(sorry,I never speak rude,but now…)I think more and more that his career will be in ruin,and his private life is over,if somebody don’t stop you insane woman!We don’t have to worry now his career,but need to worry that he will survive the military service after this!Hyun Joong-ssi has the right to demand the examination even by court!Now,again this is confirmed me that you blackmail him to say what you wants!Let him to live,search an insane boy with whom you fit,but let him free,stupid woman!We all will care about him,and about you will care the psychiatrist!And I ask the God,Do not be happy never!Anyway,to everyone Good Night!And Good Night to you,dear Hyun Joong-ssi,if you can sleep!Bye,Rose

  26. If she is pregnant, what does it serve her to avoid testing unless she really isn’t pregnant, or the child is not his?

    She sounds totally unstable.

  27. Dearest LK …Fairy…. why not the Psycho Choi adventures with the Media? Come on this is soo pathetic their reaction and an insult to KE, to KHJ and his Family and her family as well.

    Really they are just digging their hole deeper with their lies…I mean all KHJ done since this additional series of nightmare (lol she likes to be on the media for sure the psycho…) was just making sure he agrees to all: to check at proper medical facility (even of her choice…HJ it should be yours…) involve his family, agree to take responsibility all except Marriage of course.

    She wants him in marriage don’t you all get it by every means she is soo obsessed that i have read that she wants to sue Henecia (his fans?! ) because is distrubing her?!? are you real?!?

    But she provide what? Ultrasound? are they serious is that proof? lol…I mean are they serious what joke is that, what proof is that that is KHJ’s. Hey Psycho Choi …DNA and done at a clinic of KHJ choice not yours.

    This one is certifiable for sure, a panel of Psychitriatics will have a thesis on her alone….scary and creepy woman.
    But this Circus she is making is getting even more ratings than IG!

    I feel like I want to take bets what is next on her agenda? – To much stress because she is asked to Medical check and have some miscarriage and proved again some fake documets?

    What I want right now is her lying face in full body in every trash tabloid …her lies out in the open….I want this EVIL Psycho BITCH EXPOSED. It may sound vindictive….maybe ( I am not sorry) …but she caused sooo much pain that in her sick mind she doesn’t even comprehend how much…she is on a mission to have KHJ as her man, creepy excuse of a woman.

    So for all haters or whom ever …I am HJ’s FAN and will remain his fan and all his FANS Henecia, World Wide Fans …will stay by our ONLY ONE! and Protect HIM as much as we can!
    All for ONE and One for all!! God Bless you LK and HJ and All. 🙂

    • Gosh…a JAW DROP when u said she wanted to sue us his fans!!…LOL LOL..for real?!….she really a crazy bitch, now i can really confirm myself…well then, just sue us an let the world know this bitchy intention….what a Psycho bitch she is..
      And her lawyer? don’t tell me her lawyer is as fool as it is… what so much evidences?! and it sound like a threatening to KHJ to stop all these nonsenses and pay all the cost!! poor my baby..he must really in pressure right now…

      • wow,she give a chance to us to beat her 😀
        I just can repeat myself,she is ,,stupid girl”!
        Her favourite music is probably….
        Garbage-Stupid girl
        ,,You stupid girl
        You stupid girl
        All you had you wasted
        All you had you wasted
        What drives you on what drives you on
        Can drive you mad can drive you mad
        A million lies to sell yourself
        Is all you ever had”
        Well disturb her further,and she will show his face! We know her surname already!

        • Wow!
          First time I knew there’s a song like that, haha…
          Love that song & it’s really appropriate for that mental case of a creature…
          Anyone knows her twitter address from all those ‘messages’ she’s been revealing to her BFF press, Dispatch?
          Perhaps we should send her that song, the MV & the lyrics, in English & in Korean…
          That’d show her what stress is…
          What kind of ‘disturbing’ she’d get from his fans if she doesn’t stop soon…

    • LOL The more she’ll be trapped if she goes to fake miscarriage and have threatened abortion? Proof of the fetus is still needed in that direction, DNA is still possible, so evil really lunatic scary. I already bet on that as her next step to get away fr the hook.
      Hang in there where did you get the info that she’ll sue KHJ fans!!? wowoh hold your horses, I would love that! So it’s really war she wanted? I’ll give her what she wish for if it’s war! Millions against one evil, sorry God is powerful over everything and God is at HJ’s side and Henecia.

      • Yes saw tweets about this today…..let her come….let her come !!! Can’t wait to slap a libel on her and sue her and lawyer and her family to pay for eons….for mental cruelty to US as Hj’s Fans….for all damages.!

    • Let her sue! That would be great actually because guess what? Then she would have to prove every single thing she has said is true. Burden of proof would be on her to show that what people are saying is false and should it be false that it injured her “good” reputation. She has to prove actual malice from the statements made about her. No one even knows who she is! If she had kept this out of the media she would have an easier time proving defamation but she made this issue public which will make it very hard for her to prove defamation with actual malice. Blogging and stating your opinion does not in the majority of cases equal to defamation. Well one thing is for sure, the whole truth would dang well come out, which would be outstanding! Besides defamation is civil not criminal so all she would be after is money. And just who does she think she would sue anyway? His fan club? Be very interesting to see her try.

  28. This is all too sad….
    What a disgusting woman…all she had to do was go for a medical check-up…is that so difficult! But SHE’S the victim since people are calling her on her BS…. when its clearly her selling stories to the media!
    I feel HJ doesn’t want to provoke more, who knows what private info she could sell to the media. Even simple things, that he wouldn’t want the public knowing.
    I feel so bad for him…. yet so annoyed at the same time!
    Seems he did get back with her for some time…and why?

    And what if there is a baby… I’m not sure I could support him being with someone like that. I try to reason with myself…. but she clearly has no respect for him, his family or his fans.
    I pray he won’t be tied down by this woman.

    (sorry…not bashing HJ, I’m mad because I (all of us!) care for him so much!)

  29. Hey LK

    I can understand when people try to destroy your life and career, it really hurts. I feel HJ has faced enough of her accusations and should move on with his music career and MS . I know it won’t be easy for us and him to move on , but I think God knows the truth and he is the best judge. I am sure Miss Choi will know the consequences of her acts pretty soon . HJ should be strong and I think he has his family , friends and us to support him . Lets pray that all the suffering and pain he is going through , he overcomes it and be focused only on his life’s priorities 🙂

  30. Thank you LK… I have some information from a new friend who just moved back to S. Korea and is watching this whole mess from behind the battle lines. According to her, Choi’s lawyer is a washed up well known Entertainment Lawyer is is COMPLETELY BROKE and not reputable whatsoever. It is OBVIOUS he is leading this media smear campaign to get KHJ to pay up so they will shut up! No decent lawyer would have his trial in the tabloids as he has done… what a pathetic loser… i think he is just as PSYCHO as his CLIENT. I was given a name of the lawyer by my friend… but it is really irrelevant. We all know it is a dark evil plot to pull our baby down from his star filled sky… well… we will just push him right back up! Let the Titanic hit the Iceberg! UNKB Henecia will never fall! Let their plotting ship of fools bust to pieces on the Solid Ice that goes deep into the ocean for leagues! We will never go down! Fighting Henecia and Global Fans! Fighting for KHJ! We are the Alien Army bathed in GREEN LIGHT! Let all trolls beware!

    • Hello Angie! A high caliber lawyer will NEVER grab such cheap scandal and drag to another cheap media outlet that’s for sure. If an excellent lawyer is there I’m sure the first thing he will advice his client is to settle private matters in close doors. Of course he wouldn’t want his name to be in tabloid! Thanks angie!

    • Now that is low….so all “smart” news with the lawyer’s help. Well, Hj is a good catch even for the lawyer…lol. Riding on Hj’s fame as well…i do hope Hj lawyer is a top notch Lawyer and psycho maybe have more in common than we think….faking evidences, faking DNA…faking a baby…or making a baby…😉😆

  31. thank you very much LK for the statement above i totally agree with you and will do what you said. I felt Choi ‘s attorney is playing some games I don’t know what. We just need to prepare for the worse . Regarding KE I think they are doing much better this time and we should fully support them as we support HJ.

    I really hope HJ has a very good experience lawyer to deal with this tricky lawyer and his client. They really make the simple thing to be complicated.i hope HJ will be clam and do not worry too much what other people think . if you believe in your right others will believe too. Do what is right for you. we are always at your back. It is just another obstacle . Be mindful and use your peaceful mind to deal with it.

    God bless you Kim Hyun Joong.

      • LK… My friend in SK also gave the name of who she thinks is behind this in SK entertainment. She believes it is the same person who plotted against KHJ back in 2010 when he left DSP and the whole bs fiasco of the ex president’s birthday party went down. Apparently, this GIANT TROLL called JABBA THE HUT is BFF with DSP President Lee who put KHJ through that scandal and hell taking him to the party by himself and not including any other ss501 members. It was an obvious ploy to take him out as he was moving to KE and not renewing with DSP. This strategic and pathetic move allowed them to throw all the blame on KHJ for the ‘break up’ of ss501 which was actually DSP fault for mis management and being nearly bankrupt at the time. This Mafia Godfather of the SK entertainment industry is well known for taking out kpop stars who get in his way. My friend named a whole list of them and says there have even been some mysterious deaths involved with people he had run ins with in the industry and elsewhere. He goes to court and comes out CLEAN every time because he’s rolling in money and has a team of lawyers to keep him out of prison.

  32. Mrs. Choi has faces zero consequences with all her lies. Everyone that works on her side need to be sued. I am not sure about the Korean law, but this is what I would do here in North America.
    I would start from the custody suit, have the court order her to be evaluated physically and mentally. Even the baby news is true, HJ will still need the court support for the custody battle.
    If the baby news is not true, sue her and her camp for defamation, fabricating evidences and blackmailing. Have the restraining order to have her not contact HJ for the rest of his life.

  33. Oh my goodness, where did she find this attorney. The problem is he too needs a mental examination. Thank you for keeping up and us inform. As you stated, what is plenty of documents to show he is the father of the child? This is why it is important for HJ and his parents to get an attorney because here in America this can be solve very easily, take it to court and both parties will have to show up. Can this be done I South Korea?

    • Agree with…is she still reluctant to do the test to proof her pregnancy and keep messing around the media with her stupid lawyer, HJ and his camp should just file the case in court for defamation….but knowing HJ he always said he will never wanted his ex to be published make me think he will try at his best to persuade her first…but this time its already overreact and exaggerating,,,he should think of his image, his future, his family and the important the baby ( if there really a baby and his i mean but i doubt )

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