Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCK KOBE!


By: LazerKim              I was on my way back to work as I boarded my early morning flight to my work venue which started yesterday and I can’t describe my feelings of excitement after leaving my post for almost a year, I’m finally back in action! As I disembarked and walked towards the immigration, there were series of long line which means the airport where I have been was rather unusually busy!

At the far end from where I was, I saw a stunning tall guy in black coat and wearing a black baseball cap yawning while walking! I felt my face blushed and smiled and said to myself, the sleepyhead still sleepy this early morning but soon he’ll be rocking the entire Japan and shall spread another explosive event all over the world to start today! This is a word from a fan!!

Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight yesterday morning bound to Kansai Airport Osaka Japan to start his Japan Tour Concert series at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe. This time I have noticed an additional bodyguard with him whom I recognized to be his boss personal bodyguard! I guess Hyun Joong’s handlers are now aware of the incident happened recently as he was mobbed by some of his Korean fans at Incheon Airport.

At least this time we do not have such scene at the airport lobby but as Hyun Joong reached Kansai Airport in Osaka, a huge crowd of fans welcomed him on his arrival. However his Japanese fans were well behaved and just cheer out his name that gave him  something to smile about and wave at his fans!



At noon time yesterday the ball started to roll as Hyun Joong attended to his rehearsals at the venue in preparation to his first day UNLIMITED concert together with the band the Downhell which shall be held tonight! After months of rehearsals, hard work and late hour jamming with the band, finally Hyun Joong shall be on stage again to share his music with his fans who have been so eager to be captured by Hyun Joong’s charisma on stage! This is another explosive show that we have not seen from Hyun Joong in his recent concerts since he’ll be bringing out another brand new Kim Hyun Joong as a rocker!

Well what could be in store for us from this concert? That would remain to be seen but since we all know very well that Hyun Joong has always been in his best self with his quality music every time he’s on stage, this is gonna be a spectacular show. We may have seen him singing with the live band but I think this one is entirely different even shall we say he’ll be with the same band, but it feels like a different Kim Hyun Joong from the last time we have seen him in concert with the band. This time it will surely rock your heart out with his simplicity yet capturing aura as a star singer!

In concert series similar to Hyun Joong’s Japan Tour, the first day show is always the most important among the series and the last one, because it is in these shows that has always been highlighted. The success of the first show can lead to further word of the mouth from those who are able to see it first and at times the same audience comes back to watch the second or third show. The media normally are given the chance to watch the concert and from there publicity about the concert begins other than the advertisements publicized prior to the show. The last show is always been remembered as a basis for the future concerts an artist can perform.



Hyun Joong had already marked prestige in his recent Asian Fan Meeting Concert in mid-year of 2012 and all of those concert events were successful as he innovated the stereo type fan meeting as he was the first among the Kpop idols who have ever presented a different show or had changed the concept of fan meeting events. Hyun Joong had already gained the good reputation in performing concerts in giving the best quality of shows an artist can ever perform, through his creative ideas and different concepts every time he steps on the stage and he truly worked hard for it.

Each concert may take two or three hours to perform for the audience to watch, but the effort in preparing for it takes months to achieve perfection and that’s how Hyun Joong works for his concerts. In which everything within the show is well planned out, carefully conceptualized and time consuming continues rehearsals to bring out the best in entertainment. Hyun Joong by nature is a perfectionist, he never get to content himself unless he satisfies himself and making sure he is able to capture his audience the minute he stands on the stage till the end of every concert he performs.

Everything matters to Hyun Joong in terms of preparation for his shows that every single detail is important to him. It doesn’t matter if it would take the whole night till the wee hours at dawn to rehearse his repertoire, for him it’s simply saying as “better do it now while time allows it than be regretful for ignoring such small details.” That’s him, and he has that endless energy to work on every details within the concert he planned that has to be materialized as planned and to make it as perfect as he can.

Hyun Joong is such a contagious person that his passion over his concert preparation can pour down to the production crew’s enthusiasm to work hard with him too!! And this is another thing which I find very interesting in him, his charisma is not only for his fans but those whom he worked with behind the scene, from the top to the lowest rank in the production! Hyun Joong is a special artist that anyone would wish to work with because of his passion to his craft and being a hard worker can be so inspiring in bringing out the best in any show production. Hyun Joong is very much encouraging in the production and it’s just so contagious!



His Japanese fans and many of the international fans have been eagerly anticipating this Japan Tour Concert Series as a part of his commemoration of his first album UNLIMITED which majority of his fans had already gotten the album. Some of his fans from nearby countries in Japan and some were coming from US and other western countries, had gone out of their way to travel just to watch Hyun Joong’s Unlimited Concert Series. Knowing that Hyun Joong always brings something new every time he performs, one cannot just get enough of him even it was only six months ago that he rocked Japan by his HEAT, now he returns to a new rocker image that can excite everyone by his spell!!

Well, Hyun Joong had a long day yesterday in his rehearsals who is completely focused, totally inspired, and pretty much excited for tonight’s concert as his first night to rock Kobe and pretty much enthusiastic to rock our hearts out even those from afar!! So stay tune, I’m sure many of his fans out there are just as excited as Hyun Joong is, in updating tonight’s event! You won’t believe this but I’ve been writing this article from yesterday morning during my breaks through a laptop which is foreign to me and at last I’m done!! I just can’t help the feeling of being excited of being back to work on my first day!! Busy but very inspiring!



Oh before I go please keep on voting for Kim Hyun Joong at the Star of the Year. Don’t give up simply because Hyun Joong’s rank dropped to no.2, the more we should vote and just enjoy playing games with the robot!! Nothing matters, we are fans and we cannot just let Hyun Joong’s name displayed without growing numbers!! FIGHT for he deserves to be up there!

Please do allow me to just mention this matter, the other night a new fan was in search of Kim Hyun Joong and she asked some questions which gave me the impression that she was at lost in search about Hyun Joong, the voting polls and she had encountered some rudeness from another fan. I feel sorry for her which I understand, since I was once like her too when I was very new being a fan and using the twitter. I hope we can be a bit considerate with the new fans specially those who may find it hard to express themselves in English specially at the twitter.

At the same time there are others who pretend to be fans of Hyun Joong but actually they have other motives in getting info which I have encountered such  insects too! So let’s keep with our awareness around us. Now there are some insects who send me email and writing negative info about Hyun Joong, and I call these people coward so I ignore. Sorry girl I don’t write anything without basis. I don’t mean to be rude but just stating my opinion!

By the way, there’s another voting polls conducted in Japan which I just found out last night, although I have already voted I still have not read the nature of the voting polls. All I know is that Hyun Joong is being nominated in four different categories and that you may vote once a day through twitter and facebook or I’m not sure if a voter can subscribe through the poll site. Anyway, you may check this out if I’m right that we can still vote.

JpopAsia Music Awards (Link below)

Star of the year (Link below)

And with that, this is all I can share since I still got tons to do at work and I’m back as a night owl again!! See you all as Kim Hyun Joong ROCK KOBE and the whole Japan!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!



34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCK KOBE!

  1. Dear LZ Are you Ok ?
    This “ajumma” here in Sweden,really miss you!!!!,come back soon,you are my connection with our Prince of universe. Please take care of your health, hugs,hugs and more hugs from Sweden.

  2. wheqe are you sis?is your mission not end yet? come back please… miss your article.PALE PALE ,,. CHONGMAL BOGOSIPTA!!! god bless sis

  3. miss you sis…sooo much.wish you will back soon.All alien family, just read from alkpop,our boy is #1 best male star 2012 ,lee jun ki#2, kim so hyun #3.congratulation for HIM and alien family ,YOU ARE GREAT!!!!god bless all of you.

  4. Hi LK ,

    how are you ? I really miss you and your article especially the last few days.

    I’m so excited to know that you are going back to your work . I ‘ m so happy to hear from you that HJ was doing great than you thoughts in his Japan tour. Your words made me smile all day. I think ” your story ” and ” save today ” are really good for live performance. His dance in Nagoya concert really turn me on lol. However I must admit that “Love Like This ” version Hyun Joong is the best for me. I can see how it rocked the stage . I hope his world tour will include my country.

    Hope you will rest well after hard work. i’ m looking forward to hear from you soon.
    God bless you.

    • Hello, Panaom! happy New year! Yes, the page can be loaded again. I could get into the web page. We can still vote for KHJ! Till the end fighting!

  5. Jealous, wow wow wow I wish I could do like you my dear. Have a good time . Take care yourselves for the cold weather there. We are waiting for your articles. You might have a ton of stories to tell us. Boost up with the time get closing to our beloved HJ.
    By the way I also have the problem of voting for KHJ. Something wrong with the server in Korea. I wonder why it has been down longer than two days.

    • Hello kratuwoo! Happy new year! I am from Greece and I also can’t vote for KHJ. The page isn’t even loading! I wonder because it was said that the voting was until 13th or 14th of January (if I remember well). But now I wonder “did it end earlier?” because like you I can’t vote at all for about two days.

  6. Dear LK, finally you were there with him. Oh I come to ask our friend for problem in voting. Dear friends, do you have any problems during this time to go on voting for our KHJ. Here in Thailand cannot get through the page after lunch. The page pop up message that server close or error. Just only HJ moveห to first rank and score spacing is only hundreds away. We are afraid that the competition one has done somethings. Does it work fine for voting from friends in other countries.

    • Hi,the vote is over!If I’m not wrong,the star award will go to the 1st and 2nd place,that’s KHJ and LJK.I read it from weibo.

      • tell KHJ was first as I can see at the last moment I voted
        and Howmuch time dear lazerkim are you going to let us expecting for your articles??? we miss you

        • Hi Jazu. My apologies I don’t think I can have the time to write as yet, my schedule is too tight, I drop dead just after every concert ends!! I’m catching up with my flight to Nagoya! Oh how I wish to be here as a fan, but my lips and hands are tied up behind the scene!! LOL I miss everyone I’ll probably be back after the concert series, if my schedule allows it! HJ is doing great, so great beyond my thoughts of him!
          I’m totally at lost, what’s going on with the voting?

            • Hello, LazerKim, I am really happy for you, if you could see him by close! Even seeing him through our computer screens is such an positive energy boost! His smile is full of positive energy and his eyes full of kindness, love and passion! So, I think it’s beyond imagination how it is seeing him live!

          • He LK – we miss you dearly, but we live in the hope that you are having a great great time (even if you drop dead after every concert) Your wish came true so enjoy every minute. We do hope that you will share your insight moments/experiences/feelings with us the Aliens family who can not be there (from afar), we are waiting patiently for your come back. Think that we are all behind you and we are all there with you, from the bits and pieces Hj is doing marvelous and, wow, isn’t he better and better?!? Just loving him to bits more and more….Take care, enjoy the work you love and enjoy the moments. God Bless:)

          • FIRST PLACE
            miss you so much but if you are there GREATTTTTTTTT
            YOU WILL HAVE MUCH TO TELL US , wait for it , ENJOY HIM, fill your eyes with his figure so much that you never forget it , even if you are such a buzy person, I would die of happyness if i saw him but for us in the other side of the world just count with articles like yours or videos that the allien family updowload. wait for you back ENJOY HIM SO MUCH

          • I feel really very sad and very disappoint today . KBS decided not to air city conquest . I don’t know what is going on there. The entertainment industry in Korea seem misterious and scary. I hope HyunJoong is fine. However I ‘m looking forward to hearing some news from KE .

            I really miss him in a Drama . Hope KE will have some update news for us soon.

            For the time like this I really miss your article LK. Hope you are fine . Have a good rest and come back to us soon.

            God bless you.

  7. dear lazer
    I dont know if you are really there with him, is it true? well at the moment he is first let me tell you HE IS No ONE , I just be jumping and clapping, hope that we can mantain it , i am voting at least 4 or 5 times a day as we can vote each hour.
    I try the other one but I dont know if I am correct, well hope to read your articles again, this is the last, waiting for your comments , he is singing more SS501 songs we are happy , think that he doesnt like us to forget them, THAT IS THE WAY OF A GOOD LEADER. if they are together again doesnt matter, they are doing good alone after all but they had really good songs and a beautiful friendship.
    I was looking videos about 130106 concert in Kobe and found some he looks handsome and juvenil.
    hope you see it, have a good rest .

  8. LazerKim, WOW and wow again and again, you are there?! OMG, you see, wishes come true in the end gal. I am so glad for you, not saying green with envy, but still GLAD for you for going back to what you love to do and being able to see HJ. Now you have to keep us updated, even with a laptop and so. Fighting dear and don’t forget your Alien family. God Bless, this is really a good start for 2013, (really happy for you!):)

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