Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GLOBAL CONQUEST


By: LazerKim                   I guess the sad news about City Conquest is now at the internet and news spreading that finally KBS officially decided not to air City Conquest.  We have all been aware that this drama have been in limbo for months and finally the long waiting for a word from KBS has been out! At least this is clear enough for me as I have already suspected pertaining to internal problems. This must be very frustrating to most of us fans, of course, as initial reaction which is just but natural. But hang in there, this is a better news than having false hope, right? It’s easier to think and say, it’s no use crying over a spilled milk!! But before I stop crying, it can be a help to air out my sentiments, forget about it and look forward for another Kim Hyun Joong drama project!


City Conquest should have been a come back drama for Kim Hyun Joong, he had worked hard for this drama but then again no matter how we wanted to watch the drama it’s just not for us at this time, for whatever reason we accept since there’s nothing we can do about it. As I  have mentioned in my previous articles, it’s better not to expect anything about it since there had already been problems lingering around the drama to begin with. I think we fans had already done our part to pour out our sentiments pertaining KBS’s intention of rejecting the airing of this drama with whatever reasons they have with or without sense!!

Was the drama being sabotaged? Was the drama been an object of jealousy since prior to airing Cit Conquest in Korea, there were already pledge of sales on its copy write? KBS gave some conditions to the production management to change some of the parts in the drama which is short to say, change the entire plot!! Is this fair, after filming almost half of the series? Hyun Joong had already layed out his effort in filming, investments had already been poured out only to find out KBS would just simply have it straight to the trash can?? These are just a few of questions lingering in my mind for months which I have already suspected that I’ll probably won’t get the answers!! Fine!!

This is just a wild idea, but maybe if City Conquest producer would really like to put this up, maybe it would be possible to finalize its filming in Japan and have it aired at DATV just to save its further damage. I mean this is just for the sake of millions of fans who have been eagerly anticipating city Conquest to be shown. Actually the choice is within the production management. Korea is just Korea, there are still a lot of countries worldwide who are waiting for this drama.

Who would care wherever TV station it can be shown? Anyway Hyun Joong is now an international star. If he can’t make it in his own country, fine there’s Japan and China waiting since copy writes had already been sold, that I then hope there won’t be any political motivations since this is simply a drama for entertainment which is very much anticipated and people would just want to watch it, because Kim Hyun Joong is the star of the said drama. If Korea is too conservative and sensitive with the drama plot content to the extent of blocking its airing, fine, this is even more interesting to Hyun Joong’s fans or even to non-fans watching out of curiosity!! I wonder where could be the losing end here?



I may be jumping in a wrong conclusion after all the incidents with KBS transpired but since then I have stopped expecting too much out of City Conquest. It’s like saying if it can be aired, well that’s great, but if it’s not possible then I have been wishing for another chance for Hyun Joong to have another new drama project. For me, with a project which had already been tainted, I would prefer to watch Hyun Joong in a new set of drama project and count City Conquest to experience. But definitely I would push him to pursue in his acting career which is very much in high demand. These are just set backs that any artist do experience that I believe something brighter awaits for him other than City Conquest.

I have read a comment in my box, saying Hyun Joong is not popular in Korea, well it’s her opinion but as I responded, Korea is just a small part of the entire world. Hyun Joong may be more popular in Japan or China, but this is precisely the essence of being a Hallyu Star, they are groomed and catered for international market. Evidently Hyun Joong is being successful as a Hallyu Star which he had achieved his goal being so. I just hope Korean  TV stations would be more supportive to their artists particularly Kim Hyun Joong since it’s not only their local viewers who would benefit but a bigger part of the world.

I would love and so eager to watch Kim Hyun Joong as an actor in TV dramas, it’s been two years since his last drama Playful Kiss and it’s high time to get him back on the screen. There were already incidents that showed the high demand on him as an actor and this fact can not be ignored nor blocked. Kim Hyun Joong is loved by millions and for those who are so jealous about his success, then think about it twice since he got what it takes to rise up higher than what he had already attained these past few years as he started up playing solo and that’s a fact that cannot be denied.



Upon hearing the news about City Conquest and had checked at internet I couldn’t help but grab a laptop from one of my crew and opened up my blog!! I’m sure many of my readers may be feeling frustrated about the news. My apologies for my longest absence since Hyun Joong had started his Unlimited concert series here in Japan, I have been quite busy not only in his concert preparations but other events assigned to me. I would like to thank you for your concern for my sake and please forgive me for letting you wait for too long to read from me.

It’s so unfortunate that coming to Japan to work as a production staff limits my time to write and limits me being a fan to write insights behind the scene on Hyun Joong’s concert series. I’m having so much fun at work since this has been my interest not to mention the chance to work on this particular set of production. All I have are just memories and maybe one day I’ll be able to share with you when time comes that I’m free from my job post and profession.

I now open this space for everyone to air out their sentiments pertaining City Conquest and face another brighter tomorrow with kim Hyun Joong. As he said we’re family and this is how he had built his world with us his fans. Hyun Joong mentioned he is very fond of reading articles about him, although he doesn’t read criticisms!! LOL well who would want to read something which is too heavy on the chest of course specially unjustified ones made by insects!! As we all have the daily habits of having daily dosage of relief, Hyun Joong has that too, specially on times whenever he’s down, it’s his fans that lift his spirit up.

This is all I have for now, I can’t promise when to be back but surely I will. Kim Hyun Joong shall be coming back on stage on Saturday January 26 in Japan as he continues to rock the stage with his music to share with all of us.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GLOBAL CONQUEST

  1. Hello, LazerKim, I’m happy about your work. Hello alien family. lintan15, you have expressed exactly my sentiments and thoughts. And I agree with all of you here. Even after blacklisting someone, it’s too much to block his career in such a way. Really, have they thought at all how bad impression of themselves they create and how bad impact this can have on them? The certain thing is that they cannot stop, block, or keep back Kim Hyun Joong’s growing success. And I am sure KHJ will get even stronger after going through this. But they will lose a lot due to their own actions. They just harm themselves by trying to block him.

  2. Welcome back LK ! I missed reading your blogs. It feels so good to read your article on CC.
    I am so glad that so many of us have the same sentiments and do agree wz Dragon Lady ‘s idea abt tweeting that KBS sucks big time..

    I feel so bad for KHJ and his production team who had invested so much time, money and worked so hard for CC and in the end KBS and other stations just rejected the film . This project meant so much to KHJ after PK.
    A lot of his fans are anticipating it and from the teaser , I can see his acting has improved .
    I am starting to have negative views on SK entertainment they use and manipulate the Hallayu artisit.
    Look at how they treat KHJ when he was in SS501 days and with DBSK/JYJ as well.
    I mean tt’s sad that his home country uses him internationally to promote tourism thru K Wave
    and yet he is not getting the proper attention and honour at his home land.
    I agree with the earlier comment that it is a poor feflection on the country.

    As a fan , I feel so helpless that am unable to protect him from his own homeland . I hope that KHJ knows that we the fans appreciate his efforts and pray that he will get new projects and better opportunites.

    Fighting KHJ !!

  3. Hi alien family…n hi Lk
    Glad that you are doing what you like best lazer..envy with green here..keh..keh
    Ok, actually I am lost for words with what is happening with cc. I find solace here reading comments from all the readers who mostly have the same thoughts as mine. KBS sucks…10000000x . It is their lost indeed but they suck….big time.!!
    I will bid gbye to kpop except when it comes to
    hj n jyj. I am not gonna watch anymore korean
    dramas…for now..well not until hj is being
    treated fairly at least. If only there is a way to

    • Sorry..always find it troublesome to post comment with smart phone…the owner is not so smart..keh..keh. As i said, if only there is a solid way that we fans can voice our didsatisfaction…that will be superb. Anyone has any??
      Ps Lk, with what is going on with hj n cc, do come back once in a while to share ur thought with us…tq. Bye for now..

  4. LK, so glad you’re back. I missed your blogging immensely.

    All these comments about City Conquest make me feel better. They express my own thoughts so well. Even though I was very new to this fandom, I felt like the Korean TV stations were being purposefully difficult about airing City Conquest. I no longer watch any broadcast TV in the U.S.; I only watch through the internet so I don’t have much patience with KBS’s comments about inappropriateness. I am perfectly happy if this drama airs via cable. I am also willing to pay to watch it via Pay Per View if that’s what’s necessary.

    Between KHJ’s drama and the challenges faced by JYJ, I feel like I’ve been catching a glimpse of the dark side of the Korean entertainment industry. It’s not pretty. I’m sure there are lots of bad things in the U.S. entertainment industry as well, but it sure seems the level of vindictiveness in Korea is much higher.

    I am still hoping to see this drama. It was the teaser for this drama that was shown at KHJ’s October fanmeet that truly hooked me on our beautiful boy.

    • Hello guys!!
      It’s not only KBS that sucks, prior to filming this drama already applied for airing in three major TV stations MBC, SBS, who said their slots were full the whole year round, then KBS rejected it too saying the drama is inappropriate, whatever that means!! And finally officially rejected. I have mentioned in my previous articles that since City Conquest was based from a Korean comic book and had been selling millions therefore the story plot was not even censored! Some said censorship was not the reason why it was rejected, it may be the production cost, well that’s purely internal matters already. I wonder which one is costly Iris or this one since it has the same director and almost the same production pattern!!
      Media Beak was not anticipating any problems with the TV stations so they proceeded with the filming, well who would expect CC to be rejected to begin with!! Until the last minute. Just like what I mentioned in my other articles, it’s not KHJ’s lost but the TV stations lost.
      How else would Hallyu stars like HJ pursue his career in his own country if Korea could not support artists like him. This is no wonder that any Korean stars prefer to perform outside the country where they are most welcome. The more they suppress KHJ to rise, the more his global popularity grows and sorry for Korea since its bound to lose their best artists representing their country and I think this is absolutely not right!! I really hope CC would be aired here in Japan even in cable channel or whichever way they can show the drama, his fans would surely go crazy about CC with no single doubt at all!!

      • Hi, LK! Glad to see you have been able to see our support for HJ here. I hope you can somehow relay to him how much we are always at his side. After thinking about it this whole week… I really hope CC turns into a movie. Then, perhaps it could be broken up into two movies or whatever it takes to get the whole story out there and let them complete the project. OR… just a thought… it could be sold to a streaming company like hulu, amazon, or netflix. I have subscriptions to all of these right now.

        Honestly, here in the US the future is going to be streaming channels and people are happy to pick and choose what they want instead of subscribing to cable and getting a hodge podge of channels they have no interest in. I have ditched my local T.V. and cable and I view all of my dramas, movies, news, etc. through streaming channels and the internet. Netflix USA has already bought a series called Arrested Development and is producing it exclusively on Netflix. It is a very popular series and their broadcasting station decided to dump them. The public outcry was so great, Netflix decided to pick up the series and new episodes are being aired exclusively on the streaming channel.

        This is just an idea and it is cutting edge just like HJ. I do hope he can show those network execs that they are DINOSAURS and have no idea where the real money and success are going. Jump into the future KHJ! I will be there with my subscription watching your every move! ;D

        • Oh LK, you are so right about the Iris2 – being shot abroad, so where is the cost here? and violence and nudity? come on people who are you kidding that CC is not appropriate?! Those SK channels are trying to play prudish like, what lame excuses, it is just an insult to our and their viewers intelligence, but really is so annoying and so two faced, hypocrites all of them. The SK film industry is flooded with violence and nudity, wtf they are talking about here? Sooooo disappointing… don’t feel like watching any SK dramas at all.
          maybe they should try Yahoo …..again like in PK….just a thought…!
          LK …darling, please, pretty please keep us updated, at least a bit consolation with HJ concerts in Japan.
          All Aliens are supporting KHJ. God Bless and hope for better news.:)

          • Hello, Noya, I had also expressed this earlier. I mean the thought that maybe they should try to air it through Youtube again like what happened with Playful Kiss special edition (I guess you wanted to write Youtube and you just got confused and wrote Yahoo). In fact, maybe this is really nice idea. Just think how many views it will get even from the first days of airing! Plus, in this way we will be able to watch it in really high definition in the internet. Or else, they can just air it in some other country. Again it will have great success and they will get to see how wrong they were to reject it.

            • Hi Stav, yes, you are correct, mistake, meant Youtube…in the heat of the moment …but good idea isn’t it? I am sure China or other country will be more accommodating than his own. 🙂

              • Yes, Noya, I agree with you. And I am sure he will get great success and they will get to know how wrong they were for rejecting the drama.

  5. Hi Lazerkim, nice to read ur articles again…hope u really write down ur experiences being a production manager especially about KHJ concerts..and of course the titbits u hear about hyun joong in ur work circle LOL (sorry for being Shameless!!)

    i really love the dragonlady’s idea abt tweeting KBS sucks…maybe we can vent our anger that way and show what a loser KBS is, and how powerful Hyun joong’s fans are!!! it’s such a tragedy that KBS won’t air it..even though it airs so many low quality dramas, it’s hard to imagine their reasons for rejecting CC. well i guess our Hyun Joong is just too hot and strong for KBS to handle..HJ is taking huge leaps in innovating his entertainment standards and it seems KBS is just to slow to catch up with him or maybe finds hard to accept HJ’s innovating ideas. whether its the content that’s not acceptable or jealousy or his idea of completing filming before production, if the story of CC is good and his acting his better(as we all know it is) then no matter how they try to sell CC is definitely going to be a big hit,

  6. KHJ and the whole production company have invested their time and money into this project. Don’t let this project go to waste. The Korean movie industry has less stricter rules. I watch a lot of them. Nudity and extreme violence are acceptable in their movies. I am not saying CC has to be that extreme. They should think about releasing it as a movie first. If the movie version becomes very successful then they can release the drama version. They just need to go around it. Who cares about KBS. It is their lost. Maybe we should start twitting KBS sucks. What I don’t really understand is the comic book was written by a Korean writer and has millions of followers since 1996 yet the Korean government did not censored it.

  7. Im so glad to see everyone here…it lessens my frustration and feels good knowing we all here for KHJ! missed you all guys…razor,noya,fanjoong,myhanzs,angie(miss ur article girl!) lng and kyong(where r u guys? lol) and the rest of alien family.
    lets pray 4 the best!! To HJ, we’re here 4 you all the way… FIGHTING!!!!
    Ms LK stay safe and thank you!

  8. In the article CHEERS 2013 you wrote on dec 2012, I read that in The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Tiger shows us that there are some very real struggles coming your way in the work place. There are two ways you can handle it OR GIVE A STEP BACK OR BE AGRESSIVE.
    Honestly I hope that he will be agressive, as he is used to facing these struggles since he was young, this side of his work is in troubles but if he can do it in another country think that many people will support him, I really like that it will be a movie, hope that he will take the right thing to do with it, A MOVIE IS TO GET IT AGRESSIVELY or air in another country. there are many rules in SK that are so much strict but in this case ridiculous.
    KHJL is a very sincere person he says what he thinks, if he enjoys drinking, he was critized, I suppose that it for them is a bad influence….. mmmm. If he is filming it beforehand is also critized too. they have their own criteria about this things and close the door if someone try to do in another way. even if he is not working too much in Korea he won praizes, ok they are only my ideas but hope he will take the right decision, the wise one thinking in his fans , doesnt matter where ir will be air because we will see wherever it is airing.
    kim hyun joong FIGTING

  9. I read the news yesterday and I was like: ‘I knew this would happen’. Everyone here knows that I doubted CC from the beggining BUT I don’t think what has happened now is fair at all. Everyone knows that TV is just like that, when you are on the top of your career they get so much money off you, but when you are in a relatively low-key phase they just turn their backs on you. But meh, who cares! that’s why I don’t really watch tv. Radios and music-related things are way most trustable than that! Seeing the real HJ singing along with Downhell live is way more interesting than watching a character played by him living fake situations, a person who’s just not him. I know this project was really important for HJ, and that’s when I start feeling sorry about this whole thing. But HJ’s weak point is that he doesn’t listen to others and he should start changing that. Sometimes, people are way wiser than us, so we should at least pay attention to their advices. Plus, lately in SKorea the popular dramas aren’t those with huge costs of production, but more random & simple ones //Of course what happened with Playful Kiss still darkens HJ’s actor career. That happened to CNBLUE’s leader too (Yonghwa) with Heartstrings.//// I think the worst mistake they did was to film the drama without having a tv-station contract. That was way too risky x.x Now, let’s focus on HJ’s Unlimited-related activities. I’m sure the Tokyo gig will be a huge success ^^ In Feb, I’ll travel to some mysterious place hoping to meet KHJ XD LOL

  10. Hi LK ,
    Thank you for coming back for us. The KBS’s decision made me have a lot of doubt about South Korea. To be honest I have just learnt to appreciate about SK because of Hyun Joong. I hope I will not end it so soon. I think KBS have decided not to air CC since 3 months ago but they just officially announced it now..I feel This incident show that somehow South Korea is a dark country after all. Their entertainment industry is giving me a scary picture.

    I feel frustrate that we as his fans are unable to protect him from whatever unfair treatment ( if there is ) from his homeland. I must admit that I ‘m beginning to develop negative opinion toward SK. They try to show the world how good they are . How beautiful their culture is . Then looks how they did with CC. To say that the script is not appropriate seem so weak in this case. We might not know what really is behind the closed door but we know that it’s not a simple incident.

    Hope Hyun Joong is doing well under God’s protection and this incident will only help him gain more strength . I truly believe there will be a better project coming his way for us. Hopefully CC still continue filming . In the mean time I’m looking forward to seeing CC on air in other countries or on cable TV in SK.

    God bless Hyun Joong and god bless you everyone.

  11. The root caused of all this is jealousy due to the increasing popularity of hj day by day. Jealousy that leads to sabotage and manipulations and even conspiracy just to put hj down. My heart is tearing apart watching the scenario now on how korean people doing these on his own country. I could even felt how hj hurt for this particular heavy storm happening on him right now inspite of all his hardships and perseverance for this project. So what if KBS doesnt want to air cc or to any other major station. Its their loss not

    • Continuation:
      Its their loss not ours, neither hj part. Because i believe behind the dark clouds, the sun still shining for hyun joong. He did not do anything wrong that could hurt others so i strongly believe God is with him till the end. Fighting aliens!

  12. I was really looking forward to watching this over DramaFever here in America. What a shame! Hopefully another channel will pick it up, or they could sub it in English and do a pay-per-view on the Internet. I’d pay to watch it!

  13. Hi LK! I am so proud of you for accomplishing your dream! I missed you so much during this hiatus. I have been on a break too as I am working hard to get a solid plan for my future dreams to come true as well. I have really buckled down on studying my Korean and realize that I must master Japanese as well before I begin my Asian Conquest! LOL! The news about CC is not a surprise to me, and even though I feel a small ache… I had already mourned that loss 3 months ago. The SK are very dogged once they make a decision about something (or someone). I feel that the whole rejection of PK in S Korea was the beginning for Hyun Joong. And I really feel that had to do with the whole political scandal he was unfortunately dragged into. Which seemed to stem from his decision to leave his former agency.

    It seems to be truth that once someone in power decides to blacklist you there, public opinion follows blindly, and you are struggling ever since. I agree with the comment earlier that it is a poor reflection on their country that they push hallyu stars to become global influences and bring tourism into S. Korea. However, they turn their backs on their cash cows so easily. It is bad publicity on a global scale. I have not had much respect for the SK entertainment industry ever since the whole story about DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ came to light. And then I learned of the poor treatment Hyun Joong and the boys in SS501 had to go through. It’s really bad for SK to be so exposed to the rest of the world.

    Oh well, I am sure we will get to see City Conquest from another country. Hopefully, a Japanese station will pick it up soon and they will be able to complete filming. I have a feeling that is the plan after HJ finishes his current tour anyway. If not… it will be on hold and perhaps he will find another project to work on in the meantime. It’s not like he needs to look for projects to do! LOL! I’m sure there are others just begging him to read their scripts. Maybe he could do a Japanese series like Jaejoongie! Or a movie! Yeah! Go KHJ! I love him too much to ever give up on him! He will prevail!

      • Hello, ohcheonsa, I agree with you. Where have you left your encouraging message, so that we can leave ours too? Can you give us a link or some instructions of how to find it? I really want to cheer him up too!

        • I was having trouble with my google+ post so I posted a short blog entry here:

          I have been busy with my preparations and plans for going to SK in the future and have dropped the ball on my blog responsibilities… but, this has prompted me to come out of hiding for a brief moment and let my voice be heard. You can post comments here or on my blog… but, also get out there and post on all the social media you have available to you! I want our voices to be heard around teh world! This is an injustice and we won’t be silent! ;D

  14. Woah!!! Ive missing you a lot LK! Its good to read your article again as it was one of my haven it just feels so good to share the same sentiments w/ a lot of people. And i find my peace and comfort here. I thought that the pain of rejecting CC wouldn’t hurt me twice but it did. A lot of people are anticipating it even after the 3 major stations put a thumbs down. I know that I shouldn’t keep my hopes up as i may only fall in the end, but i believe in this project so much. Even by just watching the clips i know KHJ has improved a lot . It may air on other countries and i am soo looking forward to it. but i know it would be more fun though if it airs in korea since its his home ,who wouldn’t want that right?. But they failed me again, I hate how his home country is using him internationally just to attract tourist but they never gave him the proper attention and honor that is just befitting for someone who has brought so much pride to them, he works his a** off even loses sleep just to give a great performance to everyone and yet they treat him like sh*t. And all these jealous haters who are like scums of earth but then those are his fans too just in denial. they couldn’t even point out a constructive criticism to KHJ , i cant even. AAARRRGGH! Cant wait for CC to air in other country as i cant wait to slap his success unto their freakin’ faces. It may air in korea or not IDC ,SK isn’t the whole world the last time i checked. So their LOSS!

    How could they even shoved kpop or whatever k-related to the whole world and expect us to swallow it if they cant even appreciate their own. Just sayin’.

  15. glad that ur back LZ. at least u have few days of rest before going back to the busyness of production of KHJ concert. this is indeed a bad news. but lets just look at it the way that something better is in store for KHJ. I just hope we will not be disheartened especially KHJ. will support him all the way. when God closes a door he opens a window. so look forward something better or always d best. God bless everyone.

  16. Welcome back Lk! I enjoy your articles so much. I am so envious of you–working with someone you adore and a job you truly enjoy. Hearing KBS decision not to air CC saddens me but I am hopeful more opportunities are coming for our dear KHJ. Something much better is around the corner. Good luck!

  17. Welcome back LK, so good to read your articles. Dearest make and effort and don’t leave us in a limbo like last time. Thank you for your time anyway. Re CC KBS is their loss and they really remind me of the king of dramas with what goes behind close doors there. Maybe is for the best that they didn’t let KBS to trash/change the plot and for sure there are other oportunities behind the corner that will open soon. Let’s hope for the best and i hope KHJ is putting that down to experience.
    Dear LK one day you really have to write about the HJ behind the scenes that you see during your project now and I am really glad for you for fullfiling your dream going back to the work you love and working for/with the person you love. We miss you and await for your articles.
    I just hope that KHJ is aware that he is really appreciated and loved ALL over the world and not only in that part of the planet. 🙂

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