Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTE MOVEMENT

309440_366706646758733_1683021119_nBy: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong again has been nominated at the Star of the Year 2012 and voting polls shall be conducted until January 13. This polls has been going on actually, and have been voting silently although I have mentioned about this polls in one of my articles. Now we got 10 days to vote and so I would like to invite everyone to join in the voting. Kim Hyun Joong had been sitting at the first rank under the Star category for weeks until last night he was being swept to second place so fast with a slim gap of over 1,000 votes and as of this morning  KHJ is behind by over 2,000 votes.!

There were eight categories in this popularity voting polls and I have noticed that among all the nominees, it’s Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jung Ki has the highest votes of over 100,000 vote compare to the other nominees which barely reached 70,000. Come to think of it, many of the stars being nominated has huge fan bases specially the idol groups that came to my surprise have not reached half of votes for the two stars Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jung Ki!! Is this competition just the two of them or what??



Hyun Joong has always been nominated in many polls which only goes to show that these poll organizers knows how popular Hyun Joong is and how pro-active his fans are in voting.  But at the same time I hope these organizers have realize that Hyun Joong fans also closely monitoring the voting systems. I would admit, last night as I was monitoring the voting polls in my observation a robot is trying to manipulate the system, which I sincerely hope I’m wrong!!

I don’t know what’s going on but as I always say wherever and whenever Hyun Joong’s name is being displayed on the voting polls as nominee, we are given the liberty to vote. Again this is not obligatory among fans, and those who are enthusiastic in voting may vote. I’m just here to inform about the existence of the voting polls conducted and encourage fans to join in and vote. Manipulation may be irritating but we just have to play their game, fine, what have I got to lose I’ll simply be voting for Kim Hyun Joong and enjoy the challenge of racing with the robots!!



Let’s keep our cool, as we give time to Hyun Joong in voting in this polls while waiting for him to come out from his cocoon since his event activities in Japan is just around the corner. I happen to came across this post from twitter pertaining Hyun Joong’s schedule for January.                                                               (Lestari, thanks for sharing!)

Well, we have so much to look forward to about Hyun Joong as he’ll rock every concert stage in Japan this month of January. I’m still on holiday with article writing but I would just want everyone to know that I’m still here dropping by from time to time if needed. It surprises me that many new fans are doing their marathon reading with my previous articles and I would like to welcome all the new readers, thank you for sparing time reading all about Kim Hyun Joong.

This is one best way of keeping him close to us while knowing more about the guy, how a great star Kim Hyun Joong is, deserving our love and support as always.  He is one bright star who is completely irresistible in so many ways.

For the fan voters, let’s enjoy the challenge in voting, let’s turn the negative to positive vibe and go on voting everyday till the end. Remember, we are voting because we know Kim Hyun Joong deserves to win the Star of the Year, in fact he is the Star of all Seasons. No doubt about it, no one else deserves that sit on top except Kim Hyun Joong.

Don’t you miss this guy?? Well, I do!! So irresistible!

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!


Here’s how to vote:   Star of the Year 2012 

1. Scroll down to the category STAR.   (

2. Click the button below KHJ picture.

3. Scroll down, click on the left box. The page changes, then click on OK. Then you’ll see the voting score.

Go VOTE for Kim Hyun Joong!! Fighting!!




44 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTE MOVEMENT

    Where are you it is so much time …….we miss you REALLY
    Everybody miss you, EVEN THE ANTIFANS MISS YOU AS YOU CAN READ IN SOME OF THE COMMENTS, they really miss you too.. jajajaja , about the votes it is funny to know that KHJL was first in the poll with a VETERAN behind him AMAZING WHY ……mmm it is a good questions for the antis.
    hope to find your replay and you will be soon in conditions to star again here.

  2. Hi LZ and Henecians! Just want to add that you may also use your handphones to vote! And the best part about using handphones is, no restriction by IP addresses, i.e. we can vote as many times as we like, and no longer has to be constraint by the half an hour time restriction (as encountered when we use PC to vote). Just open the browser in your HP (e.g. For Apple iPhone the browser is Safari), paste the link and press on the GO button… Voting steps are the same, just that it might take a while for the page to load.. Keep voting!!! Love, Avis aka Bitbit

  3. Hai .. I’m here agains …
    Guys … Now I’m confused after I heard about how to VOTE!!!
    I heard from Facebook n twitter friends!!
    We need to vote for all not just only one person ~__~ it’s true ??
    I just only vote for our prince for the beginning .. I really don’t want to vote for others .. Can someone tell me the truth ? Thanks

    • Hello chiqua85. Happy New Year! As far as i know, you don’t have to vote for other categories if you don’t want to.

  4. Hi Alien Family,
    Read from weibo that HJ will be singing Love Like This and Please Be Nice To me at tomorrow’s Jconcert! Hope it’s true and hope we’ll be able to watch it on YouTube! 🙂

  5. Hello LazerKim and Alien famiily! Happy New Year everyone. Since you talk about voting, I would like to say something more here. I don’t know if you know if any of you has noticed it. During one of the previous days, while Kim Hyun Joong was still at the first place, there was a winning cup appearing in front of the person who was first in each category at that time. I don’t know why these cups appeared in front of the first ones, but it really made me think that the voting was closed. Of course, there was still permission to vote and afterwards I also noticed that the number of votes was increasing. So, then I thought that maybe it isn’t closed. But I believe this cup was quite confusing! And the fact that the cup appeared while Kim Hyun Joong was still at the first place really makes me wonder… Maybe I am too suspicious, I don’t know. But I can’t halp wondering…

  6. KIM HYUN JOONG took over ljk place in seoul drama award 2009 by storm…MAGNIFICANT!and HE is king of style icon in korea and yes!HE is king of cf.Who said that HE is only popular in japan, get awake!! If now ljk lead the polls,that’s normal coz being #1 Never be last long,KIM HYUN JOONG IS THE ONLY ONE WHO UNCOMPARABLE.KHJ is one of giants in korea entertaintmen. Maybe this time
    ljk time,that’s fine let him be just wish that’s no robot machine.thanks for all sis,keep vote,HIS POWER OF LOVE… Amazing!!alien family godbleess.
    Just add…I choose lee dong wook over ljk in drama my girl 4 year ago anyway

  7. I know about it I think last week from Facebook
    But I don’t understand how to vote ..!! I tried to asking henecian there but no answer..
    LK thanks to sharing the link …

    I never hear about LJ b4 my ears and eyes are both only for
    KHJL .. No one else hehehehe ….
    Kim hyun joong Oppa fighting ..
    Henecian FIGHTING.. ❤
    Sorry for my English 🙂

  8. no doubt about it LJK is far better compare to KHJ in term of acting and he’s more popular here in korea than KHJ.he is just like jang geun suk only popular in japan.peace people!!!!

    • Well it would be a shame if LJK would not get its popularity, who have been in showbiz for ages, don’t you think so?? While KHJ has barely started in his solo career and yet KHJ is racing with veterans like LJK! And that is why we KHJ fans are proud of him. Just like you you’re proud of your idol too, right? I’m neither comparing KHJ with anyone because he’s beyond comparable. Oh by the way Korea is just a small part of the world! And peace be with you!! LOL!

          • LKJ just overtook toooooo fast,isn’t that doubtful! The actress category was another doubtful one.The one at the 3rd place overtook the 1st & 2nd overnight too!!!!! Well,I supposed these two had their dramas shown in Korean which had high ratings and they were already assured the awards!

            • Hello girls LJK – is a good actor and handsome, I’ve seen the Iljimae and he is good,now he was in Aranag and the Magistrate, BUT still he is not KHJ – our STAR. So we have to keep fighting and VOTING constantly. Now the weekend is coming and monitoring the voting is more at ease as (the wether is bad, raining…) so I can stay in front of my PC and vote every 40 minutes….!
              BUT how come the gap is getting bigger I really don’t get it?!? LK do you think robots are at it again??
              Fighting Aliens, keep voting….:)

              • Definitely Robots at work!no doubt about that!however,we do not give up easily!keep voting Aliens!!! God Bless KHJ and all Aliens Family!

    • aba!!!!! may naligaw na insekto d2 ah! hey ano gusto mo away o gulo? matagal tagal ng walang nahahampas itong tsinelas q! baka sakali kaw mauna ngaung 2013! umayos ka!!!!

        • ay ano to? answered pray? kasi binati mo aq ng happy new year.same to you sis! cool na cool lang aq pero subukan nya bumalik d2 tsi-tsinelasin q talaga xa! salamat ingat ka!

          • LOL!! Kaw talaga! sige sis, kaw na bahala muna dito paki bantay, lipad na ako bukas! Pero mag rreport pa rin ako sa blog, dito pa rin ako!! Wish ko lang kita tyo sa Japan! ingat lagi! See you!

            • balik ka ng japan to work? ok ka lang ba kaya mo na? hopefully makapunta aq ng fukuoka kc yan ang pinakamalpit d2 sa hong kong but not sure yet.ikaw ang mag-ingat super lamig dun!

    • What?!! Are you freakin’ kidding me? KHJ is only big in japan?well that still makes him bigger than the other guy then. And FYI , theres a bigger world outside of your country and KHJ is popular on that . Seriously?who doesn’t know yoon Ji Hoo, he has been one of the reasons why people know more about kpop and thats thru those dramas he was in, maybe not entirely but a big part of it. So If i were you, just be thankful that we actually admire stars from your country. And that through him we non-korean know more about korea and your culture.

  9. We should not doubtful coz he is Lee Jun Ki the most influential Hallyu Star in 2006! Until now his fans is still loyal to him! We should proudly to our idol coz was able to compete with the senior .

    • TTT yes I think so too LJK has a large fan base since he’s a senior actor of KHJ, but the turn out votes last night was real fast that i can’t help but feel doubtful!! Thanks for sharing! TTT Fighting!!

  10. I’m with LK for this one,some of us just coundn’t open the page to vote for the whole of last night and voila!! lJK overtook.isn’t it robot at work! Neverthess,We,Henecians,will never give up,we’ll fight till the end!!! VOTE,VOTE,VOTE ALIENS!!!

    I think that the robots only can work in Korea, I like you to write the link of voting in any writing since now because i was coming back to find the link that you gave 4 or 5 days bafore , I ask you to do as you did with yahoo buzz. Thanks again

  12. There’s a very tight competition between KHJ and LJK fans, both have such loyal fans I believe. From LJK side- in my opinion, Arang and The Magistrate was his first project after finished his military service and I’m sure his fans want him to win this poll. LJK himself personally tweeted about this voting poll to thanks his fans, of course that makes the point increased.. there’s no cheating on this. But at the end… knowing the power of Kim Hyun Joong and his amazing fans, I’m pretty sure he’ll win this poll 🙂 henecian fighting!!!

    • Hello Dragon Girl! Yeah i think I’m now convince since I looked up on Lee Jung Ki and his latest drama, thanks for sharing! But you know what it made me even proud of KHJ because LJK is a veteran, I just found this out, and racing with a veteran is something we fans can be proud of our idol! Thanks for sharing I appreciate this info. Happy New Year!

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