Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WELCOME YEAR

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By: LazerKim             After the spectacular night spent to welcome the new born year 2013, Kim Hyun Joong is on his way back to Seoul as I’m writing this article, as my first one for this year! A crowd of  fans were already at the Nanjing Airport  to see him off before boarding his flight on new year’s day! Hyun Joong was wearing the same coat and muffler as he arrived in China yesterday, now he’s just about to leave the big crowd of Chinese fans who are completely mesmerized by his presence last night that I feel like singing One Night Only!

For a brief recap, last night at the Jiangsu New Year’s Eve Presentation 2013 Hyun Joong came back to the stage to join the other performing artists in the count down minutes before 12 midnight. Hyun Joong was stunning in his tuxedo and as usual he outshines again as the most handsome and brightest star of the night on stage! Hyun Joong greeted the other Kpop groups who were also at there on stage with him.

Some stage effects were shown during the count down, that to me looks like a UFO coming down from the sky reminded me of the Uzoosin God of the Universe as it exploded presenting the new born year 2013! I can’t help think that indeed the Prince of Universe Kim Hyun Joong is there on stage and shall be sending another explosive episode on his career life for 2013!

I think this is the way that Hyun Joong welcomes the New Year as he initially rock the stage of China and shall begin his first explosive performance of the year in Japan! The ball shall start rolling on January 6, 2013 meeting his Japanese fans for his concert series as another image of a rocker shall be on stage.



Last night, in my country there were loud fire crackers and fire works display in the sky for full 30 minutes from 11:45 pm to 12:15 am as sign of the yearly count down to open up the New Year with a bang! I watched Hyun Joong’s video clip during the count down scene and I was wondering, what could be in his mind for 2013? Although his lay out plan for the year had been revealed, to start off with the concert series in Japan, towards the end year he’s planning to pursue with world tour concert. But he specifically stated he would like to greet his fans as an actor.

I was so relieved to hear from him about mentioning intention in pursuing as an actor, which means there’s still hope for City Conquest to be aired. I do not want to forget this and I would like us to be reminded about it. This morning as I woke up to greet the first day of new year, a group from the Latin America posted a video clip last night December 31st signifying their demands on City Conquest, that I would like to support. As I was watching the video I was smiling big, that it somehow gave me the impression that it may be their way of making noise to welcome the New Year, that I find it interesting!

For me it’s a good reminder that City Conquest is meant to be aired this year 2013, it’s a hanging project of Hyun Joong, it’s his come back drama and apparently it is important to him and of course this drama is important to all of us his fans. I think this is gonna be our first assignment for the year!! We may be enjoying Hyun Joong as he present himself to us in every activities he has, but let us not forget that there is still unfinished business that KBS and CC production management that has to be settled. Let’s just be aware whatever surrounds Kim Hyun Joong.



Am I reading this right? At Incheon Airport on Hyun Joong’s arrival from China this afternoon, there was a crowd of fans and had mobbed him!! Well, this is something new and first time did I ever have read such incident at any airport in Korea! We have seen such scenario in China, Japan and other Asian countries but never in Korea and this is the first time! I can only speculate that this day is holiday in Korea so fans have their chances to see him at the airport since Hyun Joong has lesser activity events in Korea.

And the fact his hanging drama project which was suppose to be his come back drama was blocked by KBS, so what do we expect? His Korean fans are so eager to have him on screen but giving him a hard time to have that chance! I wouldn’t wonder if his handlers would place him in other countries where liberty is given to have his activities most welcome. Come to think of it, among the other Asian airports security has always been tighter whenever he visits other countries but never in Incheon or Gimpo Airport. Now we have witness how he was being mobbed by his Korean fans. Does this mean anything?

But as I have watched the video clip, I think Hyun Joong is alright, it’s just that there was a bigger crowd of fans surrounding him even outside the airport lobby, although the volume of fans being at the Incheon Airport today was a bit unusually crowded. But Hyun Joong was concerned with the fans who were there being squeezed in by the crowd telling them to be careful. There may be security lapses at Incheon Airport, simply because this crowd was unexpected.



In short, Hyun Joong’s popularity should not be under estimated anymore, whether in his home country or other Asian countries and beyond! Can you imagine Hyun Joong is a Korean and yet his Korean fans are watching him from afar? I can understand how his Korean Fans may feel, but this isn’t Hyun Joong’s fault. In fact, Hyun Joong can be anywhere he is most welcome. Then I hope the Korean showbiz industry can understand this fact that Hyun Joong’s popularity continue to grow by volume everyday!

At the Weibo (Chinese Site) it was said that Hyun Joong’s followers are increasing rapidly which is at over 2 Million followers already! Every time Hyun Joong has an official visit to China, his Weibo account increases its number of followers which only shows that indeed his fans are really growing in such huge numbers! Hyun Joong shall be back to Japan within this week to perform his Japan Tour Concert series and this time sincerely do hope his Japanese fans would be given the chance to catch up with Hyun Joong, specially those who have been active in sharing updates.

However, let us always remember in every Hyun Joong’s event activities, his comfort and protection should be priority. Over excitement of any fan may lead to discomfort both to Hyun Joong and to the other fans. Being just relax in taking his pictures and avoiding being squeezed in or pushing each other, we can have a better view of him and enjoy the view of welcoming him or seeing him off at any airport or anywhere Hyun Joong may be.



As we welcome the year with open arms and being with Kim Hyun Joong at his side all year round is such a joy in collecting another chain of memories with the Prince. Just like last year Hyun Joong started with a huge explosion in Japan, he’ll again start this year hopping the cities of Japan! We have so much to look forward to that no matter how far he may be from some of us, there is always a way of keeping him near to us. This is another year filled with excitements as it has always been where ever Hyun Joong is.

We keep up with our support to Hyun Joong all year round as our journey continue in another phase of Hyun Joong’s career life for this year. He been preparing for the series of concerts that will bring another set of surprises for his fans to start up with the year. At the same time I sincerely do hope his hanging drama project would soon come to light and confirm its airing date. I’m sure majority of Hyun Joong fans are still eager to see him on dramas and we’ll not give up.

This is all I have for this new year’s first day, it’s really great to have Hyun Joong with us on this day, that will inspire us again to begin with his new episode with us being at his side all the time and in any place. Kim Hyun Joong shall always be in our hearts. May we all have a joyful year with him and start collecting our pieces of memories with our ONLY ONE! Happy New Year 2013!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!



5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WELCOME YEAR

  1. Hey LazerKim. Happy New Year. I hope your holidays (vacation) went well. And Happy New Year to all the other readers. How did everyone celebrate their Xmas/New Year?

    By the way did anyone hear the rumour that CC would air on KBS (or was it KBS2 or something?) after School 5 (2013) ends? I read it on FB but can’t make any sense of it as I have not found any reliable resources which could have been the backing evidence. Let me know what you guys think.

    Let’s make 2013 the best year yet for Hyun Joong sshi. GO KHJ!!! ^^

  2. Please vote for KHJ at , the score from the second rank is not far away. Just go to the link and move down to HJ face. Clink at the point , when the point is green , move down to confirm at the button line before the comments. Choose this one 투표 하 기 , after this the result of the score will show up. Wait for 40 minute to do a new vote. Please hurry up, the second rank is coming close.

  3. Happy New Year Lazerkim ..
    Thank you so much for your Article..
    I’m one of his fans who’s far away..
    So I every time I read UR article to know more about him..
    As like you I really like him…
    I just can support him by watching him for far..!!
    Some time I regret..
    Why I’m here in a far away and poor country…
    Why I’m not in Korea same place as like him…
    But what can I do..
    I just only can watching him and hope he’ll coming to Indonesia someday…

  4. Happy new year ms lk. I just finished reading about the mob incident on another blog n here it is already on yours. Good job friend..I wasvwondering what you would comment and viola!!
    I was quite suprised to read about hj being mobbed…@ incheon? Seriouslly now. I can only think of one reason. That fans in korea are really eager for his comeback n i tottally agree with you that his popularity is growing by leaps n bounds. What a way to start off the new year. Go hj

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