Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WORK PASSION

By: LazerKim            In 2010 when Kim Hyun Joong moved in to his new agent KeyEast his first project was his come back drama Playful Kiss and during the period this drama was in the process of filming, he had a video interview titled First Love. Hyun Joong talks about himself and his complex traits that had caught my attention or might have missed some parts of getting to know him better.

We still do not have updates about him, so might as well read straight from him and know more about the Kim Hyun Joong. Some of you might have watched his interviews specially this particular one First Love Bali, taken in 2010 when he just moved to KeyEast, I think this was his first video interview made for his Japanese fans. But nevertheless let’s talk about some portions from the interview and for the new fans, here another chance of getting to know the guy. This first portion had caught my attention as Hyun Joong stated: 

Many fans say that my eyes are charming, I’m not sure if they say seriously or as a joke.  Anyway they say shinning stars glitter in my eyes. I have complex in terms of everything I tend to be overly worried when next schedule is not fixed. I can not speak well in front of many people and I am shy in front of unknown person. These are my complex.

However I can change my inferiority complex. I have some gray hair. The fact that in my age I must dye my hair that stressed me. When in concerts after completing make-up, hair-do and costume I see myself in the mirror right before I went to stages, I used to think I am handsome.

LazerKim View Point:

First and foremost what caught my attention in this interview is the fact that Hyun Joong has natural gray hair which I believe is hereditary, it runs from the family. So this explains why he has to frequently change the color of his hair. Honestly, for a change I would like to see him in salt and pepper natural hair color! Richard Gere, a Hollywood star look so handsome in his natural salt and pepper hair color. It adds zest and sex appeal in his manliness for whatever reason, he looks handsome in it!! I’m just curious how it would appear to Hyun Joong to have his natural hair color, which I think we have not seen in him!

I think Hyun Joong doesn’t know that he has such a beautiful pair of eyes that sparks specially whenever he smiles. I like the way he talks, even i could not understand what he’s talking about but I like the tone of his voice. Most of all, I like it whenever he commits a mistake, i like the expression in his face and whenever he laugh, the guy is just something! his eyes laughs with him too! I like it whenever he plays with his lips like his mannerism making such expression with his lips!! Oh yes whenever he’s shy, he blush like a child and his eyes simply twinkles!!

Hyun Joog was saying he is quite shy to speak in front of people who are strangers to him.  The video interview was taken in 2010, and as I have we have watched series of his interviews from that time on, we can see his consistent candid honesty in his every interviews. Although I can see the difference somehow in terms of confidence in Hyun Joong. Yes it’s not easy to be in front of different media personnel who are totally strangers to Hyun Joong specially whenever he goes overseas.

Strange language, strange place, strange people, it’s a total stress for someone who is a star to be interviewed in front of the media. But as time goes by Hyun Joong starts to develop that confidence. And to add up, being himself made it even easier for his to face these strangers. I would say the only difference with his interviews back home and overseas of course, back home he is quite comfortable that he always joke around during interviews unlike to being interviewed by foreigners of cause. But let’s not forget, back home he also had the chance to be as guest emcee of some shows or event and he did great as a guest emcee on those events.

Hyun Joong talks about his complex traits and one of those gave me the impression of a worrier! I can see myself again! A worrier specially in his work I may be considered to be having a well-organized work pattern that he strictly follows. I remember in watching him from his documentary, as he started to take charge of his fan meeting production, that every single details in this project, he personally handles, even the souvenirs details to be given to his fans was within his approval. Hyun Joong is a perfectionist by nature and wouldn’t take anything pertaining to his work for granted.

From the technical aspect in the production down to the smallest details connecting himself with his fans, these are all important to Kim Hyun Joong, that he is 100% hands on to any of his projects. I would say a rare concern and passion for a star like himself but he does it. If you remember in his documentary there was a scene in his hotel suite at the middle of the night he was still pre-occupied, holding in his hand the show sequence for the following day at Yokohama arena, just checking out details on how the concert should run down.

I may say this is unusual for a star artist, because he has more than a dozen production staffs to worry about those details and yet here he was at the middle of the night, needless to say the obvious Hyun  Joong is worrying about his work and making sure everything is place before the concert. What a passion this guy got!! He must be very excited to spend sleepless nights, since Yokohama was his first concert this year held in Japan! This may be normal to any artist but his passion with his work is just remarkable!

I’m sure we have seen some video clips during his studio rehearsals and his technical rehearsals done on actual stage a day before his performance. What Hyun Joong has in this production is just a stage set director who takes care of the stage lights, lasers, and technical sounds. The rest it’s Hyun Joong call! Prior to the actual performance, a dress technical rehearsal takes place, it’s like the actual performance without the audience. This rehearsals shall be video recorded, after which, Hyun Joong and his set designer check out on the stage lights which is computerized and make the necessary changes.

Preparation for a two-hour concert takes months and a lot of hard work on the part of Hyun Joong since he’ll be doing the concert by himself. He may have a group of back up pro dancers but they are just there to fill in the huge stage. But basically it’s only Hyun Joong who take control of the entire concert and takes control of a huge audience which is most capable of doing so. Every time I watch his rehearsal video clips and these pictures taken during his rehearsals, I can feel his fatigue, and can’t help ask myself, is this how it is to be a fan, that one can develop certain attachment to someone who barely know me or any of his fans.

And yet we worry about him, we do feel how much we care for him and maybe to a certain extent as to wishing to see how he is during his rehearsals and bring him even just a bottle of water or energy drink!! At times I do have that certain thoughts just like a friend whom we care about. Then I would just think, Hyun Joong is happy with what he is doing, that no matter how physically stannous it might be, his work is his life, it is where he belongs and it where his dreams are. Other than the fact that he does his work having his fans as his inspiration and his ultimate strength in moving forward.

Update news on Military Enlisting: 

My apology if I may interrupt your reading about the topic, but while I am writing this article, a news update from twitter just came in not concerning about Hyun Joong though. Leeteuk leader of Super Junior and my favorite among the members was enlisted and shall enter the military gates next month. Oh my God, times like this when we barely hear from Hyun Joong and reading news like this from other celeb just pushes me to be reminded about Hyun Joong’s future!! Why does it feels like an ordeal for me that every time I read news about other celeb get enlisted to the military training!!

Now I’m getting worried, because all I know Korean government shall make that protocol or shall oblige, whatever you call it, when men reaches the age 30yrs old to be enlisted. But I seem to notice these young celebrities are getting enlisted without turning 30yrs old yet. I was made to believe the celebs are doing it voluntarily to be enlisted, am I right? If not then what if the government just call on Hyun Joong at this young age of his? I honestly hope I was right to believe in accordance to the Korean law pertaining to the mandatory military training as men submit themselves when they reach the age 30yrs old.

Although Leeteuk turned 29yrs old last July this year, he still has one year to go before he can get enlisted. I’m not a fan of Leeteuk but maybe I just feel sad by the thoughts what if it’s Hyun Joong’s turn to get enlisted? My apology but no matter how I try to divert my mind to this article’s topic, I just kept getting to this direction about military enlistment! Oh my!! Hyun Joong still has a lot of plans lay out before he gets to the gates of the military camp! Why do I always have this thoughts whenever he’s in his cocoon! I remember sometime in March, this was also the talks at the twitter until I even wrote an article about this!!

It’s funny a fan asked me, what should we do when the time comes Hyun Joong has to get in to his training, I can’t help but feel sad just by the thought of it!! And whenever some fans would mention the word military training, for some reasons my mind just run wild with playing imaginations that I would put up a tent within the vicinity of the military camp bring with me some gadget like a telescope, a radar system and of course Baygon spray, or insect repellant!! Bring a laptop with me of course, so that I can still write articles about the guy and his military life inside the camp!! Gosh!! I can’t just imagine a life without Kim Hyun Joong!! Where is he by the way!! LOL

Oh well, this won’t happen at least not until after three year and a half, and Hyun Joong had planned his career future before we can see him off to the military gates!! And so I’ll be off too, to build my tent, close down my desk top computer and bring a laptop with me and get myself settled outside the camp!!. For those who would like to join me in my tent, you are welcome to join me!! Oh please bring your own food and don’t forget, Baygon!! Hey wake up!! It’s just a nightmare, Kim Hyun Joong is just around, he’s not going anywhere yet!!

This is all I have for today, and what a way to end this article!! LOL… nightmare!! Well for a change just to break the ice of boredom!! At this time Kim Hyun Joong must be at the shooting location site, wherever he may be, work is always his priority in life.

Having a high degree of determination, dedication and Work Passion, there is no doubt Kim Hyun Joong deserves to be up to the top of stardom…

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!!


21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WORK PASSION

  1. [Translation] Sol Ceci – Hi! I don’t know how to write in english but I’m able to understand any kind of eng written text. I love your articles. I don’t read them all now, but I used to do that before coming to the conclusion of how addictive is KHJ (Razor’s note: bad girl e.e). I stopped a bit, not sure of replying but when I read this article and you mentioned what it is that makes you love him my face was like ‘bingo, that’s exactly what I like about him’. It’s obvious that I’m not the only one under his spell, his charming voice, his voice, his mannerisms, his lips, his smile, the way he walks & dances. I never had a weibo or email acc before becoming a HJ fan! No single day passes by that I don’t think about him. It’s way obvious that I’m not the only one who worries to death about the time he’ll have to enlist. I don’t even want to think about it… it makes me feel sad and lonely. Noo! Thx for always sharing updates and info about him! Kisses (Razor’s note: thx god my fingers are magically fast on smartphones… I posted this trans about 5 hrs ago but WordPress hates me and made my reply disappear)

    • Oh poor girl!! Thank you so much for doing this you’re an angel always!! LOL my apology in behalf of WP they make up ghosts!! LOL Oh I’m so relieved now that sol knows she’s not alone. I know exactly how she feels because I’ve been there, and that’s what this blog site for, letting others know they are not alone in their thoughts and feel about Hyun Joong!!
      Thank you dear! Are you ok now? Have you been taking your medicines? and you should take a lot of fluids, oh I’m sure you know all of these since you’re having a healthy life style. Now take care ok? Love you girl!! Get well soon!! Gracias senorita!! that’s all I know in Spanish!! LOL magic word!

  2. Hola no se escribir en ingles pero puedo enterderlo y me encantan tus articulos no los leo todos ahora pero antes si cuando me di cuenta de cuan adictivo es Kimy los deje un poco, dudaba en escribirte pero cuando lei este articulo y mencionaste lo que te gustaba de el ni te imaginas la cara que puse algo asi de “eso tambien me gusta a mi como supiste” pero es obvio no soy la unica hechizada por sus encantos , su voz, sus gestos, sus labios, su sonrisa, como camina tambien me gusta como baila me gusta todo de el y no puedo creerlo es la primera vez que me pasa que hasta me hice una cuenta en weibo y nisiquiera tenia email antes de conocerlo y ahi fue cuando me hechizo no hay un dia en que no piense en el cualquier cosa me lo recuerda y me saca una sonrisa no puedo entender de todo este sentimiento …… hace unos dias andaba toda ilusionada pensando que habia leido mi mensaje donde decia que le habia escrito una cancion,…….. es obvio que ya estoy loca bueno me alegra no ser la unica con respecto al dia en que tenga que ir al servicio militar no quiero ni pensar acerca de ello me da tanta tristeza y un sentimiento de soledad… nooooooo bueno gracias por compartir lo que sabes besos.

  3. LK! Ahhhh, I have fantasized about his military time wondering if he will be able to receive visitors. If my plans go according to schedule, I should be in Korea by then teaching English. I have thoughts of going to visit Hyun Joong for lessons while he is in the service! It would be the perfect time for him to focus on getting his English perfect so he can hit the world by storm when he gets finished with his 2 years! Who knows… maybe I will visit you in your tent and hang out before going inside to give him his lesson!

    I don’t know if the S. Korean military would allow that, but it is a nice dream! LOL!

    • LOL yeah good idea!! That can be the best time for him to have his english lessons! You’re welcome in my tent we can have bar BQ picnic!! Dreams are free anyway, for as long as we wake up on time for breakfast!! LOL

  4. Lk, at times like this when there is no news abt khj, the thought of him going to the army thing is the worst nrws ever…sob..sob. Please no more abt the army thing…

    • Now I promise never read about military updates anymore!! LOL I get surprise that so many young celebs decides to get in to military!! Now i”m getting curious what’s inside!!!
      Thanks and Have a nice day….take care!! see you again!!

  5. He doesn’t know how gorgeous he is ❤ That makes even more beautiful. I wish HJ could choose between doing the military serv. and social service, like in other parts of the world but I'm sure in SKorea you can't do that 😦 I'm sorry Lazermom, I'm a hard-headed chick xD Couldn't help but to read and reply to your article. You know, I always look for any gray hair when I see pics of HJ and believe me, I've found a couple of pics xD Have a nice day everybody! cough cough .-.

    • Ahh I got an idea, since you’re so uncontrollable even you’re sick, here’s a good idea….stare at HJ’s pictures!! Have you called Dr. Yoon yet? Razor what have you done to yourself when you attended Junsu’s concert?? Did you scream a lot?? Now you take care, visit Dr. Yoon take a lot of rest and fluids. Now start running those photos of Hyun joong on your monitor!!! It will help you relax! Have a good rest dear!! Get well soon!!

      • Scream? nope. I don’t scream. I’m a very calm person actually (except when it comes to laughing) I hated all the girls at Junsu’s concert for screaming so loud! I don’t get why they get so hysterical ._. I wouldn’t even scream for HJ so… Instead I was talking about his clothing with with my sis xD saying how bad it was compared to what HJ wears when he performs lol I guess the venue was too hot and then when it was finished it was too cold outside ._. Well yeah, I’ve been staring at HJ pics. Especially to this pic where he is eating an apple xd but I swear, I only read your article yesterday… I couldn’t bear holding a laptop at all x.x Couldn’t even stare at my smartphone for more than 5 minutes x.x But I guess I’ll get better xD I do hope so :3

        • o oh! Razor I hope you’re feeling better, take your medication ok? That’s a good girl!! LOL I appreciate your honesty, like idol like fan!!
          Razor I hope you won’t mind, if you’re feeling I would like to ask favor from you, I need your expertise, please translate for us at the first comment box up there. my readers not only read the article but the comment boxes too. Thanks you’re an angel always!! Again please do this if you are already feeling better,if not leave it some other time. Get well soon!!

  6. It is my understanding that the celebs have til they are 30 to join. They can join at any age but 30 is the MUST age before the military comes calling. I use to joke that the guys of SS501 would join together and KHJ would make them do his job … after all he is the “leader” of the group jajajaaaa. I have a feeling KHJ will join when he 30 cuz he has sooooooooooooo many plans that he will need those 2 yrs to rest 😉

    • LOL, I have never about that having HJ & his members inside the camp together. Shindong of Super Junior was saying he does not want to go together with Leeteuk in the military, because Leeteuk is SJ leader if they go together Leeteuk is still gonna be his leader!! Now I got the same thought with HJ if ever he gets in with his members!! LOL
      Yeah I agree with you I think he will maximize his time considering his career plans… Thank you laura and see you again! Take care have a nice day!

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