Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN ENCOUNTER

By LazerKim:         I was going over my article file searching for some info from my previous articles, and I came across an article which I believe had been in my file for ages!! This article had been my first few ones when I was still starting to write. Kim Hyun Joong came to my country last year in August, I know nothing about him as yet, during this period last year I was in the stage of recovering from my accident. It was in late October when I first followed Hyun Joong, so I would think that time he was in my country it wasn’t time yet. 

During his recent Asia Tour fan meeting, many of his fans have different experience and stories to tell about their encounter with Kim Hyun Joong. Fans do share those memorable fan meeting with him and kept locked in our hearts forever unforgettable. This story I am about to write is an experience from a non-fan as she encountered for the first time with Hyun Joong, she had a funny story too reading from her blog!! I asked her if I can relate her story here, and she gave me blessings to do so, but just for the record I wrote this article as the first few ones at the beginning of this year, that I have to post just for the record. Here it goes.

I read an interesting blog that I would like to share with you. The blogger is Ms. Agent P, as she relayed her story on how she encountered seeing the Alien Prince Kim Hyun Joong for the first time at the High five Event in August 2011. Agent P clearly stated in her blog that she’s not a Kim Hyun Joong fan, but she attended the event just to have a topic to write in her blog.

As expected the mall where Hyun Joong held the event was full packed and there’s a long line of fans waiting outside the mall to get in. Agent P experienced the long hours of falling in line to get into the venue and for long hours of standing in a crowded area while waiting for Hyun Joong to appear before his fans. It was quite a odeal for her considering she’s not a fan, and yet she was forced to be there, to endure the long hours of waiting, while she squeezed herself into the crowd to get a good view of the stage, just for the sake of blog!!!

While waiting, she overheard from some fans talking, as a man in black short hair was coming on stage, some fans screamed thinking that man was Kim Hyun Joong! Agent P said, “I’m not a fan, but I know Hyun Joong had already changed the color of his hair from black to blonde, how come his fans doesn’t know that!!” I laughed at that, I was thinking maybe those fans were not internet active!!

Finally, Hyun Joong got on stage, as expected his fans screamed and cheered as he appeared and started the High Five Event as the fans were prepared in a long line to go up on stage for a high-five with Hyun Joong, while Agent P took pictures and was just observing as the event transpired. In her blog there was no description of her being star stuck with Hyun Joong what so ever, but had her was attention on stage as she watched the fans and Hyun Joong’s every move.

After that event, the following day, she had a strange feeling with sudden urge to sneak out from work, to go and see Hyun Joong again, since there’s another similar event in another venue. Agent P again, emphasized that she’s not a fan of Hyun Joong to be tortured as what she had experienced the first time she saw him. And yet that strong urge to go and see him again was so irresistible. She then asked herself “do I love Kim Hyun Joong (or blogging) this much to submit myself to this kind of torture again for the second day straight?” 

Agent P was recalling the other small details, that she failed to include in her blog. She was remembering Hyun Joong’s smile, that never faltered, even if he was already being violated by over-zealous fans and a pry mantis as she described one of the fans who attempt to hug Hyun Joong with over excitement of seeing him!!

She remembered how Hyun Joong looked at every single fan straight to their eyes, as he thank them for coming over to the event. She remembered that whenever someone drops something, usually a gift that was passed onto him in a rush, Hyun Joong would quickly take the initiative, to pick it up by himself. Unlike other celeb, would let their manager or PA to pick it up instead.

She remembered Hyun Joong pulling a little girl, who had already on her way down to the stage, just so he could have a photo with her. She remembered every single moment as the event transpired and that smile of Kim Hyun Joong that kept haunting her. This was how Agent P remembered Hyun Joong, in small details which is unusual for a celeb like him. And probably something she will always remember about Kim Hyun Joong.

After the event, Agent P read some articles about Hyun Joong, and so far there was not a single negative comment about him. Actually Agent P had a not so good experience with other Korean celebs and their managers that she considered snob, that she wanted to cast out from her mind. She said, she’s happy that Hyun Joong and his entourage sited a good example that not all Korean stars are divas.

I borrowed this story coming from a none fan who is not a KHJ bias at all, and had experienced seeing Hyun Joong in person. I have watched a lot of Hyun Joong’s video clips, read a lot of news articles from local magazines, from other blogger’s write ups about their experience of meeting Kim Hyun Joong, and I couldn’t find any negative comment about their encounter with him nor his staffs so far.

Other people do criticize his ability as an artist, but no one dares to criticize his personality, although I’m not saying he’s perfect. Simply because they could not see anything negative about his attitude or if there may be, it’s tolerable and funny!! Specially every time he commits a mistake, anyone would just laugh it out, because he’s cute when he commits mistake!! Like this photo below, he actually dismantled the microphone, and this incident was not the first time he did it!!! Is this one of his 4D personality attack??

There’s another incident in China when he was still with his group doing the same messing up with the microphone on stage while the media and his fans are in front of him, then he said he was just looking at the microphone just to see what they use in China!! Then again he did it during a press conference, it’s the microphone that Hyun Joong has always been curious about, and I think he does it every where!! LOL

I wrote an article titled “Darling of the Press”, and indeed Hyun Joong is loved by the press people from home and overseas, for what he is in reality, in unvarnished personality that rarely be found in other top celeb. Even the media is being drawn to Hyun Joong, nowadays you’ll see his photos in many prestigious glossy magazines and in newspaper both at home and other foreign countries.

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with a very handsome physique, that anyone can be captured at first sight. If not, he’ll just be around you lingering in your mind, until you hear a lot of his stories, and the more you get to know him, the more you’ll get close to him, until such time you get addicted to him. Most of Hyun Joong fans may have different stories to tell on how they met Kim Hyun Joong, but there’s one common ground among them, they get addicted to him, including myself!!

 Ms Agent P is one lucky girl to have experienced a moment with Kim Hyun Joong, even she was just standing there observing the movements of Hyun Joong and his fans, that she herself was not even a fan of his, but indeed, Hyun Joong left her a good impression about him. And I truly appreciate Agent P’s effort though it was torturous experience, had shared that moment with her readers, specially to Kim Hyun Joong fans!!

I for one, while reading her blog, it feels as if I was actually there with her sharing her funny ordeal of long hours of waiting for Hyun Joong!! But for every fan who were there, it must be a great joy and unforgettable experience to be cherished. Fans from the Philippines is still looking forward for his return back to Manila for the third time around! And every visit shall always be remembered by his fans, the media, and other local celeb who were mesmerized by Kim Hyun Joong. Even our local celebrities became his fans as described him as a real Prince!!

I asked Agent P if she has decided to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Then she said, if I’ll be fan of any Kpop idol, I might not able to criticize them!! She said she’s lucky for not being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I was wondering why she said it, then suddenly the word ADDICT popped into my mind and smiled. A magic net of Kim Hyun Joong cast to anyone who might be caught may surely find it hard to get away from the spell of being addicted to the Alien Prince himself!!

There are times in our lives, an unexpected moment happened that leaves a simple memory that in the future you wouldn’t know you’ll come across the same person as how you remembered him the first encounter you had. I did not recognize Hyun Joong when I first saw him, all I can remember was his kindness to his production staffs. And after two years, here I am writing about him with the humble confidence how great our Prince is and by just being himself as a star artist and as person in reality.

I can only admit to myself I was caught by the magic net too just like anyone else among his fans. Do I regret it? Not a single moment did I regret knowing Kim Hyun Joong as a person. A great inspiration for I found more about myself and have seen what I seem to ignore around me in my past. Is he my mentor? No doubt as he push me here in front of you to tell you more about him, that is so irritable that I can only smile with joy writing about him as I bring him to you!!

An encounter with the Alien Prince Kim Hyun Joong, may just be in a glimpse, but his smile will always remain in our hearts. That’s the magic of Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!   Agent P Headquarters thanks!



7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN ENCOUNTER

  1. Sad to say i dont have a khj encounter story huhuhu! . But how i wish i could have one someday… hoping that in time of his next visit to philippines i am there. Ms lazerkim hope to meet you in person along with ms blue ribbon ang babaeng naliligaw lol!

    • hahaha i have a new name now…ang babaeng naliligaw ng blog! dont worry hanz pasusundo kita kekeke, kasi may usapan na kami ni ms LK na once bumalik si hj go ms LK may new name din ang babaeng nawawala kasi hnd sinsagot ung email q hahaha!

  2. Thank for the article.
    My love to HJ grows day by day.
    So proud to be his fan, specially when I see the sale number of other member’s album.

  3. Interesante su punto of view xD haha Argh, this sorethroat just came back x.x He casted such a powerful spell on me D: it’s scary! xD I asked a Xia Junsu fan if she knew who KHJ was and she said she remembered his name but not his face ._. Poor her xD You know, Xia held a concert.. a ‘concert’ xd Wtf HJ held fanmeetings that were 100 times better and still he thought they didn’t deserve the title of ‘concerts’. Gosh, u girls are so lucky to have him there often. Don’t ever miss a chance to see him perform! Skip work if needed haha xD HJ in his FMs performed many hit songs while Xia just had 2 .-. I love how HJ thinks lots before doing anything and… I’m proud of him for not being like Big Bang’s Seungri hahahaha xD ._. (went off-topic xd) Lazer…Town hahaha xD Have a nice day!

  4. HE IS RIGHT to be loved,HE is our darling boy, DARLING OF UNIVERSE…miss HIM soooo much…how sis? Ah…’ wait and pray’ is the the answer isn’t? Thanks LK for this dose,god bless…see you again sis.

    • As i re-read this article before posting it, I can’t help wonder did Agent P, the person who related this story end up to be HJ’s fan? Or did she deliberately stayed away from ending up as a HJ fan?? How i wish she could read this article and share further.
      The Darling of the Universe, wow this is really so nice and i never doubt the title suits him the best since HJ is indeed a darling for all of us *sigh* i miss him too!!
      See you again sis, hey take care, have a nice day!!

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