Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MOST POPULAR

By: LazerKim          At last! Kim Hyun Joong was spotted at the Jaksal Restaurant washing the dishes!! For the new fans who may not have known as yet, Hyun Joong is the CEO of this chain restaurant. And here he goes washing the dishes, I would assume the restaurant must be busy and he took the initiative to help his staffs. It somehow gives me the impression he took a break from City Conquest  shooting which I’m glad if he did. An owner of a chain restaurant has no shame to help his own staff as he humbles himself to be at the back door and work. That’s Kim Hyun Joong!! A Kpop Solo Star tagged as the hottest idol and Most Popular.

A fan emailed me, shared a write-up and requested for my point of view.  I actually wrote an article pertaining to Kpop idols in general which talks about lip sync. This time it’s still about Kpop in general talks about talent versus popularity. As we are all aware the growing global popularity of Kpop music and idols or the Hallyu stars that can not be denied no matter how one can keep it from the public eye, that the fact Hallyu stars are becoming globally competitive.

But what makes these Korean stars, their music and dramas to be popular in this present generation? In my other article I mentioned about the changing time and trend in the show production and the showbiz industry particularly the Korean showbiz. I admit, I’m very much impress on how Korean agents groom and promote their managing artists. And this is their basic role in producing new artists or even the experienced artists who are already at the lime light, aside from providing project contracts to their artists.

As an agent there are definite criteria in choosing their managing artists as first timers, first is beauty, second talent, third personality character, forth formal talent training, educational background (not necessarily college graduate). These are the most important criteria, and as you notice, beauty comes first, and this is reality in every artist agency whether we accept it or not. Although there are special cases for artist who have superb talents. May I just clarify that this is the current trend of this generation.

In the past years maybe times when your mom and dad were still dating, artist’s talent matters the most, in fact in-born talents were on trend in talent scouting followed by the artist’s outlook. Like for instance the legendary Michael Jackson who grew up with that in-born talent which unfortunately became obsessed by his looks as he matured. In the past generations, recording artists were the famous ones. The artists releases their recorded albums or singles before they are being shown to the public. For me it’s like a way of testing the water.

I’m not saying they were less competitive or less experienced since they do perform in small pubs, and nightclubs before they hit the recording studios. During those times in rating an artists, talent was the priority in choosing, if the artist has the beauty then he or she has the edge. As time goes by, the trend was slowly changing. Oh I remember, Madonna who is another legend, during her time there were better artists with superb talent than she had and Madonna doesn’t have that much caliber when she started but until at this time she’s still famous! What she had was a blonde beauty.

Another classic example is the famous of all time Marilyn Monroe. It was said she could barely act nor sing but she has the beauty of a goddess that made her famous among the female Hollywood stars. Unfortunately, she passed away during her peak and was not able to have the chance to develop her talent further. These classic facts are just example that shows even in the past generation, the physical aspect of an artist can bring him or her in the lime light towards the stardom. Madonna improved a lot in her singing and acing ability as she matures that made her stay on top of the stardom.

And so in bringing this classic facts of the past generation, it shows that beauty can even conquer more popularity than talent. Simple because talent can be acquired and develop in time. Saying the Kpop artists are just visual artists, fine, but what’s new? Even in the past generation we already had it in Hollywood, which dominates the showbiz industries worldwide. Because in reality, what we see is what we first appreciate and this is humanly normal. I may say jokingly, it’s easier to develop talent than fixing the physiques of a person that can be a health risk and personal attitude which is the hardest to change!!

There are a lot of talent schools in any country I believe, where artists can be developed therefore talent in dancing, singing, acting, ect. can be acquired and that is a reality. Artist Agents do hire singing trainers, acting coaches, dance instructors, and choreographers to train and develop their artists. In South Korea, agents allot at least two years of rigid training, grooming for their artists and that’s their job. Nowadays, in choosing artist, the agents lean on beauty comes first or if not the artist’s stage appeal or the X factor being a performer.

I read about the history of Rain, he is indeed very talented and admitted he struggled when he started in his career simply because he doesn’t have that looks. He did not rely on immediate remedy on his looks, he stayed as he was and eventually made it to the lime light. Actually Rain is not that bad looking, that’s why I was wondering why he said he had a hard time in getting to his first agent because of his looks. He may not have that angelic face but he has that strong appeal that one can not disregard or ignore. He is so manly sexy I just like the way he carries himself, and he’s very modest apart from his physique that I like from him as an artist and as person in reality.

Hyun Joong had an opposite experience from Rain though, so this is a totally contrast, as Hyun Joong was accepted by DSP his previous agent before he can sing or play his guitar. On different opposite situation, both stars from different generation made it to stardom. The shows and concerts that the Kpop idols performs is the result of innovated production where we can watch these stars singing at the same time dancing to their own music produced which I truly appreciate regardless of their looks. But the entire show package as I watch their concerts and honestly I was surprised by their ability to sing and dance at the same time and most of all the music Kpop produced, regardless of the language, Korean pop music indeed is well accepted in the global market.

Someone from Korea said, Kpop idols are not as popular as they seem to be among the local Koreans!! I was surprised by the remark, although this I consider it hearsay, of course to see is to believe and so what are those video clips of concerts performed by different idols attended by a huge crowd that we watch at YouTube, if this someone is trying to contradict what we see with our own eyes. But I honestly careless whether my idol is popular in Korea his home country or not. . I don’t even care if he’s popular or not because I did not decide to follow my idol just because he is popular but because I like him as an artist and as a person and so far nothing had changed my mind about him.

With what I have read, I believe that Hallyu Stars which I think the Kpop stars are included are made for global entertainment. As Bae Yong Joon the pioneer Hallyu star stated “Spread the beauty of Korea”. Korean artists, their dramas and music are a part of the Korean beauty to be known in the global entertainment industry. This is the goal of every hallyu star as I understand.

Before I followed Kim Hyun Joong, I had a long list of favorites both the Hallyu and the Hollywood including his boss Bae Yong Joon. I collect DVDs at first, and some Korean music which I’m not sure if the singer of the Korean music I collected are popular. I just like those music which are from OST too. I have those from 2004 since the time I have watched Winter Sonata, which was the first Kdrama I have ever watched. After seven years of doing this, I found Kim Hyun Joong and it was ONLY him that I decided to follow one definite star. The more I researched about him the more I was convinced that I am indeed following a deserving artist.

I think I have seen enough in the world of showbiz before I finally landed in the world of Kim Hyun Joong. But why him? Is it because of his popularity? Well, I have seen him first in 2009 that I didn’t even know anything about him, in 2011 when I started following him was only then that I knew he was already popular. Being in this profession, an artist, I should be perfect in my judgement having the knowledge as an artist. But knowing Kim Hyun Joong, I came to realize that it’s not only having perfectly superb talent that matters to be loved by millions.

As that someone from Korea said, there are many Koreans far better than the Kpop idols. But my question is, how come those artists could not make it to the music chart? My apology if we have different views, but we can not ignore the music chart or music billboard as the gauge in weighing how far an album is selling. These are facts, records and not just hearsay. Just take it from the Oricon music chart which is becoming familiar to everyone until at this time Hyun Joong’s Heat is still delivering good revenue results.

Oh the anti Kpop could say, it’s only the fans of these idols who patronize those albums. Precisely, but how can one explain the growing numbers of fans who are patronizing their album?? Isn’t it they came from being a non-fan and eventually focus on one single group or idol to follow? We all started as non-fan of Hyun Joong until such time we have watched him from his dramas, TV shows, and listened to his music before we end up addicted to him. And this is likely to happen on his future fans to be, and I bet you it’s growing in numbers.

 And so for those anti Kim Hyun Joong and anti-Kpop, I think it is rather late to discredit their ability and their popularity. Criticizing and insulting these artists and I mean all of them without exception is just the same as criticizing and insulting their respective fans who are their great supporters. We all have different taste and our individual choice of favorite artists and their music.

Yes, it is right to give chances to those talented artists who are not popular, then their agents has to work on with their promoting schemes and as I have mentioned in my other articles that advertising, promoting plays a very important role in every artist. The public has to be well-informed of their artists existence by providing workable projects. And if this was being done and yet does not sell out to boost their popularity, then where could be the problem lies? Is it not from the artist himself? That we do not know!!

What could be the factors that made these Kpop idols popular? There many factors to name it. Although at this point I can only speak for myself on what I like about Kim Hyun Joong since he’s the only star that followed. In my honest opinion, it’s his good looks, stage appeal, his multiple talents, his being a total performer, over all personality, and personal attitude. If we’re being attracted to an artist for the first time, be it starting from his looks or his talent I still consider his personal attitude as vital too. Watching him through concerts or drama, we start to appreciate his looks and talent. Then we may get a bit further and search for him and find out who he is. This I think can be a gauge whether we stay or stray as his fan.

Kim Hyun Joong was able to maintain his veteran fans from the time before he joined his group SS501 until at present. What made his veteran fans stayed with him all these years? They never strayed, and they remained loyal to him in supporting, protecting and caring for him. Whoever knows him much better than anyone apparently it’s his veteran fans who does. If Hyun Joong has a bad personal attitude I don’t think these people would stay longer. But evidently, they are still with him all these years that can perceive Hyun Joong’s good personal reputation.

I have learned a lot from following Kim Hyun Joong and share what I have learned to the new fans. I have realized it’s more than talent and good looks that makes an artist popular and to stay being popular for long period of time. It’s the totality of being an artist and being a person whom his fans can look up to him. I’m so proud to say I made the right choice whom to follow and support.

We are the proud fans of Kim Hyun Joong who has everything that takes to be star and being globally popular that he is more than deserving to be the brightest star, yet humble as ever….

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!


22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MOST POPULAR

  1. OH! LK! I love this that he’s washing dishes in his restaurant and then signing autographs! It’s so Hyun Joong! Just when I think I couldn’t love him more, he does something else that is so charming and endearing. I have noticed just a few days past from studying his pictures that he has three tiny little moles in his left ear! I think they are so CUTE! *sigh* I am really a lost cause when it comes to him… OH WELL! He changed my life for the better, and I feel no shame in loving even the little moles in his ear! LOL!

  2. Dear LK, as always your write good and nice things, thanks. Just seeing Hj washing the dishes, i never thought that this task can be sexy, but now wow, I mean really WOW, this guy is not only CEO (Chief Executive Officer) but also a big Star and so on….and there he is doing that, you’ve got to love this guy, if only for doing that, but of course for so much more, for the joy he is giving to his fans, for the talented person he is and for his candid approach to so many things. Yes good choice, to be a fan of KHJ. As always love pics (those muscles in the arms – hot, hot…damn hot!) have a nice weekend all:)

  3. That is such a positive image of KHJ washing the dishes at his restaurant. That proves he wants his business to succeed and that he wants the workers to know that he appreciates their contributions to the success of the restaurant….that they are all in the success together.

    I used to work in the office for a very popular American food restaurant chain known for their slogan of “It’s good mood food.” With that chain, everyone in office positions from CEO down to finance and marketing workers all had to work in one of the restaurants for a few hours both when they first started their position and then each year, go back to a restaurant and work 1 day for a few hours. We would go into the restaurants and work drive-through, food preparation or cooking in the kitchen, cleaning, stocking paper/napkins/ice, helping unpack the supply truck deliveries, etc.

    This process was supposed to generate empathy from the office personnel for the people working in the restaurant and for the office personnel to understand the rigors of working the food industry. It also gave you understanding of when you could bother restaurant employees with payroll questions, reporting questions, etc. becaue you understood the demands of their day, the busy times during lunch and dinner hours, improvements the office could make to help the restaurant, etc. Now, I know why food chains routinely give 1 napkin or no napkin (unless you ask) in drive-through orders or why they give you only 1 or 2 packets of ketchup. It affects their food and paper inventory which affects their sales just like how money is generated by the food they actually sell. (I can also tell if the fountain pop machine’s soda is lacking in C02 or syrup if the soda or tea is tasting funny/bad. I often surprise restaurant workerss when I give them this knowledge that their machine needs syrup or C02 changed and I have to explain where I got my knowledge of fountain pop machine malfunctions. LOL)

    If KHJ periodically works there and monitors activity within the restaurant, this helps him determine if additional staffing is needed, what building and appliance upgrades are needed, what practices could be improved to save money concerning food, paper supplies, utilities, cleaning processes, etc. Kudos to KHJ taking an active involvement in his business.

    • Thanks for sharing, I’m also a graduate of Hotel & Restaurant management. But today’s article talks about Kpop. HJ was simply doing the dishes in the photo just an update breaking new!! The main topic is Kpop.

  4. Hi LK,

    Thanks so much for the article.
    We share many of same opinions here. You said it so well. It’s so enjoyable to read your article.

    Well, I like to share something here .When I was student I did not care about any pop- stars I only listen to so call good singers and admire their talent . My interest then was in something else. I even criticized my sisters and others who enjoyed following their favorite pop-stars I thought they were wasting time with nonsense thing. In my student-hood I had never been in any paid pop-concerts only attended concert that organized inside university just to enjoyed my time with friends.

    When I looked back now I realize I was such a hard-head narrow mind girl who think I was a smarter and better then others . It’s a shame. I was too rigid and I did miss a lot of good experience, good fun for my age at the time . Instead I filled my head with unnecessary stuff and wanted to correct the wrong doing…….. hahaha My sisters spent their student-hood far happier than me. Then years later after many experience in life I learn to appreciate pop-music I even like to listen to the songs that I ignored in the past. I want to say that whatever you failed to appreciate it now you might eventually appreciate it later.

    For Kpop music especially the idol group I found it’s very energetic and give out a good spirit and very entertain . Art is art it’s already value in its own way and what is not appreciate by some does not mean it’s not good as it does fulfill heart and soul of many others . If you look at talent it’s depend on what talent you are looking for . I find kpop idol group are very talented their songs and their dance are unique and very entertaining. For me HJ is quite special and differs from other idols all qualities he has is rear to find( in the same person) in the entertaining industry.

    Hyun Joong is the first and only star that I want to follow. I completely agree with you that to be popular and be loved need more than talent and good looked. Hyun Joong is very good example for that. I have seen many artists who are talented and good looking but then you get bored of them after sometime. For Hyun Joong I can say that what I love the most about him and keep me with him is his personality his attitude and his performance on stage ( facial expression, his voice which carry all the feeling , his move and his 4D humors. ). It ‘s such an enjoyable moment for my heart and soul to see him performs. What’s more we want from the artists ? I found it’s quite hard to get bored of HJ as he has never failed to surprise me. After knowing him for sometime I know in my heart that his look is just the plus that come with the package.

    Look at the last picture . How come we do not love this guy ?. Just seeing him doing this our spirits are blooming our hearts are fulfilled.

    It’s such a very long post . God Bless you LK

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very well said, and I agree with your opinion. Liking music depends on the listener, it could individual taste or even a certain moment’s mood. Believe me I used to be a good critic that I can justify, but when I found HJ there are many things that i have seen which I used to ignore in the past, just like what you experienced.
      People just doesn’t understand, it’s not easy to be doing two things at the same time perfectly, just the same what kpop are doing but I appreciate their thing specially HJ, although he’s an exceptional since he can do both ways, he can sing and dance which is visual but enjoyable to listen & watch. He can sing live with band which I truly appreciate, he can go power dancing too without singing. He can do a lot.
      I used to be concert goer, I like listening to live band concert particularly jazz, I like standard jazz music as well played by 4pc band. for me this are the good music.
      It was Hyun Joong who taught me how to appreciate Kpop music, he even taught me how to appreciate rock which I never liked during my younger years.
      I can listen to his music 24hrs without getting tired of it. I do listen to ss501 music that i was never been a fan of the group but I appreciate their music.
      Music and entertainment is an individual choice whatever is pleasing to us may not be pleasing to others and vice versa.
      Now with the choice of whom to follow also depends on the fans & artists, but I do consider attitude of the artist. It’s not only good looks and talent that matters to me now but his heart. HJ has that package over all.
      Have a pleasant weekend take care and see you again! God bless..

  5. When I first saw him in BOF,I just thought this guy is a walking statue(at that time,I didn’t know he has that nickname)That’s my first impression about him.I was not addicted to him at all because I watched BOF because of Kim bum.But the drama goes by,I liked Jihoo sunbae.Till that time,I knew nothing about him nor searched about him.
    When I heard he got H1N1,I felt sorry for him and searched about him on internet.But the time I was attracted to him was when he was criticized hardly by the media and public because he was the first to leave DSP and moved to Keyeast.
    At that time,TS themselves said HJ was selfish and all about dollars and etc.I couldn’t forget those harsh words HJ got.Because of this,I hate TS of other member fans and don’t want them to combine again.They blindly blame HJ only.
    The time I was so addicted to him was when he was criticized by the media and public because of PK low ratings in Korea.At that time,I thought the guy was so pitiful,he was blamed for what he did nothing wrong,not because of his fault at all,so I have to protect this guy,I have to be by his side as his loyal fan.That’s what I thought at that time.
    Then I started following him and knew more about him and love him so much till now.That is my story about how I am addicted to Kim Hyun Joong.So I think I love kim hyun joong not because of his looks only,his face comes second for me.I love his voice,his personality and anything about him.Miss him so much.
    Thanks for creating this blog,Lazer unnie. I have a space to write about HJ when I miss him because of you. Thank you again. See you.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. you are very much welcome to air your feelings over the past. What you have experienced even deepen your love for HJ. About PK, even the drama did not rate in Korea, but it did outside Korea, who do you think is in the embarrassing situation? As i have mentioned in this article i wouldn’t care if HJ isn’t popular in Korea, there’s bigger chunk of fans outside Korea who appreciates him better I think.

      I would just like to clarify what you mean, that not all TS have the same opinion back in time, In all fairness, yes there were some fans who turned to be anti KHJ or haters, but many of TS are still with HJ and they do support and love HJ. As to those fans who turned to be anti KHJ just like what Hyun joong said “why will I try to please those who do not like me” and just like you mentioned they may be blindly criticizing HJ after all. Well HJ can not please everyone. But I do understand how you felt, and it’s over, HJ had proven himself and had moved forward.
      There may be scars left but in due time it will heal, as for now we just have to love HJ. We’ll just be aware of the insects and fleet them away with LOVE!!
      We share whatever pain and joy he has by staying at his side that nothing else matter.
      Have a wonderful weekend, that pix is a treat for all of us and I’m sure we’re all happy to have seen him again. take care and see you again!! God bless.

  6. At last I saw my missing “BUNSOY”… proud of him…… he’s really an special one!!!
    Thanks again for your wonderful article…keep it up!
    God bless & take care!…Miz ya!!

    • MAMAAAAA!!! I miss you so much!! I’m very proud of your bunsoy, look at him mama, he wouldn’t care whatever people think of him, he’ll do the work!!
      Thank you mama, you take care too, I’m just so busy with work can’t stand long at the internet only for article writing that I can have time. I’ll email you mama I’ll find time! God bless!!

        • Magpakilala ka kc sabay mo c hanz hehehe!
          Gosh! Was surprised seeing khj washing dishes! Given a chance i would love to do it for him. Cant believe it. The CEO himself doing such stuff. It only shows what kind of boss khj is towards his staffs. So lucky of them.

  7. I dunno xd I think Kpop is full of plastic idols (not all of them) with no talent xD and HJ is an exception. HJ always liked bands, not pop stars. Same case as mine. So HJ for me is like Hyori to him LOL but the only difference is that HJ has way more talent than her. LOL I attended Xia concert and JYJ’s concert just because I think they are talented (just Jaejoong and Junsu) but c’mon I can’t stand boy’bands’ like Super Junior xD where only the 8% of them are kinda talented.
    I guess the trend nowadays doesn’t go for looks… Lady Gaga, Adele, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars are loved globally and none of them are let’s say ‘beautiful’ by the typical standards. I also read on my facebook a comment made by a person from my country… saying that even though koreans weren’t that good looking, their fit body and talent made it up for that xD LOL In rock, no one cares if the artist looks good or not, they just care about the talent and if the artist is actually cool xD I read on allkpop a comment made by a girl who was saying sth like: HJ may not be the most attractive kpop idol, not even the best singer but he works so hard, improving everyday and he loves his fans so much that I’m sure he’s thankful for all the luck and love he has. <- It's her own opinion so I respect her ^^
    Of course I can't deny HJ's handsomness but believe me, if he was conceited I automatically would see him as 'ugly', not likeable at all. That's why when I see things like HJ washing the dishes at Jaksal xd it makes me love him even more! I dare to say that he's the most humble kpop idol ever! xD How adorable ^^! I've been sick these days and I could not help but visualize HJ buying some meds for me, just like he did in We Got Married lol Instead it was my sis who bought them XD but they made me feel a lot better .-. Have a nice day

    • My God i wrote my reply so long now it’s gone!! what wrong WP?? Anyway, I’m glad HJ bought you medicine, I’m glad you’re feeling better but watch out for relapses…Have a nice rest…razor you made me look into Lady Gaga, now I know where and how she started!! thanks for sharing your thoughts! Get well soon!! love u girl!!!

  8. Hi Lk,
    Ye…finally the most awaiting news even if it is only a glimpse of him. Tq44x to those wonderful sweet fans who give us this and to you esp miss Lk. Love my aliens friends…

    • Oh I’m so happy to see him even just by a glimpse, and it’s good I think he was given a break from the shooting of CC. I appreciate the fans who had taken photos of HJ and for those who had posted it…thanks to all of you!!
      Oh I do hope we can have chance to see more of HJ’s location shooting!!
      Thanks always….have a good weekend and take care! See you again! God bless..

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