Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SIMPLY PASSIONATE

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong attended the press conference at Atrium Central World Bangkok yesterday afternoon. I was quite surprised by the thousands of fans who were at the venue and it was said that all floors of the mall were filled by fans. Press conference are normally attended exclusively by media personnel, but this time the sponsoring company for Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert opened up the press conference to the public.

It seems to me that Thailand really make use of every minute of Hyun Joong’s brief stay open to be his fans. This is a good idea too in promoting the event and giving the chance to his fans to hear personally from him. I can see everyone with all their smiles, and cheering for Hyun Joong. This shall be the last stop of Hyun Joong in completion to his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. Tonight shall be the big night, a night to remember that I’m sure Thailand will make this one remarkably memorable event.

Many international fans arrived in Bangkok yesterday morning and had attended the press conference too!! Many of them were following Hyun Joong on his Asia Tour, from Singapore as his first stop till the last stop in Bangkok, they are there with Hyun Joong. It’s just so amazing that they have seen the same show over and over but never get tired of it or simply can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong! Seeing him just once is simply not enough, it is just a start of being addicted to seeing him. That’s the magic of Hyun Joong’s charm, it is him for real and not just being entertained.

Yesterday as I was waiting for this press conference, I came across a video clip of Hyun Joong, he was relating the time he was still with SS501, they were in Japan and he was still so young back then as he was saying, “Why do we have to go to Japan, we have many fans back home who wanted us and waiting for us, why do we have to stay in Japan”? Then there’s another video clip last year on his pictorial session as he said “I want a shot with a wink for my fans, since I seldom wink at them.” Then he was wearing a leather bracelet, he just said, “My fans gave this to me, I like it”.

I have not been feeling well since yesterday and watching the clips even gave me some foolish teary eyes!! I couldn’t help think that even back in his past Hyun Joong already had that affection for his fans. Recently in one of his concert session at Saitama there were 15,000 fans attended in one session and Hyun Joong said, “I think I have to do this in a smaller audience”. Do you know why he said that? It’s gonna be easier to reach out to each fan that he can interact with. It’s short of saying he doesn’t mind doing the hand shake or up close interaction everyday for as long as he can meet each one of his fans!!

I remember he was saying “I’m not so smart to remember every fan but I want to”. If you review the clips on his every handshake or hi five session, take note that he looks at every fan in their eyes, as he smiled and take their hand. He’s not doing this just for the heck of it but he sincerely wants to meet his fans up close. Hyun Joong is not only passionate with his work, he’s also passionate about reaching out for his fans, the receiving end of his work, the people who appreciates his music, and the people who appreciates him for real, being him as a singer, actor and as a person himself.

To be performing a concert by himself and a hand shake or high five session after which, seeing from him he doesn’t even felt tired and he was even saying he wants to do it again! And so he did again, after Singapore, the proceeding countries follows. The biggest crowd for a hand shake event then was in Odaiba Tokyo attended by 5,000 fans on one rainy day. Hyun Joong is just a human being to feel tired, but I too believe if you love what you’re doing, no matter how tiring it may be, you wouldn’t feel it or for sure he does when he’s already completely resting. But the more fans he sees, the more energetic he gets, the more inspired he is in working harder.

How does a fan starts to be fan? I think it starts with simple curiosity. Many of my readers including myself took notice of Hyun Joong through BOF. Until at this time there are other countries that BOF is still airing. I have first seen Hyun Joong through BOF but I got star struck by him when he had already released his first album Breakdown. This was when I started following him and finally wrote about Kim Hyun Joong. You won’t believe this, but my curiosity about Hyun Joong started from a critic.

Boys Over Flower was already airing in my country when I accidentally read a write up in which BOF was badly criticized, particularly Kim Hyun Joong. Out of curiosity I started watching BOF, and finding out it was not as bad as what I have read from the write up back in 2009 on the contrary BOF became my favorite drama. Then last year, what pushed me to create this blog was from a critic too!! I can’t put in a lengthy comment to react to other blog sites so I made my own blog site!! Base on my own personal experience, I would say Hyun Joong can also gain fans from his critics!! Out of curiosity!!

We fans may have different stories to tell on how we met Kim Hyun Joong but maybe we have similar first impression about him, that may start from physical and talent admiration which is very natural first instinct, followed by his personality for real. And before we know it, we’re already addicted to Kim Hyun Joong.

Seeing a lot of fans to be taking effort to the extend of following his activities from one country to another, I would say his fans develop a certain degree of passion as a fan not only for herself but also for other fans too, since these fans are active in sharing posts about Hyun Joong’s every event transpired. And with their effort I truly appreciate them in updating us all about Kim Hyun Joong.

His fans have different ways of supporting that creates a good result of chain reaction. And sometimes even we do not intend to, simply talking about Hyun Joong can even create curiosity to a none fan. Many of his fans may have first heard the name Kim Hyun Joong from another and starting asking as to who is this guy? And this is why I have been encouraging fans to tag a friend with them whenever Hyun Joong has an event for him to perform, because from there his fans multiplies by itself.

Yesterday in Bangkok, the idea of conducting a press conference open to public I think is a good idea. A simple passer by may be caught by the crowd of fans and you may never know sooner or later, she’ll be one of us. In all the countries Hyun Joong had been in this Asia Tour, I think it’s only in Thailand that press conference was being held in an open public venue. And because Atrium is a shopping mall, then I assume not everyone within the crowd is a fan. But it can also gain attention to a non-fan.

A fan wrote in my comment box saying she had been wishing Hyun Joong would perform a Fan Meeting Concert in US and I can feel her desire.  Actually these wishes echoed from many emails I have received with the same wishes, not only from US. Hyun Joong would take every good chance he can meet his fans in every part of the world. A petition from Chicago has been requesting for a fan meet from Hyun Joong months ago and I’m looking for that petition. If anyone has the copy of it,  I would appreciate it very much if you could share the link so that I can post it in this blog.

My readers from US has been increasing, I would like to help in encouraging other fans to sign up. I wouldn’t give any false hope for those fans who have this wish, and I’ve been praying that Hyun Joong would be able to reach out for his fans in every corners of the world. Here’s a clue, it takes a number of fans and a producer or sponsor to materialize this kind of fan meet project. The petition was being posted months ago but lately I could not locate it anymore. So I don’t know what happen to the petition.

The more fan meetings Hyun Joong can host, the better he can interact and chance of meeting his fans up close which he has been intending to do. Tonight in Bangkok shall be the last in this Asia Tour, so fans from Thailand, make the most of this memorable night as we watch from up far. We may not join you there in person but we’ll be there in spirit. This is the simple passion any fan of Hyun Joong has by simply following him in spirit, watching over him from up far, with all the wishes that one day they will have the same chance to meet Hyun Joong in person.

It may take a lot of hard work to provide for the needs of his fans. It may take a lot of effort to reach out for them, near or far Kim Hyun Joong is Simply Passionate with his fans desire for his music and his dramas….

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks!


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SIMPLY PASSIONATE

  1. The FM in BK is wonderful.
    Hyun Joong is handsome, cute, …
    He and the fans make amazing atmosphere.
    Fans sing, dance and scream with him …

    Very sorry that I can’t express my feeling.
    I’m still in the 9 cloud.

    • Oh I understand fully well how you feel! Last night we have a typhoon in my country strong gusty winds and heavy rain while monitoring the FM!!! I just careless about the bad weather!! Oh what has he done to us!! LOL Thank you Fanjoong have a nice day I hope it’s not raining there in your place but take care, see you again God bless

  2. HE is awesome! HE has HIS own way to be with all the fans.No same language but you can feel HIS LOVE.As you said lk,some of them maybe not HIS fan,but who can denny HIS CHARM & SINCERITY? After this sure, we have new alien family.Lk, HE simply gorgeous,isn’t HE? We will always with HIM, OUR BRO, STUBBORN PRINCE…while HE grown up to be a good man. Thanks again for this daily dose sist,take care and god bless.

    • Oh I almost forgot to say, pls continue voting for HJ at Global Mnet he’s leading now no.1 but SJ is still coming in closer. Let’s vote go go go!! Thanks you take care see you again God bless….come on let’s vote!

    • Thank you so much for responding pertaining the link, I wrote today’s article to encourage other fans from US and even from Asia to post the link I hope fans would respond too. Have a nice day, take care and see you again! God bless

  3. Nice article ^^ as usual. Well, you know I like kpop since 2001 and I got into H.O.T and mostly Sechskies’ music who were from DSP. When DBSK debuted, a year after that it was said that DSP had a new boyband that was copied off DBSK hahaha xd and they published the members pics (the 1st photo session). I was really excited about the fact that DSP was back with a new boyband. So I checked the pics first and omg, I fell in love with HJ’s chubby face kekeke and well, his yummy lips too *O* Then I read their profiles and I found out he was ‘the rocker’ among them xd… then, i started to watch all the tv-shows they were in and I was totally ‘sold’ lol when I realized that HJ had such a weird, lovable 4D personality. I loved his uniqueness. Actually that’s what I love the most about him ❤ //I do hope BKK FM is a total success. I read he was rehearsing Let's party 😀 Thai fans are really lucky :3

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