Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDING TOUR

By: LazerKim          A festive atmosphere was what Kim Hyun Joong brought to Thailand as he ended the Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert last night as he rock the stage of Bangkok and place the entire country in a great momentum of joy. Hyun Joong had a successful performance which had truly enjoyed by his fans and a touching moment for those from up far knowing that was the last stop of Hyun Joong on his Asia Tour 2012. Thank you Thailand for taking good care of our Prince and thank you for your hospitality to the international fans.

It was said that Kim Hyun Joong brought in good business to the locals in Bangkok! The shopping mall was prepared for the international fans at the same time, during the press conference the mall where Hyun Joong held his press conference was filled with his fans. At the concert venue’s facade there were stalls where Kim Hyun Joong’s signature Uzoosin items were sold out before the concert had started. Everyone in Bangkok seem to be busy doing local business while tourists and local fans were busy buying the Uzoosin items!! Oh I can just imagine the atmosphere Hyun Joong has created is just so festive in  any fan meeting event he hosted in any country!!

As Hyun Joong said Thailand was not included in his original itinerary for this Asia Tour 2012, but hisThai fans requested for this fan meeting concert and so Hyun Joong gave way to meet his fans. I understand Indonesia is also requesting, and I’ve been praying for  Hyun Joong or KeyEast would be able to get the message that there’s that request for a fan meeting concert from his fans in Indonesia. Well, even in my country Philippines his fans are all waiting for his coming back to my country that I have been praying for too.

Yesterday I have mentioned in my article Simply Passionate, that there was a petition  request for a fan meeting concert in Chicago. I read this petition months ago and I have been receiving wishes from Hyun Joong’s American fans with the same intent, and I’m glad I got a quick response from a fan who shared the link to the petition from Chicago. Thank you. As I have mentioned I have a growing number of readers from US who may not be aware about the petition.

Many of us here may not be from US but I do believe you also have followers from your twitter account residing from US. I think many fans from US are not aware of the petition so this is just a matter of informing other fans pertaining to this matter and they can sign up. To inform KeyEast that there’s a certain number of fans from US, they can consider this and they will be the one to look for sponsorship to organize a fan meeting concert since Hyun Joong has every intention to pursue his World Tour next year.

The last time I read the petition there were about a thousand signatories, unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow it up anymore, until this matter was brought up with me. They need more signatories. I do hope we Aliens can help our co soldiers to be able attain their wishes with the same wishes we have, that Hyun Joong would come and visit their country. All we need to do is to post this link below which contains the petition, to reach out for other fans from US and for them to be informed and join in for signatories. Here it is as follows:

Chicago Petition’s link:


I’m very sure Hyun Joong would be very pleased to know he has fans from US who are wishing for his presence in US. At the same time, we all have the same desire as other fans have from different parts of the world where his fans are. Fans from the countries included in his itinerary for this Asia Tour are so lucky to have Hyun Joong even just for a night of single performance that meant a lot for those who attended.

May I appeal to KHJ Asian fans if we can share memorable moment we have experienced with him by helping in circulating this petition. Let us take a part of a dream come true for other fans from US who have the same desire as you do. Sharing is loving and that’s what the Alien family are for, we simply spread the word about the petition.

I have read from Hyun Joong’s itinerary that US is included in his filming schedule for City Conquest, I’m just not sure which state in US the location filming shall be held. I sincerely do hope the petition shall reach KeyEast before the schedule. Believe me, letting Hyun Joong knows about this, that his fans from US are waiting for him and are just dying to have a chance to see him perform on stage, would ignite Hyun Joong’s energy to do so. He is just as addicted as we fans are, you should know that by now, Hyun Joong is a stage addict!!

I remember Hyun Joong once said, “the small can also be big”. This statement just popped in my mind. He said this last year in one of his interview as he was compared to his boss Bae Yong Joon being the Hallyu pioneer and a big star for that matter. Everything and everyone starts from being small until such time they develop to be something or someone big, depending how a thing is nurtured or someone develop himself.

Having said this, we have been following Hyun Joong’s every activities and we witness how he grows. And it was quite fast from the time he performed solo, although his history did not start from there as we all know that very well. It’s just that this is his harvest time, but for Hyun Joong this is just his start of his new life. And so we take it from there.

Hyun Joong hosted his Asia Tour held in six Asian countries namely, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Thailand and I included Japan, since Hyun Joong performed his last two concert session having the same show pattern as the fan meeting concert and the handshake event.

In all these events it was attended by minimum of 3,000 fans for each concert venues from different countries and maximum 15,000 fans in each concert session in Japan. These figures may be minimal as others may say to begin with, but it was spent in the most quality time that Hyun Joong can share in meeting each single fan who attended in his concert. We shall remember these events as we have watched it unfold. Hyun Joong shall be coming back in these countries again the near future. I can only speculate, when he comes back those figures will grow to increase as time goes by.

Hyun Joong said in his press con, “We may have different language but we are close”. An article I wrote months ago before this Asia Tour was planned entitled,  Unite in One, just popped in my mind. At the end of that article this is what it says and may I quote:

I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun joong being there, and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can not speak English same as Hyun Joong. They may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room. No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stand in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong in different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the power over different people to unite as ONE…… 

Hyun Joong performed his Asian Tour for six countries of different languages that none of these countries ever understood his own Korean language, but he was able to gather his thousands of fans who loves him so dearly and sincere supporting him. Hyun Joong is very right that I agree with no doubts as he stated that he and his fans are close, by heart and mind. Language was never been a barrier between Hyun Joong and his fans, a perfect connection was created between him and his fans filled with love, sincerity and nothing else matters.

Watching the Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert hosted by Hyun Joong, all of it, from May down to July, is it just co-incidental that it rained anywhere between the period where Hyun Joong performs? Last night after reading the concert update up until the hi five session was done, I was just about to say, it’s good didn’t rain. Then a post just came in saying Hyun Joong was just about to go back to his hotel after the hi five session and heavy rain just poured down!! What else would I think? Indeed the God of Rain is out there and so the blessings pour in!! I just can’t help ask myself again, what is with this guy??

Hyun Joong ended his Asia Tour in Thailand yesterday 29th of July which started in the 4th of May, for the last three months Hyun Joong had brought an unforgettable memory that every single fan of his near or from up far shall keep a treasured togetherness. We again look forward for another episode of memories with Hyun Joong. As he stated to his fans “I will keep you interested in me always”.  As we get ourselves busy with his updates, let us share Kim Hyun Joong with others, fans and non-fans.

From here we can increase in numbers and from there, Hyun Joong can have the chance to visit your respective country and experience the fan meeting concert as others had. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday, it takes a good producer or sponsor and a number of fans to materialize an event. The producers are the mediator between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans to meet in person. The businessmen do provide or supply public demand that is another part of business reality. I just hope for many good Samaritan out of the producer to supply the fans needs for Kim Hyun Joong’s presence!! *sigh*

In the mean time, Kim Hyun Joong is currently enjoying his private time in Bangkok trying the taste of Thai food, as he was spotted in one of the restaurants in Bangkok. He’ll be flying back home tonight at 22:50PM (Thai time), as expected his Thai fans would surely see him off at the airport and back in Seoul surely his Korean fans will welcome him back home. For Hyun Joong, the airport is the most accessible place he can be, in just a glimpse he just appeared out of nowhere and gone again!! And this is gonna be the life of the Aliens following him, but it is really fun following him from up far!!

From the festive event yesterday we now move on to City Conquest!! Another exciting drama to look forward to, as we watch over for Kim Hyun Joong hopping again from one country to another in his filming activities. I’ll reserve that update tomorrow, for a new development about City Conquest.

Kim Hyun Joong story is a never ending story, Ending a Tour doesn’t mean the last but the beginning of another episode of our journey with the Prince of Alien….

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D & KHJean14, thanks!

My apology for delayed posting, my country is currently in typhoon causing disconnection!

13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDING TOUR

  1. LK hope you are safe! Please let us know everything is ok. I just need to add a thought to everyone’s posts here. I am so touched by the personal acct of FM in Thailand. I know exactly what everyone is saying abouth Kim Hyun Joong. I do not give my heart to a performer easily. I have only been a dedicated fan a couple of times before. And those performers lost my heart as I grew out of my following or they became unaccessible. I don’t think this will ever happen with Kim Hyun Joong. He has touched my heart in a way no other performer EVER has. His critics can say he’s not the best actor or singer or dancer or whatever. Maybe he’s not. But, works so hard to please his fans and his HEART is what touches us deeply. I just can’t help but smile and feel happy when I see his beautiful face and especially his mega watt smile. But, It’s not the physical features that are reaching out to me… it is the energy, the positivity, the sincerity in his heart. He is truly an amazing guy and we are forever dedicated because of this intangible effect. His critics can just be jealous and envious because he has something no other artist has! And it is not something anyone can copy or reproduce… it is just HIM KIM HYUN JOONG! Unique and irreplaceable! LOVE LOVE LOVE to KHJ and Alien Family!

    • wanted to add another thought… I was wondering if we could post the Chicago Link on the official KeyEast Kim Hyun Joong fan page or the Henecia fan page? I had a log in, but I’m having trouble getting in. I just wish there was a place we could post it that we know KHJ might read it himself. If he knows about US fans he may just plan a FM b/c he wants to meet us! 😀

    • You are welcome! Oh let’s pray over Hyun joong or KE can get hold of the message and materialize the FM in US. Then for as long as the petition spreads out and sign up I think it would be alright. I’ll keep posting it in my articles. thanks for reading have a nice day and take care. See you again God bless.

  2. hi LK! hope everything is ok now there in Manila. keep safe all of you there. we also experience the inclement weather down south of our country.

    our prince is back to homebase now. i just hope he’d rest for a while to recharge before he goes back to filming. despite the good and tough looks he has now, i can see the tiredness in his eyes. he is just human, he can only do so much. hence, the much needed rest should not be taken for granted. hyun joong-ah, please listen to your concerned noona here! lol

    how i really wish he comes to our country either for a concert or for an endorsement! K-idols are envading fast in endorsement in our country. i hope one day, hyun joong is one of them and i’d surely patronize the product he would endorse and market via word of mouth and the net!

    bye. keep safe always.

  3. Bella,how nice your memory with HIM.HE really have special aura who can make HIM stand out among other, bright and shine. Thank you so much for sharing and brought new alien family. Have a nice day, god bless

  4. .

    Dear LK ,

    Thank you very much for the article . I hope you are O.K and The Philippine is safe from the Typhoon.

    May I use your space to write my experience with HJ in Bangkok.

    I went to HJ ‘s FM concert last night. It was my second time to see him in person. The first time was quite far and very shot . This time is my first to see him perform life.. He is outstanding good-looking and very charming especially when he talked. HJ is slimmer than I expect but look strong and full of muscle . I truly believe he is born to be a star to be a performer his face his figure his smile and his personality just perfect for the eyes. His aura is different than others too if he walk in a group of people he will certainly standout from everyone.

    I bought a highest ticket for a non- HJ ‘s fan to attend the concert with me she enjoyed the entire show since the start till the end. Honestly she screamed much more and much louder than I did. I was very surprise but very happy inside . I’m very happy HJ gains at the least a new fan last night. During his performance I can’t help but smile the whole time if not laughing or dancing when I looked at my friend she did the same. She said all HJ ‘s song are very nice . She really likes it . Whenever the fast song come before we knew our feet already on the floor. She also enjoyed very much the talked session. She found his answer was amuse and very smart . She said his speaking tone was very charming.

    Last night I realized that all of Hyun Joong ‘s slow song are really beautiful and the fast song really made me want to dance I just can’t resist it. Everyone were dancing with him last night. My friend and me have really a very good time . We felt time passed very quick too too quick

    The most memorable was handshake session . HJ was so kind to his fans . After more than 2 hours non-stop performance he was willing to shake hands with everyone of us. We can see that he started to get a bit exhaust at the end of the concert but still managed to pull out all he had for us .

    He came out very handsome for shaking hands with fans. I truly respect his professionalism and really appreciate everything he did last night and feel very proud of him.

    Finally I think no one can criticize his fans why we love him certainly not his look but his heart , his personality and his talent that made us so happy . It was so enjoyable for the entire performance. At the end of the day his look is just a plus. The more I know him the more I love him.

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing this, it seems that what all his fans feel that Hj is much more than what you see is so true, thank you for proving again what a wonderful person he is. Envy for not being able to be there, but maybe this is not my time, maybe next year. LK hope you are ok and the weather improved thanks for the article as always and the pics. From your Alien family take care:)

    • Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments. Eventhough i couldnt be there the fans account really made my day. I tried to visualize every single detail of the accounts and i really appreciate your willingness to share with all of us. Tq10000x.
      And lk, i hope everything is alright in your country and everyone is safe. Thanks lk and take care

  5. There’ll be lots of KHJ fans around the globe who wants him to visit their respective country.This petition link you’ve posted maybe we should try sharing it in anyway we can.Who knows someday, sooner or later this request will be granted.We’re the alien family,right?And there’s always love in helping and sharing~~^^.So, let’s help our family back in the U.S to realize their dream.^^

  6. We never enough about HIM,HE knows that,that’s why HE keep on continue to give us surprise.HE is the inspiration Lk,you not allowed to stop writing sist…We always waiting for you.ah… OUR BOY grown to be tough man,did you see the picture sist? Soooo hot! Wish HIM Always succes…god bless sist.more love to HIM

    • lng hello! Every time you’re here everyday you always let me feel your love for HJ and that’s makes me remind myself to always take care!! Thank you so much you’re such a good mind reminder! The typhoon is making me sick and scary actually!! Thank you and take care always, see you again and God bless.

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