Kim Hyun Joong … [article] MEDIA COVER-UP

By: LazerKim             For a brief update, Kim Hyun Joong departed to Bankok last night at around 7pm and safely arrived in Bankok at around 10pm. Fans from Thailand eagerly waited fro Kim Hyun Joong at the airport to welcome him. A press conference shall be held today at the Atrium Zone 2 1st floor Central World, before Hyun Joong attend to his technical rehearsals at the venue in preparation for his Fan Meeting Concert to be held tomorrow night at Impact Exhibition Center Hall 1.

Thailand it’s your turn now, the big star is in your country now, make this a remarkable event, and enjoy every minute as the event unfold with you having been a part of this memorable Fan Meeting Concert with Kim Hyun Joong. For the international fans bound to Bangkok for the big night, have a pleasant trip please do take care. Bangkok prepared for your visit with country’s hospitality, make the most of your trip in following Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert and have fun!! Go go go!

Yesterday I came across a translated write up entitled “Yamapi Defeated by Kim Hyun Joong: Japanese Media Sarcastic, J.Ent Lost Face”. I think many of you have already read this article, editorial or whatever you call it. Actually this is an editorial written by Zhang Jiao which talks about the article from Nikkan Gendai, a Japanese tabloid weekly magazine. For those who have not read the write up here may I share with you the link to the issue.

LINK CLICK HERE>(  Source: twitter posted by Re-posted by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog. Thanks.

From the write up may I quote some points stated, and write my opinion as follows:

1.) The Nikkan Gendai article termed Tomohisa (Yamapi) as Johnny Entertainment’s ‘Ace level’ (elite idol), and, “Now (he’s) lost to Kim Hyun Joong who is of the rookie category, resulting in a grave atmosphere throughout Johnny Entertainment. (But) because Yamapi belongs to Johnny Entertainment, so all Japanese media became very evasive – and dared not play up the news of Kim Hyun Joong’s victory; with some media completely ignoring the news, with not even a word of mention – to protect Johnny E’s face,” said an industry insider.  Although the media had consciously tried to minimise the effects (of KHJ’s win) on public opinion,  it still couldn’t change the fact that Yamapi had been defeated.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

Johnny Entertainment was said to be one of the biggest artist management company in Japan, owned by Iijima san, which is the managing agent of Yamapi. I was quite surprised that Japanese Media can be manipulated, this is my impression after reading this article statement that I find it rather childish to downplay the news about Kim Hyun Joong’s success in Japan. Please be reminded that word of the mouth and the internet is the most powerful tools in promoting, advertising, and in bringing update news. Hyun Joong’s fans are smart, they can always find ways to know Hyun Joong’s activities and quite smart in spreading the words in minutes.

Viewing from the video clips of Hyun Joong’s activities from Japan, who can ever deny the huge crowd during his four session concerts recently held at Saitama Super Arena? Who can deny the 5,000 fans of Hyun Joong attended the handshake despite of the rain? Japanese media maybe can downplay the local news about the event, but I don’t think the international media can be controlled.

Yamapi’s agent and so with some Japanese media just could not admit that they indeed under estimated the growing fan base of Kim Hyun Joong, they have under estimated the power of Kim Hyun Joong that made them confident and overly complaisant. I have written about this in one of my articles the time when Hyun Joong already gained the highest sales of over 130,000 on its first launching. I have also mentioned that the fans of Yamapi have been worried that it seemed while Hyun Joong was busy promoting his album Heat, the higher number of CDs had been sold in each day. But the handlers of Yamapi seemed to have not done enough in promoting his album.

There were already loop holes as I can read the situation that time. Yamapi’s agent and his sponsor the recording company just could not admit that they too have failed to deliver in their advertising promoting and information dissemination which is vital in album selling. And this is business reality. Even the fans of Yamapi had seen Hyun Joong’s effort in promoting which is I think the artist has to take part. Before the album release, the public has to be notified since they are the market.

May I speak in general. I have mentioned in my other article, if proper advertising and promotion had been materialized and still selling is not good, then I could say the artist is not that popular or selling may be wrong timing that the market has better priority or preference. Again may I repeat , I am not against Yamapi or his fans, this time I’m against some Japanese media particularly this Nikkan Gendai. I don’t think it’s right that Japanese media should downplay on Kim Hyun Joong and try to conceal the truth of his success. Because no matter how much one can hide reality, well the truth always prevail in the end.

Yes I understand Johnny’s Entertainment being one of the biggest agent and may be said a prestigious one, it may not be good to look at not to be able to deliver their artist to the top of Oricon considering Yamapi is a Japanese and Kim Hyun Joong who is a Korean artist made it to the top as rookie in the Japanese industry. But may I just stress out that Kim Hyun Joong and Yamapi are not competitors.

Hyun Joong did not even depend on Bz’s popularity to be complaisant, he worked hard with the music entrusted to him, he worked hard to be out there to thank each and every fan who supported his album. And mind me, may I just clear it up, Hyun Joong’s hand shake gesture is not sales courtship to his fans, he does not need to court them, because he had already captured their hearts and mind long before he had released his album Heat. That’s pretty obvious by the pre-order of heat which rank on top consistently prior to its release and launching.

Nikkan Gendai said:

2.) Recently, Bae Yong Joon’s schedule is almost blank, so a considerable portion of (his) fans has switched to Kim Hyun Joong. The latter would also be starring in a Japanese drama – his development in Japan appears optimistic.

LazerKim viewoint:

I’ll state again, it is every fan’s prerogative whom she will support and follow. Bae Yong Joon was my first favorite Korean actor, it was him who introduced the Hallyu stars to me and I shall never forget him. I consider myself as a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong as in Only One. But if Bae Yong Joong has a drama project I would surely support and watch his drama till the end, since I never consider Bae Yong Joon as Hyun Joong’s competitor to begin with. BYJ is Hyun Joong’s boss I have that much respect to him and being a good actor.

It may be true that some Bae Yong Joon fans had switched to Kim Hyun Joong. But it does not mean that they will no longer support Bae Yong Joon’s projects. And I don’t believe Bae Yong Joon’s popularity had ever declined even he is not that active in his exposure. This is at least what I can see within the scenario. I don’t think it’s only because of Bae Yong Joon’s fans that Hyun Joong gained popularity. No matter what others may say, the fans has her own choice whom to follow, it is still the fan’s decision that prevails.

Even my idol tells me to support this and that, but not my type, then why should I follow? Not unless I also like what my idol is endorsing, that’s the only time I can agree to support. I have my own independent mind to decide which or whom to support. And I guess many BYJ fans may shares the same opinion, they are smart not to be dictated upon. Some may have followed Kim Hyun Joong simply because they find him deserving of their support, and nothing more than that. This is a simple common sense I think, I don’t mean to speak on BYJ’s fans behalf.

3.)The article in Nikkan Gendai said that since Yamapi was transferred into the management of Iijima, his solo career did not seem to experience much improvement. On the contrary, the continued decline from bad to worse “has caused others to ridicule that for the sake of sales, he would even cast aside his status to joke around in variety shows and organise hand-shake tours to court fans”. “But Iijima is still a capable woman and how she will turn around the decline of Yamapi will draw attention.”

This statement makes me think that Japanese artist think too highly of themselves, that they can not go down to reach out for their fans who admires them the most. It makes me think that an artist who joins a variety show to joke around and to handshake with their fans is like to belittle the status of the artist. Excuse me for saying but I think the writer from Nikkan Gendai was not thinking before writing. Reading this statement for me is too arrogant. Is the gesture of a handshake can not be done by a star? Is joking around in a variety show can signify belittling a star’s status?

Now I do not have to wonder as to why do Japanese fans switch their minds not only to Kim Hyun Joong but to Kpop artists or to the Hallyu stars in general. Now I feel sorry for Yamapi because he was being criticized for having to handshake with his fans that now his own fellowman is laughing at him. This is what this writer trying to insinuate. Hyun Joong did all those gestures but allow me to inform the writer that Hyun Joong did the handshake to sincerely thank his fans for supporting his album. What’s wrong with that? What is there to be ridicule about? What is so wrong for a star to reach out for his fans?

And to the last statement may I quote “But Iijima san is still a capable woman and how she will turn around the decline of Yamapi will draw attention”. There it goes, after criticizing the word of encouragement comes!! I would like to tell Yamapi san, good luck and take care of your back stabbers! If this writer is right in his statement that doing all those handshake can belittle the status as a star artist, as the writer stated for the sake of sales, if this is true to Yamapi san, then he should think again. The statements wrote by this writer are so incriminating and insulting to the Japanese artist.

On the contrary, for Kim Hyun Joong every single fan is important to him, he makes way to connect with his fans with all his sincerity. Handshake for Hyun Joong is not for the sake of sales. He doesn’t have to do it just to gain sales because he had already gained it, as record shows the Heat pre-orders alone had already consistently topped the chart on pre-sales as Hyun Joong decided to the handshake event at Odaiba and Osaka to sincerely acknowledge his fans support on the album. That article from Nikkan Gendai appears to me like a double meaning. You know, trying to praise and stabbing at the same time!!

I was told by one of my Japanese friends from Tokyo, there are indeed negative write-ups about Hyun Joong that seems to me Hyun Joong is becoming a threat to other Japanese artists. This is very likely to happen and quite expected after the turn of events in Japan that indeed surprised the entire universe!! Hyun Joong as a soloist rookie in the industry turns out to be the hottest star in high demands from the Japanese community. Many businessmen are likely to grab him for a chance to do projects which can paralyze some Japanese soloist idols. This is a natural chain reaction to any hottest star that others may tend to be envy and jealous.

No matter how much one tries to twist the fate of Kim Hyun Joong is bound to be in the losing end. Because sooner or later he will be up there that no one can control his flight. Hyun Joong mean nothing wrong but to do his job with all his heart, and the rest follows that even Hyun Joong himself isn’t expecting. There are times I wanted to just scream and ask those critics, what has he done to you to deserve your criticism? Although at the back of my mind I knew very well what has Hyun Joong done, they could not beat his sincerity in general. others may say Hyun Joong is just an average singer, fine, but Hyun Joong got everything that it takes to be where he is now and bound to be in the future ladder.

If Japanese media suppress the news coverage about Hyun Joong, fine, it’s not his lost, it’s their lost instead of gaining TV ratings out of KHJ coverage! The media should realize that by now. Well anyway, with or without them words can spread about Hyun Joong by itself in no time through his Alien soldiers, believe me!! I’ve always been in the lookout for bugs, not to create enemies out of them, but to iron out whatever seem to be unclear to them about Kim Hyun Joong. This is just my intention in reacting to any negative opinion about him.

Media Cover-Up about a righteous success of Kim Hyun Joong may be effective for now, but truth and reality has its own way of getting out from being hidden…

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D KHJean14 thanks!

Credits News Article Source: Onlykhjtimes, Hyunnies Pexer, thanks!


13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong … [article] MEDIA COVER-UP

  1. Thanks for the nice article again, Miss LK

    Johny is a very big company with tons of power. It dominated J-ent for so long and also a reason that male K-artist hardly appears on Music Station (the #1 and longest running music program in JP). I wonder, this time KHJ didn’t appears on Music Station was because of Johny or not


    • Hello there! I won’t doubt about that, what else would a big company feel about being defeated by an alien rookie? As i have said it is not HJ’s lost but the TV ratings lost. It doesn’t matter now, the entire world knows the truth and no matter how media suppress reality the truth prevails sooner or later. Kim Hyun Joong is a big threat to JP artists now.
      Thank you for reading, have a nice weekend, and take care see you again! God bless

  2. before anything else, i soooo love his sandals! is thst givenchy? and the toes are something i took notice too! i just love this man from head to toe! lol

    i agree with sazs on korean invasion and domination in the entertainment industry. it’s not just in japan but in most asian countries, kpop are all over! and they’re beginning to set foot in the US, like wonder girls, 2ne1, bigbang, to name a few. why there’s less or none for jpop? i think each of us can draw up a list of reasons for this. in my country, kdramas are part and parcel of the primetime shows! and sorry there’s no jdrama. the sales of hyun joong’s album i think emanated from the international fans who bought it online way way ahead of its release or asked some friends in japan to purchase it like i did. the international fans who know the core of hyun joong’s personality absolutely did good in the promotion and dissemination thru the net and it did miracles by way of its multiplier effect. all these even surprised none other than hyun joong himself! however, i cannot comprehend why some japanese media did not realize it or they just chose to deny it as it hit their ego somehow -> that a relatively newcomer and an alien to their country surpassed a homegrown elite idol! i hope they do some reality check before they write on broadsheets.

    thanks again, LK. until now those beautiful toes in givenchy (?) sandals awed me! have a happy hyun night everyone!

    • Hello minminfanatic, re those beautiful toes in givenchy, thanks for mentioning, I thought I can’t say something, but I think his hands are also beautiful, fingers and nails just look perfect. Perfectly proportioned (well his face is smaller a bit, but still…) when he smile….melting. His Royal Hotness for sure. 🙂

        • Hello Jen…you are not alone there! From the head to the foot toes….just perfect! LK put some nice pics in the Sexy Prince article – now those are mind blowing, a real feast to the eyes, carnival all over….lol

  3. Hello LK, I think the writer from Nikkan Gendai was just bitter that a non Japanese artist reached so high, so they had to write something to cover up their failure. But the strattegies of marketing for Heat was much better and nobody can take that and that Hj is a big artist on his own right, rookies he was last year not this year, nobody can deny it either. That KHJ is special in his Own way and that is what he wants, to be special nobody can deny it. So conclusion, media is sometimes biased and bitter according to the mood of the writter (take note of the singapore one, remember after the FM there? rachel something, bitter one, well there are some who has to say something negative to attract attention). Thanks for you articles love them always (not everyday have time to comment though,but I read them…:)). Those pics, yes Hot, Hot … His Royal Hottness! He said he is planning something special at BKK FM, does he really want to kill us softly?! Dying of envy that I didn’t make to BKK FM!! till next time God Bless!:)

  4. Lk,I’m waiting for this article, thanks so much. I read in other link,they call OUR BOY fighter man, I was so angry,HE just do all this for HIS Fans,and HE want to meet them all… Oh my god,they so cruel to HIM, they scared to the fact that HE CAN DO IT! How sad HIS feeling now.knowing al this thing happen ove HIS VICTORY.HE been hard working till ignore HIS own health for the shake of HIS FANS,and again here come the media…I don’t know much about entertainment, that’s why I need a sister like you. I only knew KIM HYUN JOONG with HIS honest and sincerity. always able to aproach HIS fans.With HIS LOVE make us feel like family. HE is tough guy, we knew it but still this NOT FAIR.Having ALIEN FAMILY who always defend and protect HIM, really relief. Thank you lk,god bless

    • Hello there! I think you gave me a clue that there were insects pestering around!! Were you the one who wrote in my comment box that seem to me you were bothered by insects! After reading I tried to look around and I found that article from Nikkan Gendai. Thanks to you. Oh I hope you can come back here pls do share the link. This is good you can burst out your frustration and share it with us. These are the things we have to deal with, whether we like it or not because we’re here for HJ to protect him and defend. Whatever is making you sad or angry you may share and we can do something about it.
      Thank you again as always, have a nice weekend take care and God bless.

  5. It’s a worrying trend but not threatening to KHJ’s career i think. Some quarters of people in Japan dislike Kpop as it is accused as one of few negative effects in Japanese entertainment industry. It does not apply to KHJ alone to be honest. There few other Kpop artists who have received harsh criticisms from the press and netizens alike. It’s understanable at some point because of limited access to Korean entertainment industry for Japanese artists. It may be one of the few reasons some media has been rather bleak on Kpop and its content. But reading the translated article i couldn’t help but to think it’s part of the company PR effort to try to visualize Yamapi as victim of Kpop domination in Japan. Never before a foreign artists would have received such astounding figure in album sales; it has caught Japan by surprise. They think homeground is safe and no real effort to promote albums as Kpop artists do.

    There are reasons why KHJ is loved by many. One of them is his ability to charm audience and how he interacts with his fans. Some may have forgotten that KHJ is not rookie in Japan as he had wonderful years as ‘leader’ alongside his SS501 bandmates few years back. He grows into a better person and a greater artist as well. And we need to tell them KHJ works his socks off to achieve this. He doesn’t play around and wait for someone to point him a way. He leads his own life and we all know how hardheaded he can be at times. But that’s KHJ. He only wants the best for his fans as well as his career.

    And if we can see his older fans growing it’s because of his postive attitude towards people. That’s the exact reason people are following KHJ. well that’s it for me now. Later

    • Very well said ^^ and like Unnie wrote: Handshake for Hyun Joong is not for the sake of sales… No one force him to do that, in fact… He really didn’t need to do such things. That’s how I felt when I was standing there in Singapore Indoor Stadium waiting for my turn to go on stage… Dear Lord that was a long lines and kinda hurt me to think about how tired he’ll be. But he’s the one who comes up with the idea, and that’s how he thank us for being his fans… Nuff said… Kim Hyun Joong is simply amazing person, isn’t he? 🙂

      • Kiarra I think you’re in the wrong box!! LOL!! It makes me sad that a person is so sincere in reaching out for people to interact with but these insects just put dirty colors on HJ’s geture. I was just watching a video clip a while ago and HJ was saying he wants to remember all his fans!! So he tries to look at them one by one every time he does his handshake. I think somehow he remembers the fans who follows him from one country to another specially the elders. HJ may be a an average singer or actor but what he has that others do not is charisma, I don’t mean to compare but it’s reality that can not be denied as to why a lot of people loves him so dearly.
        Thank you as always, see you again! Hey take care i seldom see you but I know you’re doing ok. Have a great weekend! God bless

    • Hello Sazs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I agree with this. Hyun Joong and so with the rest of Kpop idols are becoming a threat to the Japanese showbiz industry. And Kim Hyun Joong was such a shock to them. The industry still consider HJ as a rookie in Japan being a solo Kpop artist, but let them have that thoughts. For me it’s less stressful to think a rookie can beat the giants!!
      I just find that article to be so ugly for both, Hyun Joong and Yamapi and yes you’re right the writer seem to be showing Yamapi was the victim, but we all know Yamapi also did great too. Oh i just wish Hyun Joong & Yamapi would not be in such situation again, they are not competitors, both did their best.
      Thank you again and have a nice weekend! take care see you again!! God bless

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