Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO ACTOR!!

By: LazerKim        Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong’s last concert at Saitama Super Arena was all over the local Japan news and international news. Hyun Joong’s teary eyes apparently emotional as he spoke to his fans was also shown. He was overwhelmed by the huge crowd of fans right before his eyes on both two concert session. The entire scenario of events in promoting HEAT for almost two weeks was a huge success and I would say that had rocked not only in Japan but the international community was taken by surprise. Media from different countries were at both concert session to cover the event as it unfolds.

I think I can never forget this event, that I have learned a lot, the growing popularity of Hyun Joong was so significant, the handshake and street dance event showed both effort of fans and Hyun Joong, and it was in this concert that I have felt how much Hyun Joong is so attached to his fans. It is also in this event that Hyun Joong was rushed to the hospital on the day of his performance due to sore throat. It was in the news yesterday that Hyun Joong was treated in IV drip at the hospital.

I think he had pushed himself too much over his physical limits and this time he has to take real good care of himself. Hyun Joong is such a stubborn guy and doesn’t listen when in comes to taking care of his health. If he wants to do something he just kept moving and probably had forgotten he’s not a machine!!. Hyun Joong ah do you read this?? I’m sure this opinion echoes from your fans the mothers, grandmas, noonas, from teenage fans, from everyone of us. So please do listen for your sake, you wouldn’t want your fans to get worried about you, I’m sure about that. Now take it easy ok?

As Hyun Joong said this time he will focus on his filming for City Conquest. I read from somewhere that yesterday morning he had filming on a fight scene as Hyun Joong was taught some martial arts choreography. I really hope he had enough sleep and rest yesterday after the concert to face another challenge such as this shooting yesterday. Doing action drama is also challenging in terms of physical effort and skill. Maybe I can relate filming fight scenes to dancing, because it also has choreography, technique, timing and coordination.

The only missing link here could be dancing without music!! Since Hyun Joong is also a dancer, he can easily coordinate body movement flexibility. It has timing when to attack and when to defend. Well this is just how I can see it watching from behind the scene. City Conquest is not only acting with dialogue but also physical action, Hyun Joong loves being challenged in a different way this time. It took a while before he finally decided to work on this drama, but definitely this is what he wanted, acting as a real in a different character.

As we all know City Conquest is based on a comic book and the lead character Baek Mir played by Kim Hyun Joong is a motor bike rider, as we have seen in the comic cover, so expect there might be scenes by Hyun Joong skilfully riding a motor bike. There might be scenes driving in chase and I can only imagine how handsome Hyun Joong can be!

There are many to look forward to this drama seeing from the picture posted at the internet. Yesterday it was said that Hyun Joong was so focus as his couch for martial arts was teaching him some fight choreography and shoot!!

Since City Conquest is also a love story therefore he’ll be working a lot with his leading lady, and of course romantic scenes is also expected. This drama shall be filmed in other different location set in Japan and other countries, so I can only assume Hyun Joong will be traveling a lot in working on this drama.

Last week as Hyun Joong started his filming the local city government officials of Tochigi Ken had a welcome presentation for Kim Hyun Joong together with the other cast and production staff management and producer of this drama. I’ll reserve an article for this topic, and we’ll see a good relevance out of this project to the Japanese Government.

Since the first few scenes are being filmed in Japan, Hyun Joong is indirectly promoting the country since this drama shall be shown in many parts of the world. Apparently this drama had already earned millions of dollar since prior to filming from TV networks of other countries had already bought the copy write. International producers from different showbiz industries had already known the power of Kim Hyun Joong to conquer his audience and the volume of fan base he has from different parts of the world.

I’m done with the daily dosage for this day, actually I’m a bit at lost with the updates pertaining the filming of City Conquest and this is all I have read from my source as of yesterday. I’m actually writing this article under a tree in a hot summer day with my pen and note pad, that even I’m at work Hyun Joong is still in my mind, same as with other fans!

How I wish I could write more but I’m not really feeling well, the heat is killing me!! I wonder now, does it really follows Like idol like fans?? I’ll see you again tomorrow hoping to read more updates about our Prince!

Kim Hyun Joong bid farewell being himself as a singer on stage for the time being as we welcome him as an actor this time a star in action!! This time he’ll soon be rocking not the stage but your TV monitors!!   As we say Hello Actor!!

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Khjean14 thanks!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO ACTOR!!

  1. Hi LK , thank you so much for the article .

    My daily activity is to read your article like to have a meal everyday . I can skip meals but never pass a day without reading your article. Knowing that HJ had a sore throad and went to the hospital for IV is really worry me. I suddently mfeel unhappy without reason. I must admit I feel worry for his health. Beside drama shooting he also has another FM at the end of the month . I just hope he will put his health as priority now.

    I don’t know how others HJ’s fans feel but don’t score me for what I’m about to say . I sometimes feel angry at HJ whenever I hear that he is overwork again. I felt a bit worry since I heard of his hactic schedual in Japan plus the handshack events and the querilla performences. I think it is really nice of him to do so for the fans but sometimes he asks too much from himself. I just hate to hear that he is sick because of overwork.

    I hope KE ‘s management will look after him well and make sure they can help him balance all activities and rest well. I really hope KE will put HJ ‘s good health as their priority.

    Don’t hate me O.K ?

  2. I’m sad that you can’t bear hot days. I can’t either x.x but it’s winter here, 1°C at the moment lol and I love it. I’m a winter person. I’m sad that the HEAT promo was that short x.x but of course I’m looking forward to seeing him acting in City Conquest. I’m not a greedy fan you know, he could be 1 year doing nothing and I’d wait for him, for an album/drama. I guess it’s the korean entertainment which pushes him to do as many things as he can, and I don’t like that. When I read about the IV and how he cried at Saitama I kinda felt bad for him. It was weird to see him cry x.x since crying is not an emotion I feel often… I can’t bare to see him cry u.u I just felt like magically going there and giving him a warm hug, and wiping his tears away :c My poor baby 😦 you know, many years ago I came to a weird conclusion: Hyun Joong is truly a little boy in some aspects, like everytime he is sick, he gets emotional u.u /I read his parents were at Saitama and that also could be one of the reasons that made him cry :c since they are a bit ‘cold/serious’ towards him :c either way, it hurts to see him cry, plus he can’t manage that very well ._.

    • Razor~~I guess we have different opinion about the reason that made Hyunjoong cry.The first time I saw the short news clip of him brimming in tears I just thought then that he was just moved by the response he received on the “Heat”.But I was partly wrong b’coz when I saw the whole clip I saw sadness.Almost frustration over something that he couldn’t be helped himself no matter how he desired to do so.He wants to give his best performance and being not at his best due to illness he must be feeling that he is letting us down.In which will never be the case.That’s certainly the reason he kept saying sorry .We know how he dedicates himself to his fans that whenever he perform it’s always to the best of his ability!Seeing him cry my heart went out for him.But then I realize it takes a strong man to cry..So in contradiction to what you said it’s not of his parents being around & him feeling not well the reason that broke him into tears.Hyunjoong may have some traits of being a little boy at times but not at this level.That sounds like being a cry baby to me and that’s ridiculous!!Don’t you think?

    • Razor, I beg to differ here HJ is for sure not his mama boy, he is a grown up man been by himself a long time. His parents attended the Saitama on 2nd part he was sad (not cried) on the first part, this is just to put the facts right. I am attaching here the link maybe will make it more clear,
      HJ was looking sick, most probably he had some fever, he was sweating profusely, sore throat, running nose, all the emotions of not performing his best as he promised, just took their toll on him. KHJ is such a perfectionist that most probably got so frustrated that he could not be his best, Hj is no pussy somehow I think when a problem arise he will confront it and not run.
      LK dear, please keep healthy Hj is thougher than it looks with good vibes from all of his fans will be better, you too keep healthy. today’s and y’day’s pictures oh my….yummy…!”:)

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