Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAREWELL ROCKER!

By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong ended his being a rock singer yesterday as he successfully completed the two concert session for the last time. Hyun Joong performed a total of four concert session for two consecutive days in July 14 and 15. Saitama Super Arena was full packed on all the four concert sessions.  Yesterday at noon Hyun Joong started one later from the scheduled concert, and I found out he was rushed to the hospital due to sore throat problem. But then the show must go on no matter what happen.

In the morning Hyun Joong had his rehearsal run through, but he was only able to do half of the rehearsals since he was already having a hard time to sing and so he was rushed to the hospital, for an emergency treatment. Then came back to the venue, that caused delay in the show. The show was already adjusted to cut it shorter, eliminating the ballad songs and proceeded with the dance songs. I was then assuming Hyun Joong had it lip sink which is the best solution for such situation instead of insisting on something that can be even further damaging to his vocal cord.

Considering he still has another session at 6pm so it wouldn’t be wise to stick to the original show line up. At the twitter a fan from the venue was updating the show and I can feel the discomfort and pain of Hyun Joong. I have written in one of my article Life on Stage, that incidents like this can happen and no matter what the artist feels he has to endure with all the discomfort that he physically feels.

The show was even shorter by about 15min from the original show set up therefor Hyun Joong did the show for about 45min enduring whatever he felt. He was very apologetic to his fans about the situation. Hyun Joong is a professional singer, and it frustrates him not to be able to boost because of pain he felt in throat but pulled all his strength, God knows where it came from but then show still ended in a great success. His fans went home bringing with them Hyun Joong’s sincerity and loving him even more.

To see Hyun Joong this way just breaks my heart into pieces, it’s just too much pain to endure on his part, for the love to his fans.



There was a picture at the huge screen monitor of Hyun Joong that seem to me to be in tears. I immediately felt him that he was pretty scared of losing his voice, because that was the last day of his performance and his last chance to thank his fans for their support on his second Japanese album. I was talking to Hyun Joong in mind telling him, “go on talk to your fans but do not say too much and don’t overdo your show, keep your moves with your lips but not your voice. No matter what you do in front of them, they will understand because you have their unconditional love.”

As I was reading the updates on the flow of the show, I was hoping it’s over and done. I know how it is to be on stage with so much discomfort to endure and the heat of the stage lights on summer at noon time is just unbearable. All his ballad songs were eliminated because those are the songs he can not lip sink and he doesn’t want to. He sang If you’re Like me in acappella, just a short portion.

I just don’t know why I felt pain! Hearing him sing in acappella, just to please his fans he will endure any pain or discomfort he feels. It was said that his speaking voice was a bit strange, well this of course is expected since he’s suffering from sore throat. His fans who attended the concert can feel Hyun Joong’s sincerity and really cheer for Hyun Joong as their way of boosting his energy since the fans on the first show knew what was going on.

If you can remember this happened in China as well, I think it was on his last performance too. During the show he was asking if the air condition was working because felt hot and was sweating all over. And right after the show he barely ate until the following day he was complaining of sore throat. It’s the heat  plus over fatigue.

Same thing happened yesterday and last Saturday, a part of the show there was a technical problem went through that Hyun Joong has to exert more effort with the volume of his voice, I think that was another factor that triggered his sore throat . And again the summer heat can be so uncomfortable.

On the second concert session, I’m glad he was much better and he said the medicine he took earlier was effective. It was said that Hyun Joong parents came to the concert second show too as some fans spotted on them at the second level. Hyun Joong was able to perform the original show line up including the ballads and it went well for the entire show. It was successful even Hyun Joong encountered discomfort since Hyun Joong’s primary aim for this shows is for him to have the chance to thank his fans and have an enjoyable time with them.

Yesterday’s show was similar to his Asia Tour Fan Meeting, there the big white teddy bear Hyun Joong gave to one of his fans from audience, then there was the serenade and of course there was talk session. Hyun Joong revealed and was saying that his male fans are also increasing and he said he has to be careful this time whenever he goes to the sauna too!!Hyun Joong commented about the toothpaste again since the Japanese hotels provides small size toothpaste!! He also revealed his morning routine that tooth brushing comes first before taking a shower.

Among all the performances of Hyun Joong since I followed him, it’s the first time for me to felt an unusual sadness. Aside from the fact that I was truly worried about him yesterday and on the first concert session, I was hoping it would end knowing he has been enduring with his discomfort and on second concert session I was more eager to know if his throat and his condition was better or worst. I was glad though the show was approaching to its end and came up singing all the songs live without problems meaning he got better which I was relieved.


Kim Hyun Joong thank his fans for attending the event and for support on his second album. He said, “I’m going to focus on acting as, I’m challenge to become Baek Mir. Please wait to see me again as singer Kim Hyun Joong”. 

Well, maybe we won’t see him on stage doing concerts for a while. At this point Hyun Joong was saying farewell as a rocker but maybe not as a singer as yet, because he will still be singing OST for his drama City Conquest!! And this will be what I shall be looking forward to in his music.

Among all Hyun Joong’s music I think it’s HEAT that I learned a lot. When the news about HEAT and Hyun Joong’s collaboration with B’z was released, of course I was full of curiosity since it’s the first time for Hyun Joong to collaborate with a Japanese musician and a popular legend. I was thinking then it must be a good sales strategy. Then other fans were worried knowing there’s another popular Jpop Yamapi to release album at the same time as Hyun Joong. I just said let’s wait and see.

Then seeing the 5,000 fans of Hyun Joong at the handshake event, I started asking myself did Hyun Joong really gained this much after February? And when finally Hyun Joong hit the top at Oricon, indeed he gained so much!! In my other articles I wrote that anything attached to Hyun Joong’s name turns to gold.

Saying this I was pertaining to materials or commodities. But this time I came to realize that even anyone may tagged to Hyun Joong name just the same, it turns gold!! Majority of Hyun Joong’s fans are not familiar with B’z and so now B’z is known to every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong and shall be remembered.

Last Saturday Hyun Joong sang ANATA NI and may I correct the English title  is FOR YOU not To You. This is my mistake too. Anyway, someone from the twitter shared the link of this Japanese song I checked on the link and found out it’s my Japanese favorite song and scrolling down to the comments at You Tube everyone was Hyun Joong fans, thanking the uploader for sharing the music, which was uploaded in 2007, and now it’s 2012 that comments flow coming from Hyun Joong’s fans!!

My point is if another artist is not known within the Hyun Joong’s community of fan, they too can be popular!! I think most of us share the same opinion, because for me I would careless whoever he works with just put the name Kim Hyun Joong and I’ll buy it at once regardless whatever. We will be supporting Hyun Joong all the way as whatever project he has or whom he’s with in his project.

During the concert in Saturday Hyun Joong collaborated with Naoto san, there’s a part in the show that it’s Naoto’s turn to perform while Hyun Joong exits to the back stage, he said to his audience “Cheer for Naoto san also, or I’ll not come back to the stage”!! And his audience responded giving Naoto San the same cheers! Hyun Joong was thoughtful and he wouldn’t just think of his own performance but share the stage with others too including his audience!! But that’s really cute of Hyun Joong!!

As time goes by I learn more from Hyun Joong, not the literal meaning of learning through teaching but from Hyun Joong’s everyday life story, his activities, events that transpired and dealings with other artists or his fans. He had already won a title of being the Most Influential Star and if another award with such title, I’m sure Hyun Joong has this winning crown as the most influential person ever born!!

Even Hyun Joong is not intending to promote anyone or anything, his fans just follow him. Just like this song Anata Ni, Hyun Joong just happened to like the song and sang it!! Without intending to promoting the song and the original artist Anzen Chitai who happens to a rocker too in the 70’s, now is known to Hyun Joong’s fans!! 

And talking about promoting may I just mention, I guess from now on I’ll start campaigning from Hyun Joong’s next fan meeting concert for Bangkok Thailand. I read yesterday there’s still 1,700 seat still available to be filled up. So guys what are you waiting for? Grab this chance and get yourself a ticket for the fan meeting event. Kim Hyun Joong shall be flying to Thailand to perform in your country.

The event shall be held in July 29th. So from Japan Hyun Joong will be departing to Bangkok, so go on now grab the ticket, forget about shopping this time and shop for concert ticket instead. Our personal leisure can wait but Hyun Joong can’t, he’s scheduled to perform on the 29th and that’s only a one night performance. So fans from Thailand don’t miss this chance.

Kim Hyun Joong went back to Tochigi Ken right after his concert and shall resume his filming for the drama today. He bid farewell to the Rocker himself as he said he’ll be Baek Mir from now on. Well, we’re meeting another guy again in a different character in one person!

You can never get bored with Hyun Joong because every time we meet him he’s in different personality. As he said from this day on he will be Baek Mir and remember Hyun Joong adopts any character in his project on and off cam, he said this that’s why yesterday he bids his last farewell being a rocker singer!

As Kim Hyun Joong’s message yesterday “Please wait for me on stage as a singer”. As we wait for Kim Hyun Joong the singer,  we welcome Baek Mir in the world of the Alien!!

Farewell my dear ROCKER,  it’s great to have met you and had learned a lot in the world of rock,  because of you…..Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits, as tagged, KHJean14 thanks!


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAREWELL ROCKER!

  1. ms. LK thanks for the article. and guys just ignore all the negative comments, just think it this way that its part of everydays’ live for all celebrities who’s gaining popularity each day like kim hyun joong.
    all we need to do right now is to unite with prayers for a good health of hyun joong which i believe is a really big help for him. God bless us all!

  2. i’m so late reading your articles. anyway, yesterday i was online the whole duration of the evening concert and thanks to friends covering the event. it felt like i was there personally. i was just shocked to know there were 2 sessions of the show each day coz i wasnt deep into details of the concert at first. that’s too much for hyun joong joggling himself with album guerilla promos here and there, rehearsals, filming and the like squeezed in so short time intervals. the spirit is so willing (no question about that for the love of his fans) but the body can only do so much! seeing those photos trying to hold back tears but to no avail bled my heart for him. i was relieved to know that his parents were there for moral support and definitely, with omma around, she’d be a great source of comfort with the health condition he’s suffering. Despite everything, he aced it with fying colors and the fans went happy bringing home the bacon of mutual love and respect with the ONLY ONE KING OF KPOP!

    i will wait for his come back as a singer 101% (full album & world tour). meantime, i’d shift gear watching him as an actor. i hope and pray he’ll be successful in this endeavor.

    thanks for this piece again, LK! xoxo

  3. Negative comments… Came from the negative person who doesn’t know how to see the positive side from others. So sad,they can’t enjoy their life because their mind,their heart full of bad worms.whatever they said,OUR HYUN JOONG still smile as bright as sunshine…HE knows,HIS big family always beside HIM. God bless all you there,our love will always with HIM.

  4. Thank you, Lazer Kim.
    There is news that Justin Bieber sent flower to HJ’s concert.
    I think it’s only normal congratulation because both have relations with Japan company.
    But I can’t understand why many comments are so negative.
    Poor HJ and JB.


  6. Thank you for the link,thouched, tearing.Lk,our love really in the right person,will never stop till the end.How tired HE is,how pain and suffered HE is, but still HE present such AMAZING STAGE…all because of love. Lk,thanks so much for the article.god bless

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