Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TEARS OF JOY

By: LazerKim          Yesterday at the Nikko Edo Wonderland where Kim Hyun Joong has been shooting for City Conquest, a notice was posted at the main entrance that says there will be areas restricted for the drama shooting. It was also stated that today July 18, the park shall be closed to give way for the filming of this drama. It was also said that the filming shall be continues until the 27th of this month. Meaning Hyun Joong has to fly on the same day the 27th to Bankok after the shooting or fly the following day to prepare his stage for his performance on the 29th.

This schedule is pretty hectic, but what can we do Hyun Joong is a professional, no matter what happens, he’ll step on that stage. And so Hyun Joong fans from Thailand, may I appeal to you to grab your tickets now for that fan meeting concert. Hyun Joong had already extended his fan meeting concert since I understand this was not in his original itinerary. This is the first time that I’m making this appeal since I know it’s the fans lost not to be able to attend the event. I sincerely hope I would be able to reach out for the fans of Thailand.

I’m sure you have read his concert last Sunday that he almost lost his voice due to over fatigue. believe me guys Hyun Joong is sincerely doing all these, providing for our needs as his fans for his presence. So I think it would just be fair enough to acknowledge his presence in your country. What boosts Hyun Joong’s energy is our presence as his fans, our cheering for him our screams just to show him we are sincerely enjoying having him to perform at the fan meeting concert event.

And if it’s not too much, it would be great if you can bring a non-fan friends with you at the fan meeting concert. We all have seen how the fan meeting concert is and the same show shall be performed by Hyun Joong, I’m sure your friends will enjoy his concert too just as much we do. And for other fans, let’s try to encourage more fans from the outer part of Bangkok to come over and spare even a little time for Hyun Joong.

This is a once in a life time chance to meet him in person. I read from somewhere that there will be high five session as well, so don’t miss this chance. Let’s treasure every single chance of seeing Hyun Joong because that’s gonna be a rare chance. Let’s treasure every effort he has because he’s simply doing this for all of us. As I always say, Hyun Joong is a good provider for his fans, and all we have to do is to reciprocate with all our sincerity what Hyun Joong is providing for us his fans.. Thailand…go go go!!!

Yesterday, both the Japanese local news and the international news was filled with updates pertaining the successful event last July 15th and the incident when Hyun Joong had IV drip treatment in the hospital. May I just clarify and iron out some opinion from others. First and foremost, Hyun Joong broke down because he was overwhelm by the huge crowd in front of him. Try putting your shoes into his, over 10,000 people there in front of you waiting for you to speak out but you can’t because you feel uncomfortable, you’re sick, how would you feel if these people expects from you and couldn’t deliver at best?

Tears is not a sign of weakness be it from  women or men, a person can shed tears out of joy, or out of frustration and pain that can not be helped. Seeing Hyun Joong in tears doesn’t mean he’s a baby boy! Mind me, Hyun Joong is a grown up man, is it impossible for real man to cry out? Yes we know Hyun Joong has that playful ways like a kid but last Sunday afternoon, that’s not a kid you see on that stage. That’s a real man and his natural sincere emotion and yes he felt frustrated that he hardly bring out the best in him in front of his thousands of fans, because he was in pain, he was sick due to over fatigue. May I just clarify that incident.

Hyun Joong almost lost his voice on the day of his performance as his way of thanking his fans. Thousands of fans waited patiently for him to sing for them. Hyun Joong wants to do his best, he wants to pull out every single strength he has, but he couldn’t boost out further than how he wanted because he was in physical pain. He felt frustrated fighting over that pain because he wants to do his best effort in that concert. There’s a video clip Hyun Joong singing in acappella and at that very moment he was already risking his voice, he’s just so stubborn!! Yes, I agree but when you love somebody you would just want to give everything to please them, that is Kim Hyun Joong.

May I just mention that Hyun Joong was in tears but it has got nothing to do with his parents being there, they were there to support their son. And this is not the first time that they watched his concert. In January this year at Hyun Joong’s first fan meeting in Seoul, his parents were there too. And may I just clarify, there’s no such thing as cold treatment between Hyun Joong and his parents. Yes when he was high school his parents disagreed about the career Hyun Joong choice for himself, but that was long way over the past and had already forgotten. May I just clear that out.

Before Hyun Joong arrived Tokyo, there was already an arrangement that there will be a ticket draw and the lucky fans will have the chance to handshake with Hyun Joong. He change that plan, instead he wanted to have the handshake with every fan who was there present at the venue. It was raining his fans waited that trigger Hyun Joong to have the handshake with the 5,000 fans out there. It was his decision. Another event was in Nagaoya, that was totally out of the plan of Universal Music and KeyEast. Before Hyun Joong left Tokyo for Osaka handshake event, he was not contented and so before flying back to Tokyo his dancers rushed to Nagoya and performed series of street dance.

This was not the first incident that Hyun Joong changed plans of KeyEast. In the fan meeting concert, the original plan was to have high five session for only 500 fans, again he changed it and have the high five session for all fans attended the fan meeting concert. In China originally there was no high five session but he changed again, give some chance even in smaller volume of fans. He kept saying “I want to interact with my fans, I want to meet each and everyone of them.” And so he did, because this is what he wanted to do ever since he started performing solo.

Hyun Joong has been getting out of his way because he wants to connect with his fans and create a strong bond between him and his fans. This is very true, if you remember in February after his debut in Japan KeyEast placed him to rest for months, and he wrote to his fans saying he was getting bored. If Hyun Joong is not in his exposure, he will think of something to communicate with his fans. Either through his personal way to correspond with them or through exposure. This is how I see Hyun Joong in terms of connecting with his fans. He may not be an active internet user as others but there are other ways he can communicate that his fans can appreciate.

There are many instances that we have seen his being stubborn as he admitted in one of his interviews that this happens to be his weakness. He barely listen to others and if he wants to do something he’ll just go on with it. Lucas was interviewed saying, he always tell Hyun Joong that he has to take a rest every rehearsal run through. Well, he does sits in one corner holding his song lyrics, his headset and started singing!! And that is not even resting!!

What can be done to a guy like Kim Hyun Joong who is as stubborn and so restless!! He grew up that way, he always wants to do something instead of hanging around. It’s enough for him to be drinking with his friends after work or play the soccer if he’s not working!! Ever since he got to Japan, he was on the go all the time, he maintained his daily dance rehearsal routine, his singing lessons, the gym and acting. Despite the fact he’s on his promoting activities, Hyun Joong never ended the day without fulfilling his daily routine.

KeyEast though the company gets to take care of Hyun Joong’s every project, he was given a free hand in terms of music. The concerts he performs, the CD releases and it’s promotion, Hyun Joong makes the call. The handshake, high five, street dance even the fan meeting concert he plans it and KeyEast materialized his desires. And obviously everything was successful, Hyun Joong proved his ability not only in his talent but even in project planning. I can only guess, the only person who can have a say and for him to listen to, is the big boss, Bae Yong Joon. It was the big boss who gave Hyun Joong that free hand so maybe the boss can advise on personal level as his Hyung, instead of being his boss in business.

In one of my recent articles I have mentioned that, as Hyun Joong’s popularity has been growing, the demands on him tends to grow as well. This is a natural chain reaction. And so no matter how we wish for him to take even a little rest, I doubt about that. Hyun Joong is a professional both as a singer and an actor. He had started filming his drama, there were plans of doing the shooting in various countries, in fact many of these countries were already requesting for a fan meeting concert to be held in their respective countries. So what can be done if such demands are laid on his lap. Can he say no? That remains to be seen which I doubt if he ever know how to say no to his fans.

The least that can be done now is for his handlers to really keep an eye on him, give all the comfort VIP treatment he ought to have, and to seriously take care of him. That’s the least they can do as agent and sponsor or producer. Hyun Joong is not a spoiled brat he is very independent just about anything. If you remember in Tokyo he was saying he wants to go out to the convenient store and buy himself a toothpaste! Hyung can get it for him, right? But for Hyun Joong it’s his personal necessity  so he’ll do it. This is just a simple thing but Hyun Joong is just so independent.

From this time onward, I’m very sure KeyEast has been over filled with offers to Hyun Joong after his success in Japan. Can you imagine a drama had already earned millions prior to filming? Oh his critics have been so busy on how they can destroy Hyun Joong’s City Conquest!! What else is there to destroy? The drama is already earning prior to airing!! Not only that, since this drama shall be filmed in various countries, it’s very likely it will earn even more!

If the loving critics can under-estimate Hyun Joong simply because Hyun Joong doesn’t mind them nor doesn’t say anything, I really hope they will not under-estimate his fans. They may say it’s earning but what about TV ratings when airing starts. That’s why I mentioned not to under-estimate the fans because this drama has been well anticipated by his fans. Mind me not only his fans but the media as well. They have been in his tail ever since he got to Japan. Almost all local and international media had witnessed the huge success of HEAT, Hyun Joong’s concert and the filming of City Conquest. What more is there to say?

With all these events unfold, wouldn’t you cry out of happiness with the chain of success of Hyun Joong? He never expected this much to attain, but he did, in his own effort hands on. There are a lot behind him, people whom he worked with to be able to achieve. Lucas is one, he gave up his honeymoon just to be behind Hyun Joong! And so with the other staffs. But Lucas, (the captain of Artmatic) it was indeed a work well done, soon you’ll have the happiest honeymoon ever had!! We fans shall not forget how these people behind Hyun Joong worked hard with him, and we fans do appreciate them.

Tears can signifies pain, hurt feeling, emotional depression, but with Kim Hyun Joong having seen him in tears it may be in physical pain, but most of all Kim Hyun Joong was in Tears Of Joy, for having seen and felt thousands of fans who love him so dearly…..

                                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D and KHJean14, thanks.


21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TEARS OF JOY

  1. Good day razor… See you. And hi there angie,happy to hear that you want to go to korea.Go head sist,there’s tangdeumun market where you can shop with cheap price. The food just wow!sorry,because I love their food… he he.God bless all of you and CC DAEBAK!PRAY FOR HIM GIRLS.

  2. I just came back from a korean market so you may guess that I respect korean ppl and have interacted with them. I have constructive critics even about my country (many) lol and don’t think I’m being all serious here, those remarks about korea were made by my friends, not me. They liked Jeju-do though, they said Jeju was awesome. I’m actually afraid of going to S.Korea just because of the air pollution cuz I’m very allergic to everything and don’t wanna feel breathless and die before I meet HJ hahaha xd so chill out girls, relax…this place is to delight ourselves with HJ’s news. I guess it wasn’t the right place nor the adecuate moment to say those things x.x lol sorry about that and pls talk to me when I say positive things too, not just when I say polemic stuff ^^

    • Razor dear – PEACE…ok…. it seems we all share love and support for HJ! There are so many critics lately (drama etc…) that sometimes maybe I get to overreact, my apologies, no harm intended, but it seems I’ve became quite sensitive about HJ ( yeah I wonder why….lol). But for sure HJ is not a mama boy, but he is very sensitive like all artists, they do tend to get emotional, and HJ being Korean is of course very emotional. So maybe we let it be as it is, no shame in a grown up man crying, I find it refreshing and true, all playing tough. LK dear, I do hope you are well, thanks for the pictures as always.

  3. I don’t agree if said that south korea is unrerpecfull country,dirty or bla…bla. I stayed there almost 4 year.what wrmg with this people? If don’t know what to describe about other country… Please silence. Korea is respect other,clean place and know how to deal with other.they dont throw the rabbish every where.They can drink every where,that’s their own rules. I’ve been other country to,australia,canada,usa,and japan off course they can drink every where.oh come on razor,whether you fan or not it’s doesn’t matter,just please don’t simply describe other country… Unless you really knows. I can tell you this,because I knew,I interact with them for years… I just want to tell the right one. Thanks again for the article Lk, feel worried about HIS schedule.May God bless always with HIM.CC, DAEBAK!

  4. I don’t agree if said that south korea is unrerpecfull country,dirty or bla…bla. I stayed there almost 4 year.what wrmg with this people? If don’t what to describe about other country… Please silence. Korea is respect other,clean place and know how to deal with other.they dont throw the rabbish every where.They can drink every where,that’s their own rules. I’ve been country to,australia,canada,usa,and japan off course they can drink every where.oh come on razor,whether you fan or not it’s doesn’t matter,just please don’t simply describe other country… Unless you really knows. I can tell you this,because I knew,I interact with them for years… I just want to tell the right one. Thanks again for the article Lk, feel worried about HIS schedule.May God bless always with HIM.CC, DAEBAK!

  5. I do give ppl the benefit of the doubt I was just telling what they told me and that’s not my opinion in any case cuz I haven’t been there… but I’m a straight-forward person and speak what’s on my mind.// I feel that you are doubting me as a HJ fan and that’s by far worse than anything that I have said. I kinda feel offended. I’ve been his fan ever since SS501 debuted and I love him to death but not because he’s from Korea. In fact you should realize that HJ is not a typical korean (that’s why I love him) and if he was brazilian,swedish that wouldn’t change anything cuz I don’t love him for being korean, I love him for being HIM. He just happens to be korean. I try to make him popular with the events and parties I produce and organize here where I live, throwing all my money into that and putting all my efforts on that. So please think twice before saying that ‘u hope I’m a true fan’.

    • I am sorry ppl are misunderstanding you… I agree though, if you haven’t experienced a place firsthand, don’t comment about it… especially if those comments are negative. I have never been to S. Korea yet… I am eager to go and experience a country I have researched in depth and fallen in love with it’s culture and philosophies. I think if you do some research you will learn the Korean people are quiet and reserved… they are in no way cold or unemotional. Respect is UTMOST in their culture and they are taught not to damage each other’s image with negative words and actions. Of course, there are going to be ppl that are just jerks anywhere you go… but, I can’t imagine the entire population being rude or cold. Also, cleanliness is a BIG DEAL to them. They are all about image. I am learning the language and want to go over as a TESOL. I can’t wait to meet Koreans and experience their country and culture.

      And about not loving KHJ because he’s Korean, but b/c he’s HIM… I understand… he is unique and special… but, please consider that he IS KOREAN and therefore that culture is part of WHO HE IS as well. So, respect him by respecting Koreans as a whole.

  6. wanted to add… been hearing this song a lot over the past two weeks… Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas…

    Carry on my wayward son
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more

    Once I rose above the noise and confusion
    Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
    I was soaring ever higher
    But I flew too high

    Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
    Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
    I hear the voices when I’m dreaming
    I can hear them say

    Carry on my wayward son
    There’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more

    I wanted to give these words to KHJ b/c they seem so fitting. Love, Love, Love. Please take care.

  7. When I said cold I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I mean my younger sis is quite ‘cold’ yet she’s the most lovable girl in the world. I know his parents support him in whatever he does. Gosh I’m not good with texts xd it’d be better if I could explain this orally xd but I guess it’s partly cuz he respects them too much. I’m glad HJ said he’d let his children do whatever they want to do with their lives, and support them in any kind of career they want to pursue unlike his parents did when he was young. Yeah my friends got totally shocked when they went to Korea: they could not believe how it’s legal there to drink alcohol in the streets, they said the pollution was really bad to the point of having trouble breathing, they found ppl to be violent to eachother, they couldn’t believe krn ppl could not know how to ‘enjoy life’, they found ppl not to be really clean in every aspect, they said the smell in the metro was unbearable, that they didn’t respect traffic lights/signs, etc… x.x they said the only good thing about kr is the fact that everything is cheap there and that Suju lives there (lol xd they are Suju fans). They said they won’t ever visit Korea again u.u This has nothing to do with the article xd ahhh I’m looking forward to seeing CC. I wish he’d took better care of his health u.u

    • Razor dear, i might say you don’t give the people the benefit of the doubt, SK is one of the countries that they have free internet evertwhere, they have very high standards re production and their name and they are hard working people. I am not Korean, I happen to work and know some and they are very polite people and efficient, even though they do lack the English, but they try. They do not interact very much with foreigners as a nation, quite wary and closed, but they are trying to open up. See the Hallyu Wave (supported by their own goverment) via music and dramas. I think your friends should have been more lenient this is a very different culture and by the way you can always drink on the streets in Europe. The smell is most probably garlic, this being very much used in the Korean cooking. My point here being when in Rome behave as a Roman and show some respect to the country you visit, your friends should have gone to India Mumbai specifically, I would really like to see their recation then. Re KHJ, he is a Korean male who actually is not afraid of showing his weak sides as well, he is human after all and he is doing his very best in succeeding. LK sorry to take so much of this, but I could not stop myself. By the way loved the pictures. 🙂 I do hope Razor that you are a true fan of Kim Hyun Joong. 🙂

  8. Stubborn KIM HYUN JOONG… That’s right! HE is so stubborn, that’s why we also stubborn… no matter what we love HIM, OUR THE ONLY ONE,LOVELY STUBBORN KIM HYUN JOONG. God bless.thanks again Lk for your daily dose. I wish you as stubborn as HIM, will continue feed us with your article.

  9. I have been very worried about KHJ pushing himself so hard. I actually expected a breakdown at some point. I work in the medical profession and know that pusing himself so hard will lead to dehydration and exhaustion. I hope he will listen to medical professionals and take care of himself while working so hard. Just drink lots of water and drinks containing electrolytes like Gator Ade. Eat a balanced diet with protein, fruits and veggies and whole grains. Pace meals and snacks every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar levels even. I worried because I heard he was restricting his calories and is down to 7% body fat. This is so far below the healthy amt for an adult male. I worry, worry, worry. Please take care Hyun Joong! Your fans love you and will understand if you need to rest.

    • si asul na laso hahaha!
      grabe ang mga komento dito noh pati ung mga bansa nadadamay na.
      sana mag focus na lang sila kay hyun joong kung paano ntin masuportahan ung idol ntin at wala ng mga negative na komento haiyysss.
      pero gusto ko na ring umiyak nung umiyak siya grabeh!

      • hello hanz!ilang araw q na hinahanap c ms LK at last nagparamdam din.i really enjoy reading comments…kaloka!!!

  10. I hope Hyun Joong realizes that all these successes are all because God allowed them to happen to him because he has a pure heart and works really hard. That these talents that he is able to develop and show the world are all blessings from God. From his statements and actions, I am almost sure he does.

  11. Lazer unnie, you said very well. The critics will always criticize hj no matter what he does or how much success he achieved.They will never praise him. I don’t really care about them.And I am sure hj drama will have good results and ratings in Korea too. Some say the director,the scriptwriter and the lead actress are not well known ones so they worry about the drama.But I believe in all actors and the director,also the writer.Who knows?? combination of not well known ones can become the best .

  12. omg I didn’t know my comment on the past article was so polemic D: well, I guess you girls just read what I posted but ‘didn’t see beyond that’. I never said HJ was a mama’s boy D: I didn’t meant that. I wanted to express that he was a lil boy sometimes, as in a ‘cute’ aspect. I know he is a grown up man, but believe me, in western society it’s not usual for a 26-yr old male to ‘cry’ out of frustration. A typical man would get mad and even agressive and HJ is not like that, and I love that about him. He’s more on the cute side at those moments. Even his mom said he was quite sentimental. // When I said that maybe he cried ‘cuz their parents were there, I tried to express that EVEN his parents were there, and so many-many fans yet he couldn’t show and present the performance at 100% and make ppl n his parents feel proud of him because unfortunately he was sick. Now for the ‘a bit cold’ part I’m sorry but I think that’s true. It’s always been said that many asian parents (mostly JP, KRN, chinese) are a bit cold to their sons unlike hispanic/latin/italian parents. I mean when I saw an interview during the BOF times HJ said sth like: this is the 1st time my mom congratulates me about something and he even found it weird D: I know they aren’t too demonstrative but I’m sure they adore his son. HJ said that he rarely says ‘I love you’ to their parents and I do find that not so right. A friend of mine went to S.Korea about 15 days ago and she said she missed the people’s warmth from here, she said ppl in Korea were very cold to each other and it’s not the first time I hear that (of course not 100% of the krn ppl are like that) HJ’s mom said once that HJ was closer n trusted more things to his uncle than to them.

    • Don’t forget that HJ was raised by his Grandma mostly (his parents were always working), with whom he had a very close relationship and she was like a mom to him. So in conclusion from my point of view, he still has a bit of an awkward relationship with his parents and he felt frustated that he couldn’t show his best to them and to his fans

      • Hey~it’s me again:))sorry can’t help not to reply but before I continue this is just an opinion we exchange here nothing personal,okey~:)).
        I hope we’re clear about this….

        So it’s not meant to be being a silly crying kid then?Alright.
        Now,the things I want to state as my point of view here is about the cold treatment or maybe shall we say a distant relationship between the son & parent.Well,I don’t think I could simply agree w/ you if your reasons only pertains on those interview clips HJ said about his parents as you mentioned.Actually there are some interviews or documentary w/c shows that his parents never treated HJ coldly.On the contrary they are being supportive to HJ during his childhood and it was only until his desire to pursue music in exchange to his studies that they are against with.And HJ is the kind of person who knows what he wants and continue being stubborn in order to achieve his dreams.He has this kind of strong personality and yet a soft heart and being emotional on those whom he cares so much.HJ as we all know by now is not good in expressing himself and that’s his personality.I’m sure as a parent to HJ they knew rather than expressing his love by words they feel it with their hearts thru his actions.And HJ shows his love to his parents more than the words could express.

        And another thing. I guess it was sort of a culture shock those friends of yours encountered on their visit.It’s not about being cold to anyone but each nations have their own culture and valued tradition to consider.I used to live in a western country too and I must say when it comes to closer-attached relationship between parents & children.Compares to westerners,it’s Asians.

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