Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEDIA TALKS

By: LazerKim               Right until this time Kim Hyun Joong has still been in the Singapore local newspapers and magazines, same as with international publications in many parts of Asia. China has been active in promoting the upcoming Asia Tour of Hyun Joong. Until at this time video clips of the recent Fan Meeting Concert event in Singapore has been circulating all over internet. This includes Hyun Joong’s press conference and interviews. There were good promotional materials that can be used in promoting the fan meeting concert on Hyun Joong’s next destination.

As I was browsing the twitter the other day, a fan shared with me one of Hyun Joong’s interviews video clip with the Singapore Razor TV. In fairness the video clip is good, it contains even the preparation for Hyun Joong prior to the interview proper. Hyun Joong stated a lot about himself which I’m gonna talk about later, the entire Q & A came out smoothly.  But at the last part of the first video clip, the reporter mentioned, that prior to that interview a set of questions for Hyun Joong was submitted to KeyEast for approval.

I would assume that was the part of the deal in any interviews that Hyun Joong has to attend, regardless of what TV station he has to appear. The set of written questions were shown and there are marks of crossed out question done by KeyEast. Meaning those question should not be asked from Hyun Joong. I was asking myself, is this necessary for Razor TV to show whatever questions are restricted? And I would assume this video clip might have shown at Singapore national TV.

There are human rights given to everyone as Freedom of Speech, and there’s also the Right to Privacy. Back in 2010 when Hyun Joong visited Singapore to promote The Face Shop, he was interviewed by Razor TV, and some questions were irrelevant and I would say inappropriate. As Hyun Joong was asked: “Do you consider yourself a good kisser?  Do you think you are more handsome than Bae Yong Joong?”

Are these questions needed to be asked to Hyun Joong in public?   So KeyEast can not be blamed as to why the company made their restrictions this time, whenever Hyun Joong has to attend an interview. And I think this is a standard procedure in any artist’s interviews and at talk shows.

We fans knew Hyun Joong’s candid honesty, and he’s readily have the answers to your questions. But I sincerely hope that media would not take advantage of his candidness. Hyun Joong is quite a smart guy, he knows how to deal with the media as he respects them. Hyun Joong had shared to his fans a part of his private life for us to know him better but of course there should be a limit on what we ought to know about him. Which I think everyone of us have our own self reservations, and Hyun Joong should not be deprive of his own self reservation as well, even he is a public figure.

However in this interview, Hyun Joong shared a lot that his new fans ought to know about himself as I share it with you.

Question: You are known to be the image of perfection, what is it that makes you perfect?

KHJ: I don’t think I’m charming, maybe I have happen to to be what fans are looking out for. For example acting, singing, dancing are things I enjoy. Being able to do these things and be good at them, these things are probably the most charming about me

Question: If you have to choose your best physical feature?

HJ: many people tells me that my eyes are my best feature.

Question: In the music video of marry You, why did you choose an anime instead of you to be starred in the music video?

KHJ: I wrote the lyrics for this song with my fans in my mind. I really wanted to sing this song and I thank them for the support specially on a day like Christmas. When the song was released the sand animation was very well done very professional. And I thought that it would be able to bring out the warmth of the song better than if I starred in it myself.

Question: It was said that your character at Boys Over Flower Yoon Ji Hoo is the opposite of your real character as Kim Hyun Joong. Why is that?

KHJ: Off stage I’m just like any other guy. I’m more playful and lively than my screen personas. I like to go out with friends for good food and drinks. And I like to work out. I’m living in a very normal life. I’m quite playful around my close friends, I like to catch them by surprise. And I’m sure you will ask me for example, right? Sometimes I will surprise them by going topless.

Question: What was their reaction?

KHJ: My friends are as playful as I am, so they respond by doing the same.

Question: Would Hyun Joong use this song Marry You to propose to a girl?

KHJ: I prefer not to propose using my song, because I’ve sung them too many times. I think I will use a new song composed specially for her instead.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

The second part of this interview has similar Q & A at Hyun Joong’s press conference. The only difference was, Hyun Joong mentioned he was a lucky guy, that once in his life time he met a motor bike accident and it was quite serious but he was able to survive. And so that reminded me of Hyun Joong’s up-coming drama, in which the lead character that Hyun joong took the role, is a motor bike rider!! He has to take care and take precautions.

Hyun Joong mentioned about the song Marry You, that if ever he proposes to a girl through a song, of course it has to be different. And besides this song was meant to be given to his fans and not to his girlfriend, if ever he had that time. It was said that this song was Hyun Joong’s Christmas present to his fans. It is solely for his fans, that when he composed the song he even took some ideas for the lyrics from his fans website The Happiest Moment of My Life.

December in our country is a month of marriage, so I’m not sure if it follows in Korea. He picked some photos from his fans website too. Many of his fans had a misconception about this song to connect it to his personal relationship. Why? This song is given by Hyun Joong to his fans. I think it is just proper to accept the song Marry You and appreciate it. For once Hyun Joong has something to give us as he intended to.

Why would some fans think otherwise, and trying to link the song to his personal life? When in fact he’s giving the song to us his fans. Hyun Joong said if he’s going to propose it’s not gonna be a song for everyone, but to only one single person and that’s fair enough.

Just the same with his current OST If You’re the Same with Me, I read from somewhere again, trying to connect this song to Hyun Joong’s personal life. Remember, this song was made or was composed solely for its purpose for a drama which is currently airing. Hyun Joong is a professional artist, and just like the others, he does not mix his personal life with business.

Isn’t it the logo of showbiz are two faces with different characters? One has a happy face and the other has a sad face. An artist would endure any pain he personally feels and act to a totally different persona on stage. No matter what happens they will do anything in their power to separate the two areas of their lives, being a professional artist and being themselves in reality.

Somebody was trying to insinuate rumors on Hyun Joong’s privacy. And here’s my stand, not unless Hyun Joong faces the camera and declare that he’s having a relationship, then that’s the only time I would believe he has. And I would respect whoever, Hyun Joong has his own life even he is a public image. Rumors are like termites, termites are insects, and insects are his worst enemy!!

The media are so fond of asking the celebrity’s personal relationship that they are clever in their questioning scheme and sometimes can make up stories out of it. Until such time the celeb can hardly breath from being watched in every move they make and eventually break their relationship. This is also one reason why most of the celeb, anywhere in the world could not stick to their personal relationship.

I have written in one of my articles about Artist Agent’s basic responsibilities on their managing artists. And one of those basic is their artist’s protection, be it for security reasons or their artist’s reputation. It is just right that Hyun Joong is being protected from media’s carefree Q & A during their interviews, that KeyEast censors media’s questioning schemes.

KeyEast is just doing their job in protecting Hyun Joong which I think is just right as an agent. Because once an artist say something in front of the media, he can not take back those words with or without cameras. The media can also play stalkers specially those hot celebs and Hyun Joong is currently one of those hot celebs.


So far Hyun Joong has been winning the international media’s heart and he surprised them with the brilliant show he did in Singapore. Every time Hyun Joong is out in his exposure the more Hyun Joong gained attention from the media. And no matter how they try to look for a dirt in him, once he speaks out the more media gets positive impression about him. Hyun Joong stays humble and modest just being himself. A single media personnel who may criticize him just to be able to get a scoop, would only regret she or he ever said the wrong words.

The more Hyun Joong go further to his destinations, the more media will meet him in person. And just like the media of Singapore Hyun Joong was able to capture their hearts. Apparently Hyun Joong has covered almost all newspapers and magazines with all positive news about Kim Hyun Joong. Just like his fans, it’s not enough to watch Kim Hyun Joong perform on stage. One way or another the media was filled with curiosity as to who the guy is.

And upon meeting him and talking with him, the Media already knows, Kim Hyun Joong is a good man and one can not bring a good man down.

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MEDIA TALKS

  1. I did see that also where they show the list of questions they had for him and they were scratch in red she started talking them and then she said but we still got one in and its when they ask him about to Marry me song! I was again really do they had to do that! But again they will always try to bring him down but it’s impossible to lower a star to the ground unless the star wants to come down from his galaxy he will never be put down! Kim Hyun Joong is more than a star his a player a sport player i mean whatever his thrown we will bat it out of the field with the most honest answer he can only give cause he dont got nothing to hide! For 1 bad press they are million out there KiM HYun is on TOP OF THE WORLD! PROTECT THE PRINCE
    Thxs LK and blessings 4 all

  2. Your article was my routine day. I must read! Thank you LK, again you all girls defence our boy.HE is so kind n honours what more they want from him? Is really sad to thing about it. KIM HYUN JOONG,however we love you n always be with you,Wish that you read all this article n comment so that you how we care about YOU. Thanks sist, God bless

  3. OMG… Did they really shown the set of question marked by KE on that clip??? What’s wrong with those reporters, just like the one who wrote for the Strait Times… they just got mad because some of their (must be stupid and irrelevant) questions being forbid. When they couldn’t find anything bad to write about Hyun Joong, they just make sh*t up to make him looks bad. I’m sorry for couldn’t control my anger, but it seems like those reporters r bunch of antifans! >.< but I'm so agree with your last sentence LazerKim… Uri Kim Hyun Joong is a good man and one can not bring a good man down!

    • Hi Kiarra! Thanks, i know you were looking for the news write up yesterday, yes I was looking for it too, knowing where it came from makes me worried. This video came from The Straits Time Razor TV, again it’s misleading that’s why other fans stopped posting it. It looks good at the start and right at the ending of part 1 they showed the rejected questions from KE. I don’t think they’re suppose to do that. I don’t know now what KE thinks about it but it’s way below the belt.
      See you around! Have a nice day! God bless.

    • i think we have to face the reality that HJ is gonna face tough challenges ahead..many of them are really trying to put many nagativity as he pave his way to the worry as long as we are here FANS of HJ to protect your mind.HJ will be ok am sure because he knows we are here for him..fighting Kiarra!!

      • Yes we the fans has to PROTECT THE PRINCE at all cause…. so keep aware of the videos & write ups you read sometimes they can be misleading. Media are very clever! But fans are smarter!!

        • Somehow I just feel so much hate from those SG reporter, also read some negative comments on KHJ news of Yahoo SG, basically they are against Hallyu Waves in their country… That’s what I see from those hateful articles and comments. I hope I was wrong, but then, yeah… Hyun Joong will be ok cos we are here for him 🙂

          • they – the hostile Media – are always trying to tarnish HJ image even in SKorea, but as you all mentioned – WE his FANS won’t allow it and will support KHJ always. He is giving so much to his Fans always raising the bar to a new level, KHJ is receiving so much love from his Fans and he is giving them back the same and there is a lot of Respect here from both sides, which can not be said about all other artists. 🙂

  4. that’s why am thankful i did not fall to anyone(ladies in showbizness) who paired HyunJoong in the past and coming in the future..i will not going to battle about that,otherwise its hard for me to accept when both of them will not be together at the end..Am just content that HJ respect every ladies he had worked in the past and became friends with them.Yes am just go with the girl whom he will end up to as his future partner,for now am happy he is doing great without anyone tagging along with him.For sure everytime he sang a song it always goes to be dedicated to his fans never i heard it is for his girlfriend..oh man..’WE ARE HIS GIRLFRIENDs!!,ARE YOU NOT HAPPY?..that’s comforting to know.For now let’s rejoice forhe’s making a name again LZ and so thank you once for this wonderful article for today..GOD BLESS HJ and so to us all..see you…

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