Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM DATE

By: LazerKim                    Kim Hyun Joong is still the cover of international news about his Asia Tour Fan Meeting which started in Singapore last Friday May 4. The brilliant show keeps spreading around Asian countries even those that are not covered within Hyun Joong’s itinerary. Aside from the fact that Hyun Joong’s growing popularity called for huge attention, I think the show that he did even gained attraction. Since the showcase was being sold as fan meeting, but obviously it’s more than just that and it’s even more than just a concert.

As I have mentioned in one of my recent article, Hyun Joong deliberately raised the standard of fan meeting event. And considering the venues where Hyun Joong performs are venue for big concert events. In Hongkong he’ll be performing at Asia World Expo Arena, and recently at Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was said that Hyun Joong was the first solo Kpop artist to be holding a fan meeting in such huge venues and he was the first to create a concert out of a fan meeting event. Is Hyun Joong leading this innovative fan meeting among his co-artists?

It seems to me that Hyun Joong has been marking several histories in the Kpop. First was in Japan as he debuted his Japanese album marking the first international artist who was able to attain top rank at the Oricon music chart and had attain the gold record status on his album debut. Then in Singapore, Hyun Joong was the first Kpop who was able to bring an innovated fan meeting for 3,000 fans in attendance. I wonder what’s next that Hyun Joong would lead to mark another history. Anywhere he goes he’s becoming a newspaper headline, a darling of the press and apple of the eye of every business entity to represent their company.

Hyun Joong had barely started with his Asia Tour but news about him just kept going. His next destination is HongKong which he is set to arrive tomorrow May 11 Friday, probably at noon, and he’s scheduled to have his press conference. This is another news again and his fans will be busy with updates while others are so eager to fly to HongKong to watch his show the following day May 12 Saturday. Hyun Joong has a pretty tight schedule this since he has only one night to do his technical rehearsals at the venue and set the show the following night. He’ll be doing the same High Five or hand shake to each and every fans who will attend this event.

Many fans from my country shall be flying to HongKong to attend the fan meeting event since this is the nearest among other countries included in Hyun Joong’s itinerary. I read that the two fans in wheelchair are set to go again after they have gone to Singapore to meet Hyun Joong. I do not know more of how I can express that Hyun Joong receives this love from his fans. And he deserves that love more than anyone else among other Hallyu Stars. Fans do feel the genuine sincerity among the artists and Hyun Joong has that highest degree of sincere love to his fans that is shown rather than being said.

Many Hyun Joong fans envy those who has the chance to follow him from one country to another. And I think such feeling is just but natural for a fan who’s as eager to have the rare chance of meeting Hyun Joong in person. What more can I say but to pray for Hyun Joong to be able to fulfill his dream to reach out for his fans from different parts of the world. And that if other fans can not go near him then I would wish Hyun Joong would be able to go near them instead.

As one of my regular readers said, to meet Hyun Joong shall be her dream to fulfill. That chance of meeting him can be so inspiring to work hard, earn the cash, save it and follow Hyun Joong wherever he’ll perform. Another die hard fan was saying she has to get rich to be able to attain the same dream of meeting Hyun Joong!! In short everyone is just dying to meet him in person that feels like having your dream date. This is how much Hyun Joong’s fans love him.

The night before Hyun Joong’s first performance in Singapore two of the fans emailed me saying they could hardly eat dinner because of excitement and eagerness to meet Hyun Joong in person. It’s like having their first date with their prince charming. Ladies I’m sure you know exactly how it feels to look forward to your first date! That kind of feeling is just killing you with excitement!! And it started to echo again to some fans who are flying to Hyun Joong’s next destination HongKong. What can I do, but to feel sincerely happy for them. I do feel their excitement as if I’m coming with them!! And it feels great!

I remember when the news first broke about Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour confirming the Asian countries included at Hyun Joong’s itinerary, One of his teenage fan said, what hope do I got he doesn’t even know my country!! I started to think about it, what are the main factors that Hyun Joong would have the chance to visit or perform in different countries, since this is Hyun Joong’s long time dream. To be an international star and share his music to the world. To be able for Hyun Joong to perform a concert in other countries. First, there has to be a quota or definite number of fans. Second, there has to be a sponsor to finance the concert. I think this is just a matter of chain reaction.

Every star celeb have the same goal, other than developing their talent and that is to expand their network of fans. And to be able to expand, what the artists need basically is a chance or opportunity to gain more projects. If an artist gains more popularity, the more chances for them to gain more projects. More projects for them would mean more chances for exposure to gain further popularity. Hyun Joong can easily attain this for obvious reason, that the guy has all the potentials. Beauty, brain, talent and a strong plus professional attitude.

And going back to the chain reaction, we fans can help him build his network, in our very simple ways. Like for instance, everyone now knows the quality of what Hyun Joong prepared for his fan meeting. It’s more than a concert and it’s more than just a fan meeting, that if I’m a resident of HongKong or Singapore, I can bring a friend along with me who is a none fan of Hyun Joong to watch the show.

Many fans do spend for material items to be given to Hyun Joong as a present and we always witness that at the airport. And so for a change why don’t we bring him a new fan instead, anyway Hyun Joong can afford to buy those item we give him for himself. Why not treat your friend for a concert ticket, bring her along with you to meet Hyun Joong. And you may never know, your friend might end up a Hyun Joong addict like you!! Well, that is not near to impossible, and the very lucky friend of yours, if it took you years before you finally meet Hyun Joong, your friend will meet him so instantly!!

By this way, you are able to help Hyun Joong gain a new fan, at the same time, you gave your friend a blind date who would surely fall for Hyun Joong!! Just like what you have experienced the first time you laid eyes on Hyun Joong!! And you may never know, the next time Hyun Joong performs a concert, that friend of your would take turns to treat you for a concert ticket since you did it to her the first time. Oh well, how I wish I can share this article to Hyun Joong’s Korean fans, they are likely to have more chances of meeting Hyun Joong.

And so Hongkong are you ready for Hyun Joong yet? You got exactly 24 hours to prepare for his grand arrival. How about his international fans, I’m sure by this time you’re all restless and eager to meet your dream date!! May I just leave this simple reminder, to please do take care of yourselves and PROTECT THE PRINCE. I’ll say this again, the comfort of Hyun Joong is the most important thing. The most awaited moment of your life has finally come, to be with your Dream Date with Kim Hyun Joong.

Make the most of it, enjoy every single second while Kim Hyun Joong bring you the most remarkable memory of your Dream Date with the Prince…

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.


9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DREAM DATE

  1. The idea of the chain to bring more people to enjoy the FM as a present for HJ and for themselves as well cause when they get the chance to see his performance and know him much better it will sure be a delightful gift for all! So then will have a cause and effect of that chain and we all will be looking to pay it foward and next time that new comer will bring anothet new comer and so on will have a total chain reaction in favor of our KHJ!
    Very nice they always say better gifts are the ones that comes from your heart
    God bless All 4

  2. Dear LazerKim,

    Your idea is brilliant! It’s like helping HJ fulfilling his dream of becoming a world star!
    Honestly, just like any other of his fans I also wish to meet him in person in near future. Well, I think I’m pretty lucky, I’ve seen and even met several Korean celebrities because my occupation makes me able to do so. The experiences of meeting them gave me various impressions. But I believe my luck would be thousand times doubled if I’m be able to meet HJ. It would be like a dream come true.
    It’s not his super handsome figure that makes me fall for him. It’s more of his personality. And I’m so eager to meet that unique soul with my very own eyes and ears. I might take it to personally, but I believe sincerity can only be felt with our own senses. Haha, don’t you agree?

    • LOL Alleluia!! Don’t worry every fan of HJ feels the same way!! For me, take everything away from HJ including his looks & talents, I still like him. I might have known him as a celeb, that’s how we all started but as I research more about him it’s the real person in hj that I learned to love more.
      Is it not true that HJ’s success is also our success as his fans? So I think it would be nice if we take part in helping him. As i replied to one of the comments, if ever he comes bk to my country I’ll buy a bunch of HJ’s concert ticket & give it my neighbors & bring them to his concert. I think it’s more practical than spending for air ticket to meet him. In that way he’ll surely gain more fans. What have I got to lose? Sharing is loving. Thanks for reading and see you again! God bless.

    • Hello! No I”m not going to any of the fan meeting at least not this year, I share the same feeling as others who couldn’t. I just have to wait for HJ to come back and visit my country. Thanks for reading and see you again! God bless.

  3. Waaah… I really love your idea… Bring him a new fans instead of buying expensive gift to him… Yes after seing him perform live in SG, I can assure you that even non-fans will be impressed since he always giving his best on stage… Oh yes, treat you friends… or family… It’s worth every penny 🙂

    • Well this is the only way I can think of that can help HJ expand!! If he comes to my country, I’ll surely attend to his event bringing with me my neighborhood!! Including my dogs cats or whoever I can tag along with me!! LOL but I’m seriously considering the idea.
      Remember, once I wrote buying 10 of HJ 1st album as my support to him, treat to myself and gave the CDs to my close friends in Tokyo as Christmas presents. Now they are already fans of HJ! I’m hoping to do the same thing this year’s Christmas with hopes HJ would have a new album by that time. Thanks Kiarra!! See you around!! have a great day!! Tom. is such a busy day again as HJ fly to HongKong!! Good Luck to your updates!! thanks for your effort as always.

      • Well said Lazerkim, bring more fans, now i have to save more and not come alone, but bring at least a couple of friends with me for one of FM, that is a brilliant idea, much more fruitfull for the worldwide Net of fans for our King-Kim Hyun Joong. BTW I showed my mom the PK and BOF she likes KHJ, a new fan already, I don’t think I could drag her to one of the FM but for sure she will contribute to me going, hopefully. Thanks for the updates, can’t wait to see how HKG FM is going to be, envious/excited waiting for updates. Hey you Good People going there thank you in advance for not forgetting us, the ones left home with yearning of the heart…:) enjoy it and with your eyes is like we are there…:)

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