Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHARING LOVE

By: LazerKim                Kim Hyun Joong is not fond of social net communication, he spends at least an hour over internet enough time to read and respond to his Emails. He sometimes visit the fan page but seldom reads negative comments. Hyun Joong was saying he once wrote negative harsh comments about himself just for fun!! Can you imagine that?? Well, if only he’s likewise same with us who’s active over the net as pass time, oh everybody must be happy!! And how I wish he can understands whatever I’m writing about and reading your comments will surely make his day!! Well, dreams are free, forget about it!!! But it should have been nice to share our thoughts with Hyun Joong, isn’t it??

I knew all about Hyun Joong through the internet, that I’m so thankful, and I wouldn’t learn how to write if not with internet, of course what will I write if know nothing about the guy!!  When I first saw Hyun Joong at BOF, I don’t even know his real name nor did I ever bother to find out who he was!! I have known him as YoonJi Hoo, period. That time perhaps I was so pre-occupied or maybe it’s not time yet to know more about him. I’m sure some of you share the same experience, I may be attracted to him when he was doing BOF and I liked his character Yoon Ji Hoo back then, I only knew his real name after he had gone to Tokyo with Bae Yong Joong.  I just came to realize that now, as I’m writing about Hyun Joong which is very unexpected from me. But knowing Hyun Joong is the best thing ever happened to me.

One of KHJ fans wrote in my comment box something like, “if only Hyun Joong can read all of these, he would feel happy.” I couldn’t remember which article she wrote this comment, this just pop out of my mind. And yes, one of my frustration is no matter how many articles I write about him, he can’t read it!! But it doesn’t matter, anyway my main objective is for you to have something to read about him during times of his absence to keep him close to you. Although I haven’t lose hope to reality, maybe someday he’ll eventually can read from his international fans. Nevertheless, even we don’t see him around, he’ll stay in our hearts.

And talking about internet, you know what, it’s better he’s not fond of social net communication, I read a blog about many unusual incidents that’s so scary about fans and their idol. I don’t know if you’re familiar with anti fan blogs. Some fans would send hate messages to some idols specially idols who participate with the twitter. And photos were shown of fans who are die hard in the real sense that they send messages to idols written through blood. This is just rediculous, I just couldn’t imagine this to be happening in Korea and some other countries, because of too much love for their idols. I don’t know how to describe it, but this really gave me a shock, it was horrible!!

Some fans had gone over with their limits, beyond the personal lives of their idols.Some followed their idol’s schedule anywhere they go, well, this at least in S.Korea. And some would make several calls everyday to their idols through cellphones. One of the idol had changed his number and yet the fan still got his new number and asked him “why do you change your number? I can still follow you no matter what”. And one female celeb was sprinkled with soy sauce and vinegar using a water toy gun! And some play stalker to their idols, to the extent of going to their idol’s house.

I went over the blogs to find out if there’s similar incident with Hyun Joong, and so far there was none, although there are anti fans who are against him which I think is just natural to showbiz, but nothing like what other idols do experience. I’m just glad Mr. Jeong his bodyguard is always with him everywhere he goes. So let’s thank Mr. Jeong for always taking care of Hyun Joong. The only similar incident with Hyun Joong was when a fan pretended to be a gas delivery, who had gone to his house, but cooked food for Hyun Joong since he was not feeling well that time. This was just it I think, and nothing more serious and I don’t think Hyun Joong’s fans will play stalker with him.

Nevertheless, I have known majority of HyunJoong’s fans are matured, I believe his fans will never hurt him or do something that will put him in an embarrassing situation. And I’m proud to be one of KHJ fan who shares the same love and respect. Besides, Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans. He showed his fans his love for them and a mutual respect just build in the natural way.

I can only be thankful enough that I fell for an artist who is well respected and with fans who are equally respectful to him. What more can I ever ask for! While Hyun Joong is out of our sight, as we look forward to his next event actvities as it unfolds we share the feeling of joy marking another memory that we can keep in our hearts about Hyun Joong. And when his gone to his cocoon again, we share talking about it endlessly. But at least we have something to look forward to.

How I wish we can stay this way with him and I pray that nothing untoward as other idols do experience with their fans. I mean we do love Hyun Joong, well we have all the stories to tell on how we started to be addictive to Hyun Joong, but I’m glad his fans just content themselves on sharing their experiences about him. And from there we learn from each other and we learn from him one way or another.

Hyun Joong has many fans from the time he started in the entertainment industry or even before he was with SS501, considering where Hyun Joong started, and come to think of it, the guy never forgets where he came from no matter how high he had climb the ladder of success. He had proven this fact for so many times. There maybe some who had changed their minds about him, well it’s their right and it doesn’t matter at all. If celeb do come and go, fans can change too depending on their idol.

I can only speak for myself, I use to like one of Korean actor but when he said “why do I have to share my personal life with my fans, I’m an actor, people can just watch me.” He’s rarely seen at talk shows because he has this views in mind. I was turned off, how can I like a person I barely know?? I agree celeb has limitations on what to share with his fans, and they should identify their limits.

Hyun Joon knows very well what to share with his fans and considering the guy is candidly honest and I would think he keeps little to himself!! Because he easily get caught unaware, you know him!!! And yes what makes him candid is the fact he has nothing to hide!! Hyun Joong would write sweet nothing to his fans, remember, he would say, “I woke up 6:30 this morning, packed my luggage, had breakfast, took a shower and here I am writing to you just like that”… but it makes him more special doing simple things, but merely letting his fans know that he’s thinking of them!!!  How on earth would you not love this guy???

In my opinion, there’s a strong connection between Hyun Joong and his fans, as if it naturally existed when you start knowing him. For me,I would love whoever Hyun Joong loves. If you remember in my article Unite in One, I mentioned his fans literally breath with him, they are like partners, like couple, like siblings, isn’t it if you love someone, you tend to love those whom he love? Same with me here, since I love Hyun Joong I’m loving whom he loves.

I’m sure he loves all my readers, and all my readers love him, obiously since I have not got a single negative comment so far, it only mean they can feel Hyun Joong. And for those Hyun Joong fans who had thrown negative harsh comments about him, I can take a bullet of criticism so as not to hurt Hyun Joong. I’ll let them be, because I believe there will come a time they will come around eventually. I believe, the more stones cast on Hyun Joong the more successful he gets. Have you notice this??

I’m telling you, the love he shares with his fans can also be so contagious. I might be imagining things but whenever Hyun Joong writes, his fans were so excited to share the message to others, until it spreads out all over the internet, as one fan pass on the message and continuously passing it on until everyone gets the message, and what does the message trying to tell us?? That a man called Kim Hyun Joong cares and loves us. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh it feels great to talk about it, because of one person we learn to share the love he is giving. One fan wrote, reading about Hyun Joong can be so refreshing, I felt the same way whenever I write about him, my day ends thinking of how refreshing it feels just by the thought of him.

Have I drag you all the way to this point? These are part of fan and idol reality, that I would only want to share with you, and please feel free to share your thoughts. Lastly, we can just share the love Hyun Joong is giving us and then share it with others too, until such time we grow in number for the love of Kim Hyun Joong.

I can imagine in a secluded island where there’s no one except Hyun Joong’s fans, there was no food to eat, no shelter the place is completely deserted and there’s only one way to survive, to help each other in search for food and build shelter for everyone to stay. Do you have a choice? And may I connect this tale to the boat where Hyun Joong was on board. He came to rescue and to collect his fans to board the same boat. But by the time Hyun Joong arrives, everyone are in peace and friendly with one another. I think that will be the most wonderful thing to happen and Hyun Joong will be happy too.

Kim Hyun Joong had shared his life, his music and his love for his fans…..Let’s share that love with others….

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing


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19 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHARING LOVE

  1. Kim hyun joong is simply an Angel in human form. He cares for the needy, love his fans, is an open book(sincere), friendly, funny, talented…… Lest I forget, he is also inspiring. He has his flaws too just like everyone cause only God is perfect.

  2. Sharing is a wonderful thing.. We share because we care and when you do it with so much love you recieve that love back.. That is what KHJ has done he has share with us his life, his dreams, his goals and we have recieve them with open arms and in return we have share our love, are support and the respect for him.. We cherish him for the wonderful person he is.. and he has made us a wonderful people too. We share comment, love and experience with gain while following him, we share our dreams and hopes.. we fan are together sharing love for him and for us also as a fan cause we learn from ourself as well and we start love our other fans friends too. I bet he knows that we are reading about him all around the world and that one day he will get the change to know what you have written here… he when that time comes that he can take a break and sit somebody will tell him of all the amazing people that have being spreding the world of the great human being he is.. everything you post in the internet stay forever, you need to always write cause he knows of us and he will one day get a change to maybe with a translator know what you wrote here and see that article where followed and read by many of his fans that will show him he did the right thing on becoming our #1 Idol!

    • I’m racing to 100 article which can be filled up this week, actually it should be over a hundred because one of HJ fan found my first three articles. It’s hard to get away from this writing because many fans literally waits for it everyday at 12noon. This time I want to right a book and have it translated in Korean, I just hope I can get my chance to travel to Korea. You know what? For many years I had a bad impression about Koreans really. Wait a minute, why not write about it!! Ok I’ll see you again I got a title, see you!!!

      • You really having a bad impression of someone? nahh I wouldn’t have think of it, but go write your title hopefully one day I can read it also… one of my favorite things is reading you can learn so much more than viewing something cause you make your own view of things in many diferent ways.. you live them more in books or in what is written.. well not take more of your time.. see you around..

  3. ha, ha, you are funny, but in such a good sense, we can always send those articles to keyeast or even poste it on KHJ youtube channel ( where of course i am a subscriber and everyone can subscribe. maybe someone is monitoring his chanel. actually i heard the marry me a fcouple of hours after he posted on his youtube channel, it realy made my day, so maybe he also reading the comments, you may never know.

    • Oh they’re quite serious about it. You know what i saw you at other blog site, I remember that now! Hj has many smart fans, You guys are smart otherwise one would not find you in this blog!! Two of you are doing marathon reading and leaving comments in my articles, I wonder what happen to the other two!! One took a break bcoz she’s getting obsess!!! I’m sure he’ll be reading every comment, bcoz this is the most important coming from his fans. I know he will read these eventually. Hey thanks

  4. hahaha~~ aside your articles,reading the comments are also fun~^^really ,even the way our thoughts goes are in one!!.This idea of getting all your articles compiled & ends on Hyunjoong’s lap!:D))..of course we must put all our signatures too~!!.slight chance for HJ’s english but let’s keep our fingers cross that w/in our fandom there’ll be someone to do the translation~~w/ all the comments included,hahhaha~~^^let’s continue sharing,girls~:)..spread our love for Hyunjoong…<3..@Lazerkim,remember to save all your written articles,okey?^^)..take care..:))

    • LOL….hahaha KHJ is just so contagious!! You know what? I was surprised when I saw my articles at Google, I wasn’t even aware I have written so much. From now on I will encourage every one to leave messages for Hyun Joong!! You may never know he’s already aware about the articles!!! Ah I’ll make a special article so that everyone can comment.!! kekeke….Someone even said she’ll print all of these and send it to KHJ!!! Do whatever you want, these are yours, because my blog is all about KHJ and you guys!!! I’m enjoying this!!! Have a nice day! you take care too…..God bless…

      • hahaha~~do just that!^^..anyways,all your written articles are special because you are not just speaking for yourself here,but for all of us who share the same disease..lolz^^and I love the friendly atmosphere your blog creates~~so,you must not run out of subject & see how we state our views~hahaha….no worries about criticism we will do it gently~~’just kidding..^^laughs..:D))..God bless..

      • hahaha…..You know what? That’s what I’m worried about sometimes because some fans are getting used reading articles and I have to go by the flow to keep them up with KHJ.if I run out of stock, I just have to squeeze my brain out!!! Although I still have at least 10 reserved articles, just in case!! And also, do you know that KHJ fans gives me idea at times, do you notice it? You particularly you has been so kind to leave comments and I make sure to state it in some of my articles. Ideas do come from you guys that’s why I’m always thankful to you guys, you’re not even aware that you’re pushing me into this!!!!hahahaha joke!! Thanks as always!

  5. I think compiling your blog/articles and making a book of it will be the greatest gift for KHJ. It really doesn’t matter if he still hasn’t learned English yet but if he just ask one of his translator to read just one of your articles and have it translated to him, he will be so touched and will definitely cherish that book forever!
    I really enjoy your articles and since i just found your site, i am trying to read as much as I can and there’s so much in there where I think you and I have the same thoughts, feelings and reactions in so many ways. Are you sure we haven’t met yet? Hahaha! I bet if we know each other you and I will be having a great time talking about a lot of stuffs over a pitcher of Margaritas!! Cheers!

    • You know what? you”re a certified Hyun Joong’s fan…I can see that now, because you drink too!!! hahaha…I bet you, you’re not alone, every fan of Hyun Joong is just one, we literally breath as one together with Hyun Joong… let’s drink to that!!! LOL….Have a nice day, keep reading it makes him close to you….God bless…..see you again!!

  6. as im always saying…how i wish he can read all ur articles.he should learn some basic english for his english speaking country fans for his world tour. thank u lazerkim its my daily routine…reading ur articles hehehe!god bless

    • Hahaha same here writing is my daily routine!! Someday he’ll be able to all of what is written here including your comments, he’ll be happy im sure!! Thank you always see you again….god bless

  7. Hahaha……you make my day!!! Just do me a favor please re-post any of my articles, by the time he can speak and understand English, he can buy the book from you at no extra cost!!!! go go go….while there’s little update news to keep his other fans intact in his pocket!! Thank you so much for always reading about him. Take care and God bless.

  8. LazerKim if Hyun Joong can read English, I will print all your articles and make into a book especially just for him, he should know how wonderful & great you have wrote for him so far… If not I will hope someone can translate this into korean language for him… Hahaha of coz I will get ur permission before I sent him… keke!!! Have a nice day… *(^,^)*/

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