Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVER or FRIENDS

By: LazerKim                    Kim Hyun Joong granted many media interviews in Japan and series of questions were thrown to him, but one question that caught my attention was about Love and Friendship. Hyun Joong made a statement in the interview translated as..”Friends are most important than girlfriends. Friends are forever, yet girlfriends will leave after break up”.

This is very true in reality. As I’ve said in my other articles, Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person, even in his dreams. With the type of profession Hyun Joong has, God knows when will he ever have time to spare for his friends and girlfriend. With the little time he has to rest and to be away from work for a while which is not so often, he has to make a choice on which he will grant, lover or friends??

Hyun Joong spend his leisure time playing his all time sports which is soccer and he spends more time with his friends than with his girlfriend. Hyun Joong is just like other men  who loves sports and drinking with friends or other men are straight with no vices but they go for sports either they play or by just watching the TV, most of them would be watching sport events. Hyun Joong value his friendships with his male friends, I could see that and even if asked about his ideal girl he wants a girl who can drink with him, even with his choice of a lover, he would like his girlfriend to be his friend at the same time

Hyun Joong is still young as he enjoys the company of his male friends, but once his biological clock starts ticking, I would believe his views about love and friendship will eventually change. Although it’s true, lovers tend to break up with even a simple misunderstanding. But I was just wondering why he has this in mind? Because in a relationship love and pain goes hand in hand. In a relationship it’s not always a bed of roses, roses have thorns too. If I apply this reality to Hyun Joong at his status being a celeb, his lover has to be someone strong and who is as realistic as he is, and not a needy daydream type of girl.

Hyun Joong once mentioned he was being dump by his girlfriend for calling her by the name of his previous girlfriend. I can’t help but laugh about it, because he’s saying it very casually as if it’s nothing or he wasn’t affected by the breakup. How can a girl dump a guy like Hyun Joong? He’s almost perfect and I think he’s a loving type of man and sweet. Well, I find him sweet to his fans!!

But when he was relating about his first love, I could see he was affected by the breakup. He was saying the reason wasn’t because of his work and that they became further apart from each other. I can’t help to feel sad when he was relating about the relationship. I was assuming the girl might not be another celeb, but I’m wondering where could she be at this time? Hyun Joong claimed it was real love that he felt that time. Most celeb breaks up with their relationship because of lack of time to spend with their lovers, specially if they’re both celebrities.

But Hyun Joong has a different view about celeb having a relationship, that for him profession should not be a hindrance to love. He said, if he’ll be making a choice between love and work, he would choose love. Back in the past I would assume he chose work over love, I can only read between the lines as he was relating about his past relationship.

Kim Hyun Joong value his friendship very much, I remember his days with SS501, watching from the video clips, it was such a strong bonding moments they spent for the last five years. Remember when he cried in one of their last few concerts? I got no idea what was that all about, I can’t help but cried too!! This group spent a lot of laughter during the period of their contract but it was too much pain to bear when it’s time to part ways. Hyun Joong I think was the first to cry during that concert, being a leader I would say it was too much of a pressure to endure leaving his precious friends whom he took care like his own brothers.

He was challenged by fate to make his choice which is painful for someone like Kim Hyun Joong that he has no choice but to let go of his precious friends. They said you have to sacrifice a part of yourself to be able to attain your desire. I would think Hyun Joong was a responsible leader to his members, because it’s not only his future he had thought of. At the talk show Knee Drop Guru Hyun Joong was asked how was he able to cope up with his members about the break up, and he said “Five year is enough time that we did our part to work and to be together as one, it’s time we pursue with our individual dreams”. And he was right even back then.

I think even when they parted ways they still support each other, since two of SS501 members were with him during his album launching, and Hyun Joong visited another member while working on his project. I admired the group, as I was researching about Hyun Joong I did not find any controversy within the group, none that I know of. Or if ever there may be, it’s just but natural to any group to be having conflicts among themselves, and if it does I think that’s just among themselves. For as long as their work was not affected then it’s alright.

I would believe Hyun Joong has long list of friends, but he sees his members as his little brothers that he shared with them a lot under one roof. They know each other’s mood, they confide with each other their problems, they shared the music as they sang together they dance at the same time, and they shared love being brothers. I would think Hyun Joong was a responsible leader for encouraging his members in developing their individual talents. In one talk show, he was saying to one of his members, “you have a very good voice quality, and you sing very good ballad songs, why not concentrate on where you excel before developing your other talent.”

And another member envy Hyun Joong being the apple of the eye of everyone, that he wants to be Kim Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong remarked, “why don’t you work hard, improve yourself and be yourself instead of wishing to be somebody else.” You hear this from an open minded leader, and I can only imagine how he advised his members, he’s quite straight forwarded type of guy, that would just spill out whatever is in his mind being realistic just about anything.

I still watch behind the scene video clips of the group, and I enjoy watching their childish ways. I remember Hyun Joong was board on a plane with the group, he and another member took video on the plane as if the plane will crush or something, and Hyun Joong was jokingly saying his farewell and reminding his parents to feed their dog!!! I remember Hyun Joong laughing with the group all the time as if there’s no single dull moment in their lives, that they enjoyed each other’s company, it’s all fun and play. During their break from rehearsals, they still sing together while Hyun Joong plays with his guitar, I can only love seeing them that way.

They shared so much music in their five years togetherness that until now their fans still listens to. Celebrities do come and go, but there’s always a marked memory they leave to their fans and that is their music. They will not be forgotten for as long as their music is still around. Music doesn’t fade, even it’s out of current trend, you can still listen to it. And one reason why I would prefer giving priority to Hyun Joong as a singer, because his music will stay even he fades away. There’s always his music to listen to for a long time. And so with his members who are doing music too, their songs will stay, even when they get old, even their final curtain calls to end, their music stays with us. And I think this is more than enough for us to remember our friendship with them.

There are times I do check on his other members too, you know what? I have seen one common thing seeing from their faces, I couldn’t see that glow in their eyes and playfulness I use to see from them, which I miss a lot. I think the five of them really had matured. In which I think is good, whatever storm came to their lives, they are still friends and care for each other. I could see that, I think two of the members together with HyunJoong was spotted at Kara’s concert.

They have already grown to a real man. If only we can stop time and let them be the SS501 playful and cheerful group, maybe we should have done so. Five years of friendship has a strong bond, you can’t just throw it away, so even they parted ways working, they will remain friends even they aged.

One day Hyun Joong can only sit back and reminisce back in time, how he took care of his little brothers. SS501 was a part of his career foundation and he will never forget that even how high he had climbed his ladder. I remember again as he was asked, if you win in a lottery for a huge amount of money, what will you do about it?. And he replied, half of it I will give to DSP ceo, for making me a singer from a high school student. Hyun Joong knows how to look back to where he came from.

I would strongly believe that, if you remember he made a promise to his childhood friends, that whoever will be successful they will put up a chicken restaurant? And when Hyun Joong became successful, he came back to his past and fulfill his promise, he invested capital to put up Jaksal Chicken which is currently operating in nine chains.

A lot of times Hyun Joong was being challenged by his fate, but the most painful challenge he had ever been through was to make a choice, in love and friendship, to the extend of giving up both for the sake of his dream music. First, was the love of his life with his first love that he chose music. Second, was the love for his friends SS501 that he chose his dream music. It was so much to endure with the sacrifices he has to make for a dream.

Kim Hyun Joong was right in saying friends are forever, but time will come, he will eventually find the right person to love…………..that he no longer has to choose.

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing.

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19 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVER or FRIENDS

  1. This is an article that makes you think and ask youself why do we need to sometimes choose one thing or another why can it always be both, in some causes you can but is very uncommon. Since we are kid and we start making choices we find ourself with this dilema. The important thing is to always try to pick the one that is best for us and nobody else cause if you choose wrong you won’t be happy and so the ones around you won’t be either. It’s like when you say how can you love other if you don’t love yourself…it’s not that we might sound selfish by choosing what’s best for us first but by doing this probably will benefit us all. Yes it you might sacrifice somethings on your way and might choose wrong and that moment but we can fall and get up again and do the right thing… when he was younger they might as him to choose friend or lover he will pick friend cause it was the right thing at the moment.. he was still young so he time to think of love and if the love one is presented in that time again the world turns many rounds every day if it was real love, you won’t forget it and maybe who knows it’s not to late to rekindel that love… for him now work is more important not that he don’t miss his friend and please don’t make him choose cause he won’t want to hurt nobody especially himself cause his work,music,dreams and friends for him are hand to hand… one day he wil add lover to those hands and his heart also cause for what so much money and fame and no one to share it.. that special one that one day have their own family and one day all can get together in back yard friend,blood family and work family and gather to remember the good days…

    We should never have to choose between two things we love… I think he was once caught up in a similar situation and he said don’t make him choose cause is like making a small kid choose between his mom and his dad.. when you love them both is hard to pick

  2. always love the article you wrote ..about our kim hyun joong …and thank you always…and i dont know how to express how i llove this guy..and your the one ..who express my feeling toward him..and i really thanks yahhh..and more…pls

  3. He’s enjoying his life to the fullest so when the time comes that he found the “Right One”, there will no be no regret in his heart once he choose to leave everything for that person…

  4. yes…he is the good leader..since i’m TS all the thing that related to all of them now will follow it.. yes if i can stop the time i want SS501 be together but as they said it time for them to grow and later will be back as better member of SS501… seeing all of them succeed now.. i’m so happy..!! this is such a lovely writing…!!

  5. ‘feel like crying too~~’moved by this one..
    Hyunjoong…there are times out of the blue I think about what or who would be the lady that can finally tame this man,..Not yet though,..b’coz I’m not ready to get a feeling of so much jealousy and become selfish as a fan~hahha…maybe after he is out of military then we welcome the idea.^/^)..laughs~.
    Thinking about what kind of girl that fits w/ this guy’s personality..can’t help not to recall the moments in WGM,..Not Hwangbo particularly..but her character & personality blend w/ HJ’s so well..personally,I think their character matched but when we fall in love we don’t make a choice it happens naturally & usually it turns to be the opposite.I just wish,whoever it will be she must be good to make our Hyunjoong happy~otherwise…nothing…hee~~”))^^

    • Thank you for reading. As I always say, KHJ would either make you laugh or make you cry…….that’s him in reality….. Kepp reading to keep him close to you.

  6. Lovely article, and I love how your words hold no malice towards any party. It’s so nice to see fans not love only him, but also the people HE loves. Like you said, he has matured, just like the rest of his members. I myself miss the playfulness sometimes, but its bound to become less as one grows older. What I find lovely though, is that the fans have grown with them, and I see many saying how they want to see them happy and settle down after achieving their dreams.
    Honestly, I don’t see why some fans are bothered with his love related answers. They have been getting interesting, but that’s probably because he is older and a lot more open now. I just want him to find that someone who doesn’t need to choose over. When true love comes around, there is no choosing, it just IS. I just hope he finds that person, because he is in an industry where there are many who will try to take advantage of a person’s position.
    Also, I hope he settles down way before his biological clock starts ticking. He wants them four babies, so he better not wait to long, hahaha.
    Thank you for the lovely article 🙂

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