Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PROTEGE – BYJ

By: LazerKim                          “Kim Hyun Joong to be the second Yonsama”.  I was already expecting news like this. It is very much likely to happen because of Hyun Joong’s growing popularity. But of course I wouldn’t want him to be called Yonsama, I want Hyun Joong to have his own noble title. Yonsama belongs to Bae Yong Joon and nobody can take his place. Even a lot of celeb are trying to, I’ll talk about it later.

Hyun Joong takes pride to be compared to Bae Yong Joon, as he said in his interviews to be called little Yonsama can also be big. But Hyun Joong wants to built his own name. Although the Media was just comparing both in terms of the event transpired during Hyun Joong’s recent visit to Japan that really draws a lot of attention. Let’s talk about it anyway, just to ease the dull life we’re currently having!!!

For a short briefer, Bae Yong Joon is a pioneer of Hallyu Star, he had brought the Korean Drama in many parts of the world, and starred in the first Kdrama Winter Sonata ever brought outside South Korea. Bae Yong Joon is the owner of KeyEast which is the official agent of Kim Hyun Joong in 2010 right after his contract with DSP expired. In my article strong ally I have mentioned that Bae Yong Joon played a significant role in the success of Hyun Joong. And this is reality, Hyun Joong worked hard as a solo artist, with a strong determination, dedication and passion to his music. But without the financial backing up his hard-worked craft would end up to nothing.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very smart guy that I truly admire. Back in time before his contract expired in 2010, a dozen agent company came to him and made their offers for management contract but Hyun Joong did not accept any of them. During the time Hyun Joong was promoting Boy Over Flower in Japan he met with Bae Yong Joon, even that time Hyun Joong had already confide his problems regarding DSP with Bae Yong Joong.

Until such time BYJ became a mentor to Hyun Joong. In an interview Hyun Joong admitted that he was quite hesitant to disclose his desire to move in to KeyEast until such time in June 2010 right after Hyun Joong’s contract termination with DSP, Bae Yong Joon surprised Hyun Joong with an accomplished contract from KeyEast. And the rest was history.

Why did Hyun Joong chose KeyEast among the dozen agents making their offers while KeyEast never made their offer not until the last-minute that Hyun Joong has to decide where to go. First, KeyEast is a stable company, second, KeyEast is more than capable of providing his needs to meet his dream music, third KeyEast manages actors and actress exclusively, but they do not manage singers or dancers.

Therefore, if Hyun Joong is the sole singer of the company, he can be able to attain full focus from Keyeast, which became his problem with DSP, in short he was neglected when he was with DSP. KeyEast is the kind of company he needed to support his dream music and that is reality. KeyEast believe in Hyun Joong’s potential and in no time Hyun Joong was able to prove himself to be more than deserving, more than what KeyEast expect from Him.

On the part of KeyEast why did they choose Hyun Joong, irregardless of his friendship with BYJ?  Bae Yong Joong was starting to have idea about venturing to music business. He was very smart in choosing Hyun Joong, because before he can sign with KeyEast, Hyun Joong had already a continuing popularity boosting. This was a win win situation on both parties between Hyun Joong and BYJ. Hyun Joong has an excellent potential, multiple talent, and the priceless charisma that no one can afford.

In the entertainment business, KeyEast as an agent has the responsibility to their managing artist to groom and provide sponsorship from their company clientele. When we say grooming as an artist, the agent should provide talent training in acting, singing, dancing and conducive facilities as artist undergoing their training. The agent company is responsible for the well-being of their managing artist including health.

What attracted my attention is that Hyun Joong was very well provided by KeyEast being a rookie. He was given all the liberty to create his music and considering Hyun Joong is a rookie I would say this is not normal. In an ordinary artist as a rookie everything about the artist activity is within the discretion of the agent, like music, songs to be sang, roles to portray in a drama, the agent decides for the artist rookie.

But with Hyun Joong, he decides his composer, choreographer,dancers,costume designer ect. all of these were provided by KeyEast but within Hyun Joong’s choice including his body-guard which he had not experience such treatment from DSP. Actually all VIP treatment was given to Hyun Joong, not to mention the profit-sharing agreement which is a very rare privilege to be given to a rookie.  And so everything end in a huge chain of success beyond expectation of anyone.

News briefer: KeyEast revealed the biggest world tour in Kpop singer’s history to be performed by Kim Hyun Joong, which will begin on the third week of September. The world concert tour will start in Seoul as its first stop and will travel in 20 cities worldwide with about 30-40 concerts and the final concert shall be held in Busan. Well, Hyun Joong is set to mark another history in the Korean music industry, since it was said that the world concert will cover North America, Sounth America, Europe, Central Asia and North Europe. It was said in the news that these are places where no other Korean celebrity ever step foot into before.

It’s been Bae Yong Joon’s dream to spread Korean beauty all over the world, in fact he had written a book Beauty of Korea for this purpose. And it’s been Hyun Joong’s childhood dream to make his own music to go abroad to share. Don’t you think both have the same dream but in different approach? I’m telling you these two artists are both very potential and they can make a perfect partnership in business. Well, in fact the partnership success is beginning to surface. From the time Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast everything he hold on in his hands turns to gold. There’s a crystal clear give and take in this partnership, Hyun Joong’s hard work craft and BYJ all out financial backing up made the whole package successful.

As I mentioned in my other article Back to Studio, I wasn’t surprised when I read this news about the World Concert Tour of Hyun Joong, I was already expecting it after the explosive event Hyun Joong had created in Japan recently. And even if I were the handler of Hyun Joong I would grab that chance to set his next project. As they say, grab the pan while it’s hot. KeyEast was able to secure an alliance with IT Globe in partnership with this project. If other celeb took them years before they were able to attain a world tour, Hyun Joong was able to attain it in barely eight month since he released his first album.

Others would take one or two full album before they can finally perform in a concert, but Hyun Joong was able to attain even a world concert tour by just two or three mini albums, it’s not even a ful album. But then Hyun Joong’s popularity boost kept snowballing, and you don’t easily let go of a golden opportunity. Even I take the place of BYJ as Hyun Joong handler I would take my chance. And besides KeyEast will not gamble to a big project without brain storming. They might have thought about the project just before Hyun Joong flew to Japan and upon seeing the results from Japan, here comes another investor, this one is real fast. But this will be a lot of work to Hyun Joong as I discussed in my article Back to Studio.

I wouldn’t doubt about Hyun Joong to transcend Bae Yong Joon, I guess BYJ can see that now. Well, he has his full support on Hyun Joong and besides BYJ is quite secured with this idea. Many may not agree that Hyun Joong is a clear protege of BYJ, because others has a misconception of being a protege. BYJ is not the type of man who would want his protege to follow his footsteps, I don’t think so, because he had given Hyun Joong all liberty that none of the rookies had ever been granted.

At the same time Hyun Joong is more than deserving and I’m sure BYJ knows this otherwise he will not endorse the trust of his own fans to Hyun Joong. BYJ had reached the peak of his career, he’s a billionaire, what else does the guy needs to attain for himself, it’s time to share his crown to his protege. If ever he comes back on screen which is very likely to happen, this project would be for the sake of his fans.

I admired BYJ for doing this for Hyun Joong, not to mention his personal moral support with Hyun Joong is just remarkable. BYJ remained behind the scene while he push Hyun Joong to the top. Both BYJ and KHJ worked hand in hand and so whatever success Hyun Joong had been attaining is also BYJ’s success. Hyun Joong was relating BYJ would show up during his rehearsals to spare moral support. There will come a time both may end up as business partners, I can see that. Remember both are in restaurant business, both are in stock market. In no time Hyun Joong would learn more about business from BYJ, and that is very likely to happen, because both already built strong rapport with each other.

Many celebrities are running after BYJ’s status in the entertainment industry and one of those is Jang Geun Suk. But I think, BYJ will do everything in his power to push Hyun Joong to his status. Well, if I were BYJ I would rather have my own choice to give my status, instead of somebody who’s only after the status for prestige and may turn out to be undeserving.  But then Hyun Joong was asked about being little Yonsama, he said he’s honored to be compared with BYJ, he said “anything little be also be big, but I want to have my own identity, and BYJ will remain my boss.”

I’m sure even the fans of BYJ who are supporting Hyun Joong would like Hyun Joong to have his own title. For me, Bae Yong Joon will remain to the one and only Yonsama. Hyun Joong will have his own crown in the near future. And so for the other celeb who wants to attain BYJ’s status, I don’t think BYJ Japanese fans would agree. And besides, it’s BYJ Japanese fans who gave Bae Yong Joon that title, so no one can take his place.

This news update made me think again! Hyun Joong was asked in one of the talk shows he guested, what are your thoughts about being could little Yonsama and that Hyun Joong was being compared to BYJ. Hyun Joong said, to be able to gain even half of BYJ’s fans is good enough for any artist. When Hyun Joong and his boss BYJ went to Japan together in 2010, the way I read both is like BYJ is endorsing Hyun Joong to his fans. And I think it’s alright, I believe BYJ fans will always be supporting him and I don’t see anything wrong with BYJ fans supporting Hyun Joong at the same time, anyway they are not rivals on the contrary both are closely connected like siblings.

This is just my opinion, there’s a great possibility that  Hyun Joong may transcend BYJ ‘s popularity, but no one can take his title from BYJ, I have high regard to BYJ being the pioneer Hallyu star. He was the first Korean actor who had ever introduce Korean drama overseas and that was mark in the history of Korean showbiz industry. In one of the talk shows Hyun Joong jokingly remarked that he has a better edge than his boss because he can sing dance and act!! In Singapore he was asked who’s more handsome Hyun Joong or Bae Yong Joon, it was rather an awkward question, but he just laugh it out and he replied, “it doesn’t matter who’s more handsome, the important thing is that Bae Yong Joong is my boss.”

Anywhere outside Korea, I think Bae Yong Joong’s name will always be attached to Hyun Joong. This is only because BYJ is very popular and people do miss him since he had shy away from his lime light. Many could see BYJ through Hyun Joong, this is very natural and it’s just short of saying “this guy Hyun Joong is taking my place”. There’s no interview with Hyun Joong so far that BYJ was not mentioned, and I think this is a natural first impression as people are interested to know how BYJ is doing since he’s rarely seen on screen. And in fairness, Hyun Joong enjoys talking about his boss. At the same time, BYJ is really fond of Hyun Joong, he’s truly proud of him as BYJ said, “Hyun Joong is a very hard worker and very modest and so not only me but everyone likes him.”

It seems to me BYJ found his protege, not to follow his footsteps since they have totally different career origin, but to continue what BYJ started as a Hallyu Star by spreading the beauty of Korea all over the world. And Hyun Joong is a perfect choice, I think this is just it, as a reason why BYJ pour out his support to Hyun Joong aside from the fact Hyun Joong is more than deserving. He had seen a lot of potential from Hyun Joong. At this time Hyun Joong is like a toddler who’s learning how to walk, Bae Yong Joon is there as his back supporting him until such time he can walk by himself.

What I have written in this article again is a business reality. And may I repeat, in this business there’s no such thing as “I owe you” kinda thing. Both made their share of hard work and support and both Kim Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are winners. Both of them had made a perfect choice, Kim Hyun Joong having an excellent potential as an artist and Bae Yong Joon an excellent mentor and supporter. The partnership is just perfect.

In due time not long from now, Hyun Joong will be able to fully establish his career as solo artist, as he can walk his path by himself. Hyun Joong was given the liberty to create his own music, he took the chance and succeeded. He had proven himself to be more than deserving of anybody’s love. If we see Hyun Joong walking behind Bae Yong Joon, in the future we’ll see them walking side by side as business partners, as Bae Yong Joon finally found a worthy protege in Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

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22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PROTEGE – BYJ

  1. That so wonderful item, Bae Yong Joon is a wonderful man and I love it, including my Prince Hyun Joong, I have followed the career of both. I am grateful to God and to life to know that there are such beautiful people and Big Heart.

  2. Again for me when I see them together is a win win situation for both. I think BJY saw himself in KHJ. Like the shinning star he is knows how hard it’s to make it without the help and support of others, I’m not saying KHJ would make it with BJY, but we need to realize that he has help a lot, too. He saw KHJ potential and plenty of space to keep growing in his career. He don’t care if KHJs name get higher than his cause for any true fans especially BJY fans nobody can replace the one you have learn to more like instead of one being on top or the other is they are both together holding that medal as one… Business is business and everybody pulls their way when it comes to that, but again here both are winner, great investor and will do what’s best for both without affecting one another..
    One thing we humans can do is love and appreciate more than one or one thing.. you might love KHJ more just like me but there is space for BYJ also.. they are great in their unique way.

    KHJ will win his own title not that he needs it cause his name speak by itself!

    • These two guys can swept you off your feet. I just love both of them and would like to see them both doing dramas, that will surely be a blockbuster….sigh…so perfect men!!!

  3. No one could have said it better . God bless BYJ AND KHJ. And i hope that in the world tour KHJ will be able to come 2 Africa , specifically in Kenya. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and protect BYJ AND KHJ Always. Love u KHJ AND BYJ.LOL.

  4. kim hyun joong is a smart young man with business mind, he is not talking about salary, he is talking about profit sharing on all the activities he is doing.

    secondly this is a business deal , byj is tapping on kim hyun joong popularity , and kim hyun joong gets all the freedom he choose to do .

  5. I hope you won’t get tired receiving thank you comments from us, because we can’t seem to get enough of your articles, I appreciate you and other KHJ fans you has God-given talent to write such beautiful articles right now, that HJ News is so few these days and your articles are so perfect timing,A good read over coffee… I have only one wish, I wish KHJ and BYJ are real brothers LOL

    • LOL!!! Of course not!! I appreciate it very much and I hope you won’t get tired of reading about KHJ and for me saying thank you !!! as usual keep on reading to keep him close to you, Have a nice day!!! God bless…

      • I also forgot to point out, during the time HJ was about to sign to any agency that time, He never considered money, or he was not at all lured by the big amount of money was offered to him, actually from my researched and the interviews he mention and I found our that keyeast was the least when it comes to money matters ( I’m not saying to put down keyeast) , I just have to mention this… It was not money but the hands on and liberty in making HJ’s music, the hands on and the freedom to pick his music, the support HJ needs, BYJ was there, He saw HJ’s potential, maybe the other agency have offered more , I think an agency even offered him a Ferrari as a bonus. But HJ wasn’t at all lured by all this, or the car but by the sincerity of the agency to help him become “THE ONLY ONE”. as his dream, that I know their partnership will come a long way. I think HJ is also part of selecting the future potential artist that they will launch in the near future.

  6. Beaming with smiles all throughout my reading~~:)) know how it feels like,right?. These two celebrity that I admired most,~~..well,.HJ just a little ahead over the percentage than BYJ,hahaha~~.^^..’working hand in hand…Oh~!.there’s nothing else to specify,you’ve done it so well in this article..All we have to do is just read & share..feel proud that we adore these two remarkable man at the same time!!^^..a friend asked me one time..Why don’t I change my avatar image.Well, because I would feel guilty if I do so.Besides,just by looking at this photo I can feel the connection..whoohlala~~now I really am over dramatic.Lolz!^^..:))

    • Oh no don’t change your avater I always look at it to make sure you got my article!! Don’t you feel proud we’re never wrong whom we admire. And mind these two guys are really handsome!! They deserve the love we give to these two guys. Hey take care!!! Have a nice day! God bless

  7. As I know little of BYJ, I believe you have been his fan for quite sometime then started to become a KHJ fan thru him. This is a good addition, right? Being a fan of a great Korean Hallyu star then a new upcoming very potential great Hallyu star…I laughed at the undeserving other star…lol! but I know so little of that other star…Thank you so much for this article. you have done a lot of homework…i mean reading…kansahamnida again…

    • Yes I would guess so, BYJ introduce me to Korean drama so I will never forget him, and i was truly happy when I knew Hyun Joong switched agent to KeyEast. Thank you for reading….keep reading about KHJ to keep him close to you. See you again God bless.

  8. Hi there again, LazerKim. Thanks for this article. Just to add, BYJ had been developing younger artists for the next wave of Hallyu (a word that started from him). He did this to So Ji Sub before but didn’t really got too far because BYJ was still at the peak of his career then. KHJ came at the right time too, ‘coz when KHJ joined KeyEast, BYJ wanted to venture into music and is already considering to retire. In fact he had already been preparing for years and the production of Dream High was the first step which took 2yrs of planning before it was aired. I’m sure when KHJ shared to him his problems with DSP then, KeyEast had already been preparing for various possibilities. As a fan since 2002, I’ve perceived BYJ as a person who plans early on (years in fact) before venturing into something else. He’s a kind of perfectionist especially when it comes to work. And I think it’s wonderful of him to teach this to KHJ as KHJ kinda mentioned in one of his interviews that BYJ gave him the freedom for his music but wanted him to be cautious and careful with everything—and to do that means a lot of planning. 🙂 And also on the side note, aside from KHJ, BYJ is also mentoring Kim Soo Hyun (Sam Dong of Dream High). I guess he really wants the younger generation to take charge now as he had done a lot already. He just wants to work at the background to support these young stars and maybe start directing someday. Sorry for the long post again. 🙂

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