Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DRAMA TALKS

By: LazerKim                 I wrote this article right after Kim Hyun Joong had gone home back to Seoul. It’s stuck in my file for almost a month now, and I only got reminded about this article when a news article came out about the current drama “The moon Embracing the Sun”, I’m currently watching. The news says Kim Hyun Joong rank the 2nd place as Netizen conducted a survey as to who would be Best Idol Version of King Lee Hwon, currently starred by Kim Soo Hyun who’s under KeyEast, same agent of Hyun Joong.

I mentioned this drama in this article, and I guess I was right, as I imagined Hyun Joong playing the role of King Lee Hwon. I actually do not want to talk about drama at this time but since the news mentioned Hyun Joong in a currently airing drama which has a remarkable rating.

I know a lot of you out there still waiting for Hyun Joong’s drama project. Well, it certainly not gonna happen soon, but I believe eventually he’ll do it later. I’ve been watching the current drama The Moon Embracing Sun starred by Kim Soo Hyun as King Lee Hwon, is a drama in romantic historic genre and it was said it was a true story. Hyun Joong and Kim Soo Hyun belong to the same agent KeyEast. I think this story plot is good and so is Kim Soo Hyun. Can’t help asking myself, why on earth did this drama wasn’t offered to Hyun Joong?? He’s definitely a handsome King or Prince. And I think this drama is a good material and co actors were good too!

As I was watching The Moon Embracing the Sun, specially the scenes of King Lee Hwon as the lead character portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun, I can’t help seeing Hyun Joong in him, as if I can imagine Hyun Joong portraying a King. And this is a romantic drama which suits the best for Hyun Joong. I know, if I were made to choose between Hyun Joong’s singing or acting, I would choose his singing career as priority, but the fact that there’s also a high demand on his acting career, I honestly want to watch him again on TV drama. Just like a fan who wrote in my comment box, “at least we can watch him weekly, if he’s on drama project”. And she’s right too!!!

There he is, photo below, that’s Hyun Joong, he’s so handsome in a King’s costume isn’t he??

The other day my internet went dead, I can’t do anything and so I went over my DVDs and I watched BOF again, just to see Hyun Joong.   I watched the part he was playing the violin as he was in tears and the violin string broke, I was laughing, I couldn’t help it, because I remembered watching this behind the scene. One of the production staff was putting some liquid blood stain on his finger, as Hyun Joong said to the staff “Why don’t you just use a real knife and cut my finger to appear more real blood oozing.” And then at the ballroom scene, I remembered he was interviewed at the set all dressed up in white tux, but looking down on his feet, he was wearing sleepers as he said “It’s good I did not wear socks with holes”.!!! I just miss this guy’s playfulness!!

And then I briefly watched Lie to Me, starred by Eun Yun Hye. Again as I watched I could see Hyun Joong at Kang Ji Hwan, a young rich CEO of a hotel. And because I’ve seen Yun Eun Hye, I remember her at Princess Hour, one of my favorite drama. I can also imagine Hyun Joong portraying the role of the Prince at this drama. The roles that I really would like Hyun Joong to portray is someone who’s at the upper society, if not a noble title Prince or King. And then I want him to sing the OST for the drama. Wouldn’t that be wonderful??

In a talk show he was asked what role would he wants to portray, and he said he wants to do action drama. Why do actors love doing action drama? He even said he wants the dirty manly image, Hmmm…what do you think? Hyun Joong doesn’t like mustache or beard or not a single hair growing around his lips!! He’s so neat and clean even he’s wearing a trendy sluggish style of clothes, tell me, have you ever seen Hyun Joong in filthy looks? No I don’t think so!! Even when he’s sweating all over whenever he performs he still looks neat and clean. Am I right?? Or maybe Hyun Joong wanted to challenge himself opposite to his true character, I would believe so. but definitely he doesn’t want portray a flower boy anymore.

If it’s action drama that he wants to portray, let’s give it to him. But I would like to see him as a Prince in an historical genre, so that means he’ll be challenge by sword and martial arts, oh that must be exciting!! But of course there has to be a love story, ladies do love  watching Hyun Joong in love stories. I was trying to imagine Hyun Joong in a prince costume, riding a black horse or something. And then he’ll sing a ballad song as the theme of the drama, and if can sing as many OST as he can, wouldn’t you just love it??  I can imagine myself falling for him again and again!!Oh my, I can only sigh as my imagination runs through my mind!! Don’t you miss Hyun Joong on screen?

Anyway, on his come back drama, this is gonna be another challenge for him. Hyun Joong was harshly criticized on his acting skills that until now I couldn’t understand why. He’ll be challenged to prove himself again in another field of his career. Hyun Joong has to choose a real good drama material. I think it doesn’t matter now how long it would take before he steps on his drama stage, for as long as a good material landed on his lap. I know, what I’m saying now contradict with what I was saying a while ago!!! But what can I do I have to be rational. Because the next objective of Hyun Joong after doing his music, is to challenge himself as an actor. And this time he said he wants to be totally different from what he had with his first two dramas.

Hyun Joong would like to solidify his status as a solo singer. And if he decided he’s ready for his next drama, he’ll be doing the same thing, and by that time comes he’ll solidify his status as an actor. Don’t you feel proud that the Prince indeed has a multiple talent? He has no choice, he loves doing both talents just as much as we all do. And he’s not only doing this to fulfill his desire, but it is also what his fans wants him too. Do you remember his message to his fans? I will remind you again….”I hope I can always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticize for being my fan”. And he will do everything in his power to fulfill his words to you. And he proved it for so many times. The next time around it’s gonna be challenge on his acting career.

Whenever I watch Korean drama, it’s always the plot that I would look for and of course if I know the lead actor cast in the drama, I would watch it. I don’t normally look for the actor’s technical acting from Korean drama since I’m busy reading sub titles while watching!! And if it’s already  dubbed, I still couldn’t see the right delivery of lines. And that is why I couldn’t understand how international critics can justify Hyun Joong’s acting skills. I think whoever can judge his acting skills, should be another Korean critics, because I’m not convince with international critics as far acting technique is concern.

And I would ask, if Hyun Joong was a bad actor, then why did he became popular everywhere, in or out of Korea. It was from BOF where he started gaining attention, I’m just not convince that it was because of his looks that he became popular. There were four good looking actors in that drama, apparently it was Hyun Joong outshine among the rest, and his popularity even grew after the drama consistently until at this very minute.

Hyun Joong is quite serious about improving himself and try to look back, every time he’out there he always win. Back in time during his teenage life he pushed himself out from the struggles of life to pursue his music and he got it. During the time he was with SS501 he was underestimated that people think his members were better singers than him, true enough, but when he went solo, he proved them wrong.

When he did BOF he was criticized even I wasn’t convinced, fine. But it was that time he started gaining attention that even his group gained attention too. His next drama Playful kiss though it suffered low rating in Korea, it was successful overseas. Then his come back stage as a solo singer just exploded from somewhere and the rest was history. He always win from the different battles he face. So do stick around, you are his soldiers and he will win any battle he face, with you being at his side.

A lot will be waiting for his next drama stage and this is gonna be another crucial period of his career, he will be faced by another challenge. But I believe whichever route Hyun Joong takes, he’s bound to be up there. I believe in his determination coming up so strong, he will have the same degree of hard work as he is consistent in anything he does. It is just a matter of time, and there is no rush, doing things slowly but surely can even gain better results. I firmly believe in that.

I believe Hyun Joong is just waiting for a good opportunity and a good drama material that he can work on. He’s not the type of artist who will just grab on anything and do it. Specially at this time, he had matured a lot, one day he will just explode and before we know it he’s up there again to receive an award just like that!!! While Hyun Joong is in a silent mode, next time we’ll talk about what he wants to portray in his drama.

For the mean time, let’s enjoy Hyun Joong’s music which is becoming addicting too. I remember last year, it was around this months that he was preparing for his first album. I remember he was  somewhat anxious because it’s gonna be the first time for him to be on stage by himself. Now that his fans had showed him their support in full force, he has more than enough degree of inspiration. If ever he’s preparing for his next album or whatever project he up to, by the time he meets his fans again don’t be surprise if they come up more than the number of fans the last time he met them.

And so I think I’m done for today, as Hyun Joong is in silent mode and as we do this drama talks, which I can’t help not to talk about it, let’s just keep looking forward. The guy is always full of surprises and so who wouldn’t fall for Kim Hyun Joong???

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DRAMA TALKS

  1. You ask why didn’t they offer him that drama.. maybe they did or they had it in mind.. we might not really be sure, but I think KHJ wanted to continue his singing career first. For me if he wanted that interaction with the fans and the people that had love him for many years and the new fans he would do with his music, performance and talents. Yes a drama gets all over the world thanks to the press, news and internet but it was not going to be the same.. he won’t have that feeling when getting up there on stage to perform his music and dance.. We wanted to share first the real him not the KHJ acting to be someone else.. then when it the time come and his fan base is as big as the world can be then he will go and do drama and you’ll love him more cause you know the real KHJ and when his acting you know his doing a great job cause acting isn’t easy either.. it’s you but it’s not you.. if you know what I mean. You see his face, but his action or what his saying it’s not his own words.. That’s the diference from the singing and the acting.. While you sing and perform you put all your heart your own feeling up there in acting well the word say it all… The day he decide to do drama he will make a great job on any role he gets even in action or romance he will show his great ability to charm us all in any part giving cause in all he does he do it with love and hard work. His ability of acting are super I don’t know where people get he didn’t do it good who are they to say soo.. how else could he have done it better the role call for his caracter on those drama to be like that.. I bet the producer or writer of those drama love him on the role and they wouldn’t made any change of it at all. He an amazing actor and haters must back off… Hope he gets a really good role the best role the principle role one that will blow our heads..Not that mine isn’t yet…hahaha! Until that they comes for now let’s enjoy his music!

  2. Lazerkim, what can I say i am hooked on your blog reading and reading and i felt that I have to say KHJ can act and he proved it, just his critics do not give him credit at all, and what a pity. in BOF I agree he was new to acting, but he delivered the goods admirably for a first timer. No I did not compared him with Lee Min Hoo who is a very good actor, but they were good both of them.
    I believe that when HJ plans to do something he is putting all his efforts and energy to achieve his goal and to be his best. Can’t wait to see what he is has up his sleeves. He is not a dull guy for sure.

  3. why is hyun joong fans so protective, they cannot always expected hyun joong to act on those lovey lovey drama, hyun joong has grown up into a macho man, they should support and allow him to explore into more action movies or drama and and show the world that ASIA is able to produce good fine actor with high standard and technic movies like hollywood.

    if hyun joongs’s fans want him to establish and develope his career life as an actor than they have to support him and allow him to have more challenging projects ,
    I alway hope that hyun joong not only have females fans but also will have male fans because of the action pack movies /drama that attract them

    so you all hyun joong’s fans fear not , but pray for hyun joong safety and also courage and strength to do and press on and success..

    • Thanks for reading, Hyun Joong will get into that sooner or later. Every actor challenge themselves on different roles and Hyun Joong is no exception. He’ll do it.
      See you again…God bless

  4. i read the part where you said you are too busy reading the subtitle to concentrate on the acting and I was like.. That’s so me!! ha ha!! i seriously don’t understand why i keep hearing negative comments about hyun joong’s acting skills and pronunciation problems!! as far as I know none of the Korean actors or the majority of them are not very good with English pronunciations!!!

    • Yes, I think this applies to every international fan, doesn’t have the right to Justify whether Korean good or bad actor. And who makes the criticism, isn’t foreigners does? Oh I’m gonna write about KHJ’s critics. We do not know too how well Koreans pronounce their own language, and who are we to justify!!!! Oh this is a big joke!!! Thanks for reading…….have a nice day and see you again!! God bless..

  5. I would like to see KHJ do an action film/series. I think its a good way for him to evolve and re-invent himself. And since I’m a fan of Rain too, I’m hoping that one day Rain and KHJ will be in the same film/series or a joint concert ! I wish..I wish…
    I just discovered Korean shows on January of this year when I was asked to watch City Hunter. I liked it and told my niece about it and she told me to watch Boys Over Flowers and that’s when I first saw KHJ playing the violin and that was it! i started to google and learned more about him before his character even evolved.
    People criticize his acting because he has done characters that are almost similar to each other. KHJ needs to get out of that image to avoid being type-casted so hopefully his next acting gig will be an action film. He can be the Tom Cruise of Korea :))… Good and Boyish looking actor that can do romantic or action films and with the support of his fans will create a box office hit!

    • Rain Has been a long time idol of KHJ, I have an article Men in Black w/Bi Rain, if haven’t read it you may check it out. Hyun Joong will be doing action drama that’s for sure. And yes, because of portraying 2 consecutive similar characters as a flower boy, but it was what his fans like. Well, Hyun Joong was saying if he has the chance for a second life he would choose to be Tom Cruise!!! Why not?? I agree with you the idea of being Tom Cruise of Korea is possible, the guy is just so good looking…. Thanks for reading, Hope to see you again, and keep reading about Hyun Joong he has an interesting life story. God bless..

  6. There was this drama “SPEED” that makes a headline about Hyunjoong being cast in as the lead actor ,but KE finally disclosed that they turned down the offer.As I was reading some related news on blogs, fans are angry & against the drama that will endanger HJ’s life & don’t even want him to take the risk!..I can imagine how much pressure the fandom can create just to protect our MAN~!^^..hee”)..Well,BIG NO for me too~!!^^

    • Oh have you read it?? At first I was furious by the idea as to why contradict the offer, and as I read further, I understood the views of the fans. Just my opinion I think KE was trying to seek for public opinion that time. Well, I can only guess, because majority of KHJ fans were against it. I think it’s the network who’s producing the drama that they were against. I came to realize that time how KHJ fans care so much for him. And they were right I think. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!! God bless.

  7. i just dont understand why he was criticized on his acting,in my point of view he can act,he can express his emotion through his eyes w/o any llne,words or dialogue,and that’s something quite difficult and watched him singing a love songs its full of not talking as a fan but definitely KIM HYUN JOONG can act….period!looking 4ward for ur next article…my daily routine hehehe!thanks again lazerkim.God blesss

    • Hahaha….Yes , you know what? I think that’s one thing people failed to see, his emotion and the look in his eyes…Thanks as always…see you again. KHJ can act period!!! God bless

  8. He likes to do action film/drama because he wants to shed off the flower boy image. I heard he has a Black Belt in Taekwondo. He wants to do action film just like Rain. In order to go beyond Korea, to China and maybe even to US market. Look at Jet Li ,Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat, it took them a long time to make it to Hollywood. The only way to get into the US market is to be popular in action film in your own country first. This kid is very smart he probably did his homework and analyze what is best for him. Even Kwan Song Woo just made his latest film with Jackie Chan and next he will be going into Hollywood. I see KHJ doing roles similar with Matrix, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, James Bond 007 or Bourne Supremacy in Korean version. But he needs to beef up and look more masculine.

      • Yes, KHJ features are really princelike if he were to be in that role, he would really look awesome. I also would love to see him in action films. I got see a little of it in SS501 Solo collection. He was supposedly an assassin, a good looking one that the girl in the video found a soft spot in him. I remember that scene when he showered after being drenched in his supposedly own blood and sweat and showed his himself half naked, that was too hot, right? This was shown as an intro to his “Please Be Nice to Me.” I want to see more of Kim Hyun Joong in this kind of role. Like an Asian Jason Bourne and/or an Asian James Bond. Nice article lazerkim. Kamsahmanida!

        • Hyun Joong is kinda sexy in his own natural way in a touch of class. yes I agree with you I’ve watched that scene too. Very interesting…thanks for reading keep up being close to KHJ….See you again.. have a nice day God bless

    • Thanks to you, right now I’m actually writing about how Hyun Joong inspire us!! Watch out for my article “Endless Story”…..thanks for reading….Have a nice day!

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