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By: LazerKim


Finally the long wait ended last Saturday Feb 11th as Kim Hyun Joong was finally discharged from his MS that really felt like New Year, as one of my readers described the festive mood created by KHJ fans from all walk of life from SK and from other countries! What was so amazing of all was that, there were over 1,500 fans out there in the cold to meet him early morning of Feb 11th which I’m sure more than what we all expected!

As early as 5am KHJ fans from tweeter were already busy tweeting that they were already on their way to see Hyun Joong and pictures started to pour out! Everyone was excited that for me it felt as if KHJ was holding a concert first thing in the morning!! I think this is the kind of mood we all have missed for 2 years as KHJ fan!

Every single fan out there knew it would only take minutes to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, and it’s already a bonus to us as spoke briefly to his fans! But the effort of those who were there who traveled to a remote area, was such an effort for a fan that I’m truly proud of! You guys are the best!! Thank you for your endless support and effort!

Watching him walking away from the camp felt like he’s walking towards his new life as a new man, and I bet you, it’s gonna be a new life for all of us too, as KHJ fans!


Hyun Joong wrote a letter to his fans together with this video clip posted at his official Youtube channel, and as I watched this video my heart just simply melt away! As I read the translation of his message, tears just fell and in my thoughts I knew it, he’ll be a much stronger changed man with total determination in facing his new life and challenges!

(Video clip fr Kim Hyun Joong official channel @YouTube posted Feb 12 thanks!)

Hello, it’s Kim Hyun Joong

I still cannot believe I’m no longer in the training camp when i opened my eyes today. I wanted to thank all the fans who came to greet me despite the cold weather…

The past 21 months had been a time for me to reflect on my shortcomings. It will be difficult to be a fan (or support) Kim Hyun Joong, just like in the past… There may be days when you may need to keep it low…But I have pulled myself together… That I will repay my gratitude to all the people who have believed in me… That I have become a stronger person.

As a fan of KHJ, please keep your expectation up! I will brave through the storm upright fair and square confidently. 

Once again, I want to thank all of you who came to greet me in the cold, as well as my fellow 30th division comrades whom I spent the past 21 months together.

(Trans cr @5star as 1, thanks for sharing!)



I’m happy to see a lot of silent fans on line came out visible knowing they too were just waiting in silence. In my previous articles, I’ve been saying “let’s not forget” and I was pertaining to KHJ’s case, but for once I feel like putting it behind me and look forward to being a fan girl again, like starting from scratches again!

Seeing Hyun Joong out there with a huge crowd of fans, all I can think of is our happy days with him during his concerts in the previous years!! I’m filled with a lot of hope that this next episode of our fan life with Hyun Joong is gonna be much bigger! I know it’s too early to speculate but then again, what’s next after storm is sunshine, right?

I got a big sigh of relief after watching Hyun Joong walking out from the camp with those big bright smiles to his fans that made me feel, the nightmare is finally over! What have I learned while Hyun Joong was away? I’ve learned the true essence of being a KHJ fan!

Being a KHJ fan is not always fun! A true fan is someone who’s there with him in his ups and down, who truly believes in him, and who shares his pain, sorrow and joy! As I always say, we KHJ fans will always be his strength, and it shall be as ever.

The future may be tougher, but it doesn’t matter at all, because we are much stronger this time. As Hyun Joong said, “I will brave through the storm upright fair and square confidently”   And so we are….. take it from him!

                         To Hyun Joong………Welcome back and see you on stage soon!!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

More updates and LK opinion to follow to be posted on this page, see you!!

Photo cr as tagged, posted through Tweeter, thanks for sharing!


TREASURED MEMORIES     (posted Feb 13)

The photo above with the quote “You’ll never stand alone” remains true to this day and I truly believe it, through thick and thin Hyun Joong will never be alone! Some may have turned their backs on rainy days, but in their hearts they will always look back to those treasured memories with him and that one day they will walk in to that arena again!

Once the magic spell cast into you, you’ll never get away from him, and you’ll keep coming back to him…..remember? I wrote this five years ago and I guess this is true till this day!

It was in Feb 2015 month of hearts, that Hyun Joong promised to be back and he fulfilled it as he came out from the army camp just in time for Valentine’s day! I think this is the best Valentine present we got as a KHJ fan filled with even more love and affection than ever!

To Hyun Joong……Happy Valentine’s Day! May you find love and peace in your heart as you are surrounded by people who truly loves you from every corners of the world!

To KHJ Fans….Let’s rejoice and celebrate the love we shared with one another and the love we shared with Kim Hyun Joong over the years!!      

                                  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!


There shall be a fan meeting to be held in Seoul SK on April 29th. Information on this news at link below:


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &       Thanks for sharing!



(Trans cr: Sunny, thanks for sharing!)




First of all, please forgive me if I may spoil your Valentine, I just could not resist not to comment on this interview with Hyun Joong’s dad Mr. Kim. I don’t mean to be inconsistent since I just stated up there that I feel like putting KHJ’s case behind me which is what I truly feel, but after reading this translation, my blood starts to boil again, please forgive me!

RE: So-called child!!

If there is indeed a child that Choi claimed to have, this child might be over one year old and the grand parents of this so-called child have not even seen him? Gracious God, we are all women here I assume and if you are in the shoes of Choi, wouldn’t you show your child to the father’s parents if you are truly claiming that child was Hyun Joong’s child and be proud of their grandson?

If I were Choi, I would not wait for Hyun Joong’s parents to come to me to meet their grandchild, but instead, I would go to them and say “This is your grandson, whether you acknowledge him or not I’m letting my child know that he has grandparents!” Is this not the most normal and sensible way to do it?

On the contrary, nothing was heard from Choi! What is this? A complete bull…. of fooling everyone involving an innocent child as I have suspected after the so-called child birth, DNA show? Is she in the hiding already after the circus show she created and making the SK public leak her lies? I really think Choi needs to be taken to a mental institute after all if not in jail!! She’s a complete crazy and evil!


RE: Hyun Joong’s mother

I feel really really sad for Mrs Kim. I don’t mean to pry but I see Mrs. Kim to be an outgoing type of person, who loves people, in her kindness she easily connects with everyone, someone who’s dedicated career oriented in business and suddenly forced to be locked up in her home! What has the SK society done to her? Accusing her son out of a woman’s lies is just so crucifying! WAKE UP SK PEOPLE! You have basically turned into criminals out of  believing Choi’s evilness in falsely accusing an innocent son!

If I were Hyun Joong’s mom I would further file a case against Choi! Whoever has the right to sue, it’s not Choi as she claimed having been in emotional and mental depression which is a lot of bull!! This Choi deserves to be hanged in public and she deserves nothing less than capital punishment!! I hope! Just my out pouring opinion!

Now that everything else is turning tide against Choi, she must be held accountable for everything she did to Hyun Joong and his family as no amount of apology can heal this kind of pain! This is just too much to bear and Mr. Kim is right, even years would passed by, yes they can move on, but the scar that Choi inflicted to them will remain.

I don’t know what to say anymore even my mind is all filled up! It may not be easy to comfort a mother in pain since at this time no amount of words can really comfort her but we just have to listen to both parents Mr. and Mrs. Kim and feel for them.

I yield from here, and be waiting for further translation from the interview for more updates. Feb 14th cannot be changed, I’m just glad I already wrote my greetings for Valentine in advance!

Allow me to dedicate this day, the heart’s day for Hyun Joong’s mom and dad like a parents day, let’s try to fill their hearts with love as I believe it’s only love that can truly heal!


(Photo cr as tagged, KE photo above thanks for sharing!)



(Trans cr: Sunny thanks for sharing!)


Ticket Link:

To those who wish to attend KHJ’s fan meeting, please stand by for KE announcement on ticket purchase opening date. Thank you!


UPDATE    (Posted Mar 1)



Last week I had some discussion with some KHJ fans at Tweeter pertaining KHJ’s upcoming Fan Meet in Seoul that I would like to reiterate for fans who might have the same thoughts about KE and this fan meeting.


I read that some fans are having the impression that KE was somewhat mistreating foreign fans! Well I don’t put it that way! As what was explained in this message above it’s been 4 years since Hyun Joong had his fan meeting in Seoul, to the extent that some SK fans had to travel to Japan or other foreign countries just to watch their own artists, which is quite understandable since KHJ was groomed for international events. This time Hyun Joong has to start all over again after being out from the lime light in the last 2 years.

May I appeal to everyone to please extend our understanding as to why KE is giving priority seats to SK fans and I think this is reasonable enough. I’m sure there will be more chances to see him closer in other venues in the near future on concerts and other events if not in Seoul then in other countries near you.


I’m sure we are all familiar with the incident in China in the previous years that there were bulk selling of concert tickets and the buyers sold it to a higher rate to gain profit out of the bulk ticket purchase. I understand KE is trying to avoid another similar incident to happen again since there were complaints forwarded to KE in the previous years. This is to protect fans from purchasing over priced tickets from unauthorized ticket outlets.


I know many of KHJ fans were not happy with KE and count me in! However, at this point in time Hyun Joong obviously decided to stay with the company, and so I chose to leave the past behind me, move on and give KE another chance for Hyun Joong’s sake.

At this point in time, I can’t go burn HJ’s own camp which I think this is unnecessary! I prefer to respect Hyun Joong’s decision over agency matters! I’m just an ordinary fan having the trust and knowledge Hyun Joong can take care of himself in terms of KE internal matters.

I’m one of those who have been wishing that he’ll be able to go back on stage and KE gave that chance. Then I’d rather bite the bullet than contradict which is not even my business to begin with! My take here is that, was there any offers for him from other agent? If there was then why didn’t he accept the offer? Hyun Joong has a very good reason why.

Many fans are saying “KE is only for profit”! Of course why else do KE exist as a company, who doesn’t want profit? And I’m sure Hyun Joong does too specially at this period of his career that he has to start from somewhere after all he had been through. Let’s be open minded about this.

I can understand your feelings but if we bank on those frustrations over KE I don’t think it can even help Hyun Joong. In fact it can only discourage other fans who wishes to go and attend the fan meeting. I would rather advise you to stay low and calm because this is the most important event in Hyun Joong’s career life and I will support it at all cost!

Let’s bear in mind Hyun Joong’s future career will depend on the result of this fan meeting. Getting back on stage is always crucial to any celeb who’s been in long period of hiatus.

The most important thing for me this time is that, my wish for Hyun Joong was fulfilled, for him to be able to go back on stage and nothing else matter. I’m here to encourage, take it or leave it, but I’d rather go by the tide than go against it!  Leave the past behind me and move on!………. I hope you will too!


[News] Kim Hyun Joong To Open His Instagram Official Account

Keyeast Official instagram account have announced today that Kim Hyun Joong will finally open his Instagram account tomorrow, March 14, 2017.  Asking everyone to wait and anticipate the good news.  This must be a good news to all Kim Hyun Joong fans in Korea and worldwide. Where they can communicate with him regularly  and have the glipmse of his latest activities and photo.

Recently he was dicharged from his military service and few days after that, Kim Hyun Joong announced to his official website, his first Fan Meet. the theme is his fm is ” ANEMONE”, the online tickets are on sale on March 11 onwards.

Much attendance from fans from korea, and from other parts of the world is overwhelming. The fan meet is schduled on April 29, 2017.

Cr info:


I dedicate this message below to Hyun Joong. It’s true, we are the author of our life, which is a choice. This year Hyun Joong shall be writing the next episode of his life and we shall be with him as he writes it from this moment onward to a better life filled with happiness shared with his fans.

Many of us are already preparing to meet him in Seoul on his 1st stage after his MS, others may just be watching him on video footage after the fan meeting, but it’s alright, for as long as we’re watching and following him, giving time to him is already a support.

I may not see my readers from where I am but I can feel your smiles, I can feel your excitement, and this really feels good for me! I’m really happy to know he’s back and I think he’s finally recovered from the nightmare as we are.

Hyun Joong had finally turned the page of his book and starting his new chapter having his fans still around waiting for him! See you soon!!

FM SUCCESS  (April 30, 2017)

I would like to congratulate Kim Hyun Joong for a very successful fan meet, and to all KHJ fans both from home and from the international community! It’s really great to see Hyun Joong on stage again. As we already know he’s coming over to Japan for another concert tour around the country.

I’ve been out of touch from the fandom lately since I have been hooked by politics and current global events most specially global conflicts, such as the North Korea targeting US allies Japan and South Korea, territorial disputes over South China Sea between China, and other southeast regions in Asia including my homeland, the confusing conflict in Syria and internal political conflicts back home.

Tension in Japan is growing everyday and so I’m assuming it’s the same tension in South Korea because of a ruthless leader of North Korea who is more than a terrorist himself. Too much going on around the globe these past weeks and this has been occupying my thoughts at the moment.

And so if I may,  I’ll excuse myself from my blog for a while! How I wish that pig from NK would be roasted soon without affecting innocents in his country or from other neighboring countries!! This is all for now, I may not be around to update my blog for a while but I hope to be back to promote Hyun Joong’s Japan concert series 2017!!


To view the FM video footage, You may visit Hollis Hyun channel at YouTube, she has the best copy during the show. I’m sorry I can’t post the video in this blog since I don’t have her permission to do so! I tried to copy paste the video link but the video still appear in this site, and I don’t want that for courtesy sake to the video owner. Thanks!


To view the FM vid footage, You may visit Hollis Hyun channel at YouTube, she has the best copy during the show. I’m sorry I can’t share the video in this blog since I don’t have her permission to do so! I tried to copy paste the video but the video still appear in this site, and I don’t want that for courtesy sake to the video owner. Thanks!


(Trans Cr: Sunny@sunsun_sky, thanks for sharing)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM HYUN JOONG!          (June 6, 2017)

Kazaguruma – Rewind




123 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong [article] THE LETTER

  1. Hello Lazerkim!! Where are you??You have been long gone. I think it’s high time for you to write something on the recent events relating to Kim Hyun Joong. Or purely just for the sake of nostalgia.

    P.S. Come back soon. Will be waiting waiting for your next piece of writing.

    I know that some of you are not happy with this decision me neither because he had suffered so much in the path and we with him. Grrrrr As l wrote in a comment, in my opinion IT IS CLEAR THE BABY SAVE HER BUT IT IS OK for me now. He won the sues and for sure he will like that it finally ended. l agree with the court in the way they thought first and ruled considering the baby´s sake. ok but she must to pay a fine . why do think it was for??? because it is true her manipultion and nobody could hide it. The court knew that she manipulated the information but they considered there is not enoght evidence for the second charge, mmmm They acepted it but if they had acepted the second charge she would be in jail now something that she deserves but the baby needs his mom. Hope that as Mom she does a better job.

    The court knew that she is a single mother, enough punishement to an stupid girl in Korea.Thinking that she lost respect as a woman too. For me she lost all the sues. She could not get the millon and a half that she pretended to get from his pocket and probably she expected to get more from him with her sues. He is in peace now and l think that he wont be sad because his baby will be with his mother until the family court decide the custody and he gets resposibility of his baby.
    How do we healt his and our heart and sould?. Moving on. it is time to enjoy seeing him in tours and being busy creating music and felling his fans love and support. Seeing him happy, strong , being himself, promising us and himself to be a better person and that we can start again, giving support him anytime and leting him be happy on stage. the place he loves so much.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughful comment. I’m not happy about the verdict. The judge could say much more about her crime and her criminal behavior. The results from the civil case that she lied about all 4 pregnancies. I think it is strange practise that the court accepted the evidence and took more times before making the verdict just to say it is not enough evidence it’s a painful joke. No wonder why suicide rate is so high among SK celebrities because justice are truly not for them most of the cases.

      What I hate thd most is the judge let her uses the child that she has planed to use him even before he was born. Firstly use him to get the most money from KHJ and secondly to save her from all the crimes she had done. Sadly the judge directly responded very well to her evil plan. Even though she did not get all the money she expected but she successfully killed his charecter and extorted big amount of money from him through her lies. This is very far from justice. The judge probably falls for her when he saw her crying for mercy in front of him in the court. She is a professional manipulator till the end. The judge should know better.

      Personally I think the judge should think more about the child if he will be raised by a mother who has such a criminal attitude. The mother of the child’ s mother is the one who supported her daughter ‘ s criminal actions. I would be very very careful to let any child being raised by these people.

      • THE BABY SAVED HER. it is more than ovious. i really would like that KHJ rises his son but in prior years the babies needs the mom more than Dad. Probably it was the reason. I am so disappointed like you with it but thinking on the baby l think it would be ok now. mmmmm . So sad but ttrue.
        His life needs to start again, it will be difficult now with this background but nobody would critic him without knowing Choi´s behaviour and thinking how any person would respond to these kind of claims and lies. Many options many ways to face this. But what is the correct?? I would do the same like him facing my naive personality, my stupidity being in that sick relationship. How to leave from it without any hurt?, it would be the BIG questions. And without knowing the other side behaviour, worst . How not to get a drink after facing that witch in the court?
        Despite of this , I am trying to focus on his concerts, it is incredible how the fans are preparing themselves to be in these concerts. Life continues and we and KHJ deserve calm down now. l love him so much it will never change , l really like him so much, just seeing him smiling makes me be happy. He is my light and inspiration too.

    He really makes my days, everyday checking his pictures and videos is my leisure time.
    KHJ fighting

    Missing your writings I ran into this, in one of my powerpoint presentation that a day I did with many links about him and ss501 videos and articles. I read all of your articles but there is one that I kept there because it sumarizes my feeling when I first met him. it was a night when BOF was on the TV in my country. it was chapter 10 or something , even if it was not since the beginning he called my atention . So needed to watch it since the chapter one , I started to search on internet the BOF chapter one and even I found your blog …… my story with him similar than yours.
    here is the article;
    Like you I went over with all the videos I can find at You Tube, and made a power point with links to enter directly to what I want to watch. But I wonder why I kept it from all of your articles??
    There I found some statements like this : ( He’s candidly honest about anything, he’s transparent and would like his fans to accept him for what he really is, good or bad, that’s him. His 4D personality is the most interesting trait that he has, and anything he does even his own mistakes looks cute on him!!) Wow that is he.
    ( about KHJ’s fans to be well behave and well mannered,Many of us has been a part of Hyun Joong’s struggle and success) That is totally and absolutely true.
    And answering the last question : Will you still be there standing by his side?
    I could say that YES. Because we always know him, we know his weaknesses, strenghts and reactions. I really hope he could find a right girl to be in his life, this time helps him to revise his lifestyle and priorities.
    Thanks Lazerkim to let me share my thoghts and fellings here. We were and are conected since the beginning of your blog. I read all of them and started commenting later but you gave me that confidence to do it freely. Now I see him mature, I saw him worried and embarased to start again in the scenery it was sad and hurt for me, But it was great to witness how his self-steem and confidence return to his personality. At the end he smiles , he greet his fans almost after all of his concerts I think in order to feel his fans love. it must give him strength and courage to continue as an artist and to face Choi in the court. Soon it will end good or bad, it will be painful and dificult to endure, but he showed us to be strong. This is the most difficult situation to face in his life. We need to undestand him now and again.
    Till your next article dear , I miss you so much

    • Dear jazu

      Read your post like reading my own words. Thank you so much for sharing your thought. You are so right about his charector and that the reason why his fans love him and believe in him. I admire him so much for his honesty and sincererity even in the most difficult time of his life. For me that is self – respected. It also reflects the quality of his heart.

      Before l like him as a talented artist but now I love him and admire him as a person a normal decent human being. I truly believe he will be one of the most successful artist of SK.

      By the way glad to see your post again.

      • Thanks Bella
        It is a habit to open this everyday and comment in other sites. I defend him as if I defend my own son. You know that I have a son like him, almost same age and same character, gemini boys like me to understand their personalities. It is a complete pleasure to know something about him , my habit to search about him doesnt change and never change. I am really a delu fan as some haters said.
        Who cares, it is my right to decide who I admire and he is out of discussion. My priority when I use facebook and internet. It is incredible how I smile when I see him smiling and singing with that pasion, I think I am never tired to watch his videos.
        Well hope that LK write soon, God bless my only one and his and this family.


  5. Hello Kabayan, How are you? We All miss you. I pray that everything are well with you. As you know we all want to know what’s the latest of our Beloved Hyun Joong. We heard that his concert in Japan was a success. Please anything you want to share with us would be AWESOME!!!
    Take Care & God Bless.

  6. Will we never know Choi Hye MI’s fate? Has KHJ seen his child? Why no news? I’m glad his tour is going well, but I need closure after supporting him these past few years. I know he wants privacy, but it is hard not knowing the outcome. Either way, I pray that he stays on course and has as many blessings as he has had trials.


  8. hello everyone…’s been pretty quiet here on this blog…..It seems KHJ is doing well on his Japan tour. I love rewind.

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a court date this past June 20th for Choi? does anyone know how that went? I am hoping all gets resolved and KHJ can continue life without any more pain from her.

    Have a lovely day everyone!

  9. I’m just in love with his new song 風車<re:wind>. I just listen to it in a loop. I’m so glad he came back so succesfully. My anemone – love you KIM Hyun Joong-ssi for ever.

  10. Looking forward to any info that anyone has on the criminal trial of Choi Hye Me. Praying for a just and truthful outcome that will allow KHJ to go on with his life and family without having to worry about the toxic Choi. I hope the prosecutors make it very clear that she must never bother him again and allow him to have his son with him if there is a son.

  11. Kim sretan rodjendan
    Sretno u Japanu
    Ostani sretan i nsmijan
    Volim te
    Uvijek cu te podržavati
    i naravno voljeti

  12. Happy birthday to such a beautifully created soul, am happy I got to see it…oppa is blessed with fortune and untold happiness,our radiant prince…love you a ton…#HappyHyunJoongDay

  13. I can not say enough about how I feel about you. You have been through a lot of hardships from the time you were younger. From getting your first break into singing, then leading SS501, touring all the time. Your acting career too, took off and you were in leading roles. For what you have been through and still are going through I am sorry to you. You are a strong man and I pray you accomplish everything in your life that you want to. I wish you every happiness while living on this plane. Please be happy and live your dreams. May God bless and keep you safe.

  14. Happy Birthday 🎂 to a beautiful soul. Wishing you much love and success. God bless 💚 you & your family always 🌈

  15. to KHJ – Happy Birthday to our STAR for a new beginning a new Start! Always believe in yourself and fulfill your dreams!
    Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.
    You are strong and you will succeed in all you do. Believe in yourself always!

    Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
    you are not alone! your fans are there always!
    Have A Happy Birthday! KHJ!

  16. Wow good gift dear KHJ Thanks
    see you again in action is great . I AM waiting for you baby
    Congratulations my dear

  17. Wow good gift dear KHJ Thanks
    see you again in action is great . I AM waiting for you baby
    Congratulations my dear

  18. Thank you so much for KHJ ‘ s message.
    I hope the fan meeting will booze his energy and encourage him to do the best for himself.

    Reading his message I can’t help but felt his deep disappointement that he made his fans worry. I hope he will not blame himself too much and focus on keeping himself healthy .

    I have a lot of respect toward him for the honesty and sincerity he has shown us since the first day of the scandal in 2014 .. I admire him for his determination to find the truth and willing to take whatever it costs. I can not imagin how I would feel to live in his shoes.

    The more ( I see ). he is mistreated by those ignorance , the more I respect him for his patient and his classy attitude.

    Can’t wait to listen to his new songs.

  19. I read that Seol Court couldn’t agree on a verdict on trail against Choi. So it’s been bumped to June 19, 2017 & by that time, I think, his Japan tour would have begun. Ugh! Just like before with that woman, the courts keep having more court dates because a decision couldn’t be made. I don’t know why this time, but feels like her doing. I also, read somewhere she has 7 lawyers, that it was 10 before but something or another it became 7. Comments to that posting are wondering where is she getting money for them. If I’m frustrated, you can bet KHJ is feeling it to the highest level.

  20. Today is the day KHJ goes to court for his cast. I hope everything goes well as it shoulf be. Always beleive in him snd respect his honesty and sincererity .Happy to support him till the end..

    • I am looking forward to the results of the case. I am looking forward to seeing justice served . I pray that all goes well for Hyun Joong and his family and that his Japan tour goes really well.
      I am so pleased that his fan meet went so well. He certainly looks healthy, handsome and relaxed. It must have been so refreshing for him to feel all of his fans’ love.

  21. Hope you are well my dear Lazerkim Kim Hyun Joong is fighting even against himself and his mistakes. For me to have a DUI incident was due to his fustration and stress. I would have done the same after to atend the court . To see her may turn him upset or disturbed. Added the tiredness from training a drink could calm him. Everybody knows that he falls sleeped really easy.. People judge others too hard así if they were perfect. I like that he decided to continue with his plans. His FM was good as l can see.. As alway he goes against some rules in Korea.
    Against his haters and ridículous habits to punish artists so hard that some Ended their carrers
    They are prohibited to marry,, to date, to talk about personal details or GFs .But he is different. He will do , what he wants.He is a brave person facing his mistakes But doing what he loves.
    I bet it was his first time. I wonder the number of drunk Koeans .
    When my son drove his car drunk and crashed he had to lose money in.the cars and fees But learned in a hard way not to drink and drive., furtunately it didnt change neither his live nor his esscense as a good and loving person. The same is with him. Just think how is his live now, full of worries and uncompleted sues. Time to work and do it himself. Like my son there will he a time when he sees it like another experience to tell in a funny way as he used to do.
    Now. he is enjoying of his fans. Feeding with their positive energy and unconditional support.
    One thing is sure they love eachother so much that are the envy of other artists and haters.
    The media tries to hurt and critizes him trying to end with his carrer but it turns to be difficult his fans never let him Aline NEVER
    Kim Hyun Joong God bless you and guides you from now and again.
    Love you

    • Hi Jszu.

      Nice to here from you.
      Thsnk you for such a thoughtful comment and kind eprds .

      I “m proud of muself that i ‘m able to telerate the heartless.ignorance haters who have tried their ass off to destroy KHJ. Most of all i’m so proud of him that his honesty and his sincererity has shined .brightly through his imperfect natuie as a humsn being.

  22. Thank you Noya for the video. I am so glad he is going on with his life. I just hope he learns to balance his work life with his personal life so that he can enjoy all if his life. Thank you to all of you who keep the rest of us updated. I am looking forward to seeing Choi’s trial finished so that this episode of KHJ’s life can be put behind him and he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life proving his worth to anyone. If the baby is real I hope they get to know each other well and happily. If not a child or not his child, may the truth be known. Continue fighting KHJ!💜

  23. Today is KHJ ‘s fanmeet the Anemonekhj2017 .
    Very exciting.

    Fighting KHJ. You are great and doing just great.
    Happy for all those lucky fans who can be there.
    Exciting for you and love you all.

    I’m really miss you and your article LK.

  24. Congratulation to Att. Lee Jae Man ” Lawyer of the year “.
    He is selected as the lawyer of the year in Korea.
    In his interview he has mention HJ case.
    Whoever can get the details to post it here please do because I can not do it now.

      • hope LK won’t mind – I took this fm Henecia USA

        Henecia USA Fan Club – Public added 2 new photos.
        Yesterday at 5:52am ·
        Attorney Lee Jae-man who was selected as ” Lawyer of the year” was interviewed by reporter Kim Tea- yeon .
        In the interview the reporter asked him what is his most successful case of risk management. Attorney Lee referred about Kim Hyun Joong’case and this was his answer:
        Q6. What are the most successful cases of risk management?
        “When Kim Hyun-jung was sued by his ex-girlfriend for an offense, he could not cope with the press, and in just ten days he had become unrecoverable due to a massive damage to the image due to over one million unilateral reports. The following year, former girlfriend accused again of being assaulted by Kim Hyun Joong and asked for damages of 1.6 billion against him. Kim Hyun Joong delegated defense and risk management to me ( Attorney Lee)”.
        At that time, Kim Hyun Joong was reported to be an unfortunate allegation that he had been abducted by a one-sided assault on his ex-girlfriend, so Attorney Lee was able to counteract Kim Hyun-jung’s image damage by minimizing image damage. Afterwards, it was revealed that the assault heritage was not true, and all of her former girlfriend’s 1.6 billion won claim was dismissed. Rather, it was confirmed that the illegal act that undermined Kim Hyun Joong’s honor due to assault and heritage report was awarded to Kim Hyun-Joong for 100 million won, and It is one of the most successful examples of risk management.
        (Google translation)
        Henecia USA

    • Me too, after all those lies fron that woman, I have doubts about the child, I’m just waiting for what’s going to come out of that mess tha she has planned.

  25. Hi LK.
    Thank you so much for all update about HJ. I’m so happy we will hear his new song and see his concert very soon. I hope he is healthy and take good care of himself.

    It is funny to see some haters try to exaggerate the recent situation they can not hide their ill will and evil thought toward HJ . They seem to have an aim to pressure him to leave the entertainment industry by using public opinion once again.. Their jealiousy lavel is quite high. They can not bare to see him live his life as a human being and be successful. I wonder if those haters have life to live ?

    • Dear Bella,
      I think same about those haters, I even imagine them as small narrow minded people frustrated of their lives sitting behind a PC and trying to judge and trash everyone that has a LIFE, imagination and fighting to fulfill their dreams and actually Living. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, but then what is life without mistakes? HJ is one man who has his ups and downs in life like everyone, maybe because he is a celeb they all look with a magnifying glass, but really he is not the first and not the last, it is his life after all and I am glad he is Living it.

      in SK the trolls they sure have like a culture, to jump on their celebs for any mistake or mishap and those trolls tend to forget that those hard working celebs are Human after all and they do have a life like everyone. they tend to be very possessive on their biases (like not to have a GF or BF or get married and they judge everyone ) I wonder if they ever take a look at their pathetic non existent life?
      Better have a life of Oh wells than a life of regrets….(I like this quote very much is soo true)

      in the words of our KHJ – we only live once!
      I have faith in Hj that he will do what HE wants the way he wants it and that is why I am proud to be his fan, he doesn’t go by their rules.

      • I agree with both of you, they are just haters. What are you going to do with them? Leave them alone and they’ll go home wagging their tails behind them.

  26. En mi país decimos a palabras necias, oídos sordos. Seguiré apoyando a KHJ en su regreso a su carrera musical, el tiene tanto talento que ofrecer a sus fans que debemos seguir animandolo, y no hacer caso de información amarillista. Ánimo KHJ sigue con paso firme hacia la cima, te lo mereces por tu dedicación y gran esfuerzo.

  27. those that have dedicated their lives to bringing Kim hyun joong now will all be terribly disappointed because a person who never gives up will never lose and that person is Kim hyun joong…these news outlets are angry at him cause he is not lying low seeking for the public acceptance and uncalled for forgiveness.. but they seem to forget that over the years they’ve known oppa,he doesn’t go by anyone’s script. for me Kim hyun joong is more than an artist,he is a very dear person to me so I’ll accept him just as he is no matter his flaws….

  28. Hot news from the oven , thank you Sunny:

    [Official] KHJ, single release on 6/6 in JPN+tour in 16 cities from 6/7

    wow new single and new tour, atta boy!! Bravo can’t wait to hear it is going to be a hot summer!

  29. Was saddened to hear about HJK-DUI incident. Even sadder with ALL the judgments. No one is perfect, he used poor judgment, yes, but the media continues to crucify HJK yet again. KeyEast needs to learn to say “No Comment”. Am glad to hear the Fan Meeting is still on. Miss you LK. Hope all is well. Patiently waiting for your next insightful thoughts. Fighting!!!💚


    Kao prvo želim da čestitam uspješan dolazak iz DMZ odakle je došao sa činom narednika što je vjerovatno zaslugom dobio. Zatim želim da čestitam na njegovom poštenju i hrabrosti.Iskreno ga molim da ostane pošten i fin.
    Čestitam mu za ANEMONU jako mi je drago.
    Ovo što se sada dešava sve je toliko naduvano da me prosto jeza hvata od te silne mržnje i okrutnosti.
    Ko su ti ljudi koji mu žele zlo.Da li su baš toliko jaki???????
    Da li moraju toliko da ga olajavaju?
    Molim sve ljude da ne dozvole više ove zle napade na čovjeka koji je i onako duboko ranjen.

  32. I hate to ask, but what exactly is the March 30 court date for? I am so happy to see that KHJ is coming back to his fans and I hope this will be the last court date and that nightmare will be over. I would not be surprised if was announced that there is no baby and she lied about that too. If there is a baby and proven to be his, by golly, I hope he gets full custody and she goes to jail for a very long time.

    • The March 30th court date was for the criminal trial of Choi Hye Mi. But all the news outlets want to talk about is the DUI. I read from a fan that the court decided to reconvene at a later date and that KHJ will be called as a witness.

  33. KHJ’s story reminds me of the lesson from Romeo and Juliet. (Not the romance part.). If Romeo and Juliet had waited just a little longer to find out the truth about each other, (that neither of them were really dead), before killing themselves, they could have lived a long, hopefully happy, married life together. Thank goodness that both Hyun Joong and his mom decided against suicide, and can see the really good outcome that has begun to unfold. We all need to see this lesson for ourselves. Never give up. Truth will eventually be revealed. Trust God.

  34. Its impressive, how fast the tickets had sold out, and how many followers He already have on IG in less than one day, you deserve all of that from, and we’re to enjoy to watch you reise up even higher

  35. starting 14th March HJ has an official IG account:


    this is official and artmatic/seungkyoya are following him any other similar acct is not official

  36. I hope Choi has read the latest news about HJ, that the tickets of the Anemone were sold out within an hour..thats how much God uphold you high when your enemies are busy digging holes for.

  37. This year is the perfect year to all of us. Our leader is finally back. No matter what happen we still believe in you oppa. Lets start again for the new journey of yours oppa, we are always her for u. Dont forget that. Thank u so much for the happiness and hope again Mr. Kim hyun joong😀Welcome back!!!😀😅.. hope to see u again performing here in Philippines. We wait for that,to happen. We also love to see u with your members reunite!!


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  40. Thank you LK and hope ALL fans will read this and understand that this is Hj’s most IMPORTANT FM as the outcome of this FM will put him back in Stage and in the right place.
    Fans needs to be united and supportive of Hj’s decisions re agency, as you said this serves both and US his fans in the end.

    thank you again for putting in clear things that need to be said, hope more will understand and support.

  41. Your words are so on point LK, thank you once again for your clear cut foresight. All that matters is showing HJK his foundation of supporting fans is truly “Unbreakable”. I’m sincerely grateful to ALL fans who are able to be there and show him their love. Fighting 🎆

  42. Thank you Lazerkim for sharing this info. I’m so grateful knowing that there’s a lot of people specially henecia still loyal to him…like me who only can follow his news and give him support with pray as i can…my wish is same like you Lazerkim…i hope he always happy…

  43. Thank you Lazerkim for sharing this info. I’m so grateful knowing that there’s a lot of people specially henecia still loyal to him…like me who only can follow his news and give him support with pray as i can…my wish is same like you Lazerkim…i hope he always happy…

  44. for me kim hyun joong will always be that beautiful,kind,sweet,cute,caring,humble,sexy..and the list goes on..he will always be that person in my heart no matter the headlines or just know that you will always be in my prayers and you will shine through this..WELCOME HOME ♡

  45. Huge congrats everybody – Kim Hyun Joong, Family and friends, all loyal Fans and our dear Lazer Kim. Thanks to all. You made it happen! KHJ’s beautiful Smile is back. Love u much. Ella-Elizabeth. USA

  46. Thank you Lazerkim for sharing this info. I’m so grateful that I was able to know more about Hyun Joong’s coming home from the military. My only regret is I couldn’t be there to attend his fan meet.
    For sure, I will know about it through you and this will make happy. I’m looking forward to the good news from you. Thank you once again. God bless!

  47. where is choi? why do south korea media protect she so hard? we dont know nothing about she, her son or her family, she is a mystery.
    there are a lot of dark shadows about choi.
    i am expecting that KHJ talk about this problem and clarify all this mess.
    i wish a long and peaceful life to KHJ

    • If indeed there is or isn’t a child, he’ll resolve the issue discretely as is his personality. All I want to here about Choi is that she’s in jail. If there is a child, then I imagine eventually we’ll get to meet him. For now, he is being held hostage by the Mother. The Kim’s are waiting for the court to grant them custody or at least uninhibited right to visit.

  48. Welcome back my Dearly Kim Hyun Joong 😘❤️🌹
    Welcome back your fellow 30th division comrades as well 🍾🍹
    Thank you very much for your bright smile 🌈🌷💝
    Best gift 🎁 for Valentines Day
    God bless you and your family 💐🌻🌺
    Your fans all over the world 🌎
    We are very proud of you 💞💕💗
    Love you always ❤️💛💚💙💜
    Happy Valentines Day to you and to us😘❤️🌹🌈
    Anita from Hungary 🇭🇺

  49. Happy Valentines day Hyunjoong and everyone!!!!!! It is hard for Mrs. Kim even after everything claimed against her son were proved lies, people still won’t believe and her son suffering and that too that son is soo lively, playful and kind person in the first place… Now because of all of this he went through so much pain that he never imagined and seeing her son like that definitely is not something easy even we can’t take it then how come a mother can bear it!!!!! Mr. Kim is right only when she is put behind the bars their worries will somehow die but that scar won’t leave… Pray for thier strength and justice for kim hyun joong. And regarding the baby she can show her baby to it’s grandparents only if she has child(still doubted abt DNA) Hope she gets the right punishment for ruining oppa’s life and causing pain to his parents, friends and fans…

  50. Finally!!!!!!! I can live till this day to see HJ exit from Army camp!!!! Sob sob (happy tears) Thanks LK as always for the updates as always! Without your blog, I dun noe how to live through this long painful period. I have faith in HJ. I really hope his mum doesn’t do amything silly. But a bit tough to ask a mother not to worry. Be happy and healthy HJ. Just deal with anything that comes along your way. Your fandom is always with you. Oh if is not too much to ask.. If any of you here will be attending his first fan meeting or concert, can double up your voices for me please??? Yell harder on my behalf too? I would love to fly to watch him ‘live’ once again and yell myself but circumstances doesn’t permit. =( not for this year or next. Is really upsetting =(( i sincerely thank u in advance.

  51. that’s what I was saying. wouldn’t she be flaunting this kid at every turn? demanding $ in exchange for a visit? ,my son looks jus like me, but w/my Father in-laws for head and Mother in law s nose. The family resemblance would be there.


    At last, the waiting time is over,ahhhhhh WHAT A RELIEVE
    See your posts now and again. Always with him. My boy welcome to YOUR family , that embrances you as always. FIGHTING KIM HYUN JOONG We are here to suport you.

  54. Welcome back! Me, too as I was watching him walked his way to greet his fans, I could feel he has changed and very disciplined guy. He is ready to face his challenges as a grown up man. I pray and believe my dear Joong, that you will overcome all the problems in your life. Just believe and have faith in HIM and yourself. Many people loves you and believe in you. Keep the faith.

  55. Thank you so much LK. It’s so nice to see him smile I truly believe he comes back stronger and wiser. Really looking forward to seeing him on stage.

    The haters are so desperate to destroy KHJ and keep repeating lies as they always do. Nobody care what they think and said because we all knew now they do not care what the truth is. They just really desperate to show their hatred nothing more. We can only pity them not worth to hate back.

    KHJ , you are a real decent man. Your commitment to find justice for yourselves has inspired many who has been wrongly accused and misjudged . I’m so proud of you as your fans . I feel i admire you more and respect you more after the terrible nightmare. I ‘m so so happy to see the healing smile on you face on the Feb 11st. I have no words to say when I realize that during the difficult time of your life you still have a healing smile to all your fans. That’s so DEBACK.

  56. Welcome home indeed! What a wonderful group of fans who never gave up on him, and who braved the frigid weather. I hope he gets some well deserved rest with his family before diving into his new activities. I am going to celebrate his homecoming and Valentine’s Day by rewatching Playful Kiss. I love that drama, and I hope others will join me.😎
    Again, Welcome home Kim Hyun Joong! 💖💝💗💚💛💜

  57. Our prayers are answered. Kim Hyun joong . Is Beautiful , Unbreakable , Pretty good looking and we Will be nice to him,Please. He’s a Lucky guy who had His story.Now let give him Kiss that nothing happens to his Heart.Thank you. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT GET THIS. THESE ARE TITLES OF SOME OF HIS SONG. HES VERY TALENTED AND PEOPLE ENVY HIM. I will pray for your enemies. You just keep making music. THANKS LAZER KIM.YOU ROCK. MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE GOES TO THE GORGEOUS KIM HYUN JOONG.I LOVE YOU SO.

  58. Our prayers are answered. Kim Hyun joong . Is Beautiful , Unbreakable , Pretty good looking and we Will be nice to him,Please. He’s a Lucky guy who had His story.Now let give him Kiss that nothing happens to his Heart.Thank you. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT GET THIS. THESE ARE TITLES OF SOME OF HIS SONG. HES VERY TALENTED AND PEOPLE ENVY HIM. I will pray for your enemies. You just keep making music. THANKS LAZER KIM.YOU ROCK. MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE GOES TO THE GORGEOUS KIM HYUN JOONG.I LOVE YOU SO.

  59. I will make this short. Thanks Lazer Kim . I’ll treat you to dinner in may in seoul. Let me know if interested . WELCOME HOME BABY. FORGET ABOUT THE DEVIL CHOi AND HER demons . We dont care about shouldn’t either. Hold your head up soldier . Fight for your rights.DONT TOLERATE ANY CRAP FROM ANYBODY . Let’s get down to business . MAKE NEW MUSIC FOR YOUR FANS. WE LOVE YOU . NOONE CAN COMPARE TO YOU. BABY YOUVE GOT TALENT.NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. TO HELL WITH THE HATERS. COME ON HYUN JOONG..GET BACK TO WORK. WE LOVE YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME..

  60. Wow, how lucky for HJK fans in SK. Wishing I could be there in April. His continued generosity and love ❤ for his fans is just incredible. His star 🌟 will once again shine brightly for all to see.! Fighting!!!😍

  61. so happy to see the smile of Kim Hyun Joong again..that pure/sincere smile..daebak…Henecia and Triple S are the best!!!
    happy to celebrate KHJ’s military discharge by eating at korean resto..hehehe

  62. am so happy I had to join Facebook and twitter so to be updated..lazer Kim is right, the magic spell of hyun joong sshi is no joke..I just want him to spend time with his parents and get back to work cause choi is already a past

  63. What a sight it was, Feb 11th, early in the morning (wish I was there) 1500 Fans who show Hyun Joong that WE will always be there for him Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere. Fans came from all over just to see him and made sure Hyun Joong knows that he has our support for him despite the cold weather. Welcome back Hyun Joong,, don’t worry will always be here Praying & Supporting you. Since the beginning of this nightmare I prayed, We all prayed “VICTORY ALL THE WAY”
    Thank you again LK & to Everyone who NEVER waiver their Faith & stand by him.

  64. I’ so grateful for his return, in good health, and i thanks to all the people that were in the fron line bringing support for Kim Hyun Jong, and all his loyal fans, in my case I became one of then after all that ridiculous ficcional drama that Choi had plot stared, once again thanks to all of you like LazerKim, who always keep trying their best on bring the true in clear and very sensible way, congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong and all his fans.

  65. Everyone goes through hardships in life, people don’t believe it makes you a better and stronger person. When you believe in a person and trust them you stand by them no matter what. Stay strong, be healthy and start your second journey in life. You kept the borders safe for the citizens of South Korea no one else could put their life on the line for that enjoy the embrace of your family and eat some home cooked meals.

  66. Thank you LK for this. This is soo nice and sweet from HJ part to put that letter out to thank Fans and all. Did he really doubted his Fans? I mean we stayed with him through thick and thin of course his Fans will always be there to support him. That smile of his upon seeing the gathered fans in that cold weather said it all. He actually smiled genuinely from his heart. It is Good to see Hj smile again!
    I am proud to be Hj fan and always been proud.

    Hj you are our ONLY ONE! rest assured will be here supporting.

    To all fans who attended the homecoming ….amazing people; thank you and thank you for sharing and shouting our feelings as well.

    HJ you have the most amazing Fandom!

  67. Welcome back, My boy.
    So happy that I’m one of them who welcome you under the cold weather. The waiting is really worth. We saw you smiling again… happy to see us there. Wishing you all the best and just remember, we are always here to support you all the way. Stay strong and keep on fighting. You’ll never be alone. Love you more than before. Thank you, HJ. ❤❤❤

  68. More than 1500 fans gathered to greet kim hyun joong in cold weather, i salute all of them!!!! Definitely this is our newyear celebration like counting hours and seconds for hyunjoong’s arrival… Not to mention those cranes, cake and rice everything left every reporters stunned!!! Hope they now realise the power of our asian prince!!!!!! And the letter from hyun joong oppa brings tears… He is determined and he became more strong than ever!!!!! With him we also will become the strongest henecia that he has. With every step we also will walk with him!!!! Thank you oppa for staying healthy and strong!!! Thank you for smiling!!!!! FIGHTING OPPA!!!!!

  69. Welcome back Kim Hyun Joong!!! Greetings from Poland😀 You have amaizing Fans all over the world. I hope see You soon on stage! Best regards !!!!

  70. Welcome back my dear Hyun Joong.
    His smile is back too. I think HJ was very moved and happy to see 1500 fans here in the cold to support him and show love to him. All medias are astonished by great number of fans (I think it’s a record) and paper cranes and cake and donations of rice. All these medias are positive for him now: a good sign for his future in SK. I see japanese pics about him (in metro, in newspaper): Japan didn’t forget him and always love him. I think his second life will be great and in the entire world. He is strong, solid and he has us his fans. 💪

  71. Welcome back, our Hyun Joong 🙂
    It was so nice to see him smiling brightly on the day of his discharge, I’m sure he was happy that so many people came greet him. Daebak!

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