Kim Hyun Joong [Article] HELLO MEDIA!



By: LazerKim

After months of long-awaited news pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case, finally was released which I’m glad to read our speculations about Choi’s evil ways of destroying Hyun Joong came out true! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I may be late in posting, still I would like to include this update in my compilation to start the year!! LOL

Over the years as we followed KHJ’s case, we already knew the truth behind his case therefore we cannot be swayed by further lies created by Choi! In fairness, she won in fooling the general public back in 2014 and the succeeding years, now it’s about time she swallow her own lies! As others said this was the longest running scandal ever made by SK media that indeed they have earned more than what they expected using KHJ’s name!

First court hearing on criminal case is scheduled on March 30, 2017.

Here’s the case update news as followed:



(Trans cr: @Sunny)


As I have always reiterated in the past, “it’s so easy to accuse anyone but to prove the accusation is a different story!” Who was fooled in this case? Of course the general public was fooled and obviously the media was on top of deliberately delivering the false accusations and lies of Choi, to the extent that media allowed the wide-spread lies of Choi in destroying a celeb!

I mentioned this over and over for years that the true criminal in this case is the media. If those so-called journalist are responsible enough to dissect what Choi had been spilling out then I don’t think anyone can use the media as an instrument in destroying a person.

As we have noticed, as this KHJ case was out in the media and earning readers who jumped to believing Choi’s lies, news on similar scandals with different characters were out in the public. Who suffered the most? Of course the celebs and their fans!

Yet these wrong doings were tolerated by SK authorities over the years until such fabricated scandals kept spreading worldwide! If there’s no trash media delivering such false accusations as Choi did, then there won’t be anyone to have the guts in spreading lies and extortion among celebs.



People worldwide do rely on reading news about what’s happening around us and it’s the responsibility of those journalists news reporters to deliver the right news without tampering or manipulating the truth about the issues. KHJ case did not only appear in the gossip columns but it was delivered by SK local TV networks that spread worldwide from 2014 till 2016, and more to come since the first court hearing on criminal case shall be on March 30! Indeed KHJ case is the longest running scandal ever made in SK!

Now the aftermath of the painful years should pay off. Let’s face it these are all media makings designed by Choi, her lawyer and someone behind in this particular case, so what should be done to those media outlets particularly DISPATCH as the main source of this conspiracy? I’ve read from somewhere that Dispatch earned court cases against them filling up their drawers but they are still doing the same foolish news scandals!

Hyun Joong is not the only victim of those scandals with women hunger for extorting celebs whom I don’t need to name drop and this is quite alarming! It’s like a news reporter will carelessly deliver a false report fed by those women without even considering the repercussion and it’s up the news readers if they believe their report or not, which should not happen.


Feeding wrong or misleading info is a crime, what more with fabricated evidence as what Choi did, not to mention using the court of law as her playground to justify her lies!? I’m not trying to single out South Korea since it’s happening in any showbiz culture around the globe, but my point is, why is this being tolerated by media networks or the authorities?

The fabricated text messages that Choi showed, the interviews media made with her, and sensationalized unbelievable fairy tales made those media a big stupid! Where had all their common sense gone while the glaring lies were there yet they believed it??

Now I can only laugh and laugh at them even more because there are more glaring lies to be disclosed in the coming days that the media failed to see or simply pretended not to see! Were they also fooled by Choi or the media had been a part in fooling the public?

I have not forgotten Choi’s pregnancy, delivery and DNA show in 2015 which I think is even bigger mistake that Choi played on, if indeed there was no child involved or if it’s truly HJ’s child if there was! I’m still giving the benefit of the doubt and with all the lies Choi made all these years, am I to be blamed if I doubted?

As I wrap up allow me to leave you with this bunny and quote below which reminds me of Choi and her lawyer! …”If you can’t convince them, confuse them!!” This was exactly what Choi did to KHJ fans and the public with the help of so-called media!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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44 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong [Article] HELLO MEDIA!

  1. Hello dear tnx for your precious thoughts and support
    I just wanna ask friendly:
    please do not ever put KHJ and park yoochun in the same box!!!
    The alleged crime of park is totally not to compare with KHJ’s. Im just saying for KHJ’s sake

  2. Thank you LazerKim for your time and Happy New Year 2017 as well to you and your family, to be a great one to all. . So good to have you back.
    As usual you know the right words to say the right things and as usual you are right, as you were from the beginning of this nightmare.
    What a lesson we all learned and mostly Hj.

    We were right Truth always prevail!

    below is the letter Hj wrote to his fans in his released video (hope you won’t mind) :

    “Hi. Long time no see. How are you? I have been wondering what to say. After a few days of pondering, I say hello. While overcoming those long and harsh days, I realized how vulnerable I am. Thanks to my family & friends whom I can rely on, I could hold [on] and felt thankful [for] my life. So, I just wanted to ask if you are good. How are you? I’d like to talk about [those] stories with you face to face. Thanks everyone. Kim Hyun-Joong”

    and the link is from whatthekpop – article it is pro Hj and well written worth reading

    as always a Fan to our Only One!


  3. Thank you Lazerkim! So good to hear from you again!!!
    Have you seen this latest video and personal letter from Kim Hyun Joong, dated 1/23/17?
    Absolutely from the heart.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. God bless.

    • thank you so much LK.Ive being quite watcher,even in his absence i keep searching any news most of the I believed since day the news broke cause of that B.C ,that our KHJ is innocent…..Ive been followw him since 2009,but not as much others do,coz some reason.but despite of not freely follower , I always be on KHJ .THANKFULLY to all HENECIANS around the world,for always being there for him,thru ups and downs…GOD BLESS everyone and fightinggggg….KHJ is back……………

  4. Thank you so much LK for the article. I really miss you.

    Thank you for the effort to write this article . i know it’s hard not to be exhaust by the injustice and distorted information from trash medias . HJ’s nightmare makes me realize that the most suffering is the pain from injustice and being judged without trial. . i learnt that the most dangerous people are the ignorance and haters because they do not take reasons and logic and ignore the truth. . These kind of people can kill and destroy life of people without feeling guilty . I saw a lot of them in the cyber community it make me wonder how do they live their life in the society .

    LK. what you have said since day one of this scandal and what most people in this blog believe have come to light now. It ‘s so painfully proud that it took them 3 years to realized what we have said .I love to see how many of them brave enough or respect themselves enough to apologize to HJ and some of us here. .

    LK your blog is really the nest resource foe those who want to study about this case and those who want to learn how medias especially trash medias become a real criminal who cruelly used their pens and bloody fingers to shamelessly destroy life and kill the spirit of an innocent .

  5. I STILL say she also tampered with DNA evidence. Choi tried so hard to get khj to go TOGETHER for the test. I believe it was the the examiner could be sure to use khj’s DNA samples to pass off as the child’s DNA. (Wasn’t her sister pregnant? No one saw Choi pregnant. If it was me, I would have let khj know as soon as I knew, and get the test immediately.) I believe she delayed. Got a baby, faked the ultrasound which was too advanced to be khj’s, and had that baby delivered LATER to try to approximate the correct delivery date. HYUN JOONG! IT IS NOT YOUR BABY! GET IT TESTED PRIVATELY!!

    • i 100% truly agree with you DNA tampered and the probability of the child as child of choi’s sister.

      i have a SK girlfriend shes from Paju and she told me that thegirl had never been seen pregnant. as for her sister, yes it is true that she was pregant. this is a family conspiracy too to blackmail and extract money by the lies they produced.

    • Indeed the whole pregnancy thing looks very suspicious. I can’t find a reason, why she would act like she did, if she confidently knew she had KHJ’s baby. “To create chaos and fuss” sounds like a weak point compared with all she could have gained, if she proved her stance at the beginning. I hope we’ll hear about this part of the story soon enough from relevant sources.

  6. Hi lazerkim
    It is great to see ur article back!!!! Like you said media is the real criminal in this case. B’coz of thier unethical and unprofessional behaviour of publishing the lies of that evil women hyunjoong suffered a lot compared to that evil women herself!!! But that doesn’t mean she is no less criminal, b’coz she clearly used the media as her playground and the media let her use them… So both of them equally need to be punished with no mercy!!!!

    • AGREE..both media and that super evil and ambitious woman be punished!!! Do you believe in KARMA choi? Ms. Choi, good always win, truth always prevail….

  7. Lazier Kim
    I waited and waited for your commentary about the court case coming up. I have never believed her lies and have always been a true fan of KHJ. When all of this exploded three years ago I never got one second believed her lies. I’m ashamed that women are like that and she makes me feel embarrassed I am a woman.

  8. Thank you Lazerkim for the update and it’s good to see you writing again, you have been missed. From day one of this whole scandal I have never believed Choi’s lies and knew the truth would be made known. HJ deserves public apologies from all these trash media’s and from Choi, her mother, her attorney and from those who believed her lies in the general public. Thank you to those fans who have stayed true to HJ as we are his TRUE FANS. Continue to keep HJ in your prayers as he finishes his MS and starts a new chapter in his life and that Choi will be given the max sentence!! Happy New Year to all!

  9. Thank you LK.
    I don’t understand why these trash medias are all against celebrities. No one media taking the opposite side and be honest to report truth. If one day a media write truth, it will be sensational.
    After all lies of Choi and her accomplices (mother, “friend”, lawyer), I think too this baby (if baby is) is not KHJ’s baby. I always doubt about this baby, like you.

    • I AGREE. I don’t believe it’s his baby. From the beginning she didn’t want to give blood type of alleged child. She’s had too much to hide and is too sneaky. In America, gold diggers are certain and sure to get pregnant and have NO problem with giving DNA in the hospital of anyone’s choice. They certainly don’t abort a celebritie’s child. That’s too much like winning the lottery. More indictments to come behind the DNA scandal.

      • Ikr, she’s hiding thing so much, avoiding Hj’s parent together wth her for scanning, fishy u/sound pic, no pic of her big belly and all of sudden she delivered the baby boy somewhere out there in one of SK hospital. Which hospital? Where’s d delivery report? The most important, what baby’s blood group? She never show d baby to Hj & his parent either. When Hj asked for Dna test in much reputed lab, she refused n accused Hj as irresponsible father. But demand him to Dna testing together wth her in hospital of her own choice. And on that day she showed d baby for the 1st time to public, but Hj never hve a chance to see d baby at all. We witnessed the baby but wth so much unanswered questions, especially when looked at the size of the baby which looked bigger than 3 months old baby.

        I really hope that baby is Fake too n not Hj’s baby.

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  11. Thank you for such a wonderful article, we always knew that our Kim Hyun Joong was innocent, I think the baby is not his son and if there really is, I have my doubt I still hold that thought, I think another DNA must be practiced. Greeting from Henecia Venezuela FC Official Kim HYun Joong. Big Hugs!

  12. thanx jackie kim have missed ur input in these case and we all wanted to celebrate these good news with u too. soon the bitch will sit in jail for sure.. there is no way she can escape anymore..


    • Hi!!!

      Nice to read you again!!! 😊😊😊

      I guess we will all waiting for your comments and study about the case! I must admit you were one of the fans who helped me see the truth!!! After two years I’m still here!!!

      We are still supporting Kim Hyun Joong.

  14. LazerKim posted: ” THIS BLOG SITE IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR KHJ FANS ONLY By: LazerKim After months of long-awaited news pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case, finally was released which I’m glad to read our speculations about Choi’s evil ways of destroying Hyun Joong came out “

  15. TOTALLY AGREE WITH ARTICLE. Choi go to jail for their crimes,
    And the main culprit DISPATCH WANTS TO AVOID PUNISHMENT FOR HIS LIES WITH which breaks destinies and lives of celebrities. I DREAM TO DISPATCH – the bastards to pay for all his crimes

  16. Hello LazerKim…I’ve missed your comments…so good to hear from you…as we all suspected and believed, HJ is innocent and the truth has come out and will continue to do so…the important thing in this whole story is that Henecia has been proven right and we have proven to HJ and the whole world that we are true fans who have unshakeable faith in HJ…together we are stronger…and we have stayed together and strong for HJ…

  17. Dear LazerKim🌹💐🌷🌻
    Thank you very much for the update 😊
    It is always a pleasure to hear from you 😊
    Good Bless You
    Good Bless Kim Hyun Joong 💖💝💗and His family 😘
    Happy New Year 🎉🎊🍾for everyone in my alien family 🦋🌈🦄

  18. We all know the power of media ! but I think khj fans showed for all the people worldwide that our love for him is the most powerful !! . in general I noticed always people believe in the trash media and reject the opinion of the fans even if they said the truth !! And their comments always “obsessed fan,delusional fan ,…..”

  19. I love your writings and comments. I was waiting for your reaction on Hyun Joong’s case. Your comments are truthful and very clear in your remarks. Thank you in behalf of our Kim Hyun Joong.

  20. Hi lazer kim,
    I am happy that u r back
    Is the evidence against choi was aired by the media or not ??
    Each and every citizen of SK should know her evil thoughts against our khj
    And those who treated our khj as an assault should laugh at themselves that they have been easily fooled by choi
    and they should regret for not believing in khj

  21. Nice one there lazerkim,khj has gone thru great stress and he is an amazing example to those going thru hell but know that they are innocent shld contiune to hold on and have faith in God! i believed from day one that oppa was fasely accused though i was taken aback by the talk of a child with the bitch,but i got over it soon cause i know whats more be by his side.Choi will pay, its given…waiting to hear khj’s voice again…thanks lazer kim,i’ve been relenting to post cause u were not always on so i decided to go on twitter and silently follow d case…ur a blessing 2 ur country and most importantly to me and to henecia at whole..kumapta

  22. Am so happy to read your ever precise thoughts. Have missed you & your articles so much. I too agree that the media should also be held accountable for their unprofessional handling of information provided. Swift justice to all involved. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.

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